Oregon's Plan To Vaccinate Teachers Before the Elderly Is Terribly Misguided

If the aim is to reduce COVID-19 deaths, Oregon's plan is a failure.


In Oregon, the good news is that Democratic Gov. Kate Brown wants to open up K-12 schools starting in mid-February. The bad news is that she wants all of the state's roughly 100,000 school employees to hop the line ahead of 70- and 80-year-olds—the actual demographics most likely to die from COVID-19.

Brown is right to care about school reopening and to understand that remote learning is not serving many children well at all, least of all those with learning disabilities or those who were already liable to fall behind. But vaccine schemes that shirk the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and fail to recognize that old people are at the highest risk of dying from COVID-19, by an order of magnitude, are irresponsible and will result in deaths that could have been prevented.

Per CDC data, people aged 75–84 have a 220 times higher chance of dying from COVID-19 than people aged 18–29. People in the 65–74 age group have a 90 times greater chance of dying than those in that same comparison group. Yes, some teachers who end up vaccinated by nature of their profession, not their age, will be those at higher risk of dying from COVID-19. In non-charter public schools, the largest chunk of the teacher workforce in the U.S. (about 57 percent) are in the 30–49 age range, while only about 14 percent are under 30.

That leaves about 29 percent of the teacher workforce in the 50 and older demographic, with roughly 30 times the chance of dying from COVID-19 compared to the comparison group. So maybe there's some plausible limited case to be made for vaccinating that sliver of the workforce, or the very oldest of the bunch. But it's very hard to look at the currently available data and make the case that either a) schools are a significant vector for COVID-19 transmission from students to teachers or b) those vaccine doses being allocated to the entire pool of teachers over elderly people will do the most good, if the aim is to reduce deaths.

Do also consider the fact that vaccinating teachers might not even be the silver bullet that allows kids to return to school in a timely manner, despite Brown's best intentions. In Fairfax, Virginia, for example, the teachers union president said she opposes schools returning to full-time in-person instruction even after teachers are vaccinated. She argued the district should wait until children are fully vaccinated—something not likely to happen until 2022—rendering the need for teachers to receive vaccines ahead of many senior citizens absolutely pointless. In Virginia, both teachers and people aged 65 and older are in group 1B, competing for vaccines at the same time.

And there are plentiful examples nationwide of teachers going on strike, or unions expressing discontent with states' current vaccination plans, or people otherwise casting doubt on the idea that kids will return to classrooms in droves anytime soon. A San Francisco Chronicle headline from earlier this month puts it bluntly: "Moving California teachers to the front of the vaccine line might not be enough to reopen schools."

Here's hoping Oregon will pursue a more sane vaccination approach, one that ensures the elderly people most at risk of dying receive their vaccine doses as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, the few good decisions the state has made so far appear to be accidents.

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  1. It’s like you kids are new to this game. How big is your union, old man?

    1. According to the interwebs, teachers unions are the largest, with over 2.7 million members.

      In a union deathmatch, I would still go with the teamsters (4th largest), even with only 1.4 million members.

      2 and 3 are the SEIU and AFSCME.

      1. I will see your 2.7 mil and raise you 37.7 mil.
        Your call.

        Enhancing the quality of life for all as we age—not just serving our nearly 38 million members—is our mission. At its heart, the work that AARP and its affiliates do can be summed up in just 12 words: “We fight for and equip each individual to live their best life.” It’s all about real possibilities.

        1. Ever been whacked on the shins with one of those aluminum canes?
          Better than the proverbial baseball bat, and legal to carry, even onto federal property. (at this time)

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        2. AARP isn’t a union.

          1. At this point, I’m cynical enough that if I really wanted to put my money either on Teacher’s Unions or AARP cage match, I’d honestly put my money on a Teacher’s Union.

            It’s money I’d happily lose in this instance, but I just don’t see AARP as being able to get an Oregon statehouse politician out of bed with a phone call.

