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Universal Student Debt Forgiveness Is Regressive, Say Economists

Plus: Uber abandons self-driving autos, on being "both loud and silenced," and more...


Wiping out student loan debt for American college graduates would benefit the wealthy much more than it benefits less privileged students, according to a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research. "Blacks and Hispanics would also benefit substantially less than balances suggest," the authors say.

In the paper, titled "The Distributional Effects of Student Loan Forgiveness," economists Sylvain Catherine and Constantine Yannelis conclude that universal student loan "forgiveness would benefit the top decile as much as the bottom three deciles combined."

Not all student-loan-forgiveness schemes would have the same effects, they note:

There are a number of ways in which debt can be discharged, with important distributional implications. For example, forgiveness can be universal, capped or targeted to specific borrowers. These debt cancellation policies can benefit different socioeconomic and ethnic groups. This paper explores their distributional impacts. We find that the benefits of universal debt forgiveness policies largely accrue to high-income borrowers, while forgiveness through expanding income-contingent loan plans instead favors middle-income borrowers.

Income-contingent payment plans and loan forgiveness schemes already exist in the U.S.  Increasing enrollment in such plans "or increasing these plans' generosity is another option for targeted debt forgiveness," and one that would actually benefit middle-income debtors more than their wealth counterparts, the authors suggest.

But full or partial loan forgiveness regardless of income and loan size would be "highly regressive, with the vast majority of benefits accruing to high-income individuals," they conclude.

Reason's Mike Riggs offers some better ideas for student loan reform here.


"It is possible for a person—or at least their views—to be both loud and silenced," suggests Tom Chivers at UnHerd:


Uber is abandoning self-driving cars. Uber "has sold its self-driving car division to Aurora Innovation and has taken a stake in the startup as it looks to pivot away from creating its own autonomous vehicles and focus on profitability following a year of being decimated by the pandemic," reports The Street.


  • Why Thomas Massie is wrong about the federal marijuana legalization bill.
  • On free speech and Section 230, outgoing FCC chairman Ajit Pai says he is "pessimistic about where this goes in the future."
  • L.A.'s new district attorney is making some much-needed changes:

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  1. For nearly a month, they told you lies about the “rigged election,” “massive voter fraud” etc. Now they’re indignant their words might have consequences.

    Like the Russia hoaxers faced consequences.

    1. Hello.

      It’s almost as if four years of pathological lying from the media and DNC never happened.

      The gaslighting is now in criminal territory.

      1. I can’t think of a historical parallel to what their pulling. Even authoritarian dictatorships don’t have this level of chutzpah.
        DPRK News eat your heart out.

        1. It’s pretty astounding. I’m pushing 50 and never seen anything like it. It’s like they went to another Donkey Kong level.

          20 years later, I went from Eric and Hyde to being Red Foreman in my outlook: Dumbasses.

          1. They have zero reason to slow this down. It worked in 2020.

            1. Despite the cries of “CULT” from the lefties here, the main reason I’m disappointed that Trump lost is that it encourages more of the madness we’ve seen from MSM and the establishment. Why would it be anything other than full speed ahead with this bullshit after it was so successful?

              1. Agreed. Biden himself bugged me, but no more than either Clinton. It’s the MSM and deep state career machinery that made him completely unelectable IMO.

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          2. I’m still Eric *and* Hyde lol

          3. Cocktail party truth > Revolutionary truth

    2. False equivalence

    3. Come on. You can totally trust them now. They were only blatantly lying and grossly exaggerating the Russia stuff for the good of the country. You know, Trump being the second coming of Hitler, and all.

    4. In regards to the Russia hoax, I’m still wondering why if Putin went to the trouble to rig the 2016 election he didn’t bother with the 2020 election. After all, if he “has something” on Trump it would still be of value to him to have his “asset” as President.

      1. simple the Chinese spent more on their man than Putin spent on his.

        1. The Revenge of The Ukraine.

    5. Trump demands that the Republicans ignore the voters and re-elect him instead……………….. READ MORE

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  2. I guess it’s ok to call people queers if you are on SNL now?

    1. But he was pretending to be from Boston when he did.

    2. Isn’t that term one of the letters in the expanded alphabet?

    3. I think it’s OK to call someone “queer” (adjective), but not “a queer”. That could be out of date, though.

      1. What game do kids play in the schoolyard with a football these days?

          1. Haha

        1. Kids aren’t allowed to play in the schoolyard these days.

      2. Definitely not, there was a list (shocking, that) of preferred words floating around some years back. I think asinine was the one the author(s) had for gay/queer. Also, that kid on SNL is an unfunny dipshit.

  3. Uber is abandoning self-driving cars.

    Pretty much everyone should be giving up on this pipe dream for at least another decade.

    1. Put more effort into flying cars!

      1. You don’t get flying cars until you have self-flying cars.

        And… I was going to say you don’t get self-flying cars until you have self-driving cars, but actually self-flying is probably a much easier problem to solve, especially since you don’t really have to worry about pedestrians quite as much.

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                2. KAR is a parody. He’s expressing his feelings about Muslims, not Mormons. And possibly making a point about acceptable hate.

        2. but actually self-flying is probably a much easier problem to solve

          And if you’re Boeing, you get to solve it a couple of times over.

        3. Maybe fewer pedestrians, but object detection and crash avoidance to prevent injury or death to passengers and those not in the vehicle but involved in potential collisions, accidents will be more of a challenge. And, X, Y, Z, pitch, yaw, lack of friction coefficient for deceleration considerations versus mostly X and Y for cars.

        4. There are already flying cars. See the Terrafugia Transition.

          Some Chinese company showed a flying car at CES a few years ago too, sort of a large drone with human carrying capacity and autopilot. For some reason people thought it was too dangerous.

      2. Yep. At least flying cars don’t have to be able to avoid buses, pedestrians, bicyclists, stop signs, etc……

        1. Birds.

          1. Put up a few more windmills…there won’t be any birds.

        2. considering there is a national radar mapping system for planes in place already flying cars will have something to link to for traffic

          1. When all the AI controlling the cars and the radar uplinks are woven together, we can can call it ‘Skynet’. Sounds pretty.

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    2. Uber is abandoning self-driving cars.

      Apparently, the cars were hitting things every ~15k mi.

      Women programmers, amiright?

  4. Wiping out student loan debt for American college graduates would benefit the wealthy much more than it benefits less privileged students…

    Moneyed interests getting their way? I’ve never seen such a thing.

    1. If you look closely, you will see that the main immediate beneficiaries of a student loan forgiveness program are the colleges. Since about 90% of all college professors are Democrat supporters and they turn out more Progressives every day, it makes sense to keep the mill working. University costs increase faster than the inflation rate because, as loud supporters of the liberal establishment they get recognized for their efforts.
      It’s a bit like supporting teacher unions ‘for the kids’ when the unions refuse to teach kids.

      1. Then why not take the money out of the universities? They have massive, tax-exempt endowments that they amassed by bilking over students, staff, and taxpayers.

        1. And deny their closest supporters? Also, remember that a lot of the student loan money was spent in cafes and shops in the university towns like Ann Arbor, Berkeley, and Madison. Those are owned by Progressives as well so they also benefit from the cheap loans. Loan forgiveness is a swell way to move money from those who might not be even a little Progressive to those who live and breathe progressive thought. And remember, ‘For the kids!’

          1. Democrats obviously wouldn’t even bring it up, but why can’t Republicans or Libertarians start suggesting this?

  5. On free speech and Section 230, outgoing FCC chairman Ajit Pai says he is “pessimistic about where this goes in the future.”

    Legislators, regulators and now journalists being unserious about free speech? Who would have seen it coming.

