Donald Trump

Trump Wasn't a Dictator, but He Played One on TV

The 45th president busted norms left and right. But the abuse of executive power didn't start and won't end with him.


My fellow Americans, our long National Infrastructure Week is over. The whole thing's been exhausting: a four-year assault on the sensibilities and senses at a relentless death-metal pace. Every day brought a new enormity, from that uncomfortably Freudian spat with Kim Jong Un about whose "nuclear button" was "bigger & more powerful" to the eerie "I'm meltinggg!" rants about voter fraud near the end. Midway through Donald J. Trump's tenure, in a desperate attempt at self-care, I moved my iPhone from nightstand to dresser—just to delay my what-fresh-hell-is-this early morning scan of the president's Twitter feed until I was actually upright.

But was it all as radically disjunctive as it felt? Humor me: Try, if you can, to mentally mute @realDonaldTrump's Twitter feed; conjure up a President Trump who in his public conduct is as impeccably boring as Vice President Mike Pence. Thus limited to concrete actions taken and new powers seized, you might be able to make out something that looks closer to a bog-standard version of the imperial presidency—not quite as "not normal" as the Trump presidency seemed.

America's "thought leaders" find that notion unthinkable. Trump is "the closest we have ever come to a dictator," declares former Labor Secretary Robert Reich. The mere prospect of 45's reelection "poses the greatest threat to American democracy since the Second World War," the New York Times editorial board insisted as Election Day loomed.  Trump "stands without any real rivals as the worst American president in modern history," the Gray Lady  gasped, having "outstripped decades of presidential wrongdoing in a single term."

It's usually a mistake to reach for historical superlatives about a presidency we've barely finished living through. Even so, I could entertain a couple for our newly departed 45th: "least competent" or "most rhetorically unhinged."

But the closest we've ever come to a dictator? C'mon, man. Contemplate the Four Seasons Total Landscaping incident four days after the election. Aiming to schedule a key press conference about legal challenges to President-elect Joe Biden's victory, the Trump team shot for the Philadelphia Four Seasons but accidentally landed at a lawn-care outfit between a crematorium and the Fantasy Island adult bookstore. What should have been obvious long before had become gut-bustingly apparent: If this bunch were actually hellbent on implementing fascism, they'd get lost en route to the Reichstag and end up torching a garden supply store by mistake.

None of the above should be particularly comforting. Attempting to overturn a democratic election is no less deplorable just because you're comically bad at it. The fact that our 45th president lacked the competence, self-discipline, and functional attention span to bring his worst autocratic impulses to fruition was certainly better than the alternative. But Trump's manifest unfitness for office cut both ways. Those same character deficits helped magnify the toll of "American carnage" in the epically bungled response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And even if Trump's authoritarian bluster rarely cashed out into any real-world seizure of new powers for the president, it was far from harmless. Four years of 100-proof strongman rhetoric may have the effect of building up our tolerance if and when the real thing comes around in a smoother blend. When (at least) half of the political class feels driven by partisan loyalty to defend or downplay open contempt for constitutional limits, it's likely to make well-planned assaults on those limits that much easier to execute. Donald Trump may yet end up being a "transformational" president, not because of the abuses he managed to carry out but thanks to the dangerous possibilities he revealed.

As Seen on TV

If you were even half paying attention, as Trump's tenure wore on you should've noticed how infrequently the man's authoritarian brain-spasms made the transition from alarming tweet to nefarious plan.

In the first three years of his term, for instance, the president threatened, among other things, to fire special counsel Robert Mueller; revoke birthright citizenship with the stroke of a pen; shut down the Mexican border entirely ("I'm not playing games!"); and "hereby order" American companies to stop doing business with China. The power of my tweets compels you!

In each case, Trump basked in the resulting media frenzy, then did nothing whatsoever to follow through. It always ended up being a more unnerving version of "Dude: Let's buy Greenland!" It wasn't like it was ever going to happen.

Then came the pandemic, a workable excuse for a presidential power grab if ever there was one. The modern imperial presidency had been forged in three great crises: World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II. Here was a national emergency that, in terms of lives lost and economic damage, rapidly eclipsed the two prior crises of the 21st century: 9/11 and the financial collapse of 2008.

This was one of the rare occasions where some Hamiltonian "energy in the executive," intelligently directed, could have been welcome. It's hard to imagine any of the available alternatives from the 2016 race standing up a gimcrack testing program and hammering the U.S. "curve" down to South Korean levels, but a replacement-level president might have had the decency not to make a terrible situation worse. Instead, President Trump spent his time jawboning the stock market and downplaying what he privately knew to be a "deadly" plague.

As the gravity of the situation became undeniable, Trump tried to model bold leadership in the only way he seemed to know how: uncorking a series of proposals from the dictator's playbook. In late March, he threatened to impose an ALL-CAPS federal "QUARANTINE" on New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut—something that would almost certainly require U.S. military boots on the ground and guns turned on American citizens to enforce. Two weeks later, at his daily coronavirus briefing ("great ratings"), Trump claimed "the ultimate authority" to force state governors to reopen their economies. That was Monday; during Wednesday's show, he threatened to forcibly adjourn Congress if the Senate wouldn't confirm his nominees. Maybe it was sweeps week.

But once again, you'd have been a fool to take the president seriously, let alone literally. Almost immediately, Trump backed off his threat to build a wall around the Tri-State Area, opting for a "strong Travel Advisory" instead. It took him 24 hours to climb down from his claim of "total" power over the states, and his threat to prorogue the legislature was quickly forgotten. You almost got the impression that the only "ultimate authority" that interested Donald Trump was full-spectrum dominance of the news cycle.

It clearly wasn't self-restraint or constitutional fidelity that held Trump back from acting on his worst threats. A more likely explanation: Implementing these schemes would have been hard work and not strictly necessary to the performance. "Before taking office," The New York Times' Maggie Haberman reported in 2017, "Mr. Trump told top aides to think of each presidential day as an episode in a television show in which he vanquishes rivals." In the end, he wasn't a dictator: He just played one on TV.

Trump's (Few) Dangerous Innovations

With the powers of the modern presidency, though, you needn't be a dictator to get away with murder. The night before the election, ex-Republican Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) unleashed a tweetstorm about Trump's "appalling" record of expanding federal power. Among other offenses, the 45th president had "launched attacks in multiple countries without congressional approval," vetoed legislative efforts to limit U.S. support for the criminal Saudi regime and to roll back America's involvement in Yemen's civil war, and signed legislation extending federal surveillance powers. All true, and all good reasons, as Amash argued, for libertarians to renounce Trump and all his works.

Still, most of the items in Amash's bill of particulars were the sort of fare you'd expect any Republican commander in chief to serve up. What, if anything, has our 45th president added to the executive arsenal that's genuinely new and dangerous? For a self-styled businessman president, Trump wasn't terribly entrepreneurial when it came to devising new ways to expand presidential power. But he did come up with a few genuinely dangerous moves that will be studied and emulated by future presidents.

Though public policy mostly seemed to bore Donald Trump, he did have a longstanding interest in two areas, trade and immigration, which is where he made some of his most aggressive executive power grabs. In March 2018, he hiked tariffs on steel and aluminum, invoking a little-used provision in a Kennedy-era trade law allowing the president to restrict imports based on the claim that they threaten "national security." In February 2019, he declared a national emergency in order to "build the wall" on the U.S.-Mexico border, diverting billions of dollars to a pet project Congress had refused to support.

Trump also seized dangerous new ground in January 2020, when he used the targeted-killing machinery set up by George W. Bush and perfected by Barack Obama to eliminate Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. That move was too "over the top" even for uber-hawk Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.), who, according to Bob Woodward's Rage (Simon & Schuster), tried unsuccessfully to talk the president down over golf.

The Soleimani hit was something new under the sun: It marked the first time an American president publicly ordered the assassination of a top government official for a country we're not legally at war with. It was also a major usurpation of congressional power: Killing a senior government figure with a drone-fired missile is something every country on earth would consider a declaration of war, and under our Constitution, the president doesn't get to make that call by himself.

Shamelessness as a Superpower

Still, most of what Trump did to push the envelope on presidential power wasn't directed toward anything you could even call a policy goal. Our 45th president's interest in executive power was overwhelmingly personal: a weapon for settling scores and covering up incompetence and graft. If I believed Donald Trump could plan past his next Dove Bar, let alone play multidimensional chess, I'd almost suspect there was a method to his madman act: Wind people up with visions of dystopian military quarantines and maybe they'll be too distracted to notice more workaday abuses like stonewalling Congress and firing government watchdogs.

Trump made impressive strides in both areas. During the late 2019 impeachment fight, he categorically refused to cooperate with congressional demands for information on the grounds that the inquiry was biased—something that neither Andrew Johnson nor Richard Nixon nor Bill Clinton dared try. But perhaps Trump's boldest presidential-power move in 2020 was launching what even the Trump-friendly New York Post editorial board called a "war" on inspectors general. Over a matter of weeks last spring, the president forced out five government watchdogs, most of them for transparently retaliatory reasons, such as issuing an accurate report on the administration's massive COVID-19 failures.

No previous president had thought to fire multiple I.G.s just because they were in the process of embarrassing his administration—after all, wouldn't that look crooked? Nor, it seems, did it occur to any of Trump's predecessors that you could declare a national emergency to do an end run around Congress in a budget fight. Hamilton's argument for an energetic executive in Federalist No. 70 assumed a president at least somewhat susceptible to "the restraints of public opinion." But as Harvard law professor Jack Goldsmith puts it, "shamelessness in a president is really empowering."

By pushing the limits of these unwritten rules, Trump demonstrated that presidents can get away with more than they might have thought. His smarter successors will be able to take advantage of how much he's defined deviancy down.

Though most of Trump's efforts to turn the Justice Department against his political enemies were as poorly executed as his last-minute Keystone Koup attempt to overturn the 2020 election, he had far more success in corrupting his co-partisans in Congress. By excusing or ignoring the 45th president's disgraceful assaults on democratic norms, Republicans have largely abandoned any principled objection to such moves in the future. If and when an actually competent authoritarian comes along, what will their argument be? "Yeah, but our guy wasn't any good at it"?

Bet on Biden?

Who knows, though: Maybe we'll get lucky and the next president will radically downsize the presidency instead. Writing in Politico, Zachary Karabell enthuses: "Biden could be the first president in modern history to acknowledge that office has become too powerful, and finally scale it back."

He could. Is there much reason to think he will?

The Biden-Harris platform contemplates plenty of pen-and-phone governance, including a raft of "Day One" executive orders on climate change. For pandemic response, Biden takes FDR as a model, with a New Deal–style COVID plan that envisions the appointment of a national "supply chain commander" and the creation of a "public health job corps" of contact tracers.

For the most part, though, the 2020 race featured vanishingly little discussion of presidential power issues. The major exception came quite early in the campaign, when, thanks to The New York Times' Charlie Savage, both Biden and then–Sen. Kamala Harris answered a detailed questionnaire fleshing out their views on the powers of the office.

Savage has run his candidate executive-power survey for each of the last four presidential election cycles, so Joe Biden's gone through it twice—in 2007–08 and in the current race. When you compare his answers, you can spot some telling shifts: Biden's  views on the powers of the office "grew in office" during his tour as vice president.

In 2008, then–Sen. Biden was concise and unequivocal: "The Constitution is clear: except in response to an attack or the imminent threat of attack, only Congress may authorize war and the use of force." The 2020 version leaves himself a lot more wiggle room: Biden now says, in keeping with the Obama administration's line on Libya, that the president can launch a little war, splendid or otherwise, if he doesn't think it'll bog us down and last too long. (It's possible, he allows, that a preventive strike on Iran or North Korea might be a bigger constitutional deal.) Whatever the reason, the former vice president now embraces a suite of executive war powers that a younger, wiser Biden rightly considered dangerous.

Perhaps even more telling is latter-day Biden's refusal to commit to emergency powers reform. This time around, Savage asked the candidates which of 10 "Potential Post-Trump Reforms" they'd endorse. First on the list is restricting the president's ability to invoke new powers by declaring a national emergency. Biden skips past it, endorsing a number of reforms aimed at Trumpian self-dealing: mandating release of the president's tax returns; forcing him to divest major business holdings; tightening restrictions on nepotism; and regulating self-serving uses of the pardon power. But the former vice president has already released his tax returns; he doesn't own a hotel chain; and unless he wants to dangle pardons to cronies or put his son Hunter in charge of Middle East peace, these are fairly low-cost concessions. They're unlikely to cramp President Biden's style.

When it comes to emergency powers, it looks like the president-elect is keeping his options open. After all, as Sen. Chris Murphy (D–Conn.) put it last year, if Trump can use those powers to fund a border wall, there's nothing stopping "a Democratic President from declaring a climate change emergency and using military dollars to build solar farms and wind turbines." Murphy meant that as a critique of Trump, but to a Democratic president facing divided government, it might look like a pretty solid plan.

Not to be too morbid about it, but Biden will be 78 on Inauguration Day, older than any previous president—and so far, eight vice presidents have gained the presidency as a result of a death in office. So it'd be nice to have a handle on Harris' presidential power philosophy as well.

Alas, in her answers to the Savage questionnaire, Harris was even more evasive and less reassuring than Biden. It might be time to "rewrite" the nearly two-decade-old Authorization for the Use of Military Force that Congress passed after 9/11, Harris allows, but she "won't hesitate to do what it takes to protect our country in the face of an imminent threat in the future." Would that include bombing North Korea or Iran? Those situations "require careful consideration of all of the surrounding facts and circumstances." Ah. Is it lawful to hold American citizens without trial as "enemy combatants" or kill them with drone strikes? "Any president should reserve the right to act quickly to protect the country from attack, but decisions of such consequence must rely on our values and constitutional principles." Well, that clears it up, thanks.

All of this is a reminder, if one was needed, that real presidential reform isn't going to come from within the executive branch. The sorts of men and women who are willing to do what it takes to become president are unlikely, having won the prize, to turn around and say: "You know what? Now that I'm here, I'd like a whole lot less power!" At best, they'll grudgingly accede to restraints imposed from the outside. Congress has to force the issue.

A Return to Normalcy?

