Americans Are in Full Revolt Against Pandemic Lockdowns

Individually and in organized groups, people are pushing back against lockdown orders.


Echoing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned city residents this week to prepare for a "full shutdown" as part of ongoing efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. The two elected officials better not hold their breath waiting for compliance. Evidence from around the country shows that many Americans are thoroughly sick of impoverishing, socially isolating lockdown orders, and are revolting against the often-hypocritical politicians who issue them.

"The governor said in a New York Times interview over the weekend that we should prepare for the possibility of a full shutdown. I agree with that," Mayor de Blasio told interviewers on December 14. "We need to recognize that that may be coming and we've got to get ready for that now, because we cannot let this virus keep growing."

The mayor commented following Cuomo's ban on indoor dining at New York City restaurants. That was issued a week after Staten Island residents cheered bar owner Daniel Presti, who was arrested for defying pandemic restrictions. Days later, Presti ran his car into a sheriff's deputy who sought to rearrest him for continuing to serve patrons. Both of the deputy's legs were broken.

While Presti's level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme, he's not alone in his opposition. From coast to coast, businesses and individuals are ignoring restrictive rules that threaten their livelihoods, stifle social contact, and threaten to strangle the necessary interactions of everyday life.

"Another shutdown just isn't an option for us," the Seven Sirens Brewing Company of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, announced last week on its Facebook page. "We, and thousands of other small businesses throughout the country simply will not survive. […] After speaking with our bank, staff members, families, attorneys, and local government officials…we have decided we will not comply with future shutdown mandates. We will continue to operate with the same, proven-safe measures we implemented 5 months ago."

The brewery is only one of many businesses listed by Pennsylvania Opening Businesses/Defying the Governor, which has over 43,000 members on Facebook as I write. The group encourages the public the patronize anybody who bucks state rules to continue offering goods and services to willing customers.

"Many readers side with businesses that may stay open in defiance of Pennsylvania's coronavirus shutdown orders," the Morning Call newspaper noted of public response to such stories.

The ReOpen Minnesota Coalition similarly represents hundreds of businesses defying closure orders and raises money for legal defense against state enforcement actions.

"The last nine months have needlessly put small business owners and employees in the regrettable position of watching their dreams evaporate before their eyes and their families go without basic necessities," the group commented this week on the effect of pandemic lockdowns. It calls for stripping Gov. Tim Walz of his emergency powers and for ignoring restrictions so that people can decide for themselves when and how to interact.

On the West Coast, many restaurants also open their doors to customers despite state orders to the contrary.

"While some of the larger chains and corporations are following the orders, many of the mom and pop shops say going to takeout only would put them out of business," ABC News reported last week.

The city council in Solvang, a tourism-fueled community in Santa Barbara County, recently voted to ignore shutdown orders that threaten locals' livelihoods. Officials "directed that the City of Solvang will not actively enforce these latest State shutdown orders, and that the City request the County and State regulators to prioritize education and that they also not enforce the orders within the City limits," according to a letter from Mayor Ryan Toussaint.

None of this should be a surprise. Small businesses have taken it in the teeth from restrictions that cut them off from customers and cash; data gathered by Yelp shows many of them closing permanently. Restaurants, which traditionally have tight profit margins to begin with, have been especially hard hit.

"Many of those in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota restaurant industry have told the Star Tribune that they feel they may never recover," the Minneapolis StarTribune reported this week.

"As of today, 17% of restaurants—more than 110,000 establishments—are closed permanently or long-term" as a result of this year's economic distress, the National Restaurant Association announced on December 7.

Fatigue with lockdown orders was predicted by experts months ago, and voiced by the public in growing numbers.

Renewed restrictions are likely to be met by "silent compliance, critical compliance or visible resistance," Britain's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) cautioned in June.

Americans "are far less willing to comply with shelter-in-place advice today than they were in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic this spring," Gallup reported last month. Forty-nine percent "say they would be very likely to stay home for a month if public health officials recommended it due to a serious outbreak of the virus in their community. This contrasts with solid majorities in the spring who said they were likely to comply with such shelter-in-place advice, including a high of 67% in late March/early April."

Politicians actively fanned the flames of resistance with their "rules are only for the little people" flouting of their own orders. Amidst a flurry of high-profile examples, California Gov. Gavin Newsom's expensive gathering with other officials at The French Laundry stands out for its arrogance. Why should regular people driven to the brink of poverty and despair pay any attention to the dictates of such creatures?

In distress and after due consideration, many Americans have decided that they shouldn't comply. Individually and in organized groups, often with the support of their communities, people are pushing back against lockdown orders that they find more threatening than COVID-19.

Mayor de Blasio, Cuomo, and their colleagues near and far may loudly announce new restrictions on life, but they're going to find ever-shrinking ranks willing to listen.

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  1. Fake picture. Only white supremacists are against COVID restrictions.

    1. Exactly. And the local media will make sure to remind you of that at every possible turn.

      1. “If you don’t vote for Biden approve COVID restrictions, you ain’t black!”

        1. Whoops. Oh well, point stands.

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        2. I like how you struck everything but “If you don’t”, because that pretty much sums up the modern culture of absolute conformity.

          1. ‘…because that pretty much sums up the modern culture of absolute conformity.’

            this author is full of it; I live in the pusillanimous state of PA, and all I see here are sheeple walking around giving me the stink eye because I wear a face shield instead of a mask…someone confronts me, and there will be blood; whose is still in question…

            1. Paranoia will destroy ya.

              1. On that note, I wonder if “Lola” will be cancelled as trans-phobic? It’s open to interpretation, admittedly.

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          2. Democrats need public beatings when they act up. That would solve most of our problems.

            1. Scofflaws like YOU who act up need to be put in their place and fined. You’ve been emboldened by Donald Trump. Thanks a pant load to Donald Trump for emboldening motherfuckers like you.

              1. I’m sorry, but the word you’re looking for is “scoffedicts”, because at no point in 10 months in any state has a single law been passed to back or support this executive madness.

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              2. Who’s gonna collect the fines? You?

                You don’t have enough cops or jail cells.

              3. The place for bootlickers like you is in a metal cage at the bottom of a swimming pool filled with nitric acid.

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    3. Only NAZIS love freedom!

      1. ok Eeyore, I am Asian-American and I love freedom, so you’re saying you are lazy and you never want to earn your paycheck, you WANT government to hold your hand?! We’re headed to a socialist society and you are a sheep! Herd on my friend, herd on!

        1. Kat,

          I want to thank you for showing us all how stupid you are and how unable you are to recognize sarcasm.

          1. What a buffoon.

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    4. You’re full of crap, you worthless little troll! Go crawl back under your rock!!!

      1. Damn, are you dumb!

    5. White supremacists made this country great and will again.


    6. Fake comment. Only white supremacists are for COVID restrictions.

    7. Thanks to all this assholes who are not complying with the Covid-19 restrictions, we’re screwed royally. Thanks to Donald Trump who emboldened these scofflaws, we’re screwed to shit. Thanks a pant load, scofflaws!

      1. Back in the spring virtually EVERYBODY complied voluntarily because nobody knew what to expect. As soon as we saw BLM protests getting a free pass, THAT’s when people really started rebelling.

      2. Please take this opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint to zero.

      3. These scofflaws were emboldened by this.

        “”However, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as
        risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national
        public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in
        the United States.”- 1200 public health experts aka quacks

      4. You are a chicken shit coward. I hope Ebola spreads in 2021 and I hope you catch it and die choking on your own bloody vomit.

    8. Only idiots and other people who don’t give a shit about others are against the Covid-19 restriction. We’re screwed–royally, thanks to the scofflaws in our midst.

      1. If you’re scared to go outside, then don’t leave your house, but please don’t presume that your fears get to govern the rest of the population’s behavior.

        Darling, you just aren’t that important.

      2. Please take this opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint to zero.

      3. Like these scofflaws?

        Did the public health establishment condemn them?

      4. You’ll be screwed royally when a civil war breaks out. Before an engagement, I’ll eat a nice greasy cheeseburger. So I can walk across a field of battle, find your body, take a greasy shit on it, and wipe my ass with your cold, dead face.

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    12. You said … While Presti’s level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme,

      I must ask ,,, When all the force is on the enforcer’s side, what is the enforced to do?
      When people live in a police state, it often calls for drastic actions.
      A police state is a place where the police and other enforces do what they are told, even when it makes no sense.
      They do this so that they can keep their jobs, pay their mortgages and all trinkets that that job supplies.
      I am against violence, but sometimes we are forced to fight wars.
      Unfortunately, this war was brought to our front doors by members of our family (country).
      This control-and-punish mentality, enforced by the elite leaders, will continue to recur until the people (you and I), get a strong voice which enables us to fight back – without violence.
      In the Presti story, that enforcer would think nothing of tasing or pepper spraying or sicing a dog on Mr Presti.
      Let’s remember, it is Mr Presti who is being abused.
      What all countries need is a PEACEFUL, but continuous revolution.
      Want a hopeful future for your children?
      the Barnes Theory of Voting

  2. Americans Are in Full Revolt Against Pandemic Lockdowns

    I haven’t read the article yet, but no they’re not. They’re not even close to ‘full revolt’. Some Americans are in revolt, others are in Total Obedience Mode, and I very much suspect it depends highly on where you live, and what the local politics are.

    I live in Democratic Socialism country, and we are in full on, goose-stepping, get-in-line, listen-to-the-science, why-the-fuck-don’t-you-have-a-mask-on-you-Trumpy-mcTrumpist! mode.

    Everyone in my goddamned person in town has adopted their regimental German accent while singing the Horst Wessel song, extolling the virtues of Great Benevolent and Enlightened Leadership in handling the worst pandemic since the Black Death.

