George Floyd

The Changing Faces of George Floyd Square: Dispatch From Minneapolis

Sometimes vibrant, sometimes crime-ridden, a local tells Reason what it’s like to live blocks from where George Floyd died.


In the living room of his home 15 blocks from George Floyd Square, Zane Spang talks about something that happened to him and his 3-year-old daughter several weeks earlier.

"I had [her] on the back of my bike and we need to go through the Square, but they've got it barricaded off, right?" says Spang. "This white lady, I think she was from inside one of the checkpoints they got there, she's like, 'You can't ride through here.' I'm like, 'I live here and my daughter's school is here.' She's saying something about how I'm being disrespectful and I should go around on another street."

Spang, a full-blooded Native American (half Crow, half Northern Cheyenne) rode through anyway, as he has for the four years he's lived in the South Minneapolis neighborhood.

"There's an influx of qualities there for [the Square] to be really peaceful," he said. "But me and my daughter also walked through there one time and there's 'Fuck the Police,' all these signs and people spray paint that, and she's trying to read and asking, 'What does that say?' I'm like, 'People don't like the cops?' I don't know how to explain stuff like that."

After work in a machine shop across the border in Wisconsin, Spang talks about what he sees as the complicated relationship the city has with the memorial set up at and around the site where George Floyd was killed by former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, whose murder trial started the day Spang and I spoke. [Disclosure: Spang and I know each other from when we both lived in Portland, Oregon, in the mid-2010s.] Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Reason: You were saying George Floyd Square presents differently at different times.

Zane Spang: As far as the presentation, it's kind of back and forth with a lot of people in this neighborhood. If you're at that specific part of the square at a certain time, it feels very vibrant. But then, when it lines up differently, when some shit's going down over there, we had a homicide a couple of months ago. And I was working on a house one time and someone got shot a half-block away and medical guys were barely able to get to the person shot.

What was the shooting about?

I don't even know because the cops never were [allowed in]; the cops don't go there.

A Minneapolis Police officer told me George Floyd Square has become a dumping spot for stolen vehicles, that it's basically the final destination for anyone involved in a police chase because cops aren't welcome in there.

The amount of traffic we get through here now, literally people will fly through all these stop signs, go 50 miles per hour on 38th Street [which bisects the Square]. I've seen an influx of crime and just people shooting guns out the window.

An influx of crime since George Floyd was killed?

Yeah. Our neighbor one house over, her friend was waiting for her and these three girls robbed her, right in front of her house. I leave for work at 5 a.m. Down the street, some guy tried to grab me out of my car. He was trying to pull the door open. I had a crowbar and I was like, "Get the fuck out of here!" I have the wherewithal to prepare myself in that realm, but a lot of people don't.

You were here when George Floyd was killed. What was it like? Was it mayhem?

It still pretty much is. When it was happening it was so surreal. The first night after it happened, you could not find a parking spot in this neighborhood, it completely filled up with cars.

With people who drove from outside the neighborhood?

Yeah. And we had people just dumping signs all over everywhere, just everywhere.

Signs that said what?

"I Can't Breathe." "Justice for George." All that stuff. It was pretty insane. And then that evening, when they did the protest, it was pretty peaceful. I remember watching them go down here. I wasn't really part of it. I don't really get too involved with protests anymore, especially when I have a kid, you know?

Going off on the tangent, I would say I agree that the way Minneapolis cops deal with a lot of people of color, it's shitty, especially around this area. And anywhere. The only time I've ever gotten a gun pulled on me was by a cop, and it was because I was walking on the streets with my hands in my pockets. He told me to never walk up on a cop with your hands in your pockets. That was a few blocks away from here.

[My ex] used to joke because I drive kind of like a grandma, but I look at it differently. I've been stopped by cops a lot and they give me some BS reason. I said [to my ex], "You don't understand how many people of color in the city that happens to." I understand those dynamics. When it comes to people protesting and it's peaceful, in that realm, I understand that, based off my own experience.

But I think what's going on in George Floyd Square now, I think about how it's really affecting the community. In my personal opinion, I think they should make it a roundabout or something. The city should put the money in for people to open that. It feels like it's a clogged artery in the city. It feels like a lot of people are gasping for air. 

