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With Biden Up in Pennsylvania, Are We Headed Toward Gridlock?

Plus: Republicans denounce Trump fraud allegations, Trump campaign mounts multiple legal challenges, and more...


Biden wins? Maybe? Decision Desk, an independent vote counting operation, is calling Pennsylvania for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, which would give Biden enough electoral votes to win. But the call is tentative in the face of anticipated recounts and legal challenges, and no major news network has called the race for Biden at this time.

Meanwhile, it looks like Republicans are likely (but not certain) to win control of the U.S. Senate, setting the country up for gridlock. While partisans are grumbling, folks who favor limited government may find some appeal in a federal government at odds with itself.

Biden is now narrowly leading in Georgia, as well as in the battleground states of Nevada (with 49.4 percent to Trump's 48.5 percent) and Arizona (50.1 percent to 48.5 percent).

Trump was leading narrowly in North Carolina (50 percent to 48.6 percent) and by quite a bit in Alaska (62.9 percent to 33 percent), though only 46 percent of Alaska ballots have been counted so far.

In North Carolina and Georgia, 99 percent of ballots had been tallied as of Friday morning, according to The Washington Post. Ninety percent had been counted in Arizona, and 89 percent in Nevada.

As Trump's path to victory vanishes, his campaign and closest allies have been desperately casting about to challenge the legitimacy of the results in federal courts and American minds. And way too many Republican politicians and pundits have been playing along, spreading grave but hysterical warnings about voter fraud for which none of them can muster any evidence. Nonetheless, some of the president's usual partners in disinformation have suddenly been willing to publicly question Trumpworld's spin.

Trump himself gave a speech last night that included allegations of wild—and utterly unsubstantiated—fraud. "This is a case where they're trying to steal an election. They're trying to rig an election, and we can't let that happen," said the president.

"It was an imagined version of reality," The New York Times writes, "one in which he was not losing but the victim of a wide-ranging conspiracy stretching across the country in multiple cities, counties and states, involving untold numbers of people all somehow collaborating to steal the election in ways he could not actually explain."

It was also a bridge too far for at least some Republicans.

Former New Jersey governor and general Trump booster Chris Christie slammed Trump's speech, saying on ABC News: "I talk tonight…as a former U.S. Attorney. There's just no basis to make that argument tonight. There just isn't."

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey said Trump's speech "was very hard to watch" because "the president's allegations of large-scale fraud and theft of the election are just not substantiated. I'm not aware of any significant wrongdoing here."

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, also a Republican who represented Pennsylvania, called the president's comments "very disappointing and shocking."

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan tweeted "there is no defense for the President's comments tonight undermining our Democratic process. America is counting the votes, and we must respect the results as we always have before. No election or person is more important than our Democracy."

Earlier in the day, Trump was demanding that ballots stop being counted—apparently necessitating someone explaining to him that if they stopped now, Biden would definitely win. While Trump tweets, his campaign has been pursuing a strategy of selectively alleging in court that some ballots be disqualified.

It's a reminder that regardless of what gets called today, we've still got a long slog ahead.

Yesterday, "the Trump campaign intensified its legal efforts across battleground states … winning a ruling related to election observers in Pennsylvania, suffering losses in Michigan and Georgia and backing a lawsuit over alleged irregularities in Nevada," notes The Wall Street Journal:

The flurry of challenges ranged across states where Democrat Joe Biden either held a lead over President Trump or was improving his position with late-counted absentee ballots. National Republicans and Democrats have deployed attorneys to push or deflect legal challenges in one of the most litigated elections in modern history.

Mr. Trump suffered a setback Thursday in Michigan, when a judge denied his campaign's effort to halt the counting of absentee ballots there, in part because the lawsuit was brought against the wrong government officials and was filed too late: All the state's votes have been counted. Mr. Biden holds a 160,000 vote lead in Michigan, where the Associated Press called the race for him.

The Trump campaign won a suit in Pennsylvania to institute more poll watchers as ballots are still being counted there, as well as a lawsuit challenging some ballots there:

a Pennsylvania judge ordered local election officials to set aside certain mail-in ballots of first-time voters who were permitted to provide proof of identification if they had previously neglected to do so. That ruling is a temporary win for the Trump campaign, which had alleged in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that election officials were wrongly allowing some first-time voters to provide their missing proof of identification after Nov. 9.

Trump 2020 lost a suit in Georgia, where it sought to exclude some late-arriving ballots from being counted in Chatham County.

Still, appeals and future challenges are possible. And with counts as close as they are in many states, this week's results should still be taken with at least a few grains of salt.


• New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state may finally legalize marijuana this year because "the state is going to be desperate for funding."

• Philadelphia police are investigating an alleged plan to attack the convention center where ballots are being counted.

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      2. Bolstering her arguments with New York Times and Chris Christie quotes. She’s got a late case of TDS from Matt.

    2. All right, guys. This is your chance to take the loss gracefully and we can all move on and talk about a post-Trump America. Or, you can act like it’s 2016 and you are Hillary supporters and cry, and we get to make fun of you.

      1. Like Lefties in 2016? HAHA. You clowns lost to Trump in 2016.

        You can’t beat Trump, so Kungflu hysteria to nuke the economy and get unconstitutional mail-in ballots to stuff those voting boxes.

        I saved this so I can throw this back in your face after the SCOTUS tosses out millions of mail-in ballots and Trump wins.

        This is your chance for a graceful concession in 2020.

      2. “It was an imagined version of reality,” The New York Times writes, “one in which she was not losing but the victim of a wide-ranging conspiracy stretching across the country in multiple cities, counties and states, involving untold numbers of people all somehow collaborating to steal the election in ways she could not actually explain.”

        This should have been in the NYT in 2016.

      3. Gracefully, like the democrats? Shut the fuck up you idiot.

      4. Yeah, can we all just agree to get back to impeachment hysteria? Please?

        For the children.

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    4. Looks like ENB is campaigning for a better paying job in a Biden/Harris administration, which could quickly become a Harris administration.

    5. On display to the entire world;
      6 Democrat run states require adult supervision in order to complete a legal and certifiable election result. The knowing incompetence on display is a national disgrace. If Florida can count and certify on the same day these states have displayed the inability of the Democrat party to be able to run an election without the result being in question.

      Elections were designated critical infrastructure by Obama in Jan 2017. Trump’s CISA agency has been across securing this election and it will know the weak spots each state refused to secure. This is now a national security matter. Rest assured these 6 states will get all the adult supervision needed to return a legal and certifiable result.

      When all the ballots without; clear chain of custody, actual living voter origins and witnessing their duplication are removed Trump will take a clear win in each. The Democrat run states here have all seen themselves compromised by the Harry Reid ballot harvesting machine. This will not be allowed, will not escape prosecution and will not ever happen again.

      In fact after this, rest assured there will be Fed supervision of all national elections. The Democrat party are incapable of being honest and fair and as a result will drive big changes to the way elections are mangaed from this point forward. Thanks Democrats, your serial incompetence and corruption will be used to improve the nation. Trump for a third term!

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    Just a reminder: just last year, Democrats demanded, and received, a new election for federal office when just a small amount of fraud was found.

    1. Interesting. Guess which party perpetrated the fraud? Hint: It wasn’t the Democrats.

      1. Guess what fraud is legal in California and commonly practiced by the Democrat party.

        1. Well, the biggest scam in California was convincing voters to approve the “open primary” system. It eclipses any possible fraud, and locked in eternal one-party Democratic rule in California.

          But then again California is not even close to being a “swing state” in this election, so any fraud isn’t going to affect the results.

    2. Right and all Trump has to do is find a little fraud. So far he is batting zero on that front.

      1. There was a video on TV last night showing a Republican poll watcher being refused entry to the polls in Philly. I’m not sure if the guy belonged, but it should be investigated.

        1. Absolutely. It should be investigated.

    3. Since PA law requires partisan observers to be within 6 feet of those who are inspecting/counting ballots, and since Democrat officials repeatedly refused to allow Republicans to witness vote counting in Philly, the court should disqualify ALL of those unwitnessed votes in Philly (or perhaps mandate another election in Philly).

      Also, Republicans who control the PA House and Senate could declare themselves as electors (per the Constitution) if the courts don’t fix this scandal in Philly.

      1. How pathetic that 6 Democrat run states require adult supervision to complete a legal and certifiable election result. Trump’s CISA agency has been across securing this election and will know the weak spots each state refused to secure. This is now a national security matter. These 6 states will get all the adult supervision needed to return a legal and certifiable result. Plus keep an eye on the DOJ website, they started arresting and indicting people for ballot dumping, voter fraud and bribery last month, expect many more.

        When all the ballots without clear chain of custody, without actual living voter origins and without witnessing their duplication are removed Trump will take a clear win in each. The Harry Reid ballot harvesting machine will not be allowed, will not escape prosecution and will not ever happen again.

        There will be Fed supervision of all national elections moving forward thanks to the Democrats serial incompetence and corruption. Trump for a third term!

  4. There wont be gridlock. Three Senate races have to be concluded, and I’m baffled by people who think the GOP wins them all.

    1. Two of them would be runoff in Georgia that might be a referendum on giving the Democrats total control of the government. If that happens, it would be the most watched election in history. I doubt even the Democrats could pull of this level of fraud twice. And Democrats just don’t’ vote in runoffs in January and Republicans would turn out more than they did in November along with independents who wanted to see a divided government. I doubt even the Democrats could steal those elections.

      1. Why wouldn’t they pull it off twice? The current media narrative isn’t about current perception of fraud, but of how half the country is racist. Any latino who voted for Trump is now a white supremacist. Why would they not again do fraud?

        1. The inability to print mail in ballots again with DOJ monitoring it from the start which they would be. They didn’t before.

