Minimum Wage

Congressional Democrats Push $15 Minimum Wage on Struggling Businesses

American companies would need relief from Democrats’ COVID relief efforts.


House and Senate Democrats on Tuesday reintroduced a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, more than doubling the current $7.25 hourly rate.

The House reportedly plans to include the measure in its upcoming COVID-19 relief legislation. The main problem: That would provide the polar opposite of relief to businesses buckling under the weight of COVID-19 and the associated government lockdowns.

As has been the case over the past year, the congressional aid package is, in part, supposed to resuscitate livelihoods decimated by state-required closures and restrictions. It's richly ironic that a heightened minimum wage would be yet another mandate that business-owners might need help counteracting. Relief from the relief.

As of September 2020, 100,000 businesses that initially shuttered temporarily were declared dead, a number that has surely expanded through the COVID-19 winter surge. Many other establishments are on their deathbeds. The life support—named the Raise the Wage Act of 2021—could very well do them in, akin to replacing a diabetic's insulin with a sugary drink and hoping for the best.

The debate around the minimum wage has been muddled by polarized voices on both the left and the right, who struggle to admit that the issue doesn't fit neatly into a binary. Indeed, studies over the past several years come to entirely different conclusions about the minimum wage's impact, allowing readers to manipulate the data as they search for the conclusions of their choice.

It was with that mindset that the National Bureau of Economic Research surveyed the existing literature in search of a more concrete understanding. Its main conclusions: There is "a clear preponderance of negative estimates" related to the minimum wage and those effects are "stronger for teens and young adults as well as the less-educated."

In other words, of course some workers will make more under a higher federal minimum wage. Others, too, will break even or make less as they see their hours reduced, and some still will lose their jobs entirely. The latter group is made up of the lowest-skilled workers—the most vulnerable, and the targets of most Democratic pieces of legislation.

Effects on individual workers and effects on small businesses themselves are, to some extent, mutually inclusive. A stratospheric minimum-wage hike would put yet another financial strain on those businesses, whose owners would have to shoulder a massive increase in labor costs during a time when many entrepreneurs are just hoping they can keep their doors open another day. It might be nice to see a bump in pay, though that benefit evaporates if your employer's operation no longer exists.

President Joe Biden disagrees. During the final presidential debate, he posited that increasing the minimum wage by more than 100 percent would help small businesses, though he did not explain the particulars. One glaring question: Rural America isn't operating with the same resources as those in New York City, and states and localities can set their own minimum wages. Why the machete instead of the scalpel?

The bill would also do away with the tipped minimum wage—a lower hourly sum, augmented with gratuity, used in restaurants and other limited service industries. Washington, D.C., attempted to eradicate its tipped minimum in the summer of 2018, though lawmakers overturned that after an outcry from tipped workers themselves, many of whom noted they make far more in tips than they ever would with a minimum wage.

Such a move is particularly inconvenient for this moment, with restaurant patronage hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Danny Meyer, who famously led the way in blitzing gratuities at his New York restaurants, announced in July that he would reintroduce them.

The Democrats' measure is unlikely to pass in conventional fashion, as it would require the votes of at least 10 Senate Republicans to overcome the filibuster. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) said instead that they will pursue a backroad and seek to make it law via budget reconciliation, though the restrictions on that process make success there unlikely as well.

Sanders is undeterred. "Let's be clear. The $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage is a starvation wage," he said in a statement. "No person in America can make it on $8, $10, or $12 an hour." There are a few problems there. The foremost: It's even harder to make it on $0 an hour.

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  1. Go to $15/hr immediately.
    Then the unemployment will be less than working again, and “the people” will rise up in mass and DEMAND! that businesses be allowed to reopen.

    And the democrats will admit to election fraud, and every child will be allowed back in school.

    Welcome to the revolution.

    1. I encourage every business owner to hold Reason and its staff personally accountable for destroying their life’s work.

      1. if you really want to hurt reason, you should probably stop coming to every article, commenting, clicking, refreshing over and over. They make revenue from ads, clicks.

        You are literally one of the biggest contributors to reason’s moneys. Despite your impotent attempts to bitch about them, you and the trump brigade are their biggest donors.

        If you really think they are a treacherous commie rag, you wouldnt come back and give them revenue literally every day. Do you go to CNN and MSNBC and click their articles to fill their coffers?