There's positive days that you go down there. But I don't know how long we can last with the dynamics of what's going on there. I support George Floyd and all the stuff, but I think the people are kind of missing the point. People are just so reactive.

Like the woman who yelled at you when you were on the bike?

Yeah. I had gone through there every day and just some random day it's like, "You can't do this." It's just all impulsive. That's not what I think is justice. How is that us supporting this guy that got shot? All the stuff that you see there, all that stuff is so important, you see all the names [of people killed by police] rolled out there, it makes me cry. I think how powerful walking through there actually is.

Do you see the goodness of it, or the potential goodness of it, getting hijacked?

That's what I'm starting to realize. That's why I think, if they let it open up and let the world in on this area, instead of it being barricaded and, "You can't come here." I think certain people are taking advantage of it and then other people are enabling that.

Enabling because they think they're doing the right thing or because it helps a particular cause?

Yeah. There was a time we went down there, within the first couple of months. There's these two young white girls, and they're walking and [saying], "You feel the energy coming in here." They're being mystical about it. Then this other girl started saying [to them], "You need to feel bad about your whiteness." The girls were really young and as a person of color, I would never…I don't know. There's such a weird dynamic when people approach me, as being a Native American. They bad-mouth themselves as to who they are. They feel like they need to make themselves less human to feel accepted by me, a person of color. There's something about that I don't enjoy. It's like, "You don't have anything to prove to me." It's great that you acknowledge stuff but, that's where I feel the conversation needs to keep going, let's talk about other stuff rather than, "Fuck white people."

That kind of approach, it's just so weird. I've seen it so much my whole life, when people start being really self-deprecating. I went to a school where I was the only Native, me and my sister, so I went from people constantly beating me up because I'm Native to people now that are covering their tracks, sometimes it feels like, because they feel so bad about it. I don't know; either/or, but I think it's just like, chill.

My daughter, who as you know is half-Native, doesn't like that stuff either. I explained to her what BIPOC stood for, and the sort of uniqueness it implied, and she said, "Mom, I can only apologize for my generation so much." 

People really try to put you on this pedestal. There's no mysticism; I'm just a person that is Native. I could tell you my perspective, which is, there's a lot of bullshit going on here.

Bullshit surrounding the Square?

The city kind of gave the reins to people where there's no foundation. Everyone's in these subgroups that have slightly different opinions. There's some people that are more outraged than others, and some who want to feel accepted. I think there's a lot of traumatized people in this world and a lot of people that take advantage of traumatized individuals. That place sometimes feels like a hub for people to just feel triggered, constantly. You're creating a bubble at George Floyd Square. I'm about the cause, but…

What would you say "the cause" is?

Well, it's not just always talking about all these really harsh things that have happened. As a Native, I don't want to either be the default or the trendy thing. And I think that's where we're stuck.

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  1. A lot of hellholes are "sometimes vibrant". Its the glow of the brimstone

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    3. Maybe it's the glow of burning store fronts.

    4. It's not just that but the larger issue of an independent state being declared on US soil -- International law is clear on this, the US Army has every right to go in there and use whatever deadly force is necessary to suppress the insurrection.

      Imagine if these were college students and this a college neighborhood -- and they were demanding the right to drink underaged and tap kegs on the streetcorners. Does anyone not believe that wouldn't be suppressed before dawn the next day?

      So how is this different???

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  2. Thanks Nancy for being a good reporter. You are an endangered species.

    1. She got me all choked up.

      1. George Floyd would feel the same way

    2. Yep. Good reporting.

    3. My daughter, who as you know is half-Native, doesn't like that stuff either. I explained to her what BIPOC stood for, and the sort of uniqueness it implied, and she said, "Mom, I can only apologize for my generation so much."

      She raised a smart kid.

      1. And not a perennial victim.

      2. Nancy is a lying far right cunt so of course you love her.

        Racist waste of life

        1. And we thought you couldn’t get dumber.

          1. Why am I dumb?

            1. Probably due to your self-medication, but it could just as easily be a head injury or just congenital stupidity.

              Get yourself some serious professional help. Modern medicine offers hope, even for you.


              1. Sorry, but someone needs to stop the Mormon fascists.

                Exterminate the Mormons!

