Capitol Riot

Citing Trump's Rhetoric, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Resigns

"That behavior was unconscionable for our country."


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigned on Thursday, becoming the second Cabinet secretary to exit the administration in opposition to President Donald Trump's irresponsible encouragement of the rioters who surrounded the U.S. Capitol building on Tuesday, which resulted in violence and several deaths.

"That behavior was unconscionable for our country," said DeVos in her resignation letter, according to The Wall Street Journal. "There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, and it is the inflection point for me."

DeVos' resignation follows that of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who said the deadly storming of the Capitol building—which forced Congress to halt its certification of President-elect Joe Biden's win—was "entirely avoidable." Chao is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–Ky.).

For her part, DeVos lamented that the riots had overshadowed the administration's accomplishments. Indeed, education policy has been one of the brighter spots of Trump's tenure. Under DeVos' leadership, the Education Department initiated arduous but much-needed reform of Title IX, the federal statute that prohibits sexual misconduct in schools. Title IX had become a weapon for college administrators to deprive accused students of due process and infringe on free speech rights; DeVos' new Title IX rules, which underwent a full notice-and-comment period as required by law, restored basic fairness to these procedures.

The education secretary is also a vocal supporter of school choice, and has expressed concern that the pandemic is exacerbating the achievement gap between students who have many education options and students who are trapped in the public school system, which has increasingly relied on wholly inadequate remote learning during COVID-19.

"If there's anything that this pandemic has shown us, it's what I've been talking about for decades," DeVos told me when I interviewed her for Reason's November issue. "Kids have got to have more choices, and the whole K–12 system has got to be changed to allow for and facilitate those kinds of choices on the part of parents."

DeVos was entirely correct to call out Trump's horrendous behavior. With any hope, the president is sufficiently chastened and will not cause further trouble during the short time he has left in office.

"Impressionable children are watching all this," said DeVos in her resignation letter. "And they are learning from us."

NEXT: Trump Returns to Twitter, Concedes Election

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152 responses to “Citing Trump's Rhetoric, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Resigns

  1. Durham report is still out there guys. Keep your chin up.

    1. It goes without saying that police are given a very hard job in these kinds of circumstances. They are tasked with protecting people’s First Amendment rights to protest and preserving others’ rights to not have their persons and property assaulted by violent demonstrators………..HERE THIS MORE INFORMATION.

    2. Trump not attending Biden inauguration. HAHAHA

      Lefties looking for legitimacy for the Biden/Harris regime and wont get it. HAHAHA

      Biden will be less than a one term President. America will probably be in full-blown armed conflict by then.

      1. Poor Soave and the Commies at unreason.

        They had to out themselves as the Commies that they are and nobody believes them

        Most Trump Administration staffers will resign before Jan 20, 2021, just like most Obama staffers resigned before Jan 20, 2017.

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      2. Nobody but Trump die-hards care that Trump won’t attend the inauguration. The less attention his tantrums get the better.

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  2. RESIST!
    Not my president

    1. ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

      1. ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

    2. The instantaneous moment republicans have the house, they should get a special prosecutor to investigate Biden. #ChineseCollusion

      1. They will probably puss out.

      2. The instant Biden takes the presidency he should declare martial law and put every last one of you in a camp.

        Nazis in camps. Where else?

        1. U R one sick fuck.

        2. Well Tony just let the mask sli… Oh wait, Tony always hated the proles and wanted them dead.

          1. Progressives do think they are superior to all the disadvantaged people they say for whom they are working, erm, raising awareness.

        3. The instant Biden takes the presidency he should declare martial law and put every last one of you in a camp.

          Nazis in camps. Where else?

          I wish he would try it. I really do.

  3. “There is no mistaking the impact your rhetoric had on the situation, and it is the inflection point for me.”

    I don’t agree with that, but she was still one of the best Trump picks.
    She was toast.

    1. It's politics. She is probably not angry at Trump at all. It's just the event has been stigmatized (By republicans!) and so to save face, she must flee so she can continue her career in politics.

      1. The pressure on you to conform when you’re a bubble dweller is probably immense.

        I don’t think now that those of us in Western nations will be able to get rid of the cancer without surgery, and that’s not always successful or even survivable sometimes.

