Capitol Building

Police Kill Suspect Who Rammed Vehicle Into U.S. Capitol Barricade: 1 Officer Dead, 1 Wounded

The suspect, 25-year-old Noah Green, is reportedly connected to the Nation of Islam.


One police officer is dead and another wounded after a man drove his car into the barricade surrounding the U.S. Capitol building. The suspect, 25-year-old Noah Green, was shot and killed by police after he jumped out of his car wielding a knife.

The incident briefly placed the Capitol under lockdown, prompting much speculation that it might somehow be related to the January 6 riot, during which the building was overrun by far-right protesters. But according to early reports, Green is affiliated with the Nation of Islam and had recently posted on Facebook about various personal difficulties. It's difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum, but many followers believe in anti-Jewish and anti-white conspiracy theories. They tend toward black separatism, and it's extremely unlikely Green has anything to do with former President Donald Trump's "Stop the Steal" movement. For now, this appears to be an isolated incident.

The barbed wire fences that have surrounded not just the Capitol building but several city blocks were recently removed. Lest anyone think that this attack was the unfortunate result of lax security, the barricade that Green struck has actually been there for years, and was neither added nor removed during the recent changes.

I ventured down to the Capitol; National Guard troops had already blocked off the area where the attack occurred. (The National Guard has maintained a presence in Washington, D.C., ever since the January 6 riot.) Law enforcement officers were understandably on edge, and it's tragic that someone was killed.

It would be a shame, however, if this tragedy prompted Capitol security to bring back the fences, or delay sending home the National Guard. The massive military presence was designed to prevent the kind of all-out assault on the Capitol that unfolded on January 6—something that's vanishingly unlikely to happen again, now that Trump has exited the scene. The preexisting barricades are sufficient to protect the Capitol from a lone, deranged driver.

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  1. I strongly suspect that the Nation of Islam is merely expressing its severe skepticism concerning electoral (vote-counting) integrity in the USA today!

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    2. Yeap. Usual terrible take.

      1. So… When the Nation of Islam tries to “stop the steal”, that’s just totally terrible? But its totes OK when trumpanzees gone apeshit try to “stop the steal”? Why, because trumpanzees had higher numbers? Might makes right, higher numbers make right?

        My tribe GOOD, your tribe BAD, my violence GOOD, your violence BAD, right, JesseBahnFuhrer? Do you EVER try to do anything BEYOND obeying your troglodyte emotions and instincts from the hunter-gather days?

        Start HERE to educate yourself, if you DARE, troglodyte!

        1. I already said it was a terrible take. Did you want more adjectives? Stupid, idiotic, partisan, shitty, moronic, feeble, pathetic.

          1. “partisan” was in your list! That’s rich! And YOU think it is NOT “partisan” when, all day, every day, you eat, sleep, and breathe “My tribe GOOD, your tribe BAD, my violence GOOD, your violence BAD”!

            You are a would-be, wannabe, Jesus-killer, Mahatma Gandhi-killer, Martin Luther King Jr.-killer, etc., and you willfully REFUSE to see that!

            Get OFF of your ass and read !

            1. You do nothing but promote your leftist tribe dear. You post almost exclusively from wapo, atlantic, etc. How sweet. You think you’re not partisan lol.

              1. You do realize it just makes you sound super creepy when you call people “dear” or “sweetie”.

                1. Fuck off, freakshow. You of all people have no business weighing in on what sounds “creepy”.

                2. Okay sweetie. If I need advice on terrible posts I’ll look for you.

            2. Yes, we already know, JesseBahnFuhrer! All who do NOT agree with JesseBahnFuhrer are leftists!

              Strain your brain, troglodyte, and TRY to comprehend the below!

              For all ideological hard-core warmongers everywhere…

              So ye lust after the utter, eternal destruction of the “D” team, and the eternal victory of the “R” team? (The inverse kind of ideological idiot exists also, but not so much, on these pages).

              “R” team likes to demonize “D” team? Biden is going to outlaw the internal combustion engine, tomorrow, to “Make American Green Again”? The NEW MAGA? Bullshit, demonizers!

              “D” team likes to say that the next “R” POTUS (Alex Jones maybe?) will outlaw ALL abortion, and birth control? And turn ALL women into enslaved baby-making machines, because every sperm is sacred? Bullshit, demonizers!

              All is for The Hive… The Tribe-Nation… Or, All is for the Individual, and you may NOT (of your own supposed “free will”) join a VOLUNTARY commune?! There can be NO compromise, traitors!!!

              The males must UTTERLY DEFEAT the females, who must NEVER speak again!

              Yin must smash Yang, till Yang exists no more!

              Creation must smash destruction! NO eggs may be broken, for making omelets!

              Life must rule over death, and NO ONE may die, to make room for the new living! No matter HOW old and decrepit they get! YOU MAY NOT DIE!!!

              Do you ideological idiots NOT see that “R” v/s “D” falls into the same category? You would destroy it ALL (multi-party democracy, “balance”) in the name of your POWER PIG FANTASIES!!!

              The ONLY way that ye will get your “ultimate victory” is in the DEATH OF IT ALL!!! The new POTUS, Alex Jones, will declare Nuclear War for the Ultimate Victory… And yin and yang, male and female, “D” and “R”, individual v/s tribe… they all ARE NO MORE!!!

              Are you HAPPY now, ideological idiots and power-lusters?!!?

              1. I’m sorry. Did you say something?

              2. It’s “bannfuher”, retard. You just called him a railway boss in German.

                1. JesseBannFuhrer, JesseBahnFuhrer, tomato, toeMAHto… I am glad that we have agreed that she is either JesseBannFuhrer or JesseBahnFuhrer! Either way, we can see (and agree) that she is a whore, or a hooker, (or a whore?)! Now, we’re just haggling over the price of the old hag!
                  (Hey JesseBannFuhrer / JesseBahnFuhrer, what price did Der TrumpfenFuhrer pay to mind-fuck you, and is it still your going price?)

                  1. The White Knight II: The White Knight Rises!
                    March.28.2021 at 2:17 pm
                    And, by the way, JesseBahnFuhrer does not allow anyone to belong to a libertarian tribe, or belong to no tribe at all. If you are not a Trumpista, you are an enemy of the Trumpistas.

                    1. There’s like two lefties here running a dozen socks.

        2. I take back what I’ve said about shriek. You are hands down the stupidest motherfucker to post here.

          At no point in jesse’s post did he say anything about this incident, you inbred retard.

          1. He doesn’t even care. The spastic’s sole purpose is to shitpost and disrupt threads.

          2. I dont read his posts. Just laugh at WK. He fucks up his socks so much it is hilarious.

        3. I will only if you double dog dare me u ou dork

    3. “it’s extremely unlikely Green has anything to do with former President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” movement”

      Don’t let ‘unlikely’ get in the way of your imagination.

      1. The major news media didn’t, all afternoon and evening. That’s for sure. Do you think it’s more likely that they will continue the narrative, facts be damned, or memory-hole the entire thing, since it doesn’t line up?