On May 14, 1920, in soporific, passive-voice verbiage, Republican presidential candidate Warren G. Harding described a nation exhausted by war, federal overreach, and global pandemic: "Poise has been disturbed, and nerves have been wracked, and fever has rendered men irrational. Sometimes there have been draughts upon the dangerous cup of barbarity."

He went on: "America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums but normalcy." The word that Harding popularized in that speech enjoyed renewed cachet in 2020, generating "normalcy" thinkpieces and spiking on Google Trends as Americans longed for a return to relative calm and regular order.

The 47-years-familiar figure of Joe Biden seemed to fill that need, with a sort of rebooted front-porch campaign run out of a basement Zoom studio. Toward the end of the race, Trump almost seemed to be making the case for his opponent. A vote for Biden, the president declared at a late October rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, was a vote for "boredom." "Look at all those cameras," Trump urged the crowd, "If you had Sleepy Joe, nobody's going to be interested in politics anymore." Four days after the election, when the president-elect delivered his victory speech—"an outpouring of joy, of hope, renewed faith in tomorrow to bring a better day"—the old platitudinous yammery struck many as surprisingly soothing.

Why wouldn't it? As November ground on, so did Trump's Norm-Demolition Derby. At a gonzo press conference on the 19th, the president's lawyers insisted—sans evidence—that he'd won reelection in a "landslide," the true result stifled by a vast conspiracy involving the "massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China." "This is real! It is not made up!" a sweaty Rudy Giuliani squawked. Was "boredom" supposed to be a threat?

But while a change in tone is welcome, it won't change the fundamentals. Good luck forgetting about presidential politics when the president has the power to shape what our health insurance covers or unilaterally forgive student loans, the ability to launch a trade war from his couch or a shooting war with Iran. You may not want to be interested in the presidency, but the presidency is interested in you.

After Trump, the office will still be invested with more power than any single, fallible human being can safely be trusted with. Unless and until we start taking that power back, it's only a matter of time before politics gets all too interesting once again.

NEXT: Space, the Final Smuggling Frontier

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466 responses to “Trump Wasn't a Dictator, but He Played One on TV

  1. Let's talk Wilson and FDR. Talk about want a be dictators . Trumps an ass and Biden is ,well, not all there. A fitting end to 2020. 2021 should be a hoot.

    1. Biden is full blown senile. He introduced his granddaughter as his dead son son to a crowd of people on videotape and thanked the crowd for electing his "son" to the senate. If you don't know that, then you know nothing about what's going on, or the Marxist media.
      To blame Trump for quarantines, when that entire debacle has been the domain of Leftists, Democrat governors, and the shrieking of the Marxist Media and Big Tech is retarded. Trump would have gone the Sweden route, but his hand was forced by the very same Davos crowd that has been planning for a pandemic to reset the new world order since they started talking about it in 2014 and even named the project. Why, look! It's here. And we can use it to get rid of OMB while getting an entire country used to waiting around for their $600 checks and destroying small businesses. Yes, some people will die. But as with all political movements since the beginning of mankind, that's part of making things "better."

      1. They named their virus Clade X and they had what they called a "Great Reset Agenda" for what was termed Event 201.
        Truth is stranger than fiction my friends. The Orange Man had nothing to do with this billionaire boys club, but Bill "Epstein Jet" Gates sure did.

        1. Biden and Harris are both just puppets, nothing more.
          Leadership in this country is no longer elected, it's installed.

          1. Stunning lack of self awareness from a guy who is for throwing out electoral college votes.

            1. Lol, you're so shameless.

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            2. Now talk about the 2 house democrats actually trying to do that with petitions to the House.

              1. Why? Is that something going on in current American politics? Something that is about to be attempted next week?

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            3. *Democratic Primary has entered the chat*

            4. Many people of all political persuasions have been for throwing out electoral college votes. This is nothing new. There is a process for doing this legally, which has been followed. You just want to trash the Constitution and the election laws for your own benefit.

          2. How about this 2019 Ivory Tower liberal exercise in what to do in case the 2020 election result is challenged by Trump due to "blue drift"?


            It's like they all knew what was going to happen, especially Hillary with her August 25 mandate: ""Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is."

            When she says "drag out" she means CHEATING.

            1. We have 2 races where they just keep simply finding more and more votes until they win. Pennsylvania still doesn't know how many actually voted after 2 months. Shit is ridiculous. Yet some here think there was still absolutely no fraud.

              1. Even Dr. Jill knows there was massive election fraud. But she figures she has paid her freaking DUES.

                1. It’s her turn!

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              2. I mean I guess in your opinion (def not actually factual), they just "kept finding more" until they won. Really they just counted the mail in votes.

                Also, you seem to think your side gets to keep making up more evidence of "MASSIVE FRAUD", despite it all being clearly fabricated and laughed out of court. This is observable to everyone. It looks like you and the clowns on your side are the ones looking to keep throwing every piece of spaghetti at the wall until you get the result you want.

                Get better at voter turnout and putting up a candidate people like. You failed at both this time, do better next time. Or lose again. Either way man. Just stop being a traitor to democracy because you fell for a conman no one likes (fun fact, Biden already more popular than trump EVER WAS his entire fucking presidency with hot economy, according to Gallup...stop backing the loser kiddo)

          3. It turns out Narcz the sockpuppet is really Lin Wood.

          4. John Fund pointed out decades ago that elections are no more than instrumental these days, and that now offices are held by whoever's left standing after enough dirt has been shoveled over the rest by special prosecutors and investigating committees.

            After many years of seeking the office, Biden's finally being allowed to assume it because he's senile and therefore presents no threat to undertake action on his own. And how the heck does Kamala Harris get selected for VP after her lousy performance in primaries, if not because she's holding some cards she can play against powerful people?

        2. None of the above should be particularly comforting. Attempting to overturn a democratic election is no less deplorable just because you're comically bad at it.

          Trump took his legal options available in challenging the election. That is NOT "overturning" a democratic election. Trump has always been playing by the rules.

          The fact that our 45th president lacked the competence, self-discipline, and functional attention span to bring his worst autocratic impulses to fruition was certainly better than the alternative. But Trump's manifest unfitness for office cut both ways. Those same character deficits helped magnify the toll of "American carnage" in the epically bungled response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

          1. I don't see an "epically bungles response to the COVID-19 pandemic." I see an American healthcare system and Marxist media that broadcast 2.2 million dead by end of year in March 2020, and Chinese video that showed people foaming at the mouth and dropping to the ground like zombies at the same time: First, we create hysteria. Then, ANYTHING GOES. This was followed by Dr. Fauci et al just winging it, as long as it meant power grabs. Even the Democrat governors didn't start with the mask mandates until end of May. So: What would you have done differently?

      2. And Trump, whether he is going senile or not, is the moron who thinks there were airports in the Revolutionary War and that our military has “hydroponic” missiles. So, it’s sort of a wash as far as whom the two major parties gave us as the best candidates they could come up with.

        1. What's the point of you wasting your life trolling people about Donald Trump.

          1. He isnt even good at trolling. He is just ignorant and proves it in every post while claiming he isnt a lefty shit. Yet defends every lefty narrative as fact.

            1. LOL. I have put up hundreds of cites disproving b.s. claims that you have made.

              1. I have put up hundreds of cites disproving b.s. claims that you have made.

                What a great way to spend one's life.

          2. There's a point. I'm not going to explain it anymore.

            1. Because your lying bullshit reservoir is running low for today?

          3. And I'll be done with it on January 20th.

            1. So White Knight will die on January 20th, his only purpose being to shit on anyone who disagreed with the narrative of Trump being uniquely shitty as President?

              And before you bother to reply: Yes there were many things I disagreed with in the Trump presidency. No he was not uniquely horrible and he definitely was no where near dictatorial.

              1. And yet he tried to pretend all along that he wasn't just a DNC shill. What a fucking clownshow he is.

                1. Sadly for White Knight, even those whose entire life revolves around hating Trump know that he is actually mentally present. Biden is the only politician in our history who is COMPLETELY SENILE. History will remember this, and will not gloss over the fact that his wife or staff have to closely monitor every unscripted word he says. Imagine Biden trying to discuss economic policy with Xi Jinping. The Chinese contingent would be in hysterics. They cannot believe their good fortune.

        2. “I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure!”

        3. It i interesting WK to see the return of Biden mental abilities return to the topics list. This of course did not sell in the election and likely matters less at this point. All the while Trump is wander in the White Halls ways rolling a pair of ball bearing in his hands talking a strawberries and election fraud.

          1. Biden being too senile to work as a greeter at Walmart was always at the top of the topics list for everyday people who aren't on the CCP payroll. Sadly, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Law, and Hollywood are not those people.

            1. The question isn't whether Biden is showing signs of senility. The question is why do you care so much that Biden is showing signs of senility but don't care that Trump shows signs of being stupid?

              1. Because he didn't and because Biden does.
                Just because those billionaire liberals you love so much, don't want something that fucks with their grift to happen, doesn't mean it's stupid.

              2. A better question is why they don't see senility in Trump. They are focused on word gaffes by Biden. Something he has a long history of doing. No real change in behavior.

                Trump on the other hand, shows sign of verbal gaffes, decreases in mental attention, mental fixation, and aggressive behavior (verbal). All signs of dementia and yet these are never mentioned.

                Trump is at the age where dementia starts, he is in poor physical health, and he has a family history of dementia.

                1. No real change in behavior

                  The guy can't form a coherent sentence anymore and half the time doesn't know where he is.
                  Stop trying to gaslight everyone.

                  1. I think the problem is your hearing. Get it tested. Biden sounds fine, he is on the TV everyday or other day now and he makes more sense in these few minutes than Trump has made in four years.

                2. The Constitution has a minimum age requirement for president, because the founders recognized the impetuous of youth. With the exception of Benjamin Franklin, I doubt they anticipated the extension of human lifespans, or the decay of American politics, to the point where senile geriatrics can be elected POTUS. Perhaps a Constitutional Amendment to also impose a maxim age should be considered- but one written to anticipate future improvements in both life span and cognitive health.

                  1. This is a good point. It is a hard point to make. We do not want to discriminate against older Americans, but we have to accept their limits. We need a balance of the wisdom of age with the limitations of age. It would be best if people simple decided to step back, but it may come to laws.

                  2. I would be for that. It sucks that our two major party choices for President were a couple of dinosaurs, and Congress is full of fossils.

          2. Or that his partners are trying to steal his gold.

            1. Tell us all about the Steele Report again, White Knight.

              1. Wow, that was a pathetic stretch.

            2. Good catch forgot that one. Same actor different movie (both good).

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      4. Natalie is the one Hunter was molestimg.

        1. Hunter and his father are both attracted to girls. Joe is almost 100 but he still refers to himself as "champ" in stories about his youth as if he is frozen in time. He told a group of ten year old girls in Miami: "And I want to see these beautiful young ladies, I want to see them dancing when they’re four years older, too.” WTF

          1. Hunter’s sister talked about taking ‘inappropriate showers’ with Joe when she was ten years old. She thinks she was probably molested. This was back in 2017.

            1. Cite?

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    4. You don't look at what Trump says. You only look at the policy he enacts. And he was no dictator - at all! He talked a lot of crap. But when COVID came, did he declare martial law? Nope. He had many chances at power grabs but did not take them.

      Despite him being a social troll and cultural warrior. He looked to the past, and that's why he was a conservative. He was a president that spoke his mind and cared little for being politically correct, and that's because he is and was not a politician. And we'll probably not have another like him in our lifetimes. He stuck to his campaign promises, and presidents typically don't do that. Google - "Trump the most honest president" and read the articles. But now we are back to the old swamp. Biden and all the crew we were trying to get away from. And they are more radically left than ever.

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      Maybe not a dictator. But there sure is something dictator-esque when you call up the state official and say "you better find the exact amount of votes I need...the people are angry"..."this is criminal" etc etc. I guess a dictator would be a little more forward about it. But this is a close second.

      Dont know if you can really top yourself when you are already guilty of a coup, but we have treason recorded for all to hear.

      Find all the votes I need to win, or there will be consequences.

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  2. "Zachary Karabell enthuses: "Biden could be the first president in modern history to acknowledge that office has become too powerful, and finally scale it back.""

    In your dreams.
    If Biden said that then it is because it was a political positive to say that at the time.
    It also assumes Biden is telling the truth - a stupid move in itself.

    1. Biden has been one of the architects of building executive power. On campaign, he claimed, as president, he could order a nationwide mask mandate on his first day in office. To expect him to be the one to scale it back is to ignore his political history.

    2. Biden may turn out to be awful but he won't be the full-time liar Trump is.

      1. Joe "Serial Plagiarist" Biden is your avatar of honesty? Hilarious.

        1. Biden, the guy who had "no knowledge" of his son's payola money making deals with China and the Ukraine? That honest guy?
          The guy who made up the Corn Pop story and the "lifeguard at the Black swimming pool" story?
          Even Dr. Jill knew about the China deals. Hunter asked for a set of keys for her too in his new office.

          1. He actually was a lifeguard at the black pool and there was a guy named Corn Pop. Did they almost fight? No one has confirmed it.

            1. When he was applying for the job way back in 1959 with his dad by his side, did they witness two black men kissing on the street and his dad say, "Champ, they're in love"?

              That's the best part of the lifeguard story. That, and that they named the pool after him despite his lifelong history of saying and doing totally racist things. My fave: acting like it was a big deal that Obama was "clean" and "articulate." That's storybook, man!

              1. Yes, I’m sure his blue collar dad, born in 1915, said that. As opposed to “Look at those two fucking faggots! Where’s a cop when you need one!” I’m pretty sure Joe would have said that too.

            2. T Bone was fake though.

        2. Not even plagiarism. His whole life. Saying he was top of the class, etc. Even his wife is full on lying about herself. The guy has 40 years of lies. He orchestrated 2 of the biggest judicial committe lies in history with Thomas and Bork. Joe does nothing truthfully, never has. Even during the campaign he kept saying the accusations against his son were Russian disinformation. Child toucher up there just likes having someone to look up to.

        3. You’re replying to an admitted unrepentant pedophile. So if you’re looking for rationality, look elsewhere.

      2. "...but he won’t be the full-time liar Trump is."

        You misspelled "Obama", turd, and I see you've been banned again. More kiddie diddling, by any chance, scumbag?