                1. A 3-fer on the asshole!

        2. I love how left-wing assholes think words like "cunt" are immediately on the table when the subject is supposedly "right wing." They reverse their own language rules at will depending on the target.

      3. My daughter isn't white but doesn't want to be treated as a "person of color" or given special privileges based on her race (which most Americans misidentify anyway). The equity hustle is learned helplessness.

    4. She proclaims Chauvin killed Floyd and the trial just started!

    5. I don't think anyone even cares about this story. Everyone with a rational brain knows the "pregnant woman armed robber formerly know as opiod addicted waste of life Floyd" died because of the RIDICULOUS amount of drugs in his system and/or covid. It's amazing covid isnt being blamed, seriously, because one of the listed side affects is increased heart rate. A small increase in heart rate combined with a large increase in both stimulants (meth in his system) and opiods (fentanyl in system) can surely be fatal, and was. Especially considering he had nearly 4x the lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood and was complaining of both chest pain and breathing problems while sitting in the car, before ever being knelt on.

      And let's not forget, even if a cop murdered him, George floyd was a drug addicted felon who robbed a pregnant woman at gun point by holding a gun to her stomach. Officer Chauvin could have choked him out WWE style and George floyd still ends up a dead evil man burning in hell and getting as fucked by Satan like his own version of Southpark.

      The only people paying attention anymore are wokesters looking to score social points with their friends and racist black folks who still are looking for people to blame for their own communities failings.

  3. This article is just more left wing race baiting BS.

    In fact:
    - George Floyd died due to an overdose of heroin/fentanyl/meth,
    - George Floyd repeated the words "I can't breathe" (likely due to his overdose) in the back of the police car long before he said those same words while lying on the ground,
    - MN AG Keith Ellison withheld the police video (showing 20 minutes of George Floyd resisting arrest before Chauvin kneeled on him) from the public until September (while BLM rioters destroyed many cities due to that key information Ellison withheld from the public about Floyd's interaction with MN police).

    1. Nancy is not making value statements that I can see.

    2. Replace "This article" with "The news media narrative" and your statement holds. This is just about the Floyd Autonomous Zone. Which shows how pathetic the entire movement is.

    3. You forgot to read the article first.

    4. Dude, if you're reading multiple articles at once, check which one you're on before hitting submit

    5. “In fact:”

      Let us go through those facts.

      “George Floyd died due to an overdose of heroin/fentanyl/meth,”

      Not proven at all. It is up to the defense to try to if that is where they want to go. Looks like a weak defense to me but go for it.

      “George Floyd repeated the words “I can’t breathe” (likely due to his overdose) in the back of the police car long before he said those same words while lying on the ground,”

      Again if the words “I can’t breathe” were never taken seriously by the police officers were they. In fact he died because he could not breathe while they increased physical force against him. While he died under the knee of a police officer with others right there.

      “MN AG Keith Ellison withheld the police video (showing 20 minutes of George Floyd resisting arrest before Chauvin kneeled on him) from the public until September (while BLM rioters destroyed many cities due to that key information Ellison withheld from the public about Floyd’s interaction with MN police).”

      You know how these things work?

      It is all there now. You can see every minute of that jury trial.

      The defense has yet to present their case. They will. I doubt that “while BLM rioters..” is going to show up in court.

      1. You're right drugs are not the proven cause of death, "cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression.", is. He had a heart attack.

        Floyd had taken a fatal dose of fentanyl which suppresses your breathing.

        1. It will be up to the defense to prove that when he was up and moving to the point of ‘resisting’ requiring restraint nine minutes before he died under the knee of law enforcement with witnesses.

        2. The medical examiner also ruled it a homicide.

          Everyone dies from cardiopulmonary arrest. It does not mean heart attack. That would be myocardial infarction.

          1. False. George floyd died of an overdose induced by covid and meth increased heart rate in combination/counteracting with a fentanyl induced decrease in heart rate.

            Also known as speedballing, or "hooping" as George floyd literally says on the video.

  4. Good interview!

    Question: is the homicide count at "George Floyd Square" still at 4, or has it risen?

    1. They're waiting for the verdict. Whichever way it goes.

    2. To include overdoses and domestic assaults?

    3. There are zero fire extinguishers in George Floyd Square. I demand you retract your baseless accusations.

      1. No fire extinguishers? That's gotta be some sort of code violation.

    4. Wait, are you being serious lmao? I give so little shit about it I haven't even read the articles even though I like Nancy's writing.

