Republicans Got What They Deserved. America Will Now Have To Pay the Price.

When one party controls both Congress and the White House, the result is never a reduction in the size or cost of government.


Donald Trump promised—or perhaps warned—Republican voters in 2016 that if he was elected president, they would become "so sick and tired of winning."

In Georgia, at least, that appears to be true.

Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff appear to have narrowly won the pair of high-stakes Senate runoff elections held in Georgia on Tuesday night. If those results are confirmed, it would leave the Senate evenly divided between the two parties and allow incoming Vice President Kamala Harris to be a tie-breaking vote for Democrats. Combined with the results of November's elections, Tuesday's outcomes mean that when Trump leaves office in less than two weeks, Democrats will have full control of the executive and legislative branches of government.

That means that in a span of two months Trump has presided over three losses in a state that hadn't gone to Democrats in a presidential contest since 1992 and hadn't elected a Democratic senator since 2000. It's too soon to say whether this is evidence of a realignment in Georgia that Democrats have been hoping for years would materialize, versus a one-off rejection of Trump and his party. Either way, these results are a big deal.

This is the outcome that Republicans deserve after four years of not merely tolerating but largely embracing Trump's authoritarian, spendy, and uninformed ways. It is the outcome the party deserves for rallying around a man who was impeached and defeated at the ballot box. It is what they should get for following Trump down an insane rabbit hole of conspiracy theories instead of rejecting him as the failed president that he is and moving in a different direction.

Republicans need to realize that "this is happening the way it is happening because you've allowed it to happen," Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, said on Tuesday night during an appearance on MSNBC. Like other anti-Trump voices within and around the GOP warning that Trumpism was a dead end, he's been proven right.

The best thing that could come out of Tuesday's results is a long-overdue reckoning for Trumpism. Already, the recriminations are starting—CNN's Jake Tapper says some Republican strategists are blaming Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.), one of Trump's most loyal advocates in the Senate, for the losses in Georgia.

More of that would be welcome.

But easily the worst thing to come out of Tuesday's runoffs is the unified control of government Democrats will now enjoy. When one party controls both Congress and the White House, the result is never a reduction in the size or cost of government. America will pay the price for Republicans' failures.

In the short-term, a slim Democratic majority in the Senate means President-elect Joe Biden will be able to get more aggressive about his executive branch appointments. Biden was reportedly waiting to announce some of his cabinet picks, including his attorney general, until after the Georgia elections were finished, which could indicate that the nominee would have been different if Republicans had emerged victorious in the state. (Or it could be nothing more than strategic maneuver to avoid giving Republicans a new issue to campaign on in Georgia, the opposite of how Trump and Hawley likely helped Democrats with their post-election shenanigans.)

The same is true for judicial appointments, which are not subject to the filibuster anymore. Republicans who justified Trump's bad behavior because they liked that he was packing the federal courts with conservative jurists will now have to watch Biden and Harris steer the judiciary in a different direction.

And it means we'll likely see another major COVID-19 relief bill passed in the early days of the Biden administration. It could be loaded up with billions of dollars for states and local governments—an unnecessary bailout that Senate Republicans successfully and repeatedly blocked in 2020. Such a package will be Democrats' top priority if they take the majority, likely Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–N.Y.) said during a Wednesday morning press conference.

In the longer term, a slim Democratic majority in the Senate has murky implications for policy making. On one hand, the combination of the filibuster, the presence of conservative-ish Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.), and the fact that Democrats will have to defend seats in places like Arizona and New Hampshire in 2022 might limit some Biden aspirations.

On the other hand, however, the Senate rules allow a lot of flexibility if the majority is willing to play ball. Democrats could use the reconciliation procedure, which allows for certain tax- and budget-related bills to pass without a supermajority, to implement some stripped-down versions of their policy agenda. This is the same procedure that Republicans used to pass the tax reform bill in 2017, so it's certainly possible to deliver big legislative accomplishments without a 60-vote majority.

Simply controlling committees and determining what gets to the floor of the Senate is a big deal too. With Schumer looking over his shoulder at a possible primary challenge from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), there will be added pressure to find ways to squeeze through a few of the items on the progressives' wish list.

More spending, bigger government, and more liberal appointees to the executive branch and the federal courts—that's where Trumpism has led. (In fairness, Republicans were already doing a lot of the first two things.)

The results of Tuesday's runoff mean that those of us who care about limited government are going to face (at least) two difficult years ahead. For today, though, we can enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude.

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237 responses to “Republicans Got What They Deserved. America Will Now Have To Pay the Price.

  1. I, for one, welcome the higher taxes, stricter regulations, and stronger federal government!

    1. You may be disappointed if you earn less than $240k and the federal aid to states could help lower your state taxes or ar least keep them from going up. But cheer up because you’ll still get to breathe in the polluted air and lose to the corporations in a rigged judicial system.

      1. yeap… useful idiot.

        1. Complete useful idiot.

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      2. “lower your state taxes”

        Are you actually serious with that bullshit? Taxes ain’t going nowhere but up.

        1. He’s talking about lifting the cap on SALT deductions. Basically, it’s a subsidy for rich people living in blue states.

          1. Oh, that. Yes that’s a critical part of the post pandemic recovery.

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      3. Everything is so terrible and unfair…….. still.


      4. Don’t your knees hurt?

      5. “Federal aid” grows from magic money trees. Taxpayers are completely off the hook.

    2. I, for one, welcome the (hopefully imminent) end of the threat of a 1-party “R” state! Because intelligent conscious beings everywhere KNOW that 1-party state = dictatorshit, no matter WHAT the party is!

      1. You applauded the full authoritarianism of the D’s this election cycle sweetie.

        1. Maybe his welfare package will be upgraded to include all the shit he can eat.

      2. skwirlee, Bernie Sanders is angling for the Secretary of Labor slot so he can send the Not Mah Presudent crowd to forced-labor camps to rebuild Amurika’s infrastructure. Better.

        1. The Democrats have a 50-50 Senate and Vermont has a Republican governor. Bernie Sanders isn’t going anywhere.

          Plus the Dems all hate him and all of his supporters. They’ll be in the camps, too.

          1. Hmm. Maybe THAT’S why he wanted to wait to pick his cabinet.

    3. Reason is full of the sort of people who blame Neville Chamberlain for the Holocaust more than they blame Adolf Hitler.

    4. RESIST!
      Not my president

    5. A “technical issue” in DeKalb County delayed vote counting there, officials claimed early Wednesday morning, with nearly 20,000 votes having to be manually scanned due to an unspecified error with voting machines.