        At least Robby and Reason held off on the crazy speculation until some facts came out. Listening to the CBS coverage of this on my lunch break you might have thought that the car had giant MAGA banners on it. And yet, the way they couched their language made me wonder if it wasn’t just a driver who had a seizure at an unlucky time.

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  2. “It’s difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum, but many followers believe in anti-Jewish and anti-white conspiracy theories. They tend toward black separatism, and it’s extremely unlikely Green has anything to do with former President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” movement. For now, this appears to be an isolated incident.”

    And he didn’t even bring a gun. It’s already yesterday’s news.

    1. You’re right, Robby, I get confused whether to think of the Nation of Islam as far-right or far-left. What, with all of their support for Republicans. Where do you come up with this shit?

      Prayers for the blue coats, as distasteful as it is to see our Capitol filled with vehicle checkpoints.

      1. I’m pretty sure they don’t support Democrats either. Do you think they are far left? I really don’t know, but from what little I know of them, they are socially conservative in many ways. I have no idea what they think the ideal political organization is. Probably something Islamic.
        So I think it’s correct to say that they are hard to place in the left/right spectrum.

        1. Up through the 90s, they were nominally left– or at least favored by the left establishment. It was only when some of their views became SO problematic that the mainstream left kind of stopped talking about them. This happened shortly after the Million Man March, by my estimation.

          I would still say they’re nominally on the left because their organization is steeped in racial politics– the provenance of the left. But ultimately, they have a rather right-wing view of racial dynamics, but that narrative becomes… complex when people of certain skin color espouse a racialist view of the world.

          As we have seen, if a white person says, “We want OUR spaces!”, as Douglas Murray has repeatedly said, we know what to do with those people– we know how to treat them and what slot to put them in.

          But when a black person says, “We want OUR spaces!” things get more muddled.

          1. “But ultimately, they have a rather right-wing view of racial dynamics, ”

            Could you explain what you mean by this?

            1. They see racial conflict as inevitable without at least allowing separate races to establish separate homelands. This is in contrast to left liberal ideal of a multiracial society ideally under one world government. But seems today’s progressives are increasingly going for separate “safe” spaces at least for some races.

              1. What leftist wants a multiracial society? None in existence presently.

        2. They’re socially conservative in the sense of ‘they hate jews and gays’. Half of which puts them right in the company of the far-Left.

          And the far-Left are not really all that keen on gays any more either. Homosexuals are too successful and all too often white for them to be able to make identity politics work for the power-mongers.

          1. And its not like the far-Left don’t support Muslims and Islam to the point that they will ignore the genital mutilation, misogyny, criminal abuse of women, violence against minorities, etc that permeate Islamic societies.

            You want to talk about patriarchy and structural racism and you want to exclude non-Western nations as examples – then you’re not ready for a real discussion.

            1. Sad but too, too, entirely too true! Also they do NOT want to talk about the caste system in India! (Only western whites can REALLY be sinners!)

          2. “And the far-Left are not really all that keen on gays any more either.”

            Are you saying Buttigieg better watch his ass?

            1. Did you see where Mayor Pete “rode” his bike to work at the WH the other day…after getting a lift to within a few blocks by secret service SUVs, and after the agents unloaded the bike and prepared it for his use turning on the flasher, one agent on an electric bike led the way and then the rest followed in two Suburbans while Pete posed for the press “doing his part to help the environment”.

          3. Homosexuals are just repressed transgendered people.

            1. Someday they’ll come out and be able to use the bathroom they were destined to use.

        3. They are heavy into the BDS movement and anything pro Palestine, which majority of democrats support. There is large overlap.

          1. They used to serve a similar role in NYC, Baltimore, and Chicago African-American political circles, as groups like Jim Jones’s People’s Temple did in San Francisco: foot soldiers for ringing doorbells and getting out the vote, fundraising, and ass-kicking if it were needed. Like the People’s Temple, a lot of contemporary Democratic Party politicians find their association with the NoI an uncomfortable subject. Like Ellison.

            1. Here is an article on major democratic leaders and the NOI


        4. You’re right, Zeb. I totally mistook seeing Farrakhan stump with Jesse Jackson, back when Jackson was still trying for a political career. Or political figures within the NoI later going on to hold offices within the Democratic Party. Like Keith Ellison, heard of him?

          Naturally, I’m just drawing a blank on the work they’ve done with Republicans. They must have done some, since they’re balanced, and all.

          1. I don’t mean to be a dick to you, Zeb. It’s displaced anger that should be properly directed at Soave for writing such a ridiculous thing.

            I apologize.

            1. I think that it’s possible (though I am not Zeb, so I can’t say for certain) that part of the point being made was that Republican and Democrat don’t necessarily align strictly to the traditional Right to Left spectrum. Mostly because the entire concept is far too oversimplified. (I suspect the vast majority of the members of either party have no opinion at all regarding the restoration of the French monarchy.) And thus, it’s difficult to place the NoI on it either.

              Actually, given the typical rhetoric of a fair number of lefties that it’s “nationalism” that defines something as right wing — which is how they shoehorn the Nazis in there — the NoI might very well qualify as “Right” to them, even if they don’t support the Republican Party.

              Honestly the whole right / left thing is kinda fucking retarded, these days. But I suppose that most people need a way to very shorthandedly demonize their opposition, so we’re probably stuck with it.

              1. Left = collectivist.
                Right = individualist.

                Simple and true.

                1. The Right have traditionally been pro-family, anti-gay. I guess it’s not as individualistic as it could be.

                  As for the left, it’s not collective enough. It keeps falling for the cult of the personality, where everything is concentrated in the hands of a charismatic, amoral and manipulative individual.

                  1. “The Right have traditionally been pro-family, anti-gay. I guess it’s not as individualistic as it could be…”

                    trueman has traditionally been an idiotic piece of shit, who has yet to understand the concept of ‘non sequitur’.
                    Because he’s an idiotic piece of shit.

                    1. Sevo it’s funny when you try and sound smart. Did you hear “non sequitur” at one of your loser meetings?

                2. The ghost of Jerry Pournelle is going to haunt you for that, BigT.

                  Nah, obviously Right does not equal individualism. But the Nation of Islam unquestionably helped Democratic Party and left-wing causes far more than they did right-wingers or Republicans. It’s not debatable.

                  Therefore, for Soave to phrase it that way is complete rank horseshit. He’s simply relying on most readers to have a short memory, as it’s been awhile since the national media’s deigned to give the NoI any attention. Though they’ll no doubt deify Farrakhan when that bitter piece of shit finally dies.

                  1. Much like BLM deified Castro when he died.

        5. When I was 14 my best friend took me to Mohammed’s Mosque of Islam #13 on Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena. I am white, he not so much. Listening to how all whites are literally made by the devil and me being malevolently stared at by white-clad Black women made him laugh so much they made him leave and take me with him.
          I understand they are less obviously prejudiced these days, but I doubt it is all that different.

