Cancel Culture

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Was Canceled for Criticizing Cancel Culture

After a backlash, the host of the ABC dating show said he would step aside.


"This judge, jury, executioner thing—where they're just tearing this girl's life apart and diving into her parents and her parents' voting record," said Chris Harrison, the long-suffering host of ABC's The Bachelor franchise, in an interview last week about cancel culture. "It's unbelievably alarming to watch this."

Or perhaps I should say that he was the host of the dating game-show, which debuted with him as Master of Ceremonies nearly 20 years ago. He has since been canceled for the above remarks—in other words, for saying we should wait for the facts and show a little mercy when deciding how to proceed in the face of online claims leveled against one of the show's contestants.

The controversy goes something like this: In a viral Tiktok, an alleged former classmate of Rachael Kirkconnell, a frontrunner on this season's competition, posed a question. "Girlieee, remember when you bullied me in high school for liking black guys???" That was certainly inconvenient for Kirkconnell, who is currently on national television dating Matt James, the franchise's first black bachelor.

Next came the customary uprooting of every supposedly unsavory detail about her life. A 60-second TikTok by @feministmama parsed through it all: Kirkconnell liking an Instagram photo with a woman wearing a MAGA hat, pictures of her costumed in American Indian attire, social media posts in support of law enforcement. As Harrison mentioned above, the user also dedicated a big chunk to Kirkconnell's dad's voting history and political involvement, as if she is somehow responsible for that. (I was under the impression that we don't define women by the decisions made by their fathers and husbands.)

Then came the pictures of Kirkconnell at a 2018 Antebellum-themed fraternity party thrown by Kappa Alpha Order at Georgia College and State University, where students gathered on a plantation in Old South debutante-esque attire. The theme is beyond distasteful. Indeed, I've written over and over and over again that such displays are offensive. But no one knows whether Kirkconnell even understood the cultural significance of the event when she attended it as a college student, nor did anyone wait for her response before concluding she should be banished from public life.

"It's 2021," remarks @feministmama in that viral video. "Let's hold public figures accountable for their actions."

Kirkconnell is not running for president. She is not even running for the town council, or for the local school board. She is a contestant on a trashy dating competition where the most influence she'll have is via which products she may choose to endorse on Instagram, should anyone still want to work with her. It is a bit rich that anyone would devote such energy to canceling contestants on The Bachelor, of all things, considering that the show thrives on bringing out the worst aspects of its cast members in order to maximize that reality TV drama.

"I would say that you have to be really careful about what you are doing on social media," said James, the Bachelor himself, in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight. "Rumors are dark and nasty and can ruin people's lives. So I would give people the benefit of the doubt, and hopefully [Rachael] will have her time to speak on that."

But the controversy is no longer really about Kirkconnell: It is Harrison, who is not credibly accused of participating in or abetting racist behavior at all, who faces cancellation.

"I haven't heard Rachael speak on this yet, and until I actually hear this woman have a chance to speak, who am I to say any of this?" he told Rachel Lindsay, the franchise's first black Bachelorette. "I saw a picture of her at a sorority party five years ago, and that's it. I'm not defending Rachael [Kirkconnell]—I just know that 50 million people did that in 2018. That was a type of party that a lot of people went to."

He continued: "My guess? These girls got dressed and went to a party and had a great time. They were 18-years-old. Does that make it okay? I don't know, Rachel [Lindsay], you tell me…but where is this lens we're holding up and was that lens available and were we all looking through it in 2018?"

That lens is constantly changing. And, in a big way, it should—society has a knack for sharpening broad consensus on morality and justice as hindsight kicks in. But often that justice is retroactive, and it increasingly leaves no room for apologies.

Harrison is trying anyway. After releasing an initial apology, he agreed on Saturday to distance himself from the network. "To the Black community, to the BIPOC community: I am so sorry," he said in a groveling statement posted on Instagram. "My words were harmful. I am listening, and I truly apologize for my ignorance and any pain it caused you. The historic season of The Bachelor should not be marred or overshadowed by my mistakes or diminished by my actions. To that end, I have consulted with Warner Bros. and ABC and will be stepping aside for a period of time and will not join for the After the Final Rose special."

To sum things up: Merely objecting to the speed and fairness of someone else's cancellation is now itself grounds for canceling. What will the next standard be?

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  1. So, self cancellation. he could have stood his ground, but he voluntarily caved. Such a shame.

