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Judge Halts Ohio Law Requiring Burial or Cremation of Aborted Fetuses

Plus: Copyright case a win for Google and fair use, California considering repeal of its "loitering with intent to commit prostitution" law, and more...


Judge halts law requiring burial or cremation for aborted fetuses. Ohio cannot start enforcing a mandate that fetal remains be either buried or cremated, a court ruled on Monday. The law was set to take effect today.

Now, Hamilton County Judge Alison Hatheway has temporarily blocked enforcement of the fetal remains measure (Senate Bill 27), which had been signed into law by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine at the end of December. Under the law, Ohio women who received surgical abortions would be asked to choose whether the fetal remains are buried or cremated; if they chose not to make a decision, it would be left up to abortion clinics.

Abortion clinics and their staff who circumvent the rule could face punishment including license suspension, fines, or being charged with a first-degree misdemeanor crime.

But the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood challenged the new abortion mandate in a lawsuit filed against the Ohio Department of Health and state officials on behalf of several abortion providers. The suit asked that penalties for providers be halted, since "compliance is impossible due to the Ohio Department of Health's failure to establish or issue necessary rules and regulations. The law takes effect on April 6, but the state is not charged with issuing rules until July 5."

"The absence of regulations leaves Ohio abortion providers in an impossible situation," the groups and their allies said in a statement. "Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a global pandemic and there are vast and numerous public health tasks before the Ohio Department of Health, the State passed this frivolous and medically unnecessary law. We simply want reassurance that we won't be punished for our inability to comply with a directive that doesn't exist."

The fetal remains law is only the latest attempt by Ohio Republicans to add more restrictions to abortion access, points out The Enquirer:

Those have included bans on telemedicine abortions; on dilation and evacuation, or D&E, abortions; on abortions in cases where a fetal Down syndrome diagnosis is a factor; and on all abortions after detection of the first fetal heartbeat, which can occur as early as six weeks into pregnancy before many women know they are pregnant. Courts have blocked the latter three laws as constitutional challenges proceed.

The ban on the remote prescription of abortion drugs is also being challenged by Planned Parenthood. "With the law set to take effect April 12, the organization asked for immediate relief from the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court in a lawsuit filed [last Thursday] against the Ohio Department of Health, the state Medical Board and prosecutors in the state's three largest counties," notes the Associated Press.


Copyright case a win for Google and fair use. In a Supreme Court decision issued Monday, justices ruled that Google using Oracle's code in its Android operating system was not a violation of federal copyright law. "In a 6-2 decision, the justices overturned a lower court's ruling that Google's inclusion of Oracle's software code in Android did not constitute a fair use under U.S. copyright law," Reuters reports.

"The decision is a major win for competition and consumer choice in the information technology market," said Charles Duan, a senior fellow for technology and innovation policy at the R Street Institute,


Justice Stephen Breyer, writing for the majority, said that allowing Oracle to enforce a copyright on its code would harm the public by making it a "lock limiting the future creativity of new programs. Oracle alone would hold the key."…

Oracle's lawsuit accused Google of plagiarizing its Java software by copying 11,330 lines of computer code, as well as the way it is organized, to create Android and reap billions of dollars in revenue. Android, for which developers have created millions of applications, now powers more than 70% of the world's mobile devices.

Google has said it did not copy a computer program but rather used elements of Java's software code needed to operate a computer program or platform. Federal copyright law does not protect mere "methods of operation." The companies also disputed whether Google made fair use of Oracle's software code, making it permissible under the 1976 Copyright Act.


Strict zoning laws are a drag on the economy:


• California is considering a repeal of its "loitering with intent to commit prostitution" law. The repeal is backed by advocacy groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California and the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) Los Angeles:

• Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would have banned a range of medical treatments, including puberty blockers, for transgender people under 18.

• Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz responds to recent allegations against him.

• A Lake Washington Institute of Technology professor pushed back against "white fragility" training for faculty and staff. The school investigated her for nine months.

• Audio chatroom app Clubhouse is launching a tipping program:

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  1. Judge halts law requiring burial or cremation for aborted fetuses.

    Someone's not in the pocket of Big Funeral.

    1. Seems the judge used faulty logic to hault it. Regulations and guidance are already in place in every state for the disposal of human remains.

      1. Overturning the Logic v. Uterus precedent???

          1. Nah, I get you. The entirety of abortion legal precedents are so obviously flawed that everyone can see it, but they were designed to be that way because arguing the real issue (when someone is developed enough to have human rights) is a long term loser for pro abortion advocates in a society that is working itself up to make vaccination mandatory and keeps extending protection for fucking chickens.

            1. Libertarians for fucking chickens!

              1. I just realized how that sentence read. Note I meant fucking as an expletive not an action.

                1. Libertarians also for fucking chickens!

                  1. Libertarians for fucking the fucking chickens!

                    1. is the only logical conclusion.

                    2. Some chickens go cluckedty-cluck. Other chickens go fuckedty-fuck. I'm not quite sure WHICH way I should roll my eggs on this one!

                      (Probably, though, with the chickens that at least SOME of the time, go fuckedty-fuck. Else there won't be any more chickens and chicken-eggs!)

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            2. If I want to marry a chicken, who is it hurting?

              1. Are you a leg man or a breast man?

                1. Wings. Every. Time.

              2. "who is it hurting?"

                Aw man that small?

          2. Abort that kidding now.

            1. Who are you? Colonel Podovsky reading the script of Murdoch's orders about Rambo?

      2. Abortion is the greatest genocide in earth’s history.

        If the fetus deserves the inalienable right to life, abortion is gone.

        Every other issue becomes irrelevant compared to the baby’s right to life. Just as you would consider reasons to murder you as irrelevant.

        I hope you deny that a fetus is a distinct living human being because nothing could better demonstrate your bigotry.

        DNA fingerprinting is the evidence of science and logic that demonstrates a fetus is a distinct living human being, like all the rest of us who enjoy the inalienable right to life.

        You, abortion advocate, not me are the one advocating initiating violence against the fetus. You are denying the fetus the inalienable right to life.

        So it is necessary that you demonstrate what has convinced you that the fetus doesn’t deserve the right to life.

    2. Nah now is the time to set up E-fetus it would be the human remains version of eBay. Might as well try to become the middleman when planned parenthood sells the fetus.

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  2. ...justices ruled that Google using Oracle's code in its Android operating system was not a violation of federal copyright law.

    They should have been sued for perpetuating Java in any way.

    1. Google's Java is not the same as Oracle's Java. Which is the thing that pissed off Oracle. For performance reasons, it's compiled down to native machine code. But the big brouhaha is that Google didn't use the "mandatory" runtime environment. So they're using Java (an open standard) but not the standard Java libraries crap (which are proprietary).

      As a language, it's not too bad. The lack of pointers is stupid, but otherwise it's a nice language. The runtime frameworks, on the other hand, are a pile of garbage.

      1. Oracle is rounding up dissidents at blinding speed. I'm wondering if there's some writing on the wall they're reading.

        As a language, it’s not too bad. The lack of pointers is stupid, but otherwise it’s a nice language. The runtime frameworks, on the other hand, are a pile of garbage.

        What was the old adage: Write once, run everwhere ---

        Reality: Write once, test everywhere?

  3. Strict zoning laws are a drag on the economy...

    Cry the various local zoning boards a river, assuming you are zoned for a waterway.

  4. California is considering a repeal of its "loitering with intent to commit prostitution" law.

    When the lecherous legislator lobby is more powerful than the wives lobby.