          1. The best sociologists agree it is all symbolic now.

        6. Other than Keith Ellison, Barack Obama, Kwesi Mfume….

      2. I believe the best distinction of the Nation of Islam isn’t left or right but bottom or sideways. Radical extremists are on a completely different axis from normal political parties, and we need to work together to solve them, not point fingers saying “they belong to your group”

    2. He chekcboxed every requirement for local story.

  3. Republican Insurrectionism!

    1. Hey now. A vote has to be happening and it has to be daytime to use the I word.

      1. It was daytime somewhere! And I bet that at least some group of people were voting in where to go for lunch. I’m counting it. Fuckin’ Republicans, always being so insurrection-ey.

    1. Carrying assault rifles didn’t work very well in Garland. And that was two on one.

      You’ve got competition, OBL.

    2. How so? Support your supposition with an actual a-r-g-u-m-e-n-t. This should be amusing (getting popcorn).

      1. It’s not a real comment, it’s supposed to be a joke but isn’t very funny most of the time.

        1. But there are moments when he’s absolute gold.

          Actually, a lot of those are when he agrees vociferously with one of the resident idiots.

          1. Especially Mr. Buttplug.

        2. Really? I enjoy his stuff.

          Beats the KAR, Hihn, Hank Phillips and Sqrlsy schticks, anyway.

          1. Cram it ya fake canadian!

            1. Is that someone who uses imitation maple syrup?

              1. Wears fleece instead of flannel.

        3. isn’t very funny most of the time

          At least half the time you have to squint too hard to distinguish his presumed parody from reality to tell if it’s funny or not. In a room of coked-up spastic nutbags Jim Carey and Robin Williams are just another couple faces in the crowd.

    3. So the moral of the story is – use the right tool for the job.

      1. He couldn’t put together a VBIED. Or get a large truck. Pathetic.

        Though Thank God our crazies are less capable than Euro-crazies.

        1. Which is weird because they just rent those things out at the U-haul place.

          1. Fail to plan? Plan to fail.

            I don’t know what this guy’s deal was. Maybe it is as simple as barely directed anger and an absolute lack of future-time orientation? Maybe Euro-crazies have better organization? I’m just glad we’ve—so far, knock on wood—haven’t had to deal with joys like SVBIEDs, bomb vests, assholes in rented semis driving through street markets, etc…

            1. “Fail to plan? Plan to fail.”

              OK, not bad.
              Plan your work, work your plan.

    4. #Open the Borders for “OpenBorders”…. 🙂
      Surely ‘immigrants’ NEVER EVER commit acts of violence or steal or are radicalized. No, no; They’re all honorable hard-working freedom loving patriots. Just look to CA and it’s massive influx of immigrants – the ‘perfect’ patriotic state. /s If the USA was Nazi-Germany I guess.

      There’s good and bad immigrants; and “Open” un-vetted “Borders” has a pretty good trail of evidence at being far more of a curse than a blessing.

    5. There were two officers involved. His car ramming them was pretty effective and the knife in close hand to hand combat was more effective then a long rifle. The officers hand guns were simply as effective as the knife and there was two of them. I don’t think Omar has a clue.
      If he had stopped at a distance and exited the car with an AR-15 they would have shot him before he could bring it up to use it.

  4. It’s difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum

    Admittedly, it is difficult to place things in a left-right spectrum when the narrative is… unfavorable.

    1. Reason’s ability to find uneducated dolts as writers continues to impress…

    2. It’s difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum
      I’m sure Robbie explored every possible angle but alas, just couldn’t get it done.

      1. Clearly a both sides moment.

        1. To be sure.

      2. He consoled himself with some fantastic hair. Though he hasn’t gotten hair compliments, until he’s gotten them from random black women. (who have their own hair issues.)

  5. I’m sure this was prompted by the “Muslim Ban” so it’s still Trump’s fault.

  6. Is it just a coincidence that there was a four year period without Islamic terrorism while Trump was in office?

  7. White Knight hardest hit.

    1. If only.

    2. Rent free. Your head.

      I’m not sure how some troubled young man committing “suicide by cop” relates to me or anything I have ever said here. Oh, I bet it’s because I have supposedly defended leftist rioters — something I have never done except in JesseAz’s imagination.

      1. Lol sqrsly.

        The White Knight II: The White Knight Rises!
        March.28.2021 at 2:17 pm
        And, by the way, JesseBahnFuhrer does not allow anyone to belong to a libertarian tribe, or belong to no tribe at all. If you are not a Trumpista, you are an enemy of the Trumpistas.


      2. And you did all summer buddy.

        1. Really? Cite?

          1. There is a paid troll here in the Reason comments (one of several fifty-centers) who uses the moniker “White Knight”.

            This troll’s purpose is to try and deflect criticism of the Democratic Party and, to a lesser extent, Reason Magazine articles and writers who support the agenda of the Democratic Party.

            In order to halt conversation, the trolls here use disruption techniques.

            White Knight’s favorite disruption technique is to demand a citation even for the most ordinary or obvious statements. Keep in mind that these requests aren’t just reserved for controversial statements but often for matters of common knowledge (e.g. the formula for water is H2O). The purpose of this is twofold:

            In the first, a commenter will waste time and energy hunting down a citation.
            When such a citation is posted White Knight will then redefine the criteria and claim that the citation is worthless; or, if unequivocal, White Knight will ignore the response, and move elsewhere. Either way the purpose of disruption was served.

            In the second, if the commenter ignores White Knight or refuses to play along, White Knight will then follow the commenter along, claiming at every post that they are dishonest and can’t back up their statements. Here too, harassment and disruption are the purpose.

            It is important for us all not to enable White Knight.
            If you see White Knight making an inane citation request over an uncontroversial claim, please respond by posting “Fuck off, White Knight”, or by pasting this warning.

            1. I have a hard timing believing anyone is stupid enough to pay a TDS-addled asshole like WK to do anything.

      3. There we go! Took a while before the TDS-addled shit got around to trying to distance himself from idiotic claims for cause of death!
        Way to go, TDS-addled shit!

        1. Bds addled alcoholic traitor


          1. One more assholic clean-up! I encourage you all to do the same.

  8. ” It’s difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum”

    Robbie is a Brave Truth Teller, to be sure.

    1. Hey Mr. Hair Products, why not try placing him on a spectrum of which party has more member that support, affiliate with , or belong to the NOI?


    Facebook wiping the public information of suspects in politically charged crimes is an alarming precedent

    The way they intentionally conceal key info investigators and journalists need to tell the true story of what happened along with possible motives

    Pure evil

    1. Not that I disagree with the Tweet, but has the author not been paying attention for the last five-ten years? It’s a cliche to note that delaying the release of the perpetrators’ identities oddly coincides with a lack of social media history when such history is the least bit problematic.

      One of my cynical favorites there was the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter. You’re telling me a recent HS student didn’t have anything beyond something like 5 liked photos? No Twitter, no Instagram, no snapchat, nothing? LOL.