          1. Who runs DoJ? Really runs DoJ? The same entities that sat for a year on proof the former Vice President was taking bribes from several countries?

            I don’t trust them to keep it clean. And that ultimately is the problem we have now in this country.

      2. “I doubt even the Democrats could pull of this level of fraud twice.”

        I don’t. As you say, it’s for all the marbles. If this obvious fraud isn’t punished, why wouldn’t it happen again? (Only this time, with a statistician helping so they don’t get tripped up by Benford’s Law.)

        Perhaps you’re right though. The GOP needs to win all three seats if Biden wins. I would not be surprised at all if Collins changed her party affiliation after this election. In any event, while a majority is vital in determining committee chair seats, and Collins remaining an R helps that tremendously, I do not trust her to hold fast on the revolutionary changes I expect a Biden victory to bring to the Senate.

      3. Democrats have to win everything or they lose everything.

        Democrats are actively committing election fraud and the propagandists have already made any challenge seem ridiculous.

        Just like Bush vs Gore set Lefties back 20 years. Trump vs Biden victory for trump will set treasonous Lefties back decades.

        1. Yep. If Trump gets another four years, the jails start filling up. He’s had time to get the evidence together but still needs to act.

        2. Elections were designated critical infrastructure by Obama in Jan 2017. Trump’s CISA agency has been securing this election and it will know the weak spots each state refused to secure. This is now a national security matter. Rest assured these 6 Democrat states will get all the adult supervision needed to return a legal and certifiable result.

          All the ballots without clear chain of custody or actual living voter origins or their duplication wasn’t witnessed will be removed. Trump will then take a clear win in each. Any reasonable person having compared the turnout of Trump’s rallies to Biden’s will know this to be a true representation of the facts.

          The current Biden/media influence operation is best ignored. It will be the final nail in their fake news coffins.

      4. Like, Trump University levels of fraud? Or more?

        Where is the e v i d e n c e ?

        1. I thought you only stopped by twice a month ? Not saying you’ve overstayed your welcome but twice a month seems like the sweet spot.

        2. 80% of mail-in ballets going to Biden in a 50% split state. History with mail-in ballets shows consistently that Democrats don’t get this kind of advantage with mail-in voting.

          Inconsistent voting patterns between Biden and House/Senate party members in re-election ( VERY UNUSUAL). As-if voters overwhelmingly voted Biden and then Republican House/Senate.

          Oh; and witnesses of USPS re-stamping postal dates, The supposed “typo” that gave Biden 100,000 extra votes (caught, so obviously corrected – who knows if it wasn’t caught)

          Oh; and there’s this too


          In Michigan, for example, there was a difference of just 7,131 votes between Trump and GOP candidate John James, yet the difference between Joe Biden and Democratic candidate Gary Peters was a staggering 69,093.

          In Georgia, there was an 818 vote difference between Trump and the GOP Senator, vs. a 95,000 difference between Biden and the Democratic candidate for Senator.

          1. I found another one of these discrepancies with the House race in Virginia CD-1:
            Biden got 277k votes
            Trump got 257K votes

            Dem House candidate got 181k votes
            Repub House candidate got 255k votes

          2. To answer Zero Hedge’s headline: because the fraud was planned about as well as most Democratic Party endeavors. Largely ad hoc, in a few areas, and run by not very bright people.

            It’s still likely going to work.

        4. cliche trope cliche, debunked fairy tale.
          You people need new material, it’s really embarrassing seeing this stuff dredged up from 2016, or is it just Russia Russia again?

      5. Wouldn’t you rather not have to believe that your opponents winning elections is automatically fraud? Don’t you believe in democracy? That sometimes you lose in democracy, especially when your guy is a monumentally insane stupid failure?

        1. Sort of like blaming your loss on the Russians, rather than the fact you ran an historically bad campaign (twice in 8 years) against an opponent that you thought would be beaten in a walk because it was Your Turn?

          1. She won 3 million more votes than he did. The Russian interference is documented fact. I don’t know what to tell you except that you’ll be a lot happier for the next four years if you start watching objective news instead of rightwing trash.

            1. The fraud is documented fact

              1. Then surely you’ll be able to show me the documentation.

            2. Objective news? The fact that you believe that exists explains everything about your comments.

              1. Some of us go to college where we learn how to verify facts with reliable sources. Some of us even figure it out in high school.

                1. Funny, in college I learned that facts are almost always subjective to the biases and preconceptions of the persons both telling and documenting the narrative, and that even “reliable” sources should be critically examined and cross-referenced rather than unquestioningly accepted as an appeal to authority.

                2. Of course, that was several decades ago before academia became a political hive-mind and haven for mentally ill neurotics, so I can see where your assertion might be skewed.

              2. Objective news does exist. You just have to go to a high school newspaper to get it.


            3. She won 3 million more votes than he did.

              Yeah, because of California. Without them, Trump led the popular vote.

              The Russian interference is documented fact.

              The Russian interference is a fantasy.

              I don’t know what to tell you except that you’ll be a lot happier for the next four years if you start watching objective news instead of rightwing trash.

              Why would I watch news orgs that openly collude with the Democratic party, as the DNC email dump four years ago proved? I can save time just reading the DNC press releases.

              1. If we just arbitrarily ignored the votes of all Californians, Trump woulda won!!

                In the running for stupidest talking point of all time.

                1. Good thing the talking point that Wyoming voters have more power than California voters already won that race.

            4. Clinton’s popular vote win, will be proven by the shameless fraud attempted here in the 6 Democrat run states, to be another lie. Just watch.

      6. The wife voted Ossoff. She said she will not vote for him in the runoff. I imagine there are plenty others around here that will do the same.

        At least Warnock seems genuine, Ossoff just comes across slimy for some reason.

  5. Biden wins? Maybe?

    Finally, once again presidential elections can’t be called into question.

    1. The MSM refused to turn GA, PA, NC, AK, AZ pink at any time to show leaning Trump.

      Once GA ballot counters announced Biden 1,000 votes ahead in GA, Georgia turned light Blue.

      1. Because that’s how counting works.

        1. Yeah. Except when Trump was thousands of votes ahead and the media had no idea which votes went to whom.

          It’s fine. Trump vs Biden will give the victory to Trump by throwing out millions of mail-in ballots.

          Courts wanted to wait until after the election to resolve election fraud, fine we are almost at the end for them to resolve election fraud.

          1. You really believe that “millions” of mail-in ballots will simply be tossed out?

      2. What in the world are you talking about? For the past several days, your home state of Georgia has appeared in the AP/Google vote summary as pink, leaning toward a Trump win.


    Interesting point

    These 4 cities are the election
    Quote Tweet

    · 16h
    Donald Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years.

    Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

    It ain’t because they had a GOTV.


      So far I’ve seen no proof of election fraud in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Atlanta

      But there sure is smoke

      And the update to this chart with new numbers will show an even greater spike

      ex: Fulton is now +92K Dem vs 2016 and +101K vs 2008 (Obama)

      1. Speaking as somebody who grew up near Detroit, and followed the news, you don’t need proof of election fraud in Detroit. You need proof of its absence, because the fraud itself can reasonably be assumed.

        But it doesn’t matter at this point, because it’s a done deal, and you can’t recount Detroit. They tried four years ago and it proved impossible.

        The institutional GOP see their chance to be rid of Trump, and they’re taking it, fools that they are. 4 years from now they’ll be wishing they’d backed him.

        1. “The institutional GOP see their chance to be rid of Trump, and they’re taking it, fools that they are. 4 years from now they’ll be wishing they’d backed him.”

          Yes. Agreed. Back to starting W’s Fifth Term. Imperial Washington should flourish.

          1. They’re idiots if they think Trump is going away. Even if he loses, he’ll still be around, and they would be smart to embrace him. People didn’t vote for the GOP, they voted for Trump, and any senator or rep who gained a seat or kept a seat, only did so because they were down ballot from Trump. If he loses all his challenges and is out come January, I guarantee he’ll be holding a rally on Inauguration Day, just to prove his point.

            1. Tell me if Trump loses this fight, that he’s not either in the ground or in prison in the next 12-18 months.

              You’re right. An alive and active Trump would be a rallying point for his base. A dead Trump might be a martyr, which would lead to unrest.

              But what if unrest is the point?

        2. Elections were designated critical infrastructure by Obama in Jan 2017. Trump’s CISA agency has been across securing this election and it will know the weak spots each state refused to secure. This is now a national security matter. Rest assured these Democrat infested election operations will get all the adult supervision needed to return a legal and certifiable result.

    1. If you simply stopped reading trash rightwing propaganda, these next few weeks will go better for you.

      1. Says someone who believes the U.S. Constitution is “right-wing propaganda” that needs to be fixed.

        1. I wouldn’t say the first part, but anyone who thinks the constitution is perfect is being silly.

  7. Trump was leading narrowly in North Carolina (50 percent to 48.6 percent) and by quite a bit in Alaska (62.9 percent to 33 percent), though only 46 percent of Alaska ballots have been counted so far.

    There’s still hope, keep the dream alive.

    1. As near as I can tell the results on the NC SoS website have not changed since early Wednesday morning when I first checked them (Trump +76700). No absentee ballots or mail in counted since then? And yet the results are still “too close to call”.

      1. It appears to me he is going to hold on in Georgia and NC. The Georgia votes that are left to be counted are military votes and votes from red areas. He likely wins all of those. And it looks like Arizona is going to flip for him as well.

        So it all comes down to PA I think. And that comes down to the Supreme Court’s decision to delay reviewing the state court’s overturning of the mail in ballot law. The state supreme court overturned the provision in the law that said all mail in ballots not received by 8 pm the day of the election don’t count.

        Now that law also said that if that provision was overturned in court, the entire law was canceled. The PA Supreme Court just ignored that and overturned that provision but not the law.