    1. *everyone in my goddamned town has…

      1. I am not here to disagree with what is going on in your area, but the article was about business lock-downs, not masks. Assuming I am not alone, I do support encouraging folks to wear masks (not mandates), and am sick and tired of business lock-downs unless they have a scientific basis for doing so (and there is precious little of that being done). And please remember, when patronizing that “illegally-open” business, a mask really screws with the authorities ability to identify you.. or was that you? Nope, just somebody else with the same jacket….

        You have a good day!

        1. It ain’t just masks where I live, it’s the lockdowns. Masks are just the outward symbol. Businesses here are falling all over themselves to comply with every random dictat by the Ministry of Silly Walks.

          1. I know exactly what you mean. What I SHOULD have said is that wearing a mask doesn’t necessarily conflate with support for locking down the economy and ruining businesses. There are, I suspect, a LOT of folks wearing masks that aren’t nearly as “compliant” as some might want them to be.

            1. But they still spread the message of compliance and submission.

              1. I wonder how you type with all that hyperventilating.

                1. Pretty easily.

                2. I wonder how you type with all that stupidity.

                  1. Citation Sevo?

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                3. the masks stop the hyperventilating at least

                4. For somebody with your screen name, you’re certainly OK with oppression, as long as government is doing it to its own citizens. Ironic.

              2. Not if your mask says “Your mask does not protect me. This mask does not protect you.”

                1. “This mask is as worthless as Phil Murphy”

                  1. +1 goofy ass grin. Anybody else notice that his mouth is too small for the rest of his head? He looks like he has rat teeth. And he’s MY governor!

                    1. My Mother likens him to the town drunk. He really does look like the failed salesman at the corner of the bar.

            2. I wear the pointless mask because I lack the capacity to politely tell people to fuck off. If harangued by some busybody I am likely to stomp them into the dirt. Ain’t worth going to jail for.

              1. This.

                I’m so conflict-averse and unwilling to make anybody uncomfortable I wear the pointless mask (also I have to in order to enter the grocery store. And also I’m terrified of being labeled an anti-masker)

                I’m such a pussy I hate myself for it. Also my husband literally hates me so I’m extra sad and pathetic.

                1. ^This is the only factually accurate thing Tulpa has ever written. Takes a lot of courage, congratulations big girl!

                  1. Fuck you I AM NOT FAT!

                2. lol, I don’t wear it outside, I only wear it at work, I can’t lose my job unless someone knows of a way to still keep working and not wear the mask, not much in oregon I tell you that, except rioting and making portland less attractive. Thank goodness, I hate their “Keep portland weird”!

              2. I wear it only because I still have kids to take care of. Show me where I can move to that I can still take care of my kids and I will do so without the mask! Fuck, I will farm for a living if it means my kids still eat, until then I can’t get fired. This shit sux!

            3. ‘There are, I suspect, a LOT of folks wearing masks that aren’t nearly as “compliant” as some might want them to be.’

              maybe, but at some point, it has to stop, because it’s such a high visibility marker to the authorities about compliance and is used by them to justify further tightening…their credit card has to pulled at some point…

          2. Second Paul’s comments. I’ve seen nothing but 99% compliance with the King’s dictats and of course they must work because numbers are still going up. In any event, revolt would mean full churches with pastors saying “go ahead, arrest me”, maskless sit ins at government buildings, and mask wearing to go back to pre-COVID era levels. I see none of that.

            1. I think people are clinging to the hope that it will, at some point, end and we can all go back to normal. Most people are conflict-averse and will put up with large amounts of shit just to not rock the boat. We just haven’t hit the critical point where people realize that it’s NOT going to stop, and, if the gov has its way, we’re NOT going back to normal. It hasn’t reach a boil yet, but it’s starting to simmer as more and more pf people’s favorite breakfast joints or local hardware stores go under. My prediction is the actual full rebellion will come when they end up shooting a local business owner- and they will, because their only other choice is to back down and be humiliated and powerless. And we all know THAT will never happen.

              1. I think your last point is spot on. If they let one get away with flaunting the law, the dam bursts. They’ll try to continually look the other way and hope no one notices, but at some point a confrontation will ensue.

            2. No one is complying, except businesses that the authorities can check on. California went into “heightened” lockdown mode a week or two ago, and there was no difference at all, except a few more restaurants are going to go broke because they can’t serve people in person.

              1. If closing restaurants and bars is for the public good then the public must pay them. If the public can’t afford to pay them then there must be a discussion about alternatives like quarantining the most vulnerable.
                Also where are the spineless state legislators? They should be passing legislation that limits the gov from issuing edicts that stop people from earning a living.

            3. Both Florida where I live and Georgia where I am about to take a vacation are both fully open.
              Restaurants, theme parks, all open.
              Business is great, and the ICUs are not filling up.
              Mask wearing in the streets is about 1%.
              Only the grocery stores are enforcing mask mandates. You have to have a mask on to enter the grocery store.

            4. are you out there doing it? Do you still have kids to support? show me a way to do it and still have my kids not be homeless since they aren’t 18 and can fend for themselves. Not everyone who is opposed to this can simply walk out the door and declare fuck you! IF we found a lot of people to band together it would work but no one wants to. I will do it outside of work, hell I should just quit my job and get public assistance like all the drug-addicted mothers do, that way I can support my kids and protest!

        2. Thank you. These comments, Jesus.
          I and those I care about wear a mask, but I don’t support mandates. If they want to be stupid, I don’t care anymore. If they get the virus that has already killed 300K real people, so be it. If they are responsible for the death of their own sweet 80yo mother, so be it.
          It’s not a global pandemic, it’s a global IQ test. It’s nature’s Darwin Awards. Who gives a hoot about herb immunity when we can thin the herd? Y’all don’t want to protect yourselves, cool. I’m all for it. Have at it.

          1. The virus has not killed 300k people. Every health department in the country counts deaths while-testing-positive as a COVID death. The health department in my state admitted this. Multiple health officials have admitted this. Until a full accounting (which may not even be possible at this point) can be made, we don’t know how many people actually died from COVID.

            To accept the 300k #, one must accept that 100% of the deaths were 100% related to their covid infection. That means people who died of stroke, heart attack, can be attributed to covid deaths.

            My state’s health department was going to begin reclassifying deaths as “confirmed/probably/possible/not related” (I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist). At this time, however, all people who died and tested positive (presuming the test was accurate) are being lumped under 100% confirmed covid death. And that’s just unscientific on its face.

            1. I should be clear: After revising the list, all people in my state who died of ‘natural causes’ who tested positive are still being classified as ‘covid deaths’. They removed the suicides, murders and car accident victims after realizing it made them look bad.

              1. Can I ask what state you’re in Ms. Reynolds.

              2. To further your point, many places aren’t even requiring a positive test to classify as a COVID death. A perfect example being NYC’s 3,778 “probable” deaths logged in a single day on April 14th.

            2. Yet more bullshit from the R brigade. The EARLY deaths were miscounted – for one reason. The CDC created a death notification system specifically for positive covid cases. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone except R’s wanted to know what we were actually dealing with, what were range of outcomes, what cases needed to get started on autopsies so that one can try to figure out things about the disease that can only be looked at post-mortem.

              the problem is that the second a bureaucrat puts in a second notification system, it will conflict with the first notification system. The first one being where every death is reported AFTER an autopsy. And of course for any NEW disease, there is going to be an undercount of fatalities by coroners who aren’t looking for anything new and wouldn’t recognize it even if the corpse did a jig. That first notification system was BELIEVED to be a major reason no early deaths from covid were reported. Except by R’s who apparently believe that covid has been a lethal weapon of war by the Chinese since forever just the freaking cold an attempt by the Chinese to panic the D’s into surrendering Hong Kong to the John Birch Society

              Of course you R’s are absolutely convinced that EVERYTHING always is a conspiracy. therefore, the early undercount was not a rather typical sort of error that happens in pretty much 100% of situations. It was nefarious and perpetuated forever – almost certainly made more serious over time – because – {reasons having to do with all of the above – but worse because more reasons}.

              1. You’re an idiot.

          2. You’ve failed your IQ test.

            1. He’s failed EVERYBODY’S IQ test.

          3. “It’s nature’s Darwin Awards. Who gives a hoot about herb immunity when we can thin the herd? Y’all don’t want to protect yourselves, cool. I’m all for it. Have at it.”

            I love that you are such an idiot while parroting these intellectually snobbish statements.

            If you stay at home all the time, requiring people to deliver goods to you contact free, then you sanitize those goods prior to bringing them into your house, then you are mitigating risk to an extent that you can accuse others of being Darwin Award subjects.

            But acting as if you are some intellectual superior because you wear a mask is the height of stupidity.

            1. People who think they’re the smartest person in the room are rarely the smartest person in the room.

            2. It’s like a pot addict calling a smoker a darwin award winner.

            3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

              Reason’s comment section is my favorite comment section ever.

          4. The IQ test that says if you’re under 70 you have the same risk as driving to work?

          5. If the statists stopped at worshipping and granting authorities power over them, they would learn their mistake or slowly disappear. That isn’t the end of it. Statists demand everyone suffer their choice, obey as they do, call the chaos of arbitrary rules (law) order. Their delusions are going to get us all killed if we don’t stop them.

          6. “Thank you. These comments, Jesus…”

            Cowardly pieces of lefty shit can crawl under a rock and stay there.

            1. We should fumigate. The progressive surplus population has become untenable. Maybe start with the progtards who post here. Especially the shiteater. At least Hihn had the good sense to drop dead already.

