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A Federal Judge in Michigan Says Sidney Powell's Election Fraud Claims Are 'Nothing but Speculation and Conjecture'

According to the ruling, the former Trump attorney also filed the wrong claims in the wrong court at the wrong time on behalf of the wrong plaintiffs.


A federal judge in Michigan today rejected former Trump attorney Sidney Powell's attempt to decertify that state's presidential election results, finding that her claims failed in almost every possible way. "This lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek—as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court—and more about the impact of their allegations on People's faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government," U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker writes in her 36-page opinion. "Plaintiffs ask this Court to ignore the orderly statutory scheme established to challenge elections and to ignore the will of millions of voters. This, the Court cannot, and will not, do."

Powell alleged "a massive election fraud" aimed at "illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to manufacture an election of Joe Biden as President of the United States." This scheme purportedly included "the unlawful counting, or manufacturing, of hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate or purely fictitious ballots in the State of Michigan," representing "a multiple of Biden's purported lead in the State."

The Michigan lawsuit was part of what Powell had described as a "Kraken" of overwhelming evidence that, once released, would lay waste to any remaining skepticism about the president's claim that he actually won the election. Parker was not exactly awestruck at the sight of Powell's hideous creature, which upon close examination she found to be composed of "nothing but speculation and conjecture."

Powell claims that election machines in Michigan (and around the country) were rigged to give Biden a lead. But "the closest Plaintiffs get to alleging that election machines and software changed votes for President Trump to Vice President Biden in Wayne County," Parker says, "is an amalgamation of theories, conjecture, and speculation that such alterations were possible."

Powell maintains that Democrats resorted to paper ballot fraud after their original, machine-based scheme failed to work as anticipated. Yet "the closest Plaintiffs get to alleging that physical ballots were altered" to favor Biden, Parker says, "is the following statement in an election challenger's sworn affidavit: 'I believe some of these workers were changing votes that had been cast for Donald Trump and other Republican candidates.' But of course, '[a] belief is not evidence' and falls far short of what is required to obtain any relief, much less the extraordinary relief Plaintiffs request."

What about Powell's reiteration of the complaint that Detroit election workers treated Republican poll challengers rudely and inappropriately? "Plaintiffs do not at
all explain how the question of whether the treatment of election challengers
complied with state law bears on the validity of votes, or otherwise establishes an
equal protection claim," Parker writes.

In addition to highlighting the paucity of Powell's evidence, Parker concludes that her claims are barred by the 11th Amendment, which generally keeps federal courts from getting involved when citizens sue states. Deference to state courts would be appropriate in any event, she says, because when Powell filed her complaint "there already were multiple lawsuits pending in Michigan state courts raising the same or similar claims."

Parker also ruled that the six presidential elector nominees who were listed as plaintiffs did not have standing to sue for alleged violations of the constitutional provisions governing federal elections. Neither did they have standing as voters to pursue their equal protection claims, Parker says, because the injury they asserted (dilution of their votes) would not be addressed by the remedy they sought (tossing out millions of other people's votes).

Even if the plaintiffs had standing, Parker says, their lawsuit would be moot because Powell did not file it until November 25, after Michigan had certified its election results and submitted its slate of presidential electors. "Plaintiffs did not avail themselves of the remedies established by the Michigan legislature," Parker writes. "The deadline for them to do so has passed. Any avenue for this Court to provide meaningful relief has been foreclosed."

Powell's tardiness also figures in Parker's determination that the lawsuit is barred by the doctrine of laches, which applies when a defendant is prejudiced by a plaintiff's unreasonable delay in pursuing a claim. Parker's criticism of Powell on that score is withering:

Plaintiffs showed no diligence in asserting the claims at bar….If Plaintiffs had legitimate claims regarding whether the treatment of election challengers complied with state law, they could have brought their claims well in advance of or on Election Day—but they did not….If Plaintiffs had legitimate claims regarding the manner by which ballots were processed and tabulated on or after Election Day, they could have brought the instant action on Election Day or during the weeks of canvassing that followed—yet they did not….If Plaintiffs had legitimate concerns about the election machines and software, they could have filed this lawsuit well before the 2020 General Election—yet they sat back and did nothing….Plaintiffs could have lodged their constitutional challenges much sooner than they did, and certainly not three weeks after Election Day and one week after certification of almost three million votes [for Biden].

According to Parker's ruling, in short, Powell filed the wrong claims in the wrong court on behalf of the wrong plaintiffs at the wrong time. Even if she had not erred in all of those ways, her evidence of election fraud was too meager to provide the basis for the injunction she sought. Still, it's fair to say that Powell's Kraken is just as formidable as ever.

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222 responses to “A Federal Judge in Michigan Says Sidney Powell's Election Fraud Claims Are 'Nothing but Speculation and Conjecture'

  1. Popcorn ready….

    1. History of Sullum:

      “No evidence of fraud.”

      “No widespread evidence of fraud.”

      “No systemic evidence of fraud.”

      “Well, it wouldn’t make any difference.”

      “Well, it’s too late now!”

      1. Yep. Millions of mail in ballots, no IDs, no signature verification, zero rejection rate and no fraud. Suuuuuuuuuure.
        Where there is smoke, there is fire. It would be one thing if they even ran a halfway decent candidate. But senile, racist Joe Biden with 47 years of failure under his belt? Nope. Soros and Zuckerberg paid huge for this puppet and they won the big prize. Oligarchs getting what they want should make us all happy, yes?

        1. To all the “no evidence” absurdists: You can be sentenced to death in this country because you are picked out of a line up by one person. That’s all the “evidence” needed. One person’s testimony. These judges are loathe to interfere with the election officials hired by the states and the deep state that pay their salaries. But, there is a straight line between Soros – Dominion Voting – Smartmatic – Lord Malloch Brown – China. Remember when Hunter and Joe went to China? Now watch this Chinese leader explain how great it is that the USA and Wall Street will be back in their pockets now that Biden “won”: https://youtu.be/acZXridt7wM. They stopped counting in the middle of the night in the swing states to insert software because Trump was winning. Did you know China has a “birth tourism” program here? Ever wonder why a Communist country would do that? They are winning, just like they won the election. Period.

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        2. IMHO, the Constitution requires the States run a clean and honest election. Thus, it’s the responsibility of the States to prove the election was honest, and it’s not Powell’s responsibility to prove fraud. Atlanta, Philadelphia, Madison, Detroit, Phoenix, and Detroit Democrats running their elections, made efforts to ensure the GOP wouldn’t be able to know if the election was honest or not; thus, their votes should be thrown out if we want honest elections. Or we can count the ballots if we want to lose our freedoms.

          1. Every court in the country disagrees with your allocation of the burden of proof where fraud is alleged.

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      2. we have already seen your “coup-0-meter” and the like. This is just the same repackaged garbage. Please try harder.