    1. By closing bars they made loitering with attempt to get laid illegal

  5. #BidenBoom update.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch's net worth has increased by: $4.87 billion


    1. Seems like it has flatlined.

      1. I disagree. It took Drumpf's disastrous high-tariff / low-immigration policies about one year (all of 2020) to reduce Mr. Koch's net worth by $5 billion. Biden has increased our benefactor's wealth by almost that much in just a couple months.

        Mr. Koch is still on track to rejoin the world's top 10 richest people by the end of this year, as I've always predicted.


    2. Raising the minimum wage is one of the stupidest way of sticking it to billionaires and big corporations. Minimum-wage jobs are disproportionately found in smaller businesses, and minimum-wage hikes are more burdensome to the latters as well.

      Then again, you're just another stupid national socialist.

      By the way, I'm glad at least one major billionaire is openly libertarian. Not one to say no to sugar daddies.

      1. Dude, he’s a parody.

        1. Shriek knows that.

        2. Yeah, I get his ironies. But there's a message behind them; namely, that Reason supports liberal immigration and free-market policies only because it benefits its billionaire benefactor. This guy has been obsessing with Charles Koch's net worth for years. And I'm just pointing out how stupid it is to think that minimum wage increases hurt billionaires or big business in general.

          1. Dude, he’s a parody.

            1. Dude, you're stupid. Parody has a purpose. It's just an ironic way of saying things.

              1. You don’t get it.

              2. This dude is retarded.

  6. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would have banned a range of medical treatments, including puberty blockers, for transgender people under 18.

    Low T move.

    1. We should allow young girls to choose extreme dieting as long as their fat cheer lead wannabe mother agrees.

    2. How can we ban transgender medical quackery?

      1. Unfortunately you have to wait until after the funeral.

    3. Puberty blockers? Seriously?

      That will result in the new castratti. Do they want middle-aged mens choirs of beardless dudes who sing soprano?

  7. Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz responds to recent allegations against him.

    I'll wait for 60 Minutes to edit it down to its essence.

    1. I don't personally have a problem with Matt Gaetz' engaging in sex outside of marriage with women of legal age, but it seems HE should have a problem with his own behavior, along with his conservative Christian supporters:

      Q: Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.
      Gaetz: My father is a Lutheran, my mother is Methodist. While I've attended church with both throughout my life, I was saved in a Baptist Church during my teenage years. I am a member of First Baptist Church in Fort Walton Beach. The Bible, the Gospel--these are our instructions from God. We are to follow faithfully.

      1. Look who it is! I mustVPve missed your diatribes against killing Capitol Police and the politicians supported by their killers in those other comment sections

        1. That was kinda incoherent.

          1. Seems pretty coherent. We've all been in mourning since 4/2 and the failed bloody coup. Mr SkyNet just assumed you were venting about it elsewhere. I just think you are a dishonest shitweasel

          2. He had a typo for “must’ve” that everyone else understood but you Dee. His comment was completely coherent.

            1. It wasn't incoherent because of the typo.

              1. Oh FFS.

              2. The White Knight II: The White Knight Rises!
                April.6.2021 at 1:16 pm
                It wasn’t incoherent

                Much better Dee.

      2. Sounds like your typical SUV-ridin, private plane-flyin Enviro worshipper

        1. Huh?

          Did you intend to reply to a comment about environmental issues, but accidentally replied to my comment about Gaetz' professed religious conversion.

          1. Whoosh! (Again)

            1. Ah, yes. The patented R Mac gaslighting, where he tries to get his debate opponents to doubt they got the point of comments.

              1. Is that really worse than pretending not to get an obvious point? Or lying about what you have said? Both while being hilariously condescending to people much smarter than you- that's the real capper

              2. Everyone gets his comment except you Dee. That’s not gaslighting, that’s you being dumb.

              3. "R Mac gaslighting"

                He wasn't gaslighting.
                If you want good examples of gaslighting, go read anything you've ever written regarding January 6.

                1. Or the BLM riots.

      3. Not a liberal folks!

  8. A Lake Washington Institute of Technology professor pushed back against "white fragility" training for faculty and staff. The school investigated her for nine months.

    Didn't stop her from committing insurgency against the American people and our precious, precious legislators.

  9. Clubhouse has launched a tipping program for creators called "Clubhouse Payments" where creators can accept $$ from fans/followers.


    1. Those tipped jobs should be union jobs, and Clubhouse knows it.

  10. The fetal remains law is only the latest attempt by Ohio Republicans to add more restrictions to abortion access ...

    Would ENB or anybody else care to explain how the fetal remains law "restricts" access to the an abortion? They've already had the abortion ....

    1. Well, I guess they're afraid they'll end up with more Kermit Gosnells? You know, maybe they'd just have a creepy ass room in the back where they keep them all in jars instead of...doing something else with them?

      You're right though, they seem to assume that by mandating some sort of controls on how to dispose of human remains that this will put a burden on abortion providers and they might have to shutter their doors if they can't throw the human remains in the dumpster out back.

      Of course, it's probably absurd political theatre since the odd's any clinics are dumping fetuses out in the dumpster is probably ungrounded.

      Still, even a libertarian could probably agree that some level of law should probably be in place surrounding the disposal of human remains. Yes? No burying loved one's in the backyard, or the park, for instance?

      1. What are they doing with them now? Flushing them down the toilet?

        1. They throw the remains in a blender and then pour the gooey baby soup on copies of the bible. Obviously.

        2. Where do you think fetal stem cells come from, Moonrocks?

          Not saying that the profit motive is the primary cause of encouraging abortion versus other options for the mother, but it's a decent potential revenue stream.

          1. Right, and that just highlights the absurdity of the ruling. Abortion clinics are already able to store and transport aborted fetuses without any undue hardship on themselves or their clients, it's ridiculous to claim otherwise.

        3. Selling dead babies for parts is a cottage industry for the abattoirs.

      2. This is probably a responece to the fact that planned parenthood sells fetuses and claims to have destroyed the remains. It's where the whole "product of conception" came from. A planned parenthood dr was talking about the process and mentioned that some products of conception still had heart beats

        1. This was my guess as well. Prime material being thrown away.

        2. Still am aghast this site has chosen to ignore the ongoing battle in California regarding Daedelin (sp?) And the 9 felonies he was charged with for filming in public venues. Harris opened the investigation from a meeting with PP. Current judge still has a gag order on the video despite an actual abortion doctor saying the video showed illegal activity. It is amazing how quiet this site is on this.

          1. Reason’s gone full narrative building.

          2. "It is amazing how quiet this site is on this"

            Sadly it's not amazing at all.
            Deliberately ignoring any libertarian issues that don't comport to Koch interests or DNC party narratives, is Reason's current modus operandi.

          3. It's even better the case is being heard by Judge William Orrick, a founder of a planned parenthood clinic.

            1. Wow, just wow.

              They're not even pretending to be impartial any more. At least the Soviet Kangaroo Courts tried to pretend they were.

              1. Ask yourself if the given behavior would be understandable in Chavez's Venezuela, and you'll have less surprise on seeing it here.

                But the Democrats are totally going to lose in 2022 if they push too hard, right?

      3. Clumps of cells.

      4. Kermit Gosnell is just a myth, such a man and his ghoulish actions never really existed.

          1. Fuzzy green guy. Dated a total pig.

        1. Just like antifa. Whi made a gay Asian reporter flee the country.


          1. Andy Ngo is a known liar, instigator, and fascist.

            You're only making yourself look stupid defending that liar.