      Do we need that wannabe rapper from Seattle to come run security?

  5. Mob rule; really works, right?

    1. Flag. Refresh.

      How was your loser 12 step meeting?

      1. 12 step meetings are for winners. If George had been attending some and practicing a 12 step program he would have lived.

  6. Calling yourself an independent state and removing all US government authority...

    Smells like insurrection!

    1. Insurrections are okay as long as all the damage and violence is directed at random plebs and not the corrupt power brokering tools and self appointed gods of the empire that occupy our federal capital building.

  7. “Vibrant”, I guess that’s one way of describing your feelings in a lawless environment.

    Cops shouldn’t use excessive force, but they do.

    Removing every excessively violent cop would be like removing every lying politician.

    How? But I doubt it includes lawlessness, unless that’s required for blacks to ask nicely for cops to return.

    1. @Removing every excessively violent cop would be like removing every lying politician.”

      Sounds good to me.

    2. How?

      Einsatz Gruppen - Kampfgruppe Dirlwanger would be a good start

  8. Lots of people today, walking around enraged and ginned up by what they read on some app or website. Never knowing if it's true - the mass media are sycophants and bootlickers, so they repeat the official government lie when it suits them.

    Anyway at least Nancy is brave enough to go to these hellholes and actually talk to people. Stelter and Reid would piss down their legs.

    1. Without bored, white, suburban women, where would they be?


    Never in human history a “resistance/revolution” of anything was backed by mainstream media outlets, government, academia, & the art world at the same time.

    If your ideas are backed by the media, the gov, academia, & the art world it’s safe to say that you are the status quo.

  10. Oh, and Capitol cop killed by man who rammed barrier with car then hopped out and stabbed/slashed the cops.

    1. CNN trying desperately to talk about 1/6 instead...

      1. well they are equatable right RIGHT it must be an extension of the war on democracy supported by Trumps words of insurectionism


      How the heck would they know within less than 30 mins of the attack that it wasn’t terrorism? Seems weird...

      1. Because the suspect was a Black man, perhaps?


        Suspect who attacked the Capitol today with his vehicle and killed a police officer is a 25 year old Indiana man named Noah Green.

        He's a follower of the Nation of Islam.

        So now we ban Farrakhan from social media right?

        1. No, Trump incited him. Duh.


          Facebook just removed the profile of the suspect in the Capitol attack, Noah Green. Here are two screenshots of the profile taken 3 minutes apart

          1. He got memory holed.

        3. Know why initial reports didn't say race now.

        4. Farrakhan is already banned from Facebook and Instagram.

  11. I still wonder--because I haven't heard a coherent answer--about the source of the alleged systemic racism in the police departments of major cities that have been run by the Democrat Party for decades. After all, isn't the Democrat Party supposed to be the White Knights for POCs?

    1. Every single major position in Chicago leadership is held by a person of color.
      Mayor, states attorney, police superintendent, transportation, etc, etc, etc.
      It is strange that they are still claiming to be victims of systemic racism. I can't say for sure, but, it is almost if they are lying about it.

      Nah, what was I thinking?

      1. Pretty much the same for Atlanta.

  12. How exclusive! I am expecting a rash of autonomous zones in the near future. I don't expect this to go well. Imagine when people with resources set up their own zones?

  13. Ah, Fort Asshole.

    1. Hey, that's what I call the pillow fort in my living room!

    2. Fort Hooters


    JUST IN - All-Star game moved out of #Atlanta in response to Georgia's election bill.

    1. MLB moved off my TV.

      D'Backs are bad this year anyways. Apparently they want to continue with last year's ratings drop.

      1. Remember the NFL, the AZ MLK holiday Super Bowl blackmail, and a big fat lecture from Bryant Gumbel courtesy of NBC sports? Take a guess what hasn’t been on my TV since then (ok, _she_ hates football but I used to watch).

        This an old pattern of corporate sports blackmail of local governments, and locally we’ve been fucked in that fun way (and bunches of other fun ways such as stadium financing) before. They should all collectively jump up an elephants’ ass.

