Cancel Culture

Americans' Lust To 'Cancel' One Another Should Spark Soul Searching

It's the result of our overly politicized culture where many people like to shame and destroy their enemies, but it is undermining the benefits of free and open dialogue.


After annoying some progressive activists years ago over a column I wrote about a property dispute between a predominantly Latino school district and one of its neighbors, I had to sit through a meeting where I was questioned about my ethnic sensitivity. It was a weird feeling given that my column covered land-use matters and not race or nationality. Fortunately, my critics were polite and the editors had my back. Life went on.

Nevertheless, the incident provided a "note to self" moment. Imagine what can happen to those who say or write something that's too close to—or slightly over—the (ill-defined) line. I've published 200,000 words In recent years, canceling has become quite the phenomenon. It's the result of our overly politicized culture where many people like to shame and destroy their enemies. Since it seems that we're all now members of warring political tribes, there are plenty of enemies to go around. Social media platforms make that shaming process fast, fun, and easy.

Did you read about the 30-year-old executive who, before boarding a 2013 flight from New York to South Africa in 2013, sent out snarky tweets from the airport? She joked about a German with body odor, Brits with bad teeth, and then—to her regret—let loose an offensive tweet about AIDS and Africa. Despite having only 170 followers, the tweet went viral. Her career and reputation were ruined by the time the flight landed in Cape Town.

Last week, we learned that The New York Times ousted a top reporter, 45-year veteran Donald McNeil Jr., after 150 fellow employees demanded his firing. They learned that he had used the N-word while representing the newspaper during a 2019 trip to Peru. In his apology, McNeil explained that he was "asked at dinner by a student whether I thought a classmate of hers should have been suspended for a video she had made as a 12-year-old in which she used a racial slur."

McNeil said he "asked if she had called someone else the slur or whether she was rapping or quoting a book title. In asking the question, I used the slur itself." The Times took an unyielding approach. "We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent," the newspaper's top editors said in explanation. No wonder so many normal, non-racist Americans are concerned about canceling.

Intent should always be a factor. Not that these incidents usually are judicial matters, but our legal system provides a guide. There are much stiffer penalties for those who plot an elaborate murder and for those who accidentally kill someone through recklessness or even by accident. If intent doesn't matter and due process is denied, then we all better clam up, keep our heads down, and not look at anyone the wrong way.

Certainly, private companies are free to set their own standards. I'm legally allowed to spend my weekends speaking at neo-Nazi rallies, publicly praying for an Islamic state, or organizing the local chapter of the Communist Party, but my employer has every right to dismiss my "at will" contract after learning about any of those activities. (Note: Do not call the editor or "cancel" your subscription. That was only a joke.)

Many of us, however, feel frustrated by the inconsistent standards. The Times embraced "zero tolerance" with McNeil, but took a different approach in 2018 when it hired Sarah Jeong, who had used the hashtag #CancelWhitePeople. Among her many odd tweets: "Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins?" I ponder the intent of that question.

What do we do? There are no simple answers, but we can embrace general guidelines. Canceling was designed to attack public figures. How about cutting non-public figures slack? Let's recognize a statute of limitations. Saturday Night Live featured a hilarious skit about cancel warriors who doxed 5-year-olds for their insensitive words. It should make us think twice before ruining someone's life because of a stupid teen-aged post.

Despite the Times' editors' arguments, I think intentions matter. So do apologies. And how about recognizing that punishments ought to fit the transgression? People who incite online mobs ride a moral high horse. Let's view them for what they really are: the online version of Mean Girls, who take perverse pleasure in humiliating others.

I'm not calling for policy or legal changes, but for Americans to do some soul-searching as they navigate a brave new social-media world where small mistakes can be telegraphed to millions. The bottom line: Let's be more forgiving and embrace a broader culture of open dialogue.

This column was first published in The Orange County Register.

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    2. To Steve Greenhut
      You wrote and entire article About cancel culture, and included your own experience with accusations of racism.
      Recounted the episode where someone was fired from the times for a discussion about the use of the N-word.
      And you even discussed the double standards at the New York Times.

      Yet nowhere did you say that cancel culture is the work of leftist, Democrats.
      The right, conservatives, Republicans do not have a cancel culture.
      All of your suggestions for improvement are already central tenets of conservatives.
      So until you identify the problem as leftist Democrats, you will do nothing to solve it

  2. That was only a joke.

    Only someone with unaddressed privilege would make such a triggering joke. Verdict: CANCELED

    [Sits back, enjoys rush of power]

  3. What do we do?

    Close your Twitter account and never look back.

    1. What is Twitter?

      1. It’s a highly specialized social media service for twits.

        1. And twats.

          1. (some emoji thing) indicating support of your comment.

            1. Gratzia.

  4. How dare you insult leftists by calling them Americans!

  5. Schadenfreude syndrome

    1. Ja wol!

  6. Let’s be more forgiving and embrace a broader culture of open dialogue.

    While you’re at it, you could advise heroin addicts to stop using heroin. I suspect heroin is an easier addiction to kick than the high you get from the self-righteous casting into the Eternal Hellfire of Damnation of a loathsome worm who’s guilty of Wrongthink and thereby proves he’s beyond redemption and you’re an avenging angel setting the world aright on its moral axis. Nothing is as satisfying as being the first to notice the mote in our neighbor’s eye and pointing it out to everybody else.

    1. +; Damned well said sir.

    2. “Sounds like you’ve had too much to think.”

      1. “Sounds like you’ve had too much to think.”

        I am stealing this line!

  7. Stop using Twitter.

    Problem mostly solved.

    1. And, also, stop prosecuting people for posting memes.

      This would have been a good time to discuss Ricky Vaughn, Reason.

      Monkey see, monkey do. Government jailing people for wrongthink sends the worst possible message.

      1. Just the opposite. Jailing people for wrongthink is the best way to suppress the opposition.

      2. Or harrassing people for things that someone else said.

        1. Fucking Christ.

        2. Wow!

        3. Crazy video! How much you want to bet the cop’s will be retuning to do a no-knock raid because of an anonymous tip that some fugitive was spotted hiding there? There won’t be anyone, of course, but when her house is trashed or even destroyed and the cops don’t need to pay for any damage, she’ll get the message loud and clear.

        4. Trespassing is a crime …yada yada….. so dont do it.
          ok officer….oh … btw…. officer – dont hunt black people and kill them and then plant a gun on them to justify murder … thats a crime!