    1. The most alarming part of this article was the groveling apology. Apology for what?

      1. The most alarming part was Binion groveling that he had written over and over again how these things were distasteful. after all he “On their side!”

        Binion, offensiveness is not objective, and your obsequiousness won’t save you when it’s your turn against the wall.

        1. No, Mitch in Reno is correct. Fairness and due process deserve to be defended, and I believe the American people will ultimately support those who do so. Making light of the culture of slavery is not something that should be defended, and the American people will not support those who defend it. Maybe Binion went a bit overboard in citing three condemnations of it; that was a bit beside the point. But the fact that Harrison wound up apologizing for saying the right things is far more alarming.

          1. Making light of the culture of slavery is not something that should be defended

            Never seen a frilly dress enslave someone, but whatever…

          2. What’s alarming to me, is people are losing their jobs because the leftists in power are demanding it. It’s McCarthyism blackballing on steroids. And it’s an affront to our freedom of speech.

            What’s wrong with letting people show themselves via their racist/sexist/whatever speech? Leftists will say that speech harms people, which is an affront to freedom of speech.

            1. If there is anything right-wing bigots can’t stand (more than libertarianism), it is accountability.

              1. Fuck off retard. You’re a joke.

    2. “You can explain your failures to the boss…”

      *slams pistol on table*

      “Or perhaps you’d like to avoid the red tape.”

      1. Now I’m gonna have to go watch that movie, damnit.

    3. Never apologize when you’ve done nothing wrong.

      Not that I blame people for caving in to protect their future earning power.

      1. I’ve always wondered about these groveling apologies as they are being shown the door, my guess is they offered him a big severance package if he made the effort. He knew he was gone anyway so why not get paid. Like Brendan Eich, I can only imagine the platinum package these guys are offered to go quietly.

      2. Even when politicians and Generals do it?

        Ooo-kay. We’ll mark you down over here.

    4. Enough of this prog bullshit. Can we finally agree to just round them up and dispose of them? We’ve got plenty of ammo, dump trucks, and landfills.

      It isn’t worth it to keep them around.

  2. “That lens is constantly changing. And, in a big way, it should—society has a knack for sharpening broad consensus on morality and justice as hindsight kicks in. But often that justice is retroactive, and it increasingly leaves no room for apologies.”

    Nuance is the new n-word.

    “[Liberals] are compelled, by the peculiarly dynamic character of their faith and its accompanying sacramental liturgy, to violate a central precept of the natural art of politics. This is the precept to not unnecessarily disrupt the traditions, the mores and life-ways, of the broad mass of the population, or, where those traditions must be disrupted in substance, at least to preserve the outward forms of tradition. Liberalism is incapable of respecting this constraint because to do so would betray its inner nature, which is to publicly and conspicuously celebrate its great liturgy, the Festival of Reason, the dynamic overcoming of the darkness, superstition, and slavish authoritarianism of the irrational past. That is a benchmark which necessarily changes with each celebration of the liturgy, requiring new enemies to play the part of the villain.”

    1. (Citing that passage in support of a general proposition, not defending The Bachelor as traditional, don’t know enough about it)

    2. “That is a benchmark which necessarily changes with each celebration of the liturgy, requiring new enemies to play the part of the villain.”

      I suppose if you’re going to have perennial victims, you always have to have villains at your disposal. Bogeymen, in other words.

  3. Isn’t a guy still governor of Virginia who dressed like a Klansman in his younger days? Obviously he isn’t as cancel-worthy as some twit on a dating “reality” show whose choice of bachelors has absolutely no effect on millions of people.

    1. I think he was a Klansman in blackface, or he once said niggardly, or he rocked a Jheri curl in college. Hard to keep up.

      1. Ralph Northam wore blackface a bunch of times and a KKK costume. It’s okay now though because he now wears a magic (D) to ward off accusations of impropriety.

        1. But the D label makes it more authentic.

          1. +1, accuracy

        2. Does not matter; the social media horde who go after their targets [via their employer] know who to take down, and who not to.

    2. I thought of that too. But when left wingers support accountability they don’t mean for themselves.

      1. Citation needed

        1. The “citations” regarding Northam are in the posts you should have read before posting.

          Or is this an “understanding” thing?

