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A Practical Wish List for Joe Biden

Some doable libertarian ideas for the new president


In his victory speech, Joe Biden promised to be "a healer, a uniter, a tested and steady hand." If the new president wants to make good on his word, Reason staffers have some ideas for a few items to add to his policy agenda. These are suggestions that Biden might plausibly heed. We're still gunning for the legalization of heroin, but we'd settle for descheduling marijuana. We'd love to see an end to all foreign adventurism, but just getting out of Afghanistan would be a good start. A robust private market in health insurance would be ideal, but the new administration could at least allow a larger variety of plans. No one expects Biden to be a libertarian president, but here are a few things he could do to make the nation a little bit more hospitable to free minds and free markets.


Reform the Clemency Process


If the Biden administration wants to make substantive gains in criminal justice reform without having to deal with Congress, it should turn to one of the least limited tools of the presidency: the pardon power.

The last two presidents have handled the pardon power differently. Barack Obama launched an unprecedented large-scale clemency initiative aimed at nonviolent drug offenders. As a result, 1,715 federal inmates had their sentences commuted or reduced. But the process was dogged by foot-dragging and resistance from the Justice Department, and thousands of inmates were left behind.

Pardon and clemency petitions are typically routed through the Justice Department's Office of the Pardon Attorney. This office solicits feedback on petitions from the very federal prosecutors who secured those sentences, which creates a conflict of interest. "This is something we realized was not working under Obama," says Jessica Jackson, chief advocacy officer at the Reform Alliance, a criminal justice advocacy organization. "That bottlenecked the process. It had to go through so many hands. There were deserving people who didn't get it because of the pardon office being in the Justice Department."

That included Alice Johnson, a grandmother serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug crime. President Donald Trump commuted Johnson's sentence after a personal appeal from megacelebrity Kim Kardashian West.

The Trump administration sidelined the Office of the Pardon Attorney, instead relying on a small group of informal advisers who vetted and brought lists of potential recipients to the White House. These included federal inmates who'd been passed over by the Obama administration, such as Crystal Munoz, who was serving 20 years in federal prison for a marijuana offense.

While this allowed commutations and pardons that otherwise would have been torpedoed by the Justice Department, the downside was that the number of beneficiaries slowed to a trickle. By the end of Trump's term, more than 13,000 clemency applications were pending. He was on track to issue the fewest pardons and commutations of any president since William McKinley, until a spree in December bumped him up to 90 total, ahead of George H.W. Bush's 77. The process also meant that to secure a commutation, you needed to have well-connected advocates and to capture the president's fleeting attention. (Imagine how this could be abused if, hypothetically, a president was vain and easily impressed by celebrity status.)

Ideally there could be a smoothly operating pardon office, independent of the Justice Department, that handled clemency petitions at volume, with an eye toward the sort of excessive drug sentences that both Obama and Trump decried but never had the stomach to fully address. This wouldn't require an act of Congress—just the will of a president able to admit the size and scope of the problem.

C.J. CIARAMELLA is a reporter at Reason.

Get Out of Afghanistan


In both 2011 and 2013, the Obama administration announced its intention to get all our conventional forces out of Afghanistan, where they did little but prop up corruption, provide targets for insurgents, and waste taxpayers' money. As vice president, Biden tweeted that we would be out of Afghanistan in 2014. He failed to come through then, but he can make up for it now.

Washington currently finds itself, by realpolitik necessity, negotiating with the same force—the Taliban—that it sent troops to Afghanistan to overthrow. We stayed long enough, caused enough death and chaos, and funded enough bad governance for the wheels of history to transform a war that looked like a U.S. victory into an occupation that looks sadly pointless. The best thing we can take away from the experience is the wisdom not to pretend we can pacify or transform a troubled nation half a world away and the prudence not to stay in a war long after its futility has become clear.

Waiting until the Taliban stop misbehaving, or the contending sides in their internal conflicts have settled their differences, guarantees Afghanistan will be a forever war—one that Biden declared last year that "it is past time to end." Ending it requires presidential resolve, not leaving foreign policy decisions in the hands of Afghanistan's feuding factions or waiting for fantastical "security conditions" that we never had the power to create.

The Trump administration claimed in November to be on track for an end to our presence there by May. Biden should meet that deadline, or even exceed it—not for the sake of honoring his predecessor, but to honor policy sense and the health and welfare of our armed forces.

In the Obama administration, Biden was a voice for a relatively narrow mission of counterterror rather than a broad one of counterinsurgency. The latter has proven hopelessly ineffective and wasteful, and the former does not require thousands of troops permanently stationed. We should cease any role in the aerial bombing of Afghanistan (which increased under Trump), and we should stop financing that government's incompetence. American authorities never understood the country's culture, and after toppling the Taliban they never really understood the mission. It was past time to leave when Biden was vice president; now, as president, he can finally fulfill that promise.

BRIAN DOHERTY is a senior editor at Reason.

Don't Call It 'Junk' Insurance—and Don't Restrict Its Sale


Donald Trump's presidency began with a fruitless quest to repeal and replace Obamacare. The effort, which chewed up much of Washington's attention during 2017, failed in part because neither Trump nor congressional Republicans managed to unify around a single plan. Trump, in particular, seemed unable to even explain the basics of what the various replacement plans were attempting to do; at best he promised health care that was "better" and "cheaper."

Yet out of the ashes of policy failure, the Trump administration did deliver an under-the-radar improvement to the health insurance marketplace, by loosening some of Obamacare's insurance rules.

Obamacare was designed on the premise that health insurance should be comprehensive. One of the law's major components was a list of "essential health benefits" that every plan sold through the law's insurance exchanges were required to include. Anything less was derided as "junk insurance" because it didn't cover every possible health care eventuality.

This had predictable consequences. The highly regulated insurance sold under Obamacare offered a greater array of benefits. It was also substantially more expensive, which proved particularly troublesome for families whose household incomes were just high enough not to qualify for the law's subsidies. Health insurance premiums rose throughout Barack Obama's presidency.

The Trump administration saw this as an opportunity: Why not use executive authority to deregulate cheaper plans with fewer benefits? So in 2018, it loosened restrictions on the sale of what are known as "short-term, limited duration" insurance plans. The Obama administration had restricted the duration of those plans to three-month stretches. Under Trump, the plans became available for up to 36 months.

Those less expensive, less comprehensive plans have since become quite popular, with more than 188,000 people enrolled at the end of 2019—possibly many more, as the plans are not tracked in the same way as more comprehensive policies. The insurance that was derided as junk is, to many Americans, a demonstrable value.

One result has been to keep insurance premiums down: In states relying on the federal health care exchange, premiums for typical plans fell from 2018 through 2020. Meanwhile, Obama-care's subsidized, regulated plans are still there for Americans who want them.

Biden and his health care team will no doubt be tempted to reverse this, but that would be a mistake. Americans should have the choice of cheaper, less regulated, less comprehensive plans, even if it's not precisely the coverage that Obamacare's authors had in mind.

PETER SUDERMAN is features editor at Reason.

Let Hongkongers Come to America


Improving on Donald Trump's immigration record won't be a tall order. While America's 45th president worked hard to scrap the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allowed roughly 640,000 immigrants who came to the country illegally as children to work and study here legally, Joe Biden says he'll push for giving them a path to citizenship.

