Scalia and Ginsburg, Best Friends Forever

The two Supreme Court justices were civil colleagues on the bench and good friends away from it.


Despite often butting heads over their distinct interpretations of constitutional law, Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia were civil colleagues on the bench and good friends away from it. The two shared a love of opera and donned powdered wigs for a performance of Richard Strauss' Ariadne auf Naxos in 1994. Ginsburg, who spoke at Scalia's funeral in 2016, passed away in September from complications due to pancreatic cancer.

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  1. Scalia acted consistently with his conservative beliefs by upholding civilized standards and not cutting off friendship over politics.

    Ginsburg had to ignore her own feminist movement’s chant that “The Personal is Political.”

    Neither of them softened their views to make the other like them better.

    1. Scalia was an exception. Most Republicans are backwards, gun toting, Bible thumping, evolution denying clingers that love their pickup trucks and NFL more than a Black intellectual like Obama!

      1. Most Republicans are backwards, gun toting, Bible thumping, evolution denying clingers that love their pickup trucks and NFL more than a Black intellectual like Obama!

        Really, a black intellectual like Obama? A Guest Speaker, not a Professor at Harvard. There is so much crap attached to this person. Oh, thank you for all the Generalizations concerning Conservatives. Our Nation was founded and kept alive by these very same people. Historically, all those who opposed Conservative values have been actively involved in the destruction of the Nation, this especially goes for Democrats.

        1. Not, you should probably know that RHW is a parody account. Some days, a good one. (Today, however, is not one of those days.)

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          2. And we’re all disappointed that today isn’t one of those days.

    2. RBG refused to retire so she could further sock it to Conservatives as long as she could. She was as political as any SCOTUS justice in 30 years.

      RBG fucked over Democrats and fucked over the US Constitution.

      Yeah real gem.

      1. “ She was as political as any SCOTUS justice in 30 years.”

        I disagree. If she were “political” she would have retired in 2013.

        I think the word you are looking for is “egotistical”. She knew better than everyone else.

        1. She could have been bot political AND egotistical, which she was.

          Anyone in government who thinks America cannot function without them is delusion AND egotistical.

        2. She gambled on Hillary winning.

          1. That’s because she bought into the gaslighting put forth by the media at the time.

            1. I think you’re confusing the difference between allowing one’s hopes and wishes to cloud one’s judgment and ‘gaslighting’. I’m pretty sure that they simply allowed their love for Clinton to overcome the skepticism they should have had for polls that seemed too good to be true.

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    1. The free market has provided a solution to onerous accreditation standards!

      1. If only they could do the same for gender.

      2. I wonder if they outsourced their advertising spam, or if that comment was typical of their PhD dissertation product.

  3. If only more Republicans were civil, our country could be unified. Where are the Jeff Flakes, Mitt Romneys, and John McCains in the GOP? I hope this election thoroughly repudiates Trumpism and pits the GOP back on the path toward Reagan style neo-conservatism. Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol, and Evan McMullen can’t do it by themselves!

    1. I doubt John McCain voted R for any office this year.

      1. I heard they moved his body to Chicago

    2. Where are they? Well, as districts, states turn from Red to Purple to Blue, these are the first Republicans voted out of office. I’ve seen it twice now in Philly suburbs – the moderate, bi-partisan RINO is the first the Dem voters throw under the bus because they are the easier target, having been abandoned by the more conservative GOP voters. Same thing happened to Blue Dog Democrats along the way.

      1. Yep, the nearly extinct “moderate” republicans get voted out by the suburbanites who forget that they helped get them the lower taxes that they used to benefit from. though not all of these moderates supported lower taxes.

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  5. Reason is fetishizing relationships between deceased justices.

    1. Scalia-Ginsburg romantic fanfic literature when?

      1. Rule 34

      2. Scalia-Ginsburg romantic fanfic


        And where’s Sugarfree when we really need him?

        1. DO NOT WANT!!!

    2. unreason is trying to make peace after years of war that THEIR SIDE started. Coup attempt of duly elected president Trump, impeachment of Trump involving things Biden was actually doing…

      Lefty Propagandists do this all the time.

