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The Media Got It Wrong: Police Captain Didn't Say the Atlanta Spa Killer Was Having a 'Bad Day'

The full video shows that Jay Baker was paraphrasing what Robert Aaron Long told investigators about his motivations.


A moment from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office press conference on Wednesday quickly went viral: Jay Baker, a spokesperson for the police department handling the investigation into the horrific Atlanta spa murders, said that suspect Robert Aaron Long was having a bad day.

"He was pretty much fed up, kind of at the end of his rope, and yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did," said Baker.

The comment struck many people as overly sympathetic toward Long, as if Baker was making excuses for someone who stands accused of killing six Asian-American women in cold blood. A 20-second video clip of Baker's statement was shared on Twitter by Vox journalist Aaron Rupar and swiftly went viral, earning widespread condemnation. Many saw it as evidence that cops are desperate to discount the culpability of white male criminals. For instance, Kimberlé Crenshaw, a law professor and inventor of the term "intersectionality," described Baker's comments as "bone-chilling," and castigated him for refusing to acknowledge "the misogynistic dimensions of anti-Asian racism."

A police officer excusing Long's actions as merely the result of him having a "bad day" would indeed be contemptible. But that's not what Baker did. In fact, many of the people so infuriated about the quote were misled by Rupar's edit of the video.

The full video (the relevant section starts at about 13:50) makes clear that Baker was not providing his own commentary, but rather summarizing what Long had told the investigators. The "bad day" line was proceeded by a clarification that this was Long's own explanation, as related to the police. Baker did not endorse it.

Nor did the captain endorse Long's statement that the killings were unrelated to racism. He makes clear he's relaying comments from Long. "He claims that—and as the chief said this is still early—but he does claim that it was not racially motivated," said Baker. Again, the police spokesman is telling reporters what Long said, not applying his own spin. Later, when another reporter asked about this, Baker stepped aside so that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms could explain the efforts being undertaken to protect Asian Americans at this time of heightened concern.

It would be naive of the police—or the public, or anyone else—to accept what alleged killers say at face value. It's similarly naive to assume that the sex and ethnicity of the victims tells us everything we need to know about the crime. The police should investigate the matter dispassionately, and relay to the public whatever information they gather. Too often, law enforcement uses such press conferences to engage in wild speculation; this was a refreshing example of the cops not doing that.

But media coverage of the "bad day" comment gave almost zero indication that it was a paraphrase of Long's confession. The Washington Post, for instance, wrote about Baker being taken off the case and used this headline: "Captain who said spa shootings suspect had 'bad day' no longer a spokesman on case, official says." The article's introduction contains no context, and incorrectly parrots Rupar's bad framing:

The backlash began with the sheriff spokesman's statement to reporters that the mass shooting suspect was having a "bad day."

"He was pretty much fed up and kind of at the end of his rope. Yesterday was a really bad day for him and this is what he did," Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Capt. Jay Baker said Wednesday. He was describing the 21-year-old man accused of killing eight people, mostly Asian and almost all women, in a rampage across three Atlanta-area spas.

The New York magazine and BuzzFeed News versions of the story repeated the error.

Baker is no longer the spokesperson for this case, and he is also under fire for previously posting a picture in a shirt that read "Covid 19: Imported virus from CHY-NA." The big issue here is not really that Baker got a raw deal—he may well be ill-suited to serve as a police spokesman—but that countless mainstream journalists, beginning with Rupar, engaged in malpractice. They manipulated readers and viewers to be outraged about something that isn't actually outrageous.

This matters because social media platforms have recently come under tremendous fire from both well-regarded journalists and Democratic lawmakers who assert that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (and even Clubhouse) allow misinformation to spread unchecked. In mainstream circles, it is now common to believe that Big Tech must be compelled to take stronger action against misleading news.

But this view elides all the ways in which the traditional media spreads misinformation—and this story is a perfect example. Numerous writers, in their zeal to assert that the spa killings were absolutely, positively the result of anti-Asian racism, wrongly dinged a police officer for declining to provide support for this theory.

Baker's performance in the press conference was skewered due to a misleading clip widely circulated by the very same journalists who assert that the loss of the mainstream media's information-gatekeeping function is a serious threat to democracy. It's hard to take these people seriously when they continue to make such mistakes.