              1. It’s funny that Trump has emboldened you authoritarian, fascist, inbred keyboard warriors.

                It’s scary he’s emboldened people like traitor Mike Flynn to suggest martial law.

                1. You have ZERO room to talk. You sick fucks actually legalized voter fraud.

                  1. You’d think Trump could get one court case to stick if fraud was as widespread as y’all claim?

                    Cram it traitor!

                    1. The courts basically said if the fraud was big enough, they didn’t want to overturn THAT MANY votes. You sick fucks found a technicality where voter fraud was implicitly legal and you milked that fraud for all it was worth.

                      But karma’s a bitch and since the courts provided precedent, Republicans can legally hoist you by your own petard next cycle. Karma’s a bitch.

                    2. Karma is a bitch. Trump and his traitor supporters hopefully get what they deserve.

                      I have a feeling that in 2030 many of the Trump loving traitors will pretend they never supported him. A lot of conservatives today won’t admit they loved W and his wars back in the mid 2000s. The “MAGA” of 2004 was “God bless president Bush!”

                2. Says the person whose handle is “Kill All Rednecks.” If Magic Ink Jack Klompus is still around, we should arrange an- in person introduction. I think he’d hurt your feelings, and make you cry like a disgraced televangelist.

                  1. My username is in jest. It should be KillAllMormons.

                3. Whatever you bigoted POS.

                  1. Mormons and their far right enablers are the bigots.

                    1. You’re projecting your own ass eating bigotry onto others.

                    2. Who didn’t allow blacks to join their church before 1978?
                      Who lies about the holocaust?

            2. Citation Sevo?!?

          7. If they are responsible for the death of their own sweet 80yo mother, so be it.

            If mother is 80 years old, the odds that she’s already got one foot in the grave are pretty high.

            1. I know in the backwoods, deep fried, rural shithole you live in nobody lives past 50 because they’re all so diabetic, obese, inbred, and stupid. However, there are people that can live healthy, active, enjoyable lives past 80.

              I guess you fascists have gone completely cold hearted since Trump came around, but people dying is sad to normal people.
              I shouldn’t have to explain this, but I guess Trump’s turned y’all into sociopaths.

              PS Enjoy President Biden

              1. Whatever you bigoted POS.

                1. Did I hit a nerve? Mormons are bigots.

          8. It’s not a Darwin award at all if the average victim’s age is 81.

        3. Encouraging masks also encourages lockdowns.
          Concede an inch to irrational exercise of power, and they will take everything.

          1. This is why beating dirty hippies is always the right call. Squelch this crap before they get any traction.

            1. Rather be a hippie than a filthy, inbred, fascist, America hating, right wing Trump lover.

              Why do you hate America?

              1. We don’t have America. We just hate disease ridden Democrats stinking up the place. What with all their ass eating lies, legalizing voter fraud, ruling by fiat instead of the law.

                Fuck off you swamp creature.

                1. With all the fraud Trump and his cult are claiming shouldn’t he have found a legal case by now that won’t get rejected?

                  “Ruling by fiat” are you referring to the guy who lost the popular vote by 7 million and the EC by 306 to 232? The one who keeps claiming he won without any credible evidence? The guy who refuses to follow precedent and show a shred of dignity?

                  There’s no reasoning with you inbred far right kooks.

                  Trump could cum on your face and you’d insist it was actually sunscreen and he saved you from skin cancer.

                  1. Whatever you bigoted POS.

                    1. Whatever you inbred hick.

                  2. “Trump could cum on your face”

                    You got a real nasty mouth…must come from all the ass you eat.

                    1. Sowwy I upset your social conservative feelings! Your fascist wannabe dictator has an even worse mouth, so I’m surprised I triggered you. Bragging about grabbing women by the pussy and all.

                      Your also still sore that Trump lost. By 7 million votes. By 74 electoral votes.

    2. It’s the age-old “we must do something; this is something” at work.

      1. Yeah, except said in the original German where I live, while the media engages in the Night of the Long Knives for anyone who stands up and asks if the lockdowns are entirely 100% necessary.

    3. Unto the hills, eh?

    4. Ha ha ha! You call Donald Trump’s criminally irresponsible mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic, by refusing to do anything about it while there was still a chance of containing and controlling it an enlightened way of dealing with it? You’re dead-assed wrong here, Diane Reynolds (Paul.)

      1. “refusing to do anything about it”

        Are you that fucking ignorant? Trump drove a record breaking vaccine effort. He sailed a medical ship into NY harbor, setup military field hospitals all over the place, manufactured assloads of ventilators and PPE.

        Only thing he “refused” to do was order lockdowns since he had no power to do that; relying on the incompetence of blue state governors instead.

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  4. Why won’t the idiots just stand back and accept the science and the media. Government tells us to sit down and shut up. Just as Sullum is explaining in his 2 a day articles, we must accept what our betters tell us.

    1. Speaking of, has anyone seen Rev lately?

      1. He mostly posts at Volokh.

        1. dude do you get paid for Volokh clicks or something?

  5. In distress and after due consideration, many Americans have decided that they shouldn’t will not comply.


    I will no longer comply. I will simply go about my business and Phailing Phil Murphy can go phuck himself. I really hope I see him at a restaurant so I can abuse and humiliate him in front of his family.

    1. Blow it out your ass, Commenter_XY! It’s people like YOU who are the reason that the Covid-19 pandemic is running so rampant and out of control right now!

      1. Blow it out YOUR ass, Maypo! It’s useful idiots like you, who encourage and embolden politicians and bureaucrats to treat us like inmates, instead of citizens!

    2. It’s a global pandemic. The longer restrictions are not honored, the longer this will go on and on and on and on and on and on.

      Seems the freedom fighters’ vitriol is aimed at those trying to defeat the virus while the actual enemy is an enemy that doesn’t care about economics—THE CORONAVIRUS. Pandemics are rare and extremely horrible for business.

      It’s self-evident our current administration doesn’t give a phlying phuk about small business. Large corporations are receiving $upport during this slow motion disaster—NOT small business. What’s up with that?

      Knowledge is power. Seek information beyond the CNN/Fox model. They only fuel and feed on infinite crisis and division. Anger might be better directed at our corrupt representitives rather than each other.

      A shortest possible pandemic is ultimately best for all businesses. Using the Constitution to spread disease ain’t so smart, not to mention extraordinarily short-sighted. Healthy capitalism requires healthy customers. United we stand.

  6. “While Presti’s level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme”

    Citation needed.

    The state used threats of violence against him, he responded with violence. I fail to see how this is some violation of the NAP.

    If you don’t want to get run over, maybe keep the armed goons at home until people actually commit crimes. Wearing a badge doesn’t give you carte blanche to fuck with people, I’m happy this dude reminded them.

    1. Well said. I am glad I read yours before I posted almost exactly the same thing. Agents of the state acting to uphold unconstitutional orders deserve at least this level of resistance.

      It goes back to those old sayings about the government fearing the people, not the other way around.

      1. The government shouldn’t fear you Chuck. You’re a goddamn Mormon for Christ sake. The book of Abraham has been disproven, but you still take it as gospel. Joseph Smith was a pedo con artist yet you worship him.
        Mormons are so stupid they shouldn’t breed. But you each have a dozen kids. You’re trying to take over the country and force your goddamn idiotic horseshit lifestyle on everyone.

        Exterminate the Mormons!

        1. Better we exterminate the marxists, and all the bastard ideologies that came from Marx. Like progressivism.

          How would that be?

          1. What does Marxism have to do with my post? Are you Mormon or something? Or just a run of the mill inbred redneck social conservative? Sorry the world is passing you by, but trying(and failing) to criticize and ridicule people superior to you isn’t going to slow down time. Your worldview is antiquated and flat out wrong. I suggest getting to know people outside the small rural shithole you live in. You’ll find that the majority of people in this country are “marxists” and you’re in the minority. A minority that keeps getting smaller and will eventually be gone, and when it is the world will be a better place.

            1. Your ‘superiority’ seems to be lacking. Would you like to show us your proofs?

              1. Pointing out how stupid and evil mormons are>rednecks who defend Mormons>child molesters>mormons

                1. Shut up bigot

                  1. Eat shit Mormon lover

    2. What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

      1. Or if every security operative returned home and found their family gone

    3. I fail to see the point of libertarians given their cheerleading of this nonsense.

      1. A man with a gun wanted to put Presti in a cage for engaging in his chosen trade, not for hurting people or stealing or causing public mayhem or nuisance, for but simply for operating his business where he sold good to willing customers.

        That cop is lucky he escaped with just his legs broken.

        1. “While Presti’s level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme, he’s not alone in his opposition”

          He was being kind. Much more will be required, and soon.

      2. The state criminalized running a business and making an honest living, directly infringing on MULTIPLE rights.

        That makes the state illegitimate, their authority illegitimate, and their agents illegitimate.

        1. It’s worse than that. This counter cannot survive if the democrat party continues to exist. They must be eliminated. Then we can turn our attention to the RINO trash and dispose of their unpleasantness as well.

          1. You do realize you’re in the minority of a minority? Biden got more votes and 30 something percent of Republican voters have a brain and are what you call RINOs.

            You authoritarian fascist fucks are the ones dying off dude.

            Please leave MY COUNTRY you America hating, inbred, snaggletooth, white trash hillbilly.

            1. lol – your country? Bigots haven’t controlled the country since 1860 idiot. You leave to someplace which doesn’t respect religious freedom at all, like wherever ISIS is claiming their new stronghold exists. I’m sure they’ll welcome a fellow bigot like you with open arms.

              1. “bigots haven’t controlled the country since 1860 idiot.”

                Please elaborate. I’m genuinely curious to hear your fractured take on American history.

