Oregon Weighs Race-Based Vaccine Preferences

Instead of allowing people with chronic medical conditions to get a higher place in line, a pivotal Oregon committee leans into racial justice considerations.


States have many factors to consider when allocating their scarce vaccine doses: the age of recipients, medical conditions that put people at risk, and jobs that put workers in contact with the public, to name a few. A committee in Oregon is considering an unusual recommendation to allocate vaccines by race. The proposal is intended to address inequities but would invite legal challenges to a vaccination program that has already been off to a rocky start.

The state's COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee is a group of 27 individuals tasked with devising "a vaccine sequencing plan focused on health equity to ensure the needs of systemically affected populations, including communities of color, tribal communities and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, are met." The committee's members include representatives from health providers as well as community groups such as the Oregon Pacific Islander Coalition and the Somali American Council of Oregon. Although decision making responsibility ultimately lies with the Oregon Health Authority and Governor Kate Brown, the state has pledged to follow the committee's recommendations.

The committee concluded its first meeting in early January unable to agree even on endorsing the efficacy of coronavirus vaccines. (Both the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines are remarkably effective.) At the most recent meeting on January 21, the committee deliberated who should be next in line for vaccinations after healthcare workers, senior care residents, teachers, and several other groups. 

The committee appears poised to prioritize allocation based on race, perhaps even ahead of those with chronic medical conditions. The Oregonian reports that when some members suggested prioritizing residents with relevant health conditions, a committee member representing a Native American group alleged that the committee was "dealing with our own conditioning of white supremacy as it is showing up in our decision making." Black, indigenous, and other people of color (often abbreviated "BIPOC") made the committee's tentative list, with their priority vis-a-vis Oregonians at risk from chronic medical conditions to be determined later.

The committee's next meeting is on Thursday and if it commits to this plan, the Oregon Health Authority will have to consider whether it can be implemented legally. Walter Olson, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, has argued that explicitly prioritizing race in vaccination decisions would run afoul of the Equal Protection Clause. "This runs into the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which says citizens of all races are entitled to the equal protection of the laws," he writes in a recent article. "The Supreme Court has long interpreted this to mean that the government may ordinarily not dole out valuable benefits, or impose harms, based on a citizen's race."

Access to vaccines is certainly a valuable benefit, one that Olson predicts would receive strict scrutiny from courts. Unless narrowly tailored, writes Olson, such plans would be unlikely to be approved by judges. 

Gail Heriot and Peter Kirsanow, both members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, raised similar concerns with the Department of Veterans Affairs in December. They warned that a federal proposal to prioritize vaccinating minority veterans would face a "very tough standard" in court, potentially undermining the plan's legal viability.

Such concerns should be front of mind given that the state currently has nearly $9 million in federal COVID relief funds tied up in similar litigation. The money is part of a fund that the legislature set aside for black business owners. The plan was challenged on equal protection grounds, resulting in a court freezing the remaining money until the litigation is resolved. By the time that happens, it may be too late to help affected businesses that would have benefited from relief. It's easy to imagine similar legal challenges to any plan to prioritize vaccinations by race. If they succeed in court, the state's vaccination plans could be significantly disrupted. 

Anticipating these legal issues is not to deny the reality of health inequalities. The pandemic truly has hit racial minorities disproportionately hard. This is due to a variety of socioeconomic factors––more exposure at work or home, less access to testing and healthcare, greater rates of complicating medical conditions, and higher rates of incarceration. Inequalities in vaccine distribution threaten to exacerbate these disparities. In Texas, for example, early vaccination sites were concentrated in predominantly white, affluent areas, disadvantaging poor and minority populations who often also lack access to transportation. Oregon's committee wants to avoid that outcome.

Legally, however, states would be on more secure ground targeting those disparities directly than by allocating vaccines explicitly by race. "For strategies that would increase the allocation ratio above that proportionate to the population, the Supreme Court is likely to uphold racially neutral vaccine allocation criteria, which are designed to capture worse-off minorities but not explicitly," suggests a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. "A vaccine distribution formula, therefore, could lawfully prioritize populations based on factors like geography, socioeconomic status, and housing density that would favor racial minorities de facto."

An official with the Oregon Health Authority suggested a similar approach at the most recent committee meeting, but The Oregonian reports "[that] idea didn't seem to get much traction with the group." If the members commit to explicitly prioritizing the BIPOC population, it will put the state in the difficult position of choosing between disregarding the recommendation of its own equity committee or risking a legal challenge that could throw vaccine distribution into chaos.

