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Incoming Teen Vogue Editor Forced To Resign Over Old Tweets

Profuse apologizing was not enough to save Alexi McCammond.


Alexi McCammond is a 27-year-old political writer and the recipient of a 2019 award from the National Association of Black Journalists. She was slated to become the next editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue.

But on Thursday, McCammond announced her resignation from that position, following outrage from staff members—and two advertisers—over some tweets that made fun of Asian people. She wrote them in 2011, when she was a teenager.

"I should not have tweeted what I did and I take full responsibility for that," said McCammond in a statement. "I wish that talented team at Teen Vogue the absolute best moving forward."

Conde Nest, the media company that owns Teen Vogue, was aware of the tweets when it hired McCammond, who had already apologized for them. The bosses evidently did not expect such furor from Teen Vogue staff—though that's rather shortsighted on their part, given the large number of similar uprisings at progressive media workspaces. Even so, the perception that anti-Asian hate crimes are rising—including the possibility that the Georgia massage parlor murders were motivated by anti-Asian bias—meant it was bad timing for an incoming editor to be involved in an even tangentially related controversy.

We should be clear about a couple things. First, McCammond apologized. She apologized profusely, and she apologized repeatedly. And she did not just apologize this week, when her job was in jeopardy. She apologized back in 2019.

Second, the tweets in question are indeed offensive: a mix of anti-Asian stereotypes, and even some homophobia. But they were written when she was 17. She should not have said those things, and she is right to be sorry about it. But I doubt you could find a teenager on the planet who has never uttered something mean-spirited. We are beginning to hold people to unattainable standards. Kids are not perfect, and they make mistakes all the time. The point is to learn from them, apologize when necessary, and grow past them. Lots of people said offensive things in their adolescence; it's just that in this case, thanks to Twitter, there is a record of her comments.

Is there no room to forgive someone for a youthful, decade-old transgression? Just look at the thoroughness of McCammond's apology:

It wasn't enough. It never will be. The new enforcers of morality—the pitchfork-wielding employees of progressive media companies and their swarms of social-media allies—have decided that no one may dwell in their midst unless they were born without sin. This poisonous approach will, if anything, make people more reticent to apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing. Instead they'll shrug and say, "What's the point?"

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  1. Alexi McCammond is a 27-year-old political writer and the recipient of a 2019 award from the National Association of Black Journalists.


    1. Speaking of cancel culture, can we now infer that the National Association of Black Journalists has endorsed Asian stereotypes and homophobia?

      1. That should have been the lede

        1. Oh Dear Jesus!

          When posting comments or posts of ANY kind, preserve your anonymity at ALL costs!

          THIS is why I tell NO ONE that the REAL SQRLSY One is Al Gore, my real name!

          (I am telling you, so that you can HELP me keep it SECRET!)

          1. What the fuck are you talking about?

            1. Alexi McCammond posted to social media (of ANY kind) in her own name. Mistake!!!!

              So PLEASE help me keep it UTTERLY TOP SECRET that I (SQRLSY One) am REALLY Al Gore!!! PLEASE?!?!

              (Two heads are better than 1… You helping me keep the secret, will HELP me / us keep the secret! And Me-I, Al-Gore-in-secret, will NOT be frustrated in My Ambitions to Become Intergalactic OverLard, due to my past habits of saying insensitive things on the Inter-Tubes! HELP ME please, HELP me keep the secrets!!!)

              1. Oh, gotcha. Yeah. Well she probably has never bothered to study how boomerangs in popular culture will come back and strike the thrower

                1. Vaguely related, and France-related, Oh Ye Hero Of France, THIS might strike your funny bone! (Also related vaguely to anonymity).


                  Who is Camille Noûs, the fictitious French researcher with nearly 200 papers?

                  (First, there was Science Fiction, and now there are fictitious science-paper writers!!!!)

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      3. What? wth are you referring to?

      4. Is she a member of the cancel culture who ultimately got cancelled? If so, it’s fair play.

    2. think we’re back to the one-drop days …

      1. I don’t think that ever ended.

        1. tried hard to be a King disciple … and they took it away.

      2. If markle counts, this fine mulatress surely does.

        1. ‘Mulatress’….heh…good shit

        2. Mulatx.

        3. mulata i the term for which you are searching. At least, based upon her outward appearance.

          1. Muffaletta…yummmm

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      4. Beat me to it. She’s black like I’m Japanese.

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    4. Alexi’s mom is white and her dad is half black. At what point are you not longer a person of color? When she spawns a kid with her former white house staff boyfriend will it be a POC? Just wondering for a friend….. or does that classify me a racist?

      1. The Nazi’s said if you were 3/4’s Aryan you were Aryan, but the Southern Democrats said if you were 1/100,000th black you were black, so I guess it all depends on whether you’re a Nazi or a Democrat.

        1. Warren says if there’s any confusion at all, you can claim to be native American to get a job.

          1. You can also claim that the filibuster is racist, then prove it by using it against Tim Scott.

        2. But you repeat yourself.

      2. Well, those are still archaically classifiable divisions, quadroon and octoroon. It’s fuckin’ stupid, but I suppose if it was good enough for the racists of the past, it should be good enough for the racists of today.

      3. one siteenth is enough to quaify one for membership in an indian tribe. Great great grandpa works, She’s got another couple generations before her offspring are no longer POC. Mu guess s she is as culturally white as any of us, and that’s what REALLY matters.

      4. “Alexi’s mom is white and her dad is half black.”

        Hence, a quadroon. Apparently, it’s still very important to know exactly the ration of Black to White in your heritage, but for different reasons.

    5. They knew about these tweets. And yet they weren’t disqualifying.

      I wonder if that would have been true for a white male.

    6. Just once I’d like to see some “brave” editor tell the snowflakes on his staff

  2. There is no such thing as cancel culture.

    1. You are kidding right?

      1. chemleft told us it was all a conservative plot to discredit the left.