  10. If you’re being attacked by White Supremicists and Islamic terrorists alike – then you must be doing something right.


    1. Excuse me, I meant to say just plain ‘terrorism in no way related to a religion’.

  11. Lol

    Protester Just Fell off the building while climbing Chase Bank in Manhattan to #StopLine3

    1. MEDIC!!!


      Fucking retard.

    2. That had to hurt. Lots of broken bones in that fall.

    3. Sadly, only about 12 feet. Broken arm maybe? Not much else. He’ll be back to protest again someday.

      1. Oh, didn’t watch all the way through, bleeding fairly profusely. Still, probably will pull through.

        1. bleeding fairly profusely

          That’s what I thought at first, too, but it’s actually something leaking out of his backpack – black paint, seemingly.

          1. Ah…I was thinking a water bottle broke. But looks dark.

            1. Wine bottle? Maybe he’s French?

              1. Maybe he is drunk?

        2. That’s out of his backpack, but he took a major shot to the ribs. Who knows what happened on the inside.

    4. I will never tire of watching that. Someone added the graphics and sound of Sonic the Hedgehog losing his coins at the point when the kid finds out that gravity doesn’t care how woke you are.


    This should be a huge wake up call to conservatives. If the woke mob can bully MLB into moving the All Star game with pure fiction anything is possible.

      1. More than the fans, think of how many thousands of people were going to make bank on the game and the economic activity surrounding it?

        Why do Democrats hate working people?

        1. Why do Democrats hate working people?

          They’re dirty, smell bad, and their butt cracks hang out of their pants while they work?

        2. Based on reality…these things economic benefit is limited at a best case scenario. Add in to that that MLB is less popular now, by a good margin, than it was 2-3 years ago and its benefits are even less.

          I just hope they move it to NY and have to justify being OK with NY’s even MORE restrictive laws.


      “BREAKING: PayPal condemns the Georgia Voter ID law

      PayPal requires an ID to open an account”

      1. Airlines all must be racist, as well as stores that take checks, the Cleveland Clinic, liquor stores, drug stores, and of course, the Capitol!!

      2. Yeah! The constitution guarentees the right to have a PayPal account!

        1. Youre a racist who thinks minorities are stupid.

          1. How am I a racist?

            1. You think minorities can’t get voter ID.

              1. Where did I say that?

                1. Yet one more assholic F/R! Way to go, asshole!

      3. Had to show ID to get my COVID vax.

        Have to show ID to get fishing license.

        Have to show TWO ID to apply for CCW.

        Racist, racist, racist.

      4. The election law in Georgia allows for a voter that can not acquire an ID to sign an affidavit swearing they are who they say they are and are unable to obtain an ID. I wonder why that is never part of the discussion of the law? The law only states you are required to produce an ID if you have one not that you can’t vote without one.

  13. According to the left we’re all terrorists now.

  14. And after Farrakhan had called for a “declaration of war” hours prior…

    Within 30 minutes the acting D.C. police chief tried to say this didn’t appear to be terrorism. The Capitol attacker who killed a cop is Noah Green, a Nation of Islam follower. He attacked on Good Friday, one of the holiest Christian days. The terrorism angle cannot be ignored.

    1. And yet, it will be.

      Who’s still talking about the Boulder shooter?

      1. Robert Dear? Army of Ghawd? I thought he was Colorado Springs…

        1. Khat not kicked in yet, Hank?

    2. If this attack was 20 minutes before Farrakhans speech ended, we could call it incitement.

      1. Lol.
        Anyway, don’t worry. I’m sure White Knight’s working his reality distortion mojo on the problem right now.

      2. Perhaps, if it led to a whole mob of people rioting.

        In this case it sounds like a troubled young man committing “suicide by cop”.

        Can’t wait until I see how you distort what I just wrote when you give your patented JesseAz inaccurate recap tomorrow.

        1. No, no it’s definitely an insUrrEction. The perp had a fire extinguisher in the car.

        2. No, no. It’s definitely an insurrection. The perp had a fire extinguisher in the car.

        3. I don’t think it really counts as suicide by cop if your first move is to kill a cop in an ambush. Suicide by cop folks don’t want their final act in life to be monsterously evil. They will present as a giant threat and, if not given what they want, might get desperate enough to do some true evil to prove themselves to be a real threat, but the whole key is to give plenty of opportunity to the cop to save his/her own life by shooting the suicide by coper.

          This monster wanted to kill a cop and succeeded. Whatever else might be going on in his head that he wanted an exit out of life, he wanted to take a fellow human out with him.

      3. Trump’s incitement started weeks before January 6th, with lie after lie about how the election was stolen, calling his own Vice President a coward, and scheduling a rally to occur immediately before the counting of the electoral votes.

        1. Holy shit, 2 posts to defend your idiocy from a joke. Fucking hilarious.

        2. “Trump’s incitement started weeks before January 6th, with lie after lie about how the election was stolen, calling his own Vice President a coward, and scheduling a rally to occur immediately before the counting of the electoral votes.”

          Yep, saying things TDS-addled assholes don’t like is “incitement” to TDS-addled assholes, right, TDS-addled asshole?
          Hint: If you are going to, well, charge someone with a crime, the first thing you need to do is identify the specific actions and show how those actions are illegal.
          Assholic claims by TDS-addled assholes do not apply.
          I’m sure your family would be proud if you fucked off and died.

          1. Bds addled fascist pussy


            1. F/R And one more clean up of the asshole!

        3. Now do Stacey Abrams

        4. Farrakhans incitement started decades earlier. And yet, Obama still buddied up to him. Impeach Obama!


      On what basis did the police pronounce that the Capitol attack “does not appear to be terrorism-related”? How was it remotely possible to determine the motive of the attacker this early (which, by the way, is what determines whether an act of violence is or is not “terrorism”)?

      1. Draw no conclusions about blacks, or Muslims. Only whites. All whites. All the time.

        1. They drew the same hasty conclusion about the incel who shot up the Asian massage parlors.

          1. Um… murdering religious fanatic?

          2. the incel

            Another grand case of Tony using buzzwords he doesn’t know the meaning of.

            Do you want to explain to us Tony, how a compulsive John is also an “involuntary celibate”.

            1. Tony’s usually drunk by noon, Pacific time. After that, it’s alcoholic free-association,

              1. At least he’s not a pussy 12 stepper like you who can’t handle booze.

                You’re inferior to us who can handle booze.

                1. Gee, the asshole loves F/R!

            2. No but now I know that you are one.

      2. Was he white? No? Checkmate!

  15. “From a logical point of view, only marry a woman uglier than you.”
    -Calypso Louie Farrakhan, aka “The Charmer”

  16. The suspect, 25-year-old Noah Green, is reportedly connected to the Nation of Islam.

    Wait! Don’t you mean Proud Boies or the Mean Tweet Society? I’m pretty sure that the Boulder shooter was a member of one of them. I bet this proud African American man is too.

