Trump Has Been Impeached—Again

Several House Republicans joined their colleagues across the aisle in the ultimate condemnation of Trump's role on Jan. 6.


The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 232–197 to charge President Donald Trump with impeachment for his role in inciting the Capitol riot on January 6.

It is the fourth time a sitting president has been impeached and the second time that Trump has faced such charges, after he was impeached in 2019 and ultimately acquitted in 2020.

Trump's first impeachment vote fell almost entirely along partisan lines. This time, however, several House Republicans voted to move forward against the president, including Reps. Liz Cheney (R–Wyo.), Adam Kinzinger (R–Ill.), Dan Newhouse (R–Wash.), John Katko (R–N.Y.), Fred Upton (R–Mich.), Peter Meijer (R–Mich.), Jaime Herrera Beutler (R–Wash.), Anthony Gonzalez (R–Ohio), Tom Rice (R–S.C.), and David Valadao (R–Calif.).

Trump's first impeachment was plagued by complaints that it had little support from those outside the Democratic Party. Today's impeachment measure, however, received the most bipartisan support in history. It is the only time a president has been impeached twice.

"The President of the United States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President," said Cheney, who is the third-ranking Republican in the House, in a statement. "The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution."

Rep. Jim Jordan (R–Ohio) subsequently announced that the House should reconsider her leadership.

On January 6, Trump encouraged his supporters to go to the Capitol and "fight like hell" after continuing to push theories that widespread election fraud led to President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election, though neither Trump nor his supporters can substantiate those claims.

"Donald Trump has constructed a glass palace of lies, fear-mongering, and sedition. Last week, the nation watched it shatter into pieces," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D–Md.). "He is no patriot."

The insurrection last week resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol Police officer and a fatal police shooting of a Trump supporter.

Some dissenting Republicans questioned whether or not Trump was really to blame for last week's events, while others said that the need for unity was more important than accountability. "A vote to impeach would further divide this nation," said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.). "A vote to impeach would further fan the flames of partisan division. Most Americans want neither inaction nor retribution. They want durable, bipartisan justice," McCarthy added, ignoring that this impeachment is indeed shaping up to be bipartisan and that such charges will always be divisive. "The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack by mob rioters," he continued.

It will next move to the Senate, where a trial will begin after President-elect Joe Biden has been sworn in. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.), who is about to become the minority leader, has reportedly intimated that he may vote to convict.

UPDATE: This post has been edited to include the final vote tally.

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477 responses to “Trump Has Been Impeached—Again

  1. Mitch McConnell voting to convict Donald Trump might be the most Mitch McConnell thing he’s ever done.

    1. Amongst the last of the masks the Trump administration has ripped off.

      1. And then we can impeach him for ripping masks off.

        1. If only the villains of Scooby Doo knew this!

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              1. Even this scam is better than Congress, lol

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          2. Where is the upvote for funny comment button?

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      2. Wow and a whole week before his term ends. Amazing effort to do nothing of value except for the democrat party to go down in history with the biggest hissy fit tantrum.

        1. It’s a warning against the next populist who dares to raise his fist against the might of the imperium, and all it took was a Reichstag fire.
          Now watch all the corporatists struggle to see how far they go in destroying his companies publicly, to really drive the lesson home.

          It was also a bitch slap to the face of 70 million deplorables telling them their place. Now we’ll see if they really are bitches or not.

          If the establishment was trying to start a civil war on purpose, they wouldn’t be acting any differently.

          1. There is that talk hoping for another civil war again. This is why you guys are getting kicked off all the platforms. Turns out nobody likes assholes.

            1. So you are saying that people who believe a civil war is imminent (note that Lament did not endorse such an idea) should be deplatformed? Really?

              1. I am saying that the reason people are getting deplatformed is for promoting violence. No one should be forced to host such content against their will.

                1. People who merely attended the Trump rally and did not participate in the riot or even expressly approve it are getting deplatformed, too.

                  1. Good. They all believe in dangerous lies. Let them shout them into a pillow.

                2. So prove us wrong… cite a time you have asked to deplatform anybody from the left. Just once. You literally defended the left all summer from inciting violence that led to 25 deaths, 2 billion in damage, and 200 riots. You defended them almost daily here.

                  1. Time and time again there was a clear line drawn between protesting and rioting. A few tRumptards rioted.
                    But they rioted on the words of the President.
                    But its the Presidents own fault.
                    In one ear, someone says, Up to 2000 underage people voted in Georgia. Actually, in court documents they didn’t say “up to” only when pressed they said it should have been “might have voted”.
                    In the other ear, Georgia’s secretary of state (a Republican) investigated and found only 3 people request ballots before they were 18, but their birthdates were before Nov 3rd. He also pointed out they don’t publish enough info to figure out the birthdate of every registed voter – just the birth year – so you cannot make a simple list comparison.
                    So do you tell the crowd “A” the theory proposed by a guy who is seriously hedging his claims and couldn’t have made a conclusive determination because he didn’t have the facts OR do you tell the crowd the more mundane, theory “B” that is supported by the facts and is supported by your own party?
                    Well tRump choose option A, and they believed him and some rioted.
                    If you believe his niece, tRump would have picked A, because that was the only path to staying in the Whitehouse – win at any cost – even the Constitution.

                3. The reason people are getting deplatformed is because they don’t agree with The Party. Leftists promote violence all the time.

            2. Yet your side, yes you are a liberal WK, has been talking about it for 2 decades now. Yet you have completely ignored it and even cheered it along.

              Tell us again how many genders there are. Tell us again about how great the GND is. Keep defending authoritarian actions like the lock downs.

              You’re not a libertarian. You’re a globalist who wants leftist control of every country. You’ve admitted as much.

              1. Being asked to be polite to trans people caused you to commit terrorism against the US?

                Do you not think you might be huffing the rightwing echo chamber farts just a little too much?

                1. “……asked?…..”

                  People who think that they can (and need to) “reassign” their gender are mentally ill. And they are not asking. They are demanding that this illness be normalized, nay, applauded. Science deniers all.

                  Not that we should be mean to them. Just ignore the attention mongering.

                  “Polite” enough for ya?

              2. “Tell us again how many genders there are.”
                Butchering of the language. There are two sexes, male and female. Although there extreme case of someone having characteristics of both.
                “Gender” does NOT refer to biological differences. “Sex” refers to biological differences.
                If someone wants me to call them “they” or “he” or “she”, it’s no big deal – harmless.

            3. “that talk” was advising Dems to stop being so divisive, to help avoid said civil war.

            4. I didn’t call for civil war you dishonest shit. I said your bosses are acting like they’re trying to start one.
              You’re all so consistently dishonest.

              1. What about the ones who committed an act of war against the United States? Were they acting like they wanted a war?

                1. You mean the speaker of the house asking the military to make a coup?

                2. You sound like a total homo when you keep bleating that line like a raving faggot.

                  Oh wait……..

                  PS: it’s not that I’m anti gay. It’s more that I’m anti Tony and that kind of language feels appropriate, even necessary, when addressing him. Must be my total lack of respect and consideration for him. Instead there is only disdain.

                  1. Mark Sextus fascist traitor:

                    It’s not that you’re homophobic… It’s that you’re an uneducated, backwards, inbred, ignorant hillbilly. I don’t think you’re purposefully a fascist, anti American bigot, but you’re too ignorant to realize you come off as a super bigoted rube.

                    1. It’s funny, you calling someone else a bigot.

              2. Maybe you should.

            5. Correct Chip. No one likes you. Never will.

            6. You can have political change through fair elections, or you can have it through civil war.

          2. As I said in a previous thread, this is what they did to the Brothers Gracchi in the Roman Republic. They beat the first one to death on the senate floor. The second was hounded through the city into hiding, and then when caught, beheaded, his head filled with lead. His son and wife were dispossessed to live penniless.

            When you take on the aristocracy and lose, they ensure you will not return. Tacitus comes to mind “They rob, kill and plunder, and deceivingly call it ‘Rule’, and when they create desolation, they call it Peace.”

            1. “If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticize” also Tacitus. Trump may not have drained the swamp but he sure did expose it.

              1. Whatever draining he did, he restocked with his own brand of alligators.

          3. all it took was a Reichstag fire

            Actual Marxists were lighting fires all around the country all summer. How ironic is it that the protest that will start a crackdown that will consume both the guilty and the innocent didn’t involve an actual fire, gets blamed on a group that members of the ruling party often call Nazis, and was allegedly inspired by the guy they frequently refer to as Hitler.

            Welcome to steampunk America, people. A gaslight around every corner.

            The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, and the secrecy of the post and telephone.[13] These rights were not reinstated during Nazi reign. The decree was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause.

            1. Chuck are you one of those Mormons that claims Mormons were persecuted and killed by Nazis for simply being Mormon?

              They weren’t.

              It’s just more LDS Propoganda. Look at us! Suffering christ like figures we are!

              Truth is Mormons are far more Nazi like than Antifa or BLM.

              1. Calling somone a nazi who you claim is sub-human and in need of extermination is a self-pwn. 0 points.

          4. Mother

            Get the fuck out of my country.

            1. It really falls flat when leftists try to go all jingoist on their opponents.

              1. They actually mean it though. They want the destruction of all opposing thought and they aren’t hiding it. They are openly calling for reeducation camps.

                1. your comment would have a little more weight if all the right wingers on the board werent the usual suspects calling for murder and violence against their political opponents.

                  maybe pay attention before directly contradicting yourself next time (and there will be many, at least 5 per thread at this point)

                  1. You mean calling for self defense against the treason and tyranny of the left.

                    Instead of arguing, why don’t you fags really throw down. See how you fare when your opponent isn’t an old woman outnumbered six to one by soyboys. Do it.

                    Nah, you’re too big of a pussy to ever do anything.

            2. Asshole, get the fuck out of MY country.

            3. I’m not in your country you fascist fuck.
              What are you babbling about.

              1. I think he was replying to Echospinner.

                1. lulz

          5. A very apt analogy. This was our Reichstag fire.

            1. And they didn’t have to burn down their legislature building to have it. Who says there hasn’t been progress in 80-85 years?

          6. Correction 70 million people ok with corporatism, slave labor, and employer violence. This place has really been dumbed down.

            1. “70 million people ok with corporatism, slave labor, and employer violence”

              Your number is off, Biden got more ballots than that.

            2. Yeah, you’re right. The democrats are pretty awful.

            3. I thought Hihn died?

          7. It already started covertly, but the aggressors are crybullies, so it hasn’t been recognized for the aggression it is…yet.

        2. and ensure that 10 moderate Republicans in the House get replaced with Tea Partiers in 2 years. wise move.

    2. And that’s really saying sumpthin’ for Yertle the Turtle

    3. McConnell Rejects Emergency Session for Impeachment Trial

    4. Looks like the tortoise is gonna win the race after all.

      1. Nope, once again it all comes down to John Roberts. When the new Senate convenes they will take this up and he will preside. If he says it goes, then it goes.

        Once that happens then they pack the court and “honor, Trust, or Profit” gets extended to include elected officials.