    2. It’s just an idea.

  3. >>will, if anything, make people more reticent to apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing

    the Maoists won on the other side of the planet

    1. Actually the Red Guard was mercilessly put down by the less extreme elements of the PLA after rampaging through the country for a few years.

      1. details aside, everyone in china can totally say what the fuck they want yes?

        1. Sure, once.

      2. The center-left will also put down the progressives once the progressives have helped solidify the expectation that cancel culture is a good thing and they are less useful as partners than foils. But there’s a hollowness in celebrating that a country is only ruled by the PLA and CCP instead of the Red Guard. In the United States, this will translate to us being told how lucky we are to be ruled by corporate Democrats and their social media allies instead of Anti-Fa on the left or racist, sexist homophobes on the right.

        1. Exactly.
          The oligarch’s useful idiots for now, but history demonstrated in France, the USSR and China that the devils always break their tools when they are no longer useful.

      3. Similarly Hitler put down his Brownshirts when their usefulness waned. Antifas should take a lesson.

        1. Same thing happened when Khomeini took over in Iran. The leftist activists who helped bring him back were “cancelled” in front of a wall.

          1. And France when the Jacobin’s ended up on their own guillotines, and the USSR when Trotsky, Bukharin, Zinoviev, Kamenev, etc, were excecuted.

            White Knight, chemleft, Nuttplug, Chipper, DOL and sarc may think they’re on the winning side now, but their heads will eventually lie in the same basket as the rest of us.

              1. Can Tony operate a guillotine?

  4. Twitter: The greatest tool in journalism since the printing press.

    1. Twitter: a glorified RSS feed

    2. I guess that depends on how you define the word “tool.”

      1. Anyone who uses twitter?

  5. You know what else is great about this? Twitter has been around long enough that adults are paying for their tweenage behavior on it.

  6. “She should not have said those things,”

    Why? Because the perpetually butthurt would get butthurt?

    Fuck em.

  7. “will, if anything, make people more reticent to apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing”

    Good. This type of obviously insincere prostration for profit needs to end.

  8. It seems the canceltarians have arrived at original sin, except worse: you’ve never any chance of redemption.

    1. The mob is incensed, on a run, and their blood is up. No stopping that, nosiree.

    2. What good is a religion that has no hope of redemption?

      1. Bloodlust.

        1. This^

      2. Vengeance.

        As I’ve said before, progs don’t cancel others because they’re good people who just feel too strongly about injustice.
        It’s because they’re terrible, awful, evil people who are using injustice as an excuse to indulge their garbage natures.

        1. And THIS ^

        2. I think a bid part of it in situations like this is the idea that if you clear people away from the top, that opens up more opportunity for those in the lower ranks. I firmly believe that professional ambition is the actual driving force behind the now-embedded cancel culture at the NYT.

      3. The free college education? I know the free wine at communion kept me in the faith longer then the confessional booth ever did.

        1. Did you know you can just go round and get in line again?

      4. What good is it with it?

  9. “Instead they’ll shrug and say, “What’s the point?”

    Not soon enough.

    1. Try harder; that is just obvious bot speak.

  10. Alexi should move to the Black Mecca known as Atlanta, GA. I hear there’s some recent job openings at a few of the spas.

    1. IDK, she only looks to be about a 2. You’d have to get 4 more just like her before I’d murder 8 people to get a happy ending there.

      1. Amen to that

  11. >>the tweets in question are indeed offensive

    wholly subjective, and fuck off a little bit Scoldie Hawn aren’t you in a field where no words are off limits?

  12. Ahem. We’re talking about Teen Vogue. I realize we’re all acting like middle-school mean girls, but has Teen Vogue really become the new Collier’s or Saturday Review? Who gives a fuck what they’re nattering about?

    1. and when they came for Teen Vogue I said nothing, because jailbait.

      1. Now that’s funny…

      2. LOL

    2. This is why they win. You want them to have a childhood and they want impressionable acolytes. So while you don’t pay attention their top priority is ensuring every article supports the political and social program they want.

    3. Teen Vogue? Piffle! Back in my day, we teens read Popular Mechanics, Soldier of Fortune, and jacked one out on the sly to Mom’s Cosmo, Dad’s Playboy, and The Sears-Roebuck Catalog…And Aye Gawd, we liked it!

      Ol’ Froot Sushi’s hair would stick up like it touched a Van De Graaf Generator to hear such depravity as we took for magazine fare!

      Pepperidge Farm Remembers…Though it needs palm depilatory and glasses!

  13. “The new enforcers of morality—the pitchfork-wielding employees of progressive media companies and their swarms of social-media allies”

    It’s disappointing to see a Reason staffer talk this way about modern progressives, who are clearly on the same side as us Koch / Reason libertarians in every way that matters:

    I bet at least 99% of those so-called “pitchfork-wielding employees” voted for Joe Biden, who was the overwhelming choice of Reason writers.
    I wager those “swarms of social-media allies” joined us in denouncing Orange Hitler when a viral photo demonstrated the cruelty of his KIDS IN CAGES policy.
    I guarantee Teen Vogue staffers have no more patience than Scott Shackford does for cis-women suffering from TRANSGENDER BATHROOM PANIC.


    1. To be sure, what she said is typical of Black on Asian crimes which get glossed over.

      1. Yeah, according to crime data, every ethnic group’s main perpetrator of crime against them is themselves, exception Asian, which is mostly done by Blacks

        1. So much for their “work ethic”

  14. This poisonous approach will, if anything, make people more reticent to apologize or acknowledge wrongdoing. Instead they’ll shrug and say, “What’s the point?”

    You almost sound as if you think this might be a bad idea.

    1. Yeah, making people more reluctant to be contrite during the struggle session is where we want to be.

    2. Yeah, I think that considering making some off-color jokes as a teenager to be “wrongdoing” is a big part of the problem here.
      There is actually a distinction to be made between making jokes or statements that sound racist and actually being racist.