      1. And republican observers blocked yet again.

        1. Less voting. More shooting.

          1. Have you seen the livestreams from the Capitol Building? Congress didn’t recess just now for the hell of it. Nothing further beyond a tanker truck’s amount of tear gas is likely to happen, but if one Capitol PD guy confuses pro-Trump protesters for some pit bulls during a crack house raid…

    6. I welcome that too. If that doesn’t push freedom loving Americans to rebel, nothing will. Unfortunately, Libertarian Party is not the party who can profit from the obvious breakdown of GOP. Libertarian Party has never tried to deal with the issues. When the nominee Jo Jorgensen told that she would open southern border and resume trade with Chine, the 3rd Reich of the 21st century, I knew that Libertarians are a corrupt as the major two parties. Hopefully, this will be a wake up call for Libertarians to find less spineless leadership. In the situation in which Dems have gone to the communist left and GOP doesn’t care about the political system and panders to the multinationals, the guilt for not attracting more votes is on libertarians. Following things should be done ASAP:
      – Change the constitution and distinguish between corporate and
      physical persons. Prohibit corporations from dabbling in politics.
      politics is for people, not for corporations.
      – As a consequence, lobbying should be banned, effective
      immediately. So should super packs.
      – As a consequence, commercial media would have to stay out of
      politics and be politically neutral. No political ads on TV stations.
      I am Groucho Marx and I approve of this message.
      – Ban of public sector unions. They are being paid by the taxpayers
      and negotiating about their wages with people paid by the
      taxpayers. That’s like two wolves and the sheep negotiating about
      what’s for dinner.
      – Shrink the federal government. No more ATF, no more DEA, no
      more department of education, no more department of
      – Drastically shrink the welfare state
      – Make FED susceptible to audits and prohibit government from
      controlling the money supply without the supermajority in both
      houses of congress. Ideally, let’s go back to gold.
      – Control the borders
      – Stop cooperating with the totalitarian states. US companies
      should not be making money from the slave labor.
      – Shrink our military and withdraw from all unnecessary wars.

      That’s a long list. Coincidentally, those are the reasons why people no longer believe in the system. Those are the reasons why Trump got elected. I really hope that obviously horrendous Biden administration will help Libertarians to find their cojones.

    7. Try North Korea, sounds like your kind of place.

  2. I forgot to also mention that this is another LIBERTARIAN MOMENT brought to you by Reason magazine.

    1. It’s good for Reason’s fundraising to have a government that actively expands the state.

    2. It will only be a libertarian moment if the libertarians find the cojones to fight for what’s necessary and find their cojones. Candidates like Jo Jorgensen will help nobody. Libertarians need candidates with more charisma than a kitchen sink and speak of problems that concern the vast majority of Americans: ever growing and expanding state, political corruption and losing our rights.

  3. Boehm is right on target once again.

    1. It’s the Republicans fault Democrats want to spend more money?

      1. It’s the Republicans fault that the Republicans spent four years telling the voters that spending more money was okay.

        Vote Democrat if you want to drive off the cliff at eighty miles an hour. Vote Republicans if you only want to drive off the cliff at sixty miles an hour. The old GOP that only wanted to drive off the cliff at a modest forty miles an hour is long long dead.

        1. Keep rationalizing your love of an authoritarian victory.

          1. The system has been rigged to ensure “authoritarian victory;” there is no alternative.

      2. It’s Republicans fault that Dems won the Senate. They did everything they possibly could to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.

        1. Georgia flipped 5.6% to vote for Biden over Trump. There was never any chance that the state would elect Republican senators this year. The voting apparatus in Atlanta is too well funded (by NGOs), compared to the rest of the state, and so the urban vote prevails.

          This will repeat in Texas, North Carolina, and perhaps even Florida in the next elections unless the GOP state legislatures figure out a way to ensure equal treatment of counties in their states. If the NGOs can spend $100 per voter in blue urban districts, while red districts get no funding, then the states will fall to Democrats year after year.

          1. I remember when democrats decried in-kind contributions. Even claims of free truthful information being provided to Trump’s campaign was an illegal in kind contribution.

            1. The rule of law officially died yesterday. Now more will be required

              1. “The rule of law” has been dead for decades. At a minimum.

      3. “It’s the Republicans fault Democrats want to spend more money?”

        And nasty tweets made people vote for slobbering Joe!

      4. They both do want to spend more money and expand the administrative state.

    2. He might be my second favorite libertarian writer, behind only Shikha Dalmia. He’s done consistently excellent work promoting Charles Koch’s views on tariffs.


  4. Indeed, Republicans got what they deserved for pushing out the more respectable early 2000s neocons (Kristol, Frum, Boot, Rubin, etc.) and allowing alt-right white nationalists to take over their party.

    Even more importantly, though, we Koch / Reason libertarians got exactly what we wanted. For 4 years we’ve been a crucial component of #TheResistance. Now our Democratic allies are about to control the entire federal government. And I guarantee every issue we care about — especially our benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth — will see a dramatic improvement under President Biden and the Democratic Congress.


    1. We need moderates in the GOP who will stand up for their values unless they need to compromise their values to get legislation passed to support spending in their district.

  5. Well, everyone who runs for office deserves to lose if you ask me. Unfortunately, someone is going to win.
    But who cares if the Republican party gets what it deserves? Elections should be about the actual likely policy results and their effects, not who deserves to win or who is a big poopyhead.

    1. Boehm’s a tribalist in his bones.

      1. He’s a huge piece of shit.

    2. But who cares if the Republican party gets what it deserves? Elections should be about the actual likely policy results and their effects, not who deserves to win or who is a big poopyhead.

      Why Zeb. You almost sound like you’re asserting that Reason (or Binion at least) doesn’t actually hold politically-orthogonal libertarianism at its core and is really just a partisan organization blaming their opponents for being on the wrong side of history and dragging the rest of America along with them.

  6. This libertarian habit of saying “If only Party X were more libertarian, Party Y wouldn’t have won” is the silliest, most naive or nefarious shit I’ve ever seen.

    Americans got what they deserved, because that is what they voted for. Americans aren’t paying for it because of Republicans. Americans are paying for their own votes.

    Boehm would like to absolve the American public of responsibility and put it on the republicans because he is left of center and it feels better to make them the boogey man.

    It is a fact that the Democrats are advancing the cause of BIGGER and more expensive government. It is insane to suggest that the Republicans could have countered that by carrying through on the “reduction in the size or cost of government.”

    1. I’m a “tax and spend” centrist above all this this partisan bickering.

      1. In other words, you’re liberal with other people’s money.

    2. It makes sense to blame Trump, if you accept the theory that this election was a referendum on Trump, not on what either party offers as policy. But Boehm, being a natural lefty, must mock the Republicans as well for prioritizing political theater over winning the Georgia runoffs.

  7. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

    H. L. Mencken

    1. You and the other cosplays 100% deserve the fallout of this election since you tacitly supported the outcome. And were even giddy about it after the fact.

      1. Trump deserves none of the blame despite the fact that he alienated a large proportion of the electorate?

        And then in the time leading up to the run-offs he doubled down on unlikeability.