Even if legally permissible, it's far from clear that the committee's recommendations would be the most effective strategy for minimizing loss of life. New modeling published in Science concludes that under most realistic scenarios, the best way to reduce mortality is to prioritize vaccinating older adults. Depending on how the committee ends up prioritizing various groups, demands for equity may be in tension with the goal of preventing deaths.

As Liz Wolfe reported for Reason last week, Oregon is already bucking advice to vaccinate the elderly first by putting teachers at the front of the line, with the aim of reopening schools in February. (We'll see if that actually happens; around the country, teachers unions have resisted reopening.) Unlike other states, Oregon has also denied health providers permission to give soon-to-be-expired doses to anyone available, which ensures that valuable doses do not go to waste. In one of the few high points for the Oregon vaccination program, in which surplus vaccines were used to immunize vulnerable inmates, the state regretfully attributed the decision to a miscommunication.

Oregon should aspire to treat marginalized groups fairly, ensuring that they are provided with access to vaccinations; the advisory committee can play a valuable role holding the government to account on these goals. But the experience of other jurisdictions suggests that flexibility is key to rapidly putting vaccines to use. Oregon should focus less on vaccinating people in a rigidly dictated order and more on immediately vaccinating the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly and those with chronic health conditions. Doing so would by itself help to address racial inequalities in healthcare while avoiding the legal perils of allocating doses by race.

Fortunately, the recommendations of Oregon's vaccine advisory committee are non-binding. If they proceed to call for explicitly prioritizing vaccinations based on race, the state should thank them for their service, set their recommendation aside, and proceed independently with strategies to legally, effectively, and rapidly put vaccines to use to maximize their life-saving potential and bring the pandemic to an end.

NEXT: School Choice Spreads as Pandemic Public Education Falls Short

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    3. States have many factors to consider when allocating their scarce vaccine doses: the age of recipients, medical conditions that put people at risk, and jobs that put workers in contact with the public, to name a few………….MORE DETAIL.

    4. States have many factors to consider when allocating their scarce vaccine doses: the age of recipients, medical conditions that put people at risk, and jobs that put workers in contact with the public, to name a few…………. MORE DETAIL.

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  2. That’s unconstitutional.

    1. Yes, it is. So what?

      1. And they’ll do it anyway, and nine years after everyone has been vaccinated (womyn and LGBTQXYZ123’s first, of course), the appeals will have wound their way through the circuits, and Oregon will be rightly smacked down with a strongly worded opinion (and a sharp dissent from a wise latina or two). And it will matter fuck-all because the progtards in Oregon know they can get away with doing it because no one will be able to stop them.

        1. (edit)…because no one will be able to stop them, and there will be zero consequences for having done so in the first place.

          1. Unless they have a secret ambition to piss off all non-woke white people (those not in Bend but east of the Cascades, also south of Eugene). Unity through constant confrontation!

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        2. when Hitler was making his plans to invade and subdue Poland, his top brass, round the table for the conference, raised that same objection/caution. His response? NO ONE WILL DO A THING!! He was proven correct that time, and on the next half dozen sessions to invade other nations.
          We have laws, but they do not rule. First stages toward anarchy and resultant chaos/destruction

          1. He was proven correct that time,

            I think you mean Czechoslovakia, because Germany’s invasion of Poland kicked off World War II.

          2. This!

            Reminds me of my 10th grade HS history (yes, it was history, European history at that!) commenting that revolutions that succeed generally do so not because of overwhelming force of the revolutionaries, but because the establishment doesn’t have the stomach for the fight.

          3. The democrats have to be dealt with. Does anyone still deny that fact?

    2. If the Democrats hear any of that racist “unconstitutional” talk from the Supreme Court, they may need to pack it.

      After all, going against the Democratic party and ruling against it is tantamount to trying to overturn the election results.

      Just because they wear robes doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be considered insurrectionists.

      1. Indeed.

    3. So is the whole Biden presidency and most of the things he will do.

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    6. “Racist” trumps “Constitution” now. What are we going to do, vote them out?

  3. Once Antifa destroys all of Oregon’s vaccines in a peaceful protest, we will have equality once more.

    1. and we who fear the jab far more than we do the vie russ OR the consequences of the rabid and irrational response to it will rest just a little more at peace, and a tad more “secure in our persons, …..”

