Capitol Riot

There's Still No Evidence Antifa Was Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots

Trump supporters did this, and everyone knows it.


The riots that gripped the Capitol on January 6 were overwhelmingly the fault of President Donald Trump's supporters, who stormed the halls of Congress, vandalized lawmakers' offices, and assaulted police officers in some hopes of preventing the certification of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

That conservative protesters—and not leftist provocateurs—were responsible was plainly obvious as the mob violence unfolded. A week later, following dozens of arrests, it is no less true: Trump supporters did this, and any effort to paint antifa as the real culprit is pathologically dishonest.

That has not stopped Trump defenders from trying. Former New York mayor and current Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani hinted at "antifa involvement" in a tweet. Rep. Paul Gosar (R–Ariz.) said the riots "had all the hallmarks of antifa provocation." Trump himself has privately blamed antifa for what transpired, according to reports.

The day after the riot, I wrote a piece for Reason explaining why the assertion that antifa had any significant involvement in the riot was false. I noted that many of the rioters were captured in photographs, and are clearly sincere MAGA people:

Several of them, including "groyper" leaders Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska, are well-known to the media by now. The woman who was sadly killed by police under circumstances that require further investigation was genuinely pro-Trump. The guy who sat in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's chair and stole her mail is definitely not antifa, nor is the half-naked fur-and-horns guy. This latter individual is named Jake Angeli, and he is a conspiracy theorist—the self-stylized "Q Shaman"—who has appeared at multiple Trump rallies.

Law enforcement has subsequently arrested scores of rioters, uncovering no vast antifa conspiracy in the process. With few exceptions, those arrested are exactly who they seem to be.

It is true that a single individual with left-wing ties—the activist John Sullivan—has now been arrested for participating in the storming of the Capitol. This development prompted several commentators on the populist right to claim victory and assert that I was wrong. This is truly absurd; the existence of one person vaguely connected to antifa does not establish that antifa was ultimately culpable for what transpired. Indeed, as I wrote in my article:

Thousands of people were at the Capitol on Wednesday, and many of them caused trouble. It's possible that someone, somewhere, was trying to falsely pin a crime on a Trump supporter. But the many acts of violence and intimidation that transpired in the halls of Congress yesterday were overwhelmingly and provably committed by the president's most fervent supporters.

That take has not merely held up—it has been proven correct. The FBI does not believe antifa was involved. Overwhelmingly, those arrested have been associated with the far-right, not some antifa plot.

That's also the conclusion of reporters working for conservative news website The Daily Caller and The Daily Caller News Foundation, which were founded by Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson.

"The Daily Caller and the Daily Caller News Foundation had a combined six reporters at the Capitol building during the riot, all of whom said the crowd and the participants did not seem to include a significant antifa presence," wrote Chuck Ross and Andrew Kerr. "Most of those reporters spent the summer covering Black Lives Matter and antifa protests and riots."

Antifa is a real threat, and I've spent years documenting its illiberal activities. Most recently, antifa protested a book store for daring to sell a book by the antifa-critical writer Andy Ngo. (The predictable result of their efforts was that Ngo's book surged to the top of the Amazon bestsellers list.)

But that doesn't mean it's fair to pin every example of mob violence on antifa. We know who caused the Capitol riots: supporters of the president who heard his call to protest the outcome of the 2020 election and took action.

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  1. Except for the evidence. But don’t let that information get in the way of the gaslighting.

    1. When the administrative state can lie about WMD in Iraq and the media can lie about Russian interference in the 2016 election without consequences, why shouldn’t a few GOP radicals start lying too?

      1. It appears that ONE communist lit the Richstag fire — not a plot.

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    2. Theyve moved onto stage 2… significant amount.

      1. It’s becoming ridiculous and embarrassing.

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      2. Mother’s really needs to show up with his, “You Are Here,” meter of Reason covering a story.

        1. I started posting this one long before the election. The American establishment is ridiculously predictable.

          Reason V.3.0 Coup-o-meter:

          Step 1: Get mail-in voting approved to guarantee a non-credible election result.
          Step 2: Have the Democrat-controlled media proclaim Biden as winner.
          Step 3: Use media allies to make it “true” that Trump lost. Frame any challenges to the narrative as the ragings of a dictator, clinging to power.
          Step 4: Activate rioters.
          Step 5: Remove Trump by non-Constitutional means. Frame it as saving the nation. <— YOU ARE HERE
          Step 6: ‘Build Back Better’ baby, and make sure that those uppity surfs pay.

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      3. This site is named completely WRONG! There is more than enough evidence! They had been posting it for weeks what they planned! There were more than 200 ANTIFA/BLM members there! They were dressed as Trump supporters! They broke in before Trump was even through with his speech! Meaning his supporters for the most part were still not at the Capitol! ANTIFA/BLM did not know he was late getting on stage!
        But I do see what you are saying. Now that information has been coming out they move the goalpost! The point is, it does not take a slew of instigators to start something. Unfortunately for ANTIFA/BLM/Democrat/fake news, it takes more to get the majority of Trump supporters to commit a crime!

    3. Nice work adding the undefinable qualifier of “substantial.” Obviously an up-and-comer in the Dem ranks.

      1. Significantly

      2. So what were AAAAANNNNNNYYYYYYY Antifa doing mixed in with Trump supporters? Nothing to see here…move along…move along

        1. Antifa has quite a lot of experience inciting riots, given how the Democratic cities let them get all kinds of practice while the so-called authorities did nothing and had the police stand down.

          When you get an Antifa guy saying “we did it!” on camera after the riot starts (note “we,” not “I”), you have to assume that the thing “we” did was deliberate. Antifa started the riot, like we have said all along. It was planned in advance, as CNN reported, in what appears to be a random act of journalism. The FBI knew of the threat and told the Capitol police, we now know. The riot planners had equipment stashed before it started, and I’ll go out on a limb here and say that people don’t usually bring rioting implements to a rally unless they intend to riot.

          All of this means that Donald Trump did not, in any way, incite the riot. We also knew all along, as the things that supposedly triggered the riot were rather bland, standard political fare that doesn’t even come close to the level of inciting a riot.

          This was the Reichstag Fire, stem to stern.

          Yes, some Trump people took the bait and rioted, and now they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. The vast majority of us who support Trump, you’ll notice, didn’t riot. Out of the 74 million who voted for Trump, what, maybe one in a million rioted? And they’re using this to paint us all. If you want to do that, surely all Democrats are equally liable for the riots that went on for weeks (not a few hours) over the summer, with Democratic politicians assisting them at every turn, even paying their bail (Harris, looking at you).

