The NFL Challenged Conventional COVID-19 Wisdom and Kept Playing

In staring down the virus's blitz, the NFL showed that it is possible to balance caution and continuity.


The Seattle Seahawks won't be playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, but the team accomplished something this year that no other National Football League (NFL) franchise did. Not a single Seahawks player or coach tested positive for COVID-19.

What is perhaps even more remarkable than Seattle's perfect season is what that means the rest of the league endured during the past few months. When the NFL season comes to an end on Sunday night, the league will have survived potentially destabilizing outbreaks within 31 of its 32 locker rooms—at a time when cases and deaths were spiking across the United States. But the NFL reached its championship game without having to cancel a single one of the 269 scheduled games in the regular season and playoffs—and, most importantly, without any deaths due to the virus.

The NFL accomplished that feat with the help of nearly 1 million COVID-19 tests conducted since August 1, strict protocols for players and staff, a robust contact-tracing system that intercepted potential outbreaks, and (if we're being totally honest) probably a bit of good luck too. In staring down the virus's blitz, the NFL showed that it is possible to balance caution and continuity—that even before a vaccine is widely distributed it is possible to slow COVID-19's spread without shutting everything down.

Along the way, the league also challenged a core tenet of the public health community's understanding of how COVID-19 spreads.

As The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, a mid-October outbreak in the Tennessee Titans' locker room proved stubbornly difficult to contain under existing protocols that assumed someone should be considered to have been "exposed" to the virus only if they'd been within six feet of an infected person for more than 15 minutes. But most of the 21 people within the Titans organization who eventually tested positive had no direct interactions with one another for that length of time.

Thanks to the resources the NFL brought to bear against the disease—ESPN reports that COVID-19 countermeasures cost the league more than $100 million—the league's medical officials were eventually able to conclude that the six-feet, 15-minute guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were unreliable.

In response, the NFL updated its protocols with more nuance. "A masked encounter outdoors could then be treated differently than an unmasked shared car ride, for instance," write WSJ reporters Andrew Beaton and Louise Radnofsky. "The NFL told teams to take meetings virtual, avoid indoor gatherings, even if they were distanced and quit eating together."

In short, the league discovered that COVID-19 was even more spreadable than the scientific consensus believed in mid-October. It adapted, took necessary countermeasures, and pressed forward.

It's fair to point out, of course, that even the wealthiest Americans and most successful businesses would have a difficult time replicating the NFL's intensive testing-and-tracing regime. Still, what the league uncovered offers a potential guide for the rest of us as we navigate what are hopefully the final months of the pandemic. After a year of sometimes contradictory, often confusing, and frequently counterproductive instructions and orders from officials, the NFL offers an example not only of how to keep the games going during unusual circumstances but of the mental fortitude necessary to combat an evolving health threat.

It didn't always work perfectly. The Denver Broncos took the field in late November without a quarterback—a kind of important position in football—after all three of theirs tested positive in the days before a game. They lost by 28 after having a backup wide receiver who hadn't played QB since high school fill in under center. A Thanksgiving game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens was postponed from Thursday to Sunday, then to Tuesday, and eventually played on Wednesday afternoon after a COVID-19 outbreak blew through the Ravens' locker room. Players in isolation were forced to find interesting new ways to practice, like the Cleveland Browns' lineman who prepared for a playoff game by practicing with his girlfriend in an apartment building parking lot.

A total of 15 games were postponed or rescheduled during the regular season, and 724 positive tests sidelined players and coaches at various points. Even in places where fans were allowed to attend games, restrictions on stadium capacity made it seem like every team was suffering through a terrible season. The lead-up to this week's Super Bowl hasn't included the usual pomp.

It wasn't a perfect season, but it worked—and it worked better than many public health experts expected.

Eric Rubenstein, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Boston University School of Public Health, told ESPN this week that most professionals in his field were "suspicious" of the NFL's plans to conduct what was essentially a normal football season—no "bubbles" for players and coaches, teams playing in their home stadiums, and traveling back-and-forth across the country for games.

"But in the end," Rubenstein said, "the lack of real serious morbidity and sickness is evidence that what they did worked for the people they cared about."

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    1. Superb Owl would make a great band name.

      Go Chiefs!