    3. He’s a Demorat. They’re allowed to do all that.

  4. I’m pretty sure plantations and antebellum style dresses still existed in 1866. The fact that a college educated strong confidant black woman like Lindsey would take one second out of her life to care that some white girl wore a fancy dress 2 years ago is a sad commentary on the state of the country. She’s on national tv and with all the problems in the world, like actual slavery in Libya, this is what she chooses to focus on. It’s absolutely pathetic and sad.

    1. Actually slavery in China too. It’s who made her iPhone and Nikes, but that’s different because reasons.

  5. Anything about life the south before 1865 must be erased. And anything after 1965.

  6. What will the next standard be?

    The standard is what it always has been: whatever the craziest leftist in the room wants.

  7. Dude, if you’ve written multiple articles about the evil of Antebellum parties, you’re part of the problem.

    It’s not a celebration of slavery or racism or whatever, anymore than having Greek fraternities is celebrating pederasty.

    1. ^this. I didn’t expect Binion to be such a Karen.

      1. I did.

        1. So did I.

      2. me three.

        Billy – grow some balls.

    2. The linked articles are about Confederate monuments. He’s against them.

      And I wouldn’t recommend holding a plantation party, either, just to be clear.

      But at least she wasn’t puking mint julep all over the floor.

      1. We don’t know that!

        We’ll have to wait for the two-year FBI investigation to know for sure.

  8. Only stepping aside “for a period of time”.

    But once again, this shows that you never ever ever ever apologize. He is right and he should have kept hammering that.

    1. The second you apologize you’re fucked.
      It’s just like signing a confession in a communist county. They alternately torture and cajole you until you do, but the moment you sign you’re off to a kangaroo court and then executed.

      1. Yep – and the confession you signed is in the Ruskie language, which you don’t speak, read, or write it, but trust them, it’s exactly what you said about being innocent and all.

  9. He deserves cancellation for using phrases like BIPOwhatever

  10. “My words were harmful.”
    “I truly apologize for my ignorance and any pain it caused you.”

    Why do people constantly feel the need to apologize for shit like this, and in such an abject manner? In the cancel culture context, an apology of any variety is viewed as nothing more than a confession. People need to stop apologizing because their apologies normalize the insanity.

    Words are not violence.
    Words are not harm.
    People are not morally, ethically, or legally responsible for other people’s fucking feelings.

    The day one of these public figures take a stand and tell the cancel culture warriors to go suck a dick is the day all this shit ends.

    1. He looks like a little bitch AND he still lost his job.

    2. “Words are not violence.
      Words are not harm.”

      And The Enlightenment is white supremacy, so cancel that too.

  11. Similarly people condemn the bible claiming it endorses slavery because it regulates the practice (and condemn God for not immediately abolishing it). Times change.

    (Of course, the bible is a guide to freedom.)

    1. Yeah accept a human blood sacrifice or be damned for all of eternity.

      1. Someone mislead you about the bible. Really did a number on you.

      2. Bathing in the blood of leftists is how I maintain my youthful appearance.

      3. “a human blood sacrifice or be damned for all of eternity”

        *tips fedora*
        You forgot to yell “sky fairy” and “zombie Jesus”.

        1. Zombie Jesus is awesome. He turns grains into brains for the other zombies.

      4. Sarcasm or are you actually ignorant of the Bible THIS much? The only human sacrifice that scripture glorifies is Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Jesus = God in human form. And it’s only sacrifice in the sense that he allow it to happen, since you know, he is God and all; and could have stopped it.

        1. I’m guessing the second, but if you want to see jaw dropping ignorance, scroll down further and ask Tony.

  12. The theme is beyond distasteful.

    Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn. Binion’s virtue signaling is grotesque.

    1. I have it on good knowledge that party was themed on 1866.

    2. “soave-esque” even.

      I *think* Robbie’s gotten a little better, after he’s had to look directly at the thinks he used to handwave with a whatabout and hearty “to be sure”.

      Not sure, though. Has anyone read his book?

  13. I can’t say that I will miss this show.

  14. I once heard of a bachelor auction being held at an old slave mart. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a list of the names of the parties involved, or I’d have gotten rich from all the hush money.

    1. Grievance archeology will get them in the end.

      Or Tony will.

    2. Huh. I never would have drawn that analogy, but I can see the similarities.

  15. Don’t know who this guy is but if he’s gonna curl up on the floor and publicly humiliate himself because some anonymous asshole said some shit on social media he can eat shit and die for all I care.