        We all watched the speeches and video, What Reason, and the media, and even politicians like DeVos are saying wasn’t what anyone actually saw. This is pure gaslighting. “Trump said Y, but he secretly meant X, don’t believe you’re lying eyes”.

        I’ve seen Reason, a libertarian magazine FFS, lie to us, and gaslight us, and deliberately hide huge stories that were favorable to Trump and unfavorable to the Democrats.
        Meanwhile fifty-centers work the comments trying to shitpost actual discussion into oblivion.

        I’ve been reading Reason since I was a young teen in the 90’s-2000’s. I started with the physical magazine. I never would’ve imagined that it would one day devolve into DNC Pravda.

        The writer’s are barely even bothering to pay lipservice to libertarian principles anymore, and are knowingly and wilfully lying to us…
        Reason magazine of all places for fucks sake.

        So what can you or I even do? I certainly don’t know.

        Let them farm us like cattle? Go down fighting?
        Both prospects suck.

        1. I started reading Reason in the late 1970s, and I wouldn’t’ve imagined it even could have evolved this way. You could’ve convinced me CATO or the LP would, but not Reason.

        2. “trying to shitpost actual discussion into oblivion.”

          You have to admit, some of the shitposting is funny and deserved. Showing contempt for being gaslighted is a good thing.

          1. It’s funny once or twice. It gets pretty tiresome pretty fast, though.

      2. I don’t think she was interested in a career in politics. She got what she wanted that could be done by Education, so she’s finished.

        1. Too bad much of the good she did is likely to be undone rather quickly. If only she had managed to get her department abolished.


    1. Lefty shits like you hated when Trump supported her.
      Don’t you have a kiddie to diddle, turd?

      1. I’m sure he has many children he looks forward to raping in the future.

  5. Thanks for everything Mrs. DeVos. Genuinely appreciate the work you did.

    (I’m sure she’s an avid reader of the Reason comment section, so I addressed her directly)

    1. If you want to address Ms. DeVos directly, then address her by her Reason handle, SexyBetsy.

      1. Nah, that ain’t her. She’s got a warped sense of humor; went by the handle ‘Crusty Juggler.’

        1. I would put money on her handle being Ken sholtz

          1. Ha, can’t be; her statements are way to brief in all the interviews I’ve seen with her.

        2. Another old school handle…

    2. She did do good.

      Oh well.

      1. Que sera, sera.

      2. It's fine. We all saw this coming. Its the end of the term anyways. Only a few days left.

        1. And the idiot democrats are foaming at the mouth screaming about impeachment. With days left.

          The public can’t overthrow them soon enough.

  6. I am glad that she moved the ball down the field when it came to school choice.

    The old and outdated models of education are decaying and choice has to become the preferred option here that will result in the post-COVID aftermath.

    1. Weird. You actually said something sensible.

      1. He didn’t mean it. He’s just pretending to be magnanimous in “victory”.

    2. Now tell my why the urban school districts, ran by democrats and whose unions donate all their money to democrats, have BY FAR the worst outcomes of any schools in the country? We wouldn’t need so much school choice if democrats weren’t purposely trying to keep urban and minority students stupid.

      They cost more per student and get worse outcomes. in my town of Pittsburgh the city school graduating proficiency rate in English is 14% and math is 4%. A report came out 2 weeks ago that described 48% of Detroit as “functionally illiterate”.

      So of course young urban black people are going to love Marxism, because they’re too stupid and illiterate to have ever read 1984 or animal farm like i had to in high school. And that’s just the way the democrats must want it considering they’ve run the education systems in these cities uncontested for nearly 75 years now. (Pittsburgh nor Detroit has had republican leadership or control in nearly 100 years)

      1. The only factor that routinely correlates with school achievement is parental involvement, such as PTA, parent teacher conferences, volunteer crossing guards, etc. not money, not education of parents, not teacher degrees, not city. It is a culture of ‘school isnt important’ that plagues these cities.

        This is sadly ironic given the long, dangerous, and bitter struggle to provide equal opportunity to black students, from the right to be taught in the 19th C, to Brown vs Board in the 50s, to affirmative action and busing.

        Change the culture and you’ll change the outcome.

      2. So, you choose: which would you like to do, do something meaningful about school choice, or piss and moan about Democrats and Marxism? Because you are not going to be able to do both.

        1. The point is you support the liberals, and thus the policies, that have led to all these shitty outcomes in public schools in the first place.