        Also, another reminder…you are a Canuck OBSESSED and devoted to fringe politics of another country…do a deep dive into what went wrong in your life and make the appropriate corrections, for your own good.

    2. Jacob Sullen is a fucking Democrat.

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  3. I can understand individuals here and there descending into conspiracy madness. I cannot understand a major political party willingly tying themselves to such an absurd conspiracy theory. All this theory is missing is Jews and Lizards, but at least it has a Kraken.

    1. You must have missed 2016-2020

      1. And all the actual evidence of irregularities…

        1. Someone should have brought some of that actual evidence to that actual judge in that actual court.

          1. They have dummy. The judges have increased the evidentiary standard above what is usually required for discovery.

            You are really bad at rational thought Stolen Valor.

            1. “The judges have increased the evidentiary standard above what is usually required for discovery.”

              I’m sure you have a source for that for many or most of the 40 lawsuits that have been tossed out?

              Oh yeah, almost forgot. You poo poo head.

              1. “judges involved have increased the evidentiary standard above what is usually required for discovery.”

                “I’m sure you have a source for that”


                1. Don’t tell him judicial decisions are public. Shhhh.

                  1. I know they are, and I have not seen evidence of Jesse’s claim. So go ahead and link that public record. I don’t have time to sift through 40 dismissed and lost cases by Trump campaign.

                    1. apparently neither do the judges

        2. Easy to ignore when it HAS NOT even been presented. Lots of claims of a Kraken’s worth of evidence, but we haven’t seen it. All we get are dribs and drabs of affidavits consisting of nothing more than yet more allegations.


          1. Fuck off and die, baizuo.

          2. Witness statements under oath ARE EVIDENCE, dummy.

            1. Maybe! But, are they really?

            2. And weighed to the extent the court determines the witnesses are credible.

            3. It has to irk a judge when they are presented to an unfiltered barrage of affidavits of low quality, such as “I saw a suspicious truck driving around” or “I saw voting machines used to steal the election in Venezuela”.

              1. Only if they’re a shitty judge.
                And nice way to force a conclusion by summarizing the arguments but leaving out the essentials. Strawmanning through misrepresentation. You’re tops at deceit.

            4. like the one where the lady saw a “Biden/Harris” van unloading boxes and boxes of ballots, in broad dayight, and filing them in?…just happens she is a cult trump supporter, and its all not verifiable…none of the other R’s there thought it would be prudent to take a video, we have to take her word…

              Because, you know, it makes it less obvious when you print your campaign on the fucking van you are using to steal the election.

              But, she signed an affidavit. So, we know the caliber of evidence you have on your side.

              Get fucked, take the L little bitch


            Yes. Trumps lawyers need to put up or shut up.

            1. And how does one get discovery on materials kept under control by the State? Though the courts.

              How dumb are some of you?

              1. It’s actually much easier than discovery in civil litigation involving private parties. Almost all state and local government records are public. I believe every state has a version of a public information act, freedom of information act, or right to know law. All an attorney or citizen needs to do is ask. That’s not to say state and local governments don’t stonewall, sandbag, or withhold information. They do. But most laws require they describe any records they are withholding and the reason, e.g., attorney-client privileged documents. Again, no doubt that governments routinely break the laws they are supposed to enforce, but if you think the only way to get information from the state is through the courts, you just don’t know diddly squat about how this works.

                1. Minnesota has been stonewalling requests about the 2008 election of Al Franken for over 12 years.

                  1. Get your facts out of here. We have a narrative.

                    Government is always glad to give discovery of their own material!

                  2. Did you bother to read the book? “This is not Florida.” Apparently not.

          4. Allegations are enough to impeach a president so why aren’t they enough to allow investigation into fraudulent voting for a president

            1. There was evidence presented in the impeachment and during the trial in the Senate. The fact is much of the evidence was ignored. Remember all the “yes he did this and it is not right, but I don’t feel it warrants removal from office.” Evidence was presented the Republicans choose to ignore that evidence.

              1. There was testimony, no evidence. Sorry.

                1. Uh, transcripts are evidence, not testimony. So are documents. The impeachment inquiry exhibits are posted online. There was significant evidence. Whether the evidence proved high crimes or misdemeanors debatable but saying there was no evidence is just wrong.

            2. Allegations are enough to impeach a president so why aren’t they enough to allow investigation into fraudulent voting for a president

              Because impeachment isn’t a conventional trial and isn’t subject to the same evidentiary or procedural rules, you dip.

          5. Affidavits are only evidence to the extent they actually contain admissible evidence….

          6. “no evidence”
            “allegations are not evidence”
            “we will not investigate these allegations to see if there might be evidence”
            “dozens of senior intelligence officers agree these unproven allegations bear all the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign”

        3. better bring that shit to court hombre, time is running out and it seems Lin Wood and Sydney “Kraken” Powell couldnt make a case

          I am very, 100%, certain you will be able to make a better case to a court from your substantial evidence you have posted here at Reason. I am sure you can make a better case than theirs was.

          And a reminder…they got embarassed and laughed out of court. This is what happens when you hitch your wagon to a loser.

          1. When you’re too stupid to understand that the media is too stupid to figure out which court cases brought have been rejected and the fact that the petitioner isn’t who you thought it was. When you’re too stupid to understand that fast rejection at state courts benefitted Powell in getting her case to higher courts. When you’re way too ignorant to understand that election fraud may be decided by Congress. Today’s media are lazy and embarrassing clueless.

    2. Poor unreason supporters. They would know what conspiratorial madness looks like, the Lefties have been doing it for 4 years against Trump.

      Thanks courts for wasting time and letting these cases get to the SCOTUS. Just like Democrats were shocked by Bush winning Bush vs Gore, they will be shocked when Trump wins Trump vs Biden.

      Lefties really hope Americans will believe that lower courts dismissing an election fraud lawsuit before holding a trial is some position of evidence against massive Democrat election fraud.

      Plus, most of the Trump claims are constitutional and simply are state governors and election official violated the constitution by changing election laws because of Kungflu and without state legislature approval.

      1. What do you think Trump’s path to victory looks like? Do you expect SCOTUS will invalidate a bunch of state vote totals? Will they prevent several states from sending representatives to the elctoral college, thus preventing Biden from getting 270 and throwing the election to the House? Something else?

        1. he’s already called for new elections lol

          why are you against democracy

      2. most of the Trump claims are constitutional and simply are state governors and election official violated the constitution by changing election laws because of Kungflu and without state legislature approval.

        You’re delusional and willing to burn it all down for your favored outcome. In this scenario, SCOTUS would have to be willing to ignore the will of the people because their votes were cast on some legal technicality. Never mind that the people voted in good faith, even if they were illegal because of the actions of governors.

        The fact is, the time to overturn mail-in ballots was BEFORE the election. You’ll never get a SCOTUS to overturn an election on these grounds. IFF SCOTUS grants cert on a case against mail-in ballots on Constitutional grounds, they’ll find a way to clarify for future elections without changing the results of this election or it will lose 9-0. No judge or justice is willing to overturn the will of the people on a legal technicality after the fact. Mark my words.