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  1. Of course it wasn't a bad day. We all know that a white supremacist in the White House emboldens other white supremacists to commit hate crimes. The media has been abundantly clear on this. And you can't get much more white supremacists than the illegitimate white supremacist president we have right now, who has embraced David Duke's support and spent millions of dollars to support the white mobs that burned down black neighborhoods and murdered black children last year.

    1. it's funny, because it's true.

      ~~fat tony

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    2. Old white man as President, old white woman as Speaker, old white man as Senate majority leader, Democrats the party of diversity.

      1. A literal Brahmin as vice president.

      2. Don't forget the old white woman as the House Speaker.

    3. SF DA Chesa Boudinon why the the young Black man that killed the 82 year old Thai man by intentionally knocked him down running at full speed did it:

      "In a New York Times article, Boudin says Antoine Watson was having "some sort of temper tantrum," a term more often used to describe toddlers."

      So I bring up the race of the perp, because the criticism of the Captain seems to be he sympathized with the Atlanta killer because he was white. Is Boudin sympathizing with the young Black killer, or is he pleading a diminished capacity, or is he just choosing a side?

  2. Yeah the Vox pajama boy does this often. He's trying to pull a Lorenz and claim harassment or something I'm sure.

    Now do the Substack non-controversy.

    1. Cultural Marxist?

  3. "[C]ountless mainstream journalists ... engaged in malpractice. They manipulated readers and viewers to be outraged about something that isn't actually outrageous."

    Predictably enough, one these shitty journalists was Reason's very own Elizabeth Nolan Brown:

    Police have also expressed what seems like sympathy for the shooter's sexy-women-made-me-do-it defense, with Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Captain Jay Baker saying at a press conference yesterday that the businesses were "a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate" and "he was fed up, at the end of his rope. He had a bad day, and this is what he did."

    ENB has no business writing anything, anywhere -- let alone a libertarian publication.

    Take heed, Reason.

    If you want to retain any credibility, you don't keep a dummy on staff that spent her burgeoning years writing about giving handjobs and having sex with fictional monsters.

    1. Good catch Geiger. Seems most of the Reason staff got infected with TDS. I hope they recover so Reason can get back to celebrating all the libertarian changes to policy, fighting against authoritarian politicians and their policies, without their emotions getting in the way of using their reason.

      It seems with Trump, the MSM pile on contributed to the Reason staff infection, blinding them to the good libertarian things Trump did, where they failed to support libertarian policies because of it, and instead supported authoritarian policies and politicians, such as ENB supporting fake motivational narratives about conservatives and the USA.

  4. The media lied, Robby. They didn't "get it wrong."

    They selectively edited a quote in order to misrepresent it to the public. The entire quote was readily available to them, and they made a deliberate choice not to include the relevant context.

    Don't be mealy mouthed about it.

    1. Exactly!

      Why is anyone surprised at this? The media has been selectively editing people's statements into something that gets the most visceral reactions from readers since I was a small child. They've done it to me and I'm just a nobody that became part of a larger, local story.

      All they want to do is sell papers (or, garner clicks). And the way to do that is no different than what Madonna, Paris Hilton or the Kardashians did.

      This is America. One does not have to be smart to be rich; just controversial.

      1. You still think they act according to rational economic principles?


        Keep telling yourself that, as they keep doing their part for the post modern Nazi party and increasing their cult's power.

        1. The theory of postjournalism ( claims that media are essentially acting from economic incentives -- they used to get revenue from advertising, and attention from sports, business and comics, so their reporting was a prestige-oriented garnish; they could afford to be objective and fair. Now they get revenue from donations in the form of subscriptions and attention from flashy headlines and hot takes, so they provide more of the latter to get more of the former from a particular target demographic.

          1. Not only that, in the past the media had to entice readers without offending, since advertisers were paying the bills, and did not want angry people to see their ads associated with controversial or annoying content.

            Now, controversy and annoyance are the goals, and what the dedicated subscribers want to pay for.

