Minimum Wage

Ramming a $15 Minimum Wage Bill Through the Senate Using Reconciliation Would Be a Norm-Busting Mistake

The reconciliation process exists for a reason. Discarding it for political expediency should be viewed with skepticism.


Fittingly for someone who spent more than three decades as a member of the U.S. Senate, President Joe Biden holds the so-called world's greatest deliberative body in high regard.

Biden calls the Senate his "second home" in his 2007 memoir and, as that metaphor suggests, it is often obvious that the relationship is about more than just a physical place. Biden sees the Senate—with its arcane rules and combative but dignified atmosphere—as the embodiment of what government should aspire to be. When Biden stresses that Americans must learn to disagree without disrespecting one another, as he did in his inaugural address, he's drawing on the ethos of the Senate. "Unity requires you to eliminate the vitriol, make anything you disagree with about the other person's personality. We have to get rid of that," Biden said last month.

But when it comes to passing one of the new president's first major policy initiatives, Senate Democrats are already looking for a divisive shortcut. As part of a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, Biden is asking lawmakers to also pass a massive increase in the federal minimum wage—hiking it to $15 per hour from the current rate of $7.25 per hour. It's both ironic and telling that doing so might require effectively abolishing an arcane rule that's intended to encourage debate.

No, I'm not talking about the filibuster, though Democrats may eventually decide to do away with the rule that requires a supermajority of 60 votes to cut off debate and bring a bill to a final vote. Instead, they're turning to an even less well-understood Senate rule: reconciliation.

Reconciliation was invented in 1974 when Congress rewrote its rules for passing budgets. It's intended to allow Congress to quickly make changes to existing laws governing federal revenue and spending by limiting how long legislators can debate bills filed under the reconciliation process. In effect, it creates a way for a simple majority in the Senate to pass budget bills in certain circumstances without allowing the minority to hold up the process with the threat of a filibuster.

According to the Congressional Research Service, a think tank housed within Congress, the reconciliation process has been used 25 times. You may recall that Republicans recently used reconciliation to get the 2017 tax cuts through the Senate and that they tried (unsuccessfully) to use the process to repeal Obamacare.

Here's where it gets extra confusing. To use this special filibuster-bypassing loophole, a bill must pass a multi-step test known as the "Byrd rule"—named for the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D–W.Va.), who invented the test as a way to limit the use of the reconciliation process.

Whether a bill comports with the Byrd rule is up to exactly one person: Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, who is more or less an unelected mage responsible for interpreting the Senate's rules and adjudicating disputes over them.

In order to clear the Byrd rule, and thus be eligible to be passed with a simple majority as opposed to 60 votes, a piece of legislation cannot contain elements that are ruled extraneous to the federal budget. There are other aspects of the Byrd rule banning legislation that inflates the long-term federal budget deficit (which is why the 2017 tax bill contained a bunch of gimmicky promises about future tax hikes) and prohibiting any changes to Social Security, but the budget mandate is the key issue at play with the proposed minimum wage increase.

Most aspects of Biden's proposed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill would be eligible for passage under reconciliation. Boosting emergency spending or offering tax breaks to offset individuals' and businesses' losses due to the pandemic—regardless of whether they are fiscally smart policies or not—pretty clearly meet the Byrd rule's threshold."Bry

But does hiking the federal minimum wage? That's debatable.

Progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) are making a roundabout argument that increasing the federal minimum wage can be done via reconciliation because it would have some knock-on effect on federal tax revenue. In other words, forcing businesses to pay hourly workers higher wages will translate into higher taxable income for those workers and thus more tax revenue for the government. Additionally, the Economic Policy Institute, a progressive think tank, argues that a $15 federal minimum wage would decrease dependence on federal welfare programs by at least $13 billion annually.

But approaching the Byrd rule in that manner makes it effectively null and void. In strokes that broad, any major change to federal policy could have knock-on effects that impact tax revenues or future expenditures.

For example, if Biden were to propose that the federal government mandate every household adopt a dog within the next six months, one could argue that the corresponding uptick in demand for dog food and chew toys would force businesses that produce those products to hire more workers, and that hiring (and paying) more workers would impact federal tax revenue down the road. You might even be able to argue that the resulting increase in happiness would reduce future government health care expenditures (or perhaps that it would increase them since dog owners statistically live longer).

