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It's been a helluva year. Now it's time for our annual webathon. If you can, please support your favorite libertarian magazine!


Welcome to Reason's annual webathon week, where we ask you to support the work we do here at the magazine of free minds and free markets. 

Listen, we know this has been a helluva year for everyone. Together we weathered a bruising pandemic, an election, street protests, policy fights, and confirmation battles. Reason has been no exception to the tumult of 2020. This year has actually been a monster traffic year for us, with a huge spike in readership, viewership, and listenership. People came to Reason for the broadsides of Nick Gillespie and J.D. Tuccille, the epidemiological insights of Jacob Sullum and Ronald Bailey, the wonkery of Christian Britschgi and Eric Boehm, the investigative criminal justice reporting of C.J. Ciaramella and Elizabeth Nolan Brown, the sober legal analysis of Damon Root and the folks at The Volokh Conspiracy, the comedy stylings of Remy and the Bragg brothers, the visual storytelling of Zach Weissmueller and Jim Epstein, and much, much more from the rest of the Reason crew.

But thanks to the shenanigans of the 2020 economy, more people consuming our stuff doesn't necessarily translate into more money to make that stuff. That's where you come in. Kicking in whatever cash you can spare—truly, anything helps—means Reason can keep making the stuff you love, whether it's is our award-winning print magazine, our online stories, our many email newsletters, our array of podcasts, our videos, or our presence in your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds.

Our goal is $200,000 this year, and we hope you'll contribute. Besides the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause (plus the extra satisfaction of knowing you are sticking it to the taxman with your deductible donation), there's some pretty good swag, including a bookmark designed by Reason contributor editor and cartoonist Peter Bagge, a 2021 calendar filled with weird and important dates in the history of freedom from the fevered brains of Meredith and Austin Bragg, autographed books, an (optional) shoutout on Facebook or Twitter, tickets to Reason events, or even lunch with an editor (pick me!) if your pants are especially fancy.

If you need an extra nudge to donate right now, on this Giving Tuesday: Donating this very moment will make your popups go away for the duration of the webathon, so you get more bang for your buck if you give ASAP.

This webathon week, you'll also have a chance to ask Reason editors anything! We'll be recording a special edition of The Reason Roundtable where we'll do our best to answer listener questions of all kinds. Send your queries about life, the universe, and everything to podcasts@reason.com by the end of the day for a chance to be included. Ask Nick Gillespie for hair tips. Ask Matt Welch for…hair tips! Ask Peter Suderman for hair tips? Ask me for, well, you know.

On a more serious note: Your donations make the work we do at Reason possible. If you already support Reason, thank you. If you're thinking about becoming a donor for the first time, thank you. This year has been absolutely wild. We hope that we played a small part in helping you get through it, and that you might consider returning the favor now.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Fuck off and die

    1. I think they get some credit for keeping this forum running, despite a large portion of the content being pretty harsh (if largely deserved) criticism and insults to the magazine and its writers? But I’m still not giving them anything this year.

      1. Yes, they get credit for that.
        Don’t know that anyone will visit this site when they do shut it down though.

        1. I don’t know how much of their traffic is driven by the comment section. But I can’t imagine many from the comments would bother with them at all if it got shut down or heavily moderated.

          1. I’d 100% drop it from my rotation.

            1. Me too.
              I come here for the comments and opinions, not the staff writing.

              Some of the writing is good, some is awful, but the comments are consistently good.

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      2. Because that’s the only thing driving traffic to the site.

        Nobody reads their articles anymore. About 1/10 are actually good journalism, the rest; I just skip the article and go right to the comments, which are often more insightful.

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  2. Journalism

    1. I plan on donating $10 to support Reason magazine. A lot of good work can be done with $5. My hope is that my $1 donation can be used to support the dissemination of a truly libertarian philosophy to the people of the world.

  3. please support your favorite libertarian magazine
    As soon as I find one. (former print subscriber)

      1. Also same.

        1. same.

  4. If I saw Soave on the street I’d buy him lunch. During which I’d try to figure out what happened to his brain during the Kavanaugh hearing.

    The rest of the “journalism” at Reason this year must not have made it into the “Latest” tab on the page.

    1. If I saw ENB on the street, I’d ask if she was interested in performing some real work. And by real work, I mean sex work.

      1. Damn, must be a pretty bad drought you’re having.

      2. She’s not interested in any sex acts with a man. Have you seen what her “husband” looks like?

  5. Sorry Katherine….You and your ilk picked your side. No money from my DAF will go to Unreason.

  6. Sorry but I won’t be supporting marxist apologists. You tell me violence is peaceful and corruption and fraud are conspiracy theories then you want money from me to lie to me more. Fuck off and die you useless shitstains. You chose to sacrifice liberty for congenial corruption and a belligerent foreign policy that started how many wars under Obama. But at least Biden will be nice to the press and only insult the voters when he’s awake past 10am that is.