    2. I’m reminded of NBC deliberately editing Zimmerman’s phone call to make him sound like a racist douche canoe.

      1. First thing I thought of, followed immediately by something about "White Hispanic."

    3. Maybe I am naive, but where the heck are the editors and fact checkers? I thought that before the mainstream media published stuff, their articles were supposed to be checked. At least when the writers were relying on "anonymous sources", you could see why that couldn't be independently verified. However, this was an f'n press conference that would have taken a few seconds on Google to find. An unpaid intern could have caught the error between rounds of Fortnite. Not only that, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof; did nobody even hesitate and think "wait, a police spokesman for a major metropolitan area got in front of the media and sympathized with a mass murderers and the department didn't immediately rebuke him...there has got to be more to this story"? Isn't it normal journalist practice to ask the subject for comment prior to publishing a piece on them. This whole situation is a failure on SO SO many levels.

      1. The fact checkers and editors are all on Twitter, posting the latest disinformation with blue checks:

        1. That's something I've been pointing out for years, ever since the Journolist was exposed--these people aren't doing journalism, they're doing message coordination. They work out the narratives ahead of time, they broadcast it across these global media megacorps, and the Blue Checkmarks simply parrot each other's headlines and call it "investigative journalism."

          When you see these people, the only solution at this point is to put their heads through the concrete. They are the enemy.

          1. Incidentally, this is exactly how "news" worked in the Soviet Union, too.

            1. Except it didn't have nearly the reach or pervasiveness

              1. Sure it did. The Twitter of those days was none other than The New York Times.

                Walter Duranty and the The New York Times waxed poetic about Stalin's enviable strides toward social "progress" and did their damn best to present to American readers an entirely absurd and whitewashed portrait of the Soviet Union while excusing its ruthless totalitarianism, the mass imprisonments, the arbitrary executions and portrayed its people as mindless, communal Asiatics that could never hope to understand freedom and, therefore, were perfectly content living out their days with a government boot in their face.

                Nothing has changed, except that they are now lying to us about Sovietization of the United States -- which anyone can observe for themselves -- rather than lying about some far off country on the other side of the world.

      2. Fortnite? Editing? Fact checking? Boomer!

        1. Millennial, actually, but I am so embarrassed by my generation that being called a Boomer is actually a step up.

          My real hope is that if I watch Airplane!, Monty Python, and Die Hard enough times that I can turn into an honorary Gen Xer.

    4. Yeah, you'd think after running this beat for all these years, starting with the Rolling Stone UVa bullshit, Robby would stop giving these goons the benefit of the doubt.

      It's a lot easier to just assume the media is lying at this point than take anything they're saying in good faith. That Time Magazine article on the election was one of the few times in the last five years they were mostly honest, and that's only because they were bragging about their own exploits.

      1. It was Covington that actually knocked me off of the fence in regards to the culture war. Lying and manipulating video, then doubling down on the lie after it was proven false to destroy a kid.

        There’s plenty I dislike about conservatives but the new State Media is the real danger right at this second.

        1. One of the news networks lightening George Zimmerman's skin color was the watershed for me.

        2. Robby still wants to be invited to the cool-kid parties, so he has to keep acting like such deceit is an aberration rather than the rule.

    5. Exactly.

      The media has been a relentless propaganda machine for years now. That is why anybody with half a brain has utter disdain for them. The media is populated by the Marxist progressive echo chamber in America's colleges. The culture war is mostly lost, and this is the result.

  5. It’s a good thing they never did this sort of thing when it came to reporting on Trump.

  6. Where's the disclaimer that, "to be sure, some of Trump's tweets weren't fully accurate"?

  7. In fact, many of the people so infuriated about the quote were misled by Rupar's edit of the video.

    And now they are *really* infuriated by this realization, right? RIGHT?!

    1. People reveal themselves when they react after discovering they've been lied to. Connor Friedersdorf penned a long attack on Andrew Breitbart based on whether one person in the original James O'Keefe gotcha video pursued police action later on. He made a big deal about how he would never trust Andrew's (distinguished from the BB site which is more definitively questionable) content again. Is there any chance he's going to write something similar about Vox?

      Similarly consider how the left media was lied to by the instigating Native American activist in the Covington Kids debacle. That activist not just lied but actively framed the kids in a way that could have ruined their lives. Yet instead of being pissed and penning an article similar to Friedersdorf's the journalist attackers just stopped making (by then) ineffectual attacks. Half or more still attack the kids in more low key or left-controlled venues. But no one was pissed because they knew all along they were engaged in partisan activism and frame-ups are just what they do. Their only anger was that it didn't work.

      So in this case what do we suppose the ratio of journalists who continue to attack or say nothing to journalists who seriously criticize Vox or Aaron Rupar? I'm going with 1,000 to 1.