                There’s a bigot in the White House right now. There are bigots in both parties in congress right now.

                Being bigoted towards Mormons is a good thing. No one is forcing them to believe the nonsense they believe, and they need to be called out for trying to destroy our country. They’re a rotten, immoral people who needs to be exterminated.

        2. This is correct.

          Honest men have no moral obligation to follow unjust laws. Depending on your perspective of justice, you may be required to run over the unjust men with your car.

    4. I think he needs to keep a vat of tar and a couple pillowcases full of feathers ready for his customers to use next time they send a goon.

  7. Our republic didn’t kill itself

  8. Lethally reckless, belligerently ignorant, science-disdaining, right-wingers are among my favorite culture war casualties.

    ‘You can’t tell me what to do’ is a predictable response from four-year-olds and from selfish, anti-social clingers. (How do some of these disaffected yahoos abide stop signs, center lines, and traffic lights?)

    Some contend imprisonment in the proper response to Presti-level belligerence during a pandemic; others believe bankruptcy to be appropriate; I figure ‘why not both?’

    1. Fuck off non lawyer.

    2. Someone above referenced “our betters” and asshole here came to mind.

      1. Of course, if Kirkland were correct, then the guards that lead the Jews to the showers at Auschwitz were in no way culpable for their actions.

        1. If Kirkland had his way he’d be the one leading us “clingers” to the showers

        2. Hey Chuck why does your church lie about the Holocaust? It claims it was persecuted like Jehovah’s Witnesses were, but that’s not true! I know your church lies about everything. I understand why it lies about polygamy and racism. Your church should be embarrassed about that. The LDS church didn’t suppport the holocaust(individual mormons did but any group would get that, there were also Mormon Nazi resisters), so why lie? Is it the need to make you all look like christ suffering figures as part of your scam to get more suckers, I mean members? That’s why mormons lie ABOUT EVERYTHING. It’s just a big scam to get morons money. But that’s not enough? You have to breed uncontrollably and outnumber everyone? Yes you have to because you’re trying to force your evil religion and lifestyle(have a beer ya goddamn pussy) on everyone!

          Exterminate the Mormons!

          1. The response will be to ignore or to double down on the lie. Mormons will never admit they’re wrong. They’re like Trump. Tell a lie enough times it stops being a lie. Mormons love Trump. The few that don’t may say it’s because he’s a thrice married, vulgar, adulterer, but in reality his criticism of the Iraq war is why any have a problem with him.
            Mormons have such a boner for W and the Iraq war. They loved hearing about dead Iraqis and we’re indifferent to US soldiers lost.
            There’s no such thing as a libertarian Mormon. They talk about “free agency” but that’s just another lie. They believe people should have the agency to not believe Mormonism, but people should be forced to live in a Mormon theocracy. When they expand the war on drugs and ban alcohol they’ll say “you’re still free to break the law and drink or do drugs. And we’re free to put you in prison for life. Don’t you know that stuff is bad for you? We’ve never done it but we know what’s best for everyone. A few people will be upset when we outlaw alcohol, but after a few years they’ll thank us. That stuff’s bad for them anyway!”

            I know how mormons work. They need to be exterminated!

            1. Is this anti Mormon shit of yours performance art, or are you really serious about this bullshit?

              1. Is your stupidity and Mormon defending satire? Or are you really an inbred, bigoted, white trash, social conservative asshole?

                1. This guy hates everyone who happens to believe in one specific religion and any who point out his hatred…yet we are all bigots…

                  1. This guy is just a bad troll who raises his own blood pressure by coming here instead of ours. You see it on other free market websites as well. It’s just the leftards way of trying to muddy all areas of dissent and kill their opponents morale. Sadly for this one he’s going to stroke himself out before he raises any of our blood pressure.

                  2. I have no problem with religion or religious people. I have a problem with people forcing their religion on everyone. Especially when that religion is goddamn nonsense and has been disproven.

                    Mormons are the bigots.

                    1. lol – no snowflake. Mormons aren’t bigots, but you are.

                    2. No pussy. Mormons are the bigots!

                    3. Yep, knocking on doors all friendly-like and trying to convince people to try their religion really counts as force in my book. And when I say ‘my book’ there, I mean my book of fairy tales.

                    4. They try to convert everyone they come in contact with. They’re reproducing as much as they can. They’re trying to outnumber everyone else. They’re not libertarians. They’re big government, warmongering, social conservative fascists. They will force their bullshit lifestyle on everyone. They need to be stopped.

                      Also why is it acceptable to bother people at home if it’s religious? If I went door to door in Utah to tell people about my favorite beer they’d be pissed. The thing is that beer is real. The Mormon’s god isn’t real.

    3. What do leftist bootheels taste like, Kirkles?

    4. “Lethally reckless, belligerently ignorant, science-disdaining, right-wingers are among my favorite culture war casualties.”

      Gee, mine are assholish, bigoted stinking piles of lefty shit, assholish, bigoted stinking pile of lefty shit.

      1. Hey Sevo the square! My guess is you’ve never done blow because you’re a square, but a raging alcoholic. Or you tried blow once and didn’t like it. You live in such a rural shithole that it was probably mostly just meth. That’s why you felt “addled.” Also because you’re a pussy.

        It cracks me up how many big government social conservatives there are on this sight claiming to be libertarians. Sevo, Red “dumb as rocks” white privilege, and Chuck P(The Mormon who is an America hating traitor) are not only fascist, America hating traitors, but also big government social conservatives.

        1. I be,wife you’ve done a lot of blowing. Probably at a glory hole, faggoty fuck that you are.

          Kill your self. No one could ever possibly love you.

          1. We got another! A homophobic social conservative loser. Sorry you keep ending up on the wrong side of history, but there’s no need to use such homophobic language. All you’re doing is reinforcing stereotypes.

            Are you Mormon? Or is your defense of Mormon pieces of trash a sign of white trash bigot solidarity? Either way it’s morally abhorent.

            My guess is you’re not Mormon, but you bigots gotta support each other. Mormons are racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, sexist pieces of goddamn shit. What does it say about you that you’d stick up for them?

            Sevo is an inbred hateful piece of shit. Says a lot about you that you’d stick up for him. You’re probably a freedom hating fascist square too.

            1. Damn, both a bigot and retarded.

              1. You’re the one defending bigots you moron.

                Trump, Mormons, 90% of the far right kook reason commenters. These people are all well documented bigots, and you’re sticking up for them.

    5. What’s the proper response to Cuomo level mendacity though?

  9. Fuck Gavin Newsome. Just , Fuck, Right. Off, Newsom

      1. The French Laundry takes lobbyists to the cleaners every time politicians violates conflict of interest rules by accepting a free meal.

  10. People have been in revolt for some time. Only idiots like Kirkland stay at home afraid to go outside.

    1. Gives him and excuse; it pretty obvious not one fucking person in the world would like him, for anything.

    2. Kirkland was an asshole at birth. He can’t help himself.

  11. excellent….. some people who get it….. fighting the illegal lock downs and restrictions….. while wearing masks!!!!

    it turns out you can fight the government overreach without making yourself look like an irresponsible ass. these people will get support. these people will help spread the message. these people will help move people’s minds…. dumb fucks without masks at MAGA rallies….. not so much….

    1. One guy is wearing the mask under his nose and another is touching his face. This makes ‘Big Tits Foo’ squeal with delight because xe is a fucking imbecile.

      1. hey, i am taking it as a positive that they are not completely ignorant fucks. two people in a crowd trying to do the right thing but failing is a far cry from the crowds of dip shits who won’t even try to act like adults.

        1. And if you try to do the right thing but fail and actually make the problem worse because now you’re wearing a contaminated mask around?

          Then what?

          1. point one…. wearing a mask incorrectly does not make it “contaminated.” it just means it is not doing what it is meant to do.

            point two…. people who fail when trying to do the right thing is not an argument to just be an asshole and do nothing. it is just being an asshole, and knowing you are being an asshole.

            1. Putting an old t shirt on your face is the acme of foolishness.

              1. speaking of assholes…..

      2. You shouldn’t call anyone an imbecile Chuck. You’re the one who gives 10% of your income to a church that scriptures have been disproven. Joseph Smith was a pedo charlatan.
        Yet you morons insist on having as many kids as possible and trying to convert everyone.
        You’re destroying our country!

        That’s why you must die.

        Kill all the Mormons!

        1. I’d give 10% of my income to have all you progtard shitbags mulched.

          1. I’m shaking in my boots that some inbred moron would give 10% of zero to have “progtards mulched.”

            I don’t know what makes you think I’m progressive. I guess to the inbred far right kooks anything to the left of kissing Trump’s ass is Marxism.

            Get out more. You’ll realize not being a white trash bigot doesn’t make that person progressive.

            1. He didn’t say 0% of your income, but 10% of his.

              Retarded bigot strikes again.

              1. You sure don’t like me Michael!

                It makes me feel good that I get under the skin of Mormon loving bigots.

                You people are goddamn scumbag squares, so I’m doing something right if I’ve pissed you off.

                1. “Squares”? Ok, boomer. Haha.

                  What are you, like 80?

        2. So you’re using “scriptures” against Chuck, that you obviously don’t believe in yourself. So…

          1. Wow you rednecks are dumb.

            Chuck belongs to a church who considers the Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price as the word of God. The Pearl of Great Price includes the Book of Abraham which has been debunked. Joseph Smith claimed the language of the Book of Abraham was the same “reformed egyptian” that he translated the Book of Mormon from.

            Yet Mormons still believe all those books are the word of God. The LDS Church lies about everything so that’s partly why, but also that church attracts stubborn, stupid, rotten people.

