Will the COVID-19 Vaccines Soon Crush the Pandemic?

The vaccines are great news, but the winter still looks bleak.


As calamitous as the COVID-19 pandemic is, humanity would have been in a much worse situation had it occurred even ten years earlier. The past decade of remarkable biotechnological progress enabled public health officials and researchers to identify the COVID-19 virus, sequence its genome, ramp up diagnostic testing, and then create and begin to deploy numerous vaccines in less than a year.

This week, the United Kingdom approved the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. British citizens will begin inoculations next week. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will meet on December 10 to consider an emergency use authorization for that vaccine, and will discuss authorizing the Moderna vaccine a week later. If all goes well, the campaign to vaccinate Americans will begin shortly thereafter. The two companies could supply enough doses to cover around 20 million Americans before the end of the year.

However, even if it was logistically possible to distribute such great quantities of doses, vaccine makers (including Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, in addition to Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) do not yet have the capacity to inoculate everyone immediately. So earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended prioritizing vaccination for the 21 million health care workers and the 3 million elderly residents in long-term care facilities. Vaccinations will then be offered to segments of the population at greater risk—essential workers, Americans older than 65 years, and those with comorbidities.

So when is the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines likely to begin to shift the trajectory of the pandemic? Keeping in mind the problems associated with managing complex logistics and the flaws of epidemiological models, let's take a look at the projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

Even assuming a rapid rollout of the vaccines, the IHME projects that they will not really begin changing the current trajectory of daily COVID-19 deaths until around February. In the meantime, what does work is wearing facial coverings to prevent the spread of the virus.

"The vaccine has not come in time to do much about the winter wave," said Christopher Murray, director of the IHME, in The Washington Post. "Vaccination is coming too late even if we do a really great job of scale-up. It's coming too late to do much by March 1, or really by April 1." Only at that point, he added, will the widespread distribution of vaccines begin to crush the virus.

Here's to hoping that the IHME projections are too pessimistic about how much help vaccines will render throughout the coming winter. For now, social distancing, mask-wearing, and proper hygiene remain key to blunting the pandemic's course for the next few months.


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      2. you forgot to quote the article and comment on the quote

        With formatting.

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            Breathtaking erudition.

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              Learn to pronounce
              comparative adjective: stupider

              Don’t worry no one expects cousin-fucking peanuts to know the language.

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                Pendants may argue that the correct phrasing for proper sentence construction is “more stupid”, as “stupider” is comparative, but your sentence is not.
                However, like you say, people who think that have sex with reasonably close relatives. The Arab world has the largest number of consanguineous marriages, so I imagine they’re the people who would most dispute your unique phraseology. Dirty Arabs, right?

                Mr. Buttplug senpai, is very smart.

              2. Lol. You refuted your own use of the word. Do you k own what a comparative adjective is?

      3. Luckily, that was a stupid “rule” that never mattered.

        1. Speaking of rules that never mattered, didn’t you get banned for posting child pornography?

          1. “nacht” means “night” you want “ritter”

            1. I know, it’s a joke. Well I didn’t actually know ‘knight’ in German but that was kind of the point.

              1. I’m here now. I’m here. And there is nothing you can do about it.

                1. “ss” is preferred by grammarians and has taken the place of the Eszett, which has been deprecated, but I have always preferred the Eszett and it is still technically acceptable.

                  Well done!

                  1. Lol, thanks, but it’s actually required after a “Diphtong”. Everything that is pronounced as a long vowel, which Diphtongs are counted as. If the vowel is short, like, say, Fluss, you use the “ss”, and Fluß would be deprecated spelling, but yea, I like the Eszett more. But stuff like weiß, Gesäß, Fuß and so on all require it because of the long vowel that precedes it.

                    1. “Lol, thanks, but it’s actually required after a “Diphtong””

                      Incorrect, it is not used in proper names.

                    2. Yea, sorry, I suggested wikipedia for fun. Cuz they got butts. I thought it was funny.

                    3. In that case butts plz enough Kraut grammar

                    4. Yea, no spelling reform ever concerned names. I am talking about everything else but your last name or the name of a country. Those only get reforms in communist countries.

                    5. Wow, I guess I got your defense level to 100 without even trying. Sorry about that. Your knowledge still seems quite profound. You probably studied it for a little while.

                    6. “Those only get reforms in communist countries”

                      Check The Swiss as well

                    7. “Wow, I guess I got your defense level to 100 without even trying”


                    8. Are you serious? Did Switzerland regulate last names? Because I didn’t know about that.

                    9. “You probably studied it for a little while.”

                      And not in 5 minutes from Wikipedia!

                      Now butts? But not all hurty like yours?

                    10. I think we are out of sync. No butts were hurt in the production of this thread.

                    11. “Are you serious? ”

                      Yes the Swiss use no Eszett.

                    12. “No butts were hurt in the production of this thread.”


                      And here’s the actual story behind the Eszett. It was deprecated during the spelling reform, and as a result it is preferred that anything written since then be sans Eszett and use “ss” instead. It is not a diktat, because many Germans like their quirky alphabet, so even though it is allowed, in practice it is usually avoided.

                      This is in line withy original statment, but apparently not with Wikipedia? Regardless if that is the case the English wiki, try the German one for more context and accuracy.