    3. So, simply mentioning something is “fetishizing”? Nonsense. It’s nice. I like that they were friends. Politics isn’t everything.

  6. Unpossible! Classic conservatives have told us for years that those who do not comply with partisan doctrine are immoral heretics, and deserve to be exiled or burned at the stake. Now, progressives pretty much tell us the same thing, just with different options in their liturgy. In no case can they condone civil discourse with those outside the tribe. And even some tribal members are suspect–impurity must be punished!

    1. Lefties want non-Lefties to bow down.

      They started this war against civility and we will finish it.

    2. Actually, classic conservatives don’t give a shit about party affiliation (which is what “partisan” means). Neither are they about rigid ideological conformity (with a few sour exceptions). They are about the ideas not the labels.

      You’re thinking of the new breed of “conservatives” who can’t tell the difference between party and ideology, and who’s ideas shift and wander depending on who is in the White House.

      The new breed started around the time Nixon started courting the premillennialist evangelicals, to the great frustration of the fundamentalists who had always stayed clear of soul destroying politics. It accelerated a bit under Reagan, had a bit of a lull for twenty years, then for some reason GWB exploded the newbie anti-thought right into a major force, the neocons took over with the guiding principle that the rank and file should not think but let their masters rule. That of course gave way to the now anti-intellectual rank and file blowback that put Trump in office. All intellectual conservatives have been effectively banished from the party.

      The Democrats are of course no better, and in some ways worse because they still put on airs as being the Party of Truthyness, while at the same time rigidly enforcing adherence to a groupthink of a sort that would give Robespiere pause. They are no longer liberal, and the remaining intellectual liberals are being weeded out. Progressives are replaced liberals, and now the wokes (need a better name for them) are cancelling progressives.

      We won’t recognize the parties in ten years, but their members will still shout refrain that “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia”.

  7. This is the second gayest thing I’ve ever seen.

    1. You’ve met Tony in person?

      1. In my defense, LAPT has a REALLY nice ass, and he was working that pole majestically. How was I supposed to know he wasn’t DTF?

        1. Tony if Stephen or one of my boys see this I am SO dead. Delete NOW.

  8. If Scalia really liked Ginsberg, wouldn’t he have tried to convert her to Catholicism, so that, you know, her soul wouldn’t burn in Hell forever, like Ann Frank’s? Just curious.

    1. You’re thinking of protestant evangelicals, not modern Catholics. The Spanish Inquisition has been over for quite a few centuries now.

      1. Modern Catholics don’t believe in Hell? I did not know that.

        1. Modern American Catholics don’t go for the evangelism thing much, except insofar as they send money to support Catholic organizations that are doing so in places other than the US.

    2. Don’t worry about Ginsberg. Mitt Romney had her posthumously converted to LDS.

    3. How do you know he didn’t?

      1. Because if he had she never would have spoken to him again. If you don’t believe me, try “introducing” a Jew to Christianity. I’m betting you’ll get a chilly reaction.

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  11. I am so glad I clicked on this one paragraph story. Did the whole Reason staff contribute to it or just a handful? Here are some other leads the staff might follow up on:
    —West, Swift exchanged words at Grammys
    —Kennedy, Dodd drank together
    —Nixon, Rebozo spent time on yacht
    —Jordan, James both considered GOAT

  12. everybody already knew this.

    an election is being stolen under our noses. write about the fraud.

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  14. I for one admire RBG very recent contribution to individual liberty

  15. Scalia to Ginsburg: “Hey, let’s have some fun and f*ck over these dirty peasants real good. How do you want to spin this one?”

    1. I have it on good authority that it was usually Ginsburg suggesting that to Scalia. And Nino would ask, “Can we come up with a way for Clarence to play too? I have to keep up appearances for the conservatives, and they’ll get suspicious if Mr. Silent starts disagreeing with me to often.”

      1. “too” darn it. Can we get an edit button around here?

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