Brickbat: What They Say in Private


A training slide for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's internet monitoring program jokes "You have zero privacy anyway, get over it." Internal documents obtained by a Canadian website show the capabilities of the program are more extensive than the agency has publicly admitted. The documents show the agency also misled the privacy commissioner on what it was doing, saying it only looked at "open source" material when internal documents indicate it was monitoring private communication and even encrypted communication.

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  1. And then the spooks and spies from Canuckistanistanistanistanistan (such as Momma, AKA “Mother’s Lament”) will come over here and tell us that the solution here for us Americans, is to allow The Great Whitish-Orangish Pumpkin-Father to install MORE spooks and spies above us! To prevent ALL that utterly rampant voter fraud and abuse!

    In the future, the GOP will need to follow us around for 30 days before the election, and sample our DNA twice every day, to make SURE we are who we say we are, before we vote! And Trumpistas, and assholes from Canuckistanistanistanistanistan, are all on board with that!

    1. Drunk again, aye?

      1. SQRLSY got high on maple syrup (again).

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          1. Our gal Kamala gives a head to get ahead.

            Mom, can you bring me down some cheesy nachos and a two-liter Mountain Dew?

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      1. Wow, what clever wit! Did your mommy help you write that?

        1. No but my mom is the best mom!
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    4. Yup. This is ‘Murica where we resent the Canucks for having more freedoms than we do. Doddering Man wants to get rid of privacy and Orange Man wants to get rid of privacy but that pesky “just a piece of paper” Constitution gets in the way. Oh way, the word “privacy” is not in the Constitution, so that means Doddering Man and Orange Man can do what they want.

      Besides, just cops. They have our best interest deep down in their hearts. The love us so much they want to spy on our intarwebs to make sure we aren’t looking at smutty stuff.

      1. What ‘more freedoms’?

        The freedom to say only what you are permitted to say?

        The freedom to have your property declared unusable at whim?

        1. The freedom to force others to call you xe, xer, xit, or xiff or face a fine and jail time.

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  2. In truth what would they find monitoring Canadians , talk about boring.

    1. Polite internet scams?

      “Pardon me, but I am Prince of Nigeria, and, apologies, your name came to my attention…”

      1. This is Canada we are talking about the scams, like signs are legally required to be in both English and French.

        “Pardonnez-moi, mais je suis prince du Nigéria et, excusez-moi, votre nom a attiré mon attention…”

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  4. “misled the privacy commissioner”

    Here in the States, lying to a government official is a felony (except when you ARE a government official).

    1. Or a member of the same Party.

  5. “You have zero privacy anyway, get over it.”

    The slide and information on the program leaked, so I guess that goes for the RCMP as well.

    1. As a rule of thumb for social media users, that’s absolutely true. As for the world in general, it’s not true but a very good maxim to follow. Assume someone outside your secure connection is monitoring.

      But as for the police, moral policy demands they assume they cannot snoop ever without full due process and judge’s physical signature and all the oversight and shit. Putting it in a training video as a bit of snark saying trainees can do whatever the fuck, is just bad. Bad in ‘Murica and bad in Canuckistan.

  6. Oh, Canada.

    1. Day of the rake when?
      Our patience has its limits!

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