Brickbat: Are You Not Eyeballing Me?


In Liverpool, South Sydney, Australia, Senior Constable Mark Follington says an arrest of Anya Bradford in a hotel bar began when Bradford did not make eye contact with him. Follington says it is his experience that people who don't make eye contact with police officers often have warrants out for them. Bradford did not. Bradford was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. Those charges were dropped, and Follington has been charged with tampering with evidence and falsifying documents related to the arrest.

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  1. Or maybe she’s just not into you.

    1. He is probably pug ugly and looks threatening. No one would want to make eye contact with him, let alone a young lady who is alone.

      1. RTA. That’s no lady.

        1. But when I looked in her eyes, well, I almost fell for my Lola

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                1. Do you ever get any suckers and saps as stupid as you were to fall for this scam?

    2. The Senior Constable fancies ladyboys is what you’re saying.

      1. It’s a crying game.

        1. “That’s a man, baby!”–Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.

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  2. In my experience law enforcement officers who fail to make eye contact with the truth on arrest reports often get away with it.

    1. Despite generous use of the phrase, “In plain view.”

  3. “That Sheila’s a bloke, Bruce!”

    A police officer in New South Wales, Australia has admitted to forcibly arresting a transgender woman at a hotel bar in May 2019 because she didn’t make eye contact with him.

    Follington and another officer, Probationary Constable Mark Brown, asked for Bradford’s name as she tried to leave the bar.
    She allegedly told the officers to “f*ck off,” mentioned that she didn’t have her ID and said she had a meeting to get to.
    When the two officers tried to block her exit from the bar, she ran off in the opposite direction.

    1. Does it matter? In the end, Bradford was arrested for not being sufficiently deferential to the police when they demanded for no good reason.

      1. Did I say that it did? But a member of the new alpha-victimhood-class can also claim whatever they want and the courts would be too frightened to disagree.
        The testimony of a tranny’s versus a cops is the new unmoveable object meets irresistible force.

        1. This exacty.

          1. Curious detail for Reason to have left out …

        2. I get that the arrest happened in Australia not the USA but I believe the Declaration of Independence transcends national boundaries and human rights are human rights.

          Innocent until proven guilty means I will ALWAYS take the word of any citizen ANYWHERE over the word of a government employee until/unless that government employee proves to me personally beyond a doubt that the citizen is wrong.

          End the police state.

          McVeigh was right.

          1. McVeigh was a terrorist fucktard.

            1. McVeigh killed commies.

              Die commie die. ๐Ÿ™‚

          2. “I believe the Declaration of Independence transcends national boundaries[.}”

            That makes no sense, historically or politically.

            1. The Declaration of Independence enumerates natural rights that belong to all human beings because of our humanity.

              Historically, human rights have been vilified by politics so you are accurate. There is no historical precedence. The Declaration is purely American.

              But the words in the Declaration of Independence are not law themselves and recognize laws that are above and beyond politics or national or even interstellar boundaries.

              This is because nature or Nature’s God in the DofI is similarly not limited.

              1. You are right that the rights spoken of in The Declaration of Independence are natural rights that all sapient beings possess.

                However, Timothy McVeigh violated those rights of innocent non-combatants as surely as the U.S. Government did in Ruby Ridge, Idaho with the Weaver Family and in Waco, Texas with the Branch Davidians.

                Also, MacVeigh’s acts in OKC got us no closer to the ideals of the Founders and triggered police-state reactions that turned back the progress of freedom. Hence, MacVeigh is no libertarian hero.

                1. The FBI has been at war with the US Constitution and the American people since inception.

                  This is war. If the FBI hides behind human shields there will be collateral damage. Such damage is well within the rules of engagement.

                  McVeigh’s actions did move us closer to liberty. 168 FBI agents were unable to participate in the 2016-2020 coup or murder Americans.

                  We the people failed him and failed to follow up.

                  We should close the FBI and police and all unelected, anti-American law enforcement agencies. Those that will not close peacefully should be hounded to the ends of the Earth.

    2. “…When they got her undressed, it was a big ol’ mess, Sheila was a man?!”

  4. Autists of the World Unite!

    1. Dyslexics of the world, Untie!

      1. There are also Dyslexic Atheists with Fedoras who who say: “Dog does not exist, Ady’Mil!”

    2. World Unite? Is there an international autism group that I’m not a part of?

      1. As you can probably surmise, the meetings are, well, kinda happenstance.

        It’s sorta like the time I offended a Solipsist and was going to get a visit from The Solipsist Lobby…They just never managed to show up… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Her eyes say no, but her lips say “fuck off”.

    1. So Autism Spectrum and Copralalia? Wow, she’d make a great Mistress with her own BDSM dungeon!

  6. Australia is rated way too high on the freedom indices.

  7. >>people who don’t make eye contact with police officers

    are trying to not invite bullets?

  8. 61-year-old Senior Constable Mark Follington said he noticed 25-year-old Anya Bradford’s lack of eye contact

    I blame cell phones. Now get the hell off my lawn!

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