Determined To Kill Businesses That Survived Lockdowns, New York Plans Minimum Wage Hike Later This Month

New York's unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent and roughly one-third of small businesses in New York City may have closed forever. Seems like a great time to make it more expensive to employ people, right?


In an apparent effort to finish off the businesses that survived the nightmare that was 2020, New York will go ahead with a planned minimum wage increase at the end of the month.

The New York Department of Labor announced Wednesday that it will move forward with plans to hike the state's minimum wage on December 31. Under the state's phased-in minimum wage increase that started in 2016, businesses in New York City are already required to pay workers a minimum of $15 per hour. On December 31, the minimum wage in Long Island and Westchester County will increase by $1 to $14 per hour, and the minimum wage across the rest of the state will jump from $11.80 to $12.50 per hour.

The Labor Department had considered postponing the minimum wage hikes in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated government-mandated shutdowns that have crushed businesses across New York. The unemployment rate in New York state has been above 10 percent nearly every month since March, and as many as one-third of New York City's small businesses may have permanently closed due to the pandemic. With new statewide economic lockdowns announced in recent weeks (and Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatening even more in the near future), those figures are likely to get gloomier before they improve.

Seems like a great time to make it more expensive to employ people, right?

Greg Biryla, New York director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle that the Cuomo administration's reasoning for approving the minimum wage hike "defies logic." Even with assistance from the state and federal governments, 39 percent of NFIB members say they could be out of business in the next year.

The infuriating thing is that the state is well aware of the additional burden it is creating—the Cuomo administration just doesn't seem to care. A report commissioned by the labor department to review the potential costs of hiking the state's minimum wage in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis notes that "COVID-19 has dramatically changed the economic landscape, casting doubt on whether the capacity to absorb minimum wage increases without adverse impact can continue over the near-term."

But the analysts add that "Anecdotally, our research has found examples of job openings upstate offering wages well above $12.50," and conclude that "these examples could be interpreted as evidence that upstate businesses are able to offer the wages necessary to attract the workers they need."

Yes, they discard piles of actual economic data because they found anecdotal evidence that businesses can afford to pay higher wages—and so all must.

F. A. Hayek famously wrote that politicians and bureaucrats will always lack the necessary knowledge to run the economy as well as the market can. That's often true. But here's an example of bureaucrats having all the information necessary to make what should be a very easy decision to postpone a minimum wage hike until the pandemic passes and unemployment falls—and the amount of knowledge doesn't matter as long as Cuomo's administration is determined to ignore reality.

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  1. Democrats are dumbasses and they'll never know it.

    1. Seems like a great time to make it more expensive to employ people, right?

      Yep. Fuck Hanlon's Razor, we've moved way past that. These people aren't stupid, they're evil. They're doing this shit intentionally because they want people to be dependent and beholden to government and if not on government directly at least to the crony capitalist fascists that play footsie with the government. Anybody that shows any spark of independence must be stomped down and made to conform.

      1. Individualism can simulate socialism with contracts, but socialism cannot even tolerate individualism, let alone simulate it.

        1. It's who anarcho-socialism is even more of a fantasy than anarcho-capitalism.

          Who can you possibly have any form of socialism without police to enforce the will of the socialists? It's why the anarcho-syndicalism of Spain collapsed. Some factories were making profits and trade was going on and all that horrible market stuff. No way to stop that without laws and police and government.

          I build a house, how are you doing to stop me without violence? I put a fence around my cattle, how are you going to stop me without violence? All my neighbors and I agree to a contract how are you going to stop use without violence?

          The idea that property rights will be honored in the absence of government is a tough nut to swallow, to be sure, but the idea that people will just share and share alike equally without being forced to is pure fairy tale. Bob's got a lame leg, I will share with Bob through my natural charity, but Tom is a lazy fuck who does nothing, I ain't sharing any of my hard work with Tom.

          1. Socialism in all forms doesn't work because it denies the inherent fact that property and labor have value. There is no more efficient means to allocate that value than through free markets. It really comes down to efficiency, which is why any time socialism has been tried it leads to shortages and stagnation of innovation.

            The presence of a government or not (traditional socialism vs anarcho-socialism) doesn't really change this dynamic. People value their labor and property because both have intrinsic value through their scarcity.