    1. Cox and Wyden.

  6. “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is selling “Tax the Rich” sweatshirts for $58 apiece.”

    In much more important AOC news…..and a contender for feel-good story of the year

    Goya named her the “employee of the year” because her boycott call resulted in a huge increase in sales

    (Sorry. No link..commenting is difficult enough from my phone)

    1. Blah, employee of the month

    2. Call me when AOC starts escorting for social justice.

      1. Would. For $58.

    3. Does the tax on the rich include her?

    4. Tax the bitch.

      1. Tax the bitch.

        Now THAT’S a sweatshirt idea, right there.

        1. And sell it for 57 dollars. 🙂

  7. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is selling “Tax the Rich” sweatshirts for $58 apiece.

    Can’t wait to find out they were made in sweatshops with cheap labor.

    1. cheap labor

      Uighur slaves.

      1. I think they prefer the term “wiggers”.

        1. Whether out in the field picking it, or locked up in the factory sewing it, it always comes down to slaves and cotton for the Democrats.
          It’s in their DNA.

    2. Ironically, only the rich can afford the $58 sweatshirts.

      1. And Aerosmith made lots of money on this song:

    3. And they contain Rayon, the most evil of all oil based threads.

      1. Bad choice. Rayon is made from wood.

        1. even more evil, save the trees!

    4. She claimed the reason they’re so expensive is because they’re made in the US by a unionized work force, so at least she’s being honest about why the cost is so high. That’s not really a good argument for making these clothes at least reasonably affordable, though. $58 is upper-middle class consumer territory, not prole level.

      1. I doubt that she has all that many fans on the prole level. She probably has plenty of fans who are “woke” upper middle class.

      2. In the midwest that is millionaire level or spending all your baby daddy money level

        Even upper middle class think “that will be on clearance in 3 months”

        1. It depends on how important virtue signalling is to you.

          1. Exactly. And left-wing proles aren’t exactly known for having a high future-time orientation.

      3. they’re made in the US by a unionized work force, so at least she’s being honest about why the cost is so high

        Presuming you buy into the notion that the extra $$ is enriching the workers and not the unions.

  8. House conservatives urge Trump not to concede and press for floor fight over election loss

    Democrats fraudsters think they are safe after today. Not only do courts have until a President is inaugurated to resolve this election fraud dispute, both Houses of Congress can dispute Electoral college votes, the SCOTUS can find for Trump in Trump vs Biden, and election 2020 can still go the way of the 12th Amendment.

    Either way, the Democrats have given their total votes for Biden so they cannot produce any more AND let the tossing of millions of mail-in ballots commence.

    1. Supporters are jumping off that raft every day LC. It’s going down.

      1. Democrats used force to drive off observers, so they could count votes in secret.

      2. Texas just sued Georgia et al in the SCOTUS.

        All the Democrats trying to sink USS America just got fucked.

        Trump is great at getting RINOs and traitors to the USA to out themselves. A whole bunch did in the last 30 days.

    2. Please tell us, lc, that you have not contributed any of your own cash to the Trump grift.

      1. I dont give any money to any politician.

        I am happy to set up fund raisers and drive them around if they want. I am wiling to spend time and effort for decent politicians.

        Trump has $160 million to spend on beating the Democrats on this massive democrat election fraud scheme. It’s plenty.

        Louisiana just joined Texas in the legal action in the SCOTUS.


      “Hoo boy. I finally took a look at the affidavit from ‘Spyder’—supposedly a pseudonym for a white hat hacker with a military intelligence background—from Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ lawsuits, and it is absolutely crazier than a bag of cats.”


      “Wisconsin’s response to Sidney Powell’s lawsuit points out that the Dominion voting machine she says were part of a big election-rigging plot weren’t used in most of the counties she’s complaining about, and in the two that did use them, Trump won.”

      1. Haha unreason citing twatter. Hahahah

  9. The new top prosecutor in LA. On his first day. Ends: Cash bail. Sentencing enhancements. 3 strikes. Stops prosecuting juveniles as adults. More. And makes all changes for tens of thousands *retroactive. Meaning those already imprisoned will benefit.

    What color is he? Can we make him Vice President instead?

    1. Only one qualification was required and there’s a surgery for that.

      1. If he merely identified as female and they determined that wasn’t good enough it would be transphobic.

    2. Californians voted against ending cash bail just 4 weeks ago. Another prog who thinks they know best.

  10. Trump Lawsuit: Thousands Of Fraudulent Votes In Georgia Cast By Felons, Dead, Underage Voters

    Trump exposing the massive Democrat election fraud scheme is just another accomplishment that makes him the best President in US History.

    1. A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

      It appears that Trump campaign layers have gotten all the election fraud issues filed with various courts with supporting affidavits. Enough for the SCOTUS to hand Trump a win in Trump vs Biden. Not that the SCOTUS needs to have any anecdotal evidence of the various state governors and election officials changing election laws in violation of the US Constitution.

      1. That link doesn’t even support what you are saying. That “sampling” shows stuff from years ago. I guess it shows that fraud happens- though in most cases we are talking about small vote numbers and local races- but it has fuckall to do with this election. Why do you keep posting it?

        1. I’m going to say it’s because he’s an idiot.
          I’d love it if somehow Trump pulled one out of the hat here, Biden is just horrifying so far, but it seems extremely unlikely at this point. And constantly harping on evidence that doesn’t really show what you claim just makes it easier to dismiss anyone suggesting election fraud might be a problem as crackpots.

        2. You and Zeb are such dum-dums.

          Texas just sued Georgia et al in the SCOTUS. You lose!

          1. How is that me losing? I wish them all the best with that. I just don’t see it going anywhere. If I’m wrong, good, but that’s not how it looks to me right now.

            1. Sure you do, Zeb. Sure you do.

              Louisiana just joined Texas in the SCOTUS.

        This election has had more fraud than anything Venezuela could cook up. From millions of fake ballots ordered from China, to a zero percent rejection rate, to Eric Coomer and his youtube instructional videos on how Dominion can change your vote, to Zuckerberg giving $350 million to Democrat activists to “get the vote out,” to Soros buying Dominion via Staples Street Capital in 2018, to Smartmatic counting votes for us overseas while being owned by Lord Malloch Brown (Soros’s new Open Society chief) to good old China crowing about getting rid of Trump so they can dominate Wall Street again.

    2. RESIST!
      Not my president

  11. XII Amendment:
    The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons voted for as Vice-President, and of the number of votes for each, which lists they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate;-The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;-The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President-The person having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed, and if no person have a majority, then from the two highest numbers on the list, the Senate shall choose the Vice-President; a quorum for the purpose shall consist of two-thirds of the whole number of Senators, and a majority of the whole number shall be necessary to a choice. But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.

    1. Unfortunately, those who campaigned for Biden disdain the US Constitution, and many RINOs refuse to uphold the Constitution.

    2. Good luck with that. Since almost all of the lawsuits are losing, and proof of the suspected fraud is in scant supply, no state governors and few lawmakers have or will sign up to throw out the will of the people.

      1. Texas just sued Georgia et al in the SCOTUS.

        One of the 50 states just deemed there to be enough evidence of election fraud and constitutional violations of election laws.

        Trump “n”th D chess.

  12. “No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close”

    Hemmingway makes some compelling points. I think “Debunk” is incorrect usage here. Either it supports the Trump Team’s accusations or it doesn’t. Unless the entire video is staged, you can’t really debunk it.

    You can read through the article, and it is pretty clear that:

    1) The Trump Team’s accusation that they were told to go home is accurate. This isn’t confirmed by the surveillance video (as the video has no audio), but it *is* supported by media reports at the time. ABC reported that Regina Waller told them as well that counting would end at 10:30pm. That woman is also who the GOP says wouldn’t tell them anything on site.