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  6. “…demands for equity may be in tension with the goal of preventing deaths.”

    Buried the lede.

    1. And change “may be” to “are”.

    2. Oregon considers implementing racial eugenics through vaccine misallocation – alternative headline

  7. States have many factors to consider when allocating their scarce vaccine doses: the age of recipients, medical conditions that put people at risk, and jobs that put workers in contact with the public, to name a few.CLICK HERE………MORE DETAIL.

    1. The authors of the population control conspiracy stories should have some fun with this one.

  8. “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    —-Fourteenth Amendment

    It Oregon, that part about equal protection doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    1. But they are following due process, so – – – – – –

      1. spelling correction: that should be DOO, as in dog.

    2. Oregon decided 30 years ago that some animals are more equal than others.

      1. 30? Oregon has a long history of pretty explicit racism, which is why they are still something like 90% white. Portland is the least diverse major metropolitan statistical area.

        They’re still doing their same old thing, just aiming it at different people.

        1. Portland are nowhere near 90% white. I spend plenty of time there, though less now business are demanding I wear the mug nappie. Plenty of black, mexican, more salvadorans, nicas and guates, haitians, moslems of many natioinal origins, a fair number of native Americans, large greek community, as well as Italian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, VietNamese, Chinese, Thailanders, Taiwanese….

          1. I didn’t say that Portland was nearly 90% white. I said Oregon was.


            Portland itself is only around 81% white. That’s still a very large percentage compared to other metro areas:

            Seattle: 71%
            San Diego: 71%
            San Francisco: 53%
            Los Angeles: 55%


            And while it may be trending in the other direction these days, that number was as high as 97% in 1970. This is due to a long history of explicitly racist policies in Oregon in general and also specifically in Portland.

    3. some are more equal than others. Note well the individuals, and the special interest groups they represent. those promoting the blatant and unconstitutional discrimination ought to be ejected from the group. WHY are the People of Oregon forced to let the stolen tax revenue pay a plugged nickel for these abusers? Time for a bit of “cancelling”.

  9. It appears that Oregon and other states with Democrat Governors are just trying to put Democrats at the front of all vaccine lines.

    Am surprised Antifa/BLM rioters in Portland haven’t demanded that they get the first vaccines (because they are social justice warriors, who are far more important than everyone else).

  10. For fuck’s sake, just ship the vaccines to hospitals and clinics, doses proportional to surrounding population. Let them give the vaccinations to whomever they can as fast as they can.

    The quicker people get vaccinated, the faster R0 drops, the more lives are saved (of all colors, creeds, etc). It’s not that damn difficult; get the freaking committees out of the way.

    1. ^Look at Mr. old fashioned over here.

      1. “old fashioned”

        Not once did I mention handjobs. Though, that might be a good way to achieve high vaccination rates among males. The bipoc committee should workshop that one.

        1. fabulous

    2. Why save lives, when one can use this as an opportunity to advance some race-based agenda?

    3. Fuck the state. They should never have been involved in the process to begin with.

  11. Open racism is the ‘return to normal’.
    Welcome to the revolution.

  12. Hopefully they realize this is a horrible idea, but lockdown brown and co can be pretty dumb.

    1. Hopefully they realize this is a horrible idea

      You seem to be assuming that they’re using rational science or even morality-based criteria as the basis for determine what constitutes a good/horrible idea. The fact that they’re pushing this at all is fairly clear evidence that such an assumption is unfounded.

    2. I shut a redneck’s mouth up yesterday who was bitching about the Keystone pipeline and the paltry amount of jobs involved with it.

      When he finished bitching I said “You do realize that over 600,000 oil and gas jobs were lost by Trump in the last couple of years? Your fucking hero was poison to the industry”.

      Rednecks are stupid fucks.

      1. There is no need for you to recount fake conversations you had with yourself in your mom’s basement.

      2. “Rednecks are stupid fucks.”

        Nothing screams libertarian like collectivizing and deriding vast swaths of people.

      3. #thatneverhappened

      4. I like how you think lowered gas prices are a bad thing and that Trump is responsible for lowering the gas prices causing some companies to wait for increased price per barrel. Good work on not understanding the issues with Fracking and how cheaper energy is good for everyone.

