Consumer Groups Ask FDA To Force Alcohol Makers To Hide Facts from Consumers

Knowledge is probably not more dangerous than alcohol, but why risk it?


Last week, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that urges the agency to crack down on a popular hard seltzer because the labeling tells consumers something we apparently can't handle: the truth.

The hard seltzer in question, Vizzy, is produced by beer giant Molson Coors. Vizzy markets its product line, which contains added vitamin C, with labeling that touts the fact it contains… added vitamin C. But CSPI and CFA say Vizzy shouldn't be allowed to share truthful information about the addition of vitamin C with consumers because, well, alcohol is bad.

In the groups' joint letter to Susan Mayne, Director of the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, CSPI and CFA ask the FDA to "take immediate enforcement action" against Vizzy and to issue a formal policy to "prohibit nutrient content claims on alcohol[] beverages," including Vizzy and its competitors.

Notably, nowhere in their letter do CSPI and CFA claim the information Vizzy provides to consumers is false. Rather, with a flourish of Orwellian denialism, they claim the truthful information Vizzy provides consumers somehow serves to mislead those same consumers.

To bolster their argument, CSPI and CFA cite a nonbinding 2015 FDA guidance document that states the agency "do[es] not consider it appropriate to add vitamins and minerals to alcoholic beverages." Notably, the FDA also opposes similarly fortifying a host of other foods, including candy. The guidance document claims adding vitamins or minerals to such foods and beverages "would disrupt public understanding about the nutritional value of individual foods and thereby promote confusion among consumers, making it more difficult for them to construct diets that are nutritionally adequate."

The assumption that an alcohol beverage cannot and should not be at all nutritious is baked into CSPI's and CFA's position: "all alcoholic drinks provide empty calories."

"You should get your vitamins from foods first, and a multivitamin or supplement as a distant second if you really need it," said Eva Greenthal, CSPI senior science policy associate, in a statement. "Alcoholic beverages are the absolute last place where you should go looking for or expect to find vitamins. The presence of vitamin C in hard seltzer is no reason to drink more than you would otherwise and doesn't make this brand of hard seltzer less damaging to your health than any other."

I doubt very sincerely that the addition of "antioxidant Vitamin C from acerola superfruit" makes Vizzy hard seltzer any more or less healthy to drink, or any more or less healthy than other hard seltzers, including, for example, this certified-organic option. But I also fail to understand how drinking one 100-calorie can of hard seltzer that clocks in at just 5% alcohol by volume is "damaging to your health." After all, the fact many experts believe moderate alcohol consumption can have health benefits isn't exactly a secret.

What's more, as a class of alcohol beverages, hard seltzers typically contain less alcohol and fewer calories than drinks such as beer and wine. Consumers who choose hard seltzer know this and are drawn to these beverages for those reasons. Indeed, a big part of hard seltzer's appeal is consumers' growing "preference for low-alcohol beverages."

I'm one such consumer. For the past decade or so I've mixed equal parts sparkling mineral water and white wine (usually a New Zealand-made Sauvignon Blanc) when I drink at home with meals. (If you believe this is a wine spritzer, you are wrong.) The minerals, light carbonation, and lower alcohol of this mix appeal to me. I also sometimes drink canned hard seltzers for some of those same reasons. San Juan Seltzer, produced in Seattle with local fruits such as Rainier cherries and boasting just 85 calories, no sugar or carbs, and 4% alcohol, is a perfect drink for Seattle's fleeting summers. 

Of course, I'm not a nutritionist, medical doctor, nor paid spokesmodel. I'm not urging you to drink alcohol. Neither am I urging you to avoid it. If you're an adult, that choice is and should be yours and yours alone.

By providing consumers with truthful information that distinguishes their products from those of their competitors, companies such as Molson Coors help consumers make more informed choices. The FDA shouldn't prohibit Vizzy, other hard seltzer makers, or any other food or beverage maker from sharing truthful information about its products with consumers. No matter what some "consumer" groups say.

NEXT: Will Feminists Please Stop Calling the Cops?

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  1. This is fucking retarded. (No, sorry, it’s unreasonably cruel to compare those with legitimate mental deficiencies with these people.) The folks who are going to drink are going to drink *anyway*, what they drink might as well be slightly better for them.

    No, assholes, that’s not saying y’all should change your stance to *mandating* vitamin additives to alcoholic beverages *either*.