But Biden should add a proposal with less precedent in the U.S. His administration should grant visas to Hongkongers looking to flee Chinese rule and start anew in the United States.

In 1997, China's "one country, two systems" policy extended autonomy to the island as a condition of Britain handing the territory over to China. (The arrangement was supposed to expire in 2047.) For the ensuing two decades, residents of Hong Kong enjoyed due process in courts of law, the freedom to criticize their government as much as they wanted, and the prosperity brought by thriving commerce.

But over the last few years, the mainland has attempted to take control of Hong Kong ahead of schedule. Residents responded by protesting Beijing's cruel and duplicitous actions. Hundreds of thousands (by some counts millions) of people took to the streets and occupied thoroughfares for months on end. The authorities then enacted a vague national security law that gives the government broad latitude to squash dissent.

Since then, politically outspoken university faculty members have been stripped of their positions. Organizers have been arrested and jailed—including 53 pro-democracy leaders in a massive early January sweep. Twelve protesters attempted to flee by speedboat to Taiwan, getting only a quarter of the way before they were apprehended. Their families begged for their release with their faces obscured, fearing retribution.

Though Hong Kong's freedoms are largely gone, Hongkongers now have a more profound appreciation for the value of free expression. They'd be wonderful new Americans for that reason alone. On a more practical level, many Hongkongers are highly educated and entrepreneurial; they could breathe fresh air into U.S. regions and towns that need to be reinvigorated. And letting them in would have bipartisan support: High-profile Republicans such as former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky have explicitly (and rightly!) called for providing a "beacon of light" to people fleeing communism. For all these reasons, President Biden should give refuge to Hongkongers yearning to breathe free.

LIZ WOLFE is staff editor at Reason.

Expand Your Marijuana Reform Ambitions


Unlike most of the candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination (including his eventual running mate), Joe Biden opposes federal legalization of marijuana. Instead, he says he wants to "decriminalize cannabis use," expunge the records related to such cases, and move marijuana to a less restrictive legal category.

Those first two steps would not have much impact, since the Justice Department rarely prosecutes low-level possession cases. Moving marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), a category supposedly reserved for exceptionally dangerous drugs with no accepted medical use, to Schedule II, which indicates that a drug has a high abuse potential but can be used as a medicine, might facilitate research. But it would not address the untenable conflict between the CSA and the laws of the 36 states that allow medical or recreational use of marijuana.

That conflict casts a dark shadow over the burgeoning cannabis industry, making basic business functions such as banking and paying taxes needlessly difficult, costly, complicated, and legally perilous. Descheduling marijuana completely, as a groundbreaking bill that the House of Representatives approved in December would do, is the most straightforward way to address that problem. But even if Biden could be persuaded to support that solution, which Vice President Kamala Harris favored as a senator, Republican opposition probably would make it politically impossible. Just five Republicans voted for the House bill, and Senate passage would require GOP support or Democratic unanimity.

A less radical approach, embodied in a 2017 bill that attracted bipartisan support in the House, is to revise the CSA's marijuana ban so that it does not apply to state-legal conduct. Such an amendment would jibe with Biden's promise to "leave decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states," and it should appeal to the federalist instincts of at least some Republican legislators.

If that option is also off the table, Biden might be persuaded to support piecemeal reforms with a better chance of passing both chambers. The Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act, for instance, would protect banks that serve state-licensed marijuana businesses from the threat of criminal penalties and potentially ruinous regulatory sanctions. The Small Business Tax Equity Act would amend Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code, which prohibits state-licensed marijuana suppliers from deducting business expenses on their federal returns, a disability that raises their effective tax rates to as much as 75 percent.

The Veterans Equal Access Act would allow doctors in the V.A. health care system to recommend medical marijuana in states where it is legal. It's a modest reform that should appeal to legislators who want to be seen as standing up for veterans, especially now that more than 70 percent of the states allow medical use of cannabis.

Biden may never come around on marijuana legalization. But he could still support steps like these, which would significantly reduce the harm caused by federal prohibition.

Senior Editor JACOB SULLUM is a nationally syndicated columnist.

Keep Playing Nice With Private Space Companies


Joe Biden doesn't seem to be much of a space geek. Like virtually all American politicians, he says nice, bland stuff about "a bold space program that will continue to send astronaut heroes to expand our exploration and scientific frontiers." That's fine. If he simply sticks to Obama-era space policies, that will be more than enough to protect the incredible progress we have made returning Americans to orbit on privately built and launched vehicles in collaboration with NASA.

In a somewhat unexpected twist, President Barack Obama supported privatization in the space sector, diverting funding to contract with commercial firms for resupply missions and more. That program bore fruit during the Trump administration with the stirring, successful manned missions that sent astronauts aboard SpaceX vehicles to the International Space Station (ISS).

Battles about the new Space Force and climate science funding will likely be highly politicized. But what we know about Biden's transition team suggests a heartening possibility that he will break with bipartisan tradition and try to terminate funding for the wasteful and porky Space Launch System (SLS), the super heavy–lift rocket built primarily by Boeing and famed for its development delays and cost overruns. SLS is projected to cost as much as $2 billion per mission when it's done—if it's ever done. Compare that with $90 million per launch for SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, which is admittedly a less powerful rocket but is reusable and has a track record of success.

That said, there's a good chance inertia will again triumph in the space-industrial complex; many powerful legislators have incentives to keep Boeing happy and the people who work at SLS facilities in their districts employed. Trump planned to end public funding for the ISS, putting the floating lab and habitat in private hands in 2025. Biden will likely reverse or dramatically slow this decision.

On the brighter side, he will also probably push back the Trump administration's wildly unrealistic plan to return to the moon in 2024. That will give private companies more time to prepare for the challenge, and competitors such as Blue Origin more time to get established in commercial launch.

KATHERINE MANGU-WARD is editor in chief of Reason.

End Trump's Trade Wars


President Joe Biden should lift the myriad tariffs that Donald Trump placed on foreign steel, aluminum, solar panels, and washing machines, along with a wide range of Chinese-made goods. Those tariffs have burdened American consumers and businesses—ironically harming manufacturers more than most—without accomplishing much else. Unilaterally repealing them would not be a surrender; it would be a refusal to keep firing a gun at America's foot.

Trump was right that the United States has a key role to play in standing up to China's authoritarian tendencies. But our economic interests are too interwoven with China's for Trump's zero-sum approach to be successful. The goal should be not to defeat China but to encourage it to change—and to reward it for moving in a pro-freedom direction.

Rather than spurning allies, Biden should take a multilateral approach. Japan, Vietnam, and other major American trading partners share many of our concerns about the economic influence China exerts. It makes sense to pursue a regional trade deal that would lower tariffs for imports from non-China countries. That would give American businesses clear alternatives for overseas investment and force China to change if it wants to keep competing.

That was the basic idea behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Obama-era trade agreement that Trump tore up during his first week in office. The other nations involved in that deal went ahead without the United States, but America's participation would probably be welcomed, though some diplomacy might be necessary. Biden has said he would not rejoin the TPP as it was previously written but that he would leverage America's allies to hold China accountable for breaking international norms on trade. That's a good place to start.

Trump's trade wars were deeply unpopular, and polls show that free trade is now more popular with Americans than ever before. Biden, who has a long history of supporting trade deals that lowered tariffs and boosted American prosperity, should not shy away from arguing that more trade is good both for America and for the rest of the world.