      3. The political-government industrial complex of US public education should be an embarrassment. We spend much more per student (especially in urban areas) and get outcomes that are the worst of first world countries.

        Of course, big government fans who want single payer and national health service ignore public education when they demand public medicine.

  7. Who is going to be next to leave? Melania? One of the kids?

    1. Assholes like you?

  8. I applaud her efforts, and will be sad to see them rescinded by whoever drooling Joe appoints.
    But I also note it’s easy to ‘resign’ two weeks before getting a pink slip, and even better to do so by making a ‘woke’ issue of it.

    1. It is not ‘woke’ to object to a mob storming the Capitol. Sheesh.

      1. Exercising your first amendment rights through civil disobedience is as American as cherry pie.

        1. Blackberry pie, but whatever. They are all better than Chicago Style Deep Dish.

      2. “It is not ‘woke’ to object to a mob storming the Capitol.”

        Lefty shit Jeff here sees ‘storming the Capitol’ as more serious than lefties killing the citizens.
        Lefty shit Jeff is a lefty shit.

        1. Not what I said, Sevo. But, you be you. Take your meds and go back to bed.

      3. I enjoyed them storming the capitol. I wish they could do it everyday. Everyone of those representatives (republicans included) live in this little bubble of narcissistic posturing. Where they literally decide our lives and how much money the are going to forcibly take from us and what they are going to inefficiently waste it on. It's great that these "let them eat cake" types can get a reality check when there is a mob breaking the windows and door down.

        1. My biggest problem with it is that it just wasn’t very productive. I would rather focus people’s energy in concerted and coordinated efforts to destroy key leftists. So they can’t do the things they want to do and their regime collapses quickly. W hike we still have a country.

          That would be preferable to the more likely outcome which is a full blown civil war and the overthrow of the socialist democrat establishment. Which will almost certainly produce a huge death toll.

          1. “just wasn’t very productive” — Ironically after an entire term of lefty mobs rioting and burning down the cities; we get a lefty national government. By those standards/results; I’d say the American Voter certainly doesn’t disdain that kind of behavior.

            Unless of course; which is very probable the election was stolen by crooks.

          2. Oh I think it was. The congress critters realized it’s far easier for us to reach out and touch them than they thought.

            I would encourage every constitution loving American to use their hecklers veto whenever possible and treat any leftist politician you see the same way they allowed and cheered antifa and blm to treat the police.

            A few bottles of piss and shit in someone like Tom wolfe or that cunt Whitmers face would do some good too.

            1. Right, let’s show how wonderful and virtuous we are by stooping to their level.

              1. Trump’s biggest mistake was not being the monster they said he was.
                We are still making that mistake.
                They will treat us as terrorists no matter what we do. Literally.
                The new regime has promised as much.
                We die either on our feet or on our knees, but it’s blood regardless.

              2. Since when are voters looking for wonderful and virtuous?

                I think 1/3 the country want a free ride, 1/3 want the constitution upheld, and 1/3 don’t care.

                It’s any means necessary on all sides at this point

          3. I would rather focus people’s energy in concerted and coordinated efforts to destroy key leftists. So they can’t do the things they want to do and their regime collapses quickly.

            So would I, but got examples of what they could do and how that would work? I can’t think of any.

            1. “So would I” — and the point is correct. It has to be a coordinated ‘smart’ approach instead of a anarchist fumble approach. If there’s voter fraud that would be the cleanest of them all (clean-up fraudulent voting); in hopes a solution would exist w/o run-around lefty-excuses.

          4. It was highly productive…entirely because the left made that OK.

            And showing utter disrespect for the institution itself sent a strong message about what the people think about election fraud.

        2. Fuck your hillbilly mob. I’m sorry you feel social pressure to be polite to trans people, you don’t get to install a methed-out cabal of neo-Nazis over the people we voted to represent us under the constitution.

          Does anyone here fucking care that dictator-boner Trump cultists have invaded libertarianism?

          This time you have to fight your war to preserve white culture against the US Armed Forces. But you cousinfucking retards probably think wars are won with Mel Gibson in a skirt shouting things.

          Imagine if the psychotic Trumple’s Temple lunatics had been allowed to open carry in DC. Do you think Trumpers should have executed Nancy Pelosi rather than just vandalizing her office?