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    2. OT: I stumbled across a notionally conservative talk radio show taking callers about the upcoming NM legislation session to vote on legal recreational marijuana.

      I called in, because hey, I like breaking people’s brains, only it kinda backfired. I pointed out the similar history of alcohol and drug prohibition, and the difference that no amendment had ever been passed to grant the feds the authority to legislate on the matter.

      A bit of back and forth later, and this “conservative” said “but if the federal government only did things the Constitution allowed, we’d have anarchy”. I must admit that I was unable to form a coherent reply to that particular bit of nonsense.

      This country is so fucked.

      1. What radio show? It would be fun for us all to call in!

      2. The Twenty-First Amendment authorizes considerable state regulation of alcoholic beverage.

    3. “do[es] not consider it appropriate to add vitamins and minerals to alcoholic beverages.”

      The FDA should be launched into the sun. They murder hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

      They exist to kill us. Federal Death Administrators.

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    5. Consumer Groups Ask FDA To Force Alcohol Makers To Hide Facts from Consumers
      Knowledge is probably not more dangerous than alcohol, but why risk it…………MORE DETAIL.

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  2. If they add vitamin C to the beverage then they should be free to label it as such. The argument against it would be like saying that they can’t say how much alcohol in in a beverage because all alcohol is bad so it does not matter. The reality is that it does matter and some people claim that taking some vitamins prior to drinking alcohol can reduce hangovers.

    1. Anything short of everclear should be labeled low alcahol content

      1. Have you gotten into the surge of moonshine liquors yet? If so any recommendations?

    2. Many years ago, a close friend who was tar bending several nights a week at the local public house concocted a drink we christened a ‘gator bite’ as an alternative to the ‘snake bite’. All it did was replace the lime juice with lime Gatorade to go with the Yukon Jack, we joked about it being the electrolyte neutral alternative.

      1. Chugging a Gatorade before bed after a night of heavy drinking is a great hangover deterrent.

        1. According to Alcoholics Unanimous, the best solutio to a hangover is to get shitfaced again in the morning.

  3. Hmm. Now crack down on entertainers touting their philanthropy.

    1. Or just crack their skulls open. Entertainers are mostly progs, and progs have no souls anyway. So it’s not like they’re really human.

      So anything we do to them is ok.

  4. “You should get your vitamins from foods first, and a multivitamin or supplement as a distant second if you really need it,” said Eva Greenthal, CSPI senior science policy associate.
    What if you live in a “food desert”? The only stores open are liquor stores. Should we deny the poor people that live in “food deserts” their only source of vitamins?
    Clearly, Eva Greenthal is an entitled, suburban racist.

    1. I’m sure she thinks that women should get their protein from food first, and supplement a protein bar as a distant second too. But that doesn’t stop some women from getting lots of their protein from semen. Or even soldiers.

  5. No different than the anti-vapers who would lead you to believe that vaping is every bit as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Vile, sanctimonious, humorless Puritans who believe if you’re not morally pure like they are you deserve to die a painful lingering death.

    1. And as far as the Center for Science in the Public Interest goes, they’re a scam religious cult no different than the SPLC, always stirring up some sort of moral panic to justify their fund-raising.

    2. This. Too many people want to play Puritan. I’m not sure which variety is worse, the nanny Puritan or the evangelical-authoritarian Puritan.

  6. Not that I care, but why add vitamin C to booze? What’s the point?
    But I think that the biggest issue here should be anyone calling anything a “superfruit”.

    1. Old fashioned is better with a slice of orange.

      1. And super-charge the antioxidant power of your old-fashioned with a maraschino cherry.

        1. I dumped out the juice and replaced it with 151.

    2. Scurvy?

    3. Would attack of the killer tomatoes be a super fruit show?

      1. No, it would still be a movie so bad it is good.

      2. Botanically, yes; culinarily, no.

    4. Screwdriver?

    5. I think it is actually improves the flavor.

    6. More profitable?

    7. Adds tartness.

    8. Tequila Sunrise?

  7. Thanks CSPI. Now do Vitamin D and milk.

    1. Funny you should mention that.

      1. “The First Amendment protects the right of businesses to tell the truth, and the government does not have the power to change the dictionary.”

