Brickbat: Collective Guilt


Male students at Bauer College, a public school in Australia that serves grades seven to 12, were required to stand during a recent assembly and apologize to female classmates "for the behaviors of their gender that have hurt or offended girls and women," according to school President Jane Boyle, who says this took place at an assembly focusing on respect for women. Some parents say they are angry that their sons were forced to apologize for things they did not do. "In retrospect, while well-intended, we recognize that this part of the assembly was inappropriate," said Boyle.

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  1. Never apologize , it is a sign of weakness.

    1. Well, let’s compromise and go the non-apology, apology route…

      “I am SOOO very sorry that you imagine that I have hurt you.”

      Apology accepted? Otherwise, YOU are hurting ME by NOT accepting my apology!

      1. This is perhaps a specific instantiation of the general case of “SJW jujitsu”; generic case going something like this: “By getting on my case for my supposed badness, you are making me feel BAD! BAD feelings are BAD, and since YOU are CAUSING my bad feelings, YOU must be being BAD!”

        Yes, “SJW jujitsu” can work for YOU, in just about every case where they get on your case!

        1. Isn’t SJW jujitsu cultural appropriation? Seems like it completely fails to defend Asians when they’re assaulted by other minorities, so I’m not sure.

          1. But Brazil already coopted jujisu, so SJW jujitsu is Latinx appropriation AND Asian appropriation.

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        2. But, yeah, my first thought was that, “I am kinda sorrowful that your gender feels perpetually raped, that your matriarchs and patriarchs have failed you so spectacularly.”

    2. Gibbs rule #1

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  2. At time, I would like to personally apologize for Hernado Cortez and the other Conquistadors’ treatment of the native peoples of South and Central America.

    Hell, every last one of us modern humans ought to apologize for wiping out the Neanderthals! When will there be justice for those peaceful, heavy-browed people?When, dammit?!

    /runs away in tears/

    1. I apologize for nothing.

      1. Dude, I am expected to take responsibility for slavery in America even though every single one of my family members was way on the other side of the Atlantic that entire time. And I am STILL waiting for an apology from Rome for enslaving some of my ancestors. It’s going on two millennia now, and still not one word of remorse from those toga-wearing twits!

        1. Be thankful your ancestors weren’t Dacian.

            1. In the 2nd war between the Romans and the Dacians (colonized by Rome and hence now “Romania”), the Romans opened up some SERIOUS cans of whup-ass against the Dacians!


            2. And the Carthaginians! Don’t forget them either.

        2. Romanes eunt domus

          1. Romani ite domum, you mean.

            1. There is another story today, about people with interesting educations [and a lot of debt] who can’t earn shit. I’m guessing that includes quite a few persons inclined to correct others on their Latin grammar; not saying you’re one of those, but if the foo shits…hic est stultus.

              1. All that fancy shit translates to “Roman cunts dominate us”! Patriarchy, my ass!

                (This is as the Unholy Matriarchs FORCE us to march along, and WHIP ourselves on our own back-sides, chanting, repeatedly, “Dominos Pizza-Pie, REQUIEM!”)

              2. So, what you’re saying is you’ve never seen the film Life of Brian?

        3. As understand it, the descendants of the British soldiers who drove my ancestors out of Ireland owe me money. And an apology of course. I really can’t move forward with my life until that happens.

    2. Be careful; I brought up the systematic genocide of Neanderthals just yesterday, and it seemed wanna be anthropologists suddenly starting popping out of the woodwork to inform me that no such thing happened, this were simply subsumed into the Cromagnon/ homosapien race.

      Well then, it was cultural genocide, right?

      1. No, it wasn’t that either.

  3. I would like all oxygen consuming organisms to take five minutes and apologize for benefitting from the Oxygen Holocaust.

    I realize the previous administration didn’t even attempt to address the injustice of oxygen, but surely the current administration is going to start working to eliminate all oxygen from the earth’s atmosphere!

    1. Green Lives Matter!

      1. Ironically, if we’re propagandizing for the cyanobacterium, it would be “blue lives matter”.

  4. To all the males who stood and apologized when a woman told you to and now need your mommies to raise hell on your behalf, you deserved it. Grow a pair, you pussies, because it’s going to get a lot worse if you don’t learn to stand up for yourself.