    3. Flag. Refresh.

      1. Kill Mormons. Repeat.

  13. “This runs into the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which says citizens of all races are entitled to the equal protection of the laws,” he writes in a recent article. “The Supreme Court has long interpreted this to mean that the government may ordinarily not dole out valuable benefits, or impose harms, based on a citizen’s race.”

    The Supreme Court will decide cases based on the comparative likelihood and severity of the resulting riots.

    You think the justices want a gang of BLM lunatics showing up at their front doors, threatening to guillotine them? Or, smearing shit on their homes, like they did with Nancy Pelosi? Or, shooting them at public gatherings? Or, perhaps, the gravest injustice to be inflicted …. maybe they would be better off with a couple extra colleagues on the bench — you know, to ensure equity. Wouldn’t want that now, would they?

    The justices will do as they are told. The status quo in a lawless state is lawlessness. Not only will raced based considerations be permitted, they will be celebrated as progress.

  14. Just sell the vaccine dammit.

  15. Aren’t we all the same race? Human race. Divide and conquer I guess….

    1. Someone has some catching up to do. Don’t worry too much about that though. You’ll meet lots of folks who used to think like you in whichever camp to which you’re assigned.

    2. God bless your honest and moral thought process! I’m amazed to read your observation and know you’re genuinely asking that question. I have been under the impression for several months that that specific type of thought had gone extinct, I mean after the eye-opening bull that was going on and on and was as violent as dumb people know how to be.
      I absolutely lost even the most infinitesimal glimmer of that sort of precious thought. I watched one to many fires rage, was called a racist one to many times, and heard, read, or watched an overwhelming number of white people APOLOGIZE for things they weren’t responsible for (like their skin color or how sorry they were that they only used the words ‘not a racist’ rather than ‘ ‘anti – racist’.
      My question is if BLM can get all the big wigs to behave like ignorant butt kissing small minded peons, why can’t others take this as an opportunity to remind everyone from the secretary to Pelosi to the Prez. that the government was designed BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE? If they had to deal with people smarter that a turnip, they would cry.

  16. If Oregon goes ahead with discriminatory vaccination it will be easy for judges to delay deciding until the case is moot. A judge can be strict about demanding that each plaintiff prove individual harm, and slow to decide.


    We know that the most vulnerable population when it comes to Covid are older people; if I take people over the age of 55, that’s 80% of the deaths. There have been actual conversations about prioritizing people on the basis of their race, because Covid is said to ‘disproportionally impact’ black people relative to white people,” Foster explained.

    “It is a ridiculous proposition,” he asserted, “but it’s a proposition that has found it’s way in the mouths of governors — here in California, the pages of The New York Times, we’re actively talking about this kind of ridiculous –

    Kmele nails it.

    You Peanuts should look Kmele Foster up since he is a rational liberal/libertarian. You might learn something for once. It should not be all wingnut thinking all the time for you Trumpers.

    1. Look who’s trying to get into the party with the cool kids while on record supporting these policies. Sorry, you’re not on the list, Shrike, you ain’t getting in.

      1. I don’t recall you being a revisionist idiot.

        I have always opposed race based policy including affirmative action even to the point of opposing the affirmative action justice – Clarence Thomas.

        1. There’s the gross raciat we all mock.

        2. Wow. Look closely. It’s is Paul. Seeing someone like him talk like this now should really make you worry about a few things.

          “I dont recall you being… xyz”

          Thats exactly right. And there will be more surprises for the woke left. Look closely.

          1. Edit: It’s Paul.
            For fucks sake edit buttonnooborz ethdldnw dfysk !!!!!!

      2. I blame the staff.

        The way staff are writing these articles, ChemJeff, Shrike, Tony, et. al, think they’re libertarians now.

    2. Too bad you didn’t tune in with all the bitter clingers when Kmele was hosting on Fox. You might have empathized wi, I mean, converted more bigotted Trumpers to the Libert, I mean, your cause.

    3. I find it funny that you wait for Maher to change your opinions. Kamele has been on Fox (you know the channel you say only spreads misinformation) quite a bit. Yet you only learned of him on Maher. Weird.

  18. So, what, another 5 yrs. before The Tuskegee Experiments were The Right Thing To Do™?

  19. Totally not racist

    1. its okay theyre genociding white people which is cool now

  20. They really need to give first priority to people with chronic medical conditions, such as smoking.

  21. God made Oregon so California wouldn’t be the craziest state.

    1. If only it were “crazy”, but this is 100% mainstream establishment policy. This is now “normal”.

      1. Well fuck normalcy and whatever spawned it

  22. I’m curious how the propagation of crt training will effect future lawsuits against governing bodies. Trading is done for lawsuit protection purposes. We trained people not to do this, so we can’t be held responsible for their actions. In the case of CRT training they are explicitly trying people to violate equal protection clause. This should increase their liability, and I’m curious how long it will take a lawyer to see those dollar signs.