                    13. Wow, do you know how cocky you come across, referring me to the German Wiki after I sent you a link there? 😀 I mean, in real life this would probably be resolved within seconds, depending on whether you would be able to have a conversation with me.

                      Just, in Germany, it’s actually part of the “Neue Rechtschreibung”, the way I explained it. Scharfes Ess is still in the Duden. All over the place.

                      Anyways, I totally didn’t mean to make you defensive, I am sure you invested quite a while studying this. You are also right about me, I never “studied” German.

                      It’s kinda hard to

                    14. It’s kinda hard to see this though, I thought I was talking to a language enthusiast. Would have been interesting.

                    15. “Wow, do you know how cocky you come across, referring me to the German Wiki after I sent you a link there?”

                      Didn’t see it. Wiki is trash. Sorry but I just didn’t look.

                      “I thought I was talking to a language enthusiast.”

                      You are. It’s why I avoid Wiki.

                    16. “Scharfes Ess is still in the Duden. All over the place.”

                      Is it “deprecated” you don’t understand or “preferred”?

                    17. “dep·re·cate
                      Learn to pronounce
                      past tense: deprecated; past participle: deprecated
                      express disapproval of.
                      “what I deprecate is persistent indulgence”
                      disapprove of
                      find unacceptable
                      be against
                      frown on
                      take a dim view of
                      look askance at
                      take exception to
                      protest against
                      inveigh against
                      rail against
                      pull to pieces
                      pull apart
                      hit out at
                      slag off
                      vituperate against
                      animadvert on
                      (chiefly of a software feature) be usable but regarded as obsolete and best avoided, typically due to having been superseded”

                      Learn to pronounce
                      past tense: preferred; past participle: preferred
                      like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose.
                      “I prefer Venice to Rome”

                      I don’t believe that at any point I made any claim which can be interepreted to mean that the Eszett is either no longer uses or that it cannot be used any longer. I have been extremely clear I think so I don’t understand your issue.

                    18. Thanks. I had no idea the swiss purged the ß entirely. I was referring to the German rules ( Not sure if Austria is doing this as well.

                      Do you know if Switzerland also reformed last names? Because they are pretty “traditionalist”, so I would think the Swiss would probably resist that.

                    19. No problem on my end, Sir. (“Sir” or other gender-specific respectful reference, unless you are non-binary, because then such a word doesn’t exist, and won’t be, because activists don’t value respect.)

                    20. So this is actually a rule:
                      ß (genannt »Eszett«, »scharfes s« oder »Scharf-s«) steht in Wortstämmen, in denen auf einen langen Vokal oder einen Diphthong (Zwielaut) nur ein einfacher, stimmloser s-Laut folgt. Dies gilt jedoch nur, wenn der s-Laut in allen Beugungsformen stimmlos bleibt .
                      ZUM BEISPIEL
                      Blöße, Maße, Maß, grüßen, grüßte, Gruß
                      außer, reißen, es reißt, Fleiß, Preußen
                      Ausnahmen: aus, heraus, usw.
                      Haus (stimmhaftes s in Häuser)
                      Gras (stimmhaftes s in Gräser)
                      sauste (stimmhaftes s in sausen)
                      meistens (kein einfacher s-Laut; es folgt ein weiterer Konsonant im Wortstamm)

                      So strictly speaking, not only would ß be preferred here, but it’s actually mandatory. As in my handle.

                      (Btw, I didn’t mean to shit on non-binaries, but most people who wanna force pronouns on others are more about control)

                    21. Going by memory the Swiss band Eszett in the 30s. I imagine some names were grandfathered in. However that is speculation on my part

                    22. “So this is actually a rule”

                      That rule has been deprecated.

                      “So strictly speaking, not only would ß be preferred here, but it’s actually mandatory.”

                      Incorrect it is never preferred or mandatory. The spelling reform instituted this.

                      Your information is antiquated. In current writing, “ss” is always the preference.

                    23. This information is taken from the Duden link I posted above. It is really up-do-date as it can be. In Germany it is mandatory, even though most people don’t care. But your age can be guessed pretty easily if you write weiß with a Doppel-s, as in “weiss”. Because after the reform, weiß is mandatory.

                      This is the only result you get on the Duden website, try searching weiss, you only get last names:

                      So in the German language, it is not deprecated, but cases have been established where it is required.

                    24. “In Germany it is mandatory”

                      No it isn’t. This is incorrect, the Kultusministerkonferz deprecated it. Your information is quite old as this was done 2 decades ago.

                    25. “So in the German language, it is not deprecated, but cases have been established where it is required.”

                      This is exactly the opposite of correct, and is in fact backwards.

                    26. Not that it really matters, I guess even most Germans aren’t aware of that.
                      Also you rarely find someone spelling I know as “ich weiss”. Take it from someone der’s weiß.

                    27. Tonys Pimp, I’m sorry, but that’s just not the way it is. I even gave you a link to the Duden. This is really odd.

                    28. Also you missspelled Kultusministerkonferenz. It is not “Kultusministerkonferz”. You are being a little ridiculous.

                    29. “So in the German language, it is not deprecated”

                      Exactly wrong. It is still occasionally used because the digraph “ss” does not precisely mirror the “sz” intonation sometimes represented by the Eszett.

                      However, it has definitely been deprecated and it is avoided as anything other than a preference. You are quite wrong that it is ever required.