        1. You can’t sue before the elections for things which happened during the election – such as the fact that observers were not allowed to witness vote counting on election night. (And that is not a conspiracy, the courts have actually said that it’s ok to deprive observers of their right to audit the vote counting process, because the courts are also partisan sometimes).

        2. ” SCOTUS would have to be willing to ignore the will of the people”

          That’s the whole reason that USSC justices are not SUBJECT to the will of the people. Leo.

        3. What if what we’ve been presented isn’t the will of the people but the will of a party machine, that created thousands of phony ballots to swing the totals for their candidate?
          Why are so many of the LieCheatSteal party and their lackey judges and media so unwilling to let the other side see that these ballots were all legitimate?
          Dismissed suits because some judge doesn’t want to look into the evidence doesn’t get the people to have confidence in the system.

          1. here ill try the reverse for you

            Trump WASNT the will of the people in 2016, because he lost the popular vote bad (actual evidence) and russians, chavez, kochs, soros, bezos, brazillians, and lizards helped him win (evidence at the level you and your kind are used to putting forward)

            So we cool? I put forward as much, actually more, evidence that Trump was never the choice of the people. Feel free to get fucked and take the L you earned by following a loser

            1. “Trump WAS the will of the people in 2016 because the will of the people is the electoral college.” FTFY

              Are you as intellectually dishonest as you are a stupid?

              1. Fuck off Tulpa.

        4. lol voter fraud is not the will of the people

      3. By the way, Trump knows there is no chance of winning this now and he’s using this to fundraise to pay off his debt. It’s useful idiots like you who are willing to simply hand him more money that are the reason he keeps ginning up these conspiracies.

        1. My how you resort to straight talking points from Vox these days. Also weird how you have no interest in election integrity.

          1. how you resort to following a documented loser, off the cliff, is actually hilarious at this point

            “Also weird how you have no interest in election integrity.”

            Was fun watching you and the other Trump shills here cheer on mitch as he blocked every attempt to consider LOOKING at election reform.

            Because they knew the only chance for Trump to repeat was another Happy-gilmore trick shot, and he unfortunately was running AFTER being prez for 4 years with a 40% approval.

            Sorry you followed a loser kiddo

            1. Your real life misery comes through in your posts. I’m glad youre blood pressure rises when you read Jesse’s posts. It’ll make you more susceptible to covid lolz

          2. Link to more Breitbart. That will show him how to properly pick a source!

      4. There is no Trump v. Biden lawsuit. Trump has not sued Biden; he or his minions have sued various state officials. The election results are being defended by state attorneys general, not by Biden lawyers.

        I have brought this to your attention numerous times, yet you persist in positing a hypothetical Trump v. Biden action. Are you that stupid?

    3. >>Jews and Lizards

      dude if you’re neither don’t be so crass.

    4. From the Progtard’s Dictionary:
      Conspiracy Theory – anything that makes us look bad, especially when true.

  4. Mmmmohkay so we’re starting these claims now before the 2022 midterms. Still getting thrown out. Apparently the logic that we should have done this earlier doesn’t hold much water. It seems the powers that be don’t want anyone looking too closely.

    Imagine what happens next.

    1. No the theory is that Powell couldn’t offer any first hand witness testimony showing election fraud. Imagine- you need dozens of people building Dominion software, hundreds or more deploying it across the country in at least 5 states in question. And you have thousands and thousands of people administering these systems and then falling back to fraudulent ballots that had to have been fabricated before-time just in case.

      And out of all these thousands and thousands of people involved in the conspiracy, no person can say they actually witnessed a ballot they knew to be fraudulent being counted. Not one of those thousands and thousands of people has a guilty conscience or could be paid off to turn states’ evidence?

      Her story is just completely unbelievable at this point, a month after the election. Some real proof should have shown up. Not statistical analyses, or theories of outsiders, or witnesses who “understood” something to be happening. Actual first had witnesses.

      1. Keep that faith in the system, overt.

        You’re so close to putting those deplorable in their place.

        1. If faith in the system is bad, why have a system at all? Why have elections? Why have Congress? This is how countries get dictators. Is that what you want? I’m being facetious here but that’s what it’s starting to look like. Trumpistas want him to be America’s Putin or Chavez or something. El Presedente for life!

          1. “This is how countries get dictators. Is that what you want?”

            This is damn well what they want. They won’t admit it, and they hate being compared to Germans in the early 30’s or every peasant commie revolutionary ever, but that is exactly who they are.

            1. It really does look that way.

            2. Technically, they want their guy as dictator. They’d be squealing like stuck pigs if the tables were turned. No one is the villain in their own story, but human history is full of villains, large and small. It’s not like the keyboard cowboys here are the Braunhemden. The last time I checked, you can’t break the store window of a “libtard” sitting on a computer in your parents’ basement.

            3. Countries get dictators by staffing the unelected bureaucracy with friendly people, which is what you are defending dummy. You and sarcasmic are just naïve to the facts.

              1. Uh-huh.

                First of all, what are you talking about? Every new admin appoints their bureaucracy with friendly people. In fact, the Trump cult has had to put in lots of overtime defending Trump’s obvious sections of loyalty over expertise among his cabinet and some judicial picks.

                Second of all, the two guys not claiming the election was stolen by a vast conspiracy ranging from Hugo Chavez to Georgia’s republican SOS are the ones who are naive in your mind?

                Are you ok man? You seem to be losing it. I’m not being snarky here.

              2. No, they are not naive to the facts.

                They are LYING.

          2. This is what we’re getting now, you stupid shit.

            1. You didn’t answer me, asshole. If you’re gonna mock people who have faith in the system, why have elections at all? Why have representatives? Why not just have a king or a dictator? Seriously dude.

              1. Why are you against auditing of any and all elections in which your Bae won? He is literally asking for an audit, a review. You are the one saying “nah, we good”. It is insane you are claiming it is him who is asking for dictatorship when they are the ones who want transparency in the process the most. You apparently want none.

                1. Apart from the astronomical cost, the main problem with an audit is that you guys don’t trust anyone to do it. If all these Republican Secretaries of State, election officials etc. colluded to hand it to the Democrats, aren’t you just going to accuse them of rigging the audit too? It seems like a lot of folks would only accept the result if they personally inspect every ballot and go out and personally verify every single person who submitted a mail-in ballot – which will take more than four years.

                  1. “part from the astronomical cost, the main problem with an audit is that you guys don’t trust anyone to do it. If all these Republican Secretaries of State, election officials etc. colluded to hand it to the Democrats, aren’t you just going to accuse them of rigging the audit too? ”


                2. Yet some states have ALREADY recounted and/or audited and you STILL won’t accept those results either. You literally want to just just keep re-rolling the dice hoping fervently that one of these times it will come up T.
                  Your “just asking questions” shtick is SO PLAYED. The only thing MORE played is lc1789’s mythical SCOTUS “{Trump vs. Biden” case and well, T’s whole act overall at this point.