  23. I am all for this. Let the darkies be the guinea pigs for the rushed to market vaccine

    1. Tuskegee V. 2 it would be then; just imagine the reparations.

  24. This is the same state that declared “people of color” were exempt from their mask mandates, then when the obvious backlash happened, painted their reversal as protecting people of color from racism. Seriously. With the help of the media.

    We’ve lost our fucking minds and are instituting racism as policy in this country, while calling it anti-racism.

    We’re going backwards here. We are more racist today than we were ten years ago, even twenty years ago, and it’s the left that’s making us this way.

    1. Agreed Diane Paul; but as I comment below it is going to have to run afoul of some serious reality before these fools even begin to question it. After all, their road to perdition is seriously paved with good intentions, and lots of sanctimony.

    2. We are more racist today than we were ten years ago, even twenty years ago, and it’s the left that’s making us this way.

      ^ This! Right here!

      It is glaringly obvious, but Reason contributors ignore it. Even when they don’t feed into it, their aversion to the story is damning.

      It is 100% why I refused to vote for Jorgenson. Her acceptance of the Marxist class/race tactics being used to subvert any genuine efforts to improve equality of opportunities, while promoting an authoritarian mandate for equity of outcomes.

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  26. …alleged that the committee was “dealing with our own conditioning of white supremacy as it is showing up in our decision making.” Black, indigenous, and other people of color (often abbreviated “BIPOC”)

    Ergo, if I have membership in BIPOC and don’t like your decision, or am not getting what I want, or just for the hell of it, I can call you a white supremacist; in response you are expected to duck, cover and relent, less you be excoriated on social media for crimes inherited from your ancestors.

    This may be playing to certain factions in our society, and provide some kind of expiation for guilt or [more likely] garnering votes for certain political parties; but it is not going to end well.

    1. Oh my goodness! Please tell me there are more people with your train of thought!? I am so tired of listening to people APOLOGIZE for the color they were born or hurry to speak the ‘correct’ term as it is screamed in their face by some 20-year-old brat claiming slavery traumatized her/him I could vomit. Then, there’s the whole part of dragging small children into it. I’m supposed to teach my son to be sorry for being who God created him to be so I can please a bunch of morons who can’t except even the tiniest fraction of wrongdoing in causing the shit storm of their own lives? That’d be a BIG FAT NEGATIVE.
      I need the non-apologetic, ‘not apologizing to you, you little shit!’ people, please!

  27. The authors of the population control conspiracy stories should have some fun with this one.

    1. This actually is genocide. There is no scientific evidence that black people are more vulnerable to this virus. They are vaccinating one race before another because not all lives matter –black lives matter.

  28. Funny how #theScience goes out the window when it becomes inconvenient to enriching the preferred, anointed group based purely on political and power motives.

  29. ‘BIPOC’? That’s a new one on me.
    I wish these people would stop tampering with the English language.

      1. What’s the Oakland School Board circa 1996? Whatever the ebonic translation of chopped liver is?

        1. Whatever the ebonic translation of chopped liver is?

          Stems and seeds?

        2. I’m just trying to stick with history After Twitter. America didn’t even exist Before Twitter.

  30. The pandemic truly has hit racial minorities disproportionately hard. This is due to a variety of socioeconomic factors––more exposure at work or home, less access to testing and healthcare, greater rates of complicating medical conditions, and higher rates of incarceration.

    No, it’s because some racial minorities tend to be obese (an astounding 80% of black women are either overweight or obese), and darker skinned people are more likely to be vitamin D deficient, both of these are significant factors in covid.

  31. Central planning has such a wonderful history, right?

  32. the Somali American Council of Oregon

    One thing made abundantly clear to me is cultural appropriation is always and everywhere wrong.

    As such, the vaccine should go only to those who share the race and genital configuration of its inventors. The Somali Americans can invent their own vaccine.

  33. Racists weight racist policies, what a shocker.

  34. Denying people access to medical care (vaccinations) based on the colour of their skin is genocide. It was wrong when Hitler and the Nazis did it, and it’s wrong when Biden and the Democrats do it.