        This is the moment they’ve been waiting for and they will not blink.

        1. They cant blink. The last two democrat Presidents lost the midterms in their first terms and never regained majority control of government (Clinton with the assault weapons ban and Obama with the affordable care act). This can not be allowed to happen again. Measures will be taken to ensure that the citizenry’s objection, at the ballot box to the legislation of the next two years, will not coalesce. One bad law got both Clinton and Obama in trouble with the voters. There are going to be several bad laws over the next two years. Mainly as a knee jerk reaction to pressure from the “woke” faction of the democrat party. Unfortunately, some of the more welcome and necessary democrat causes such as criminal justice reform will be lost in some bastardized monstrosity of legislation that addresses nothing of substance. For example, the affordable care act didn’t make healthcare more accessible or affordable and the assault weapons ban actually banned nothing and had no effect on violent crime. The democrats realize that their legislation over the next two years will not be well received. It never is. I think this is why we are seeing “cancel culture” go into overdrive. Dissent must be stifled by all means necessary for the sake of 2022.

        2. “This is the moment they’ve been waiting for and they will not blink.”

          And you stupid cocksuckers delivered it right to their front door. Giving control of both houses of congress and the presidency to the libtards is, apparently, your idea of making America great again. Go fuck yourself.

          1. I think most of the people here that support trump voted for him and other Republicans. If there wasn’t any fraud to speak of, then the only people to blame for the coming shit show are the 80 million that voted for Biden and the Dems.


      Only President that had to stand up to actual traitors working in Congress and the bureaucracy to destroy America from the inside out.

      Thanks dum dum Commies. You just admitted that Trump scares you little pussies. HAHAHA


        If you believe this, you should extend Trump the courtesy of his full and proper title:

        His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hajj Doctor Donald John Baron Trump Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of all the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea and Conqueror of the American Republic in North America in General and these United States in Particular

        1. Pretty sure that is already reserved for Heels Up Harris.

    6. In the new era of rigged elections, he and others were probably guaranteed a certain number good election outcomes in exchange for compliance.

    7. I must admit, however, that McConnell’s vote to convict Donald Trump was rather late in the game, if one gets the drift.

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      2. Nobody in the Senate has voted for anything yet. That not withstanding, Mitch is a Senator of his own political convenience. Turtle has your back right up to the moment it is beneficial for him to stab you there. He’s never been a trusted ally on anything he had to take a unpopular stand on. His finger is never not in the winds of personal political fortunes.

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  2. The vote was 232-197. Ten Republicans voted in favor of impeachment.

    1. You got a problem with bipartisanship?

      1. The things they agree on are always way worse than the things they argue about.

        1. Very true. Like the Iraq war or corporate bailouts, when Republicrats and Democons start agreeing on things, be afraid very afraid.

          1. see Lachowsky below

      2. Yeah- I got a problem with “bipartisanship”. I also have a problem with “duopoly State”.

      3. patriot act, iraq war, sesta, bank bailouts, etc. are all bipartisan. If the Rs and Ds agree on it, its sure to be doubly bad.

      4. The only time Mitch or the GOP get tough, is with his own party, never with the opposition who gore his voters daily.

      5. “We have two parties here, and only two. One is the Evil Party, and the other is the Stupid Party. I’m very proud to be a member of the Stupid Party. Occasionally, the two parties get together to do something that’s both evil and stupid. That’s called bipartisanship.”
        ― M. Stanton Evans

        1. So, which party is which? Is one an Evil-id Party and the other a Stup-evil Party?

    2. Team Trump (probably in collaboration with the RNC) is already recruiting Republicans to challenge those ten GOP House members in the 2022 primary.

      1. Trump may be but the RNC is funded mostly by globalists who want to permanently get rid of Trump.

      2. Yup. Get rid of the Commie infiltrators in the GOP who work with the Commie Democrats.

        This is about free Americans vs tyranny of Lefties and those that help them.

      3. If he’s doing it in collaboration with the RNC he’s stupider than I think he is, and possibly already going senile.

      4. Take a look where they are from. Largely blue states or districts, so that keeps them safe. Exception being Liz Cheney from WY, who has been riding daddy’s coattails for 15 years too long.

    3. Trump’s first impeachment vote fell almost entirely along partisan lines. This time, however, several House Republicans voted to move forward against the president, including

      10% bipartisanship! Wow golly gee willikers that is some bipartisanship you got there!

      Did any Democrats vote against it? Guess bipartisanship only goes so far.

      1. I don’t really care about this meaningless vote, but you do seem to be right. I wonder how often you get truly bi-partisan bills where people in both parties are in both the yay and nay camps?

        1. Not in a long while.

          That’s how you know DC is just fucking theater that were forced to pay for. There is very little disagreement beyond party lines. It’s about power, not governance.

          1. Umm… Initial Covid Relief Bill, the NDAA Trump vetoe’d.

            Happens a ton. And always bad.

        2. I’m sure a bill increasing the number of stalls in the restroom would get bipartisan support.

        1. Yes, sorry! Brain knew 5%, wrote 10%.

    4. When Liz Cheney votes to impeach you, you know you are doing something right.

      1. Worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize in itself.

    5. No Republicans voted in favor of impeachment. Ten “Republicans” voted in favor of impeachment, though.

      In other news, Trump’s approval rating as of today is 48%, dead even with where he’s been for the last four years.

    6. “The vote was 232-197. Ten Republicans voted in favor of impeachment.”

      That’s great, the Republican caucus in the House could use some fresh blood come 2022.

      1. Looks like at least ten more spots that need to be primaried.

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  4. The irony of a purely partisan political abuse of power to impeach based on incitement for which there is clearly no evidence.

    If this doesn’t incite, nothing does.

    1. What a load of horseshit. Your comment- not the actual all out in the open evidence that Trump incited this.

      1. Especially when he said peaceful.

        1. He meant “peaceful” in the Lee Atwater sense of stirring up the base.

          1. Oh, did Trump send you a message stating what he really “meant”? Or are you confusing voices in your head for some sort of mind reading ability?

            1. Chipper will defend to the death not holding Democrats accountable for anything evil they do so long as Trump can be destroyed.

              1. Please post some links to my comments where I defended Democrats.

                1. Do the same. Post some where you called them out for incitement based on the same grounds you do in this thread for Trump.

                  You spent all summer defending BLM and the incendiary language around them that led to 200 riots.

                  1. (Crickets chirping.)

            2. Gee, if there only was some way to judge someone’s intended meaning, such as by the reactions of the audience or something like that.

              1. If only there were a way to judge the intended meaning of the constitution, such as how modern liberals react to it.

                Don’t be an idiot. Words have meaning.

              2. So you support holding our Democrats accountable for the deadly riots this summer?

                1. No he doesn’t. And he’s too much of a pussy to admit it

            3. Considering they were already breaking into the capital as he gave his speech, he was clearly using a Jedi mind trick.

              1. And by breaking into, we mean, ‘walking through the doors that Capitol P.D. was thoughtfully opening for them.’

                The thing I’m worried about is that neither side really has had enough blood yet to put the worst of their rhetoric into practice, and I’m pretty sure that’s changing really soon. Darth Vodka yammering off at the mouth about Trump and nuclear codes has me more than a little worried. I don’t think she came up with that spectre at random.

              2. Is this actually true? I haven’t been able to find anything that clearly shows the timing.

                1. Interesting thing is I just did a search, and after clicking on several media’s posts, I didn’t see when his speech ended, so I had to look up the transcript to find that part out.

                  He started his speech at noon, and it was over an hour long. The mostly peaceful protestors started fighting with police just after one. And the walk from the White House to capital hill is over half an hour.

          2. Wow.. You have really lost any sense of not being on a team WK. LOL. You are open lefty now.. Access to the lefty dictionary and everything.

          3. If you hear the dog whistle (or in this case the incitement whistle) you’re the dumb dog.

            Oh, and tens of thousands of protestors managed to understand that he wasn’t inciting violence or aggression. I wonder why?

      2. Fuck off, fifty-center. Your Media Matters shilling has no power here.

      3. Misek is right. Fuck you for making me support him.

        1. But you and Misek are on the same team.

          1. Don’t be stupid.

            1. That you could command the mighty Mississippi River to falter in its course to the ocean.

              1. *applause*

                1. That wasn’t clever or funny! Why the “applause?”

                  Are you Mormon?

              2. It’s funny you think you’re clever or humorous Chuck. Name one funny Mormon? Mormons don’t have senses of humor. Humor requires at least some independent thinking. Mormons have neither. If they had any brains or independent thought they wouldn’t be Mormon.

                Why do you take discredited scriptures as gospel? Why do you worship a pedo con artist?Why do you feel it’s ok to lie, manipulate, and coerce people into joining your church?

                I know you won’t reply because you’re a morally abhorent coward.

                1. That’s not the way humor works. It works like this:

                  I saw KillMyselfRedneck walking out of the alley behind Embers the other night with cum on his face. Then a car drove by and splashed water all over him. At least his face ended up clean.


            2. You and the neo Nazi are on the same team.

              You said you support him.

              1. Yikes, you’re right.

                It stepped outside of its bigotry for a moment to consider an argument.

                It doesn’t seem to like it though.

                1. “It”

                  The kind of language to be expected from a stormfag like you.

              2. You and the nazi have a lot more in common though.

              3. No. He said he agreed with something that the Holocaust denier wrote. I’ve agreed with something Tony wrote on occasion over the years. That doesn’t mean I support his retarded fascism or soft tyranny.

                Jesus Christ Echo.

                1. Well Jesus said some very good things. Perhaps the world would be a better place if people listened to him more.

                  Unicorn is not a Nazi. There is no place for them here. Misek is. To say that they were right sometimes and hey so was Tony is not an argument.

      4. What evidence? Perhaps you can quote the parts of his speech that incited the takeover of the Capitol Building. I listened to his whole speech and there was nothing in it that suggested unlawful actions,

      5. He incited nothing. The fact that you and the dross in DC think he did reflects badly on you, not Trump.

        This is the mad world we are in, a simple statement is incitement to violence with ‘open evidence’ while an obviously stolen election with a guy who couldn’t fill a car park gets 80 million votes, 10 million more than Obama, is conspiracy stuff.

        It’ll be fun watching you munchkins constantly taking a bite out of a shit sandwich and fawning over how good it is for the next 4 years.

        1. I wish we had upvotes here!
          So, here’s one

          People who brought things to use in a riot were incited to riot by a president who made a completely innocuous statement a few minutes after they began rioting.

          Or do you think people bring riot stuff to a political rally “just in case” someone should happen to incite them to a riot? ‘Cause I think if you bring that stuff, you intend to use it.

  5. Ahhh reason still quoting a new york times article and their “source”

    1. Ahh ok- too bad they’re not quoting a random guy on youtube like where you and other right wingers get their “info”.

      1. And that’s still better than bottom of the barrel CNN where you get yours

      2. Sources say you’re a piece of shit. I believe them!

      3. If Trump is responsible for incitement for Wednesday, then you’re responsible for incitement for the riots.
        You hurled a lot more invective than he did.