        But then again, you dont have much else to do other than jerk off to civil war 2.0 sims.

        1. Reason gets most of its money from the Koch Foundation and donors dummy.

          1. Even the annual fundraiser is just theatre nowadays. Rich Uncle Charles funds the whole thing essentially.

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        2. fuck off White Knight you got banned

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        3. You are literally one of the biggest contributors to reason’s moneys.

          I have yet to find a more reliable indicator that someone isn’t to be taken seriously than the crutch-like misuse of “literally”.

          1. The sad thing is that it’s really not a difficult word to use correctly.

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          2. Wuzyoung, you are literally an old man who is trying to speechpolice the generation that is about to replace him, because you can’t handle being irrelevant. Literally.

        4. Careful, with your handle, a prosecutor is likely to indict you.

        5. Well this is obviously a White Knight sock.

        6. I don’t think you have a good grasp on exactly how internet advertising pays. Or, actually, how much it really doesn’t pay…the only people getting paid a consistent return are the ISP’s…and they charge a monthly fee to the subscribers AND get the lion’s share of the thin gruel that advertising really is.

          Reason probably gets enough ad revenue from their forum pages to buy a hot cup of whatever Starbucks sells…with change left over to throw at the bums outside of the front door.

    2. Pussies. $15? $50! If they *really* cared, they’d make it *$100* an hour!

      1. If they REALLY cared, they’d send everyone a million dollar check and we’d all be on easy street.

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      1. Now we know what all those people who lose their jobs can do.

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    5. American companies would need relief from Democrats’ COVID relief efforts.House and Senate Democrats on Tuesday reintroduced a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, more than doubling the current $7.25 hourly rate……………….MORE DETAIL.

    6. The House reportedly plans to include the measure in its upcoming COVID-19 relief legislation. The main problem: That would provide the polar opposite of relief to businesses buckling under the weight of COVID-19 and the associated government lockdowns………………..MORE DETAIL.

    7. I say let them eat their unemployment and have it, too.

      Is working for something REALLY better than not working for subsistence?

      Let’s all find out!

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    9. Winston Smith is pleased to report that all wages will be doubled to $0!

  2. But, why not $100.00/hour?

    1. We shouldn’t stop until every wage is above average.

    2. How dare you question it! THEY’ve got it all figured out. THEY’ve formed a COMMITTEE and done a STUDY of the DATA. The EXPERTS have looked at the SCIENCE and come to the conclusion that $15 is THE NUMBER.

      1. Top Men!

    3. Why not combine it with social justice goals and just make it $100/hr for non-white males.

    4. “Do I hear $125? 125? 125! 150? 150! 200! 500! Sold to the man in the donkey suit for $1000 an hour!”

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    6. The problem with this argument is that smart people understand that $100 per hour is equally expensive as $0 per hour…when you’re paying for nothing.

      When that nothing becomes something, and when that something is their time then, yeah…$100 per hour sounds fair…so does $1,000,000 per hour.

      If you offered me $1,000,000 per hour I’d confess – after the cash for at least 8 hours was in my grubby hand – that you actually had me at $100…but I wanted to see how stupid you would get.

      Most wage earners don’t know how to think in economic terms, they only think about what affects their personal situation within a 5 foot radius / 1 month time horizon…sometimes less than that.

      They will never realize that a minimum wage one is best negotiated between interested parties and not imposed by the functioning retards that get themselves elected to create, or hired to run, government services.

    7. Because that would be ludicrous.

  3. Fucking insane. Fuck you, small businesses!

    1. Amazon and Walmart giggle with glee. Between this and Covid, their competition is toast.
      The Democrats are not the party of Davos and billionaire multinational CEOs for nothing.

      1. Always had a keen eye on the malfeasances of megacorporations, have you? What, are you afraid they’ll have too much power in the marketplace?

        1. Have you always been a fan of oligarchical corporatism, Tony, or did it only become okay once your party started doing it?

          1. Not a fan of -isms.

            1. You’re not a fan of thinking or having a point either.

  4. My shocked face is so shocked! 😐

    If only all of us could have told you this was coming!

    1. Yea …. but, mean tweets. Progress is progress.

      1. Those tweets were so very mean.

    2. Despite shamelessly schilling for Biden and the DNC for months, Billy is shocked that they are actually doing what they promised to do.