            1. Yes, no one should ever want to make themselves look stupid here

            2. This is so boring sarc.

              1. Keep thinking I'm sarc. I don't care, but I don't know if they want to be associated with me.

                  1. He's trying to be Sevo, but Sevo isn't a troll and an attention whore like sarc, so it's not working for him.

                    1. How dare you compare me to that senile old rummy Sevo.

                      That's really fucking mean!

                      I thought you people were supposed to be friendly?

            3. Nothing says anti-fascism like a mob of hooded black shirts fucking up a gay person of color.

              1. A journalist no less.

            4. Hi KARen!

              1. Hi pussy

      5. "Of course, it’s probably absurd political theatre since the odd’s any clinics are dumping fetuses out in the dumpster is probably ungrounded."

        Actually, what they are probably trying to block is abortion clinics selling fetal tissue for medical/biological research.

        If abortion clinics are denied this revenue stream, they will be forced to charge the women more for abortion services. This will make it harder for poor women to obtain an abortion.

        1. Good gravy. "We need to sell baby flesh to subsidize whores who want to kill their kids".

          This is Moloch/Aztec-human-sacrifice level shit.

          1. Okay, that last bit was mostly sarcasm, but Planned Parenthood has been accused of selling fetal tissue to researchers. And while Planned Parenthood denies making unlawful sales, they do not hide the fact that they do provide fetal tissue to researchers.

            Planned Parenthood And Fetal Tissue Sale: Manufactured Controversy And The Real Ethical Debate

            Oct 13, 2015, Planned Parenthood announced it will maintain programs at some of its clinics that make fetal tissue available for research, but will no longer accept any reimbursement to cover the costs of those programs. That is the biggest legacy of this controversy.

            Ethical or not, compliant with federal law or not, this is likely what the Ohio law is targeting.

      6. Actually, prior to funeral homes, family cemetaries on the back forty were not unusual in the Frontier days. Sadly, as a testiment to how primitive medicine was in those days, families would sometimes have to bury 14 stillborn children before one survived.

        I would say as long as burials or cremations are complete and they don't attract or create biohazards, I don't see where home burials or cremations would be a problem.

        1. "would sometimes have to bury 14 stillborn children before one survived"

          Nope. Not even vaguely realistic.
          The vast majority of deaths happened after birth, not before; and even then your ratio of 14/1 is ridiculous.

          1. Scroll down to just beyond the halfway mark and start reading Mortality at young ages in hunter gatherer societies.


            1. I'm not exactly sure how what you linked contradicts what I'm saying.

              Also, you have to consider that Frontier families were often extended rather than nuclear, allowing for multiple fecund women in a bousehold. Also, even today, spontaneous abortions and stillbirths are very high and would be much higher in pre-modern medical and hygienic conditions. Between those two facts, yep, 14 stillbirths would sound about right.

    2. Increased cost. All regulations do this.

      1. Exactly, but in some cases forcing a business to increase their costs by properly disposing of human remains could be a benefit.

        Assuming, of course, that a lot of clinics are doing something improper with them. We'd probably want to see that before demanding they do something under penalty of law that they're already complying with anyway.

        Can't say either way since I haven't read this piece of legislation, but I doubt clinics are just flushing remains or anything. Forcing them not to sell human remains, though, might also be a benefit if that's something they're actually doing.

    3. They should just require ID for abortions, at that point, the minority abortion rate will drop to zero, if I'm not mistaken.

  11. Nothing in today's Roundup about America's worst governor? The one whose term has been plagued by scandal after scandal? The one whose state has had by far the worst pandemic response?

    Come on, Reason. I need my daily Ron DeSantis update!


    1. This one made me laugh.

  12. What other surgeries or chemical treatments do we recommend for mentally ill teens?

    Hell, while we're on the subject why do we chemically treat so many teens in general and why do a ton of mass shooter teens seem to be on them?

    "Just say no to drugs" my ass. Parents couldn't wait to inject their kids with all sorts of stuff, it seems.

    1. Lithium, Xanax, Adderall, Prozac,

      I can't think of any surgeries though

    2. Libertarians for lobotomies for misbehaving kids!

      1. Unattended children will be lobotomized and given a box of matches

    3. I'm sure plastic surgery for pre teens will become a thing.

      1. Weirdly, I just looked it up and apparently they want you to be at least 22 before you get a silicone boob job, or 18 for saline.

        Weird, right? Why is the FDA so transphobic?

        1. Maybe they want to be sure it's stopped growing before adding the augmentation.

    4. Mentally ill? Looks like someone is looking to have their Amazon privileges revoked.

      I can't even with the transphobia in this country.

      1. Sounds like sarcasm, but yeah. It's a mental illness. So is every other delusion.

        1. I remember when medical advice was not to play pretend with those with delusions, such as schizophrenia.

          1. Yeah, but in some fairness it wasn't that long ago where lobotomies and electrocution were considered wise treatments.

            No one knows how to deal with people who are broken like this, we just come up with theories and treatments and keep trying shit until something hopefully sticks.

            Really I feel bad for transgendered folks, but the results of all the 'therapies' put forward for these people seem to end in worse outcomes than just leaving them alone or being in therapy for emotional support. Cutting off parts, or adding fake parts, doesn't seem to do a hell of a lot for them and they just tend to kill themselves eventually. It's sad.

        2. It's impossible to have a coherent definition of mental illness without including a sizable component of the trans community, so the best solution is obviously to just ignore that whole aspect and call everyone that dares to mention it a bigot.

      2. Gender dysphoria is still in the DSM. They have to keep it in there because it's the only way social progressives can justify their claim that gonadal steroid treatments and sex change operations--sorry, "gender affirmation surgery"--are medically necessary rather than elective and cosmetic.

    5. A kid can change his sex but he can't be sent to gay conversion therapy. this world is upside down

      1. I'm looking forward to the day when some enterprising young theocrat embraces forced transsexualism as a solution to gay marriage.

        1. You're thinking of Iran, and they are way ahead of you on that one.

          1. There’s a long history in the Islamic world of using catamites to help fight urges for sex with unmarried women.

            1. We never went into the Iraqi barracks at night. They were always playing "hide the falafel" on the new soldiers. Hell, the Officers had a "head private".

              1. So it wasn't just the Pashtuns who had a penchant for bumfucking boys.

        2. In madness of the crowds Douglas Murry mentions that if one wanted to, using the same logic as the tyranny people, you can make the claim that trannies are trying to exterminate gay men by making them become women.

        3. Iran is a sex change hotspot for that very reason. It's a clever way to evade the charge of homosexuality.

    6. Just say NO to fun drugs.

  13. So in order to not be hypocritical Google should allow all people to have fair use of their platform... Right?

    1. That street only goes one way. Google's way.

    2. Since when is google not hypocritical?

    3. 11,000 lines of code. That they already tried to license from Oracle. Indisputably for commercial gain, if that prong of O'Connor's ridiculous four part fair use test concerned you. And the Supreme Court thought it such an abomination that it overruled the lower courts' finding of infringement. At least Thomas and Alito haven't sold out.

      Still think the US Government is going to do anything to meaningfully restrict Google, et al?

      1. It is being touted as a boon to small businesses.

        1. In a way, that's true. My wife recently started a small business and their analytics and advertising platform is how you run a small business that's run entirely online.

          Well, that and Facebook advertising.

          Is it great that those two companies are gatekeepers for most online shopping outside of the Amazon ecosystem? Maybe, or maybe not, but they are useful. Can't say we got our monies worth out of it yet, though, so we shall see.

          1. Best of luck to Mrs. BYODB in her venture.

          2. In a way, that’s true. My wife recently started a small business and their analytics and advertising platform is how you run a small business that’s run entirely online.