          1. You forgot to mention that the supposedly incentivizing speech wasn’t over, when the first efforts were made to enter the Capitol, and that the travel time, on foot from speech to Capitol, was in the area of thirty minutes.
            The Washington Post said “first wave of protesters arrived at the Capitol about 12:40pm”, which was 20 minutes before the Capitol police chief reported officers being attacked.
            The speech didn’t end until 1:11. Add 30 minutes and no one, who heard the whole speech could have been there within an hour of the first protesters arriving.

            1. 1.2 miles. In a crowd, more like 40+ minutes.

            2. “You forgot to mention that the supposedly incentivizing speech wasn’t over,..”

              Nor that the speech requested a ‘peaceful’ march, but he didn’t say ‘mother may I’, so it must have incited people.

      3. “There’s Still No Evidence Antifa Was Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots”

        There’s Still No Evidence Trump Was Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots

    4. BLM & Antifa WERE involved, as evidenced by John Sullivan’s arrest referenced in your article (although it is only 1 of about 200 arrests so far). ANY Antifa/BLM supporter who was there WAS CLEARLY there to promote violence, whereas the vast majority of Trump supports were peaceful.
      Once Democrats assume control of the Justice Department on 1/20/21, I doubt there will me ANY arrests of Antifa/BLM people (and Mr. Sullivan will probably be offered a lighter penalty than Trump supports).
      Note: I’m only a Trump supporter against Democrats; I was hoping for anyone-but-Trump person in the 2016 Republican primary.

      1. John Sullivan’s brother says he knows of about 200 of his brother’s antifa buddies being there.

    5. Oh look, a whole comment chain of traitorous morons.

      1. Remember how after Bush was elected, the Left screamed that dissent was patriotic?
        And then when Obama was elected, dissent was suddenly racist? And when Trump won, resistance was not just patriotic, but compulsory?
        Well, DOL says dissent is racist again and resistance is now “traitorous”.

        1. The true mind of a liberal! They get to dictate what a definition is and how and when it changes! They even get to change them in dictionaries to reflect what they believe! Too bad that is not how the real world of sanity works!
          At times I believe they do ALL of this nonsense just to confuse as many people as possible so they can do whatever they want! Well, it no longer works! Just like calling people racist because they vote for law and order and equality for ALL not just some is outdated! It is sad when they call a black man a White Supremacist. That is what I call IGNORANT! Also calling the President who has helped the black communities more than any President since Lincoln a White Supremacist is MORONIC!
          PC is no longer relevant thanks to being abused by liberals as usual!

        2. Hit a home run there. When GOP is elected we have a major “homeless” problem..when Dems get in…somehow not in the media. Obama got a pass from the media for almost eight years. The Libya debacle was something the NYT would have crucified (rightly so) “resistance” is sedition. And the anti-war left will again disappear…as it always does when dems launch their neoliberal wars…

      2. I only saw one. It’s the one I replied to with the comment I am now writing.

      3. lol – disagreeing with DOL != traitorous

    6. Commies at unreason dont like evidence because it directly contradicts their lefty narratives.

      Multiple lefty thugs have been arrested because of DC violence.

      Let unreason explain how police are correct in arresting trump supporters, faux trump supporters, and lefty operatives inciting violence on video.

    7. Looks as though “Reason” is become an unreasonable leftist propaganda rag.
      How clueless could you be Soave?

      1. Backing the MSM/DNC narrative no matter how little sense it makes, after the election was rigged before our eyes. Everyday, Reason feels more like

    8. I guess it’s just a coincidence that ONE guy out of thousands just happened to be interviewed by CNN

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  3.  Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots
    Trump supporters did this, and everyone knows it.”






    1. No, I don’t know it. The evidence I’ve seen suggests it, and to some larger extent I accept that evidence so far, but I am also seeing evidence that there was at least some antifa related individuals there as well. I don’t really know how much (or how little) they did but I do know it’s too early for me to conclude they did nothing, especially in light of their specific actions on video.

      1. I wouldn’t be shocked if there was some antifa involvement. It’s certainly possible. But, Trump supporters have been calling for violence for two months, then when it happens–they all blame antifa.

        My starting point is that Trump supporters probably did this because it is what they said they would do.

        1. “They” said “they” would you say, and pray-tell where did you uncover this bit of intel? Or are we again dealing with some statement of an opinion delivered as fact and it must be fact because it is sealed with “and we all know it”? Do democrats all receive the adjective or slanderous comment for the day each morning?
          The capitol buildings all belong to the People and those who spend their “career” there are severely out-numbered plus they cannot count on their hired guns for protection for more than a few hours. If you disagree about who owns those buildings just remember there are some who say they owned this continent a few hundred years ago.
          It would also seem to me and many others that if an national election is held it has been deemed rigged by the usual suspects that call themselves “democrats”. How many times have they howled that the Electoral process is outdated and demand a simple popular vote? They say the same about the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights. The government as a whole has no Rights but they have power but power needs regular paychecks. The Bill of Rights apply to all human beings and gives power to The People, power to unseat every unsavory bastard you have elected. Democrats have voted for symbolism every time- color or gender or both. You call Harris “Black” and she is not. Obama is Black and mentioned it quite often. He knows the “Black experience” is another of his spewages but wait…he is half white and grew up very privileged! And guess what? There IS evidence and some know it. Joe Biden receiving a record number of votes makes the Special Olympics football team serious contenders for the next Super Bowl. And Joe Biden talking about kicking someone’s ass was as pathetic sounding as it gets.
          “Bareass” Harris will be doing a “Lewinski” on Joe before midnight on inauguration day followed by a little makin’ Jamaican bacon, Joe won’t remember it but you won’t forget. So have a cigar! (PS good luck with that stutter D D Driver)

          1. Nice gish-gallop, I like the part were you do the thing you accuse hime of doing.

            “Democrats rigged the election and their Congressmen are traitors and we will stop them and take back our country or die trying”
            *Invades Capitol*
            “It was antifa! Only those thugs would do such a thing!”
            *Dozens of Trump supporters arrested, one BLM activist arrested*
            “There was no planned violence!”
            *Trump facing potential legal consequences*
            *The violence was planned, Trump can’t be liable for that!

  4. No widespread involvement.

    1. I wonder if they have to move the goalposts by hand or if they have some kind of machine for it.

      1. Speaking of which, can let’s get an accounting from all the antifa obsessives haunting these comments. Feel free to fill in predictions :

        What’s the current Capitol Riots arrest tally, MAGA vs Antifa?
        40-1 ? 50-1? 60-1?