      1. Racist jokes aren’t funny unless they have a core of truth.

        1. They can also be funny for their absurdity, I would say.

  15. If I were cruel, I would tell her to #LearnToCode.

    This is nuts. I mean, just batshit crazy. Demanding resignation over tweets made as a teenager?! You have got to be kidding me. This madness has no end. When has she ‘atoned enough’ for her tweets, and who decides that?

    1. If I were cruel, I would tell her to #LearnToCode.

      If she’d learned to code, she’d probably have some legacy code with master/slave design patterns in it.

      Can’t have 23 ways to declare someone a slave when there are millions of orphaned child processes being reaped in the street.

    2. Fuck her. Apology is deficient for absolution.
      Let her be the editor @Penny Saver

    3. When has she ‘atoned enough’ for her tweets, and who decides that?

      When she decides to stop being a part of…or at least apologizing for…the culture that has been behind this sort of insanity.

      1. Agreed. Had she not been canned I have little doubt she would have hypocritically ramped up the TV SJW content for their “readers”

      2. Wuz….I agree. True atonement (as my Jewish tradition teaches) comes from not only stopping the act, but also taking affirmative steps to not do it again. True atonement brings about a life change. You’re right about this. Still though, who decides? Is that you? Is that me? Is it a segment of society? Is it all three?

        Mostly, I’d like to point out that she was a child when she wrote these things. And yes, in my view a teenager is still a child. They are learning how to become an adult, but they are not adults. If you have grown children, you will know exactly what I mean. I cannot hold a 17-year old girl to the same behavioral expectation that I would have of a 27-year old woman (this is especially true of guys). They’re just not the same.

        In a year’s time, lets see where Ms. McCammond is. Will she atone? What will she have learned from this experience? Most important, what will she do as a result of this experience? Until then, I would hope that Teen Vogue be open to hiring her in the future. The door to redemption must always be left open.

        1. Still though, who decides? Is that you? Is that me? Is it a segment of society? Is it all three?

          It is decided by whether or not she continues to demonstrate support for and/or tolerance of the SJW mindset behind cancel culture and those who implement it.

        2. A friend, evangelical Christian once asked me who would give me salvation if I did not believe in Christ as a Jew.

          I said nobody. I do not really understand the concept. God will forgive sins such as not keeping kosher. But if I offend you in some way I must make it up to you and change my ways so as to be a better person.

          Anyway we are getting ready for pesach. First time for a real family one in a few years. Chag Sameach and best wishes XY.

  16. I wouldn’t count this as cancel culture. Firing the incoming African-American editrix of the premier poster e-publication of super-woke social justice for anti-Asian racism is more like EQUITY.

    1. Wholeheartedly concur.

    2. Good for the goose…if we’re going to have “equity” then everyone needs to be on the guillotine*.

      [*I was going to use the common idiom “on the block” but then someone would dig it up years from now and accuse my dead body of having engaged in white supremacy; this way my remains will only be accused of Francophilia]

  17. “Never apologise, Mister. It’s a sign of weakness.”
    N. Briddles

    (never truer than today)

    And, oh by the way, if 17 is old enough to demand a taxpayer funded sex change, it is old enough to reap the consequences of being an idiot teen.

    1. My dad’s best advice: “fuck em if they can’t take a joke.”

      1. Cuomo took that advice, and look where that got him.

        1. Thread Over

  18. It wasn’t enough. It never will be.

    Is the sleeper awakening?

  19. If you can be punished for speaking freely, you are not being protected by a right to speak freely. Duh.

    People should not be profiting from violating our ostensibly inalienable rights.

    1. Great! Misek is posting drunk.

      1. Project much?

        Not that you ever have or ever will refute what I say, but you could at least appear to try.

    2. You can’t be punished by the government. No such protection under the hot nights and disco lights of the private sector

      1. There is a very interesting supreme court case that deals with the rights of a company that owns a town square to limit speech. Marsh vs Alabama. The ruling was that a company that owned a company town could not limit speech in that town. Here is a link to the ruling.

        “ The more an owner, for his advantage, opens up his property for use by the public in general, the more do his rights become circumscribed by the statutory and constitutional rights of those who use it.”

        In other words, we carry our rights onto private property and everywhere we go.

        Private contracts can’t violate inalienable rights. That’s the point of having them.

        1. That is interesting. I wonder if anyone has thought of using that to take twit space to court?

        2. Here’s the very first sentence of the decision at the link you posted:

          In this case we are asked to decide whether a State, consistently with the First and Fourteenth Amendments, can impose criminal punishment on a person who undertakes to distribute religious literature on the premises of a company-owned town contrary to the wishes of the town’s management.

          The bolded part is what you might call “a clue”. How exactly is government involved in the resignation by the (now former) Editor of Vogue?

          1. Do you think a private entity can use whatever leverage is at their disposal to coerce you to abdicate any or all of your constitutional inalienable rights?

            Do you think that’s the intention of a constitution?

            1. When any conflict goes to court, the decision becomes the responsibility of the state to enforce the ruling.

              They did.

              1. When any conflict goes to court, the decision becomes the responsibility of the state to enforce the ruling.

                The state was involved well before that. Did you miss the part where the Jahova’s Witness member was arrested by the Mobile County Sheriff? That’s what made it a constitutional question.

                I ask again…where is the government involvement in the Teen Vogue situation?

                1. The state has the responsibility to protect the rights and freedoms of coerced citizens.

                  Are you suggesting that you only have the right to life if it’s the state threatening it?

                  Be careful what you wish for.

                  1. What the hell are you babbling about? (That’s mostly a rhetorical question, as I doubt that even you have any idea what you’re trying to argue.) You have no constitutionally-protected right to not be fired…or be pressured to resign…from a job.

                    1. Comprehension may be your problem.

                      If you are not suggesting that you only have the right to life if it’s the state threatening it, then you recognize that your inalienable rights exist in private places as well.

                      Shit or get off the pot.

