Government Spending

Big Government Is a Bipartisan Problem

Neither major party is a friend to limited government.


Many Americans are very upset that President-elect Joe Biden will replace President Donald Trump. For most of them, it's not that they will miss Trump's unconventional and often unacceptable behavior. Instead, it's that they fear that the size and scope of government will grow so fast that it will permanently change the country they love.

And this fear has intensified with the defeat of two Republican senators in the Georgia runoffs, resulting in Democrats regaining control of the Senate.

At the margin, such a worry is justified. With 50 Democratic senators and control of both the House of Representatives and the White House, more policies that would have never seen the light of day when Republicans were in power, such as much more unwise COVID-19 relief, will potentially get through.

That said, the chief driver of government expansion doesn't come from the identities of the officeholders but, rather, the incentive structures within politics. Personalities and party affiliations matter less than people believe. If limited government is what you're after, neither political party is your friend, since government expands under both. What's more, the rate at which it expands depends less on which big spenders are in power than on whether we have divided government.

For evidence, consider President George W. Bush's presidency, when, for a time, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. During that time, we saw the creation of a new department (Homeland Security) and of a new entitlement (Medicare Part D), and spending exploded. We didn't see any restraint during the two years when Republicans were fully in control under Trump, either. Further data confirm that unified government does not keep government restrained, even if the controlling party is supposedly the enemy of big government.

Divided government, on the other hand, encourages more restraint, no matter who is in power or who controls which branch of government. Divided government doesn't stop the government from growing; both parties are always happy to spend more money on defense, infrastructure, and education, just to name a few favorites. However, the Democrats tend to limit the Republicans' hunger for wars, and Republicans prevent the worst of Democrats' fantasies about foisting greater government control on the economy.

The same principles apply today. While the Democrats have the senate, their razor-thin majority will depend on all their members voting together, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie. So, thankfully, the Democrats' most extreme ideas, such as the Green New Deal, are unlikely to be adopted. But with a larger majority in both the House and the Senate, it may be impossible to stop some extreme schemes.

There's also no reason to believe that the government would perform any better if Republicans were in power. In a marketplace, scarcity forces people to compete for resources. A pricing system, with the risk of losses combined with the goal of potential profit, provides powerful signals to guide people's decisions to sensibly buy, sell, invest, and save. By contrast, the incentives for good management in government are very weak, because politicians make decisions using other people's money. As a result, their exposure to the risk of a bad decision is limited, while there's rarely any reward for spending taxpayers' money wisely or providing a service more effectively or efficiently.

Furthermore, each individual voter bears a very small part of the costs of bad government decisions. Politicians can thus shower special interest groups with subsidies at our collective expense, grant costly tariff protection to politically powerful producers, and generally waste our money for their individual political advantage.

And boy, do they have an advantage to do just that. In politics, decisions aren't driven by the profit motive like they are in the marketplace. Instead, they're overwhelmingly driven by the desire to get reelected. Special interests can help with that. In fact, public choice economists have shown that government officials receive more benefits when they act on behalf of special interests than for the public good. This finding doesn't depend on who is in power. But it explains why both Republicans and Democrats are eager to subsidize Boeing through the U.S. Export-Import Bank, or farmers through the farm bill.

Elections do have consequences. But we'd be wise to remember that the consequences produced by the incentives inherently built in our political system will often trump the impact of who's seemingly in charge.


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    5. Glad we didn’t vote in the party saying they want 3 trillion passed in the first 100 days an an entire takeover of the energy industry.

      1. Your commentary is wrapped in the mindless mumbling of bots. Dignity is dead.

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    9. “If limited government is what you’re after, neither political party is your friend,”

      But Democrats have been, and will continue being, far far worse for those of us who support limited government.

      And of course, left wingers at Reason aggressively campaigned for Democrats (and against Trump) during the past four years knowing that Democrats vehemently oppose limited government.