        5. The local radio station morning crew talked about it this morning.

          I was kind of stunned. They’re the transgressive sort of mildly naughty morning crew. Their take? You play with fire and it’s going to get hot.

          So what did the lady say that was so horrible? Well, the county commission had decided they were going to kick out anyone who was on a zoom meeting without a mask. No, seriously. Because they have a mask policy, you have to wear your mask to the zoom meeting. (Don’t blame me, I’m just reporting what they said on the radio)

          So some guy jokes online That maybe they should all show up at this commissioner’s house and dump a bunch of garbage on her lawn. And then the lady who got the visit from the police posted that maybe they should dump thousands of masks.

          That’s it. That’s why the police decided to show up!

          And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what’s wrong with America. Nobody in the chain can simply laugh at someone and tell them they’re being an idiot. I get County commission lady. she’s professionally outraged and she’s all worried that a mob is going to show up and dump garbage on her lawn, so she calls her buddy the sherrif. That makes sense.

          But because he’s a politician and not a human being, he needs to preserve his political alliance. So instead of laughing at her and telling her to grow a thicker skin, he calls a lieutenant and says handle it. Instead of the lieutenant being a human being and laughing at him and saying this is not something worth spending our time on, he recognizes that his career is on the line so he shuts up and tells a detective to do it. The detective having the same choice, decides that he’s going to go pay her a visit as instructed.

          All the way down the line, everyone had an opportunity to be a human being and laugh it off. But they didn’t. And now it’s on every news channel.

          But what really stood out for me was this local radio show taking the side of the Jack booted thugs over a couple of people joking around in the chat. I mean, they say worse stuff all the time. they’re trying to be funny on the radio for a couple of hours a day five days a week for the last two decades or more. Of course they say a bunch of stupid stuff.

          Yet their immediate take was two side with the jack booted thugs. Not that it’s a first amendment issue, not that it’s a joke, not that people get their panties in a twist over all kinds of nonsense, none of that. Nope their worry was not that they sent someone who chose his form of identification as “what do you want, my badge, my gun, my handcuffs?” Because a county commissioner didn’t like being made fun of. Their worry was that “you don’t know what people will do. There are a lot of crazy people online.”.

          Hell in a handbasket, people. That’s where we are headed

    2. The key to happiness today is not having a twit account or any account that can be attributed to ones self. That and not being employed or retired so you can’t have your livelihood taken from you for wrongthink. Fuckem if they are a joke.

  8. “Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins?”

    Doesn’t she read her Tolkien? Orcs (“Goblins”) come out of their caves lots of times to fight against the forces of good.

    1. …and I see from Wikipedia that in 2019 she was reassigned from editorial board to opinion columnist, which to me looks like a demotion, but what do I know?

      1. It wasn’t for her racism though. She tweeted that cancelling NYT subscriptions in support of cancel culture works. Obviously the NYT supports cancel culture, but does not approve of this particular method.

        sarah jeong
        Sep 27, 2019
        Replying to
        You’re wrong. NYT does pay attention to subscriber cancellations. It’s one of the metrics for “outrage” that they take to distinguish between “real” outrage and superficial outrage. What subscribers say can back up dissenting views inside the paper about what it should do and be.

        1. Money talks, and we know what walks.

    2. #EatTheEloi. #MorlockPride

      1. To Serve Eloi–future best seller.

    3. Yeah, but most of them hate and fear sunlight which is part of why Sauron wants to block out the sun.

      1. Souron never tried to block the sun. That was Mr. Burns.

        1. Burns could kick Sauron’s sorry ass, and it would be ‘excellent’ (tents fingers).

    4. Well, she’s probably got those slanted eyes as a natural squint to help keep the sun out of her eyes. And she’s probably really small, so…


  9. As per usual, the article fails to truly address who is the the problem. It isn’t “Americans” who are obsessed with canceling one another. It is the left who is obsessed with canceling anyone who doesn’t espouse thw current narrative. For the most part, being on the left is a talisman that protects an individual against the cancel mob. It is worth noting how narrow the range of acceptable ideas is becoming and how far to one side it has gone. Can Reason cut the bs, stop the false equivalence, and address that the biggest (not only) threat to libertarian principles comes from the left

    1. The answer to your question is “No.” Do you know why that’s the answer? Because Reason doesn’t want to get cancelled. There is blood in the water, and Reason is committed to blaming the ocean just as much as the sharks.

      1. Reason is controlled “opposition” – they are as invested in leftist totalitarianism as any msm outlet, but their role is to appear to value liberty.
        They’re not particularly competent, but they’re certainly enthusiastic.

        1. Indeed.

        2. ROFLMAO

    2. “Imagine what can happen to those who say or write something that’s too close to—or slightly over—the (ill-defined) line.”

      Yes, the “narrow range of acceptable ideas” is progressing toward it’s logical conclusion. The “in” group will become so constricted that they will find themselves to be an absurd minority who can only babble to themselves.

      So let us deny the existence of “cancel culture;” from what I’ve seen it takes out more card carrying liberals who no longer measure up the increasingly narrow range, and who subject themselves to a struggle session replete with groveling and abject apologies [for doing nothing “wrong”]; let it follow its course until it breaks down, or it becomes so repressive that it can no longer be tolerated. It is the only way we will separate and rebuild our societies and governments according to notions like inalienable rights and due process.

      1. How quickly the authors here rushed to spout the approved party line about the events in DC on January 6th shows just how fully and willingly they have fallen into line.

        Sadly, their enthusiasm for the task indicated a higher degree of willingness than coercion.

      2. “from what I’ve seen it takes out more card carrying liberals who no longer measure up the increasingly narrow range, and who subject themselves to a struggle session replete with groveling and abject apologies [for doing nothing “wrong”]”

        Which is, of course, why Reason is finally acknowledging it

        1. It’s the explanation and justification for why they are addressing it.

          1. ie. Nothing ironic at all.

    3. Yep. If you’re not part of the Ctrl-Left, they think you’re Alt-Right.

      1. I’ve grown increasingly convinced that the country will dissolve; not be means of another Civil War [with 625,000 casualties] but that localities and eventually States will just not enforce the mandates. I realize this article is about social media and private persons and organizations succumbing to their pressure, but as society moves to expand this gauntlet do you really think the government will be far behind, with “hate speech” laws as we see in places like GB? And of course there will be gun control laws that have virtually nothing to do with actual crime, but are proffered as a means of criminalizing the otherwise law abiding. And then there are initiative like the “Green New Deal” whereby society will be transformed [and impoverished] via the platform of an “environmental crisis.”