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  4. The real story is that 20 and 30 year old athletes have almost no risk from COVID-19. The 50 and 60 year old coaches are the ones who need to worry.

    1. Bailey pushed a couple of articles on the heart risk associated with covid 19 not realizing the same risk occurred with any viral illness.

      1. There was one baseball pitcher who had serious side effect symptoms and had to sit out last season. Everyone else was fine after a week or two, if they had symptoms at all.

        From the reporting of it, Justin Turner had typhoid fever and was sneezing on everyone after the World Series, just for taking his mask off for some pictures after the game.

      2. There are differences and similarities. This study compared complications between patients hospitalized for Covid vs Influenza.

        “Compared with patients with influenza, those with COVID-19 had a more than five times higher risk for in-hospital death and approximately double the ICU admission risk and hospital length of stay, and were at higher risk for 17 acute respiratory, cardiovascular, hematologic, neurologic, renal and other complications.”

        Of course younger healthy athletes are at low risk of severe disease.

        1. The France study was the first time they tested every patient for a heart issue. Prior it had only been done as needed. Read the actual study.

          1. The one I linked was a study done at the VA. I very much read it. I don’t know what French study you are referring to. I am well aware that systemic infection both viral and bacterial can cause cardiac complications.

            If you have an article I would be happy to read it.

            No need to be defensive. I mostly post to share reliable information as I find it.

            It was a multi center cohort study involving close to 10,000 patients hospitalized for either Covid or Influenza and looked at a number of complications. This is important information so I posted it here. You raised a question in my mind so I learned something and shared it.

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  6. Dang. I was rooting for Covid too.

    1. I see the strict lockdowns in BC have been extended indefinitely.

  7. The truly important good news about covid is the CDC recently estimated that 83.1 Million Americans (i.e. 25.4%) were infected with covid in 2020, that 31 Million more Americans have been infected so far in 2021, and that 114 Million Americans (i.e. 35%) have already been infected with covid.

    And since 26.5 Million Americans (i.e. 8%) have been given a vaccine for covid, it appears that at least 40% of Americans are now immune to covid (as it is likely that 35% of the 26.5 Million vaccine recipients were already immune due to past infection, and because CDC has been unethically giving vaccines to already immune people while high risk senior citizens have not been able to access vaccines.

    The reason this is good news is that natural herd immunity is now occurring in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties and more than a dozen states. With vaccines, herd immunity will be occurring in increasingly more counties and states in the next several weeks and months.

    I posted many more details in a thread of comments at

    1. The CDC’s recent estimate that 4.6 times more Americans were infected with covid (than tested positive), and that 81.3 Million Americans (i.e. 25.4%) were infected in 2020, when 20.06 million had tested positive for covid is at:

      Since an additional 6.75 million Americans have tested positive for covid so far in 2021, an estimated 31 million more Americans have been infected so far in 2021, for a overall total of 114.1M Americans (83.1M + 31M = 114.1M) have been infected with covid, and virtually all are likely still immune.

      1. To see how natural herd immunity is occuring, simple go to
        and look at the huge decline in new covid cases in many states during the past 6 – 10 weeks.

        States with the most significant declines in new covid cases are:
        ND (-93%)
        SD (-90%)
        MN (-88%)
        WY (-84%)
        WI (-81%)
        NE (-81%)
        IA (-80%)
        TN (-78%)
        MT (-78%)
        AK (-77%)
        IL (-77%)
        IN (-75%)

        1. To see which counties are very close to achieving natural herd immunity, simply look at all the counties in purple.

          It appears there will be many more purple counties in the next several weeks.

          1. 157 counties in the US have surpassed a covid case rate of 13% (i.e. percent of population testing positive) as of 2/3/2021. Since the CDC now estimates that 4.6 times more Americans have been infected (than have tested positive), counties with a 13% case rate have an average infection rate of 60% (.13 x 4.6 = .598), and are very close to achieving natural herd immunity, which occurs after about two thirds of people have been infected or vaccinated.

            I discovered that state prisons were the sources of covid outbreaks in rural counties that have the highest covid case rates (but I only researched about 40 counties), which is to be expected.