    1. “marxist apologists”


      Practically every Reason article these days has the underlying message “Drumpf is pursuing policies that are not in the financial interests of billionaires, and that’s a bad thing.” Which is literally the opposite of a Marxist critique.


  7. Lol there’s 6 names of who donated and half are Reason staff.

    1. Giving money to the enterprise/state to fund your own salary is totally not socialism.

    2. haha I noticed that.

    3. Early on it was Katherine, Matt, Nick and Richard with a combined donation of $214. It is like the change a street performer seeds so the pot isn’t empty.

  8. What, is reason having a hard time keeping up with the New Koch pivot?

  9. Please give generously so that Reason can continue being the leading journal of billionaire-funded open borders advocacy.

    Now, some of you might be wondering “Ummm, why would an operation funded by a billionaire even need my 3- or 4-digit contribution? Doesn’t Charles Koch earn more than $200,000 in the time it takes me to enter my credit card info?” Well, keep this in mind. Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies have been absolutely disastrous for Mr. Koch’s net worth, causing it to tumble to an abysmal $55,500,000,000.

    It’s up to you to help keep the lights on at Reason HQ until Mr. Koch gets back on his feet during the Biden Administration.


  10. It’s would almost worth donating to see “Reason is supported by: Adolph Hitler” up on the marquee.

    Opportunities for fun!

    1. Whatis Aleppo just donated $0.01

  11. This website is the best!! Thanks Reason for everything you’ve done for me. I can’t wait to donate. How about you?

  12. Here’s a question for all the journalism students in the class:

    What is better evidence, anonymous sources in the NYT, or hundreds of signed affidavits?

    1. Is the answer Twitter?

        1. Is it Vox Twitter?

    2. It depends. If it’s helping the Dems, anonymous sources can be very authoritative. If it’s helping the Reps, hundreds of signed affidavits are very suspect.

  13. I’m not donating until Reason Roundup returns to its regularly scheduled 9:30AM Eastern Time postings. SHARP.

    Slackers don’t deserve my $5.

    1. I want the return of a morning and afternoon round up. Once a day doesn’t cut it.

  14. I assumed you were well funded by private contributors already. I don’t know what else would explain your complete and utter lack of investigative journalism as of late.

  15. I think we should all be grateful that Reason maintains a comment section that we can use.

    I hope they appreciate my contribution in the form of the free content I provide for their website in comments.

    I certainly enjoy reading the comments of other people here at Reason. I might not come here anymore otherwise.

    I sure hope the staff here somehow finds their way back to credibility again. It’s gonna take a lot of work, but I’m rooting for ya.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Getting attention from lolbertarians is very important to me after being locked down for months due to COVID-19.

    2. I used to enjoy the articles in Reason, but I too now come here primarily to read the comments, as many commenters are solution oriented libertarians who support free markets and free minds.

    3. Ken,

      I’ve always wanted to say this.

      Look! It’s K-K-K-Ken! He’s come to K-K-K-Kill me!

      1. Revenge!

    4. I enjoy your posts. Reason should be taking notes…

    5. In fairness, the brickbats column is always fun to read.

  16. The article immediately preceding this one
    is yet another reason (in addition to the hundreds of anti Trump diatribes the past four years) why real libertarians should not fund left wing propaganda at Reason that is deceitfully called libertarian.

  17. Might as well leave this here. Unlikely the editors will read it, but sigh:

    Reason was awesome. The Hampersand used to be awesome. A great crowd of folks and discussion and some level of support and engagement with the staff. And this wasn’t even in the “back when Postrel was running the place…” days (DRINK). I gave you guys decent money to help drown the “r” every year and felt really proud of that.

    That changed. Badly.

    The approach of the staff to the commentariat moved to more straightforward contempt (deservedly so in some cases, but still). The writing became less libertarian and more, well, TEAM BLUE oriented except for drug policy. The Trump election was a disaster for your writing, though it hasn’t destroyed the organization to CNN-levels. God, we’re at the point where Soave is one of your most libertarian writers and it’s not like he changed. (2Chilly: much love, much love). Taibbi and Greenwald are _both_ way ahead of you on the rage-against-the-machine meter at this point and they’re nowhere near libertarian.

    Love and hate from the consumers can both be generators of tremendous energy for a product or company. But you guys were doing way better when you were harvesting the former. C’mon Matt, Nick. Pull this shit back in.