  5. Unless the US Senate eliminates filibusters (with Manchin and Sinema now oppose), any bill raising the minimum wage to $15/hr is DOA in the Senate. And it is doubtful Pelosi could get enough votes to get it passed in the House.

    I don’t think there are enough votes in this Congress to enact anything above a $10/hr minimum wage (and they’ll exempt farm workers).

    BTW Is Reason recovering from its four year severe case of TDS?
    So far today, no headlines trashing Trump.

    1. True enough, no more headlines.
      Just every article saying Biden did this or that, BUT TRUMP!!!!

    2. Man, I hope you are right.

    3. So far today, no headlines trashing Trump.


      1. Literally Hitler.
        Trump started lots of wars, persecuted the Jews, expanded the government and incarcerated lots of Blacks… or maybe he did the opposite.

        Either way it was super bad.

        1. The tweeting nightmare has finally ended!

    4. Read the article. It’s DOA if introduced as a stand-alone bill. Sanders and his democratic flunkies are already pursuing “a backroad”.

      1. “It’s DOA if introduced as a stand-alone bill.”

        No, people think that. Which is decidedly not the same thing at all.

      2. Exactly how many “standalone” bills, that are not useless gestures, ever get passed?

        1. Quite a few, actually. Just not usually the ones that make the news.

    5. They’re in withdrawal.

    6. Democratic leadership is certainly hoping there aren’t enough votes. This game is played all the time by both sides, though the specifics will vary. Promise something, then complain there aren’t enough votes to pass it, but next time we will definitely pass it. All you have to do is turn out to vote us in. They will then come up with some other reason for not passing it because once it’s passed, the reason to vote for them disappears. Eventually, voters figure out what their doing. Short term, they get the media to exaggerate it and sensationalize the hell out of it. (This works mainly for Democrats). Long term, they find something else.

  6. Think of all the new Dem Party-dependent welfare recipients it’ll create!

    1. And even more useless young adults. It’s already pretty pathetic how unprepared for work people in their late teens are. And no one is going to give some 16 year old shithead a job for $15/hr.

      1. That’s okay because they can give it to his Dad who’ll need a job now that they just nuked the energy sector.

        1. Look for shipping costs to rise accordingly.

  7. Why do politicians hate the restaurant industry?

    1. No idea, but I hope the bartenders/wait staff nationwide join together in protesting this just like they did in DC. No tips + $15 min wage = less money.

    2. The same people who voted for these assholes are going to wonder why they no longer have fun places to go on the weekend.

    1. You can take two steps away from your own self. It’s already great to see if someone can take one step.

      1. Fuck off, you got banned.

        1. Are you dumb? What side are you even on?

  8. A friend pointed out that a $15 minimum wage is $31,200 a year for a full time worker. In my area teacher salaries start at $32,000, LPNs start at around $40,000. My wife, a CNA with 20 years experience makes about $37,000. Will we have to raise these wages, if so doesn’t that mean product costs will have to go up, and thus the buying power of $15/hr go down? Or we just see more automation. I can see little to any benefits except for a very select few to an increase in the minimum wage. And a bunch of poor outcomes to a bunch of others.
    Most proponents like to believe or mislead the public that this will harm big businesses, but most corporations such as Walmart already pay well above the current minimum wage. This will in fact help them because it will eliminate competition from smaller businesses who can’t offset an increase in fixed costs (wages are a fixed costs usually) with volume and therefore have two choices, increase prices (usually already higher than corporate competition because of volume) or eliminate wages.

    1. Or the third choice, give up.

      1. They tried to influence our election!

    2. Got it in one. It drives up inflation, it increases the incentives for automation and it’s supported by big companies because it crushes their competition.

    3. Nothing screams, “WELL THOUGHT-OUT, NUANCED APPROACH!” quite like a one-size-fits-all simplistic nationwide solution that doesn’t take into account the various regional differences, like cost of living. Right?

      A $15 minimum wage might seem like a completely reasonable idea in high cost of living, large coastal metropolitan areas, like New York or DC or San Fran or LA. Not atypical of them, though, they ignore the middle of the country.

      Some of us actually enjoy living and working in low cost areas of the country, though. Here, a well credentialed professional with 10-20 years of experience might make between $50-$60k per year in salary (before taxes). That translates to about $25 – $29 an hour, or approximately 3x the local minimum wage of $9.