            Crowley, CO – 31.0% (State Prison)
            Chattahoochee, GA – 25.5% (Fort Benning)
            Dewey, SD – 23.5% (Indian Reservation)
            Lincoln, AR – 22.8% (State Prison)
            Lake, TN – 22.3% (State Prison)
            Norton, KS – 21.8% (State Prison)
            Bent, CO – 21.9% (State Prison)
            Bon Homme, SD – 21.5% (State Prison)
            Trousdale, TN – 21.2% (State Prison)
            Buffalo, SD – 20.6% (Indian Reservation)
            Buena Vista, IA – 20.2% (Meat Packing)
            Eddy, ND – 19.5%
            Alfalfa, OK – 19.2% (State Prison)
            Ellsworth, KS – 18.9% (State Prison)
            Forest, PA – 18.4% (State Prison)
            Jackson, AR – 18.4% (State Prison)
            Bethel, AK – 18.3%
            Dakota, NE – 18.2% (Meat Packing)
            Childress, TX – 18.0% (State Prison)
            Lee, AR – 17.8% (State Prison)
            Lafayette, FL – 17.6% (State Prison)
            Lassen, CA – 17.6% (State Prisons)
            Hale, TX – 17.4% (State Prison)
            Nobles, MN – 17.2% (Meat Packing)
            Seward, KS – 17.1% (Meat Packing)
            Lincoln, CO – 17.0% (State Prison)
            Foster, ND – 17.0%
            Big Horn, MT – 17.0%
            Logan, CO – 16.9% (State Prison)
            Menominee, WI – 16.9% (Indian Reservation)
            Pawnee, KS – 16.9% (State Prison)
            Sheridan, KS – 16.7%
            Wayne, TN – 16.7%
            Yuma, AZ – 16.6%
            Walsh, ND – 16.3%
            Maverick, TX – 16.3%
            Texas, OK – 16.2% (State Prison)
            Aurora, SD – 16.1%
            Ford, KS – 16.1% (Meat Packing)
            Finney, KS – 16.1% (Meat Packing)
            Lee, KY – 16.1%
            Santa Cruz, AZ – 16.0%
            McKinley, NM – 16.0%
            Potter, SD – 15.7%
            Morton, ND – 15.6%
            Stutsman, ND – 15.5% (State Prison)
            Lyman, SD – 15.4%
            East Carroll, LA – 15.4%
            Nelson, ND – 15.3%
            Lubbock, TX – 15.3%
            Culberson, TX – 15.0%
            Chicot, AR – 15.0%
            Madison, ID – 15.0%
            Cass, IL – 15.0%
            Burleigh, ND – 15.0% (State Prison)
            Val Verde, TX – 14.9%
            Crocket, TX – 14.9%
            Woodward, OK – 14.8%
            Dickey, ND – 14.8%
            Benson, ND – 14.7%
            Sioux, ND – 14.7%
            East Feliciana, LA – 14.7%
            Davison, SD – 14.7%
            Haywood, TN – 14.6%
            Webb, TX – 14.6%
            Whitfield, GA – 14.5%
            Faulk, SD – 14.5%
            Rolette, ND – 14.5%
            Morgan, KY – 14.4%
            Toole, MT – 14.4%
            Yell, AR – 14.3%
            Scurry, TX – 14.3%
            Oglala Lakota, SD – 14.2%
            Imperial, CA – 14.2%
            Gove, KS – 14.2%
            Plymouth, IA – 14.2%
            Clinton, IL – 14.2%
            Lawrence, IL – 14.2%
            Douglas, SD – 14.1%
            Fayette, IL – 14.1%
            Lamb, TX – 14.1%
            Colfax, NE – 14.0%
            Minnehaha, SD – 14.0%
            Nemaha, KS – 14.0%
            Crawford, IA – 14.0%
            Okfuskee, OK – 14.0%
            Kearny, KS – 13.9%
            Republic, KS – 13.9%
            Pickett, TN – 13.9%
            Wilbarger, TX – 13.9%
            Griggs, ND – 13.8%
            Beadle, SD – 13.8%
            Richmond, VA – 13.8% (State Prison)
            Potter, TX – 13.8%
            Hemphill, TX – 13.8%
            Kings, CA – 13.8%
            Sevier, AR – 13.8%
            Stark, ND – 13.7%
            Obion, TN – 13.7%
            Grand Forks, ND – 13.7%
            Teton, WY – 13.7%
            Perry, IL – 13.7%
            Ramsey, ND – 13.7%
            Trego, KS – 13.6%
            Golden Valley, ND – 13.6%
            Henry, IA – 13.6%
            Miami Dade, FL – 13.6%
            Towner, ND – 13.6%
            Utah, UT – 13.6%
            El Paso, TX – 13.6%
            Pershing, NV – 13.6%
            Madison, LA – 13.6%
            Clarke, AL – 13.6%
            Graham, AZ – 13.5%
            Apache, AZ – 13.5% (Indian Reservation)
            Rush, KS – 13.5%
            Roosevelt, MT – 13.5%
            Kusilvak, AK – 13.5%
            Jones, TX – 13.5%
            Hansford, TX – 13.5%
            Dodge, WI – 13.5%
            Hale, AL – 13.4%
            Coddington, SD – 13.4%
            Dubois, IN – 13.4%
            Dyer, TN – 13.4%
            Jones, IA – 13.4%
            Tom Green, TX – 13.4%
            Deaf Smith, TX – 13.3%
            Sanborn, SD – 13.3%
            Thomas, KS – 13.3%
            Moore, TN – 13.3%
            Terry, TX – 13.3%
            Dawson, TX – 13.3%
            Sioux, IA – 13.3%
            Wright, IA – 13.3%
            Cass, IN – 13.3%
            Navajo, AZ – 13.2% (Indian Reservation)
            Charles Mix, SD – 13.2%
            Hot Spring, AR – 13.2%
            Ward, ND – 13.2%
            Kandiyohi, MN – 13.2%
            Starr, TX – 13.2%
            Adair, OK – 13.1%
            Webster, IA – 13.1%
            Jerauld, SD – 13.1%
            Pickaway, OH – 13.1%
            St. Francis, AR – 13.1%
            Brule, SD – 13.0%
            Union, MS – 13.0%
            Putnam, TN – 13.0%
            Saline, NE – 13.0%
            Calhoun, IA – 13.0%
            Woodbury, IA – 13.0%
            Coke, TX – 13.0%
            Cottle, TX – 13.0%
            Zavala, TX – 13.0%
            Crockett, TN – 13.0%