      3. We have 40 plus years to know how awful biden is kid toucher.

        1. Donald Trump: "“It would be really disappointing — not really — but it would depend on what’s inside the magazine. I don’t think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

          1. Biden, Clinton, and Trump are perverts. Bush and Obama apparently are not. Politically, does it matter to America?

            1. You should be asking JesseAz, who is the one who brought this up.

          2. Yeah, weird. Now do Clinton and Biden actually raping women.

            1. That's Clinton, Biden, and Trump all accused of raping women.

              1. Yeah that cumstain on the student intern's dress was just an 'accusation'.

                "B-b-b-but position of authority sexual misconduct isn't alwaaays wrong"

                1. Don’t forget Juanita Broderick. Clinton raped her back in 1979. Which isn’t a shock. Democrats tend to be rapists and pedophiles. Buttplug and Chemjeff are prime examples.

              2. Clinton and Biden are credibly accused, with credible witnesses (both even democrats). Trump has never been credibly accused. Yet you completely ignore any accusations against an important democrat.

      4. … and now BothSidism is cool again.

      5. Hahahahahaha

        Fuck you are stupid.

    3. it also assumes Biden knows what he just said, or what day of the week it is, or what all these bright lights are for?

    4. Democrats don't scale back power. They are socialists. They are looking to increase the size and scope and power of the government. Usher in new regulations, new oversights, and new government services. So a democrat scaling back power? That's not going to happen - ever.

      1. Republicans during Obama Administration: He is abusing executive orders!
        Republicans during Trump Administration: Love how Trump gets things done with his executive orders!

  3. Thanks for the article. A very thorough look inside a TDS infected mind.

    1. My thought as well. WTH happened to CATO?

      1. Hillary Clinton herself wouldn't have written such a deranged and uninformed article. She would at least try and look somewhat objective. Even the DNC would have tried harder. It's disappointing because Reason has become predictable and childish, like all Leftists.

      2. WTH happened to CATO?

        Maybe they looked at Trump's awful record on trade and running the deficit up 6x his predecessor while his four-year GDP performance was the worst since the Great Depression.

        1. Spew them meaningless talking points, man. It wasn’t Trump that blew up the.economy at the end of his term.

          If we can’t be honest this bullshit will never get better.

          1. Yeah, let's be honest. Trump's lackluster 2.4% three year GDP run BEFORE the pandemic was weak itself. It certainly wasn't the "greatest economy ever".

            Your turn for honesty.

            1. Lol, you can't even get the figures right and you're trying to talk 'honesty'?

              1. I don't know why "reason" is full of unreasonable left wing ideologues writing articles.

            2. "Your turn for honesty."

              Got ya covered, you lying sack of lefty shit:
              "...First, the Census Bureau reported that real median household income grew to $68,703 in 2019, an impressive 6.8% increase over 2018. It was the largest one-year increase in median income on record going back to 1967. It was also 45 percent more growth in a single year ($4,379) than Obama/Biden produced in their entire 8 years in office ($3,021).
              As was the case throughout Trump’s first three years, the economic benefits were widespread. While the overall growth rate was 6.8%, real median income grew by an even greater 7.9% for Black Americans, 7.1% for Hispanic Americans, and 10.6% for Asian Americans. All record highs as were the new income levels for each of these groups..."

              1. The economy was doing so good my wife was able to quit her part time job to stay home with our kids. With the forced lockdowns this year and at home learning, this was a real blessing.

                Fuck shriek and the other lefty shots.

                1. With Shreek out there in the wild it’s probably best your wife is home keeping an eye on the kids. Democrats are largely sexual predators.

      3. Same thing that happened to the ACLU, they got infested.

    2. LOL, exactly what I was about to post. This article is downright nonsensical at times.

    3. So, you skipped the entire second half of the article. He skewered both major party Presidential candidates.

      1. Second half? The procedure is:
        1. Scan headline
        2. Post hot take in comments
        3. Start arguing in the comments

        1. Oh, I forgot. You are right.

      2. "Both sides" at the end doesn't excuse all the deranged lying in the first half.

        1. The guy was actually going for humor (I'm not saying he was successful). And his point, which flew over your head, is that Trump isn't a dictator.

          1. Lefty humor never works.

            1. The guy is from the Cato Institute, so it's a libertarian attempt at humor.

              1. libertarians are lefties. Just they have lamer candidates.

                1. Oh, OK. Are you aware you are on a libertarian website?

              2. "it’s a libertarian attempt at humor"

                When you're white knighting so hard and you don't understand how ridiculous you sound.

      3. No, I read the whole thing. Now shut your whore mouth Dee.

        1. And your feelings were hurt because it said mean things about Donald Trump.

          1. Damn, you’re an idiot. No wonder your party is so fucked up. It’s filled with lying shitweasels like you.

            1. I don’t belong to a party. I’m registered non-partisan, but usually vote for Libertarians.

          2. R Mac
            January.2.2021 at 6:39 am
            Thanks for the article. A very thorough look inside a TDS infected mind.

            What about that post indicated my feelings were hurt? Ffs Dee stop being retarded all the time.

  4. Try, if you can, to mentally mute @realDonaldTrump's Twitter feed; conjure up a President Trump who in his public conduct is as impeccably boring as Vice President Mike Pence. Thus limited to concrete actions taken and new powers seized, you might be able to make out something that looks closer to a bog-standard version of the imperial presidency—not quite as "not normal" as the Trump presidency seemed.

    Biden's had nearly half a century to perfect his act - Trump had served exactly zero years as a professional politician when he took office. Is it any wonder Trump was shockingly rough around the edges, that he didn't act the way Presidents are "supposed" to act? On the other hand, Trump did have a long history as a showman, a con man, a salesman, a RealiTV ™ star - a professional bullshitter, which is right next door to a politician. He had his own style.

    But what did Trump actually do? Well, aside from appointing tons of inept shitheads to office, damn little to drain the swamp, which was his big opportunity. Quite a disappointment - except for at least igniting the spark of an idea that maybe if Trump can be President, anybody can be President, and we don't necessarily need to look to professional politicians to be our leaders. Which might be what really scares the shit out of the political class, why they're determined to demonize Trump, why they want to make sure we never again pick the booby prize out of the fixed "choices" we're normally offered. And why we need to keep the movement alive. Fuck both the Dems and the Reps - stop supporting the Tweedledees and Tweedledums they both offer.

    1. igniting the spark of an idea that maybe if Trump can be President, anybody can be President, and we don’t necessarily need to look to professional politicians to be our leaders

      Same as Andrew Jackson in that regard, except Jackson actually did ignore the the Supreme Court and was a much worse bigot (Seminoles, blacks). I hope we don't have to wait another 200 years for another non-professional politician.

    2. But what did Trump actually do?

      I hate Trump as much as any reasonable person but the damage he did pales in comparison to the Bushpig damage.

      Anyway, both left financial and deficit disasters someone else with have to clean up but at least Trump didn't get us in any expensive and useless nation-building efforts.

      Talk about damning with feint praise - "At Least Trump didn't start another Iraq" is the best that can be said of 2017-21.

      1. What about the First Step Act? Do you hate that too?

        Or the executive order essentially allowing school choice?

        What about removing the Obama rules from Title IX? Was that bad?

        What about the USMCA? Do you think that NAFTA was a superior free trade agreement?

        What about the peace deal with the Taliban and the end to the American war in Afghanistan? Was that wrong?

        1. Forget it buttplug love Biden because they both hit on kids

          1. Old Joe is proud of his boy Hunter. As Hunter has continued the family tradition of molesting the younger Biden females. Like Hunter molesting his niece Natalie.

        2. I've said before that Trump's appointment of Betsy DeVos, and her management of the Department of Education, was the best aspect of his presidency.

          1. The Department of Education was created by Jimmy Carter in 1979 and is a hot cesspool of liberal morons. How did we even invent anything or write any books without the amazing Department of Education? Ben Franklin and Harper Lee got lucky I guess.

            1. That was just the breakout of it to Cabinet level from having been the "E" in HEW. Some hoped that by becoming its own department, along with Energy, that that would make it easier to abolish in one fell swoop than when they were buried within larger departments.

      2. "I hate Trump as much as any reasonable person..."

        Don't insult reasonable people, you lying sack of lefty shit.

      3. I love that just can’t help yourself but defend/ignore Obama’s horrible record. At least you get Bush’s horrible record mostly right.

    3. “Biden’s had nearly half a century to perfect his act...”

      Yup, and Trump has had over 70 years to learn life lessons about what is wrong with trash talking his own former staff, throwing his allies under the bus, not following through on promises, grabbing women by the pussy without their permission, driving partisan division in America, and on and on. He has had over 70 years to read an occasional book, learn how to spell “Nobel prize” and the difference between a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize, the difference between a hydroponic toothbrush and a hypersonic middle, that there were no airplanes during the Revolutionary War, and so on.

      1. I'm glad he makes someone as loathsome as you, angry.

        1. Disgusted. Sad. Not angry.

          Angry is Nardz and Sevo's specialty.

          1. No. They’re just sick of your valid, inane, disingenuous bullshit. So is everyone else. Your only pals are our resident pedophiles, Buttplug and Jeffy.

      2. "grabbing women by the pussy without their permission"

        Oh, do you have the exact quote on that?
        Because I have one that demonstrates that you're a lying sack of shit. Would you like me to post it?

        1. Your interpretation of "let them" is colored by your Trump fandom. What he clearly means is "let me get away with it", as in they don't retaliate even though it was against their will.

          1. Do you realize how ridiculous your attempt at chicanery sounds? You're literally saying he said the opposite of what he said because you want him to be as bad as the lie you've told.

            What a clown you've made of yourself.

          2. Your interpretation of everything is a lie. Just like when you were whining and crying at Flynn attending a meeting at the White House. Making up shit about Trump declaring martial law.

      3. Jesus christ chipper. Youre the worst one here. You cry about cloning names and then go out and do it. You ask for cites and never offer your own. You dismiss any movement of peace such as abaraham accords as no bid deal. Youre just a lefty shit globalist.

        1. "You ask for cites and never offer your own."

          The patented JesseAz retelling of reality with lots of edits to the truth.

          1. You’re not one to talk either, Dee you bitch!

    4. That was indeed the spark I haven't heard from anybody in a long time, but which I took quite seriously. I was glad Trump was elected because electing Hillary would've rewarded the most awful behavior and cemented the royal family idea of the presidency — going from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Clinton. I was willing to see any of the likely Republicans beat any of the likely Democrats, but of the Republicans up for the nomination, Trump was better than most. Rand Paul was my first choice, Ted Cruz my second, but Trump was easily my third, and he tuned out to be even better than I'd expected. Considering I'm 66 and the presidents we've had, he's the best of my lifetime.

      But still a disappointment compared to my hopes. All those preceding presidents had left the bar to clear very low. But that was OK, because I figured Trump was just the beginning. Too bad then that by 2019 I realized he'd been a fluke, a lucky accident rather than the start of a better era. I'd known he didn't represent an ideology or a movement, but I thought at least he set a precedent that would bring fresh thinking to bear on the problems of our time, and that that would lead to improvements just as a matter of course. Now it looks instead like we're headed for the usual partisan equipoise, except that the stakes are higher than ever, with greater than ever division along hilariously and tragically arbitrary lines that no simple adjectives can capture.

  5. "America's "thought leaders" find that notion unthinkable. Trump is "the closest we have ever come to a dictator," declares former Labor Secretary Robert Reich."

    Does Reich agree with the amount of policy decisions the ACA legislation devolved to the executive branch? Like micromanaging what birth control is covered?

    Does Reich consider the New Deal a great achievement of American government?

    Does he think Woodrow Wilson was a good President?

    I expect he would answer yes to all of those questions. Reich does not object to dictatorial powers, he objects to an officeholder of the wrong party wielding the dictatorial powers the Democrats have attached to the executive federal bureaucracy.

  6. Not a dictator?

    Drumpf literally built and ran concentration camps. He literally put kids in cages. Legitimate Presidents don't do that.


    1. Obama put more people and kids in immigration cages, and deported more people.

      1. And the 9th circuit just rescinded the changes to the flores amendment which caused the child issue anyways by forcing release after 20 days. But oddly we see nothing about it. What this has done is caused another border surge big enough to even have Joe talk about keeping current rules.

    2. Sure the kids were put in cages when Barack Obama (PBUH) was president, but Trump is so evil that he has time travel abilities, and went to the past to order the cagings.

      1. And never a mention of the Flores agreement under Clinton causing the issue.

      2. Nice to know I live "rent free" inside your head. Too bad your parody account assumes I have some kind of adoration for Barack Obama. Good parody should be accurate.

        1. You're not fooling anyone here, WK.

    3. It was OK when Obama did it. It was OK when Trump did it.

      You can't have children in the same cell as adults. Are you TRYING to manufacture a child abuse scandal by advocating for that? You don't care about those kids by pushing to endanger them like that.

    4. So did FDR and he's considered one of our greatest Presidents.

      1. And they weren't criminals for entering the country illegally they were born in the USA citizens!

        1. Yes, but that's different because shut up bot.

          1. And you, a Canadian, have strong opinions about Mexican immigration into the United States, why?

            1. They make their way to Canada.

              1. Not enough. I remember this one "burrito" I had in a "Mexican" restaurant in a small town in Canada.

                It was a tortilla with hamburger, shredded cheddar cheese, and ketchup rolled up in it. I am not exaggerating.

                1. "I am not exaggerating"

                  No, you're probably lying instead. You tend to do that a lot.

                2. Also two million crossed the border in the last few years by hitching through the US. For a population of 37 million that's a huge number to deal with and they all came through the states.

                  You'd know this if you weren't so pig ignorant about the rest of the world.

            2. I thought we lived in a global/world economy? Everything that happens here affects everyone else right? Gee, I wonder why someone might keep their eyes on American politics?

              1. There is keeping your eyes on American politics, and then there is spending several hours a day shilling for Donald Trump in the comments section of a libertarian website. That's a really weird thing for a Canadian to do with his time.

                1. several hours"

                  Lol, okay. Are you dyslexic? Do you have to move your lips to read?

                  This suddenly explains why you're so low-information when it comes to science and history.

