Joe Biden Doesn't Want to Be Another 'Deporter in Chief'

The new president issued a 100-day moratorium on deportations.


President Barack Obama deported more immigrants than any U.S. executive leader in modern history. Then came Donald Trump, who went on to beat his predecessor in showing less mercy toward immigrants—no small feat, and one he undertook openly and honestly.

President Joe Biden, who was sworn in yesterday and served as veep to the "deporter in chief" for eight years, can best be described as a consensus politician. And if the last few years are any indication, the two-party consensus on immigration is deeply flawed. Still, if Biden is willing to buck the status quo in this area, that's a welcome sign.

On his first day in the Oval Office, the new president directed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue a 100-day moratorium on deportations for various non-citizens. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may still remove immigrants who engaged in or are suspected of engaging in terrorism, those who are a danger to national security, those who were not yet in the country on November 1, 2020, and those who have waived rights to be in America. ICE's acting director may also move to deport someone as "required by law" after conferring with the agency's general counsel, DHS noted in a memo.

Both Obama and Trump cast a wide net when it came to deportation policy. The former's list included national security threats and individuals convicted of grave crimes, both of which generally make sense. But he also zeroed in on scores of immigrants who committed minor, nonviolent crimes—including traffic violations—or had no record at all. This after promising that his administration would focus on people who were a menace to society, as opposed to "folks who are here just because they're trying to figure out how to feed their families."

The majority of Obama's deportations, however, fell under that very group. And, as promised on the 2016 campaign trail, Trump shoved aside essentially any limitations on deportations and instituted a "zero-tolerance" policy at the southern border.

According to the DHS memo, the 100-day pause will allow the government to "ensure that our removal resources are directed to the Department's highest enforcement priorities." How the Biden administration plans to proceed in the long-term is still unclear.

On the campaign trail, the candidate initially resisted the moratorium and said in November of 2019 that he would prioritize deportations solely for those who were convicted of "a felony or serious crime." Such an outline may theoretically make sense, though it depends on how Biden, a former drug warrior, defines a "serious crime."

One offense that was big enough to merit deportation by both Obama and Trump: the mere act of crossing the border without papers. That's a Band-Aid at best and glosses over the root of the problem, which is that a high school graduate from Mexico will wait more than 100 years on average before the U.S. permits them to come here legally. When you make it impossible to do it the "right" way, is it any wonder some opt for a different route?

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  1. Oh look, President Biden is doing exactly what’s benefactor Charles Koch and other billionaires want. Just like I predicted.


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  2. My god he has so much Aspercreme on you can smell it through the internet.

    1. It’s what keeps him awake and active

      1. It’s to hide the stench of death.

        He died on the campaign trail and a team of Harris operatives are operating his corpse like a Muppet.

  3. How the Biden administration plans to proceed in the long-term is still unclear.

    But one thing we know for sure, however they proceed it will be better than Trump. Nothing could possibly be worse than Trump. Not Hitler, not Stalin, not Pol Pot, not The Great Leap Forward, not the fall of the Roman Empire, not the Spanish Inquisition, not the Black Death, not the Holodomor nor the gulag, certainly not piddlers like Franco or Allende or Castro or Charles Taylor – nope, Trump is the worst thing imaginable in all the known Universe, there’s no way humanly possible that Joe Biden might be worse than a fat, vulgar, pudding-headed con man who said nasty things on Twitter.

    1. Are the kids still in cages?

      1. Yes. It keeps them from running away when Biden, his brother, Jim, and his crackhead son Hunter want to ‘play’ with them.

  4. I don’t post on here often at all because I don’t think my opinions are noteworthy in anyway but how the hell is reason doing ignoring this? If exists for any reason it should be pushing back on these types of comments.

    1. So are they going to have to rot in detainmment for at least 100 days? Is this another way to spin “100 days minimum sentence for violating immigration laws”?

    2. They mentioned it in passing in the A.M. links, mostly because nobody gives a shit what John Brennan is mumbling about these days. He’s a known liar and a fabulist who just makes up random click-bait shit for the mouth-breathing herp-a-derps at MSNBC.