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      2. I think it’s funny that the teachers positively own the NJ state government but they got shunted to the back of the line with the smokers and fatties (they were supposed to prioritized with cops and firefighters, but our state is nothing if not capricious).

        It’s all moot at this point. The floodgates are open so it’s a gold rush until the supply logistics catch up.

        1. Fuck Phil Murphy.

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        2. Also, expanding the recommendations a week before he left office was a subtle and pretty brilliant FU from Trump’s team to Biden.

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      3. I still think that older teachers and other frontline workers should be vaccinated first, because adults over 65, even if they’re healthy, with no comorbid medical condition(s) are more at risk, by virtue of their age group.

        1. Don’t care what lefty shits think.

    2. 38 million strong, but not particularly active. Or strong. Or attentive. Or… what were we talking about? Have you seen my belt onion?

      1. What’s funny is based on what we’re seeing, AARP’s union appears to be getting shoved to the back of the bus while the Teacher’s Union remains in the driver’s seat.

        1. The teachers’ unions are far more woke than the AARP. Many in the AARP grew up in a time when, and in a place where, high school civics and history classes taught more about the constitution and operation of governments than about grievances and how to demand proper accounting for them. That also was a time when discrimination based on race or national origin, especially by governments, was coming to the fore, but as a problem to be addressed by eliminating such discrimination rather than insisting that it be replaced by preferential treatment.

      2. Yeah, but the new President has been a member for almost 30 years, so that’s gotta count for something.

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  2. Oregon’s Plan To Vaccinate Teachers Before the Elderly Is Terribly Misguided

    This is sure to spark a peaceful protest by Antifa.

  3. Will SleepyJoe get fined for not wearing a mask on federal property in violation of its own edict?

    1. No.
      Next question.

    2. It does tell you that all the outrage the Democrats directed at Trump and the GOP over the last year for not taking COVID seriously was false and just for show.

      “Don’t we have more important issues”, indeed.

      1. The fact remains that Donald Trump did not take the Covid–19 virus seriously, and THAT is precisely WHY we’re in this mess right now.

        1. Wrong. Absolutely, undeniably, wrong.

          There isn’t a single thing Trump could have done differently, that would have saved a single life. Period. Biden is already backing down – he admitted today that they can’t “change the trajectory of the virus for at least the next couple of months”. Why do you think that is?

          1. If only for appearances, Trump, President, should have attempted to lead based on the best available advice from his department heads and other advisers, both scientific and political. It is uncertain whether that would have changed average behavior enough to make a serious difference in the course of the epidemic. The fact is, though, that many of us paid attention to information from sources other than (or in addition to) the President of the time and drew our own conclusions about prudent behavior. I suspect as a group we have done quite a bit better than those who paid attention only only to him and who, in consequence, declined to employ, wherever and whenever possible, the relatively simple infection avoidance techniques that have been known to be effective for nearly 200 years.

        2. You.

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  4. “It appears some of those vaccinations weren’t supposed to happen yet.”
    Just siphon them back out.

  5. The elderly can continue to shelter in place.

    Children however are missing developmental milestones because teachers are holding them hostage. Vaccinate teachers. Any who refuse to return to the classroom get promptly fired.
    Teacher’s unions need to get steamrolled by actually getting one of their demands.

    1. Any who refuse to return to the classroom get promptly fired.
      Teacher’s unions need to get steamrolled by actually getting one of their demands.


    2. Just order them back to work, and fire anyone who refuses. Unless they have a ‘pandemic’ section in their contract, of course.