        Legally, the PA Supreme Court doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The problem is the Democrats know this. So, what they are doing is counting all of the ballots and making it impossible to tell which ones came in after 8 pm on election day. That makes creating a remedy nearly impossible.

        I am not sure what the Court will do. They could dream up a way to affirm the PA court, but that would be very difficult. The could overturn the PA court but then not give a remedy. Or they could nullify the election and just throw it back to the legislature to decide.

        My guess is they will do the second. They will overturn the PA court’s decision but then leave it to the state to figure out how to fix the election. And that will basically mean it will be up to the PA legislature what to do. They could certify the election and vote Biden or they could declare it void and appoint electors of their choice, or they could just do nothing and PA doesn’t get any electors.

        1. I hope you’re right John, but I suspect that the fix is in.

          1. As do I.
            There’s no way they were ever going to let him win. I had hoped by some miracle there would be such big numbers for Trump that it would be impossible to steal the election, but I didn’t realize the levels they’d go to to rig this thing.

            1. Agreed. They just flipped GA & PA and no way after all that work they will let it go back to red. This thing is over and with the Democratic machine, no way the court is going to stop them either. Unfortunately, it’s over.

              1. They = millions of voters?

                1. You know who shit heel and it wasn’t “millions of voters”. Now I see why people hate your guts around here.

                2. When legitimate officials can substantiate actual legal “voters” behind those ballets; then we’ll play that game.

              2. The SCOTUS called Democrats on their election fraud in 2000 and it will happen again.

                Throwing out millions of mail-in ballots should do it. Democrat AND Republican.

              3. Who’d a thunk that the QAnon crowd would fabricate conspiracy theories to explain a Trump loss? Shocking!

                1. I’m surprised the “National popular vote interstate compact” isn’t drawing more attention on the terms of an active ‘conspiracy’.

                  1. That’s going to bite the Democrats right in the ass someday.

                    1. $50 says as soon as a Republican gets the popular vote the ‘conspiracy’ falls apart.

        2. Honestly, given the time crunch, deciding this in the House of Representatives might be the way to go. Make 1876 great again.

          1. That was one of the most interesting Presidential elections of this country. That’s when Republicans first sold their soul.

          2. That is a way, assuming the Supreme Court gets as disgusted by the obvious fraud as the rest of us, for Constitutionally throwing out an election. Refuse to certify the State’s electors due to abject fraud, ensure no candidate can reach 270, and let the House decide, on the record, who wins.

            If we could re-vote for everyone, I’d rather see that. But there isn’t time, and giving a stamp of approval to a stolen election will lead to violence.

            1. Venezuela here we come

              1. Maybe. But we’ve decided fraudulent elections in the House before. There’s precedent. It’s transparent.

                Let this likely result stand, and yes, we’re off to Maduro-ville.

        3. John, I don’t see signs of a coordinated legal strategy with POTUS Trump’s legal team. That will be deadly to any chance of contesting state elections. That legal team needs to seriously up their game. Also, it is plainly stupid to tweet out ‘stop counting’ – POTUS Trump needs to stop doing stupid shit. Go out and hold some rallies, and demand a fully transparent and aboveboard electoral counting process, and determination of the correct number of legal votes cast.

          There are, and were, irregularities in WI, MI, PA, AZ, NV and GA. Every one of these needs to be litigated, and the evidence presented. And quickly.

          The MSM needs to be reminded that they made very bad calls and not name a ‘winner’ until the litigation is done. Whether they act responsibly or not is anyone’s guess. But they need to be called out on that.

          Last point: Holding the Senate is an absolute MUST HAVE.

          1. Trump sucks, and has sucked, at lawfare. From the beginning.

            Don’t expect the courts to stop this. Which is really bad, because with social media censorship, impending hate speech laws, and now wholesale election fraud, we’re just about out of boxes.

            1. I don’t expect (or want) the Courts to stop anything. What I want the Courts to do is slow things down, and make sure there is no fuckery with the votes. If we take a few weeks and find that there is very little voter fraud, not enough to change the electoral result, in a transparent and aboveboard process, then I am fine with that.

              But you just know the press wants to declare Biden the winner to shortcircuit that.

              1. “What I want the Courts to do is slow things down, and make sure there is no fuckery with the votes. If we take a few weeks and find that there is very little voter fraud, not enough to change the electoral result, in a transparent and aboveboard process, then I am fine with that.”

                They can’t. Though John’s disagreed, I don’t think they have the resources or time to audit an election like this. Nor frankly, the desire to rip the dressing off the wound and confront the stink and corruption.

              2. “make sure there is no fuckery with the votes” — Exactly… Perhaps it was historically a wildly unusual election with actual voters but; people need more substance than “just ignore those wild abnormalities”.

          2. Trump has Article I on his side to toss millions of mail-in ballots from states where Governors and not state Legislatures okayed mail-in ballots.

            Article I, Section 4.
            The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations, except as to the places of choosing Senators.[…]

        4. An interesting comment, but the court told PA to hold votes that came in the mail after Nov3 with out postmarks. So unless that is a hug number the election will not change. Also with Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona going for Biden. PA is just the cherry on top.
          This is not Florida in 2000, this is multiple states, thousand of ballots. and all within state laws. There is little to gasp here to change the outcome.

        5. Once again;
          Elections were designated critical infrastructure by Obama in Jan 2017. Trump’s CISA agency has been across securing this election and it will know the weak spots each state refused to secure. This is now a national security matter. Rest assured these 6 states will get all the adult supervision needed to return a legal and certifiable result.

          When all the ballots without; clear chain of custody, actual living voter origins and witnessing their duplication are removed Trump will take a clear win in each. The Democrat run states here have all seen themselves compromised by the Harry Reid ballot harvesting machine. This will not be allowed, will not escape prosecution and will not ever happen again.

          In fact after this, rest assured there will be Federal supervision of all national elections. The Democrat party are incapable of being honest and fair and as a result will drive big changes to the way elections are managed from this point forward. Thanks Democrats, your serial incompetence and corruption will be used to improve the nation. Trump for a third term!

    2. 5 states not yet called. 3 Biden is up it. Biden needs any 1, trump needs them all…… the fat lady is warming up.

      1. Hillary?

  8. Meanwhile, it looks like Republicans are likely (but not certain) to win control of the U.S. Senate…

    Chance of illegitimate elections? Maybe? Please. I’m already going through withdrawal.

    1. 48-48 right now in the Senate. Repubs are up in NC and AK to get to 50. With Harris the deciding vote, they would need one more.

      Georgia has two Senate races, but neither one has the leader above 50% so they would need to have two run-offs.

      1. They’re almost certainly going to get the AK seat. God only knows what’ll happen with NC. They’ve not updated results for two days now.

        1. Funny how all these states/counties were able to get their vote counts completed in a timely manner four years ago. Dozens of other states had mail-in ballots, but somehow only the battleground states needed to do stop/start counting and reporting actions well after the polls closed.

          Anyway, this media-manufactured horse race that’s been SOP since 2000 has gotten tiresome. Note that it took them forever to call Florida, Ohio, and Texas this year–states that Trump ended up winning handily, despite predictions that they were also battleground states (I suspect Cyto’s observation, that DeSantis terminating the Broward County election supervisor played a role in preventing a similar shitshow in Florida, is probably correct). Fox in particular clowned themselves by calling Virginia and Arizona instantaneously for Biden after reporting began.

          Like I said yesterday, the counts stopped mattering about 4 pm on Wednesday, so all you spergs need to stop fussing about who actually has more votes. It’s Bush vs. Gore again in that this will likely be settled by the Supreme Court, which I’m sure has Roberts sweating bullets because he knows half the country is going to consider the decision to be illegitimate no matter what direction it goes.

          What’s different this time is that the Left and its corporate backers weren’t conducting a Color Revolution in 2000-01 to get their opponent out of office, so expect a total mass media/social media blackout on anything coming from the Republican side, unless it’s Rep politicians calling for Trump to step down. If Trump stays in office, expect MASS protests/riots, and signal boosting for those actions.

          That’s exactly how the playbook has worked going back to the breakup of the Warsaw Pact, and you can look to the Arab Spring for a more recent example. The ultimate unknown here is whether it ends up like 1989, when the transition was relatively peaceful, or like 2011, when most of the uprisings resulted in either failed states, civil war, or a complete stamp-out by the existing regime. Even the one that led to a “democracy,” Tunisia, resulted in nearly 400 people being killed.

          1. “It’s Bush vs. Gore again in that this will likely be settled by the Supreme Court, which I’m sure has Roberts sweating bullets because he knows half the country is going to consider the decision to be illegitimate no matter what direction it goes.”

            True. How do you think they will rule? My guess has always been that they lack the sand to call fraud, fraud, and will therefore allow whatever each State comes up with as legitimate.

            As to the Color Revolution stuff, it has a lot of similarities. Who is backing this version? And what should happen? If a foreign power, this looks a hell of a lot like an act of war.

            1. The articles done by Revolver back in early September explain the usual players and the process in quite a bit of detail. I believe it’s a three-part series.

              They’re always backed by globalist interests; Soros is the most notable financier going back decades, but it’s a bipartisan exercise conducted by elites who are primarily looking to expand their business interests within friendly regimes overseas. That’s why we ultimately backed Yeltsin, to the point of interfering in the Russian election to make him President precisely because he was an easily manipulated drunk, but have been hostile to Putin in Russia (every attempt at starting a Color Revolution in Russia since Putin took over gets squashed rather quickly, which is the real source of a lot of the globalists’ anger against him), and the neocons switched their party allegiance to Democrats in the last four years.

              Anyone promoting civic nationalism is anathema to these types because they see humanity entirely in terms of consumer consumption preferences rather than anthropological ones. “Nationalism” is their version of original sin, despite it being the core principle that’s driven the development of complex societies for thousands of years.