            3. You’re a progressive with strong opinions about how Americans run America.

              1. I'm an American libertarian with strong opinions about how my country is run.

                1. Except for the 'libertarian' bit, which you're lying about.

                  1. He isn’t American either. A progressive isn’t a real American.

                2. I am a conservative. I do not pretend to be a libertarian. I am here because I appreciate libertarian principles and discussion. You, White Knight, are like every other leftist, a dishonest sack of shit. Some of us would have a bit a respect for you guys if you had even an iota of honesty.

      2. People are starting to see through that.

  7. Yes the abuse of executive power did start with Trump and thank Science it will end with him too.

    1. Science be praised, blessed be the name of the Science.

      "For the believers looked forth, and low, the Woke had brought down justice to the Trumplikites and their evil great king.
      And the names of Jussie Smollett, and of Adam Schiff, and of Jeff Zucker, and of Mark Zuckerberg were praised in the house of the DNC, even unto a thousand generations."

      1. Actually laughed out loud.

    2. Really lame parody account

      1. Oh, no. We agree on something.

        1. Not really. Sevo actually thinks it's lame, whereas you're just pissy because it's mocking you.
          If you didn't know that it was parody, you'd think that you'd finally found a friend.

          1. Impossible. No one would ever be his friend.

    3. Trump is the only president i can even think of who turned down executive expansion of powers when the opposing party was demanding him to expand them in a crisis.

      1. Sounds heroic and honorable. Too bad the same guy has totally discredited himself by trying to overthrow an election.

    4. Science Damn you! Why do you use table upon which to eat your food? Do you not have a perfectly good belly?

  8. Who was the last POTUS who enacted policies that were as libertarian as POTUS Trump? You might be able to make a case for Reagan or Eisenhower. I'd love to hear it. To me, POTUS Trump has been the most libertarian POTUS since Coolidge or Harding.

    POTUS'...libertarian as POTUS Trump?
    GW Bush...No
    GHW Bush...No
    Coolidge...Probably yes

    Healy, what version of American history are you reading?

    1. Carter deregulated far more than Trump. Airlines, trucking, maybe railroads (I've forgotten). Far more of an impact on daily life than anything Trump did.

      1. True. Carter even deregulated large portions of banking and beer making.

        Carter's impact on deregulation was 100x any other post WW2 POTUS.

        Plus Carter didn't run the deficit up over to $3 trillion. Trump has spent 3x more than McCain's proverbial drunken sailor Dubya.

        1. Tell me exactly how that's Trump's fault rather than Pelosi's.

          1. Hmm, isn’t this the guy who wrote a book about himself called, “The Art of the Deal”?

            1. So? What's your point?
              Can he legally 'deal' instead of congress when it comes to creating spending bills? If he did you'd be screaming he's a dictator, just like this retarded article.

              You're so dishonest.

              1. It has traditionally been part of being President, or a political office holder in general, to know how to work with and negotiate with your opposition.

                Lots of other Presidents have been capable of it, but not the guy who has a book about himself called, "The Art of the Deal". It's almost like the book was bullshit.

                1. I lots of big buildings with his name on them, seems like deals were struck.
                  What will outlive you?

                  1. Big buildings with his father's last name on them.

                    1. "with his father’s last name on them"

                      Lol, what the fuck? Rage against the patriarchy and Western naming systems all you want, but seriously?
                      Not even a five-year-old would have thought that was an argument.

                      Absolutely fucking pathetic.

                2. Trump early in his term stated explicitly that he wanted to cut a deal for an infrastructure bill with non other than Nancy Pelosi. Set up a meeting. Nancy showed up and did nothing but scream her head off. Refused to even discuss the issue. Ran out to her acolytes in the press and screamed some more. Would have been a horrible bill but Nancy spent 4 years obstructing anything that might possibly make Trump look good. Up to the election when she refused to negotiate the covid relief bill. If I were Trump I wouldn't deal with that bitch either.

                  1. Somehow White Knight thinks that we'll believe that the old drunk, who theatrically tore-up Trump's State of the Union speech in the Chamber before the assembly and the nation, will willingly negotiate.

        2. All spending comes from the House.

          1. What you mean is spending bills originate in the House. The two chambers and the President negotiate budgets in a process with checks and balances.

            1. All spending still comes from the House, you pettifogging twat.

              1. Comes from the Treasury.

                1. LOL. What a dope.

                2. "pettifogging twat"

                  "iT c0mEs fRoM tHe tReAsUry"

                  Oh wow. Talk about doubling down.

            2. Lol. God damn. Why do you constantly fucking clown yourself. Every budget trump faced had a veto proof majority you imbecile. See the recently vetoed bill as an example. God damn.

              1. Ah, Trump and the Republicans, eternal victims.

                1. Ah, Pelosi and democrats, eternal traitors.

                2. Jesse - "Every budget trump faced had a veto proof majority"

                  WK - "uR pLaYiNg tHe viCtiM"

                  Yet somehow were supposed to believe that White Knight isn't a just a DNC shitposter.

      2. Trump, from what I understand, cut red tape for business. That's an unseen but can be even more effective for the entire economy.

        1. Which is why we had the lowest unemployment rate IN HISTORY, right before the GOVERNORS (not Trump) artificially shut the economy down.

      3. alefbet: I stand are right on the deregulation point. And I also see I missed Ford (duh!). Still though, POTUS Trump has enacted much more libertarian policies than his predecessors for at least the last 30 years.

      4. But he balanced out that with instituting price controls

      5. What is with you fucners and carter? He created the DoE and DoEd for fucks sake.

      6. By the way... find it hilarious that one of the biggest defenders of 230 and cries of they aren't a monopoly applauds carter here for breaking up ma bell.

      7. And here is Mises for you...

        By 1980, the oil situation in this country was critical. On the left, Carter's Democratic challenger Ted Kennedy was advocating outright nationalization of the oil industry. On the other side, Republican Ronald Reagan was calling for complete decontrol. Carter took the "middle road."

        Carter also pushed a "Windfall Profits Tax" on the belief that decontrol would bring higher prices and, thus, higher profits to oil companies that "really don't deserve them." The Wall Street Journal so opposed Carter's oil tax that it published an editorial, "Death of Reason," on the day Congress passed the tax, bordering the editorial in black.

        That tax was later repealed by congress after carter lost. Weird you seem to ignore that.

        And more in the article. Amazing how you get do easily influenced by narrative adjustments made to democrat presidents. Lol.

      8. A lot of good stuff happened on Carter's watch, but I wouldn't attribute much of it to Carter. Those deregulations were by acts of Congress, and many of them responding to reports of commissions that'd been set in motion by the Nixon administration. Carter's involvement was a matter of not vetoing them. He didn't campaign in 1976 on such things.

    2. Enacted policies, or signed Executive Orders with no substance for show and then didn’t follow through on them?

      1. Why didn't the authoritarian just overrule the judges that ruled against him! Using liberal judges to thwart all policy, active resistance who publicly stated they hampered his goals...

        Are you really this ignorant?

        1. You are starting to foam at the mouth.

          1. He’s not wrong though. If Trump were half as authoritarian as you think he was, he would have just ignored the courts like Jackson or FDR.

            1. The dude held a meeting in the White House to talk about the possibility of invoking martial law. For all we know, he still might try it.

              1. No, he didn’t. Except in your progtard fever dreams.

                Although it would probably be worth it. Then we could clean out all the traitors and subversives. Which probably would go poorly for you.

              2. No he didn't. You just can't stop lying.

    3. I’ve noticed Trump fans give him a lot of partial credit, even when he half-assed some policy change or didn’t actually achieve that much.

      1. Most of these policies haven't been in place for more than a year, and yet here's White Knight with his crystal ball to tell us how they ultimately didn't work and were all in vain.

        1. Even sadder than a Trump apologist is a Canadian Trump apologist.

          1. A inept fifty-center is even sadder than that.

          2. "uR A cAnAdiAN'

            Ouch, you got me there...

            1. I’ll happily trade WK to Canada in exchange for you coming here.

      2. I notice how the lefty shits dont ever note how liberal judges did such shit as not letting him rescind the prior administrations executive orders or that he has been hampered by liberal judges more than any other president

        1. You know what Trump could do: Work with Congress on legislation instead of trying to do everything by Executive Order.

          1. In most cases that would seem rational. But in the particular referenced... it was an EO that was issued bybObama that Trunp tried to rescind, via EO. And the court said "nope... POTUS can't undo POTUS even though the action was done with only POTUS power to begin with" which is an absolutely ridiculous claim.

            1. That was not the Supreme Court's reasoning at all.

              1. No... it wasn't their "reasoning" but that doesn't make it an untrue reality. The resulting ruling was to tell Trump he couldn't undo an EO with his own EO. That is how it worked, regardless of the "reasoning"95

          2. "I have a pen and a phone." - Barack Obama
            How soon you forget.

            1. I haven't forgotten that Obama said that. Everyone that follows Reason regularly knows that Trump did not come up with the user of Executive Orders out of the blue, and knows that Obama abused them.

      3. Giving partial credit is something more libertarians need to do in all political considerations. Sure, we know what we want, but are we smart enough to recognize when we're moving in that direction even a little? Dammit, yes I do like having my chains rest more lightly on me, and I'd be a fool not to.

  9. Oh, give me a break. They portrayed him as a dictator because the worse they claimed he was, the better they felt about being awful themselves in fighting him. That's all that was going on. You call somebody a monster so you feel good about behaving monstrously yourself.

    Objectively, Biden's rhetoric has been as dictatorial or more so. He just gets a pass on it because he was the guy assigned to replace Trump, so he's designated as not dictatorial, regardless of the reality.

    1. Biden gets a pass on his rhetoric because the Governing class and their sycophants in the media regard Biden as one of them. He is what they regard as a "normal" politician, God help us all.

    2. I like the part about Biden saying how he would handle the virus and the best he could come up with was 'wear a mask for 100 days' and then Fauci praising Biden for his efforts in combatting the virus.

      Hoo-kay. And Trump is the anti-science one? Let's not forget Fauci is basically an incompetent pathological liar. That little Leprechaun has done more damage to the American (and world because they fricken talk about him here too) psyche than anyone else. They all suck Donkey-Kong cock including Theresa Tam. They all may be doctors but they're a bunch of dumbasses who lack common sense, dignity and wisdom.

      It's bloody Bizarro and The Far Side and, Kafka and The Twilight Zone all colliding. It's like Bizarro Super-Man.

      Everything is inverted. Opposite George. OPPOSITE GEORGE.

    3. Or because they are, in fact, a monster. In this case a dangerously irresponsible petulant child masquerading as a grown up.

      1. Still more grown up than all your Top Men he's been infuriating.

      2. Yes, you're totes not an irrational lefty shit chipper. Lol.

        1. He's definitely DOL, but he might be Chipper too.

      3. Yeah the way he bombed Libya leading to Qaddafi's death, chaos and the resurgence of slavery...wait a minute.

        1. We were discussing the Trump presidency.

          1. You mean the guy who is bringing peace to the Middle East?

      4. I’m shocked you would describe Biden in those terms. As accurate as that may be.

    4. I remember when the God awful "Bulworth" came out and the press was all agog that we need a politician who does not talk like a politician.

      We've seen how genuine that is.

    5. You know what the Rhetoric against Trump reminds me of? The Monsterous Regiment by Terry Pratchet. The foreign company labels longtime protagonist as "Vimes the Butcher" but forgot to actually make up any stories about the horrific actions of the man.

      I've seen a lot of that. People claim "Trump is racist" and talk about MAGA caps like they were klan hoods, but when pressed, the only example they can give is a noncommittal non-response (The "decent people on both sides") that only showed Trump hadn't done his homework on the event in question.

  10. Bunch of hooey, demonstrating TDS.

    Trump didn't follow through on much of anything except tariffs and xenophobia. His regulation reduction was mostly noise and actually rolled back few regulations. The new Title IX policy was welcome, but it would have been undone by the courts in a while anyway.

    What Trump did best was bluster and upset people, like the author, who mostly just didn't like his rude, crude, lewd, and loud tweeting. Anyone who wants to look at dictators should look to FDR (New Deal, court packing, 3rd term for breaking precedent, 4th term even though he would die a month later), Woodrow Wilson (war, segregation), Andrew Jackson (ignored the Supreme Court), and even John Adams (the founder who jailed editors for embarrassing him). Trump came nowhere close to any of them, and milk toast Obama got slapped down the the Supreme Court 9-0 a couple of times for overreach, but no one accuses him of trying to be a dictator.

    Get real. Get over your TDS.

    1. Amazing how Trump fans here think this article was about TDS. I guess because they have Trump Defense Syndrome.

      If you read the entire article, it went after Trump, Biden, and a bit of Harris. And his point on Trump is that he has not been a dictator.

      1. "It's okay to lie to us about stuff, because they did say 'both sides' in the end"

      2. The headline was about Trump. Maybe you are blind to such things.

        1. You are absolutely correct. The title of the article doesn't mention Biden. You know what else: It says right in the title that Trump was not a dictator.

          You know what else: The full body of the article, not just the title, is there to read.

      3. Only you, Tony, and shriek could confuse alphabet with a Trump fan. Jesus Christ, get a clue.

        1. People with xDS have such a stark outlook on life that everyone else is one or the other. These misdesignations are proof that their target is not in their camp.

    2. You left out Lincoln:
      Suspended habeus corpus. Criminalized free speech. Started the draft. Invaded the CSA for acting on their right of secession as established in the Declaration of Independence, then gave one of the most famous political speeches of all time declaring that he did it to defend the Declaration of Independence.

      1. Yes, my bad. I listed Andrew Jackson as the populist who broke the lock held by the pompous founders and framers, similar to Trump; and listed Adams as an example of a founder forgetting what he should have been an expert on. I sometimes think Wilson was the worst, sometimes Lincoln, sometimes FDR. For best, I usually waver between Coolidge and Cleveland. Washington always gets a pass, because I think he did not want to be President, did a pretty good job for being the first, and set the example of not staying in office until he died. But he did lead the army in the Whiskey Rebellion (?) and did support Hamilton.

        1. Truman was pretty awful too. Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon were downright scary, but not as damaging as Truman.

      2. To be fair, the Declaration of Independence established the right of secession to those states that win a war for it.

  11. "Humor me: Try, if you can, to mentally mute @realDonaldTrump's Twitter feed; conjure up a President Trump who in his public conduct is as impeccably boring as Vice President Mike Pence. Thus limited to concrete actions taken and new powers seized, you might be able to make out something that looks closer to a bog-standard version of the imperial presidency—not quite as "not normal" as the Trump presidency seemed.