      Perhaps the editors and writers at Reason can explain why they vehemently oppose limited government.

      1. They’re both awful. Kvetch all you want but “team blue is more bad” is shitty argumentation. Democrats are shit. Republicans are shit. Stop electing shit.

        1. I technically agree, but this crop of D’s are truly vile and have bad intentions for anyone not toeing their party line. That includes you and I despite not being R’s. Both tribes are complicit in spending us into oblivion (watch R’s drool over stimulus and infrastructure pork barrels), but the D’s seem hell bent on trying to stop us from bitching about in public. The Reason crew best take heed, AOC won’t take kindly to criticism.

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  2. SleepyJoe will fix everything.

    1. SleepyJoe will spend everything.

      1. SleepyJoe will wreck everything.

        1. SleepyJoe will sniff everything.

          1. SleepyJoe will sleep through everything while the Harris administration wrecks everything.

            1. The Harris administration will sleep with everything while SleepyJoe will sleep on the wreck.

              1. Neither will do much, they are puppets for an unaccountable soviet

                1. so putin’s cockholster 2.0?

            2. No more phone calls, we have a winner.

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  3. Absolutely right. However the fact is, we’re all grown up now and can take care of ourselves and don’t need big government any more. People will soon be so disgusted with socialism that they will become libertarian out of desperation. And rightly so – it’s all or nothing.

    The key is to abolish social security and medicare. Without that, we don’t need big government and will be free. Young people despise libertarianism and call us ‘lolbertarians’. But the fact is, they are the ones who are being enslaved to foot the bill for our retirement. I try to disgust them with this fact so that they will get over their innate revulsion for our politics.

    Today the America First and Stop the Steal movements were betrayed by their dear leader (for denouncing violence). They will soon realize that the threat isn’t dems or RINOs or Mike Pence, but their own grandparents.

    a man’s enemies are the men of his own house – Micah 7:6

    And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household. – Matthew 10:36

    1. Remember that day the Constitution was ratified to give the federal government the enumerated power to regulate and fund every persons retirement and to regulate and fund every persons health?

      yeah; me neither.

      1. What is the “Constitution”?

        1. It’s a stat, you know. If you invest points in constitution early on, your character will get more health points overall upon leveling up.

    2. “The key is to abolish social security and medicare.”

      This is not going to happen. These programs are here to stay for a numerous reason that would take too long to discuss in a comment.

      These programs need to be reformed and that take compromise.

      1. What reforms are you suggesting? Because meaningful reforms aren’t going to happen either.

        1. They certainly will not happen unless people are willing to address problems in the programs and compromise on solutions. If your attitude is here is my solution take it or leave it, people will likely leave it.

        2. His solution will be the usual. Remove caps on the pay in and keep them on the pay put making SS just another wealth transfer.

          1. That would help, especially in the long run, because once it becomes just another wealth transfer it will lose support.

          2. Well moving the caps is one thing that need to be looked at. I am open to means testing with some provisions to protect people. I also think we need to look at what people need SS for and how we provide that to people.

            Medicare is more difficult. Many people get health insurance through their job. When they retire they need health care. Medicare provides this healthcare and many people depend on this.

      2. “The treason is here to stay!”, says the Gov-Gods or is the Democratic National Socialists? I cannot tell the difference anymore; but one thing is for sure it’s UN-Constitutional and violates “The People’s” law over their government until it’s ratified.

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    3. However the fact is, we’re all grown up now and can take care of ourselves and don’t need big government any more

      Marx thought similarly, and you’re both wrong. Most people want security, not freedom.

      1. Freedom and security are not mutually exclusive. Your freedom is defined by the level of security you feel. This is why we seek that balance of freedom and security.

        1. My freedom is defined by the number of rules imposed upon me by those who have the strength to enforce their will.

          Your idea of feelz-based freedom is arbitrary, and doomed to failure: the number of people who feel unsafe (and will call for more rules) will ALWAYS be greater than the number of people who jealously guard their freedom.

