Justin Amash

Amash's Successor Peter Meijer: Trump's Deceptions Are 'Rankly Unfit'

The rookie GOP congressman describes Capitol Hill chaos, says that some Republicans who knew better voted against election certification out of physical fear, and explains how serving in Iraq and Afghanistan made him want to "end the endless wars."


Rep. Peter Meijer (R–Mich.), the Republican successor to the retiring Libertarian Justin Amash, has had quite the week. On Sunday, the 32-year-old Iraq/Afghanistan veteran and supermarket heir was sworn into office. On Tuesday, he joined a dozen GOP lawmakers, including such Amash pals as Reps. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) and Chip Roy (R–Texas), in objecting to Republican attempts to delay or oppose the certification of Joe Biden as president-elect. ("To unconstitutionally insert Congress into the center of the presidential election process—would amount to stealing power from the people and the states," they wrote.)

And on Wednesday? "Definitely didn't expect to be donning a smoke-inhalation hood and having to get down under some chairs because there were concerns that they might start shooting into the House chambers," Meijer told me in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.

The congressman has withering words for elected Republicans who have spent the past nine weeks filling protesters' ears with false conspiracy theories and unfulfillable hopes.

"They were being lied to. They were being misled," he said of the demonstrators. "Some of my colleagues in Congress, they share responsibility for that. Many of them were fundraising off of this Stop the Steal grift. I don't understand how you can look in the mirror and go to sleep at night without that weighing on your conscience, I fundamentally do not. I'm just at a loss for words about how some of them have acted in ways that are just knowingly, provably false. And they know they're lying, too."

That critique extends to President Donald Trump as well. We spoke an hour or two before the president's surprise concession, which Meijer had been calling for, and on a day full of discussion about impeachment and the 25th Amendment. Asked about the latter, the congressman said, among other things, "It's very clear that that how the president acted towards this whole scenario, his actions leading up to yesterday and especially his unwillingness to come to grips with the reality, is continuing to perpetuate this fraud, this deception that is rankly unfit."

An edited transcript of our conversation, including Meijer's desire to "end the endless wars," is below:

So how's your first week been?

Peter Meijer: The first week has been one to remember. We live in interesting times. Definitely didn't expect to be donning a smoke-inhalation hood and having to get down under some chairs because there were concerns that they might start shooting into the House chambers, getting evacuated from the House chambers and running around corridors to try to find a secure location, not knowing what was going on, who was where, and what was happening. So obviously it was chaotic on that front, and then just the fact that finding pipe bombs all over the place—I think there were several of those at the DNC, RNC, I think one on the Capitol grounds. Dudes breaking in with zip ties—you bring zip ties to take hostages, right?

I spent three years in between Iraq in the military and in Afghanistan, where my job was to basically be paranoid about all the ways that humanitarian aid workers could die, and try to protect them from those worst-case scenarios. So I tend to have a pretty dark imagination in terms of the possibilities that could occur. But that's not how I wanted my first week to be as a member of the House of Representatives.

How was the sense of panic or fear level among your colleagues and even you? Was it a chaotic scene? Were people freaking out and losing it? Or was there some professionalism?

There was definitely a good amount of professionalism. We saw some real leaders step up in that moment. There were some folks who stayed on the floor and helped the Capitol Police barricade the doors. A couple of my colleagues actually from the freshman class—Pat Fallon, Troy Nehls, Tony Gonzales—were all kind of down there, all former military. I think having been in chaotic situations before—and I did disaster relief work as well, and was doing search and rescue and other missions in Hurricane Sandy as the storm was coming in—and the thing you have to always do is [realize] that freaking out doesn't help anything. And to be the calm, cool, and collected voice, to have somebody to just have that reassurance, because otherwise it just snowballs and a loud voice becomes louder and louder.

By and large, we saw some order. But this is manifestly clear: There was an utter breakdown in security and protocols. And we did get to some places throughout the day where all of a sudden a group of 30 or 40 lawmakers, and we'd look around and realize that there were no Capitol Police. There was no nobody, no law enforcement folks with us. OK, this isn't good.

So I think by and large folks kept their calm, but in that moment you don't know what may happen. And then, frankly, it obviously had a tragic ending. Besides just the assault on our democracy and then four people dying, dozens of law enforcement personnel injured, several still in the hospital in serious condition, it could have been a lot worse. And that was, I think, the outcome that we were fearing.

Do you get a sense, even a preliminary sense, of what the breakdown was on the part of the Capitol Police, who obviously were in a stressful situation, they were overrun and possibly outmanned? Do you have a sense of what went wrong from their point of view?

I don't. I watched the president's speech earlier that day. I have fielded phone calls from folks back in the district who knew people were coming out here, who knew folks who were coming out here who were armed. The Capitol Police were aware. I'm really scratching my head. There will be a thorough investigation here; there's already been a bipartisan call for that. The rank-and-file Capitol Police did an excellent job at helping keep members safe. But in terms of the overall security plan, it failed. The first time that we've had the Capitol be overrun and outside of our control in over 200 years.

I see a lot of words being used to describe this. You were in the building, you're a Republican. You see words like sedition, insurrection, coup, incitement on the part of the president. Do those words fit? What words do you use to describe what happened yesterday, and how that fits with the president's own involvement in it?

Well, in terms of the people who stormed the Capitol, I think coup gives a sense of strategy and intelligence and forethought that none of the people involved deserve. Insurrection in terms of trying to disrupt the functioning of the government, sedition in terms of acting in a way to try to violently overthrow: Those terms fit. When it comes to the president's behavior, again, he certainly bears a share of the responsibility for what happened.

I was sitting in my office watching the speech that he was giving to the crowd, encouraging them to come to the Capitol, where he continued to talk about how this was a landslide election and that it was stolen from him. He believed that the outcome on November 3 could be reversed by Congress. And I talked to a number of folks who believed that. And they believed that because they were being told that, right? They were being lied to. They were being misled. Some of my colleagues in Congress, they share responsibility for that. Many of them were fundraising off of this Stop the Steal grift. I don't understand how you can look in the mirror and go to sleep at night without that weighing on your conscience, I fundamentally do not. I'm just at a loss for words about how some of them have acted in ways that are just knowingly, provably false. And they know they're lying too.

