Gavin Newsom Dangles Promise of Reopening California's Economy by June 15

The governor has said that his scheme of pandemic restrictions on businesses and social activity will sunset on June 15 provided there are enough vaccines for everyone and hospitalization rates remain low.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) today promised a tantalizing, if conditional, end to his scheme of pandemic restrictions on businesses and social activities. Come June 15, the state's economy will be allowed to completely reopen, provided that there are enough vaccines for everyone over 16 who wants them, and COVID-19 hospitalization rates stay stable and low.

"It is time to turn the page on our tier system and begin looking to fully reopen California's economy," said Newsom in a press release. "We can now begin planning for our lives post-pandemic. We will need to remain vigilant, and continue the practices that got us here—wearing masks and getting vaccinated—but the light at the end of this tunnel has never been brighter."

Today's announcement still leaves room for a number of public health regulations to remain in place. Its main effect is to establish a clear sunset for the governor's Blueprint for a Safer Economy.

The Blueprint put the state's counties in one of four tiers based on their rate of new COVID-19 cases and rate of COVID-19 tests coming back positive. Counties in the most restrictive tier, Purple, were required to completely shutter indoor dining and nail salons, and force most other businesses to operate at severely reduced capacity.

The Blueprint has been in effect since late August 2020, save for a two-month interruption from December through January when Newsom imposed an even more restrictive regional stay-at-home order. Today, most of California's counties are in the Orange Tier, which allows offices to reopen and for restaurant dining rooms to operate at 50 percent capacity.

Provided Newsom's conditions on low, stable hospitalizations and available vaccines are met, all of this will go away come June 15. The governor's press release says that the entire state will move beyond the Blueprint at the same time.

It's not clear from the governor's initial announcement if counties will retain their ability to establish their own, stricter pandemic restrictions, a power they had under the Blueprint. It also doesn't appear that Newsom has committed to fully repealing the emergency declaration he issued in March 2020 that's enabled him to impose the Blueprint and various other COVID-19 reopening protocols.

A number of pandemic restrictions will remain in place after June 15. For example, conventions will be capped at 5,000 people until October unless vaccinations are required for attendees. International convention attendees will be required to be vaccinated.

The state's mask mandate will also remain in place, reports the Los Angeles Times. Testing and contact tracing will also continue.

Newsom's Blueprint has proven intensely controversial, attracting both bottom-up resistance and lawsuits arguing the governor usurped the powers of the state legislature, which played no role in crafting the Blueprint.

So long as the state's emergency declaration remains in effect, Newsom will still have a lot of power to impose whatever restrictions and mandates he might wish.

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  2. Dr. Fauci Can’t Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening

    And here in northwest Florida, everything has been open for half a year, schools have been open as normal since August … and we have the same dropping cases. California, you can just reap what your idiot governor has sown.

    1. Fauci also can’t explain why people that listened to his allergen advice got extreammly sensitive children that are worse off for the rest of their lives

    2. I’m just north of Berkeley and we’re currently begging, begging the district to maybe, at least consider, teaching our kids in the fall.

      We’re all past expecting anything to happen before then.

      1. Your teachers union may have just one more demand, or so; they’ve got you over a barrel and they know it, so time to pony up if you want your “free” public education to return.

      2. I strongly suspect that the date of June 15 was chosen for the re-opening because it’s right after the end of the school year. Gives cover to the teachers unions for keeping public schools closed while also giving the state and districts a maximum amount of time to placate the unions behind the scenes before classes start back up for the 2021-22 school year.

        I do kind of wonder why more people aren’t making more out of the part where UTLA, which was demanding 100% vaccination of students for Covid before allowing LAUSD to re-open had no concerns a number of years back when some of those same schools had a majority of students who weren’t vaccinated for measles (some schools in the more leftist-leaning parts of L.A. had vaccination rates lower than South Sudan during the ongoing civil war/ethnic cleansing).

  3. Whatever Gavin, we’ve been open for a long time people just went on about their lives and stopped listening to democrat cretins and bureaucratic fools. Only bitter clingers like Newsome, Fauci, Kirkland, and Biden keep hanging on the covid fallacy.

  4. Gavin went on to say “it’s okay. We left my winery open as a test case to see what would happen for opening the rest of California”

  5. He’s lying again.

  6. June 15th is that before or after the recall election and if he wins he will double down on closures. this is just to get people to say oh its okay he will open up. NOT

    1. Recall election will likely be Nov-Dec 2020. Newsom just needs to do enough to make sure that not too many of the never-vote-GOP comrades defect.