            2. Sarcasmic is of the Anarchy brand. He wants America to burn so Anarchy-land can rise from the ashes. he doesnt care how the USA implodes.

              Commies are the same way. They don’t really care how America falls apart as long at it does. Their Commie “Vanguard” will makes the new slaves see the light of Communism.

              1. All of your anarchy delusions started when I tried to explain the difference between legislation and law, and you went off the rails. I’m sorry you lack the intelligence to understand the concept, but it doesn’t make me an anarchist.

          3. “If faith in the system is bad, why have a system at all?”

            We all want a system that we can trust….desperately. Because those who are knowledgeable of history recognize that free and fair elections provide a luxury of peace.
            This could have gone away quickly after the election, if the Dems had stepped up and said “we hear your concerns, and the numbers are unusual, but we can explain that because this is how we got the votes out.” But they didn’t do that at all. From day one, it was full, non-stop gaslighting that “there was no fraud”, “its all a conspiracy”, and the classic “prove it”.
            After 2016, the press was talking about the strategy of Bannon and parsing exactly how Trump won, and how Clinton failed. Where has all that analysis been in 2020? I would love to know how Biden managed to get out the numbers he did in PA, because its nothing short of astounding.
            Most of the Trump voters I know would be unhappy, but content, with a logical explanation of how Biden won. Instead, non-stop disrespect and gaslighting.

            1. Most of the Trump voters I know would be unhappy, but content, with a logical explanation of how Biden won.

              If the asshats on this forum are any indication, they will only be satisfied when Trump is made dictator for life.

              1. most asshats I know are far more concerned about the Left instilling themselves as oligarchs for life, by eliminating any possibility for a fair election, and then ramming through every totalitarian dream they’ve been promoting the last 4 years. Like carbon taxing, confiscatory wealth taxes, basic income stipends, $15/hr minimum wage, etc.

                1. Sarc doesn’t care about rational analysis, his Bae won. That’s all that matters to him. It is why he is desperate to not even have a faux audit of the election. Yet he claims others are the ones leading americans to dictatorships.

              2. And another useless strawman from Sarcasmic.

              3. Has anyone here said anything close to that?

                Or have you gone so far off the deep end that you think challenging election results through the proper channels, ie: the judicial process (not lying to secret courts and spying on your political rivals) is tantamount to a coup attempt?

            2. “Most of the Trump voters I know would be unhappy, but content, with a logical explanation of how Biden won. Instead, non-stop disrespect and gaslighting.”


              You’re gonna be waiting a long time.

              I’m still trying to figure out how Biden underperformed 2016 Clinton amongst every racial and gender group except White men– whereas Trump overperformed amongst every racial and never group except White men– yet Biden somehow ended up winning even though the gains he made among White men were nowhere near enough to make up for his losses everywhere else.

              …But like you said, both the media and Reason would rather gaslight than bother to explain how that’s possible.

            3. Respectfully, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you and your kindred spirits want a perfect voting system. I believe you want a system that delivers what you believe are perfect results (for your side). I’ve seen the lengths to which so called “freedom loving conservatives” will go to suppress voters. Honestly, I don’t think the lunatics on either side really care about the franchise. They believe the other side is evil so anything is justified.

              1. Your belief is irrelevant. We have clear evidence from Obama’s 2012 and 2008 wins that Republicans, by and large, grumbled and moved on. They fought politically, protested and complained, but there were no widespread calls to dispute the election, recount the votes, or accusations of fraud.

                “They believe the other side is evil so anything is justified.” And that is not accurate. The left thinks the right is ‘evil’. The right thinks the left is delusional. although in fairness, recently, that is morphing to delusional -and- evil.

                1. They grumbled and moved on to a candidate that would not willingly cede his power once granted.

                  1. Proof not in evidence. At no point has Trump said he wouldn’t concede when all fights are done. In fact, he explicitly said he would. your fever dreams are not reality.

                    1. Where is that concession?

                      Oh, he will concede after his obvious attempt to whip his base into a froth has failed to bring his little would be tyrannical revolution about? No credit for that.

                    2. You are missing the part where many of the “fights” are ridiculous in the first place.

                      Yeah, let’s start just removing electors every time my guy loses. Cool story bro. And if that doesn’t work, we already did a trial run with the kidnapping-a-governor tactic….
                      Come on man.

                2. Losers complain, particularly in politics. The age of gracefully accepting an election result is over. Sort of like the age of accepting a president’s birth certificate. This isn’t a “black swan” event. It’s the inevitable results of a calculated effort to win at all costs including delegitimizing everyone on the side. When a large swath of the body politic believes Obama was born in Kenya or that 9/11 was a government plot not a terrorist attack, what next? Well, folks, this is what’s next.

                  1. To be fair, Obama himself claimed he was born in Kenya. But that was for scamming the liberal funds set aside for extra diversity. Kinda like the plot of Soul Man,

                    1. So he lied. No shocker there. Every politician lies. But he was born in Hawaii, not in Africa. There’s a big overlap between the Birthers and the Stop the Steal crowd. Not hard to see why.

                    2. Obama’s literary agent played the “born in Kenya” angle – probably in the mistaken belief that it was true, but also likely in the belief that it made Obama seem more interesting to readers.

                      Anyway, there were people who believed that Chester Arthur was born in Canada. And McCain was born in the canal zone in…


                3. Quite a few (including Trump) baselessly insisted that Obama wasn’t constitutionally eligible to be President.

                  1. And they were treated as the fringe whack-a-doodles they were. Until Hillary and the major news outlets decided to push Trump to the front cause they thought he’d be easier for her to beat.


                  2. You do realize it was hilarys press secretary that first dropped that nugget to cnn in the 2008 primaries right?

            4. “a logical explanation of how Biden won”

              He got more votes than Trump. That’s how he did it (I think).

              1. Anytime someone claims Trump was even remotely interested in governing for all Americans, I think of the immediate proof to the contrary from any number of the hundreds of emails his teams send out begging for more money. This is VERBATIM.
                Dear [email recipient]-

                How do you want to be remembered?
                As a Patriot who fought to Keep America Great? Or as an un-American Liberal who stood idly by as Radical Democrats ripped our nation apart?
                Also easily explaining Trump’s loss in the Midwest: COVID raging while he does absolutely nothing except cry/spout conspiracies, and that little blunder called Foxconn, etc.

                All Biden had to do was be less of an asshole than a guy that was in power 4 years and did nothing other than self-serve while constantly tripping over his own dick. It was easy.

            5. we hear your concerns,

              Why would anyone say that, when the “concerns” were bad faith bullshit from the very beginning?