I mean maybe I'm coming in here with too naive an expectation of human capacity and decency, but I also was an interrogator in Iraq, so it's not like I'm a Pollyanna.

Did you get any kind of visceral sense from some of those people that they maybe thought about it a little bit differently yesterday afternoon as opposed to yesterday morning? Did people get shook by seeing the consumer results of their rhetoric?

I mean, we saw a number of senators and a handful of members of Congress change their perspectives. And I guess that's good, but it's not ideal. But what to me was the most bewildering was folks giving speeches that were written that morning as if we weren't in a body that had windows broken in just a few hours earlier, law enforcement drawing weapons. As if a woman hadn't been shot and killed 100 feet from where they stood, right? There was still dried blood out there. And they were giving the exact same speeches, the exact same arguments, telling what they thought their people wanted to hear rather than telling them what they needed to hear.

There's a lot of talk today, and we're talking on Thursday afternoon, about a 25th Amendment solution maybe. Nancy Pelosi's talking about possible impeachment. Where do you stand on those? And also the president is saying that he's considering, or at least there is reporting towards this, that he's considering a self-pardon. Where do you stand on those ideas?

I mean these are very heavy things to be considering a mere 92 hours into my congressional career. I'll be honest, this is something where I think the conversation is evolving. I know that a number of Democratic senators, including leadership, a number of Democratic representatives, including Speaker Pelosi, have all called for one outcome or the other, or some means of removing President Trump from office before January 20. And including Rep. Kinzinger, a Republican from Illinois. This is something that I don't want to presage what may happen, but I think it's very clear that how the president acted towards this whole scenario, his actions leading up to yesterday and especially his unwillingness to come to grips with reality, is continuing to perpetuate this fraud, this deception, that is rankly unfit.

You'd indicated to me previously that there's at least a small, perhaps growing caucus of GOP members like yourself who aren't having this anymore. Describe that a little bit, and then how that might fit into a post-Trump Republican Party.

Yeah, this is something that we are grappling with. We are 24 hours into a new reality. Tuesday I signed on to a letter that was authored by Chip Roy, Ken Buck, Thomas Massie, the Freedom Caucus guys. And then there were plenty of moderates in that mix, there were establishment folks. This ran the gamut, it crossed every sort of internal little caucus division. You had Problem Solvers, Freedom Caucus, and everybody in between. I don't know where that's going to lead, but I was really proud to see a number of folks vote on their principles, taking the heat from constituents, but again, telling them what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear. Exhibiting some leadership.

And then one of the saddest things is I had colleagues who, when it came time to recognize reality and vote to certify Arizona and Pennsylvania in the Electoral College, they knew in their heart of hearts that they should've voted to certify, but some had legitimate concerns about the safety of their families. They felt that that vote would put their families in danger.

Really? You heard that?


Wow. That's pretty striking.

Let's talk about you a little bit, your ideological positioning. When I check out your campaign page, it's not, shall we say, much out of step with your predecessor Justin Amash: a lot of school choice, debt and deficits, federalism, Constitution, "end the endless wars." So how would you describe your politics and how are you different than Justin Amash?

There's a lot of things I respect about Rep. Amash. At the end of the day, you're going to be your own person. I think much of my approach is guided by my experiences overseas. I was fully uniformed, a through-and-through combatant in Iraq; I'd do intelligence operations. That gave me one vantage point. When I was working in disaster response efforts around the world, you—not literally, but kind of—parachute into an area, whether it was the Philippines or South Sudan, domestic response for tornadoes and hurricanes. You have to make a little bit of order out of the chaos. And then when I was in Afghanistan later for a couple of years, as a conflict analyst for the humanitarian aid community, that was a very different perspective, too. But I saw a sense of, how do things fall apart and how can they be rebuilt?

And that core grounding was, okay, well, what actually works? Because you can't fool yourself. I think the thing that frustrates me with politics is the ability to backward-rationalize, or ultimately avoid any sense of accountability. You can be up in the dais, you can co-sponsor the bill, you can make grand sweeping claims. All of the electoral political benefit is front-loaded, but nobody ever stops to reflect a few years later. Was that money actually well spent? Occasionally there's an audit, occasionally there's a report that gets buried somewhere. But the incentives for election, the political incentives, are way out of step with the governing incentives. So how do we bring that into alignment?

Because I think if we don't, we wind up risking the missed opportunities in this world. We wind up empowering folks like China and Russia. The sense of just momentum, getting to the endless wars too.

There's not a single person that has spent significant time on the ground in either of those conflicts that thinks either of them are winnable, but they just continue off of a sense of momentum. And getting back to that lack of accountability, not actually having anything be aligned to an objective, nobody could say what winning looked like when I was in Iraq. Our job was to run out the clock, turn off the lights, and close the door. In Afghanistan, same thing. The endless wars notion is just that these wars will continue to go on, because at the end of the day they're not our wars to fight. We've inserted ourselves into the middle of civil wars; we've taken sides. Sometimes those sides switch. In Iraq, we're backing the Sunnis one time, we're backing the Shia the other. In Afghanistan, it becomes a shifting set of alliances.

Ultimately I think that erodes something at the core of our national soul that we kind of paper over. That's something that I'll have to sit on a therapist's couch to better understand.

Joe Biden has a career as an interventionist, but his role in the Obama administration, at least in that context, was often as the biggest skeptic of, for instance, going to Libya, going to Syria. And when he campaigned, he talked about at least bringing people home from Afghanistan. What is your sense, hopes and fears, about his policy about the endless wars?

My fear is that this is just going to be a third term of the Obama administration. One of the reasons why I'm not supportive of a waiver for Gen. Lloyd Austin for secretary of defense is because the exact same conversations we were having in 2010 and 2011 about the rise of Sunni militants, about the empowering of Shia entities, and then a Sunni purge within the Iraqi government and the Iraqi military during the withdrawal period. We all knew where that was going. The rise of ISIS, which went from Al-Qaeda in Iraq to the Islamic State of Iraq, to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, to just the Islamic State: That was not a surprise to anybody who had been in the region at all. And in their second term, the Obama administration continually downplayed that. They continually had these rosy projections because it didn't fit the domestic narrative.