                    30. Uhm… No, I am not wrong about this. Check the Duden-link I sent you. If you really understand it, you will see. It should be obvious by now that I kinda have a… “Heimvorteil” when it comes to this discussion? 😛 I’m sorry, but it feels really odd to see an American (?) getting so intense about this. Have a good day.

                    31. ” I even gave you a link to the Duden”

                      Which does not say what you claim.

                      “Also you missspelled Kultusministerkonferenz”

                      Google spellcheck did that.

                      And uou are now graaping at straws.

                      Here, translated from your own link and then enough of you.

                      “The rule mandates replacing ß with SS or SZ (STRASZE)”


                    32. And as an aside, your link (which usea the word “mandate” ) was wrong and not current. It was changed in 2017 and was never strictly a mandate.

                      Go to bed.

                    33. “I’m sorry, but it feels really odd to see an American (?) getting so intense about this”

                      Fair point, I too have been womdering why you’re so intense about something that is common knowledge to even German children. Especially when you are getting it wrong.

                    34. What you translated about ß replaced by ss in Straße is for Switzerland, and there it is valid what you were saying. Your reading comprehension seems to have skipped that part. Not a disgrace, the German language is complicated.

                      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re doing here. It’s really like you have to be right even in the face of complete factual dissonance. But why? Because if you cared about the language you would use me as a source instead. Is it about other potential readers here thinking youre right because they simply can’t tell? I don’t think you’re trolling. Like really, why are you doing this? This is the weirdest convo I have ever had on the internet. At this point it seems to me that only a narcissist would go to such lengths in order to somehow preserve the image of being right. That’s what I don’t get here. Because if you really cared about the language for hobby or professional reasons, you wouldn’t be doing this.

                      There was no spelling reform in 2017 in Germany, and the Duden-link is up to date. Why are you lying about this? Really, are you a narcissist maybe?

                    35. “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re doing here.”

                      I’m I’m explaining the rules as they are to someone who thinks the Duden is an authority on said official rules when it is just a dictionary.

                      I linked to a discussion from linguists and language professionals. You should read instead. As it appears you haven’t and decided wiki was a substitute.

                      “There was no spelling reform in 2017 in Germany,”



                    36. “Why are you lying about this?”

                      “In 2004, the “Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung” (Council for German orthography) was founded to reinstall the “Sprachfrieden” (peace in regards to the language). They were to evaluate the feasibility of the reform and revise unnecessary changes by monitoring the everyday language use of German speakers.

                      Today (29 June 2017), it was announced that there will be some minor adjustments to German spelling,
                      taking into consideration what the Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung has worked on in the past years.”

                      It was you lying.

                    37. ““There was no spelling reform in 2017 in Germany,””

                      This is what happens when you rely on translations, the claims of a commercial dictionary, and Wikipedia. You presume they are sufficient when they give you faulty and incomplete data, and you then make silly claims that are easily disproven by someone who actually speaks the language.

                    38. Complete narcissist. Posting pseudo-references to appear right about something, when in fact the rest of the internet doesn’t even care. All the the Rat für Deutsche Rechtschreibung did was allow an upper case Eszett and actually establish it as Amtssprache. So it is even more official now. And it is mandatory, you will not find many people say I know as “ich weiss” unless theyre 80 or something.

                      You are Trump style narcissistic right now, but if he does it, it has a purpose. I don’t know why. It’s obvious German is a second language for you. The Duden is the standard reference, which everyone knows.

                      I don’t know what it is with you, but if I were your instructor, I would give you a B, or right now maybe a C for defensiveness. I mean you know something, so in a conversation with an American you would pass.

                      Your knowledge of German is not as profound as you pretend. I may return later.

                    39. And that 2017 were Empfehlungen. Nothing was signed into law here. No reforms. Just if you wanna say that. See you later.

                    40. “Der weiße Ritter
                      December.5.2020 at 12:59 am
                      Complete narcissist.”

                      You misspelled “I apologize it was me who was lying”

                      Feel free to check.

                      “All the the Rat für Deutsche Rechtschreibung did”

                      So you were lying and I wasn’t.


                    41. You likely don’t speak the language either. Even if we had a written conversation, it would likely be error ridden here on your end. Let’s try it. That actually sounds interesting again. 🙂

                    42. “And that 2017 were Empfehlungen did”

                      The one you said didn’t exist but were wrong about? The one you called me a liar over but werw lying about?

                      That one? Yes that one.

                      Go away. You’re an American using translate and it’s silly.

                      “See you later.”

                      Ah not Amercian, French. Consider your surrender accepted Maxime.

                    43. “You likely don’t speak the language either.”

                      Etwas anderes, was Sie falsch machen.

                    44. Google translate doesn’t work very well with German to English and the other way around, I know this because… Well. 😀

                      So, come on now. Show me your German. 😀 Sorry if I seem a little cruel right now. Thank you for calling me an American though. That’s a big compliment on my English skills.

                      Now show me. If you’re so elitist about it. Show me. 😀

                    45. “That actually sounds interesting again. ????”

                      Ah you’re SQRLSY it all makes sense now, the intractable arguing even when utterly wrong.

                      Iss diese Scheiße.

                    46. Was ich falsch mach? xD

                      What am I doing wrong here? 😀

                      How would a German put that? 😀

                    47. “So, come on now. Show me your German. ”

                      You seem deeply upset that you called me a liar over the 2017 spelling reforms and are now desperate to distract and score a win.