    Those of you who were traumatized by President Trump's tweets should either grow up or seek professional help.

    1. Hell, if not for media hyperventilation, I'd have no clue Trump tweeted anything.

      Like the massive majority of the population (but not the media), I do not follow Twitter.

      1. If people stopped watching and reading both MSM and social media, there would be no medical tyranny and Covid hysteria.

    2. Every day, Trump goes on Twitter and fans the flames of inter-partisan hatred and culture war. That matters.

      (Well, lately, he seems more intent on tearing asunder his own party, which is just stupid and selfish.)

      1. Good. Fuck the GOPe, they're even more dangerous and corrupt than the Wokites.

        1. So, you are just a political nihilist.

          1. There's nothing nihilistic about opposing your neocon pals.

      2. And where do you put the media in their involvement dummy? Precious saints?

        1. "The media" ain't on Twitter criticizing their own Supreme Court appointees and the Senate leaders from their own political party.

          1. “Party above all” says the dummy.

          2. No... they are on broadcast news, the majority of cable news, and nearly all print news covering up for their team and plastering lies about Trump.

            The thing I hate most about Trump is defending him against lies when I would rather complain about the actual bad things he did. But truth matters more than my distaste for Trump... and THAT is the single biggest moral failing among the left these last four years. They just HAD to have Trump appear bad in the ways they wanted him to appear bad... so they continued lies rather than being honest and attacking Trump in meaningful ways. And the result is that the more you lie, the more people assume the opposite of you must be true even when it isn't. That is how people moved from thinking Trump was a buffoon but not evil in 2016 to being actively saintly in 2020. It is dangerous the degree people fawn over this guy... but it is predictable based on just how dishonest and malicious the left was for 4 straight years.

      3. Oh no....he goes on a service used by a tiny percentage of Americans (most of them being moron journalists who cannot write more than 140 characters without appearing moronic) and says mean things to a group of liars who are physically incapable of telling the truth.

        Take away Greenwald and O'Keefe and there are zero journalists left.

        1. Pure apologist.

          1. Yes you are. You shill for every disgraceful thing the democrats have ever done.

            1. Isn't it amazing.
              He spends the whole thread preaching the DNC talking points, and then expects us to believe he's judiciously apolitical.

              1. I’ve never seen him do anything but shill for democrats talking points and actions.

    3. Those of you who think it doesn't matter what the most powerful individual in the world chooses to spend his time saying on the forum that he himself described as a tool to talk directly to the American people about his agenda should either grow up or seek professional help.

      You lose your shit if AOC tweets.

  12. "The fact that our 45th president lacked the competence, self-discipline, and functional attention span to bring his worst autocratic impulses to fruition was certainly better than the alternative. But Trump's manifest unfitness for office cut both ways. Those same character deficits helped magnify the toll of "American carnage" in the epically bungled response to the COVID-19 pandemic."

    This is garbage.

    There wasn't anything epically bungled about refusing to implement the same lockdown standards on the rest of the country that de Blasio, Cuomo, and Newsome implemented on New York and California--only to have the same infection rates as the rest of the country, anyway, despite their lockdowns further devastating their own economies). There wasn't anything epically bungled about refusing to bail out these states with federal taxpayer money by way of the stimulus either, and there wasn't anything bungled about getting vaccines developed and approved much faster than any other vaccine in history.

    This is just like watching some troll in twitter rant and rage against the pandemic itself--only Twitter limits the length of tweets.

    1. I still want to hear what these idiots wanted Trump to do.

      Trump was questioning the media's claims that masks did not help in February and then decided to side with his people's claims.

      He cut off foreign travel. He helped lead the first shutdown "for 15 days". But the media wanted the shutdown to NEVER end. Still do not, mind you. And "libertarians" AGREE.

      1. He cut off foreign travel.

        Even if that were true I wouldn't brag about it.

        1. You were just blaming Trump for 300k deaths because he didn't take those kinds of measures.
          You might want to keep a better record of your rhetoric.

      2. He - and Ivanka as far back as January oddly enough - also pushed the vaccine.

        There's nothing more he could do. The mask cult was driven by public opinion.

        But he said drink bleach! He insulted Fauci. See?! He's insane and anti-science!

        People LITERALLY believe this. I have a doctor friend (who I stopped talking to because combined with the TDS and his pants hitting about the virus I couldn't take him anymore) who absolutely believes Trump is that stupid and evil to tell people to drink blood.

        A TDS vaccine would have been just as profitable.

        1. There’s nothing more he could do.

          There is certainly nothing more he should have done--in the name of libertarianism.

          If anything, they might argue that he should have done less.

          I can think of things he shouldn't have done.

          I can't think of more things he should have done.

          The temptations he resisted in the face of a pandemic and a recession are epically libertarian if anything.

          1. I'm amazed at how irate "libertarians" are that he "busted norms". Shows just how serious the LP is at changing, well, anything.

    2. Well said Ken. The "Trump bungled the pandemic" narrative ignores all the evidence. States and countries that did was people wish Trump had done are still suffering from the pandemic, at similar rates to more hands-off countries and states, but with greater economic damage.

  13. Glenn Greenwald recently put paid to a lot of the "Trump was a dictator" stupidity in a recent article:

    In 2020 alone, Trump had two perfectly crafted opportunities to seize authoritarian power — a global health pandemic and sprawling protests and sustained riots throughout American cities — and yet did virtually nothing to exploit those opportunities. Actual would-be despots such as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán quickly seized on the virus to declare martial law, while even prior U.S. presidents, to say nothing of foreign tyrants, have used the pretext of much less civil unrest than what we saw this summer to deploy the military in the streets to pacify their own citizenry...

    But early in the pandemic, Trump was criticized, especially by Democrats, for failing to assert the draconian powers he had, such as commandeering the means of industrial production under the Defense Production Act of 1950... In March, The Washington Post reported that “Governors, Democrats in Congress and some Senate Republicans have been urging Trump for at least a week to invoke the act, and his potential 2020 opponent, Joe Biden, came out in favor of it, too,” yet “Trump [gave] a variety of reasons for not doing so.” Rejecting demands to exploit a public health pandemic to assert extraordinary powers is not exactly what one expects from a striving dictator.

    A similar dynamic prevailed during the sustained protests and riots that erupted after the killing of George Floyd. While conservatives such as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), in his controversial New York Times op-ed, urged the mass deployment of the military to quell the protesters, and while Trump threatened to deploy them if governors failed to pacify the riots, Trump failed to order anything more than a few isolated, symbolic gestures such as having troops use tear gas to clear out protesters from Lafayette Park for his now-notorious walk to a church, provoking harsh criticism from the right, including Fox News, for failing to use more aggressive force to restore order...

    Virtually every prediction expressed by those who pushed this doomsday narrative of Trump as a rising dictator — usually with great profit for themselves — never materialized...

    And tellingly, the single most actually authoritarian Trump-era event is one that has been largely ignored by the U.S. media: namely, the decision to prosecute Julian Assange under espionage laws (but that, too, is an extension of the unprecedented war on journalism unleashed by the Obama DOJ)...

    Read the whole thing.
    It's what Reason would be publishing if it were a libertarian magazine instead of rich Uncle Charles' propaganda organ.

    1. Obama acted much more like an actual damn dictator.

      1. As did the Bushs', Clinton and even Reagan.

        1. All worse than Trump.

    2. If I was Biden I'd pardon/drop the prosecution/repeal the espionage act just to shut that mfer up.

      1. If you had a brain, you wouldn't post such drivel.
        Fuck off and die.

        1. Good! Good! Let the anger flow though you!

          You have the makings of a great Trith Lord!

          1. It's not anger, it's good advice.

            1. Seems like Sevo could speak for himself.

              1. You’re getting the bonus package. Oh, and if anyone is a Sith. Would be a democrat.

          2. You’re still using this?

            You’re as bad as Mike with his stupid names for Obama.

      2. You’re not. And he won’t.

    3. If you hadn’t stopped after two paragraphs, you’d know that the second half of the article gives the same treatment to Biden.

      1. If you would have actually read the second half of the article instead of the skimming for gotchas, you would have realized that it totally doesn't.
        In fact it does the opposite.

        "The Biden/Harris administration clearly intends to do a great deal for Silicon Valley, and Silicon Valley is well-positioned to do a great deal for them in return, starting with their immense power over the flow of information and debate."

        You're such a failure at this, WK

        1. Chipper is just pathetic at this point.

    4. Amen. Giving GG $50 for a year subscription was the best money I've spent this year.

  14. Another disappointment from Reason. I stoped after two paragraphs.

    It was a 'nightmare' because they chose to make it one. People chose to clutch their pearls because of he talked. So he's not as refined as the corrupted, mediocre, and slime balls people are familiar with like hoodlums like Biden or that smarmy clown Obama.

    Oh but the concerts at the White House were divine! Watching Grohl lick Obama's balls was blech. Another gut punch from a towering talent I like. I digress.

    Right. Trump was the 'crazy' one about Obama spying on him - are we going to continue to ignore this?. Or about the absolute disgraceful fabrication of the Russian hoax that dragged a nation through the mud for four years. I musta missed the part where Trump did that. Then came impeachment and the incessant, whiny, cowardly stream of fake news, punditry and pseudo-concern for 'muh Democracy and Kurds' ever witnessed this side of the McKenzie river.

    Assholes abound throughout the four years. But none bigger than the TDS crowd.

    Dude didn't start a war, had the greatest economy going, signed criminal and tax reform and signed landmark peace treaties all the while he had one hand tied behind his back.

    What a monster.

    1. Edit: Another disappointment from Reason. I STOPPED after two paragraphs.

      It was a ‘nightmare’ because they chose to make it one. People chose to clutch their pearls because of HOW he talked. So he’s not as refined as the corrupted, mediocre, and slime balls people are familiar with like hoodlums like Biden or that smarmy clown Obama.

      1. Speak of smug, Trump better do something. I am NKT intending o Heels Up Harris with the that smug little giggle for the next several years.

    2. If you hadn’t stopped after two paragraphs, you’d know that the second half of the article gives the same treatment to Biden.


      1. The message could have been made without the usual 'must insert Trump TDS'. We know this is the belief. Can we get a different take on Trump please?

        1. Why? He's a cretin.

          1. Oh wow, really?
            He's boorish and unrefined?
            Quelle horreur. Je pourrais m'évanouir.

            1. He isn’t working hard every day to drive YOUR country into a second civil war.

              1. Civil war, oh yea... Uhm, who wasn't willing to clearly rule out court packing before the elections, you disgrace in shiny armor?

  15. While I'm tired of Trump and glad that he will most likely not serve another 4 years, I even more tired of the Corporate Media's 4 year attack mode mentality against Trump.

    The overt and appalling double standard that exists is deeply disturbing, not out of any sympathies for Trump, but due to the death of debate and discussion.

    The woke crowd accuses anyone who dares to debate or discuss any topic that the woke crowd has deemed sacrosanct. The woke crowd then evokes the very tactics of the Nazi movement while casting aspersions accusing that a simple difference in opinion is akin to being a member of the Nazi movement.

    I fear that in spite of the last 4 years, I fear that after 4 years of Biden that a majority will wish for the "Good Old Days" they currently despise. I had little faith in Trump in 2016 and have less faith in Biden in 2020.

  16. Taken at their outraged word, the idea of Trump broke a lot of people. However, I suspect that, much like Trump's Twitter feed, the talking heads' expressive apoplexy was wholly performative. What will be interesting is to see is if the Fourth Estate will be able to effectively reset to the Binders-Full-of-Women scale of unacceptable public behavior for the next Republican nominee.

    1. Trump proved that the elite, ruling caste is incompetent and unnecessary to ordinary Americans lives.
      That is an existential threat to them, and we must all be punished for it.
      Tar and feathers is the very least that should be delivered to people like the author of this piece.
      They are not just legitimate, but necessary, targets.

    2. Performative but with real consequences as Uomo just expressed.

      1. And this is a form of petulance as well. Them calling Trump a 'petulant child' is projection on their part.

  17. Trump Wasn't a Dictator

    Pity. We'll try harder next time.

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  19. This steaming pile of shit is the cause of my $5.00 donation this year.
    Hell of a pile of words just to prove your TDS is out of control.

    1. Everybody has TDS Sevo! That's what it is! It's not that you have a hard on for a fascist dictator wannabe.

      Sorry you had a bad experience with drugs, but it's not the drugs fault. It's that you're so inbred and stupid..

      Sevo is a goddamn America hating traitor!

      1. Says the soft, bitchy internet warrior. I don't know if you understand how unamerican your keyboard warfare is. If you really want results, go out and do things instead of whining. But with your handle, I rather not encourage you to leave your basement.

  20. Healy's an ass. Always has been.

  21. I am really looking forward to Unreason's objective, fact-based, and critical coverage of a Jill Biden/Kamala Harris administration.

  22. Have fun being effectively controlled by China. At least they say don't say mean things on Twitter while they're rounding people up to put in camps.

    1. Have fun being effectively controlled by China.

      Reason staff already is doing that; where do you think their funding comes from (indirectly)?


    Trump lawyer, Jenna Ellis: “To be clear: I do not support the statements from Attorney Lin Wood. I support the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.”

    1. I would like to see the Republicans win the runoff in Georgia, to keep Biden/Harris’ spending plans in check, but Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and Donald Trump are working hard to f that up.

      1. We'd like to see you dead.
        But maybe Bidenharris will Hellfire missile enough deplorables to make you feel safe again.

      2. I would like to see the Republicans win the runoff in Georgia

        I doubt it.

        but Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and Donald Trump are working hard to f that up.

        And what makes you the expert on election strategy and public relations?

        1. Do you have to be an expert to know that it's a bad strategy to tell the Republican base that the Democrats are probably going to rig the election to make the Republicans win, so don't bother voting.

          1. The Democrats are undoubtedly trying to rig the election.

            It's time to stop voting and start shooting.

        2. You don’t have to be an expert in election strategy to understand that telling the voters on your side “hey, don’t vote this time” is a piss poor strategy.