            Well, that and Facebook advertising.

            Just make sure she keeps in the back of her mind the knowledge that she doesn't own any of her business. Hope that whatever utterly non-controversial thing she's doing today could be deeply problematic in a few years (or a few months).

            1. *own any of her business tools*

              1. That's why it's so attractive. Owning the tools for the business she's running would cost $50,000-$100,000 up front or she could just set up a store and have someone else do the manufacture.

                Not hard math to do, really. No risk whatsoever to us, and no up front capital, and that's the main benefit.

                Otherwise, we could not afford to do it at all.

                1. Except you're out equity when they change the rules on your business and cut off immediate access to the tools. You built a foundation that is based on the whims of other people.

  14. "bans on telemedicine abortion"
    (on zoom)
    Okay now pull down you pants and I will help you guide the coat Hanger.

  15. In other news, the votes have been in on the unionization effort within Amazon for a week. Yes, Amazon objected to mail-in ballots because, get this, they were not secure enough.

    Is Bezos a fucking hypocrite, or what? What a piece of shitwork.

    The votes (mail in ballots) have been there for A WEEK. Ballots were in by March 29th. They have not finished counting the ballots. That has to be the most fucked up part of this sorry saga since, well, the 2020 election and the numerous PA/GA/MI/NV/AZ/WI counting irregularities. A week to count roughly 5,000 ballots.

    A total fucking joke.

    1. They found a suitcase full of ballots under a table in the middle of the night.

      1. Debunked! The boxes were not suitcases.

        1. LOL. Thanks for the fact check!

    2. Bezos is out. He made his pile of cash, and doesn't need the headache.

    3. Looks like the vote is more lopsided than they planned for, so they're putting the count on hold for a couple of days while they print out enough ballots to ensure the proper outcome.

      1. How.....unlike the 2020 election. 🙂

  16. Turley breaks down the ridiculousness of the prosecutions narrative in the floyd trial.

    special prosecutor Jerry Blackwell admitted to jurors that Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker pointed to cardiac arrest as Floyd’s cause of death. However, he insisted that the state would prove that “was … not a fatal heart event,” but asphyxiation.

    It is a bold move since it could invite reasonable doubt on the cause of death. The question is whether a case of manslaughter could have been advanced without the need of opposing the state’s own coroner on such findings. The failure of Chauvin to respond to a medical emergency speaks more to manslaughter than murder but it could be framed consistently with these findings. Instead, the prosecution has asked the jury to effectively reject the coroner’s findings

    He also carefully goes through the medical evidence.

    1. I said it from the beginning, and for other similarly hyped cases: prosecutors overcharge manslaughter cases because the mob demands a murder charge and then lose, followed by more riots.

      1. Brandybuck assures us youre just a racist who wants white cops to be able to murder minority people.

    2. As I've commented elsewhere, this alone should produce more than enough reasonable doubt.

      1. It is Trayvon 2. Except this time the NYT is threatening to dox jurors.

        1. Exactly this. The nyt has started giving enough information to find the jurors

        2. But Trayvon was actually killed by the White Hispanic.

          1. Who was almost as black as Obama.

  17. Mlb moves all star game to a state woth voter if. Less early voting, and bans electioneering like handing out water.

    Also chooses city that is 90% white over 49% white.

    1. MLB requires a photo ID to pick up baseball tickets .

      1. Where in the constitution does it say we have the right to a baseball game?

        MLB can do as they wish. They're a private business.

        1. Asshole flag!

        2. Where in the Constitution does it say we need a background check to purchase a rifle?

          1. I was talking about voting. Not gun ownership.

            1. Asshole flagged again

        3. Irony is lost on morons.

        4. They are also Mormons.

          1. Fuck mormons

        5. Where in the Constitutional does it say you have the right to vote?

          1. Fifteenth amendment says you can't be denied the right to vote based on race. Nineteenth based on sex. Twenty sixth says 18 year olds can vote.

            1. The 29th will say you get a free #1 meal from Chick Fil A with lemonade

              1. Was that supposed to be clever or funny?

                You have the sense of humor a Mormon.

                1. The sense of humor? You’re retarded, aren’t you?

                  1. Why do you think that?

                    1. Because you keep saying retarded things.

                    2. What's retarded about them?

                    3. What’s retarded about them?

                      All of it, you hicklib faggot.

            2. Shucks, just a 2-fer.

            3. And the USSC has constantly upheld neutral rules as being allowed when accessing your rights. See voting laws and gun background checks.

          2. "Constitutional"

            Good one!

        6. Amen, Mr. Rednecks

          I remember when that fascist Trump tweeted something about butts on the field not standing for something. The NFL ignored it, just as MLB, Coca Cola, and Delta ignored the numerous calls from Biden before 4pm telling them to leave the citizens of Blue Georgia alone

          1. Again is that supposed to be funny or clever?

            Kneeling for the anthem is not the same as voting laws.

            Are you Mormon? You have the sense of humor and intelligence of one.

            1. Sarc just hates being called out on hypocrisy.

              1. Keep thinking that

        7. Where in the constitution does it say we have the right to a baseball game?

          Right there in the 10th amendment. Proggies are so fucking ignorant that they can't even do fallacies right. Next time pick a rhetorical question that is not demonstrably false.

          "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

          The Constitution does not enumerate rights, it limits government.

          1. Wow you sure are a stupid Mormon.

            Major League Baseball is a PRIVATE COMPANY. There are various reasons they require id to get tickets.

            I'd be for voter ID if it didn't cost money to get an ID. It's just a poll tax basically.

            Stupid goddamn Mormon.

            Your perv god doesn't exist you Nazi waste of life.

            1. LOL! Didn't realize which dunbfuck I was responding to.

              Notice that I answered the question he asked, not the one his lefty addled brain had prepared to immediately retreat to as the bailey in his fallacy.

              Where in the constitution does it say we have the right to a baseball game?

              MLB can do as they wish. They’re a private business.

              Those concepts, as written, are completely unrelated except by fallacy.

              1. The person I responded to said the MLB requires ID to purchase tickets implying they were hypocrites for moving the all star game in protest of GA's voting laws.

                I was pointing out a private company requiring ID to purchase their product is not the same as requiring an ID for voting. Which can't be denied due to race or gender according to the constitution.

                It's really funny when a Mormon like you tries to sound smart. If you were smart you wouldn't belong to a discredited religion

                1. You’re dumber than me.

                  1. Good one!

                  2. Beat me to it

                    1. Hahaha that's pretty funny

            2. "I’d be for voter ID if it didn’t cost money to get an ID."

              OK. Then you're for it in Wisconsin, since we provide free IDs to those who want to vote but don't have a driver's license. That fact didn't stop the liberals here from screaming about it, though.

    2. It is almost as if the "anti-racists" are actually the biggest racists in the room. In my experience, this tends to be the case -- just like when you have that one person in the group that always talks about their "black friend" at every opportunity without realizing that referring to their alleged friend exclusively by their skin color gives away the game.

      1. I do find it weird that the most liberal areas of the country are whiter than Sweden. Portland, wisconsin, Denver.

        1. Now when I hear someone reference Scandinavian countries regarding social nets. I like to say, your example lacks diversity.

    3. Oh, you are hoping this to be about reality rather than the current thing the Democrats are outraged about? This is going to be a great disappointment, I am afraid to say.

    4. Denver is not 90% white; there are large black-populated areas around Park Hill and Five Points, and Hispanic neighborhoods on the north and west sides.

      Denver probably hasn't been 90% white since World War II.