        Trump is 100% to blame for the Democratic senate. And substantially to blame for his own loss. All he had to do was show a smidge of self control and he’d have waltzed past Biden. But he couldn’t do it, and now we live in progressiveville.

        1. He increased his vote total by more than 10M.

          1. Only because a larger percentage of the country voted than last year. As a total percentage of the voting public, he lost ground.

            1. Now rationalize he gained percentages of minority votes. Obama, by the way, lost votes in 2012.

              Popular Vote 69,498,516 65,587,106 -3,911,410

              So not even sure the argument.

            2. I guess if you really believe Biden got more than 80+ million votes that makes sense.

              1. Only a democrat believes that. Keep in mind a democrat will believe whatever it’s masters order it to believe.

                1. Apparently some Republicans and Libertarians believe it too.

            3. Yes. People in nursery homes, suffering from dementia and Alzheimer have voted in November, They don’t recognize their families but they voted, mostly for Biden. That’s what all mail voting gave us.

          2. Why did so many people come out (or at least to their mailbox) to vote against him then?

            1. Easy to do so when there is no need to actually verify votes or anything.

              1. How many nursing homes had record turnouts this year?

                1. Detroit representing with 120% turnouts.

            2. Ballot harvesting, fraudulent votes, illegals

      2. You tacitly support gang rape because you never openly said you don’t. If you say anything now you’re just backpeddling. See? I can do it too!

        And you mistake my jeering for cheering. Go cry more.

        1. I’ve been hesitant to call the Trump thing a cult, but damn, it’s like there’s nothing he could do to cause them to criticize him even a little. He couldn’t have done any more to lose the runoffs than he did and they just can’t call him on it.

          1. bevis, many of us have given up on the GOP as a bunch of feckless fuckers.

            I am no longer American. I’m a proud South Carolinian. The country can burn.

            1. “…the true patriotism, the only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the Nation ALL the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.”
              -Mark Twain

              1. It will be karmic justice when you run afoul of an Antifa crowd and they beat you to death.

            2. I understand what you’re saying, but from a practical standpoint we’re living under the hanging sword of progressive rule for a least two years. Would have been nice to have had a check on that crazy shit, but the Republicans butchered it.

              1. Nope. Just need my state to ignore Biden and dare him to try and invade.

                1. That happened before. Didn’t end well.

                  1. But an evil Republican was in charge then.

                    1. The guy who changed The United States from plural to singular is not my favorite president.

              2. I don’t really think this is the case. This was all figured out months ago.

                The Blue funding machine pumped nearly half a billion dollars into 5 cities, including Atlanta. That money was spent making it as easy as possible to vote in those 5 cities. These are cities where millions of people reside that regularly don’t vote. All they needed to do was get an additional 10% of those people to vote, and they would win the state.

                This isn’t about Trump. This is about pure money and tactics. The Dems have put so many ballot collection devices in Blue districts that you practically trip over them.

                What Trump (and the GOP) *have* done, is ensure that no one learns from this mistake and fixes it next election. Trump is screaming “Fraud! Fraud!” at the top of his lungs. And he is sucking all the funding out of the Republican base. Do you think that money will be spent improving access for the 80% of red counties in these battleground states that are behind the “ballot access” curve? Fuck no.

              3. The civil war will escalate. The rule of law has clearly ended.

          2. The problem is most of us you call cultists have criticized him a lot. We’ve actually criticized both him and biden. Sarcasmic has never criticized Biden. So you’re wrong yet again.

            1. Yep. SQRLSY, Sarc, Buttplug, Tony, Moderation, WK, Jeffy, etc. NEVER criticize democrats, and ALWAYS defend them.

              1. Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad?!? He BAD, all right! He SOOO BAD, He be GOOD! He be GREAT! He “Make America Woke”! MAW! All who are against Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad, are into MAWlessness, chaos, badness, and MAW-breaking! They are out-MAWs! MAKE AMERICA WOKE, I say!!!

                We KNOW He can Make America Woke again, because, as a bad-ass politician, He PUNISHED all of the MAW-breakers! He Hair Smeller-Feller in Chief!

                BACK from Beyond the Beyond, Beyond the Grave, it is the MAGA that Wouldn’t Die! MAGA Part II; Make America GREEN Again! The USA flag will now be… Red, White, and GREEN!

                See https://reason.com/2020/10/16/biden-tries-to-gloss-over-his-long-history-of-supporting-the-drug-war-and-draconian-criminal-penalties/

                All Hail to THE Hair Smeller in Chief!!! His Punishment Boner is BIGGER than ALL the rest of ours, put together!

                Most of all, HAIL the Chief, for having revoked karma! What comes around, will no longer go around!!! We CAN smell ALL of THEIR hair, and they will NEVER think of smelling OUR hair, right back!

                Senile Mackerel Snapper Bad-Ass Hair-Smeller all right!

                Yes, we can! We CAN smell all the hair, all the time, and NONE will be smart enough to EVER smell our hair right back!

                These voters simply cannot or will not recognize the central illusion of politics… You can hair-smell all of the people some of the time, and you can hair-smell some of the people all of the time, but you cannot hair-smell all of the people all of the time! Sooner or later, karma catches up, and the others will hair-smell you right back!

              2. If you look at my comments in total you will find criticism of Democrats. You will find that I am far more deferential to moderates of both major Parties.

        2. When I’m talking about it, I denounce all of it.

          When you talk about politics, you only denounce one side.

          You argument is like that of a drunk 5 year old.

      3. YOU are the ones most responsible for the election outcome, because you and your merry band of Trump bootlickers enabled every single one of his bad behaviors and terrible decisions which repulsed a large number of people, regardless of ideology or party.

        Perhaps if Trump had acted more like a decent human being, instead of a garbage reality TV star, he might have won.

        1. “he might have won.”

          Hi this is about the Georigia elections and Trump wasn’t in those, do let your TDS go already it is embarrassing to watch.

          1. This is about Democrats’ control of the government, which includes Trump getting his butt kicked by Biden.

            Nobody demanded adult behavior from Trump because they knew he’d ridicule them publicly and nobody wanted that shit. And now we all reap the predictable outcome of that failure.

            Wonder how much damage the progressives can do in two years?

            1. We’re gonna find out, good and hard.

              1. You’re so excited, aren’t you? Eh, comrade?

                1. fuck off Tulpa

            2. Why do all the cosplay Libertarians think how someone acts in public is more important than stopping the promised growth of an authoritarian state?

              God damn your priorities suck.

              1. I think that bevis just told you why. You may disagree with the analysis, but I suspect he is right and Trump could easily have won if he had reined in some of the more unpleasant aspects of his personality and tightened up his message a bit. Had he acted better in public, we would be less close to a more authoritarian state. Seems plausible, at least.