            2. Also, note that the term “color revolution” has been in pretty common usage amongst political think tanks and journalists for over ten years now, but now that the playbook is being pored over, the globalist-media alliance is trying to rebrand the term because the tactics and operations literally haven’t changed in over 30 years.

          2. Biden, the media and the street gangs can scream loudly and forever. The election was designated critical infrastructure by Obama. Trump started the CISA agency. Elections are a national security matter. 6 Democrats states have been unable to complete a legal and certifiable result so far. Rest assured they will be getting a lot of adult supervision from here on in. CISA has been on this since 2018, it knows all the weak spots each state refused to secure. The feds will be all over this now, check the DOJ site plenty of arrests and charges for voter fraud related to this election already.

            The playbook was known well in advance. If you think Trump walked into this election without counter-measures already in place then you’re another brainwashed fantasist. Since when has he ever lost an issue in the last 4 years?

            This is a last desperate act by the out-dated Harry Reid ballot harvesting machine. In 2020 that is going to torn apart in short order. These people are so stupid, they always over-reach and they always get lured by Trump to take the bait. Their hatred of Trump blinds them. Seriously, anyone involved in any form of ballot manipulation is fucked. Take it to the bank.

          3. Knowing incompetence by 6 Democrat run states in order to accomodate the clunky and obvious 4am insertions from Harry Reid’s (1990’s style) ballot havesting machine.
            How is this going to play out? A lot of dumb mules will go to prison, I don’t know about the higher ups, really depends on whether the DOJ is cleansed of the Obama infestations.

            As far as the vote goes, elections are critical infrastructure so the legality of the result is a national security issue. There is simply no way these obvious insertions will fly. Once all the uncertified, non living person, lacking chain of custody or duplicated without witnesses ballots are removed you’ll see clear Trump wins in all 6 states.

            Face facts, it takes days to manufacture ballots, they had plenty on hand but not enough because Trump’s vote was through the roof. The desperate game plan was fake the totals, declare a win and allow the media to run its influence operation to seal it.

            There seems to be a real reluctance to do this, a little testing the water here and there. I hope they go full bore and declare Biden a winner. Because it will totally destroy the media and the Democrats if they do this and the legal, certified result shows Trump as a clear winner…

            Come on do it guys…declare for Biden if you dare!


    The legalese can be confusing so need to be clear about this:

    When there were errors found among the absentee ballots, Democrats went out—in violation of the law—found Democrat voters, and told them they needed to vote again.

    …and specifically didn’t do that for GOP voters.

    1. “This is a last desperate act by the out-dated Harry Reid ballot harvesting machine. In 2020 that is going to torn apart in short order”.

  10. This election reaffirms the importance of constitutionalism and federalism.

    LOFUCKINGL. If that didn’t happen during Trump it’s sure as fuck not going to happen with the establishment Democrat in the White House.

    1. Wait, now she wants federalism?!?!? When has Trump not been a federalist type of president? He didn’t pass ACA, DACA, or push national mask mandates/covid procecures.

      What a joke this site has become.

      1. That’s from the Amash tweet.

        1. Where was he tweeting from? A new mushroom dispensary in Oregon?

      2. Trump has not been a federalist whenever it suited him. Like when he sent federal troops to Portland, his executive orders against sanctuary cities, and threatening to overrule the decisions of governors in handling the pandemic.

        1. Here is the Wall Street Journal: Trump Flunks Federalism 101

        2. He didn’t send federal troops to Portland you half wit. He sent federal LEOs to defend the court house from being burned down.

          The day after the election, Oregon called out the national guard and ended all of the riots. That is it. Antifa is out of business. They allowed those riots to go on for four months and did nothing because they thought it was helping them politically.

          Now you are going to bitch about a few dozen agents in Portland. What do you think about the governor literally calling out the Army? How about you just stop fucking lying and tell the truth for once? Okay?

          1. You sound very angry today. “Troops” does not mean U.S. Army. They were DHS agents and hired private militia. Calling them troops is semantically correct.

          2. John I want to say for posterity that you correctly called, at least in Oregon, that democrat mayors/governors would go and crush the riots the day after it appeared Biden had won.

        3. “….., and threatening to…..,…”

          Oh, my! Haha.

  11. There’s A Reason People Suspect Fraud
    Especially when you look at some of what’s been reported in Georgia alone

    Now, keep in mind that Georgia law requires absentee ballots to be received by the day of the election in order to be valid. That means any mistakes in ballots that could legally be accepted would be ballots already in county hands.

    How, pray tell, would anyone go door-to-door and “help” people fix ballots if those ballots aren’t even in these people’s homes?

    The easy answer is that they’re hoping to “help” people vote for Biden, then present these supposedly corrected ballots for processing.

    Is that the only possible answer, though?

    No, but it stinks to high heaven.

  12. <i.New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state may finally legalize marijuana this year because "the state is going to be desperate for funding."

    Ha, yeah, the black market is going to be shaking in its boots at the prospect.

    1. They’ll kill people for selling loose joints on the street corner.

  13. I don’t know why I expected anything better from Reason.

  14. Reason’s Liz Wolfe reviews Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies.

    Not sure if I can handle being titillated this early in the day.

    1. Would have been better if Liz reviewed Raised by Wolves.

    2. Is it a picture book?

  15. Well, that’s one of the first tweets from Amash that I wholeheartedly agree with.


    The massive turn out alone is a red flag.

    But as for doing better…

    The late night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.

    The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.

    The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.

    The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.

    Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.

    The poll observers being removed. Red flag.

    The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.

    The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)

    The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.

    The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.

    USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.

    The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.

    Any of those things would be enough to trigger an audit in the normal world. This many flags and I’d be giggling in anticipation of catching some thieves.

    And it isn’t that I have to do better. I’m just an gen pop observer who happens to be a retired auditor with a finely tuned bullshit detector. This is going to the courts.

    1. Stop acting like a snowflake. This was a peaceful and legit election.

      And it’s totes fine Twitter continues to lock out Trump because muh private company.

      1. Remember when Lefties sure to make sure Trump could not block followers on Twatter?

        Presidential record.

        Now Presidential records doesnt matter for Lefties.

        1. Remember when you guaranteed everyone for months that Trump would win in a blowout? lmao

          1. Keep being happy and pretending youre a libertarian as the candidate of pro every war, GND, raised taxes, raised regultaions… wins.

            1. You left out mass incarceration and the drug war, which are also obviously very libertarian.

          2. Trump did win in a blowout.

            He won ID, MT, WY, UT, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, IA, MO, AR, LA, IN, OH, WV, TN, MS, AL, SC, FL…

            and AK, GA, NC, PA, WI, MI, AZ, NV.

            Election fraud by Democrats can make the EC map seem like whatever they want.

            1. That’s funny, because the vote totals in your home state of Georgia are virtually tied, with a very small lead for Biden right now. Can you give us your special definition of “blowout”?

              1. He’s kinda retarded.

                1. He needs to start working on his Trump 2024! ASCII art.

          3. Without the fraud he would have. GA, PA, WI, NV, MI, and possibly MN would have all gone Trump.

      2. Twitter was dead until Trump came along.

        If they continue to lock him out, they’ll die again.

        1. Twitter is a pox upon humanity. I’ll cheer its decline

          1. Social media in general. But I am not sure what can be done about it.

        2. They’ll become a supported crony like the rest of BigTech. They’re going nowhere. Well, not before their main investors cash out.

        3. Will we miss it?

    2. More importantly, when’s the next MHI novel coming out?

    3. Biden is said to have 73,558,010 votes.
      Trump is said to have 69,669,113 votes.
      Biden 50.5%
      Trump 47.8%

      Biden is leading trump by 4M votes in California.

      Trump received 62,984,828 votes in 2016.
      Hillary received 65,853,514 votes.
      Trump 46.1%
      Hillary 48.2%

      The LP got more votes in 2016 than 2020, so Trump is not behind national trends in total votes in this election.

      Yet all key states have miraculous wins for Biden.

      1. This is one of the signs, among many, that are pointing to some shady stuff. It’s just doesn’t make any sense that Biden won states where he wants to ban fracking, and assault rifles. It doesn’t make any sense that he is leading in states that are usually on parity with Florida and other Trump states. It doesn’t make sense that the Biden states just stopped voting, nor does it make any sense, that MSM (Fox included) had called all the Biden states, but none of the Trump states (not even Alaska ffs).

      2. First of all, not all key states: Trump appears to be winning in North Carolina, and won Florida, Ohio, and Texas.

        Second, “miraculous”? Trump goes on for months and months about the evils of mail-in voting. Result: More Democrats do mail-in voting to spite him, while loyal Republicans go to the polls in person. Trump rants about how the postal service will mess with the election. Result: Democrats drop their mail-in votes off at a drop box instead of mailing them in. Nothing “miraculous” at all about the mail-in votes leaning Democratic; entirely predictable.

    4. But you don’t understand. Trump is a meanie head so it doesn’t matter. Chipper, Brandy, Jeff, and the other fake libertarians (who admit to being globalists now) would rather have the authoritarian candidate win instead.

      1. Daily reminder that they should be ignored, just like Tony. We shouldn’t feed (authoritarian) trolls. Let them think and believe in what they want, but we shouldn’t be wasting our brain cells on their travesty.

      2. Chipper, Brandy, and Jeff ARE real libertarians.

        Useful idiocy on fine display here.

        You just refuse to see how libertarianism is a stalking horse for Marxism. Instead you put your head in the sand and decry these immigrant loving free traders as “not real libertarians”, as if somehow libertarianism is anti immigration and anti-free trade, which we both know it’s not.

        Only a dictatorship can save us from the left.

        1. If we have a dictatorship, can it be someone besides Superspreader McFucktard?

          1. This! I’d prefer our Dictator-in-Chief not be a coddled, insecure, man-child. The world already has one Kim Jong-Un. It doesn’t need two.