        Let it break down; when it gets beyond “sanctuaries” and a plurality of citizens stop paying taxis, the government will either give in and retreat to a more acceptable and limited form, or cease to exist. It’s the only way any of us will regain any semblance of a society based on notions like freedom from tyranny.

        1. If you’re not willing to kill to keep your liberty, you’re going to have it taken.

          1. Indeed. This country has far too many progs. However we have many guns, lots of ammo, and no shortage of dump trucks and landfills.

            Progtards beware.

          2. Nardz….One can also choose to leave, instead of kill.

            Consider this situation. I live in the People’s Republic of NJ. It is a regulatory nightmare, business unfriendly, ultra-high taxes, has draconian gun laws, and has served us poorly during the pandemic. The political leadership is corrupt and incompetent. There are just too many followers of the “Book of Karen”.

            Consequently, I am selling my home and leaving. They (progressives) won the fight here in the People’s Republic of NJ. They will not change unless it collapses. And it will surely collapse.

            An alternative to killing is voluntary separation.

            1. Except when the collapse comes, it will look to the Feds to bail them out, at the expense of every tax payer.
              Same as the pensions, same as the cities ruined by leftist rioting. So while leaving means you won’t be subject to the nonsense, the taxpayer will be footing the bill whether they like it or not.

      2. lol… clever :).

      3. Yep. If you’re not part of the Ctrl-Left, they think you’re Alt-Right.

    4. For the most part, being on the left is a talisman that protects an individual against the cancel mob.

      Not hardly. It’s the lefturds who are most susceptible to the mob.

      If some SJW gets a hard-on for a witch-hunt, they’re much more likely to get their rocks off by picking on a lower-status lefturd, who will most likely apologize, grovel and beg for forgiveness, than a normal person who will tell the SJW to fuck right off.


    5. I’d agree that the Democrats+Leftist alliance owns this “cancel” bullshit. It won’t ramp down until it backfires enough on them, like their previous #meetoo campaign.

    6. To be fair, its “humans” who are obsessed with cancelling each other; the tribal names are irrelevant. We just see the dominant (or loudest) tribe as the instigator, but the political leaning does not matter.

      At best, we can laugh at the irony of “liberals” on a purity purge.

      1. the tribal names are irrelevant.

        This is not true. America has a long history of broad support for free speech and tolerance which until recently included everyone but the fringe. Only left wingers seek to upset that. You belief asserts broad support to undermine these values is the same as imperfection.

    7. Absolutely correct. There is a false equivalence at play, and Reason is playing in to it.
      At one time, it should have been the worry of every libertarian about the noise of the social conservatives; their moralistic dogmatism, their war on drugs, and their policing of what you did in your bedroom were all something to be fought against. But now, the new left has whipped itself into such a self-righteous fervor, they make the church pew ladies of old look as harmful as a bunch of mean chihuahuas.

      The two sides are not the same. Call out the problem from where it actually is coming from: the left.

      1. >At one time, it should have been the worry of every libertarian about the noise of the social conservatives;

        I find it amusing we have to go back 20-30 years to find examples of when Conservatives tried to influence culture on any large scale.

  10. “Saturday Night Live featured a hilarious skit about cancel warriors who doxed 5-year-olds for their insensitive words.”

    That would be hilarious normally because in the past it would be obvious parody. But I could see it happening in real life at this point. The SJW’s are rabid, busy bodies. Granted, it would probably take the form of doxing the parents of the kids and getting them fired for not properly “instructing” their children. But at this point, it’s completely plausible.

  11. “Saturday Night Live featured a hilarious skit about cancel warriors who doxed 5-year-olds for their insensitive words”

    SNL is really in the shitter isn’t it, that was a decent 15 second joke stretched into 3 excruciating minutes

    1. “a decent 15 second joke stretched into 3 excruciating minutes”

      Even in their early heydays there was more of that than people like to admit.

      1. Yeah, they have always been like that. Take a funny idea and then kill it by dragging it out for too long. The best sketch comedy shows end the sketches before it stops being funny.

      2. It’s been that way since forever. If you watch any SNL show in full, even the best episodes have one or two funny skits, max. It’s mostly an hour and a half of masturbatory nonsense interspersed with whomever is the current musical flavor of the month. The Weekend Update skits tend to be the most consistent because it’s just a standup routine set as a 1970s newsreader parody. Even if the jokes aren’t memorable, you’ll still get a few laughs.

        The reason the truly funny skits and characters are so well-remembered (like the Bass-o-matic, Little Richard Simmons, Matt Foley, Wayne and Garth, or the Church Lady) is because there aren’t that many of them.

        1. Come on man, you forgot Belushi’s Samurai sketches.
          Or are they too problematic now?

    2. Saturday Night Live featured a hilarious skit…

      Stop spreading dangerous misinformation.

      1. I caught a bit of it last week, they actually had a good joke on their news segment about the renaming of Aunt Jemima to Pearl Milling Company.

        Apparently Pearl Milling was the woman who owned Aunt Jemima.

  12. Cancel culture will stop when we all think the same way. Easy.

    1. Mail in ballot elections could be used to determine how to think on different topics. It would be fair. And secure.

      1. But think of all the expense involved.
        It would be just as fair, and much cheaper to let Twitbook just announce the election results without all the bother of actually voting.

        1. More fair. More secure. If the results were hosted by John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, it would be credible. Truthy.

          1. Totes fortified!

    2. That’s what every cancel culture thinks, the only difference now is the powerful ones aren’t succeeding quite so much.

      Ask any female if “cancel culture” is a new thing. Or any male with half a brain.

      IMO, there are few cultural requirements stricter than the ones straight men place on themselves. As someone who was forced to play T-ball when all I wanted to do was decorate houses, I know.

      1. Oh FFS.

      2. LOL

      3. Everything is so terrible and unfair, tony.

        T-ball! The horrors! I now understand why you are the way you are. My sympathies to you.

        1. I know, only your complaints matter, like capital gains taxes.

          1. Matters a whole lot more than your continuing stream of lies, shitstain.

          2. I’d be happy if you simply made taxes just as optional as you want tball. Deal?

          3. Your desire to see more money stolen from other people by the incompetent government reveals more than my objection to same.

      4. Your blatant sexism has been forwarded to the Twitter mob. Bend over and get ready.

  13. Fuck you, Reason

    I don’t live in your pseudo-reality, Madam Representative. You can’t manipulate me with this, and you can’t make me question who I really am through your narrative-driven distortions. And my following and base of informed support is growing.