    2) The Trump team’s accusation that counting continued un-observed until 1am is only partially true. For about 75 minutes, nobody was observing the counting. After that according to the video AND statements by the state, the independent observers checked in on things. It is noteworthy that the independent observer is being criticized for the role seen on the video- he doesn’t seem engaged at all.

    3) The Trump team’s argument that Georgia is not being honest is pretty well supported here. Giving GA the benefit of the doubt, it appears that everyone at State Farm Arena was tired and planned to go home. This led to a BUNCH of criticism in the press. But then the elections director called them up and told them to get back to work. This isn’t as bad as nefarious conspiracy, but trying to cover up or deflect incompetence is still a cover up.

    4) Unfortunately for the Trump Team, the video actually undercuts their most damaging claim- that these were ballots pulled from thin air. You can clearly see in the video (see link in next post) that these ballots had been opened and packed into boxes as recently as 10pm. This is so clear and obvious, that Team Trump’s attempt to claim they were from “unknown places” HAS to be known deception. All they had to do was rewind that tape by 30 minutes to see this happen.


      You can see in this story as they step through the video, showing the ballots getting boxed up and put under the table. Again, the fact that Team Trump suggests that these votes came from some other time shows that they either didn’t watch all the video, or they are being intentionally disingenuous.

    2. But Lead Story already claimed the Federalist fact check of their Lead Story’s initial fact check was false. The fun of fact checkers who can determine their own merits.

      1. Would Communist China ever direct companies it has total control over to lie?

    3. The Trump team’s accusation that counting continued un-observed until 1am is only partially true. For about 75 minutes, nobody was observing the counting. After that according to the video AND statements by the state, the independent observers checked in on things.

      There is also the issue of the one observer the election office sent over was on his phone the whole time, seen in the video, not even watching the counting effort. Not sure how you missed that part, but it is pretty damning. It was simply a check the box type effort for observation.

      1. ” Not sure how you missed that part, but it is pretty damning.”

        Like the Trump team, you really like your selective edits. The very next sentence in my post:
        “It is noteworthy that the independent observer is being criticized for the role seen on the video- he doesn’t seem engaged at all.”

        1. Election observer has to be the most boring “job” of all time.

      2. And by the way- this isn’t necessarily damning. There are two potential problems here:

        1) They counted the ballots incorrectly.
        2) They introduced fraudulent ballots.

        While you are correct that the observation of counting went FUBAR, we know that those ballots were recounted TWICE in full observation.

        While we will never know the answer to #2, we do know that so long as those ballots were in the room, chain of custody was never broken. You can see in the video where they are removed from envelopes and loaded into the packing bins, then placed under the table, pulled from the table and counted. If they were fraudulent ballots, then the ballots were fraudulent BEFORE arriving at the site, and observers at State Farm Arena would have not had any part in discovering that.

        1. Why else would they place them under a table?

          1. So they wouldn’t trip over them?

            1. That’s what Soros wants you to believe!

    4. This more or less agrees with what I’ve learned when trying to look into this. Election officials fucked up, but there doesn’t seem to be a reason to doubt the validity of the ballots (at least no more so than one might doubt the validity of any other ballots).

      Whether or not the fuck up broke the law seems debatable — I can see a case to be made either way. Based on what I know now, disciplinary action of some sort seems appropriate.

      Does anyone know if it’s possible to identify the exact ballots that were counted during this time, e.g. through some sort of unique serial number that is logged when ballots are fed through the tabulators? That would a) answer the question of whether the number counted are within the margin of victory and b) allow these specific ballots to be recounted in full presence of observers. If that isn’t possible, let’s add that to the list of improvements to the electoral process that I hope we can all agree on.

      1. These same ballots were recounted twice. Once with the GA count, and once with Trump’s recount. Both recounts were done in the presence of observers- even partisan observers.

        So as long as we are reasonably certain these were not fraudulent ballots, we can be pretty sure that they were correctly counted.

        1. From Reuters: “According to the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization Ballotpedia, Georgia rejected 6.42% of mail-in ballots in total in the 2016 general election and 3.10% in total in the 2018 midterm.”
          From NPR: “Of the more than 1.3 million absentee ballots returned to county elections offices for the November election, more than 2,000 of them were rejected because of an invalid or missing signature.” So that took two news sources to get to the fact that Georgia had a .15% rejection rate this year.

          1. Assuming you’re quoting from the same Reuters article I’m looking at, you should know that you’re comparing apples and oranges. The rate of rejection in GA due to missing or non-matching signatures was 0.24% in 2016, 0.15% in 2018, and 0.15% again in 2020.

          2. Big nose demands citations but never provides them himself.

            The Georgia Secretary of State certified illegal ballots and his office admits it.

            Georgia didnt even check signatures on absentee ballots which violates state election law. All those ballots need to be tossed. Republican AND Democrat.

        2. Poor overt. Each recount led to less votes for biden.

          Wonder why that is. Totes election integrity that election counts come up different each recount.

          Nothing to see here folks.

      2. Depending on what ballots are thrown out in GA, you might not need one of the run-off elections (Purdue/Ossoff).

        1. We dont. Once all the absentee ballots are tossed for not checking signatures, only in-person ballots remain.

          Trump won 50%+
          Perdue won 50%+
          Loeffler won 50%+

    5. I’m pretty sure “debunked” is the key word to use in order to get Facebook/Google [algorithms] to suppress the site, and that is why all these minor press sources are using it. Most people would say “that word … I don;t think it means what you think it means.”

      Especially sweet, did you notice mzh’s footnote where Lead News’ own fact check of the the article critical of Lead News’ reporting is what is used to suppress it on Facebook?

      1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  13. Still on Trump’s case eh? Meanwhile, Biden stacks his team with a bunch of psychos.

    1. The headline and lead story of this article is explicitly piling on one of Biden’s potential actions when he gets into office. That isn’t about Trump at all.

      1. O, come on.

        Let’s start using dem street smart more.

        Come on. It’s me.

        1. smarts.

  14. “Wiping out student loan debt for American college graduates would benefit the wealthy much more than it benefits less privileged students”

    IOW it’s exactly what you’d expect from the modern Democratic Party, which — like Koch / Reason libertarianism — exists to make rich people even richer. Democrats are embracing our position on open borders so it’s only fair we embrace theirs on student loans.


    1. “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is selling ‘Tax the Rich’ sweatshirts for $58 apiece.”

      58 bucks for a sweatshirt? More evidence for what I’ve been saying for years: the Democrats have completely abandoned their working-class roots, and clearly don’t believe their own eat-the-rich routine.


  15. The rich are already taxed. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s problem is that there simply aren’t enough rich to fund her crazy magic money schemes.

    1. It’s becoming pretty obvious that nobody has any intentions of honoring their debt.
      And Bretton Woods is long dead.


    BREAKING: Texas files lawsuit with Supreme Court against GA, MI, PA, and WI.

    1. Now states are going after other states.

      Do I get popcorn or chips?

      Or deep dish?

      1. Depends on the state. TX loses you get BBQ. GA loses you get peaches. MI loses you get lead in your water?

      2. Get a ‘Trump second term’ cake ready.

        As I said a hundred times, Trump vs Biden is going to the SCOTUS no matter what Democrats and their propagandists do to try to stop it.

        There was fraud AND constitutional violations relating to mail-in ballots and other changes not made by state legislatures. One is enough to possibly get courts to toss ballots and make sure Biden doesnt cheat to win. Both is definitely enough.

    2. How does Texas have standing to sue another state over an election? Someone in TX is gunning for a cabinet position in Don Jr’s cabinet.