            1. Mormon blah blah blah die blah blah blah full of lies blah blah blah Mormon blah blah blah racist bigots blah blah blah…

              So can I join your crazy bigoted cult now that I know the right things to say?

              On second thought, I never wanted to be a bigot, so you can ignore me retarded bigot.

              1. Instead of addressing my argument you result to ad hominem.

                I will admit I’m dumb for responding to your comments. A Mormon loving bigot like you should be ignored.

  12. It’s funny how the people who are constantly squealing about “empathy”–that word is their favorite new toy–have absolutely no empathy for the people being impoverished by the lockdowns, or for the suicides, increased substance abuse, increased mental illness, etc.

    1. I wonder what Warren Zevon would think of the lockdowns?

      1. I’m sure he’d get a lot of good songs out of it, if nothing else.

        1. At first he’d be depressed at home saying poor poor pitiful me. Then he’d get his lawyers, guns, and money which would make him an excitable boy. He’d then calm down listening to Mohammed’s radio. Finally realizing it ain’t that pretty at all he’d find some things to do in Denver while he’s dead.

  13. Full revolt, you say? How many functionaries have they strung up from lampposts? Shot? Tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail? How many city halls have been blown up or set on fire? How many local police have they shot? How many National Guard have been called out? Oh, none? Then it ain’t “full revolt”, it’s just some angry people angrily yelling that they ain’t gonna take it any more while they bend over and take it some more. You’ll know when it’s a full revolt, and you’ll be denouncing this terribly unnecessary violence while you clutch your pearls and moan weakly about your norms and your sacred institutions of democracy.

    1. Reason is just being a good Party organ, subverting any notion of liberty with bullshit like this article.
      By the way, Ron Bailey doesn’t survive full revolt.

    2. Full revolt didn’t win the American Revolution. One third sided with the King, one third were neutral, one third took up arms. Lesson? A little vulnerable bunch of petty tyrants, backed by their standing army, is no match for a “moral minority”.
      Gandhi showed us we can win with non-violent resistance against seemingly overwhelming odds. Nancy Reagan gave us the means, “Just say No!”

      1. Nancy Reagan was a square cunt.

  14. Drover through Lansing the other night, and greeted by a digital blackboard with the message “Thank you Governor Whitmer for keeping us safe!”

    [There are not enough expletives to describe my revulsion]

    Not nearly enough rebellion, but so it was in 1776. Plenty of Loyalists who just love to conform to authority, no matter how misguided, self serving, and just plain wrong it may be. Never mind loving the opportunity to lord it over others.

  15. While Presti’s level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme,

    Is it though? I mean, a guy was coming to snatch him up and lock him in a cage. Was willing to kill him if necessary.

    Sounds to me like he used appropriate force.

    What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

    Or if, during periods of mass arrests . . .people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?

  16. Many small business owners are at the point of “defy or die”. If they don’t open, they’re done. They know the government doesn’t give a damn about them.

    I predict that these restrictions will continue until some business owner finally snaps and puts a bullet into a code enforcement officer. And I think it’s coming sooner rather than later.

    1. that will only bring out the anti gunners but it will happen sooner than later

      1. The “anti-armed citizen” group will continue to be aided by MSM and the authoritarians, regardless of their abject cowardly refusal to defend themselves or live freely. They contradict themselves when they favor one gun user over another, e.g., an authority over a citizen, regardless of the circumstances.

    2. I think at some point a bullet is coming for one of those tyrants who call themselves “governor.”

      1. If nobody with the legal authority to march into the governor’s mansion and arrest him actually does so, the odds of it being a bullet increase.

    3. They know but they still bend over and ask for more. Like the horse in Animal Farm.

  17. Days later, Presti ran his car into a sheriff’s deputy ”

    After reading all teh bad cops tories on Reason and elesewere are we sure the cop didn’t walk into the car, we have seen that many times

    1. it was a bar owner, not a clinton…..

      1. So a policeman walks into a bar owner…

  18. Renewed restrictions are likely to be met by “silent compliance, critical compliance or visible resistance,” Britain’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) cautioned in June.

    SAGE really went out on a limb there. Predictions like that take guts.

    1. can’t go wrong with predictions like that. They will be hailed as 100% correct

  19. While Presti’s level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme, he’s not alone in his opposition.

    Honest question. If that level of ‘resistance’ did nothing what makes you think any other level of ‘resistance’ will do something?

    1. All it will do is up the ante for the government. I wouldn’t be shocked if we have martial law.

      1. Ole White Joe is getting ready for it.

      2. Tr o should pre eat them, declare it himself, and lock all the democrats up. It won serve them right for the last four years, and this crooked election.

        1. It’s funny that for the past four years some people expressed concern about Trump leading the right towards fascism.

          Now the spineless cowards like shitlord of the woodchoppers or LovesTrumpsDickInThroat1789 are suggesting martial law be declared, the election tossed out, and democrats jailed.

          Please just leave MY COUNTRY you America hating fascist traitors.

          What’s scary is traitor Michael Flynn suggested Trump do what the inbred far right loons on here are suggesting.

          You authoritarian assholes at least picked an incompetent huckster for your king. It’s scary that next time you might not pick a babbling moron like Trump but one that’s smart.

          1. So, you’re calling Trump an incompetent huckster (which he is), and not Joe Biden, because why, exactly?

            1. I don’t look at it as hating one means I support the other. They both suck.

              Criticizing Trump doesn’t mean I support Biden. I hate Biden. However, he’s not nearly as bad as Trump.

              1. You’re an idiot

                1. You’re a Mormon loving bigot.

                  1. “Criticizing trump doesn’t mean I support Biden”.

                    But Michael criticizing you means he supports Mormons? Got it.


    2. If everyone took off their mask tomorrow the men with guns would back down. But we won’t so they won’t.

  20. I’m in NY, business capital of the world. I guess “America” must consist of Confederate, racist states and districts. I’m not seeing what this writer is seeing at all whatsoever, and we’ve had the toughest restrictions of all.

    1. Really?

      And that’s just the latest protest in New York. Remember all the controversy over bars becoming “restaurants” by selling pretzels and what not? Remember de Blasio’s dust up with teh Jews?

      Maybe you aren’t seeing what this writer is seeing because you have made yourself willfully blind to the actual people in your neighborhood being hurt by these lockdowns.

      1. Not to mention an injunction order against a lockdown order by the Supreme Court because of a NYC lockdown on churches.

        Lots of people are fighting on lots of fronts.

  21. Non-violent resistance to authoritarianism is essential to the survival of our species. Authoritarianism has many forms, e.g., fascism, communism (two variations of socialism), democracy (force justified as popular demand). Morality is not determined by consensus. If it were, slavery would be moral. The democratic principle is “a divine right of 50+% to use violence against all”. The initiation of violence is always wrong, even to force a rational, practical end. Why? The means determines the end, not the opposite. If we choose a moral means, e.g., non-violence based on reason, rights, choice, we can’t go wrong, in the long run. We can still make mistakes, but we can’t force our mistakes on all. There will always be outliers, dissidents who believe an unpopular, minority view. Sometimes they will be wrong and suffer. Sometimes they will be correct and instruct all. Without them, we all suffer. When the smallest minority, the individual, is suppressed, ignored, sacrificed, we are all in danger. Protecting the individual’s right to think freely is essential to everyone’s right to think freely, act freely, live. Live & let live is our only means of expressing our humanity. To deny it is to deny our humanity. To deny our humanity is to commit species suicide.

    1. Shut up and stop breathing virus on people you cornholed fuckchunks.

      1. Crawl under a rock and stay there, steaming pile of lefty shit.

      2. Fuck off and die, you lizard person.

        1. Why on fuck’s green earth do you people think you deserve the right to wave guns around in Wal Mart?

          1. WTF you talkin’ ‘bout, faggot? Go back to your gloryhole.

            1. Get back to fucking your mom you inbred white trash bigot!

              1. Whatever retard bigot

                1. Again you’re the one defending bigots.

      3. TONY where have you been? I missed you. Hi.

    2. But what do you say to the people who say: let live and let live, but don’t kill. And that your ‘living’ (ignoring lockdown and not wearing a mask) is the equivalent to killing me and my grandma?

      1. You respond with “Well, that saves me two bullets then”

      2. You say, “You and your grandma are already willing to let the people ‘essential’ to *your* living go out and do their jobs. So stop asking for other people to not the things that are ‘essential’ to so many *other* people’s livings. If going out and catching the disease is a thing that will kill you and your grandma, maybe it’s you who shouldn’t be going out where *you* can catch the disease.”

    3. I don’t understand this. Scanning the words I saw a number plus a percent though, so I’m pretty sure it’s accurate, whatever it says.

    4. “fascism, communism (two variant forms of socialism)”

      I know your idol Trump does this, but just because you say fascism is a type of socialism or a left wing ideology doesn’t make it true. It’s traditionally placed on the far right of a left right political spectrum.

      The two most notorious examples are complex and a simplistic “left or right” isn’t the best descriptor. The Nazis and Italian Fascists had a lot of economic policies that’d be considered left wing by us today. Their hatred of liberal democracy is right wing. Even today in Europe there are “right wing” parties that have economic policies that could be considered “left wing.”

      However when conservatives say fascism(or a type of socialism) is a left wing ideology they’re either lying or uneducated.

      1. *That last paragraph should be:
        However when conservatives say fascism is a left wing ideology(or a type of socialism) they’re either lying or uneducated.

      2. “I know your idol Trump does this, but just because you say fascism is a type of socialism or a left wing ideology doesn’t make it true. It’s traditionally placed on the far right of a left right political spectrum.”

        …ah, pretending political science is science. Cute.