                      You were lying.

                    48. Iss diese Scheiße? Grossartig! Das machste aber ganz toll. XD

                    49. Der verdammte Idiot der hier Google translate benutzt bist dann ja wohl du. XD

                      Iss diese Scheisse…. LMFAO

                      You are making my evening dude!

                    50. Let me get another beer smarty… Ill be right back. 😀

                    51. “What am I doing wrong here? ”

                      Continuing ti post after you were wrong and lied.

                      “How would a German put that?”

                      Deine mutter ist eine strassenmädchen.

                    52. “Ill be right back”

                      And you’ll still be wrong and a liar when you get back SQRLSY.

                    53. “Iss diese Scheisse…. LMFAO”

                      It means “eat that shit.”

                      Maybe try bing translator instead of Google?

                    54. Meine Mutter ist ein Strassenmaedchen!? XD

                      Bist du mal von nem Deutschen zu hart rangenommen worden, dass du jetzt so ne Obsession mit der Sprache hast, oder was?

                      Alter, mach bitte weiter, ich lach mir grad sowas von nen Ast. XD

                    55. Alter, jeder Deutsche wuerde dich grad sowas von Auslachen du daemlicher Ami! XD XD

                      I’m gonna share this with my friends. ????

                    56. I’m glad you’re the exception in this country.

                    57. Mach weiter. Zeigs mir. Ich weiss du bist grad mit uebersetzen beschaeftigt.

                      Am I too fast for you? 😀

                    58. Are you done having a tantrum SQLRSY?

                      Because whwn you’re done you’ll still be wrong anout the spwlling reform in 2017.

                      Weird that you are so intense about spcring a win.

                      Iss diese Scheisse.

                      PS Your translator makes you sound brain damaged.

                    59. Sorry, ich hab hier keine Umlaute. Drum schreib ich ae statt Umlaut a, weisste ja wahrscheinlich, du bist ja ‘n Experte. 😀

                      How’s it going over there?

                    60. Du hattest Unrecht. Du hast auch gelogen

                    61. I understand, you’re spamming thus thread with bad German because you know you were lying.

                    62. Your German is shit. And I know you know I am not using a translator, even though you pretend it to seem right because nobody can confirm in here. It’s unfortunate Google translate can’t help you with casual language, so it’s natural you are slow.

                      You really made my evening. Are you Sevo, btw?

                    63. “And I know you know I am not using a translator”

                      You’re quite obviously using a translator.

                      And, perhaps in your tantrum you forgot but you already admitted you don’t speak German.

                      Du bist ein esel.

                    64. For example, you would say “Iss Scheiße”, if you hadn’t just used google translate, because that expression does not require the pronoun “diese”, it sounds completely unnatural and google traslate-y. So yea, try harder, pathetic troll. You are not a language enthusiast.

                    65. “Der weiße Ritter
                      December.5.2020 at 1:04 am
                      You likely don’t speak the language either”

                      You admitting you don’t speak German.

                    66. I said I have never studied it, smarty. 😀
                      Not every American has studied english either. Anyways was nice with you. I’m gonna share this with my friends.

                    67. “For example, you would say “Iss Scheiße”, if you hadn’t just used google translate, because that expression does not require the pronoun “diese””

                      Wrong, I was quite specifically telling you to eat THAT shit. Not “eat shit”.

                      You used a translator. It’s why you got it wrong.

                    68. “Der weiße Ritter
                      December.5.2020 at 1:30 am
                      I said I have never studied it, smarty. ????”

                      What you said is right there. Being a proven liar already, I’m not surprised you lie about that too.

                    69. “Der weiße Ritter
                      December.5.2020 at 1:30 am
                      I said I have never studied it, smarty.”

                      “” Tony’s Pimp
                      December.5.2020 at 1:29 am
                      “Der weiße Ritter
                      December.5.2020 at 1:04 am
                      You likely don’t speak the language either”

                    70. Take it from me now: You are a sad excuse for someone pretending to be knowledgeable and even when trying to interact with you in normal way, you turn out to be cringe inducing. You can’t have any meaningful interactions outside of an internet forum and are hellbent on pretending to know something cryptic because your ego is just a sad mess. That’s all I gotta say. Nobody here believes you speak German. You can’t write three consecutive sentences. And I would be too fast for you. Outside of the internet, people would laugh at you by now. And they probably are even on the internet.

                    71. “You are a sad excuse for someone pretending to be knowledgeable ”

                      I understand that me proving you wrong and a liar made you very angry.

                    72. By you likely don’t speak the language either I meant that apart from everything else you pretend to know. Maybe that was oddly put. I can tell you don’t know it. Iss diese Scheisse is as unnatural as it gets.

                    73. And you are sad narcissist. Anyways, nobody cares, it just sharpened my cringe radar. Have a good one. And don’t lose sleep over this, I know you probably have nothing else to do once this convo stops. Kinda sad. But not my fault. At your age (like 60 maybe?) you had enough time to change something about it.