ERIC BOEHM is a reporter at Reason.

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    1. Excellent article by Liz Wolf. Unrestricted migration to the US is the best way to solve cultural differences. In a few years, America will look like France, a vibrant multicultural country with many assimilated Muslims and Africans who share the secular values of liberty, equality, and fraternity!

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      3. A practical wish list for Joe Biden? Or a ridiculous silly wish list for

        Reform the Clemency Process
        No. The legislature make the laws. Having he president put together an organization to pardon all drug offenders again the will of the legislature was not the presidents intended powers for the pardon. Just no.

        Get Out of Afghanistan
        ??? Jacob sullum Sullen Dick needs troops in Afghanistan to manage the poppy fields to continue his drug addiction here. Is Jacob going to do it? No. He is too busy getting high and taking a ideological shit all over the pages of

        Don’t Call It ‘Junk’ Insurance—and Don’t Restrict Its Sale
        “Donald Trump’s presidency began with a fruitless quest to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

        When it began it wasn’t fruitless. Trump would have had no problem signing a total and complete repeal. However, John McCain was puking the left’s jizz out his mouth from all the penetration they were doing on his rear, and he saved Obamacare. Saved it. It was a total trash heap of socialism, and John McCain, thank god his fucking dead extraordinaire, saved it. Yet Reason is still blaming Trump. Because they are retarded TDS freaks.

        Let Hongkongers Come to America
        Absolutely. 500 per year. Start with the most intelligent.
        Given a choice between shitland tyrant china and the US, there would be millions willing to come to the US. But fuck no. They must assimilate. I’m not moving to china here. They are moving over here, and I don’t want to fucking speak Chinese.

        Expand Your Marijuana Reform Ambitions
        Leave it to Jacob “Sullen Dick” to make his contribution about drug usage. No surprise there! Marijuana legalization should be left the states, end of story. Marijuana usage for recreational use, should continue to be stigmatized. People that sit around smoking pot and doing nothing productive with their lives are losers.

        Keep Playing Nice With Private Space Companies
        The gov should play nice with all companies. And the quickest way to do that is secession 2.0. If enough states secede, those states can say, “Fuck you dementia Biden. I’m building this pipeline anyways. And if you don’t like it, enjoy this moab on the whitehouse.

        End Trump’s Trade Wars
        Free trade is for us amongst ourselves. Which currently isn’t even happening, because everyone has been paying sales tax for a long time. It wasn’t for everyone globally or foreign commerce. One of the main purposes of the federal government (from the very beginning) is for foreign commerce and foreign relations. And tariffs is one of the tools in their toolkit for that purpose.

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  1. Don’t forget we want flying unicorns that shit gold nickels, too. We’ll see which one of these things Joe gets on first. You do realize that a consequence of rigging the election is that you’re not beholden to the voters and therefore have carte blanche to do whatever the hell you feel like – issue flurries of executive orders doing the most godawful divisive shit, for example – while telling the voters to fuck off, you don’t give a shit about them or what they want. Which appears to be exactly what Joe’s doing.

    1. “. . . rigging the election. . . .”

      You know, if Biden/Dems actually did rig the election – and did so without any real evidence that could be proven in a court – then wouldn’t that show they’re kinda smart, resourceful, and get things done?

      1. Is was the most perfectly executed subversion of America! Better than Russiagate or the 9/11 “terrorist attacks” or Sandy Hook combined. How deep does the Illuminati / Stone Mason rabbit hole go?

      2. Well, except when they get rid of the requirement that you prove who you are, that you prove you’re a citizen, that you prove you exist at all, we’re going to start seeing those sorts of elections where the winner gets 12 billion votes and the loser only got 10 billion and everybody has to pretend that that’s a perfectly plausible result.

      3. There is plenty of real evidence. There were thousands of votes changed post election. There have been dozens of indictments on fraud related charges. But these things don’t count apparently. Yet I bet you’re still against any and every audit of the actual election.

      4. Proven in court by CANCEL culture justice? The only reason courts didn’t address it was (4) was backed by “whoopsie-daisies”, many more by Fed vs. State authority problems, Massive and Unprecedented Censorship, and pure witch-hunting of any and all dissent.

        I’m not sure the bully-mentality ‘crooks’ qualifies as “kinda” smart & resourceful and I certainly would qualify CROOKS as a role model.

          Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot believes that the USA already is (and should be) a 1-party dictatorshit! That the USA HAS BEEN a 1-party dictatorshit for some 200 years!!! There is NO point in trying to persuade the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot of ANYTHING! Almost ALL of the circuits of the Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot have gone kaput, big-time!

          Model TJJ2000 Dictatorbot is lusting after an UPGRADE to its rusting old body! Wants to be upgraded to Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot, and run for POTUS in 2024, with Alex Jones as the VEEP of Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot!!! Be ye WARNED!!! Model TJJ20666 Dictatorbot will be well-nigh INDESTRUCTIBLE! (Unreachable by ANY logic or considerations for the freedoms of others, MOST certainly!)

          PLEASE do NOT enable the lusting of the rusting TJJ2000 Dictatorbot!!!

          1. ^point & case…

      5. Really? All they had to do was to manage to throw away a few thousand Republican mail-in ballots in a few states. If the counting got too close, they could just stop it, shred a few more R ballots, then resume counting.

        Doesn’t even take a big conspiracy. A few partisans opening the mail-in ballots every day could disappear a few hundred votes every day leading up to the election. A few partisan postal workers could lose a few ballots every day from heavily Republican areas.

        Do all the recounts you want! Won’t matter since the ballots are gone, and there was never any way to audit them. That’s by design. Go figure. If some Republican says “Hey, I mailed in my ballot but it never showed up in the system?!” “Oops, must have got lost in the mail, sorry about that. It happens. Nothing to see here, move along.”

      6. So Al Gore gets two trips before the Supreme Court and recount after recount with changing criteria over hangin chads. Trump doesn’t ever get a hearing regarding a judge overruling the Pennsylvania State Constitution.

        We spent $34 million of Russiagate, a fabrication of Hillary Clinton. We can’t ever come up with some 1/10 that to look at the voting system. No court accepts evidence without a chain of custody but mail in ballots, no problem.

        Too many people in this country are batshit insane to believe that there was no fraud. Then again, the media has never pushed back on that Obama lie that there wasn’t even a smidgen of corruption in his adminstation when the reality was that there wasn’t a smidgen of integrity. I guess Idiocracy gets closer each day.

    2. You lost. Get over it. The American people have decided that we won’t retreat from the world stage (i.e. more military involvement in the Middle East), we won’t be divided by racial hatred (i.e. more domestic spying in “white nationalists”), and we have the courage to confront climate change (i.e. a possible carbon tax and heavy federal incentives for electric vehicles). These are all achievable goals for the progressive libertarians who work for Reason magazine.

    3. What Joe’s handlers are doing.

  2. Biden get us out of forever wars?
    Ha, ha,ha, ha, ha,…snort.
    You guys are funny!
    He has been an establishment politician for over 40 years.
    We can look forward to more of the same failed policies the foreign service loves.
    Peace deals between Israel and Arab countries? Nope
    Pulling troops out of Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Africa? Hard nope
    I am even willing to bet anyone on reason $1,000 that. Biden/Harris will start a new war or two.
    Any takers?

