Democrats Push $2,000 'Survival Checks' to Make Up for the 'Woefully Inadequate' $5 Trillion Federal Relief Effort

Progressives want to spend an additional $435 billion to help people who've lost neither jobs nor income weather the pandemic.


The United States government has gone through a nearly unprecedented fiscal expansion to combat the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic and related business shutdowns. The roughly $5 trillion in relief funds approved by Congress dwarfs the federal government's response to the Great Recession.

You wouldn't know this from listening to the country's progressive lawmakers who are now pushing for $2,000 "survival checks" for all Americans to make up for this heartlessly stingy multi-trillion federal relief effort.

As soon as President Donald Trump signed the $908 billion Response and Relief Act on Sunday—which included $600 stimulus payments for both adults and their children, in addition to billions in unemployment benefits, small business aid, and emergency rental assistance—Democrats lobbied for more.

On Christmas Eve, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), alongside Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D–Mich.), Pramila Jayapal (D–Wash.), Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.), and Ayanna Pressley (D–Mass.) unveiled legislation which would provide $2,000 checks for adults, plus $600 for children. That money would help correct for the "woefully inadequate relief" provided to Americans thus far during the pandemic, the quintet of lawmakers said in their press release.

The progressive "squad" is not alone in being disappointed with this new relief law.

Trump briefly threatened to sink this latest round of legislation unless it included $2,000 stimulus payments (plus some marginal cuts to foreign aid) saw most Democrats jump on the issue, with both Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) expressing support.

On Sunday, Pelosi went so far as to describe the almost $1-trillion-dollar relief legislation she helped craft as "a down payment on what is needed to crush the virus, put money in the pockets of the American people and honor our heroes."

On Monday evening, the Democrat-controlled House passed a proposal backed by Pelosi to increase the individual payments in the Response and Relief Act to $2,000 for both adults and children. That bill would also expand the number of eligible adult dependents that would qualify for these payments.

Should it pass, the bill would add $435 billion to the costs of the legislation, bringing its total costs up to roughly $1.3 trillion, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The sudden enthusiasm among Democrats for $2,000 "survival checks" is obviously motivated in part by political opportunism. It's an easy issue on which to shame congressional Republicans—most of whom remain opposed to higher stimulus check spending—for being stingier than the current Republican president.

According to proponents, it's also a matter of dire necessity and one that will bring the U.S.'s pandemic response in line with the relief efforts enacted by other developed countries.

"Did you know Canada gave unemployed citizens $2,000 a month for 4 months to help them get through the pandemic?" Omar tweeted. "It's time for us to do the same."

The Canadian government's supposed generosity has been a mainstay of progressive calls for more aid.

Canada didn't provide its citizens with a $2,000 near-universal stimulus payment like the one Democrats are pushing, but rather $2,000 in monthly unemployment benefits to folks who'd lost jobs or income because of the pandemic. As numerous wonks have pointed out, that's notably less generous than the $600 weekly unemployment benefit provided for in the $2.3 trillion CARES Act passed back in March, which resulted in some two-thirds of jobless workers earning more in unemployment than they were making at their old jobs.

These comparisons with our northern neighbor are misleading. They're also representative of how Democrats are choosing to frame the $600 stimulus checks that just passed as the sum total of relief that the federal government is providing.

A casual follower of the discourse on coronavirus relief would be forgiven for not knowing that the Congress passed legislation that includes not just those checks but also $325 billion in aid to small businesses, $120 billion to fund 11 weeks of $300 weekly enhanced unemployment benefits, $25 billion in emergency rental assistance, and $13 billion in additional spending on food aid.

Despite their rhetoric about aiding the destitute with "survival" checks, Democrats are going on the warpath for billions more in spending that will mostly benefit people who are still pulling a paycheck, and likely haven't lost any income during the pandemic.

When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) says that we need direct payments to help people pay the rent and "put food on the table," he's ignoring the billions spent specifically on helping people pay the rent and put food on the table.

This purposeful obfuscation of the trillions in relief provided thus far should infuriate people regardless of their political orientation. Liberals should be mad at the prospects of money that could be spent helping the destitute going instead to the comparatively well-off. Debt-mindful conservatives should be steaming at the idea of spending an additional $435 billion in untargeted aid during a year when the deficit has grown to a record $3.1 trillion.