  14. Can’t really have open dialog when every minor disagreement turns into “You’re a fucking liar who hates America! I’d kill you if I could get away with it!”

    1. Well, stop being a fucking liar ….

    2. You mean like when you said that anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is literally murdering old people, including your grandmother?

    3. Stop lying.


    Dead Kennedys retweeting the FBI

    Now I’ve seen everything

    1. Not antiwar. Just on the other side.

    2. Once I was young and had an attitude
      Stickers covered the car I drove in
      Even went on some direct actions
      When there weren’t rent-a-cops to be seen
      Ah, but now I’ve grown older and wiser
      And that’s why I’m turning you in

      So love me, love me, love me
      I’m a liberal

      (Yes, the Dead Kennedy Version)

    3. Conservatism is the new counter-culture. Its like the 80s in reverse.

  16. You’re appealing for open dialogue to the cancel culture who sees it as “the enemy”.

    People have generally discovered that emotion persuades better than facts which actually undermine narcissistic agendas.

    This is a precarious position as emotion is irrational and is easily overcome by reason. So fact based reasoning must be discouraged.

    First it was through political correctness that steered us away from inconvenient facts. Now we have the cancel culture which deplatforms , censors, erases and persecutes those who merely utter unwanted truth.

    Our inalienable right to free speech is supposed to prevent this oppression. Why isn’t it?

    1. Holocaust deniers still have a platform while saying “Jehovah” gets you stoned.

      1. You’re the dipshit who can’t refute anything I say.

        Hey? How stupid are you?

        1. Weren’t you just calling for lying to be made illegal a few months ago?
          Have you worked out who gets to determine what is true and what is a lie, yet?

          1. Yes, just like courts can determine what constitutes perjury.

            Lies should be illegal in an environment of free speech like perjury is illegal in an environment of truth and like irresponsible gun use is illegal in an environment of 2a.

            1. What a great idea, because the courts have never gone political and abused their powers before.
              Nothing like a glorified lawyer with no background in history or science determining what is true and what isn’t.

              1. The courts aren’t perfect, who is, but the prosecution of perjury is necessary.

            2. In court, lies affect the determination in a criminal or civil dispute.

              So a guy that tells the tipsy blonde that she is the prettiest in the bar when she isn’t should constitute a violation of law? Or a woman that tells her friend she looks good in that dress but really thinks she looks fat? Come on man.

              1. Lying is coercion, falsely assuming the authority of truth to have the victim act in the interests of the liar.

                Tell the bitches what you really think so they can act in their own best interests.

                1. You’re one of the smartest commenters here.

                  Should I now be arrested?

                  1. Can anyone prove otherwise?

                    1. LOL @ Dummy.

                    2. You’ve done it for us.

                  2. Bravo!

                    1. We’ve heard from the peanut gallery.

                    2. Hey, the Nazi found some Brit intelligence report which showed the German Nazis didn’t brag about gassing millions, ergo, it didn’t happen.
                      That’s what the Nazi sees as “evidence”.

          2. A few months? He’s been doing it for years. He also believes in compulsory speech in police encounters.

            1. I believe I said that both police and citizens should receive training for potential encounters to prevent unnecessary escalation.

              Knowing that you have the freedom to threaten cops and they have the freedom to shoot you.

              Fill your boots.

              1. You said there should be a rehearsed, scripted exchange taught in schools. Because compelled speech is so 1A.

                And boots are more your thing, stormfag.

                1. You think my arguments are compelling.

                  1. I think you’re a dumb fuck, stormfag.

                    1. You’re the one who can’t refute anything I say.

                      What lies you must tell yourself.

                      Hey? How much of a dumb fuck are you?

                    2. Aww…look at you resorting to unfalsifiability.

                    3. Is that what you feeble minded dipshits call statements that you can’t refute?

                      My statements are unfalsifiable because they are true.

                    4. There’s also a name for being unable to recognize the science and logic that proves something is true, stupid.

                    5. And there’s another one for being unwilling to, bigotry.

              2. When have you ever said anything factual or substantive?

                1. I’ve demonstrated with the evidence of logic and science that the holocaust narrative is a lie, many times, and nobody has ever refuted it.

                  Look at all the dipshits here referring to it.

                  Are you suggesting that you have never witnessed it, or that you actually ever refuted it?

                  The most recent opportunity for any of you bigots to refute it was only 4 days ago, go there and refute. You won’t because you can’t. You’re full of shit.


                  1. I’ll save you the time; here’s what the Nazi considers ‘irrefutable evidence”:

                    “…Consider that the German enigma code was broken in 1941 and recently released allied decryption provide physical evidence that Germans were desperately trying to save lives in prison camps from the typhus epidemic…”
                    Cite missing, and always will be.

                    “Advocates for the holocaust narrative (fuckwits) say the decrypts demonstrate deception by the Germans. Logically they must argue that the Germans who at the same time employed no deception for their military actions must have put a much higher priority on killing Jews than winning the war.”

                    “Assuming you are willing to perform those feeble mental gymnastics, how does that explain how a single Jew survived captivity?”
                    Because the Nazis ran out of time, fuckwit.

                    “Why did Jews get tattoos instead of the bullets allies were?”
                    The tattoos came first, fuckwit.

                    1. You left out half my comment. Did you forget?

                      “Talking about bullshit survivor lies.

                      Are you the shlomo whose gramps wrote a book illustrated with pictures of shirtless Jews dragging bodies from the gas chambers to the ovens?

                      You dummies don’t know that cyanide is absorbed through the skin and lying shlomo senior would have been dead in hours not collecting financial reparations into his old age.

                      When a necessary aspect of a narrative is proven to be complete bullshit, the entire narrative is therefore false”

                    2. Looks like partial cremation retard sevo doesn’t want to try to refute the proof of lying shlomo.

                      Time to rub your nose in your amateur attempt to refute the proof that Germans were concerned about the lives of the prisoners in Aushwitz.

                      Here are some actual enigma decrypts from Bletchley park in 1942 when deaths were at their highest.

                      The link is to many more that share all kinds of Aushwitz details, absolutely no hint of any “extermination plan”.

                      Firstly the number of dead for the month are nowhere near what is necessary to support the holocaust narrative.

                      Secondly, notable is the concern over typhus deaths and the requests for medical supplies to treat.


                      GPDD No’s.:- 194/199, 201/203, 205, 218, 219, 222/3, 226,
                      233, 236, 239, 240/2, 247.