        What are yer predicted arrest numbers, MAGA vs Antifa?
        100-1? 200-1? 300-1? 400-1?

        I advise the safest bet is to go with the largest spread, but feel free to indulge your conspiratorial yearnings if you must. But please do provide a prediction. It will be absolutely hilarious to compare you fantasy numbers with the final tally from Reality.

        1. I think right now is 2 antifa 1 CNN and 43 Maga. I don’t know if the CNN rioter claimed to be a reporter to avoid arrest though

          1. Huh. And I though I’d heard this :

            “While the vast majority of the roughly 100 people hit with federal charges appear to be supporters of President Donald Trump and some backed known right-wing organizations, Sullivan is the first person to be charged who appears to have been active in liberal causes”

            Granted, that’s via a news account from late last night, so maybe antifa is staging a comeback……..

            1. Sullivan is one of the few inciting violence on actual film. So let’s compare apples to apples here.

        2. Last count i saw was 168 arrests, 50 charged capitol.

          1000 arrests under 10% charged on 200 riots for blm.

          White privilege? I’m sure you can come up with a way to make this racist.

        3. It only takes one to incite.

      2. ENB’s hubby borrows the goalposts mover from work, and they use Gillespie’s truck to haul it. Boehm and Binion would like to help but their mom won’t let them.

        After they’re done it’s over to Suderman’s for Mai Tai’s, and Robby brings snacks.

      3. I’m just amazed that they actually printed the word “riot”. I thought this was how 2020 taught us that “protest” was done. Or was it not protest-y enough because the Capitol wasn’t set on fire?

        1. Looting neighborhoods and burning down pleb shit is legitimate protest, but when some jackass puts his boots up on Pelosi’s desk, you better believe that’s an insurrection.

          1. “…that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men…”

            Government exists to protect the people. Government repeatedly failed to protect the people from being run out of their homes and businesses, from looting, from arson, and from murder.

            But when government is threatened the ‘libertarians’ at Reason go to the mattresses.

            And they wonder why EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT.

            1. Bunch of closet statist who need to stop pretending.

          2. That would be a legitimate, peaceful protest.

    2. Mostly no widespread conspiracy involvement. No evidence has peacefully been debunked theories.

    3. Sources familiar with the thinking of Antifa suggest that the idea was not present at the Capitol riot.

  5. I assume that Antifa is just as innocent in this as MAGAheads were in all the BLM and Antifa riots this year. Practically no presence at all, right?

  6. Robby must have needed an invite to a weekend party, so he phoned this one in on a Friday afternoon. I see no other point to this article.

    1. The saddest part is that it’s a zoom party because of covid.

  7. This is gonna be like that voter fraud shit where you denounce any investigation isn’t it?

  8. I hope whatever guy you’re trying to fuck is impressed by this Bobby.

    1. Rich Uncle Charles… but that’s only if he can pry Sullum’s mouth off Koch’s genitalia long enough to earn his bonus.


    CNN getting scared that they hosted one of the “terrorists” and acted like he was a journalist


    “Let’s burn this sh-t down!” BLM-Backer John Sullivan can be heard screaming as he incites capitol protesters.

    1. That can’t be.
      Robby just assured us that wasn’t true. The video must be a deepfake.


    BREAKING: CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” And then asking her conspirator if he was filming, he said he’d delete it, he lied. CNN was in on it.

    1. Thanks as always for the links.

    2. This can’t be true. Robbie sure would have mentioned it!

      1. Wow!
        When Robby watches those I’m sure he’s going to write another article citing the videos as evidence that BLM and Antifa guys were involved after all… right?

        1. More like:
          Embedded Reporter Risks Life in Brave Coverage of Capitol Rampage!
          Trump Twitter base defames her courage with twisting video edits.

  12. “not significantly involved”

    “no widespread involvement”

    Look, at least one and maybe two leftwing agitators have been arrested for breaking into the Capitol now. Was it a false flag, “Reichstag Fire”? Most likely not, but these guys were there. Given their history, they certainly wouldn’t have tried to discourage anyone from bum-rushing the doors, and they probably cheered them on.

    And either way, the left is using the hell out of this incident to suppress political speech and even try to purge government and law enforcement of insufficiently zealous individuals. It hardly even matters whether Antifa was “significantly” involved at this point. The outcome is the same.

    1. I’d also assert that there is a portion of both antifa and whatever braintrust came up with this idea that are non-ideological sociopaths who want to burn shit down and will join any group they think will let them get away with it.

    2. Even if it wasn’t a false flag it’s definitely being used as a Reichstag fire.

    3. “not significantly involved”

      Isn’t the next level; “not involved enough to have really caused it”?

      1. Like WuFlu. Rioted with Antifa or rioted because of Antifa?

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    I actually feel sorry for Biden

    Nobody called it the BUSH CHENEY inauguration

    Or the OBAMA BIDEN inauguration

    Or the TRUMP PENCE inauguration

    1. That sounds like Jay Leno’s wedding-name pairings.

  14. this is hilarious.


    “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

    That’s what leftwing madman James Hodgkinson posted to Facebook right before he decided to shoot Steve Scalise and 4 others.

    , anyone banned for promoting the Russian Collusion fraud?

    1. Shouldn’t Apple and Google have pulled Twitter from their respective app stores?

  16.  There’s Still No Evidence Antifa Was Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots

    I too soft-peddle unfavorable narratives in the hope that I will be among the last lined up to the wall!

    1. As Robby climbs the steps of the gibbet, he’ll look down at the crowd and see all his progressive “friends” in the front row, yelling the loudest.

  17. Despite The Evidence Showing That Antifa Was Involved In The Capitol Riots, There’s Still No Evidence Antifa Was Involved in the Capitol Riots

    Firing up that gaslight, eh Robby? I guess you’re a bit worried about being put on one of the Democrats’ shit lists.

    1. I also love that significantly weasel word. You know who else wasn’t significantly involved in the Capitol riots? Trump.

      1. This will be the second impeachment proceeding where a full transcript exists exonerating the President.

        1. Nancy Pelosi has the dubious distinction of having initiated half of the country’s total impeachment attempts against someone that is conclusively proven to not have done what she accused him of doing. No matter… Democrats don’t go by objective truth. They go by adherence to the narrative, and the narrative says Orange Man Bad, so even though the impeachment charges were false by any normal standard of evidence and logic, they’re still true, because Orange Man Bad.