There's a little bit of a contradiction here because I was supportive in general of the withdrawal, but this idea that you go from zero to 60 and then 60 to zero, all it's doing is perpetuating the same processes and leaving room for further and further instability, rather than saying the world isn't a bunch of problems to solve, it's challenges to manage. And you can't just shift your gaze and forget about what's happening in one place. The fact of the matter is, when I say "end the endless wars," I mean wars and occupation are not in our best strategic interests. They do not promote our national defense. They weaken it. They give our enemies recruiting tools. They give our enemies plenty of opportunities and targets to attack.

I drove around in million-dollar armored vehicles that could be destroyed by $150 improvised explosive devices that the Iranians were cranking out by the hundreds. The whole sense of, this is a way for us to project power? You're undermining it. So that's something that deeply worries me under a Biden administration. We're seeing the same cast of characters being trot out. There's no innovation. This is just a caretaker continuation of an operating mindset that had no vision whatsoever.

This interview has been condensed and edited for style and clarity.

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        1. Rep. Peter Meijer (R–Mich.), the Republican successor to the retiring Libertarian Justin Amash, has had quite the week. On Sunday, the 32-year-old Iraq/Afghanistan veteran and supermarket heir was sworn into office.

          Matt Welch sucks the left’s dick, while claiming Meijer, a republican, is a libertarian successor. Reality check: You libertarians don’t have anyone in congress. 0 people. At all. Don’t try to claim “republican’s” as yours too. That’s just comical. Now get back to ushering in Biden, your bathhouse baby. Who is “definitely” much better than Trump, and definitely is NOT going to usher in equity/equality extremism.

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      2. I thought you said Biden wasn’t going to be president. Lol.

        1. He’s not. He’s not even there. Watch this hilarious short video of Biden short circuiting with dementia:


          There are many, many more confused meltdowns. So Biden isn’t going to be president. The campaign, and all the people he surrounds himself with. Those people are the president. Biden just reads the teleprompter and does what they say.

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      3. None of your predictions have come true. There’s no reason for you to stop writing delusional claptrap now as it’s quite amusing.

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    5. It makes me happy that Amash’s successor isn’t a Trumper asshole. It must suck to be a TrumpMORON right now. Lol.

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  2. “serving in Iraq and Afghanistan made him want to ‘end the endless wars.'”

    Ummmmmmm, that’s not really the direction libertarians should be going in right now. Sounds like something Ron Paul would say.

    The future of libertarianism is to find common ground with politicians like Joe Biden (voted for the Iraq War) and commentators like Bill Kristol (wrote an entire book advocating the Iraq War).


    1. “The future of libertarianism is to find common ground with politicians like Joe Biden” Good luck with that!

      1. That’s a parody account and not a good one; suggest ignoring anything under that handle. I think the intent is humor, but it’s lame 5th-grade level ‘irony’.

        1. Aren’t you also a parody account?

  3. Sooooo…..

    We’re all still on the Orange Man Bad train and not the least bit worried about the other party that will soon be in charge?

    1. Except for all of the articles criticizing Biden’s policies and Cabinet picks, yeah, not worried at all…

      I understand that you expect your media outlets to feed you articles that make you feel good, so what you’d prefer are screeching screeds about how Biden is a Communist and Democrats are evil goose-stepping Nazis, even if they don’t comport with reality. Because, hey, reality is whatever you decide it to be! But perhaps you ought to look elsewhere for articles who have as their sole purpose generating outrage and clicks.

      1. it is amazing that there is a contingent on here that

        – blindly follows every trump brainfart
        – absolutely hates any possible criticism of the leader or R’s
        – literally just wants to read articles that say “dems bad, trump saves america”

        and they come back EVERY DAY, for years now, clicking on every sullum article 100’s of times, refreshing, commenting, driving up web traffic for reason; complaining that “but they are meanie heads to my cult daddy! wheres all the stuff I want to hear about the dems eating babies?!” I honestly dont know why they haven’t found a different place to read articles. Clearly they would be at home at breitbart.

        But apparently their way of showing they hate a site and its coverage is to frequent it every day, give them 1000’s more clicks, and reward them for the behavior they say they hate. Sullum probably has many fold more clicks than the others due to the butthurt TDS-trumpies that comment non stop on his articles.

        My theory on John was he is the only one smart enough to finally leave and save himself the headaches

        1. Reasons is the only place left that hasn’t censored all commie dissent. As-if blocking the President isn’t proof enough. And if you think what’s left on lefty-rags have anything to offer I’d say you’re just an apple from the same tree of substance-less identity politics and name-calling bullies. Oh, yep; that’s pretty much your whole comment.

        2. It’s almost like they are mental toddlers who don’t know what drives web content decisions, or anything else in the market or politics.

          It’s all so confusing and complicated, and you have to actually be educated in some of these things to understand them, and that makes them feel like everyone is looking down on them! No Fair!

          So they flock to comforting lies and whoever will tell them to them. Lies where the world is simple: evul commie dems who are also secret pedophiles vs. the glorious and godly Trump and his loyal band of GOP swamp drainers.

          It’s laughable. It’s ridiculous. But it feels good. Because we watch a lot of movies, and of course we are the good guys in this one, right? We have to be.

          1. DOL, that is some really good faith discussion there.

            What part is good faith? The part where you ascribe peoples’ motivations to them? The part where you assume that people cannot look at facts and come to different conclusions? Where you put words in their mouths?

            It gets very difficult for me to believe that you are interested in rational discourse when you engage in exactly the same piling on that you accuse the trumpaloos of doing.

            These comments haven’t been a place for discussion for 4 years. They have become yet another front in the culture wars where ideologues use disingenuous shitposting to try and carve out their own territory. And yes, I completely agree that the Mean Girls are guilty of that as well. But don’t wallow with the pigs and then complain about how dirty it is, since you are also covered in the pigshit.