          2. 8 year old Tony pushing his grade school tropes again

        2. Some people want to be libertarian without the difficult parts.

          1. Some people want the left to be stopped but are too cowardly to recognize how this is to be done.

        3. Hey look, an honest Trump supporter.

      3. Yes, I want the total asshole President who spends most of his waking hours trying to drive divisiveness and push the country toward a second civil war gone. Also, he’s an incompetent moron.

    5. on candidate tells people not to worry about covid, tells his supporters not to vote by mail but to show up on election day, holds big rallies where most people are not wearing masks or social distancing…..

      the other candidate acts like covid is going to destroy the world, tells his supporters to vote by mail, and holds drive up events where people stay in their cars…..

      if the predicted shift in vote totals as the mail in ballots were counted is a “red flag” to you…… you might be a moron. anyone with half a brain knew it was going to go down this way.

  17. “spreading grave but hysterical warnings about voter fraud for which none of them can muster any evidence”

    If video of Republican poll monitors being denied access to the counting room, even after a court order, is not evidence, what is?

    1. That, and we shouldn’t go looking for any evidence of voter fraud so we can prove there is no voter fraud.

    2. Nothing is evidence. There is literally no amount of fraud or criminality, however clearly documented, that would get them to change the narrative.

      1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

        Just like the GOP is racist no matter how many Black, Asian, Latino Americans run for office or vote Republican.

      2. The flip side is that no amount of lack of corroborated evidence would convince you that there wasn’t fraud. This post-facts world is wonderful, no?

    3. Like the wite night I demand that a dem operative with ID card be sitting in a chair with a top hat and Monocal laughing menicly while stroking a cat, and a bunch of unfilled out ballots at his feet and helpers filling them out manicly.

      And yes I think it would be awsome to have a chair wear a hat and Monocal

    4. When judges won’t allow you to investigate the people you want to investigate because the potential criminal told the judge there was no crime.
      The accused get their day in court but the accused do not get to stop investigations.

      1. Judges generally require a submission of evidence for a case to be accepted. Are you saying that corroborated evidence has been ignored and/or thrown out? If so, please offer some links. (Extra Points for fact checked articles) (Points deducted for social media citations)

        1. “Fact checked” articles. Ooh boy, you’re a hoot.

    5. false propaganda. those videos are of people trying to get in above the permitted observer numbers…… the GOP had observers in the counting rooms.


    Ackshually told normie friend: “imagine if Vlad Putin was losing an election and then multiple provinces simultaneously stopped counting votes only to start finding huge stacks of ballots (that no one has seen) in the dead of night giving him the exact margins he needed.”

    1. Vlad would at least blow up a few apartment buildings to remind people of the price of failure.

      1. Like antifa?

        1. Thank God they’re a lot worse at explosives than their 70s brethren.

          That is likely to change, though. I wonder how many of them speak Mandarin?

  19. Philadelphia police are investigating an alleged plan to attack the convention center where ballots are being counted.

    I hope they don’t have to pull police away from guarding where the votes are being manufactured.


    JFK’s assassination made him into a legend. If Trump loses there won’t be any “Trump Fatigue” to plague a trumpian candidate in 2024. Instead you’ll have millions of angry supporters, combined with a population likely suffering buyers remorse over a Harris Admin.


      I am reading the manuscript of a book and one of it’s main themes is that among the most lasting victories in history are defeats. Thermopylae, Masada, Roncesvalles, the Alamo to name few. The most dangerous and unkillable thing on earth is a legend.

      1. A dead lion is more dangerous than a live dog.

        1. That theory is going to be tested. Who remembers Sergei Kirov? Or Mikhail Tukhachevsky?

          But everyone’s heard of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

    2. The Trumpian candidate in 2024 will be Trump.

    3. No need to fantasize. After all the illegal ballots are pulled, these 6 Democrat run states will be able to post a certifiably legal result and Trump will have a clear win in each of them.

  21. …we should all be ready for recounts.

    This election is too important to take any time with it.

  22. Trump should take Hilary’s advice and not concede under any circumstance.

    Verify every single one of those votes.

    1. +100000000000000

      Trump getting <1% of mail-in ballots throw out and he beat Biden in all those states Democrats are trying to grab from Trump.

    2. Agreed. The stakes are too high.

      Frankly, if the Republicans are willing to sabotage the election to gain power, that would be a wonderful sign that they are finally prepared to take the measures needed to defeat the left.

      America’s future is too important to be decided democratically. If democracy really worked, Biden and the Democrats wouldn’t get any votes at all.

      1. “America’s future is too important to be decided democratically.”

        See what I meant about it not being Trump that they should think is a big meany fascist dictator, but rather his successor? Mark’s opinion is far from isolated.

        1. And if you look at other posts this new poster is making, if a sizable group of people really do feel the way this guy does—as opposed to him being yet another troll—they don’t like Libertarians. At all.

          1. There’s not much to like about the party of drug addiction, perversion, greed, and foreign savages.

          2. Mark’s not real, I guarantee it. Probably SQRLSY doing his impression of what he thinks Trump supporters really believe. The giveaway was when he started using the Ingsoc slogans from 1984 unironically the other day.

            1. Okay, the Ingsoc slogans were a little bit cheesy, I admit. Hyperbole seems to be the posting style here, and I’m a bit new.

              Here’s the thing about George Orwell, though. He was a socialist who hated authority. I’ve never understood why so many libertarians hold him up as a hero when really 1984 and Animal Farm were all overblown “USSR is not real socialism” drivel.

              I did those slogans to illustrate a point, that “doublethink” (a word Orwell made up), is not what most people think it is, and we need to stop thinking Orwell the left wing socialist is somehow this great crusader against left wing socialism.

              Also, if I was really SQRLSY, do you think I could possibly have held onto my temper for one paragraph before devolving into a nonsensical nursery rhyme rant?

  23. Coronavirus lockdown: Priti Patel wants police to stop protests of more than two

    Protests involving more than two people will be prohibited during the lockdown, The Times understands.

    Ministers are poised to remove any exemption for protesters and say the rules need to be clear and fair.

    Priti Patel, the home secretary, briefed chief constables at the weekend and said that they would be expected to enforce the rules. However, some senior police officers are understood to be concerned that the move is too draconian for a liberal society.

    1. “However, some senior police officers are understood to be concerned that the move is too draconian for a liberal society.”

      Yet their concern over losing their jobs, should they bitch, is greater.

      It’s coming here.

    2. “However, some senior police officers are understood to be concerned that the move is too draconian for a liberal society.”

      Well it’s a good thing the UK gave up on any pretense of being a liberal society a long time ago then.


    Here is a list of 14+ thousand dead people who voted in Wayne County (Detroit): [removed by Ra for moderation]

    Here is the website where you can verify it: [removed by Ra for moderation]

    #23 CLAUDIA,MILLER,1918,48234 (You have to guess-check the month of birth)

    Go try it out.


    AND ANOTHER: 120 year old Terry Mathis (born 1900) apparently voted via absentee ballot in Wayne County, Michigan as well.

    It gets crazier. It says this person applied for an absentee ballot on 11/2/20, the ballot was then sent out AND returned in the same day (11/2/20).


      And in any event, dead people were people too. Why would you suppress their vote?

      1. Dead Lives Matter!

    2. Doughboys deserve ballots!

    3. Read something on that, apparently it’s more likely an error on a input into the voter registry, but it would also be automatically flagged.

      If you work with Excel as an input into other systems you’ve probably encountered null-date conversion issues. Where it turns the blank cell into an arbitrary date, often 1/1/1900.

      1. My favorite part is that all errors, typos, and accidents favor the progressives.

        1. “IT WAS AN ELECTION!” *crazy cackle* – Kamala Harris

        2. Why would the Democrats need to steal an election when the power of “free shit” is enough to sway the broad ignorant masses?

          Really, it’s irrelevant. It’s not about who cheats, it’s about who benefits.

          Fair elections need to be dispensed with entirely. It’s the only way to save civilization from Marxism


    The fraud is happening as we speak…they are going to be collecting and back-dating ballots in Pennsylvania TOMORROW according to our whistleblower



      ‘Postmaster is a

      “Ballots that are coming in today, tomorrow, yesterday, are all supposed to be postmarked the 3rd”

      “Still want us to pick up ballots tomorrow(November 6th, 2020)”

      1. Okay, so my question is this, James O’Queefe makes all these Veritas vids which often seem like, dare I say ‘bombshells’, what ever comes of any of them ? Like it seems like literally nothing ever happens.

        1. The media, including Reason, ignore them as if they never happened. Most gullible but useful idiots don’t see it in their 15 minute newscast in the morning or in their FB feed filtered for the pro narrative news… so it never happened. See Chipper.

        2. Because the fix is in and Dems are unaccountable.

        3. They shut down ACORN.

          1. Yeah, and they became persona non grata right immediately after due to that very reason. Democrats and their media allies do not like their machine operations being exposed.

        4. Because libertarians are useful idiots for the Marxist left. Duh.

          It kills me how many people see this when it comes to immigration and free trade, but don’t want to follow the next logical conclusion: Liberty is Poison


    Letter to the Clark County, NV District Attorney alleging voter fraud by people who were not legal residents of Clark County.

    1. Trump lives in Washington DC but voted in Florida.

      1. That might be your dumbest take ever.

      2. He is a resident of Florida.

      3. He is a legal resident of FL.

      4. And George Bush and Dick Cheney were both residents of Texas when they were elected, which is banned in the Constitution.

  28. They told us ,months ago the results would be delayed. Now it’s because Trump.

    1. “They” told everyone to their faces what they were going to do and now “they” are doing it right in everyone’s faces.