        2. “Trump had acted more like a decent human being”
          He treated people exactly as they deserved. You assholes spent years shitting all over “flyover” country, calling all of us Nazi’s and bigots, spewing lie after lie after lie.

          So we eventually started treating you the same way as you treat anyone who slightly disagrees with you.

          1. The irony of Sarcasmic crying because I call him a Biden cultist when he did this for 2 years to anyone who didn’t disparage Trump 100% of the time is hilarious.

            1. The only tears I see are on the faces of Trump supporters.

              Protectionism and xenophobia are not libertarian values. If you interpret criticism of Trump by libertarians for being a xenophobic protectionist as support for the other team, then so be it. It just means you’re an idiot.

              1. Fighting clear violations of NAP using tariffs does not equal protectionism, just as fighting open borders does not equal xenophobia.

                1. Tariffs are protectionism, by definition. Fighting anything — whether “clear violations of NAP” or otherwise — with protectionism remains protectionism. Also it’s a bit like biting off our nose to spite China.

        3. You’re a globalist who supports Biden.

          Again, you want someone to be your daddy instead of looking what actions that person actually took.

          You’re an obese child.

          1. Sleepy Joe is like “evil” Santa Clause and the Democrats are his corrupt little elves!

            (the reason I say “evil” is because the real Santa MAKES toys; he doesn’t rely on toy redistribution schemes; stealing toys from some boys & girls to redistribute to more woke boys & girls)

  8. “This is the outcome that Republicans deserve after four years of not merely tolerating but largely embracing Trump’s authoritarian, spendy, and uninformed ways.”

    How does that result in electing Democrats, who are all those things cranked up to eleven?

    Perhaps because a lot of the electorate are not against spendy, ignorant, authoritarians.

    1. Because when the voter can’t tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican, they’ll vote for whoever promises them more cash.

      1. What is with your side and their stupid rationalizations today?

        1. What is it with you tribalist nutters who think everyone has a side?

    2. Perhaps because a lot of the electorate are not against spendy, ignorant, authoritarians.

      This is why Trump won in the first place.

      1. Sadly, yes, but the writers here seem to think there are substantial majorities if only a party or candidate pure enough could get some traction.

        1. When this site and the LP itself mourned that idiot in Austin who pulled a gun on a car and got shot because the antifa troll claimed to be “libertarian”. I realized how far gone this site and the movement had become.

      2. Trump won in the first place because enough people in key swing states understood what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean: a spendy, ignorant authoritarian with the unanimous support of the media, her party, and the permanent bureaucracy.

        Trump was hated by half of the Republican party, all of the media and the Democrats and the bureaucracy. Trump couldn’t get up at night to take a piss without ‘an administration source’ calling the Washington Post.

        Biden will bring back the Obama-era behaviors of using the government to attack his personal and political enemies, fund his political allies and violating transparency rules with impunity and the ‘Democracy Dies In Darkness!’ press won’t do anything but gush about how he managed to make it through the White House Correspondent’s Dinner without pissing himself.

        1. I’m afraid Trump won in 2016 because enough people in key swing states understood what a Hillary presidency would mean and were tantalized by a protectionist program Trump put a lot of emphasis on. Hillary didn’t pander as much as most Democrats to those whose jobs were threatened by foreign competition, because a lot of those people were in the basket of deplorables.

          In 2020 those people said, “The economy’s doing lousy. Let’s vote Democrat, because they do protectionism right.” But they ignored the overwhelming contribution their own Covid-mad governors made to the lousiness.

  9. The democrats have created a voting industry via the NGOs dedicated to “safe and secure” and “get out the vote”. They spend up to $47 per vote. They hire lots of good people to do this “good” work. Republicans once seemed to have principles, but no clue, except when a charismatic leader came along. Republicans usually spend about $5 per vote.

  10. “Republicans Got What They Deserved”

    Love the subtext, that Democrats are the final arbiters of justice. Just when I thought things couldn’t get scarier, thanks!

    1. It’s weird framing. Republicans are to blame for the raping the Dems are about to inflict on the country.

  11. Man, can’t wait for the snowflakes to show up and say Boehm is some far left commie because he insulted dear leader.

    Cry some more cultists.

    1. Maybe you’d be less of an idiot if you got some protein into your dinners.

      1. Maybe you’d be less of an idiot if you got some protein into your dinners

        Soy is chock full of amino acids. So is jizz. Lack of protein is not the problem. It all starts with a lack of morals and a low IQ.

  12. And we will suffer through more of this

    “A student from Democracy Preparatory Academy and his mother filed a federal lawsuit against the school and its administrators Tuesday, alleging compelled speech and racial discrimination.

    The suit alleges that William Clark, a biracial twelfth-grader at Democracy Preparatory Academy, Agassi Campus, was required “to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities… which were subject to the scrutiny, interrogation and derogatory labeling of students, teachers and school administrators,” according to court documents obtained by the Daily Caller. If Clark did not comply with these course requirements, he would not receive a passing grade.”

  13. I mean seriously, this is the least “Reason”able argument I’ve ever seen. Boehm is basically advancing the same arguments of fire and brimstone preachers of the past. “This town is paying for your sins!” “Those people died from a huricane because of the Gays!”\

    America had every choice in this. They could have voted for the Libertarian party. They could have voted for the Greens. The democrats didn’t miraculously get 50.5% of the vote because of nature. They got it because Americans voted for them. Any price that america will now pay is on them.

    And until Boehm puts away the pseudo-religious rhetoric and starts confronting the fact that a MAJORITY of Americans *want* protectionism, universal healthcare, free schools, etc- then he is making this entire magazine dumber for the effort.

    1. “The democrats didn’t miraculously get 50.5% of the vote because of nature. They got it because Americans voted for them against Trump.”


      Democrats didn’t win. Republicans lost. There’s a difference. Because they, like their Dear Leader, are a bunch of assholes. This loss was 100% self inflicted.

      1. Democrats won because they are not assholes.

        1. Citation needed.

        2. When compared to Trump and his supporters, yes.

          1. When did you go full progressive?

            1. When did you stop beating your wife?

          2. I agree that attempting to seal people in a building while burning it down probably wouldn’t be considered ‘assholish behavior’. We’d have to categorize that differently.

        3. Phil Murphy just called. It was hard to hear what he was saying over all of the hysterical laughter.

        4. I don’t know man, stealing shit makes you a pretty big asshole.

      2. Democrats didn’t win.

        I’d say Biden getting more votes than the blazingly popular Obama did is a win.

        1. More than anyone in US history, without really campaigning all that much. The deep trust and admiration the American People feel for Joe Biden cannot be underestimated. Joe Biden is an unstoppable political force.

        2. Not just a win, but a landslide. His Fraudulency got MILLIONS more votes than Obama. Millions.

          1. Incorrect. Biden is a has bold, fresh ideas that’ll transform DC into an institution that works for the American people, not against like Trump did.