    2. Aaron Rupar is right in the top tier of "journalists"-cum-DNC propagandists that need to be fed into a woodchipper.

  8. try "what the media gets right" for Monday you'll have three whole days to dig

  9. eight Asian-American women
    Robbie, if you really want to stand up to these anti-racist fucktards, stop identifying people.

    1. If he really wanted to pay attention he'd know that one of the eight, Paul Andre Michels, is a guy and another, Delaina Ashley Yaun, is white and has an Asian surname by marriage. But why let facts get in the way. Clearly the media elites everywhere get wrong frequently because nobody really cares enough to do the work.

      1. I was questioning that fact claim. What I had heard was 6 asian women and 2 white people had been killed with perhaps more injuries. It doesn't change that the majority of victims were Asian women a prove that they weren't the specific target. Has Robby been misled, made an error, or are we?

    2. My test for racism:

      In any article that mentions race in any way, replace whatever race is mentioned with "white" and see how it plays.

      The results might surprise you.

  10. Dang, when he said he was going to 'rub one out at the massage parlor', I assumed he'd just get a Kraft special.

    Too soon?

    1. Wait a little longer.

      The Donner Party is fair game, though. "Having some friend for dinner" and so on.

  11. All Soave has to do is watch the actual video evidence, and he's immediately much better-informed than much of the "mainstream" media. Or at least more willing to talk about what he discovers.

  12. Next you'll be telling me that Trump didn't call white supremacists "very fine people"!

    Why, it's almost as if the partisan media lies to push its preferred narrative...

  13. As our Greatest President famously said:

    "I'm going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money.”

    Sheriff's Captain Jay Baker Jay Baker should sue and take everything from this Vox-twit, Aaron Rupar.

    Bye-bye New York Times vs. Sullivan

  14. What a stunning coincidence that so many media outlets got this story wrong in exactly the same way, that just happened to reinforce Democrat party talking points that evil Nazis are out to get Asian-Americans.


    1. Lots of black Nazis apparently.

      1. Those same black Nazis were going after non-Asians as well. After all these are crooks who make their living by mugging people and robbing them. It happens on a daily basis in places like Oakland and San Francisco.

        But those stories don't fit the current narrative and won't sell as well.

        Hell, this latest seriously invented race hate has even worked to get the Asian communities up in arms.

        Nothing as effective in disrupting society as divide and conquer.

  15. Thanks for the clarification Robbie. The only information I read about this story was here at Reason with ENB regurgitating the leftist spin as usual. If anyone actually gives a shit about anti Asian crime they might want to actually look at the statistics. The perpetrators are mostly black men not white guys in MAGA hats. And as it turns out Asians are actually white when it comes to academic admissions. But they're POCs when it comes to hate crimes. But only if the perpetrators are white. If the perpetrators are black they become white again so it really doesn't matter. Bottom line is Asians are confusing to progressives. Probably the best alternative would be to put them in some sort of camps. For their own safety of course.

    1. You're behind the times. Progressive Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt did this already.

  16. What would have helped the Asians is if they were armed.

    1. They sometimes are:

      It's not mentioned here but, IIRC the perp was white. Again, that wouldn't fit the current narrative.

      And based on my own experiences in the City these last few years, it wouldn't surprise me if this is one of SF's deranged homeless wandering the streets. The most aggressive homeless people in the entire SF Bay Area are in the City. You can't always just ignore them because they can go off on you physically.

  17. You could have just stopped the headline after "The Media Got It Wrong" and you would have covered pretty much everything starting around 2016.

    1. When a Reason article bemoans the public's lack of trust in the media they should remember the public has little cause to trust the media because of lies of omission like this.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking before I even read the article.

    3. Robby misspelled "Lied".

  18. Rupar...not surprised.

    Meanwhile in Rochester Irish American who was mentally disabled was doused with gas and burned to death by two African Biden going to Rochester to condemn hate crimes and racism? the NYT going to cover the story? No...I guess hate crimes don't apply to victims who are European American (non Jewish)

    The wokes have taken over "journalism" even Car and Driver put in a leftie woke as editor a few years ago..

    I guess

    1. We must stop calling it the Kent/UK variant!

  19. Unless Long wrote down somewhere that he was attacking these particular massage parlors because they were asian, how is anyone going to prove that was his motivation instead of the other absurd thing he claimed his motivation was?