        1. Uh, did you happen to miss this?

          "White alone, not Hispanic or Latino: 54.9%" And I guarantee you that no Hispanic in Denver, other than maybe a few Chamber of Commerce types, considers themselves to be white. That city was at the forefront of one of the largest Chicano protest movements in the country during the late 60s and early 70s. Most of those chollos and gorditas absolutely hate white people.

          1. I quoted the white portion. Not every Hispanic declares themselves non white. Even the media agrees. See George Zimmerman.

            If you have a better resource than the census bureau or wiki I'm all ears. That is self reported.

            White alone, percent80.9%

            1. Jesus, fuck, dude--the very report you cited from the fucking Census Bureau counts Hispanic residents both separately as Hispanic, and collectively as White. When you add the Hispanic or Latino numbers to the White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino numbers, you get the 80.9% number. You really think most of those Hispanic residents consider themselves to be white as a cultural group? Get real.

              Stop playing word games or citing media bullshit like the "White Hispanic" designator (which you should damn well know was only presented that way so they could bitch about "white supremacy"), when the data shows that you didn't bother reading past the line that said "White Alone".

              1. Not every Hispanic declares themselves non white.

                Did you skip this part?

                1. You mean that question-begging statement that in no way refutes the data?

      1. Wiki has it about 70%.

        Still a lot more white than Atlanta.

        1. From the link: "Non-Hispanic whites made up 52.9% of the city's population according to the survey, up from 51.9% of Denver's population in the 2000 Census."

          "According to the 2010 Census, approximately one-third of Denver's population consists of Hispanic or Latino people. 31.8% of the population is Hispanic or Latino of any race.[3]"

          The black population of Denver is about 10%. The Asian population is about 4%. What's 31.8 plus 10 plus 4? It ain't 20%.

          Jesus christ, learn how to read a chart and do some fucking basic addition.

          1. LOL. You're arguing against two different citations that directly refute your claims of your knowledge. Honesty not sure what you're going on about. All you're really doing is claiming that you don't believe hispanics are white people.

            So if you want to ignore the Census Bureau and even Wiki, that's on you. You're usually not like this.

            Sorry that you don't think hispanics are white people. My wife will be very shocked you consider her to be non white.

            1. LOL. You’re arguing against two different citations that directly refute your claims of your knowledge. Honesty not sure what you’re going on about. All you’re really doing is claiming that you don’t believe hispanics are white people.

              No, dumbfuck. I'm pointing out that you're portraying Denver as some kind of Leave It To Beaver white haven like Portland, when the reality is far from the case. When only 54% of its residents are actually classified as "white only, non-Hispanic," and the Hispanic numbers are segregated from the non-Hispanic numbers as part of the chart, that means even the Census recognizes that there's a distinction between how many white people actually live in the city.

              Let's get one thing straight. You don't know jack shit about Denver's demographics or its history, as you're clearly just citing some shit you read on Zerohedge this morning. I do, having lived there most of my life. Go to any neighborhood in north or west Denver, and tell the people living there that "the census says you're white, so you're white." Your ass would be lucky to get out of there alive.

              So if you want to ignore the Census Bureau and even Wiki, that’s on you. You’re usually not like this.

              Hey, doof, try adding up those numbers again instead of autistically focusing on the top line of the chart.

              Sorry that you don’t think hispanics are white people. My wife will be very shocked you consider her to be non white.

              The entire side of my dad's family, plus most of their neighborhood in north Denver, will be shocked that you consider them to be white. Hell, all I have to do is look in the mirror and see that I'm not white. So this sad little appeal to authority doesn't really hold a lot of water.

              Look up "Chicano movement in Denver" and educate yourself a bit on the history of Hispanic culture and people in the city. Most of them would find the assertion that they're "white" to be racist in and of itself. They're constantly complaining about gentrification on the north side, and had Columbus Park's name changed to La Raza Park. One of the City Council members, Candi CdeBaca, is a white-hating, race-conscious Latina. You really think that's the actions of people who are desperate to identify themselves as white?

              1. You two fascist traitors arguing over how white Denver is made my day!

                Thank you traitors!

                1. One hicklib faggot who is too much of a pussy to unmask his email always makes my day.

                  Unmask it, hicklib faggot!

                  1. Your real address you uneducated hick.

                    1. I gave it to you, you low T-cell hicklib faggot.

                    2. I called the islamic center and asked if any white trash, uneducated hicks lived there.

                      They said no.

                      Your REAL ADDRESS traitor!

                      Quit backing out of the deal you pussy!

                    3. I called the islamic center and asked if any white trash, uneducated hicks lived there.

                      They said no.

                      Because they know you'll get hung from the Colorado Boulevard bridge if you did show up, insha'Allah.

                      Save yourself the cost of the ticket and hotel room and unmask your email, you hicklib faggot.

                    4. That wasn't the deal pussy.

                      Your REAL ADDRESS!

                      since you're a cowardly, lying mormon I'll have to verify that you live there.

                      I can't trust a Mormon hick like you.

                    5. That was the real address.

                      Now put your money where your diseased mouth is, you hicklib faggot.

              2. "Candi CdeBaca"

                I'd heard the name, but not realized that silly bitch was one of yours. LOL, she's this side of the Castro brothers...

            2. Jesse, you're one of my favorite posters here, but you're approaching the Seagull refusing to admit Water is H2O here. Red lives there. Or near there. I'm pretty sure he's right on this one.

              I wouldn't keep doubling down, but it's a free country.

          2. Yeah, but what we really need to know is how many Mormons are in Denver? KARen might visit when she’s done being a tough guy in Utah.

            Actually, it would be better if they all came “to the NW”. KARen is kinda lazy.

            1. She’s also retarded.

              1. Smarter than you

                1. "Citation needed."

                  1. Where's the cite for me being a retard?

                    1. All of your posts, retard.

                    2. I don't claim to be a genius or anything, but I'm smarter than your backwards ass.

                      White trash traitor.

                    3. I gave you the citations, retard, and an amoeba can outthink your hicklib ass.

                    4. Poor sarc. This isn’t going well.

                    5. Im nt Sarc, but whatever.

                      Red rocks shut your Mormon mouth you goddamn pussy.

                      I'll string your traitor ass from the Colorado boulevard bridge you goddamn pussy.

                      Pussy ass little bitch traitor.

                    6. The only thing you'll be stringing up is yourself from a coat closet, you hicklib faggot.

                      Stop being a pussy and unmask your email.

            2. Pussy

      2. The population numbers for Colorado as a whole speak for themselves. All the minorities in the state live there in particular.

        1. Pueblo and the San Luis Valley have large Hispanic populations as well. The Valley especially has the oldest settled townships in the state.

          1. Hmmm. Sounds segregated.

          2. Fair point, but they are still a drop in the bucket compared to my home state of Texas. I'm used to seeing a hell of a lot more black and brown people than I see anywhere in Colorado.

            I'll have to head to Pueblo though. Maybe I can find some decent Mexican food in this state yet. I don't have high hopes, though.

            1. If you go to Pueblo, make sure to get a picture of the Columbus statue before it gets torn down.

              And no, there's no place to get decent Mexican food in Colorado. You have to go to New Mexico for that.

              1. Oh come on now. I have had "decent" Mexican food in most states. Haven't you been to the scrumptious buffet at "Casa Bonita"?

                1. The vomit-on-a-plate from Casa Bonita is only marginally worse than the food from the shitty taquerias I encountered in Texas.

                  1. Who doesn't like indoor cliff-diving and artery-clogging sopapillas? Really though? You've that many Mexicans, and none of them opened a restaurant worth a shit!?