            It’s now obvious to everyone with a brain that the reason Obama won in 2008 and 2012 was not because of Obama, but because the American people were excited about his running mate.

            1. I wish I had seen this earlier. This is golden. Thank you.

        3. Urban voters love doddering old white pervs. It is known.

        4. Admit it, Joe has more charisma.

      3. Exactly. It was a referendum on Trump and Trump lost. It was not an endorsement of far-left-wing nonsense as indicated by Democrats losing seats in the House, and Republicans winning close Senate races in places like Maine and Iowa. If Democrats do win the 2 seats in Georgia, it will only be because all the intense energy could be focused on those two races alone, AND because Team Red stupidly told its voters not to bother showing up because it’s all rigged.

        Not even a majority of Democrats want the far-left-wing progressivism. Sanders, Warren, et al., all lost the nomination in favor of centrist milquetoast moderate semi-senile Biden.

        1. The Dem primary voters much prefer corporatism.

          1. Incorrect, the Dem primary voters wanted Medicare for all and criminal justice reform, which is why Harris was rejected out of hand. It’s unfortunate that someone as sharp as Biden is, chose her against the will of the Democratic primary voters. However, it’s clear that America was willing to hold its nose knowing that Harris will never be near the real levers of power, in exchange for having the most popular president in American History.

            1. The cognitive dissonance reconciliation region of my brain is failing while reading this.

        2. ” If Democrats do win the 2 seats in Georgia, it will only be because all the intense energy could be focused on those two races alone, AND because Team Red stupidly told its voters not to bother showing up because it’s all rigged.”

          And because of a massive effort to get out the black vote.

          1. Trump gained a larger share of the black vote than any prior GOP rep dummy.

            1. It was still well below 50%, dummy.

            2. This is all pointless tit-for-tat arguing.

              The fact is, White America chose Biden because they were tired of Trump. Black Americans were probably skeptical of Biden’s prior criminal justice record, so they swung… reluctantly… for Trump. But when it becomes clear that Biden is a Changed Man with fresh ideas, America will thank its lucky stars it didn’t return Orange Drumpf to the white house.

            3. Trump gained a larger share of the black vote than any prior GOP rep dummy.

              Also, this is why Voter ID is racist against blacks. For fuck’s sake, when they DO show up to the polls, they can’t even vote for the correct fucking candidate.

        3. You’re a globalist. You cheer on much of what Biden has promised. Grow up Jeff. You reap what you sow. You were too dumb to see what was on the line this election. You and sarcasmic own it. The DNC didn’t even try to hide it. Go to Biden’s website. The media attempted to moderate him, but it isn’t hidden.

          You’re another useful idiot.

          1. Isn’t Jeffy actually Canadian?

        4. “It was a referendum on Trump and Trump lost. It was not an endorsement of far-left-wing nonsense as indicated by Democrats losing seats in the House, and Republicans winning close Senate races in places like Maine and Iowa.”

          Your evidence of course ignores the fact that Georgia, a firm GOP stronghold, went for the Democrats. Why is voting for blue in Georgia repudiation of Trump, but voting for red in Iowa a repudiation of the left?

          The fact is that it is none of the above. The fact is, statewide races in 5 battleground states went blue this year because Blue-activist NGOs pumped tons of money (half a billion) into those 5 key states- specifically into 5 key cities. Those people were never going to vote for Trump, but they may have never voted. But by loosening voting restrictions, opening additional polling centers and engaging in legal ballot harvesting, the blue activists managed to increase voter participation in these counties by 10 – 30%

          People call you a lefty all the time, Jeff, but I know that is false. If you were a leftist, it would be extremely disconcerting to you that the rich can pay government entities to disproportionately serve their desired class of urban poor while the rural poor are left no help. You are in fact a team blue shill, pretending to be a libertarian, which is why you will actually argue to me that this is a good thing.

      4. Sarc, I’m sorry but bullshit. They could have voted against TRUMP for the Libertarian party. The fact that they felt enabling the GND, court packing and all the rest was acceptable compromise to get Trump out of office is still on them, not the republicans down ticket.

        1. Elections are decided by people saying to themselves “Giant Douche is a giant douche, but Turd Sandwich is a complete asshole.” And Giant Douche wins.

          1. And so those people are to blame. Not the Turd Sandwich. Especially when they had several other people to vote for.

      5. You’re rationalization for your ongoing tacit support of authoritarianism is noted.

        1. Your ongoing tacit support for gang rape is disgusting.

          1. Speaking out against the Dear Leader proves that you’re an evil authoritarian Democrat. There’s no other way.

            You need to repent.

      6. If it weren’t for Covid19, Trump would have walked away with it. Anyone in office during this shitstorm would have lost. Be sure to thank Xi.

        1. This may well be the real answer.

        2. Something to this but Trump could have handled it better. Not sure he could have done much to change the disease numbers, but his continually downplaying it while it raged through the country just made him look stupid and impotent.

      7. Considering the huge turnout, even subtracting the dead and nonexistent voters, I think that besides a lot of voting against Trump, there was a lot of voting against those voting against Trump. That is, by now it’s mostly reaction formation, and more than supporters of Trump are the people who are anti-anti-Trump. They didn’t care so much for Trump in 2016, but they care now that Trump’s been under such attack.

    2. They got it because Americans voted for them.

      And then some.

  14. LOL.

    You couldn’t write a more idiotic article.

    She was wearing a skirt, she’s to blame!

    1. They should be rational and honest enough to take responsibility for their own choices.

      There are honest and rational ways to talk about this.

      Example 1: Yeah, Biden won because me and other people like me didn’t vote for Trump, but I’m still glad I voted that way because . . .

      I can’t think of a way to end that sentence that makes since, considering that we’re looking at having the Supreme Court stacked, two new states added, Medicare for All, an all-out assault on our gun rights, and the Green New Deal, but maybe someone else can.

      Example 2: Yeah, Biden won because me and other people like me didn’t vote for Trump, but that’s because I made a terrible mistake! I was uninformed on Biden’s positions. I had no idea how radical they were. And I thought that the Republicans would hold the senate. I thought I was voting for divided government. I’ll never make that mistake again.

      The example where they blame other people for Democratic control of the government–when they and others like them didn’t vote for Trump? That’s either dishonest, irrational, or both dishonest and irrational.

      If the American people are subjected to the control of the Democratic party, it will be because so many of us failed to vote for Republicans. If you didn’t vote Republican, you contributed to that–and you’re to blame for the outcome.

      1. “because me and other people like me didn’t vote for Trump”

        Trump took all of the electoral votes from my state, by a comfortable margin. However I did or didn’t vote did not cause Trump’s loss. Try again.

        Trump only won in the first place because he came up against a candidate that was more unpopular again. He didn’t get lucky the second time.