Libertarians should be aghast at this attempt to hoodwink the public into forgetting the massive expansion in the size and scope of the state over the past year.

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  1. I’m in. Whaddya say, Mitch? Let’s not get bogged down with ideological offsets and unrelated items and just DO THIS! The American people deserve it. @senatemajldr

    — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) December 23, 2020

    Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks. At last, the President has agreed to $2,000 — Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!

    — Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) December 23, 2020

    Chuck and Nance should probably get together on tone and messaging. (And Pelosi should be canceled for normalizing Trump.)

    Yes, this is all a very expensive farce. But how else are you supposed to know who to vote for next go.

    1. Don’t worry. They get a once a decade opportunity to choose voters before the next election.

      1. “the next election”

        I see someone is overly hopeful.

        1. I didn’t say free and fair. Even North Korea has elections.

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    4. “Money from the government is free”, a foundational liberal creed, shows its universal appeal when it generates legions of RINOs.

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  2. Wait! Trump signs the bill after demanding that $2,000 checks be included but being stonewalled by his own party. Then, AOC and the Squad outpolitic Trump by demanding $2,000 be included after the bill has been signed. I’m ready for the Art of the Deal by AOC book deal.

    1. AOC really did nothing but accept the political gift that Trump gave them on a silver platter.

  3. Great, now he can sign @RashidaTlaib and I’s amendment to bring the $600 checks to $2k

    Emphasis added. Yet another reason AOC deserves more power: to implement Newspeak.

    1. Twitter has turned everyone into a retard.

      1. Revealed, not made.

  4. Like I said a few days ago, I would have actually been okay with just sending out a cash payment to every man, woman, and child in the US if it hadn’t been attached to all the other bullshit they passed. Hell, $2K is even cheaper on a per-capita basis than the total of this most recent bill.

    Canada’s spending could actually end up being a problem because global trade isn’t pegged to their currency, and that kind of spending had a noticeable impact on their national debt, which wasn’t particularly high to begin with.

    1. What kind of person brings up Canada in a discussion about US government affairs?

      1. The weird author.

      2. Your ally AOC

      3. wow dee, that was stupid even for you

      4. What kind of person brings up Canada in a discussion about US government affairs?

        You mean, the country who’s name appears no less than 10 times in the piece your commenting on?

  5. Aren’t these “stimulus payments” merely an advance on 2021 tax refunds or is that just for “high income earners?” I didn’t spend the last stimulus check as I didn’t consider it “found money.”

    1. I thought that was the payroll tax withholding?

    2. “Aren’t these “stimulus payments” merely an advance on 2021 tax refunds ”


  6. Didn’t Reason run two articles yesterday calling Trump a cuck for not getting the $2000 payments?

    1. He’s a cuck for signing the porkulus bill.

      1. But that wasn’t the point of the articles. I can understand why one might assume that a “libertarian” magazine’s coverage of the bill would focus on all of the pork. But TDS requires the focus being on a loss for Trump and him looking bad.

  7. Well thank God we voted Joe Biden and the Progressives into power or we wouldn’t have a hope of seeing these $2000 stimulus checks that are going to pull us out of this pandemic. If they can add student-loan debt forgiveness, free health care, subsidized housing for all, the creation of millions of new jobs based on eliminating fossil fuels, plus eliminating the Electoral College, eliminating equal representation of the states in the Senate, eliminating the Second Amendment and restricting the First Amendment, packing the Supreme Court, restoring our give-aways to China, Iran, and the Palestinians, dialing back our support for those filthy stinking Jews, starting a few wars, and blocking Republicans from ever again winning an election, I would say that’s an acceptable price to pay for getting Donald Trump to quit saying mean things on Twitter.

    1. We are just now priming the SleepyJoe spending pump.

    2. The rest of those policies are gonna have to wait until the traditionally red state of Georgia elects a socialist senator in its fair election.

  8. “Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks.”

    “…so we erred on the side of caution and tried to give tiny checks to Americans and huge checks to 3rd world gender affirming warlords”

  9. $2,000 just isn’t enough to survive on. Maybe if it was $2,000 a week……..

    1. Let’s just make it 2 grand a day.

      1. I like the cut of your jib.

  10. An article with a bunch of tweets from the far left commie squad. Yay libertarians.

    1. Libertarians only appear in the comment section.

      Back of the bus, you see.