      4. Do your knees squeak when you try to get back to your feet?

      5. The NYT has incited a hell of a lot more violence than a half as occupation of a federal building.

        Yellow cake, anyone?

        1. I see your yellow cake, and raise you the NYT’s complicity in the Holodomor.

          1. The starvation deaths of twelve million Ukrainians can be tied directly to the actions of the New York Times.
            No newspaper has killed more people.

  6. Oh, god, this is fucking absurd. If Trump can be held responsible for last week’s excitement, than everyone who delivered a fiery, revolutionary-themed speech to a BLM rally is responsible for all the looting and rioting that occurred in association with BLM protests.
    I have a hard time believing that people actually believe the shit they are saying. But I also have a hard time believing that so many people would be so mendacious.
    And fuck all the pearl-clutching dinks making me defend Trump once again.

    1. Well said. Deep state + useful idiots alway wins.

    2. Exactly. Had they arrested and and all politicians who supported and even incited BLM protests to violence I might be willing to support this. However this is just ridiculous at this point. Its just going to piss off more people with no upside.

      1. It’s like they’re doing it on purpose.

        They swear that they didn’t fraud the election, and then they act exactly like they’re covering up election fraud.

        They stormed the senate during the Kavanagh hearing in 2019, burned DC in May, attacked the White House and built an autonomous zone in June, and assaulted the White House again in August, but then decide that when the other does it then it’s suddenly a bridge to far.

        They start banning people not just from platforms, but from life itself for incitement, meanwhile #KillTrump is trending on Twitter.

        It’s like they deliberately want people to feel gaslit and oppressed and angry.

        1. A local farm in my area is being canceled. Turns out the owner attended the peaceful protest in DC. He didn’t participate in the riot. And now Facebook has banned him, and they are threatening to ban his farm’s facebook page. We have gone to this place multiple times in the past for apple picking.

          It isn’t enough that these people want to boycott him. They want his farm kicked off the internet. And that is sad, considering he was attending a political gathering. Really sad.

          1. Do you live near DC by chance? Just curious if the farm is in the proximity because I would absolutely stop by and buy something if they’re the target of a cancel mob. I’m especially interested in doing so since the only farms in the area that put political messages front and center are progressives

          2. Overt, I feel the same way. Is this farmer in the People’s Republic of NJ? I will absolutely buy what I can from that farmer.

          3. That free market will get ya XD

    3. Precisely. This is absurd. Libertarians and Conservatives have consistently renounced violence- and if you read Trump’s address before the violence at the Capitol, he asked the protestors to behave peacefully. It’s all so truly nuts…

      1. But his eyes said differently; I know because I saw an eye reading expert on CNN tell me so.

        1. Don’t forget their dog whistle translation service.

          1. Weirdest thing is I always thought it was only dogs who could hear the whistles…

            1. The phrase “dog whistle” is an amazing thing as it’s doing all the work. It allows people like Tony to describe somebody else as advocating a position at odds with what they actually proposed.
              Basically allowing him to misrepresent (lie) about their position.

              It’s essential for bad faith arguments.

              1. You are not Canadian

      2. “Libertarians and Conservatives have consistently renounced violence”

        Yea, which makes one wonder: what the fuck is the point of continuing to do so?

          1. They are already engaged in disenfranchising people for speech and lawful assembly. When they start arresting people for the same, violence is the moral response.

            1. More lies from the liar who goes to the liar church.

              Anyone with a brain doesn’t take you seriously Chuck. You worship a pedo con artist and think disproven tripe is the word of God.

              If you Mormons just wanted to keep to yourselves and be dumbasses in shithole Utah that would be fine. But no! You have to try and force your bullshit beliefs on everyone. You have to have as many kids as possible. It’s not enough for you to be morally bankrupt losers, but you need the whole world to think like you.

              That’s why you must be stopped.

              1. Self-plagiarism. You submitted this before. 0 points and a referral to see the Principal.

    4. The Capitol is special. Federal buildings in your city, much less businesses already hurting from lockdowns, don’t count for squat, bro.

      1. Right, Nan P got a mirror broken after all. And left her laptop open to scrutiny by not having a stupid Pword on the thing. Damn thee, I say!

        1. I think that’s what pissed Granny Winebox off the most. Having her throne room sullied by the hoi polli.

          1. Granny Winebox or Darth Vodka? Decisions, decisions…

      2. See, e.g., leftarians like JFree. Not a peep from them about that.

    5. while NO fan of trump i am truly depressed that the folks that have called for real violence against real people, in words of two syllables and less, are not being held to explain their clearly stated word. if we are willing to call the trumpy types terrorists what might we call the dipshits that occupied blocks of private property with the intent of creating a sovereign nation, armed their sentries to bar entry, engaged in willful destruction of property, and so on

      sauce for the geeses is sauce for the ganderses. except in modern day america where 1/2 of the population is PERFECTLY WILLING to bend over while truth rolls down the drain

      1. dipshits that occupied blocks of private property with the intent of creating a sovereign nation, armed their sentries to bar entry, engaged in willful destruction of property, and so on

        And murdered children. You forgot the part where they shot a couple of teenagers and obstructed the emergency responders.

        1. Wait, where was this?

          1. The CHAZ. And some of the teens they murdered were black. But the CHAZ was totes in response to the mistreatment black Americans suffer at the hands of the system. Or something.

          2. Seattle. The emerald city.

        2. You have no room to criticize anyone Chuck. Your Church is actively working on destroying America and taking away our freedoms. You’re also a fascist traitor Chuck! I’m anti death penalty, but Mormons aren’t people so it’s fine killing you without a trial. You’re like an invasive species that needs to be stamped out. However that’s giving you too much credit. Invasive species had value in their native environment, but mormons have no value anywhere.

          Please tell me if you visit?

          1. Derivative of your other screeds, but the invasive species part is educational and puts a ‘green’ spin on the proposed genocide. 0 points for Reason, but you should hang to this one for your Antifa application.

      2. insurrectionists seems apt.

      3. I don’t think I would call the protesters at the capitol terrorists, not at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure they thought they were being the ultimate patriots. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me anyone who breaks in to the capitol of the United States is a criminal. But you can’t convince these patriots of that. So then you have to wonder why so many of these people turned on their own government. It was Trump. Trump an only Trump. With his lies, deception, conspiracy theories and other bullshit. I suppose if I had fallen prey to Trump, I may have done the same thing. If you want to lean that way, Trump is very very good at making a complete made up story true. But don’t worry too much. The chances are somewhat good that he will be impeached and removed from office this week. Probably not, but there is that chance.

        1. The thing about Donald Trump is that he did what demagogues such as Louise Day Hicks here in Boston, Tony Imperiale in Newark, NJ, and Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia (to name a few), except on a much, much larger scale: emboldened racists and extremists by creating the kind of atmosphere that allowed them to do their dirty work, and to manipulate tons of other people into following them, if one gets the drift.

          1. Haha. You losers need so desperately to be lead, and assume that others are as weak as you. Too funny.

            1. Ummmm, I think you are the loser. Your king is done and will soon be leaving for good. Did you march at the capitol last week and follow the orders of your king?

              You do realize Trump lost the election, right? Or are we waiting for another day when Trump will take his presidency back. How’s that working for you so far. I’d hate to be behind closed doors with Trump watching him cry like a baby without a baba. What an embarrassing sight that must be. He lost so bigly. Haha!

              1. Haha. You’re such an idiot. And you completely missed my point. Whoosh!

                My king? I don’t have one, dumbass. I don’t need to be lead like you do.

                And then it just keeps going! Haha.

    6. “And fuck all the pearl-clutching dinks making me defend Trump once again.”

      You try to get out, but they keep pulling you back in!

  7. A farce worse than the first. Trump’s words on January 6th. ” I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. Today we will see whether Republicans stand strong for integrity of our elections”

    1. He said a lot more than that, but nice try.

      1. “‘We won this election, and we won it by a landslide’ – A lie.
        “‘We will stop the steal’ – Just dumb.
        ‘We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen’ – He is under no duty to concede. It makes him a child but thats not news.
        “‘If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore’ – Similar sentiments have been made by plenty of other politicians (mostly from Democrats) over the years. Its generally accepted to mean fight politically, especially when followed by the statement “‘Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard’.

        1. The fact that the Pravda media so quickly buried any question of election fraud is a primary indicator that it was significant, at least in swing states.

        2. Every politician and sports coaches use fighting terms and it was always understood in the manner of the ballot box not the boxing ring

        3. What does it mean when it’s followed by 5 people getting killed?

          1. It means the people who killed them are responsible.

            This is no different than when Hillary and Obama tried to blame some idiot’s Youtube video for the Benghazi attacks, and promised to the family of one of those killed that they were going to “get” the guy who incited the Islamists by daring to make an anti-Islam video. Because until then, Islamists loved the United States, of course, 9/11 notwithstanding.

            If you look at their actions, there emerges a long pattern of the same kinds of lies from the Dems.

          2. It means that Trump used all of his protesters to carry out the deeds he was too week to do himself. And lets not forget that he said things like “We’ll march to the capitol.” And I’ll be there with you.” And then guess what? He was nowhere to be found. I’m not sure where he went, but it was probably to the white house. He probably ran there and turned on the TV to watch the news as the riots were unfolding. He probably watched joyfully for a while. Then his phone started ringing from Pence and other republicans in the senate. Then he waited longer and longer and longer. Once he got enough phone calls and had seen enough to record so he could watch it over and over and over again, he finally made that shitty little video telling his minions to go home. I don’t know about you all, but to me, that’s a coward and a pussy. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, maybe less, a lot less. Like a weak, lying, conspiracy believing, unfit to be president kind of person. Trump is in politics for one thing. Himself. Anyone who thinks he’s in it for you, is a fool. “They are not after you. They are after him. You are just standing in their way.” Sound familiar?

            1. What part of “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” do you not get?

              1. Yup. it was totally peaceful.
                So, what part of 5 people dead did you not get? And why were they marching around the capitol chanting “Hang Mike Pence”? And why did it take so long for Trump to address his minions to get them to stop? Because in their minds, Trump commanded them to. Does that make Trump innocent?

      2. He says lots of things, and they often mean little, so nice try.

        Literally, go fuck yourself.

      3. You should have quoted the parts you feel are damning.

        1. There aren’t any.

        2. (Jeopardy music plays into infinity)

      4. Nice innuendo. Do you have a quote to back up your inference?

    2. Nice selective cherry-picking of what Trump said.

      1. “Nice selective cherry-picking of what Trump said.”

        OK, TDS-adled lefty shit, please quote the ‘other parts’

      2. Alright Chipper, why don’t you tell us what he left out.

      3. The lefty shit still won’t say what sentence was incitement.

      4. seems like the most appropriate quote, since he specifically asked people to protest peacefully and didn’t walk it back later.

  8. The case for Impeaching Trump continuously through 2024. Discuss.

    1. The only goal is to easily boot him out of the Rep party & prevent him from holding office again…

      1. This is long over due. Trump is a crazy, NYC sewer rat of a Democrat that should have never been allowed in the Republican Party.