      1. The only thing I can see is that TX is trying to give examples to people in the states.

      2. My guess would be equal protection clause – Texas’ honest vote not counting as much as their rigged votes constitutes unequal treatment.

      3. The Texas AG is in big trouble with the FBI, and it’s looking likely he will faces charges. He is gunning for a pardon.

      4. Texas explained it in their Complaint.

        Its the United States of America. Every state has to play by the same basic set of rules. States ignoring those basic rules denies the other states Equal Protection under the Constitution.

        Trump “n”th D chess.

  17. Any guesses on when the EV bubble collapses? We’re shutting down reliable generation for less reliable renewables. Not enough to go around for everyone to replace gasoline powered vehicles.

    1. I’m starting to think that that’s the point.

      1. You’re starting to smarten up. The plan isn’t to get rid of fossil fuels and replace them with renewables, it’s just to get rid of fossil fuels. It’s colonialist white supremacy to expect that you’re entitled to have electricity all day long, every day.

        1. Look at what Apple has done to phone and computers. We have very little ownership interest in many of the things we use every day. The proggies won’t be happy until no one can ‘own’ a car.

          1. Enjoy your stay in hell you goddamn Mormon piece of shit!

            The only good Mormon is 15 million dead Mormons.

            1. The only thing that’s dying is your testosterone count, you stepinfechit hicklib.

              1. “stepinfetchit hicklib” there’s no need to sully the good name of Stepin Fetch it you dick.

                Don’t know why you keep referring to me as a hick(actually I do it’s because you’re an inbred right wing loon).

                Also using “lib” or “liberal” as a pejorative only shows how goddamn stupid you are. Do you ever see or hear liberals saying something like “take that con!” It’s because they have brains unlike the Trump worshipping cousin fuckers who make up 90% of reason commenters.

                1. Fuck off, Sqrlsy.

                  1. No you fuck off!

              2. You’re letting your autism shine through, hicklib. Better screech at your momma to get you another plate of tendies before your blood sugar crashes.

                1. You’re proving me right about you being a Trump worshipping white trash cousin fucker.

                  Are you Mormon or something? Did I hurt your wittle LDbS feelings? Go cy about it to your god that doesn’t exist you white trash fuck.

                  1. And you’re proving me right about you being a slack-jawed, snaggle-toothed, chromosome-rich hicklib, hicklib.

        2. If they set civilization back 3 centuries as the Green Raw Deal desires, we won’t need as much energy. Or as many people.

          1. We’ll need more people to do all the manual labor that automation can’t do without cheap energy. But we won’t have as many people because of all the starvation it will cause.

    2. California’s energy grid is bursting at the seams trying to supply electricity for current customers … and fully EV vehicles (in 2035?) will require 200% more electrical power. At the same time we switch to unreliable renewables, and close down the last nuke plants. Either no one can do the math, or only party members will be able to afford to travel past that date.

      1. They don’t care. They’ll have all the electricity they want because they’re essential. Brownouts will be for the peasants.

        1. Again, that’s probably the point.

      2. only party members will be able to afford to travel past that date.

        This is the way.

        1. Scarcity/sacrifice of basic necessities is part of their religion.

          1. There are already public service ads on TV in California hectoring us to do our part to save energy since solar only works during the day time and wind power only works when it is windy.

            1. Any climate change Chicken Little out there that doesn’t embrace nuclear as a solution is signaling that they are less concerned about climate change then they are about shutting down fossil fuels.

          2. Scarcity is the basis of economics. Goods are scarce which is why they have value. The problem is that the progressives deny this truth, not that they embrace it.

            By the way, economics is a science. So who are the science deniers again?

            1. True.
              Maybe I should have said artificial scarcity.

    3. Solar power is the future! The Sun is always shining, even at night.

      1. Just not where you are.

        1. Turn on the TV. The Sun always shines there.

    4. It already has


    If Mark Zuckerberg can “donate” $350 million through an activist shell company to “give grants” to state and county election officials, then our republic is finished.

    Since when do state and local governments “need” donations from private companies?

    And the answer is: never.

    1. Corporations and governments working together to build back better.

      1. The GOP needs to build back better too. We need to invite Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Jennifer Rubin back into the fold of the GOP by increasing taxes, doubling military spending, expanding foreign military bases, and clamping down hard on America’s Internet providers to prevent cyber-warfare vulnerabilities.

        1. Bill Kristol losing his audience has probably had a bigger negative impact on the cruise ship industry, than Covid.

          1. I wish John was here to talk about the excretable Max Boot.

            1. Well, with a word like “excretable” subbing in for “execrable”, you’re doing just fine taking his place.

              1. I took it as an intentional typo.

          2. I suspect these people, and those like Jonah Goldberg and the Lincoln Project goons, are going to fully migrate over to the Democratic party after the mid-terms. Corporate Republicans are a constituency without a party at this point–the GOP considers them to be traitors, and the only thing the Democrats want out of them is their money and their votes, not policy recommendations. The only way they’re going to keep their sinecures afloat is to drop the pretense that they’re conservatives and fully become creatures of the left.

            1. Also, if you want a good laugh, pull up New York Magazine’s article on the NR cruise from December 21, 2012, titled “Blues Cruise.” The eventual downfall of the neocons in the GOP is laid out pretty succinctly in that article, even if the author appears to assume that they’re going to continue running the party forever.

            2. So… be more like Reason

              1. Even Koch doesn’t have enough money to keep the Corporate Republicans in the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed. Big Tech and the Democrat grift machine does.

                1. Key is that the Democrats have to be in power or it doesnt work.

      2. The Third Way (neither socialism nor capitalism, but fascism).

    2. Finally the GOP is figuring out that this isn’t about fraud- it is about the Democrats structurally changing the mechanism of voting in order to ensure 100% voter turnout in Blue counties.

      Consider what really happened here: These few urban counties basically had their election budgets doubled so that they could have more drop off points, satellite offices and GOTV efforts. This drove up the Blue vote so much that they flipped a 5% advantage Trump had in that state.

      The only way that the GOP can escape this is by requiring that ALL grant money be spent equally around the state- you cannot give millions of dollars to get out the vote in only one or two counties, as that is treating votes differently.

      1. True, but that assumes a couple of things: 1) the GOP leaders in those states have the balls to prevent such localization and weather the inevitable cries of “das rayciss!” coming from the Democrats and their partners in the news media; 2) the GOP can get enough state majorities to make sure that they even have the numbers to make it happen in the first place.

        They theoretically could have gone whole-hog on that in 2014 when the party was peaking in terms of state house and governor control, but the GOP’s default stance has been passivity. It’s typically been the populists who have the energy to push through such measures irrespective of how much Democrats complain, but those people don’t make up the bulk of the party’s leadership. That might change now that Trump’s effectively turned the party’s electorate into a populist one, but I suspect party in-fighting is going to be more common the next 2-4 years unless Biden and Harris do something that really pisses off moderates like Clinton did from 93-94.

        1. Passivity has to go. If nothing else, POTUS Trump demonstrated that.

          1. You are probably right. Which sucks. I want as passive a government as possible.

        2. It isn’t passivity. It is straight up grifting. I saw this happen in CA- the GOP gave up being competitive there. They merely became a place to send your money if you hate the democrats. And CA still has 40% or so of its population that isn’t Democrat.

          These state assembly-creeps will never, ever wield an ounce of power in the state government. They cannot even filibuster. But because they offer good soundbites to the press and because there are certain districts that will never go Blue, they continue to get that sweet sweet campaign money.

          The same is true of the Tea Party. When they came to the forefront, dozens of GOP operatives started Tea Party PACs to syphon off money from Tea Party contributors. By and large, these PACs took the money, spent next to nothing on Tea Party candidates in primaries and elections, and pocketed the rest of the money.