            1. It also denies human nature, we are not altruistic creatures. As a species we have always valued the wellbeing of our families or our tribes to a much higher degree than we value the wellbeing of complete strangers. Throughout our history we've killed lots of total strangers if we think it will help our own tribe.

              Socialism turns that on it's head, where the needs of complete strangers are prioritized above the needs of your own family. It goes against every instinct we have, and you can't get everyone to totally ignore their own instincts all the time.

              1. Yeah I think those things are strongly related. Because our property and our labor has value, we're less likely to share it with strangers. Since socialism denies that value, it assumes that people should be willing to share their property and labor.

                1. Right, or at the very least it disregards the conditions in which we might be inclined to share with strangers.

                  If I have a lot of wealth, enough to provide a high quality of living for people I care about, I'm a lot more likely to take my extra money and give it to strangers who need it. Socialism gives that no consideration and doesn't allow you to decide what a high enough quality of living is before you're forced to give to strangers. That's all decided for you, and historically those bars are set lower than a lot of people are comfortable with.

                  1. More importantly, when you voluntarily do something charitable for someone else, you get the reinforcement of feeling virtuous by making a sacrifice for someone else, and the person who receives your charity (providing they know you are the one who provided it) feels love from the giver. This builds trust in society.

                    When you are forced to give something you resent the people who forced you and possibly the person who gets your gifts. The receiver likewise resents the giver and takes the gifts as entitlements, which, when they are not there, increase resentment. This destroys trust in society.

                    Any wonder why we have gone down hill the past 80 years? Would de toqueville still be able to say "America is great because America is good?"

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              2. As a species we have always valued the wellbeing of our families or our tribes to a much higher degree than we value the wellbeing of complete strangers.

                This is inherent in all species. Read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins if you wonder why. Basically, we favor those who transmit our genes to the next generations; beings that do this are the ones whose genes survive.

                1. That's one reason.

                  The other is self interest: if I help this person now are they likely to help me later if I need it? In the case of a family member or tribe member, you feel like "Yes, they'll help me later" is the answer. This is true of people we have no genetic interest in, neighbors or members of the same Church or lots of other communities see this happen.

                  In the case of a total stranger, who knows? They might not be around or willing to help.

            2. Socialists might recognize that property and labor have value, but they will never allow the owners to determine the value--and fair exchange.

      2. All this small business really decentralizes wealth, which is very bad if you're a lefty.

        If you intend to seize wealth, it's way easier when only a few people are wealthy. If you only intend to control all the wealth via fascism, it's way easier when only a few people are wealthy.

        Having all these independently wealthy people is a nightmare for them. Very hard to control, very hard to tax efficiently, and people who have their own wealth cannot be as easily bribed into voting for you with $1200 checks.

      3. Purchasing power of a regular worker has not gone up since the late seventies, while the rich are making money head over heals. First they took away your health insurance. Then they took away your pension, then they froze your wages and increased your working hours, they raised the prices of everything you buy, then they finally shipped your job to communist china and now you work two or three jobs to make what you earned before or you sleep in your car and beg in food lines. Would you like to go back to the robber baron days when 12 year old kids worked in coal mines or spinning mills 14 hour a day, six days a week to help the family buy food?

        The 1% love ignorant people like you who are willing to work for nothing and go kill others in wars for them. You and the author of this article are an absolute unintelligent your buddy Trump, the biggest loser in history.

        1. Nowhere near up to par with the Rev. Trolling is harder than you think.

        2. And yet if given the choice to get in a time machine, exactly no one would choose to go back to the days when:
          - air conditioning was a luxury
          - cars broken down on the side of the road were a common sight
          - there was no internet
          - phones were things that had wires attached to walls
          - color TVs were just becoming common
          - medicine was cheap but only because there weren't all the new (read expensive) life-saving drugs and treatments

          Despite your claims, real purchasing power is way up. Are rich people getting even richer? Sure they are. So what? My life is better. And statistically, so is yours.

        3. You’re a delusional leftist fag.

        4. VW? You are talking about returning to the UptonSinclair visage of America here. The government interventions have been responsible for fixing evil capitalism and screwing us over with regulations depriving us of freedoms. Mostly, eliminating the value of labor as an asset. Low interest rates make tangible assets more valued. Thus those with assets get wealthier. Go out and own something besides an opinion and prosper.