        “Americans and Republicans, remember: You asked for this. Given the choice between a dozen solid conservatives and one Clinton-supporting con artist and game-show host, you chose the con artist. You chose him freely. Nobody made you do it.

        I will be reminding you all of that, from time to time. ”
        ~ Kevin Williamson

        1. “This is long over due…”

          This from a TDS-adled shit.

        2. Oooo a Kevin Williamson quote. I love hearing from warmongering neocons.
          Do you have anything from Bill Kristol or Max Boot?

        3. Maybe the Republicans will go the “super” delegate route, to keep deplorables from winning the nomination, like the Democrats do. Except the Republicans seem to respect actual democracy more than that.

        4. Trump is not perfect, but he is more of a Republican than any candidate for president since 1988. The usual ones are the globalist RINOs like Bush, Bush again, McCain, and Romney, whose purpose is to advance the establishment’s globalist agenda, as opposed to any Democrat, whose purpose is to advance the establishment’s globalist agenda.

      2. If McConnell and company vote to convict, it will be a long time before a Republican has a chance to be elected President. Many Trump supporters will either choose to not vote or vote 3rd party.

        1. They already have. We could have huge majorities in both houses in 2 years, and we could easily impeach Harris (’cause that’s what you do now when you don’t agree with someone’s politics) and boot her. But now the establishment GOP has shown its true spots, tons of people are already saying they are done with them. If they are done with the GOP, we’re not done with Harris (and Biden, if by some miracle he is still the figurehead by then).

    2. There are still a few more days. Can we get a third?

    3. In a different thread they were joking about a regular Two-Minute Hate and making Jan. 6 into Trump Day after the model of Guy Fawkes Day – burning in effigy, etc.

      And there was a “suggestion” about Congress having an annual impeachment ritual every year, continuing even after Trump dies.

      1. Maybe they can LARP the execution of Van der Lubbe, with the horns guy playing the title roll.

  9. It’s just more political theater, getting us warmed up for Basement Joe and the Left.

    BOHICA Americans….BOHICA!

  10. Well said. Deep state + useful idiots always wins.

  11. The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 232–197 to charge President Donald Trump with impeachment for his role in inciting the Capitol riot on January 6.

    Don’t you mean “his alleged role”?

    1. Thus isn’t an article following journalistic standards from decades ago. Proper qualifiers are considered old fashioned.

      1. No, proper journalistic standards are adhered to in say, the Reinoehl shooting. An innocent protester was shot by police, and we want answers.

  12. And the fascists here are back out in force. Nice to see you never change.

    1. Rasp, I don’t think you’d know fascism if it bit you in the butt.

      1. Communism is about to fuck him in the ass. What’s a little bite?

      2. Nope.

        Fascism is the Democrat Party colluding with BigTech to disappear Parler and tens of thousands of conservative voices on the internet.

        Like, literally fascism.

        1. The dictionary definition.

        2. Well said.

    2. “And the fascists here are back out in force. Nice to see you never change.”

      There are several lefty shits here who constantly post what most of us recognize as “lies”; this piece of shit among them.
      In fact, separating fact from fantasy is beyond their limited metal faculties; they are not ‘lyin’, they are simply too stupid to understand that there are facts and there are fantasies.

      1. He’s just copypasting off his talking points cheat sheet at this point.

    3. Is that you nancy?

    4. looking in the mirror?

  13. YAY!! He cannot wipe this away or excuse it away. He’s scum, dishonest, and deeply destructive. He should not have been elected for he lied to his base that he’d help the working person but at least now it is known just how craven he is.

    1. Commemorative pens to follow!!

    2. There are several lefty shits here who constantly post what most of us recognize as “lies”; this piece of shit among them.
      In fact, separating fact from fantasy is beyond their limited metal faculties; they are not ‘lyin’, they are simply too stupid to understand that there are facts and there are fantasies.

    3. What did he get “impeached” for Jeff? Can you enlighten us?

    4. He did help the working person. Remember that record low unemployment before the Dem governors (and some dumb GOP ones, though to a lesser degree) suicided the economy? That helps the working man.

  14. And again it was a sham impeachment, that libertarians bought into it shows that no libertarian should be listened to and the republican part should push them out forever. Go join the democrats and have at it. I am certain they would love to have you.

    1. SBB, what sham? They were THERE. They don’t need testimony, they don’t need witnesses, they lived it. This man decided to interfere in the lawful, constitutionally proscribed duty of a co-equal branch of government while it was confirming HIS defeat. To allow this would be to allow the President to interfere in his defeat/to even prevent his lawful defeat by popular vote. The only Sham is the Sham of election fraud.

      1. Well 46% didn’t feel threatened if the vote is any indication.

      2. ‘The only Sham is the Sham of election fraud.’

        “We built the biggest election fraud organization in history.”
        -Your hero Sleepy

      3. What happened “there” that Trump did that was impeachable, Jeff?

      4. No, he did not. He held a lawful rally and said completely typical politician things. People who already had decided to riot got their gear out of their backpacks and got started… unless you suppose they brought that stuff to the rally “just in case” they were to be incited?

        There’s also the thing about the unrest starting before the president’s supposedly inflammatory words. They should have picked some other words as the ones that triggered the riot, something he said sooner. Their operatives in the crowd started too early.

    2. Who are you talking to? Can’t the same be said of Republicans, many of whom seem to have bought into it with much greater effect? Or are you talking about certain particular libertarians?

      Anyway, since I’m the only true libertarian (obviously), and I didn’t buy their bullshit, so your comment puzzles me.

    3. Hey now, don’t smear all of us! I’m a libertarian, and I think Trump is the best we’ve had since Reagan and I support him completely. Democrats would have to improve their stature before they would even compare favorably with the slimy algae in a small freshwater body. Is that clear enough?

      The writers of Reason don’t match the definition of libertarianism I use. They’ve consistently shown themselves to be progressive wannabes.

  15. We need better Republicans.


    1. Until the supplicate before the authoritarian left they will continue to be the wrong Republicans.

  16. Good.

    1. Well under the Ken S line here, and a shit badly addled with TDS besides.

  17. The TDS pandemic has turned into a disingenuous totalitarian coup d’etat that will fail miserably because Trump’s term as president ends next week, and the Senate isn’t scheduling a trial.

    Today’s partisan extremism (by Democrats and left wing propagandists, including Reason) to defame, demonize and destroy Trump will only make him more powerful politically

    1. “If you cut me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

  18. The insurrection

    Apparently Binion got the narrative playbook.

    I mean….SRSLY? Is this Public Education at work?

    1. Rich Uncle Charles hands him another brown envelope for every one of these garbage articles he pumps out.

  19. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.), who is about to become the permanent minority leader

    1. Well, maybe trading the ‘burbs for the sticks wasn’t such a great move.

      Or nominating a former dem, NY silver spoon, court-proven conman to be your party’s leader.

      You all sowed, now starts the reaping.

      1. “…Or nominating a former dem, NY silver spoon, court-proven conman to be your party’s leader…”

        There are several lefty shits here who constantly post what most of us recognize as “lies”; this piece of shit among them.
        In fact, separating fact from fantasy is beyond their limited metal faculties; they are not ‘lyin’, they are simply too stupid to understand that there are facts and there are fantasies.

  20. Is there any real point to any of all this?

    1. Yes, it stains Trump, 100 years from now, 200 years from now, he will be seen for what he was, one of the most corrupt, craven and dishonest men ever to hold any political office. His legacy is a legacy of lies and hate.

      1. Yes, and it throws a hurdle in front of any who might come along to again attempt tyranny. Trump proved that it can be attempted here. Let’s not let someone prove that, if the evil president is not also a moron, it can happen here.

        1. What hurdle? I see no value from it except a learning experience for someone who really has those plans. You make it seem simple and the world will be all sunshine and roses again after this dubbed great cleansing. It’s more likely someone will learn and apply Count of Monte Cristo principles in the future.

        2. “Yes, and it throws a hurdle in front of any who might come along to again attempt tyranny…”

          If this TDS-addled shit had read anything about drooling Joe, he’d know he’s lying, but that’s what TDS-addled shits do.

        3. Trump proved that? We’re you asleep while Obama was literally jailing reporters, and instructing banks to not do business with his political enemies?

          1. We who complained about Obama were vexed by the “If a tree falls in the forest…” problem and nothing was proven to anyone else.

            I’ve always called Trump Obama’s third term with reason.

        4. Jeff drops the mask here and hints at the real point.

          It’s a warning to the next prole who gets to big for his boots and challenges the imperium.
          “Push against us and we’ll ruin you”.

        5. The tyranny the left is actually engaged in currently?

      2. So no real value at this time.

      3. So, just like every other politician, just without pretending to be decent.

      4. It’s cute that you think that. 100 or 200 years from now he will be as irrelevant as both Bush’s, Clinton, and Biden except for the scores of PhD candidates writing their dissertations on ‘The Politics of Mass Hysteria: A Reevaluation of the Trump Presidency’ similar to those done over Richard III.

      5. Did you copy all that from Pelosi’s blog, or did you think it yourself?

      6. His legacy is a legacy of lies and hate.

        Yet it took a year-long pandemic and multiple betrayals by the entrenched bureaucracy for you grifting Marxists to defeat him. You really suck at this.

        1. Where did you live in Oregon Chuck? My guess is shithole trailer park in rural Clackamas county.

          Yeah Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million in 2016. So the majority of the country has never been on board with him.

          I know you Mormons love to scream that you don’t like him and you have morals, but you still vote for him.

          1. A noted lack of perceptiveness and stale references. You completely neglected the glaringly obvious dig on Mormons choosing the greater of 2 evils. 0 points.

      7. He should be on Rushmore.

    2. Well, there is a certain amount of chest-pounding for the Democrats, while the Republicans get to purge themselves of nuisance that will impede their campaigns in 2022 and 2024.
      They say the party in power is arrogant and the party out of power is insane, and there are arguments for casting both parties at this moment as both, but the Democrats do not have stopped to consider what a losing proposition the impeachment trial is for them. Whichever way they vote, they will piss someone off and attract few, if any, additional votes for it.
      By contrast, each Republican senator can vote in whatever way will benefit him electorally, or even abstain — and there are 17 GOP senators who won’t face their voters until 2026, not coincidentally the exact number needed to convict.
      With Trump unable to run for a nonconsecutive term, he will probably lose interest in politics and go on to contaminating some other area of American life.

      1. No.. we need him to contaminate politics some more. That kind of contamination is hard to find!

  21. I’m looking forward to this. How long do you think it’ll take before the long suffering peasants just say fuck it and burn down DC?

    1. A LONG time, for it isn’t the Dems or DC who have lied to them, it is the GOP which told them they’d stand up against China/offshoring/bad wages, etc.. when in fact they voted for tax cuts for the rich, backed offshoring for decades, and lie about the financial interests of the middle-class (in supporting “trickle-down” economics which never manage to trickle-down).

      1. “A LONG time, for it isn’t the Dems or DC who have lied to them,..”

        TDS-addled lefty shit will be lying here all week. Tip the servers, throw food at the lefty shit.