                    74. Bye now.

                    75. I understand that you are still upset that you were wrong and lied SQRLSY.

                    76. Weisst du, das Problem dass ich mit dir hab ist dass alles was du hier reinschreibst halt direkt von Google translate stammen koennte. “Du hast Unrecht. Du hast auch gelogen.” krieg ich halt wenn ich bei translate “You were wrong. You also lied.” eingebe. Aber gut, weisste was? Stell mir Verständnisfragen. Frag mich was wie “welches Wort im Deutschen kann, der Aussprache nach, sowohl ein Musikstück als auch einen Teil des Auges bezeichnen?” Die Antwort wäre Lied/Lid (Augenlid)

                      What I just asked you to do, if you know German that well, ask me questions about understanding. For example, there are words that mean different things but are spelled similarly. I just mentioned the example Song/Eyelid. Lied/Lid. Do stuff like that. I will be able to answer correctly, spontaneously. If you know it that well, post some questions here. That way I won’t be able to use google. This interaction is still fascinating in it’s own regard, I have never encountered anyone who was that hellbent on denying the obvious. Well, I rarely interact online, so there’s that. Offline, of course nobody questions it.

                      So yea, do that. If you like the language, you could learn something from me

                    77. I understand that you’re still veey upset about being wrong and a liar SQRLSY.

                      So upset that you lie about leaving and being done just to sneak in and get the last word.

                      Iss diese Scheiße

                    78. ” If you like the language, you could learn something from me”

                      I did! I learned that you use Google translate to pretend you know German and it is terrible.

                    79. Remarkable how you check for my answers. Literally no hobbies. Sad existence. Well, now it’s really over. I will still accept the challenge if your German is remotely good enough to ask me such questions. I offered a reasonable approach. Ask me about ambiguities, nuances and so on, because that is not possible to google accurately.

                      But right now, sorry, you just look like a sore loser.

                      Der einzige der hier daran interessiert ist Scheisse zu essen bist du. Versager.

                    80. All the smiley faces make you seem even more desperate.

                    81. “Remarkable how you check for my answers”

                      Especially since I don’t!

                      One of the benefits of actually speaking German like I do!

                      PS google was a guess but thanks for the confirmation!

                    82. So hellbent on proving me wrong, but not in possession of the one thing that has a chance to enable you to do it: Actually knowing the language and thus being able to ask questions. It is clear you would if you could.

                      Thought so. You lost, clinger. Reality will continue to crush you. Maybe think twice next time before you try outsmart the guy with the Heimvorteil. 😉

                  2. Also check out wikipedia for tons of fun


                    1. No thank you my knowledge is quite complete and accurate.

                    2. Yea, your knowledge seems pretty solid, I didn’t mean to offend you if I have.

                  3. Tonys Pimp, I’m sorry, but that’s just not the way it is. I even gave you a link to the Duden. This is really odd.

                    1. You’re both so credible and learned, it’s just hard to know who to trust on this important issue.


                    2. “I’m sorry, but that’s just not the way it is”

                      With all due respect, you’re using Google translate for info.

                    3. “Duden”

                      The Duden is a dictionary. I.E not the final word on anything. Please be less American, as it sets no rules and does not hold the final word on anything.

                    4. Wow, I’m already amused about how affected you yesterday. You didn’t fail to respond to every single thing I said. 😀

                      It must be really important for you to be seen as the cool kid that knows German or something. Well my recommendation would be: learn it. It is possible.

                  4. Alter, jeder Deutsche wuerde dich grad sowas von Auslachen du daemlicher Ami! XD XD

                    I’m gonna share this with my friends. 😀

                    1. Don’t forget to share your “there was no spelling reform” debacle (that’s French for your translator).

                    2. There was none, if you could read you would know. Nothing was reformed there. The clinger loses.

                2. Der verdammte Idiot der hier Google translate benutzt bist dann ja wohl du. XD

                  Iss diese Scheisse…. LMFAO

                  You are making my evening dude!

                  1. No you’re just embarrased because you lied.

                  2. “Der verdammte Idiot der hier ”

                    Ha! Gibberish!

                    1. omg just suck each other’s dicks already

                    2. I would tell him to but he’d go to google to get it translated and think I asked him to wash my cat!

                    3. You lost, clinger. The exclamation marks show you likely had a bit of blood pressure going on after I left yesterday. 😉

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  3. >>The vaccines are great news, but the winter still looks bleak.

    lol Ron I’m loving your recent subheadlines. we believe such opposite things.

    1. Chronic COVID syndrome is just around the corner and affecting many young, normally healthy citizens. This is just further justification for the libertarian, market based solution of universal healthcare with fair taxes for all citizen, covered medical expenses for all people inside US jurisdiction, and sensible drug price approval and regulations.

      1. you left out Universal Basic Wealth Transfer for those permanently forced out of the labor pool due to common sense virus precautions shutting down small businesses forever.

        1. And also the transnational corporate oligarchs.
          The middle and working classes are gonna have to step up to feed all these mouths…

  4. I bet this would have been handled a lot better ten years ago because no one would have dared put the general population under house arrest.

    I remember the first announcements from China. Supposedly three weeks had passed there between detection and public announcement. My reaction was that because this was communists who were hiding everything embarrassing, it must have been known sooner, and that it had probably been more like two or three months.

    Then the first case announced in the US a month or two later, and my first reaction was no, probably several months before, but a lot of scientists have fallen into the delusion of absence of evidence meaning evidence of absence — the earliest stone tools dating back so many million yeras, so they deny anything earlier could have existed. The earliest evidence of humans in the Americas dates back 13,000 years, so nobody could have been here earlier. And the first evidence of COVID-19 in the US was December/January/Whatever, so it could not have existed earlier.