  35. The analysis that early vaccine locations are in wealthier areas should be considered an “of course”. Front line medical workers are more likely to live in affluent areas. Doctors and nurses are more well off than average, and so that’s where they cluster. Handing out vaccines in areas where no one is allowed to get vaccines is just plain stupid.

  36. Any government at any level even asking you your race should be considered a violation of the 14th Amendment. It’s called “equal protection of the laws”.

  37. Define “black”

    1. Must be an octaroon or better.

    2. Darker than me. It includes a large number of Caucasians.

  38. Well, we can’t give it out based on actual risk factors, because then they might have to admit that being fat is unhealthy and that blacks in the US tend to have higher rates of obesity and other metabolic health problems.

    1. The body positivity movement (aka, the BLM riots) agrees!

      1. I didn’t see all those morbidly obese Trumpers exhibiting any shame.

        1. That usually happens after they finish in you and you leave, when they realize you stole their wallet.

          1. As if I would place my hands anywhere near them.

    2. “blacks in the US tend to have higher rates of obesity and other metabolic health problems.”

      Also lower access to health care.

  39. In the words of Martin Luther King, “I don’t see color, but if I did, I’d worry about some sensitive white boys’ feelings before doing anything that could be perceived as a mote of unfairness for the sake of black people. They are on that case like white on bedsheets. I have a dream, that one day nothing whatsoever will change for white people, not even the casting sheet for their favorite TV show. Only under those conditions do we have any right to ask for equality!”

    1. “I have a dream where the statues to reminding us of our divided racial history in this nation can be torn down and forgotten. A dream where relatively untested new medical treatments will be preferentially used on black people first.” – MLK

      You’re as good as all the atheists who will decry Jesus’ teachings as the problem when Urban II kicked off The Crusades, Torquemada revved up The Inquisition, and pro-slavery Southerners extolled the white man’s divine right to slavery, and then turn around and insist that Christian socialism is the appropriate interpretation.

      1. You may have taken too general a point from my specific one.

        1. No. You clearly communicated your faith in original sin. We are born guilty. Equality is no better than slavery. The only path to redemption is a government thumb on the scales of justice to elevate the decedents of those our ancestors oppressed above ourselves.

          Not surprising that an atheist would mock the profound faith of MLK and completely fail to understand the power in forgiveness.

          I would say that MC has you pegged. So do I.

          1. You may believe in such nonsense as “faith,” original sin,” and “guilt,” but I have no such attachments. You’re not responsible for what your ancestors did. You aren’t even responsible for what you do. You’re a sack of electrified meat.

            I’m talking about people having the power to advocate for their interests. You don’t have to think it’s fair. It’s not about fair. White people made that clear long ago. Fair only matters in these highly selected cases because white people still get to make most of the rules.

            You should whine less and figure out whether you want to waste anymore time working against other people’s interests for incorrect reasons.

            1. You are so unbelievably stupid that you clearly don’t realize how ridiculous and self-contradictory your babble is. You tell people they aren’t responsible for what they do, and then tell them to take responsibility for what they do. Elsewhere you claim various things are “lies,” and then proceed to build arguments based on these things not being lies. I know you think you’re being clever, but you’re just being a stupid git. Please shut up and fuck off.

    2. If you were right you wouldn’t need to point guns at people to win.

  40. Can anyone question that diversity is indeed our strength?

    1. I feel like most people who say that really just mean black people. At least where I live thats what they mean. They don’t mean diversity that includes whites for sure. They reluctantly accept that women are included, but still prefer black women. They really hate the hispanic/latino population when it benefits from diversity programs. Diversity is great, except that in the two cities I have lived in diversity is just a more politically correct and acceptable way of implementing bigotry.

      1. I feel like

        When exactly did feeling completely take the place of thinking? Was it around the same time that an entire generation became incapable of cobbling together a statement without gratuitously misusing “literally”?

        1. Stating that you ‘think’ is a microaggression.

          So is asserting that words have definitions that should be adhered to for logical consistency.

          Logical consistency is just flat-out racist.

  41. How ironic: racial injustice for racial justice. Socialists can’t connect the dots.

  42. That will be one hell of a lawsuit when old white people are dying so young black people can get the vaccine.

    1. The State of Oregon will have the case dismissed for standing. If you haven’t died, you have suffered no harm by being denied access to the vaccine. Access to the vaccine is moot to the estate of a dead person.