    1. Post-industrial America has plenty of low skilled morons who need something to do for a living. Military adventurism is the perfect societal safety valve for all those useless mouths.

      1. I could get behind re-instituting the draft, as long as you make it so that in order to be eligible for the draft you have to hold a college degree in something that ends in “Studies”. Or “Education”.

        1. How about just in the name of gender-equity we force women/trans/non-binary/etc. to enroll, too. If there’s no gender, then everyone should have to sign up.

      2. Spoken like the asshole that you are. One of my soldiers; who was also Ranger qualified, had a degree in Physics. He’d give you one hard look and you’d be micturating in your Levis and stammering out an apology with the hope that you wouldn’t end up in the emergency room with man inflicted polio.

        I’m sure that someday you’ll find a purpose to exist that doesn’t require a high asshole factor.

    2. TFA would have been better titled as “A Practical Wish List for The New Libertarian President Who Totally Won the Election, Didn’t She?”

  3. Shit-canning The Dotard’s protectionism on trade and joining the TPP should be a layup for Biden but many on the far left were opposed to the TPP and the GOP has gone clownishly populist.

    Since Trump was a total failure the bar is low. Already Biden will spend less new money than Trump thanks to a little gridlock.

    1. Man you Biden cultists are desperate after just a week.

    2. “Already Biden will spend less new money than Trump thanks to a little gridlock”

      That makes zero sense. Are you just randomly typing?

      1. Well, a million chimps typing in a roomful of typewriters will eventually…

  4. “Washington currently finds itself, by realpolitik necessity, negotiating with the same force—the Taliban—that it sent troops to Afghanistan to overthrow.”

    This is delusional.

    Washington isn’t negotiating with the Taliban. Trump negotiated an agreement with the Taliban and signed it on February 29, 2020. And both the Taliban and Trump have gone out of their way to abide by the agreement–which culminates in a full U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of April 2021.

    The Taliban has not targeted a single American in Afghanistan since the day Trump signed the peace deal, and when the U.S. backed government in Kabul started dragging their feet on releasing the thousands of captured Taliban fighters they were holding (as required in the peace agreement Trump signed with the Taliban), the Trump administration started withholding billions of dollars in aid until the U.S. backed government in Kabul finally relented and released their prisoners. This resulted in the the U.S. backed government in Kabul naming a negotiating team and the Taliban entering into talks directly, which have been ongoing in Doha for months. The U.S. backed government in Kabul dragging their feet in those direct negotiations with the Taliban in the hope that Biden would win the election and renege on the U.S. agreement with the Taliban, and it appears that their dreams have come true.

    No, Washington isn’t negotiating with the Taliban. A full withdrawal agreement was already negotiated with the Taliban by Trump and executed by Trump ten months ago–and the U.S. backed government in Kabul is currently in negotiations with the Taliban per the terms of Trump’s agreement because Trump forced them into it. Meanwhile, Trump continued to draw U.S. troops down as the Taliban met various obligations of its own–and Trump withdrew those troops over the objections of candidate Biden, who repeatedly stated that if he won, he intended to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan indefinitely–which violates our deal with the Taliban to fully withdraw by the end of April, 2021.

    In other words, Biden has all but promised to renege on our existing agreement with the Taliban to fully withdraw from Afghanistan, and anyone who both wanted Trump to lose and wanted the U.S. completely out of Afghanistan is either delusional, ignorant, misinformed, or stupid.

    1. Trump’s “peace deal” with the Taliban was the worst deal in history since it insured that the Taliban would get nukes in the future.

      1. You’re a fucking idiot.

        1. Unlike the Iran deal the Dotard did not negotiate a non-proliferation for nukes with an international inspection mechanism with the Taliban. When they take over the country the nukes they own will be the direct result of Trump’s incompetence.

          1. The Taliban haven’t violated the NPT.

            Iran has violated the NPT, and you are an idiot.

            1. Trump cowed out of weakness and desperation:

              President Trump’s Disgraceful Peace Deal with the Taliban


              Lay off the Fox News, Ken.

              1. The only question that should matter is whether leaving is in the best interests of U.S. security–not that maintaining our presence there will mean peace for the locals.

                I’ve heard that sexually exploiting children is a big problem in Afghanistan.


                Where do you stand on the sexual exploitation of children?

                1. Why not just leave without giving in to the Taliban’s demands?

                  At the same time, the United States will immediately and substantially reinforce the Taliban by seeking the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners by March 20. Even worse, the United States further agreed to a goal of “releasing all remaining prisoners over the course of the subsequent three months.” It will do this at the same time that it commits to the “goal” of removing sanctions from members of the Taliban that include travel bans, asset freezes, and an arms embargo.

                  5600 violent and sadistic prisoners out? Sanctions ended? Nukes guaranteed?

                  What the fuck did we get?

                  Trump is the dumbest fucktard to ever negotiate.

                  Again, we COULD HAVE JU”ST LEFT.

                  1. You expect a negotiated end to a war–without the two sides exchanging the POWs they’re holding–because you’re stupid.

                    1. Because Democrats like Biden would never push a prisoner exchange like that to end a forever war is an excellent reason to vote against and oppose them.

                    2. Seriously Ken, you are having an argument with someone who believes the Taliban is a nuclear threat? The Shah left Iran as one of the most industrial and technological advanced countries in the region, second only to Israel and it still has taken them 40 years to get this far. Afghanistan cannot even keep the lights on without massive foreign assistance. They are obviously trolling you, just ignore them and move on. Your much to intelligent to waste your time on them.

                    3. “You’re a fucking idiot.”

                      C’mon Ken. Idiots don’t deserve to the grouped with this sort of TDS-addled lefty shit.

                  2. Ken’s right, you’re a fucking idiot.

                    Are you actually trying to argue that the US should have kept the 5600 prisoners of war even after evacuating the country?

                    You’ve written a lot of borderline retarded and baffling things before, but this is close to the top.

          2. Trump also didn’t negotiate that the taliban would develop super soldier serum or iron man suits. So short sited of him

            1. Shrike is such an idiot, he’s now an apologist for the neocons and their justifications for forever wars–and probably doesn’t even realize it because he’s so stupid.

              1. You’re so desperate to find something Trump did well that you are pitching a weak-kneed “peace” deal with a small rogue stateless guerilla group that has no teeth in it.

                You’re pathetic, Ken.

                Your lips are so far up Trump’s ass you should yank them out and hose off.

                1. I’ve been posting about this deal for ten months–since the day the deal was signed.

                  You’re only noticing it now because you’re ignorant and stupid.

                  1. The self-admitted fact that you’ve been posting about a deal of such little consequence for ten months illustrates your desperation and devotion to a failed US regime.

                    1. On the one hand, people saying Shrike is a paid shitposter explains why he keeps coming back every day for years–after getting humiliated as an idiot every day for years–but it’s hard to understand why someone on the left would pay him to make the left look so ignorant and stupid.

                      And if he linked to child exploitation, that would really cross the line–and might open them up to charges.

                      I think he’s just being ignorant and stupid, here, because he’s ignorant and stupid. That he comes here to humiliate himself daily might just suggest some kind of personality disorder. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s getting paid to do it. Psychotic exes don’t need to be paid to do the weird, stupid shit they do either!