All those things might be true, but that wouldn't make the Puppy Mandate of 2021 directly linked to the federal budget in a way that the reconciliation rules were crafted to allow.

But wait, there's one more wrinkle—because this is the Senate and nothing is ever straightforward. If MacDonough rules that the minimum wage hike can't be passed via reconciliation, the Senate can still overrule her decision.

Doing so would require a supermajority of 60 votes, so that's probably not feasible—unless Vice President Kamala Harris, in her role as president of the Senate, unilaterally acts to overrule MacDonough. That's never been done before, but The New York Times notes that it is technically allowed under Senate rules.

For now, this whole debate could be somewhat moot. Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.) says he won't support a $15 national minimum wage. Instead, he's proposing to hike the minimum wage to $11 per hour. And if Democrats can't get unified support from all 50 of their members on this issue, then the reconciliation route is useless.

All of this procedural analysis ignores the strong policy-based arguments against raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour across the entire country. Including that wage hike in what is ostensibly a COVID-19 relief bill, as Reason's Billy Binion pointed out last week, is particularly bizarre since many businesses that would be subject to the higher labor costs are just struggling to keep their doors open right now. The Biden administration is touting a Congressional Budget Office report showing that a $15 national minimum wage would lift about 1 million workers out of poverty, but it is conveniently downplaying the fact that the same study says the change would eliminate 1.3 million jobs.

It's certainly possible that Democrats will ignore that and try to ram the higher minimum wage—either $15 per hour or $11 per hour—through Congress using reconciliation. "We're not going to take 'no' for an answer" is how Sanders described the effort to CNBC last week.

If so, we could be treated to the spectacle of the Biden administration's second-in-command unilaterally overturning the Senate's rules in an unprecedented way that virtually guarantees the Byrd rule no longer serves as a significant impediment to passing any legislation via the reconciliation process—and doing it so a controversial policy change can be implemented with the support, maybe, of just 50 senators plus the vice president.

After preaching about the value of unity and promising to end an era of political norm-breaking, that would be a heck of a way for Biden to demonstrate that he doesn't much care about any of those things.

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  1. Politicians, foremost, have a responsibility to the states that they were elected to represent, and not to an administration that is using them as fodder for party-wide platitudes. Democrat or Republican is incidental to the fact that certain states would suffer profound economic consequences should they foster and support many of these changes. Slowly but surely, state autonomy is being stripped away. This should alarm any reasonable person. Read More.

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      1. Minimum wage kills jobs in the short term, and causes inflation in the long term. If you aren't making enough money, whining to the government for a handout is a disgraceful solution. Invest in yourself the appropriate education to specialize in a trade or craft that benefits your pocketbook, and benefits the world in your ability to provide it to them with great efficiency and low cost.

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      2. “Biden to demonstrate that he doesn’t much care about any of those things.” He never has and has said so many times during his infamous career in stymying and Republican/conservative proposals.

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  2. Don’t confuse the “normal” of a constitutional republic with the “normal” of a fascist dictatorship.

    1. ^EXACTLY! Where in the Constitution does the Federal Government get the authority to stamp a price-tag on everyone?

      1. Interstate commerce
        General welfare

        I mean, there were full wage and price controls under Nixon & Ford.
        Just to control inflation, you understand. Oh, and oil prices. etc.

        The federal government gets it’s authority the same place as Mao did; from the barrel of a gun. Ever wonder what the dems have in mind fo rus that they need fences and razor wire and troops?

        1. 1) I am NOT ‘Interstate Commerce’.
          2) ‘General Welfare of the United States’ government isn’t me either.
          3) Perhaps the United States government would have general welfare if it stopped cheating it’s own rules of the game.

          The U.S. Constitution promising Individual Liberty and Justice or the Barrel of a Democratic Gun as the Supreme Law?

          The left is sick in the head….

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        2. Maybe it’s time to thin the herd. We have far too many progressives running wild. A reduced, more manageable prog population would be a marked improvement.

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    4. a norm-busting maneuver that would…

      So soon? Our poor nation has barely begun to heal from the crazy Orange Hitler years

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  4. “After preaching about the value of unity and promising to end an era of political norm-breaking, that would be a heck of a way for Biden to demonstrate that he doesn’t much care about any of those things.”