    2. And the majority Black and Democratic population of Atlanta appreciates all the lost income, I’m sure.

      1. Yes the Atlanta taxpayers are not going to be happy about that.

        I am against the bill because I favor more access for voters. There are always going to be a tiny fraction of irregularities no matter what you do but time has shown that it does not affect outcomes.

        I do not think sports or business should be weighing in on political issues unless it affects them directly. You can’t stop them but it is bad policy.

    3. If Atlanta had Delaware's voting laws it would be worse.

      Fuck MLB. Fuck Delta Airlines. Fuck Hollywood Directors.

      We need a national sonderkommando of einsatz gruppen to deal with these useful idiots

      1. The Hollywood directors might take you up on that. Not sure about the rest.

  15. These portraits are great.

    I would love to hear from the woman who said she could not bicycle through the area. Or from someone who is all-in on the criticle race theory angle. Hearing their complete thoughts on these topics is very interesting and informative.

    The national press gives a sanitized, pre-approved spin version of their thoughts that is not informative.

    Steven Crowder did it in a more confrontational way, but it was still more interesting hearing long-form versions of their thoughts rather than a sound bite surrounded by professional spin.

    This was the same tactic that was used to reduce the remnants of the klan to rubble. Simply letting them speak at length about their beliefs was enough to discredit them permanently. The same would be true for these people if our gatekeepers would allow their true voices to be heard.

    1. The job of the modern journalist - calling a lid before the crazy slips out.

      Rommelmann is an antique. She lets people speak.

      1. Of course a liar like you would like that lying cunt.

        Did you drink her husband's shitty coffee when you lived in Portland? Ya know that's against the"word of wisdom" of your perv prophet?

        Lying racist waste of life

        1. Be quiet boy.

          1. Shut up douche

            1. You're a retarded faggot

              1. You're an uneducated hick

  16. Sounds like a great place to live.

  17. "The Free State of George Floyd"?

    Sedition everywhere I look. See what you conservatives did on January 6th?

    1. Their national symbol is a handgun pointed at the belly of a pregnant woman

    2. I am thinking of declaring my house a free state and just paying taxes to myself.

  18. "I could tell you my perspective, which is, there's a lot of bullshit going on here."

    Would make a great byline.

    Or cliff note for pretty much anything out of MSM.

  19. Stay out of Portland ya far right cunt!

    Mormon Chuck is a huge fan of your bullshit lies.

    Sorry about your husband's shitty coffee biz going under. Next time remember to not talk shit about Portlanders if you want Portlanders to buy you husband's shitty coffee.

    It also would help to not lie either.

    Stupid cunt.

    1. Who wants to go to Portland? It's full of lefturds.


      1. Nancy moved here from California when it was "cool." Her husband and her owned a shitty coffee company. She thought it was a good idea to mock the metoo movement in super progressive Portland. When people boycotted her and her husband's business she tried to lie and say she wasn't involved with the business. She then wrote a column saying her husband and her were leaving because "the people." Their shitty coffee company finally went out of business, so she wrote a series of articles talking shit about Portland.

        She is a lying cunt. Reason needs to can the cunt. She belongs in the poorhouse with her husband.

        1. Do you have any evidence for this is or just name calling?

          1. Not hard to find with a quick Google search.

            The series of articles talking shit about Portland were on Reason.

            I don't remember where the "we're leaving because it's the people" was published, but I'm sure it's on her website or something.

            Fuck that far right lying cunt

            1. 3-fer on the asshole

            2. Nancy would beat your pathetic soy ass.

              1. No, but I'm sure she'd say that cuz she's a lying far right cunt.

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                  1. Haha! I can tell you're a real winner!

                    Go fuck your wife/sister you backwards hick.

                    1. All this animosity because you lost that love of the Mormon boy so long ago. You poor, poor, stupid traitor bigot.

  20. "We chase misprinted lies...."

  21. So is this guy the 'i' (indigenous) or a 'POC'? How are Native Americans "Persons Of Color"?

    I wonder how tolerant socialists like Josef Stalin would handle this sort of breakaway autonomy? How many of these chicks would Beria sex up before having them shot?