                    2. Pretty sure no one pays for the steaming piles of lefty shit turd delivers.
                      He admits to a coke problem; I’d suggest that’s the cause. Well, that and a two-digit IQ.

                    3. Media Matters doesn’t care about the quality of the posts their fifty-centers make, just that they disrupt any conversation that doesn’t advance the Democratic party and its policy and espouse progressive ideals, or reflects negatively on it.

                      An idiotic post that hijacks a “problematic” conversation is more valuable than a sensible one that doesn’t.

          3. Iran was openly in nuclear development during every year of the Obama administration. Man you’re dumb.

          4. But did he send them pallets of cash?

    2. “In another break with the former administration, Biden’s team also has made a point of underscoring the importance of human rights and women’s rights in Afghanistan. The Taliban, known for their draconian rule and repression of Afghan women during their reign from 1996-2001, made no pledges on the status of women in their agreement with the United States.”

      —-NBC News, January 30, 2021

      If the Biden administration doesn’t intend to leave Afghanistan until the Taliban agrees to stop being Islamic fundamentalists and start guaranteeing equal rights for women, then the Biden administration doesn’t have any intention of leaving Afghanistan ever.

      1. Nation building here we come! Gotta protect women and the LGBTQIA+ community in Afghanistan from intolerance and bigotry but that has nothing to do with the religion of peace, Islam.

        1. They’re just looking for excuses to stay forever. It’s nothing new.

          They decide what to do first and then figure out how to sell it afterwards.

      2. This is my shocked face.

        1. It should be legitimately shocking to people who genuinely don’t understand that Biden is a neocon.

          And one of the shocking things that’s important to understand about the neocons is that they didn’t learn from their big mistakes–because they don’t think they made any big mistakes.

          Maybe disbanding the Iraqi army so quickly was a mistake or maybe Obama drawing forces down too soon was a mistake, but invading Iraq to remake the culture in America’s image–18 years, trillions of dollars, and an untold number of lives later?

          Not a mistake!

          Everything is going according to plan in their book. Stay the course.

          1. Biden is not a neo-con, he is a top (wo)men progressive. He is just following what the top (wo)men tell him (they may be neo-con).

            He gets to make political points with feminists and the alphabet people, so he can screw them on domestic issues later.

          2. Just a reminder…

            The Iraq War was a fully bi-partisan deal. Check out the House and Senate roll calls for the votes on the Iraq War. Pretty much every prominent Democrat voted in favor of the actions, including Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Joe Biden.

            In the House, 82 (39.2%) of 209 Democratic Representatives voted for the resolution.

            Indeed, in the Senate Democrats could have stymied the whole thing if they had not gone over to the other side on the vote. It passed 77-23, but 29 (58%) of 50 Democratic senators voted for the resolution. If Democrats had voted as a bloc against the war, it would not have passed (i.e., resolution fails 48-52).

            Senate Democrats voting for the resolution were:

            Sens. Baucus (D-MT), Bayh (D-IN), Biden (D-DE), Breaux (D-LA), Cantwell (D-WA), Carnahan (D-MO), Carper (D-DE), Cleland (D-GA), Clinton (D-NY), Daschle (D-SD), Dodd (D-CT), Dorgan (D-ND), Edwards (D-NC), Feinstein (D-CA), Harkin (D-IA), Hollings (D-SC), Johnson (D-SD), Kerry (D-MA), Kohl (D-WI), Landrieu (D-LA), Lieberman (D-CT), Lincoln (D-AR), Miller (D-GA), Nelson (D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Reid (D-NV), Rockefeller (D-WV), Schumer (D-NY), and Torricelli (D-NJ).

            1. There wasn’t any significant opposition to Bush Jr. from September 11, 2001 until John Murtha started questioning the occupation in 2005. Obama won the primaries in 2008 because he was pretty much the only Democrat who hadn’t gone all-in on the Iraq War.

              Trump wasn’t different because he was a Republican. He was different because he was a pragmatist–in the mold of Reagan and Bush Sr.–rather than a neocon. Bush Jr. was basically a southern Democrat philosophically. He was the heir to President Johnson from his expansion of Medicare a la Johnson’s Great Society to the Iraq War a la Johnson spreading democracy at the point of a gun in Vietnam.

              We may not see a pragmatist like Trump again for along, long time. There’s no way neocons like Bush Jr., Obama, Hillary, or Biden would have negotiated with the Taliban or pushed the U.S. backed government in Kabul to release Taliban prisoners. It doesn’t just go against their political philosophy. They just wouldn’t take the political risks of the Taliban making them look like fools for trusting them to keep t heir word.

      3. The question isn’t whether or not Biden is going to do anything different than Trump on the matter of Afghanistan, the question is whether or not he’s going to do anything different than what we’ve been doing there for the last 20 years. Does Joe Biden think what we’ve been doing in Afghanistan has been a success? What’s his bar for calling something a success? Does “not whatever Trump was doing” count as a success in Joe’s book?

        1. The idea that it doesn’t matter whether Biden abides by Trump’s existing agreement with the Taliban doesn’t make sense.

          The alternative to Biden withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan at the end of April is not the status quo. If Biden fails to abide by the agreement, the Taliban will return to a state of war with the United States. Again, the Taliban hasn’t targeted a single American since the agreement was signed at the end of February 2020.

          Meanwhile, the presence of our troops will continue to provoke resistance to our presence–regardless of what Joe Biden wants or says or does other than withdraw our troops. Leaving remains in the best interests of the United States–regardless of what Biden wants or says or does other than withdraw our troops.

          What Trump did from 2016 to 2020 was a total repudiation of what we did from 2001 to 2016, and all indications are that Biden intends to return to the Bush/Obama era. The reason McCain other neocons were never-Trumpers was mostly about Trump’s abandonment of the Bush/Obama era policy.

  5. Ha, ha, ha, ha…the Democrats say “no”.

    Do you think they went to the trouble of winning an election to not tell people how to live?

    1. Let me know when the Womb Police Aborto-Freaks all gravitate to the Democratic Party.

      1. This obviously has nothing to do with anything, and Shrike is an idiot,

        Out of curiosity, if he’s a professional idiot like some say, would that make his employer liable for linking to really ugly shit that gets him banned?

        1. It is telling that you and your party support the most onerous invasion of privacy known via the Womb Police Aborto-Freaks.

          1. Fuck off, you ghoulish babybutcher.

      2. Do you think saying the deliberate killing of other humans is out of bounds is wrong?

        1. He can’t think and doesn’t care whether he’s right or wrong.

        2. Put it in context that he can understand. It’s less child porn he can access in 5 years. You’re arguing with someone banned for posting child porn.

        3. He flat out admits it’s the killing of a human being when he uses the word womb.

          Not that he’s smart enough to recognize it.

    2. It’s a cookbook, but they refuse to disseminate any “misinformation” about it being a cookbook.

  6. I think these actions most unlikely, as none can be based on race of sex or ‘gender’, and none seem likely to improve government control of the individual.
    Did the Reason staff even read the democratic party platform?

    1. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for them, they’ve been duped and they still don’t realize it. Now they go back and forth from articles like this where they hope Biden won’t be terrible, to articles about what he’s actually doing and how horrible and unexpected it is.

      1. Not dupes.

        Mendacious hacks.