                      Firing someone for exercising their rights, regardless of how that affects you, is coercion. Suck it up princess.

                    2. Comprehension may be your problem.

                      That may well be the most pot-calling-the-kettle-black assertion I’ve seen here in quite some time.

                      You’re either just another garden variety troll, or just another garden variety belligerent asshole with the IQ of a potato.

                    3. Refute my logic or accept it.

                      Otherwise you’re projecting

                    4. WuzYoung is old. He is butthurt that he isn’t young anymore. Because he is old.

                    5. Refute my logic or accept it.

                      You’ve presented no logic to refute. Just bullshit, ignorance-based claims…which have been repeatedly refuted. Deal with it.

                    6. I’m pleased with the optics though I can see why you post anonymously.

            2. Do you think a private entity can use whatever leverage is at their disposal to coerce you to abdicate any or all of your constitutional inalienable rights?

              Do you think that’s the intention of a constitution?

              What the hell does that have to do with my question (which you failed to address)?

              1. Thank you for responding to responses my work schedule precludes

            3. Where is the state induced abdication?

              If I own a magazine and I find out someone who works for me said XYZ, I can fire them (at least in California. Not sure how it works in the Lower 49)

              1. You’re talking about taking advantage of the current lawless environment to violate inalienable 1a rights.

                Private entities don’t get to coerce people in a society with rights.

                1. Firing isn’t coercion.

                  1. Firing is coercion if the individual doesn’t want to leave.

                    Free speech is an inalienable right. That means it can’t be violated or abdicated by anyone as per the fucking definition of inalienable.

                    “not subject to being taken away from or given away by the possessor:”

                    1. But again, that concerns the government infringing on the governed.

                      If you own Volkischer Beobachter and someone tweets “I Love Jooz” you can fire them because you own the medium. The Reich cannot fire them because that would be the government abridging the speech of the governed

                    2. That’s not what inalienable means.

                    3. An inalienable right belongs to the possessor.

                      Who wants to violate it is irrelevant.

                    4. You have no inalienable right to your job.

                      Case dismissed.

                    5. Violating someone’s inalienable right is coercion.

                      We all can see that you advocate coercion.

                    6. “The Reich cannot fire them because that would be the government abridging the speech of the governed”

                      Yea, but do you think only the Reich can’t kill someone, because the constitution only protects you from not getting killed by the Reich? So, can the Reich not fire you, but “private” entities can, if you exercise your right to free speech?

                      Robs point is kinda interesting.

                    7. if its true that he denied the holocaust though I am only talking about this one single point.

                    8. What’s the matter, not ready to tear up your bigotry card?

                      It’s understandable. Most people are so brainwashed by the holocaust propaganda and threatened by the very real persecution faced by those who refute it, they react to trigger words like Nazi and denier like a convict reacts to the name Bubba.

                      If you’re lucky, one day you’ll realize that every argument stands on the merit of its evidence. Then you won’t need bigotry any longer.

                2. Hitler firing Beck because he tired of the general’s memoranda is not the same as a private citizen firing another from a magazine

                  1. if they were just exercising their right to free speech in the past though?

    3. Property rights.

  20. “talented”

    *snerk* Sure they are.

  21. I don’t understand, I thought only white people are racist.

    1. Yeah, and Asians were not all that high on the “intersectionality” scale either.

    2. She’s 3/4 white, just black-passing.

  22. If twitter was around when I was a teenager I could claim that as the reason I am not rich and famous. I am sure I said a few reprehensible things, though I don’t remember any.

    Sadly, I must take full responsibility for my failure.

    1. Nominal flagellation for being white is the next best thing. Embrace your fragility friend.

  23. “[T]he tweets in question are indeed offensive …”

    To be sure, the greatest and most unforgivable crime.

    “We are beginning to hold people to unattainable standards.”

    Maybe, just maybe, instead of haplessly lamenting the death of free speech, and covering this irrelevant bullshit, Reason can finally gather up the testicular fortitude to tackle a serious issue — like, for example, the fact that the government is presently prosecuting a man for posting a fucking meme.

    How the fuck is the Douglass Mackey case and its obvious implications for liberty and free speech not a story in a supposedly libertarian publication? Even if you hate the fucking guy, it’s ridiculous. This Teen Vogue shit is small fries and completely inconsequential.

    Seriously, what the fuck?

    1. Well this is probably a lot more consumable, and she is surely a lot cuter looking than that guy Mackey.

      Seriously, I get your gist. It does feel more than a bit like rearranging deck chairs around here. I mean the whole fucking runaway government is pissing all over us, and we focus on Teen Vogue.

      1. Agreed.

        You definitely get a sinking feeling around here. So, it happened that this vogue princess lost her job — okay, she lost her job. I am sure she will eventually find another one. On the other hand, if Mackey loses his case, the next pulp magazine princess is going to be sitting behind bars. If Reason can’t see that, or even bring itself to raise an iota of concern about the Sovietization of the country, then the battle is really over.

    2. Reason isn’t libertarian. They’re progressive-lite.

      They think if they suck enough progressive cock the progressives won’t try to purge them.

      1. Agreed.

      2. I believe the term is “useful idiots”.

    3. What difference, at this point, does it make?

    4. Yeah, but I was made to understand he was in fact stealing votes with those criminal memes, and if he was on public property, he would have rightly been shot on sight.

  24. When you impose impossible standards you will eventually be forced to eat your own. Have fun.

  25. Never apologize. That’s what people need to learn.

    There isn’t anything wrong with being a shit head kid when you are a shit head kid.

    1. Yes. If you apologize to the Woketards, not only will you never, ever, get back on their good side, but you also will never get a job or a break from those who believe in freedom of speech and other human rights. You’ll be countryless for life.

  26. why does anyone care about Teen Vogue in the first place

    next Goofus will resign from Highlights magazine

    1. Shamed by Gallant into resigning over opening a door for an empowered woman. Poor Goofus, in trying to be better he is now worse.