              Trump didn’t rail against mail-in voting because he actually thought they were prone to fraud. He railed against mail-in voting because he knew precisely what would happen in WI, MI, PA: in-person ballots would be counted first, he would appear to have a lead, and then when mail-in ballot returns were counted later, AS REQUIRED BY STATE LAW, he could then claim FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD as his imaginary lead vanished.

              It was a setup from the very beginning.

              1. Seems reasonable.

              2. This is called “priming”, and it was extremely obvious.

                Almost as obvious as installing DeJoy shortly before the election and having him disable mail sorting machines. US mail is still being delivered slower because of that. Some 100,000 ballots were delivered late because of DeJoy. This was calculated and purposeful. That is real disenfranchisement of those voters. That is the actual election fraud.

                DeJoy for prison.

              3. Everything about the counting of the mail-in ballots reeked of fraud.
                From keeping observers from being able to observe anything, to stopping of vote counts, when the mailed-in ballots failed to get the lead for Biden, to mass numbers of votes, suddenly included in Biden’s column, especially when observers were not only taken from the room, but with impromptu window coverings to keep even remote viewing from happening.
                Pennsylvania, for example, had in unbelievable 60% Biden advantage in mailed-in votes, when the rest of the country had advantages in the single digit percentages. What was it about Pennsylvania that had so much more Biden support in the mail-in voting than the rest of the United States?
                And every effort to get an audit of the verification of mailed-in ballots has been stonewalled, just like every past effort to install vote integrity protocols, nationwide, by the same party that refuses to do so now.
                What have they got to hide?

              4. In the five presidential elections I’ve been able to vote in, I don’t remember one of them saying they were stopping the vote counting in the wee hours of the night. I definitely don’t remember them saying such and then waking up to find that they hadn’t actually stopped counting. Not even in Bush v Gore.

                1. Yes, its all bullshit the lefties here are peddling. They issues directly stemmimg from lefty partisan actions during this election are endless…but yet somehow that it all just normal stuff, No, its not.

              5. Actually fuck tard, only Pennsylvania had state law saying the mail in votes couldn’t be counted on election day, and that was due to lawsuits fighting the unconstitutional changes to PA election law by our secretary of state which required universal mail in ballots to be segregated if they didn’t meet the requirements of the law prior to our sec of state illegally changing them. Every other state has no way to explain their massive mail in ballot dumps overnight.

                And even in Pennsylvania, as stated above, trump made gains in every single demographic in the state EXCEPT WHITE MEN, yet we are simultaneously supposed to believe it was BLACK urban voters (who voted using paper ballots with no chain of custody, signature, or postmark requirements thanks to illegal changes by sec of state noted above) that came out in record numbers in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh that put Biden over the top in this state? And this trend of phantom black urban voters coming out in record numbers over 90% (several precincts in Philly are over 100%, no fraud there lolz) literally only exists in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Not in blue New york, not in blue chicago, not in blue Minneapolis, not in Cleveland, Columbus, Buffalo, Indianapolis, or any other similar rust belt demographic city.

                It only happened in the counties with these major cities in swing states who all had illegal changes to mail in voter law leading up to the election. Nope, no coincidence or suspicious stuff there.

          4. Can you tell us about qualified immunity again? If the system is never wrong, why do you hate QI?

          5. they absolutely are fine with shitting on the constitution, and installing a dictator…

            as long as THEY get to install said dictator

            as long as their dictator is owning the libs, and even if he occasionally shits on freedoms they used to be for, as long as they get their FEELZ off, and their guy makes them feel like they are pissing on the libs, they will literally follow him off the fucking cliff

            there is a reason america took power away from them

          6. Have you ever weighed which side has fabricated more evidence and peddled more lies in the past 4 years?

            The entire Mueller investigation/Russia collusion hoax was based on a foundation of lies. See debunked Steele dossier, withheld evidence regarding Carter page, illegal fisa warrants, testimony from McCabe, rosenstein, And comey that they wouldn’t sign of on the fisa warrant knowing what they know now.

            The entire foundation of the Flynn case was based on lies. See entrapment attempt by fbi, charges dropped by doj.

            The entire impeachment investigation was based on schiff fabricated transcript based on hearsay from a guy not even on the call. Only to be completely obliterated by the real transcript and every person actually in the room. See impeachment testimony and transcripts.

            Now please name a few lies of trump doing similar things in office and on what scale they occurred. I’ll wait.

            Regardless of what retards like you think, at the very least the “emergency universal mail in ballot” changes to state voter laws in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin appear unconstitutional. And trump appears justified in those cases. As “libertarians” I hope you retards at least care about that. And given the massive irregularities due to these mass universal mail in ballots we know the fbi has already requested the data of fraud in Michigan and Georgia compiled by Matt braynard and others. And why Justice alito has been signaling all along that Pennsylvania better be tracking all the data he requested regarding their pre election hearing, and moved up the date for responses from the state so that a hearing could be held before electors are chosen.

            You can bury your head in the sand to all of this now, but I have a feeling in a few weeks you’ll be bitching up a storm like the pissy lefty cunts you are 🙂

        2. “Keep that faith in the system, overt.”

          *shrug* I have very little faith in the system, because I have very little faith in the people that elected the system.

          And I have zero reason to have faith in the likes of Powell, Giuliani and others. All this fundraising is bilking people of their money for people who have no intention of winning- just assembling their own permanent PAC to fund their junkets. If that is the system *you* have faith in, feh.

      2. “Not statistical analyses, or theories of outsiders,…”

        Like the kind relied on as conclusive for evidence like DNA?

  5. This was basically the conclusion I came to after reading Powell’s complaint. It was a bunch of theories with no actual evidence. There was no first had witness of vote tampering. No first hand witness of machine tampering. No evidence other than people explaining what they thought was happening.

    Trump was impeached because a bunch of insiders “knew” that Trump wanted quid quo pro, but no one actually had first hand knowledge of him demanding or asking for it. This is the same- all of the insiders “knew” that tampering going on, but no one actually witnessed it. The absence of evidence in the former case meant Trump ought not be removed, and the absence of evidence in this case means the election results ought not be thrown out.

    1. That’s how all conspiracy theories work. No evidence needed, just conjecture and allegation. Just need a hint of an anomaly to hang it all on and no one questions your utter lack of evidence. People still not credulous enough? Start throwing our irrelevant and discredited “facts”. Shit like affadvits that mean nothing because they’re only hearsay and speculation. Throw enough shit out there and your opponents give up. People still not on your side? Brand them as part of the conspiracy.

    2. “There was no first had witness of vote tampering”

      Apparently you didn’t actually read the complaint, because there are a number of direct witnesses to vote fraud cited by name.

      1. Overt is a unreason supporter. He’s comparing utter lack of anything criminal to support an impeachment plus Due Process violations with massive Democrats election fraud where witnesses are giving statements under oath and there are clear violations of the Constitution relating to changes to election laws without state legislature approval.

        You get what you pay for.