  18. Robbi you spineless equvocating fuck.

  19. So glad Robby is on this beat, I would hate for the world to even suspect antifa of being capable of insurrection.

    1. His girlfriend must be a trans black Marxist activist.


    Most conservatives have condemned the right-wing mob that assaulted the U.S. Capitol. But 10 years ago, Democrats embraced the left-wing mob that occupied the state Capitol in Madison. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) praised the occupiers for an “impressive show of democracy in action” and tweeted as they assaulted the Capitol that she continued “to stand in solidarity” with the union activists. In other words, Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it.

    Walker and I co-wrote a book, “Unintimidated‚” in which we described the attack on the Capitol in Madison. “Standing on the capitol steps at dusk, [Secretary of Administration] Mike Huebsch watched as an army of thousands formed on State Street and began marching toward him,” we wrote. “Soon they had descended on the building, banging on the doors and windows, chanting, ‘Let us in! Let us in!’ ­The small contingent of capitol police was quickly overwhelmed. Protesters ripped the hinges of an antique oak door at the State Street entrance and streamed inside. Mike watched in disbelief as the window to Democratic Representative Cory Mason’s office opened right in front of him and protesters began crawling into the building. Once inside, they began unlocking doors and bathroom windows until a sea of thousands had flooded the capitol.”

    The police retreated in the face of the horde, giving up the first floor, then the second. “The protesters ran amok, chanting ‘­This is our house!’ and ‘This is what democracy looks like!’ ” we wrote. “And they then began searching for the Republican senators who had dared to defy the will of the unions.” As the crowd scoured the building looking for the offending legislators, police sneaked them out through an underground tunnel to a government building across the street. But a Democratic representative posted on social media that the Republican senators were escaping through the tunnels, so when the senators came up into the lobby, the mob was there waiting for them. ­

    “The tall windows that framed the lobby were plastered with people yelling and banging on the glass,” we wrote. “They were trapped. ­The senators hid under a stairwell, out of view, while the police ordered a city bus to pull up in front of the building. Officers then formed a human wall on the sidewalk, parting the sea of protesters and creating a pathway for the senators to reach the bus.” ­Once the senators were on board, “the mob on the street began punching the windows and shaking the vehicle. … The police told the senators and staff inside to keep their heads down in case a window shattered.”

    Thankfully, no one was killed. But during the course of the occupation, Walker received a steady stream of death threats against him and his wife, including one that promised to “gut her like a deer” and one threatening to kill his sons. Police found dozens of .22-caliber bullets scattered across the Capitol grounds. The occupiers drew chalk outlines of fake dead bodies etched with Walker’s name on the floor, and carried signs that read “Death to tyrants,” “The only good Republican is a dead Republican” and one with picture of him in crosshairs with the words, “Don’t retreat, Reload.”

    1. WaPo printed *that*? How schizophrenic.


    Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman: “This idea that saying that Pennsylvania was ‘rigged’ or that we were ‘trying to steal the election’ — that’s a lie. And you do not have the right, that is not protected speech.”

    1. Fetterman (who is a libertarian marijuana legalization activist, but otherwise a far left Dem, announced his candidacy for the 2022 US Senate seat (to replace never Trumper Pat Toomey).

      He won’t win the 2022 Democrat Senate primary, and if he actually does win, he’ll lose to any Republican.

      1. You can’t count on what seems a logical result.
        The same vote steal apparatus we just saw, that won’t be seriously investigated or corrected, will be in full use in 2022.
        Targeted Senate races will be next.
        They’ll keep using it until they’re caught red-handed.
        And then the media will let them off the hook when they say that they were just doing it because they thought Republicans were dong it to them.

  22. “There’s Still No Evidence Antifa Was Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots”

    Because evidence isn’t 100% convincing doesn’t mean it isn’t evidence.

    The earth orbits the sun, but there is evidence that the sun orbits the earth. After all, it’s risen in the east ans set in the west every day of recorded history for 6,000 years.

    No, that isn’t convincing evidence of geocentric theory, but it is evidence. People who are right account for the evidence against their position. They don’t put their fingers in their ears, close their eyes and start screaming, “That’s not evidence” over and over again.

    Regardless. demonizing hundreds of millions of our fellow Americans is unwarranted, even if anti-fa wasn’t the cause of the riots. Deplatforming millions of Parler users was unacceptable and wrong, even if anti-fa weren’t weren’t significantly involved in the riot. Purging social media of conservative voices like Ron Paul’s over the last week was stupid and wrong regardless of whether anti-fa was significantly involved in the riot. And President Trump’s speech didn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense regardless of whether anti-fa was responsible for the Capitol riot.

    There isn’t anything stupid and wrong that the Democrats, the government, or big tech has said or done over the past week that stops being stupid or wrong because anti-fa either was or wasn’t involved in the capitol riot. The observation that there were leftists at the forefront of the riot only serves to break down the argument that the unconstitutional and stupid reactions to it were justified on the basis of the ideology of the right–and the argument that the protests to come should be prevented and broken up by the government before they get started–because the right is uniquely violent and scary.

    1. Oh here comes Ken just defending some good old sedition.

      Oh, and you know, complaining like a snowflake that his white supremacist platform was shut down by a private company.


      1. My one wish for everyoberal is to buy a dictionary instead of missing words tbey hears the night before on CNN.

      2. You ready to die?
        Calling people seditionists leaves rational people little choice in their response.

        1. Oh look, another death threat by Nardz.

          Under an article in which he and the rest of his hill billy cult try to argue that antifa was the cause of violence, not them.


          Why don’t you get a girlfriend, hobby, or job? Anything.

          1. Piss off paid shill. Don’t you have another place you can go that’s more receptive to your Reichstag fire narrative?

      3. Did you read the same post that I did? I didn’t see anything like that.

    2. “Demonizing hundreds of millions of people is my job!”

      You’re never going to be able to erase the stain of what you supported, no matter how many Republican cocksucking weasels you employ to ratfuck the situation.

      Hannity shouts about Antifa and censorship to his dwindling audience. The people know what happened. You do too.

      1. You support literal fascism. If you want to talk about a permenant stain look in a mirror

        1. That’s the funny thing… it is, as you say, literal fascism that they’re doing, while accusing those of us who oppose it as being fascists.

      2. After being here for, what is it, ten years?

        Tony still can’t tell the difference between standing up for free speech rights and standing up for the awful things people say.

        There’s a reason for that, and I suggest you all consider the possibility that maybe Tony is stupid. And that is not an ad hominem attack. That’s a syllogism!