  27. “The feminists are going nuts. Why is the cis-white male doing all this Latino stuff.”

    —-Bill Burr at the Grammys

    Bill Burr is catching shit for pissing off Latinos, feminists, Latino feminists, et. al. . . .while hosting the Grammys.

    He’s lost sponsors before over the shit he says. Fucks are undoubtedly not given by Burr, but I suspect he was already the next in line for an SJW excoriatin’–for being less than thoroughly supportive of burning Gina Carano (his Mandalorian costar) at the stake.

    You’d think his, “never any reason to hit a woman” and “epidemic of gold-digging whores” routines would have made the Grammys hesitant to ask him to how–or look for someone else. Remember that time middle America had a stroke because they had no idea what their kids were watching until they saw Justin Timberlake bare Janet Jackson’s breast during the halftime show at the Superbowl? Bringing Bill “Philly Rant” Burr to the Grammys was probably even dumber than that. You need to be aware of your audience, and if the Grammys are all about not offending anybody, Bill Burr is bringing a nuclear bomb into the china shop.

    1. Are you seriously out here actually defending a white supremacist asshole that literally owns a black sex-servant? Really? Really?! Check your Jew privilege, Ken Shekelshultz. Fucking unbelievable.

      1. I thought you’d come after me for comparing what happened to Gina Carano to the Salem witch trials. How dare I make light of the real women who suffered at the hands of the white protestant patriarchy for hundreds of years–and continue to do so today! I’m just terrible.

        1. Gina Carano is a transphobic fucking bigot. Throwing her in a lake with a rock tied to her legs would be too good for that fucking Nazi cunt, you fucking Jewbag asshole.


          1. What are you G2? Pro, anti, another fucking parody [OBL and the Rabbi are already enough]?

            Ken Shekelshultz; that was good though, I have to say.

            1. Libertarian/Minarchist, but I try to dabble in a little bit of everything as far as posting goes. Serious, comedy, parody, troll-hunting, legal analysis, shitposting, etc. Jack of all trades, master of none. Maybe one day I’ll end up like OBL, or SQRLSY. Time will tell.

              1. hammering the Jewish guy for supporting the nazi-Italian is confusing and funny … so well done.

            2. “Ken Shekelshultz”

              I’m still chuckling at that.

    2. You’d think his, “never any reason to hit a woman” and “epidemic of gold-digging whores” routines would have made the Grammys hesitant to ask him to how–or look for someone else.

      Yeah, it’s almost like they were trying to boost their ratings by hiring a popular comic who they thought would draw in viewers who were eager to see/hear what edgy, controversial things he might say. Surely that wasn’t the case.

      1. hello you are old

        1. You were up kind of late on a school night, weren’t you?

          1. LOL It’s just amusing how ready you are to jump whenever someone questions you. It’s as predictable as a spring.

            You are a weak clown with a status complex who has chosen a meaningless, unmoderated and anonymous website to act like they’re a big shot. So funny. 😀 Also you are old.

    3. You’d think his, “never any reason to hit a woman” and “epidemic of gold-digging whores” routines would have made the Grammys hesitant to ask him to how–or look for someone else.

      Yeah, kinda curious that a skin-headed guy who does a bit where he explains how every other murderous dictator did it wrong and then proceeds to lay out his plan for ethnic cleansing in a faux-German accent got past the “fact” checkers.

    4. Just think what it would have been like if George Carlin ever hosted the Grammys…not that he would actually care to but Considering his attitude towards the lunacy of political correctness, I would guess he would not be too kind.

    5. He’s lost sponsors just from shit-talking them on his own podcast, and his black wife already told one queer douchebag to go fuck himself.

      That’s one couple who will spit in your eye and laugh while doing it.

  28. Reason’s Hiring:

    Anarchist shit-posters need not apply


      -At least three published clips
      -Grasp of journalistic practices and ethics
      -Sharp organizational skills
      -Ability to think about news stories from a libertarian angle

      In light of that last requirement, I would to the list that any candidate for the position must be superbly comfortable with lying to themselves and their readers.

      1. Not lying to yourself or others? Who the fuck are you, The Pope (Benedictus, not Francis)?

      2. A squeaky clean Twitter history is a must.

        1. But, if you do not have a Twitter account, it is disqualifyingly suspicious.

        2. You know, how long before companies just start saying, “Have active Twitter account with voluminous history, no need to apply”? When the Left eats their young, they do not stop.

  29. Tan white supremacist gets the shaft from younger more woke leftists.

    1. Oh snap she actually referred to herself as a person of color.

      Say why did Megan and her mom marry white guys anyway?

      White supremacy?

      1. All these black chicks are marrying white guys and I’m over here starting to think the entire giant dick thing is just a myth. But then I watch BLACKED! and those cocks are huge and I just don’t know what’s real anymore. It feels like I am being lied to and manipulated, but I just can’t figure out which side is gaslighting me more! 1619? 1776? 12 inches? HELP!!!

        1. Ok I’m going with shit-poster.

          But you’re good at it.

          1. In the afternoons — especially after lunch — yes.

        2. Its a lighting illusion. Its the reason body builders paint themselves brown.
          I think studies show that czechs are the dong kings.

          1. Czechs? Hmm. I was always under the impression they were good at fielding more of the coke can types. And, let’s be honest, the uncircumcised thing really makes it hard to project and, also, it’s disgusting.

              1. Ecuador???

                That alone is enough reason to build the wall. Does Biden know??

                1. Yeah, South America and Africa are neck and neck; and did you notice how the Asians all come up short?

                  1. Ha! 🙂

                    1. Ha ha ha ha…..ha…

              2. Well, that’s a confidence booster.

                Better than your average Cameroonian, motherfuckers!

                I like how they list penis size in relation to height.

        3. Man,I love “Blacked”
          Where do they get all those pretty women to take anal and like it?
          I have never found a woman who likes it.
          Am I looking in the wrong places?

  30. “ We are beginning to hold people to unattainable standards.”