          This isn’t the playpen anymore cuck. When you come down from your tweaking you will realize you actually in real life declared war on the United States.

          1. lmao…
            1) Isolated Country folk (hillbilly) = mobs??
            2) Nazi = National Socialism = The DNC coup
            3) Vandalizing the NAZI Pelosi’s office = war on the USA which ironically is defined by a Constitution that Pelosi ignores compulsively.

            You’re so full of contradictory thoughts. Ironically the ‘war’ you speak of is the SAVING of the USA!! from Democratic Socialists CORRUPTION….

            1. Call it what you want. The leader of the country you want to go to war with will be named Joe Biden and he has a bigger army than you.

              1. What sad is you think Biden would launch a militarized civil war against it’s own citizens;; and GUESS WHAT? I don’t disagree with you…. The left is SO power-mad right now; it wouldn’t surprise me!

                That fact that makes you proud says a lot about you!

                The fact that you worship the President as-if he was your own security department is rather pathetic. Let me clue you in; Biden is just a PERSON. In a leadership position. The people working for the federal government doesn’t have to obey him especially if he was to launch a war against citizens. There’s a lot of Republicans in the armed-forced who isn’t going to fire on family JUST because Biden orders them to.

                BECAUSE — They have ‘principles’ beyond worshiping leaders, gaining POWER and what the last popularity contest says.

          2. You should probably hide your jodhpurs and jackboots before calling others “Nazi’s”, Tony.
            You act like incarnation of Ernst Röhm some days, and if anyone here has pushed Aktion T4 ideas, it’s you.

          3. “This isn’t the playpen anymore cuck.”

            Yup, and it all started with BLM getting a free pass. Now you douchebags get to learn that when you set a precedent, it makes it OK for the other side too. Same goes for future elections, bitch.

            1. You people have been asserting the right to do illegal things based on the principle that “two wrongs make a right” every goddamn day, except even the things you think you’re responding to are lies. Nobody got a free pass. I realize you wanted to see black people punished en masse for crimes individuals committed, but, well, here are about four reasons you don’t deserve to have any political power.

              1. It’s not a two wrong make a right…. It’s just right and wrong.

          4. Fuck your hillbilly mob.

            It seems like just last year describing protesters are universally violent because of the actions of a few was beyond the pale. Personally I’m shocked to discover left wingers don’t actually believe the principles they use to defend themselves. On the bright side they seem close to brain aneurisms.

            1. Oh I’m only referring to the people who invaded and vandalized the US capitol.

              Whether anyone calling for the overthrow of the election counts as a traitor, eh they’ll probably get away with it.

              1. “Whether anyone will call for proper authentication of the election counts” for the peoples concerns. Eh, they’ll probably get away with it — Oh yep; they did AGAIN! You forgot when Obama threw out multiple counties votes on some pathetic (missed the clock; that changed willy-nilly) game during a wild snow blizzard….

      4. Why were “mobs storming the capital” to interrupt proceedings, cool with you over the last four years, but not on Wednesday?

        How were all these any different, other than it wasn’t leftys?

        1. Only white people are mean?

        2. I’m consistently against violence, unlike you.

          1. Ironically; I’m still trying to find the “violence”…

  9. A libertarian would think that an education success worthy of the credit would be the abolition of the DOE, but libertarians like that are now hard to come by, and certainly at Reason, where pop culture soft libertarianism is now fully installed.

    What DeVos did was not made law, so it can be undone quickly enough, and certainly will be.

    1. God Damn Republicans used to have “abolish the DoEs” (education AND energy) as a party platform plank within most of our lifetimes.
      Now it’s too radical for “libertarians”.

      1. … The POWER of the Nazi Regime growing…. It’s undeniable to anyone over 25yrs old.

    2. What DeVos did

      What exactly did she do in those 4 years? She made some reforms to Title IX enforcement. Ok. Anything else? Free speech on campus? Woke curricula? Anything?

      1. Not within Education’s power.

    3. But abolishing Education would take an act of Congress.

      1. It shouldn’t – It’s UN-Constitutional. All it should take is a SCOTUS with justices who actually exercise their oath of office instead of pretending it’s a poem about a historical mistake in history and only “living” popularity contests are significant.