    2. On Christmas Eve, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), alongside Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D–Mich.), Pramila Jayapal (D–Wash.), Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.), and Ayanna Pressley (D–Mass.)…

      Just when “The Squad” couldn’t get any hotter:

    3. Re-read the last two tweets.

  11. “Great, now he can sign @RashidaTlaib and I’s amendment…”

    “I’s” amendment???

    Every teacher and professor who did not give AOC a failing grade should commit ritual suicide.

    1. To be fair, the internet is the only place on earth where a single minor error elicits the kind of outrage you’re displaying. In a classroom it’s simply a 98 instead of a 100.

      1. You are aware that single means one, aren’t you? Are you aware that the first person possessive is “my”? It is significantly more than a minor error.

        She had done more to destroy the value of a college degree than anyone in human history. That is the real reason she supports student loan forgiveness. She knows from first hand experience how worthless they are.

      2. It does seem minor compared to the fact that she graduated with a degree in Economics, and then actually claimed that unemployment is so low “because everybody is working two jobs”.

    2. That is supposed to be Alexandria I of New York’s.

  12. Hey votes aren’t cheap, and neither is signaling. But that aside, this is really just another step toward UBI, and eventually resolving the problem with “inequity.” There is 0 doubt that is the real agenda of this “squad.”

  13. Watching right-wing nutjobs melt down and blame Biden for the things Donald Trump is actively and intentionally doing is the only joy I have left in this world.

    You did this to yourself.

    You turds elected a corrupt New York con man democrat gameshow host to be the leader of your party. He despises you and spits on the very concept of having an ideology, much less your ideology.

    You did this to yourself.

    You threw the deficit hawks and the individual rights people out of your party for not getting in line. You spent four years screeching about picking the lesser evil, as you affirmatively chose evil even when given numerous chances to choose good.

    You did this to yourself.

    The great irony of 2016-2020 will be that Bernie Sanders and the squad never managed to bring socialism to the United States. They tried to sell people on it directly and failed miserably. Nobody wants capital S socialism in their country, with the bread lines and the border controls and the strangling of all economic activity through central control, but what they DO want is $2000 checks and badges of virtue and someone to make sure that rights don’t get “abused”. For true socialism to be accomplished in America we apparently needed Trump.

    You did this to yourself.

    1. Senile SleepyJoe will fix everything.

    2. Fuck off Screech.

    3. You did this to yourself.

      Say that a little more and you might actually get a couple of people to believe it.

      The fact of the matter is that the “small government” Republican party hasn’t been practicing what it preaches for a long time, and even when they do try to ramp things back, the educational and mass media complex goes into overdrive about how enforcing only 90% of the previous regulations rather than 100% caused bad shit to happen.

      The “party of personal responsibility” bailed out banks for committing securities fraud and causing a recession in the process. They sat back while libertarian-ish tech industries were taken over by radical leftists and their own “personal property” principles used against them to strangle free speech and dissent against the left-liberal consensus, and let colleges kill the principle of due process and bring Safteyism into the mainstream because they stupidly thought “well, just wait until they get into the real world, no one will care about their temper tantrums.” Surprise, motherfucker! Apparently a high school kid can now guilt-trip Webster’s into changing the definition of racism, because a drug-addicted ex-felon and deadbeat dad overdosed on Fentanyl during the course of a traffic stop.

      They never understood that politics is downstream from culture.

      So spare us the performative outrage. It’s sheer delusion and you look stupid for arguing it.

    4. You are right on the money. The Republican have met the enemy and it is themselves.

      1. Corporatism FTW, huh? All those hunky Top Men?

        1. I don’t care if they are hunky, as long as they are wise public servants doing what’s best for the citizens.

          1. Haven’t seen one of those yet. Got any examples?
            Besides our new savior, SleepyJoe ?

          2. “as they are wise public servants doing what’s best for the citizens”

            White knight that one White Knight.

    5. “He despises you and spits on the very concept of having an ideology, much less your ideology.”

      “Your ideology” huh, I smell a concern troll.
      Interesting too how you put huge stock in ideology over pragmatism. That’s the domain of the wokes and is as creepy as fuck you know.

      “You threw the deficit hawks and the individual rights people out of your party for not getting in line.”

      Oh? Who? Who were the “deficit hawks and individual rights people” who were turfed?