          2. That is fine but you should really look at what is happening in Manaus Brazil and Israel before making any assumptions about Covid and herd immunity.


            1. Just because herd immunity is now occurring in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties, and dozens of states doesn’t mean it will occur in other communities, counties, states or nations.

              When the Bubonic Plague ravaged Europe centuries ago, many nation states experience herd immunity a year or two before other nation states.

              1. It is not occurring anywhere.

                It may never occur just as it has not for the common cold or flu. It may just be something more under control that we deal with.

                The plague is still around. Sanitation is what got it under control. It is carried by fleas on rats and other rodents.

                If you have not I suggest reading the lancet article.

              2. Measles is a good example of why herd immunity is misunderstood and is not immunity at all.

                Because of highly effective childhood vaccination in the US it is generally not a problem here. So anti vaccine people can get away without it. It only takes one person with the disease and it spreads like wildfire in those communities. This has happened here.

                What you are talking about is culling the herd. That is how the concept originated in a cow disease.

              3. Bill you do a good job tracking those numbers but they don’t mean anything about herd immunity. It is not a number. It is a theory and with this virus it is a big question mark.

                This is a new virus. It is already undergoing major mutations. We don’t know. The focus is on getting as many people protected as possible.

                The virus is the enemy. Kill it.

              4. Bill remember the story of the Pied Piper?

                That is about the plague. The town was devastated with it. The Piper shows up and drove the rats away.

                1. Did you ever read the story of chicken little?

                  1. Yes
                    What do you think is the moral of that story?

          3. Israel has more than half the country vaccinated and still a high rate of new infections.

            We should know in a few months what the effect is as they are rapidly collecting and sharing data.

            Herd immunity is not some magic number. There are more questions than answers at this point.