  10. His rhetoric is benign next to the shit Democrats have said.

    I can just look on in awe at this spectacular hypocrisy and corruption unfolding before our eyes.

    If only they showed phony principles while the Democrats pissed all over America with their lies and scams.

    1. His rhetoric is benign next to the shit Democrats have said.

      But the Democrats are not President (yet). Trump is President. That is what a lot of us have been trying to say for the past four years. Being president is different than being a member of Congress, or some random Internet jerk. The President has a much bigger megaphone than any other political figure, even doubly so when it comes to Trump. And many people look up to the President for guidance and leadership. Argue all you want that they shouldn’t, but they DO. People still sometimes say “America is great because anyone can grow up to be President.” However you will never hear someone say “America is great because anyone can grow up to be Speaker of the House, or Senate Majority Leader”. Trump just never understood that the office was bigger than him and his ego. And it showed, and this is what we got in return.

      1. And many people look up to the President for guidance and leadership.

        Phhhhhhhhhhht. I fucking don't.

        Trump just never understood that the office was bigger than him and his ego. And it showed, and this is what we got in return.

        Yeah, Disagree. Your premise is we should have a ultra "presidential" person that is super politically correct and manipulative at unifying. And I say - Fuck that. Don't want that at all.

      2. Which accepts that the President is the nation’s Daddy, and Trump has unique powers of persuasion in that role?

      3. “And many people look up to the President for guidance and leadership. Argue all you want that they shouldn’t, but they DO.”

        Then they are retards.

        And the more we expand direct democracy, the more we encourage government by retards.

      4. The only thing you’re arguing for falls in DoE’s wheelhouse, better civics courses and critical thinking, less focus on emotion and looking for a king/queen.

      5. Trump just never understood that the office was bigger than him and his ego. And it showed, and this is what we got in return.

        We got this because left wingers taught the country violence results in political success. And we’re going to get more of it for the same reason.

        1. political success wouldn’t be so important if it didn’t pretend it was so POWERFUL… Wasn’t running every aspect of every persons life.

      6. . Being president is different than being a member of Congress, or some random Internet jerk.

        You are arguing for a certain prescribed decorum by a person as President. For official business like Executive Orders that makes sense and the SCOTUS and others have pushed back appropriately. But otherwise, where does it say a President gives up his right to free speech? And who is supposed to police speech?

    2. Did Democrats storm the capitol, vandalize it, and attempt to overthrow the constitution in order to install Donald fucking Trump as dictator?


      They’re better then.

      1. Yes, they did. See Kavenaugh hearings.

        1. What the fuck are you talking about?

          Democrats were mean to a guy during a hearing about whether to install him as one of the most powerful men in the world for life?

          Democrats being mean is not the same thing as occupying the US Capitol.

          If I have to explain these things to you people then you should never vote and you’re probably a danger behind the wheel too.

      2. Also see 2016 inauguration. Chaz occupying Seattle city hall for 8 hours. The 45 day siege of the courthouse in Portland. All the various occupy encampments illegally established on public property (like in a main greenspace in downtown Pittsburgh that now is all concrete cuz the leftists shits destroyed the grass n soil with their garbage)

        1. All bad.

          Do you understand that other people committing crimes doesn’t give you the right to commit a crime?

          I need to know you understand that so I know whether to use smaller words.

          1. The request came a week after violent clashes between large crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters and federal and local law enforcement near the White House, which led the Secret Service to rush President Donald Trump to an underground bunker.

            August.14.2020 at 8:28 pm

            All they need is a determined cohort of Americans believing that “leftists” are an existential threat, and not just people who want to raise capital gains taxes a little, and libertarianism activates “government force is authorized now” mode. Oh it already happened and freedom is dead.

      3. where do you come up with such stupidity? #turnOffCNN

        1. Tony’s a pathological liar, but seems to be unaware that he is lying.

      4. No, legalizing election fraud is worse. And the left did storm other federal buildings to vandalize, including attempting to burn people alive, you sick fuck.

  11. Reason is now the voice of “Appropriate Liberertarism” “Rational libertarism”, “Sensible Libertarianism” or “Realistic Libertarianism”. We are about to send out helicopter money and arrest people for thought crimes but Trump is the greatest threat to liberty?