          In a ecosystem dominated by large activist government (aka: pretty much the world norm for the past 100 years), freedom and security are absolutely two sides of a coin. Choose one or the other.

        2. Wow… which cultural marxism book did you pull out freedom requires security from?

        3. BS. Unless you are talking about security in the sense of equal legal rights and protection from arbitrary government action, then no. Any attempt to frame security as financial success and material wealth means taking stuff from others–and then where is THEIR security? Even worse is what you suggested: a fuzzy “feeling” of security. Since people can be frightened by any imagined threat, even words, your intent allows for complete lockdown of speech and thought.

        4. I used to think you were just a leftist, but that sounds straight out of a little red book. That’s exactly how Communists talk. They criticize us “freedom” obsessed Americans because we can own a gun but can’t drink a beer in public, or because you can keep your head down and the govt won’t interfere with you, at least until they do.

        5. “Balance…”
          Yea, sounds a little scary. Balance is definitely a word that can be stretched to justify all sorts of incisions in the name of “security”. Like it or not, Americans lean strongly towards “more freedom for a little less security”.
          If you don’t like that ratio, globalism offers you ways to find a country where people tell you how to live. You will then be safe from independent thinking.

  4. How can Reason can employ an “economist” who is so ignorant of modern monetary theory in the current year? We can fully fund Samantha Power’s humanitarian wars (like Libertarian Gary Johnson fully supported) AND end the famine of federal educational funding with plenty left over for public private partnerships with our corporate stakeholders. Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians can all agree we need to reign in entitlements until we can ensure they proportionately benefit the oppressed over their oppressors as a matter of ethical social justice but “scarcity” remains a debunked relic of the ante-nulla.

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    2. Libertarians do not support the concept of taking a person’s assets without permission from that person.
      That is called theft . Calling it taxation does not change anything.

      Have all the entitlements you want ! Just do not employ legalized theft to do so.

      1. And if you are going to do it KEEP it in some government BELOW the national government! So you’re not STEALING from every-single person in the entire country with absolutely no other option and who doesn’t have the proper representation to STOP it.

        Proper Representation comes from keeping topic ideas in their topic arena. The only reason everything is at the federal now is so stupid decisions can STEAL from more people and no one can escape it.

        The only ‘topic’ that involves everyone in this nation is it’s national defense. As the U.S. Constitution acknowledges quite clearly.

      2. “Libertarians do not support the concept of taking a person’s assets without permission from that person.
        That is called LEFT”

        Fixed that for you.

    3. Famine? Education spends 3x as much per pupil as it did in 1979 when controlled for inflation.

      We now have evidence just released that schools are now teaching racism as early as 3rd grade. It isnt education anymore but indoctrination.

    4. +1 OBL

    5. Fuck off troll.

  5. The last thing Biden can have wanted when he takes control of a sickened, internally estranged, economically crushed nation on January 20 at noon is a political imbroglio that could threaten to make the crises worse…….MORE DETAIL.

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    1. Jesus FUCKING Christ.

      1. (Gotta know german to know what this is before clicking. this is really beyond all standards of low quality)

  8. “Neither major party is a friend to limited government”

    Let’s not forget that state government is a coercive monopoly government – limited or not.

    As a libertarian, I oppose coercion including coercive monopolies.
    Reason, on the other hand, actively supports this coercion as the way to run and organize society.
    They have accepted coercion in the the area we need to have it less.

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  10. For the next two years, at least, it’s going to be a partisan problem.

    1. “For the next two years…”

      Wishful thinking. Now that they got away with stealing a presidential election, why wouldn’t they steal all other elections going forward?

  11. FDR & Obama; You’re both sides are the same theory is gone.

    Trumps 1st year was pretty darn good with all of congress and executive in [R] hands. And GWB was a disaster because of 9/11 and we all know Democrats don’t have a record of shooting down that affair.