            1. DOL/White Knight is shitposting. It’s all he’s here to do.

              Have you ever read a DOL/White Knight post where he/she/it wasn’t responding to someone about Trump, Republicans or Conservatives? Because I can’t recall any.

            2. We all saw how good faith is reciprocated around here. Good faith was my original approach when I came back to these boards a year and a half ago or so. After several weeks of insults, to which I did not reply, it culminated in in the Trumpists using my wife’s race and our loss of a pregnancy as ammunition for their childish jeers. Maybe you expect me to be a saint, but I am not.

              I’m ascribing cultists’ motivations above in the most generous terms possible. If I was being less generous I might say that being white is the only thing they are proud of because they are unaccomplished mediocrities who see that increased equality is bad for their social position. I might say that they are uneducated and superstitious peasants who have little difference between themselves and Russian revolutionaries in 1917, other than a legitimate complaint. I might say they are trash who have not been challenged to be better for several generations; who have been riding the coattails of American success for too long, and who now see their grip slipping.

              And here’s the thing none of you will swallow, because to do so would require self reflection. I am a registered Republican. I held a minor office in my county GOP for years. I am a business owner. I have had a staff and not had my own boss for over five years. I pay a lot of taxes. I am a combat veteran of the recent wars. People generally assume I am white.

              I am the GOP’s wet dream of a voter, and yet I reject their lack of principles. I reject the democrat party as well, but I haven’t yet seen them participate in behavior that makes me remember my oath to the constitution and duty to defend from enemies foreign and domestic like the current GOP does.

              I see the sedition. I see the contempt for the constitution and your fellow americans. I see the naked narcissism and personal ambition and total lack of sacrifice, honor, or fealty of the Trumps.

              That’s it. That’s the core of all of the disagreements the cultists and I have. I’m not a leftist. I don’t like taxes (but will acknowledge their necessity) or governments who consume 1/3 of a nation’s GDP. I don’t like raising children without genders, but if that’s what you want to do, I won’t stop you. I’m against affirmative action in all cases. I’m against riots in all cases (though I can acknowledge the conditions that lead to them). I’m not culturally or politically aligned with the left, in any way.

              1. I might say they are trash who have not been challenged to be better for several generations; who have been riding the coattails of American success for too long, and who now see their grip slipping.

                ding ding ding

                I would not go so far as to call them “trash” but I do think there is a not insubstantial portion of the Trump coalition that is composed of people who basically slept through highschool, learned nothing, got a low-paying low-skill job, and instead of reflecting upon their own missed opportunities, they instead wrap themselves in this blanket of Real Muricanism, declare themselves to be the privileged entitled pinnacle of human civilization because they were born in America and live in the heartland, and therefore all their problems are someone else’s fault – the Chinese, the Mexicans, the elitists, the “swamp”, the gubmint, etc. So of course they stay on the Trump Train, because it feeds their victimhood and grievances, and The Great Wall of Trump and The Great Trade War with China are the only ways they could keep the sorry jobs that they have.

              2. DOL, please put away your victim rationalizations.

                You are acting like a duplicitous dick. You come out saying you tried Good Faith way back when, and you have given up. You could have told me that last night before you wasted my fucking time trying to have a good faith discussion with you. And rather than try at it, you link me off to an article and ghost.

                Jesse, Nardz, etc- yeah they’re all dicks. But what is worse? Unabashed dicks, or dicks that constantly hide behind the pretension that they are being reasonable? That’s you. You just spent 5 posts acting as if you are the reasonable one here, when engaging in EXACTLY the same behavior. Then you have the gall to blame Jesse for you acting like Jesse.

                1. I can’t help but be reasonable. Sorry if you find that off putting.

                  And I repeatedly explained to you that what you were doing was not good faith. I even gave you a nice essay from Cato that explains what good faith is our context. In any case, I appreciate your engagement yesterday and today.

                  But I’m not going to be subject to double standards just because I try to be better than the status quo occasionally. Which is why I specifically made an invitation to participate in good faith yesterday. If everyone, including myself was doing that all the time, then that would not be necessary.

                  I will say this much. I am genuine in what I say. Yes, you may need to have a high school level reading comprehension to tell when I’m joking, or using sarcasm, or using allegory, but I’m not going to dumb it down just to avoid ankle biting. That’s going to happen anyway.

                  So if you want the earnestness along with the other components of good faith, namely in my case abstaining from insults and assumptions (although I feel I’ve had enough time around you guys to make these insights without overstepping), then encourage the same from the rest of your ideological allies, and maybe we can all get together on it. I’ll support you.

                2. I didn’t mean to ghost, if that is how it felt. I stuck around for far too long yesterday. I can keep odd hours, but eventually I do have to work/father.

          2. “and you have to actually be educated in some of these things to understand them”

            Like JesseAz trying to get away with posing like he was an expert on statistical analysis and invoking “Brenfords Law” to prove there was election fraud. He couldn’t even spell the name of the statistical law correctly.

            1. And he was right and you fucked up, but you’re still doing victory laps like you won some sort of war, because you’re an ass.

              1. Fuck off, loser.

            2. Much like he now insists Trump only lost those 60 cases on “procedural grounds”. Whenever I link the cases decided on the merits, or the cases where Trump withdrew the lawsuits rather than present evidence, he goes away and pretends like the thread doesn’t exist anymore.

              It’s kinda cool we found a way to make Jesse disappear, like a vanquishing spell. I just wish I didn’t have to wait for him to lie and then go through the same old rigamarole of linking the source and waiting for him to show up and repeat the same nonsense in the next thread.

              1. PA supreme court declared election laws were optional, you sick fucks!

                Nobody gives a fuck about your fake court cases. I say “fake” because our government has died, so they no longer hold people’s respect. The storming of the Capitol was nothing but the desecration of a BLOATED corpse.

                You sick fucks infested our government with parasites to the point that you killed it. Very tragic.