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    4. Millions of us have been trying to teach them about cause & effect, logic, rational thinking, the U.S. Constitution but their "answer" seems to be, "We're from the government and we know what's best."
      Someday, far in the future (if there is a future), our descendants will be telling the stories about governments that had no income because they taxed & regulated productive people into oblivion. It's the same tale as the goose that laid the golden egg but updated to today's stupid public officials.

  2. I love the picture where he is pulling down his mask with his gloved hand which defeats the specific purpose of both items of PPE.

    Believing this guy gives the slightest shit about science is a mistake that will continue to kill people until he is recalled or someone puts a bullet in his head.

    1. until he is recalled or someone puts a bullet in his head

      It's wishful thinking to hope he's going to be recalled - NYers are apparently masochists who love their masters the more the harder they're beaten. It doesn't take any strength to force people to do what they want to do in the first place, it takes strength to force them to do what they don't want to do and Cuomo absolutely loves looking like a strong man. The more Cuomo can enforce brutal edicts, the stronger he looks and who doesn't love a strong man?

      1. Worked for Stalin, why not for Cuomo? New Yorkers reportedly love the guy, and the stronger he gets, the more they seem to love him:

        David Sirota, a former aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign, said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) soaring approval ratings during the coronavirus pandemic are partially due to the country’s politics becoming more “shallow.”

        A recent poll showed Cuomo has 81 percent approval among New Yorkers as the state battles COVID-19.

        “It says that our politics have gotten pretty shallow,” Sirota said on Hill.TV’s “Rising” Friday.

        “When you couple it with what Cuomo has done, not moving as quickly to take the steps that needed to be taken, cutting Medicaid in the middle of a pandemic, putting forward an austerity budget that cuts basic public services, public education and the like while he repeatedly refuses Democratic legislation to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires in New York," he added.

        “When you put all that and the policies together, you ask yourself, how can Andrew Cuomo be so popular?” Sirota asked. “And what you’re left with is the fact that if you’re on television making declarative statements and if you happen to have a brother who runs a major show on CNN and get to banter with your brother on CNN, then you can still be popular in the middle of an emergency that you aren’t handling all that well.”

        1. ""“When you couple it with what Cuomo has done, not moving as quickly to take the steps that needed to be taken, cutting Medicaid in the middle of a pandemic, putting forward an austerity budget that cuts basic public services, public education and the like while he repeatedly refuses Democratic legislation to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires in New York,” he added.""

          Cuomo is trying to play NY'er against the feds. I heard him talk about his budget cuts will take place if the feds don't hand over more money.

          1. NYC, come for the closed restaurants, stay for the insane tax rates and asshole inhabitants.

        2. A recent poll showed Cuomo has 81 percent approval among New Yorkers as the state battles COVID-19.

          “It says that our politics have gotten pretty shallow,” Sirota said on Hill.TV’s “Rising” Friday.

          No, it says that people in NY are fucking morons.

      2. If there is anything (city) New Yorkers hate, it is New Yorkers. They are stacked right on top of each other, and see people doing shit that bugs them every day. They have to walk past them in the park. They have to ride the train with them. They have to crowd into a small convenience store to shop for dinner with them.

        Most don't have a car to keep them separated. When they try to escape into the privacy of their home, they hear those New Yorkers talking outside in the hall, stomping on their ceiling and looking into their windows. It is a miserable existence.

        Their loathing of their neighbor is so complete, and their faith in that person's capacity for self control so low, that they welcome every chance for the government to tell them what to do. Sure it may be a little opressive, but they would rather knuckle under than give the idiots they see each day enough freedom to be even more annoying. To them, the only thing keeping humanity from ripping each others' throats out is the stern, straight talking Cuomo they see on TV each day.

        1. And this is why, historically, systems of law have operated on the level of the city, and the laws of the city didn't apply outside of cities.

          A lot of modern internal conflict is driven by the imposition of urban laws outside of the cities they originated in.

          1. And that is precisely what makes so terrifying the prospect of LA and NY controlling the presidency if the Dems get their way and abolish the electoral college.

        2. If there is anything (city) New Yorkers hate, it is New Yorkers.

          Maybe they are not as dumb as they look.