        1. Where did I do that?


          1. Oh, you don’t read your own gibberish?

            Can’t blame you. It’s pretty bad.

            1. Or you can be more specific in your criticism…

      3. That is 100% wrong. The right-left political scale is entirely determined by the size and influence of a government on its people. TO the far left on that scale is totalitarianism, authoritarianism, communism, and national socialism (what the nazis and fascists both were as invented by mussolini). The the far right you have anarchism, libertarianism, and federalism. With trye republican and Democrat being center left and center right.

        The only political theory that would ever ascribe nazis (literally being short for NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY) to the right wing, is a political theory invented by leftists so they can lie to themselves about the true history of socialism and leftist governments.

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion, but the overwhelming majority of people who study that for a living disagree with you.

          No matter how many times you righties trot out the “Nazis are socialists, it has the word socialist in it’s name” doesn’t make it any less wrong. The word before it “national” as in nationalism is a right wing ideology. Hitler hated communists, trade unions, liberal democracy and other left wing ideologies. Also racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia are usually found in right wing groups.

          The Nazis and fascists had some policies we consider left wing today, but that doesn’t automatically put them on the left. It was more of them trying to be a “big tent” party more than ideology.

          Are the conservatives in the UK lefties for supporting the NHS, pensions, and the dole?

          1. “No matter how many times you righties trot out the “Nazis are socialists, it has the word socialist in it’s name” doesn’t make it any less wrong.”

            Do antifa next.

            1. What about Antifa?

              1. Ah, so you’re as dumb as you come across.

          2. You seem to correctly note that the definition of left and right change over time and geographically, yet you feel the need to lock 1930s German political philosophy to 2020s American right wing philosophy. That’s stupid you retard.

            1. “You seem to correctly note that the definition of left and right change over time and geographically, yet you feel the need to lock 1930s German political philosophy to 2020s American right wing philosophy. That’s stupid you retard.”

              Ideologies and parties are fluid but fascism and nazism are on the far right according to experts who study that stuff for a living. You can choose to accept it or not.

              Thank you for talking shit! It makes me feel good to know that I’m bothering a far right bigot. I did something to get under your skin.

              I’ll admit I’m dumb for trying to convince any of you. Trump and his supporters pick and choose what to believe depending on what supports their worldview.

              1. As you say, the Nazis and the fascists had some policies we consider right wing today, but that doesn’t automatically put them on the right.

                The most important thing to keep in mind is that trying to define political ideologies on a one-axis spectrum means that we have to assign every policy a location on the spectrum, and apply weights to those policies when we decide where on the axis to put a group. And because no group is going to check all the policy boxes on one end of the axis or another, how a group’s policies are weighted is going to make a big difference where they fall on the axis. And of course, how things are weighted depends on who is doing the rating. A great example of this is in college rankings – it’s a one-axis spectrum, and the people doing the rating may say what their criteria and weighting are, which is great if what’s important to you is the same as what’s important to the people doing the rating.

                So when the “experts who study that stuff for a living” already identify themselves as ‘left’ on the spectrum, is it any surprise that the experts note the things that resemble the things we call right wing that the Nazis and fascists did and define Nazis and fascists as far away from themselves as possible, while pretending the things we call left wing that the Nazis and fascists did have nothing to do with where Nazis and fascists sit on their spectrum. But many of the things that are used to identify the Nazis as right wing are practiced quite frequently by movements that we call left wing as well. So either we’re really bad at identifying where groups fall on the axis, or a one-axis spectrum is only useful to the people who want to define themselves somewhere on one side, and call everyone who disagrees with them about a handful of things as the other side.

              2. You should try losing your virginity.

    5. Very well spoken!

      1. Thank you!

  22. If this is your definition of “full revolt,” then you might as well fold your tent.

  23. I do not condone violence, but how is it possible that all of these governors are still alive?

  24. The only person standing in the way of economic relief for businesses affected by the pandemic is Mitch McConnell. Period.

    1. No, that was Nancy Pelosi, you asshole.

      1. And how is that?

        Are you seriously claiming that the way to revive the economy is to give businesses liability protections?

        1. It would absolutely help.

          1. It certainly helps polish the Republican image of being caricature of evil capitalists.

            Their big idea of a pandemic response is to force workers to expose themselves to the virus and remove any right they have to complain or seek restitution.

            Libertopia, I can almost see thee in my dreams!

            1. Actually that was to prevent people like you for suing every business they went to over the past 5 days after they got covid. And stop people like you from suing their employers who either provide or recommend a testing facility that ends up giving them a faulty result, which literally almost every test can do at this point.

              1. I don’t understand why it’s libertarian to restrict the basic right to sue. Fuck you, let a judge decide if my suit is legitimate.

                1. Can we sue you for being an insufferable faggot douchebag?

                2. I’m on board.

                  …but only if you pay ALL legal costs for both parties if it is not.

                  1. Individuala-freedom people worried about try cost of exercising a basic right. You’re the ones who want to eliminate regulations and replace them with torts. One could be forgiven for thinking that all of your beliefs is flimsy propaganda for corporate interests.

                    1. Just sayin. If you’re in the right, this would be a non-issue for you.

                      Thanks for displaying what you are. sparkles.

    2. That, and the asshats coming up with stupid rules.

    3. How about the unprecedented deficit spending this year? Maybe that’s a small issue, hmmm?

  25. You make me angry with this white libertarian privileged stuff. I live in the Los Angeles area and can’t comment about New York. I know that there are many nonwhite business owners, but I see this thread as a white Republicans thread. A recent survey of young people in the LA area found that 24% of those saying that they were republican said that they didn’t always follow social distancing, whereas 5% of Democrats said that.
    That’s not exactly the same as business shutdowns but it’s related. TV pictures of angry protesters against business shutdown in our coastal cities show a sea of white faces. So don’t claim that Americans are in full revolt; say that angry libertarians, privileged people are revolting. Business owners may be on the economic ropes; I don’t blame them for complaining, but nobody has a right to defy public health measures. I’m old and remember WW II – all sorts of restrictions were placed on the public, some illogical.
    Governors Cuomo and Newsom are surely flawed but I’ll vote for them against anti-tax libertarians if those are the only two choices. Should the governors be willing to discuss and negotiate these policies/ Yes.

    1. Shorter Snodgrass: “Herp derp, derp herp.”

      1. With a bit of “ When I was a boy, I went for a walk one day, with two onions hanging from my belt, which was the custom at the time…”

        1. “The important thing was I had an onion on my belt. It was the style at the time.”

    2. It’s easy for Dems to practice social distancing, because all of their men have their hair up in buns, and all of their women have testicles.

    3. Bob,
      Then tell me this. In such a heavily Dem city as LA why are the covid infections spiking to badly? I’d ask the same in my own city, Oakland.
      It is not the fault of Republicans or Democrats. It is the combination of many poor hygienic practices fueled by growing public resentment.

    4. You’re an idiot.

    5. In your memories of ww2 did you think the german jews had a right to complain but not defy the nazis orders?

    6. You see it as a white Republican thread. Funny, we see you as a mouthbreathing douche.

  26. Ive noticed a lot of liberals will say they support stay at home orders and shuttering businesses, but they don’t obey them.

    1. They all have jobs, or rely on those who do, that afford them the ability to sit their fat ass on the couch making 100% pay with 20% of the work done.

      The assholes just don’t want to lose out of their lunchtime fuck, and so claim that wanting to be able to go back to work is racist.

      1. Using numbers you pulled out of your ass is a great way to appear smart to other white trash morons. Too bad the majority of the country are “marxists” and can tell you’re an inbred dumbass.

        Try getting out of your shithole rural bubble. You’ll be surprised to find out that slack jawed yokel piece of shit bigots like yourself are not the norm.

        1. You should shove a loaded .45 up your ass and pull the trigger. The only concern after that would be maintaining crowd control at the celebration afterward.

  27. I’m in Communist Michigan…where do I sign up?

  28. Ironic that the ones making the biggest stink about lockdowns are also the ones making this last FOREVER.

    1. LOLZ

    2. Actually its the lockdowners who are making this take forever
      Getting to “zero covid” is and always was impossible.

      If all of us young healthy folk hadn’t been forced to anti-socially distance all summer and autumn we’d be a barrier to spreading it by now.

    3. I wonder how many of those people demanding longer lockdowns would feel if things were *really* locked down. Being able to run to the grocery store or Wal-Mart or picking up your favorite take-out…those are all ways and places where you can infect other or be infected, even if you’re wearing a mask.

      So I mean *really locked down*: no grocery stores, no Wal-Mart, no fast-food drive-throughs, no pizza delivery, no Uber-Eats or Door-Dash or whatever. No Amazon or Target online. No home delivery. No jogging, visiting a park, etc. You’ll stay in your house or else–we’ll allow you to wander around in your own backyard (backyard only), if you have one.

      For food, what you’ll get is a government truck will deliver a box of food for one person to eat for a week, and drop off the boxes at your front doorstep based on the number of people in your household (hope you didn’t lie on the census form!). Each week, you will be told to line your household up at the door, one at a time, so they can be counted; this will inform the number of food boxes dropped of at your house. An armed escort will accompany the delivery person to ensure that no one opens their doors while the delivery person is within 20 feet of the door. Don’t do that, because you could get shot. The delivery personnel and their guards will be in full MOPP gear.

      If someone in your house needs medical care, call 911 and an ambulance will be dispatched. People in full MOPP gear will pick up your sick loved one and take them away for treatment. If they live, you’ll see them again.

      The ONLY “essential” personnel will be those involved with treating COVID and for producing and delivering the food. These people will be issued uniforms and ID lanyards. So there’s no reason for anyone one else to ever venture outside of their house and anyone on the streets who is not in uniform obviously has no business being there, and will be subject to immediate detention in physical quarantine facilities.