        I see this is about a case filed and won before the Barrett confirmation…

  8. ” What’s more, as a class of alcohol beverages, hard seltzers typically contain less alcohol and fewer calories than drinks such as beer ”

    This is not true. The average seltzer’s alcohol content approximates the average beer’s alcohol content. That falsity seems predictable in the context of the wide-ranging opinions of an anti-government crank.

    1. Lol. You drink session beers.

      1. Good one.

      2. The bitch probably drinks Busch Light.

    2. I guess it depends what you consider a ‘beer’.

      Hard Seltzers are generally in the 4-5% ABV range, with the median somewhere near 4.2% (There are a couple notable exceptions with much greater ABV).

      That puts hard seltzers in the same ballpark as a lot of mass produced beer. Budweiser (depending on type) runs in a ~4-6% range, with Bud Light Lime bringing in the bottom at 4.2%. Now, I’d disparage Bud Light’s claim to being a beer (is it really that different from a hard seltzer?), but Guinness is also at 4.2%, and that’s definitely a beer. Corona varieties are in the 4-5% range. Coors is in the 4-5% range. Michelob varieties are 4-6%.

      At best, in a comparison of mass market beers to hard seltzers, mass market beers tend towards very slightly higher ABV (their median is probably closer to ~5%, while hard seltzers are down around 4.2%). Doesn’t seem like enough of a difference to support ‘hard seltzers tend to have less ABV than beer’ – strictly speaking its plausibly true, but not by enough to make the distinction.

      But once you start considering craft beers and microbrews, beer ABV shoots up. ABVs as high as 12% aren’t unusual for imperial stouts (even a mass market imperial stout, like those by Sam Adams, is in the 9-10% range), and ~6% is probably closer to the craft beer average. Dogfish Head’s 120 minute IPA clocks in at an impressive 18%. For anyone who primarily drinks craft and microbrew beers, it’s probably true that beer ABV is greater than hard seltzer ABV.

      1. Stouts and high ABV beers are heavy. You just have to sit back and sip. The seltzers go down like water. Especially on a hot day.

  9. You know, this was inevitable. I can’t think of a single element of my life that is not touched by government. They now get together and decide what we are allowed to know. The media is with them (at least those on the left). As much as I hate Trump, in the long run, this kind of political thinking – the idea that the government must save us from ourselves through social engineering, shaming, and de facto bans on anything that might hurt someone else’s feelings – is more insidious than his bloviating about elections or UV light under your skin.

    If the people currently in power had their way, I would sit in my apartment alone wearing two masks eating only kale and drinking water. I would watch approved news programs, read approved books, watch movies based on their level of diversity, and do a daily online check-in confirming that I was born a racist and must atone. Alcohol will be forbidden, of course. And coffee too. I may gather with up to two others (so long as we social distance) once a week to discuss approved topics.

    I’d hoped this would take another 40 or 50 years, but Trump + Covid was the greatest gift the nanny state could have received.

    Finally, imagine if rum makers in the 1800s would have added Vitamin C to the barrels they sold to sailors. No deaths from Scurvy. Would that be okay as long as the sailors didn’t know there was something good for them in the rum? Or would our government confiscate the rum and tell them to go get some organic lemons at Whole Foods?

    This is government micromanagement. If the government has time to worry about this, then the government is too fucking big because this is not a real problem. This is a made-up problem, but it keeps unionized government assholes on the payroll. Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars at work.

    We’re about to get what we voted for, good and hard. Start hoarding alcohol now.

    1. Look up “distilled water” stills on Amazon. You can buy units with a secondary chamber in front of the spigot that deals with the “burbling” problem of straight stills. You don’t need that for H2O distillations…

    2. Well said

  10. OT
    Major setback for government show trials.

    Katsas noted that both defendants had made provocative statements about their willingness to sacrifice for their cause, but he dismissed it as just talk. “The defendants’ actual conduct belied their rhetorical bravado. During the chaos of the Capitol riot, Munchel and Eisenhart had ample opportunity to fight, yet neither of them did,” Katsas wrote.
    Katsas also said he was dubious that they posed some serious ongoing danger. “The transition has come and gone, and that threat has long passed. In the district court, the government warned of an upcoming protest scheduled for March 4. But that protest never materialized, and the government produced no evidence that Munchel and Eisenhart had been involved in its planning before their arrest,” Katsas wrote.
    “In our view, those who actually assaulted police officers and broke through windows, doors, and barricades, and those who aided, conspired with, planned,or coordinated such actions, are in a different category of dangerousness than those who cheered on the violence or entered the Capitol after others cleared the way,” Wilkins wrote.