      2. I believe wages were rising and the unemployment was near zero when dems shut the economy down

      3. I really wish we could stop this “tax cuts for the rich” nonsense. It’s completely fraudulent.

        One of the reasons the GOP is in such a bind is the tax cut boned blue-state upper and upper-middle-class taxpayers.

        1. I think Penigma might be WK’s new sock.

      4. They always manage to trickle down. Or did you not notice the outstanding economy we had before the Dems killed it in the name of COVID?

  22. It seems a bit disingenuous to use the word “several” to describe 10 people.

    1. Several (def): more than two but not many.

      Sounds about right.

      It’s also not few. (def) used to emphasize how small a number is.

      It was double-digits, and the most from any party which is the same as the President.


      1. Ah, it is White Knights new sock.
        Good, I’m feeling mean and wanted to bully the officious little retard. Now I know who to target.

        1. She really told on herself with that post. She just can’t help it.

  23. So much Winning! Impeached 2 times!

    1. trump is the Best President in US History thanks to Democrats.

      No other President has had to endure so many traitors (Democrats) within the US government working to destroy America.

    2. He still raised his vote tally by 7 million and they had to fraud like mad to beat him, despite phony charges. That’s ‘winning’ in anyone’s book.

    3. Consider the source. Being hated by the leftist scum in the house is a badge of honor. He should have certificates to that effect printed so he can hang them proudly.

    4. The first time was because the Democrats were angry that Trump narrowly eked out an Electoral College win over their anointed candidate, by pushing an absurd conspiracy theory and trashing the federal republican institutions of the nation.

      This second one was because Trump’s whining about the Democrat’s legal assault on voting integrity inspired a reaction that caused a backlash Trump did not understand would happen (though it should be obvious, protests from the right are always viewed as more of a threat than protests from the left).

  24. “You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream — the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order — or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.” ~ Ronald Reagan

    The only remaining American debate is between Never-Trump Conservatives and Libertarians all others argue we cease being American.

    Trumpism is Fascism rebranded by and for those who have never read a book.

      1. Because you are a useful idiot who blandly repeats what the dnc backed media tells you to.

      2. Okay White Knight, let’s get into it.

        Do you know what fascism is?

        The encyclopedia says:
        “fascist governments exercised control over private property, but they did not nationalize it.[7]
        Scholars note that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Italian Fascist and German fascist parties.
        Business leaders supported the party’s political and military goals. In exchange, the party pursued economic policies that maximized the profits of its business allies.[8]”

        Oh shit! That sounds exactly like what you and BigGiveNotBigGov Sarcasmic have been pushing.
        I guess you two were the real fascists all along.

    1. Doesn’t fascism describe most governors during the pandemic?

      1. Yes, yes it does.

    2. Never Trumpers are mostly scum neocon warmongers. Fuck them.

    3. It’s amazing watching the useful idiots declare fascist those the actual fascists are pointing the finger at.

      Which party is backed by corporations? Which one id colluding with corporations and a revolving door? Which one already took over Healthcare and now wants to implement the GND?

      You are a really really stupid person.

      1. BigGiveNotBigGov is sarcasmic and Vagina Penigma is White Knight.

    4. The Democrats are giving you an exact definition of what fascism is right now. Watch them, see what they are doing– that’s fascism. Like textbook fascism.

  25. Can the Senate hold a quick up/down vote on January 19 on whether to convict him, making Mike Pence President for one day if they do?

    1. The president would be allowed time to mount a defense. Anything less would be kangaroo court. There isn’t any way to justify such urgency. That said, more emotional reactions are occurring than are safe or sane.

      1. allowing someone to defend themselves doesn’t mean it still won’t be a kangaroo court.

      2. The defense would take five minutes to organize. Play a loop of him calling for peaceful protesting. It’s not ambiguous.

        Arresting/impeaching someone on trumped up charges is one of the hallmarks of fascism.

  26. Lucky bastard. I haven’t even got my first ban from social media. Wear it as a badge of honor.

    1. Rush Limbaugh did when he got the first ban.

  27. “The Libertarian Case for Wasting Americans’ Time and Taxpayer Dollars On Bullshit Sham Trials”

  28. “Go ahead: take outrageous positions or issue preposterous formulations today, confident that if they make you or us look bad in the future, we, the culturally powerful, will join together to manufacture a consensus that even alluding to those embarrassments is now impermissible. It will be as if they never happened. Kant’s categorical imperative about committing or defending only those actions you would uphold as universal principles is ground down to a speed bump. Cultural power demolishes universality with situational assertions of relativity: That was then; this is now. If some annoying troll complains about our inconsistency or hypocrisy, we’ll respond with accusations of whataboutism, an update of the credo voiced by Eric Stratton in Animal House: You f—ed up. You took us seriously.”

  29. “Bipartisan”……would 1 Republican do it? 10 out of 211 doesn’t seem like spit to me, but I guess I’m an idiot.

  30. Hey! Why does any idiot believe ‘some people did somethings,and it will blow over, if we just ignore the cause.

    What is the cause? Donald Trump 😉

    1. More like the echo chamber of hate – Twitter. If anything put Jack Dorsey and his monster to trial.

      1. ^

    2. “What is the cause? Donald Trump”

      Of your TDS.

    3. Oh look. Reddit snuck in.

  31. What a better way to heal the nation than by seeking revenge on your political rivals. So now begin the ever escalating tit for tat cycle once again. Impeaching any president (even Trump) with a week left in office is just plain stupid, a waste of time and vengeful.

    I’m personally glad that Trump will be out of office soon, but increasingly wary of the incoming administration. Biden is not even in office and the Woke Left Mob is already reducing our personal liberties.

  32. Pussies.

  33. Imagine the hate. Kids on the street, babies hungry, Covid around the corner, desperation in the air-so let’s waste time on another impeachment farce.

    Bunch of clowns. Dostoevsky was right: the “educated elite” are the most dangerous.

  34. They impeached him twice–both times over non-issues.

    He must have been doing something right.

    1. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      1. Since you already got the number right, I will just say “what loveconstitution1789 wrote.”

  35. Too bad the Senate didn’t do their job and hold a real trial a year ago. This riot would have been prevented and we’d have an adult in the Oval Office instead of the petulant, irresponsible and clueless child we have had these past four years.

    1. Now do the 200 other riots last year.

    2. “It’s not a real trial until they get the verdict right”.

      Oh wow.

      1. Lot of masks got ripped off in the last few years.

        Just feeeeeell the reconciliation and healing. And the Democrats haven’t fully taken power yet. Imagine what the next few weeks will bring.

        1. People already talking about Liz Cheney needing to resign. Maybe they will recall her.

          1. Is that a thing for WY federal Representatives? Meh, 2022’s coming.

            Even if primaried, she’ll probably win a write-in campaign like Murkowski.

  36. This impeachment is not about one speech on Jan 6. It is about:

    Repeatedly, publicly, and loudly lying about voter fraud for over two months.
    Telling his supporters that the election was stolen from him/them
    Pressuring the various legislatures to overturn the will of their voters and give him the election.
    Pressuring the GA SoS to fraudulently fund votes and declare him the winner.
    Pressuring Pence to unconstitutionally throw out EC votes.
    Telling his supporters to gather in DC on Jan 6 and be wild.
    Along with others, inciting a riot on Jan 6.
    After his supporters entered the Capital, not doing anything to stop it.

    All of this adds up to clearly impeachable conduct.

    1. “This impeachment is not about one speech on Jan 6.”

      You’re right about that, especially considering that he said nothing on January 6 that was impeachable.

      Oh, and citing those other reasons as justification for overturning the election results of 2016 is laughably self-contradictory.

      1. To oppose impeachment because it overturns an election implies that impeachment is never appropriate. That is not right.

        1. Well, maybe some think this impeachment is inappropriate when that has been the explicit goal of his political enemies since he was elected.

          You know, I might have been able to get behind this impeachment of Trump if the Dems and Never Trumpers were pushing this in good faith. But they aren’t.

          1. And there is something laughably self-contradictory about Democrats who vote to impeach Trump twice.

            The first time they impeached him even after they realized that there was no Russian collusion.

            Now, by even Molly’s apparent admission, they’re impeaching him over an incitement to riot that never occurred.

            Twice, now, they’ve tried to overturn the election results of 2016 without sufficient evidence or cause.

            And now they’re saying that Trump should be removed from office because he contested the results of an election–without sufficient evidence.

            That is laughably self-contradictory.

            1. The riot did a occur. And Trump was not contesting the election without evidence, he was outright lying about it.

              1. Democrats committed election fraud and used unconstitutional changes to election laws during scary Kungflu hysteria to steal an election.

                Trump won the plurality of legal votes in states that mattered.

                Poor Lefties. Nobody believes you.

              2. Even IF IF IF the president were lying or wrong about whether he really won an election and were contesting that there must be something wrong with the way the votes were counted–because he lost–that isn’t sufficient reason to overturn the election of 2016.

                Perjury is a problem, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

                Presidents being less than truthful in their speeches simply isn’t an impeachable offense. And the only thing in this thread that may be funnier than your ridiculous exercise in self-contradiction is that you painted yourself into such a corner, that now you’re trying to tell us that presidents being less than truthful in their speeches is an impeachable offense.

                Are you like, 15 years old or something?

                I don’t want to pick on your if you’re really young or something like that, but the things you’re saying are poorly reasoned rationalizations. Making fun of them is like shooting fish in a barrel.

                1. Have an upvote.

                  If you look at all of the circumstantial evidence about fraud, you begin to see that the chances of all of those incredible coincidences happening all at once, and always to the great benefit of the same person, are essentially zero. Lots of people are convicted on circumstantial evidence…

          2. It’s almost like – nothing happened a few days ago to – you know – attempt to illegally overturn the outcome of an election

            1. To hold President Trump responsible for what happened in the Capitol, you seem to be stealing a couple of bases.

              First Base: Have you read the text of Trump’s speech?

              Second Base: Did the “riot” happen before or during Trump’s speech?

              Those bases need to be earned.

              What happened in the Capitol may have happened in spite of what Trump said in his speech–and Trump clearly called for peaceful protest in his speech by name.

              1. That is why I stated that it was not about one speech. It was about two months of behavior that culminated on Jan 6.

                1. You commies wanted Civil War 2.0 and are getting it.

                2. No – it is entirely about the actions on that day. Every single marginal vote change re impeachment between last January and now is about that day. If the events of the day don’t happen, neither does the vote.

                  It may well be true that 97% of Congress votes exactly the same way they did last time. That doesn’t mean that they have their pulse on any important issues related to impeachment. It merely means they are bunch of partisan hacks and nothing has changed since the last time they were a bunch of partisan hacks. They will always be partisan hacks. Everyone who denies that that crowd is first and only – a partisan hack – is thesmelves – a partisan hack.

                  1. So which statement was incitement? Let’s see if you can be honest. Or run like chipper.

                    1. They’re starting with the assumption that Trump should be impeached, and they’re running around looking for rationalizations to justify it.

                      They can’t justify the articles of impeachment that were actually passed today–not by looking at the content of the speech. In the speech, Trump asked for peaceful protest specifically.