          1. That was a mutually-beneficial arrangement between the parties as well, from what I understand, where the Dems basically said, “We’re going to dominate the state races, but we’ll give you some gerrymandered, deep-red districts that will be exclusively yours.” In return, the Republicans wouldn’t put up any serious challenges in lighter-blue districts to try and break the Dems’ monopoly.

            The California Republican party is about as neutered an entity as they were in the South during the 1800s.

            1. Normally yes. However, this election gave Republicans more House seats than Democrats wanted. Census 2020 is going to take away 10+ House seats from Blue states and give them to Red states.

              This will likely result in the GOP controlling the House by 1-2 seats. The GOP will control the US Senate and trump will serve his second term.

              Democrats dont have the political power to destroy Republican political power in CA and NY.

              1. When Biden is inaugurated is your head going to explode?

                Goddamn you’re stupid. Although that’s to be expected of an uneducated sister fucking southerner. The rest of the country laughs at how stupid most southerners are and you’re too stupid to realize.
                “Der southern pride!”

                1. Piss off, Sqrlsy.

              2. Poor Lefties. They really think after losing to Trump in election 2016, Mueller, Impeachment…., they can win with massive election fraud.

                Democrats will have a chance at the White House in 2024 after Trump’s second term.

      2. Finally the GOP is figuring out that this isn’t about fraud- it is about the Democrats structurally changing the mechanism of voting in order to ensure 100% voter turnout in Blue counties.

        This is effectively what I was saying previously. It’s not about fraud. For all the hand-wringing that goes on every time anyone anywhere mentions the words ‘Voter ID’ we sure tilted much more of the electorate much more heavily with lockdowns, mail in voting, and election funding with relatively wreckless abandon.

      3. Trump’s second term will be the death nail for mail-in ballots. The Democrats will move on to some new trick to try to win.

  19. Texas takes a case against Ga, Pa, Wisc, and Michigan over the constitutional issue of judges changing election laws instead of the legislature.

    Merits: The electors clause of the US constitution states means and manner of elections are to be determined by the legislative branch of each state. All 4 states mentioned have changed their laws judicially. Pa sued in court to allow virtually no review of signatures on ballots this year. Wisconsin sued to allow for all mail in ballots without changes to their absentee requirements. Ga agreed to a sue and settle to change election laws through a settlement with the democratic party. None of these changes were made legislatively through the proper constitutional matter.

    And yes, Texas can directly go to the USSC as it involves a state vs state dispute.

    1. And why didn’t the GOP challenge all these rule changes the Democrats made to the no-ID-necessary mail-in balloting back when the Democrats made the rule changes? Because they’re stupid and they prefer to lose rather than to have to stick up for that ghastly uncultured uncouth ill-mannered pig in the White House – I mean, the guy doesn’t even attend cocktail parties at all! How gauche!

      1. Didn’t they try to challenge the rule changes and then those challenges were thrown out of court because no harm had been caused yet?

      2. And now the PA court is saying it’s a moot case because the election happened

      3. Republicans tried to challenge the executive rules changes.

        Kungflu trumps all!

        1. Most of the courts allowed the rules changes and then said they would not hear any election cases until the election took place.

          It was a Democrat maneuver to give Republicans no time once Democrats stole the election.

          Two caveats: Democrats needed RBG and Roberts to cooperate AND for Trump to concede. Instead the Democrats got Trump fighting AND Barrett to swing the SCOTUS 5-4 against Democrat election fraud.

    2. Asking one group of judges to limit the power of a different group of judges is a dicey proposition.

      1. But asking the judges tk follow the law is too far fetched for you?

        1. No impact on how Texas allocates its Electoral votes, so the case will likely be tossed.

          1. That’s not how constitutional questions work.

          2. Texas’ EC votes are diluted when there is election cheating in WI, MI, PA, GA.

            I love how Lefty sympathizers are lining up that one of the 50 states (now Louisiana joined)…two of the 50 states are suing to make sure Constitutional rules are followed, and that is bad.

      2. Asking one group of judges to follow the agreed to constitution isn’t a dicey proposition.


    Translation: We should have to tolerate everything the Woke do. They tolerate no dissent.

    This isn’t the Paradox of Tolerance. It’s Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance.



    200K VOTES or 11% of mail-in ballots were ‘DIGITALLY ADJUDICATED’

    AZ Chairwoman @kelliwardaz points out *eerie similarities* with Georgia’s ‘certifiably insane’ adjudication of *hundreds of thousands* of ballots. This is truly *shocking*

  22. “Denmark to end oil, gas extraction in North Sea”
    “Denmark has decided to end all oil and gas activities in the North Sea by 2050 and has cancelled its latest licensing round, saying the country is “now putting an end to the fossil fuel era.”…”

    Of course it does nothing of the sort; it simply means the Danes will import what they used to produce.
    The “fossil fuel era” is going to be around for a good long time yet.

    1. The fields in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone in the North Sea are estimated to be tapped out in another 20 years anyway.
      Virtue signaling is always best when you have nothing is to lose.

    2. Remember when China agreed to reach peak oil and then lower their usage after that with no dates given?


    So, @instagram put a warning/fact check on a Trump tweet paying tribute to Pearl Harbour victims.

    1. bUiLd yUr oWn iNsTAgRam

    2. I realize Obama started the precedent of the media treating Democratic presidential-elects as if they’re the actual President, but just because the media wishes something doesn’t make it so.

  24. Jay Caruso
    For nearly a month, they told you lies about the “rigged election,” “massive voter fraud” etc. Now they’re indignant their words might have consequences.

    Aside from the massive hypocrisy in light of the last four years, this is an obvious threat.

    Of course ENB is all in.

  25. “President-elect Joe Biden’s national security adviser said the incoming administration wants to put Iran “back into the box” by rejoining the nuclear deal and forcing Tehran to comply with the terms of the original agreement.”

    This is an Obama era double-reverse horseshit maneuver.

    1) The Obama Iran-Nuclear deal didn’t put Tehran in any kind of box. It let them out of the box.

    For those of you who are unaware (rather than willfully obtuse), Iran is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which specifically prohibits Iran from enriching their own uranium in secret. Iran was found to be in breach of the treaty by enriching their own uranium in secret, and the sanctions regime they were placed under by the UN security council was because they breached the treaty.

    It should be noted that either China or Russia could have vetoed that sanctions regime, but neither chose to do so–because their ally is a state sponsor of terror that already has the ability to launch satellites into orbit with multistage rockets, and they don’t think a nuclear Iran with an ICBM capability is a good idea either.

    2) Where the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty prohibited Iran from enriching their own uranium because they breached the treaty, Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran–which Biden wants to rejoin–allows Iran to start enriching their own uranium again.

    Obama’s deal does not put Tehran in a box. It allows them to enrich their own uranium, which is both unacceptable and unnecessary–unnecessary because if they really want uranium sufficiently enriched for civilian purposes, both China and Russia would be happy to supply them with it, something that is in perfect compliance with the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty.

    3) Obama’s Nuclear Iran treaty is unconstitutional.

    There isn’t anything in the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty or the Constitution of the United States that gives Barack Obama or Joe Biden the authority to renegotiate the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty in order to give Iran a special exemption. Barack Obama’s treaty needed to be subject to a vote in the senate–and no such vote was ever held. There was a vote held on the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, and it was ratified 50 years ago. That’s constitutional.

    4) Obama’s Nuclear Iran treaty is blatantly foolish.

    As I’ve shown here in comments so many times, the reason we’ve seen peace break out in the Middle East is largely due to two factors: 1) Trump making it clear that America would not guarantee the security of the Middle East unless it was in our best interests to do so in any particular case (or unless someone attacked Americans), and 2) the states of the Middle East allying (with Israel) in self-defense against a belligerent and aggressive Iran.