    No shit.

    1. Tomorrow’s Boehm article will inform us that there was gambling going on a Rick’s Cafe.

        1. shocked i say

        1. The objection wasn’t to children in cages, it was to Trump in office.

          1. As if a democrat gives a shit what happens to a one but itself. Same reason hat the anti war movement and useful idiots lie Cindy Sehan were thrown away like rotting garbage the moment W.left office.

            1. I think the left ditched Cindy Sheehan prior to W leaving office because once she was allowed to get on mic without talking points, she was incredibly anti-semitic.

              But yeah, she was just thrown away when her value decreased and if not for that, she would’ve been discarded as soon as W left office.

        2. “Dear Biden voters, you’ve been seriously had”.

          Haha. No shit? You mean to say that the left enthusiastically backing joe “I wrote the damn crime bill” Biden, and “lock em up” Harris in the year of BLM, and harboring a white hot hatred of the guy who signed a bill letting some of joe and Kamalas black victims out of jail wasn’t funny?

          I thought it was hilarious. And yes, we’ve all been had.

  5. Thanks for explaining the budget reconciliation process, which I’ve been pointing out during the past several weeks would be how Biden, Schumer and Pelosi will try to get around the filibuster (for many legislative policies, which they’ll insist are budget issues).

    But none of this would have likely occurred had Reason NOT demonized and defamed Trump (the most libertarian president since Cal Coolidge) for the past four years, and endorsed Biden and Jorgensen during the past year.

    Reason is getting what Reason campaigned for.

    1. “none of this would have likely occurred had Reason…”

      I really think you’re over-estimating Reason’s influence on things.

      1. Had Reason endorsed Trump (and published hundreds of articles delineating his many libertarian policy accomplishments), Trump may have won several more swing states (as many libertarians and libertarian leaning voters would NOT have voted for Biden or Jorgensen).

        Please note that Jorgensen’s vote was greater than Biden’s margin of victory in several swing states.

        Also, had the vote count been closer in swing states, the courts would have been less likely to dismiss Trump’s challenges, and GOP legislators in swing states would have been more emboldened to challenge the flood of mail in ballots for Biden in the middle of the night.

        1. Reason editors/writers have influence over libertarian and libertarian leaning folks, and they regularly appeared in the news media (e.g. Kennedy, Welch, Suderman, Mangu Ward), who mostly trashed and mocked Trump during the past year (or more).

          1. I do agree with Farnham regarding the probability of Reason’s editorial position translating into actual votes. But if we are going to speak more broadly and use Reason as a broader proxy for libertarian affiliation in general, Trump is still the only one to be blamed for his own loss. If Trump did not only spend so much of his time not only advocating for authoritarian policies, but actively trying to purge those with libertarian tendencies from his own party, maybe he would have been considered a more attractive option.

            If either of the old parties were an adequate representation of libertarian policy preferences then the Libertarian Party would not need to exist.

            1. “Trump is still the only one to be blamed for his own loss. If Trump did not only spend so much of his time not only advocating for authoritarian policies, but actively trying to purge those with libertarian tendencies from his own party, maybe he would have been considered a more attractive option.”

              TDS-addled shits believe their own fantasies and invent more of them.
              Fuck off and die; you deserve what you’re getting.

              1. Anybody who would deny that Trump increased the size and scope of government and that Trump actively tried to destroy the careers of the handful of libertarian-leaning Republican Congressmen truly must be living in a deranged fantasy.

                1. You tried to kill Rand Paul multiple times.
                  GTFO here with your projection.

                  1. Speaking of living in a deranged fantasy. Or are you using AOC’s standard of evidence when it comes to attempted murder?

                    1. Hivemind gonna hivemind, bignose.
                      Come to Jacksonville.
                      Let me know when you get here.
                      Your farce can finally end.

                2. “Anybody who would deny that Trump increased the size and scope of government and that Trump actively tried to destroy the careers of the handful of libertarian-leaning Republican Congressmen truly must be living in a deranged fantasy.”

                  Anybody making such claims is, by definition, a TDS-addled piece of shit.
                  Fuck off and die; the world’s intelligence will be measurably improved.

        2. That’s fine if you disagree with Reason’s editorial position(s) on the election; I’m just saying that it seems unrealistic to think that Reason had any material effect on the outcome.