                    New Mexican Mexican food is fantastic, but it's it's own animal. Loved Sadie's. Even if I, to quote Bad Santa, didn't shit right for a week. The Pork Adovada is God-seeingly good. El Pinto was good too.

              2. Yeah, everyone else I talk to says the same thing. I just assumed everywhere knew how to do both authentic and tex-mex, but I stand corrected.

                1. I've lived in both places, and Colorado doesn't even compare to New Mexico in terms of food quality. I've gotten better Mexican from hole-in-the-walls in Albuquerque than anywhere in either Colorado or Texas (don't know about LA, but I'm assuming there are decent Mexican restaurants in the East LA area, at least).

                  Colorado does one kind of food really, REALLY well--pretentious, trendy neo-yuppie fluff that gets featured in the local journo-shit rags before the restaurant goes out of business in about 5 years. There are a lot of talented chefs in the Denver area, they just aren't that good at creating authentic dishes to the local area.

                  1. In some fairness, in most of Texas what you get is tex-mex not really authentic anything. And that's mostly how we like it, although the hole in the wall spots are usually some of the best even if they look like a million health code violations.

                    1. It's authentic Tex-Mex, which like New Mexico Mexican food---Green or Red?---is it's own thing. Both are delicious. So's Puebla-style, or Baja fish tacos, or Jaliscan-Chihuahuan grilled stuff.

                      Broaden your horizons. And waistline.

              3. I don't know. Some of the taco shops in Lakewood are good.

            2. You must pronounce Pueblo like the locals do. Pablo.

            3. Pueblo has a great tortilla shop that makes chili verde and chicharonnes on Sundays. The best I've ever had.

              1. So it’s the worst?

  18. Abortion is the only industry where progressives fight regulation tooth and nail.

    1. Often fighting the exact same regulations they're trying to impose on every other kind of medical practice.

      1. Yeah, they treat abortion like it's actually in the bill of rights while also pissing on the bill of rights.

        It would be amusing if so few people actually noticed.

        At least the gun nuts have the benefit of being right about their rights. The abortion crowd don't really have a leg to stand on that doesn't involve a Supreme Court decision that could literally be reversed at any time, even if it's super unlikely to happen.

        And 'my body, my choice' clearly doesn't matter one bit to these types since they're not in favor of people doing a host of other things with their own bodies.

        Frankly, it's fucking strange. Most of the huge proponents of abortion would never in a million years have one. They are Karens that think black people are literally too stupid to use birth control.

        1. "My body, my choice!*"

          *unless that choice involves vaccination against a common cold.

    2. "Abortion is a right, and regulations deny proper care and access. You're a misogynist if you disagree."

      "Healthcare is a right, and regulations ensure proper care and access. You're a misanthrope if you disagree."

      "Abortion clinics are legitimate, upstanding providers of medical care."

      "You can't have abortion clinics dispose of fetal remains the same way hospitals dispose of stillborn cadavers. Compliance would be impossible."

      Progressives confuse and amaze me.

      1. Well, they got one right. I don't think healthcare is a right, and I am a misanthrope.

  19. "U.S. Senate parliamentarian says Democrats can use reconciliation to pass more bills"
    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. Senate parliamentarian ruled on Monday that Democrats may use a procedural tool known as reconciliation to pass more legislation this year, a spokesman for Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said, which could clear the way for passage of an infrastructure bill without Republican support..."

    Wadaya mean we're out of money? There's still checks in the check book!

    1. So did someone at your loser 12 step meeting show you this?

      You really shouldn't repeat the stuff you hear at those meetings.
      They're all stupid pathetic drunks like you, so the crap you hear from them is crap. the

      1. Asshole flag!

      2. Man. You've fallen really hard. Almost pity you.

        1. Why do you think that?

          1. Everyone does man. You've gone to socking as a terrible parody of someone else. No effort at all.

            1. And super boring.

            2. I don't sock and I am not a parody.

              I can be sarcastic, but genuinely but I genuinely believe what post. p

              1. When are you going to Utah, pussy?

                1. Why would I go to Utah? If the mormons stayed in Utah and limited their Nazi Mormon theocracy to that hellhole there wouldn't be a problem.

                  They send their missionaries everywhere. They're trying to take over.

                  Let me know if you visit the NW.


              2. I can be sarcastic, but genuinely but I genuinely believe what post. p

                Oh, the idea that you you fantasize about rape and strangling people with their underwear is no surprise I would assume you got a lot of wedgies in your youth. That's what normals do to vile little creeps.

                1. You have no room to talk. You worship a pervert.

                  The book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price has been discredited. THAT IS A FACT.

                  Smith claimed the book of Abraham was the same "reformed egyptian" as the Book of Mormon.

                  It's reasonable to believe the Book of Mormon is bs too.

                  When you take into account that Smith was a "treasure seeker" or con artist to use the parlance of our times.

                  Your religion is horseshit dude. Yet you send your sons out to lie and trick people into joining.

                  You pass laws to try and force your lifestyle on everyone.

                  From a libertarian perspective Mormons are evil and wrong.

              3. My phone sucks so that's why I make a ton of typos

                1. You make typos because you’re retarded.

                  1. I know you are but what am I?

                    1. A hicklib faggot.

                    2. That doesn’t even make sense, sarc.

                    3. Red rocks: shut your mouth pussy ass little boy.

                      R mac: how am I supposed to respond to you morons calling me retarded?

                    4. Unmask your email and you'll have the chance to make me, you hicklib faggot.

  20. "Salesforce paid no federal income tax in 2020 despite $2.6 billion in profit"
    "Salesforce, San Francisco’s largest private employer, was among 55 major U.S. companies that paid no federal income taxes in 2020, according to a new report.
    The institute said Salesforce benefited from writing off executive stock-option-related expenses. Sunnyvale semiconductor company Advanced Micro Devices and Nike also used the practice and paid zero in taxes, according to the report..."

    So what?, Well:
    "Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was a champion of a 2018 San Francisco tax measure, Proposition C, which he said would increase the company’s annual taxes by $10 million to $12 million, which he described as an insignificant amount."
    Benioff is but one more lefty hypocrite, joining that scumbag Buffett in whining about low tax rates and then doing all he can to avoid paying any.

    1. Yeah, you never see them voluntarily cutting a check to the treasury.

    2. Virtue-signaling. If you're a company in San Francisco, that means you're in hostile territory, ideologically speaking, just for being a profit-making business. So, you know, you spout the correct pro-tax stuff in public, and do all you can to avoid them in private.

    3. That's not hypocritical at all. Enlarging and complicating the tax code is just good business sense. Salseforce has the accounting muscle to make it work for them, but upstart comeptitors don't.

  21. • I don't really understand why conservatives are for banning things like abortion of fetuses with Down Syndrome. I thought they feared dysgenics and that whole degeneracy of society, you know, the barbarians and ne'er-do-wells taking over, those who're gonna drag down the nation. It's just blind opposition to abortion at this point.

    • Good. Copyright laws are way too extensive.

    • Yeah, I guess those blue cities in blue states could theoretically loosen up their housing regulations, and more people across the nation would be able to afford housing. But that would also mean they'd be growing fast in the coming decade and we'll not be seeing a Republican president ever again. So... conflicted.

    • Good. Anti-prostitution laws are stupid, as are most anti-"anything that's consensual" laws.

    • Good. That bill went too far. Though the veto will probably be unpopular among his Arkansas Republican voters.

    • Wokeness gone wild. The next Republican president should push for withholding public funds from woke colleges until they stop harassing their conservative staff and students.

    • Cool, Clubhouse.