    It isn’t just foolish that Biden is throwing away all the progress we’ve made over the last four years. He’s making the future far more dangerous and making it far more likely that we will be involved in a war.

    When Iran obtains nuclear weapons, that will not be the end of it. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia will pursue nuclear weapons of their own as a deterrent–at a bare minimum. The only way to assuage them in the face of a nuclear Iran will be for the United States to assert itself as the guarantor of security in the Middle East again. It should be said that this is not really speculation. The United States being the guarantor of international security is central to neoconservatism. This is what they want.

    1. P.S. Those who are delusional enough to imagine that Iran’s nuclear ambitions would subside if only we left them alone have a hard time explaining why Iran hasn’t already come into compliance with the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty to get rid of the sanctions.

      Despite the sanctions devastating the Iranian economy, why do they choose to keep the sanctions in place–rather than forgo the right to enrich their own uranium as required by the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty? If Tehran announced tomorrow that they were giving up their right to enrich their own uranium (and they let in UN inspectors to see whatever they wanted), the sanctions would be gone already.

      If their nuclear intentions are not belligerent, why are they willing to sacrifice their economy for decades at a time rather than forgo the right to enrich their own uranium?

      1. Not just belligerent but psychotically/terroristically belligerent. Like a gang of bank robbers pulling off a heist and mid-heist, one of them gets dropped by a bullet fired by a drone half a mile away and the remaining bank robbers pull out rocket launchers to show everyone they mean business.

        They don’t want nukes to prevent a US invasion/attack, they want nukes to intimidate regional players.

    2. Israel has nukes, General. Don’t forget Israel has nukes.

      1. And Israel is not a party to the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty.

      2. What nukes? Where? I don’t see any nukes around here. No further comment on that.

        And that Iranian nuclear scientist general who was killed? Could have been anyone. We checked. Israel was at home watching TV and having dinner that evening.

        1. I don’t understand that significance of bringing up Israel–unless you’re trying to make some kind of horribly misplaced “both sides” argument?

          1. Is Israel a state sponsor of terror–with a terrorist army like Hezbollah?

            Is Israel a sworn enemy of the United States?

            Is Israel an aggressive state, with ongoing hostile actions in foreign countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen?

            Is Israel a signatory of the Nuclear non-Proliferation treaty?

            The correct answer is “no” to all those question.

            The correct answer is “yes” to all those questions in regards to Iran.

            There is no good reason to treat them the same.

            1. P.S. The suggestion that the United States should subject itself to a nuclear ICBM threat from Iran because Israel has nuclear weapons is laughably stupid.

              The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights, and the legitimate purpose of foreign policy is to protect our rights from foreign threats.

              The legitimate purpose of foreign policy is not to make sure everyone is treated the same–regardless of our interests of the circumstances.

              1. If Iran contributes funds to Biden and Harris the should be allowed to have US nuclear weapons tech. I mean it worked for the Clintons and china

          2. Your last paragraph, Ken.
            We do not have to wait for “other” countries to develop nukes.

        2. I’m glad Brigadier General Fakhrizadeh is dead.

          1. I thought it was a stupid move at the time, and I argued that it was stupid at the time.

            I was wrong.

            1. In my defense, I also said at the time that I wanted to be wrong.

              I’m glad I was wrong.

          2. Wait, wait, wait….You have this all wrong. Iran says that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was just a regular guy heading out to enjoy a quiet dinner. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was friends with Soleimani, who got waxed when he was exchanging Chelo-kebob recipes with his friend Mohamed. 🙂

            More ‘accidents’ are coming. Iran won’t be able to stop it.

  26. Wiping out student debt is pure evil. I honestly can’t imagine how someone could become so lazy, entitled and self-centered as to think that they should get to play around on a resort for 4+ years and then get the bill covered by people who spent those years working long, hard jobs and sacrificing just to make ends meet.

    Leaving a college with a good degree and a manageable amount of debt isn’t necessarily easy, but it is doable for anyone. You just can’t necessarily go to whatever college you want and study whatever you want.

    1. “Wiping out student debt is pure evil. I honestly can’t imagine how someone could become so lazy, entitled and self-centered as to think that they should get to play around on a resort for 4+ years and then get the bill covered by people who spent those years working long, hard jobs and sacrificing just to make ends meet.”

      You don’t know many democrats, do you?

    2. There’s this thing called elitism.

      It’s what makes populism grow.

    3. “…play around on a resort for 4+ years…”

      I’m guessing you didn’t go to college. Maybe my experience was strange, but the majority of people in my major were part time students with full time jobs.

      1. There are still some people like that (especially going to community colleges), but being a starving student ain’t what it used to be.

        1. “Food insecurity,” Ken. Students don’t starve anymore; they are insecure about their food. Whatever the hell that means.

          1. It means that they don’t know what’s for dinner.

            1. Ha, I was thinking maybe it was a self-confidence thing. Like if they can’t afford the nicer meals to post on facebook and instagram then that will make them feel insecure about themselves. It’s a scourge that government must step in and correct.

              1. Seriously though, my cousin runs a public library. She says that, pre pandemic of course, there were hoards of deadbeat parents who would drop their kids off and leave them for the day before showing up high or drunk to take them home. The kids had no money and no food. So my cousin managed to get the employees to pool together some money to buy the kids pizza or something while they were there, because otherwise they weren’t going to eat anything all day.

                I believe that’s what they mean by food insecurity.

                1. That sounds like a bullshit story. The kind of people who have degrees in Library Science are the kind that call DHS and cops on anyone they consider a deadbeat parent.

                  1. I trust my cousin. She has no reason to lie to me.

                  2. The only people she called the cops on were the junkies who were leaving needles in the bathroom.

                  3. I think you may be overgeneralizing a bit.

                    1. Like the ‘hoards of deadbeat parents’ dumping their kids at public libraries is not a gross overgeneralization? People regularly interact with cops and DHS after running into the grocery store. I have a hard time believing librarians see themselves as the last refuge for starving children.

                      Besides everyone knows that public libraries are for perverts.

                    2. Of course it’s a gross overgeneralization. Would you prefer exact numbers? C’mon, talk about missing the forest because there’s all those trees in the way.

                    3. I have a hard time believing librarians see themselves as the last refuge for starving children.

                      Perhaps not, but it shouldn’t be so hard to believe that some librarians will do things like that.

                    4. Sorry Zeb, my comment was directed at Chuck. I’m trying to get JD and Dan to come up for some bbq and bullets. It would be cool if you could come up as well.

                    5. That could be good. Email me if you’re making plans.

                  4. No one should take anything you say seriously Chuck. You belong to a religion that has been disproven. Yet you still want to force it on everyone.

                    Mormons are pure fucking evil and must be EXTERMINATED!

                2. Your cousin sounds like a good shit. Good on her for taking some interest in those kids. The irony of those types of situations is that the problem is often exacerbated by government-run programs that aim to help. Dependency and lack of accountability/responsibility is a terrible thing for parenting.

                  This doesn’t really address the issue of “food insecurity on campus” though. The overall vast majority of college-aged adults (and lets call them adults because that’s what they legally are) have the means and ability to feed themselves.

            2. It’s that they don’t like the variety of presented choices and were really in the mood for something else. Not sure what, though….

        2. Yeah, “starving student” hasn’t been a thing for decades. These kids are wolfing down fast food at the student union and restaurants at the nearby drag on the weekends like an Ethiopian in Willy Wonka’s candy factory.

          I visited ASU a couple years ago after having not been in the area for over a decade, and it’s essentially a resort now where college classes happen to be taught.