      Let them imagine a real lockdown for a few minutes then ask the question again. Bet the answer is different.

  29. I know and am in contact wiht LORS of folks. I know onlly THREE who have had a positive diiagnosis., that is, a PCR test which we are learning os not reliable at all. NOt a diagnostic tool. Of these three… one is late 60’s poor health, somehow was tested related to hsi work and it returned a positive.NO symptoms whatsoever. He was not a “case” yet certainly was counted as one. His daughter and son in law had just spent a week with them, left one day to return. picked them up at the airport, we spent aobut six hours in VERY close company.. inside a car, no masks WHY should we? All healthy. Next day husband gets phone call from FiL who had just received a positive test result. Baffled.. so my friend got himself tested. He’s got a job in retail thus was forced. HE came back positive. His Wife tested negative, neither had any symtoms. NONE. I wans’t worried, I hever had any symptoms, did not get tested. After two seeks of paid dime off he went toretest to get a neg, fcilty said NOPE, Not gonna, cause it WIL come bck positive. They wrote a statement syaing he is NOT contagious, so they let him back to work. He wore a mask at work to compy with local regs, I went into that place and never did. Noone saud boo, though some toher scaridycat customers gave me funny looks. I just miled back at them and wlalked on.

    The other guy.. known him f or a few years he was VERY abstemious, ALWAYS wore a mssk, never went out, refused to shake hands, and oh, the horro, to hug anyone. We got word trhee weeks ago he had some smptoms, got tested, a srongpositive. Hunkered down at home, got over it quickly, hs not yet been back around to “socialise”. He was so fussy hhe’d oftenwear a mask AND a shileld. And HE is the one that had some smptoms. I’d not seen him for at least a couple weeks befor ehis test, haven’t seen him since.. he’s still not “getting out”.

    More and more Ameicans are seeing scenaria like this one and are FORCED to the conslusion that much of the hype is bogus. Man more are also realising therre has been no push about getting your seasonal fu vaccies and few have been getting them. Imagine that? I refuse. never had one, never gotten any of those flu bugs. The reality we all see “out there” is beginning to imprint upon an increasing number of people’s brains… this is NOT what it was made out to be when it first tarted.

    WHERE are the tens of millions that were supposed to be dying? By far the largest demongraphic of those who did die has been the already very infirm and decrepit old people. VERY few inder 60 years of age, have died from it. And far too many know that.
    The curtain is wearing \pretty thin, and folks are increasingly able to see past and/or through it and reasling there IS no Monster in the Shed, no Zombie under the bed…… it is also “getting out there” that total deaths in the US are spot on the mark that has been the norm for the plast decade or s, in fact, with less than one month to go, we are still singificantly below the numbers for the laast threeyears. And this WuFlu was supposde to kill millioins? Total deaths are now UNDER the totals for at lest the last two years, and very close to the one before those.

    The cover is being pulled off the hat trick. Once enough SEE what is udner the cover, their little game is done. Maybe even enough will, once they realise we’ve been “had” by the virus scam, and realise WHO did this to us (but WE fell for it….) just MIGHT be connected to the who that perpetrated a patenly false, fraudulent, rigged “electioin”.

    1. “FORCED to the conslusion”

      People are forced to make a conclusion based on the anecdotes happening around them today?

      I realize science is for nerds but it’s pretty much not optional.

      1. Tony the science is quite unclear. But you couldn’t understand that.

        1. Because I don’t read the same fringe blog you do?

          1. He probably reads more than CNN headlines, Tony.

  30. “Ironic that the ones making the biggest stink about lockdowns are also the ones making this last FOREVER.”

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. They are completely incapable of doing any good for anyone, including themselves.

    Every single crisis from here on is going to be sabotaged by people who need to have the basic concept explained to them. “Supervolcano? Sounds like one’a them trans I hurd about.”

    1. Your progressive asshole friends thought it was just peachy to flout the lockdown/social distancing/mask rules to protest and riot. Rules are for the tax cattle, apparently.

  31. I understand the frustration. My friends in the restaurant industry of NYC are particularly hit hard- with no way of providing for their families.

    We need an effective vaccine asap.

    Mo Seo

  32. Incidentally deep blue California, under lock-down for nine months had over 60,000 new cases today. So much for Gavin Newsom’s science.

  33. Trump, no surprise, has been assaulting and meddling in the CDC to make sure it focuses on PR for himself over solving the pandemic.

    “The funding the C.D.C. did receive this year was cannibalized. Dr. Redfield told lawmakers that $300 million was steered from the C.D.C.’s budget to a vaccine public relations campaign that recently collapsed under scrutiny from reporters and lawmakers.”

    Most of the commenters here similarly care more about Trump getting credit for something than making any useful contribution to solving the pandemic.

    It’s fascinating how his pathologies, like his makeup, rub off on other people.

    1. And yet, it’s a worldwide problem.

      1. No, no: the US is uniquely bad at pandemic management. It’s not like we’re in the same scrum as all the Western European powers or anything.

        Not often talked about: Mexico has had a death rate on par with ours overall, but has been in basically a steady state since June and with a testing quantity that makes it obvious they’re missing a bunch. I’m curious to know how many of our deaths occurred in the US that were acquired in Mexico by transients, or could be traced back to there directly.

        Of course, this is not a question to be asked in polite company. I’m a horrible racist for even noticing it.

        1. Buddy, you clearly don’t know what is going on in Europe. Also you seem to have no concept of what a scrum really is.

          1. And Mexico is not a race.

          2. A disorderly crowd of people or things? Oh no, ongoing case/death loads certainly can’t be likened to that.

    2. We’ve been observing your pathologies with amusement for years, you faggot hick.

  34. It’s absolutely ridiculous. They are completely incapable of doing any good for anyone, including themselves.including themselves

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  36. While Presti’s level of violent resistance against lockdowns is much too extreme, he’s not alone in his opposition.

    Similar could be said of violent enforcement.

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    The Atlantic Puffin

  39. Antilockdown protests are bad but these protests are good for some reason

  40. So we’re right back to this ‘anti-lockdown protests are bad’ bull shit again?

    Oh, the obscene ignorance and stupidity of this hysteria.

  41. Funny…these same sheeple bleating about “mask-deniers” are likely the same ones who worship at the climate change altar, and advocate for massive population reduction as the only way to combat the effects. Along comes a perfectly good pandemic, and now they want to stop it in its tracks. Well, Marxists- which is it?

  42. “Traitors choose to support virus over human beings” also works as a title.

    1. Yes, the COVID restrictionists are definitely traitors.

      1. So you choose the virus’s side as well.

  43. NY has strict lockdowns and the worst death toll and infection rates. Follow the evidence and they are the poster child of what not to do.

    I’m actually hoping for more of these orders. We need the people’s anger to grow 10 fold and remind the government that We the People are in charge and they are our employees.

    1. Those bastards, trying to keep people alive.

  44. The results of a decades-long assault on good governance. In a well-functioning society we would have locked things down and helped closed businesses financially. As it is Republicans are opposed to doing this and instead going with the head-in-the-sand approach. Nothing to see here. Just excess death. This is pretty much the death panel approach they cried about a decade ago. Instead of panels allocating scarce health resources they are comfortable allocating economic resources that we know will result in excess death. Let Joe the bartender stay afloat while letting his granma die. They are trading freedom for death. They should own it. Embrace the logic instead of just yelling about the freedom part.

    1. This has the whiff of frenetic Trump phony TV CEO nonsense. Republicans could have decided that a pandemic is an exception to normal order, released the money to keep the economy afloat while measures were taken to control spread. Nobody would have blamed them for fiscal irresponsibility, and with any luck their minions wouldn’t have even bitched about social distancing. And Trump would have gotten credit.

      Trump in his infinite wisdom came along and latched onto the “they’re killing our freedumb” rants because a) he’s a fascist and loves a good grievance and b) he really hated how the virus was taking attention away from his stream of brain farts and reducing his crowd size. The virus took away his favorite drug, the applause of idiots.

      The natural selection approach was appealing to stupid low-empathy types because it’s easy and gave them the feeling of maintaining status quo.

      It’s been a lot of crazy the last four years, but I’ve never been as genuinely disturbed as by the nonchalant dismissal of hundreds of thousands of deaths and actual calls for euthanasia of the elderly. So that Trump might have good economic numbers for re-election.

      Pragmatism in the hands of the stupid becomes evil. I’m seriously reconsidering my critique of religion. I think they need it to even have a chance of behaving morally.

      1. If you want to see evil, look in the mirror.

        1. That only works with YOUR mirror.

      2. I think people are seriously reconsidering the order in which they’d love to watch you tortured and killed, you worthless sack of retarded shit.

      3. “Republicans could have decided that a pandemic is an exception to normal order, released the money to keep the economy afloat”

        Democrats could’ve decided to not demand that we bail out states.

        “Nobody would have blamed them for fiscal irresponsibility”

        They did with the first stimulus. Forgive me if I doubt your good intentions the second time.

        “And Trump would have gotten credit.”

        As he has for getting a vaccine on the market within a year?

        “I’ve never been as genuinely disturbed as by the nonchalant dismissal of hundreds of thousands of deaths and actual calls for euthanasia of the elderly.”

        …but enough about Democrat governors, who actually did commit euthanasia on the elderly in shocking numbers…

        1. At least they didn’t just stop counting the dead like the Governor of Florida to help the president lose the election.

          1. I guess in that case, we should forgive them for jamming nursing homes with the elderly, thereby causing their deaths, you pathetic piece of lefty shit?
            And your cite fell off. Again.