                      And I keep hearing that the riot started before Trump’s speech. I don’t know whether that’s true, but correlation doesn’t equal causation–and there’s no way things that started happening before Trump’s speech could have been initiated by his speech.

                    2. It’s not my decision. Nor is it the Supreme Court. It’s the Senate now.

                      And while sedition or incitement to insurrection is the term they use in their impeachment articles, my guess is the question is more along the lines of: Is Trump more or less likely to return than Grover Cleveland or Douglas MacArthus?

                    3. “my guess is the question is more along the lines of: Is Trump more or less likely to return than Grover Cleveland or Douglas MacArthus?”

                      Is JFree trying to say that preventing Trump from running again somehow justifies removing him from office?

                      Because you don’t like the guy that the country elected isn’t a sufficient justification for overturning the results of the 2016 election.

                    4. Is JFree trying to say that preventing Trump from running again somehow justifies removing him from office?

                      Specifically yes. Because the precise way – in the Constitution – to disqualify someone from future office is to impeach them. And Congress is not going to dick around while Trump plays ‘maybe we’ll have a transition and maybe I’ll stay in office instead. You’d like that wouldn’t you?’

                    5. Because you don’t like the guy that the country elected isn’t a sufficient justification for overturning the results of the 2016 election.

                      WTF. You are a total tool aren’t you. The 2016 election was not overturned. It has been President (or President-elect) Trump for going on four years now.

                      Or are YOU saying the 2016 election was explicitly about the 2016 winner never having to face accountability/impeachment and never having to actually leave office because all future election results to the contrary will be deemed illegal.

                    6. “WTF. You are a total tool aren’t you. The 2016 election was not overturned. It has been President (or President-elect) Trump for going on four years now.”

                      President Trump is the duly elected president of the United States through January 20th of 2021, and removing him from office through impeachment before then is overturning the results of the 2016 election–unless you have sufficient cause to justify removing him from office.

                      Because JFree or the Democrats don’t like Trump is not a sufficient justification for removing him from office. If you want to remove him just because you don’t like him, then you are trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election. That isn’t me being a tool. That’s just the way it is.

                    7. President Trump is the duly elected president of the United States through January 20th of 2021, and removing him from office through impeachment before then is overturning the results of the 2016 election–unless you have sufficient cause to justify removing him from office

                      Oddly – ‘sufficient cause’ = ‘enough votes in the Senate to convict upon an impeachment trial’.

                      So let me rephrase – removing him from office through impeachment before then is overturning the results of the 2016 election – unless you have enough votes in the Senate to convict upon an impeachment trial.

                  2. “No – it is entirely about the actions on that day”

                    What actions JFree? What did Trump say or do that was impeachable.
                    The entire transcripts of everything he said are online. It’s not hard to read them yourself.

                    1. ANYTHING that allows him to stay in office at this point beyond Biden’s inauguration is incitement to insurrection in Congress’ view. the electoral votes have now been certified.

                      Failure to have a transition of power is NOT something that anyone in DC is gonna tolerate for a nanosecond. YOU are the one who is calling for that and excusing and hemming and hawing Trump’s own personal difficulties with a transition (namely his ego and narcissism)

                    2. Nothing is going to ALLOW him to stay in, so I think you can calm down.

                3. Because the goal posts need to be moved in order to justify this baloney impeachment, doesn’t make it okay to run around with the goal posts.

                  They’re impeaching him for inciting the riot in the Capitol.

                  “President Trump became the only president to be impeached twice, this time for encouraging a mob to storm Congress as part of an effort to overturn Joe Biden’s election win.”



                  We’re not here to talk about the impeachment you think should be happening in your head. There’s a real world out there, and these are the charges against President Trump in this impeachment.

                4. the article of impeachment was about incitement to riot, not about challenging the election results for 2 months

            2. And Jfree joins in as another useful idiot. The certification shot has been done 3 times since 2000 and not one tear from you. Violations of the electors clause to change voting rules, not one tear. False foreign paid dossiers to start a 3 year attempted coup with the backing of the IC. Not a tear. Calls for the 25th amendment despite trump not having a qualification to meet the requirements… nope not a tear or statement.

              So your cries of overturned elections being hour concerns ring false.

              1. You know, I started out as a Republican, too. Pretty soon, you’re gonna turn into a full-fledged libertarian.

                The transformation is already happening, and you don’t even realize it! You’re like a lobster who doesn’t realize he’s getting boiled because the heat keeps getting turned just a little bit every day.

                You’re gonna be staying up late at night just so you can read another chapter in Man, Economy, and State. You’re gonna start telling people that they’re “anti-life”.

              2. Go back to your sewer you bigoted rat

            3. “It’s almost like – nothing happened a few days ago to – you know – attempt to illegally overturn the outcome of an election”

              Nothing did. It’s exactly like that.

        2. “To oppose impeachment because it overturns an election implies that impeachment is never appropriate.”

          That is factually incorrect.

          To oppose impeachment in this case is to say that impeachment was inappropriate in this case.

          Again, you seem to have voices in your head saying things that aren’t true. It is factually incorrect to say that impeachment in one or two instances was inappropriate means that all impeachments are inappropriate. That’s just something you made up in your mind and has no basis in reality.

          1. It is true in any impeachment that the duly elected president could be removed. If you are going to argue that it is a reason not to impeach then you are arguing against all impeachments.

    2. It sure adds up to a schadenfreude sinfest watching ignorant rednecks get stomped flat by the grrrl voters they wuz hopin’ to bully. What a surprise! Women can ackshully vote, by gum! The thrilling part is seeing them turn on each other like curs in a dogfight.

      1. Puff puff pass Hank.

  37. It is the only time a president has been impeached twice.

    Hopefully it’s the start of a new tradition.

    1. “Hopefully it’s the start of a new tradition.”

      So True. The Founders, until now, would have thought us disappointing weaklings not worth their blood and treasure spent for us for our using impeachment so rarely. Perhaps, Trump has done his only good for America by being so bad that he shocked us into more use of this Constitutional remedy.

      1. We never used it against much worse presidents than Trump. Which is all of them after Reagan, except Trump himself, of course.

    2. Maybe a bi-annual party plan!

  38. “Ms. Cheney faced backlash from some GOP colleagues, who circulated a petition for a special meeting to determine whether she should step down from her leadership post.”


    There’s no way two-thirds of the senate votes to convict–not before he leaves office and not after he leaves office.

    I understand Republican House members in blue districts doing what they need to do, but Cheney is a neo-con never Trumper from the reddest of red states.

    Apparently, she learned nothing from watching Justin Amash do the long, slow walk of shame to irrelevance.

    1. But according to JFree, that’s what makes her brave.

      1. LOL

        She’s not brave. She’s committing political suicide, like Amash did, and she’s doing it because of Trump’s anti-neocon policies.

        I think the only thing she’s known for is opposing Trump on defense policy (despite his massive successes). She’s the residual left over after Republicans everywhere turned their backs on her father’s embarrassing and disastrous policies. For goodness’ sake, the biggest complaint against Trump on foreign policy may be that he was unable to clean up all of her father’s mess in one term.

        1. Well, so long as it gets that nasty Trump and his hick supporters out of power, the leftarians will side with Neocons and Democrats any day, every day.

          1. And the Democrats basically are the party of the neocons now.

            Using the coercive power of government to force people to do what’s in their own best interests is both a) what being progressive is all about and b) what being a neocon is all about. It’s just that they call themselves “progressive” when they administer that coercion domestically and something else when they use the military to do it internationally.

        2. Amash did not commit political suicide. He was going to lose his district no matter what, and so he decided to go out saying what he really thought or saying what he thought would give him a future somewhere else. Either way, nothing he did was particularly brave.

          1. Amash would have lost his district–because he voted to impeach President Trump over bogus charges of Russian collusion way back in 2019.


            It was not clear that Amash would lose his seat in December of 2019–until he sided with the progressives, the FBI, and Clinton campaign’s opposition research team to remove Trump from power over nothing.

            He wanted Trump out, and he used the opportunity to get him some payback at what he thought was a crucial moment. I don’t think he realized he was actually committing political suicide at the time, but that’s what he did.

            Liz Cheney, more or less, just did the same thing.

          2. John Boehner didn’t realize he was committing political suicide when he voted for TARP either.

            He was actually elevated into the Speaker’s chair by the very Tea Party people who were elected in the primaries on the basis that they would kick him out of the Speaker’s chair–and every Republican who voted for TARP with him.

            He was so oblivious to what was happening, he got all teary-eyed on national television thinking they were all behind him. They weren’t taking you to paradise, John.

            It was a cookbook! It was a cookbook!

    2. Ku Klux Ken was about to explain how smart it is to single out women for bullying and coercion, now that they have launch codes for the 19th Amendment. “Now you kin go out and git them baby-killers, ’cause the only good woman’s cap is red. And it’s a Won, Tew, Free what’re we fightin’ foah?
      “Don’ ast me ah don’t give a damn, next stop is Dixie Klan…
      “SING IT! LOUDER? How d’ya expect to stop race suicide if ya cain’t sing any better’n that?”

      1. What in the actual fuck are you talking about?

  39. Rep. Jim Jordan (R–Ohio) subsequently announced that Congress should reconsider leadership.

    Oh FFS. That sounds like the vote was not anything significant within the GOP. Almost an ‘it’s ok to vote your conscience’ vote. Should we have donuts or pizza or both or neither for lunch?

    Fortunately Jim Jordan received his Profile in Real Yooge Courage Award last week behind closed doors – from the Wizard of Oz hisself. So we shall see whether he seizes the moment re the donuts and pizza question.

  40. lets loo at the bright side…like the shut downs…THE ASSWIPES ARE NOT LEGISLATING SO THAT MAKES IT A GREAT DAY

    1. True, but it’s also great that they impeached Trump.

      Trumpism is your fertilizer of choice if Progressivism, Fascism, and Socialism just do not grow government fast enough for you.

      1. TDS can be fatal, and in your case, we can certainly hope.

      2. Piss off sarc, I’m pretty sure that you don’t even know what those terms mean.

        1. Get out of my country you foreign pos.

          1. Are you reading over Mother’s Lament’s shoulder as he posts from a Starbucks in Detroit or something, Echospinner? The guy doesn’t live here. He’s already out of the country.

            Even if he is here, you don’t get to kick him out. The thought is silly, especially at this website. Close the laptop, and chill out. (At least one of the commentariat should.) This isn’t like you at all.

            All I’m hearing from the guy is that this sort of conduct by Congress and by tech companies, seems designed to inflame passions. At a time they should be chilled as much as possible. Almost sounds like getting people pissed off enough to throw lead at each other is the point.

            1. I am angry Grey Jay. I vote here. I pay taxes here. I work and contribute to the economy here. Mother does none of that and has the gall to go on the internet all day and tell Americans what to do.

              I don’t care if he is in Canada, Ukraine, Mexico or Russia.

              Right now there is a crisis here. Right where I am.