                      Covering the period 3rd Aug. 1942 – 25th Sept. 1942

                      further examination is made of Concentration Camp figures;
                      deaths from typhus have reached a very high figure in

                      A suspected case of typhus is reported from
                      AUSCHWITZ (223b/42). It is probable that on the 6th August
                      Nachschubkdtr. Russland Mitte requests typhus vaccine for
                      50 men and spottenfever serum for 20

                      For the first time returns are given for deaths of
                      prisoners (223b/14,24,43,50): the figures for August are:
                      NIEDERHAGEN 21, AUSCHWITZ 6829 (or 6889) men, 1525 women;


    2. It’s funny that you keep using the word “fact” but you also pretend the Holocaust didn’t happen.

      1. You’re the dipshit who can’t refute anything I say.

        What lies you must tell yourself.

        Hey? How stupid are you?

        1. I’ll try to answer you on a level you can understand. Derp derp derpity derpity derp. Derp.

          1. Perfect. You are understood.

        2. You’ve been refuted here countless times by many posters. Prove otherwise.

          1. When I make a statement, I support it with evidence of logic and science.

            Nobody has ever refuted my statements.

            If you believe you have witnessed that someone has, provide the link as your evidence. I’ll refute it.

            This is where you fuck off.

  17. The Times took an unyielding approach. “We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent,”

    Except, of course, anti-semitism.

    1. Except, of course, anti-semitism.

      This is not the limit. They accepted racist language by both Sarah Jeong as admitted in this article and the word that got McNeil fired when written by High Priestess of Fantasy History Nikole Hannah-Jones. Based on actual uses the punishable – not punishable distinction is clearly whether the user is sufficiently left wing.

  18. Anyone who disagrees with me on things is racist white supremacist.
    Do you really believe that racists should be allowed to spew their hate and poison? I sure as hell don’t.

    1. The libertarian thing to do is have reeducation camps and keep racist thinkers there until they think goodthink.

      1. Watch LACLALs (I coined it myself) bitch about how that’s “fascist” just because they won’t be able to spout racist ideas.

        1. Jesse, ML, that evil Mormon Chuck, R Mac and all the other racist trolls only pick on me because I make them look dumb, so they should be put in the camps and they can be mean girls to each other and be strawmen.

            1. Watch LACLALs (I coined it myself) bitch about how that’s “fascist” just because they won’t be able to spout racist ideas.

              1. Oops… Damn!

                1. The world is overpopulated and those people will never repent, why waste money on camps when cancellation can mean so much more?
                  I don’t think I need to spell out that the best solution is a final solution.

                  1. Permanent cancellation has proven effective in the past.

                    1. And it is current year.

                    2. Watch LACLALs (I coined it myself) bitch about how that’s “fascist” just because they won’t be able to spout racist ideas.

                    3. Damn again!

                    4. Hey. You forgot about me.
                      Whatever you say is wrong you Trump cultists. Science and the government will save us.

    2. Just as you should be allowed to spew your verbal diarrhea that you call an opinion, it’s content offending any rational person.

      Free speech allows the rational to destroy your bigoted perspective for all to see.

      Free speech is the ONLY way to expose and counter bigotry.

      The cancel culture promotes bigotry.

      1. it’s content offending any rational person


    3. Hey you sound just like the real Tony.

    4. Nice run. The radical socialist made me LOL. Well done

  19. It’s the result of our overly politicized culture where many people like to shame and destroy their enemies, but it is undermining the benefits of free and open dialogue.

    Which itself is the result of government expansion into way too much of our daily lives. As always, government is the problem. Blaming this on over-politicization is the lazy way of ignoring the core problem that government is always incompetent and corrupt.

  20. “If intent doesn’t matter and due process is denied, then we all better clam up, keep our heads down, and not look at anyone the wrong way.”


  21. I had to sit through a meeting where I was questioned about my ethnic sensitivity.

    No, you didn’t.

  22. “We do not tolerate racist language regardless of intent”

    Serious question: Why is “the N-word” tolerated, since it forces one to *think* a racist slur?

    1. It is a manifestation of their power to define “N-word” as acceptable, and “nigger” as unacceptable. Synonyms, same meaning, same effect actually, but one demonstrates the power of the mob, the other does not.

      Welcome to the revolution.

    2. Isn’t that why the law school professor who included “N-word“ in one of his exams got himself in trouble? Didn’t the students complain that this force them to think about a racist word?

      Truth is stranger than fiction it seems.

  23. “but it is undermining the benefits of free and open dialogue.”

    Why in the world would the fascists want free and open dialogue?
    The cancel culture is one of the main tenets of fascism. In Europe in the thirties, they had to do it with black/brown shirt mobs. Today they just use the corporation as their mob. Much less blood, and the enemy excuses it as “private corporations”.

    1. Corporations were cancelling people back then too. It wasn’t nearly so noticeable because far more people back then had no significant interaction with large corporations, so were effectively immune.

  24. Sarah Jeong, who had used the hashtag #CancelWhitePeople. Among her many odd tweets: “Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins?”

    I’ve said it before: the left doesn’t cancel others because they’re good people who just feel too strongly about injustice.
    It’s because they’re terrible, awful, evil people who are using injustice as an excuse to indulge their garbage natures.

  25. If anyone jumps down your throat because they decided to take offense when none was offered, then go right ahead and give offense. My standard response is “go fuck yourself, you guilt-peddling twat.”


  26. Sarah Jeong is a snotty little racist bitch who obviously belongs at the NYT, surrounded by nasty people like herself.

    The NYT however, deserves to land on the ash heap of history, and it has deserved that fate ever since they sent Walter Duranty to collect Stalin’s lies for their pages. We can thank Craig Newmark for gutting them financially by drastically reducing their ad revenue, and eventually they’ll dry up and blow away as they piss off more and more of the people who used to subscribe to it.


  27. So, after 4 years of Russian collusion, trying a SCOTUS nominee on completely unfounded allegations, 8 years of transgendered bathroom panic, inventing ideas like homophobia and seeing racism in the most microscopic of gestures… to the point that a majority of participants, including Reason, stopped and said, “Holy shit this has gotten out of hand!”; despite, every step of the way, being told by more and more liberal voices this was a bad idea and now suddenly we need to heal and make amends? Now that your team is in power and it’s becoming undeniably obvious that he’s going to fuck you over just as hard as we said, and he promised?