        1. Yet you blamed what you called “cultists” above. weird.

          The fact is most americans are dumb and ignorant. They only repeat what the corporate media tells them to. If they pay attention at all. They see twitter and the media burying any and all negatives about Biden’s platform, even having fact checkers deny he supports the GND when it is on Biden’s presidential website.

          Useful idiots abound. And you don’t give a crap because you think Trump has mean tweets.

          This is the same type of ignorance that people were saying about CRT and race theory 10 years ago. “It will stay on campus, it isn’t here yet, nothing to worry about”.

          You’re too ignorant to see what the long term goals are of the left despite them being public about it. You’re the type to link a Politifact article calling the Great Reset a conspiracy theory despite its motto being used by Biden and being openly quoted by Trudeau and other world leaders.

          1. You just drew a lot of conclusions about me that are incorrect. I understand the long term objectives of the progressives and they’re awful. I was warning that Trump was gonna blow the senate with his post-election antics while y’all were cheering on his bullshit.

            I don’t give a shit about Trump’s tweets. I don’t even know what Politifact is. I was right, you were wrong. Don’t put this crap on me.

        2. Trump only won in the first place because he came up against a candidate that was more unpopular again. He didn’t get lucky the second time.

          I think this was a big factor. I think a lot of people’s reason for voting for Biden was that he didn’t seem to insult people like them. He didn’t call them deplorables or bad hombres. These are the people who don’t think his referring to Obama as clean or articulate was demeaning, because they themselves would call Obama clean and articulate and consider that to be praise for a black person, because they think other people need proof a black man can be clean and articulate, and that their own thinking is very advanced to recognize that.

          I think people also vote out of pity. They might have voted in Biden to please him by finally giving him the office he’s wanted all these years. They figure, aw, c’m’on, man, the guy’s senile already, give him a break. They figure they already gave Trump the big break, now it’s someone else’s turn. These are the Make-A-Wish voters, and there are more of them than you think. They figure all government policy is about the same, and it’s just a matter of whose face will be on the same old thing anyway.

      2. If the democrats do all, then hopefully we’re looking at the necessary escalation of the current civil war that’s brewing. I would much rather see that then what unrestrained progressive will do.

        America can’t serve the progressive agenda. So the agenda should be to ensure the progressives don’t survive.

      3. Did Biden win because you didn’t vote for Trump? Did you live in a swing state where your vote mattered?

        1. Perhaps it could have been phrased better.

          The reason Biden won is because so many of us chose not to support Trump and not to vote for him. To the extent that your choice not to support Trump and not to vote for him contributed to his loss, you are responsible for Biden’s win.

          There is no sense in blaming others for the choices we made. We should take responsibility for our own choices–especially if they were mistakes.

          I might add that those with a journalist microphone, especially, might share some blame for focusing on Trump’s tweets and personality at the expense of Biden’s horrible stance on the issues. To the extent that we contributed to the voters being poorly informed, that isn’t the fault of Republican voters either. We’re responsible for the choices we make.

          Do you remember seeing anything but TDS articles from Boehm in the weeks running up to the election?

  15. …and allow incoming Vice President Kamala Harris to be a tie-breaking vote for Democrats

    Won’t be necessary with Mittens and Murkowski having just become the most powerful elected officials in the country. Rino’s in a split senate with no chance of failing to get re-elected. Watch their net worths over the next few years.

    1. Indeed, democrats must be punished.

  16. “Republicans Got What They Deserved. America Will Now Have To Pay the Price.”

    This kind of blame shifting is typical of narcissistic abusers–“Look what you made me do to you!”

    If you didn’t vote for Trump, the blame for suffering under the Democrats belongs to you.

    Libertarianism is about believing that people should be free to enjoy and suffer the consequences of their own choices.

    There isn’t anything libertarian about blaming other people for the consequences of your choices.

    1. Biden’s inaugural address: “I promise to continue beating my constituents.”

    2. There isnt anything libertarian about Boehm.

    3. I voted for Jo Jorgensen because there was no way Virginia was ever even close to going for Trump and no way was I voting dem anyway. I guess I am to blame until I move to a red state.

    4. Biden’s inaugural address: “Anyone who accuses me of rape will get an IRS audit. I promise.”

  17. Wow. Okay Boehm, so as long as Trumpism dies your kinda okay with what happens. Man Reason and so called Libertarians can go fuck themselves.

  18. Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

    We all got it comin’, kid.

    from you know where.

  19. Reason reveals its hand. They aren’t “libertarian,” they just want America to get screwed.

    Some people just want to watch the world burn (which isn’t very “libertarian,” btw).

  20. Wow that is a grade school level hot take. Eric is a fucking idiot.

    1. And this is probably his best work. He’s a total idiot.

  21. The silver lining is that the extremist wings of both parties are about to be told to sit down and shut up. They cost D House seats; they cost R Senate seats. Their stock with the leadership will be nil this session.

    1. Yes, the silver lining is that the good old days war mongering, deficit spending, money printing, overregulation, and crony capitalism will be back! Oh joy!

    2. All of the Republican Senators who lost were establishment GOP types or in states that are trending blue (or both).

      Like him or not, Trump can honestly claim to have grown the Republican party and broadened it’s appeal, and about 2/5 of the country believes he was ripped off. Not to mention the Democrat base is thirsting for blood, so they’ll probably make him a martyr (in the legal system if not literally).

      Joe Biden basically ran the campaign from Napoleon Dynamite “Vote for Pedro, and all of your dreams will come true!” He’s about to discover that the Presidency doesn’t involve staying in your basement all day and knocking off at 10:00 AM.

  22. It’s spineless flakes like Boehm that put America in this position. Never trumpers are never america.

  23. Bush-era neo-cons that supported Biden will get what they deserve in the form of positive PR and positions of influence in the new regime.

  24. How long before the 25th is invoked (and we are truly fucked)?

  25. “Republicans Got What They Deserved. America Will Now Have To Pay the Price.”

    No, those who voted for slobbering Joe got what they wanted, and now we all get to pay for their TDS-induced idiocy.

    1. Better to make democrats pay for their crimes.

  26. Both the Republicans and Democrats are bad for the country. We have lived through a terrible four years and decided it wasn’t bad enough and signed up for even worse.

  27. Reason: you got what you wanted, a progressive Congress. They are going to implement large parts of your agenda: open borders, tariff free trade with log regulation nations, free abortion on demand, and exemption from liability for the biggest Internet companies. Don’t try to run away from your success, celebrate it!

    Of course, deep down you know that these policies are going to turn to sh-t, and you are already joining the Democrats in blaming Republicans for the predictable failures of the policies you embrace.

    1. They must never be allowed to do that = …joining the Democrats in blaming Republicans for the predictable failures of the policies

      Boehm, and the journowhores like him must be reminded mercilessly, and with utter contempt, how useless and insignificant they are.