      If professional wages scale at the same rate as non-skilled minimum wage, does that bump those up to the $80-$90k range? If it doesn’t, are we going to see a lot of dissatisfaction among the professional class? If a 16 year old kid is making $15/hr pushing carts at Walmart, will he want to go to college and get a post-graduate degree, spend all that effort and take on all that debt, so that 15 years from then, he’ll be making $25? Where’s the incentive?

      Or, maybe someone will develop cart-pushing robots and all the cashiers will be replaced with kiosks and other forms of automation, and there won’t be any jobs for those kids at all.

      1. No body gives a shit about the deplorables in fly over country.

        1. Pelosi does. That’s why she packed a 15,000 man Praetorian Guard around her throne on the off chance that they got uppity.

      2. Yeah, it is really ridiculous. $31k is a decent income in a lot of places. And the idea that every job needs to be able to support a family of 4 is even more ridiculous.

      3. That kid will hopefully go to college and get that degree, because his only alternative will be unemployment. The competition for that $15/hour job will be fierce, with most applicants turned away. This is an interesting thought prospect, because too many Americans decide “eh, low skilled work is a good enough life-long career for me”…maybe a high enough minimum wage will shift the culture? “Pay attention in school or sell drugs, there is no in-between.”

    4. That about sums it up Soldier.

    5. A $15/hr minimum wage is one of dozens of off-the-shelf positions progressives push as cure-alls. If you point out the obvious problems with these positions, then you’re racist/misogynistic/transphobic/reactionary/a Trumpist/etc. If you propose a better alternative, see above. If you point out that the positions progressives favor often actually work against the interests of the very groups they pretend to champion, see above.

    1. I am stoked.

  9. It sounds like the (D) should start their own businesses and pay more than $15 /hour on their own. But I guess taking on responsibility yourself is not very progressive.

    Also isn’t Sanders the person that was paying people like $5/hour got caught and then said he would pay 15 then fired most of the paid positions

    1. Yeah, I seem to recall the Burn was a bit hypocritical when it came to his business and his employees’ salaries. But he isn’t Evil Corp so there is that.

      1. If things ran correctly, Bolshevik Bernie would have been executed as a Marxist traitor decades ago.

    2. In the very late ’80s I briefly worked for CalPIRG, Ralph Nader’s group, and they were pretty ruthless about not paying people, since we were “volunteers,” even though it had been advertised as a job, and we got commission on the money we were able to talk people out of.

      1. Leftists are the greediest people of all.

      2. I once knew a student who worked for the DNC on Labor Day for free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  10. I believe so.

  11. “No person in America can make it on $8, $10, or $12 an hour.”

    I’m really torn on whether Bernie Sanders is completely economically retarded, out of touch with the little people, or a lying panderer.

    1. Yes

  12. It’s stealth UBI. They know people will get laid off so they plan to pay them with your money and MMT.

  13. The only possible way to solve inequality is to pass a maximum wage law. $15/hour sounds reasonable to me, and any excess wages will be confiscated by the Feds.

    1. Maximum wage is, in fact, a policy position for democratic socialist.

  14. I’m part owner of a small business, and most summers we hire a couple kids in high school or college to work for us. We can’t pay them $15 hour, so jobs that we might bid planning on them working for us we won’t bid.

    Yet there’s been times in the past that the same kid worked for multiple summers, and we’d be able to pay him about that much after his first year, because he’d be more efficient, and do more.

    1. My company starts at $15 for a position that doesn’t even require a high school diploma but involves physical labor most of the day and contact with brown water. We already have too few applicants and high turnover. The unemployment bonus eliminated most of the workforce for these jobs.

      Do they really think anybody will do dirty jobs for minimum wage? They are out of their fucking minds.

      $31,200 per year if you can get a full-time gig standing behind the counter at Hotdog-on-a-Stick. Except nobody under 25 will ever work full time again.

      1. “Do they really think anybody will do dirty jobs for minimum wage? They are out of their fucking minds.”

        As soon as Biden signs the decree opening the borders, there’ll be plenty of people from Central America eager to take those dirty jobs.

    2. Sounds like either way you’re making a rational market calculation under the law. Your anecdote is only relevant if it guides understanding of the macro-scale effect. Do you think the big problem in this country will be 15 year-olds who can’t get shit work for weed money? It very well might, but there are other problems too that may make that one take a back seat, such as wealth inequality that makes the Gilded Age look like the, I dunno, Pewterized Age.