    Some might call that a backhanded apology. At one point, I may’ve been a better man and been able to bury the hatchet. But, again, that line was laid out and people, Reason included, looked everyone in the eye who had drawn it, and then stepped over. Several times. I’d say find your Jesus, beg *him* for foregiveness, and let him sacrifice himself but you don’t believe in him and have openly shit on that narrative for over a decade. I’ll live happy knowing that you realized that you helped support and firmament your own firing squad before they shot you.

    1. Eric Boehm
      The Ted Cruz thing is ultimately a pretty silly and pointless controversy — it’s not like he can single-handedly turn the power back on by remaining in Texas — but holy moly is it a lot of fun to watch him step on a political rake two months in a row
      6:21 PM · Feb 18, 2021

      Reason doesn’t deserve a half dozen 65 gr. apologies delivered at 3,000 fps. They *earned* them.

  28. Lenny Bruce is dying again. And George Carlin some day will be cancelled out of history. The end of comedy.

    1. Funny is dead.

  29. “Let’s view them for what they really are: the online version of Mean Girls, who take perverse pleasure in humiliating others.”


    Referring to these people as political warriors is giving them far too much credit. They are small, insignificant creatures who feel a sense of power that otherwise eludes them by being able to tear down others, particularly those who managed to have gained some degree of public attention that triggers their envy.

    1. hint, hing — “feel a sense of power”

    2. Indeed, welcome to the matriarchy.

  30. I’m legally allowed to spend my weekends speaking at neo-Nazi rallies, publicly praying for an Islamic state, or organizing the local chapter of the Communist Party

    Only one of those things will get you canceled.

    1. Um; which one? The ‘neo-Nazi’ rally termed so by the one’s actually supporting neo-Nazism?

  31. For a site that’s been on the front lines of this fight for a long while now, I recommend:

    It’s my trusted source for libertarian commentary and journalism.

    1. Thanks DRP

    2. Looks like a bunch of whining about leftist college culture. How original.

      1. Although it would be wrong, savagely beating you and watching you beg for mercy would be hilarious. Good thing we’re all better than you. Our tolerance is why you continue to draw breath,

        Pray our tolerance is never exhausted.

        1. Let me guess, I questioned one of your cherished childhood fairy tales.

          People are only violent in large groups for one reason. Absolute stupidity.

          1. Santa Claus is absolutely real!

    3. Fun info about _Spiked _ from Wikipedia: “The magazine was founded in 2000 after the bankruptcy of its predecessor, the Revolutionary Communist Party’s Living Marxism (LM).”

  32. It’s ALL just a consequence of a Power-Mad D.C. If politicians would ‘honor’ their “oath of office” American’s wouldn’t be so divided. Lefty cities could enact their communism and the Right could remain free. EVERYONE would get what they wanted.

    It’s the Power-Mad tyrannical authoritarians who made this mess. Individual Liberty and Justice must prevail above any other notions.

    1. “Lefty cities could enact their communism and the Right could remain free. EVERYONE would get what they wanted.”

      I think you just painted a pretty fair picture of what our future looks like. Of course for that to actually happen [and let the consequences fall accordingly; I predict the denizens of the “lefty cities” will be eating their pets within a month, and their children within 3] is for the central government to become so disempowered that it loses any and all vestige of prestige and no one is wiling to do what they’re told; it will not take another Civil War; just a plurality of us ignoring them.

    2. Impossible, because the Left wants Other People’s Money. The productive need to be sacrificed. Doing it themselves is not part of the equation.

      1. Just some of it. They’ve spent the last 40 years making policy that took wealth earmarked for you and me and giving it to themselves, with us never able to take a cent of it back because of moral hogwash like you’re regurgitating now.

        If you don’t believe there is ever a time and a place to raise taxes on rich people, you’re not thinking about public policy, you’re in a cult. Except the objects of your affection will never drink the kool-aid alongside you.


        2. Who, where, when, how, and why is Wealth “earmarked”?

          1. In Tony’s drunken dreamland nightmares.

          2. Wealth is wherever the government decides it is, son.

            1. Again we see the left’s underlying philosophy that the government owns and thus can seize everything.

              1. It’s not a matter of philosophy, it’s a matter of what’s true or not.

            2. Haha. Wow. The world owes you just for existing, eh tony?

              “Earmarked.” Wow. Says who, bitch?

        3. Define Rich.

          Nice strawman, little plot twist for you, I (and increasingly more on the right) don’t care if you tax people 90% if they make over say a million. I don’t care if you strip wealth from people with over 5 million. These folks continuously sway left, so let them get ravaged by their utopia.
          However, 2 points, now the Dems are in charge, where are the tax increases? Why do we still have billionaires and poor people in the same country? Because Tony, the left is full of it, they have no intention of raising taxes on the Rich. If they did, the Rich would make sure they weren’t elected, and as long as they have toads like you coming out and repeating the party line like you are one of them, they will succeed, which brings me to point #2,

          Raising taxes on the rich sidesteps them completely, and ends up just raising taxes on the working and middle classes, who aren’t lazy enough to spend their time with half the country that doesn’t pay taxes, or earn/rich enough to not get screwed over by leftist policies to fund their shitty pipe dreams and political favours.

    3. Lefty cities could enact their communism and the Right could remain free.

      Everyone should understand – as left wingers already do – this is not possible. The USSR failed not because of Ronald Reagan but simply because an alternative to the communist system existed. Our mere existence proved their economic failure so thoroughly they refused to continue living under it.

      Left wingers similarly understand they cannot allow alternatives. This is why they’ve focused on nationalizing every policy instead of allowing states to have different rules. If you really thought a $15 minimum wage wouldn’t have negative repercussions why wouldn’t you prove it by having one in CA but not Texas? In reality everyone knows this will cause massive unemployment and retard investment and entrepreneurship but if they enforce it universally all they need is a few liars to asserts the resulting unemployment due to other issues, which is why Paul Krugman has a job and Vox exists.

      Without the real world proof every dispute becomes an appeal to authority and the left’s control of the media and academia ensure they will control enough votes to retain control. Every failure will be blamed on greed and the solution is more government control.

      1. Redoing the minimum wage to account for decades of inflation won’t destroy the economy. It didn’t destroy the economy then, and it won’t now. It may have marginal effects on business, but that’s to be expected with any change in economic policy.

        Employment goes up and down with economic conditions. 2008 and 2020 didn’t happen because someone raised the minimum wage.

        Also, letting states set their own minimums is not a principle of anything other than respecting imaginary lines on a map. It has nothing to do with any economic theory. States’ rights has an ugly history. Mostly states wanting to oppress and abuse people. So they don’t always get it right. When they do, they can be left alone.