    1. Redskins....duh



  23. Floyd was killed by Chauvin? At least you let the trial finish before you convicted the guy...wait a minute.

  24. The area surrounding the where George Floyd incident occurred has descended into a lawless disaster. The people who live, own property and businesses are not the issue. Criminal actors have seized upon the incident and are taking advantage of this neighborhood and other neighborhoods.

    The City Council and Mayor didn't do much to mitigate the situation. In typical Democratic Party fashion, they intensified the situation with their virtue signaling followed up by either nothing or with counter effective measures that exasperated the situation.

    Minneapolis is a One-Party city with Democrats in complete control of all political offices. If one assumes that there is systemic racism in Minneapolis, then one needs to accept that this systemic racism was implemented by the Democrat Party elected officials.

    A Green Party candidate stands a better chance of being elected than a Republican Party candidate, so any systemic racism can't be blamed on the Republican Party.

    I have seen the deterioration of this neighborhood and take a detour around to avoid the area. It is distressing to see.

    1. Which shows you that the police and government are not as much in charge as most people believe. Most of it is a show. The uniforms, badges, cars, the gun in the holster, all of that is to project authority. They are still outnumbered.

      The government makes a huge effort to project its official status and power but in the end they are just some people with nice stationary.

      I don’t think political party matters much. Republicans and democrats can be equally authoritarian and incompetent.

      When the social order breaks down. When we polarize into warring camps. We are all screwed.

    2. The pity of it is that most of those businesses looted and burned belonged to minorities. Those people destroyed the only stepping stone to a better future. Instead they will continue to be perpetual welfare state children.
      If you want to see the results of this merely drive through sections of Watts or Detroit, decades after the disastrous riots of 1967 that rocked those cities and see how much of it remains as a burned out reminder how all that needless destruction was counter productive. None of it has ever been rebuilt.
      That section of Minneapolis will look the same forty years from now.

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  26. People talk a lot about how cities are run by Democrats but I do not think political parties matter all that much at that level as they do at the state and federal levels.

    I found this.

    1. Appreciate the link and I'll check out the whitepaper, but I think on its face it wrong. Meaning who controls most major cities does have an impact on crime stats and what not. I can see stats showing this to be untrue, even though that's incorrect. Since most major cities are run by a single party controlled at a national level, many of those cities have similar policies in the same time periods.

      But I haven't read it yet, I do respect NBER a great deal, so thank you for the link.

  27. The death of George Floyd was avoidable if the police who stopped him were educated enough to re he was already dying from fentanyl overdose. Not to mention other drugs in his system. By the time the police pulled him over, he already had one foot in the grave.
    However, that certain people are attempting to make some sort of saint out of Floyd is ludicrous and worse yet hypocritical.
    Floyd was by no means a model citizen. Far from it. Arrested numerous times for cocaine posession, arrested and sent to prison for a violent home invasion where he threatened to murder the unborn child of the woman he held a gun to, incidentally, that woman was black. He was involved in pornography. He was a known heavy drug user and his girlfriend stated that she thought she was going to die from the drugs she took while being with him.
    The idea that Floyd is somehow a victim of police violence against blacks is disingenuous at best.
    He was the victim of himself , his own weaknesses and lack of self control.
    Now, we're going to see grade schools and parks named after George Floyd.
    Just another insult to anyone of intelligence. Just you watch, the democrats are going to push for a George Floyd remembrance day and statues of him will replace those of Confederate war heroes and Founding Fathers.
    I expect that a drive to place Floyd on Mount Rushmore as well.

    1. So just another point. Are you ok with arresting people for drug possession and it makes them out as bad citizens? I know he had some actual crimes but pornography?

    2. Yes, it was avoidable. And Floyd’s family has a legitimate grievance for this individual.

      Making it all about race, however, absolves Floyd of any responsibility for the situation he found himself in. That being a middle age junkie committing crimes and resisting arrest while high on a lethal amount of dangerous drugs.

      I dunno, maybe there’s a “radical individualist” around here somewhere who can explain it better.

      1. Also, what’s up with Minneapolis and fentanyl? First prince, and now Floyd? The world has lost so much.

        1. Fent is everywhere pussy

          1. Haha. I’m sure you’d know, douchebag.

            1. What if I do? What does it say about you that someone who's done his share of drugs is smarter AND not a huge fucking pussy like you.