    1. Don’t forget that NY now wants to be able to ‘indefinitely’ ‘confine’ anyone they deem to be a ‘public health hazard’. Or that they didn’t bother to define any of those terms. Personal liberty is now at the whim of the state.

      1. FFS. The US has been the world’s major prison for decades. We put more people in prison for more reasons than any country including Cuba. The state with the lowest incarceration rate (Vermont) has an incarceration rate comparable to Russia/Iran.

        You don’t give a fuck about any of that. Or about some more stupid shit in NY now. This is all just about partisan politics to you assholes.

        1. So keep electing democrats and they’ll fix it.

        2. OK. So in that particular comment I didn’t make an objection to over-incarceration? Which makes me a partisan asshole of some sort or another.

          Bit of a leap there, JFree.

  12. Santa didn’t bring Robbie a new pair of jackboots for Christmas like he did many of the other reason girls and boys.

    1. He got on Santa’s naughty list for lying like a bitch for months on end.

  13. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    The only successful Secretary of Education is the one that turns out the lights after the Dept is disbanded.

    1. Republicans want to destroy education because educated people don’t vote Republican. What’s your excuse?

      If you think that sounds cynical, they did invade and vandalize the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the presidential election.

      1. What is educational about teachers unions? I guess they prepare kids for a lifetime of being stomped on, so there’s that.

      2. “Republicans want to destroy education because educated people don’t vote Republican. What’s your excuse?”

        I was not aware that dissolving a federal bureaucracy, created as a modest little office in 1953 and raised to Cabinet-level in 1979, that purports to advance “education,” a word that does not appear in the Constitution, constitutes “destroying education.”

        I hope you keep several fire extinguishers around the house, what with all the straw men there.

        1. Be fair to Tony. In his statist mind, if the government does not do (or control) a thing, then that thing can’t happen.

        2. Well I’m cool with an expansive federal government so see you at the ballot box I guess.

          Ballot box. Not inside the US Capitol for a shooting match. In case you’re confused about how this works.

          1. Well I’m cool with an expansive federal government

            Shorter Tony: “F the Constitution!”

            or “I want my mommy!”

      3. The federal government should have very little role in education. That is properlya matter for the States. The federal Department of Education exists to satisfy the Democrat’s fetish for bureaucratic centralization, not for improving education.

        1. Hey, I’m a Democrat and I think most of Education is best handled on the state and local level.

        2. Could be. It’s just a policy difference.

          You must hate having a secretary of education with a mission to turn all the education in the country into a for-profit enterprise.

      4. Republicans want local control of education, so that no one can tell them that a proper education doesn’t consist of nothing more than classes in welding, cooking, Christian prayer, A Patriot’s Guide to US History, and some readin’.

        Democrats want national control of education, so that all are forced to endure the latest interpretation of the recent NY Times best sellers on race class and gender in 10th grade literature classes.

        The proper way to deal with K-12 education is in a privatized setting with, if necessary, some state support for parents in the form of vouchers to attend any school of their choice. Most parents don’t want to go through life with their kids knowing nothing but how to cook a good pot roast, or the latest feminist interpretation of Shakespeare, so they will choose a decent school for their kids to go to.

        1. so that no one can tell them that a proper education doesn’t consist of nothing more than classes

          Could you rewrite this so we don’t have such a string of negatives to untangle?

        2. Sounds like a terrible idea dreamed up by plutocrats hellbent on stealing the country’s public wealth for themselves and their libertarian enablers who never find fault with profit motive.

      5. Republicans tend to be more educated than Democrats.

        Keep in mind 80% of most universities are disguised babysitting services, so your gender studies degree doesn’t count as education.

      6. Republicans want to destroy education because educated people don’t vote Republican.

        It would be hard to find a stupider, less rational leftist than Tony.

    2. No cabinet secretary has the authority to disband their department.

      1. They have the power to move the offices to Nome Alaska and change work hours to night shift, essentially causing all the civil service employees to quit.

        They also have the power to outright fire any appointees and department heads, leaving no one around to unlock the offices, order coffee, and sign payroll sheets.

        Cabinet secretaries can also make rule changes that eliminate enforcement of laws mandated by Congress. To undo the rule changes requires years of hearings, ensuring that Congressional stupidity be held in check for a long time.

  14. The Empire is dead. Long live the Empire.

    1. And now we watch the desecration of the corpse.

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  16. A major reason I am going to move to another state in the coming week is to support the education of my grandchildren.