      1. They don’t need that. They already have the “can never be fired” section in their contract.

        1. So did PATCO. Then Reagan came along.

          1. Yeah, I remember how the press reacted to that. It was worse than Trump sending a mean tweet.

            1. I remember how my dad (an ATC supervisor) reacted to it.

            2. Might as well have let Hitler win the war.

              1. You can’t scientifically prove he lost!


                1. Daniel: If there is no judge, how do you know who wins?
                  Mr. Miyagi: One who dies, doesn’t.

    3. Wake me when they actually open the schools after the teachers have been vaccinated.

      Public employee unions in general, and teacher’s unions in particular, have completely captured states and localities, who will do whatever the unions want. It’s about power, not students.

      1. Public school teachers, as a group, have become perhaps the most insufferably smug, self-important and entitled professional class in our society. They consider themselves absolutely vital to the nation’s success and also beyond blame for the school system’s inadequacies.

        1. They are both essential and non-essential. And they’ve figured out how to have it both ways. Talk about privilege.

  6. The vaccinations will be most effective just about one month before school lets out for the summer. So why not give it to the people who really need it now, and wait for summer to vaccinate the teachers. It’s not like 90 percent of them aren’t going to stage a “sick out” anything for the last couple weeks of school, right?

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  8. So you’re saying we need a federal one-size-fits-all policy for prioritizing who gets the vaccine first? I say let the states figure it out on their own. Assuming the voters are paying any attention, it gives you an idea of how crass, corrupt and fucked-up the politics are in your state. And in Oregon’s case, in the event that there’s something horribly wrong with the vaccine we’re only going to be killing off useless parasites instead of valuable old people.

    1. So you’re saying we need a federal one-size-fits-all policy for prioritizing who gets the vaccine first? I say let the states figure it out on their own.

      They have to have a “federal” response because redneck havens like North Dakota are kicking ass and taking names on getting people vaccinated, while the states in WeFuckingLoveScience! Land like California and New York fucked around out of political spite so they could blame more COVID deaths on Blumph.

    2. Well, well. THAT sounds like inciting insurrection.

  9. If the aim is to reduce COVID-19 deaths, Oregon’s plan is a failure.

    You can’t be that stupid…..

  10. No point to moving teachers to the front of the vaccination line. They will simply move the goalposts on reopening, claiming we can’t have in-person school until all the children are vaccinated as well.
    This has already been floated by the union in Fairfax County, VA. They think school should be at most hybrid only until students can be vaccinated (so, like 2022)

    1. Yeah, that teacher’s Union president in Fairfax, VA sounds like a real moron.

  11. As the song goes, school’s out forever.

    1. Hopefully so, then we can defund the department of education and privatize it so that parents and children actually get what they need.

  12. Reason has become more than a bit insane about the article of faith that ‘the elderly should get vaccine first because they are more likely to die’. Where in fuck is this coming from?

    The reality is that the only point of a vaccine in a pandemic phase is to expose someone to the rigged (less or non fatal) form of the pathogen before becoming exposed to the natural form. So that ‘herd immunity’ (the contagious tend to bump into the already-immune rather than the vulnerable) is reached earlier and the pandemic tips into much more controllable endemic.

    If the elderly are given a vaccine, their life is not likely to change at all. They aren’t going to go out dancing or lollygagging round the watercooler. They are going to remain – well – retired. Younger folks on the other hand are exactly who has been affected by the lockdowns and such. They are exactly who will start coming into much more contact with people and ultimately triggering the herd immunity point more quickly.

    It is why Indonesia is targeting 18-59 ‘s. The same practice makes a ton of sense for teachers – assuming the schools reopen like pronto. I don’t know if this option would actually work better. But treating this as an article of faith means it can’t even be discussed publicly

    1. The number one publicized statistic when it comes to Covid is death counts. Cases is second, but the thing we get drilled in our heads every day is “so many new deaths”. The deaths are overwhelmingly old people. Therefore, if you vaccinate the old, the death count goes down.