      1. He’s also a communist, and probably should have been executed for that decades ago.

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    3. They did some articles yesterday, even posted some civil rights groups that only had a problem with it because it might could disproportionately affect people of the colors. Yeah, and libertarians got called out by fucking name as being insurgents. But weed is legal, sex workers can monetize. To be sure Trump voters are awful, and we have to protect the weak people of color.

    4. After doing a search, I suppose reason did “cover” it via a Volokh article that literally just referenced it without comment and ENB said it was said as well…nothing more. I just don’t understand, from a libertarian perspective, how legally challenging the voting procedures of various states deserves dozens of articles of lengthy condemnation while the declaration that libertarians should be hunted with “laser focus” for being insurgents by the former CIA director (4 years ago) who essentially worked for the current administration doesn’t warrant comment.

    5. I wondered the same thing. But watching Reason ignore the actions of an outgoing administration clandestinely spying on an incoming administration based on lies and political motivations because they knew better than the voters, I realized that Reason will never be a hard hitting libertarian publication. Rather, they’ll write articles about how a city somewhere has a stupid permitting regulation and how it is an affront to capitalism and freedom and then write national articles like this one that won’t upset the progressives they party with.

  5. So are they going to have to rot in detainmment for at least 100 days? Is this another way to spin “100 days minimum sentence for violating immigration laws”?

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  6. The libertarian case for a permanent exploitable underclass?

    1. The libertarian case for the free movement of people.

      1. Welfare state means it isnt free you fucking idiot.

        1. Jeffy is pretty stupid.

          1. “Free movement of people…” Isn’t free! JesseBahnFuhrer and Sexless Stranger should be TAXED HEAVILY every time that they move! Anywhere! Outta their cages and back, outta their houses, prisons, outta underneath the over-pass and back! After a 10-year delay getting permission to do these “movement” things! Their bowel movements should be taxed also!

            Now THAT is what JesseBahnFuhrer and Sexless Stranger call “FREEDOM”!!!

            1. “Free movement of people…”

              You just like the fact it says free and movement in the same sentence.

      2. The libertarian case for “the free movement of people” doesn’t hold an ounce of water the moment you add context to the conversation.

        1. This is a great line. Cheers!

      3. Jeffy, you’re really stupid.

    2. Endless, cheap, disposable labor.

    3. Billionaires don’t like rising wages.

  7. What happened to Dalmia?

    1. She was purged for wrong-think, and for too-harshly questioning the doings of Der TrumpfenFuhrer.
      Anti-‘Cancel Culture’ Reason Magazine Accused of Canceling Columnist for Being Too Anti-Trump

      The leading libertarian outlet has been a vocal critic of “cancel culture.” And now it has its own cancel culture problem, says one newly ousted writer.

      All Hail Der TrumpfenFuhrer and His Trumpanzees!!!

      1. She’s not going to sleep with you.

      2. Mr. Trump has left the building!

        1. And I hope that He will NEVER get back into politics, or ripping off investors or “students” of “How To Get Rich Like MEEEE”, either!

          Also I hope that the trumpanzees will join the rest of us, back in the real world!

          1. Squirrel is safe to go back to his nuts now.

    2. Reason, a shill for the Trump campaign, expunged her and any memory of her as she failed to towthe libertarian lion on Trumpism.

      1. Reason, a shill for the Trump campaign

        Your reading skills need work.

        to towthe libertarian lion on Trumpism

        Ditto your writing.

    3. After several months languishing in a deplorable cage made of Obama-mithril, she was deported back to Pakistan, where they believe in free and open borders with their neighbors.

    4. She had an article up 3 days ago

      1. That she wrote 3 months ago.

  8. “The new president issued a 100-day moratorium on deportations.”

    The president does not have the constitutional authority to arbitrarily alter naturalization policy by fiat. Setting the rules of naturalization is an enumerated power of Congress.

    DACA was unconstitutional, and so is this.

    Anyone who supports violating the separation of powers on a libertarian basis is fraud.

    1. P.S. Trump losing the presidency to Biden was a travesty for libertarianism, and every libertarian who wanted Trump to lose should learn to love the taste of crow.

      1. They may be learning to love the taste of the Stazi breathing down their necks and monitoring all of their conversations.

  9. Reason doesn’t seem to be too concerned with that little thing called the Constitution. Executive orders are great when they provide policy results Reason wants. Notice the article isn’t about how Congress should change existing law, it is about how awesome it is that the current resident of the executive branch is going to simply existing law.

