Brickbat: Give Me Liberty


It took two years and the threat of a lawsuit, but officials at Harrison High School in Westchester, New York, have allowed Luke Wong to found a chapter of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom on campus. Wong was turned down twice, for reasons he says were never made clear to him. He says one administrator suggested he join the debate club or write an op-ed for the school newspaper instead. After the Alliance Defending Freedom took up his case, the school relented. "The student provided additional information and made adjustments to the application as requested by the district, and the club was subsequently approved," said principal Kimberly Beukema.

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  1. Was the additional information ‘I’m gonna sue your ass off’ by any chance?

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  2. Wong was turned down twice, for reasons he says were never made clear to him.

    “Do you want dissent? Because that’s how you get dissent.”

  3. Wong was turned down twice, for reasons he says were never made clear to him.

    So twitter runs the school?

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  4. Luke Wong: an Asian Trumper?

  5. “The student provided additional information and made adjustments to the application as requested…”

    Pray, tell us what that “additional information” and “adjustments” was?

    About the only lesson I can see being learned here is that authorities lie and make shit up as they go along, and then parse their words such that you cannot possibly make any sense of them.

    1. Pray, tell us what that “additional information” and “adjustments” was?

      You can found a chapter of the YAF as long as you bake the cake.

  6. So Wong was right.

    1. Dad almost certainly has to be involved in the case; so two Wongs make a right.

    2. Someone needs to send Wong the 1972 Libertarian platform. I’d wager that most YAF joiners are simply unaware of the libertarian party, or horrified by the vandalizing anarchist, communist and child molester planks injected into the original 2542-word document. Looter party platforms typically average 30,000 words. Ours takes half an hour to read and can be found in mp3 recorded format.

  7. Asian-Americans are whiter than white people.

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  8. As a Cold-War engineering student unaware of the LP, I joined the UTexas YAF at Austin. They were non-plussed at the sight of a hippie objectivist and I felt surrounded by Nationalsocialist clones of the John Birch Society boss with whom I’d argued as a teenager. YAF is the Positive Christian National Socialist organization Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg yearned for in 1946. The outfit will do or say anything (as in 1980) to force women to reproduce at gunpoint, and to keep looter cops shooting hippies and confiscating their assets. The school ought to welcome the KKK and admitted fascists so students can see for themselves these are all “the same thing” in the strict Orwellian sense.

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