          This is all bring done for Trump’s ego. He doesn’t give any shits about Republicans or senate control or any of that. His tantrum must be catered to and that’s it. He’s a selfish piece of garbage, and we’re all gonna pay for it when progressive craziness can pass the senate.

          1. Why should he give a fuck about a party that only supported him because voters made them do so? If the GOP dies, it won't be a bad loss.

            1. All this Trump stuff is just him being a pussy because he lost. But regardless we don’t need to argue because it doesn’t matter.

              Either way, are you saying that it’s preferable to have the progressives in control of everything? You’d rather have that than the Republicans in control of the senate?

              You’re about to get policies you claim to detest shoved up your ass over Trump. You give no shits about the country, neither does your boy Trump.

      3. God damn. Stop pretending you're anything but a lefty shit.


      Powell said, adding, "And it might be that they've even rigged the system so that the two Republicans win so they can say, 'Oh see? There's no problem.'"

      1. You can't trust Georgia elections no matter who wins.

        Whether the videos of vote counting show fraud or not, what they definitively show is a completely broken system.

        1. Baloney.


    Nicholas Sandman, on Lin Wood’s calling for the execution of Vice President Pence: “I’m sorry but what the hell”

    1. Lin Wood may be crazy, but he has still been right more often than you

    2. Was unaware a client was obligated to justify every utterance by his counsel. Can you name a single other time you held anybody in existence to this standard?

      No, you cannot. Fucking moron.

      1. Not the point.

        1. Then what the fuck was your point?

          1. A dude who, like Kyle Rittenhouse, has been promoted as a poster boy for conservatism and Republican got off the Lin Wood bus because he could see it was headed to Crazytown Station.

            The best thing about the tweet is it is not some big speech, but in bro speak: “what the hell”

  25. "The whole thing's been exhausting: a four-year assault on the sensibilities and senses at a relentless death-metal pace. "

    Trump wasn't exhausting, it was the nonstop hysterical leftwing Trump Derangement Syndrom that was exhausting.

  26. Of course Trump was not as horrible as everyone says he is. But that does not make him glorious. The most distressing part of his administration was the utter willingness of "conservatives" to abandon their principles just so he wouldn't mock them. Hell, ever after he lost reelection Republicans are still knee-jerking about conspiracy theories and fraudulent elections, lest he get upset with them.

    No, the real horror of the past four years are the lessons that were not learned. Even in the midst of Trump woodchipping all standards of stately decorum (to the extent even Nixon's corpse was blushing) the Democrats were busy urging ever more power be consolidated in the hands of a single person.

    We've become a society that WANTS dictatorship, and we imagine that once OUR dictator gets into office OUR party will remain in power forever and ever, amen. Trumps election should have been a shock to the Democrats who believed that Obama was their immortal god. The recent election should have been a shock to Republicans that maybe just maybe they don't possess a supermajority even in the red states. A pox on both houses.

    The election was one of the closest in history, indicating that we are haunted by the Ghost of Duverger. No matter how outrageous the candidates, the public will shift themselves to be evenly divided between them. 2016: two most hated candidates in history, and we get a nearly even split. 2020: Outrage vs milquetoast and we get a nearly even split. Fucking hellfire! People are calling Mr. Midquetoast a raging communist, for cripes sake!

    The candidates are just symbolic figureheads for our national insanity.

    Thankfully it's now 2021, and Republicans can finally get back to complaining about the deficit again. Halfway decent when out of power, but the biggest big government douchebags when in power.

    1. Of course Trump was not as horrible as everyone says he is. But that does not make him glorious.

      Like all US presidents, he was the lesser of two evils.

      The most distressing part of his administration was the utter willingness of “conservatives” to abandon their principles just so he wouldn’t mock them.

      Seems to me, when it comes to actual policies, Trump has been one of the more traditionally conservative presidents in recent memory.

      We’ve become a society that WANTS dictatorship, and we imagine that once OUR dictator gets into office OUR party will remain in power forever and ever, amen.

      Maybe that's what you wish for; most Republicans I know voted for Trump because he promised smaller federal government, less regulation, and less intrusion into people's lives. It seems to me he delivered pretty well on that, in particular compared to the alternatives. And Republicans in Congress have even told you why they joined Trump: they hated his style, but they generally liked his policies.

      2020: Outrage vs milquetoast and we get a nearly even split. Fucking hellfire! People are calling Mr. Midquetoast a raging communist, for cripes sake!

      What you call "Mr. Milquetoast" is a mean-tempered, lying, hair sniffing, senile, corrupt racist. who was responsible for a decades long string of policy failures and no political successes. But that's not the worst of it: "Mr. Milquetoast" made it clear that he views himself as a transitional candidate, eager to hand over power to his nasty, authoritarian, police-state sidekick as soon as he can. But because "Mr. Milquetoast" hides in the basement and talks real smooth, you are fooled by him.

      Thankfully it’s now 2021, and Republicans can finally get back to complaining about the deficit again.

      The problem with left wing policies is government programs and government regulations; that's what conservatives need to attack. Attacking deficits directly is pointless. Republicans seem to be figuring that out finally.

  27. None of the above should be particularly comforting. Attempting to overturn a democratic election is no less deplorable just because you're comically bad at it.

    Seriously? Standard legal court challenges to a statistically dubious election are "deplorable"?

    If this bunch were actually hellbent on implementing fascism, they'd get lost en route to the Reichstag and end up torching a garden supply store by mistake.

    Continuing with Gene Healy's absurd Nazi-themed analogies, let's observe that "Gene Healy obviously had no trouble finding his way to his local brownshirt meeting to receive his marching orders."

    "Gene, your attempt at journalism is no less deplorable just because you are bad at it." "The Daily Stormer is better at both journalism and propaganda than you."

    1. Do their ballots not have serial numbers, to keep duplicates from being counted?

  28. "None of the above should be particularly comforting. Attempting to overturn a democratic election is no less deplorable just because you're comically bad at it."

    Is this about 2020 or 2016? And what's the difference between comically bad and criminally bad?

    1. "When (at least) half of the political class feels driven by partisan loyalty to defend or downplay open contempt for constitutional limits, it's likely to make well-planned assaults on those limits that much easier to execute."

      And is this about 2017 or 2021?

  29. Fuck Reason. Biden could go around locking people in camps, kicking in people's doors to wreck up the place just for fun, and as long as he's too sleepy to send any mean tweets, it would make these clowns happy.

    1. Biden is a walking corpse who is owned by China and they couldn't be cheering any harder for him. Marxism comes walking in wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase and blames it on a pandemic that's been planned for six years.

  30. "Trump Wasn't a Dictator"

    But America would be in a far better spot now if he was.

    If Reason had the sense that God gave a meth junkie, they would be praising Trump as the greatest President of the last 100 years (because he is). If anything, his problem was that he was *too* timid, *too* humble to take dictatorial powers, because of his genuine love and compassion for the American people.

    This why I broke with libertarianism. "Dictatorship bad no matter what" is the ideology of an immatture, naive 8th grader. An experienced, wise, responsible patriot can see that the left is such an existential threat to civilization that it can't be saved by "more freedom" but by strong, determined action, by a government that says "Okay, enough of this bullshit, what you say and what you want is garbage, everyone knows it's garbage, even you know it's garbage, it's time to stop tolerating this nonsense."

    Libertarians, however, would whine and cry and wring their hands about free speech "rights", about the "right" to engage in buttsex in the privacy of one's own home, about the "right" to inhale toxic, mind weakening chemicals, the "right" to let foreigners guzzle up American dollars and jobs like candy (and yes, Americans deserve those jobs more then some dirt poor farmer in Africa does. They have nothing and deserve nothing. Boo hoo.), the "right" for people who contribute absolutely nothing to society to come here from their villages of mud and dung.

    Libertarianism is dead. Good riddance. It's time libertarians to realize that principles can't save them or this country. It's time to put liberty on hold, cuz we're going to get a dictatorship no matter what. It's inevitable. It's what Americans want. The only question now is, do we get a patriotic dictatorship, which will inevitably and gradually give way to liberty as the threat to liberty subsides, or do we want a Marxist dictatorship, where white people are executed for the crime of being a white non-Marxist?

    Btw, if anyone responds with some nonsense about how neither dictatorship is desirable or how one is comparable to another, congratulations, you just signaled to the world your a moron. The horseshoe theory is the flat earth theory of political science.

    1. Anyone who says anything remotely positive about Joe Biden and his 47 year track record of failure and corruption capped off by a slide into dementia too severe to allow him to work as a Walmart greeter is A TOTAL MORON. That's what I know for certain.
      That, and that the Koch Bros. suffer from severe TDS.

      1. Koch brothers are Marxists. This is known.

    2. You’re confusing freedom with effective propaganda.

      You’re also confusing the need to recognize and accept truth as reality with being forced to accept the lies of a dictator.

      Reset. The truth shall set you free.

      Trump was a bad liar. That’s better than a good one.

      1. Do you know how I know libertarianism is immature bullshit? Simple thought experiment.

        Ask most libertarians what would be better, a left wing dictatorship, or a dictatorship that suppresses the left, and here's the answers you'll get:

        "Dictatorship bad" (doesn't answer the question)

        "Neither" (completely immature, not to mention factually incorrect)


        "The ends don't justify the means" (a weaselly way of saying one is too cowardly to endorse what needs to be done to save our American society from the progressive barbarians).

        To be a libertarian in this day and age is to admit one doesn't have the moral courage to stick up for civilized norms. Time to move on. Libertarianism was great and relevant before the age of the woke idiot. It cannot function in a society where half the population takes seriously the idea that non-Democrat white people are bad and need to be removed from the population.

        1. If you had faith that truth overcomes lies when both are observed you might find the intelligence to accept the supreme dictatorship of truth, reality that has no agency but offers evolution to all those who need only recognize and accept it.

          This spirit of truth is god in some religions.

          By being distracted to focus a symptom, false ideology, you’re oblivious of the cause.

          1. Okay so you're a crazy person. Good to know.

            "Supreme dictatorship of truth" means no tolerance for leftist lies or their war on our American culture.

            1. What makes you believe that to be true?


            2. I’ll spell it out for you.

              You’re oblivious to the fact that your desperate attempt to share what you believe is true contradicts your argument.

              Why else would you open your pie hole?

        2. Neither” (completely immature, not to mention factually incorrect)

          False dichotomy.

        3. If you ask me to choose between certain dictatorship but of differing flavors, I have an anti-left preference. But you ask that question as a stepping stone to then bolster and justify a right-wing dictatorship. If the third, real, option of neither is on the table... only psychopaths would avoid that third option. The only difference between a left and right dictator is the disfavored group, not the type of evil that dictatorships represent. In both cases the dictator is equally bad morally. It is just that the degree to which they go is historically worse for left dictators. A choice of a right wing, in that false choice scenario of HAVING to choose one, is not a sign of support or desire for one... which you clearly have. You LIKE the left in every way but their in-goup selection. That seems a weak divining pillar of an ideology... "We are exactly like the worst people in history... we just would have killed different people is all!"

          1. "If you ask me to choose between certain dictatorship but of differing flavors, I have an anti-left preference. But"

            Nothing anyone says before the word "But" really matters. So already your screed stinks of intellectual dishonesty.

            "But you ask that question as a stepping stone to then bolster and justify a right-wing dictatorship"

            Considering that a dictatorship is inevitable at this point, an intelligent libertarian should be asking what is the least of all evils. That would be a right wing dictatorship.

            "If the third, real, option of neither is on the table… only psychopaths would avoid that third option"

            Forgive me if I don't take seriously a moral lecture from a moral coward. You claim to recognize what the left represents (pure evil) but also claim I'm a psychopath for wanting to do what very obviously needs to be done to eliminate or at least contain the menace. So moral coward.

            "The only difference between a left and right dictator is the disfavored group, not the type of evil that dictatorships represent."

            You do realize the Horseshoe theory is an utter joke, right?

            There is no valid comparison between the left wing totalitarian regimes throughout history and right wing dictatorships, most of which only became right wing dictatorships because the left was on the verge of swallowing the affected countries whole.

            " In both cases the dictator is equally bad morally."

            Nope. The ends justify the means.

            " A choice of a right wing, in that false choice scenario of HAVING to choose one, is not a sign of support or desire for one… "

            Typical libertarian, hiding your head in the sand and crying. No wonder you guys can't win votes.

            I'll spell it out for you. Dictatorship *clap* is *clap* coming *clap*. This is not an opinion, this is a fact, and if you can't see it you haven't been paying attention to this election cycle. You have two choices. You can whine and complain and try (futilely) to keep up the fiction that conservative Republicanism is somehow as much a threat to liberty as the woke left, or you can show some goddamn solidarity with the people trying to keep American values and American principles, ya know, the stuff that the woke left hates and libertarians claim to love (when it costs them nothing) from going down the toilet and damning us all to a totalitarian hellscape.

            Get it through your thick fucking skull. Classical liberalism is a failure. It does not lead to a prosperous or free society, it leads to woke leftist bullshit and it needs to go, and the sooner the better. If you had any sort of brain or moral code beyond this wishy washy "we can stop the savages without a dictatorship" bullshit, you'd understand that liberty is a *long term goal*. For the short term, liberty does more harm then good, and instead of obsessing over drugs and buttsex, libertarians should be saying, "yes, immigration is a threat to liberty, increased pot smoking is a threat to liberty, trade with China is a threat to liberty, and we need to stop putting principle ahead of what's good for Americans."

            But you won't say that, will you? Because you're wishy-washy, cowardly, and weak. If not a full blown closeted Marxist.

            1. "The ends justify the means."

              THAT is what makes the left so bad... and so your solution, laid bare, is to just become the left with only a different favored group.

              Talk about dishonesty.

            2. Increasing pot smoking is not a threat to liberty. If anything, it makes those who would be a threat to liberty less of a threat to liberty. The opiate of the people is a good thing, whether that's religion or literal opium, which is why Marx lamented it.

              People have been forecasting disaster in the liberal democracies since, like...forever. Is dictatorship coming? Of course. Everything is coming. Forever is a long time, and in enough time everything will come to pass, over and over. Are we close to it now? Fuck no.