          What percentage of the general population has even heard of Reason?… 5%?… maybe? Of those, maybe 5% read it with any regularity at all. Of those, what, maybe half actually voted. Of those, maybe half weren’t already locked into a partisan stance (R, D, or L). Of those who weren’t, let’s say half were open to persuasion from an online magazine.

          So .05 x .05 x .5 x .5 x .5 = .0003125 = Just over 0.03% of voters might have voted differently based on Reason’s publications… and that still seems like a pretty generous number.

          1. Somebody is paying them to do what they’ve done. Starting with the editorial decision makers and moving up the money chain.

            1. If the authors and editors here want to proclaim they they have duly washed their hands of what they have plainly done, and declare themselves absolved from any responsibility for what is following, then they should do it themselves.

              1. Why? Who cares?

                All I’m saying is that Reason throwing the election to the Dems in 2020 sounds just as absurd as Russian trolls throwing the election to the Repubs in 2016.

                1. I’m not arguing they are solely or even substantially responsible.

                  But they still bear responsible.

                  You cannot stand apart from what you have objectively done. At least not and still claim any sense of honor or integrity.

        3. So if Reason had turned into a pretentious version of Breitbart, then Trump would have surely won!

          1. Reason is already Breitbart lite. It’s fanatical devotion to immigration and trade (to the exclusion of all else) is well known among the commenting community here.

            The FBI tried to remove a duly elected president by essentially framing Carter Page and railroad a general with an unconstitutional law. Only Robby Soave (albeit mildly) condemned what was the coup attempt. David Dorn is not mentioned in this site, as is the 2000 additional murder victims of 2020, which inconveniences Reason anti cop narrative. The FBI agent who got paroled for altering carter’s emails and a guy who got arrested for memes are pretty much invisible here.

            But on the one day “insurrection” and Trump’s election theories – that was their bread and butter for 2,3 months. You had to move away from the laptop screen to evade the spit that came out of their mouths.

            I read Breitbart and Reason all the time. While Reason is more on the serious side, they’re ultimately opposite sides of a coin. They instantly highlight news that confirm their position and shrink away from things that don’t. Did an illegal alien thrice deported kill 3 people? You’ll see that on Breitbart. Did a police officer pepper spray a skate boarder? You’ll see that on Reason.

            If Trump was president, then there’s no min wage hike, keystone pipeline is still running, more soldiers are out of AFG, and teacher’s union gets yelled at on Gab. That’s the fact. “Oh but Trump…” NO, that’s the fact. Trump could be an annoying asshole who yells at people and makes up conspiracy theories but that’s still a fat.

        4. (as many libertarians and libertarian leaning voters would NOT have voted for Biden or Jorgensen)

          So you want libertarians to NOT vote for the more libertarian candidate?

          1. Anti-racism isn’t libertarian dummy.

        5. A Reason endorsement would not have moved the needle. And Jorgensen voters weren’t exactly closet Trump supporters.

          A Libertarian was the “spoiler” in one of the Georgia US Senate races, but in the runoff the Democrat won.

      2. Reason is the boogieman he and his fellow travelers can’t stay away from.

  6. Needs moar fascism.

  7. How could this be? I was assured that everything would return to normal once the bad orange man was gone.

    1. The kicker? Everything *is* returning to normal.

      All this *is* normal.

      1. Ever-growing Democratic National Socialism is ‘normal’ but also treasonous and invasive to the USA.

      2. Exactly. Corrupt within normal parameters.

  8. “Norm-busting”

    Nonono… no. No. Nein. Nicht. We voted for Biden because we were told the Era of Biden would be “wrong within normal parameters”.

  9. ” As part of a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill…”

    When $1.3 trillion of it has nothing to do with Covid why are you calling it a Covid relief bill.

    You wanted this Boehm, you might as well call it what it is.

    1. Those hedge funds that lost money to the Gamestop Rebellion have to get it back somehow…

  10. Ramming a $15 Minimum Wage Bill Through the Senate Using Reconciliation Would Be a Norm-Busting Mistake

    But will it be wrong within normal parameters?

    1. YES! The federal government doesn’t have “The People’s” (Supreme Law) permission to DICTATE like this. It’s no longer a government of the people but a government OVER the people.