    1. I thought they feared dysgenics and that whole degeneracy of society, you know, the barbarians and ne’er-do-wells taking over, those who’re gonna drag down the nation.

      Despite what you may have been told by your middle school history teacher, Republicans are not eugenicists.

      1. In fact, they are the core foundation of the Progressive movement.

        All the early founders of the movement wanted to cull the population of idiots and minorities, and unsurprisingly the organization they founded proceeded to do that and still does so to this day.

        We call it Planned Parenthood. It was literally founded as a method to kill black people before they were born, and by their numbers they have wildly succeeded.

        1. "It was literally founded as a method to kill black people before they were born, and by their numbers they have wildly succeeded."

          Not really. The black population has been growing both in absolute numbers and as a share since basically 1930 when we stopped receiving masses of immigrants from Europe. Check the latest Pew report on Black America. It's Cracker that's on a steady decline, to the great chagrin of "Open borders liberal-tarian."

          1. Not really. The black population has been growing both in absolute numbers and as a share since basically 1930 when we stopped receiving masses of immigrants from Europe.

            Only marginally--they've gone from about 9% to about 13% since that time. Hispanics have outstripped blacks as the dominant minority in terms of population, going from about 2% to over 16% in the same time frame.

            1. It's 14% as of 2019. And the Hispanic increase is mostly due to immigration, not natural increase, which is what we're talking about here (abortion).

              Blacks have been outbreeding whites since ever. That's the reality. Only thing keeping the black percentage in check is that we receive a lot of immigration, which is mostly non-black.

              Now, abortion may have had something to do with that, in keeping the black birth rate a little lower than it otherwise would've been. But it's obvious that the success has been limited.

              1. And the Hispanic increase is mostly due to immigration, not natural increase, which is what we’re talking about here (abortion).

                Uh, did you happen to consider that a lot of those immigrants were having kids in the US?

                Blacks have been outbreeding whites since ever.

                For someone who claims that only "conservatives" are obsessed with dysgenics, you sure are focused on the breeding habits of various races, shriek.

                1. Blacks have been outbreeding whites since ever.

                  Have they? The problem with any study or statistic based on race is that race is not a proper scientific classification. People who study such things have demonstrated that 'racial' characteristics are no different than other genealogical traits.

                  How many ancestors how far back does it take to call yourself black, brown or indigenous? The 'black' population could simply have grown based on having one black parent or grandparent. I know at least one North American tribe requires as little as 1/16th tribal ancestry to claim tribal rights, although I wouldn't even speculate on how they calculate that.

                  Every Mexican I have asked has looked at me funny when I have queried about cultural recognition of Central American ancestry. Nobody south of the Rio Grande seems to care about whose ancestors slaughtered whose. They don't even hate on Texas.
                  Seems like idle speculation about the injustices that grandparents were subject to/subjected others to, requires a higher standard of living.

                  Anybody that gives a shit about race is wasting their time.

                  Besides, the way things are going, within 100 years, every American household with have a Chinese parent like they are doing to the Uighurs right now.

                  1. This coming from the Mormon klansman.

                    Or do you not mind blacks as long as they don't get "uppity" and start voicing their opinions, kneeling for anthems, or criticizing the police?

                    Utah has less blacks than Oregon. Probably because the LDS Church is racist.

                    Nazi klansman mormon!

                    1. This coming from the Mormon klansman.

                      I have absolutely zero doubts that you judge the veracity of truth based on affiliation.

                      You couldn't possibly be any fucking creepier in person than this outrage drama-queen insult-bot personae. When people meet you, they see the hunchback, the droopy eye, and the tiny baby hand attached to your stubby arm and think, "not as bad as I expected." Well played.

                    2. To be fair my posture does suck.

                      I've never seen you Chuck, but I assume you're obese. You cared more about Antifa burning down a Wendy's than the capitol riot.

                      I know you need to support your fascist pals, but your concern over the Wendy's leads me to believe you're a fatty.

                    3. When people meet KARen they think “wow what a retard!”

                    4. I don't know what they think, but they usually say "nice to meet you."

                      Or something similar.

                      I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't make judgements about my intelligence until they've at least spent some time talking to or observing me.

                    5. I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t make judgements about my intelligence until they’ve at least spent some time talking to or observing me.

                      Based on your posting career, you're a retarded hicklib faggot.

                    6. And you are a cowardly little child.

                      Shut your pussy traitor mouth kid!

                      You backed out of the deal. Now go hide like the lil bitch you are.

                    7. I posted the address, you hicklib faggot. If you weren't such a pussy, you'd unmask your email so I could give you the chance to follow through with your threats in person.

              2. Is there a reason you avoid mentioning or discussing the actual number of black babies aborted by planned parenthood, and instead want to talk about their present day population share as if that has relevance to the discussion?

                Since there is no way to determine what their population share would be without abortion being five times more likely among black women, it's a pointless distraction.

                So maybe that's your point? To distract from planned parenthood doing exactly what it's creators intended it to do? Slowed population growth among 'undesirable' populations?

                Using their population growth as evidence that it's not being affected by abortion is absurd when you realize it's not something you can make any determinations from. And it doesn't matter, since we already know who the primary users of planned parenthood are, and it's exactly the people Sanger et. al. wanted to use it.

                1. “So maybe that’s your point? To distract from planned parenthood doing exactly what it’s creators intended it to do?”


          2. JFC Shriek we always know it's you. Stop.

          3. Now go and take a look at how many black people they've stopped from being born, and tell me they've failed in their mission.

            I guess in some fairness, the original idea was total annihilation but even they knew that was probably impossible. So they settled for get as many as they can, and slow population growth by as much as possible.

            1. Could be. Hey, if it means fewer Democrats, then who are we to complain?!

              1. It doesn't mean that, but I see your schtick now.

                Makes claims about conservatives, claim to be one, then make those claims true.

          4. See mother Jones, the actual person who started the progressive rag. Se was in favor of eugenics and sterilization to keep blacks from reproducing

      2. I said "conservatives". I'm a Republican myself, but more socially liberal (in the conventional sense, not the woke sense).

        1. No evidence of "conservatives" complaining about dysgenics, either.

          1. Conservatives worry about people they see as inferior, and those who are a drag on society. Or those who are alien-seeming, weird, or degenerate. All of that is implied in the fear of dysgenics.

            Those dirty, poor, brown, illegal savages invading us! Look at those ghetto blacks jiving and monkeying around on top of cars! They're twerking on them! And those disgusting homosexuals engaging in filthy, unnatural behavior. How disgusting are they? And those Muslims and their alien Muslim, rag-headed ways! And look at those lazy-ass, welfare-sucking brats who won't work! They're a drag on society. Oh, and these whores! Stanky, skanky, disgusting whores! Cardi B's WAP is what's wrong with our crass culture!

            Did I capture the conservative ethos well? I think I did.

            1. Uhh, conservatives want to keep those 'undesirables' out of the country entirely not exterminate them en masse.

              Not the same thing.

              You just went on a nice little projection jaunt about people conservatives don't like, but managed to skip over any solutions conservatives actually put forward to kill them off.

              In short, your claim doesn't match your evidence.

              1. Didn't say they wanted to exterminate them. I'm just saying, conservative are anti-people they see as inferior, as a drag on society, whereas leftists are anti-people they see as superior, as having it too good.

                Listen, I'm not saying conservatives were pro out-and-out eugenics. Nobody is in this day and age. But as far as opposition to abortion of fetuses with serious illnesses goes, I'm just pointing out that these are probably not the kinds of people they'll want to see more in society.

