You Already Support Reason With Your Eyeballs. Will You Donate Too?

It's the last day of our Webathon, and we're grateful for your support.


Today is the final day of our Webathon, and we've been so lucky this year. We know 2020 absolutely sucked for many of you in so many ways, but more than 1,200 of you still managed to find some loose change in the cushions of that couch you haven't left for months. For that, we are very grateful.

We are doubly (ha!) grateful to the folks who offered and participated in our challenge grants. We still have a little time left today on our final $100,000 grant, so take this moment to give a tax-deductible donation and double your money while also legally evading the taxman.

Besides our magic powers to turn your dollars into doppelgangers, why should you give to Reason? I already told you the story of Elias Zarate, the barber whose troubles inspired a crew of people to take action to fix bad licensing laws. But I want to tell you a couple more stories of how solid reporting can lead to reform—and how long that process can take. Tennessee finally passed drug-free school zone reforms while explicitly citing work done years ago by Reason Reporter C.J. Ciaramella and co-author Lauren Krisai. Chicago reformed its vehicle impound program at long last, too. Both stories were broken wide open by Reason. Two of the people Reason profiled in our 2017 Florida opioid investigation were released early from prison this year as well. This year, Ciaramella reported on the detrimental presence of police officers in schools as well as flagrant abuses within Alabama women's prisons; both stories we hope will bear fruit in eventual reform.

There is still much more work to be done. Freedom of Information Act requests take time. Data scraping and crunching takes time. We're lucky to have talented people who have the lightly obsessive personality required to see those inquiries through to the end, and we're lucky to have your help in supporting their work.

At the end of the Webathon, we like to share testimonials from donors. This one caught my eye this year. Libertarians, at least some of them, are born, not made. For decades,  Reason has been helping people—including Drew Carey and John Stossel—figure out where they fit. This week we got a donation from someone who wrote:

I'd like to thank you for your work this year. I'm one of many people that found themselves politically homeless after all that's gone on over the past few years, with 2020 accelerating those feelings. I'd always thought of myself as sort of a standard, left-of-center type, but I now realize that I'm much more libertarian than liberal. Much of that is due to what's happened this year. It started with questioning lockdowns and business closures from a civil liberties perspective. I came here for perspective I didn't see represented in "mainstream" media. But as I read pieces on other topics, I found the new perspective on them refreshing. In short, I'm a convert. Now, if asked my political affiliation, I'd answer "small-l libertarian." Thank you.

Nope! Thank YOU. Reason is made possible through the support of people who donate their hard-earned cash. But you're also supporting Reason every single time you read, watch, or listen to something we publish. Our mission is to get libertarian ideas out there; hash them out; make them stronger through original reporting, research, and debate; and introduce more people to them—because you never know who might be in a position to effect lasting change. Just tweeting something from Reason or chatting about one of our podcasts with someone at dinner is a major contribution to Reason. Liking a video on YouTube or sharing a post on Facebook helps us meet our goals and support our mission of making the world safe for free minds and free markets. So even if you don't have a ton of cash to donate, we appreciate your willingness to share a little space in your brain and in your day with us. Seriously, thank you.

Of course, we wouldn't say no to cash money either.

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  1. I was going to donate a penny a month but decided not to

    1. Be a friend of Zion and donate that penny to Israel. Remember, God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

      1. Will those who remain neutral be neutered?

        1. No, but when you die, the Semi-Christ will escort you to the Plane of Concordant Opposition.

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  2. Will you accept payment in bird gizzards.

    1. Are there any other kinds of gizzards?

      Honest question.

      1. Generic dinosaur gizzards are not bird gizzards.

        1. Do any exist? Soft tissue fossils?

      2. Crocodiles and Aligators, apparently.

        I don’t know if they have found soft tissue fossils of dinosaur gizzards, but they do often find the little piles of stones from a gizzard associated with skeletons.

        1. Gastroliths?

  3. How about an offer to shave all the Reason staff heads? Put the writer with most pledges in stocks for a day? Punch a SJW in the mouth while wearing a MAGA hat?

    Come on, give us something we actually want to pay for.

  4. KMW, I’d probably donate, but Reason’s TDS has been disgusting. As many have pointed out, libertarianism is not on display here very often.

    On the bright side, you got rid of Shikha – thank you very much.

    1. Here here. As is the support of pseudo science wild exaggeration of the dangers of global warming that mysteriously never seem to materialize. Or that coronavirus as actually a statistically credible threat to anybody but the very old, sick and frail. Or prioritizing Antifa, BLM, other violent criminals and those resisting arrest over the police’s libertarian compatible power to enforce prohibition on violent crime, property crime and other violations of the NAP.
      Reason is only really libertarian now in their support for pot (which feeds into the mostly false and damaging stereotype of libertarians all being potheads) and open borders immigration (which sounds great until you remember we have a huge welfare state to abuse).

      1. The pre-Glibening slogan was “Mexicans, pot and sex”.

        1. Mexicans, pot and ass-sex

      2. Also second amendment, but yeah.

        1. Yeah, they are good there as well. And generally they are pretty good on economic issues, particularly excessive regulatory and licensing burdens.

          1. Above average. Not bad, but when you interview some no-name mall ninja rather than people like Buck Doyle, Nick Irving, or Colion Noir about the reawakening of the black gun rights movement, you aren’t “good”. Of course, people like Doyle, Irving, and Noir probably would’ve rejected your premise.