        1. Whatever overt is, you are a fucking clown, and a shill for the Trump cult and MAGA!!!!!

          you have embarrassed yourself over and over in support of your cult, and continue to do so. You have no morals or principles except Trump Uber Alles

          Sorry everyone can see the monorail is about to fly off the tracks, you can only back a loser conman so long.

          GTFO and take the L. You arent a libertarian (you are a GOP shill) and you honestly have no place here.

          1. Haha there goes your blood pressure again. What a troll like you misses, and why you’re a bad troll… Is that YOU’RE the one getting worked up. You’re supposed to get others worked up, but instead you’re the one who starts taking it personal and acting crazy.

    3. I think the evidence was pretty solid that Trump was looking to trade favors with Ukraine, access and support in exchange for a politically-motivated investigation against Hunter Biden. It was tawdry, but the history of the U.S. presidency is full of tawdry deals. The real question: Did it rise to the threshold of a “high crime or misdemeanor?” In that case, there was a transcript and credible witness testimony. In L’Affair Election, not so much.

      1. And we now know that investigation should have happened based on THE FACT we know the fbi was already in possession of hunters laptop and sitting on it, while simultaneously having ongoing investigations into money laundeiby Devon archer and Bevan Cooney, hunters two partners in his burisma dealings. And Bevan Cooney has already turned on hunter and sent his entire email. Account access to the NY post and fbi.

        God you are dumb.

    4. Yeah, no tampering, just the stupid bint from Georgia livestreaming the fact she was about to start filling out a bunch of absentee ballots with no return addresses or signatures(Making them invalid under Georgia law) in her cubicle with the approval(since he got them for her and put them on her desk) of an unidentified male coworker.

      1. She says she is going to “work on” something. She doesn’t specify what she is going to work on. At least that is what I got out of the video. Perhaps you could point to the exact spot in the video where she says “I”m going to fill in absentee ballots now”?

        Also, if you go to 1:27 in the video, you can clearly see the boxes stacked up that say PRIMARY election. So whatever she was doing in the video, it wasn’t even for the general election.

    1. Nardz believes in the tooth fairy because when he woke up this morning he found a shiny new penny underneath his My Pillow!

    2. Are you fat? You seem fat. Probably ugly too.

      1. He’s not Jeff.

  6. Zuckerberg gave $350 million to an on the ground ballot harvesting operation and Soros owned the voting machines we used and his best buddy owned the ballot counting software.

    And then there is this: https://hereistheevidence.com

    But by all means, 80 million people (especially in swing states!!!) turned out for a guy with dementia who is racist, dumb, and corrupt.

    He won’t have to worry about ten percent for the big guy anymore.

    1. No only 74 million turned out for a guy with dementia who is racist, dumb, and corrupt.

      1. Syd,
        No honest person believes Senile Joe got that many real votes.

      2. “No only 74 million turned out for a guy with dementia who is racist, dumb, and corrupt.”

        No, 74 million turned out against an asshole conman.

        1. my bad…..should’ve been ” And 80 million turned out…..”

        2. Who cares if he was an asshole or conman?

          Did he improve the economy for minorities and low income earners… Yes

          Did he lower taxes… Yes

          Did he start a new war… No

          That’s more than our prior two presidents and ones senile vp can say. Who gives a shit what trumps done in the past when he’s getting real shit done.

  7. Giuliani is now presenting the fraud claims to the Michigan legislature, which is the proper venue to make the claims, and have them investigated.

    I’m not sure what the judge is supposed to do with unverified claims, they can’t order an investigation, they can’t take any remedial action without sufficient proof. The legislature can do all those things, nail down the facts, and legislate remedial action like banning Dominion voting machines for example, and issuing findings on what actually happened. But it’s probably to late not to certify the election as it now stands.

    1. By “presenting” do you mean he is “cracking off some serious farts” in front of the Michigan house?


    2. Is he already out of the hospital?

    3. Kazinski, the judge doesn’t have to verify the claims, when he dismisses a case, the judge has to assume all reasonable claims are true.
      But you can’t have a claim like 47 usb drives are missing, followed by “130,000 votes were fraudulently cast”. There has to be a reasonable connection between those two statements.
      1) How do you know they are missing?
      2) How do you know the use of the drives was important – maybe just backup?
      3) Where did the 130,000 number come from?
      The problem is the complaint misses step 1,2 and 3.

      1. These guys are sure to reply with 10000 excuses for why $900/hour lawyers are unable to file a complaint with an actionable claim, in the proper venue, without hundreds of typos.

  8. Sullum is slobbering all over himself

  9. Before the election, every court ruled the Republicans had “no standing” because no one had been injured. Now, faced with numerous examples of real voters being disenfranchised by phony mail in ballots printed in China and Mexico and all swing states showing a zero precent rejection rate of these mail-in ballots, now the courts all say: Well, you’re too late.
    Not going to lie: The oligarchs are smart, obviously well-funded, and organized. Mr. and Mrs. Flyover State never stood a chance.

    1. Wow. They got to all 40 judges? They got to all those republican secretaries of state and governors? They got to all of those poll workers?

      This conspiracy must be huge. Like 81 million people huge.

      1. You do realize these courts are in the deep blue areas such as Milwaukee where the challenge is being initiated… and seeing as how you are claiming 95% of people in voted Dem, which implies the judges are also Dem, right?

        1. Except the cases are also losing at state appellate courts and state supreme courts too….

          1. some of which, like PA’s, are elected positions and controlled by dems.

        2. 1-40.

    2. Its fine. We all knew that the SCOTUS was hearing this case and will give a decision as 5-4 for Trump.

      First the media tried to ignore any opposition to Biden being crowned.

      Then the media went to say “hey look judges are dismissing the lawsuits”.

      Its the M.O. of the Commies that run the propaganda outlets.

      1. I would wager you any amount of money that you could scratch together than Trump will not be the U.S. president in February. Any. Amount.

      2. SCOTUS can address only issues that were litigated in, or at least presented to, lower courts. If a complaint was wrongly dismissed, the remedy is to vacate the dismissal and remand for further proceedings before the trial court.

    3. They got to Rudy too? Rudy Giuliani who keeps telling judges that he doesn’t allege fraud? And they got to Trump too? Donald Trump who has yet to fire Rudy for telling judges that don’t have a fraud case? Wow.

      1. I’m guessing the next conspiracy is that the deep state gave Rudy COVID-19 (which I’m told doesn’t really exist because it’s a hoax.)

      2. He can certainly allege fraud now.

    4. I’ll start feeling sorry for “Mr. and Mrs. Flyover State” about the time the massive federal subsidies they receive (especially ag welfare) stops flowing into their pockets.

      1. Lordy. One of those? Do you really believe that everyday Americans in the flyover states are sitting around with ag welfare? Newsflash: farmers make up 1.3% of the US population. Everyday Americans don’t want your pity. The people who want your pity are the ones who went to Ivy League schools and are suffering microaggressions. AOC wants your pity because she had to wait tables after her Brown degree didn’t pan out, and not because of her terrible personality for sure.