  29. Totes legal:

    Just tossing this out:

    Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso won his last race by 75,000 votes — a landslide b/c no one lives in Wyoming.

    It would cost Michael Bloomberg 7% of his fortune to pay 80,000 Democrats $50,000 each to live in Wyoming long enough to vote in a Senate election.

    1. I saw that yesterday on Twitter. The real question is “could Bloomberg (or some other billionaire) provide enough rent money and walking around expenses for enough Chicagoans to relocate to GA for a month or two and swing the upcoming senate runoffs?”
      Note-I have no idea what the eligibility requirements are in GA, so that may not be workable.

      1. It would be a federal crime to bribe people to vote.
        It would not be a federal crime to hire 80,000 people to work at a call center in Laramie.

        1. Right and it would be up the the DOJ to prosecute that, and I don’t think that would be a very high priority.

        2. Yeah, but where are those 80,000 people going to live in Laramie? Is Bloomberg going to construct a housing block like Peachtrees or Heavenly Haven, or an instant suburb that can accommodate them all? Do they put them in the celebrities’ tax haven of choice, Jackson, and bulldoze more open space to build housing?

          This is just fantasist circle-jerking. Even if BigTech salted employees throughout the state, housing and services would still have to be approved and developed to accomodate them. That would require additional residents to be employed in those services, who might not necessarily be lockstep progressives. Their ant-like personalities think they can just drop 80,000 in a relatively unpopulated state and it will be just like living in DA BIG CITY except for more wind and antelope herds.

          The other thing here is that there’s a reason there aren’t a lot of urbanite left-wingers in Wyoming to begin with–because it has very few of the amenities they desire. The last people they want to be around for any length of time are the military personnel at FE Warren, the rednecks in Sheridan and Pinedale, or the hardhats in Rock Springs.

    2. My guy, you don’t need fraud when this is precisely what liberal democracy was designed to do.

      Second guess authority, question every decision, give every little snivelling non-entity of a citizen a right to their own small “opinion”, and generally reduce social affairs to chaos. This is exactly what the left wants and how it gets power, and it’s working.

      The problem isn’t that the filthy scum rigged the election: they don’t need to, not when America is so swarmed with savages, drug addicts, perverts and foreigners that all a party has to do is promise “free shit” to win.

      The problem is democracy. The majority of voters in this country voted for treason and voted against civilization. There’s the problem.


    So far I’ve seen no proof of election fraud in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, or Atlanta

    But there sure is smoke

    And the update to this chart with new numbers will show an even greater spike

    ex: Fulton is now +92K Dem vs 2016 and +101K vs 2008 (Obama)

  31. Gotta love ENB including that Amash tweet about “stop…making the presidency something to obsess over,” in an article that otherwise is 100% obsessing over the presidency. Is that supposed to be self-deprecating?

    1. ENB is a masochist with very low self-awareness. Probably eases the pain.

      1. You’ve just described the entire libertarian tent.

  32. It’s a shame Trump can’t just go quietly into that good night the way so many other good Republicans have when they had elections stolen from them. Or are we pretending that there was no voter fraud in the Nixon/Kennedy election? Or any Chicago election for the last 75 years or so? Or in the Norm Coleman/Al Franken election? Or in the Mel Carnahan “election”? Or in LBJ’s congressional election? Or in Frank Lautenberg’s unretirement election?

    1. Trump himself gave a speech last night that included allegations of wild—and utterly unsubstantiated—fraud. “This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election. They’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen,” said the president.

      ENB I am so so sorry life has been hard on you. Really I am. Being born looking the way you do, with the size brain you have, I’d be a delusional retard too. Life isn’t fair. There’s classic trope about women either having brains or beauty, and yea God really effed up this one, no doubt about it. You got the short end of the stick. But know, that we as humans control our own destiny. There’s still hope for you. You can learn. You can apply more makeup. You can stop writing these insane articles that aren’t based in reality. You have options, babe, never give up.

      1. Don’t forget being forced to be a beard for a Vox writer.

      2. When will you idiots realize that ENB is a symptom. If you think this article is so absurd, why are you still a libertarian? Why do you still subscribe to a movement that cannot beat Marxism, not now or ever?

        What’s more important to you? Petty liberties, or saving this country from the Marxist tide?

        1. ENB is no libertarian.
          She is a proggy sex-work enthusiast who doesnt mind guns

          1. Oh, I see. So you’re a useful idiot.

            So sex work is anti libertarian. Got it. I suppose then that real libertarians aren’t for enabling drug addiction, buttsex, or corporate greed.

            Could have fooled me.

    2. woops not meant as a reply.

    3. Goes to show how Biden knows he and Hunter would be indicted.

      He had to run and win to pardon criminals and hopefully Harris would pardon him. Pretty sweet deal.

  33. Gridlock is a feature, not a bug. Everything about the US constitution set different arms of government against each other in the hope that they’d leave the rest of us alone.

    1. Funny how when Democrats want to be in power, they say there will be gridlock.

      Trump as President with a GOP Senate and Democrat House is NOT gridlock for some reason.

      1. Because he nominated judges at a record pace? (or made up for democratic lethargy, depending on your filter)
        There is gridlock, and then there is nothing getting done.
        I am buying popcorn stock in anticipation of the televised “confirmation” hearings for the entire damn Harris cabinet.

    2. Exactly, people keep saying they ned to work together i say no the constitution was designed for conflictitory management so that only the most needed things would be agreed upon such as national self defense

  34. The election will be blatantly stolen, the remaining Senate seats will be blatantly stolen, the Senate and courts will be packed and Harris will rule by decree for 10-12 years, and there is no stopping it. The fix is in. Welcome to Venezuela, which you will cheer on because you have so much emotionally invested in “Orange Man Bad” that you can’t admit you threw away democracy.

    Thank you, never Trump, for ending democracy because Orange Man Bad wanted to bury some metal posts in the desert.

    Y’all do realize:

    A. your white supremacist President outperformed decades of GOP history with minorities

    B. his leaving 1/21/21 peacefully will shoot down all the “fascist dictator” bullshit you’ve been handing us for 4 years. Fascist dictators don’t do that.

    1. No they are not. Have some faith. They are not stealing the Senate.

      1. What’s stopping them? Nobody in a position of authority is going to. Even Bush v. Gore was the SC siding with local authorities. The SC doesn’t want to face a violent antifa mob.

        I can’t find the link to the “The EC is unconstitutional despite being explicitly in the Constitution” article, but the packed SC will rule that to be the case and all subsequent elections will be decided by manufactured votes in Commiefornia.

        1. The entire world watching two Senate elections. And note, they haven’t stolen Georgia yet. Trump is still ahead. And that is with this amount of fraud. They would be unable to do that again and the margin in a runoff would be way beyond what they had to overcome with Trump.

          1. Why wouldn’t they do it again? There are no reprocussions

            1. Yep.
              They blatantly cheated to steal this election, and everyone knows it.
              The dam is busted.
              We now live in a dictatorship.

          2. The entire world was watching the presidential election, too.

    2. A. your white supremacist President outperformed decades of GOP history with minorities

      I hope this election helps end the mindset of Demographics as destiny.

      1. Look again. Trump doing better among minorities than any other GOP candidate, neither implies that he received a majority of that group’s votes, nor that any other GOP candidate will be able to replicate Trump’s performance.

        Demographics are destiny, especially when said demographic groups retain their original culture.

  35. It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of Biden’s stunning landslide victory.

    A vivid comment by @ChrisCuomo about the popular vote total: “Huge rejection for Donald Trump. No one has ever gotten the spanking that he is getting in the general right now.”

    Anyone who’s been reading my comments knows I predicted a Biden win all along. But even I am shocked at how dramatic his margin of victory is.


    1. Keep up the good work.

  36. This election reaffirms the importance of constitutionalism and federalism. Stop giving the federal government—and especially the president—so much unwarranted power and making the presidency something to obsess over. Localism means more happy people.

    This guy absolutely gets it. It’s a shame the Republicans pushed him out. Repubs shouldn’t be surprised that libertarians didn’t vote for them.

    1. Yeah, you are going to get so much federalism under Biden. How stupid can you get Leo? Really

      1. I didn’t mention Biden at any point. Are you suffering from BDS?

        Do you disagree with anything that Amash said in his tweet?

        1. We are on the verge of electing a socialist President. Amash talking about the importance of federalism is just him pissing on my leg and telling me it is raining.

          And of course I have BDS. I just criticized Biden. I said the other day you are going to be defending and excusing Biden for four years if he is President and you have already started doing that.

          Tell us more about how great Joe is Leo. And how we need to stop picking on him.

          1. I’m not defending Biden. He’s horrible. That’s the whole point of Amash’s tweet. Given the last 5 Presidents that we’ve had now, why do we keep letting these morons expand their power, let alone Congress simply giving more to them?

            Meanwhile you cheered every time that Trump exercised Presidential powers that shouldn’t be Presidential powers. Now you get to live with that with a President who will exercise power on things you don’t like. Meanwhile you cheered when Trump ran Amash, one of the few Congressmen who wants less power at the national level, out of Congress. Congratulations.

            You didn’t answer my question. What part of Amash’s tweet do you disagree with?

            1. And yet Amash sought to damage the less federalist candidate when he agreed with leaks from the IC to be used against him in an impeachment trial.

              How do you not get this?

              1. the less federalist candidate


            2. I’m not defending Biden. He’s horrible

              No you are just playing false equivalences and pretending that he and Trump are equal. You are not honest enough to directly defend him. False equivalences and lying is how you roll.

              1. To be fair, false equivalencies between politicians are how most self-identified Libertarians roll. Usually, they’re right. Or at least, right enough to not bother putting more effort into the analysis.

                This case is different. As we’re unfortunately about to find out.

                1. There has never been equivalence between the Democratic and Republican parties. There’s no equivalence between people who wish to destroy civilization and those who wish to preserve it.