    And if the population doesn’t vote for the policy outcomes Reason desires, a democratic republic is merely an aspiration. There are priorities, after all.

  10. The last election was much too close to just send voters out of the country like that.

  11. “The new president issued a 100-day moratorium on deportations.”


    The new president issued a 100-day invitation to millions more poor foreigners to illegally cross into the US for free education, housing, healthcare, food and Democrat Party registration forms he promised them.

    Joe Biden’s invitation to illegally cross the US border is in full force in Central American states.

    1. You missed the bit about it not applying to people who entered the country after November 1, 2020? Perhaps you should read the entire article?

  12. As I predicted here during the past two weeks, there was no violence at the US Capitol or at the 50 State Capitols during Biden’s inauguration.

    The two weeks of Democrats and left wing media propagandists crying wolf about violence at the Capitol was/is a totalitarian response by Biden/Schumer/Pelosi to manufacture a public panic and create a police state at the Capitol.

    Reason campaigned for this fascist state.

    1. It is striking to me how critics of Trump spent so much time squinting and looking sideways to find evidence of Trump’s obvious fascist tendencies, but don’t recognize how the capitol riot was an obvious Reichstag Fire moment.

      1. “the capitol riot was an obvious Reichstag Fire moment.”

        You’re a conspiracy nut. Tons of arrestees have been identified as fellow right wing conspiracy nuts who got overexcited at Dear Leader’s bequest.

        1. “Tons of arrestees have been identified as fellow right wing conspiracy nuts who got overexcited at Dear Leader’s bequest.”

          Perhaps, though how extensive those people are is debatable, but that does not preclude that the Left is using it as an excuse to curtail the civil liberties for their political opponents

      2. The two democrats at my BBQ last night were quite openly talking about how they want to see ‘those anti-democracy people’ swinging from trees.

        When I asked who this was, it included a disturbingly broad array of people – anyone who ‘stormed the capitol’ (insurrectionists), Melania Trump (no one cried for Mussolini’s wife, they said), and anyone connected to ‘GOP-Media’ (basically Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, and talk radio).

        They’ve been whipped up into a violent frenzy over this, by a complicit propaganda media.

    2. I was pleasantly surprised. A large amount of blood would have been great for kickstarting something hideously authoritarian. Glad it didn’t happen.

      Slightly OT, but here’s a blurb on the new Senate’s thoughts regarding the filibuster, from Politico: Money quote:

      Senate Democrats are signaling they will reject an effort by Mitch McConnell to protect the legislative filibuster as part of a deal to run a 50-50 Senate, saying they have little interest in bowing to his demands just hours into their new Senate majority.

      McConnell has publicly and privately pressed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to work to keep the 60-vote threshold on most legislation as part of their power-sharing agreement. Democrats have no plans to gut the filibuster further, but argue it would be a mistake to take one of their tools off the table just as they’re about to govern.

    3. Saw an interesting meme earlier today.

      Picture of the white house during the inauguration.
      Caption: It’s interesting that the people inside who always talk about guns and walls surround themselves with guns and walls.

  13. Democratic National Socialists — Every ‘illegal’ trespasser should get 100-days of free roam wherever they self-proclaim a right to be. Does this mean we can all move into our local public park for at least 100-days on some self-proclaimed right to be wherever we want to be and wonder no matter what?

    1. You might want to read up on the Nazi’s immigration policies and stances…

      1. You’re right; I don’t know much about the Nazi immigration policy but I do know Communism is a free-for-all selfish-entitlement-to outfit and I’d suggest steering clear of both of them.

  14. Why is everything Biden is doing for 100 days?
    Is that how long Harris gave him?

    1. Just crawled in from the cesspool, eh?

      1. Because FDR had his hundred days, of course.

  15. Peter Robb, the general council of the National Labor Relations Board, was fired by Joe Biden today, when he refused to resign under Biden’s threat to fire him.

    Biden gave no cause for firing Robb, but that isn’t the worst thing about it. The worst thing is that the National Labor Relations Board is an independent agency–outside the control of the president.

    Robb had another 10 months on his four year term. Robb was confirmed by the senate to a four year term, and Biden doesn’t have the authority to fire him.