    1. These guys are really harshing the narrative…

      It’s okay though!
      If it’s a white atheist the problem is firearms, oppressive whiteness, institutional racism and overweening Christianity. But if it’s a black Muslim the problem is firearms, oppressive whiteness, institutional racism and overweening Christianity.

      1. No, no, no. It’s due to Trump’s racism and anti-Muslim animus.

        Jeez, you’ll never write for Buzzfeed (or Maclean’s: same-same) at this rate.

        1. “…No, no, no. It’s due to Trump’s racism and anti-Muslim animus…”

          Same with black-on-Asian violence; Trump said the WuFlu started in China! Do I have to connect the dots for you?


    #Antifa accounts are calling for vengeance tonight against the @Chicago_Police following the police-involved killing of an armed teen. They’re telling comrades to dress “normal” to avoid police detection.

    1. Andy Ngo is a known liar.

      It only makes you look bad posting his horseshit.

      I would like to apologize for calling you old and senile. I confused you with Sevo.

      It’s easy to mix up you America hating fascist traitors. There’s so many of you.

      1. Oh, gee, the asshole shows up at random, but F/R cleans things up.

        1. Sounds like you need a meeting Sevo!

          It must suck being stuck at home on a Friday night with your fat and ugly cunt wife. Good thing you have ED.

          Us non pussies will be out drinking, having fun, and getting pussy.

          Enjoy your 12 step meeting pussy.

          1. To be fair I’m staying in and watching hockey tonight. However I’ll have some beer because I’m not a pussy.

            1. A two-fer of that asshole!

            2. Your a child from Seattle

              1. Not from Seattle


    White Liberals talk about niggas like they’re animals lmfao

    1. Uncle T…

  19. A little levity for yall

    Lady just abruptly cut in front of me in the express lane with nothing but tampons, a box of chocolates and a glass of wine

    I am sitting this one out

    1. Sounds like a Saturday morning for sarcasmic

      1. Yes for the Tampons, but the wine would be Everclear and the chocolate would be Swisher Sweets.

        1. I’ll accept the changes.

      1. In Puerto Rico some would pronounce that “hoker”

    2. A glass?

      Which really pissed me off about the remodel of a lot of Whole Foods, and then Covid: it was great to cruise around shopping with a pint glass of beer in the cart, buying loss leaders, air-chilled chicken, and gawking at the yoga-panted.

      “All these moments will be lost in time…like tears in rain.”


    The attempt to drive a narrative to associate “vaccinated” with “free,” thus “unvaccinated” with “restricted,” continues apace. This is a catastrophe in the making once corporations start going along with it, which will probably come very soon.

    The odds that you’re underestimating how significant and bad this is are extremely high. It’s not just people being clueless and out of touch. They know exactly what they’re doing and should be treated as such. Duplicitous, malevolent, and totalitarian.

    You can know they know what they’re doing because that lady actually said it out loud on CNN.

    1. “They know exactly what they’re doing and should be treated as such. Duplicitous, malevolent, and totalitarian.”

      Good man. Let’s see what happens.

  21. You’d think the cops would manage to refrain from killing just one black suspect, especially when we have a recent example of them rolling out the red carpet for a mob of white people planning to lynch Congress, for the sake of the PR if nothing else. I guess it’s more of a reflex with them though.

    1. The fact that he stabbed one of them may have been a factor.

      Wait, why am I bothering to respond to you? Fuck off, Tony.

      1. I want to know how many of you who cried for the dead white woman terrorist from Jan. 6 are crying now. That’s all.

        1. This dude did manage to kill more Capital police officers than all the “insurrectionists” combined…

          1. Oh shit. Did the crit one end up dying?

        2. The unarmed veteran?

          1. That was at the head of a violent mob attempting to break into the speaker’s lobby to disrupt the peaceful transition of power, and threatening to harm Congress members, the Vice President, guests and staff.

            1. That entire paragraph you just typed was dishonest horseshit,
              and you know that you’re lying,
              and you know you’re defaming somebody,
              and you don’t even give a fuck,
              because you’re a psychotic piece of shit.

              Fuck you White Knight you dishonest garbage.

                1. Yes, an unarmed veteran was shot. Thanks for proving my point for me.

                  1. She was just standing around inside the velvet ropes, handing flowers to police officers, right? Like how you leave out the inconvenient part of the story.

                    1. She was an unarmed protester, you RTDS-addled piece of lefty shit.

                2. Yes really, you fascistic, goose-stepping fucking ghoul.

                  What kind of soulless fucking piece-of-shit monster would say that anyone in that video did anything worthy of being shot.

                  You’re no libertarian, you’re a sick fucking authoritarian troll who is somehow twisted enough to watch that video and justify her murder.

                  White Knight is exactly the kind of fascist murderous creeps we’re up against people. He watched the same video as we did and legitimized it. Take note of just what kind of bloodthirsty monsters they really are.

                  1. You think people deserve to be shot for setting foot on the price of dirt in front of your house.

                    If black Muslims tried to overthrow the US government and shit in the capital building while flying the flag of Iran, how much would you care if one of them was turned to pulp?

                    1. What if it were beings from another star system who came to take over the entire planet?

                      See – I too can make up things that never happened….

            2. The 6 people in the hallway was a violent mob?

              1. Let’s say that you are correct about that. Is your argument that none of the other hundreds of rioters could subsequently enter the Speaker’s Lobby once the door was breached? Like there would be a force field preventing any more than those six from going through the door?

                1. Let’s say, that like every other TDS-addled steaming pile of shit, you are incapable of dealing with reality, and instead deal with the fantasies you imagine,
                  Fuck off and die, pathetic piece of TDS-addled lefty shit.

                2. And that’s worth killing unarmed people for?
                  Fuck you, you murderous fascist creep.

        3. Because she didn’t stab anybody?

          1. To be accurate, Noah Green didn’t stab anyone. He wielded a knife.

            1. Your right. He ran over a cop with his car and injured a second cop by unknown means. Maybe his car. Maybe the knife. We don’t know. Then he charged at the second cop with a knife and got aired out. Great team work on this analysis WK.

        4. She was unarmed and not a terrorist you racist fuck.

          1. Correct. However, she was attempting to break through a door with apparent intent of harming the people on the other side.

            1. Citation for intent?

              1. Seriously. They were breaking down a door that led to the people the police were defending. That is all the proof of intent a police officer needs.

                What, were the police supposed to stop and interview the people smashing through the door?

                1. Seriously, TDS-addled piece of shit, you have no support for your bullshit at all.
                  Fuck off and die; your family will rejoice that such a flaming pile of shit is gone.

            2. The TDS-addled asshole excuses the shooting of an unarmed trespasser by way of lefty, TDS-addled lies.
              Fuck off and die.

              1. The trespasser at the head of a mob of trespassers. It matters.

                1. The TDS-addled asshole again making assumptions; it matters.
                  Seriously, the world needs to be rid of steaming piles of shit like you, and I’m sure you could make your family proud:
                  Fuck off and die.