      “what they DO want is $2000 checks and badges of virtue and someone to make sure that rights don’t get “abused”. For true socialism to be accomplished in America we apparently needed Trump.

      Sticking the stimulus in the grubby paws of the plebs is far more “socialist” than handing it to Top Men and captains of industry? I’m pretty sure that I know exactly what you are.

      Poor fucking Jeff, he’s too much of a prog and a fascist corporatist to be concern trolling fifty-centing on a libertarian website.

    6. The format of this post has me convinced that you plagiarized it from some lefty blog, lefty.

      1. This is the sort of thing I’m talking about and why I can no longer take the GOP seriously: Somewhere along the way, and the closer I look the further back it seems to have been, the party’s commitment to freedom and limited government became more and more performative and it is just now reaching the point of complete transparency. Somewhere along the way opposing “the left” became more important than actually standing for something. Now we see the fruits of compromise and of choosing the lesser evil and the best part is I don’t even need to argue it anymore. There’s no need for me to further say “Yes, but at what cost?” Maybe I’m a “loser” who would rather throw a tantrum than take a seat at the bargaining table but ask yourself, truly ask yourself, how has that bargaining table worked out for you? Now you’re left with nothing. At least I still have my principles, down-trodden as they are.

        1. Somewhere along the way opposing “the left” became more important than actually standing for something

          You do realize that “opposing the left,” as you pejoratively frame it, is an actual position, yes? And what, pray tell, is exactly wrong with opposing them? Why shouldn’t they be opposed?

          Now we see the fruits of compromise and of choosing the lesser evil and the best part is I don’t even need to argue it anymore.

          What compromise, specifically? You act as if Trump was some phenomenon that just happened out of the blue, and instantly changed the landscape of the Republican party specifically. I mean, really, have you been paying ANY fucking attention, or bothered reading about, the evolution of American politics since the Progressive Era kicked off? Do you realize that this supposed government bad/government good duality you think existed was a lot more complex, and that even “small government” conservatives supported Progressive and New Deal-era programs?

          At least I still have my principles, down-trodden as they are.

          What principles, exactly? When in the last 120 years have your particular socio-political preferences been dominant within the national culture? When was the last time they were actually put into practice, with beneficial results–the Gilded Age, maybe?

        2. That’s a whole lot of bs as a response to me making fun of the over dramatic format of your post.

    7. is the only joy I have left in this world

      Perhaps you should take a moment and reflect on why it is you’re such a miserable fuck.

    8. Ironically, What Republicans “did this to yourself” STILL is the “better” choice when it comes to what Democrats do…

  14. I lost more than $2k when one of my clients decided to leave California because of California’s Lockdown BS. Soooo maybe that will help even though I made more money than last year. If there handing it out I’m it taking since I need a new outboard motor

  15. Canada did $2,000/monthly. The US is the richest nation on earth and a 2nd stimulus check is getting blocked bc GOP want corporate bailouts & austerity in “exchange” for it @aoc

    Nice to see that Twitter has stopped flagging tweets as “disputed” or “misleading about civic processes”.

    1. The $2000 monthly was a taxable emergency unemployment insurance payment you could apply for if you lost your job due to Covid. It only lasted for five months and was only given to those who were unemployed due to lockdowns.

      It sure as hell wasn’t a stimulus payment that everyone received.

      AOC is such a fucking liar.

      1. And now we see why the incredibly stupid take of “why do Canadians pay attention to US politics herp derp I need a gotcha and YOU’RE CANADIAN is my best shot!!!”

        1. It’s not my fault I’m retarded.

  16. We can finally borrow our way to prosperity. Another trillion or two in debt for the taxpayers to pay back will be SO helpful.

  17. So, Bernie and the squad tell baldface lies and the MSM gives their assertions glowing coverage? Que shocking.

    Meanwhile Trump, being an imbecile who gives no shits about anyone or anything but Trump, appears to be doing everything he can to insure that the Dems control the Senate.

    Those out there that are zealous in your support of one or the other of these corrupt entities – this is what you’re doing to the rest of us.

  18. At this rate, we’re going to need a $100 trillion stimulus before we make a dent in anyone’s life.

  19. First this is a farce. We need to help people but that should be directed at those in need. We should be backing up the safety nets (unemployment, Medicaid, SNAP and housing support) and not handing out money to everyone. This is another example of an administration that incompetent. Yes, I know I am picking on Trump again, but he deserves every bit of the criticism.