                  Trump is starting to open some libertarians eyes to the limitations and weaknesses of their world view, but apparently it’s not enough. You’re starting to realize certain types of people don’t deserve liberty and don’t benefit society when they have it, but you aren’t willing to make the logical leap because seeing someone’s boot on another person’s throat makes you wring your hands and cry about rights and freedoms.

              2. I never said they are equal. Where did I say that? They’re both bad, sure. But that doesn’t imply they are equal. I’m even willing to say that Biden is worse. But you’ll forget that the next time you insist that I’m a lefty or a Democrat.

                I don’t support either of them. Luckily I had a choice. Had the LP not been on the ballot, I probably would have left President blank and still felt like I voted for the best candidate.

                1. You’ve made it clear that you dislike Trump, so you’ll forgive me if I decide people like you are worse then useless in countering the Marxist swine.

                  The stakes are too high for freedom, you fucking moron.

                  1. I suspect your vision of freedom and mine are actually different. There were many things that Trump did that didn’t promote freedom. I’d be willing to give up a couple of years of the Presidency (especially in a split government) if it means the Republicans regain their principles of actually limiting government. After all Obama gave us the TEA party, which was perfectly grassroots and libertarian until it was coopted by the culture warriors on the right. Let’s hope that Biden’s election leads to something similar.

                    1. So you see benefits in a Biden victory. Got it.

                      And people around here are wondering why I have such an animus against libertarians.

              3. And John, you still haven’t answered my question.

                What part of Amash’s tweet do you disagree with?

                1. It’s a useless tweet, you stupid fuck.
                  Go jack off somewhere else.

          2. Biden is not a socialist you hysterical cow.

      2. You’re going to see plenty of federalism under Biden. California and NY will be free to flex their economic muscle under a Biden administration.

        1. A trillion from the feds will boost their economies.

          1. Public employee unions uber alles!

      3. The point of the tweet is that it would be nice if whoever occupies the office of the President wasn’t as big of a deal.

        It wouldn’t be as big of a deal if the president didn’t have as much power. If they were only allowed to operate their office based on the description and limits placed on the presidency in the founding documents, we would be better off.

        1. So choose the candidate who promises to increase executive power instead of the one who actually acted in a federalist manner?

          1. I chose Jorgensen. Did she promise to increase executive power?

          2. If Trump had increased executive power in his tenure, that would have set the left back so far it would have been a net gain for liberty.

            Don’t shill for federalism. States should not be free to implement treasonous socialist policies.

        2. Maybe once their tears dry from the latest election they’ll be able to see Amash’s point. Remember, they’re still for expanding the President’s powers for the next 2.5 months. Their perspective will change and the tears will dry on January 20, and the Republicans will suddenly be the party of limited government again.

          They might even wish that they still had someone like Amash on their side by then. Maybe.

          1. The fact that Leo here wants a President who is powerless to combat the left should teach a right thinking person everything they need to know about libertarians.

            1. Libertarian is not for everyone.

              Leo has been around for years. One of the few libertarians left here.

              1. Your point being?

                Of course it’s not for everyone. It shouldn’t be for anyone. It’s watered down Marxism, full stop.

                One would think that Leo and his drivel is more then ample proof of that, but some folks just cling real tight to their labels, I guess.

    2. They didn’t push him out, he walked out after accepting the results of the Intelligence Community spying on a political party.

      Watching him cry about federalism despite Trump largely being a federalist in his actions shows how awful Amash actually is. He’s purely words.

      The Biden administration will be the antithesis of federalism. So no, Amash doesn’t get it.

      1. When did Amash say Biden wouldn’t be the “antithesis of federalism?” His whole point was that he wouldn’t be and we the people need to limit his power.

        despite Trump largely being a federalist in his actions
        Simply ridiculous. Trump happily expanded government to the tune of around $3T annually! He rubber stamped Pelosi’s stimulus. He’s not who you thought he was.

        1. What Amash is doing is pointless, neither of the people with a real shot at becoming President actually embrace federalism. That does not make the candidates equals on the subject.

          In fantasy land you can opine all day about how the world should be. In the real world, you look at your available options and choose the best one even if it objectively sucks (sometimes McDonalds is all that’s available, but it’s better than going hungry). There’s no doubt from a federalism standpoint that Trump is better than Biden, even if that is a remarkably low bar to clear.

      2. Apologists for Lefties will always apologize for them JesseAz.

        The propagandists didn’t completely get rid of every last shred of integrity for nothing. We see now it was for Biden and through cronyism, they hope to fool America into getting it back.

    3. Amash is another politician who is way to cosy with our Chinazi counterparts. He has a factory in China that stamps his tools “proudly USA”. All Chinese factories require 50-50 CCCP ownership.
      When the CCCP can easily threaten your wealth and lifestyle there are motivations for conflicts of interest. Same with DiFiChiNStein, Cocaine Mitch (who I might add is persona non grata with MAGA for his victory speech) and I suspect many more on both sides.

  37. Always enjoy reading news written by the light of Twitter. No real research, no fact checking, just hatred of republicans and Trump and that is what drives this place.

    1. Reason hates whoever is in power. When it’s the Marxists, that’s fine.

      Unfortunately Trump and the Republicans have been running the country, so of course Reason must make them “the bad guy”.

      Reason cares more about petty freedoms and liberties then they care about morality, decency, and civilization.

      If you want the unvarnished, unbiased truth, go to Fox News. Because Reason is just a clearinghouse for Marxist lies, like all libertarian publications.

      1. “If you want the unvarnished, unbiased truth, go to Fox News. Because Reason is just a clearinghouse for Marxist lies, like all libertarian publications.”

        And you were trolling so well… Sad!

        1. Fox News is probably the least biased of our news institutions. I agree I might have overstated the case slightly, but the point remains solid. If you really want to know what’s going on, Fox News is really the only mainstream outlet that comes close to being objective.

          I’m not a troll. Just a bitter ex-libertarian clinging to the hope that others can see what I saw years ago, that liberty is our enemy, not our friend. Sure it looks pretty and promises an awful lot, but I find it hilarious that every society that was built on classical liberal principles is now on the verge of drowning in Marxist leftist poison, and somehow you people think there’s no connection whatsoever.

          1. Oh, come on. Don’t walk that one back. Double down! Being able to admit you were exaggerating completely conflicts with the rest of your persona. If you’re going to be a one-note caricature, you’ve got to commit to the bit.

            1. I’m just calling things as I see them, buddy. If you are uncomfortable with the fact that libertarianism is a stalking horse for the left, I don’t know what to tell you.

  38. Trump himself gave a speech last night that included allegations of wild—and utterly unsubstantiated—fraud. “This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election. They’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen,” said the president.

    ENB I am so so sorry life has been hard on you. Really I am. Being born looking the way you do, with the size brain you have, I’d be a delusional retard too. Life isn’t fair. There’s classic trope about women either having brains or beauty, and yea God really effed up this one, no doubt about it. You got the short end of the stick. But know, that we as humans control our own destiny. There’s still hope for you. You can learn. You can apply more makeup. You can stop writing these insane articles that aren’t based in reality. You have options, babe, never give up.

  39. Biden hasn’t even taken office yet and already he’s helping the richest people on the planet.

    The top 21 wealthiest people each earned at least hundreds of millions, and in many cases billions, of dollars yesterday.’s benefactor Charles Koch earned $1,040,000,000. In a single day. Imagine how much he’ll prosper after Biden’s inauguration!


    1. Billionaire Lives Matter

      1. You sound like a Marxist.

  40. There is clearly fuckery afoot in several Dem stronghold cities- not surprising, and probably not new. Absentee ballots for dead people, filling out ballots after the fact, etc. That being said, to get the 10s of thousands it takes two swing an election by those means is… a lot of work and coordination. Maybe it made the difference, but it would be a tough road.

    The biggest glaring question to me right now- and if there is a good answer I haven’t seen it yet- is the WI numbers. 90-ish percent turnout? That is so far out of line with any election result in the state ever, as well as other states, there simply must be an investigation. It is almost a statistical impossibility. Unless the rolls were recently purged (haven’t looked into that), that is probably 95% or better of actual live voters in the state. Heck, I’m pretty sure covid has killed 50 million Wisconsinites in the past 8 months alone- it’s surprising there was anyone left to vote at all!

    Regardless of the final outcome, I think this will prompt some much-needed reforms in a number of states, if not the entire nation. Hell, I bet support for voter ID requirements will be sky high across the board. Florida cleaned their shit up after 2000, and have been a model of quick and uncontroversial vote tabulation since. Hopefully this prompts WI, MI, PA, GA, etc. at a minimum to do likewise.

    1. If PA, WI, MI, and GA clean up their process, how are no name local officials going to get rich helping people win elections in a totally legitimate way?

      1. They can learn to code?

        1. *BANNED*

    2. You people are in for a rude surprise.
      You keep thinking this is just another election, no biggie.
      The constitutional Republic dies with this fraud.

  41. “Earlier in the day, Trump was demanding that ballots stop being counted—apparently necessitating someone explaining to him that if they stopped now, Biden would definitely win.”

    Wow! the contempt and condescension of such a line!

  42. Gridlock my ass.

    We’re headed toward a uniparty Democrat state that will be upended at every pivot point by a progressive maniac.

    I do not want to hear ANY libertarian complaints over the inevitable excesses of the next four years.

    Not a fucking peep.

    1. I don’t think we are. Regardless, any Libertarian who suddenly decides they can complain about a President Biden can go fuck themselves. You assholes did everything in your power to make it happen, own it.

      1. You tell ’em, it’s important to never introspect.

      2. Indeed.

        As it stands, “libertarians” gave Biden Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and, when the smoke clears, most likely Arizona.

        That’s where libertarians and their principles got them. A socialist administration.