      1. He will be fine once assault fire extinguishers and pepper spray are banned from the populace.

        The decision regarding bail was 3-0 with the only dissent stating to force the courts to allow bail. 1 trump judge, one Clinton, one Obama. Maybe there are some honest democrats seeing the political police state the left is advocating for.

      2. If there are January 6th protestors being held who did nothing more than engage in speech, I want to see them released.

        Of course, there were violent protestors. I want to see them prosecuted.

        I can’t imagine how you can construe my very normal viewpoint on this matter as being somehow amiss, but I am sure you will try. And I’m sure part of the trying will be ascribing to me views that I do not hold.

        1. Poor Dee.

          1. LOL, you add so much the discourse here.

            1. You actually take away from it with your squawking.

        2. “I can’t imagine how you can construe my very normal viewpoint on this matter as being somehow amiss”

          It was all your stupid bitching about fire extinguishers, then “just you wait!!!” after your stupid fucking narrative fell apart. Then “BEAR SPRAY CAUSES STROKES THREE DAYS LATER!!!” which ALSO fell apart spectacularly.

          You made a fool of yourself, then lied about correcting yourself.

          If you need any more clarification I will be happy to help.

          1. The possibility that bear spray caused Officer Sicknick’s stroke has not fallen apart. It is still being considered.


                “In another video from before the attack, Khater can be heard ordering a fellow rioter: ‘Give me that bear shit.’ The last time Sicknick appears in the images shows him washing out his eyes under the scaffolding erected for President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Khater has been charged with assaulting Officer Sicknick, but federal prosecutors haven’t ruled out bringing murder charges against him.”

                1. Huh, not a single statement supporting that bear spray causes strokes in your cite. Weird.

                  1. Oh, you didn’t want a cite that it is still being considered. You wanted a cite that bear spray could possibly cause a stroke:


                    “People who inhale pepper spray may develop a sudden elevation of blood pressure, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack”

                  2. Of course, you didn’t really want a cite.

                    1. I do! This cite fucked up my phone though. Had to close it without looking at it.

  11. A far worse case of banning truthful speech (and products) that impacts public health was when J&J/GSK (marketers of Nicorette and Nicoderm) created and financed Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and dozens of medical/health groups (ACS, AHA, ALA, AMA, AAP) to lobby Congress negotiated and cut a deal with Philip Morris (the world’s largest cigarette company) in 2003/04 to lobby (along with CSPI and other Nadar groups) to enact the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA), which was enacted in 2009, and banned all smokeless tobacco companies from truthfully informing consumers that daily use of smokeless tobacco (Skoal, Copenhagen, Grizzly, Snus) is 99% less harmful than daily cigarette smoking, or that millions of male smokers had switched to smokeless). The law also protected the cigarette and Big Pharma nicotine monopolies by banning all new smokeless tobacco products without FDA approval (which costs tens of millions of dollars, and FDA has only approved several to date).

    Then in 2014, the same Big Pharma funded anti tobacco extremists joined forces with ALL major cigarette companies to endorse and lobby for regulations proposed by FDA’s Mitch Zeller (a decade long lobbyist for GSK) that banned the sale of all nicotine vapor products without FDA approval, and FDA hasn’t approved any vapes to date. That regulation also banned vapor product manufacturers from truthfully claiming that vaping is less harmful than smoking and has helped ten million smokers quit.

    So while the sale of all nicotine vapor products are now technically illegal (since FDA hasn’t approved any), FDA hasn’t began to enforce the law (and likely won’t until it approves several vapor brands, which will become the new monopoly/oligopoly).

    And since cigarette sales are no longer declining (as they had during the past decade due to vaping), FDA may not enforce the vapor sales ban (knowing that doing so could increase cigarette sales).

  12. OT
    Excellent article. Worth a read, on how to solve the “border crisis”.

    Solving the border issue solely through punitive measures is popular because it sounds simple and effective. Instead, because it does not work, it simply creates demand for more and harsher border-security measures, which also cannot stem migration. Restrictionist politicians can then run forever on proposing solutions to a dilemma their methods cannot solve, their calls for further brutality only growing louder and more callous as the matter continues to fester. Immigration policy becomes a competition between the parties over which one can be more brutal—terrain on which the party of Trump is eager to fight.