    Cares Act was written 87% by House Democrats, Trumps [R] multiple budget veto’s eventually failed. Democrats wrote the Federal Reserve Act and brought the idea of ‘fiat’ money (printed money) to the USA.

    Seems to me the only time [R] power isn’t for a limited government is when some sector of it has a [D] influence.

    1. You have to be completely deranged or have a ridiculously short memory to ignore the spending bills that Trump signed from 2017 to 2019. Even before the virus Trump’s fiscal policy had been appalling.

      Just in case one tries to suggest that Bush II and Trump are outliers, remember that the deficit under Reagan grew to record levels not seen since World War II.

      1. The ones that passed both chambers at 90%? Do you know how government works? We just saw what happened on vetos with the NDAA.

        Ignorant or partisan?

        1. Yes, those ones. I appreciate your agreement.

          1. Not really an agreement from him. Not sure why you would feel the need to settle for or even appreciate a flawed agreement like this one.

            1. We agree that Republicans and Democrats are both responsible for constantly increasing spending from the federal government. That is all this topic was about.

              1. Not really. Not here to moderate, but JesseAz was suggesting that Trump didn’t veto because Republicans were 90% on board as well, and you equated the party policy with Trumps policy. I think the dissonance was about that.

                Again, I would not settle for meagre agreements.

                1. Oh, I see. Its all about defending Trump and absolving him from taking responsibility for his actions. TDS is never going to die from these boards, is it?

                  1. Final ruling;
                    – Republican Pitched, No Veto from Democrat = Republican Charge
                    – Democrat Pitch, No Veto from Republicans = Republican Charge

                    Yeah; we see how that works.

                  2. We also see a lot of;
                    Cutting Tax Theft = Theft ,,,,, going on.

                    He who paints the narrative dupe the sheeple of mind.

      2. Spending and expansion of government are not the same thing. You can put trillions into the military and also reduce the level of interaction with govt on a daily basis by getting rid of stupid laws and unconstitutional enforcement agencies.

        1. A wonderful theory. I would be happy to support any president who actually decides to get rid of stupid laws and unconstitutional enforcement agencies. If enough people valued these as political goals then Jo Jorgensen would be president right now.

  12. The only difference between Republican versus Democrat controlled government is the speed of which we lose individual freedom and empower a more authoritarian state. The destination remains the same regardless of which side of the Duopoly has power.

    1. ^THIS is why Trump was special. For all those who compulsively chicken-peck the fan base and pretend it’s a cult or whatever demonizing means they can think up.

      If you’re confused why Trump had loyal followers it’s RIGHT THERE! He was the ONLY President in years that took on the De-Regulation path especially the UN-Constitutional ones.

      1. Great. Now the leftitarians will be here pushing Carter, who created the DoE and Does, as doing more based on revisionist history The Atlantic pushed. Sad that Mises has had to rebut the delusion again after 30 years.

  13. Divide government is not a solution unless the minority party is willing to work with majority and the majority party willing to give concessions. The problem we have is that under the current theory of divided government neither side gives anything and government grinds to a halt.

    While that may sound good it is not. There are functions of government that need to happen. Budgeting for example needs to occur. When a budget does not get passed Congress end up forced to rely on CRs until the end of the session when a massive omnibus bill is put forward, usually filled with unnecessary spending. The omnibus bill gets passed because it is the only alternative.

    We need to get back to divided government where the minority party block large new programs, but allows the majority to run basic government functions.

    We need to get rid of extremes in both parties and get moderates.

    1. We need to get rid of extremes in both parties and get moderates.

      And I need a pony.

      1. Vermin Supreme for President! Ponies for all!

    2. “government grinds to a halt” — I WISH!!! No, the government doesn’t need to do 99% of what it’s doing; in fact it’s illegal for them to be doing it according to “The Peoples” law over them.