    2. Are you a Padres fan?

  41. The impeachment will do zero political damage to Trump if the Senate does not convict.

    The odds on that front are good for Trump. Conviction requires a 2/3rds vote and the standing record for impeachments/convictions of a US President is 3/0.

    1. It’s a remote possibility they could rope 17 republican senators to vote yes, but it’s a stretch. The most likely outcome is the senate democrats fail. It’s also possible it will never come up as it would dominate the senate and the media for some time thus causing Biden to lose momentum. Which in fact may be just fine. Take the wind outta their sails.

      I’m hoping if republicans regroup and take the house back in 2022 that they start impeachment proceeding immediately against Biden and Harris. There’s no reason not to create charges since as we’ve been told this is a political move not legal. Go for the hat trick and give em three impeachments.

      1. They should draft up impeachment papers right now, before he even starts. The mistake they made with Trump was not starting earlier.

      2. I said the odds are in Trumps favor, I didn’t say it was certain that they wouldn’t convict.

  42. So many sad servile Trumpies are oddly clogging this libertarian sight with their panic that they will no longer have Daddy Trump (Yes, that is what they call him on those Trumpy sites where their plot insurrection.) to tell them what to do and mumble nasty things about any who dare point out their servility, his lunacy, and his cowardice. So desperate to obey.

    “There is one thing in the world more wicked than the desire to command, and that is the will to obey.”
    ~ William Kingdon Clifford

    1. Go fuck yourself. Libertarians are a nothing group with zero influence. Even Amash was too chicken to run.

      1. Libertarians got Roe v Wade passed with under 4000 popular votes in 1972-73. That’s a spoiler vote leverage of 10,000 to 1. Wot choo nationalsocialists gots?

    2. You’ve admitted you aren’t a libertarian dumbass.

      1. You’re mistaken or something else.
        I’m a donating, voting, and registered Libertarian. I’ve supported Republicans at times, though, when the Dems were extra bad like Obama. Trump, though, was Obama’s third term.

        1. I’m a donating, voting, and registered Libertarian.
          Trump, though, was Obama’s third term.

          I’d suggest a brain transplant; the one you have isn’t working.

    3. So many TDS-addled lefty shits are clogging this libertarian site, TDS-addled lefty shit.

      1. Fifty-centers Sevo. Most are paid to shitpost here.

        …not BigGiveNotBigGov sarcasmic though, he’s being retarded for free.

    4. Oh, we realize his faults. If it was not for all of the completely baseless attacks on him, some of us would even be inclined to be against him, but every time the Dems attack, they so aptly show that Trump is by far the lesser of evils, and would be so if put up against Obama, Bush, Clinton, or Bush too (the presidents, not the others in the dynasty).

      Trump is, of course, not a libertarian by any stretch of the imagination. In better circumstances, I’d loathe his policies. It’s just that true libertarian policy is so far out of what is possible right now that it’s not even under consideration. When the entire political left wants to disappear any political opinions they do not agree with, what other choice do you have? Anti free speech or alliance with Trump are your choices. There are no others. It often breaks down to this, and Trump is always the one who ends up on the side of “good” against whatever the Dems are offering. The more they attack him with their lies, the more I like him (judge a man by his enemies). I suspect that most or all of the 74 million are like this.

    5. “(Yes, that is what they call him on those Trumpy sites where their plot insurrection.)”


  43. Poor Commies at unreason.

    You wanted Civil War 2.0 and are going to get it good and hard.

    1. Oh yeah, we are in a civil war. Not a literal war, but a cultural civil war.

      If I had a time machine. I would rewind 4 weeks and vote NO on prop 22. We should have crippled Uber and driven it out of CA when we had the chance. The company isn’t even profitable and is ran by left wing crony capitalists.

      I don’t care if that cost people jobs. If we’re serious about private companies blacklisting and censoring our side, then we have to strike as voters and consumers. If CA ever proposes an Amazon Tax, I’m just not going to vote on the ballot measure. If Bezos wants to protect his wealth, he can either reach out or stop acting like an authoritarian asshat.

      1. As long as you confine your actions to voting and not assaulting any vital members of government.

        “What did we do wrong???? Hannity says it’s all about censorship!!”

    2. Did not work out so well for Georgia last time.

    3. 3 trumpers died of medical conditions trying to walk at a brisk pace on the capitol.

      Another reminder. It doesn’t matter if you bought 20 rifles, have 50 mags ready to go, if you cant run 1 mile.

      And let me tell you. The majority on your side will pass out if they have to run 1 mile with a long gun, side arm, and 3-5 mags. Your enemies will not run at you down a corridor while you and the spartans hold the phalanx and just fire downrange.

      There will be a lot of sweat. And unfortunately, when your side sweats too much, they tend to have a coronary. GL, HF

    4. Rapeconstitution was about to tell us how brilliant it was to try to send goons with service pistols to force women to reproduce. Eugenics, race suicide, angels in Heaven, Phyllis Schaffly, Billy Graham, Billy Sunday and Father Coughlin… He’s got them all ready to recite. Trump would be nominated in a few days if only the Boy Wonder had told those women to tear up their voter registration cards when Judge Amy-Shamy was anointed to the papacy. That darned old 19th Amendment, kicking sand in poor Trump’s face!

  44. That’s pretty bipartisan. 10 votes out of over 200? That’s almost 5%.

  45. I almost lost my bet that he would be first.

  46. I actually hope a Senate trial occurs for this reason alone: Trump will have the opportunity to mount a defense presenting proof to support his claims of vote fraud. Does anyone think the Democrats or establishment Republicans want that? I also think it explains why McConnell dated the hearing until around Biden’s “inauguration.”

    1. There is no proof. Trump going to the floor of the Senate and lying would ensure his conviction.

      1. Then you should be fine with what the evidence his defense will submit to the Senate. Sounds like it would go great for you.

      2. “…Trump going to the floor of the Senate and lying would ensure his conviction…”

        MG, you are full of shit. There is no cite included in your claim since there is none available.
        Ken S. posited earlier in one of another “orange man bad” thread that certain commenters are assumed to be dishonest, but that grants them far too much credit: Dishonesty requires a mind acute enough to recognize and reject fact.
        There are Tony, turd, M4e, jackass MG and others here who qualify as incapable of that.
        They might be due some sympathy for their condition; it’s not easy getting along in a world full of information and data with a brain simply not equipped to really “think”.
        Regardless, they still need to be called on their idiocy; perhaps one or more might even become capable of critical thought, doubtful though that seems.

        1. It is firmly established that Trump is a liar. The claims of voting fraud are all false. If Trump or anyone on his behalf were to bring false evidence to the floor of the Senate during his trial that would be the end. There is one thing to lie at a rally, but it is completely different to lie during your own impeachment trial, especially if the trial is about your lying about voter fraud.

  47. Gavin Newsom faces better chances of being recalled than Trump being removed via impeachment. And oh yes, they’re already calling the recall a “coup”. Get used to hearing any resistance to their authoritarian policy being characterized as a coup.

    The official position of the democrat party is now that if activists illegally occupy federal building and delay legislative process for two hours, they are now insurrectionists. And if some loons kill police officer, then everyone around them is now guilty of felony murder.

    “Gee I wonder so many people of color are in prison, must be systemic racism”

    You’re living in an alternate reality where a president with foot in mouth syndrome gets impeached twice, but nothing is done to governors of states that infected their land with a deadly disease. Nothing is done to true insurrectionists who LITERALLY says they want to dismantle government and sets cities on fire. Murder rate jumped dramatically and most victims are black, but no one says anything.

    1. Plenty of Democrats are ready to join the small number of California Republicans in removing Newsom.

    2. With any luck Americans can still walk and chew gum at the same time and do both. Although their specific failings differ Trump’s and Newsom’s disqualifying and rabid megalomania is very similar.

    3. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’m sure you’ll be in power again soon enough, and you can get revenge on all your enemies. Maybe you can have your own personal government building to blow up.

    4. Why are you expecting consistency where there is none?

  48. What will our great-great-great grandchildren think of us? They will conclude, correctly, that our country has gone stark, raving mad. It will be said of us, as a prophet once wrote: You heard, but did not understand; you saw, but did not perceive. The heart of this people was coarse and calloused; they were deaf and blind.

    Over the last six months, I think we just saw the tipping point. Between the pandemic, the shutdowns, the death, the loss of our religious free exercise rights, the rioting, censorship based on political viewpoint, the contested election and the Capitol Building protest (there is plenty more)…we crossed over. Our Republic is irretrievably divided. There is no going back now.

    Our descendants will ask us why we let it happen. I have no good answer to give them.

    This is not over, not by any stretch. You are deluding yourself if you think this is going to blow over.

    1. I get your point. Although thinking about it my great great great grandparents were fighting the first Civil War. I don’t hold it against them.

    2. That you were unbelievably deluded.

      1. You need to get out of the 6th grade in the next year or two; we’ll consider your bullshit then.

    3. Excellent quote XY.

      Isaiah was cutting edge and still is.

      The kings kept him as advisor until one of them did not. Following which the kingdom of Judah fell. I don’t know if there is a lesson there.

  49. Maybe if they hurry, then can impeach him a third time. Every President can be automatically impeached upon inauguration. It will save time.

    1. I like it. Auto impeach and then straight to a trial in the Senate.

  50. A vote to impeach would further divide this nation,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.). “A vote to impeach would further fan the flames of partisan division.

    He seems to be assuming this is not the whole point of the exercise.

    1. Republicans and their storied distaste for division.

      You could tell which day of the week it was by which minority they were dehumanizing at the time.

      1. “Republicans and their storied distaste for division.”

        Idiot incapable of knowing his ‘sarcasm’ is bullshit, but should be called on it anyway.

      2. If it was none of them, it could be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If if was one of them… well, can’t answer that until it happens.

  51. “… “It will not go to trial,” Dershowitz predicted. “All the Democrats can do is impeach the president in the House of Representatives. For that, all you need is a majority vote.”
    The attorney argued that the “case cannot come for trial in the Senate” because Trump will no longer be president.
    “Congress has no power to impeach or try a private citizen, whether it be a private citizen named Donald Trump or named Barack Obama or anyone else,” he opined.
    Dershowitz said that he is “deeply” worried about the “impact of impeachment on the First Amendment.”
    “The Supreme Court basically said that what the president said on Wednesday — as much as I disapprove of it and many people disapprove of it on its merits — is protected by the First Amendment,” he insisted. “It comes within core political speech. And to impeach a president for having exercised his First Amendment rights would be so dangerous to the Constitution.”
    “It would lie around like a loaded weapon, ready to be used by either party against the other party,” Dershowitz said before referring to the deadly Capitol Hill riot as an “incident.”
    “Let us not let an incident that occurred on Wednesday destroy the Constitution of the United States,” he added. “That is my goal, to protect the Constitution from overzealous advocates who want to weaponize it in the interests of temporary political gain.”

    1. BTW, if A-1 does not provide speech protection for a powerful figure like the POTUS, what do you think is going to help you, serf, when the mob doesn’t like what you say?

  52. I get your anger, Trump supporters. Trump’s impeachments were clearly racism against America’s first African President.