              Let me know if you're ever in the NW. I'll bash your fascist face in.


              1. Haha. I live in the NW, mister all talk, no action pussy.

                Why aren’t you in Utah “exterminating Mormons”? Because you’re a pussy.

      2. You are blaming the victim.

        “Lethal amount” is a fabrication. I doubt you have the background to understand what dose response, intoxication, overdose, and lethal amount mean. More so as it applies to opiates in a long time habitual user. It is a way of implication that he was going to die anyway which minimizes the response by the police. There is no way to know and you cannot prove that.

        The medical examiner who is an expert, used the term intoxication. Police arrest intoxicated individuals all the time.

        “Junkie” is a way of denigrating the individual. As if the life of a habitual drug user is worth less. A radical individualist would not make such distinctions.

        He could have avoided this. Well he could have. He could have not relapsed on drugs. He could have not tried to pass that fake bill. He could have stayed home. He could have lived a life of virtue.

        It does not excuse what happened that day. Chauvin has a defense which we will see. I am very interested in what they will argue.

        1. I am not blaming the victim. I said it could have been avoided. By the cop not kneeling on him.

          Making it all about race makes a martyr out of an idiot. A radical individualist would certainly make that distinction.

          1. Pussy

            1. Hi KARen!

              Haha. Douche.

            2. coward

        2. "“Junkie” is a way of denigrating the individual. As if the life of a habitual drug user is worth less. A radical individualist would not make such distinctions."

          How much experience do you have with Junkies? Their lives are worth nothing to them, why would anyone care for someone that doesn't care about themselves, their families, or their fellow citizens? You have never been near one, have you?
          Why don't you befriend a Junkie and get a little experience? They are not the "heroes" that you are making them out to be.

          1. Correct. Not only do they consider their own lives to be worthless but that of their victims especially. Their victims, the ones they rob, harm and murder are there for the taking as far as a junkie is concerned; the next step to the next needle full of smack or Fent or crack or what ever it is they are poisoning themselves with, it doesn't matter. sooner or later they, themselves will end up dead somewhere, in a back alley, on a street corner or in the doorway of a closed shop.
            George Floyd was a dead man walking an no amount of excuses for what he did to others and himself can take that away.
            Who knows maybe he intended to end his own life.
            I have to pity for this poor excuse of a human being. He could have changed his life around but did not.

          2. Yup. Sympathy becomes hard to justify if you’ve spent time around junkies in their natural habitat.

        3. It will come down to would a person who is not on the drugs ingested by George die from the same treatment by police. If they would not then the responsibility of his death would be divided between all that were involved. Would the officer have done the same if he knew George was over dosed with fentanyl will be the real question. If he had co-operated and simply set in the cop car he may have still died unless he admitted to ingesting the fentanyl to hide it from the officers. He made the decisions that led to how it ended up. Medical testimony that he would have died even if the officer had stood up and left him alone will be what crushes the case for the prosecution.

        4. Fentanyl is the drug most users OD on. When people overdose on fentanyl, their breathing can slow or stop. This can decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, a condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can lead to a coma and permanent brain damage, and even death. A lethal amount of fentanyl is not a fabrication. The amount found in the blood of those that have overdosed and or died is how they determined what a lethal dose is. It takes more or less for different individuals but at 3 times the lethal dose without medical intervention immediately people will die. Naloxone given fast enough to counter the effects can prevent death. Once breathing has stopped it would also require life support to have a chance of surviving.
          Floyd was addicted to opioids which does not imply he was addicted to fentanyl. His girl friend stated he had never quit taking opioids even though they had tried.
          Floyd died of hypoxia which is how opioids kill. If the trial can prove beyond a reasonable doubt it was the actions of the police officers and not the fentanyl that caused hypoxia, which there is no way to do, Chauvin will be convicted of murder. When a medical professional testifies Floyd would have died in the same time frame as he did from the amount of fentanyl in his system and from what the medical examiner and emergency physician said was the cause of death there will be quite a bit of reasonable doubt. I would hate to be on that jury.
          If you shoot a man that just shot himself and both wounds are fatal are you guilty of killing him?

  28. He is a big deal because people have had enough of this shit. Now we can see it in clear daylight.

    There is no excuse for violent protest but this cannot go on.

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