    1. Have you ever bothered to see what the negative externalities of unlimited illegal migration is? You seem to repeat leftist bullshit ad nauseum. Have you ever looked into the costs associated with ESL teaching costs, closing of trauma 1 health centers in areas near the border, etc?

      No, you just want a cheap gardner and a burrito, so fuck everyone else paying for the cost of your desires.

      Hilarious you use The Atlantic so much and continue to claim not a lefty though lol. When I think of libertarian opinion pieces I have never thought “Gee, what are the statistics at the atlantic thinking. “

      1. Or maybe chemjeff has the fairly common libertarian view that people should be as free as possible in travel, employment arrangements, association. Perhaps he is even aware that there are negative consequences but he has some sense of balance, nuance, and humility about knowing the perfect solution.

      2. The way to deal with negative externalities is to no longer make them externalities. Agreed?

        1. JFC you’re stupid WK.

        2. This could be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. There is no way to eliminate negative externalities you raging retarded obese fuck.

          1. Yes, there is. It’s called invention. Humans do it all the time. They think of better and smarter ways of doing things.

    2. First end drug prohibition to destroy the cartels then export capitalism to improve the economies of the southern countries and people will just stay there.

      1. Not sure how we export capitalism, but agree, ending the drug war would help immensely.

      2. A great way to “export capitalism” would be to allow free-flowing labor and trade between the U.S. and the Latin American countries. If you don’t want to allow more permanent immigration, at least allow more work visas.

        1. Sure, I’m talking the flood of illegal immigrants. Of course in Libertopia everyone goes wherever they want whenever they want, without trespassing, with no visas or permission.

          1. In an anarcho-libertarian utopia, at least. I’m a classical liberal, not an anarchist, so I recognize a role for government.

        2. Cant have open borders with a welfare state. Obvious is obvious.

          1. Then fix that.

            1. Sure thing.

        3. So weird how you and Jeff always miss the entire welfare costs, negative externalities, etc. Almost like you are dumbfuck, purchasing school C students, who lean left.

    3. “OT
      Excellent article. Worth a read”

      Coming from you that means it’s garbage.

    4. the Atlantic? ROFL! That is a far left, freedom hating rag full of anti-America propaganda.

      1. That’s why Lying Jeffy likes it.

  13. This is creepy as fuck:

    “Similar to a mobile airline boarding pass, individuals will be able to either print out their pass or store it on their smartphones using the Excelsior Pass Wallet app,” said a press release about the program. “Each Pass will have a secure QR code, which participating businesses and venues can scan using a companion app to verify proof of COVID-19 negative test results or proof of vaccination.

    And yet Reason is bitching about requiring ID verification to vote.

    1. They won’t bat an eye when you need to show that you’ve been vaccinated in order to vote.

      We know this because they aren’t batting an eye when you need to prove you’ve been vaccinated to travel.

      1. Don’t like it? Start your own airline, and FAA.

    2. Show me your papers.

  14. Interviewer: Susan, Youtube seems to be slow to censor and remove content which challenges the status quo.

    Susan: I take issue with this, we are censoring content faster than any other publish… platform…

  15. If this country had truth-in-labeling laws with actual teeth, the entire staff of the self-proclaimed “Center for Science in the Public Interest” would be in a supermax.

  16. The current obsession with hard seltzer reminds me of that time when “wine” coolers were popular, at least with the girls and effeminate men like Kirkland.

  17. Typical liberal elitism: “We’re smart enough to know that you shouldn’t rely on alcohol for nutrition, but the rubes may not be.”
    The elites are also smart enough to know which books, websites and movies are dangerous, and they only want to protect the unwashed masses from the dangers.

  18. AP is actively telling its reporters to defer to the preferred language of the Biden administration regarding the immigration crisis.

    1. Stop using ‘surge’ and ‘wave’ to describe what’s happening at the border …. Individuals fleeing violence and poverty have been reduced to an amorphous threat. Such dehumanization is dangerous and serves only to sensationalize the moment

      Now stop using ‘yet another grim milestone’ to describe what’s happening with COVID. “Individuals dying from the virus and comorbidities have been reduced to an amorphous statistic. Such dehumanization is dangerous and serves only to sensationalize the moment.”