    2. Firing Dalmia does not remotely excuse publishing her for the last few years.

      But really, they got exactly what they paid for and now she is no longer needed (and actually cannot be trusted to toe the line.)

      1. Is this another “Kochtopus!!” thing?

        1. Sure Zeb.

  5. Why would libertarians contribute their hard earned money to Koch financed left wing Biden campaigners who demonized Trump for the past four years, defended BLM and Antifa rioters all summer, and failed to report (like other left wing media outlets) Hunter Biden’s e-mails (that documented Joe’s corruption) and the many instances of election fraud (for the past month)?

  6. Reason also failed to criticize the unconstitutional, nonlibertarian, unscientific and economically disastrous lockdowns imposed since March by Democrat Governors, County Executives and Mayors, whose primary goal was to destroy the economy in order to remove Trump as president.

    And in contrast to claims by Ronald Bailey, there is no scientific or empirical evidence indicating that lockdowns or mask mandates have reduced the spread of covid (although they appear to have delayed its spread somewhat, which has delayed the economic recovery from the pandemic).

    And not one article yet advocating the rights of the 50 – 100 million Americans who have recovered from covid (and are now immune), who are still required to wear masks and comply with lockdowns and all other mandates whose purported goal was to prevent the spread of covid.

  7. Alt-text – Nick ponders a devil’s triangle.

    1. I mean … who wouldn’t?

      1. Who is the 3rd in that threesome?

        1. usually the chick’s job to tell you whether or not you’re allowed to show up … but feel free afaic.

  8. Nope.

    I’ll add to the list: Finding Blasey-Ford ‘credible.’

    1. GodDAMN I’d forgotten that. Shameful. Pathetic and shameful.

      The reluctance to call out the Dems on their most outrageous behaviors, or to handwave it, or to “whatabout…?” it, was the clearest sign of a change in Reason. Most of the policy stuff, they can usually find some flexible Libertarianish principle to justify, but the pass given the blatant lies of corrupt Dems…that just won’t fly.

  9. Might have donated had Reason not turned into yet another lefty mouthpiece.

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  11. Nope. You wanted Biden, and you’ll get a Socialist (Harris) running twice as an incumbent (the Constitution lets you serve 10 years if you take over the last part of someone else’s term).

    You watched “The Science” being used for freedom and economy killing lockdowns without questioning the 40 cycle PCR or our less restrictive definition of a C19 death, both of which will be changed now that there is a Dem in the White House. This will be used to say “submission to a Government that followed The Science saved us all and we must continue to submit or be Science Deniers” once case and death counts drop due to the new definitions. This will be used to justify “The Science” and the Great Reset to give us socialism to fight climate change.

    Free minds and free markets? Nope, submission to The State that saved us all. You could have put yourselves on the record before that happened, but you lacked the balls to do so. Orange Man Bad.

    Enjoy our new Wall Street Wars and sellout to human rights abusing China – what’s a few dead non-Anglo foreigners when there is an Orange Man to remove.

    Seriously, fuck all of you with Postrel’s dick. She has more of one than anyone else left on your staff. Eat cat food. Blow random organs coming thru holes in mens’ room doors. Sell your organs on the Chinese black market. Do anything but ask me for a dime.

    Die, Reason.

    1. Free Minds and Free Markets…. but restricted bodies. Does not a libertarian make.

  12. Tough crowd, lol. Reason dug the hole and now they want us to pretend it never happened. I’m sure they will attract some money from never trumpers and progressives, but they abandoned their base.

  13. I was reluctant to donate – I don’t have much money – but I just spend a frustrating hour on the WSJ website trying to structure a comment so it would get past the moderators.

    I think too many libertarian writers here (I’m looking at you, Sudermann) have bought into Covid panic, hook line and sinker. That said, they never censor the comments. This is actually a free market for ideas and arguments sans moderators.

    That’s rare. I’ll give. You should too.

    1. Suderman?

      Peter Suderman?

    2. They’ve censored my comments before.

  14. Fire all the Commie staff at unreason.

    1. Hey unreason better get those orangemanbad stories cocked and loaded for Trump second term.

      Texas just sued Georgia et al, in the SCOTUS.

  15. I hope you go bankrupt. The sooner the better.

    Maybe a libertarian publication will spring up in your place. Right now you’re just taking up space.

  16. I said I wouldn’t donate but then I did. You’re like the shitty, sketchy gas station that happens to be the last one for the next 500 miles of desert travel. There’s a lot to complain about but you’re really the only game in town.

    1. There are other actual Libertarian platforms where many of the commenters left here….ahem.

      1. loveconstitution1789, please share the URL to these other libertarian platforms. Reason is a libertarian leaning leftist publication at best now.

  17. For many years, I gave.

    But when Reason became a single-issue broadsheet, obsessively insisting that we should no longer be a nation….man, I dunno if firing Shakia is adequate penance. The pretense that borders are an affront to YOUR OWN moral purity is a poli-sci wankfest that should never be released from dorm rooms. It’s a position that, like all virtue signaling, costs nothing, ignores damage to others and serves no real purpose except burnishing the right-think credentials of the signaller.

    Taken with Sullum’s TDS and Gillespie’s secret romance with post-modernism/deconstruction/I don’t gaf what the branding for it is, I just don’t know.

    I’ve let my long time subscription to the paper edition lapse…but when the legacy media offers vomit stew and shit sandwiches, I probably shouldn’t turn up my nose at the stale biscuits Reason is offering.

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