        3. “and they come back EVERY DAY, for years now, clicking on every sullum article 100’s of times, refreshing, commenting, driving up web traffic for reason”

          Even more amazing. One of the most active Trump fan boys isn’t even an American. He’s Canadian. That’s just weird.

          1. My nationality utterly obsesses you. That’s what’s really weird.

            1. Yes, Americans are continually obsessed with Canadians, not the other way around.

              1. They live in America’s hat. Of course they care what goes on in the US. I don’t know why this continues to be a talking point. The whole world is interested in US politics, and Canada more so than most places because it is a country with a tiny population crammed up close to the border.

        4. A big key to the puzzle is that Reason set up the ability to comment on their blog entries, then have completely put it on auto, with no active or passive moderation, and very infrequent improvements or fixes. So, it’s a place where these people can hang out, commiserate with each other and act like asswipes, without being subject to any moderation.

          1. “commiserate with each other and act like asswipes, without being subject to any moderation.”

            Lol. The willful blindness here as you three commiserate with each other is hilarious.

            I repeat:
            I mean seriously, dude. Have you no shame?

            You have posted endless “Fuck you” after “Fuck you” for the past three days, acting as if the death of 6 people is some sort of unique national tragedy. It is absolutely relevant that you could not even find an OUNCE of opprobrium for the hundreds dead- including dozens of police- over the summer. Because it shows that in fact YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS COP.

            And don’t you dare fucking accuse me of having blood on my hands. I have been disputing these Trump conspiracy theories for two months. And I continue to call our that chump for his nonsense.

            Your desire to stand on this dead cop’s body, and only this body, to condemn your ideological adversaries is immature. More than that, it is insulting. It is insulting to those dead you have ignored this year, since they weren’t important enough for your political games. It is insulting to the people you try to smear with your 8th degree guilt by association. But most of all it is insulting and dehumanizing to those people that died this week by rendering them down to nothing more than in inhuman rhetorical club with which to wage your shitty little internet flame war.

          2. Oh, and TWK: careful, your Authoritarian is showing. You literally just made the argument that the problem is that there is no moderator to squelch the people you disagree with.

          3. “If only we could have censorship”

            As expected of White Knight.

          4. Yeah, that’s the answer why they keep coming back. This is the only place that will have them. They would have been banned at any other site that moderated even a little bit.

            Oh, and unless he died, John will be back. He disappears and then reappears. He’s been commenting on here for like 20 years, so I don’t think he suddenly decided he can’t take it anymore. But who knows. Maybe Trump’s loss and concession broke him too.

            1. You are right on that. I’ve been banned from Mother Jones, I got repeatedly shadowbanned from HuffPost. Whenever you make a point they can’t refute, they run to their safe spaces.

              1. Or more likely, similar to our favorite clowns on here (Nardz, damikisec, shitlord, jesse) you make garbage arguments, easily disproven, reliant on hearsay and info that a high school kid could refute. Eventually the mask slips and all of a sudden its “liquidate my enemies, put them in camps, eliminate the progs” garbage, and thats where other sites ban people. Then those people run and complain that they got banned bc “thu snoeflakz!”

                I highly doubt it was your keen intellect and arguments that got you banned as you have yet to display either here in the reason comments.

                1. Look at you, making shit up in your head. Never seen a liberal do THAT before. Sheesh, you people and your strawmen.

        5. Was wondering what happened to john

          1. He’s left for long periods before. I wish him no harm, but nor do I miss him.

            1. He can be pretty entertaining at times. His arguments with Tony are legendary. The sexual tension just leaps off the screen.

              1. Well his declaration that my wife and I are evil for deciding to go through a medically required abortion turned me off from him, probably permanently.

                1. Well, if true you did kill your kid no matter how you slice it, but abortions are necessary if pregnancy is life threatening…

                  I don’t actually believe that you have a wife though.

                  1. Why don’t you take it up with Erin O’Toole. But wait he’s pro choice!

                    Piss off fascist!

                    1. If you think you are defending me, then please know that you are not.

                      And the kill all ____ Americans joke is not funny or witty.

                      Be better.

                    2. Was not defending you. Just making fun of Mother Lament.

                      Don’t give two shits what you think. My name’s in jest anyway.

                      Mormons are the ones who should be killed. That is not a joke.

                  2. You really need to sit and think about what an abject piece of shit you are. This is my last response to you.

                    Now go cry about being cancelled.

                  3. This comment right here from piece of shit Mother’s Lament is a good example of why this place went to shit with the influx of Trumpists. The degeneracy around here used to be of the good-natured kind, with SugarFree sexual depravity and jokes about orphans polishing monocles. Now it’s just mean and lacking any sort of wit, with a healthy dose of butthurt sprinkled on top.

        6. “it is amazing that there is a contingent on here that – blindly follows every trump brainfart”

          If not for blind followers, he might not have any at all, at this point.

        7. “– blindly follows every trump brainfart
          – absolutely hates any possible criticism of the leader or R’s
          – literally just wants to read articles that say “dems bad, trump saves america””

          I’m a sure you can find another TDS-afflicted shit to help you with that strawman.

      2. “Biden is a Communist”.. CHECK. New Green Deal.
        “Democrats are evil goose-stepping Nazis”… National Socialism = Nazi. CHECK.

        Now granite; Reason did an article quite sometime ago about Democratic deregulation; from memory they had to go clear back to LBJ to make a case.

        Maybe the Democrats weren’t Nazi’s in the 1960’s but I dare you to prove otherwise today.. Make me a believer.

        1. Disproving negatives is the province of fools. We don’t have to disprove being Nazis. You have to prove we are. To do so, please remember these are the hallmarks of Nazi Germany and Mousolini’s Italy (which was not strictly Nazi, but rather fascist).