    Beginning?! Bruh we’ve been doing this for at least 10 years now. These are your people. These are how journalists are these days.

  31. A bunch of anti-social, White, disaffected, faux libertarian, right-wing incels comment about a Black women losing a job for homophobic and bigoted tweets is surprisingly fine entertainment.

    How you guys want to spend your time until you are replaced is your choice.

    1. Arty if feeling lonely.

      Fuck you, Arty-hole.

    2. It is very good entertainment.

    3. LMAO I really start to genuinely crack up when I read the looping, broken vinyls of this guy. He revealed he is very old on volokh btw, so my guess is he is trying to deal with his own replacement fears

    4. big·ot

      noun: bigot; plural noun: bigots

      a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

    5. I’m not sure this is really Rev. ALK, as the posting did not include any barely-disguised homoerotic rape fantasies.

  32. Even living a perfect life can’t please the left. Christ did that and they hate Him too.

  33. Teen Vogue? When was the last time you saw a teenager reading a magazine?

    1. Nice try, fed.

    2. Probably just to fill their spank rol-o-dex

  34. Those tweets she made are pretty innocuous, imo. They don’t in any way make me think the person who wrote them as a teen has some anti-Asian hate.

    1. And probably the same can be said for 90% of the so called wave of “Anti Asian Hate Attacks” but what difference, at this point, does it make?

      The Anti AAPI Hate Crime Howitzer has been fired


  35. I was in the room with a woman offended that characters in a made up kids book were gendered. She was like, “WTF? Why do they have to be gendered?”

    There are people out there, real people, in the world, that read and hear about this shit, think it sounds awesome, and want join in as soon and as hard as they can.

    I have no idea why.

    1. “Because the pedos reading it need to know which kid they are beating off to”

  36. They eat their young.
    They always have.

    No matter how Woke you might happen to be today, there’s always another, tomorrow, who is Woker. Robespierre was, like, supercool and superwoke in 1792 when he ‘swung’ the blade which beheaded the King. 30 months later he screamed when the blade equally fell for him.

    We should not be surprised.
    The New Jacobins demand an absolute purity. And since purity is never and can never be absolute, it’s only a matter of whether the latest Woke Committee, running their own special Reign of Terror deems your impurities terminal. It’s only a matter of time.

    Yadayada…she was just a stupid kid when she made the fatal error of putting in writing a thought which would some 10 years later be distinctly unapproved. Did she think her youth would save her? Al Franken was an actor rehearsing a scene when his slippery little tongue Frenched Leeann (without her permission! the horror!) There’s never an excuse.

    The Forbidden is forbidden. And the forbidden-list is infinite. It has no bottom, no top, there’s always something new the Wokest can add to it. Did you elbow a protected species one day, 30 years ago, when jostling for a rebound? Did you ask a girl out who didn’t want to be asked out (by YOU!)? Did you ever tell a dirty joke? Or listen to one? Or were you just in the vicinity of a dirty joke and did you fail to correct the inappropriate jokester?

    Sins of commission and omission are everywhere. It’s simply a matter of whether or not Torquemada feels today, that The Question should be put to you.

    The author bemoans the intolerance of Teen Vogue’s staff (and their Woke advertisers) but even Robby flounces, strikes a pose and admits, “the tweets in question are indeed offensive: a mix of anti-Asian stereotypes, and even some homophobia.” But what really should be said is SO WHAT? Ten years ago she tweeted petty, stupid things. So what? EVERYONE thinks and says stupid, petty things….especially when they believe themselves (rightly or wrongly) to be a space which is effectively ‘safe’.

    Obviously she was wrong. And someone made her pay, saving those now deleted tweets for two years, just in case she or he might have a chance to ruin the Offender. And so it came to pass.

    God save us.
    We have become intolerant fools, and all the adults have long ago left the room.

    1. Well done, sir. Very well said.

      1. Accidental flag. Sorry

    2. You have a great point but watching this unfold has been quite satisfying. After all that has gone on, I am not above enjoying the Sans-Culottes ending up under the blade

    3. “There’s no way to destroy reputable people. The only power any social movement has is the power to crack down on bigots. Well, when there aren’t enough bigots, one makes them. One declares so many things to be bigotry that it becomes impossible for people to be anything but bigots.”

      ― Ayn Rand updated for the Social Media era

      1. The original is so spot on, though.

    4. Speak for yourself, God isn’t going to help you.

      An inalienable right belongs to the possessor.

      Who wants to violate it is irrelevant.

      It’s still coercion. If you accept that, you are a fool.

  37. It would be interesting, now that this cancel movement is going mainstream, to check how many cancel crusades are started by someone who was next in line for the job the cancelee got fired from.

    1. I’m guessing 80% and the other 20% were romantically spurned by the penitent.

      1. I’m going to go with jealous person who was romantically spurned as a 3rd party. Go after the new girlfriend, take her out of the picture, then maybe he’ll come back to you. Or the jealous never-really-spurned-because-he-doesn’t-even-know-you’re-alive 3rd party.

  38. “Even so, the perception that anti-Asian hate crimes are rising—including the possibility that the Georgia massage parlor murders were motivated by anti-Asian bias—meant it was bad timing for an incoming editor to be involved in an even tangentially related controversy.”

    If they had not fired her, would anyone in the larger public even cared about it?

    The possibility that the massage parlor murders were motivated by anti-asian bias was baseless speculation, but this conspiracy theorizing is not going to be adequately debunked, is it?

    1. If this particular guy – from insanity or evil or both – is anti-Asian, why does that implicate anyone other than that guy and (if he has any) his accomplices?

      1. Yes, or what the fuck does this have to do with me? It is like guilt by association based on very superficial and attenuated matters.

      2. Because Trump. They’re going to keep tying things around his neck for decades after he’s dead and gone. He’s “literally the next Hitler”.