      1. And then suing on behalf of a dead relative will be dismissed, as no relief or redress is available (since they can’t, you know, bring someone back from the dead)

  43. Can someone do the translation of “vaccines given out in priority based on medical need” turns into “white supremacy”?

    1. You just start by saying, “these people here can afford doctors and have existing diagnoses of complicating factors” and prioritize them over “these other people have historically been undertreated for all kinds of medical problems, and thus do not have existing diagnoses of complicating factors.”

      It’s not unlike the way rich people could afford doctors to find “bone spurs” when they were facing a draft, but poor people got handed rifles.

    2. Some white people have a higher priority based on medical need (that is, the presence of actual risk factors for COVID) than some “BIPOC” people. If something could benefit white people before other people, it’s “white supremacist.” The “anti-racist” position is that “medical need” should be defined by race, not COVID risk factors.
      Black people have been disproportionately affected by COVID for several reasons: a disproportionate number of black people have major risk factors for COVID, a disproportionate number of black people live in crowded conditions in poorly ventilated buildings, and a disproportionate number of black people have to go outside to work. Simply being black is not a risk factor. The people making the white supremacy argument here think being black (or “BIPOC”) is itself a risk factor. I could see the validity of an argument that some “BIPOC” populations (because of where and how they live) could be a higher-risk group, but none of the “BIPOC” people on this committee are at high risk, I’m quite sure, just as I’m quite sure all of them would claim to be.

  44. Isn’t this racist?

    1. It’s progressivism. Just like the Portland fires and lootings.

  45. Hmmm… since Oregon is going to follow the race quota priority of the COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee… I believe it is only fair that the Committee itself in an initial PR event only vaccinate the minority members. Naturally, this will be followed the Oregon public health department… only minority members are eligible. And to prove wokeness, this means Gov. Brown, being white, and any caucasians in the Oregon state government are forbidden from being vaccinated.

    Works for me.

    1. Hmmm. since you seem to be making up details of how the plan that hasn’t even been written yet will work, perhaps you could offer some prime lottery numbers courtesy of your ability to see into the future?

  46. Reason, what gives? You’re using the term “racial justice” as though it’s a valid or useful concept to non-leftists. It’s a loaded and question-begging term, and it only actually denotes justice to leftists. To everyone else, including libertarians, it doesn’t comport with justice at all. You really to put loaded terms like that in quotes to mark them as contested. Same drill for “social justice”, “systemic racism”, etc. None of these have any valid meaning to non-leftists, and to the extent that they involve or lean on falsifiable claims, they’re false.

    It’s obvious that we’re dealing with a cult at this point, and the left’s obsession with racism and imagined racism has gone from a super-weird and arbitrarily timed fetish to something that is going to get people killed. It’s irresponsible to enable or coddle cults of this nature. Their whole “systemic racism” narrative is vividly false and manifestly harmful. This ideology should be vigorously and ceaselessly rebuked and denounced at every opportunity.

    José Duarte
    Social psychologist

    1. Well said. The concept of race-based vaccine priorities ought to be abhorrent to all Americans. Moreover, the preference for persons with certain chronic conditions identified in March and April by the CDC is actually shoddy science. Based on a complete data set for 2020, the supposed correlations are very low.

  47. I still don’t understand why people think racial “justice” is justice. If you discriminate against someone on the basis of inalienable group identities because of past inequalities, you are a bigot.

    1. You haven’t been informed that people in certain groups are such selfish assholes that discriminating against them is not only okay, it’s not even a thing. Does that clear things up?

  48. Vote for demorats and this is what you get. BLM riots and racial discrimination. Want more of it? Keep voting for the rats.

    1. “Vote for demorats and this is what you get. BLM riots”

      Mr. Dunce, the BLM riots came BEFORE everybody voted for Biden.

  49. THANK YOU OREGON, for making us look slightly less retarded

    your friend, california

    all the old timers who get passed over can rest easy knowing they were doing their part to combat systemic racism and promote inclusivity


    1. Most of the old, retired people in Oregon live in a couple of southwestern counties, or in Arizona. The ones in Arizona are Arizona’s problem.

  50. y’all black folks wanna take the vaccine first go ahead…i’ll be opting out of the mrna one FOR SURE (that shot IS NOT a vaccine) and am not excited either for any vaccine.

    test the minorities. think about it. you can’t make this shit up

    1. One word: Tuskegee

      1. In the Tuskegee experiment, they weren’t testing vaccine, they were testing disease progression. Your apple is a tad bit orange.