        1. Employment goes up and down with economic conditions. 2008 and 2020 didn’t happen because someone raised the minimum wage

          It’s hard to believe anyone could be so stupid as to think that recessions having other causes rebuts that massive increases in minimum wages cause unemployment. We need to vigilantly remind ourselves Tony is alive and therefore assuming any level of intelligence on the part of the audience will be wrong.

          1. I want to see a chart demonstrating evidence of the claim that minimum wage laws permanently increase unemployment, in any sector.

            We’ve had full employment with a minimum wage intact. There is simply no evidence that it does what you’re claiming. You’re just repeating vampire capitalism received wisdom. The lies of people who want a lower floor on the price of labor, for obvious reasons.

            1. Ok Sgt Schultz.

              I want you to explain how a recession being cased by one thing proves something else can’t happen.

              It’s revealing to note how left wingers very their evidentiary demands based on whether they support or oppose the outcome. No evidence is ever sufficient to overcome Sgt Schultz, but no evidence is necessary to support their own fantastic plans.

              1. Could be because Tony’s, “At variance” with reality.

              2. Google “wages vs productivity” and look at the pretty graphs.

                Economists will tell you that wages and productivity are supposed to match up at some point, unless there are countervailing forces like regressive economic policy. I think this is where I’m supposed to say “reasonable people disagree” about how to correct this error in the market, but raising the minimum wage in theory gives low-wage workers more money. Low-wage workers are the ones who have gotten the most shaft as illustrated in the graph you looked up. You got a better idea? More tax cuts for hedge fund managers?

                1. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

            2. The government you worship has consistently stated that a 15 dollar min wage will result in reduction of jobs.

              Most restaurant waiters earn tips, so the min wage increase doesn’t affect them. But it does affect the kitchen crew, so in ethnic towns of CA it’s entirely common to see Pho or Korean BBQ place close for 3,4 hours a day. Some places close for an entire day. Other businesses will respond to min wage hikes by reducing hours or perks.

              “The jobs are still being created despite min wage increase!” is a silly mantra from pundits who has ZERO idea how mainstreet businesses work. When labor costs go up, something somewhere is being undercut. Someone is getting paid under the table, someone is obtaining products outside the proper channels, someone is violating OSHA or whatever.

  33. This is a predictable outcome of online social media, where you don’t ever get to sweep things you say under the rug. That’s an important thing, in my opinion. Forgiveness for mistakes is necessary for a society to function. Without a face to look at and a memory to stick in a hole, we’re just not going to behave as we’re designed to. But it will get better as generations who grow up with the internet figure out how to handle it.

    After all, QAnon was not millennials, it was their parents. We just weren’t there to teach them right from wrong. Avoid Nigerian princes, etc. You can see how it’s a sea of misinformation and meanness, especially if you have acquired no skills for avoiding that stuff.

    But “cancel culture” is a laugh, fundamentally. Every culture that every existed canceled, or ostracized, people, for any number of arbitrary infractions. Being black and wanting to vote. Being a woman and showing your ankle. Being a woman and having opinions. Being a woman and having a job. Being a woman and menstruating. And so on.

    How very curious that this ancient and inevitable practice gets a name the moment it starts applying to rich white heterosexuals. Curiouser and curiouser.

    1. How very curious that this ancient and inevitable practice gets a name the moment it starts applying to rich white heterosexuals.

      Not as curious as Tony and the left generally switching from opposing it to supporting it at that exact moment revealing they don’t object to the process but only to the choice of targets?. Reasonable people support eliminating ostracizing people for arbitrary infractions, in fact that’s one of the defining lines between reasonable people and leftists like Tony.

      1. No they don’t. I mean, I’m open to ideas about how to eliminate social norms, but I can’t figure out how to even describe such a society. Maybe I’ll think on it more, but I’m not confident I’ll be able to figure out how we stop “canceling” murderers and thieves.

        The real absurd thing about this “new” phenomenon of cancel culture is how it’s set up on a pedestal by rightwing media as somehow the Left’s equal and opposite sin to the right’s treason and ratfuckery.

        How many people has cancel culture killed? I want a body count. Then we’ll see how it stacks up against the coup and the pandemic response.

        How many people has it even canceled? Four?

        1. I’m open to ideas

          There’s probably never been a more laughably false statement made on this site.

          I’m not confident I’ll be able to figure out how we stop “canceling” murderers and thieves.

          The insane justifications show how tangential your relationship to reality is. Just keep talking.

        2. “How many people has cancel culture killed? I want a body count”

          Do you want to start in the US?

        3. “I mean, I’m open to ideas about how to eliminate social norms”

          Like homosexuality? Don’t imagine for a second tolerance for that can’t go back to zero in a heartbeat, if the oligarchs think it will no longer be to their advantage to permit it.
          Then you’ll miss all the free speech laws you railed against.

          1. I’m acutely aware that social conservatives could regain power. That’s what I’m trying to prevent.

    2. Haha. You progs sure do love to live in the past, tony.

      You should come out of your cave of anger and shame sometime. You would see that most of us in the real world actually get along pretty well.

      Mingle with the working class once in a while, dude. It might do you some good. Too icky for you, right?

    3. “How very curious that this ancient and inevitable practice gets a name the moment it starts applying to rich white heterosexuals. Curiouser and curiouser.”

      I assume no one wanted to call “slavery” “cancel culture” because that would sound stupid, not because their racism made them want to avoid the phrase.

    4. Cancel culture isn’t so bad, unless it’s for the wrong reasons.

      For example, it’s unclear to me that gender reassignment surgery is the one and only solution to a 14 year old who isn’t happy with their tool box, and that’s totally reasonable, and in a reasonable world, I shouldn’t have to be afraid of what might happen if I say that on Twitter.

      I’m just waiting for you people to stop being assholes. The first step in canceling assholes is to realize when you’re being an asshole and stop doing it. Then worry about someone else.

      What’s the biblical phrase? If you can’t remove the asshole from your mouth, how can you remove your brother’s asshole?

  34. It gives them a dopamine hit. They’re addicts.

  35. “What’s past is prologue [to the future].” -Wm. Shakespeare

    “The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” -George Orwell

    As Orwell predicted: “…failure to show results is not important. Efficiency, even military efficiency, is no longer needed. Nothing is efficient in Oceania except the Thought Police.”