    1. Apparently, he was urging a go-slow approach re the cancellation of one of his own contestants.

  16. Reading this makes me realize that there may have been times in my life when I did or said insensitive things without taking into account how someone from a different, less-privileged background than myself might have perceived it and how my insensitivity might have made them feel, and for that I can only say, from the bottom of my heart and with all the sincerity I can muster, fuck off, asshole.

    1. ^correct answer

    2. +++; best comment of the day, sir.

    3. +1, heartfelt revelation

  17. By now, we ought to have an official list of fraternity/sorority party themes which *aren’t* going to come back and bite the participants on the ass.

    But any such list will become outdated within seconds, thanks to the phenomenon described above:

    Maybe they should hold a “yah, socialism!” party, or a musical-chairs party where everyone who loses get slammed as a racist.

    1. I was going to suggest a Mother Jones theme party, honoring the labor activist, but I suspect cancellation is coming even here:

      “Despite her radicalism, Jones did not support women’s suffrage, arguing that “you don’t need a vote to raise hell.” She pointed out that the women of Colorado had the vote and failed to use it to prevent the appalling conditions that led to labor violence. She also considered suffragists unwitting dupes of class warfare. Jones argued that suffragists were naïve women who unwittingly acted as duplicitous agents of class warfare.”

      And this is particularly problematic:

      “Although Jones organized working class women, she held them in auxiliaries, maintaining that—except when the union called—a woman’s place was in the home. A reflection of her Catholic heritage, she believed that men should be paid well enough so that women could devote themselves to motherhood.”

      1. She also hated blacks

        1. Obviously, the color of her skin tells us that

    2. Well, to be truer to the socialist model, everyone who doesn’t get a chair gets money from the people who DID get a chair, after the money first passes through the hands of the people who organized the party.

      That’s how they do it on the West Coast, anyway.

  18. So weird that this article focuses more on cancel culture than but private company.

    1. I’m going to start my own dating show.

  19. Binion is such a little bitch.

  20. You gotta tailor your message to the audience.

    The audience for The Bachelor is probably overwhelmingly gay or female–an audience that’s likely to be supportive of cancel culture.

    If this were a show about building hot rods, hunting deer, or gold mining, you could probably criticize cancel culture and get away with it.

    1. Criticizing cancel culture is almost literally the only thing an entire swath of the political spectrum does lately.

      Wake me when there’s a single dead person as a result of cancel culture. I’m busy counting bodies from all the other disasters, if you don’t mind terribly much.

      1. Tony can’t into history, so the examples of the Cultural Revolution and it’s hundreds of thousands of deaths may as well be a fairy tale to him.

        Even worse, Tony can’t into current events, so he’s got no idea of how many people have now committed suicide from cancel mob attacks:

        Tony just isn’t very bright.

        1. He’s that not so unique combination of retarded and evil that all progressives and socialists are

          1. +10000000000

        2. Well it’s “his side” that doing the cancelling, so there.

      2. I believe that what’s-her-name who I won’t even name because she is an awful person has a body count.

      3. Can we see your methods for doing this work to make sure it’s following scientific standards?

      4. You mean the “insurrection”?

        How long does it take you to count to “1”?

    2. The fact that the LGBTQWTFBBQ are so big on cancel culture makes me chuckle. Particularly in light of their history.

      Somehow they can’t wrap their minds around the idea that things could go badly for them just as quickly as it changed for the positive before.
      Contrary to the current narrative, no previous society, including the Greeks and Romans, tolerated adult male homosexuality. Any male homosexuality at the time better be pederasty or you were in trouble. The last twenty-five years in the West for them have been utterly unique in human history.

      And if it’s in the oligarchs interests, things could switch back in a heartbeat, and all their former protections would be gone because they stupidly thought that things had really changed.

      1. The issue with the Romans was also a question of whether you were on the top or the bottom–a distinction that seems to predominate in a lot of Muslim countries, as well. Being on the top doesn’t mean you’re gay in that system. Being on the bottom means you’re something terrible, and it’s my understanding that if you were found to a bottom and let one of your slaves be on top, the punishment was death.

        1. Interesting. Perhaps one of our not so esteemed commenters can elaborate on this.

    3. Don’t assume that. Lots of women would have loved to get married on a beautiful antebellum plantation. Until someone decided, around 150 years after the war, that it wasn’t woke.