          Pro large military
          Blaming of some social or ethnic group for society’s ills
          Blind adherence to a leader figure
          Significant coordination of the economy between large companies and the government
          Squelching of any dissenting media

          When I look at that list, I’d be hard-pressed not to find the GOP as being most like the Nazis. You wrap yourself in the flag, vote for massive military budgets, like Hitler and Krupp (or Porsche or Messerschmitt), you want symbiosis between military industrial companies and the government (so you can pay $500 for hammers) and you DEFINETELY want the propaganda of Faux News (and OANN and NewsMax). You falsely claim that a private company like Twitter exercising their right to turn off a commenter (like Trump) spewing hate and lies is somehow government censorship when it isn’t. Last and most importantly, you blame blacks, Muslims, liberals <insert boogey-man here) and BLINDLY follow any lie Trump spews. Which Dem figure can you point to which is leading the party and which Dems follow blindly (or if not followed are attacked viciously in the way you Trumpers attacked Romney?) What ethnic group do you think we blame for all of society's ills? (Don't say white people, we don't, we say white are resistant to change and are trying to hold onto a society that doesn't exist, but whites are the majority of the country and certainly aren't solely to blame any more than the USA itself is to "blame.")

          So, given that, how again is it Dems are Nazis and Repubs aren't? I think I've proven MY case, good luck on yours.

          1. Did you just throw out the racist card??? I think you did…
            Did you just equate a strong National Defense as Nazism? I think you did…
            Did you just pretend the GOP was playing social-class and ethnic grouping games ( racism, sexism )? Now, that’s just RICH with projection!
            Did you just pretend the GOP was more tightly knitted behind a leader than the left? While the GOP actually envies how tight-nit the left is?
            Did you just pretend the GOP propped up entire industries right in the face of a completely DNC propped “Green Energy” market?

            Now this is the real kicker — “Squelching of any dissenting media” How is that NOT EXACTLY what [D] politicians have been doing this entire time????? Their entire support of repealing Section 230 is to BAN dissenting media…

            “We don’t have to disprove being Nazis. You have to prove we are.”

            The Nazis were left-wing socialists. Yes, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, otherwise known as the Nazi Party, was indeed socialist and it had a lot in common with the modern left. Hitler preached class warfare, agitating the working class to resist “exploitation” by capitalists , particularly Jewish capitalists, of course. Their programs called for the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, and other major industries. They instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen. They encouraged pornography, illegitimacy, and abortion, and they denounced Christians as right-wing fanatics. Yet a popular myth persists that the Nazis themselves were right-wing extremists. This insidious lie biases the entire political landscape today.

            In statement after statement, Hitler could not be clearer about his socialist commitments. He said, for example, in a 1927 speech, “We are socialists. We are the enemies of today’s capitalist system of exploitation … and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

            1. Or just visit your favorite online dictionary

          2. I will agree that the American left is not Nazi. They are their own special brand of Facism. This started in the Obama administration when GM’s board was restructured to include party operatives and has continued through banking reform, and will continue into the government control of “acceptable facts” for social and mainstream media.

            Fascists love to mobilize war footing for their causes. Whether it is actual shooting (as Obama and Biden loved), or a war on poverty or a war on climate change. They use this war footing to direct private industry to produce that which they demand, rather than outright nationalizing the industry as a socialist would.

            To be sure, those fascists- even the nazis- had all sorts of social programs- free healthcare, and minimum wages. Indeed, this is just part of the Fascist philosophy: roping in private industry to do the bidding of the Party. Obamacare was not nationalism- but rather the yoking of private industry to the needs of the Party. The same with Banking regulation.

            To their part, the Republicans have been fascist light. They are definitely moving in that direction though. We are increasingly seeing GOP operatives a part of the “Investment Companies” being stood up to benefit from the government’s largess.

            You want to talk about Fascist Propoganda? Last I checked Fox news, while having a conservative bent, is not at the beck and call of the government, or even the party. They were downright hostile to the party leader this last 2 years. On the other hand, the Governor of New York has his own brother spoonfeeding the news each day. Operatives of the Democrat led intelligence apparatus have gone to be key contributors to media around the country.

            What about the demonization of blaming a social group for all ills? Well, if you haven’t heard of Anti-Racist/Critical Race Theory that teaches all whites are racist and contributing to the systematic racism of this country, then I don’t know what to tell you.

            The only thing that keeps the Dems from being Nazis is their lack of nationalism. But that does not keep them from being strong fascists.

          3. Bernie Sandra’s and Elizabeth Warren have both argued for more nationalism and more socialism. They are by definition Nazi.

      3. Democrats have always been Nazis. They’ve never forgiven the Repubs for making them give up their slaves. Only now they want to enslave everyone to the federal gov.t

    2. Got nothing to say to the article above?

      Orange man is a traitor who is going to to see some cell bars before this is all over. So yes, we are still on that train. And it won’t just go away, unlike the Caravan! emergency declaration, or Covid.

      1. “Arrest him for De-Regulating the Federal Government!!!!”, Yep; the lefty-mentality (fascist) is back in session. I remember when Obama went around and used the IRS, FBI and CIA to hunt down patriotic Americans and throw them into prison solely due to their respect for the U.S. Constitution.. Take their property and livelihood.

        Remember: Dinesh D’Souza? Just to name the most well-known example.

        1. watabout watabout watabout


          1. Summary, “See my ignorance card!”

          2. Not, the ‘watabout’ is in regard to you continued idiocy.

    3. Fuck off, seditionist!

      1. “Seditionist” is White Knight speak for “Bite the pillow, proles”.

        What’s wrong WK? I thought that dissent was supposed to be the highest form of patriotism.
        I guess the rules all suddenly change when you guys are the ones holding the whip.

      2. I don’t think libertarians should be throwing around words like “sedition” and “treason” so lightly.

      3. “Fuck off, seditionist!”

        Oh, oh, look! Assholish TDS victim has learned to used new words incorrectly.
        Stuff a running chain saw up your ass, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

    4. Welcome to the next four years eternity at Reason.

  4. I don’t understand how you can look in the mirror and go to sleep at night without that weighing on your conscience…

    You better lose the mirror or you’re not going to last long.

  5. “My fear is that this is just going to be a third term of the Obama administration.”

    Yes and yet this very magazine was pimping Biden because Trump was mean tweeting people.

    Buckle up says Schumer. You have no idea.

