Brickbat: The Walls Have Ears


Norway has banned hate speech against "gender, gender identity or expression" and "sexual orientation," including remarks said in private. The law, approved by the legislature without a vote, calls for up to one year in prison for private remarks and up to three years in prison for public remarks that incite hatred, persecution, or contempt against protected groups or remarks that dehumanize them.

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  1. Instead of Nancy’s Norway has Quislings.

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    2. Joe Biden appeared to clinch a victory on Saturday morning to become 46th president of the United States, closing out an election cycle that was dominated in the final months by debates around COVID-19, the economy, and police reform………MORE INFORMATION.

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  2. Is Norway the one that has prisons that look like Ikea?

    1. Sweden, you have to put your cell together by yourself.

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      2. Man, they clearly need the 8th Amended, because that is a cruel and unusual punishment.

        1. Yeah, what you said.

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      3. It’s a good thing they don’t have the Eighth Amendment over there.

      4. The Swedes believe in rehabilitation – only after you have properly assembled your cell, without losing or breaking anything, are you eligible for parole. No, it isn’t allowed to wobble a little either.

      5. by yourself…out of particle board with plastic veneer?

    2. Choose Halden for your incarceration vacation.

      1. Oops, flagged your comment — hey Reason moderators, it was a mistake.

        So I’ll quote it for you while still visible:

        Choose Halden for your incarceration vacation.

        By Rat on a train
        November.17.2020 at 7:20 am

      2. That’s where a dude was in for 6 years for trafficking weed and another dude was in for 17 years for murdering a guy and hiding his body. Seems fair enough.

        1. Norway has a maximum sentence of 21 years (with an extension loophole for those deemed to still be a danger).

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  3. What a bunch of dicks! I mean, how can you know what might offend somebody and what they might consider an insult to their sexual identity? If you call somebody a pussy or a dick does tha……hold on, there’s somebody at the door.

    1. Would Nor-weenies be allowed to watch potty-mouthed “Team America, World Police”? Or are the movie-makers for this movie on the “wanted list” over there?

      Also, are Nor-weenies ready for an onslaught of people making false accusations… He said, she said… For petty revenge? Your dog pooped in my grass, so I will turn you IN, dammit! And YOU prove that you did NOT call me a fag!!!

      1. Don’t worry. There are protections.

        The law’s opponents argued that it could criminalise free speech criticising LGBT+ rights, said Anine Kierulf, an assistant professor of law at the University of Oslo.

        The bar for prosecution is high, requiring direct incitement against people or language that dehumanises them, she said.

        “There are a lot of very hateful things you can say about the protected groups,” she said.

        1. There are a lot of very hateful things you can say about the protected groups,” she said.
          But I can’t tell you what they are.

          1. They’re gonna say things like “blackie” or “hey look at blackie over there” or “get rid of the blackie” or “I’m in a bad mood because of that blackie”…

        2. or language that dehumanises them

          So pointing out Tony and Kirkland’s lack of human traits is now illegal in Norway just because they’re both LGBTQWTFBBQ?

          To compound the problem, those two proudly dehumanize themselves.

          1. The author of the new dictionary if genders is guilty then. “Xenogendered – identifying as a nonhuman gender”. That is dehumanizing, therefore hate speech.

      2. It’s like Title IX, only applied to an entire country.

        Which, do not underestimate, is a template for what many want to see happen here.


  4. WTF happened to people descended from Vikings? If their ancestors could see how things turn out, would they have bothered to keep procreating (and pillaging)?

    1. Vikings are the new pussies.

    2. It seems to me the Danish Vikings were more fearsome than the Norwegians.

    3. Social Justice Vikings.

    4. You could say the same things about American indians.

      1. At least some of our indians are getting revenge with casinos.

        “Why scalp ’em when you can fleece ’em?”

        1. The one drop rule doesn’t apply with casinos.

  5. Silly faggots. Dicks are for chicks!

  6. I guess Norway is gonna be sending some East Germany style athletes to the next olympics

  7. calling them chicks. forever.

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  9. Norway’s new hate speech law is so bad, I wouldn’t even rape proponents with Milo Yiannopolis’ dick.

    Your move Norway.

    1. That’ll get you 10 for sure mad.

    2. I’d respect Milo more if he’d stick to white men.

      Your move.

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