  39. What happened to this girl is a piece of solidified hydrogen sulfide…..

  40. I don’t get it. Why, when the tweets first surfaced, didn’t Alexi just claim she was drugged?

    She has a history of making(and even publishing) public claims of being drugged in bars.


  41. “Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.” George Carlin.
    He expressed exactly how I feel about the entire situation.
    My opinion is this: f*** you if you don’t like what I said. I’m not here to make your life comfy and cozy, in fact just a little of the opposite, to make you feel uncomfortable and stomp on your warm fuzzy feelings.
    Grow up children. It’s time to start acting like adults instead of 25 year old infants and spoiled, little narcissists. The world owes you nothing, it was here first.

    1. 1a is an inalienable right to protect us from coercion over what we say.

      The question is, why isn’t it?

      Why are we allowing private and state vigilantes to coerce us?

      1. “1a is an inalienable right to protect us from coercion over what we say.
        The question is, why isn’t it?
        Why are we allowing private and state vigilantes to coerce us?”

        Pretty sure Nazi scum who lies about the holocaust finds that to be a cogent comment.
        Not so the rest of us, Nazi scum.

    2. 25 is a little old for a teen magazine, isn’t it?

      (Oh, hi, Rob)

  42. “What’s the point?”

    Thinking twice before tweeting your brainfarts to the world? If your future career is of importance to you, that is.

    1. In which case, you have real problems.

      1. Worrying about tweets getting me canned from Teen Vogue isn’t one of them.

  43. Fuck her and the other lefties. Hard. They asked for cancel, they get it.

  44. as this insanity continues and spreads more virulently than has the wuhan flu, it won’t be long before all anyone needs to do to destroy anyone else, at any time, is to make some claim, true or false, verifiable or not, about soe stupid thing from the wayback machine, and BOOM, the selected victim no longer exists ,for al practical purposes. NO ONE will be exempe or immune. THEN WHAT? WHO will rescue us from such a fate?

  45. According to one TV news claimant, Trump is responsible for the current ‘crisis’ of violence against Asians, since he identified the source of WuFlu as China!

    1. I bet that made you angry!

      1. lol mwrongman is triggered by the term WuFlu

        1. If you ever visit Wuhan, make sure to take in the giant statue of Mao Zedong, ‘the Great Helmsman.’

          1. Huh? Who cares about that? How triggered are you really? 😀

            1. “Who cares about that? ”

              Sorry that huge statues if Mao don’t float your boat. Still. Wuhan does have its charms. Some of the architecture is reminiscent of Shanghai’s Bund, dating back to its role as an inland entrepot.

              1. Fuck off, troll.

                1. I’m glad you asked. I’ll be happy to tell you about my personal adventures in Wuhan sometime later.

                2. Oh, and my condolences that you saw something negative about Trump on that mean old TV.

    2. But it’s OK to talk about the South African variant, the UK variant…you’d think at least that South African variant would have to be racist…

  46. The proper politics are something that are being taught in America’s elite pre schools to avoid these types of incidents. It’s laying the foundations for a new caste system and class based discrimination. They are discrimating against you, only against your lack of proper political thought since your earliest recorded thoughts.

  47. Second, the tweets in question are indeed offensive: a mix of anti-Asian stereotypes, and even some homophobia. But they were written when she was 17. She should not have said those things, and she is right to be sorry about it

    Why the fuck does Robby the scold work here again?

    1. I absolutely hate stories like this where the supposedly horrible statements are not printed. Show us the starting place for the story or all of the rest lacks a foundation. I’d like to see for myself if what was said is offensive or incorrect. Teen Vogue is Marxist garbage and her relation with it suggests she is a piece of garbage. She could have praised Hitler as a kid and I don’t think that should prevent her from having a job. It feels satisfying that woke culture is eating their own more frequently now, but it is necessary to loudly espouse the principle of free speech. Robby feeling the need to give in to the emotional bs and declare things offensive just adds to the erosion of free speech. Have standards. Apply them evenly

  48. So an incoming editor has been driven out because staffers were allegedly outraged by her supposedly offensive teenage tweets.

    Could it be possible that the staffers were more offended by an outsider getting a plum job that the staffers may have wanted for themselves, or for another insider, and the tweets were merely a convenient pretext? Just asking.

  49. I’m so grateful there was no social media in my stupid years. Biden’s stimulus should have included a fainting couch for every American.

  50. Hate speech is the one that most needs protection.
    Let 1,000 flowers bloom.
    May the best ideas win.

  51. That’s not enough! She needs to be marched through the town being whipped every step of the way and then forced to kneel at the alter of woke, praying for forgiveness, for which there isn’t any and forced to fast for seven days. Let the penance begin!
    Now about those old stocks and pillorys……….

  52. Without advocating cancel culture, it is always nice–in a schadenfreude way–to see them eating their own now.

  53. I am torn by this article. On the one hand, i laugh to see one of the ‘woke’ get eaten by her own. On the other, I think it is utterly ridiculous to fire someone over something said when they were a kid. Most, if not all of us, have told jokes or made comments that we thought were funny at the time that probably weren’t. More importantly, people have said things that were perfectly acceptable 10 or 20 years ago that the ‘woke’ crowd finds appalling. The word ‘colored” was once the preferred terminology as evidenced by the fact that the ‘C’ in NAACP is ‘Colored.’ Now it would get you fired even though ‘People of Color’ is now the accepted standard. I guess that ‘ed’ on the end makes all the difference.

  54. She was 18 – we all do foolish things at 18. However, how many of us made bigotted comments at 18 (on social media or otherwise)? I did not. It reflects what she felt, and most of us are pretty well formed in our attitudes by race.

    There is also a bit of a double-edged sword in play here. The left (of which I’m a member) has held people accountable (on the right) for bigotry, how would they appear anything other than hypocritical to not hold themselves accountable to the same standard? We can say that “well, she was a kid”, and personally, i think forcing her out was too strong based on her age, but forcing Al Franken to resign before the investigation was completed was too, and no one, certainly no one on the right, objected. Also, we seem perfectly happy to try people in adult court for crimes they commit at 16 (or even younger in a few cases), including executing them – we recently executed someone who was 17 at the time of their crime.

