Brickbat: Road Rage


The Harris County, Texas, sheriff's office says it is investigating a deputy caught on video pulling a gun on a motorist and threatening to kill him. George Dickerson says a deputy riding a motorcycle in front of him slammed on his brakes, forcing him to also stop suddenly. There was a second deputy, also riding a motorcycle, behind Dickerson. Dickerson said that second deputy got angry with him and pulled his gun on him. Neither of the deputies was named by local media.

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  1. “…If I threatened to kill somebody, I’d go to jail,” said George Dickerson, who had a gun pulled on him by a deputy. “If I held a gun to whomever and said I’m going to kill you, that’s a terroristic threat.”

    If you want to go around threatening people with absolute impunity then step up and wear the badge.

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    2. It’s qualified impunity that’s the problem, though I am sure absolute has its champions too.

      1. The lack of criminal charges by prosecutors is a bigger problem. Never until their back is against a wall.

  2. Needs more training.

    1. Needs to be off the force. You can’t train a psychopath out of being a psychopath.

  3. The video should be enough for a (Texas) court to put the cop behind bars for threatening with a deadly weapon. A traffic cop should know that he is required to follow at a safe distance.

    1. Ha, Ha , Ha , good one. Oh, your serious ?

    2. Back in high school Drivers Ed, “following at a safe distance” turned into a heated discussion when the instructor insisted that if your vehicle hits someone from behind, it’s always your fault because you were following too close. Didn’t matter if the car in front stops on a time for absolutely no reason—if you are not too close, you will be able to avoid hitting them, he said. Made me afraid to tailgate anyone, that’s for sure.

      1. *stops on a dime
        Damn lack of an edit button!

      2. As both a legal and ethical matter, your drivers ed instructor was correct. If you can’t stop your car in time when the car in front stops for absolutely no reason, then you won’t be able to stop in time when the car in front slams on the breaks for some very good reason that you just can’t see. What if, for example, a little kid runs into the road? The car in front locks up the brakes and (barely) misses the kid but you slam into her from behind. You were clearly driving too fast for conditions and failed to control your vehicle. Take away the kid and you were still driving too fast for conditions and failed to control your vehicle.

        And if the lesson made you and your classmates afraid to tailgate, I’d say “mission accomplished”.

        1. Incorrect. As a legal matter, it is a rebuttable presumption that the person who strikes someone from behind is at fault, but they are able to overcome this presumption with sufficient evidence showing that the lead motorist was at fault. This confusion is common among those who are not lawyers. For example, if you have a dashboard cam that shows the person in the front locked up their brakes for no reason or even backed up into you, you may overcome the presumption and the person in the front may be held liable for the accident.

          1. Basically, rebuttable presumptions shift the burden of proof onto the defendant.

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      3. Tailgating is stupid. I was rear ended once, the moron tried to blame me. He claims that I “brake checked him”. I say that I was trying to avoid hitting a poor squirrel in the road. The cop told him, “I don’t care if that guy stopped in the fast lane of I 55 and took a dump on the median, you hit him from behind, you are at at fault.” The guy got an attorney and I would get letters saying that I owed the douche money. I sent him a letters back that had pictures of squirrels with sayings like “eat my nuts” and “please don’t tailgate”!

  4. Who among us hasn’t fantasized about pulling a gun on a fellow motorist? Well, now your fantasies can become real! Just get a badge.

  5. I have run into this problem myself in Houston, in the middle of rush hour they will pull a funeral procession onto a busy freeway stopping traffic. They need to either stop allowing funeral processions during rush hour or keep them on the surface streets. This is just an accident waiting to happen.

    1. Maybe the casket is empty, and they are trolling for a volunteer.

      1. We all the know the funeral business is dying.

    2. Where I’m from, all funeral processions are between 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. There really is no justification for a rush hour funeral procession, and any supervising officer who approves an escort detail at that time is a cop who is a danger to public safety, but I repeat myself.

    3. BLM doesn’t stop blocking traffic after death!

  6. From the description, the officer didn’t just in a fit of rage, exasperation, or distress, pull a gun on him. They had him boxed in when the front cyclist stopped short. This was a team effort/conspiracy.

  7. Fortunately that was more than made up for by the next story, in which a school security guard used the Heimlich maneuver to rescue a choking victim.

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