      1. The post where Tony pretends that he took an economics course, but still gets it wrong.

        1. Gets economics wrong. The science of economics. Wherein Newton’s law of “thou shalt not tax inheritance” can be found.

          1. And is too stupid to know he gets it wrong.

      2. “Do you think the big problem in this country will be 15 year-olds who can’t get shit work for weed money?”

        Sorry the young people in your life are losers. I hope someone else helps them realize that learning skills and habits that make them good employees when they’re young could be helpful as they get older.

        1. And I said high school and college. So nice dishonestly with 15 years old.

      3. Fuck off, Tony.

      4. Being unable to find employment when you are 16 isn’t going to be good for wealth inequality. It really is a big problem. It’s bad enough now. Young people don’t know how to work. It’s actually really important for teenagers to work shit jobs.

        1. Yeah, once again Tony fails to recognize that this is one of those “I’ve climbed the ladder, now I’ll pull it up behind me” positions.

          No one *wants* to make minimum wage, nor should they—they should aspire to more. They are doing it because they don’t have the skills or experience necessary to demand more.

          Eliminating low-end jobs will prevent people from acquiring the requisite skills and experience to move up the employment ladder.

          Tony thinks he is taking the side of empathetic “feel good” policy, but he’s really telling unskilled and inexperienced would-be workers (the group he’s purportedly championing) to fuck off.

          1. I could simply be telling employers to pay them more. You haven’t remotely demonstrated that there is a correlation between minimum wage hikes and persistent joblessness among any group.

            1. And where’s the money for the higher wages gonna come from to pay them more, genius? Most businesses operate on razor thin margins. They can’t afford increases in costs, let alone big increases in costs like this while keeping the businesses financially viable without raising prices. And since this minimum wage will be applied everywhere to businesses needing low skilled labor, this will cause widespread inflation at the supermarket, fast food, and many other essentials that low wage earners spend a significant amount of their income on.
              Congratulations, the cashier making $7.50/hour buying $2 loaves of bread is now the cashier making $15/hour buying $4 loaves of bread. But, the high skilled worker who actually bothered to make something of himself is still making $50/hour but his grocery bill is now twice as large, effectively making him poorer. So you didn’t help the guy at the bottom, but you made the middle upper class guy effectively poorer. So in your commie mind this is a win because income inequality is reduced (by knocking down the higher end, not raising up the low end).

  15. Despite voting for Biden, I vowed to criticize Democrats whenever they propose something contrary to the financial interests of’s benefactor Charles Koch. So I’ll do that right now: Raising the minimum wage is a bad idea. (It should actually be $0.00 / hour.)

    Let’s not lose sight of the big picture though. Billionaires are still far better off now than they were under Drumpf, because Biden is implementing the #OpenTheBorders / #EmptyThePrisons agenda.


    1. I see OpenBordersLiberal-tarian is still has a Koch fetish.

      Besides mentioning the Kochs, what’s wrong with the Kochs supporting free minds and free markets besides the fact that Trumpists don’t like the notion of free minds and free markets?

  16. Replace them all with robots and independent subcontractors.

    1. I think we have a winner except we can probably rule out subcontractors since I’m sure they’ll follow Cali’s lead and require contractors to be employees.

      The whole point is to have as many people dependent on the gov’t dole as possible, right?

  17. Braying sheep reflexively endorsing the current minimum wage instead of a different one. What a fun group you have here, shills for corporate profits, anti-leftist reactionaries, wage slavers, and people who actually look in the mirror and say “Whatever Ted Cruz is fer, I’m fer!”

    I’m just saying maybe you are the problem you have with cocktail parties.

    1. You’re stupid and weak. You know nothing, and have nothing to contribute. You also have no value as a person. You’re just a useless pile of offal, and don’t appear to do anything but be a bitchy little toxic queen.

      1. Little? I have been watching my cake intake, thanks.

        We’re all useless piles of offal. You think you’re useful with your small-minded bigotries and welding job or whatever? To what end? The propagation of bad genes and worse ideas?

        The only difference between you and me is how ethically correct my stardust once was compared to your stardust.

        1. Tony is Reverend Bigot.

          1. Tony is Tony. There is only one. Just like me. And as much as I disagree with him I’d happily buy him a beer. You? Not so much.