    As for the Progressives, I see them as little more than a mosquito on a person’s ass, an annoyance. But the Republican have tried to paint them as the power in the Democratic party and in doing so gave them too much credit. Well now the Republican are getting paid back with interest. And what are they doing, they are jumping on the Progressive band wagon, Trump, Hawley, Loffler, Perdue all saying we need bigger checks.

    You can knock the moderate centrist, but at least we think about what we do.

    1. “We need to help people”

      No one is stopping you from bankrupting yourself doing so.

      But how did you gain agency over the rest of us and add us to your “we” as though you own us?

      1. M4E is a statist. The crazy thing is he thinks he’s a moderate.

    2. Except for all the studies that show intellect peaks close to the ideological poles, and is lowest in the middle.

      1. Uh….nice try, but no. The most thoughtful people are around the middle and understand that neither side has a monopoly on helpful policy.

        The idiots are out on the ends just screaming back whatever their leadership tells them to say.

        1. “Uh….nice try, but no”

          Convincing. The intentional verbal tic while writing really screams credible.

        2. Fuck off Moderation4ever

        3. The dumbest people are in the middle, and I can provide cites for 12 different studies demonstrating that. Here’s the first, tell me if you want more:

          So, where are your cites?

    3. You’re putting all of this on Trump and saving none for Pelosi/Sanders and the terminally imbecilic AOC? They’ve leapt at the opportunity to spend money we ain’t got.

    4. Moderation – the progressives are the most dangerous of any of our political groups.

      They don’t hesitate to harm us physically – they’re responsible for more political violence than all the other groups combined. They harm us economically, as they constantly await the opportunity to mob up on some unfortunate person to ruin their employment or educational opportunity.

      Their policies are ruinous to liberty and they collectively are as racist as any group we’ve got.

      1. No Progressive are not the most dangerous any more that the Tea Party. They are loud groups and that is all. Most people are centered and will remain centered. I think people have had enough of the far left and the far right and are ready for the boring middle.

    5. “This is another example of an administration that incompetent.”

      This is an example of a public education that incompetent.

    6. Dude, you really aren’t a moderate centrist.

      1. Really. How do you then define a moderate centrist?

        1. Well for starters we’re going to have to move your Overton window at least slightly to the right of Khmer Rouge pamphlets.

    7. Not everyone is getting the $2K. There is an income threshold.

      1. True but many don’t need the money and it should be given to those that do need it.

  20. Ultimately the lockdowns have to be lifted so the economy can begin to function again. Government checks aren’t a substitute for a functioning economy.

    But I doubt the lockdowns will be lifted soon. The political and chattering classes are giddy with pleasure over the lockdowns and don’t want them to end, ever. People who aren’t affected economically get to be Big Scolds and they’re getting off on it, so they don’t want the lockdowns to end either.

    1. Lockdowns? What lockdowns? You think you are under lockdown? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      1. He’s calling a lid on the country

    2. You do understand there is a pandemic?

      1. Which the lockdowns are utterly ineffective at quelling.

        1. What lockdowns? You’re blaming the infection rates experienced by a country not in lockdown on nonexistent lockdowns. Paging Dr. Orwell!

          1. Just because it isn’t affecting you personally doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Whatever happened to all the empathy you fucking people supposedly have?

            1. You have got to give up the magical thinking dude. It’s not “lockdown vs. freedom.” There’s a highly contagious deadly disease in the mix. Ignoring it means not only prolonging the changes to society that result, but also even more impositions later on because you let the problem get out of control. Rinse and repeat for climate change.

              Stop being useless.

            2. Tony is free to be a bugchaser but you have to wear a mask in the woods because reasons.


    District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner – sister of former Democrat gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams – also founded ‘Fair Fight’, an advocacy group fighting against voter suppression…

  22. I am a liberal, and even I think the $2000 for everyone is a bad idea. But I do like watching the Rs squirm.

  23. 2020 will be remembered as the year we lost fiscal sanity. I’m 70 and may not live to see the shit hit the fan. But it will.

    1. It already is —
      Almost everything I’ve bought two years ago is worth more USD-wise today; used, than it was two years ago new…… EVEN electronics! The market with the most depreciation through time.