        2. As of 2/6/2021, the 20 states with the highest covid case rate (i.e. positive tests) are

          ND – 12.9%
          SD – 12.3%
          RI – 11.1%
          UT – 11.0%
          TN – 10.8%
          AZ – 10.6%
          WI – 10.3%
          IA – 10.2%
          AR – 10.0%
          OK – 10.0%
          NE – 10.0%
          KS – 9.7%
          AL – 9.5%
          IN – 9.4%
          MS – 9.4%
          ID – 9.2%
          NV – 9.1%
          WY – 9.1%
          IL – 9.0%
          MT – 8.9%

          So far, 8.3% of Americans have tested positive for covid.

          1. Holman Jenkins pointed out this same argument about natural herd immunity and vaccine priorities in the January 13 WSJ at
            But the news media (including Reason) refuses to acknowledge these facts, and has demonized those who pointed it out (e.g. Scott Atlas, Rand Paul, Tom Massie).


            Sen. Rand Paul was assailed for tweeting that his own natural infection was more than 99% protective against future illness, compared with 94.5% for a vaccine. He was not recommending people go out and indiscriminately spread the disease. But once you accept that we’re not just one or two preachments away from solving the problem of Covid with mask-wearing, it’s time to be grateful for the one upside of infection. “Herd immunity” was a taboo term when paired with the word “strategy” but needs to rehabilitated now as a description of the goal that both vaccine and natural spread are helping us achieve.

            The U.S. will soon reliably be vaccinating a million people a day but natural infections, by conservative estimate, were already putting a million a day in the U.S. on the path to natural immunity, though only a fifth of them showed up for testing.

            Either kind of immune response is considered almost sure to prevent serious illness from future infection. Less certain is whether either also prevents transmission. But as epidemiologists such as Yale’s Harvey Risch and Brown’s Ashish Jha independently predicted, new cases in the Dakotas are starting to fall precipitously with perhaps half their populations having experienced Covid 19.

            The practical implications are obvious. Don’t spend vaccine in the short term on people who have already been exposed if at all possible. A second implication: Unlike other countries, the U.S. has been strangely resolute in pretending that “confirmed cases” are the measure of the epidemic. Seldom has there been a clearer test of how the media sets the agenda for politicians. The press repeats this misleading statistic a thousand times a day to no real purpose, leaving us only less certain where we stand in the herd-immunity race. Underplaying the disease’s true prevalence, we have (without realizing it) conditioned people to be less careful even as we preach at them to be more careful. We cause them to underestimate their exposure risk and overestimate their death risk. Now we’ve put ourselves in the weird position of being unready to use vaccines optimally to stop the epidemic as soon as possible. We find it hard even to admit to ourselves that natural immunity is helping to bring our goal within reach.

            1. Good data.
              Good work.
              None of it matters.

            2. Holman Jenkins wrote another excellent column in today’s WSJ at

              The Virus Lessons We’re Getting Wrong
              It’s crucial to distinguish real failures from those caused by chasing political phantoms.


              It’s absurd that only now the CDC, very quietly, has begun recognizing, as it does with the flu, most cases go unreported. As of Dec. 31, when the media was highlighting 19.7 million “confirmed” cases, the CDC now estimates 83 million were infected.

              The consequences will never be acknowledged. We prioritized a vast testing enterprise that could not possibly help us control the spread. We failed to invest in antibody studies that might now be helping us guide early vaccine doses away from 100 million or so who already have some natural immunity.

              A long-running University of Southern California survey shows that risk perceptions have been distorted in exactly the way you would predict: Americans overestimate their risk of dying from Covid and underestimate their risk of catching it, with the result that millions likely have been selecting a level of risk that ill serves them, their families and society.

              And where to begin with a Bloomberg News headline that blares about South Dakota’s “Failed Experiment in Herd Immunity.” The failure wasn’t herd immunity, the goal we all are seeking, but achieving it through infection rather than vaccination.

              If the press can’t understand herd immunity after 11 months, how can we expect the public to?

              In the first weeks of the pandemic, the CDC warned that most Americans would encounter the virus. This advice eventually disappeared from its website. It was never mentioned by any politician. Why? It sounded too much like government washing its hands of protecting the public.

              Mr. Biden is a new president from a party that was out of power in the executive branch, so he took advantage of his second day in office to say something true: “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

              That chance is now gone. His body language must show the government forcefully fixing things it can’t fix. And he has an even heavier lift ahead to prepare Americans for the next chapter: the virus becoming endemic and continuing to be a threat to life and health for decades to come.