    2. Reason should be concerned about speech laws that im sure Democrats are chomping at the bit to implement. Only state approved news articles from now on comrades. Big brother is watching.

  28. A surprising article. While I agree that Republicans “deserved” to lose, so did the Democrats. They’ve given us a doddering old man who is a Trojan Horse for the liberal wish list, and now the Senate will belong to the Dems. Remember that the ACA was also passed through the reconciliation process (since we’re slinging mud at the Republicans for using it to implement tax cuts).

    Frankly, there isn’t much profit in blaming anyone. I loathe Trump, am uncomfortable with Biden, and I’m not feeling any schadenfreude. We’re all fucked – how can that possibly be a pleasurable thought, even fleetingly?

    1. “Frankly, there isn’t much profit in blaming anyone.”

      May not be profit, but there’s the recognition of fact that those who voted for slobbering Joe got us here.

    2. a Trojan Horse for the liberal wish list

      Please stop calling that “liberal”; Democrats have become left wing authoritarians, there is nothing “liberal” about them.

  29. Ironically, there is no mention of McConnell blocking stimulus and approving the NDAA. This right there took a lot of wind out of Republican voter sails.

    1. Oh I thought the same thing. In a 6,000 page bill, the one thing congressional Republicans balked at was increasing aid to Americans? WTF? Cut all the other crap in the bill. Objecting to increased aid to people based on a demonstrably false concern about fiscal responsibility while allowing the rest of that garbage spending to go through is not a good look.

      “Hey Americans – we’re going to send a bunch of money to other countries and build a few museums, but we’re going to be sure to strictly limit how much aid you get!” is not a good way to win votes.

  30. “the presence of conservative-ish Sen. Joe Manchin (D–W.Va.)”

    You know, senators have switched parties before.

    1. Joe Biden isn’t going to step away from being the guy that Democrats have to appease to get their way in order to become just another Republican.

      And even if he does, Joke Biden can still dangle a Cabinet posting or a plum Ambassadorship in front of a Republican Senator from a state with a Democratic Governor, if necessary.

      1. Joe Manchin isn’t going to, that is.

  31. Republicans Got What They Deserved. America Will Now Have To Pay the Price.

    Boehm sounds eerily like a spousal abuser.

    1. Maybe one who got abused. That cuck couldn’t abuse anybody.

  32. Eric, you are an idiot. Trump won 2016 by a few thousand votes in key states. He lost 2020 by a few thousand votes in key states.

    The electorate hasn’t budged. You are as out of touch as those who claimed 2016 was a Trump landslide, and who claim 2020 is a Democrat landslide.

    The Political landscape has changed only because a few thousand votes changed, not because the electorate has changed, BECAUSE THE ELECTORATE HAS NOT CHANGED.

    1. Please tell that to the politicians and pundits for both major parties. I am sure they will listen…

    2. Regardless of whether you think there was fraud or not, Democrats were clearly effective at getting votes from prior non-voters.

      So “the electorate” has changed in that more people voted, but opinions have, if anything, shifted slightly in Trump’s favor.

      1. Yes, the Dems lost House seats, pretty unusual. Shows that voters did change in not liking Dems. I should have been clear that I meant the electorate’s position on Trump has not changed.

    3. The electorate has not changed per se, but mail in vote will facilitate thousands of people from making uninformed decisions.

      And we’re already seeing Californication of swing states. Mid sized states only need Portland level crazies in a few of their big cities to become purple.

  33. So what is the first thing they do:
    * Mediscare for all
    * Kill the economy by raising taxes.
    * Pack the court
    * New states
    * Political prosecution of Trump
    * Reich’s “Truth and Reconciliation”
    * AoC gets her re-education camps

    1. Yep – still feeling that schadenfreude?

    2. Dont forget Gun control, always a nipple twister for Democrats. Cant do all those things when people can still resist effectively.

    3. The first thing they do is redefine who has Covid-19 and who died from it, and declare the epidemic ended in the USA. Next thing they do, state by state, is codify the emergency measures that were imposed under dubious authority. Meanwhile, some new foreign war the USA can only make more enemies by.

  34. Did they stop counting in GA? Did they go fish for votes?

    Corrupt as sin if so.

  35. Truly bizarre to me how Reason systematically puts a soft, supportive touch on everything Democrat, while shading Republicans in a negative light.

    Makes me think about the money I put towards this publication. It’s unacceptable. Republicans are generally, at every level of government, the best bet against insane, unsustainable cost and regulation. Are they perfect? Nope. But no one is.

    How about this, Eric: you get what you deserve. Accept we’ll all be paying for your thoughtless spin.

    1. Christ, you donate. You poor soul.

      1. Even I stopped. Lol.

  36. So I have a question for other long-time reason readers (I got my first subscription in 1999).

    When I listen to the weekly roundtable, Nick is the only one who makes much sense anymore. I’d love for Sudermann to just go away. (You can almost hear the spittle forming in the corners of his mouth when he rants about Trump.) I also know that Nick is older than the others. He seems like the only real libertarian in the bunch.

    Has the publication’s perspective been skewed by the Trump years, or is it just me? Did this happen when KMW took over? Did it mostly start with the pandemic?

    The publication and the podcast are consistently disappointing. They’ve been on the mask/social distancing bandwagon from the get-go, now NY is trying to pass a law that would allow the governor to detain people against their will if they are a “public health threat” (which was the only logical place for this mess to go; how did libertarians think the government would voluntarily limit its power or return power back to the people once it has been taken?). Their skepticism about government power in a pandemic has been the generic, diet version of true skepticism.

    Now a writer is openly engaged in schadenfreude when the results of this election are going to be disastrous for the country. The government now has the ability to pass a seriously anti-libertarian policy agenda. I find Boehm’s little tap dance of minor joy disgusting.

    So, is this now a Democrat-Lite publication? When did it start moving in that direction? Will it correct course or keep going? Nick is obviously of the old guard, which may be why my old ass agrees with him. I’m a cynical, skeptical, GenX realist. I care far more about policy than the person making the policy. Trump is horrible, they are all horrible, but now we have no checks or balances. On what planet is this something a libertarian would celebrate, even just for a moment?

    1. Honestly, I think it started around the change of management at CATO. When things like Journolist were scandals to be decried instead of CV bullet points.

    2. Nick is one of the last libritarian at reason.

    3. I don’t know when it started. I can pinpoint exactly when I realized it had changed to hatred of Trump over principled opposition/support of Trump’s policies based on libertarian ideals (which is what it did under Obama). It was, after being the first publication to throw skepticism at the Rolling Stone ‘rape’ hoax, it described Blaisey-Ford’s allegations of Kavannaugh as ‘credible.’ When a libertarian magazine can’t even stand up for due process it is no longer libertarian.