  24. This article does not in any way reflect a libertarian perspective. Look at what the CARES Act actually did — it bailed-out Wall Street, promising an unprecedented $3+ trillion in Federal Reserve liquidity. Nine months later, billionaire net worth is up 20%. This is an unprecedented upwards redistribution of wealth. A second $2,000 check doesn’t even come close to reimbursing average Americans, who will by paying for this (mostly through higher prices and recession once the next bubble bursts) for many years to come.

    Reason Magazine is propaganda for people who use the power of the state to fill their pockets.


    Multiple hotels have shut down and canceled reservations ahead of Trump’s big protest on January 6th in DC

    BLM and other communist organizations have been pressuring hotels in the area to shut down accusing them of housing White Supremacists

    Welcome to communism

    1. There are no communists, which makes it very curious why you are so concerned with nonexistent communists taking over but not the threat of real white supremacists taking over.

      1. Oh yes there are communists.

        1. There are people who call themselves that very occasionally in academia, and some misguided youth. But they don’t have any power whatsoever, and won’t any time soon, so anyone talking about them is trading on lies to scare people.

          We should not fear nonexistent communists, but we should fear the people fearmongering about them, because fearmongering about communists is what the bad people always do, from McCarthy to Hitler.

          1. You’ve retreated from the bailey of “there are no communists” to the motte of “we have no need to talk about the communists that are there.”

            Maybe, or maybe you just say wrong things a lot.

            1. So point to the communist who is a threat to win an election on a city council, let alone in Congress.

              Then explain why I should fear that communist on a city council more than the fascists in the White House.

            2. Also explain why in all your endless hysteria about communists you forgot to care about any authoritarians who aren’t communists. And America has a mixed record to say the least on that score, even if we have been very persistent at fighting communists.

              You sure you’re working for the right goals?

              1. Because, in the 20th century, fascists murdered ~10 million, all in the name of the Master Race, while communists killed over 110 million ostensibly in the name of the working class, giving each according to their need. At least fascists knew what they were doing. If the fascists were as foolish as your average communist, the Nazis would have turned Germany into Israel.

                And since communists killed so many people last century, I think they’re worth ignoring just as much as libertarians are for their lack of political power. Maybe it’s worth making a hobby of complaining about them on the internet for a decade or so, eh, Tony?

                I do concede that Trump is as much of a fascist as Bernie Sanders, the squad, and many other Democrats are communists, but the market in bitching about Trump has already been cornered. The world really doesn’t need me there, or you, for that matter: it’s tedious.

                I do concede that Trump is as much of a fascist as

                1. If you’re ranting about nonexistent communists, you’re kind of being the fascist. Bernie is not a communist in the way that Trump is a fascist, because there are no communists. Your problem is with authoritarian regimes, so why don’t you just say that? Because you want to leave room for defending Hitler relatively speaking like you just did?

                  Communism failed and thanks largely to the US no longer exists. It’s a phantom menace. So if your politics involve going after nonexistent communists, other leftists, and pick the scapegoat du jour, you should check that you’re not just being a common authoritarian apologist yourself.

                  1. I’m sorry, but you already admitted there are communists. This “no true communists” bit is tedious, especially with how generous you are with the labels of fascism, white supremacy, etc.

                    1. Communism is just socialism in a hurry, so to speak.

                      For example, if Bernie Sanders isn’t a communist despite his pure socialism and his vacation habits with Moscow in the 80’s, then Trump isn’t a fascist white supremist because he has black friends.

                      Happy now?

                    2. There are also cannibals, presumably. Worry about them if you like, but in proportion to their threat to you.

                      Bernie is not a communist in rhetoric or practice. He’s not even a socialist. He calls himself a democratic socialist to align his policy beliefs with those in advanced democratic capitalist countries.

                      Either you’re talking about real socialism and communism as something real to fear, or you’re talking about labels that mean nothing.

                      At any rate, far leftists have very little power in this country. They make up a fraction of a percent of the voting public. If you’re worried about them instead of the fucking Stalinist in the White House, you’re being had, and you should be smarter.

                    3. Lenin once said that the goal of socialism is communism.

                      I’m just as relieved at the limited political power of communists as I assume you are of libertarians and the KKK, which are apparently very much worth talking about, or else your commenting over the last several years has been one huge performative contradiction.