  21. First rule of Cancel Culture: Don’t talk about Cancel Culture.

    1. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  22. Sometimes terrible cultures die, and it’s not always entirely fair.

    But assuming fairness did apply, I can think of few cultures worth dying more than Maga Nazi culture.

    1. Like the Woke Nazi culture for instance, Herr Röhm?

      1. How about anything Tony believes in?

    2. Pol Pot felt the same. As did Hitler.

  23. I hope no one finds out I enjoyed reading Gone with the wind ????

  24. The worst excesses of cancel culture are better than any Republican brainfart on a good day.

    Even participating in this conversation has the demon people in the backrooms of FOX New twirling their cuntstaches in glee.

    This violent insurrection and pandemic denial… those are bad. Can’t deny that. But they can do they we always do: laser focus on every single anecdote about leftists being a little too aggressive about politeness. And I mean every single fucking one of them. Pump it up and have it spew out of Tucker Carlson’s stupid face for weeks or years on end.

    One day people will forget that Republicans are a million times worse in every conceivable way, including when it comes to cancel culture! Or try being a flaming homosexual in public in the Bible Belt. Evil cunty hypocrites.

    1. “leftists being a little too aggressive about politeness”

      “Leftist” became a synonym for “polite” over the past year.

      1. “Pardon me, my good man, would you step aside whilst I break some of your windows?”

        1. It would be fascinating watching you people explain the workings of the fantasy world that has been supplied to you by your party propaganda media diet, but it’s just too fucking lame.

          Black people are going to rape your women again. Story at 11.

          Also they make you uncomfortable with their jargon. End of the world, once again.

          1. “Black people are going to rape your women again. Story at 11.”

            You’re making this too easy, Tony Phony:
            Believe the survivor? Here’s 11 times young black men were railroaded by campus sexual assault claims.

            You and you’re cancel culture chums have been targeting black men like mad.

          2. What do you mean, “you people”?

            And in this particular instance, we have a black bachelor and a white bachelorette, and it seems to me that the complaints are coming from black women, not white men.

    2. “leftists being a little too aggressive about politeness”

      Let me be clear here: Tony and his pals don’t cancel others because they’re good people who just feel too strongly about injustice.
      It’s because they’re terrible, awful, evil people who are using poorly defined injustices as an excuse to indulge their garbage natures.

      “Try being a flaming homosexual in public in the Bible Belt.

      Guaranteed 1000X safer than wearing a MAGA hat in the Village. Tony’s bible belt is populated by strawman characters from old S&M pornos.

      “Evil cunty hypocrites”

      Can anyone think of a post Tony made here that wasn’t evil and hypocritical? I can’t.

      1. Tony’s whole line is to say ignorant, random shit. He never has anything worthwhile to say. Forget him.

    3. Poor little Tony – everything against you is evil and Republican boogeymen. But don’t worry, you’ll get ’em little guy. Just keep trying.

      lol – retard.

    4. Or try being a flaming homosexual in public in the Bible Belt.

      Right? How can republicans possibly justify the sparse incidents of cancel culture when their local pizzerias won’t even cater your wedding? Rural GOP cancel culture has gotten so cancerous that a gay black man can’t even get a sandwich at 2 a.m. without getting lynched.

      1. Try not being a “flaming” anything for once. Flaming asshole, flaming ignoramus, flaming liar…none of those get a lot of positive feedback anywhere.

        Oh, “flaming hyperbole-monger” too. I’m sure those get “lynched” in the rural GOPland of your mind.

    5. “Or try being a flaming homosexual in public in the Bible Belt.”

      Get over yourself, victim for life.

  25. Is Reason admitting that cancel culture actually exists now? ENB hardest hit.

    1. Next up, evidence of ANTIFA possibly found at ancient dig site.

  26. I’m trying to figure out who the bigger retard is in this situation, Greta Thunberg or the retards that trusted her?

    India: activist arrested over protest ‘toolkit’ shared by Greta Thunberg
    Disha Ravi charged with sedition, accused editing document on how to support India’s farmers that was tweeted by Swedish climate activist

    Disha Ravi… for those keeping score at home, is facing life in prison over this. Nice job, Greta, GREAT SUCCESS!

    1. You’re the bigger retard. A grown ass man who thinks he found his match in a little girl.

      This is why everyone hates people like you. You think you won something by beating up on a child for the crime of caring about the natural environment.