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  4. Small businesses are typically owned by individuals, or a family group. They generally will vote for republicans.
    Why does it surprise anyone that the democrats want them to go out of business and disappear?

    1. Maybe true from medium sized businesses, but in my experience, patronizing mom and pop stores and working in restaurants in my youth, small business owners are a pretty liberal group.

      You have to keep in mind that most small businesses fail pretty quickly. (Because they contribute absolutely nothing useful to the community)

      1. I don't know it's fair to say it is because they do nothing useful for the community. When you consider all the factors that need to align for a company to be successful, it's hardly surprising that most will fail.

        Plus even a business that fails can have a net positive for the community. Sometimes the community is actually benefitting at the expense of those running the business. If they were operating at a loss for a period while they were hoping to gain enough market share to allow economies of scale to kick in.

      2. Perspective?
        "small business owners are a pretty liberal group"
        "most small businesses fail pretty quickly"
        Hmmm.... Is there a coincidence there? lol... 🙂

  5. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    1. The Hugo Chavez plan: 1. Raise the minimum wage. 2. Take over the energy sector (Green New Deal) 3. Stack the courts 4. Use Dominion Voting to insure you always win.
      RESULT: Go from richest country in South America to poorest in ten short years and die with $4 billion in your bank account.
      See Hillary et al. The oligarchs hate Donald Trump.

  6. It's not a surprise. Government views business as enemies of the people because profits are immoral and coercion is a virtue.

    1. You cannot be a libertarian and believe profits are immoral. So you've been pushing people for proof that you're a leftist and there it is, profits are immoral.

      1. Government views business as enemies of the people because it creates human resources (VALUE) and thus are immoral and coercion (POWER) is a virtue.

        Well Said...

  7. I saw something from a while back which typifies statists. It's only semi-relevant here, but it's funny to me.

    Massive flood may have led to China's earliest empire

    All about finding evidence for the legendary floods which triggered formation of China's legendary first dynasty.

    This particular quote grabbed my attention: "If the findings hold up, they could lend credence to early historical texts and help resolve a long-running debate over the origins of China and its people."

    The first mistake is conflating "China" and a government. "China" is a society, formed by people acting spontaneously. An emperor is just the chief thief of a kleptocracy who could not have existed with the prior existence of the society, and who emphatically did not create the society or the people who created the society.

    The second mistake is "China and its people." The people are China. "China" as a concept exists because the people created, spontaneously, the society which is known as "China".

    To me, this is a perfect example of what is wrong with statists. They put State first, people last, and think society is created by the State.

    This minimum wage raise, the lockdowns, everything is a perfect match for what is wrong with that four year old article. It is so ingrained in people's minds that no one at the magazine batted an eye at the phrase; I'd bet 90% of them could not understand my complaint even if I explained it to them.

    1. ""To me, this is a perfect example of what is wrong with statists. They put State first, people last, and think society is created by the State.""

      If you don't put state first, who will enforce gender identity?

      1. And who will enforce mask mandates and white fragility classes? New York is going back to the 1970s when the whole city collapsed under its Democratic leadership and Lee Iacocca and Rudy Giuliani had to sort their mess out. Meanwhile: feelings and awards and censorship and doublethink.

    2. I've often said that the Declaration of Independence is our foundational document, it's why we celebrate the Fourth of July and 1776 - we became a free and independent people on the day we said we were free, not on the day the King of England was forced to agree and certainly not on the day the Constitution established that necessary evil known as government. The Declaration is a sacred document, the Constitution is not. The establishment of our government is not something that should be celebrated.

      1. Great post, Jerry.

      2. Mr. Skids is on a roll today.

      3. The Declaration is the philosophy of the nation, the Constitution contains the operating instructions.

        1. Instructions for operating a federal government...

          1. Supposed to be instructions for a limited federal government.

            WTF happened?

      4. Great thoughts. But I still view the Constitution as a remarkable effort to attempt to put in place the ideas of the DOC.

    3. Also, good evidence that the Chinese bureaucracy halted societal progress for two thousand years. Lots of different governments over the millennia but the bureaucracy was nearly constant.

      All those early inventions and innovations, then nothing for two thousand years. The great stagnation.