      2. lmao… “There are no communists” …. and Hell is just a sauna.

        1. What kind of poor sap let’s McCarthy’s dead corpse dictate his thoughts all these decades later?

          If you’re talking about communists, some asshole is pulling your strings. Oligarchs who call all taxation evil or fascists who want to focus your monkey rage on someone.

          1. I’m sorry, but communists are real, and in the USA. They’re just as real as the KKK.


            If your ideology cannot survive that fact, so you have to pretend it’s not true, then you’re not a fact-based person, and I don’t know what to do with you.

            There should be a term for this: communist-denier?

            1. But do they have any political power? Do they seem like a threat to have any political power?

              And are non-authoritarian communists even that scary?

              Authoritarianism is what you’re worried about. But you’re just participating in this century-old rightwing game of confusing authoritarianism with any economic policy that distributes wealth downward instead of upward.

              All I ask is that you be aware of the bullshit you’re talking and don’t make me sad for you because I fear that you actually take it at face value. There are no clowns under your bed either, in case you happened to be latching onto that boogieman too.

              1. Libertarians don’t have any real political power, yet you’ve been trying to argue with them for about a decade now.

                I’m not scared of the communists so much, but I don’t want to attend one of their bait-and-switch rallies. Black Lives Matter, and communism would probably kill more of them than anything else.

  26. Libertarians should be aghast at all the death. The size and scope of the government is kind of an academic problem at this point.

    Trump supports $2000 checks and so do many Republicans in Congress. Sorry if this interferes with the stingy kleptocratic program of libertarianism, but it looks like populism may have won out for the time being, and it’s all down to the fact that conservatives cannot justify not spending emergency relief or stimulus money. What’s the crisis? Runaway inflation? Have wages started going up yet?

    You’re denying an easy immediate solution to a large and immediate problem because of either the phantom risk of an unlikely economic scenario or the totally unworthy complaint of libertarianism being proven wrong. If a physicist gets his pet theory proven wrong, he moves on with his life or else gets made fun of by other physicists.

    1. It’s a shitty solution to a problem the government created. It’s a classic example of the Harry Browne quote: “Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ‘See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.'”

      1. Government created the virus?

          1. Well, Trump’s government created a lot more of it.

          2. Especially at their garden parties and rallies.

        1. The virus is a social construct, Tony.
          Don’t Cytopathsplain you white man.

    2. Oh I’m aghast alright. It makes me sick to see what’s being done to my country! You scumbags are finally succeeding at getting what you’re been agitating for your entire miserable, pathetic lives: the fundamental transformation of America from a work and production based free market capitalist society where people succeed and fail on their own effort and merits, into an all-encompassing socialist welfare state where most of the population depends on the government in order to survive and expects to be taken care of.

      Which is why you’re writing your giddy pieces in the New York Times celebrating what’s going on. What a fucking nightmare.

      1. Calm down. We’ve been a welfare state the entire time you’ve been alive, and you’re the only ones who want to radically change any of those circumstances we’re so accustomed to.

        But even a laissez-faire shithole could find it prudent to collectively act in the face of a highly contagious pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands, overloading hospitals, and crumbling the economy. If it can’t handle emergencies like that then it’s not a great selling point for it, is it?

        1. ‘collectively act’ – to you that means men with guns coerce other people.

          1. Well it’s not fucking working your way.

            1. It’s not really working your way.

    3. Your definition of “solution” must be very stupid.

      1. Oh certainly $2000 checks is a highly inefficient means of keeping the economy afloat. Even more so for $600.

        Actually for that matter if I got $2000 I might just pay down a credit card, whereas $600 would probably stay in my checking account and ironically be more of a stimulus. Not that they are doing stimulus so much as trying to keep people from going into poverty during a crisis.

        What’s your solution again? Shall I do you the favor of assuming it’s not to have an orgy of deliberate infection and let God sort out the dead, like practically everyone else here?

        1. I’m pretty sure orgies won’t keep the economy afloat. Those are the stupidest straw men I’ve never seen.

          By the way, $2000 doesn’t keep the economy afloat, either.

          1. Men with straws do tend to get invited to orgies.

        2. I’m pretty sure that people are managing.

          We’re 9 months into this. The people who were going to lose their homes already lost them. Everyone else managed to adjust and are hanging on.