  11. We need reminders of which Reason writers voted for Biden; is Boehm getting what he voted for?

      1. Yes; Boehm would’ve voted for Biden if he thought his State wasn’t a sure win for Biden.

        “I will vote for Jo Jorgensen—unless I believe there is a chance that Joe Biden will somehow fail to win Virginia, in which case I will vote strategically and reluctantly for Biden.”

        1. Well, in that case, he deserves this good and hard. Unfortunately, I don’t.

    1. This may surprise you but Biden and Trump, like all people, have positions on a multitude of issues. Just because you vote for someone doesn’t mean you agree with all of their positions.

      1. Multitude summation—
        Biden = Democratic National Socialism ( National Dictation )
        Trump = CUT UN-Constitutional National Regulation ( Leave it to the States or the People ).

        Was *emotional* issues on the table?
        Biden = Tweets of Unified Dictation with roses and unicorns.
        Trump = “Mean” tweets calling out Anti-American plans of Dictatorship painted with roses and unicorns.

      2. I’m certain this will surprise TDS-addled pieces of shit, but voting because of mean tweets, makes you a TDFS-addled piece of shit.

  12. When Biden stresses that Americans must learn to disagree without disrespecting one another, as he did in his inaugural address, he’s drawing on the ethos of the Senate.

    Wait, the guy who, immediately upon taking office, started ramming through executive orders because Congress would not do what he wanted them to do has been telling people that they must ‘learn to disagree without disrespecting one another’?

    1. To Biden and the rest of the Democrats, not giving them everything they want without them having to give you anything in return is disrespecting them.

      So to “disagree without disrespecting” the democrats, you must give them everything they want, even knowing full well that once they get it, they will want more.

      1. How fundamental beliefs in the Power to Steal = Wealth creates Power-Mad narcissists.

    2. I looked up “pathological liar” and was shocked to see a photo of Joe Biden offered as an example. Amazingly searching for “donkey turd” resulted in the same photo.

    3. You need the right translation code.

      ‘learn to disagree without disrespecting one another’
      ‘learn to agree with me without complaining about it’

      1. +10000000

  13. In effect, it creates a way for a simple majority in the Senate to pass budget bills in certain circumstances without allowing the minority to hold up the process with the threat of a filibuster.

    In effect, it allows a simply majority to display their contempt for the desires and needs of the minority.

    1. Unless I’m mistaken…you cannot filibuster an actual budget bill regardless.

      Is Boehm whining that somebody might filibuster an OMNIBUS bill, which is little but pork spending?

    2. “Democracy” is all about ‘simply majority’ RULES any minority in all aspects including Gov-Gun gangs killing dissenters!!!!

      Thank goodness the USA isn’t a “democracy”; even though that blatant lie has gained so much traction recently. It’s a Constitutional Union of Republican States founded upon principles of INDIVIDUAL Liberty and Justice NOT [WE] mob rulers…

  14. Wasn’t this how they passed Obamacare? I’d say the norm was busted a long time ago.

    1. Boehm was a tweener then. You cannot expect him to remember such ancient history.

    2. No. The ACA was passed using normal methods.

      1. ^Funny stuff.

      2. No. The ACA was passed using normal methods.


      3. Correct. The ACA was passed with basic rules. Remember that at passage the Democrats had 60 senators and could invoke closure on the bill to pass the ACA.

        1. My bad. I was thinking of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 signed seven days after the ACA and basically gutting it of all the compromises democrats had made to give it the barest illusion that the bill would be budget neutral.

          1. Yep, the house passed the senate version of the ACA because team blue couldn’t afford another senate vote after Brown won the special election to replace Ted Kennedy.

            Of course it only got that far because Specter switched to team blue; a play which cost him his next primary because he wasn’t anywhere near left enough for the blues.

            1. Arlen was also a retarded shit. Kinda like Biden.

        2. Basic rules like gut a bill from the house and replace it so they could get around the revenue bills must originate in the house provision of the Constitution.

        3. “Correct. The ACA was passed with basic rules…”


        4. BTW, M4e is setting records for just plain stooooooooooooopidity.
          Yes, s/he’s dishonest, but it’s obvious (pace Ken) that this 6th-grade intellect is not capable of separating objective reality from the voices in his/her head.
          It’s unfortunate, but real; M4e is a fucking ignoramus.