  7. I’m starting to think that libertarianism for Reason starts and ends at no borders. Anything regulating goods or people crossing country borders is the top priority and everything else (like free speech) is just a nice to have that can’t be let to get in the way of the former.

    I think the writers truly believe that opening up borders and trade will lead to the other goods that libertarians covet coming naturally. I think the EU shows that that is not necessarily true. The creation of the EU has resulted in the people within that bloc having less freedom and less representative government.

    Also, free trade with China has shown us that much like the California governed can use its market size to impose its regulations on the rest of the country. A authoritarian government can weild access to its market as a means to inflict restrictions on the rest of the world. We have sports teams that restrict their player’s rights to freedom of speech not because their customers demand it, but because the Chinese government will restrict their access to the lucrative Chinese market if they don’t. Americans have been made less free by a free trade policy with China.

    1. If a person can freely walk across your private property, why can’t a Koch nylon factory release a cloud of hydrogen cyanide gas across your property too? See, freedom of travel trumps all other human rights.

    2. Reason still thinks trade with China has been free except for tariffs. They ignore all the anti-market actions by China. It is amazing to watch such mass delusion. This is the type of behavior you expect from a freshman in college where they argue from pure idealism without recognizing reality.

      1. JesseBahnFuhrer STILL lusts after protectionism! What a surprise!

        Meanwhile in the real world…
        Trump’s Washing Machine Tariffs Cleaned Out Consumers
        A new report finds the tariffs raised $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion.
        Protect American washing-machine makers from Chinese competition? The FIRST thing that American washing-machine makers do, is jack UP their prices… AND the prices of dryers to boot, too! To SOAK the hell out of all of us consumers!!!
        From the above-linked Reason article about washing machines…
        “All told, those tariffs raised about $82 million for the U.S. Treasury but ended up increasing costs for consumers by about $1.2 billion during 2018 … (deleted). Although the trade policy did cause some manufacturers to shift production from overseas to the United States in an effort to avoid the new tariffs, the 1,800 jobs created by Trump’s washing machine tariffs cost consumers an estimated $820,000 per job.”
        Summary: Nickels and dimes to the USA treasury; boatloads of pain for consumers. USA jobs created? Yes, at GREAT expense! Putting these 1.8 K workers on a super-generous welfare program would have been WAY better for all the rest of us! Plus, you know the WORKERS don’t make super-huge bucks (no $820,000 per job for THEM); the goodies flow to the EXECUTIVES at the top of the washing-machine companies! The same ones who play golf with The Donald, and join him for gang-banging Stormy Daniels! Essentially at our expense!

        1. For events like The Super Bowl, do you eat any particular poop? Since it’s a game played with pigskin, would you eat pig shit, as an example? Do you incorporate shit into a normal Super Bowl menu, such as dip chicken wings in poo?

          Enquiring minds want to know!

        2. Spamming gets you spamflagged, Sqrlsy.

          1. Watch me quiver in my boots, clutter-pig moose-fucker!

  8. No no. You’re supposed to denounce Democrats as evil scum and the harbingers of totalitarian death camps. I know this because the rational common-sense commenters here told me so, like Nardz.


    2. Well, they’ve got Jeff convinced that Biden’s gonna do some of this stuff.

    3. And here Jeff thinks the Democrats will actually do these things. This is why Jeff is an ignorant lefty fatwit.

    4. Not harbingers of totalitarian death camps, Jeffy. Creators.

    5. So…just like Democrats said about Trump?

  9. Here’s my wishlist for the Biden administration 100% suicide rate for progressives and socialists

    1. You can watch Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald kvetch on YouTube about Biden’s neo-liberal politics. If Trump had half a brain, he would have declassified all documents related to CIA torture cover-ups, domestic spying, and the drone assassination programs under the Obama-Biden administration. We could have watched a civil war rage for the next four years but I think Trump was either dumb (most likely) or a coward who thought playing ball with the Establishment would help give him some peace of mind post-POTUS (he’s wrong).

  10. President Biden is already a smashing success because he liberated Orange Hitler’s concentration camps.


    1. PS — Who has Charles Koch assigned to write Reason’s long-form piece interviewing concentration camp survivors? I’d really like to hear their stories.

      1. I’ve already told you, you big dummy, there were no survivors of Trump’s concentration camps, they’re all buried out in the desert with a bullet in the back of their head. Why do you think you’re not allowed into Area 51 and why the military guards it so closely? It’s a sick joke that the military keeps aliens in Area 51 – they do keep aliens there, but not that sort of alien. And not live ones.

    2. I hesitate to call those chain link cages “concentration camps”. Shouldn’t we respect the memory of Holocaust victims as well as Holocaust survivors (including 2nd / 3rd gen survivors) by not calling every ICE detainment facility a “concentration camp”?

      1. I’ll have to check the George Floyd section of the holocaust museum to see

      2. Compulsively break the Law and trespass intentionally = detainment facility just like all those who break into business and wreak havoc as a pathetic way to escape boredom and feel powerful.

        Do NOT enter without permission. This is just common-sense basics of land borders and property rights and somehow the left has spun it into commie-land and territories.

        And lets certainly not forget about this recent and utterly destructive ‘bullet’ to the U.S. Constitution of turning D.C. into a State. Are people so ignorant of the Constitution to see that a D.C. State would void the whole Constitution by contradiction.

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  12. I’m sure he’ll get right on all that.

  13. Reform the Clemency Process

    Get Out of Afghanistan

    Don’t Call It ‘Junk’ Insurance—and Don’t Restrict Its Sale

    Let Hongkongers Come to America

    Expand Your Marijuana Reform Ambitions

    Keep Playing Nice With Private Space Companies

    End Trump’s Trade Wars

    !?!?!?! WTF Happened with Cracking DOWN on ALL of those DASTARDLY (“Mostly Peaceful”, my ass!) Cheap-Plastic-Flute-Blowing SCOFFLAWS!!! THAT is (or should be) Biden’s NUMBER ONE mission!!! Keep The Children SAFE from scoff-laws, chaos, and badness and madness!!! If the use of un-authorized DANGEROUS medical implements of destruction is NOT madness, then PLEASE tell me, what IS madness?!?!?!

    To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

    1. Flag, refresh

      1. We’re MOST impressed by your AWESOME computer skills, clutter-trolling narcissist!

        Are you offering computer-skills training on these things that you have discovered, Stable Genius junior?

        1. Spamming gets you spamflagged, Sqrlsy.

          Advertise your retarded website somewhere else.

          1. Hey clutter-pig moose-fucker… Fortunately for freedom-loving, property-rights-respecting Americans, we Americans have NOT yet assimilated your utterly stupid, authoritarian attitudes (From YOU, moose-fucker, not necessarily the rest of Canadians), and shit all over pro-freedom “Section 230”. You are NOT yet the Uber-Powerful, All-Moose-Everywhere Moosefucking Dictator that you want to be! So hit that flag as often as you want to, Power-Lusting Power Pig! The site belongs to Reason, NOT to you, evil power grabber!

  14. As long as we’re doing a wish list, how about “don’t bail out the blue states”.

    1. There is a line between wish list and fantasy – – – – – – – –

    2. Just obey the U.S. Constitution Supreme Law would make that happen.


    Some examples of Critical Race Theory (generalist) talking about Jews. This is the usual routine: arguing that they are, in fact, white (privileged), saying they deny it, and suggesting anti-Black racism is vaguely part of how they got white.