          In my neck of the woods people really are managing just fine – same as before. And I live in a poor county in a poor state.

          Its entirely possible – and this might blow your mind – that poor people aren’t actually living in wretched poverty, one paycheck away from dying in the street from starvation.

          1. Nice analysis of all the economic data. Even Republicans want to spend more money than they are as earlier benefits expire. But since you apparently think your gut is so smart it doesn’t even need data before making declarations about how nobody is losing their house from here on…

    4. Tony, why are you so stingy? Why are you supporting stealing bread from the mouths of children?

      How can you possibly support a tiny little 2k check when so many people are hurting?

      1. Oh you want to hear what I would do with the wealth of this country? How much time do you have?

        1. I’m sure you’re very good at spending other people’s money in a manner completely different from how you spend your own.

          1. That’s because other people have so much more of it.

            1. It’s not really my fault that my libertarianism has worked out for me, while your income from liberal arts just can’t match your ego.

              1. Which libertarian society do you live in? I’ve been wanting to visit one for ages to see how it worked out.

                1. My beliefs actually have more to do with my life than anyone else’s socialism, society not withstanding.

                  But, hey, maybe if you try really hard, that will change for you.

                  You could try prayer, too.

    5. stingy kleptocracy

      Sometimes I am certain you are a chatbot.

      1. He’s made a little list of terms he heard on Vox.

  27. Are any of the ‘conservative’ Trump-lovers worried about his abandonment of ‘conservative’ economic principles? He’s purely an opportunist looking to buy votes in 2024.

    1. I think “conservative” and “Trump-lovers” are incompatible. Your one or the other.

    2. Yes, because the eleventy trillion is all Trump, and instead of going back to the taxpayers, the stimulus should go to Pakistani Gender Studies courses and airline shareholder dividends.

  28. I think I am honestly glad I don’t have children. I can’t imagine people who hate themselves so badly that they’re willing to fuck over future-them so hard.

    1. Today’s kids have no future, but it isn’t because of the current magical spending.

  29. Doesn’t matter, we’re going to default on our debts anyway. Bottomless deficits are bipartisan.

    1. It’s amusing to see how many people here think that the establishment has any intention of paying this money back.

  30. Why not $5,000 or $10,000 per person? The Fed is an endless well of electronic money that will never run dry. The huge problem with all these payouts is that unless the government intende to end the lockdowns, masking and isolation and let people re-open businesses and the economy, these payments will need to be made on a continuous basis. They will never go away as it is designed to get people used to government checks and guaranteed income…meanwhile you have no job and no place to go.

  31. Why not $5,000 or $10,000 per person? The Fed is an endless well of electronic money that will never run dry. The huge problem with all these payouts is that unless the government intends to end the lockdowns, masking and isolation and let people re-open businesses and the economy, these payments will need to be made on a continuous basis. They will never go away as it is designed to get people used to government checks and guaranteed income…meanwhile you have no job and no place to go.

    1. If people keep going to restaurants and having grandma over for holidays, people will keep filling hospitals and the economy will suffer indefinitely.

      Someone needs to explain why not $10,000 or $50,000 if we’re using funny money anyway. It’s an emergency. It’s no time to worry about moral hazard, because of all the physical hazard. And if your ethical framework falls apart in such a crisis, you’re not judging moral hazards correctly anyway.

      1. You talk as if handouts will make a virus go away. That’s magical thinking, it’s not fact based, and it definitely isn’t scientific.

      2. You talk as if giving away $2000 is an emergency measure to make the virus go away. Where is the science on that, oh fact-based one?

        1. You make the virus go away with social distancing until everyone gets a vaccine. The money is to keep the economy at status quo until such time as it returns to normal.

          I don’t actually believe the economy should ever include starving people as an incentive for anything, but during a pandemic it’s really nobody’s fault.

          1. Communism has killed more people than all the pandemics in the last century. I’m sorry but moral hazards often become physical hazards very quickly. We have to watch out for that sort of thing.

            1. I don’t advocate communism, and I only know one person who does, and she’s nuts.

              1. I don’t know any white supremists.

                I really wish the media would stop trying to scare people with that boogie man, then.

  32. Venezuela here we come!

  33. Don’t care about libertarians’ bitching. Just gimme the money!!! And by the way, update your comments section, it’s from the 1990s!!!

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