      Power-Mad Democratic National Socialists who use war tactics like holding basic legitimate functions hostage until they get their illegal Nazi Regime legislation added is what’s breaking the USA.

    3. Youre not a moderate. You live in a 95% democrat strong hold. Nothing you’ve ever said is moderate.

      1. And you are the arbiter of political philosophy. I believe I am a moderate and not the sure what the hell you think is moderate.

        1. Depends on the year; Before FDR you’d be a full on Nazi. After FDR you’d be a lunatic. After Obama you’d be a moderate.

          I’ll give the left full credit and then some on making every single *threat* they ever gave concerning the USA come true.

          Between FDR’s “New Deal” for America, Al-Gore’s Selling of America to “Moral Imagination”, and Obamas, “Fundamentally Changing” the Nation.

          There’s no denying their success rate is 500% and then some. If only they’d lobby on something that wasn’t entirely about destroying this nation we’d be in excellent shape.

  14. “Many Americans are very upset that President-elect Joe Biden will replace President Donald Trump. For most of them, it’s not that they will miss Trump’s unconventional and often unacceptable behavior. Instead, it’s that they fear that the size and scope of government will grow so fast that it will permanently change the country they love.”

    Many, perhaps, but far from most Americans. In fact, polls consistently show that Americans, both Ds and Rs, wish for more spending and more government, both in general and on specific issues. The reinforcing loop of people wanting government to do more, and government growing in scope and intrusiveness, has been running for decades. “Good and hard” may turn out to be a large, overweight nanny.

  15. You can’t have bipartisanship with only one party.
    The Republicans attempted suicide, and the dems in charge of medical matters have decided to remove life support and let the patient die.
    The 2022 elections will be entirely by mail, and the results will be published by Facebook and Twitter the day before.

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    2. And the Associated Press will officially declare the winner at 7:01 PM Eastern time.

  16. Both sides bad, we know.
    But only one side is planning to blow a few trillion under the pretense of fighting the weather, and another several trillion on bailing out blue state public employee pension plans.

  17. What was the point of this type of article again? You can keep telling me that there’s no difference, but that hasn’t resulted in any Libertarians getting into the ranks of the DNC or any fracturing of the Democrats. You’ll never find a small-government progressive, by definition.

    1. Small government progressives are indeed as rare as small government Republicans were doing the past four years.

      The thing is both progressives AND Republicans want the application of political power to achieve their aims. Actual bona fide libertarians and classic liberals were ousted from the party, along with any conservatives who still held with the idea that government power should be restrained.

      The progressives are at least honest in their desire for authoritarian rule. The freely admit they want government to rule over people they disagree with. Republicans still delude themselves that they want to shrink government, when their every action shows the opposite.

      Like those two cops arrested for storming the Capital. “We were against government”. Cops. Against government. Holy fuck. The only reason they are cops is because they have some primal need to lord it over other people. Because beating the shit out of some Black dude is the only way they can get it up for the wife in the evening.

  18. “At the margin, such a worry is justified.”

    Admitting it suddenly, just like that, does an excellent job in taunting everyone who wanted gridlock for that reason.

  19. All Americans support some libertarian ideas like property rights, individual choice and deficit spending their children will inherit. Maybe Congress could enact non-binding “Referendum-Elections” about 6 months before an electoral election?

    Although non-binding “Referendum-Elections” could set the priorities for the voters and actually help legislators create laws within constitutional boundaries. Many voters of all parties actually agree on somethings.

    1. “Many voters of all parties actually agree on somethings.”

      Probably many more things than the media would like to have you believe. Things like “all riots are bad, not only the right ones or the left ones, so please be neutral in the way you write news articles on them”.

    2. All Americans support “freedom for me”. But it’s rare to find an American who wants “freedom for thee”. And almost unheard of to find Americans who want “freedom for thee” in regards to BOTH economic and personal freedoms. Such extreme outliers are known as “libertarians”. They do exist, but are as rare as the Red Footed Jackalope and those who read Hustler for the articles.