    Furthermore, whatever Long's motivation was says something about him, and likely not much about the larger society around him.

    1. Government mind readers. They can see all.

  20. I'm not sure what's going on here, but I think we need to ban 9 mm assault weapons just to be safe.

    Also, why are they allowed to operate massage parlors during a pandemic? This is America, not a free country!

  21. But this view elides all the ways in which the traditional media spreads misinformation—and this story is a perfect example.

    This is not true. Traditional media very likely would have gotten the story right. They weren't unbiased but at least they tried to do the job.

    What we have today is the JournoList media. It fails any journaism standard because it is not journalism, it's political propaganda.

  22. You know who else doesn't like Mondays

    1. 16 year old girls?

    2. The mama's and the papas

  23. Well said... I just think the big outrage factory on Twitter and elsewhere about this is tiresome. Rupar is a provocateur with lots of followers, ok. It's concerning WaPo bought in to it, certainly; I hope they learn from it, and yes I realize that might sound naive at this point. All this outrage on both sides is overblown and I'm over it frankly. Go get facts, the duty of all citizens. Recognize or ignore provocateurs. Must we all pearl-clutch, at every perceived transgression, particularly surrounding the inexplicable murder in cold blood of 8 innocent souls? The victims families and community deserve better. I appreciate this piece and others like it. But overall this is just way too scrutinized in my opinion.

  24. Obviously the "bad day" comment was relating what the suspect had said, not the policeman's own judgement. How could anyone possibly think otherwise? But there is no reason to think that anti-Asian bias was a motivation, when the perpetrator himself gave a perfectly plausible motive that has nothing to do with that. Even without "hate crime" enhancements to the charges, there is little chance he will ever go free, so I don't think he is lying about his motive in order to get a lighter sentence.

    But I wonder if the legal attack on those Asian massage parlor women in Florida somehow made it easier for this guy to physically attack Asian massage-parlor women in his state.

  25. Maybe if the media stops lying we will stop pointing out all your lies?

    It's crazy, but it just might work.

    Start here.

  26. Oh, is this another Robby article that goes "sure the media lied and that's bad, but also they are good and no one should sue them for lying, because they're good".

    While the other writers at Reason play stenographer for the corporate press, Robby works the corporate press over with the kid gloves.

  27. Even if he did mean what he said...

    "FBI Director Says Atlanta Shooting ‘Does Not Appear’ Racially Motivated"

  28. If the media didn't have low standards, they'd have no standards at all.

  29. The media didn't get it wrong, the media lied to fit their "woke" narrative. Just like the policeman dying from being hit in the head by a fire extinguisher, just like saying Trump said find the fraud.
    The media are lying propagandist of the left.
    Welcome to "BIDEN'S AMERICA"

  30. Robby, you were doing fairly well for a while with your articles. Unfortunately, you are slipping back into parroting stupidity. VOX and WaPo are leftist rags that consistently mislead and alter information in a propagandistic manner. Insisting that this was a case of anti-Asian violence in spite of the facts not lining up and the actual statements of the killer denying it is stupid. You can perhaps say that it is a factor, but it should be noted that this consideration is in contradiction to the evidence. You are pulling your information from sources that also label him a white supremacist with zero available evidence. Be more careful and skeptical with sourcing.
    Also, fuck this line that maybe the spokesman should be removed from his job. Nothing was presented that showed him doing his job improperly. The issue is that activist and lying media outlets removed context to make it appear that he was sympathetic to the murderer rather than relaying information. I'd much prefer the information be relayed directly rather than the speaker apply their own emotional spin on it. The killer said he had a bad day? State that that was the killer's justification. It does nothing to defend the killer nor does it imply that a lesser charge is being sought as a cause.
    Piss off with the emotional tribalism. The article's premise is worthy, but buying into the same emotionalism you are criticizing undermines the entire argument.

  31. Everybody lies. Reporters and editors lie for money and "prestige".

  32. This is important criticism, and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

    And unlike the conjecture that this nutcase was acting on behalf of all white people in shooting a bunch of women, 75% of whom were reportedly Asian, there is a real threat to society in the propaganda machine that pushed these lies.

    What Robby is writing about here is not some isolated incident, and it is not an "error" or some random mistake. It is part and parcel of a think-tank hatched plan to get Asian voters back on the reservation.