    All these things combined to convince me back then that this was nothing super special. Then the lockdowns came, and all I could think of was wondering where these new petty dictators came from.

    No, I do not believe this is much worse than seasonal flu. There have been too many people fudging the statistics right from the beginning. Maybe twice as deadly as the worst flu seasons, at most, near as I can tell.

    So no, 10 years ago would have handled this better, not worse.

    1. And along the way, there was that cruise ship, Princess Diamond I think, passengers and crew locked up together for a week or two, and something like 80% of them didn’t even get infected. Plus some navy ships. And the Italian data was clear that oldest people suffered the most.

      Everything has been blown way out of proportion by all these petty tinpot dictator wannabes.

      1. The state I live in lists the individual daily deaths. Even in this ramp-up, the VAST majority of them are over 60 years old, and nearly all of them have underlying health conditions.

      2. Yeah the cruise ship was a fucking serendipitous laboratory experiment. We knew exactly what this thing would do and the vulnerable population. But instead of reacting rationally our overlords listened to Top Men.

        1. The irrational reaction was no accident.
          Build back better. Great reset.
          The globalist ruling caste had been losing ground to populism over the last decade, which really accelerated with Brexit and Trump’s success.
          So they developed a plan to crush the middle and working classes.

        2. Yup. Kingflu is still 10% infection rate and <1% death rate over all.

    2. Someone mentioned the other day that if we used Singapore’s definition of a COVID death, our numbers would be about 100,000. Still pretty rough, but about the same as the 1967 pandemic, and nowhere near enough to justify all the lockdowns and restrictions that have been put in place.

      Hell, I bet the healthcare system wouldn’t have gotten completely shot to shit, either, and people would have gotten treatments for other medical conditions that might have saved their lives.

      1. It was me. They only link covid deaths on presence of respiratory issues. Why they have no covid causing drunk driving accidents.

        This has been fairly common in the US as well until this year. This year the fear du jour meant dying with it, or even presumed of it early on, counted against it for no reason.

      2. A friend of mine contracted Covid and was doing well at home. He became disoriented, fell and hit his head and died of his injuries a few days later. Covid death? While it’s true that had he not contracted Covid he would be alive and back at work today, that wasn’t what killed him.

        1. Wait, you saying that because he was home, the circumstances were such that he was disoriented??!

  5. By the time the vaccines are fully rolled out and 40 to 50% of the population takes them, case counts will be so high that population immunity will have already been achieved, even without the vaccines. Not to mention the usual drop off in airborne viruses after cold and flu season ends.

    All of which will lead the experts and the pundits and the politicians and the bureaucrats to one conclusion: the vaccine worked! And one more conclusion: everyone needs it. And one more conclusion: why not require everyone to get inoculated for the flu as well, if it saves even one life?

    1. Personally, I will drop to my knees and thank Yahweh that Joe Biden skillfully used the mighty power of the US government to save us from the Trump plague. And I will say a special prayer to Doctor Fauci, patron saint of the technically competent, federal bureaucracy.

      1. Uh, please tell me this is sarcasm…

        1. Undoubtedly it is. That sort of idol worship is reserved only for Obama and Trump.

          1. Give them time and it will be the “Great and Powerful Harris”, pay no attention to the senile man behind the curtain.

    2. Vaccine, schmaccine. There is no cure for a pandemic of urban legend and smart-phone gossip whipped into a policy of panic by opportunistic power-grabbing functionaries. And if any of these frauds think they are going to stick a needle in me, they better come armed and expect to get hurt trying.

      1. It’s a fake pandemic until it hits you or one of your loved ones. And don’t be surprised if at some point in the future, you won’t be able to buy an airline ticket, go to the grocery store, go to the mall, go to a government building, go to the hospital without proof of a vaccine. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be, but I wouldn’t rule it out as being a possibility. Then many like you who truly believe covid is a fraud will have no way to do anything. But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be some good hearted liberals that will be willing to start a company that will deliver the bare minimums to survive right to your front door. For a fee of course. Won’t that be fun? I think I’d rather get vaccinated instead, and I’m pretty sure all my loved ones will do the same.

        So go ahead and join the anti vaxer gang.

        1. 99.9% of us will be just fine.

          You hysterics are the problem.

          1. Trump getting kungflu and being fine in two days really upset lefties.

            Democrat party being the party of science is a lie, like all their lies. Kungflu has a death rate <1% so its no worse than the flu.

        2. People like you, Haystack, are hysterical. You sound like a gun grabber. “Until one of your loved ones gets hit by an outcast on antidepressants with an assault rifle!”

    3. Right. This is why a flu epidemic doesn’t last more than a year and a half. When has there ever been a contagious respiratory disease that has continued to be a public health problem worldwide for longer? Of course there are contagious respiratory illnesses causing individual problems all the time, but they’re not a concern like this one.


  7. I think the vaccination would be more effective if instead of prioritizing vulnerable people, it was given to people that are most likely to spread. For example, the majority of people get the virus from someone they live with. So, give the vaccine to people living with a lot of people first. Also, give it to people with jobs like meatpacking that demand close quarters indoors.

    1. I feel that health care workers should be first, but with a daughter working 60 hours a week in a Covid unit, I’m biased.