      1. Knowing how “freedom for thee” leads to “freedom for me” requires a fundamental cognitive leap.

        1. (at least judging from how rare it seems to be. shouldn’t though)

  20. It’s more accurate to say it’s a nonpartisan problem, since neither of them see it as such. Unity!

  21. This tired argument again?

    Look, actually decreasing spending won’t win a vote in America right now. Shrinking the increases will. People who want to reduce spending have to settle for shrinking the increase. That doesn’t make them “big spenders”.

    1. Can we at least get the acceleration of spending down to a zero? A velocity of zero would be nice too, but gotta start somewhere.

      I am sick and tired of conservatives whining that spending cuts are too hard. Fuck Barbie, math is supposed to be hard!

      1. Math is as natural as masturbation.

      2. “I am sick and tired of conservatives whining that spending cuts are too hard.”

        Lol, wut?

  22. I think you need to start being even more specific. “Big government” doesn’t mean anything. Government spending as a percentage of GDP is a thing, but what are you going to replace that with in the private sector? Hope?

    The small-government people just slipped into real fascism and tried to take over with an angry mob. They’ve been pretty insistent about the small government thing for many decades. So color me skeptical!

    Small enough to be easily taken over by neo-Nazis and QAnoners? Is that the bath tub you wanted to drown it in?

    Say we wiped the slate clean and started over. How do I know the first ten thousand things the new government does won’t be to secure rights and privileges for the already powerful? That’s what Republicans spend all their time doing while preaching small government, when they’re not sending angry mobs to take it over for the crime of denying them their rightful rule.

    1. The Right-Side is Power-Mad because no-government is “fascism” by “mob”? Small government equals taken over by neo-Nazis? Securing rights for already powerful but not the people??? And sending angry mobs to take it over for crime of denying them their rightful rulers?

      Wow; Tony… Really? If the Right-Side was sooooo much for “defunding the military” ( do I see irony there? ) so it could be taken over by neo-Nazi’s why is everyone complaining about the Republican “War mongering”? Do you know what kind of ‘Rights’ the nazi’s produced? National Socialist one’s that put ONLY the ‘Rulers’ in charge. As predictable; It’s the left championing National Socialism so it’s the left that are the neo-Nazi’s. It’s the left complaining about military spending. It’s the left looking for “Rulers” to have rights but not it’s people.

      How can you be so blind?

      1. Yes, you’re beginning to see through the bullshit. Sometimes people lie. Sometimes they do exactly what the falsely accuse their enemy of doing. Like preach small government while supporting using government to rid yourself of undesirables, though few are as bluntly cruel as how Trump treated refugees. What did those people have in mind for me, do you think?

        Something like 64% of the Republican party think culture is slipping away so fast that they may have to resort to force to preserve it. None of this surprises me. If it surprises you, then perhaps you should get your hands on some books written for grownups instead of wherever you discovered the insane horseshit you keep repeating here like Democrats are for universal healthcare, thus they are Nazis.

        Everything you people say is a lie or based in a lie. It’s ridiculous.

        1. Refugees get a say in the USA? How about Mexican residents? Canadian Residents? Russian Residents? Cuba Residents? North Korean Residents? Are the leaders residents too?

          What specifically is this ‘culture’ you speak of the same ‘cult’ you’re constantly labeling those under who insist the U.S. Constitution must stand? The ‘Patriot’ Culture?

          Do you think ‘universal healthcare’ come’s from the clouds on a rainy day? If not; who do you think will be ensalved to supply this ‘universal healthcare’; goodwill? No, Tony; that’s called charity not mandated ‘universal healthcare’.


        2. Tony right after whipping his SLAVE half-to-death, “Why can’t you slaves work HARD enough to get me my *free* healthcare! Stop it with the frown-y faces! This is Charity! Where’s your compassion! I have NEEDS you must fulfill!”