                2. Let’s ebar that in mind at the next BLM riot, so that if cops unload on the front line of people looting a store, we can reflect on what WK said, seemingly it’s OK then to shoot unarmed “protesters”/trespassers.

            3. now do the White House, the courthouse in Portland, and hundreds of other buildings.
              Shoot them all?

        5. The lefty asshole Tony excuses the shooting of an unarmed trespasser by way of lefty, TDS-addled lies.
          Fuck off and die.

          1. Bds addled fascist

    2. I assume they thought he was trying to overthrow the US government.

    3. Meanwhile Tony advocates outright murder of anyone who doesn’t agree with him, along with the unborn.

      Sick fuck.

      1. Out of all the creepy progposters here, Tony creeps me out the most.

        There’s something serialkillerish about him.

        1. Proggy imbecility combined with a bad alcohol problem does that.

          1. Everyone has an alcohol problem according to you pussy ass 12 steppers.

            You’re inferior to those of us who drink and have better lives than you.

            Pussy ass drunk

            1. Oh! Another F/R opportunity to help the thread by flagging the asshole’s post!
              A pleasure!

    4. The cops killed a woman at the Capitol named Ashli Babbitt. She did nothing but stand by a broken window. Noah Green was killed after ramming an officer with a car and coming out swinging a machete.

      Is it more likely that a) sometimes cops make mistakes and sometimes cops shoot people they see threatening them with a weapon and sometimes suspects don’t evince the level of threat to warrant lethal force from a cop or b) all cops and white people have a secret mind-meld where, in the heat of a battle between criminals and the law, the cops can instinctively determine their opponent is white and therefore not use deadly force because they know the white criminal suspect won’t harm them.

  22. ” (The National Guard has maintained a presence in Washington, D.C., ever since the January 6 riot.)”

    Why is that even a thing? The NG is supposed to be subservient to the states, and the whole point of the DC is that its [I]not[/I] subservient to the states. If the federal district needs protection it should come from the federal armed forces

    1. Because Nancy Pelosi thinks she’s the Queen?

    2. I keep thinking of that time during the Great Depression, when the U.S. Army cleared out some 43,000 protesters from the National Mall (the Bonus Army)– made up of 11,000 World War I veterans and their families. They were protesting to be allowed to cash out the bonus certificates they were given for completing their service in World War I, which weren’t supposed to be paid out until 1945.

      “At 4:45 pm. commanded by General Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six M1917 light tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch. The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered the cavalry to charge them, which prompted the spectators to yell, “Shame! Shame!”

      After the cavalry charged, the infantry, with fixed bayonets and tear gas (adamsite, an arsenical vomiting agent) entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp, and Hoover ordered the assault stopped. MacArthur chose to ignore the president and ordered a new attack, claiming that the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the US government.

      —-The Bonus Army

      The claim that trespassers in Washington DC were attempting to overthrow the U.S. government sounds mighty familiar.

  23. I ventured down to the Capitol; National Guard troops had already blocked off the area where the attack occurred.

    So what did you see when you went into the blocked-off area? You did go into the blocked-off area didn’t you? You know that as a member of the press, you have special rights and the laws don’t apply to you, right? Like if there’s a disturbance and the riot police are called out and order you to disburse, you can just tell them you’re a member of the press and they can’t force you to disburse. And believe me, if they were to do something as outrageous as arresting you for failure to disburse, the Twitterverse would explode with rage from appalled and offended journalists over such blatant disrespect for the privileges of the press.

    1. This sockie may have just coined a new motto for the IRS: “Workers, disburse!”

  24. Goddamn mormons!

    1. That’s right! Fuckin’ Mormon Muslims!

      1. Redneck Mormon Muslim Traitors!

        1. Fuck off ya racist traitor.

          Why do you hate America?

          1. I love America! I hate redneck, Mormon, Muslim traitors. I thought I made that clear.

            1. I too oppose the redneck terrorists from the Nation of Imorslamon.

            2. My mistake. I confused you with Geiger Goldtraitor.

          2. Well, shucks. Only 7 of the ‘tards and 2 of the newest asshole, but it does clear the thread of screaming idiocy.

            1. Have a drink Sevo!

              It’ll cure your BDS! Not your senility though…

              1. Cleaning the thread of 3 more assholish posts!

                1. You need a loser 12 step meetingn

                  1. One more asshole comment flagged! How much more pleasant the thread is!

  25. It must be tough getting into the Nation of Islam with a yid-name like “Noah Green”.

  26. So ANOTHER mystical fanatic, worshipping the initiation of force, kills a peaceful Reichstag cop just when Boss Biden’s S.A. is drawing up commonsense Kristallnacht laws. Will wonders never cease?

    1. What about Comstock and the corn laws?

  27. Must have been a Russian mole.

  28. Now that Biden has all but promised to back killing the filibuster if the Republicans use it, going forward, the only meaningful resistance to Biden’s evil plans, from spending us into bankruptcy and taxing us to death to gun control and the Green New Deal, probably involves massive peaceful protests on the National Mall.

    It’s time to forget about the Capitol riot already. It was an event of insignificant proportions.

    “Many Capitol rioters unlikely to serve jail time”

    The cases could embarrass the Biden administration, which has portrayed the Jan. 6 siege as a dire threat to democracy.

    Judges are apparently dismissing sedition charges (over the objections of prosecutors) as little more than trespassing–and releasing defendants. As frightening as trespassing was to Joe Biden and the congressional Democrats, prosecuting trespassers for sedition is a bad look for them.

    There should be a massive protest, and if Biden and the Democrats demonize average Americans in response, who were there to peacefully protest against them and their awful policies, or if they use the National Guard, etc. to shut down a peaceful protest, it would expose Biden and the Democrats as tyrants.

    1. You have more faith in John Q Public than I do that they would consider it anything other than stomping out an insurrection.

      1. We don’t need to get all of them to see the light, just a critical mass big enough to scare the bejesus out of Democrats in red and purple districts and states, and it’s important to differentiate between the media narrative and public opinion.

        On the one hand, we know the media is full of shit and their narrative doesn’t really represent the opinion of the American people. On the other hand, there is a temptation to believe what the media says about the American people when their bullshit is all pervasive and on all the time.

        Regardless, we need to remember that the American people are never the enemy. They’re the battlefield, and as libertarians, we want to win over as much of the battlefield as possible. Biden and the Democrats, meanwhile, have nothing but contempt for average Americans, and that contempt should make it easy to win the swing contingent over.

        The media will run their narrative, and most Americans will continue to think whatever they really think anyway.

        Circa September 30, 2020, 89% of Republicans, 64% of Independents, and 27% of Democrats had little or no trust in the media–according to Gallup.

        And I don’t think the media has done anything since then to improve their reputation. If they try to justify shutting down peaceful protests with the National Guard, they’re in for a backlash. Even Putin and Emperor Xi need to worry about public opinion to some extent. Maybe Emperor Sleepy and Speaker Cruella need to worry about what people think of treating average Americans like insurrectionists, too.