      Do you assholes hate abortion because you’re afraid there won’t be enough children to bully?

      1. Greta is a grown-assed adult. And because she’s a fuckin’ retard, she got someone arrested who faces life in prison. I hope she feels regret over this incident to the day she dies.

        1. For the love of fuck, the worst thing you people think happened in the last four years was that cunt MAGA child with the fucked up face getting barely criticized in the media. Your biggest nemesis is a fucking Swiss Miss.

          Do you actually think you’re still in middle school? Is that when your brains stopped? Does that explain why you act as proxies for schoolyard dick pullers? Does that explain pretty much everything?

          I have literally never seen anything more pathetic in my life.

          Yeah this teenager is evil. She made India arrest someone. It would be the saddest tiny dick delta male horseshit I ever saw even if your narrative weren’t nonsenseical.

          1. “I have literally never seen anything more pathetic in my life”

            Try peeking in the mirror. It may shock you.

            Say Tony, do you actually think your frothy, unhinged rantings are convincing passersby as to the validity of your psychotic claims?

          2. I know someone newly woke in a position of authority who has made some rather derogatory comments about black people in the past. Given the current climate, I most certainly could get her fired if I were to post about them, but I won’t because that’s not who I am.

            1. The Vice President’s secret is safe with me.

              Oops, I mean, I could have meant the vice president of any entity.

            2. Good. You passed a very low bar for civilized behavior.

              Good manners says you shouldn’t ruin people for a mistake they made in the past, and also that you shouldn’t shame people in order to preen about your own virtue.

              Almost all elected Democrats believe this, as do the people who vote for them.

              If you think Democrats are all their most annoying college students, someone else is doing your thinking for you.

          3. “But Maga, MAGA!”

            They triggered me!

            Now that’s pathetic.

        2. I seriously doubt that Greta feels regret for anything. People with her condition quite often are unaware of the feelings of other people.

      2. BTW, I love abortion, and like Lena Dunham, I wish her mother had one.

        1. You play so fast and loose with culture, I don’t understand why you don’t simply adopt a respectable one.

          1. That’s Paul, playing all fast and loose with culture. Lol.

          2. you don’t understand much, though

            1. But I know precisely how much I don’t understand, which is what’s important.

              1. Like science, history and current events, right?
                You still attempt to pontificate on them though.

                1. Get him on the subject of guns; very proud of his ignorance, and I’m pretty sure it extends to many subjects.

                  What you are seeing here is a sad re-enactment of being poorly treated as a homosexual in a culture where that wasn’t in vogue. By coming here he gets an opportunity to try to replay those events in a more satisfying way. It’s a bit like fantasizing about a bully in your life, and going back in time to beat him up. Over and over and over, because it’s at best a Walter Mitty daydream.

        2. ba-dum! *ching!*

    2. The article is about Australian brush fires?

  27. Welcome to communist America.

    1. The shithole land of being guilty and impossible to prove innocence because the truth is censored.

      1a doesn’t exist.

      1. At least you are free to deny the reality of historical atrocities.

        1. I have demonstrated that the atrocious narrative is a lie with irrefutable evidence of logic and science.

          You demonstrate your stupidity by being oblivious to the fact that you can’t refute my arguments and deny logic and science anyways.

  28. Such a shame, what will the next standard be?

  29. “Then came the pictures of a…party…on a plantation in Old South debutante-esque attire. The theme is beyond distasteful. Indeed, I’ve written over and over and over again that such displays are offensive.”

    No wonder they bounced him from he Krewe of Rex ball last night.

    1. Used to live in the “Big Easy.” Last I heard was that krewes exclusive to gender or race were banned from getting parade permits. There was Zulu [all Black] and various women’s organizations, but I suspect that got a pass on that.

  30. People have generally discovered that emotion persuades better than facts which actually undermine narcissistic agendas.

    This is a precarious position as emotion is generally irrational and is easily overcome by reason. So fact based reasoning must be discouraged.

    First it was through political correctness that steered us away from inconvenient facts. Now we have the cancel culture which deplatforms , censors, erases and persecutes those who merely utter unwanted truth.

    Our inalienable right to free speech is supposed to prevent this oppression. Why isn’t it?

  31. If all of these grovelling pussies would instead just extend their middle fingers and continue on, we would all be the better for it.

  32. Not sure why there was an apology not my fave

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