              And when you do get dictatorship, most of he time it's likely to be of no wing, but a tragic style like that of Francois Duvalier. The wings may eventually line up around it, but in essence it's a tiger-by-the-tail situation in polities where there has either never been confidence in peaceful self-government or such confidence has been lost. A reformer (such as a medical doctor like Duvalier) comes into a benighted society and finds that the only way to make reforms is to achieve power over others. This makes him enemies, and since that society has no reliable way of settling disputes other than by assassinating your enemy before your enemy assassinates you, that's what you have to do. You try to de-escalate, you wind up dead. You step down, you must flee. You may even be pursued all over the world lest, like Khomeini, you come back some day to wield power.

              1. Fucked up easily manipulated people with drug induced mental illness are a threat to their own liberty.

                When we don’t discriminate against them they threaten the rest of us.

            3. Classical liberalism is a failure. It does not lead to a prosperous or free society, it leads to woke leftist bullshit and it needs to go

              What has gone wrong is a lack of willingness to maintain and defend the free and prosperous society that classical liberalism absolutely *does* lead to. The Founders knew this and it is best summed in two famous quotes:

              "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" - Thomas Jefferson

              - and -

              "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

              It is our unwillingness to hold ourselves to a higher moral standard and our unwillingness to do the hard work of defending liberty that "leads to woke leftist bullshit".

          2. That may be "the only difference", but in the "left" dictatorship the disfavored group is everybody outside a small nomenklatura, while the disfavored groups in a "right" dictatorship may be of varying sizes, so the "right" dictatorship is preferable.

    3. You should piss on libertarians because a party outraged over "violating norms" has no desire, at all, to change one damned thing.

      1. Considering libertarians played a pretty big role in getting Sleepy Joe elected, I'll piss on them as much as I like, thanks.

        I mean seriously, you think free speech and legal weed and buttsex is going to stop the left? From what I've seen, the opposite has occurred. Let's not even get started with global free trade or immigration.

    4. We are sure gonna miss you Mark.

      1. Considering most libertarians are moral and intellectual cowards, I very much doubt that.

        1. He meant to write "we sure are gonna miss the mark". One of the few self-aware libs.

    5. All of the weakest and most fallacious arguments' premises are preceded by "would" this and "would" that. The Q sockpuppet is sad that Libertarian spoiler votes freed women of Positive Christian coathanger abortions in These States, Canada, Ireland, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Guyana, French, Guyana, Uruguay, Russia, Sweden, Norway... like dominos. Also that after 4M LP spoiler votes bitch-slapped their female candidate, the Dems ditched the Obama-Biden-Billary orders to jail or shoot potheads. God's Own Prohibitionists chose instead to lewse to Bye-den. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    6. While there are places and times a Pinochet is desirable, this is not one of them. Could it get that bad in the USA? Sure. But it's not now, and since you're never guaranteed to get a Pinochet rather than a Stalin — that is, you don't know for sure whether s/he'll limit hir own dictatorship — it's a gamble that may not pay off positively even when called for, and it's a definite bad thing when and where it's not called for.

  31. Doesn't matter he was still better than Clinton. She was abjectly bad as a lawyer, as first lady, senator, and sec of state. A horrible job all around. As president we would be in worse shape. And she is just a crotchety old bitch.

    Trump was a barrier to keep the left in check. They are the real threat and while Biteme might be solidly boring his sociopathic protege is not going to be that way. When she takes over you will finally see.

  32. The Trumptards reading the article don’t get the point. In the future, not now, when somebody smart and really corrupt comes along, and they will, we are screwed. Look at this last minute election crap Trump is trying to pull. In all likelihood, some democrat, in control of both houses, will lose an election, but use the current type of shenanigans to keep their presidency. You will not like it!

    1. They've DONE so. REPEATEDLY.

      So fuck your concern trolling. I want more patriots to do to Democrat neighbors what Rand Paul's neighbor did to him.

      Or for super patriots to do what Democrats what James Hodgkinson tried to do the Republicans in 2017.

      1. Documented, damikesc is calling for the murder of Republicans.

        January.2.2021 at 1:53 pm
        They’ve DONE so. REPEATEDLY.

        So fuck your concern trolling. I want more patriots to do to Democrat neighbors what Rand Paul’s neighbor did to him.

        Or for super patriots to do what Democrats what James Hodgkinson tried to do the Republicans in 2017.

        1. Oh noes...more norms busted. Whatever shall we do?

          Besides give the location of a Democrat gathering to a psychotic loner with lots of rounds of ammo and good aim?

          1. Nardz? Sevo? Which one?

            1. Naah, some TDS-infected asshole like you.

      2. Gotcha, perfect.

        So the loudest and most fervent Trumpers on the board all seem to have one thing in common: a call for violence against or murder of, those who dont support the massive loser in an election and have differing political views. *chefs kiss* just really good third world banana republic stuff.

        Best to have you all on a list of sorts. Being that you are openly calling for treason against Americans.

    2. Like Kamala Harris, you mean?

    3. "the current type of shenanigans to keep their presidency"

      According to Cruz, the "shenanigans" plan currently is to challenge on Jan 6 and attempt to get a 10 day audit of the contested states by having a debate and hearing with evidence.

      Not orange Hitler declaring Martial law until everyone gives him what he wants. They are asking for the UTMOST SCRUTINY for the most disturbingly shady election that our country has ever seen.

      Like damikesc said, fuck your concern trolling.

  33. What we should see from the Trump Presidency is how much we depend on people playing by the rules. Those rules are based on expectation of conduct and not laws. When you are asked for information you provide it. When you lose an election you concede. You keep your business separate from government work. Your family may be trusted advisors but they don't do real work, with special exceptions. You do your homework.

    Trump threw the rule book out the window. This leaves me wondering how many of the rules need to be turned into laws.

    1. "Trump threw the rule book out the window."

      Didn't he though? The way he spied on Biden?

      I hope he blocks all transition briefings just for shits and giggles.

      1. You are Delusional. And the real threat is that in the future, this norm breaking behavior will be not norm breaking. Listen, if you have ever watched kids sports, the losing team often has sour grapes, cries foul, yells about cheating etc. Trump’s tantrum is not a new kind of behavior. Just new with respect to the office of the Presidency. Of course you are pissed if your guy lost, but you are just setting up a future where you are going to get even more pissed when Kamala Harris pulls this kind of shit in 2028. All you need to win, even if you lose, apparently , is to cry foul and have both houses of Congress back you up. Trump doesn’t care that this kind of crap is going to put our democracy into a death spiral. He just cares about himself. Honestly, I don’t understand the slavish devotion inspired by this Queens real estate grifter. You people are so desperate that you would buy the Brooklyn Bridge from Trump, a serial liar and con man. Yes, I get that Trump’s supporters don’t want some bullshit society where people regulate your guns, tell you how to talk, and fuck you over repeatedly, while claiming it is for the greater good. But, you are all making that way more likely to happen!

        1. It's not norm breaking the Democrats have objected to the EC vote the last 3 times the Republican won.

          1. Correct and the presiding officer, the Vice President, then a Democrat ruled the objection out of order. Will Mike Pence do the same?

            1. This entire election was a massive fraud from Zuckerberg's $500 million vote buying to the fake ballots to the Dominion algorithms at 3:00 a.m. Soros, who owns Dominion, and the Dominion exec who lied about the machines connecting to the internet should be under arrest. But our FBI actually lied about the election just like Chris "There was no hacking" Krebs did.

              1. I hope you are sending Trump money to stop this fraud. He needs money all you have. Don't be tight fisted now, he need the money.

              2. LOLOLOLOLOL

                If I tried to make a parody account of a delusional conspiracy theory retard, I think it would come out exactly like that. Very nice job. I mean it could have used a Bill Gates, Chavez, Clinton, China, or something like that, but still really great stuff.

       were doing parody...right?

        2. "You are Delusional. And the real threat is that in the future, this norm breaking behavior will be not norm breaking."

          Democrats contested the EC vote repeatedly in the past.

          "Of course you are pissed if your guy lost, but you are just setting up a future where you are going to get even more pissed when Kamala Harris pulls this kind of shit in 2028."

          Reason will support her then, though. Because Reason is run by morons.

          "Trump doesn’t care that this kind of crap is going to put our democracy into a death spiral."

          Cheating in elections won't cause problems. NOTING that they cheated is the problem. Got it.

          "But, you are all making that way more likely to happen!"

          We didn't fellate Biden like Koch did.

    2. He didn’t invent any of those transgressions, of course, but he is so shameless about them.

      A lot of the American people seem to have lost sight of the value of civility, honor, etc.

      1. Sure, Obama committed U.S. military forces to an open-ended commitment in Libya and overthrew a head of state, but did you see his pants crease? That was Presidential! Oh, and when he sang 'Amazing Grace', I just got chills! So what if he used the IRS to target his political opposition, you don't have video of him personally ordering Lois Lerner to shut down the Tea Party, so no smoking gun! The IRS internal emails would totally have proved they were on the level, if they all hadn't accidentally been erased.

        And Inspector Generals? Why fire them, when you can just ignore them? Or, as in the case of Hillary's State Dept., just never appoint one in the first place.

        And the same crew is coming back for the Biden administration, and the 'Democracy Dies In Darkness!' crowd will go right back to covering important stories like this...with a pillow, until they stop moving.

      2. With the way the Dems have behaved the last 4 years what would you expect?

      3. It is the decline in our culture. We worry about out children, but we show them this spectacle. Think of the words of Lincoln, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, King, Reagan, and many others and ask why are we here, what have we done wrong?

        1. The left, for decades on end, thought nothing of the average man's inherent rights and freedoms and instead imposed the technocratic "top men" policies in place and told middle America to sit down and shut up. Eventually after trying, politely, to be part of a cooperative and being told they were nothing but subjects, middle America jumped from their chair and yelled a giant "FUCK YOU" as loud as they could at the evil bastards keeping them down. And now we are to clutch our pearls because they dared stand up and swear? That we didn't encourage them to do so earlier is an indictment of us as a society. Our outrage is merely salt in a decades old would.

          1. Oh please. Knock it off with this hagiography of Middle America. So all of those Republican seniors collecting Social Security checks, all of those Republican farmers collecting subsidies, all of those Republican church ladies who lament all of the sin that is in America nowadays, all of those Republican voters in both red and blue states voting for minimum wage increases, the Republicans who are now supporting $2,000 stimulus checks, we are supposed to think that they are a bunch of anarcho-capitalists who want to tear down the state? No. They are just as socialist as your typical Biden voter. The difference is, the "heartland" Team Red voters wants socialism *for the worthy*. THEY are the worthy ones because they are "real Muricans" so they should get the proceeds of the redistribution of wealth. But all of the other socialism, like welfare, food stamps, Section 8, foreign aid, "Obamacare", all of that is socialism for the *unworthy* and so THAT is "socialism" that must be stopped lest the Republic fall.

            The only thing that makes them unhappy is that money is being spent on people they don't think deserve it. That's it. There is no objection on principle to socialism.

            1. No they’re not Jeff. Transfer payments aren’t socialism. Hell, Obamacare isn’t socialism. Foreign aid isn’t socialism.

              The Green New Deal, where the government takes over the energy portion of the economy - that’s socialism.

              The people you listed are not socialist at all, and certainly not as inclined toward socialism as the progressive wing of Biden’s support. I’m not sure about Biden and am inclined to say he’s not.

              But don’t pull that shit where building roads is socialism. It’s just silly.

            2. It isn't about redistributive policies you snarky ass. It is about how they are viewed, talked about, and treated by the "elite."

              Bitter clingers.
              Our enemies.
              Fly over states.
              White privelage even though you are poor living in small town America.
              Racist because you don't support progressive ideology.
              Supporting the enforcement of laws equals wanting to murder blacks.
              Opposing Affirmative Action because you want people judged on merit, not race equals racism.

              Not one of those have to do with SS or Medicare or other financial policies.

              After a while you don't care about being nice to assholes to trying and get them to a place of civil cooperation. Eventually you just say "Fuck you" and throw a punch. Is that good? No... but it is understandable and the asshole isn't wholly without blame.

        2. Where we went wrong is letting the New Left get complete control of the media, entertainment and education sectors of our country. From there, they indoctrinated and lied for 20 straight years, until the American public was so utterly ignorant they voted in a drooling, senile moron for president.

          In other words, the left is who put this ball in motion. Conservatives are just now starting to play by the rules you guys put in place. Probably a bit too late now, but better late than never.

          Look in the mirror once in a while.

          1. "get complete control of the media, entertainment and education sectors of our country."

            Donald Trump is a reality TV star.

            Mnuchin is the executive producer (aka money source with executive decision-making power)) for dozens of Hollywood films.

            Rush Limbaugh is, in his own words, the most listened to talk radio host in America.

            But tell me again how "the Left" has "complete control" over the media and entertainment.

      4. And what do you know of honor, White Knight? Have you any?

        1. I’m a bloomin’ knight. It’s right there in my name.

    3. None. Discarding superstitious and looter laws reduces the attraction of parasitical looters the way toilets reduce swarms of flies. The way to manage this is to vote libertarian and let the backstabbing degfight among initiators of force thin their herd. Already half of the National Socialists clogging these comments have taken to trying to believe they are "libertarian, but..." or that Boss Trump's superstitious antichoice appointees are "more libertarian than..." Once their infiltrators can no longer wreck LP platforms, the 19th Amendment trapdoor will open under their feet as at Nuremberg.

  34. Attempting to overturn a democratic election is no less deplorable just because you're comically bad at it.

    Unless, you know, the fraud was actually big enough to change the outcome.

    1. Even if there were such widespread fraud, which has not been demonstrated, some of the remedies that have been proposed, such as having the Vice President decide which states get to have their electoral votes counted, goes into territory worse than the original problem.

      For any fraud that has been shown, or even areas where there is ambiguity, the focus should be on improving election processes in the future. At least that’s that responsible adults would be focusing on.

      1. "which has not been demonstrated"

        The sand-hole I made for my head has demonstrated no fraud whatsoever!

        "For any fraud that has been shown, or even areas where there is ambiguity, the focus should be on improving election processes in the future."

        "For any murderers that have been shown or even areas where people are disappearing without a trace, the focus should be on other murders that might happen in the future"

      2. I stole your TV today. The cops will learn from that so that tomorrow someone else doesn't get theirs stolen. That they refused to actually try and stop me, apprehend me, or return your TV to you for the injustice you faced is really of no consequence. Justice delayed in this one case really isn't justice denied. After all... we don't really have to do justice for those we dislike... right?