      1. Almost. Each dynasty lasted several hundred years and absolutely suffocated society. Then they'd expire from decadent corruption, there'd be several hundred years of warlords, sometimes even getting some innovative progress, like exploring as far as Madagasgar, inventing paper, gunpowder, printing from type ... and right back to suffocating dissent to stay in power.

        The last dynasty, the Ming I think, fell apart about the time the foreigners began picking off pieces, the 1700s, and in some ways, Mao just started a new dynasty. Xi seems to be returning to suffocation and will be noted in the history books as the start of the downfall of Mao's dynasty.

        1. I heard something I thought was interesting in an interview with someone from China regarding lockdowns and such. She said that in China they have no say in their government. They have rulers, not leaders. Yet the people obey without question because it's ingrained into their culture. Whereas here in the U.S. we have a say in who runs the government, and then tell it to fuck off.

        2. The last dynasty was the Qing, who took over after the Ming fell apart and the emperor hung himself in the 1640s. From what I have read there were armies of bandits in the 100s of thousands roaming the kingdom prior to the Qing stepping in and quelling the unrest.

          The history of China has always been about the police state. Those who could keep the peace, even foreigners like the Manchurian Qing could hold the Mandate of Heaven. The rebellions around 1900 and then the Japanese invasion signaled a change in the order was due and Mao claimed to have won the resulting power struggle. When nobody could shut him up as he ran away from every battle during the Long March, the people accepted his claim. The collectivization that followed is believed to have killed 80 million, but it was a mostly peaceful revolution. Just think of all those people they didn't kill.

  8. New York's government wants to be seen as doing something for the little guy. That it ultimately screws everyone is not their concern and they will blame anything else other than their own policies for any bad effects.

  9. Not to worry, Congress will keep raising the universal basic wage to ensure financial security for those left without a job when unscrupulous business owners quit paying employees after our wise experts in government forced them to close their doors.

    1. Next stop will be to forbid business owners from closing their doors, even as they are ordered to shutter their doors. It's like California taxing businesses who leave the state.

      1. I honestly could see a push for something like that in the future using an expanded PPP as justification. "We're providing you funds to pay your bills and keep people employed while creating no value." An economic perpetual motion machine.

  10. Do you know how to tell if a government rule is a bad idea?

    There's a government rule.

  11. Cuomo looks like one of the characters from planet of the apes in that picture.

    1. It's a mad house! A mad house!

    2. Racist!

  12. > New York's unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent

    That's the official unemployment rate. The number of people actually looking for a job through official channels. It does NOT count the number of people who have just given up, or been on unemployment too long, or resort to the underground economy to feed their families. The real rate is probably closer to 25%. Which is Great Depression levels of unemployment. No way to know because the government isn't collecting that data. Basically, if you're not on unemployment you don't get counted. Homeless people don't get counted as unemployed.

    Because of that anything about 3 or 4% unemployment is considered serious. 10% unemployment should be making Cuomo shit his pants. But he don't give a shit. He's flipping the finger at the unskilled unemployed by raising their barriers to employment.

    I will now invoke my Section 230 by asking why the Woodchippers have not yet been deployed.

    1. 4% unemployment is considered ideal. 3% is bad in the other way. Before lockdowns, when unemployment was 3.5, there were serious labor availability issues in my area.
      For reference, see china's nearly perfectly consistent 4% unemployment rate.

      1. as reported by China..

      2. Ideal for who? In a free labor market there is no such thing as a surplus or deficit of labor. So-called “labor availability issues” only arise because employers aren’t willing to pay the rate that will generate employees. It’s like any other product: some some don’t want to purchase at the market price and some don’t want to supply at the market price. There’s nothing bad about that.

  13. This is not very surprising. Leftists have long made clear that they either don't understand basic economics, or else think that economic laws can be ignored or "repealed".

    1. I learned from my leftist economics professor that high minimum wage laws are good, because they eliminate jobs that you wouldn't enjoy dojng. Allowing someone to do something that isn't enjoyable is somehow unethical.

      1. My wife seems to think that nothing I enjoy doing counts as work. Oddly enough, she’s a democrat.

    2. Ignorance of economics isn't limited to the left. *cough cough* trade war *cough cough*

    3. Lefties are basically the flat-earthers of economics.

  14. I’m sure Krugman will tell us the stock market is gonna fly high and the economy is gonna be perfect in 2021. Which is the ultimate contrarian signal to get out before the crash.