                1. If they don't want to exterminate them, they aren't actually afraid of a genetically deteriorating society then. QED.

                  Thanks for playing, but that's your own misguided extrapolation.

            2. Conservatives worry about people they see as inferior, and those who are a drag on society. Or those who are alien-seeming, weird, or degenerate. All of that is implied in the fear of dysgenics.

              Woof, the projection here can be seen from Pluto.

              Did I capture the conservative ethos well? I think I did.

              That's a pretty good imitation of what a typical college student thinks the conservative ethos is.

            3. You failed to add "support the police".

            4. No, idiot, conservatives don't want to exterminate anyone. We just don't want to be forced to pay for everyone's problems all the time.

            5. Can you name a conservative philosopher /thinker that is in favor of eugenics? I can think of a dozen progressives.

        2. No Shreik, you aren't.

          1. I've never voted anything but Republican. I vote economics first and foremost. I just don't like the puritanical faction of it, is all.

            1. Good try, Tony.

              1. FWIW, he's posted here before. And hasn't struck me as a sock of the usual assholes. Not like I'm infallible.

                The problem isn't race. It's culture. Assimilate new immigrants, or new hillbillies from the 'holler, and turn them into good little, high-trust Rotarians who believe in the American Dream? Awesome. Do that shit.

                But we aren't doing that anymore. Really haven't since the mid-80s. And so we're going to be drowned by barbarians, who will act like they're home, and voila! They will be.

            2. I don't either, but I will accept the churches on every block over the liquor stores, check cashing shops, and burned storefronts. Besides, while they are all in church I have the stores, slopes, and ATV trails to myself.

              1. I wouldn't mind exterminating some ideologies buy not the people who hold them.

      3. To the contrary, the Nazis were socialists, because they have 'socialist' in their name.

    2. fuck off screech

      1. Not gonna happen.

        1. Fuck off Tony.

    3. • I don’t really understand why conservatives are for banning things like abortion of fetuses with Down Syndrome. I thought they feared dysgenics and that whole degeneracy of society, you know, the barbarians and ne’er-do-wells taking over, those who’re gonna drag down the nation. It’s just blind opposition to abortion at this point.

      It's because it's kind of the opposite of what you suggest.

      1. Kind of a Christian tenet that all children are a gift from God, even those with problems. And that killing them for any reason is a sin. Ergo, like you said the opposite of conservative ideology to support killing Downs babies.

        1. I agree with you for thr most part. However it's ok to kill mormon babies because they'll just grow up to be mormons.

        2. Well, except the gay ones. Those ones will be bullied into suicide. And any efforts at suicide-prevention will be lobbied against.

          1. Yep, because no one else on Earth has ever dealt with being bullied and they all killed themselves.

            Yeah, it's shitty. I agree, but if I recall correctly isn't suicide a mortal sin in every major Christian denomination?

            In fact, it's more likely suicide would be outlawed and suicide prevention would be incredibly well funded because if you killed yourself you'd never get to heaven.

            Most religious gay kids simply grow up, and learn to loathe every major religion. Or they just become Episcopal, I guess.

            1. Unitarian. Which I guess is a religion, though they don't seem to have any creed beyond, 'Accept everything.'

          2. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! (tm), EE.

            1. Pussy

      2. The lefties have been trying to conflate Stormfront and Christianity for years. I guess actual dupes are to be expected.

    4. "How is babby fromed? They need to do way instain mother> who kill thier babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back?"

      Fifteen years later:

      "I don’t really understand why conservatives are for banning things like abortion of fetuses with Down Syndrome. I thought they feared dysgenics and that whole degeneracy of society, you know, the barbarians and ne’er-do-wells taking over, those who’re gonna drag down the nation. It’s just blind opposition to abortion at this point."

  22. "We simply want reassurance that we won't be punished for our inability to comply with a directive that doesn't exist."

    "Oh, very well. Rest assured you'll be punished for your *choice* not to comply with a directive that doesn't exist."

  23. okay okay okay ... you don't have to *bury* them, or *cremate* them ... but you still can't sell them.

    1. I'll bet you Cardi B's are worth a fortune after they slide out of her WAP unannounced during a performance. The poor little bastards can't hold on to ribs forever.

      1. lol. was listening to Up on the way in today.

    2. Aborted Mormon fetuses should be thrown down the garbage disposal or sent to the landfill.

      Or composted if you're a tree hugger.

      1. all fine. no sales.

      2. No one is born any religion, and certainly non-cognitive fetuses are not any religion.

        Look, I thoroughly reject all religions including Mormonism and have no problem calling any of the religions on their bullshit when someone flaunts them, but I would never support violating anyone's right to Life, Liberty, Property, or Pursuit of Happiness unless or until they threaten to do the same to me or anyone else.

        You are truly a one-note symphony played with rusted, broken, out-of-tune instruments and just an all around sick asshole! I only say this to you so that the uninitiated will know to never mistake me for you!

  24. ""The absence of regulations leaves Ohio abortion providers in an impossible situation"

    Stop killing fetuses. There, was that so hard?

    1. Fuck off.

      1. Or else what, you mincing faggot?

        1. It's just that Moloch has done so much for me, and you baby-loving Xtian losers want to rob him of his sustenance.

  25. Republicans yet again wasting time and effort on bullshit. What else is new?

    That and you know they'd be the first to admit that a fetus isn't a person when it came to stimulus funds. $500 for an unborn kid? No can do, no can do.

    1. Another victim of the public school system.

    2. "they’d be the first to admit that a fetus isn’t a person when it came to stimulus funds. $500 for an unborn kid? No can do, no can do."

      Oh look, an example that never actually happened perpetrated by strawmen.
      So terrible.

      1. And Unfair. (tm)

        1. Pussy

          1. Asshole flags X 23!

            1. Wow! You counted all the way to 23 Sevo!

              Good for you! I'm proud of you!

    3. If granting federal legal protection to the unborn meant that pregnant women would receive an extra $500 stimulus payment, you'd be hard pressed to find any pro-lifer who would reject those terms.

    4. Of course, you'd have to define the relatively precise point in time when a lump of cells transitions to being a human being. Republicans clinching the abortion debate on the point would essentialy cede the UBI and immigration debates.

      Considering the leftist media, like Reason, would still label them as Nazis while defending a mother's right to choose well after the 3rd trimester, the GOP would be stupid to cede the point. So, I would totally expect the never-Trump wing of the party to jump on board with the idea any day now.

      1. Let us know when you’re no longer a lump of cells.

  26. The only question relevant to abortion is the question whose answer ends legal abortion.

    The question is, “what logic and science has convinced you that the fetus doesn’t deserve the inalienable right to life?”

    If you’re answer is logically or scientifically irrefutable, then you will have demonstrated that the fetus in fact doesn’t deserve the inalienable right to life and I will no longer oppose abortion. You will be the first to have refuted me here.

    If your answer is refuted, you should oppose the genocide that is abortion, or you will demonstrate your murderous psychopathy.

    Do you lack confidence in your conviction to advocate abortion? Why else would you avoid answering the question?

    1. What a bunch of pussies.

  27. Murdering cunts relish the popularity of abortion.

    They think laws reflect popularity but laws are supposed to reflect justice.

    Popularity is irrelevant to justice. Nowhere is justice defined by popularity.

    By focussing on the popularity of abortion as you advocate for it you obviously don’t want to address the question of the justice of abortion.

    The question “ What logic and science has convinced you that the fetus doesn’t deserve the inalienable right to life?” Is absolutely relevant in the debate about justice.

    That’s why you won’t answer it.

    1. When that question is asked at the Supreme Court, abortion will be made illegal.

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