    “Donald Trump – America’s African President”

    1. “I get your anger, Trump supporters. Trump’s impeachments were clearly racism against America’s first African President.”

      I get your stupidity, TDS-addled shit, and your strawman is buy one more shovel of bullshit.

  53. I distinctly remember him promising that we’d be tired of winning. Who’s winning? Me? Was he talking to me? Nope, not tired yet. I’ll be tired when I’m dead.

    Or maybe it’s the speaker of the House, who he sent an angry mob to kill. That was dumb. Did he not think this could happen again? What, does he have cranks for lawyers?

    1. He said it in 2016, Tony.

      You are seriously obsessed with the guy. Get a room at Mar-e-Lago and become his rent boy.

      1. Trump who? Never heard of him.

        You can go that route, but I wonder how the Nazis will take it. On the one hand, he’s toxic sludge, and even a Nazi can see that. On the other, Hitler went to prison before he got big, so maybe they can’t resist. He is very old though.

      2. Lol

        Get a room at any Trump property. Get a round of golf there. Buy Trump vodka, steaks, wine, learn finance at his university, get a seat on his airline, buy shares in Trump Inc. to invest for your IRA, enjoy the casinos, donate to his charity.

        Anything not Trump is lefty communism. So now I am a lefty communist.

        Donald Trump has destroyed the Republican Party I grew up in. I will never forgive that.

    2. Ken S. posited earlier in one of the other “orange man bad” threads that certain commenters are assumed to be dishonest, but that grants them far too much credit: Dishonesty requires a mind acute enough to recognize and reject fact.
      There are Tony, turd, M4e, jackass and others here who qualify as incapable of that.
      They might be due some sympathy for their condition. It’s not easy getting along in a world full of information and data with a brain simply not equipped to really “think”.
      Regardless, they still need to be called on their idiocy; perhaps one or more might even become capable of critical thought, doubtful though that seems.

      1. You’re autistic aren’t you?

        1. So more bigotry now, against autists, and as always, from the left. Nice.

    3. I’ll have you know Trump’s hair-dye lawyer is a movie star. The guy played an important role in Borat 2.

      1. Best guest performance by a pair of trousers I’ve seen in a long time.

  54. It’s obvious at this point the the oligarchy is trying to provoke a civil war.

    1. Why do they make you do it!

      1. Fell sorry for the idiot, but make sure you call him such.

  55. Trump showed up to the slam dunk competition with a target he painted on his forehead, that said “nutz here, plz!”

    Should we deny him what he is asking for?

    1. Ken S. posited earlier in one of the other “orange man bad” threads that certain commenters are assumed to be dishonest, but that grants them far too much credit: Dishonesty requires a mind acute enough to recognize and reject fact.
      There are Tony, turd, M4e, jackass and others here who qualify as incapable of that. We can add the TDS-addled shit HS to the list.
      They might be due some sympathy for their condition. It’s not easy getting along in a world full of information and data with a brain simply not equipped to really “think”.
      Regardless, they still need to be called on their idiocy; perhaps one or more might even become capable of critical thought, doubtful though that seems.
      Fuck off and die; the world will be measurably more intelligent.

      1. Sevo, just a helpful piece of advice for you.

        Most see you as about as insightful as Hihn ever was on the forum (…probably less)

        No one reads your shit, you are as good as a Bot on here. you might as well start ending your posts with left-right= zero!

        Seriously, you are irrelevant to any conversation. Best get back to posting right wing memes on facebook boomer.

        lefty shit ignoramus fuck TDS die off (maybe just randomize that next time kiddo, itll save you some time)

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        2. Ham, Sieve-for-brains is the illustrated example of why Ayn Rand never argued with superstitious mystics. Why Reason lets these creeps wear masks here is a mystery.

          1. If the comments are not moderated the publication can argue that it has no liability.

        3. I recall an attempt at conversation with “ left minus right equals zero”. I suggested that it should be “left plus right equals zero”.

          A standard number single axis with negative and positive numbers. A basic atom with negative and positive charges.

          Nonsense is just what it is. It is what I got for attempting that conversation.

  56. Also to those of you that will pick at every word and say “trump didnt TELL people to try and kill the legislature” plz just get fucked.

    He ramped them up over time perfectly, with

    – your country is being stolen from you
    – the 2a people have the solution
    – we have the tough people, the bikers, the 2a people
    – (pre-emptively) : they are going to steal our election
    – we need to stop the steal, they stole our election from us (after 100 cases disproved in court)
    – we are going to march on the capitol (def peacefully…is the stenographer taking this down?!!…its PEACEFUL for the record! PEACEFUL! You with the pitchfork and you with the military gear. You with the zip tie hand cuffs! Peaceful!)

    Sorry. You dont get to include “peaceful” to absolve you of a crime that you set in motion. If Hitler or Stalin told their minions to act “peacefully” would we look back and say “well nothing to see here!! Just a guy on the up-n-up! yesirree! he said he wanted peace!” Please, GTFO here. This is the most transparent BS.

    1. “This is the most transparent BS.”

      That is an apt description of everything else you wrote in that post.

    2. “If Hitler or Stalin”


    3. Ken S. posited earlier in one of the other “orange man bad” threads that certain commenters are assumed to be dishonest, but that grants them far too much credit: Dishonesty requires a mind acute enough to recognize and reject fact.
      There are Tony, turd, M4e, jackass and others here who qualify as incapable of that. Add the lefty shit HS.
      Some of those so afflicted might be due some sympathy for their condition. It’s not easy getting along in a world full of information and data with a brain simply not equipped to really “think”.
      Regardless, they still need to be called on their idiocy; perhaps one or more might even become capable of critical thought, doubtful though that seems.
      HS? Stuff your TDS up your ass so you head has some company; assholishness such as you offer deserves no sympathy

  57. The other looters ran a list of Gee-Oh-Pee backstabbers. When I looked them up on Naral, the quickest with the poniard were the mystical Republicans whose girl-bullying policies demanded Boss Trump scare the women by appointing a harridan judge to overturn the LP’s own Roe v Wade ruling. Mystical bigots were quick to realize now that bullying all women voters with a full set of real teeth was not such a good plan. To coerce women in violation of the 9th, 13th and 14th amendments when they are holding the 19th Amendment–loaded, cocked, with a shell in the chamber and another 60 million in the clip–is a special kind of stupid.

  58. Do Republican congressmen not understand why there are metal detectors for them now?

    Some of them colluded with the terrorists. It wasn’t just one orange fat man behind this. Damn near the entire party except Mitt Romney participated in this almost unbelievably cynical lie.

  59. Quelle surprise. Just more political theater. Team blue has been talking about impeachment since before Trump was inaugurated. The only surprise is it didn’t happen earlier.

    I’d take it seriously if they hadn’t been talking about it for the past four years or if the “insurrection” was more deadly or violent than all the other riots we endured over the past summer.

    Perhaps the overall lackadaisical attitude congress took to torching government buildings in places like Portland has inured me to broken windows in DC. Cry me a river congresscritters. Try giving a shit every day instead of cherry picking.

  60. I keep wondering how it occurred to these people to do another impeachment.

    I contrast this with the impeachment of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. That was a slam-dunk case.

    But in sharp contrast, witnesses testified.

    The committee examined evidence.

    Representatives debated.

    There was no debate.

    Which begs the question of why. What could possibly go wrong with a full debate on the merits?

    Could it be that so many Democrats in Congress did what they accused President Trump of doing?

    Could it be so many of them downplayed, excused, applauded, or even encouraged riots?

    Speaker Pelosi was an egregious offender. In response to the toppling of a statue of christopher Columbus, she said, “People will don what they do.”

    When DHS agents were sent to reinforce security at a federal courthouse in Portland, she not only called them “stormtroopers”, she tweeted that they “must be stopped”.

    No doubt a full debate will bring to light these quotes made for over half a year. No doubt these quotes from Pelosi and others would have been read aloud over C-SPAN.

    Pelosi does not want anyone to know she is ethically estopped in this context!

  61. Trump has not been impeached twice; in fact, he has not been impeached at all. He HAS been the subject of two impeachment frauds perpetrated by the party now in a position to wreck the country.

    The first shampeachment was a naked, partisan political attempt to wire the election on their behalf. The second shampeachment was based on articles that were blatant lies (the timeline PROVES that the infiltrators could not have been at the Trump rally), fabricated by Democrats and RINO Republicans allied with the swamp and globalists.

    Every member who voted yes – both times – should be stripped of their office and removed from Congress for fraud against America. Pelosi should be charged with treason and attempted coup. Harris should be impeached for ACTUALLY suborning and encouraging terrorism against America, and Waters should be banned from Congress for inciting riots and assault against administration members.

    Both shampeachments should be stricken from the records thereafter, and history should expose the Democrats as anti-American infiltrators of Congress and foreign agents who were found out and banned from participation in the American political system. They should be hanged for sedition and crimes against the state.

    Biden, the campaign, the DNC, and the tech giants should be indicted for RICO conspiracy and treason, and the tech monopolies broken up and dissolved. Without corrective measures, the Republic has been destroyed by the Democrats, and will not return to its role as the central broker of freedom in the world.

  62. The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 232–197 to charge President Donald Trump with impeachment for his role in inciting the Capitol riot on January 6.

    This is complete delusional insanity.

  63. There is a lot going on in the world at the moment. Waking up to see this, i just weep for my people. I do not like trump but he is definitely going through a lot at the moment. I wish Americans the best and hope everything works for them. I have been working tirelessly from the grassroots to ensure that i teach children to be involved in politics from an early age to save us from such menace. This has been my job for a long time. Searching for a job too? could be helpful

  64. “Trump’s first impeachment vote fell almost entirely along partisan lines. This time, however, several House Republicans voted to move forward against the president…”

    What a strange take on this. 10 Republican votes out of 207 means the vote still “fell almost entirely along partisan lines.”

  65. Katko lost my vote when he went left on gun control. He thinks NY State needs more gun laws.


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  70. Political theatre that means absolutely nothing.

  71. Sure, sure; We the People are so helpless and retarded that only a political leader can entice our ‘violence’. We are too retarded to plan our futures, too retarded to make our own choices, too retarded to pick our own healthcare insurance, too retarded to be responsible for our own safety during a pandemic, too retarded to manage our own finances, too retarded to see suspicion of election fraud, too retarded to purchase our own medicine, too retarded to …………………………………………….. endless…

    The arrogance-level implanted into these people that think the President thinks for all of us is astounding. Or actually; perhaps it’s just political theater to launch the Nazi take-over.

  72. Trump’s first impeachment was plagued by complaints that it had little support from those outside the Democratic Party.

    Well yeah, considering the Democratic Party started talking about impeachment before his inauguration. It will be historic though, albeit with that particular asterisk pointing out just how partisan the blue team has proved itself to be. If/when they do pack SCOTUS it will be just another branch of government the people will abandon all support for.

  73. Even Trump’s own people, now, see his legacy as him being just a cautionary tale.

    “White House Adviser to Jim Acosta: People Will Tell Their Children Not to Lie or They’ll End Up Like Trump”

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