    The Asian community is one of the most successful identifiable ethnic/racial groups in the United States. They are much more successful than white people as a group, and as such do not generally see themselves as oppressed. This is a problem for democrat politicians.

    Asians are becoming powerful opponents of democrats' favorite programs, like affirmative action. Many of the top universities have instituted quotas and even laughably transparent scoring systems designed to disadvantage Asians so they won't dominate admissions. Asian families see this for what it is - discrimination on the basis of race. And the DNC is not happy about that.

    So they have concocted this "White people hate Asians" narrative out of whole cloth in order to capture this outrage and direct it against republicans. By saying "China Virus" is a racist pejorative and hate speech, Democrats were not pushing any real social justice issue, they were simply trying to gin up some good old fashioned racial animus. Note that they were not concerned about saying this themselves before the strategy was hatched. And they still have no concerns about saying "South African variant" or "UK variant". Nor do they have similar concerns about saying "Spanish Flu" or "Zika Virus" (named for the location in Africa where it was isolated).

    Once they began gaining traction with this nonsensical standard of hate speech, they kept at it. And this year they hit upon the idea of claiming that there has been an explosion of violence against Asians and that this is because of Trump inspired white supremacists.

    Now, it is not entirely clear that any such explosion exists - violent crime is up in all sectors due to the lockdowns and ensuing unemployment as well as due to the yearlong attack on policing by the left. I have yet to see any convincing evidence that there is a specific "Asian" trend in this data that stands out from any other..... but even if there is, one thing is perfectly clear about violent attacks on Asians writ large: It is not white supremacists nor is it Trump supporters doing the bulk of the attacking. The racial makeup of the criminals in question is perfectly clear and the reason that stating this has been avoided is obvious.

    That is why this incident is so important. The entire propaganda machine was desperate to find a poster case. Until this case, they had been pulling out videos of violent and unprovoked attacks on defenseless elderly Asian citizens... but the perpetrators were quite obviously not white supremacists, even though this went unstated in coverage or speeches by DNC hacks. Now they have a nutcase who fits the proper demographics and a solid majority of his victims are Asian. So top to bottom they rushed to wave the racism flag in front of this story. The white house was on it within hours.

    This is how you know they are lying. There was no way for anyone to know anything about the motivation at the moment that all of these democrat operatives and pundits began calling this a hate crime and blaming Trump, republicans and all white people. Nobody knew anything about the crime at that time. It could have been gang violence. It could have been rival "spa owners" sending a message to competing crime families. It could have been some religious nut who hates the sin of fornication. They made their claims based on the simple fact that we had (probably) a white criminal and (probably) Asian victims.

    The fact that Robby Soave is the singular voice calling them out for lying about the police recounting of the killer's confession is telling. That one is painfully obvious and you have to be actively participating in the lie if you are a journalist repeating the story.

    But nobody is calling out the big lie.

    It is amazing that the progressives have grabbed such complete control of the media. In 2019 they called their shot. They publicly cast about for a replacement for the Russia hoax in their attacks on Trump, and they announced that it would be racism - with the 1619 project as the flagship. The encouragement of riots across the country was part of this plan to foment racial hatred and create a perception that the country was falling apart.

    Now they have taken that same playbook and applied it to the Asian voting block. It is the same players. They are singing from the same songbook - they just changed a single word in the lyric.

    And not a single writer is courageous enough to point this out?

    Robby has been one of the only voices on this front of media criticism since he arrived at reason. And for most of that time even he has tread lightly, preferring to color his criticism with "No, really, I'm not one of them" disclaimers. But at least he covered it.

    Nobody has had the courage to call out the propaganda machine for participating in spreading hatred among Americans based on lies. Now we have another attempt by the DNC and their propaganda machine to make America objectively worse. Will anyone dare to stand up to them? Does anyone with a platform of any reach have the courage to protect our society and call them out?

    The ability of the media to paint this stenographer-cop as a racist and get him removed from his job explains why the answer to these questions is no. They will come for you. They will destroy you. And everyone knows it. Robby warned of the danger years ago - weakly. But the rest of our crowd poo-pooed the idea as a slippery slope fallacy. And most of them joined the attack when it was performance art provocateurs like Yiannopoulos and Shapiro who were pointing out the dangers.