        Premise One: Tony has been reading a libertarian site every day for ten years, and he still doesn’t know the first thing about free speech.

        Premise Two: Stupidity can be well defined as the inability to understand and learn.

        Conclusion: Tony is stupid.

        1. I agree with your conclusion.

        2. Tony is absolutely a fucktard, and not worth engaging with for longer than it takes to tell him to fuck off.

        3. Yeah, the conclusion is spot on.

        4. And you still can’t tell the difference between property rights and freedom of association, and censorship.

          1. And you can’t tell the difference between private interests and political collusion and corporatism.

        5. Do the Reason authors next. They seem to have little more understanding of libertarianism than Tony and several of the worst offenders have been writing here for over a decade

          1. Libertarianism for ENB means legal hookers and blow and whatever is fashionable on Twitter. Thinks political censorship is a social good outside of the steps of the Capitol.

            Libertarianism for Gillespie means stuff that was cool in 1997 plus weed and gay marriage. He also thinks that free speech is cool, but keeps it on the downlow out of fear of being censored and ostracized.

            Boehm/Binion/Britschigi thinks libertarianism is staying out late and not doing his homework. Also buttsex and drugs. Doesn’t like free speech because it’s not popular with girls.

      3. Fuck off, Tony.

        (Though I’m super pleased that my autocorrect dictionary tried to finish that thought with “slaver”.)

      4. But feeling contempt for “deplorables” is a major source of self-esteem for insecure gentry-class types like Tony.

    3. I’d just like to say that while I don’t always agree with your take on things, I always appreciate the level of thought you put into your replies. I think that I could actually enjoy having a couple of beers and some conversation with you.

      1. Which shouldn’t be interpreted as saying I disagree with this particular thing, I just wanted to throw the compliment out there.

  23. Still waiting for them to talk about Antifa’s antics in Portland and Seattle – crickets

    Also Charlottesville – again crickets

    1. Like I said above, kinda shocked they even knew how to *spell* “riot” at this point.

  24. “Mostly antifa-free” protest

  25. That’s ok- there never needs to be evidence. Case in point- look at the first comment on this article.

    These people are beyond dumb. They are impervious to reality.

    1. They’re driven by emotion. Can’t reason someone out of a stance they arrived at emotionally.

      1. Aren’t you the one crying today that everything democrats do such as truth commissions is Trumps fault? Lol. Youre an emotional wreck.

        1. Did he really blame AOC’s Truth and Reconciliation idea on Trump?

            1. JFC, he’s more broken than I thought!


            2. I don’t think that’s as bad as White Knight going on and on about how shooting unarmed protesters is okay if they’re trespassing.

              He was having like an emotional breakdown.

              1. You missed him defending HO2 as the chemical notation for water, for many, many posts after it was pointed out that he was WRONG.

    2. Here is a match to light your gaslight too.
      Since I made the comment, I’ll respond. Here is the evidence. The guy was there on video stirring up the riot inside the Capitol. Was Anti-Fa to blame for the entire protest to riot transition? Probably not. But they were there. Why? That would be the question I would expect from a journalist who is interested in getting to the ‘reality’ of the story. Instead we get – ‘one lone rebel or two, might have been Anti-fa but didn’t really do much that wasn’t already being done, so here’s a story about how insignificant it really was for him to be there because the Trumpers ruin everything.’
      And I’m impervious to reality. Emotional? After story after story of Reasons – ‘Here’s a story but it’s really about something else so nothing to see or actually report about the glaring topic in the headline.’ one does tend to wonder what the point is of reporting anything at all.

      1. If you are going to blame anyone for “stirring up the riot”, then that would be Trump first and foremost. Or are we still doing the “incitement of a riot is free speech” thing? I can’t go hot and cold like you can.

        1. You’re an idiot.

        2. If you have ever attended something like this rally and/or watch the video, you would conclude that those to blame for the riot are the rioters. They always are. Large mobs like that tend to devolve and usually a small faction is emboldened and takes it a step too far. Left/Right, Alt/Anti, BLM/LBGQ, even a fucking sale at Walmart has ended with mob violence and death.
          Any person with a modicum of logic and self awareness of the overall picture would view the attempt to put the blame for this mess at the feet of Trump as nothing but political theater. I would be concerned about the precedent being set more than anything, but you probably are okay with having political distractions and large scale investigations that last years and consume gov resources that could be used for all of the much needed help and guidance you Liberals are always clamoring for.
          But yeah, go with incite, insurrection and sedition. Reason will support you all the way.

        3. “If you are going to blame anyone for “stirring up the riot”, then that would be Trump first and foremost…”

          Assertions by lefty TDS-addled imbeciles =/= argument or evidence, lefty TDS-addled imbecile.

      2. “We did it!” — Sullivan, on starting the riot.

        I take him at his word. He was there, erm, doing it. If anyone would know, it is he.

  26. Brainwashed simpletons. Facts don’t care about your feelings. That applies to other things, not just chicks with dicks. Loons.

    1. Irrational and misplaced contempt for the plebians is a major source of self-esteem for Tony.

    2. Irrational and misplaced contempt for the plebians is a major source of self-esteem for Tony.

  27. Don’t know what’s worse, that Trump supporters did this on their own or that they are stupid enough to be tricked into it by antifa?

    1. Someone, unsurprisingly, is completely ignorant of human psychology and the concept of mob mentality.

      1. You’re right but it was pretty dumb nevertheless. The moment they saw that the hill cops open the doors and remove the barricades and let them in, they should’ve realized something was up.

      2. That’s why incitement is a crime. It is not hard to get a mob mentality going, as we have seen throughout history. It is a shame that Trump supporters took the bait, but that is something for which they must now bear responsibility. They and the person or persons who actually incited the riot, which does not include Donald Trump.

        1. Anyone think the Capitol rioters will get the same kid-gloves, slap-on-the-wrist treatment all of the arrested rioters throughout the country, this summer, did?
          Is Heels-up Kameltoe going to help them with bail?

      3. For the record, I am aware of the idea; I just see it as a weak man’s excuse for their own behavior. Each and everyone of them had the free will to either riot or not. Some did while others made the choice not too.

  28. Can’t incite people into things they are unwilling to do.

    1. Herd mentality, mob mentality and pack mentality, also lesser known as gang mentality, describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis. When individuals are affected by mob mentality, they may make different decisions than they would have individually.

      But please go on.

      1. So when Rudy shouted that they need to demand trila by combat, and Trump told them to fight harder than ever, that did not count as incitement. But when one black guy teases them, then he is to blame.