    I look forward with hope – probably more aspirational than anything else, at this point – to the time I’ll give you money again. Not this year, again, to my deep regret.

    1. I’ve been around since 2002 (?). Didn’t start commenting until later. But it was quite the fun and eclectic crowd as you say. I personally learned a lot. Heck, Reason taught me a lot.

      Oh well.

    2. Yeah, what he said.

    3. Reason led the charge in the media to defeat Harris’ primary campaign (Kamala is a Cop!). They regularly published content criticizing the proposals of Sanders, Warren, and Biden. And that is only talking about presidential politics. Reason, again leading the charge in many ways, regularly publishes the impact of interventionist policies at state and local level, policies of both parties.

      It takes some very deliberate tunnel vision to call Reason “team blue.”

  18. Nope you all ended up promoting Biden by trying to sink Trump. Koch and the Lincoln project faggot RINOs can fuck off.

  19. I was disappointed with the coverage of Trump’s interesting Presidency. There was a lot of room to explore it and offer nuance. Instead, it was tiresome TDS shtick readers can go literally elsewhere to get.

    Trump was punk. He was beating on the brat with a baseball bat. It was libertarian in its somewhat fuck off approach. He was the asshole that was needed.

    /raises lighter in an empty arena.

    1. >> It was libertarian in its somewhat fuck off approach. He was the asshole that was needed.

      I loved this. It was fun.

    2. The arena isn’t empty.

  20. Hell, one of the last unmoderated forums on the interwebs (that a respectable gent like myself would visit anyway). They let people abuse the shit out of ’em on here… that’s worth a few bucks from me.

  21. Nope. You wanted Biden, and you’ll get a Socialist (Harris) running twice as an incumbent (the Constitution lets you serve 10 years if you take over the last part of someone else’s term).

    You watched “The Science” being used for freedom and economy killing lockdowns without questioning the 40 cycle PCR or our less restrictive definition of a C19 death, both of which will be changed now that there is a Dem in the White House. This will be used to say “submission to a Government that followed The Science saved us all and we must continue to submit or be Science Deniers” once case and death counts drop due to the new definitions.

    Free minds and free markets? Nope, submission to The State that saved us all. You could have put yourselves on the record before that happened, but you lacked the balls to do so. Orange Man Bad.

    Enjoy our new Wall Street Wars and sellout to human rights abusing China – what’s a few dead non-Anglo foreigners when there is an Orange Man to remove.

    Seriously, fuck all of you with Postrel’s dick. She has more of one than anyone else left on your staff. Eat cat food. Blow random organs coming thru holes in mens’ room doors. Sell your organs on the Chinese black market. Do anything but ask me for a dime.

  22. Find a way to keep the spambots out of the comments. Then maybe I’ll donate.

    1. I made $7.90 an hour at shoprite and donated it all to Reason.

      1. If I’ve been reading the spambots correctly, the trick is to quit your job at shoprite.

        1. Quit your job at shoprite
        2. ????
        3. Profit
        4. Donate to Reason

    2. I made $3.43 in one day teaching Canadian to Americans! See how I did it!

      1. Eh?

  23. I appreciate the forum this is literally the only place in the universe I post … mostly for the commentary … mostly

  24. Glen Greenwald got your money this year. Best $50 I spent.

  25. I started reading Reason during Orange’s peach mint because I thought they were doing a good job explaining what was going on.

    Then I realized I was actually reading the comments.

  26. Sorry, Reason, but you’ve failed to earn my donation dollars this year. I haven’t seen nearly enough skepticism from you about the dangerously panicky prevailing narrative on COVID-19. My money will go instead to the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER). Under Jeffrey Tucker’s leadership, they have been doing it right.

  27. I gotta say, reason doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from the rest of the Democrat media sites. This place hasn’t seemed very libertarian in a long time. The comment section is even in decline ever since the split to glibertarians.

    If this magazine had more interesting perspectives with a libertarian slant, I’d be interested in donating.

    1. Shikha’s gone. That’s a start.

  28. How much do we need to donate to get BOTS hired to algorithmically keep comments within 3 zip codes of the subject ???? Asking for 540,000 friends

  29. I’m inclined to donate a bit so I don’t have to suffer as many of the abominable auto-play anyclip ads while I read the comments.
    Being libertarians, surely you can find a way to accommodate my request to earmark all of my donation to fund more Remy.

    1. Oh, I suppose it’s also worth patting you guys on the back for the Roundtable and the Soho Forum.

  30. To Support Reason’s “Journalism”

    Had to put journalism in quotes there…

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