Science Fiction

Raised by Wolves


From Alien to Blade Runner to The Martian, director Ridley Scott has often presented bleak tales of human survival, frequently occurring in desolate science fiction environments where artificial intelligence (A.I.) is on the rise.

That makes his latest, the HBO Max series Raised by Wolves, a kind of ur-text for the director: Set on a harsh far-flung planet, it follows a half-dozen children as they're raised by a pair of humanoid A.I.s, one with unusual abilities, after escaping a religious war on earth. The A.I.s and their children were sent by atheists, but soon a massive colony ship of sun-worshippers arrives. Conflict ensues.

It's a portrait of a divided society, one torn between the soft comforts of faith and the ugly rigors of science, and a story about how easily one can become the other.

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  1. But what about Science as faith?

    1. It’s easy to spot, as it will be expressed as “The Science”.

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    2. You don’t understand the scientific method apparently.

      1. No, as a published research scientist I probably do.

        Anyone who says they “believe in science” or “a majority of scientists say” probably does not.

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        2. This. Anyone who claims science is settled and done, or that consensus equals reality or that one theory that explains all the facts is superior to another theory that also explains all the facts because more people believe in the first theory than the second?

          They’re more priest than scientist.

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    3. I Fucking Love Science! All those pictures of animals and distant galaxies! I have no idea what science is, but gosh it’s so pretty! Excuse me, I’m late to the protest against Golden Rice.

      1. Everything I need to know, I learned from Bill Nye.

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  3. I’ve been pirating it. The story and premise is kind of interesting and the visual effects are quite good for a TV show, but the main android character is just too magical. She’s like a god or something. It’s over the top ridiculous. Kind of ruins the whole show.

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  4. Raised by Wolves is a sci-fi season in which two human children are raised in mysterious ways. You can watch the movie on HBO, which is present in Spectrum TV services.

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