        How obvious can you get? Your arguments suck.

        1. Do you want to provide the full quotes and what they were referring to, you disingenuous fuck, or shall I?

          Why do you constantly tell lies a five year old would see through and expect to get away with it?

        2. You are correct… that did not count as incitement. That counted as protected speech under the First Amendment.

        3. “So when Rudy shouted that they need to demand trila by combat, and Trump told them to fight harder than ever, that did not count as incitement. But when one black guy teases them, then he is to blame…”

          So when your cherry pick comments, combine them in context which never existed, you think anyone here should consider your IQ higher than the low two digits, you steaming pile of lefty shit.

    2. Damn dude I learned about mob psychology in like 5th grade or so.

      1. Exactly. When they still taught useful subjects and expected you to think on you own.

    3. Thats why we know all unreason staff are commies.

      You cant force people to write commies loving articles and other staff defend said commie loving articles.

  29. Here’s an crazy idea – let’s wait until all the people are arrested and then determine things once we have all (or at least a lot of) facts?

    It’s also pretty clear that many of the people involved are likely mentally ill

    1. You’ve confused the news business with the narrative building business.

  30. It doesn’t matter. The rednecks on here only believe things that support their far right worldview.
    I’m stupid for wasting so much time on here arguing with people who should just be shunned. These people think Charles Koch is a commie for Christ sake. The type of people who say “Nazis are Socialists! It’s in their name!” All the voter fraud claims.

    These commenters think far right cunt Nancy Rommelman supports Antifa and Portlanders when she spent all summer hating on Antifa and lying, slandering, and disparaging Portland. She’s just bitter the people in Portland didn’t want to buy coffee from right wing cunts who hate them.

    I’m a dumbass for posting on this far right forum.

    1. Lol.

      Most here say Nancy is the only voice that told the truth about the riots fuck stick.

    2. “I’m a dumbass”

      Hey I finally agree with something the bigot said!

    3. You *are* a dumbass, it’s true.

    4. This post doesn’t even rustle my jimmies.

      You tried too hard, your name is too obvious and you threw out too many “far rights”. Trolling is an art form; unfortunately, you haven’t progressed past the crayon eating stage.

  31. The day after the riot, I wrote a piece for Reason explaining why the assertion that antifa had any significant involvement in the riot was false.

    I’m not sure it’s a good idea to stake out a position one day after a highly politicized event. Human nature on all issues Trump is to dig in and not change with any new information.

    1. Hence this follow up article.

    2. His first article implies no involvement. He is changing what he wrote.

      1. That’s OK, because the goalposts are being moved on Donald Trump’s incitement, too.
        Once it became known that the protesters arrived at the Capitol, long before Trump was done delivering his speech, it became “all the talk of a stolen election” that was the “incitement”.
        Leftists always look like they’re in pain. Well, the truth hurts.

  32. I hate the Trumptards and Antifa equally. But I pity the former because they are intellectually challenged whereas the latter are overeducated trustifarians.

    1. Man. You lefties are so delusional.

      Youre saying the ones that belive on infinity genders, boys are girls, 2 + 2 = 5, post modernism, aren’t the intellectually challenged? Lol

      1. The stats don’t lie. The more educated you are, the less likely you are to support the Trump death cult. And yes, despite some folksy saying about educational attainment and intelligence, they are correlated.

        Even when I was attending GOP precinct committee officer meetings regularly, I could not help but noticed I was surrounded by a bunch of dummies, ignoramuses, and religious nuts. It’s what first tipped me off that not everyone was holding their conservative beliefs out of principle. Some of them are actually just selfish, ignorant, mean racists.

        There’s a ton of dumb democrats too, of course, but the stats are what they are. Live with it, or don’t. But you can’t deny it.

        1. “Even when I was attending GOP precinct committee officer meetings regularly”

          Lol, the fuck you did

        2. It takes a considerable bit of indoctrination to make people believe the absurdities that the left mistakes for reality. Don’t mistake that for education.

          1. This.

        3. Probably because they educate all of the common sense and critical thinking out their students now.

        4. Death cult? Man you’ve really gone off the deep end.

  33. John Sullivan, a BLM/Antifa activist, was arrested by the FBI for his involvement. He was also (stupidly) accompanied by a PBS/CNN videographer to document the event and he provided a recorded interview. Yeah, no evidence all.

    1. Hey now. Standards have moved to significant.

    2. Yes but you don’t understand. That doesn’t count because shut up.

  34. I think that most Trump supporters saw the freaks leading this and didn’t recognize them. Why? They didn’t think Trump had support with the truly batshit crazy crowd. There isn’t much difference between Antifa and the far right crazies. They both want mayhem.

    1. Federalist did an excellent article on what that reported saw on jan 6. That reporter witnessed people who stood out from trump supporters and then incited violent behavior at the capitol.

      Typical false flag type stuff. Secret service are trained to spot these people when they dont have the normal affect for the event. Imagine everyone around you at a campaign rally are excited and want to be there while a few people are antisocial and dont seem to want to be there.

      with that being said, the capitol is a public building and should be open 24 hours a day. Charging people with entering a public space is ridiculous. In past electoral college votes, the public was free to view from the viewing areas.

  35. Trump supporters did this…. Awe; Another Hitler-to-power phrase to a T.
    What EXACTLY did Trump supporters do? Hold the Capitol hostage for weeks with armed guards? By media’s tainted narrative; one would think so.

    1. Hanging from rafters and taking selfies is what is taught at most high level insurrection schools. It is how they train our top CIA assets.

      1. It will go down in history as the “Unarmed insurrection”.
        Was a single person, arrested at the Capitol, carrying a firearm?
        Since the Capitol police are armed, wouldn’t it be pretty ridiculous to try to “take over the government”, without having the force required to overcome the obvious push-back one would encounter?
        I guess one police officer thought it was an insurrection, worthy of using deadly force, though, when he shot a woman climbing through a broken door panel, that others has smashed.

        Has anyone heard the narrative they’re trying to create, to make the death of the Capitol police officer into a “murder”?
        An off-duty firefighter tossed an extinguisher at the police, which bounced around, hitting several of them, one without a helmet. Presumably, the one without the helmet was the one, who had a fatal medical episode, after the event was long over.

  36. Of course not. Political operatives far more sophisticated than Antifa were behind the lax security that encouraged but monitored the admittance of the crazies up front. OIne thing should be clear — it wasn’t what had been presented in the press. Only a select number of ‘rioters’ breached the large secure no man’s land between the Capitol and the huge, virtually unreported peaceful crowd. Any estimate as to how many there were there? Any drone or helicopter record of them even being there?