  6. Rookie GOP congressman describes Capitol Hill chaos, says that some Republicans who knew better voted against election-certification out of physical fear, and explains how serving in Iraq and Afghanistan made him want to “end the endless wars Here is Jobs .

  7. Rookie GOP congressman describes Capitol Hill chaos, says that some Republicans who knew better voted against election-certification out of physical fear, and explains how serving in Iraq and Afghanistan made him want to “end the endless wars……… Here is information .

  8. I’m glad Amash got a successor from the same mold.

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    2. That is what I was thinking too. Good luck to him.

    3. I love it when “libertarian” politicians gaslight me on an impeachment and crooked dealings in Ukraine, while waving a libertarian flag and mouthing libertarian platitudes.
      Because when woke warmongers gaslight me, they don’t try and soothe me by telling me how libertarian they are.

      1. Tell me about it. This douchebag is not off to a good start.

    4. Agreed. His father (Hank) was the speaker at a University of Michigan graduation I was at last year — also quite an interesting and reasonable guy.

    5. I was not aware of this guy before. I will watch with great interest.

    6. I like that he’s a veteran. It adds something more to the anti-interventionist stance, at-least in the eyes of regular Joe Voter.

    7. Yeah. I know its not popular in these comments (and maybe not in libertarianism either) – but I still do believe that most people enter politics to reform something that needs reforming. Even if I disagree with the specifics, I respect the instinct.

      And then they turn into manipulative sociopaths. And turns out that partisan voters really do prefer the sociopaths. And while I understand the reason why both of those happen, I utterly despise it all.

      It’s one reason I would really prefer a much much much larger Congress. Chosen through sortition rather than election.

    8. We have the same problem here ins Georgia.

      Democrats cant get elected so they run as “Republicans” only to find out they are Democrats.

      Its a never ending battle to out these Lefties hiding as RINOs and LINOs.

      1. Kemp, Raffenberger, Warlock, and Ossoff are gone next opportunity.

        If Civil War 2.0 armed conflict doesnt get them first.

      2. You guys have two Democratic senators, so your claim that Democrats can’t get elected in Georgia is blatantly false.

        1. Give the guy a break. He is clearly suffering mental trauma from the news that he is living in a blue state.

      3. Nothing like a good purge, now and then, to cleanse the Party. Eh, tovarisch.

        1. I’m starting to like the idea that he actually is a kremlin shill. It makes more sense than insane or trolling for free at this point.

          1. Meh, probably just trolling to entertain himself. Why attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by boredom.

    9. He seems to be sensible to me. Let’s hope the Republicans keep him around.

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  10. What a retard. Fuck him too.

  11. Like Peter Meijer, Dan Crenshaw gets it.


    It’s not just Trump, it’s certain members of Congress, it’s certain right-wing media commentators, they all lied to Trump supporters about January 6. That it was going to be this big day to “fight” because “it’s all on the line” and look what happened. They were lying the whole time and they knew it. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. I mean, this is the downside of Trump not being a professional politicians. The pros are all aware that the rules are constantly changing and that sometimes the rules shift in such a way that it’s not a fair fight. The solution is not to attempt a putsch or spend forever whining about it; the solution is to relearn the game and operate accordingly. It’s trench warfare.

      Likewise, sometimes elections are outright stolen without consequence, and the Republic survives. Because in the end, the difference between Candidate A and Candidate B is not as significant as the candidates profess and their most loyal supporters believe. And the voters aren’t interested in revolutionary policy shifts despite their rhetoric, and the politicians know this despite their own.

      1. “and the Republic survives.”
        But it dies a little more each time. And it looks like it took the final death blow Nov 3. Sacking the Capitol was just the desecration of a corpse.

      2. So much this. I’m 66, and I’ve been thru many endings of the world. The next world looks just like the last one.

    2. “They were lying” — Oh, this is news! Do you have PROOF!

      1. Because they’re all smart enough to read the Constitution and read the law and understand that there is nothing that can be done by time Jan. 6 rolls around to change anything, yet they give people false hope anyway that Mike Pence is somehow going to save them anyway.

        1. RINOs are too spineless to challenge EC votes which is exactly what Jan 6 is for. Counting and contesting EC votes.

          Some RINOs in government know Civil War 2.0 is ongoing and wont do anything to stop it. That is their strategy because God will save them.

    3. The GOP contested Biden electors. I told you it would happen and it did.

      1. And they were rejected.

    4. Jeff should be ashamed of himself for posting left wing propaganda every day. But then again, maybe he’s trying to get a job as a Reason writer.

  12. That was an interesting interview. I hope he gets committee assignments for Armed Services and Foreign Affairs.

    1. Is he in the running for those?

      1. Don’t know yet.

      2. Unlikely given it’s his first year.

  13. So Trump literally calling for peace and calm publicly was really a deception and he was really calling for violence and destruction when literally nobody was looking? What the actual fuck?

    1. unreason was staffed by liars before Jan 20, 2017 and still is today.

      At least now we know most of unreason staffers are actual Commies who want America to burn.

  14. Hard to believe this guy’s only been a Congressman for one week, he already seems to know everything there is to know about how Washington works. And it’s so refreshing to have just a regular guy in office, not just some rich dilettante slumming it for optics points as he works his way into higher office.

    1. I don’t think you need to worry about him getting too high in office. As far as Amerikkka has come, I don’t think we’ll ever be ready for a ginger President.

      1. Haha.

      2. We’ve got two faces on Mt. Rushmore, bitches, and four on currency.

        Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant and Calvin Coolidge were just a few of the minority Americans who rose to the office of president – minority as in redheads.

        Other red-headed Chief Executives include Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Dwight Eisenhower, and the Father of Our Country, George Washington.

        Washington, Jefferson, Eisenhower, and Coolidge? One could argue that those are the 4 greatest Presidents we’ve had. We need more redheads in office.

        1. Also… Ron Howard.

          1. and L. Ron Hubbard!

            1. True fact: red hair leads to a 70% reduction in the thetan reproduction rate.

    2. Can’t tell if that was sarcasm, but the kid is worth $55 million now and is one of the heirs to a $6 billion fortune…..