    We, as a nation, need to decide how we are going to treat “adultolescents” as they are sometimes called, meaning, those who are adult physically but still developing mentally. We should NOT, as you have done here Reason, cherry-pick when we want to be outraged (about age, or because it’s not our political party member) and when we do not.

    Repubs need to likewise hold themselves to some standard. We have seen Lindsay Graham talk out of both sides of his face on very serious issues in just the last six months. I know there are Dems who have done so too, but unlike all too many Repubs, most Dems hold our pols, as well as “our” journalists, accountable (like Franken).

    Long and short, THAT is the issue, and if you want to be taken seriously, Reason staff, you would have made THAT the issue (meaning our inconsistent age standards and problems arising therefrom) – rather than alligator tears about the mistreatment of one reporter – especially given your on-going contempt for mainstream media.

    1. ” how would they appear anything other than hypocritical ”

      People without principles have virtually no compunction about being called hypocritical. It’s basically an oxymoron at that point.

    2. “how would they appear anything other than hypocritical to not hold themselves accountable to the same standard?”

      And why would they care? Leftists are completely up-front about their double standards. They make no pretense of holding themselves to the same standards as those they hate. Such hypocrisy doesn’t embarrass them in the least.

      1. Clearly you are wrong because pretty clearly I object and the left held Franken, on it’s own, accountable, while you on the right, NEVER held Trump accountable, nor Limbaugh, nor anyone else who engaged in sexual misconduct or abuse, or for making racist comments.

        The accusation of hypocrisy has become useless when leveled against the other party, but we certainly have to level it against ourselves.

        The point, though, that you all chose to miss and cherry-pick instead, is that we have a ludicrously fluid standard of expectations around young adults. I rather doubt her comments at 17 didn’t reflect her views at the time, but people change.

        More importantly, no one is perfect, and she should be allowed to evolve, especially from the age of 17 to 28.

        The issue is, not what she said, or whether the left or right forced her out, for neither did – there are consequences to your words and she is suffering those. The question is, should she? Should we hold 17 year olds to a standard that we would not hold a 14 year old? And if so, how uniformly are we going to do so? Party should not matter.

  55. In the bay area violent attacks on Asians went from something like 5 in 2019 to 25 in 2020. Which the hapless media will report as “an increase of more than 150%!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH now all Asian dead”

    In fact, some of these definitely not enemies people will post the actual stat and still hyperventilate.

    Oh no, hate crime incidents (AKA prank calls and vandalism) on Asians went up in LA from 7 in 2019 to 15 in 2020. And it happened during the summer of love where the evil police men were defunded, meaning there should have been LESS hate crimes. Round these people up and send them back to their countries for their OWN good.

    But hey, who am I to get in the way of the left buying into hyperbole to eat their own? After all, blacks are the top killers of Asians – right? If we hold these people to their own standard, more of them will be cancelled. That’s the point and the only way for these people to see the error of their ways.

  56. GOOD! she was a dipshit to tweet at all and now her retarded teen blatherings will haunt her and those like her in their own pasts. lets hope the silly bullshit expands to drag the black journo association that lauded her so they can all get a taste of the horseshit they peddle. they can all have an apology fest and flog each other as they vie for “most virtuous” all while awaiting their turn in the cancel barrel.

    a tweet is no more than a vanity cry of “look at me, look at me”. i am still waiting to see ANYTHING good come from tweeting. if you get any sort of whammy from your participation on twitter you have ONLY yourself to blame.


  57. Utterly ridiculous. In an age where the woke are digging into a person’s teen years for political incorrectness, and Democrats are colluding with a middle school principal and a senator’s prom date to damage his reputation, it’s entirely possible that schoolyard insults, even diaper training accidents will be the next targets for the dirt-digger’s investigators.

  58. Who is Robby Soave, who is so presumptuous that he judges what Alexi McCammond said when she was 17:
    “She should not have said those things, and she is right to be sorry about it.”
    OMG, what she said when she was 17 is just none of his business. We really don’t have speech police in a free country.

    1. PG2, please recognize that an employer isn’t the government. The government had no involvement here. So, the “police” were those who (on the left) investigated this person. The person who effectively forced her out was her own employer, not those who investigated her. Had her employer said, “Hey, we knew, and we’re ok.” she would have stayed. But, as a publisher of a TEEN magazine, a population/demographic that has NO tolerance for intolerance, this woman’s words were seen as toxic.

      I don’t think she should have been forced out. If she was qualified, her employer should have shown some class and said, “We’ve had a number of meetings with Ms. McCammond and she recognizes how improper those words were. Yet, which of us, at 17, are perfect, or always keep our more dark thoughts, to ourselves. We are confident in Ms. McCammond’s contrition just as we are confident in her capabilities to do this job in an unbiased way.” Had they done that, this would have likely died.

      What I also find astounding is that the right is upset about her treatment when the right is laughing about, and applauding the investigation of Andrew Cuomo – I have yet to hear any accusation against Cuomo that said he did anything more than improperly kiss a female co-worker on the cheek or forehead or say things which gave an IMPRESSION of interest – in short, skirting the edge, probably on purpose. Is what he did wrong, YES, absolutely, does he deserve to be forced out when he carries the support of the majority of NYers (still)? I think just like the McCammond case, what he did was wrong, and no he’s not a 17 year old, but is the solution, which ALWAYS seems to be to force someone to resign, is that the right outcome?

      So many on the right want to complain about “woke” attacks on McCammond but you have no issue with the same approach for Cuomo, and you don’t because you want Cuomo gone. He’s a real threat nationally. I don’t like what he did, but I feel there should be a conclusion to an investigation before I decide whether I agree with forcing him out. I suspect you want him to go, yet, it’s not like he is accused of walking up and grabbing women by their genitals.

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