          1. The reason libertarianism exists is to collect all the people in one place who can believe in their own, actual minds that rich people paying a little extra in tax is equivalent to chattel slavery.

            I guess even cigarette companies need marketing departments. But at least a cigarette keeps you thin. What do you have to offer? Expensive healthcare rationed by for-profit interests and rich people who can afford two yachts instead of one? Where’s my goddamn celebration kazoo when I need it.

            1. You’re after repealing the HHS, FDA, CDC, CMS, FORHP, AHRQ, BHW, BPHC, HRSA, IHS, MSHA, ONC, SAMHSA, USAC, VHA…

              That is your “for-profit” entities of rich people who can afford yahts and actually don’t have to produce a single asset because their yahts are gotten by Gov-Guns.

              1. Woops I forgot the EPA $7B and OSHA $1B.. HHS at $95B , CDC the biggest one I couldn’t find an actual figure. Crap and the NIH $38B… And many many many more less significant ones.

                Why cannot companies afford to pay more?? They’re too busy paying Gov-Gods for permission to produce goods for people. When the left talks about “rich” people in the market they include the entire company asset which isn’t a pure savings account by any means and full of places to stuff Guessing games into. There’s million of the “rich” millionaires that’ll loose their shirts in under a year. A few years back I was hanging sheet-rock with a guy who just a few years earlier was a multi-millionaire real estate investor that lost his shirt in the Recession.

                The only truly risk-less, non asset producing is the COLLECTIVE gov-gun force collection of peoples labors.

                1. And what gave that guy multiple-millions of dollars in a short period of time. The FHA, Zero-Risk Loaning ( A “House for all”). He was sitting on loaned money GOV passed around like nobodies business.

                  1. It all goes back to VALUE = WEALTH versus POWER to STEAL = WEALTH. Except that power doesn’t actually *create* produce for mankind; there’s only so much made that can be stolen.

    2. Let me take a guess at that question; You’re upset with your current ‘environment’. Yet your most local governing is by Democrats. But instead of putting blame there; you project to the National Level insisting everyone has the same h*llhole as you live-in.

      Pretending that your Democratic support isn’t at all related to the h*llhole you live in.

      Because coming from an [R] State; I absolutely love our State Government and living in the State’s environment. I have ZERO desire to project any of it Nationally only insist that FEDERAL doesn’t ruin it!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Nope I live in a red city in a red state governed by theocrats. It’s paradise I’m sure.

        You don’t appear to have even a basic level of how anything works. You need to stop consuming whatever trash you consume to get your political, uh, thoughts, and join the real world before you find yourself in the middle of a lynch mob because some orange man who can barely speak a full sentence without losing his train of thought told you to for no reason you can even remember.

        1. “It’s paradise I’m sure”, Glad you agree. Federal dictation is it’s only stain especially when National Socialist have way too much *POWER*. Why are you trying to put National Dictation over Paradise States?

          Is there a ‘RED’ city still in the USA? I thought the ballot printers got rid of all of those by now.

          Well; then Tony – If you hate living in a full Republican environment might I suggest Detroit? Surely a move would be easier than trying to take over an entire Nation. If National Socialism is your thing pretty sure Venezuela is taking citizenship.

          1. Or heck… CA – Go get the CA universal healthcare going!! No strain off my back.

  23. Two things the new Democrat Congress can do to both limit government and promote freedom are:
    – Repeal marijuana prohibition laws (i.e. remove as Class 1 Drug),
    – Enact Roe v Wade as a federal law (to ensure that SCOTUS won’t repeal or replace Roe v Wade).

    1. But it is unlikely the Dems will legalize weed or enact Roe v Wade because many pot smokers and even more women would vote for GOP candidates in the future.

    2. Biden platform is decriminalization. I wonder if they’ve noticed how popular the issue is and are saving it for targeted state efforts.