        1. Why would you think that they’d leave the incitement to or even commission of violence at such an event to chance? This isn’t to say that I think that you’re wrong about such a thing being just about the last hope for restraint of the laundry list, but I feel very confident that they would ensure that they had an excuse to firewall the throttle on the media machine to demonize the protestors, even if they needed to commit the violence to justify the demonization themselves.

          1. Yeah, that’s gonna happen, but Biden, the Democrats, and the news media demonizing average Americans will make them look awful to all the right people–and the majority of Americans think the news media is full of shit.

            Are you saying they’ll use agent provocateurs to instigate violence amid a peaceful protest movement? It wouldn’t be the first time peaceful protest movements have had to deal with that and thrived anyway.

            In the event of a massive demonstration against the Democrats, the more likely scenario is that the Democrats shut transportation corridors into Washington DC down, force social media to shut down any mention of the protest or organization efforts, and use the National Guard to impose a lock down on Washington DC.

            There are political costs associated with the Democrats doing that. Again, the point is to expose the Democrats as tyrants and the enemy of average Americans. We need to chop away at the Democrats’ legitimacy with average Americans. They have the news media on their side, but most Americans seem to think the media is full of shit.

            And if that’s so, being denounced by elitist Democrats and the news media may be the best endorsement available at this point. And if the only alternative is getting our rights and economy railroaded, I’ll take the massive peaceful protest movement despite the downsides.

            1. It’s probably worth a shot, and if I’m in the area I’ll likely join, I’m mostly just registering a prediction.

    2. Nobody is going to use the National Guard to shut down a peaceful protest. That’s your right-wing paranoia speaking.

      1. Remember yesterday when I taught you how to tell the difference between good arguments and bad arguments?

        That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you online.

        Anyway, the argument that the National Guard wouldn’t shut down (or prevent) a peaceful protest because I’m paranoid is an excellent example of a bad argument. The National Guard will or won’t do whatever it does regardless of whether I’m right-wing or paranoid–and to suggest otherwise exposes you as uneducated and irrational.

        1. This fallacy occurs when, instead of addressing someone’s argument or position, you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument.

          —Ad Hominem

          Now that you know picking your nose at the dinner table makes you look stupid, please stop picking your nose at the dinner table.

        2. “Remember yesterday when I taught you how to tell the difference between good arguments and bad arguments?”

          Waste of time. That TDS-addled asshole has no desire to engage anyone in an honest manner.
          You’re welcome to the effort, but you might just as well try to teach trig to a baboon. You got his number along with turd, Tony, Jeff, M4e and others; we’re not dealing with honest, mistaken, people here; we’re dealing with those stupid enough to be incapable of understanding there is an objective reality and that their fantasies do not correspond to that reality.
          They truly wish (emote) that imagining a ‘reality’ will make it true.

          1. The other day, at that link I gave above, she made a statement that seemed to suggest there was no way to tell whether someone’s argument was right or wrong–that it was all a matter of my personal opinion.

            I thought I saw the glimmer of a teachable moment. If she walks away understanding that arguments are true or false based on whether the facts and premises are true and whether they contain logical fallacies–regardless of my or anyone else’s personal opinion–it could plant a seed.

            There are a lot of trolls who first come here imagining that libertarians simply don’t understand why progressives are right about everything–maybe because we’ve been lied to by people like the Kochs or because we’re uneducated and watch Fox news.

            After a while, a moment of truth arrives for some of them, that not only do we have reasons for the things we believe, not only do the facts and logic all support our libertarian positions, worse than that–the facts and logic completely annihilate every progressive thing they thought they knew about liberty, justice, ethics, and the way the economy works in the real world.

            In that moment of truth, the trolls usually go one of two ways: either they realize that they’re just making fools of themselves, go away and never come back, or, worst of all, realizing that they’d rather cling to their progressive beliefs–no matter how wrong–than subject their own thinking to rational scrutiny, they triple down on being disruptive trolls.

            To some extent, the worst and most stupid of our trolls, subconsciously or otherwise, long ago realized their beliefs were wrong and stupid, and they just don’t care whether their beliefs are stupid and wrong anymore. I suspect Stack is like that. Realizing that their beliefs are stupid and wrong, they come to hate us for it–and start trolling hard out of hate. There are others around here like that, such as the one who was arguing with me about Iran yesterday, who may or may not be Mary sock puppets

            Anyway, IF IF IF White Knight is smart enough to become self-aware, she should get a chance to choose the Matrix’s red pill of truth. If she decides to go back to sleep and be stupid and wrong, that’s up to her. And for all I know, maybe she isn’t like Mary but more like Tony, Shrike, and ChemJeff–who are so dumb, they never consciously arrive at a moment of truth. When she made that statement suggesting that arguments could only be evaluated through the lens of my personal bias, rather than through the validity of their facts, their premises, and their logic, I saw a moment.

            If she decides to go vicious like Mary or stay full retard like Shrike, Tony, and ChemJeff, then we shouldn’t waste time throwing pearls of wisdom before this kind of swine again. After this, I’ll just point at her like the the clowns, and we’ll laugh at them over and over again for willfully putting themselves in the laughing stock over and over and again.

            1. Are you capable at all of being succinct?

              1. You’re an idiotic barbarian in the technical sense.


        3. Actually, I didn’t see the comment. Now that I read it, I can say it was quite the unhinged rant.

          1. That’s not an unhinged rant. It’s the foundation of all intellectual inquiry and has been for 2,400 years.

            How embarrassing for you!

            1. That would appear to be a decision to go full retard.

              Never go full retard.

      2. That’s your TDS-addled lefty bullshit speaking, TDS-addled lefty asshole.

  29. Tough to spin a black NoI dude as a white supremacist seditionist…

    So, they’ll just lump him in – “In the second deadly attack on the Capitol by domestic extremists since former President Trump called for violence…”

    1. That’s essentially what Lester Holt was doing on NBC.

    2. Oh, I skimmed over the article. Space actually wrote that this is a second incident of violence after Trump “called for violence”? That’s got to be one of the most impressively dishonest takes. Soave doesn’t even do a half-assed job figuring out the political leanings of the NOI, and then blames the attack on Trump because Trump’s “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” speech was a secret dog whistle to his supporters to commit civil war 2 in the Capitol, but still leave their guns outside. Robby is living in another dimension with this take.

      1. Soave* actually

  30. OT
    During opening arguments Prosecutor Blackwell suggested to the jury that although Floyd’s levels of fentanyl might have been a fatal dose to a typical person, they would not have been a fatal dose to Floyd. Why? Because Floyd was not a typical person, he was an opioid addict, and opioid addicts develop tolerance to their drugs. Thus, according to this line of argument, Floyd would have been substantially less vulnerable to death by fentanyl overdose than would the non-addict. the early postoperative setting, differential tolerance development to analgesia and respiratory depression is most relevant. Patients receiving chronic opioids for pain control, especially at high doses, should be assumed to have developed less tolerance to opioid-induced respiratory depression than to analgesia. This means that equianalgesic doses of opioids administered perioperatively will induce more respiratory depression in opioid-tolerant than in opioid-naive patients (note that the dose required to reach this equianalgesic effect will likely be much greater in the opioid-tolerant patient). In other words, contrary to what intuitively would seem to be the case, the opioid-tolerant patient is at an increased risk for respiratory depression when his or her postoperative pain is treated adequately with opioids.