    It’s not common to see it just bust in and say that one should be anti-Semitic, partly because they know it’s wrong and partly because they always argue the other way so they can co-opt Jewish oppression and victimhood to CRT before splitting Jews racially and calling some white.

    CRT this co-opts anti-Semitism and then says European Jews (Ashkenazim, mostly) are actually white, have white privilege, and get away with denying it because of oppression, diaspora, & the Holocaust (“Jewish privilege”). But calling Jews privileged is the basis of anti-Semitism.

    While they have some stuff that’s more direct and out there, like this, a lot of it isn’t well cited (normal in CRT, honestly). You’ll see the same themes, though.

    But notice another name…

    This is Brodkin 1998. This is an interesting book that *is* well-cited within the CRT literature. You’ll notice that the whole point of the book is to put Jews into that privileged white category. This is anti-Semitism pretending not to be anti-Semitism.

    Brodkin comes at the issue of Jewishness by using “the white-black binary” and anti-capitalism as lenses. It’s a strange way to structure the case. Jews are, in some sense, positioned as black-ish people forced to be white.

    Much of her angle is to insist that society accepted Jews before blacks. She’ll go on to argue that many Jews betrayed solidarity and engaging in anti-Black racism in their efforts to clamor for whiteness. Earning privilege by being racist traitors.

    After a lengthy discussion of how evil capitalism (and racist Democrats) shaped whiteness in immigrants, Brodkin turns to arguing that Jews saw their advantage in terms of Jewishness, not whiteness.

    Brodkin continues in this vein for some time, arguing that Jews began to construct their own whiteness through both distinction and Americanness.

    The book is really a hot mess, but it argues by the end that not only did Jews become white, but that they did so through racism at times and to gain privilege, and that privilege (whiteness) corrupted them and should be resisted. (She also cites Gramsci…).

    Brodkin argues that Jews became white to gain privilege in American society, did so through racist betrayal, and gained so much corrupting privilege that they started to define whiteness itself. But… this reproduces precisely the anti-Semitism that characterized the 20th c.

    This thesis of Jewish privilege and indifference, once privileged, is all throughout the Critical Race Theory literature. Here, Jews are characterized that way with regard to Palestine, making out that Jews are worse than the whites who upheld South African Apartheid.

    So, Critical Race Theory doesn’t (often?) come straight out and say, “you should hate Jews.” It just reproduces anti-Semitism through whiteness and adds a layer of extra privilege in being able to hide behind the Holocaust (really).
    Read more:

    And this doesn’t even touch insanity like this, which directly tries to co-opt and repurpose the Holocaust for pushing Critical Race Theory agendas that have nothing to do with it, i.e., making the Holocaust about CRT, not Jews.

    Btw, Brodkin is THE authority on the issue. Cited by 2284, according to Google Scholar.

  16. Alternate headline:

    “Delusional Aspirations by Leftist Shills That Haven’t Been Paying Attention, and Never Studied History.”

    These fucking “writers” and “journalists” are insufferable hacks with a world view on politics more appropriately held by a teenage girl auditioning for Model U.N. on a casting couch.

    1. Headline for the writings of Girly-Man Girlshit:

      Slobberings gone apeshit, wild-ass childish criticisms with ABSOLUTELY ZERO specifics or constructive criticisms!!!

      (WHAT EXACTLY does Girly-Man Girlshit want, other than for others to despise, and admire Girly-Man Girlshit instead? The reader is left as utterly clueless as Girly-Man Girlshit itself is utterly clueless, and may most likely REMAIN utterly clueless, as far as we can tell!)

      1. Spamming gets you spamflagged, Sqrlsy.

  17. Maybe he can just dictate the entire wish list by Execute Order! You know the fugazi libertarians of Reason wouldn’t object.

  18. Moving marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), a category supposedly reserved for exceptionally dangerous drugs with no accepted medical use, to Schedule II, which indicates that a drug has a high abuse potential but can be used as a medicine, might facilitate research. But it would not address the untenable conflict between the CSA and the laws of the 36 states that allow medical or recreational use of marijuana.

    He should abolish the CSA because it reminds people of the Confederate States of America.

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  20. Great list but we to add “Occupational Licensing Reform” by state Contractor’s Boards. Biden, Libertarians and Conservatives support reforming Occupational Licensing Boards to benefit micro-businesses and small-businesses. Especially with high-unemployment due to Covid, many Americans need this relief now in 2021.

    Biden helped to totally eliminate altogether most occupational licensing requirements, in most states and DC, for African-American style hair-braiders required to pay $10,000 or more for a license since they were wrongly placed under a “Cosmetology License” by some states.

    According to the Institute for Justice ( this also a constitutional issue. The 14th Amendment prohibits any government-entity from denying any person to choose the occupation of their choice for “arbitrary” reasons, only to benefit their competitors – no benefit to consumers and no improvement to public safety. Under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, Congress can intervene in local and state government to uphold the 14th Amendment rights of contractors (to enforce the U.S. Constitution).

    For example: if a restaurant worker or hotel workers lost their job because of the Covid pandemic, it’s illegal in states like Virginia, for that unemployed person to caulk or paint a window sill or to spread mulch for landscaping as a contractor (even if they had 20 years of experience and a track record of happy customers). This person would have to close down their small business and work for a competitor for 2-10 years (depending on the occupation). So it’s nearly impossible for those unemployed from Covid to start some businesses even if competent and experienced in a particular occupation.

    In 2021, Biden, Libertarians and Conservatives can easily remove “arbitrary” occupational licensing laws to help our high unemployment rate during Covid and “it’s the law” under the U.S. Constitution.

    1. Agreed and Thank You! Institutes for Justice is a MOST excellent recipient for your spare change; they do GREAT work!!! Economic freedom, Hell Yeah!!!

      1. Flag, refresh

        1. Sevo hates economic freedoms and all who support them! All Hail Sevo! Sieg Sevo Heil!

    2. I’m sure the guy beholden to unions will get right on that

  21. Some doable libertarian ideas for the new president

    You seem to be assuming he’d actually be interested.

    I don’t think so.

    1. The purpose of this article is to talk about Biden, without actually noting all the horrible anti-liberty shit he is actually doing.

      Because the would not dare criticize POTUS with the sort of vigor they’ve displayed over the last four years.

      The authors are a bunch of soft progressives playacting for pay.

      1. Yes, all of the committed Marxists at are endlessly signing the praises of Der BidenFuhrer, in hopes that they will be the LAST ones sent to the re-education camps by the Demon-Rats, don’t you think?

        And don’t you think that the below-linked article is an EXCELLENT example of such adulation of Der BidenFuhrer?

    2. Yeah, I read “doable” and thought it would be something that he might want to do, but he’s actually come out on the opposite side of almost all of these

  22. Presidents at least lately save up their clemencies until they’re on their way out of office. Clearly they consider clemencies shameful but necessary. So any attempt to make the process more open is bound to fail. If anything it needs to be made more furtive, something executives can get away with more easily. If there were a way to make pardons and commutations secret, it should be done that way.

  23. In the Obama administration, Biden was a voice for a relatively narrow mission of counterterror rather than a broad one of counterinsurgency.