        2. I love the beautiful hypocrisy of internet lefties sneering at working class jobs.

          1. I sneer at the concept of a job.

            I only get 80 years. The only reason I have to spend most of it making someone else money is because that guy set up the system that way.

            We can have any system we want. This planet doesn’t belong to anyone.

    2. Who are you yelling at, spaz.

    3. I’m not endorsing shit. I don’t think their should be a minimum wage.

    4. I’m pretty sure people here are not in favor of the current minimum wage, most libritarian believe it should be $0

      1. We know the real minimum wage IS $0/hr.

        The higher you raise the fake minimum wage, the more people will earn the real one.

      2. Precisely. Hell, people should have the ability to make a negative wage, if so inclined—paying an employer for the opportunity to get experience.

    5. I miss Agile Cyborg.

    6. We think the government setting prices in the economy is bad policy which sets up perverse incentives in the market, creating failure. That we cannot change the current bad policy is no reason to avoid fighting a worse iteration of the bad policy.

    7. I don’t think anyone is endorsing any minimum wage.
      This will only help the big corporations by choking out their competition.

    8. Tony, you pig-ignorant twat. All that this price control does is forbid anyone from earning anything at all UNLESS they’re capable of earning the cut-off price.

      You lefturd idiots always ignore the fact that the real minimum wage is always ZERO. (Coincidentally, exactly what you’re worth.)


      1. We tried a minimum wage of zero. Turns out some people got it in their silly heads that such a thing was the one of the worst abominations humanity is capable of.

        Abomination is a spectrum, not a bright line somewhere between $0 and %0.01/hour.

        1. Go look up who was arguing for minimum wage laws when the federal government first passed them, and who got hurt by them, you racist asshole.


          1. Not nearly as much of a racist as the guy who only ever talks about racism when he can whore it out to do his capitalist pigging.

  18. At my first job in the early 1970s, I was paid $1.50/hour to shovel putrid smelling chicken shit out of a chicken house door into a manure spreader, then driving a tractor and spreading the shit all over the fields.

    At my next job I was paid $.02 per paper to fold and deliver newspapers (on my bicycle, then motorcycle, then car) to 50-60 folks in my small town every morning before I went to high school, (including whenever it rained or snowed).

    Then, I got paid a whopping $2.00/hour for working with a crew of other teens loading and unloading 25,000-100,000 chickens per night that were stacked in chicken coops on/off tractor trailers.

    With that money I earned, I bought a bicycle, then a motorcycle, then a car, and paid for my first year of college. Then I worked my way through college (dropping out twice to save enough money to go back), and then worked my way through graduate school with minimum wage (or slightly higher) jobs.

    A $15/hour minimum wage would prevent the vast majority of teens from getting their first job.

    1. In Pandemic, Start making money this time… Spend more time with your family & relatives by doing jobs that only require you to have a computer and an internet access and you can have that at your home. Start bringing up to $65000 to $70000 a month. I’ve started this job and earn a handsome income and now I am exchanging it with you, so you can do it too. You can check it out Detail Of Work

      1. I bet you wish you grew up during a pandemic like this kid, don’t you Bill?

        1. I thought you were a loser, and someone pointed out you’re a dummy too, but responding to bots?



          1. So very broken

            1. lol

    2. Your implication that people should be responsible for themselves is clearly discrimination against the responsibility inhibited! Only a fascist would dare hint that the irresponsible community doesn’t deserve an adequate wage no matter how little work they actually performed. I’m disgusted by the mere thought of people actually having to work.

      1. [/sarc]

    3. A $15/hour minimum wage would prevent the vast majority of teens from getting their first job.

      That was the original intent. Look it up. The assholes who created the minimum wage had no qualms about advertising that it would hurt anyone who tried to compete with white unions.

      1. Yep.

        Always has been, too.

  19. 45 or 50 Republican Senators voted for a Senate motion that declared Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate unconstitutional, indicating that the Trump will be acquitted yet again by the Senate.

    Two weeks ago on several other threads here, I predicted that no more than 55 Senators would vote to convict Trump, and that he would be acquitted once again.

    So why did nobody in the left wing news media (including Reason) mention (during the past two weeks) that Trump’s impeachment was doomed to fail.