      1. Yes, regular ole guy. Sheesh, what the hell kind of slum did you grow up in?

        (This comment was sarcasm… and I can’t speak for Jerryskids, but I would bet on his being sarcasm as well.)

      2. Salt-of-the-earth type then. Trust-fund babies usually prove themselves to be a real man of the people.

        Evil Trump was born with a silver spoon too, but I’m sure Meijer is totally different.

        1. Well, Meijer is an actual business that actually provides goods that people want for a fair price, and as far as I know, they have paid all of their contractors and employees, and as far as I know, they aren’t the one of the most sued organizations other than the US government.

          So yeah, there are a few differences. I remember when libertarians didn’t use someone’s success as a cudgel.

  15. And physical fear? How many congressmen voted for certification out of physical fear of what antifa would do to them? Seriously, what the fuck kind of clown world are we now living in?

    1. “what the fuck kind of clown world are we now living in?” — The exact one the Democrats have been pushing for ALL-ALONG… And every-time their fascist/socialist world throws sh*t in the air it’s like auto-projection time and imbecilic name-calling onto everyone around them with ZERO acknowledgement to their own blame.

  16. Bitcoin value now $42K from $10K in Nov! It’s almost like you can see the ‘smart’ people panicking about the election results.

    1. The USA is $27 trillion in debt.

      I have a wheel barrel ready to cart my $1000 to buy a bag of toilet paper.

    2. It’s not like they were ever planning on paying it. The Great Reset isn’t just a retarded slogan.

  17. Did you get any kind of visceral sense from some of those people that they maybe thought about it a little bit differently yesterday afternoon as opposed to yesterday morning? Did people get shook by seeing the consumer results of their rhetoric?

    Defund police!

    New low, Reason

    1. It’s like they didn’t even read their own magazine this summer.


  18. “And then one of the saddest things is I had colleagues who, when it came time to recognize reality and vote to certify Arizona and Pennsylvania in the Electoral College, they knew in their heart of hearts that they should’ve voted to certify, but some had legitimate concerns about the safety of their families. They felt that that vote would put their families in danger.”

    What a drama queen.

    If a duly elected US Representative is truly fearful that how s/he votes on a particular issue would put their family in danger, they should resign immediately, or should be censured or disqualified by the rest of the members of the House, as their ability to do their sworn duty is compromised by personal concerns. No functional difference between that and being compromised due to blackmail.

  19. It’s so shitty here now. I’m amazed. Here you have an article about an incoming rep who seems to be independent and have libertarianish thinking. A lot of it is pretty good from a libertarian perspective.

    But immediately comes the chorus of unthinking Reason-bashing and Trump-felating obsessives with boilerplate vacous rantings. They are completely in the grip of the biggest cult of personality I have ever seen. I literally would not be surprised to see a group like this follow Trump to a South American jungle and drink the kool aid when they’re told to.

    It’s obvious that they have no understanding of libertarian principles. And they especially lack the mental capacity to see nuance and shades of disagreement that are normal with any discussion of ideas. Certainly, being in a worshipful cult of personality of a politician is about as far as you can get from being libertarian.

    It will be interesting to see how long it will take for this to fade. I mean, Biden is a total fuckstick, and we’ll all be ready heap our scorn onto him soon. But we can hope that he’ll do something good from a libertarian perspective occasionally.

    Interesting times, as usual.

    1. Orangemagazinebad

  20. In my opinion both sides of the isle have been “Rankly Unfit” for years, especially the leadership. We have two more weeks of Trump and then the next disaster of a Presidency will begin

    Hopefully Peter Meijer will follow in Justin Amash’s footsteps and push for an end to Civil Asset Forfeiture, ending Qualified Immunity, ending our involvement in undeclared wars, fical sanity, and the list goes on and on and on.

    Unfortunately we need more sane politicians instead of the virtue signaling warmongers we tend to get. As always I hope for the best, but fear that the debt under Biden with dwarf the “HUGE” increase that Trump gave us.

    Also tell Moynihan he need to relax a bit. Remember that even MAGA, TRUMP, BLM and ANTIFA supporters are still human and have valid concerns even if we disagree with the methods and arguments they use.

  21. Because it can never be said enough:


  22. Michigan is a disaster but there is still a light shining. Happy that my home district has elected another solid candidate.

    Neocons and progressives are both the enemy.

    1. Republicans, with a few exceptions, are responsible for ruining my home state of Michigan. Gerrymandered districts, a rightwing nutjob Legislature, and Republican control of far too many counties have robbed Michigan of the things that once made it a great state.

  23. I see Amash’s successor has Justin’s courage as well. So none.




    1. Suck a dick, dumbshit!


        1. You got a real nasty mouth, no wonder you talk like that.

          PS. We know that’s you, Sleepy Joe 😉


  25. Poor guy, he got into politics to put end to endless wars. Sad that won’t happen. I’m betting that within seven to nine months the incoming interventionist regime will enter into war somewhere around the globe. Biden wants to pick up where Clinton, Bush and Obama left off. At least we enjoyed four years of no new wars. That’s something positive.

  26. Trump not on broke the country and the GOP, he broke conservatism. And his moron minions think he is almost god.


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  27. Great, so the new congresscritter is just as stupid and the dems.

    “To unconstitutionally insert Congress into the center of the presidential election process—would amount to stealing power from the people and the states,”

    Go read the damn document. Congress is part of the certification process. If the founders wanted a rubber stamp they would not have include Congress in the process. Or were you good when the democraps did this in the 2000, 2005 and 2017 certifications?

  28. What an utterly horrific article. First off – The Founders and Framers would have revolted long ago under these circumstances. There is no question of that by their decisions in contested elections of their day and statements in our founding documents. Not a single complete review of vote or voters occurred in ONE contested state. Not a single one. Other than that Trump never suggested or invoked violence. How could such a article even make it out ? It’s embarrassing that “Reason” would publish it.

  29. Congresscritters cowering in fear. Videos show capitol police to be the only people with guns. Mr. Meijer is just another Amash.

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