            1. Those bastards put ELDERLY people into NURSING HOMES!!??? How could they? What’s next, putting small children into government-run schools?

        2. “As he has for getting a vaccine on the market within a year?”

          After he spent all those days working in the lab, with no breaks… and nobody is giving him credit for what he accomplished?

  45. If the denial and disregard of 300,000 US citizens death isn’t revolting, what is?

    1. I’m so glad that deaths with COVID are all that matter to you lockdown authoritarian assholes.

      1. The Grand County Colorado coroner is disputing the number of COVID-19 deaths the state is reporting for the county.

        Brenda Bock told county commissioners on Tuesday that the state is reporting two additional COVID-19 deaths in Grand, which she believes should not be included.

        The coroner maintains that only one person in the county has died from COVID-19, while two more people have died with it, for a total of three COVID-related deaths in the county. However, the state is reporting five for Grand.

        In disputing the numbers, Bock explained that a couple who died of gunshot wounds late last month IN A MURDER-SUICIDE SHOOTING have been included in the state’s numbers. The state told Bock those deaths are included in the count because the two tested positive for COVID-19 within 30 days before their death.

        Yes, this is a silly example of a small number of deaths that should NOT be included, but it leads one to ponder how many other deaths are being included. Certainly not enough to make the COVID death toll less horrifying, but why do these bureaucrats feel a need to artificially inflate the numbers?

        We’ve seen other instances of things like alcohol poisoning deaths, motorcycle crash deaths, mistakenly indicating people were dead when they were not, etc. being counted as COVID deaths simply because of the positive test. And it has been coroners who have disputed the counting of these and state officials who fight to include the deaths numbers.

        E.g., in Florida, the covid-tracking app used in morgues assumes a COVID-positive patient death is due to COVID…”He said the app the medical examiners use for COVID-19 cases automatically inputs the virus as a cause of death and they have to physically change that box from yes to no if the person had COVID but actually died of something else — like a gunshot.”

        1. It’s literally in the cdc coding guidelines that anyone who tested positive in the last 30 days be counted as a covid death regardless of cause or post mortem testing. AND it’s also in their guildlines that a doctor can classify any death as covid without a positive test if their symptoms seem congruent, regardless of other comorbidities, diseases, or causes of death.

          It’s insane

          1. I’d like to see your reference from the cdc. Please provide it.

            That sounds too stupid even for the cdc.

          2. Nothing?

            That’s what I thought.

      2. Immoral monsters: a government which doesn’t do enough to prevent people from letting themselves be exposed to a contagious and occasionally severe virus.

        Nothing to see here: a government which builds camps for the enslavement and extermination of several races.

    2. Just like the denial of the Holocaust, you fucking retarded Nazi sack of subhuman garbage?

      1. Except there is zero physical evidence of a holocaust. Only paid and coerced, inadmissible, testimony.

        Are you the same shlomo whose gramps wrote a book illustrated with pictures of shirtless Jews dragging bodies from the gas chambers to the ovens?

        You dumb fucks don’t know that cyanide is absorbed through the skin and lying shlomo senior would have been dead in hours.

        When a fundamental necessity of a narrative is proven to be complete bullshit, the entire narrative is false.

        Hatred is denial of truth which I’ve shared that you can’t refute.

        Instead, you simply deny it and while you refuse to consider my irrefutable argument you simply demonstrate your own bigotry.

        You are irrelevant.

        1. “Except there is zero physical evidence of a holocaust.”

          Shithead, no matter how often you repeat a lie, it remains a lie.

          1. Demonstrate any physical evidence and fuck off bigot.

          2. Or just fuck off.

            1. “Or just fuck off.”

              Best to walk away at that point.

              Here is where you end up.

              Ich meine jetzt die “Judenevakuierung”, die Ausrottung des jüdischen Volkes. Es gehört zu den Dingen, die man leicht ausspricht. – ‚Das jüdische Volk wird ausgerottet’, sagt ein jeder Parteigenosse‚ ‘ganz klar, steht in unserem Programm, Ausschaltung der Juden, Ausrottung, machen wir.’

              Heinirich Himmler. You fit in there well.

              1. That speech describes evacuation and extermination of Jews in Germany, as it could easily be said about allied invasion forces, by any means possible.

                But you choose to interpret “extermination” literally as proof of a holocaust.


                Take these Jewish leaders speeches as literally.

                “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany”.
                David A Brown, national chairman, united Jewish campaign, 1934.

                “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany …holy war against Hitlers people”

                Chaim Weismann, the Zionist leader, 8 September 1939, Jewish chronicle.

                The Toronto evening telegram of 26 February 1940 quoted rabbi Maurice l. Perlzweig of the world Jewish Congress as telling a Canadian audience that” The world Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years”.

                Still zero physical evidence of a holocaust.

                Was that your lying gramps?

  46. Most here are idiots. Everyone knows that states and most hospitals are inflating COVID deaths to get more Federal rebates,,, beyond corrupt.

    1. Oh? Since I am in that. I have never falsified nor inflated evidence in a medical record. What a crock of shit. You show me evidence.

    2. ” Everyone knows that states and most hospitals are […]”

      The problem with this argument is just how many things “everyone knows” that just aren’t true.

  47. People in my area of the country are not in “full revolt.” Sure, there are some who are whining about their “freedoms” being taken away (which is laughable) but the majority realize that the so-called “lockdowns” were a major reason for the decline in cases earlier this year, and have no desire to contract or spread COVID.
    The economic damage wreaked by the COVID situation is staggering. My industry (charter coach operation) has lost over 90 percent of its business and many companies will never return to operation. I have not driven my coach since early March. But it is fully to think that we can just act like nothing is going on when COVID cases and deaths are spiking nationwide. The drastic situation in many areas requires drastic response.
    We would not be in near such bad shape if our irresponsible and incompetent President had not undermined basic prevention measures such as mask wearing, but had focused on a coherent national response instead. We were left with a piecemeal state-by-state effort, ignored by millions for purely political reasons which has largely failed. Trump lost reelection largely because his response to COVID was incredibly incompetent, to the point of professionally malfeasant.
    Do I, or anybody else for that matter, like sheltering at home for weeks at a time? No. Will there be economic hardship as a result? Yes. But there will be an even worse result if this current spike in cases is not checked. Our health system is reaching its limits right now. We could face a record death toll and an historic depression simultaneously if the situation continues to deteriorate.
    Wear your mask, stay home whenever you can, and obey the governmental orders that are given. In order to save our economy, we have to save ourselves.

  48. Pro-lockdown are not skin in the game.
    These are not these guys who are afraid about their paycheck at the end of the month or to lose their job, these people are paid with our taxes…
    If there were a law that forced pro-lockdown supporters to declare themselves in order to give a considerable part of their salary to finance the deficits resulting from their policies, there would be few people to declare themselves pro-lockdown .

    1. I’m pro-lockdown because I’m anti-spread-of-disease.
      You’re correct that I’m not afraid about my paycheck at the end of the month, because it turned out that I’m not “essential” and thus mostly haven’t had any paychecks since March.

      How much of my “salary” do you feel entitled to?

  49. Simple example — when car-crash victim arrives at hospital, is immediately tested and if positive and soon dies, gets counted to jack-up numbers. Hospital CEO leans on doctor like this to put COVID on death certificate, otherwise fired — knows that there is no auditing later to verify — whole system corrupt like this.

    1. If the entire medical community in in a conspiracy against Trump, maybe ask what Trump did to inspire such a coordinated action against him.

    2. Again. You have never read a medical record nor do you have the ability to interpret one.

    3. Simple example — when car-crash victim arrives at hospital, is immediately tested and if positive and soon dies, gets counted to jack-up numbers. Hospital CEO leans on doctor like this to put COVID on death certificate, otherwise fired — knows that there is no auditing later to verify — whole system corrupt like this.”

      that IS a simple example, because it comes from a simple person and would not convince anyone who is not also quite simple.

  50. Everyone here should put aside this hard-on about Trump. This is just plain simple MONEY — hospitals simply want more Federal supplement COVID cash, so they blame everything possible on it,,, car crashes — everything. See how simple this is ??!?

    1. No I do not. There is no such evidence of false medical records. What a load of shit.

    2. ” See how simple this is ??!?”

      Yes, I see how simple you are.

  51. Also, State Governors love CONTROL — more Covid, more control.

  52. i approve this article… seems like actual libertarian thought… possibly by a libertarian

  53. Unless Erdogan and Trump
    can eliminate soft bellies in the Middle East and Europe, setting the stage for the US to establish a balance of power against the rapidly rising East.

  54. But 49% still shelter in their fantasy world where the media tells (lies) what’s going on around. The only way is to come back to the real world, meet real people flesh and blood and check for yourself, not to produce yet another argument powered by mass psychosis. But no way. Stay in your bunker, wear your mask, wash your hands, sh1t your pants. Fear is a virtue in 2020.

    1. Get out of your house, spread the virus! The virus is your friend! It mostly only kills old people, and they’re the ones who vote Republican! Make the country great again by ending the possibility of Republicans winning elections because their voters have died of Republicanvirus disease.

  55. If you’re a CA voter and have had enough crap from dictator Newsom, go to download the petition, sign it, mail it in. We have 800,000 signatures already and need to get another 800K by March 2021 in order to get the recall onto the CA ballot. We recalled Gray Davis…now its time to end Gavin Newsom’s political career. Take action now.

    1. If you had enough voters to end Newsom’s career, he’d have lost the last election he was in.

  56. The places with the most severe lockdowns are the places having the worst issues with the virus spread. Get out, get some fresh air, don’t stay locked in with others and you are much safer.
    Some civil disobedience is good for your health and your freedom.

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