    Surely, at least one person at those large left wing media corporations (who do their own polling and have hundreds of info sources) is as good as me at counting votes in US Congress.

    In fact, the Dems and their news media promoters/protectors all knew/know the Senate would acquit Trump, but they repeated their lies for two weeks hoping it would dupe most Americans to believe that Trump was going to be convicted by the Senate.

    1. What do Democrats get out of acquitting Trump? A Republican party spending the next four years at gunpoint.

      Oh no. The horror of it all.

      The only person who prayed for conviction was Mitch McConnell.

      1. Tony loves him some violence.

        1. Only against enemies to my person and/or human civilization.

          When it comes to killing fascists, what can I say but God bless Murica.

    2. 45 or 50 Republican Senators voted for a Senate motion that declared Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate unconstitutional,

      What’s shocking is that five Republican senators violated their oath by going along with the Democrat’s attempt at a Bill of Attainder.


      1. You guys are such selective prissy legal pedants.

    3. They knew it they just did not want to say it. The Republicans know if they were to convict they might as well just disband the party because a huge part of the party will not vote in their next elections and the left will really own Congress by a huge margin. I am not brilliant but I certainly knew that they would not convict him, suicide is not a trait of narcissists.

  20. If the government wants to subsidize a living wage by taxing the college and retirement funds of rich progtards, I have no problem with it,

  21. I approve of this plan to keep black people unemployed and dependent on the government. Black poverty forever!

    (This is sarcasm, fucktards. I don’t actually approve at all, though it *is* what the effect will be.)

  22. Every_one says more and more but i asked..READ MORE

  23. Soooooooooooo…. You want $15/hr???? Then put that human price-tag on YOURSELF… What gives you any right to stamp that sticker-price on MY forehead???

    F-OFF Authoritarians!!!

  24. You seem to assume that the Democrats policy is rational. It is not. It is based on emotion. This is what they want, and they do not care if the resources do not exist to make it work. Biden says increasing the minimum wage will help small businesses but did not give particulars. That is because there are no particulars to give. He is just saying that because it sounds good.

  25. The Automation Act of 2021.

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    1. it is 100% real

  27. The whole point is to put a bunch of small businesses out of businesses and to increase youth unemployment, particularly black unemployment.

  28. Go long on robotics.

  29. Just don’t have employees. Curb your ambition. Scale down to what you can do by yourself. Let some other fool try to be the big guy.

  30. Good points but over the past 40 years, wages haven’t risen as fast as rent, food, college, healthcare, drug prices and housing. Over 40 years we’ve had wage deflation with every other expense inflating and automation taking away lots of well paying jobs. This was one of the causes of the Great Depression – American consumers lost purchasing power.

    A $15 dollar minimum wage is pretty mild compared to the price inflation of other expenses.

    Maybwe we

    1. Total compensation has, however, kept up with productivity and inflation.

    2. “…Maybwe we…”

      Maybe you should fuck off, slaver.

    3. UR-F.O.S. The Great Depression happened because of the Federal Reserve act written by Democrats of 1913 because ONE single careless bank in NYC screwed up. They took the same ‘failure’ and legislated it Nationally ( National Socialists ) and threw the entire country into the exact same failure instead of just letting that single bank fail and locking them up for fraud.

      UN-Constitutional Revolutionary PLANS that compulsively end up being the curse of mankind…….

      And what kind of idiocy does it take to think a minimum wage hike isn’t just going to result in MORE expense inflation??? You want to know what’s causing recent inflation? Look no further than the $27T of *free* money being tossed around. The dollar is worthless because it came from NOTHING *earned*.

      If you wanted MORE inflation; you’ve certainly got the right plans for it.

  31. Hahaha. Here comes the parade of doomsayers that pop up to proclaim the end of the world every time the minimum wage goes up.

    Didn’t happen the other hundred or so times. Won’t happen this time either. It’ll be fine, slappies.

    1. The world won’t end, but millions of people will be worse off.

  32. “stronger for teens and young adults as well as the less-educated.”

    I’m tired of pretending that we need 80 year old economists and nobel laureates to explain such a basic concept as the minimum wage. It doesn’t require that level of analysis. The minimum wage is a price floor. We all know what price controls do. They disable a market, in this case the labor market, from reaching equilibrium. There will either be shortages or surpluses depending on the nature of the price controls and if they put prices above or below equilibrium respectively. In the case of labor, more people want to supply their labor at higher wages and businesses want to hire fewer people. The result is a labor surplus.