        1. Here's a better analogy:

          When I turned on my light switch today, the light didn't turn on as expected. I was surprised! My Uncle Fester, plus some guys on Youtube who sound really smart, told me that some evil Democrats snuck into my house, stole the lightbulb and replaced it with a faulty one. Plus, some math guy I had never heard of before told me that there was a statistical nonzero probability that these claims were true! I was outraged! Well I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I filed court cases trying to bring the perpetrators to justice. Sadly all of my 60 court cases were thrown out of court. Those judges must be in on the conspiracy to steal my lightbulbs! I mean you have to admit, it is really strange behavior for the lamp to simply stop working like that. It was working perfectly fine yesterday! Why can't anyone recognize the grave threat that this anomalous behavior poses? What if these Democrats are successful in stealing lightbulbs all over the place? Sure, one lightbulb here or there may not be a big deal, but what about MASSIVE LIGHTBULB THEFT?? That could potentially be a big problem! So since no judge will give me justice in bringing these obvious lightbulb thieves to justice, these Patriot Senators instead are going to demand that lightbulb ownership is audited across the country. How could you not be in favor of such a commonsense idea, to make extra super-duper sure that all the lightbulbs are in their correct places? The theft is bbvious! We must make sure that it doesn't happen again!

          Or, there was no theft, and the lightbulb just stopped working one morning.

          I mean, it's an either/or thing really.

          1. That is an analogy (that misses key points) for election night. NOT one for the liberals defense of not looking at the lightbulb to see if it actually is faulty but just declaring that it is, even though there are signs of break in.

            1. Ya not really sport.

              In this case the adults took a peak and said well its obviously a bad bulb that just went out. Occam's razor and all that.

              The trumpers got every lightbulb outage conspiracy expert together and were allowed to analyze the room ad nauseum, they came up with 100s of theories that have no connection to reality, all of those theories were laughed at by reasonable people. Every time they presented one of their ideas to an electrician, he would say "you fuckin kidding me, right?"... and the adults came into the room and said "OK trumpers, time for your nap now, time to go to your room and STFU".

    2. Unless, you know, there is actually a dinosaur swimming around in Scotland.

    3. The fraud wasn't big enough to change the outcome, and we know that for a fact because...well, look, we have just way too much on our mind right now with all of the election transition stuff plus, there are people not wearing masks and celebrities saying stuff on Twitter. We'll look into it later when we have more time, OK? Just stop asking questions and accept your doom, I mean fate.

      1. Nearly sixty court cases, all failed. Perhaps more tellingly, lots of accusations of fraud presented in unofficial “hearings” and press conferences, and not presented when subject to charges of perjury.

        1. No evidentiary hearings in those cases so no chance of perjury.

          1. What's more Trump's lawyers said no fraud occurred, again to avoid perjury sanctions.

          2. Objective fact: You are the whiniest little bitches in the history of America. Put me on the stand.

            It's almost like people who spend all their time being gross little bullies are actually the most fragile of all. How does it feel being a teen movie?

            1. Are these characters the teen movie you are stuck in, maybe?

        2. This is exactly it. The pattern has repeated over and over.

          Witness comes up with "direct evidence of MASSIVE FRAUD". They go on a friendly news network, spout their lies (I mean maybe not lies, they probably BELIEVE they saw fraud), and when it comes time for them to put up or shut up, they have absolutely nothing but their feelz that it DEF did happen.

          Drunk michigan woman "I saw them bringing in vans full of fraudulent ballots"...further questioning revealed they were vans bringing food. And she was sure they were actually full of votes. But she didnt actually see anything. She just knew there was no way it was food in the vans, it was def votes. Even though she didnt actually see what was inside, and didnt seem to even take time to look to confirm.

          Caller calls in with direct evidence she saw that Biden/Harris van was filling out and loading boxes of ballots right from the parking lot into the polling place. And despite her, as well as the other crackpots with her that were certain they were witnessing MASSIVE FRAUD, none of them seemed to be able to pick up their cell phones and record it. They were all certain they were witnessing a Biden Harris campaign van directly cheating, to overturn the election of the one true Trumpgod, and somehow they all forgot to video it. And now we just have their promise that it is def what they saw. But no one can corroborate it, sadly...darn.

          And every single time one of the lawyers has to put up or shut up in front of an actual judge, they keep admitting they dont have evidence of fraud, because they dont want to perjure themselves. They talk a big game on fox or OAN, but when it comes time to produce, they admit it is 1000% feelz, 0% facts.

          Sorry trumpsters, put up or STFU

          1. My wife showed me several of the posts she received on FB alleging fraud. They all began with something like: "I have a friend who knows a ballot official who told her that...."

  35. But the abuse of executive power didn't start and won't end with him.

    What? That's a God Damned Lie!!!


  36. Sure are a lot of commenters that are loyal to Trump, but not loyal to America.

    Trump and his supporters are un-american traitors.

    1. Lame, even for a parody account. Your act stinks.

      1. Everyone thinks they're as good as OBL's early work.

      2. Not a parody account. I know you're really inbred and stupid, but try and keep up.

        And take Trump's dick out your ass.

        1. That's just the kind of thing a parody account would say.

          1. Calling out traitors for being traitors doesn't make me a parody account.

            1. It almost sounds like you had to learn the hard way how to deflect the accusation of being a traitor at one point.

              So in real life people pointed out you're a traitor so often that you had to become a keyboard warrior?

              1. You're basically saying "I know you're but what am I!"

                Fuck off you inbred redneck!

                1. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

                  Must be very hard to live life with so much hate and cholesterol. Guess I struck a nerve there. 😀 Have you tried doing a little bit of cardio every other day? It's said to improve mood a great deal. Not sure if that also counts for people with a wish to kill others. But you can post some reports here if you like.

  37. Orange collage bad.

    Someone had to say it.

  38. The entire premise of this article is stupid. Not that there aren't some salient points floating around in there, but if you want to wring your hands about "attempting to overturn a democratic election", team Trump incompetently attempting to use the wrong legal arguments as a part of the election process is not it.

    I mean, you could be forgiven if you were under 12 months of age when writing this... but you lived through the last 4 years and you were involved in politics the entire time. The Obama Administration, the holdovers, the democrats in the legislature and even the press attempted to *illegally* overturn the election by pushing a lie about some Russian involvement with the election in 2016. Pretending that appealing the results of some very dubious legal opinions is a threat to democracy is a nakedly partisan argument when the Dems do it. You have no such excuse for falling for the idiotic argument.

    Trump is going to fail at this attempt. It never had a shot. But it certainly isn't "anti-democratic" and in no way is dictatorial.

  39. "The fact that our 45th president lacked the competence, self-discipline, and functional attention span to bring his worst autocratic impulses to fruition was certainly better than the alternative."

    I continue to wonder if we dodged a bullet by having this cartoon character as president. HRC had many of the same dark, authoritarian impulses, and could possibly have been much more competent in acting on them.

    1. ^This^. And who do you think will be in charge after January 20th? HRC will be governing through the Mr Rogers with dementia mannequin, and when he’s gone, she’ll don blackface.

    2. That's what I'm worried about.

      Let's take the incident in the Secret Service christmas party. Biden openly groped a man's wife, causing one of his guards to shove him off. The serviceman was court martialed for defending his wife from open and brazen sexual assault. However, the media barely mentioned it. Biden could have easily been replaced by Obama in 2012, but the illusion of the scandal-free Obama White House was too important to the press, so it was covered up.

      The problem I have is that the press won't protect us from Biden.

  40. Poor commies at unreason.

    Trumps second term as president 2021-2025 is gonna be hard to take for them.

    12th amendment here we come.

    Thank god presidents are elected electors selected by state legislatures and confirmed by the judicial branch and joint session of congress.

    1. Anyone else notice that Kamala rouge still hasnt resigned her senate seat?

      Harris knows she and biden are not getting into the white house in 2021.

      1. Green Teethution here is further proof of Heinlein's lemma that altruism leads to self-deception, the root of all evil. Be thankful that its pratfalls are a constant source of schadenfreude. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    2. Why do you hate America you inbred cousin fucking traitor?

      You live in the asshole of America. The rest of the country makes fun of you!

      Inbred traitor!

      1. Yes, the butthurtness is strong with this one. Someone must have made you painfully aware you are a traitor, and now we have this here going on. Well, stop being a traitor, then the pain will likely subside.

        1. Please tell me how I'm a traitor?

          Lc1789 is the one supporting Trump trying to overturn an election. He's an un-american traitor.

          1. I really think you are a traitor. Big time. Traitor. Traitor. Traitor. 😀

    3. Reality is going to hit you hard, brother. Better prepare something to take. I hear moonshine works well.

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  42. The headline says it all. Trump wasn't a dictator, but the media portrayed him as one.


    Biden already at a popularity trump was never able to attain in his entire presidency, with the hottest economy in years.

    Some people will always just be losers. Trump was lucky enough to be born with a fortune to squander so he could play wanna be tycoon and get notoriety in the process, but deep down he is and will always be a loser. Business, real estate, running a charity, multiple products, a fraudulent university, scamming hundreds of contractors out of money...they guy is a plain as day loser. If he were born middle class, he wouldnt have been able to get any station higher than a shitty used car lot.

    Here's to 2021, and another tic in the L column for the fat fuck.

    1. "Some people will always be losers," is exactly why Trump's popularity wasn't ever higher. No one was objective about him... not his supporters, not his detractors.

      He was right that he could murder someone in the street and his supporters wouldn't care. He could have cured cancer and ended poverty and his detractors wouldn't have cared.

      That's kind of the point of the article... that everyone's idea of Trump is so far from reality it's scary.

      1. That’s kind of the point of the article… that everyone’s idea of Trump is so far from reality it’s scary.

        Not everyone. I always knew he was a self-absorbed huckster who specialized in short-term schemes that always failed. That's his business history in a nutshell, and well describes his presidency.

        Which does not mean that he did not tap into legitimate grievances to get ahead, nor that everything he did as president lacked merit.

        The truth is, had he shown some real leadership as president when dealing with the COVID crisis he would have been handily re-elected. As it is, he acted like a whiny jackass.

        For that matter, had he acted in the first debate like he did in the second, he might have squeaked by. Instead, he again acted like a whiny jackass.

        And spare me the complaints about the biased media and elite government types. That's part of the landscape for any Republicans. Reagan dealt with it and succeeded magnificently. They called him the "amiable dunce." Well the amiable dunce was able to effect the end of the Soviet Union (along with some help).

    2. If Biden is popular its because he isn't in office yet. Watch what happens when he's President and the consequences of a year's worth of a locked-down economy become too obvious to ignore.

    3. Biden's caretakers can't keep him in the basement forever. Sooner or later he's going to have to publicly expose his dementia. But liberals won't care, because at least he doesn't send mean tweets.

  44. Let the pros show real fascism:

    You want national healthcare? Move to NY and leave me alone in free America.

  45. Trump's coathanger-bleedout supporters killed Republican chances just like felony-beer prohibitionists wrecked the economy and brought defeat every time they meddled in the platform. Eight days after Justice Ginsburg died, God's Own Prohibitionists nominated a religious fanatic eager to join Linseed Graham Cracker's State in enacting Dixiecrat birth control bans toppled by the LP's platform draft of Roe v Wade. Can you say 19th Amendment? Can you spell L-e-w-s-e-r? Four million LP spoiler votes is over 1000 times what we had when the platform first said Roe. Evolution by democratic spoiler vote attrition gets results.

    1. A coat hanger bleed out is an appropriate end to a murdering cunt.

    2. What...the fuck are you talking about?

  46. I'd compare Trump to a scratchy record (yes, I'm dating myself.)
    At some point the 'noise' generated by the scratches overwhelms the music, and Trump passed that point long ago.

  47. FINALLY evidence of Democrat shenanigans comes to light!

    Democrat leader tries to get Democrat governor in swing state to "recalculate" the numbers until his preferred candidate wins. Can you believe it?

    1. I think he asked him to "find" the votes, in an exact amount that would allow him to just barely win. Where does that fall in terms of the election fraud to treason spectrum?

      That democrat is going to be in huge trouble! Has Nardz heard about this yet?!

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  49. So you're saying Trump sucked at being sucky?

  50. It's not that Trump lacked the "competence, self-discipline, and functional attention span to bring his worst autocratic impulses to fruition" -- it's that he lacked the ability to do so. And that's by design. There are a lot of roadblocks built into the system to keep a president from becoming a dictator, including Congress, an independent judiciary, the sovereignty of state governments, and limitations on federal power generally. The freedom of speech and of the press are also significant limitations, at least as long as they are taken seriously, and Trump has faced a more hostile media than any recent president. Unlike, say, Obama, Trump also faced considerable opposition from within the executive branch itself. Regardless of his desires, Trump had less effective control over the levers of government than any president I can remember.
    There are many things you can say about Trump, but it's preposterous to call him a dictator.

  51. "the sort of fare you'd expect any Republican commander in chief to serve up"

    Or Democrat, but you couldn't bring yourself to say that.

  52. Writing in Politico, Zachary Karabell enthuses: "Biden could be the first president in modern history to acknowledge that office has become too powerful, and finally scale it back."

    He could have added:

    Biden could be the first president in modern history to ride a pink unicorn around the Capitol, singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.

    That is as likely to happen.

  53. Thank the Heavens we had Obama and now Joey and Harry to save the world. Trump may be a bombastic twit, but at least he fought the establishment and is a free thinker. That is the reason the DC Swamp and the Marxist media hate him. He is poison to their stupid agenda. And there is about 80 million who have plans to wreck the Marxist agenda, steamroll Gates, Soros, Schwab, Fauci and the rest of the Commie cable.

  54. Thank the Heavens we had Obama and now Joey and Harry to save the world. Trump may be a bombastic twit, but at least he fought the establishment and is a free thinker. That is the reason the DC Swamp and the Marxist media hate him. He is poison to their stupid agenda. And there is about 80 million who have plans to wreck the Marxist agenda, steamroll Gates, Soros, Schwab, Fauci and the rest of the Commie cabal.

  55. If you think Trump is a dictator, wait to you see the Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi axis in power. You won't even be able to say "Mother", "Father", "Brother" or "Sister" and any other word that hints at gender. And think, Reason championed these people to power.

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