    Well, now they are destroying your country. And still you sit silent. Of what use are you?

    1. Well said, cyto

    2. It will be effective to the extent that they can get Asians to hate on white people, like they've done with Hispanics and blacks. The problem here is that blacks and Asians mostly despise each other--Asians, especially 1st-gen immigrants, view blacks as lazy, shiftless, whining, useless crybabies. Blacks view Asians as narcs--keep in mind that the guy who called the cops on George Floyd was Asian.

      Encouraging Asians to "call out racism" is going to have some unintended consequences on the back end.

    3. Well done. Excellent.

    4. yes I also agree with you. If I think about it, maybe it has something to do with politics. thank you for providing information like this, so that people better understand what the right thing is. I'm currently trying out the popular mpo slot terbaru game. maybe you like it too and can join with me.

    5. Robby's weak sauce not remotely correcting the horrendous bias of the other writers and their treatment of the Covington kids, or Blasey Ford's 'credibility' or all the other displays of tribal groupthink.

  33. According to the crime data, most "hate crimes" against Asians in American cities in recent years have been committed by blacks, and most of the increase during recent years is due to violence by blacks.

    But the news media (and VP Harris) immediately framed this shooting in Atlanta (within minutes/hours after it occurred) as yet another example of violence by Racist White Males.

    Even the Wall Street Journal's lead headline on the front page of the yesterday's paper stated:
    "As Atlanta Mourns, Asian-Americans Feel Under Attack"
    with a subtitle (under a picture of the crime scene) stating:
    "A gunman is charged with killing eight people, including six women of Asian descent, in the shootings, which have mobilized efforts across the country to fight hate crimes against Asian-Americans."

    The subsequent WSJ article on the shooting repeated the same crap as the front page headline.

    Then in today's WSJ article on the shooting, the headline stated:
    "Victims Named as President Visits Georgia", and the article's first sentence stated:
    "President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were scheduled to meet with Asian-American leaders in Georgia, a state that has become a focal point in a national conversation about violence against Asian-Americans in the wake of Tuesday's mass shooting"

    This blatantly false narrative has been promoted since Tuesday by Biden, Harris and virtually all of the fake news media (including Wall St. Journal).

  34. What really frosts me is that in the middle of the falderal over this ghastly crime, no one has pointed up to how the accused murderer says that his mental state was caused by someone else. That, combined with the murders, is about as anti-libertarian as it gets.

    As Voltaire observed: "Those who can be made to believe absurdities can be made to commit atrocities."

  35. Journaoists don’t sell facts. That’s not where the money’s at.

  36. U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris offered solace to Asian Americans and denounced the scourge of racism at times hidden “in plain sight” as they visited Atlanta on Friday, just days after a white gunman killed eight people, most of them Asian-American women.

    Addressing the nation after a roughly 80-minute meeting with Asian-American state legislators and other leaders, Biden said it was “heart wrenching” to listen to their stories of the fear among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders amid what he called a “skyrocketing spike” of harassment and violence against them.

  37. The media very much for the story they wanted to tell right.

  38. Step one: punch a journalist in the mouth.
    Step two: find out if is justified.
    Step three: claim it was all an honest mistake.

  39. Step one:. Punch a journalist in the mouth.
    Step two: determine if it is justified.

    If not, then claim it is all an honest mistake.

  40. "The big issue here is . . .that countless mainstream journalists, beginning with Rupar, engaged in malpractice."

    That's not an issue, that's a STANDARD.

  41. If you can believe the police, you can eat pig shit.

  42. Good article!

    I will follow you to create useful articles like this 🙂

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  44. Even 'lied' is getting disingenuous. The news outlets I'm hearing from now are revising the numbers in a manner that practically says only 6 people died. They're erasing Elicia Hernandez-Ortiz and Paul Michels to reinforce the anti-women and anti-asian narrative. The best part is, in honor of women's history month, they're putting a "these were mothers and grandmothers" spin on the story.

    When you step over the corpse of the white guy and the mexican to sell the narrative that it was asian mothers and grandmothers giving happy endings at the local massage parlor, you might be a part of the problem.

  45. The media has 'stories' it wants to tell and racism is a big one. Therefore they shoehorned the facts of this case into their preferred narrative. It's disgusting.

  46. The fourth estate has become the fifth column.

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