      1. If the reopening date gets delayed at all without Covid numbers spiking back to what they were in late December and January (while we were on a strict statewide lockdown which failed to slow the spread) including hospital capacity really getting stretched thin, Newsom will be sunk in the recall and will be punished by returning to the life of a rich white guy living in CA wine country.

        Unless the state Dem party declares running in the recall “replacement” field to be career suicide, the odds are that the half-wit voters here will replace Newsom with a nearly identical bobble-head that just happens to have a different face.

  7. A Miracle! Just in time for Governor French Laundry’s recall opposition campaign.

  8. Translation – If you recall me, I’ll keep it shut down until the election.

    1. The recall signatures have all been turned in (with a half-million signatures to spare), and the collection period ended several weeks before this announcement. Even Newsom isn’t dumb enough to think this will change the fact that the recall vote is going to happen; if he wanted to get people to revoke their signatures in large numbers, the re-opening date would be April 15th instead of June.

      1. I wasn’t surprised the recall obtained as many signatures as it did.
        A bit surprised though that many Democrats also signed the petition.
        Newsom is getting plenty worried by now and it looks like Aunt Nancy won’t be able to save his arse either.
        Wouldn’t it be great if both Newsom and Cuomo both get the heave ho?

        1. I saw some tents collecting signatures down in OC last summer but didn’t think much of it; almost went over and asked what their end-game was since the same gaggle of idiots who hired Newsom would be picking his replacement.

          Then I heard about kiosks to collect signatures going up in West Hollywood and figured he’s probably dead in the water regardless.

          It’ll be kind of sad if Cuomo ends up going down over trying to kiss a stranger at a wedding instead of for causing thousands of deaths (on his way to getting a likely 7-figure advance for his book about how to be a leader in a crisis) and then trying to stop anyone from proving it.

  9. Masks mean it is not a full reopen. Fuck off.

  10. I am shocked that Newsom has finally done something somewhat sensible: make an announcement in advance that you had better get your vaccine soon if you want one, because aren’t going to keep the economy closed to protect you, if you drag your feet.

    The only quibble I have is that it doesn’t make much sense to keep convention restrictions in place until October. We should be encouraging high risk behavior over the summer when hospitals aren’t dealing with a surge of flu patients. Forcing large conventions to reschedule into the winter just seems counter-productive.

    1. If they close the convention centers than where will the homeless and illegal immigrants go? God forbid that we actually allow businesses to prosper when there is virtue signalling we can do instead?

      1. Will no one rid me of this bothersome governor?

        1. Another Becket reference. That makes two in two weeks.

        2. King Henry II

      2. They’re working to set up some kind of a homeless shanty-town on the beach in Venice (not even joking about that). CA cities might manage to establish slums like Dehli and Calcutta if the Dems are left in charge for much longer.

    2. .. because aren’t going to keep the economy closed to protect you,…
      Idiot. It isn’t doing any such thing.

    3. Keeping the economy closed hasn’t protected anyone.

      By the end of January, more than 60% of all recorded cases in the state to that point had happened during the two months of being on the “ememrgency brake”, and the state infection rate peaked 3 weeks into the lockdown at 250% of the rate it had been when that new restriction started. During the statewide “stay at home” order, total cases went from 1.25 to 3.1 million, and with infection rates continuing to fall the more the state re-opens we’re only up to a total of 3.5 million at the end of March.

  11. What does it feel like to do through life a useless, incompetent turd who relies on other’s to survive? Ask Newsom. He is acutely aware and qualified to answer the question!

  12. I think the far left wing scum sucking gutter vermins at 60 Minutes just might have fucked with the wrong guy in governor Ron DeSantis. “I know corporate media thinks that they can just run over people– you ain’t running over this governor. I’m punching back.” he said!

    Go get these motherfuckers, governor! I think you have them dead to rights because the democratic mayor of Palm Beach county is on record saying he knows that they were knowingly and maliciously lying.

    1. I am now convinced he has the fortitude to withstand the shitstorm that would be coming at him during an election. We need a whole bunch of him.

  13. Inspiring how 2 million signatures on a recall petition can change a man’s attitude.

  14. Meanwhile,

    Less than 90 days after President Biden signaled his immense virtue by halting construction on Trump’s border wall and canceling future contracts, Biden’s beleaguered Department of Homeland Security is exploring whether to restart border wall construction in order to ‘plug gaps’ in the current barrier, according the Washington Examiner, citing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This of course would make Biden a xenophobic tyrant, if we’re playing by the Trump-era media guidebook.

    1. We’re not though. We’re playing through the “journalists” are lying, hypocritical, propagandists, playbook.

    2. It will now be a “compassionate” wall, not a wall to keep people from running across from shitholes.

  15. Dear Gavin,
    Get bent, you miserable scumbag. Do your constituents the service of offing yourself, you fucking shithead.