      This isn’t that hard…

      1. You vaccinate someone in say a nursing home who does nothing all day – and your vaccination has done nothing to leverage that persons immunity to that new disease. They are susceptible to just about anything else – and they do not transmit their diseases to others. They are the end of the line when it comes to ‘herd immunity’ which is actually what reduces the ability of the virus itself to transmit and spread. When they get the disease – and die – almost nothing has happened. They didn’t infect as many others outside medical workers (who are all also younger). So when they die, the rest of the herd is still as vulnerable as it was before. The younger otoh – who have a much better chance of survival whether vaccinated or not – are precisely the part of the herd that must get immunity faster if the herd is to get herd immunity.

        Like it or not – this is an actual valid policy option. Whether it works or not I don’t know – but stop with the statement of the obvious (elderly die more) while simply assuming that is also the most relevant issue at stake. Denying that it is a valid policy option is just more BS article of faith stuff that we have been screwing up with every damn decision we have made in the US re this.

        1. And the disabled, homeless, and mentally ill. They aren’t contributing anything. If we could get rid of them and the old people think of the money we could save. The volk could start anew. Younger, stronger, a nation of destiny unbound by the shackles of the useless drags on the herrenvolk.

          Eugenics worked out great the last time. Fortunately immoral idiotic schemes like yours are not going to happen.

          1. WTF. It has nothing to do with whatever shit seems to have dropped out of your asshole onto your head. It is about how quickly a society can return to a semblence of normality.

            The natural state of the virus has an R0 of somewhere between 2 and 3 I think. All the stuff that we’ve done – voluntary or not – to reduce the spread has dropped that R and in so doing has limited the spread and reduced fatalities. But it has come at a huge cost that is far higher than the vaccine.

            Further, the R0 is not really a function of the virus so much as it is a function of the virus, time of contagiousness, and the activities of an individual who put that person into contact with other. The latter is by far the best way to actually reduce the R0 without having to artificially restrict social contact. And the lower the R0, the lower the % of the herd immunity point. THAT is what reduces fatalities. Ignoring that is merely assuming that anything short of 100% vaccination will require distortions to contain the virus.

            You are a clown. Like pretty much every American has turned into this year with this thing. Beyond stupid.

    2. mRNA technology is a bit different, in that they are not in fact using any ‘rigged’ pathogen (weakened, dead, or otherwise). They are able to synthesize a protein marker from one of the ‘spikes’ on the exterior of the corona virus (through genetic engineering, btw), and use that synthetic protein to train your body to form an immune response.

      If you are interested in knowing more about how and why it’s different – and it is a huge leap forward in vaccine technology – here is a helpful video from Hank Green (SciShow) where he interviews the head of JAMA about it. (Journal of the American Medical Association)

      1. Didn’t know that. With a new type of vaccine tech would I be correct in assuming that they kind of had something in the works and were waiting for the right virus.

        1. The mRNA based vaccine technology was, in large part, an outcome of research targeting the earlier SARS-COV and ebola virus diseases. It was a great good fortune that that it was nearl ready on arrival of the SARS-COV-2 virus. By misfeasance, not misfortune, it teeters now on the edge of being wasted to a significant degree by administering it based on incorrect priorities to those unlikely to spread the disease (although quite vulnerable) rather than those whose vaccination would reduce the virus’ spread in the population by a significantly greater degree.

          Another flaw in the priority probably is failure to exclude those who had positive tests for SARS-COV-2 infection, since they almost certainly have immunity at least on a par with what the vaccine will provide.

    3. Stuff your PANIC flag up your ass, stick first, and sit on you, you pathetic piece of cowardly lefty shit.

    4. “…If the elderly are given a vaccine, their life is not likely to change at all. They aren’t going to go out dancing or lollygagging round the watercooler. They are going to remain – well – retired…”

      The cowardly piece of lefty shit here assumes “retired” = staying in bed all day apparently.
      Hint, cowardly piece of lefty shit: I’m old enough to be “retired” and Newsom’s lockdown has certainly affected my life.