    2. My COVID bible is which shows the peak as the week of 12/15/2020. Congratulations to the experts who flattened and extended this novel virus event for more than a year while failing to protect the elderly particularly well.

    3. Above I wrote:
      “The truly important good news about covid is the CDC recently estimated that 83.1 Million Americans (i.e. 25.4%) were infected with covid in 2020, that 31 Million more Americans have been infected so far in 2021, and that 114 Million Americans (i.e. 35%) have already been infected with covid.”

      I discovered a mistake in the previous sentence, as 7.3 million Americans tested positive for covid in 2021, indicating 33.6 Million Americans have been infected in 2021 (7.3M x 4.6 = 33.6M), indicating 116.8 Million Americans have been infected with covid so far.

  8. Reason quietly accepted most of the conventional covid wisdom including ignoring the largest factors the economic decline.

  9. Karl Lauterbach, an MP for the German Social Democratic party wrote in Die Welt last December that ‘we need measures to deal with climate change that are similar to the restrictions on personal freedom [imposed] to combat the pandemic.’ How long before this theory makes its way into news outlets and politicians’ speeches here?

    Of course this idea will be explained away as simply ‘following the science’.

    Just good old fashioned conditioning of Americans to not think for themselves and be useful idiota of the “elites.”

    1. When do we begin construction on Elysium for the Elites?

    2. And if the weather doesn’t change (as it won’t), the answer will be the same:

      lockdown harder

    3. Funny thing is I saw that they found that Covid restrictions resulted in cleaner air which actually resulted in more warming due to decreased particulate and sulfur emissions.

  10. “Massachusetts Undersecretary for Climate Change David Ismay participated in a meeting with the Vermont Climate Council back in January, where he admitted that when it comes to the big climate “offenders” in their region, there are no bad guys left to break. Ismay went on to say that now the only ones left to “break” are the people.”

    I know one thing that we found in our analysis is that 60% of our emissions come from – as I have it started to say you and me, except you guys are in Vermont – 60% of our emissions come from residential heating and passenger vehicles. Let me say that again …60% of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person on your street, the senior on fixed-income. Right now there is no bad guy left, at least in Massachusetts, to point the finger at and turn the screws on and no break their will so they stop emitting. That’s you . We have to break your will.

    1. If John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other very wealthy left wing climate extremists simply reduced their massive carbon emissions (by destroying their mansions, vacation homes, fleets of cars, jets, etc.), we deplorables who live in small homes <1,000 square feet and own/drive one fuel efficient car wouldn't have to pay for their absurd climate schemes that benefit China.

      Bill Gates and other investors just bought a private jet firm (whose jets emit tons of carbon) for $4.7 billion, which documents the outrageous hypocrisy of fraudulent globalists, environmentalists and public health advocates.

  11. I’m a Browns fan and am happy they did as well as they did. That said, the NFL didn’t want to lose all that sweet , sweet TV money. The fans going to a game are side income paid for by the taxpayers in stadiums, parking and vendors.

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    2. Go Browns!

  12. Well connected billionaries who use government money and play woke politics can get whatever they want.

    They are part of the oligarchy. They are not beholden to the same rules as the proles.

    And why exactly is reason promoting this?

    1. In staring down the virus’s blitz, the NFL showed that it is possible to balance caution and continuity. for favored businesses to be exempt from regulations

      Much, much more of this to come.

    2. Sports are entertainment and people need that more than ever now.

      Every successful general understands the importance of morale.

  13. Now imagine if everybody could have made these decisions on their own.

  14. Only communists and communist dupes watch the NFL.

    1. I thought the commies watched soccer?

  15. It is remotely possible that having enough money to staff up lots and lots of medical professionals to check up on everybody every day has some small impact on the outcome.

  16. whe business practices of both the NFL and NCAA at least the NFL pays it’s players.

    NFL is just vastly superior to the college game.