    1. I’d have left off “Kisses”.

      1. He meant: Kiss my ass!

        1. I’d rather that grease-ball not kiss my ass; the Brylcreem might leave a stain.

  16. “Newsom’s Blueprint has proven intensely controversial, attracting both bottom-up resistance and lawsuits arguing the governor usurped the powers of the state legislature, which played no role in crafting the Blueprint.”

    If this is a reference to Gavin Newsom facing a recall election, I don’t see it, and, let’s face it, the real reason Newsom is doing this is because he’s facing a recall election over the lockdowns, capitulating to the teachers’ unions, etc.

    1. “The signatures are in — organizers behind a push to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom say they’ve submitted more than enough names to force an election to potentially oust the governor.”

      I saw a recent poll saying that only40% of California’s voters favor recalling Newsom at this point. What the poll didn’t show is that a huge percentage of the people who are mad at him over the lockdowns and the teachers’ unions are likely to take a day off of work, change their vacation plans, quit their jobs, or skip a scheduled appointment for chemo –if that’s what it takes to show up at the polls to vote against Newsom. The people who aren’t inclined to remove him probably don’t care much about him either way. Even if Newsom survives, chances are that a challenger will take him out in his weakened state in 2022 anyway–no matter whether he survives the 2021 recall or not.

      Assuming that Newsom’s decision, here, are being driven by something other than the recall effort against him is probably unwarranted. Even if we saw another spike in cases in California between now and November, the chances of Newsom reimposing lockdowns in the run up to a special election held for the sole purpose of recalling him as governor are extremely slim. Why would he do that?

      1. Why would he do that?

        To appease his Karen base? To help out his big business buddies? To keep a tighter grip on the “vote” counting? Perhaps as a final ‘fuck you’ to Californians? Just because he can?

        1. But he was gonna be the president someday!

      2. “…..or skip a scheduled appointment for chemo…”

        Wait, so Californians can’t vote by mail for the recall? Next thing we’ll hear is that recall voters must show ID!


  17. “Data from a 2019 hack of Facebook Inc. FB -0.86% was made public in recent days, revealing the phone numbers and personal information of more than a half-billion people.”

    500 million people!

    Is Facebook the most hated company in America?

    More hated than Purdue Pharma?

    What company do people hate more than Facebook?

    1. Tesla? King of the grifters.

      1. Yes, people hate companies that made them rich.

        1. “Yes, people hate companies that made them rich.”
          Tesla has never made a profit other than selling e-certs to other auto mfgrs; suffice to say, Tesla is an company which exists as a vehicle to use automobiles to transfer taxpayer money into Tesla’s bank account.
          I hate Tesla (and Musk) as it has never made a penny in profit as a result of selling its supposed product; cars.
          It is an elaborate and successful scam to capture taxpayer money.

          1. I can take comfort that when I’m driving my Tezla, I can pretend I’m saving the earth, while looking rich.

  18. That promise is true?

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  20. Whoa! Does mean the end of stolen-from-the-rich, unearned, covid/stimulus c̶h̶e̶c̶k̶s̶ handouts.

  21. I have a neighbor who lives in Cali, north of LA, who comes up here to Northern Michigan every summer. He tells me he loves the weather there but can’t stand the politics(liberal).
    Maybe he should sell his home in Cali and moved back here or maybe spend the winters in Florida….I hear they have quite the governor down there.
    The problem here in Michigan is that we have nearly the same problem that exists in Cali….the liberal cities outvote the suburban and rural areas by a bunch, and we ended up with this crazed bitch in the governor’s mansion and her lesbo Attorney General.
    They just threw a woman in jail a week ago for attempting to pay the bills, feed her family and provide a service to her neighbors in Holland, Mi. I suspect however it was her appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show that threw little miss muffett into a hissy fit and ordered her arrest.
    Gov. Whitmer and her little nazi lesbo dyke Attorney General can both take a broad jump into Lake Michigan for all I care.

    1. I am a Cali native conservative and the last of 9 family in Pville, CA. I agree with what you are saying but problem for me is – I am hated by libs in my state and hated by the rest of the country once they see my Cali plates. Therefore me and others have dedicated our lives to driving the libs out east and are working to re-take out state back. It’s time the rest of the country see what happens with one party rule before it’s too late.

  22. Yes that’s when everyone else is “allowed” to some fine dining in Napa Valley.

  23. Nice how he starts to re-open when recall approved. I will vote for anyone but him. Maybe even Scwartz if he runs again?

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