    Biden fired him anyway because Biden doesn’t give a shit about the Constitution or the separation of powers. Biden campaigned as an authoritarian, and he’s already behaving like an authoritarian in so many ways, it’s amazing.

    FWIW, no Trump didn’t fire Robb’s predecessor. Trump waited until the term of Obama’s appointment expired, and then he made an appointment of his own.

    I haven’t seen any good reason yet to believe that Biden won’t pack the Supreme Court if he can, and I’ve seen plenty of good reasons to think that he will.

    This may be a good litmus test to see whether the Republicans in the senate can muster any kind of opposition to the Democrats and their evil plans. If the Republicans in the senate can’t muster enough defense to stop Biden from getting his pick for NLRB general counsel confirmed, then there is probably no good reason to think they’ll be able to stop the Democrats from going after larger prizes like adding states or packing the Court.

    1. “The White House notified Robb of his dismissal by letter—sent minutes after Biden was sworn in Wednesday—which specified he had until 5 p.m. to voluntarily resign or be fired, two people with knowledge of the correspondence said.

      . . . .

      “I respectfully decline to resign from my Senate-confirmed four-year term appointment as General Counsel of the NLRB less than 10 months before the expiration of my term,” the labor board’s top lawyer wrote.

      . . . .

      His term was slated to last until this coming November, but unions, including the Service Employees International Union and Communications Workers of America, had been urging Biden to break with precedent by forcing him out immediately


    2. “Biden fired him anyway because Biden doesn’t give a shit about the Constitution or the separation of powers.”

      1. “The court’s decision in Seila Law v. CFPB limited but didn’t overturn its 1935 ruling in Humphrey’s Executor, giving cover to bipartisan, independent agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, National Labor Relations Board, Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The majority opinion of the divided court drew a crucial distinction between the CFPB’s single-director structure and independent agencies that have multi-person leadership panels with members from both political parties.”

        1. What?! Ken, you actually expected on of the shithead trolls’ socks to actually read the cite they posted? Hilarious.

          (Thanks for debunking it.)

      2. “Biden fired him anyway because Biden doesn’t give a shit about the Constitution or the separation of powers.”

        You really do have the I.Q. of a potato.

        1. Do you really not see my response to that from more than nine hours ago?

  16. My posts are not as thought provoking or amusing as others here, and I may not add much to the banter, but I’ve noticed that several were deleted the few times that I have taken the time to write. I thought that this was a forum that within reason (no pun intended) you could post freely. Not that there is anything offensive to my posts other than Reason has deemed they lack intelligence.

    1. Don’t include more than one link. Other than that, this site generally doesn’t censor comments. As if you couldn’t tell by the tidal wave of Usenet-esque spam…

  17. a high school graduate from Mexico will wait more than 100 years on average before the U.S. permits them to come here legally.

    And? A typical orphan will wait more than 100 years before being adopted into a billionaire family. A typical job applicant will wait more than 100 years before being hired to a CEO position. There is something called supply and demand, and the worldwide demand of people who can realistically move to the United States and prosper here far exceeds the supply available.

  18. Perfectly encapsulates the problem with the modern Left. They think we want to be mean and they think telling someone scarcity exists is so horrible that it would be better to deny reality. All these husks care about is clinging on to power. They wield it for the sake thereof, not for any real purpose.

  19. Does anyone think Biden will uphold the laws of our country, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? I do not.

  20. If Trump was an African president he could have been worst than those African dictators like Paul Biya of Cameroon and the Old illiterate that just won the elections in Uganda. God bless America.

  21. Those INS detention centers are going to be hard to get rid of. Too many nice government greenbacks involved. They are all privately operated and lots of subcontracts involved.

    Like the wall the whole thing is based on a lot of crony graft. There is some contractor sitting right now in the office of an Arizona congressman saying “you know I got a lot of money and workers riding on this deal. Aren’t you up for re-election in a couple of years?”

  22. The thing is, we live in a country where, if you don’t like a law, you can agitate to change it. That’s how we got rid of Prohibition, among other stupid ideas.

    If you don’t like the immigration laws we have, get off your duff and out from behind the computer and work to get them changed to what you do want. But don’t cry when we try to enforce our laws. They were put there for reasons. We can’t acommodate the whole world, or the huge percentage that would love to come here.

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