      4. Liar, liar

  15. Fifteen dollar too beaucoup.

  16. Price fixing bad…
    Price fixing people is downright Tyrannical Authoritarian Slavery BAD.

    Who the h*ll do these politicians think we are; cows of a barn yard getting bids at a livestock auction? Tax and Spend our labors, Tax and Spend our labors — No, no, no; The cow is worth more than that! (bids the politicians for us)……… F-OFF tyrannical dictators!

    1. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other countries are opposed to a the E.U. to legislating a minimum wage for all E.U. countries. They each have their own system and are happy with it. They don’t need a central government telling this how to run their country in this respect. This tends to go under the radar because it’s inconvenient to the narrative.

    2. No, they *value* cows…

  17. A minimum wage increase would also be bad for Charles Koch, the billionaire who funds Mr. Koch prefers to import highly-skilled laborers (especially from Mexico) and pay them substantially less than $15 / hour.

    Of course, even if Democrats raise the minimum wage, they’re still better than Republicans. Because Republicans support the racist policy called “border enforcement” which prevents Mexican laborers from entering the country at all.


  18. Norms? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  19. A “norm-busting mistake”? I suppose so, in that the new normal is just writing an executive order about it. Or, as Joe Biden put it, “we’re not making new laws, we’re undoing bad policy”, as he writes new laws.

  20. LOL.reconciliation was the same used to ram through the 2017 deficit-exploding tax cuts…

    1. Yes, but it was Republicans that did it, so it was ok.

      1. Not going to self immolate over the government returning our money back to us.

    2. Tax cuts do not cause spending.

      Fuck off slaver.

    3. tax revenues went up after the tax cuts (until state governors shut down their economies out of COVID panic). spending increased by a lot more though (thanks to Trump and Democrats and Republicans in Congress).

      1. not nearly as fast as the deficits…

  21. Democrats were promising to destroy whatever the “norms” were during election season.

    I’m not sure how/why Reason is shocked by any of this.

  22. I don’t like this at all. I think the bill is too big and that there are parts in it that makes using reconciliation not appropriate. On the other hand the passing it though reconciliation still needs a majority vote in both Houses, so it is constitutionally sound.

  23. If you’re as smart as a box of hammers and you find a box of hammers, you’re going to use those hammers.

    1. Read this as “…and you find a box of hamsters, you’re going to use those hammers”. Which I suppose works just as well.

      1. The problem, naturally, is that we’re the hamsters.

  24. McConnell, Schumer Reach Senate Power-Sharing Deal

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he’s reached a two-year power sharing deal with GOP leader Mitch McConnell formally giving Democrats committee chairmanships and setting other ground rules, allowing the chamber to begin fully functioning after weeks of procedural limbo.

    The agreement is based on a 2001 deal reached the last time the 100-member chamber was divided 50-50. That setup allowed for the same number of Republicans and Democrats on committees, though Democrats controlled committee gavels and the majority leader set the agenda on the floor.

    Schumer said the agreement will spur committee work on President Joe Biden’s priorities and his cabinet-level nominations as Democrat chairmen will be in place and ground rules will be set for committee structure.

    1. With the same number of Democrats and Republicans on Senate Committees, the GOP (if united) will be able to prevent passage of many Democrat bills in committees.

      1. Tie goes to the runner, bro. My condolences.

        1. You should look for where the brains went and try to get some.
          No condolences; fuck off and die, lefty shit.

    2. But the chamber isn’t divided 50-50, it’s divided 50-48-2 in favor of the GOP. But Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the balls to tell Schumer to fuck off as you know full well Schumer would to McConnell if the Independents broke the other way.

      1. You forgot the quote marks around Independents since they’re really just DIIGs (Democrats in Independent Garb).

  25. Here’s something completely normal, Joe Biden expands Trump’s policy of locking immigrant children in cages.

    The Department of Health and Human Services is reopening an overflow facility for unaccompanied migrant children apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border to keep up with an influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally, according to a new report.

    The department, which is charged with caring for children taken into custody at the border by the Department of Homeland Security, is set to reopen a facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas that can take in roughly 700 children, according to CNN.

    I can’t wait for AOC to tearfully denounce the inhumanity.