    1. Nah krugman has accurately predicted 47 of the last 2 recessions

  15. "You didn't build that. And if you did, we're going to crush it."

  16. Good as long as the retarded proggies that vote for the scum that burns their businesses dont move and keep their retardation local then they all deserve what they get

  17. The good news is NY will lose even more population and political relevance. The bad news is NYers will flee to more business friendly (ie red) states, and bring their voting habits with them.

    1. THIS^^^ Can we deport those a-holes back to NY or CA?

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  19. Yes, this is an absurd combination of public policies. Putting aside the debate on whether there should be a minimum wage at all, the current circumstances suggest there isn't much keeping many small businesses afloat right now.

  20. Determined To Get Re-elected, New York Plans To Buy More Votes

  21. Democrat politicians would rather businesses go out of business rather than look like they have compassion for the downtrodden.

  22. Cuomo is a malignant narcissist. He knows his political power is ending. He'll never be president after his handling of the pandemic.

    He can't have it all, so he'll destroy it.

  23. I think the key description of the leftists is that they aren't very bright. It follows from that that they can't grasp economics and aren't aware of the consequences of their policies.

    Another key aspect of their personalities is that achieving and keeping power is important to them, and the only way they are capable of doing that are what the see as 'vote buying' policies.

    But there is another big issue. These people would be powerless except that large numbers of voters vote for them. It may not have been enough votes to actually elect Biden this time without fraud, but it was enough to let fraud put Biden over the top.

    What we have are dumb, ignorant, unprincipled politicians running for office, and angry, uninformed voters electing them.

    This leads to two conclusions: 1. Democracy (or, for sticklers, the kind of republic we have) doesn't work very well and will generally fail as we see now. 2. The voters in a democracy deserve the consequences of the actions/inactions of the leaders they choose, even if they vote for them out of ignorance.

    This also leads to the conclusion that regimes such as China can actually be more effective, since they don't have to cater to or listen to their constituents. The point is that except for freedom of speech and the right to democratically choose their leaders, people in China are rapidly reaching a more modern, higher standard of living than we have in the US.

    Let's face it: Big cities in China are growing, clean, modern, and efficient. Our big cities are failing hellholes with high crime, high drug addiction, high homelessness, with garbage, used hypodermic needles, and human feces on their sidewalks.

    The US is losing, only in part because we are too stupid and greedy to deal with China effectively. The US is a failing country primarily because uninformed voters elect incompetent leaders.

    As much as I believe in freedom of speech, the right to criticize the government, and the right to vote, the evidence is growing that it doesn't really work very well.

    1. have you been to china? other than the empty ones with see through buildings their cities are as filthy as any we serve up...

  24. Democrats largely envision a poorer society. Less consumption, fewer wealthy people, and in their view, more woke. There will never be a better opportunity than now to impoverish a lot of people.

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  26. Of course, it doesn't hurt Cuomo's public image that, even while his state had the highest per capita rate of coronavirus deaths (until overtaken by New Jersey) the press was mostly fawning all over him as the Pandemic Hero, who was doing everything right. Even putting virus-positive people in nursing homes among non-infected people didn't seem to be a bad idea to the media. The magic (D) covers a host of sins.

  27. What are you complaining about? Cuomo follows the science! He's doing what Biden wants to do! And he's not Trump! Reason: you got what you liked!


  28. Despised his father who taxed CT residents whose spouses worked in NYC based on the joint Federal tax statement. He said, “If you don’t like it, sue me!” That is the time when my self employment tax bill became over 55% not counting property tax, sales tax etc.
    Andy learned from the “best”. What a $#!& head.

  29. coumo is pure proof that people are fucking stupid. not him, he's an asshole...the stupid ones elect him. if they return him it will be further proof that they have the attention span of a gnat and the brains of an amoeba

  30. I’ve always thought that Andrew Cuomo looks like a Dick Tracy villain. Him and Richard Blumenthal.

  31. Wow... Boehm on a role lately! Great article.

    "The amount of knowledge doesn't matter as long as Cuomo's administration is determined to ignore reality."

    What's sad is that'll probably be the National (Fed) ignorance level after January.

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