          1. The housing is vastly improved compared to what we did when we were kids, too.

          2. Yeah, “starving student” hasn’t been a thing for decades.

            ~20 yrs. ago, I worked with an intern from Harvard. Apparently, the dorms were nice but it’s hard to get locally-grown, organic citrus in the winter. Sounded rough not enough unicorn farts to power the greenhouse all winter.

      2. Well sarc obviously went to a community college. A wiser way to spend your money, that’s for sure.

        1. That’s how I got away with never taking the SAT. I’m an underachiever so I didn’t want to create high expectations and then disappoint people. So I started at a community college that didn’t care about such tests, and then when I went to university I was simply transferring credits. Worked out pretty well.

          1. I got in through the same loophole.
            Other homeschoolers got their GED, SAT, and ACT just so they could go wherever they wanted. I didn’t do any of them.

          2. No-SAT, saved thousands, no notice on diploma.

        2. I also went to a trade school, but when I discovered it was like work and stuff I went and got a stem degree.

      3. You got a degree in Feminist Theory from Stanford, did ya? Or did you get a sensible degree from a sensible school?

        My nephew is looking at applying to the University of Georgia, not Harvard but not exactly Hollywood Upstairs College either, and they estimate total costs for tuition, books, room and board (as long as you’re living in the dorms and buying a meal ticket for the cafeteria), at about $28k per year. Hard to rack up $100k+ in student loans at that rate, unless you’re a lazy fuck who won’t lift a finger to get a part-time job, have no scholarships or grants, don’t have parents who can kick in a few bucks or whack you upside the head and tell you not to be so stupid as to take out massive student loans you’ll never be able to repay.

        1. When I was working at this restaurant in a college town, I noticed that some people stayed and some people went. The people who stayed had degrees in English, liberal arts, environmental studies, and such. They were making more money delivering food to tables than they could using their degree. The people who disappeared studied engineering, computer science, and other stem fields.

          So when I finally got my degree, I disappeared.

        2. “My nephew is looking at applying to the University of Georgia…”

          Suggestion for your brother or sister (parent to your nephew): Quickly now, before they apply for financial aid or load forgiveness, have a homeless, broke bum under the bridge adopt your nephew! Broke bum is now his parent! Then he can ESCAPE being punished for the thrift and hard work, sobriety, responsibility, etc., of his parents!

        3. OT Post:

          ‘Galactic Federation’ of Aliens Working With U.S. and Israel Sparks Galaxy of Memes, Jokes

          Trump is mentioned in this conspiracy… He KNOWS and is NOT bragging about it! The aliens will NOT let him run his mouth! Aliens must have MUCH better anti-run-your-mouth “tech” than we have at hand!

            1. Oh man, newsweek or ny post. A real Sophie’s Choice here.

      4. Saw you went to community college and trade school (smart, btw): large, public universities have become disgustingly bloated with “luxury living.”

        I’m pushing 8 years at large public schools (Iowa State and Texas A&M), and the number of overpriced student living apartments is crazy, some privately owned, some school owned. Combine this with the “student enrichment” bs that is just an excuse for charging fees – all made possible only by student loans. You’re looking at 50k+ easily depending on your school and aid package.

        1. In the mid-aughts, I was at K-State and worked for housing and dining grounds crew. In the summer we’d have to move people in and out of the campus apartments (exchange students, non-traditional students with families, etc.). The buildings looked like Soviet prison barracks, and really, I don’t remember people complaining about them. Now, when I go back for football games and stuff, it blows my mind to see the new campus apartments. They’re luxurious condos surrounded by extravagant landscaping features, ponds, sculptures, and water fountains. It’s completely nuts.

          1. I can say where I went hasn’t luxuried up yet. It was always a commuter college. Most people don’t hang around when not in class. On-campus housing capacity was about %1 of enrollment when I went. It is now about %3.

          2. dude the new married housing looks better than 508 Sunset did and we took really good care of our casa.

            1. Yeah, it’s bonkers. Looks like something that would be reserved for top Ahearn Fund donors.

        2. I finished at a small public university where the majority of serious students are adults with jobs.

      5. My experience was more like the 4 year resort. That’s what you pay the big bucks for. Though I still managed to pay off my loans by the time I was 25.

  27. The new top prosecutor in LA. On his first day. Ends: Cash bail. Sentencing enhancements. 3 strikes. Stops prosecuting juveniles as adults. More. And makes all changes for tens of thousands *retroactive. Meaning those already imprisoned will benefit. A good start.

    WHAT! You mean you don’t have to wait until you’re retired to push for meaningful reform?!

    1. At some point, there really should be a libertarian journalistic response to the out of control low level crime in California.

      “After months of seeing its shelves repeatedly cleaned out by brazen shoplifters, the Walgreens at Van Ness and Eddy in San Francisco is getting ready to close.

      “All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters, ” said longtime customer Sebastian Luke, who lives a block away and is a frequent customer who has been posting photos of the thefts for months. The other day, Luke photographed a man casually clearing a couple of shelves and placing the goods into a backpack.

      “I feel sorry for the clerks, they are regularly being verbally assaulted,” Luke said. “The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens’ policy is to not get involved. They don’t want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.”

      Sevo can probably tell us more about this, but they’re closing CVS and Walgreens all over the city–in areas where they have a lot of shoplifting and claims of discrimination.

      1. Step 1: “It’s not stealing, it’s making up for systemic inequity and racism!”
        Step 2: Businesses leave “diverse” neighborhoods
        Step 3: ::shocked Pikachu face::
        Step 4: “The reason we have food and convenience deserts in communities of color is due to white flight, and systemic inequity and racism!”

        1. I guess step 5 is: “Change the name of your city to Detroit”?

          1. Step 5 is Soshalizm

          2. Step 5 is either Detroit or gentrification, depending on how many gay men decide to move in to the neighborhood 20 years later.

            1. Gentrification (white people moving in) is incredibly racist and should be fought
              White flight (white people moving out) is incredibly racist and should be fought
              White people staying put is nimbyism and is incredibly racist and should be fought

              1. “Fucking white people and their existing bullshit.” – t. Rich White Progressive

    2. “Several retailers in the state have been sued by people caught shoplifting who claimed to be victims of racial profiling. Businesses understandably fear bad publicity and hefty payouts that may exceed their losses from the theft. Some large retailers including Goodwill, Walmart and Bloomingdale’s sought to punish shoplifters by requiring them to take a class in “life skills” to avoid a criminal complaint. The San Francisco city attorney then sued the educational company that provided the classes for extortion and false imprisonment.

      In California, in short, trying to protect one’s property can be a criminal offense. Looters, on the other hand, typically go free thanks to a 2014 referendum that turned theft of property valued at less than $950 into a misdemeanor. Police stopped apprehending shoplifters because it wasn’t worth their time as thieves were released.

      There’s this thing called moral hazard.

      It turns out that when you announce that you can steal pretty much whatever you want from a major corporation, as long as it costs less than $950, and if the employees there try to stop you 1) You can sue them for discrimination and 2) The cops won’t bother to show up anyway–well, people will start helping themselves to your inventory.

      It’s like looting without a riot!

      The legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights, and if “criminal justice reform” means the government isn’t protecting the property rights of retailers anymore, then libertarians should oppose “criminal justice reform”.

      1. And then, as more and more stores leave these high theft areas, people will start complaining about neighborhoods being “underserved” by the very businesses they drove out. Win!

        1. It should be noted that the funding for the anti-Proposition 20 campaign (the initiative that would have increased shoplifting charges and repeated shoplifting charges as misdemeanors) was funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.


          “Chan” is the name of Zuckerberg’s wife. The anti-Prop 20 money came from Mark Zuckerberg.