  26. I believe that the because the 2017 tax cut bill was passed with reconciliation, the Democrats will have to pass the minimum wage with reconciliation. The 2017 tax bill had very little popular support, the economy was good and the tax cut was unnecessary. Yet Republican forced it through. The fact that an unnecessary tax cut that benefitted the wealthiest, raised the debt was forced through make it difficult to hold back on a raise for the lowest paid workers.

    1. “I believe that the because the 2017 tax cut bill was passed with reconciliation, the Democrats will have to pass the minimum wage with reconciliation.”

      That’s because you’re a fucking ignoramus.

    2. Well you do have one point in that mountain of garbage. Taxes will go up while the economy goes down. And the lowest paid workers will be out of work completely and shoveling more wealth off the debt while we perish into another Great Depression, Great Recession or …… AS IT ALWAYS HAS WITH Democrats in power of the Gov.

      The day Democrats realize they are actually the party of stupid jack*sses.

      1. est kommt der tag

  27. What is the endgame here? Central Planning of the entire economy? The state of New Mexico will collapse with the EO drilling on federal property. Small business will collapse with a federal minimum wage. Throw working people, living paycheck to paycheck, out of work and into Government dependency.

    BTW, in other news online brokerages are restricting trades on over 25 stocks (not restricting lending to trade, but all trades).

    Yeah Reason, you wanted the CCP, you got it. Too bad about Jack Ma, right?

    1. No silly. See, certain key businesses will be given waivers and subsidies. That’s how this game rolls. You make breathing illegal and then hand out oxygen bottles to your friends.

    2. Democrats LOVE deadly destruction. Remember Detroit, remember the USA being the #1 country of productions, remember, remember, remember………….

      BEFORE Democratic National Socialists invaded the USA.

  28. Raising the MW to $15/hour in the poorest parts of the nation would be equivalent of raising it to $30/hour in San Francisco. Why don’t advocates push for $30/hour in San Francisco? It’s like they want to deliberately destroy the economies of those areas lower costs of living and where the “living wage” is much lower. If they just don’t know any better, it’s bizarre. If they do, it’s evil.

    1. Can you imagine a cashier at a grocery store in the rural south making $15/hr? It’s as if they’re trying to create “food deserts” so they can step in and “fix it” with more legislation.

      1. Legislation exercising the Gov-Gun-Power to Steal until ALL human wealth is entirely GONE!

        Democrats – The Power to Steal = Wealth
        Republicans – Human Value with Individual Liberty & Justice = Wealth

        Which kind of country do you want to live in?

        1. Which Republicans are you talking about? The ones who support endless wars and endless deficits?

          1. Oh, you mean like what Biden is doing RIGHT NOW?

  29. Passing a 15$ an hour minimum wage bill by any means would be a mistake.

  30. $15 per hour minimum wage but of course the exemptions will be rife for Dems favored donors but mom ‘n’ pops nationwide will shutter.

  31. I saw online people on the left crowing about how McDonalds says they can absorb the costs. And not realizing that means more automation, less labor, and small businesses going under.

    The left is weird like that. They really don’t seem to understand much of anything except obedience.

    1. They can be obedient in their own h*llholes. YET they keep trying to stuff Authoritarianism UN-Constitutionally into the national government.

      No, Democrats aren’t obedient; they are Power-Mad. And they will turn on each other as soon as they run-out of conquer room. Power-Mad people live on the concept of conquer and consume, conquer and consume. Like leaches.

  32. No. It would be a mistake because of putting a bunch of low skilled idiots out of work through no fault of their own.

  33. It’s not just the process they use. The whole idea of a Federal minimum wage set at $15/hour is completely ludicrous. They are applying standards that might be fine for some cities to areas with a much lower cost of living and therefore a much lower “living wage” (the current holy grail of MW pushers). Puerto Rico is a good example. There should be no Federal minimum wage at all. Each state and territory is perfectly capable of determining what’s best for itself.

    1. Ever_person says me about this post..READ MORE

  34. When you never have to worry about losing another election, it is not a mistake.

  35. It’s not going to happen but the norm busting was done by defunding the ACA through reconciliation. People need to understand that whatever lever of power you use, can ultimately be used against you. Government is a tool, wielded for good, and often, wielded for woe.

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