  36. Maybe we should look at where this started…cultural marxists in academia starting in the 60’s pushing certain “tribes” were evil..( driven by old world grudges for the most part)…by the 90’s you have PC world and now this..the new normal would have been repudiated by most major media types even 10 years ago…but now the “high ground” is wokeville…get used to it Steve..everything is identity politics now…everything…can’t wait to have the questions on why some groups are overrepresented and others are start to burn your neighbor the fire usually takes out your house too..

    1. can’t wait to have the questions on why some groups are overrepresented and others are not…

      That’s just the old “disparate impact” BS. Leftists have been pushing it for decades. You’re behind the times!

  37. Oh how rich the cultural marxist types who started this are now worried of the blow start to burn your neighbors house it just might burn yours…

    Hey why are some groups overrepresented in certain “sectors”? ha ha ha

    1. Indeed, why are Nazis so overrepresented in the human sector?

      1. They’re not. You’re an idiot.

      2. I’m just glad there are so few departments of National Socialist Studies at universities, staffed by actual Nazis.

        If only we could say the same for Marxism.

  38. Last week, we learned that The New York Times ousted a top reporter, 45-year veteran Donald McNeil Jr., after 150 fellow employees demanded his firing

    Did he play a piano and sing political songs like Tom Lehrer and have a little radio editorial on WNYX called “The Real Deal with Donald McNeil?”

    1. RIP Hartman

      1. Very informative article. I really like your post and bookmarked your site for further posts. Kraftgun

      2. “Sassy!” “Ho-ho-ho-ho! YEESSSS!”

        It’s good o see someone else is as nerdy about classic TV as I am. Ever since I’ve discovered the joys of streaming and HDTV, it is as hard to pull away from as the Intertoobz!

  39. Again Reason gets it wrong, only one side wants to cancel the opposition. Again Reasons bows to the left.

    1. A Republican politician can’t so much as criticize Donald Trump without getting canceled by the angry mob that used to be known as Republican voters.

      You only think the left is the one who cancels because you agree with all the canceling the right does.

      Canceling is an inherently conservative reaction. It’s how the forces behind the right have always dealt with problem humans. Sometimes they cancel their very right to vote.

      Think about the concepts you are talking about, not just the emotions the words make your ape brain feel.

      1. You don’t seem to know what cancelling is Tony. Come back when you do, then you can chat with the grownup without invoking your Social Conservative conspiracy fever dreams.

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  41. Whining, faux libertarian clingers offering pointers on morality and free speech to the liberal-libertarian mainstream are among my favorite culture war casualties.

    Carry on, Mr. Greenhut.

    1. You are aware Jonathan Rauch would hardly be a “clinger,” right?

      Carry on, Man of the Straw.

  42. Smoking was not a big issue until someone invented the perfect delivery vehicle – the cigarette. It gave the user the drug in a way that created a generation of addicted smokers.

    Twitter has done that for the internet. Try and tell a dedicated Twitter user to just stop using it.

    Which is why I don’t. I know me.

  43. Hey, why the Hell has Reason closed the Comments for Nick Gillespie’s interview with Jonathan Rauch entitled “How To Tell If You’re Being Canceled?”

    Now I’m reaaly getting suspicious of Reason! To cancel comments o an article about cancel culture and Karl Popper’s open society? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

    1. Don’t know about that one but there is a time limit. When the articles are no longer current they close out.

      1. Articles much older than that are still open for comments.

      2. This was a pretty short time ago, I think maybe days. Please, Reason don’t go the route of fish-wrap on the comment section!

  44. Sooooo….. For decades we had reports of exactly this issue on college campuses, where kids gained the power to enforce their mean girls culture and wreck people’s careers.

    But you insisted that it was no big deal. When a south asian immigrant student yelled “be quiet you bunch of water buffalo” at a bunch of girls screaming and yelling outside of his window in the middle of the night, you noted the over reaction, but ultimately saw it as a one -off, despite constant reports to the contrary.

    When a loud gay activist began doing performance pieces to expose this culture a decade ago, you blamed him for stirring the pot more than the administrations who were cowed by the bullies.

    You noted the absurdity of far left professors negotiating with students about perceived transgressions that amount to nothing… But relegated it to “those silly kids” and cast scorn upon those who warned that this was a dangerous trend.

    “That is the slippery slope fallacy” you said…

    Then the Jewish conservative used the same reactions to get attention for his lectures. And you blamed the Jewish conservative for being privative by his mere existence. “There is no larger cultural issue here”, you said…

    And now, twenty years later, those kids who were raised to believe that “hate speech is not free speech” and demanding that people you disagree with be banished is perfectly acceptable…. Those people have been in the workforce for 20 years. They now make up 1/3 of the workforce. And now they demand that their Tech company employers silence all they disagree with. They demand that their editors fire anyone who dissents in the slightest.

    And now…. After all that…. Now is the time to come forward and call for us to all just get along.

    Ok, Mr Reason Headline Writer… “Americans’ Lust To ‘Cancel’ One Another Should Spark Soul Searching”. That is your take? Gotta be even more limp wristed than even the article supports?

    This is truly a “They came for the ________, and I said nothing, for I was not a ________” moment. Everyone had a grand old time excusing this nonsense when it was only conservatives. But now that NYT columnists can get cancelled, suddenly the journalist class takes note.

    But only in a weak “let’s not go too far” way. And with a headline writer that wants to be sure to let us know that it is “both sides” that are doing it.

    The titanic is already keeling over, and you guys still want to make sure that everyone knows that not all ice is bad….

    1. Fight the cancel culture everywhere it shows up.

      When you talk to good friends, let them know what you really think.

      When you talk to acquaintances let them know that you’re against the cancel culture.

      Organize and attend demonstrations that oppose the cancel culture knowing that you will be called a Nazi.

    2. Not meaning to be a canceller myself, just to point out a better approach: The one person I never quote is Reverend Martin Niemoller, precisely because he knew the nature of Nazism and yet said and did nothing.

      The people I do quote are those who knew the nature of Nazism and of Statism/Collectivism in general and who did speak up and act against it…people like Ludwig Von Mises and poet Heinrich Heine.

  45. Yes, it’s nuts. The very fact that you have to type N-word when talking about the N-word shows how insane things are.

    I wonder how long until saying or typing “N-word” will be forbidden because that’s too triggering.

    I like to think that this is why I enjoy movies and video games in my rare free time, but you can’t even escape the crazy there.

  46. I wonder how many times someone has wanted to cancel Reason.

  47. Right not guilty of Cancel Culture impulse? Colin Kaepernick….Dixie Chicks…just off the top of my head.

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