    Also until every power 5 conference is included in the college “playoff” it won’t be considered legit. Most years they probably get it right, but we don’t know. It’s possible for the SEC to be the best all around conference and the PAC12 the worst, but the best team be in the PAC12.
    The PAC12 still needs to admit it bungled adding Utah. Utah belongs in the Mountain West with Utah State. BYU shouldn’t even have a goddamn team. It’s absurd that in 2021 there’s a college(a bad one, but it’s accredited) named after a pervert con artist traitor. We are rightfully removing Confederate traitor names from places, but we need to remove Mormon traitor names too.

    The way college football is so biased towards the south really turns off anyone who’s not an inbred moron. The south is such a shithole and the majority of the people are so backwards that people treat the SEC as a religion. Out west the people are smarter, the scenery is better, and there are other activities to engage in. People don’t obsess over college football like they do in the south, and that’s a good thing.

    1. First paragraph should say:
      I hate the business practices of both the NFL and the NCAA, but at least the NFL pays it’s players.

    2. We need a lot more Mormon football players. Coaches too.

      1. Mark Sextus Fascist Traitor:
        Cram it traitor! You did not receive permission to speak! America hating fascists like you will only speak when spoken to.

        Are you Mormon? It would explain a lot. Mormons are freedom hating fascists, so you have that covered. They’re also huge bigots like yourself.

        If you hate America so much please leave.
        My grandparents fought Fascists like you during ww2. They must be spinning in their graves seeing what Trump and some of his supporters are doing.

        Do you have no shame?

      2. Sorenson the linebacker for the Chiefs is Mormon. I’m sure there are a few on each team.

        Andy Reid’s Mormon. He went to BYU and converted as an adult. He must be some kind of idiot savant or something. He’s a great offensive coach, but obviously must have zero intelligence when it comes to life since he converted.

        I remember when he was with the Eagles and his son overdosed. It warms my heart to know that Andy Reid thinks his son is burning in hell.

        Whenever I’m having a bad day I just think of Andy Reid’s son overdosing. Or Gordon Smith’s son killing himself(former Mormon GOP senator from Oregon). Or Jay Bybee’s son blowing his own brain’s out in a Las Vegas temple(W Bush official who signed Yoo’s torture memos).

        1. Awww you love the mormons

          1. Don’t know how you came to that conclusion. I try to be fair and it wouldn’t be fair to say a coach who may win his second super bowl today calling plays isn’t a good coach.

            Just because he’s a good coach doesn’t mean he’s a good person or intelligent. Tommy Tuberville went undefeated at Auburn in 2004 and now he’s a senator. He’s a moron and has shitty morals. He couldn’t name the three branches of government. He claimed the US was fighting socialists in WW2(the Soviet Union was on our side and despite what all the looney right wingers on here say National Socialism is not the same as socialism). I understand why coaches aren’t 100% forthcoming when they’re looking at a new job, but there’s no reason to say crap like “I’m only leaving here in a pine box!” He also literally left a dinner of Texas Tech recruits to go to Cincinnati.

            I kind of went on a Tuberville rant there. Shows what kind of morons live in the south that they’d elect him to the senate.

            Hope that fat Mormon fuck Andy Reid loses today.

      3. Well trolled.

    3. When’s the last time you went to the South?

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  19. There just seems something a little different about symptomless corona. Not as dangerous, to one’s self or to new infectees.

    But maybe not as protective against further infection either.

    1. Right.

      So one theory is you have some pre existing antigenic response due to something similar and it fights off the virus quickly.

      The viral load is smaller so specific antigenic response may be weaker and shorter lived.

      Or they may be other things going on we don’t know about making that person more resistant.

  20. Not a lot of masks or ‘social distancing’ going on at the end of the game. Chiefs probably hope they do get sick and the Bucs don’t care.
    But the Bucs’ tackling coach seems to have been hired from the 9ers a couple of years back: tackling the guy’s shoulder pads gets you a piggy-back ride, and grabbing for a shoe-lace makes you look like Neon Deon trying to keep your uni clean.
    Wrap your arms around his shins, TIGHT. Yeah, he’s going to kick your face guard, but he’s going nowhere his knees don’t go, including that additional 6 yards you gave up by grabbing his pads in the 1st quarter.

  21. Challenges everywhere, when will this whole saga come to an end. This thing has really cost us a lot, people are now conscious of covering their faces and neglects other measures. If we really want to help each others then we should live beyond wearing the mask. In a bit to be helpful you can now download any past questions and answers of choice here

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