    4. It started a tad shade before Trump but Trump broke their brains.

      They lost their bite. I think Trump forced them to look ‘moderate’ on some level I reckon.

      This publication should be more ‘fuck you’.

      1. That’s about when it seemed to start, but you could detect it becoming a problem late in the 20th Century.

        Radical libertarian institutions in the USA used to be able to triangulate between Democrats and Republicans, or at least between “liberals” and “conservatives” from the 1960s to about the middle 1990s. By then it had become obvious that Republicans were far more libertarian than Democrats were; this was true of both their leadership and their rank-&-file; this had probably been true for about a decade previously, but was obvious by then. This presented a threat to the $upport of those libertarian institutions by loss of distinction. If it made sense for libertarians to take sides between Democrats and Republicans, and/or between “liberals” and “conservatives”, then it made sense to postpone consideration of the quest for the pole of liberty by direct ascent. Up until then such movement was quixotic, but there was nothing to lose by it since no other reasonable avenue presented itself. But once it was possible for libertarians to throw their balance of power to the Republicans and thereby make a difference to individual liberty (whether by gaining more of it or losing less of it), then libertarians’ seeing that posed a threat to the egos and funding of radical libertarian think tanks and the Libertarian Party. And you can see that things at Reason and CATO started being pitched accordingly to be more against those they were closer to, i.e. Republicans, than they were against anyone else.

        It’s just that in the past decade it started to become blatant, and by 5 years ago it was clearly so. And Trump drew their fire more than anyone because not only did he threaten to hog the road toward liberty (Without even being a philosophic libertarian — horrrors!), but also he usurped the role of outsider! So the spectacle of a Republican Party Reptile, P.J. O’Rourke, opposing himself to Trump on the basis of the latter’s relative lack of couth!

    5. Has the publication’s perspective been skewed by the Trump years, or is it just me?

      I think Trump just revealed these people for what they have been all along. Their libertarianism exhausts itself in a bundle of isolated policy preferences: open borders, no tariffs, low taxes, legal drugs, legal sex, legal abortion, with the justification that those are “good for the economy” and “good for the people”.

      Reason editors have adopted the progressive mindset that places outcomes above natural rights; they simply disagree with mainstream progressives about the details of what constitutes good policy.

  37. I am thrilled to see the Right engaging in “mostly peaceful” protests in DC.

  38. Republicans got what they deserved, Reason got what it wanted.

  39. “Republicans who justified Trump’s bad behavior because they liked that he was packing the federal courts”

    And with one sentence, then author shows off his own ignorance and ideological inclinations. Trump never “packed” the court. Leftists merely liked to use this hyperbolic language to hysterically cry about SCOTUS nominations they don’t like.

    1. I missed that, but you are correct; Boehm is either ignorant of the definition of the word or a fucking lefty shit. Or both.

  40. More TDS BS from Reason.

    Trump oversaw a economy on the upswing, which led to record unemployment for minorities. He’s among the few modern GOP presidents to make gains among minorities.

    The impeachment was ran on sham evidence and based on investigation by an FBI that lied to obtain surveillance visas. They tried to railroad both Flynn and Kavanaugh on the most contrived charges and allegations. Reason would foam at the mouth over cops yelling at a jaywalker, almost completely whitewashed a coup attempt.

    The republicans lost because BLM jacobins and white suburban liberals took advantage of massive mail by vote in a pandemic. When you can just mail in a ballot by circling in “Joe Biden” and sending it in, voters have even less incentive to make informed decisions.

    Look at the sorry shape CA is in now. You think that place would be in better shape if thousands of migrants were able to settle in on the region, with government losing count of thousands of them? Say what you will about Trump’s pandemic response (he was too slow for his own good) but the man likely averted adding another disaster to blue state mismanagement of covid?

    What do you people want? You want big states to accept another 20 million people in a pandemic? “But they’ll do work Americans won’t do” The brick and mortar economy is being decimated. They’re being shut down. But they’ll just spread covid around and continue to vote democrat and their collectivist agenda as they freely smoke dope.

    1. “…What do you people want?..”
      As cultural snobs, they want someone who doesn’t trigger them with tweets.
      And they are willing to let the government take your money in order to not be offended.
      You’re welcome.

    2. To be honest, our economy has been running on debt, freshly printed money, artificially low interest rates and accounting gimmicks ever since the start of the Greenspan/Clinton housing boom.
      I almost voted for Trump in 2016 because he was the only candidate saying that the debt, freshly printed money, artificially low interest rates and accounting gimmicks create a temporary illusion of wealth and will destroy the economy in the long run. Of course, as soon as he took office he did a complete 180.

  41. “If only the Republicans would’ve elected a ‘National Socialist (Nazi) Democrat’ as their Presidential Nominee…..”, Boehm

  42. For today, though, we can enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude.

    I do! I’m particularly looking forward to when Reason staff will be treated as the fascists they are according to the new ruling class and Reason gets deplatformed!

  43. Fuck you, Reason! How many of you cocksuckers admitted that you were voting blue regardless of the consequences.

    You reap what you sow. Eat shit, assholes.

  44. Now that the election is settled the United states are about receive what it deserves. And if one has listened to the democrats that are now in power the United States should cease to exist. That is what is coming to your town. This nation will no longer exist as the nation that made so much difference for the good in the world. But I will hate to see what contribution this new nation will contribute to the world. Maybe the mark of the beast.

  45. You have to be a special kind of fucktsrd to believe this story. But, liberal fucktsards seem to be all the rage nowadays.

    Enjoy your dementia patient as POTUS fucktsrds. I’m sure watching him shit his pants on TV will be a load of laughs.

  46. The president and federal government hardly matter in daily life. Fixing the traffic problem on Rt.8, the local services like police, fire, EMS, trash collection, sewers, streets, schools, all of those kinds of things are far more important. All local.

    When they “shut down the government” nothing changes. Taxes matter and they take far too much.

    I have lived through Democrat Republican administrations and it hardly mattered. No regrets. This is a great place and has been a good life. Had every opportunity I could ask for in education and employment if I was willing to work for it.

    I am in the process of moving to another state. For family reasons, not politics. One good thing is taxes are lower there as I am planning for retirement.

    The federal government consists of bunch of bloodsucking grifters and I don’t care which one we are talking about.

    The only thing I ask of them is don’t mess things up. Leave us alone and we will do fine. I do not see them moving in that direction.

  47. I have long argued that Republican needed to keep tighter reigns on President Trump. When they gave him any slack he simply took more liberty. Worse yet by allowing him free reign the public saw this as an affirmation of his behavior and leading many Republican to think he was correct. Congressional Republicans in the House and Senate needed to stand up to him more. They needed to support him, not just give into him.

  48. “When one party controls both Congress and the White House, the result is never a reduction in the size or cost of government.”

    How is that different from when different parties control both Congress and the White House?

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