      1. I want to remain first in line for my government subsidized vaccine.

        Yeah I know exactly what you are. Part of the gummint teat-sucking wing of ‘libertarians’ or R’s or morons yelling at contrails to get off my lawn.

        1. “Yeah I know exactly what you are. Part of the gummint teat-sucking wing of ‘libertarians’ or R’s or morons yelling at contrails to get off my lawn.”

          Your fantasies are of no interest to me and probably anyone else here.

        2. See voulenteerism works great without coeresion

  13. The drug Ivermectin, used around the world for months, has finally been allowed by the FDA for use in the US. It reportedly clears the COVID virus from a person in 48 hours. Meanwhile, the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” change your dna, do not prevent you from getting COVID, do not prevent you from spreading COVID, and still require you to mask and social distance. And reports of perfectly healthy people dropping dead after getting the “vaccines” are increasing.

    1. You are nuts. The drug Ivermectin could be useful, but is not guaranteed to clear any virus in 48 hours. Hell it was originally developed to fight roundworm.
      And wtf about your comments about the vaccines!
      Vaccines don’t change your DNA, but the Covid vaccines do give you a better chance to resist the Covid virus. If you are worried about the dangers posed by the vaccine, I get it, but I would caution you that the risk of injury or death is far higher without a vaccine. How do you think we beat Polio, small pox, and other big time killers?

      1. They modify your rna.
        It’s temporary, in theory.

        1. Simple Steps to Take to Land Your Dream Job with Ease For More Info

        2. No they do not. There is no memory in mRNA. It cannot replicate. Once it binds to the ribosome and activates protein synthesis it just breaks up and goes away. The mRNA in the vaccine does the same thing. It enters the cell, does its job and goes away forever.

          After a few days the protein synthesis, the one that starts the immune reaction stops and the cell goes back to normal function.

          All of that happens locally in the muscle tissue it was injected in. Your arm hurts for a couple days because the immune response is starting there. Now you have a population of lymphocytes which can recognize the enemy and start the chain to fight it. That part is how all vaccines work.

      2. The risk of injury is far higher?

        Well…depends most definitely on our age…

        On the order of 1 in 33,000 for those under 20.

        And 1 in 5,000 for those between 35 and 50.

        If you are older, or medically vulnerable, take the vaccine, and stay home (as I am sure you have already).

        Otherwise, take the vaccine in the form of catching the virus itself…and move the fuck on

        1. Your attitude towards older people sucks, Colorado Jim. If a person over 65 is healthy and active, they’ve got just as much right to be out and around as younger people do. When the vaccine comes around, and phase II of vaccine distribution starts next month, I plan on getting both doses.

          I’ll also add, Colorado Jim, that your last sentence “Otherwise take the vaccine in the form of catching the virus itself…and move the fuck on.” is really disgustedly outrageous. You really don’t fucking give a shit–that’s pretty goddamned obvious.

          1. Mapol, why are you leftist so scared of this virus? You people are pathetic.

          2. Then let the older, healthy people go out and play in the world if they so choose! I assume they are already right? I assume most of us are choosing to behave how we see fit for ourselves for the most part…right?

            I give lots of shits, plenty. My children have been in the Zoom Shit Show for months now, so we were forced to homeschool until this hysteria ends…someday.

            But guess what? My freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins. So, stay inside your hole and continue to hide from a virus that has an overall Infection Fatality Rate of 0.2%, and less than half that if you are reasonably healthy, not obese, and take somewhat good care of yourself through good diet and regular exercise. You just do what you feel is best. I will do the same.

            And by the way, I lost my Mother in April. She was 90. Was this a “tragedy”? Fuck no it wasn’t, far from it. It marked the natural end to a beautiful life.

          3. mapol,
            Your ability to think sucks. Fuck off and die.

          4. Everyone has a right to do whatever the fuck they want with their own bodies. I don’t understand why demented leftists can only apply this when a woman is killing her baby inside of her.