          . . . and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t shop at Walgreens of CVS. You can be sure of that. It’s another example of an elitist who has no connection to how average people live inflicting his qualitative preferences on the rest of us–with absolutely no consequences for himself personally. There are undoubtedly poor old ladies who have to take two buses and wait at three bus stops in some nasty neighborhoods to go get her prescriptions because of this. But neither Zuckerberg nor his wife have had to set foot in a drug store in more than a decade, I’m sure.

          1. That bears repeating, “It’s another example of an elitist who has no connection to how average people live inflicting his qualitative preferences on the rest of us–with absolutely no consequences for himself personally. There are undoubtedly poor old ladies who have to take two buses and wait at three bus stops in some nasty neighborhoods to go get her prescriptions because of this. But neither Zuckerberg nor his wife have had to set foot in a drug store in more than a decade, I’m sure.”

            This is the modus of the left and its greatest failing since the French revolution.

    3. It also might be of interest to note that Proposition 25, which eliminated cash bail, was voted down by a wide margin.,_Replace_Cash_Bail_with_Risk_Assessments_Referendum_(2020)

      1. Like voting matters anymore.

        1. Yep. Scrap this representative nonsense, send Congress home, and install Trump as presidente for life!

        2. It’s an elitist response, obviously.

          It seems to me that cash bail is well within the proper purview of local democracy, and this guy appears to be shitting on that.

          “Libertarians” who imagine that libertarianism is something we inflict on an unwilling public over their objections and against their will are closet authoritarian elitists. And it’s especially disturbing to see it from someone whose job is supposed to be persuading people to want libertarian solutions of their own free will.

  28. In principle I most definitely oppose student loan forgiveness, though I wouldn’t complain if I no longer had that loan payment that’s more than my car payment and insurance combined.

    1. Gender studies degree not working out for you?

      1. Do you still beat your wife?

        1. Would you work harder if you could go home early?

          1. I’m already at home. My commute takes about eighteen seconds.

    2. I don’t want to brag, but when I got out of college I got me a job where I could afford two cars. One was a 15-year old Honda Civic, the other was a 17-year old Datsun 260, both with over 200,000 miles on them. I paid $1200 for the pair of them, I needed both of them because you never knew which of them would be operable on any given day.

      1. I paid cash for cars until somewhat recently. Got a five year loan two years ago on a ten year old car that will be paid off before next summer is over. My dream is to someday buy a new car. Just once before I die.

        1. It is not everything it is cracked up to be. I did that – once.

          Buy a car two years old. You’ll thank me years later.

          1. You’re right. But I still want to own a new car – once.

        2. Idk was looking at the price of trucks the other day and it blew my mind. Chevy’s Fords etc 60k geeze!

          1. I’d like a Subaru Outback with the 6 cylinder and all the bells and whistles. Their premium sound doesn’t need a trip to the local speaker shop. That’s still approaching 45k.

            Maybe I’ll take the Jew’s advice. But I still want a new car!

  29. Feudal Lord Phil Murphy learns that totalitarianism has consequences:

    Gov. Murphy Says ‘Rate Of Noncooperation With Contact Tracers Now Up To Whopping 74% Of Cases’

    1. Feudal Lord Phil Murphy learns that totalitarianism has consequences:

      They can’t hang him from a sour apple tree, and speaking out against his dictates on social media might get them fired from their jobs, so they’re resisting in the most passive-aggressive manner they can, at least for now.

    2. Phuck Phil Murphy….and his little Harpy Health Commissar.

  30. In 2021, money printer go brrrr.

  31. “Universal Student Debt Forgiveness Is Regressive, Say Economists”

    Even those who didn’t take Econ 101 already knew that.

    But that headline, and a dozen other recent headlines/articles in Reason, exposes the massive hypocrisy of ENB and Reason campaigning for Biden and demonizing Trump.

    1. As one who dropped out of college three times to get a job (so I could save some money to go back to college the next semester as my parents couldn’t afford college for me or my three siblings), who rented out cheap rooms (instead of far more expensive apartments), and who occasionally resorted to dumpster diving for food (grocery stores throw out lots of good food that passed expiration dates), I now feel like a chump.

      If Biden and Democrats (and a few RINOs) forgive college loan debt, perhaps I’ll go back to college to take some courses (so I can challenge and correct the many false claims by left wing professors), and then let Uncle Sam pay the bill.

      1. You’re not a chump because Biden treats you like shit.

        BIden is a disgusting elitist for treating you like shit.

      2. Bill thought the same thing, worked 30 hours a week plus full time school so I’d have little debt then paid off that and graduate degrees by 26 by living frugally. Said the same word to my friend in a discussion I’m sure a big chump.

  32. Wiping out student loan debt for American college graduates would benefit the wealthy much more than it benefits less privileged students

    Is someone actually suggesting that the college debt forgiveness scheme should consider “socioeconomic and ethnic” factors? It’s bad enough that we’ve lost our minds fiscally with this. Looks like we might get SJW mission creep by design as well.

    1. Everybody knows that only white men are considered to be capable of entering into contracts, everybody else lacks the faculties to be considered to have given knowing consent.

    2. Seems like a better plan would be to better inform people on what their liabilities will be if they get student loans and how much their choices of school and field of study is likely to affect their income after college.

    3. We should get rid of government backed student loans.

      Let kinds out of high school earn money for college before they attend college, like seasonal picking of crops. Like they used to.

      Less non-Americans entering the USA who want Socialism, kids pay cash for college so less debt, and colleges would be forced to follow market signals for quality of education and cost.

  33. Trump demands that the Republicans ignore the voters and re-elect him instead……………….. READ MORE

  34. Finally, my paycheck is $ 8,500? A working 10 hours per week online. My brother’s friend had an average of 12K for several months, he work about 22 hours a week. I can not believe how easy it is, once I try to do so. This is what I do…………… Here is More information.

  35. So no story on Florida conducting an armed raid on an ex-employee running a website critical of the state’s COVID-19 data reporting?

    1. Too local.

    2. I saw that too. Curious case.

    3. The woman hacked into the state EAS and refused to answer the door for a half hour.

      Good regurgitation of agitprop though, comrade.

    4. Yeah, go all in on her.

  36. can’t you come out to play in your empty garden, Johnny?

  37. When I first saw the thing about AOC selling stuff, I thought Reason had been spoofed by Babylon Bee.

  38. can’t we just say that it is wrong to steal? i mean, yes….. this is theft that will benefit those with the most means to take care of themselves and is the dumbest version of wealth redistribution imaginable…. but how have we come so far that anything like that even needs to be described?

  39. 75,000 self-driving cars will be on the road by 2019. Mark my words, luddites.

  40. Gov. Kemp, Lt. Gov. Duncan Issue Statement on Request for Special Session of General Assembly

    Our Georgia Governor gave his opinion as to why our Georgia states legislature has to follow a previous state legislature’s laws.

    For some reason this Georgia state legislature cannot change the law but our Governor and election officials can change laws.

    Kemp and Reffensberger are such goners next Primary. Total pussies.

  41. Well of course paying off student debt is regressive. So are most progressive née populist propositions. They all hurt the little people whether it’s the poor who didn’t go to college, the poor who can’t afford a personal body guard, the steel worker who’s job is done by a robot in China, or the sugar plantation worker who’s displaced 500 better paying confectioner jobs out of the country.

  42. I’d like to see all these administrators and professors put their money where their mouths are and run all these schools and teach for “free”.

  43. If my taxes help pay off some student’s loan, can they be required to come around and mow my lawn a couple of times?

  44. Saw that headline and was pleasantly surprised that ENB finally wrote an article that wasn’t leftist capitulation. And then I read it. Where ENB decides to highlight that it benefits Blacks and Hispanics substantially less. As we all know that’s the main problem with student debt forgiveness.

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