  37. The article is way overcompensating.

    Yes, the main figures we were involved were people who were genuinely on the far-right, like Nick Fuentes and the QAnon Shaman. These are fringe extremists, though, and I don’t consider it really a good take on the subject to haplessly group them with the other Trump supporters who showed up that day any more than it was a good take to group far-left extremists with the mass of peaceful protesters at the BLM protests. Yet that’s what the article does in its closing paragraph — it describes them as “supporters of the president who heard his call to protest the outcome of the 2020 election and took action.” As if Nick Fuentes was just a misled “supporter of the President” who got wrapped up in Trump’s rhetoric, rather than a fringe extremist, who was looking for an excuse to take action.

    There’s an argument to be made that Trump is responsible regardless, because he used reckless rhetoric; but the same as there’s an argument to be made that demagogic rhetoric by politicians over BLM, saying “black people are being hunted down by police” and “black people can’t go outside without being shot by a cop” (quoting Biden), made them responsible for some of the violence in the name of BLM. In either case, it doesn’t sound like the author is showing much nuance about this.

    Second, the article overstates what we know antifa involvement. For example, the text reads “The FBI does not believe antifa was involved”, and that links to an article titled “FBI says there is ‘no indication’ that antifa took part in U.S. Capitol riot” from Jan 8, and its now Jan 15. The specific words were “We have no indication of that, at this time.” Not only did the author reword “no indication of that, at this time” to “they don’t believe” they were involved, but a couple of days have passed since the article was published, and an indication there was some involvement. Nobody knows for sure if there was any other involvement. But most people who are suspicious are suspicious because some of the things he said on video, like “We did it!” and “I tried to tell you but…”

    If we really want to “lower the temperature” in America to come to a more constructive civil discourse; the more objective political writers, are the better this goal will be reached. The article above seems less an objective take, than an attempt to wag a finger at Trump supporters.

    1. He failed to denounce far right violence. He told the Proud boys to “stand by”. Fringe or not, Trump encouraged their actions, to put it mildly.

      1. He denounced far-right violence over and over against since Charlottesville.

        Nobody honest who watched that debate actually believed Trump was saying supportive of the Proud Boys. He said he didn’t really know anything about them and when asked to tell them to “stand down” he said “OK, I’ll do that, stand back and stand by.”

        After the debate, he was asked about it again, and he denounced them.

        Please don’t repeat this nonsense. I don’t care if the fact that he denounced them wasn’t in your Twitter feed, or it wasn’t reported on CNN. There’s plenty of proof that he denounced them over and over again. I’m tired of people complaining that Trump was spreading lies and conspiracy theories, spreading lies and conspiracy theories of their own.

        1. DOL/WK is paid by Media Matters to shill here. He’s not going to stop lying no matter what evidence you present.

          1. I don’t think so; you credit them with abilities beyond them.
            They (and others) are simply not mentally equipped to understand that the world exists in object facts and their fantasies =/= facts.
            We are certainly dealing with evil people here, but often enough that is a result of abysmal stupidity. There is no reason to credit ignoramuses with ‘intent’; stupidity will suffice.
            Tony, turd, M4e, DOL, MG and others are the poster-shits for the condition, but please understand their dishonesty is not a result of intent; it is simply a result of the inability to “think” as most of us understand the concept.
            They are too stupid to understand they are lying.

            1. DOL is straight up a sociopath.

      2. And yet every person can control their actions.

        Or you feel you’re under someone else’s control? Maybe an elderly man who was once a senator?

      3. De Oppresso Liber
        January.15.2021 at 8:46 pm
        “He failed to denounce far right violence…”

        Oh, gee, you pathetic piece of lefty shit, did he not say “mother may I?”
        Stuff it up your ass; your head wants company.

      4. “He failed to denounce far right violence.” By only denouncing it numerous times. I watched the debates too. They asked Joe what kind of milkshake he prefers. haha
        Mildly sounds about right.
        ‘Stand by’? Really? What the hell does that mean? Oh, anything and everything you can imagine it means.
        You should change your arguments to Whatifisms.

      5. Hey ROBOT — Trump doesn’t control my thoughts like others control yours!!!

    2. Koch’s gotta Koch…

  38. What an asinine article. To even give this myth a platform is typical of Reason. These were MAGA thugs, as clearly evidenced by the arrests. Even if one was reportedly antifa that would just mean 1000 were maga nitwits. But yeah, you’ve got to say it here because the commenters here are idiots.

    By the way, Trump reportedly will typically slink out the back door of the White House on the day Biden is sworn in, because that would fit Trump…slink away like the snake he has always been.

    1. Piss off, Buttplug, you unrepentant pedophile.

      1. That’s not turd; they both compete for ‘max stupid’ award, but jackass ain’t a kiddie-diddler AFAIK

        1. He writes exactly like him.

    2. Jackass, please tell us how chanting magic words will make the CA wildfires disappear.
      Or admit you’re a fucking lefty ignoramus.
      Please, make the world a better place and your family and pets happy:
      Fuck off and die.

  39. “Everyone knows” is what a 12-year-old says when they actually have no support for the stupid thing they just said.

  40. “…The existence [sic] of one person vaguely connected to antifa does not establish that antifa was ultimately culpable for what transpired”… Robby’s uses faulty logic when he equates one arrest to the existence of one leftist radical. One cannot draw statistical conclusions based on such a small sampling, but it would be more logical to talk about ratios of ARRESTS. It looks like hundreds were arrested and face misdemeanor charges, while “Only a few have been accused of more serious crimes, such as felony violations of the Riot Act” (USA Today). Let’s say “a few” means about 10. Then we have about 10 felonious right extremists and 1 felonious left extremist. Then the ratio of left/right extremists would be more like 1/10, and if there were “thousands” of participants in the riot, then there likely were hundreds of leftists among them. Quite enough to serve as provocateurs. I do not exonerate the rioters, but one should not dismiss the possibility of significant numbers of leftist provocateurs being among them.

    1. It looks like hundreds were arrested and face misdemeanor charges, while “Only a few have been accused of more serious crimes, such as felony violations of the Riot Act”
      This detail has been completely ignored by politicians and media screaming “Insurrection!” Even in the current frenzy the most a tiny minority of protesters can be charged with is trespassing. None were armed and the only fatality was a woman shot by a cop. The media are scrambling to make the one cop who was there and died later a victim of the mob, but the story is falling apart. This wasn’t a coup, insurrection, revolution or anything close. It was an inconsequential dustup by a handful of crazies with or without provocateurs in their midst.