      1. Healthcare workers have the lowest positive percentage of any profession last time I looked. (Makes sense, they probably got exposed months ago)

      2. @nm Dave. I agree healthcare workers should be the first to get the vaccine. It’s akin to saying firefighters should be the first to receive fire protection equipment. It just makes sense. Although I’m sure that many here will disagree.

        Those who are the most vulnerable to covid should also be vaccinated before the rest of us. Once we know those who will take care of the infected ones and those who are most vulnerable have been vaccinated, then the rest of us should get it. It’s probably going to take all of 2021 and longer, but it will get done.

        1. Health care workers (including and especially nursing home workers) are rightly first under the current CDC guidance; states can come up with their own plans but most are doing some form of that. Most place the elderly next because they’re most likely to have severe complications or die. This isn’t just a humanitarian gesture; elderly Covid patients tax hospital capacities and reduce the availability of health care across the entire system. When that healthy, young drug addict or shooting victim gets carted into the ER, a raging pandemic means there are fewer resources to care for him or her, too.

          But what happens under Biden might look totally different. His advisors are saying, as some in this discussion have also said, that elderly people should not be first because they don’t spread the virus to as many people. This is true, but it’s like arguing that if a family is trapped in their burning house, you spray water on the house next door to keep it from catching fire and just let the family die: You’re using your limited resources to protect against a very small risk rather than a far larger one.

          An 80-year-old statistically has 8 years of life left, and at least a 5 percent chance of dying if he or she gets Covid. So, vaccinating one 80-year-old saves an average of nearly a half year of life. A 30-year-old has 50 years left to live (an individual’s predicted age at death increases as he/she ages) but less than a 0.05 percent (1 in 2000) chance of dying of Covid. So by vaccinating 30-year-old people you need to vaccinate 40 of them to save one year of life. The same saving of one year of life can be achieved by vaccinating just two 80-year-olds.

          This also carries over to hospitalization. Few 30-year-olds with Covid wind up in the hospital. Many 80-year-olds do.

          As the FDA lumbers through its approval process, these issues are going to move to front and center. Under what the CDC is saying right now, the 65+ people are prioritized somewhat, but an 18-year-old with essentially zero chance of dying of Covid is going to get vaccinated long, long before a 64-year-old with an exponentially-greater chance of death. Just another example of your tax dollars working for you. This is why many people just throw up their hands and say “Screw the vaccine; I’m going on with my life.”

  8. The vaccine will deal with the virus.
    Now, who will deal with the fascists and their edicts?

    1. That’s up to the voters, many of whom continue to vote blindly along party lines.

  9. For now, social distancing, mask-wearing, and proper hygiene remain key to blunting the pandemic’s course for the next few months.
    Fuck you Ron.

    1. Yes, those things are doing a bang up job.

    2. Im in Georgia and dont wear a mask, dont social distance and visit all the open businesses.

      Im fine.

  10. The occasionally libertarian Bailey: “humanity would have been in a much worse situation had it occurred even ten years earlier”. Bailey ignores the last decade’s LACK of computer modeling that vain, self promoting ASTRONOMERS used to scare the bejebus out of the gullible press and thereby scaring the power hungry, would-be tyrants into a “do something!” agenda. Numbers indicate COVID19 is on par with the worst of the flu and nowhere near economic and social disaster. Poo on you, Bailey.

  11. Increasingly more communities, counties and states are already been approaching herd immunity.

    More than 10% of Dakotans have already tested positive for covid, ten states have surpassed a 6% case rate, and another ten states will likely do so next week.

    Studies have found that 3 – 10 times more Americans have been infected than have tested positive. Thus, 15% – 35% of Americans may have already been infected, and are now immune.

    Another 50 million Americans may become infected before the first 10 million doses of vaccines are consumed.

    Herd immunity is typically achieved when 70% of people have been infected (and/or vaccinated), and the risk of transmission declines every time someone becomes infected.

    And of course, Big Pharma wants everyone to buy/consume their vaccines (including those who are already immune).

    1. I will never take the vaccine just like I dont “vaccine” up for the flu. Any germ with a death above 2% then I will consider some scientific help with my outstanding immune system.

      Its outstanding because it has to practice fighting off germs with <1% death rates.

  12. Between herd immunity & vaccinations, Covid will be over in six months.

    Tyrant hunting season starts in June.

    1. Kungflu was never something we needed to worry about.

      Ot has a death rate of <1%.

      1. It does have a death rate less than one percent if you look across all ages, yes. But it has a much higher death rate among those over 65, and with certain health conditions. Does that mean we close everything down and sit and wait for the FDA and CDC to get good and ready to authorize the vaccine and then say your particular age group gets the privilege of standing in a mile-long line to get it? No.

        When people say “99 percent survive” as if that’s supposed to be reassuring, they are actually overstating the overall death rate some (overall survival is closer to 99.5 percent) but a disease that kills 1 in 200 is a bad disease, five times worse than the flu. And it kills many at a much higher rate. Some of those high-risk people are my friends and family members. I don’t want them to die.

        If you want to go to restaurants and parties, go right ahead. You might be that unlucky one in 200, but if you think taking that risk is better than waiting a few months for this to die down via herd immunity or vaccines, that’s your decision to make. But please then stay away from people at high risk.