        1. Everyday Americans are soaking up welfare in all sorts of ways. Cut entitlements and who gets hurt the most, rural Americans. I don’t think they want pity, but they do want taxpayer $$$. Fuck AOC because she wants the same thing. Meet the new boss.

          1. I like this guy.

          2. “Cut entitlements and who gets hurt the most, rural Americans.
            That’s why rural Americans religiously vote for the party that claims to want to make government smaller.
            Meanwhile almost all the welfare, food stamp and federal housing offices are in the urban centers. And they are the center of the LieCheatSteal party’s voting majorities.
            I guess, in your mind, all those rural folks travel to the cities to get their entitlements.
            Either that, or you’re an idiot.

            1. “I guess, in your mind, all those rural folks travel to the cities to get their entitlements.”

              I literally watched this happen many times riding the bus into the city in Indiana from a rural area.
              Dudes wearing denim flag jackets bitching about immigrants and welfare then getting dropped off at the stop for the welfare benefits office.

          3. You can go state by state and see the largest unfunded liability in all 50 states is their teachers union pensions and Healthcare and their govt employee pension and Healthcare.

            The teacher union debt is tied to cities because cities schools in every state produce worse results, “cost” more per student each year, and have crappier tax bases than suburban schools.

            The government employee debt is largely driven by the various unionized public works and transit departments in the large cities.

            Here in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County in the last 12 years we’ve had a 7% tax on alcohol to try and cover a portion of the county Port authorities unfunded liabilities so their pension fund wouldn’t be taken over by the state, crippling the city and counties credit rating. And we also on 2015 had a 1.5% entertainment n hospitality tax added to try and do the same for the cities government employees.

            So not only do urban residents suck the most actual social service and welfare money, but the debt generated largely by public government unions causes more tax revenue to be needed to cover non tangible things like exorbitant retirements and platinum health plans for people no longer being productive. Imagine what Pittsburgh, or its residents assuming these taxes were never raised, if we didn’t need to waste it on a bunch of greedy, poorly educated, union retards who blackmailed our governments into compensation they never earned and the market never said they were worth.

      2. I think I’m owed some compensation for having to put up with your liberal bullshit.

  10. unreason has short term memory of 2000 election lawsuits too.

    Democrats had Gore as the winner and the SCOTUS dropped the hammer on their massive democrat election fraud scheme.

    Constitution Strikes again!

    1. I bet nobody likes you in real life.

    2. “Democrats had Gore as the winner and the SCOTUS dropped the hammer on their massive democrat election fraud scheme.”

      Well this doesn’t doesn’t make you sound very smart, informed, or credible. Go hang a chad.

      1. actually, he has a point. The Gore campaign’s fatal mistake in the 2000 recount was that they fixated on only contesting deep-blue areas, instead of pushing for a full-state recount that would have been more of a dice-roll. They likely would have lost anyway because the post-election recount did show a Bush win, but Gore’s team was trying to game the system and got smacked down by the court.

        1. Florida law had them able to contest three counties. What they should have done, the first time they were before the Supreme Court is requested a state-wide hand recount. They probably would have lost but when an election is so close almost anything could have turned it, a Fourteenth Amendment argument could have prevailed.

          By the time the case returned to the Supreme Court, it was too late to do a hand recount. But as Georgia just showed it can be done with a couple of weeks time.

    3. George W. Bush was not alleging election fraud. He was trying to stop a recount.

  11. Oh, yay, another comment section full of horseshit. I do look forward to this.

  12. Of course there is fraud. And, it is massive going much deeper than the two party tyranny. Our elections are a third world banana republic portrait. The election systems are controlled by two politically religious cults. The Portside one being far worse than the starboard.

    Every election is pure fraud because the media lies and controls the narrative. Add to that the two party stranglehold that decides the candidate participation. Any ideas that make sense, that are for the nation’s best and are out-side the body politic tend to be marginalized and labeled fringe. This even happens within the parties’/cults internals. They marginalize the best of their own creed if they don’t walk lockstep to the drum drone of their monied financiers. Therefor, I declare that all our elections to be fraudulent. It is self evident.

  13. The vast majority of investigations are conjecture and supposition until evidence is found by the investigation.

    What the hell has Reason devolved to?

    The evidence is under control of the voting agencies whose job is dependent on them not having discovered fraud on their watch.

    I will ask again, why is Reason against auditing and verifying things that have an impact on every single person’s life?

    1. There will be audits. They won’t show anything remarkable. You will still be on this board bitching and complaining. You just don’t trust people smarter than yourself. I bet people don’t like you much

    2. If there was fraud, then Trump’s attorneys would say so in a courtroom. Instead, Rudy et al have told judges repeatedly that they don’t allege fraud. And if Trump thought there was fraud, then he would have fired his attorneys for telling judges otherwise.

      Trump and his sycophants are running a 1984 Ministry of Truth scam.

      1. They are a small group of lawyers against the MSM, the oligarchs, Big Tech, Soros, et al. They don’t stand much of a chance. That said, our country will soon officially be a banana republic. There is plenty of evidence, plenty more than they had on Michael Flynn or Carter Page before ruining their lives.

      2. They have said so. They have provided statistical evidence. They have provided affidavits of witnesses. What they don’t have access to is the material held by state offices you fucking retard.

        1. Donald Trump lost the election by 7 million votes. There is not an election in the history of earth with that large of a spread that was just given to the loser.

          Deal with your emotional problems and figure out to handle the not unexpected fact that Donald Trump, sleazy TV marketing hack, failed as president.

          1. Honest people, even among you commies, know that figure is pure fiction.

          2. That is a major ass eating lie. Trump won the honest vote. But you monsters are willing to destroy whole institutions just to make the mean tweets stop.

            1. You are being lied to and you need to have the brainpower necessary to understand that the entire journalism industry might be telling the truth more than CousinFuckersForJesus.com or wherever you get your emotional support lies from.

              1. “journalism industry might be telling the truth”

                You can’t possibly be that naive, Tony. It is not part of the business model for journalists to tell the truth, so why the fuck would *anyone* trust the media?

                If a bunch of rich liberals pay Reason’s “journalists” to write sensationalist anti-Trump articles, then it is in their own rational self interest to take the money and write the propaganda pieces. You show me how journalists make MORE money by writing truthful articles than by writing CLICKBAIT and LIBERAL PROPAGANDA and I might start believing them.

  14. When does this stop? When do judges stop accepting this fertilizer and start taking these attorneys to task. Tell them to present a cogent brief and evidence. If they don’t then sanction them. The attorneys need to be reported to the bar and to be held in contempt.