      Given what’s on the supreme court now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they discover that the bill of rights applies to fetuses.

      1. The Row v Wade divide isn’t partisan in the People. There are almost just as many Democrats who would support pegging a bill of rights on a fertilized egg as there are Republicans. Republicans had the legislative power to do it — but they didn’t. And I hope they never do.

        BUT the right to early abortion, for me anyways, is but an ant on a mountain of National Socialist threats like National Energy Monopolizing (The Green New Deal), Gun Control, More Regulation, National Gov-Healthcare, Spending, Massive-Immigration, North Korean Threats, etc, etc, etc….

        1. You’re entitled to your terrible beliefs. I suppose it’s too much to ask that you form those beliefs based on facts and not scare words screeched at you by Laura Ingraham.

  24. Even the most forgiving, honest rather than self-interested, view toward government argues for its severe limitation.

    “The heart must go out to all who suffer. I’m not sure that America’s problems are chiefly material and economic. I’m not sure they are amenable to political or governmental solution. I think the best government can do is: no harm.” ~ Jay Nordlinger

    History though lends much credence to a much less forgiving view toward government.

    “And the so-called sovereigns, in these different governments, are simply the heads, or chiefs, of different bands of robbers and murderers”. ~ Lysander Spooner

    Being as forgiving of government as we choose we can not escape a core problem of it. Government can’t create. Government can only redistribute or destroy. And government redistribution entails much destruction. And government destruction entails much redistribution. And the lion’s share of government’s redistribution goes to those in government.

  25. Not anymore, you stupid bitch, you got the leftist totalitarianism you wanted.

  26. Sounds like we need some TEEEEEEEEERM LIMITS!

  27. It cracks me up when libertarians complain about BIG Government. Where, exactly IS this big government, if by government you mean a group of public employees charged with some sort of public service? If that’s what government is (and that seems to be what most complain about-overbearing government bureaucrats and the like), it could only mean the majority of such spending, national defense. But. while that is over half discretionary spending (which has been going down as a percent of spending for 30 years) even that is only 15% of the total budget. So, other than running an armed force and essentially writing checks to defense contractor, creditors and (mostly) individuals, the amount that the feds spend on actual non-military government actions; education, public health ( what could we use THAT for?), R&D, transportation) is a lousy 6.5% of outlays.

    1. IC you get your news from the left. HELLO!!!! Our most recent budget deficit trompled out to the tune of $3 TRILLION!!!! in excessive spending. You think that all went to the Department of Defense????

      Just today Biden is pushing for another $2 TRILLION – is that for the Department of Defense too???

      Perhaps a little (just a speckle) of skepticism in what information you’re getting is in order.

      1. What threat from spending $2 trillion do you foresee that’s worse than a pandemic and economic catastrophe? Do you think a government saves money by being stingy in bad times? Is that what you learned in Econ?

        You know what cost MORE than $2 trillion? Trump’s tax cuts.

        You don’t get to claim you’re for a balanced budget unless you’re for repealing those, period.

        1. Still a fucking economic ignoramus, eh toe jam? Fuck off.

  28. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are friends to small government. True. But, in and of itself, hardly newsworthy.

    I’d posit that, right now, the much more important question is which is a greater threat to liberty? Right now it isn’t the Republicans trying to put together commissions to decide which speech they will allow and which they will forbid. It isn’t Republicans looking for blanket “unpersonings” of their political enemies. It isn’t Republicans seeking to disallow people from running in the future and labeling the process as political and not subject to due process. It isn’t Republicans insisting we have to be disarmed.

    If you care about liberty, in the face of these threats, the fact that Republicans are sorely lacking in limited government bona fides should be utterly irrelevant. If you don’t think the same people will decide tomorrow that libertarians are unacceptable and deserving of the same treatment, you’re whistling past the graveyard.

  29. Is this Google pay or

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