        2. “Otherwise, take the vaccine in the form of catching the virus itself…and move the fuck on”

          You are certainly welcome to do so.

          1. Thank you for your permission.

            1. I was talking to Colorado

      3. The data on ivermectin (e.g. papers, CCT’s, and field observations) is overwhelmingly positive.

  14. Democrat governors are giving the first vaccines to Democrats, just as government employees (90% of whom are Democrats or Socialists) didn’t lose their businesses or jobs due to the unscientific, unconstitutional and economically disastrous lockdowns by Democrat governors.

    Just politics.

  15. This is all about the fear of litigation and nothing more. School Boards are terrified of being sued…and know they will be by the bat-shit crazy helicopter parents if they err even slightly away from the side of “lock down schools forever…because, you know, ‘safety for our children comes first!’ “.

    Too many fucking lawyers in the world…that is the problem.

  16. If the aim is to reduce COVID-19 deaths, Oregon’s plan is a failure.

    That was never the aim. For any state.

    And remember this next time you’re tempted to vote for the ‘party that listens to the science’. That party doesn’t exist.

  17. If they vaccinate all the teachers, their union will then demand that all students be vaccinated before the teachers will go back to work.

    When all the students are vaccinated, they’ll demand that the teachers’ families must be vaccinated before they’ll go back to work, because, even though the teachers and students are Covid-free, they might transmit the virus through contact to the families.

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  19. Updating Regan’s words to reflect 2021’s reality: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from Big Business, and I’m here to help.'”

  20. Government monopolizes distribution of a resource and then distributes it in order of political patrimony, not in order of the common good?


  21. They are making it too complicated. Israel started with a larger group, healthcare workers, over age 60, teachers, people with medical conditions. They have over 25% of the country now many with second dose and are starting on anyone over age 40.

    The only reason it is not more is that Moderna and Astrozenica have not delivered their orders yet.

    One reason for success is they invented a pizza box size delivery container carrying 100 doses. So they can take them from the large containers to where they need to go.

    1. Israel’s population ~ that of NYC; don’t bother with any supposed comparisons to the US.
      Let the mgfrs sell to retailers and get the government(s) totally fingers out of the issue.

      1. They have still been far more successful than countries of the same size.

        1. Need help with those goal posts?

      2. Manufacturers do not sell to retailers btw. Pharmacy goes through wholesalers first. They are really not equipped for retail sales and distribution.

        In terms of retail the retail pharmacies are already there and giving doses. I saw Amazon was in talks with the government to provide logistics and distribution. This should all have been worked out months ago.

        1. Gee, no kidding?

      3. A mass vaccination program is not a box of cornflakes. It is like a defensive war. You have to get beans and bullets and get them where they need to go. It has to be planned and organized on the population level. One of the few things even us small government types need a government for. Of course retail pharmacies, distribution, and so on need to be used and they are starting that.

        It really doesn’t matter who pays for the doses. Every country in the world is doing it this way. Negotiating with Pfizer has to be done on that level to have any chance of success in getting the vials you need.

        1. “A mass vaccination program is not a box of cornflakes. It is like a defensive war. You have to get beans and bullets and get them where they need to go. It has to be planned and organized on the population level…”

          Maybe we should get the guy who arranges to get bread into Manhattan every day?

          1. I should have known better

            1. Yeah, somehow this is different from distributing anything else.

              1. Not what I meant.

                Have a nice day.

                1. In which case, you might have explained what you meant.
                  Have a terrible day for assuming I’m supposed to read your mind.

                  1. I’ll try again. I made a comment about certain features of the most successful program, by far in the word which we might be able to learn something from.

                    You came back with how we can not compare it with the US because of size. I did not compare it with the US I was simply pointing out some good ideas.

                    I answered that size cannot be the only factor because they are still more successful than similar size countries. Logically therefore there must be other features that we could learn from.

                    Then you accuse me of moving the goal posts which is nonsense. It is what people say on the internet when they have nothing else.