  13. I’m sure this government concocted solution will go over as well as all the others they have tried this year.

    Best idea is to live your life and take whatever precautions you feel are necessary. Fuck the left and all democrats to hell.

  14. There there Ronny. I’m sure you’ll get the 2 million deaths the experts promised you this year.

    Oh and fuck of you totalitarian leftist. If it wasn’t for bed wetting lefties like you we wouldn’t have the economic mess we have now. Fucking assholes like you see nothing wrong with locking up everyone just so you can feel safe from the bogeycovid.

    1. You don’t understand, Mr. Bailey has received his wisdom from Top Men. Who are you to doubt them?

  15. At the risk of sounding heartless, once you get past the 21 million healthcare workers, does it make sense to give the next 3 million doses to elderly people in care facilities? Yes, they are at high risk, but it might make more sense to give those vaccines to other groups. Grocery store workers weren’t able to “work from home” during the lockdowns but were considered essential. Maybe we should give them the vaccine? What about waiters/waitresses? Our culture and economy have many who work in close contact with people. Maybe they should be a higher priority.

    A year ago my 90+ mother would have been one of those elderly in a care facility. She died before covid, but she wouldn’t have wanted to be first in line.

    1. Only pussies are scared of kungflu.

  16. in lock down you can read some important books which are useful for your knowledge

  17. I await people like Mr Bailey to spare the slightest ounce of introspection to recognize their (the media’s) part in this fiasco. They have played a vital, if not critical part in the destruction of the world’s economy.

    Mr Bailey was among the first to call out the FDA for delaying tests, despite the fact that people using unsanctioned tests had found the virus spreading in the community already beyond the ability for contact tracing to contain. But he insisted mass testing- and then mass antibody testing- and then vaccines would be the cure. Every step of the way, he found a new panacea that would save things, if only the damn FDA would get out of their way.

    Don’t get me wrong, the FDA can go to hell. But the FDA didn’t allow this virus to run rampant through Europe and Asia. And if testing helped prevent spread in some nations, it was amply assisted by those nations’ isolation via oceans and limited ports of entry (c.f. Iceland, South Korea, Japan).

    At no time has Mr Bailey taken a moment to pause and say, “You know what? This is a virus. It has evolved over millions of years to infect people. And while we should do everything in our power to fight that virus, we must accept that the virus is much, much better at this than we are.”

    Like the climatologists who blame hurricanes on man, and the pols who blamed Katrina’s aftermath on Bush, some people just cannot understand that “shit happens.” It’s great when human ingenuity can stem that tide, but sometimes nature gets the better of us. Bailey seems to be in this camp, unfortunately. And his attempt to demonize the government for failing to prevent a virus that has afflicted THE WORLD, has helped to create the shit show we live in today.

    Again- I think government regulation is a hindrance. But Bailey and his ilk expect that this virus could be completely contained with just the right Top Men and just the right policies. And after 6 months of pretty much every country failing to prevent this virus to some extent or another, that expectation should be discarded. And yet here he is continuously banging the drum for these fixes.

    And therein lies the rub. Politicians are cowards. By and large, in the face of an unstoppable threat, they know that the media will never accept that it was unstoppable. And so they will crucify the person who didn’t engage in kabuki theatre to stop the problem. The governors lock us down because to do otherwise would open them up for criticism. And Bailey has played his part to create this environment. I hope one day he can reconcile himself with that fact.

    1. Virtually every point you make is valid, but I do not see where you’re going with them. Some countries did control the virus better than others. If you look at death rates across different countries you can see that lockdowns weren’t and aren’t the answer. But that doesn’t mean there’s no answer. Aggressive testing and quarantine of the sick has been shown to work, as has the cancellation of large gatherings and events (with financial relief for those adversely affected). As you say, the FDA bungled testing early-on. Also, they should have fast-tracked at-home tests, which would be an extremely valuable tool. But we don’t have them nearly a year into this.

      As with the police and military, public health is a legitimate and necessary function of government. Across the world, most government responses have been a fiasco. At least in the US most of us haven’t been subjected to protracted and counterproductive lockdowns, so our economy isn’t a shambles. But we could have done much better and saved many thousands of lives. The CDC actually was doing the right thing early-on when they realized that community spread was occurring and that we needed to move toward long-term mitigation and away from the idea that we could simply stop the virus cold. They do this stuff for a living; they knew. But then the politicians on both sides swept in and turned it into a complete disaster where a virus became an ideological issue. It hasn’t served us well, as the deaths show, sadly.

  18. I hope one day he can reconcile himself with that fact.

  19. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will meet on December 10 to consider an emergency use authorization for that vaccine,

    Uh, huh. When would they meet if this weren’t an “emergency”?

  20. This headline asks the wrong question. The right question is, “Hasn’t getting Covid-19 become so inconsequential that we should stop worrying about it and just reopen everything with no further mask or distancing requirements, except for the elderly over 80?” To which the answer is obviously yes.

  21. Stay at home stay safe and also follow the Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) Guidelines according to WHO.

  22. Bailey is scared of the coof.

    The USA could never win WWIII or II with all these pussies saying they are Americans.

    When Civil war 2.0 goes fully hot bailey and his pussy armies will hunker down in the cities and starve to death.

  23. Hopefully the vaccine will soon stop the epidemic of covid-19, but first let’s comply with regulations to prevent pandemic spread.

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