    2. Propagandists, and enemies of the people.

    3. For the record, as the Biden administration says, it is not a crisis.
      It has reached the level of catastrophe.

    4. Calling it a “crisis” is so xenophobic!

    5. Hey whatever, it’s their credibility they’re torching.

      1. They had some credibility left? Where were they hiding it?

        It was under the couch cushions, wasn’t it?

      2. We have retards like jeff and wk buying the propaganda like it was 3 scoop ice cream night.

  19. My mother once has a severe allergic reaction to vitamin C.

    Why do you want my mother to die?

    1. Because she is old and uses up tax dollars?

    2. Because she made you.

  20. Since heavy drinkers and tea totalers die earlier than those who drink a moderate amount of alcohol, I’ll drink a bit.

  21. “I doubt very sincerely that the addition of ‘antioxidant Vitamin C from acerola superfruit’ makes Vizzy hard seltzer any more or less healthy to drink, or any more or less healthy than other hard seltzers…”

    My momma always said, “stupid is as stupid writes.”

  22. The vitamin C aka citric acid is added to provide tartness.

    1. “Vitamin C” is ascorbic acid, not citric acid.

  23. Alcoholic beverages have zero nutritional value? I guess Guinness Stout missed that memo. I’ve heard it has a hefty dose of minerals and vitamins (naturally present, not added) and is supposed to be good for fighting a cold.

    1. Helps keep you regular, too.

    2. Good to see you again Inigo

      Yes the stouts and ales were often prescribed in the days. Like chicken soup or similar they gave useful calories and safer as well as something people enjoyed.

      My maternal grandfather would drink one cup of red wine at night. He had atherosclerosis. His doctor advised him that the wine protected against that. Years ago. The doc was correct.

  24. “the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA)”

    Neither of these groups acts in the interest of the consumer.

  25. Just ban Vitamin C. Problem solved!

  26. Well well well. Seditionist is also a deadbeat.

    1. This isn’t your personal toilet stall fatty, no one fucking cares about your silly gossipy vendettas.

      1. Jeff is mad because he’s fat, stupid, and swallowed a now self-destructing narrative whole, as is his wont.

        Be kind to him. The “radical individualist” has shown himself to be nothing more than an easily manipulated follower, and he knows we all see it. That has to be a shot to his estrogen-exposure-shrunken pills.

        1. Lol. This is all true. The odd part about it is that Jeff admitted he’s fat.

          1. Not just fat. Morbidly obese.

    2. Chemleff, a person who has admitted living with his mother because he is too fat and poor to move out on his own, and also admitted accepting both welfare and food stamps, has the audacity to call someone else a “deadbeat.”

    3. Now tell us about all the antifa protestors who are productive, self-supporting citizens.

    4. The CACLLs show their mad debating skills by going straight to personal attacks. That they felt they had to respond at all to a comment about a Capitol rioter shows that they identify with the Capitol insurrectionists, and felt compelled to rush to their defense.

      1. “CACLLs”

        What does this mean again?

      2. “Mark Sahady, a computer programmer and Army veteran from Massachusetts, was arrested and charged in January with disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and knowingly entering a restricted building without lawful authority.”
        Public Enemy Number One!

  27. “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of speech”

  28. Simplistic moral thinking makes perfect sense for modern American adult-children. They can only understand “very bad” and “very good”, and most want to please their nanny state overlords so they can get another participation trophy.

  29. Silly story.

    Morning wake up drink.

    Cold tomato juice or V8

    Ice, not much.

    Squeeze of lemon.

    Dash of Tabasco and Worcestershire

    Ground pepper.

    Celery stalk, olives, be creative.

    If you are not working or something you can add vodka.

    Lots of vitamin C and others.

  30. I feel its relevant to point out that the CSPI and the CFA are not government entities and have no power of law. They’re just random think tanks writing letters to people. This is on the tier of random Joe Blow on Twitter @ing the US Army to reveal the truth about aliens. The FDA isn’t pursuing any legal action against Vizzy and it doesn’t sound like they have any plans to.

    Perhaps it’s okay to let the old man yell at the cloud.

  31. I just had an AMAZING idea! How about if the morons in the consumer groups went HOME and spent half this energy on their family or the neighborhood they live in? You know, basic kindness instead of nosey bi**hing and such?

  32. And this week Karen award goes to…

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