                    I should have known better than to get in a running discussion.

                    And this is not bread. I wasn’t even going to get into that.

        2. Logistics is exactly the sort of thing good organized militia – well regulated – organizations have had as their focus since Valley Forge aftermath really.

          The stuff that can be the source of boot camp type training for a short period early on. With skills valuable enough that they can earn a living. And where, in an emergency, people can remobilize quickly to deal with a new temporary supply challenge without being bribed into creating either a bureaucracy or a cronyist pig trough.

          I don’t understand how we so completely lost the notion of how this can be done here in the US. The skill’s not gone. It’s the first one on the scene in pretty much every emergency. But the ability to organize that skill on a temporary basis is gone.

          1. Getting stuff there is the easy part. I think the problem was there was no real plan for distribution. No communication and direction. They just warehoused the doses and shipped them out to whoever yelled the loudest.

            If you look at what is happening now around the world things are not looking good. Pfizer is pumping out as fast as they can and trying to add production but can’t keep up. Moderna was only a research company and are scrambling to find producers. Astra Zenica has said they are running into production issues. The Russian Sputnick who knows how good it is or how much they can make. Same for the Chinese Sinopharm. The Indian plant just had a major fire.

  22. I would consider this strategy non-ideal but also not terrible.

    My perspective is that the vaccine is sort of like a blockbuster movie.. hard to get tickets at first but later no problem.

    Second, choosing lower risk groups still benefits herd immunity goals, and people in these groups are actually more likely to be travelling and interacting with large numbers of people than the elderly and infirm.

    Overall, I think we need to just start getting the shot in people’s arms… states are going to come up with cockamamie plans, and we just let them proceed even if they are suboptimal like this one.

    1. Or, we could just let the stuff be sold and get the governments the hell out of the way.

      1. You are correct, and it would actually all be taken care of in a matter of months… and I genuinely believe that private charities could cover the rest of the population quickly.

  23. Actually, if you have a limited number of doses and you want to slow the spread, the best strategy is to vaccinate the people who are out in the public mingling with a lot of other people.

  24. The vaccines are just another government employees’ perk.

    “The state remains, as it was in the beginning, the common enemy of all well-disposed, industrious and decent men.”
    ~ H. L. Mencken

    Money, leisure, privilege, and power the Government employees are looking very like the old aristocracy, and We the People their serfs. Reducing extravagant government pay and perks to or below parity with private is vital both fiscally and culturally. Americans were meant to be citizens not serfs.

  25. Know what’s misguided.

    You don’t need to vaccinate the elderly. You need to vaccinate the workers and isolate the vulnerable.

    And teachers are the biggest whining losing group there is.

    The teacher’s union are a disgrace on this point.

    Why do you need to vaccinate teachers? Their immune systems are probably the strongest having been exposed to viruses and kids for years but they’e too stupid and brain dead a group to understand that. These people TEACH kids. Children aren’t vectors of the disease and schools are KNOWN to not cause community spreading.

    I’m in constant total shock at this madness.

    Fucken dumbasses.

    Like the three in that picture. Three idiots.

    Biden. What a joke of a man.

    1. The vulnerable are isolating all they can and are dropping like flies.

    2. Look your opinions on immunology are not the issue. Most medical workers, paramedics, doctors and nurses are in good health but those are first line troops. Second we can’t let this go on with schools. Education of our children is vital. So if it takes some resources it is worth it.

      The other consideration is protecting those at high risk of serious complications or even death.

      I proposed just lumping those into first tier. Give as many as you can as fast as you can. Then we can go down the list.

  26. Mask pussies at unreason blather on about kungflu hysteria.

    Anything to distract from a commie chinese biological weapon attack on the USA. Just a bunch of traitors to America that work at unreason,

  27. Vaccinating kids against a disease that doesn’t affect them sounds like putting the kids last…

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