    1. Way back in college, when Glyptodonts still roamed the plains, my sociologist teacher had us fill out a quiz, and then separated us by scores. I somehow ended up on the team “sexist”. Huh? Anyway, we were supposed to debate. Five minutes in everyone was confused why I was on team sexist. I clearly wasn’t.

      The questions were just asked in a leading way, with no middle ground. Since I did not answer in the absolute in favor of females, I was therefore sexist. I can’t remember all the questions, but stuff like “should women be paid the same as men”. Correct answer: It depends on the specific case. But that wasn’t one of the options.

      People were really pissed at me for thinking I was a sexist, and doubly pissed at me for trying to weasel out of my sexism by not being stereotypically sexist. I ended up walking out halfway through the class.

  5. Waiting for the fascists to apologize for an entire year of useless totalitarianism.
    On the plus side, we now know what they have been planning all along.

  6. Educators forced to apologize for the assembly. The boys win again.

  7. Sorry about that, Cunts.

  8. What happens if a boy remains seated and silent?

    What happens if he is called out for his non-participation, and his response is, “Hell, no. I will not apologize for wrongs I have not committed.”?

    1. 24 hours in the hot box?

    2. He’ll be chastised and called a sexist pig by the girls, who will secretly want him.

      1. Score

  9. “while well-intended”
    Yeah, sure it was.

  10. “In retrospect, while well-intended, we recognize that this part of the assembly was inappropriate,” said Boyle.

    “As a token of our sincerity, we have arranged for the female students to perform a moderately-provocative dance in front of the boys who were forced to apologize.”

    1. Crap! Now I’m sorry I didn’t apologize.

      1. That depends on how immoderate and provocative. Don’t sell out too cheap.

        1. I’m working with the mindset of teenage boys here…

  11. This is the new morality. Individualism is no more, it’s all collectivism. As much as I think she was a twat, Ayn Rand was on to something.

    Collectivism in an honor/shame culture means the sins of the one are the sins of the collective. One bad male means all males are sexist pigs. One bad White means all Whites are racist. One bad cop means all cops are brutal thugs.

    This collectivism is the single greatest sin of the Woke. I can handle old school liberals, because at least they had a foundation of individualism. But this new breed of progressive can’t see the trees for the forest. There are only groups, and individuals are merely cells in a collective organism. The collectives being either those holding power and oppressing the others, or oppressed collectives who gain moral honor through their victimhood.

    1. Well said.

    2. This collectivism is the single greatest sin of the Woke.

      While I agree that it’s a great sin, I think the abandonment of objective reasoning is worse (and I acknowledge that there’s a chicken v. egg argument to be had). If forcing all the male students somehow turned all or even half the female students into Albert Einstein geniuses or Thomas Edison industrial magnates or even just modestly more productive electricians, plumbers, and ditch-diggers, I could understand insisting on some apologies.

      The fact that it will, more likely, generate something between resentment, confusion, transient warm fuzzies, and psychological dependency none of which have any clearly positive or beneficial outcome for anyone, individual or collective, is worse.

    3. The only objection I have to your examples is that people at least *choose* to be cops. And there’s something to be said for the position that since unjust laws exist, all of those who have chosen to become members of law enforcement have chosen to enforce unjust laws. Which isn’t quite the same as saying that they’re all brutal thugs, but isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, either.

    4. Collectivism is doomed to fail.

      Just look at the examples you give: one bad male, one racist, one brutal cop, with each example indicting the entire groups. The same collectivism means one toxic female who lies about sexual assault means all women do that. One member of a minority group who is a street criminal means all members of that minority group are street criminals. One progressive politician who takes bribes or steals from the treasury means all of them do.

      Basically, collectivism is like poison gas as a weapon. It’s really not worth using because the slightest change in the wind brings it right back to harm those deploying it.

  12. So they have to go so far that they’re called out for hurting children before they can be sensible?

    The emperor wears no clothes.

  13. So the brickbat is for the school treating the women as so delicate and unassertive that they cannot elicit an apology on their own, but need someone else to do it for them, right?

  14. Apologies come cheap these days.

    1. Sorry about my last comment.

  15. When I was a kid I once apologized to a girl because I had a boner. She didn’t see it or anything so she asked why I was apologizing. I told her and ended up at the principles office. I should have apologized for other guys boners.

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