    Common sense is not common, but any job worth less than minimum wage is automatically eliminated by minimum wage laws. That’s why we used to have gas station attendants, movie theater ushers and the like. Their jobs weren’t worth much, but for what they were worth, they were paid accordingly. These weren’t jobs made for independent people with careers and families. They’re the sort of thing young teens and retirees did for some chump change and to see some free movies or to be in a social group. There’s a lot of intergenerational cohesion that has been decimated by minimum wage laws, that’s for sure.

    Let’s just stop pretending that the minimum wage is “okay” because it hasn’t completely destroyed society. I wouldn’t want my hand chopped off just because I’ll live.

    1. +1

  33. Nothing at all to do with Union rates tied to minimum wage?

  34. Employers who can will go to automation…others will go to part-time to save on benefits and many will eliminate positions where they can. Epic fail…people will be worse off than before.

    1. Others disagree, so let’s try the idea Democrats have a public mandate to do and see what happens. I’m sure you’ll be here singing the virtues of the minimum wage should your prediction fail.

      Or will you have some other excuse supplied fully cooked by your dogma?

      1. DO IT LOCALLY THEN!!!! What makes you think you have ANY right whatsoever to stamp a price-sticker on MY head for me…

        F-OFF Authoritarian. I can decide what I’m worth ALL BY MYSELF without you [WE] mob rules dictating.

        1. It’s already being done locally. This is just the federal minimum. You can experiment locally all you want, as long as you meet certain minimum standards first. Like any coffee shop.

          1. And when it’s been tried locally, it’s had predictable negative effects. You really need to shut the fuck up.

            1. No it hasn’t. Well, depends on how you define negative. The child-employing sweatshop owner probably felt the squeeze a bit.

              1. What make you think you have any right in deciding if a child works in a sweatshop…… I grew up working a farm sweating everyday. It is EXACTLY why I’m not as stupid, lazy and compulsively trying to STEAL other peoples stuff like you…

                YOU really do have an authoritarian mentality. F-OFF!! Mind your own d*mn business.

      2. You’re right, top down central planning will surely work for all 50 states. I definitely know $15 in Rock Springs Wyoming is the same as $15 in New York City.

        1. Your solution to too much top-down central planning is a minimum wage that is indexed to geography?

          1. No stupid… It’s to be-rid top-down tyrant minds like yours from “PLANNING” everyone’s own life you have ZERO interest in. What makes you think you have any right to DICTATE and index geographically? F-OFF!

            1. I don’t have the right to dictate. Neither do you. You are just too stupid to realize that your radical fringe nonsense is just as much an imposition on people as anything else.

  35. I quit working at shoprite to work online and with a little effort I easily bring in around $45 to 85 per/h. Without a doubt, this is the easiest and most financially rewarding job I’ve ever had.KMn I actually started 6 months ago and this has totally changed my life.

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  36. States are perfectly capable of setting their own minimum wage. A Federal minimum wage is not even needed apart from those few territories that are not allowed to set their own.

    1. Preventing a race to the bottom competition among the states is a valid national interest, beneficial though it may be to individual plantations.

      1. Valid Democratic National Socialist Interest or Individual Freedom Interest. F-OFF authoritarian.

        1. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

          The individual freedom people tried to install the worst dictator imaginable. Your slogans mean nothing anymore.

  37. i am good bussiness man my work is making doors for home. and office and other things…. please check my site and see my doors….

  38. Like all democrat policies, this appeals to the most un-virtous of society. Let’s be honest, if you make less than $15/hour and are over the age of say 25 and not in medical school or grad school or similiar, you’ve made some piss poor life choices, and that’s on you.
    Your boss shouldn’t suffer the devastating business consequences of greatly increasing his labor costs because of your poor life choices. His customers don’t deserve to pay considerably more for goods and services because you can’t be bothered to actually earn $15/hour by providing more than $15/hour worth of productivity.
    If you can’t make a half way decent living in the US (or any rich western economy), you’re either incredibly lazy, incredibly stupid or immoral enough to have no qualms about living off the backs of productive people via the welfare wealth transfer system. There are so many different trades to earn a decent living and many have very low barriers to entry and shortages of workers.

    1. ^THIS EXACTLY! +1000000000000000

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