    1. Worse than that, they tell judges that they don’t allege fraud, and tell the public the opposite.

    2. What kind of dolt actually has confidence in this election? You’d have to eat a lot of ass to be that stupid.

  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_Advisory_Commission_on_Election_Integrity

    Trump formed the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity” in May 2017. The Commission disbanded in January 2018. Like many things federal, it was a shit show. It was, however, a shit show that failed to produce any evidence supporting Trump’s claim that he lost the popular vote because “millions” of illegal aliens voted.

    Sidney Powell was hailed by some of the commentariat on H&R as very “serious.” She’s not impressing thus far. Overturning the results of an election is as grave a matter as any court asked. Judges understand how serious the allegation is and, if you are going to roll into court and ask for extraordinary relief, you damn well better have extraordinary evidence.

    1. “It was, however, a shit show that failed to produce any evidence supporting Trump’s claim that he lost the popular vote because “millions” of illegal aliens voted.”

      My understanding was that blue-run states refused to participate and would not provide their voter records to allow any real investigation. They maintained it was solely a state affair and no business of the Feds. It was a shit-show because there was no way to investigate without state consent. It says nothing about the amount of fraud in 2016.

      1. The Commission wanted voter data including social security numbers, DOBs, addresses, voting histories, party affiliations, etc. Thirty-five states agreed (which is 35 more than anyone with libertarian leaning would prefer). Fifteen denied or undecided. Among the 15, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Wyoming… not exactly “blue-run states.” If you dig a bit deeper, you can read Matt Dunlap, Maine’s Secretary of State, account. As a member of the Commission, he had to sue to get access to the records. What he found was an attempt by Kris Kobach to give Trump the report he wanted. But typical of the Keystone Cops Trump team, they left a paper trail. You can read the 8,000 or so pages posted online. You’re being fed a narrative, and every bit of information you encounter run squarely into your preconceived notions. There were allegations of fraud in 2016 by Trump. Four years later–and with the vast power of the federal government–he was unable to provide any substantive proof.

        1. The voter information they held back on is often sold to political parties dummy.

          1. So they are selling Social Security numbers? Yes, lists of people who voted are public records. SSNs and DOBs are not.

          2. You are not doing well today, Jesse.

            I mean you never do, but especially today.

            1. You calling anybody out is fucking hilarious.

        2. Your facts are incorrect. Perhaps you are the one who is being fed a narrative that fits your preconceived notions. Per wikipedia, most states, particularly deep blue, outright refused to comply and those that did only provided public information.

          It was a shitshow because there was no way to proceed, not because there was no evidence of issues, Regardless of the actions of the commission, the feds do not have the ability to investigate states voting.

          1. The 8000 pages of public records are incorrect? Most? Since when is 15 “most” of 50? Kobach had years to prove fraud in Kansas. What did he prove? Not a damn thing.

            1. you really need to re-read the Wikipedia page you cited.
              It doesn’t say what you think it says.

  16. Hilarious, the judge said that they should have sued before the election when they allegedly saw bad things happen. But they didn’t know at that point that Trump would lose.

    1. there were suits prior to the election that were thrown out due to lack of actionable damages.

      1. It is amazing how much they’ve been told this but the narrative is now too late.

    2. Pennsylvania republicans did sue to block unconstitutional nail. In voter changes and John Robert’s voted to deadlock the motion and said they would reconsider the case if it impacted the election…

      Gee whiz Robert’s, it did! Whodathunkit.

      But either way Pennsylvania is almost assuredly going to the Supreme Court, as justice alito has been signaling all along.

  17. I am afraid that the federal judges are afraid that if the allow the law suit it will cause people not to trust our elections so rather than allow the lawsuit they refuse to say that there might be fraud in the election. If the lawsuit did show substantial fraud there would be even less trust.
    Now I have heard and I don’t know if it is true or not that a federal judge did empound the Dominion voting machines and a test run was made to check out these machines. The testers filled out equal number of ballots voting for Trump and Biden when they run those ballots through the vote counter Biden received 20% more votes than Trump even though each were given equal number of votes to be counted. Somehow Biden received 20% more votes than Trump anyway.

    1. Now I have heard and I don’t know if it is true or not but you don’t even know how to use google properly and probably believe everything you read on the internet

  18. No real surprise that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus went out of business shortly after the Trump Circus moved into the White house…no way could they compete with Trump’s clowns…

  19. Statistics are neither speculation nor conjecture. The judge is outright LYING. Yet Shithead Sullum’s take is the standard “Haha, Trump lost”.

    1. Statistics is only a *method* for rigorously comparing two data sets. It cannot prove WHY a comparison turns out the way it does. So statistics cannot *prove* fraud.

      1. That is not accurate. There are many statistical tools that allow identification of fraud. It does not only apply to comparative analysis.

        1. You only think that because you watched a YouTube video or something that told you that.

          Now be a good citizen and watch the YouTube videos that debunk the bullshit you’re gargling.

          1. Okay Tony, whatever nonsense you want to spout is fine by me. Have fun with that if it entertains you.

            But you, Chemjeff and Sarms apparently know little about mathematics, science, and certainly not statistics.

            1. Lol. Everyone’s a fucking statistics expert all of a sudden.

              I know what nonsense you’re referring to and I know it’s already been debunked. You are so fucking gullible you should never vote again.

              1. As someone who routinely uses various types of statistic analysis of data sets quite often, you can kiss my educated ass you ranting clown.

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  21. There are hundreds of Bigfoot sightings along with photos, videos and other evidence. There is more evidence for Bigfoot than for these allegations.

  22. The so-called “judge” is an Obama appointee, which means she’s only impersonating a judge and is really just a hack political operative in robes.

  23. It is a bit overwhelming to see it all at once, but its been there a while and growing. Judges have agendas too….

  24. I might be more accepting of this on face value.

    Except I recall the initial Covington ruling, which took the clearest, textbook case of libel I have ever seen (clear and obvious lies concerning a situation that was livestreamed that resulted in death threats against children, followed by weeks of continued lies despite the truth being known essentially immediately). The judge broke down, twisted, and stood words on their heads in order to dismiss the entire case in a preliminary hearing. The most extreme of which was that the word “swarmed” was an opinion and thus could not be libelous under any circumstances.

    We have seen judges repeatedly claim absurd things using standing to avoid ruling and claiming clear evidence was nothing.

    The trust is gone, my friends. I cannot take this on face value.

  25. Poor Sullum. Texas just sued Georgia et al in the SCOTUS.

    So much for “conjecture and speculation”. One of the 50 states just thought there was enough evidence to dispute election 2020.

    God Bless Texas!

  26. A small quibble: I think that presidential elector candidates have a particularized grievance unlike that of the general public, and have candidate standing. In this country people do not vote for presidential candidates direcly, they vote for slates of electors. The electors are the real cndidates in the election. At the very least, their candidacy is sufficiently substantial to merit candidate standing.

    I agree, however, that the lawsuit must fail on the other issues, not the least being absence of evidence supporting the allegations made.

  27. U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker

    … is an Obama appointee. Are we supposed to be surprised when she demonstrates her bias so blatantly?


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