  41. Let’s not let this be memory-holed, nor allow MG and the newest TDS-addled shit Penigma claim there were designs on assassination. As TDS-addled (gullible) lefty shits, they didn’t bother to confirm the claims before posting them.
    MG never bothers to support a bit if his/her bullshit and is therefore simply a lefty shit who should be ignored, but Penigma offered a link:
    As a TDS-addled, gullible pile of lefty shit, s/he didn’t bother to loo elsewhere as the TRUMP SEDITION narrative was so agreeable to a TDS-addled, gullible pile of lefty shit.
    “Feds back away from claim of assassination plot at Capitol
    Prosecutors who initially said there was “strong evidence” the pro-Trump mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol last week aimed to “capture and assassinate elected officials” have backed away from that allegation”
    I’m sure this TDS-addled lefty shit and MG will apologize, right?

  42. Poor commies at unreason.

    They outed themselves as commies and cannot understand why nobody believes what they say.

  43. Jesus H Christ! The FBI has informants and/or undercover agents in every major 1% motorcycle club, KKK chapters, cults, Aryan nation compound, American Indian tribe, Cincinnati Reds, Sicilian mob family, not to mention how many suicides they have committed on others (yes that’s a thing, you know…”shot himself 3 times in the back of head”), half the rock groups at Woodstock Music and Art Fair had at least one agent as a member and everyone knows it.
    So you see the FBI knows what is coming but will not stop anything since it is all still under investigation. Agents aren’t slow, they are “special”.

  44. Reason really ought to drop the libertarian moniker.

    Newsflash to the commentariat “libertarian” writers and editors at Reason. It doesn’t matter for many TDS riddled articles you write, or how hard you gaslight. The left still hates you, they’re not gonna invite you to any of the swanky DC parties, and they’ll come after you just the same.

    1. This ^

    2. Robbie has appeared as a talking head on FOX NEWS! Unforgivable.

    3. So true.

  45. I guess we’re right back to stupid takes on Reason.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

  46. Jesus Christ, Soave, you gaslighting fuckwit! Move the goalposts all you want, the fucking fact is the Leftards were there and there is evidence people got riled up by a fucking shitbag BLM organizer.

  47. Riots?

    ABC News told me that this was simply a “peaceful demonstration” that “intensifie[d]”

    Whom am I to believe?

  48. I sort of enjoy the progression of these things.
    Originally, we were told that Antifa and BLM had nothing to do with the event.
    Now, we are at “No Evidence Antifa Was Significantly Involved”
    Next will be something along the lines of “evidence shows that most of the people that trespassed into the capitol were Trump supporters.
    I would like to suggest that there is a certain sort of people who attend protests and gatherings primarily to incite violence and spread chaos. It does not take that many of them to turn a peaceful protest into a riot.
    Prosecute everyone involved, to the extent that they were involved, and to what extent they conspired with others beforehand.
    It appears that some people came prepared and organized. Others seem to have just wandered in afterwards.
    Sullivan is hard to ignore, because he gave interviews about his presence there, but also foolishly recorded himself bragging about how he pretends to be a journalist, and dresses up as a Trump supporter at such events.
    There is quite a bit of footage from their involvement in other protests that give insight into their methods. At BLM marches, they break windows, start fires, and encourage the marchers to loot and smash things, but usually run away once the real action starts.
    The investigation of the events at the capitol has just begun, and even if the investigation is thorough and transparent, it will be a while before any conclusions can be reached.
    There have been a great many Trump events, but very little violence, even though folks have been painting conservatives as violent fascists all along. Progressive events have involved a great deal of actual looting, burning, and quite a few beatings and murders. Despite this, they have been repeatedly described as “mostly peaceful”.
    People are skeptical because those seen instigating the capitol incursion were employing methods commonly seen in use by Antifa, but not seen at any previous Trump events.
    Those people who seem desperate to deny that there was any leftist involvement are doing so because the demand for conservative violence far exceeds the supply.

  49. Trump supporters remain the greatest threat to America. We must use the NDAA, PatriotAct and FISC(which Trump fully reauthorized) to strip their constitutional rights. They clearly meet the definition of “military aged armed combatants”. We MUST not do any of this illegally. We MUST follow all existing laws. These laws were always supported by a republican majority. The fact Trump intentionally reauthorized them, plus Trump was sent by Jesus, this is all we need to know.

    We must strip the constitutional rights of all Trump supporters and put them in camps. It is not hard, we’ve done this before. If for no other reason hearing them scream and cry as they foam at the mouth would be SO SO SO worth it OMG!

    1. History is filled with people like you. They are known as the baddies.

    2. I am assuming this is satire.
      But FYI, Trump threatened to veto the re-authorization of the Patriot Act, so it was allowed to lapse, and has been shelved indefinitely.

  50. Poor commies at unreason. Another lefty arrested for admitting they incited riot at capitol.

    Another video showing protesters inside the capitol building with capitol police escorting them.

    Media lied before jan 6 and they lie today.

    1. nope the same one


      repeat one

      what 175 arrest warrants

      shall we see the trumpistas cry in court?

  51. Does a government that repeatedly fails to protect the people from mob violence deserve protection from mob violence?

    1. And before you rush in to answer remember that your answer applies equally to Sullivan as it does to anyone else.

  52. You know, all you need is proof

    one leftist


    please present it links anything


    I thought not

    trumpistas are immune to facts

    1. Antifa was there. That is undenuable

      Whether it meets Rico’s standard of ‘significant’ is meaningless.

      What happened that day is still dwarfed by what antifa/BLM did in the capitol last summer. More deaths and more destruction AND Democrat politicians openly supporting it.

      The double standard on display is galling.

      1. Indeed. And Democrats seem to think that the rest of us haven’t noticed the double-standards and can’t produce the receipts.

        Galling, shocking and depressing.

  53. Define “significant”.

    And while you are at it, have a go at “widespread”.

    1. don’t forget “mostly”.

  54. Yet the media will tell us that five months of rioting was done by Boogaloo Bois.

  55. “There’s Still No Evidence Antifa Was Significantly Involved in the Capitol Riots”

    No kidding? Is there really anyone dumb enough to believe that? Of course there are!
    And “Antifa is a real threat”? Because they tried to boycott a writer? Jesus, I hadn’t even heard of that until I read it here. Antifa is mainly a boogeyman for the right-wing media to scare the rubes with. That’s where they derive the little bit of power they have from.

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