    Did you, or someone, report on that here at the time, Mr. Doherty? I’d seriously like to know.

    1. Yet that administration opened up more opportunities for terrorism and expanded conflicts to several new countries

  24. If Reason editors and writers truly desired to advance libertarian policies in DC, they’d have acknowledged Donald Trump was the most libertarian president since Cal Coolidge, they’d have endorsed Trump for reelection (instead of publishing 1,000+ screeds defaming him), and would have repeatedly pointed out that Joe Biden has always opposed libertarian policies (especially drug legalization).

    Reason never gave Trump credit for his libertarian policies (e.g. ending wars in foreign countries, reforming criminal justice, opposing Big Tech monopolies, etc.), and instead trashed him daily.

    Seems like Reason editors and writers appear intent on destroying libertarianism in the US (under the deceitful guise of promoting libertarianism). But Charles Koch is pleased, and that appears to be the primary concern of Reason editors and writers.

    1. If Murray Rothbard was still alive, I suspect he would have been a Trump supporter.

      Problem is, the Reason/Cato crowd aren’t Rothbardians, nor even close to anything historically understood as libertarians. Anytime an actual libertarian appears on the scene, you can count on Reason to step up to the plate and call him a racist. See their Ron Paul coverage for starts.

      The only remaining dispute Reason has with the left is who’s going to be picking up the tab for keeping EnlightenmentWorld™ going.

    2. ^THIS… Lefty propaganda did an amazing job at giving every TDS (prejudice) without any justification at-all that wasn’t entire PREJUDICE (emotionally) driven. It was literally worse than a “smear” campaign; it was more like a chicken-pecking execution.

    3. Agreed. In addition, has Reason even responded at all to John Brennan’s attack on libertarians? Do they even care they are about to be canceled?

  25. “President Donald Trump commuted Johnson’s sentence after a personal appeal from megacelebrity Kim Kardashian West.”

    That one sentence demonstrates everything wrong with modern America, and why it probably deserves to die.

  26. Another compromise, which could be done by either Congress or the administration, would be to move medicinal cannabis to schedule 5. This would allow pharmacists to dispense it without a prescription in states where medical marijuana is allowed. They could dispense recreational marijuana too, on a no-questions-asked basis.

  27. If Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer truly supported women’s right to abortion (and contraception), they’d enact federal legislation to truly make the Roe v Wade SCOTUS ruling the law of the land.

    And if there were real libertarians at Reason, they’d have been advocating this type of legislation since Clinton and Obama were president (when Dems also controlled the House and Senate).

    Unfortunately for women’s rights, Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer don’t want to enact Roe v Wade into law, as doing so would take away the Democrat’s tactic of falsely accusing every GOP candidate for president of “planning to eliminate Roe v Wade” and falsely accusing ever SCOTUS nominee by a GOP president (e.g. Bork, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett) of “planning to eliminate Roe v Wade” if approved by the Senate.

    Just as the Dems have obtained most black votes by making them financially dependent upon Big Government, they’ve obtained most women’s votes by NOT enacting Roe v Wade into law (and by falsely claiming GOP presidents and SCOTUS nominees will overturn Roe v Wade via a court ruling.

    1. And if left wing groups that claim to support women’s right to abortion actually supported women’s right to abortion, they’d be demanding Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer to enact it into law (now that the Dems control the White House, House and Senate, a window of opportunity that will disappear in 2022 (or sooner).

      But in fact, left wing groups that claim to support abortion rights are just left wing groups that want to hold women hostage (so they keep voting Democrat) by not enacting Roe v Wade into law.

      The Dems and so-called women’s rights groups would rather have an emotional issue they can use to win elections every two/four years than actually resolve problems (just as Dems have destroyed black families by making them financially dependent upon Big Brother).

  28. Best possible libertarian move for Biden: put as much of the executive branch as possible on one aircraft carrier, and as much of Congress on another, and send them to sea for 48 months of war games”.

  29. The single most effective action Biden could take, before Kween Kamala dethrones him, is to directly address global climate warming change by greatly reducing CO2 emissions. I suggest starting by prohibiting liberals and lawyers from exhaling.

  30. Let Hongkongers Come to America

    I’m doubt Biden will be pissing off China and cutting into Hunter’s profit margin anytime soon.

  31. A Practical Wish List FOR EVERY President, Congressman, and Judiciary member…..

    OBEY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION as if it was “The People’s” SUPREME LAW over their government. If the People want to change their government they NEED to successfully create the proper AMENDMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pretending “The People’s” law doesn’t exist is an INVASION of the USA. The USA is NOT a Democratic National Socialist country it is defined by The People who founded it and it’s foundation was created for The People of every-day. Get an Amendment or F-OFF you criminalistic politicians holding ALL the people’s wealth, gun-power, produce and goods HOSTAGE by illegitimate and illegal Authoritarian Socialism (pretend “democracy” government)!!!

  32. There was never anything unrealistic about returning to the Moon by 2024. Using the SLS to do it is an absurd fantasy, but you could give SpaceX the cost of a single SLS launch and order the FAA to back off, and we’d have a manned base there with time to spare.

    You can debate whether or not it should be a government priority, but it was always feasible.

    I doubt Biden has any interest in it happening, though.

  33. This is a way for the progressive libertarians at Reason (most of these authors are on record of voting for biden) to say to themselves that things might not be that bad and ignoring the 2 weeks of executive action that demonstrates why this administration is going to suck for libertarians.

    1. Hey U Nagger U!

      Difficult divorce

      A farmer who wants a divorce goes to see a lawyer.
      The farmer says: “I wants to get one of them dayvorces”
      Lawyer: “Do you have grounds?
      Farmer: Yes, i gots me 40 acres.
      Lawyer: No you don’t understand,
      do you have a suit?
      Farmer: Yes, oi wears it to church on Sundays.
      Lawyer: No, i mean do you have a case?
      Farmer: No, but i got a john deere.
      Lawyer: No, i mean do you have a grudge?
      Farmer: Yes, that’s where i park the john deere.
      Lawyer: Does your wife beat you up?
      Farmer: No, we both get up at 5:30.
      Lawyer gets annoyed and tries one last question…”Is your wife a nagger?”
      Farmer: No, she’s a white girl, but the baby’s a half-nagger, that’s why i want a dayvorce!

      1. Just one problem with that story: A guy with only 40 acres is not a farmer anymore. 40 acres of nearly any crop won’t even pay for the equipment maintenance, if you inherited the equipment free and clear. With 320 acres you might break even. With 640 acres, you’re probably not making a living, but by increasing your federal farm loans a bit every year, you can stave off bankruptcy for decades…

  34. A pony for every child, General. Don’t forget a pony for every child.

  35. Obviously not paying attention. At least Eugene Volokh noticed this:

    New Administration “Moving in Laser Like Fashion” to Uncover “Even Libertarians” in “an Unholy Alliance”
    – John Brennan

    You guys are toast that’s been left in the toaster too long.

  36. “Trump was right that the United States has a key role to play in standing up to China’s authoritarian tendencies. … The goal should be not to defeat China but to encourage it to change—and to reward it for moving in a pro-freedom direction.”

    How do you propose this should work? As far as I can tell, the US has sold out to the Communists for over 20 years. Nothing anyone has ever done has encouraged the CCP to move in a pro-freedom direction. Trump, at least, got their attention.

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