    Their parents are heroic in that but the schools are on again and off again. My wife is an experienced teacher. There are many ways we can help them to learn.

    Children at young ages want to do that. It is innate. Show them and they will amaze you. They do need school which is increasingly denied them as the pandemic takes its toll.

    So the more we can step up and take that role the better.

    Teach them how to fly.

    1. Good luck with the move, Echospinner. Enjoy your grandchildren.

      1. He is literally pollution.
        He is going to GA to infest it.
        Hey, asshole: Toco Hills? Roswell?

        1. Something something dehumanization, something something genocide, etc.

      2. Good luck, Echo. I hope you’re successful in helping to turn the state from solid red to… solid yellow. (I’ve gathered that you’re a pretty consistent L voter)

        I’ve got a lot of family in GA, and visit pretty often. Nice place, good weather, and overall nice people. I think you’ll like it.

  17. DeVos’ resignation follows that of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who said the deadly storming of the Capitol building.

  18. Well at least she had a line.

    Do you people think this plutocratic vampire resigned because too many black people marched for the right not to be murdered by the government, and not in a Proud Boy approved way?

    Or was it the fact that Trump supporters invaded and desecrated the US Capitol?

    1. You do realize all the worst school districts in the country lie in Democrat run cities, in most cases cities that haven’t seen anything but Democrat leadership in almost 100 years. And in all those cases the teachers unions donate over 99% of their money to democrats. And as we know urban schools are disproportionately minority. And in all 50 states the largest unfunded liability and source of debt is the state teachers union pension fund.

      Yet we get results like in Pittsburgh public schools where the graduating proficiency rate in english is 14% and math is 4%. And situations like Detroit where they determined 48% of the city is functionally illiterate.

      Of course these urban young black people can be tricked by leftists and Marxism because they’re too poorly educated, stupid, and illiterate to have read 1984 or animal farm like most American high school students must. Let alone any of their text books.

      And that’s the system You want to maintain tony. Because democrats figured out the smarter black people become, the more likely they are to become republican.

    2. “Trump supporters invaded and desecrated the US Capitol?”

      Who cares? They were only desecrating a corpse.

  19. This is why we need more representative government – we need a few people who grew up in trailer parks and can’t afford pearls to clutch or fainting couches to retreat to and have learned to work through an attack of the vapours.

  20. Elizabeth Warren, rising to a Trumpian level of classiness, wrote:

    “Betsy DeVos has never done her job to help America’s students. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that she’d rather quit than do her job to help invoke the 25th Amendment. Good riddance, Betsy. You were the worst Secretary of Education ever.”

    1. Spoken like a true 1/64th (native) American.

  21. Among teachers unions, DeVos is hated even more than Trump.

    As much as his antics make me loathe him, DeVos (and Pai) were the bright lights of this administration. I really had my fingers crossed for a Bill Evers pick, but DeVos was an excellent education secretary. Not an obstructionist immediately went to work addressing the problem if Title IX overreach and school choice.

    Yes, the Department of Education should be abolished. But the secretary doesn’t have the authority to do that.

  22. Under DeVos’ leadership, the Education Department initiated arduous but much-needed reform of Title IX, the federal statute that prohibits sexual misconduct in schools.

    Title IX does not prohibit sexual misconduct in schools, it prohibits sex based discrimination. Here is Title IX in its entirety:

    “No person in the United States shall, based on sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

  23. Come 2024 Trump will be a two-term president and none of these traitors who put their careers first will be invited back. His policies have been a boon for the country the past 4 years and Biden has followed his radical handlers by politicizing this protest. Calling your political opponents terrorists during a “mostly peaceful” protest doesn’t pass the smell test. People already see through the bullshit and know that all this “healing” is a sham. Nothing will be built back better. Now that Trump is becoming even more of a pariah, he has better odds for 2024. If there’s anything that gets people fired up to vote, it’s being told that their opinions are invalid via guilt by association. We ran this jackass twice and the asshurt he caused was insane. Now he’s going to cause the meltdown of the century when he runs again and wins.

  24. DeVos did nothing to stop CRT from further invading our school system. She was less than useless.

  25. this is no high minded response from DeVoss, or Chao.

    They are both covering themselves from having to take a position regarding 25th amendment.

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