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  53. I hope they go ahead and inject the perverts and leftist racist people of color first and that the vaccine causes them to go see McCain soon.

    1. That’s a common side-effect of vaccines.

  54. Vaccines by race over risk? Instead of by risk regardless of race.

    Systemic racism is alive and well in Oregon.

    1. It’s okay, they’re just killing whites. Black lives matter.

  55. Bare with me. I favor race based vaccine preferences. I am a seventy-five year old white male. I figure as such I will be the least preferred of all categories. I would like to be one of the last to receive any of these Covid-1984 vaccines. It seems to me that race based preferences may be my ticket to achieving that goal.

    1. You can simply choose to not show up at the vaccine distribution and thus, not get the vaccine. Of course, that increases your chances of eventually interacting with someone who carries the virus while unvaccinated to nearly 100% likely.
      The vaccine is free but a trip to the hospital is not.

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  57. Prioritizing vaccine based upon race would not only violate equal protection, but would violate the Federal Civil Rights Act. Cooking up some phony formula to achieve the same objective would likely have a Disparate impact on whites and hence violate the Title VII. Lastly, any race based priority is immoral.

  58. How do you tell who is black?
    Is there a sheet of paper and if you are darker than the paper you are black?
    Do you measure hair curls?
    Because anyone of any shade can “identify as black”.
    What about President Obama and Michelle Obama?
    He is only half black.
    Does she get vaccinated first?
    What about people who are one quarter or one eighth black?
    Do they go ahead of whites?
    Do we have to vaccinate all blacks then All half black then All one quarter black,
    before a single white?
    Are Arab people black? Are people from India black?
    Do Native Americans go ahead of blacks? How about someone half Native American and half black?
    What about young black people here on vacation from Africa?
    Do they go ahead of elderly Hispanics, or elderly whites?
    Race based preferences open up a huge Pandora’s ox of questions.
    Especially as vaccine will be discarded rather than given to a disfavored group.

    1. “What about young black people here on vacation from Africa?”

      There are (I know, shocking) very few young black people visiting Oregon on vacation from Africa. Coincidentally, there also aren’t very many American black people in Oregon. The ones that are are fairly concentrated into one quadrant of Portland, and fairly rare elsewhere. Portland does have an international airport, but the other nations that have flights that land there are Japan and Canada, neither of which are in Africa nor known for their substantial populations of black people. Are we even currently allowing foreign tourists to enter the US?

    2. “Are Arab people black? Are people from India black?”

      They sure are if they are the US VP.

  59. Demographically speaking, Oregon doesn’t have a lot of nonwhite citizens in the first place. Prioritizing the Native Americans just means that they’ll make sure there’s a vaccination distribution site on the rez, and prioritizing the black folks puts a distribution site in North Portland. The largest group of nonwhites in Oregon would be the asian-Americans, but they’re spread out all over, and not as concentrated as the Native Americans or the black folks. There’s a concentration (such as it is) of Hawaiians in the two state universities down the valley, but mostly Oregon has the pale folk. The REAL challenge will be in Southern Oregon, where the people routinely decline to fund anything at the county level, so there are no libraries, no community services, and almost no Sheriff’s posse to use to coordinate vaccine distribution.

    1. With future coronavirus deaths, the proportion of (living) white Oregonians will be even lower.

      1. More white people keep moving in.

  60. One of three things is going on with Democrats’ recent embrace of directly racial language.

    1. They forgot what a hot potato the issue is and are stupiding themselves into an early grave by pissing off white people they could have definitely had on their side otherwise.

    2. Black voters gave Democrats Biden and hence the presidency, and then they gave Democrats the Senate. Fuck white people’s feelings, they know where their bread is buttered.

    3. Some frantic combination of worrying about 1 and 2 simultaneously.

  61. 4. they actually want to defeat the virus so that nobody has to worry about meeting someone who has it, which means delivering vaccine to everybody, not just wealthy white folks.

  62. if minorities are not vaccinated first white people want to see them die from the virus.
    If they vaccinate minorities first white people using minorities as guinea pigs and want to kill them with the vaccine.
    Good Luck, which ever you choose.

  63. I’m an old white man. Someone else can have mine and get some life threatening side-effect.

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