    I don’t like this guy much and I don’t like Kavanaugh much. But this is a another show trial and the longer it goes on the weaker the state’s case looks.

    1. I’m confused. Wasn’t there just testimony in this case that Floyd had been trying to stay clean for awhile? And if that’s the case, don’t opiate addicts’ tolerance return to, if not baseline, non-opiate user, then to a lot less than what they had been using?

  31. Well Robby, you start by giving up on the old school left-right spectrum and looking at the ‘individual freedom’ to ‘government control’ spectrum. Then you acknowledge that the Nation of Islam advocates a religious based society, with government control by religious leaders. At that point you place the Nation of Islam right next to the other jew hating organization, the democratic party.

    1. The infamously Jew-hating Democratic Party. Rolling my eyes so hard right now.

      1. Well, as a noted and nearly continuous liar, it’s not surprising that the anti-Israeli protests tend to be in those cities populated by TDS-addled lefty assholes like you:

        “Protesters against Israel’s annexation of West Bank gather at House Speaker Pelosi’s SF home”

        And given that your are a TDS-addled piece of shit, it’s not surprising you’d lie about it.
        Is there one reason the world would not be a better place if you, instead of that un-armed protester, were shot in the face?
        I’m having a hard time imagining it…

      2. BTW, TDS-addled asshole, this should be made clear:
        The world would be a better place if steaming piles of shit like you, turd, Tony, M4e, the newest asshole, among others were dead, and not spreading the assholish bullshit you (and they) do.
        So, yes, I do wish assholes like you and the lot of others were dead, and I wish you’d take many others with you.
        Not because of any hope of that a smaller population would be advantageous, but because reducing the stupidity level among the population is of value.
        Please, consider your value to humanity; fuck off and die.

  32. If anyone’s keeping score for 2021:

    – Trumpist yahoos: 1 disputed kill per several hundred terrorist (< 1.0% shots-on-goal rate); 1 sacrificed
    – Islamist nut-jobs: 1 confirmed kill per 1 terrorist (100% shots-on-goal rate); 1 sacrificed

    The numbers look pretty bad for the Trumpist Yahoos; I'll put my Vegas money on the Islamist nut-jobs.

    1. And it’s not even Ramadan yet.

  33. It’s difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum, but many followers believe in anti-Jewish and anti-white conspiracy theories.

    It seems all the evidence points the same direction so it’s only tough for those who want to portray it as tough.

    1. Those hair care products wont pay for themself!

      A boy has got to earn.

  34. “It’s difficult to place the NOI on a right-left spectrum”

    Surely it’s not. The NOI’s history of support for Democrat politicians and the number of Democrats with ties to the NOI is not merely coincidental.

    The group’s agitating on racial grounds does not make it right wing in the modern political sense. Racism is only considered right wing when it’s white people doing it. Otherwise racism can be found all around the political spectrum and is not indicative of any political sland.

    I return to the original point. It is only difficult to place NOI on the left right spectrum if you have your head irreversibly forced up your own ass.

    1. “The NOI’s history of support for Democrat politicians and the number of Democrats with ties to the NOI is not merely coincidental.”

      Donald Trump’s history of support for Democrat politicians on the other hand was merely coincidental.

  35. And, of course, unlike the dozens of stories about the Jan. 6 incident, where the comments were full of outrage at White folks, the Washington Post is not allowing comments on the three stories about this killing.

    Wonder why?

    1. HuffPost closed the comments immediately following the first reports of the attacker’s identity.

  36. Add this to the list of things the media will ignore – Pete Buttigieg pretending he bicycles to work.

  37. Anything that happens will be attributed to MAGA hat wearing white supremacist/Proud Boys . Anything. Even the violence in Portland.
    The left continually makes excuses for the violence caused by ANTIFA and BLM while at the same time, anyone who dares defy the latest in Wokeness is labeled a racist Trumptard. Anyone who displays the America flag is a racist. The act of racism is being so broadly defined that anything can now be labeled as racist. Anything.
    It’s all about divide and conquer.
    Worse yet, there are enough people, low IQ and filled with liberal progressive mentality who eagerly inhale any and all race baiting propaganda.
    So what you won’t see in the N.Y.Times, WAPo and CNN was that this person was affiliated with a racist organization known as The Nation of Islam. It should also be noted that another racist hate group, the Black Hebrews have never been mentioned in the liberal press.
    Instead what is being reported that Greene was a rabid Trump supporter. All you have to do is go over to the Veterans Today website and see for yourself.

  38. Has any ‘journalist’ asked Farrakhan if he denounces this killing in his name?

    Asked him for any sort of comment?

    No? Chickenshits.

    1. “Has any ‘journalist’ asked Farrakhan if he denounces this killing in his name?”

      That’s a difficult question. The easier question is whether any media of note has aired any such interviews. The answer is no. Farrakhan has been persona non grata for years now. You might as well be asking about Noam Chompsky.

  39. So, no pictures of the suspect splashed across the media? No hasty interviews of acquaintances to reinforce whatever motive the media wants to push? And FB kindly closing his account!!!
    This story will follow the route of the Boulder shooting, which is now reduced to mourning the policeman who was killed.

    And speaking of policemen, what’s the line on whether or not this dead cop will get to lie in state at the Capitol building..?

  40. The suspect, 25-year-old Noah Green, was shot and killed by police after he jumped out of his car wielding a knife.

    I guess the part where he used that knife to stab a cop to death wasn’t worth mentioning with regard to what lead to Green being shot.

  41. But the Nation of Islam IS pretty far right, if you think about it.

  42. Both Capitol Police officers were taken to the hospital, and one of the officers died as a result of undisclosed injuries, Capitol Police Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman told reporters at a brief news conference. She also confirmed earlier reports that the suspect had died after being transported to hospital.

  43. It becomes commonplace…

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  46. since this seems to be lost on the author.

    Right = conservatism
    Left = Progressive

    By definition those on the right are reluctant to instigate change and if change is sought it is to go back to the good old days of the previous generation.

    Meanwhile those on the left have a vision of a new and reworked society that promises progress.

    Nation of Islam are calling for a radical reworkimg of society. They are CLEARLY left.

    Furthermore just ask every politician to denounce Farrakhan and see who waffles and dodges the denouncement. Everyone knows that it’s folks on the left to this day are reluctant to denounce Farrakhan.

  47. I was wondering why the story disappeared from the MSM so quickly. Nothing makes CNN clam up faster than violence at the hands of non “hetero-white-male” perpetrators.

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