        1. How exactly did “we” give him anything?

          1. By not voting for Trump. Enjoy Biden.

            1. Well if we had enjoyed Trump we might have voted for him. Do you not understand how elections work?

              1. No no, the losing party is always entitled to 3rd party votes.

                Gary Johnson voters gave us fascism.

                Jo Jorgensen voters gave us socialism.

                Ever shall it go, the wheel will spin around.

                1. Funny that the only thing voting Libertarian never gave anyone in this country was more libertarianism.

                  Enjoy Biden.

              2. Which part didn’t you like. the rising wages, the record low unemployment, the reduced regulations, or the lower taxes?
                Since none of those fit with Libertarian ideas?

                1. The increasing the cost of individuals trading with whom they please, the restrictions on free people deciding who they can hire because of where they were born relative to the Rio Grande, happily signing bills leading to $3T in deficits. Those are big deals to Libertarians.

                  1. So wages and growth and overall wealth mean less than your individual access to cheap shit from China at any cost to the rest of the country.

                    1. I don’t think the government has as much control over wages and growth as you do. Them getting out of the way is only part of the path to growth.

                      And yeah, you shouldn’t be surprised that a libertarian cares about individual access “at any cost to the rest of the country” whatever that means. Randians like me revel in our rational selfishness.

                      “At any cost to the rest of the country” might be the most collectivist thing I’ve ever heard you say, John. Are you ok? I know this election must be a lot for you to process.

                  2. So a bunch of theoretical bullshit that you never personally dealt.
                    Goddamn, you’re a useless idiot

                    1. Theoretical indeed.

                      Principled narcissism without a shred of pragmatism seems to be a common trend among Libertarians.

                  3. Enjoy Biden.

                    I do not want to hear any complaints from hereon out.

            2. A lot more independents voted for Republicans for Senate and the House and then voted for Biden than the number of people who have ever voted Libertarian. You might ask why that was.

        2. A socialist administration.

          President Trump was so happy to sign off on the coronavirus spending that he wanted his signature on the checks. Taking money from taxpayers, and giving check out to families who make less than a certain threshold is the very definition of socialism.

          If only he would have vetoed some of the ridiculous spending he might have won some more of the libertarian vote. He didn’t get our votes because he didn’t earn them.

          1. Trump vetoed the last spending bill and it never got enacted. And somehow the Democrats controlling the house and leaving Trump with the choice of either signing it or shutting the government down and getting blamed for all that followed means Trump is responsible for the spending.

            Do the Democrats ever do anything wrong in your eyes? Are they just God like in that regard?

            1. Do the Democrats ever do anything wrong in your eyes?

              The Democrats do almost everything wrong. But why are you bringing them up? My post was about Trump.

              Do you like that he signed that stimulus bill? Yes or no would suffice.

              1. Your post was blaming Trump for something the Democrats were ultimately responsible. And the Democrats are never worse than Republicans in your eyes and often better. Who are you kidding?

                1. Do you like that Trump signed that stimulus bill? Yes or no would suffice.

                  1. A veto-proof majority?

                    1. That has nothing to do with him signing the bill. He could have vetoed the bill and asked for a recorded vote on the override. That would have been the most “libertarian-ish” thing to do.

                    2. LC, Do you like that Trump signed that stimulus bill? Yes or no would suffice.

                    3. Trump should have Vetoed all spending bills but they were veto proof so they would become law AND trump would get blamed for starving kids with his veto. Just like they did when he and mcconnell shutdown government for 3 months.

                    4. Its why libertarians dont get elected as president. You have to pick your battles.

                      Vetoing a vetoproof spending package when you have propagandists like unreason blame you is stupid politically.

          2. A bill half of what Democrats wanted. Or did you forget?

            1. That’s why I didn’t vote for Democrats or Republicans. It’s really a simple concept.

        3. I feel your pain.

          And the thing is, at least when Nader did this to Democrats, the Nader supporters (and the far left in general) were shunned and shamed for a generation and disinvited from any policy-making table. Voting third party is not a good strategy for anything as far as I can tell.

      3. Finally! Somebody sees it!

        Fuck libertarianism. Only an authoritarian right wing dictatorship can save civilization.

        1. Don’t you have a library to run?

          1. You mean to stand outside of and beg for change ?

    2. “I do not want to hear ANY libertarian complaints over the inevitable excesses of the next four years.”

      Thankfully,the ‘uniparty progressive maniac’ will be on top of that. You won’t hear a thing.

      1. Certainly not on Twitter, facebook, or any media outlet still allowed to publish.

  43. “Republicans denounce Trump fraud allegations”
    All part of the return to politics as usual. Fun while it lasted. With the nation so split, there was no way that Trump could have won decisively enough to overcome the margin of fraud in the battleground states.

    1. Margin of fraud = every clown that voted for Jorgensen

      1. According to your theory, what would have stopped those dastardly Democrats from simply increasing the fraud had Jorgensen had 0 votes?

        You guys remind me a lot of Hillary. Perhaps some introspection into how Trump lost to a senile old man might do the Republican Party some good in 2022, 2024. Instead blaming everyone except the name that was on the ballot will lead you nowhere.

        That it was this close for a President who had such a great economy is pretty telling for Trump.

        Go on blaming fraud, a virus, or libertarians (LOL) for your loss. You’ll be bound to repeat it again.

        1. It was a sarcastic comment.

          If there was fraud, it was minimal. Incompetence? Likely. But the biggest margin was libertarians voting their principles, and giving us Biden.

          At some point, when your principles fuck everyone around you AND you, you should probably rethink your principles.

          1. I like you. Please tell me you don’t identify as a libertarian.

            1. A Republican with strong libertarian leanings on most issues.

          2. That’s what principles are about. Sometimes the outcome isn’t what you want. But endorsing positions that Trump holds that I whole-heartedly disagree with is not something I’m willing to do.

            And why should I concern myself with everyone around me? Do you understand anything about libertarianism? That’s some collectivist thinking from you right there that I should sacrifice anything (my principles above all) for some greater good. Your position is simply disgusting.

            1. “And why should I concern myself with everyone around me? Do you understand anything about libertarianism?”

              Apparently, it has something to do with being a self absorbed narcissist and lacking all sense of pragmatism.

      2. +10000000

  44. For people looking for real facts in the Nevada recount, here’s a great article from the local newspaper in Las Vegas:

    Some basic facts:

    1) There are two separate allegations proceeding.

    One lawsuit claims that they have a list of 3,000 ineligible people casting ballots–including dead people. This is plausible because Nevada mailed everyone a ballot regardless of whether you asked for it–so if they mailed you a ballot for someone who had recently died, it would be easy to fill out and mail in that ballot.

    The second allegation claims that they have a list of 3,062 ineligible voters–and they’re listing ballots that were mailed to certain addresses. These should be fairly simple to verify.

    2) The machine they’re using to validate signatures for mail in ballots in Clark County (Las Vegas area) are not used in any of the other counties in Nevada. This may be illegal by Nevada state law.

    “The machine in question, county officials have said repeatedly, is only the first step in the signature verification process. If it rejects a signature, as it does 70 percent of the time, that ballot goes to county staff for verification”

    I don’t care that it rejects 70% of the signatures. The question is whether it’s using the same criteria as they are in other counties, and the question is whether it’s validating some some that it shouldn’t. Should the outcome of the election depend on a machine that’s so inaccurate in validating signatures that it rejects 70% of the signatures it scans?

    1. Are we supposed to believe that 30% of the signatures are valid just because the machine is so inaccurate that it rejects 70% as invalid?

      Inaccurate is inaccurate.

      1. I have no idea how the machine could possibly work. I doubt my signature is consistent enough, if it had 10 samples it would probably find fault with all 10 since none of them really match.

        Ink signatures are an incredibly stupid way of verifying anything.

    2. I think Trump has a better case than is being portrayed. I think the Democrats know he does. So, what they are doing is trying to declare the election over and make the courts overturn a decided election to rule in Trump’s favor.

      1. They definitely want the election to be over and call it for Trump.

        Social media appears to be in on it (regardless of whether they really are), too, by censoring speech questioning the validity of the count.

        When was the last time a sitting president’s party gained seats in the House but the sitting president lost the national election?

        1. Never. The whole thing is a farce and everyone knows it.

        2. Gerrymandering would account for that phenomenon. Trump being especially disgusting would explain it as well. You mfers aren’t as smart as you think you are.

          1. Who made the districts? the state legislatures. If you losers are so popular, why can’t you ever win control of a state legislature outside of third world hell holes like New Jersey?

          2. It’s highly unusual and highly suspicious.

            1. The voter turnout is Wisconsin is highly suspicious.

          3. I think it’s mostly due to fiscally conservative independents voting for Repubs for Congress, and voting for Biden over Trump because they don’t like Trump’s personality, or they think he botched the pandemic response (thanks to the media telling them that he botched the pandemic response for 9 straight months).

    3. Trump has some major claims and one being Article I, Section 4 about state legislatures determining manner of Senate and House elections. While this does not include a President race, the election covered Senate and House races too.

      Governors did a bunch of the authorizing for mail-in ballots, not state legislatures.

      A bunch of mail-in ballots will be tossed.

      1. Notice Democrats are having a tough time stealing the election in North Carolina possibly because of that witness part of the ballot.

        Thousands of ballots have been rejected.
        North Carolina early voting stats

  45. I would prefer Trump win and I think he would too. If however Biden manages to win this, and it is hardly clear he will, it will only be because of massive fraud enabled by mail in ballots. The mail in ballots only exist because of the dreaded WuFlu. Even if Biden wins, everyone on both sides admits the entire thing is a mess. The Republicans control the legislatures of most of these swing states. I think it is very unlikely that mail in ballots will be allowed in anything other than the bluest of states going forward. That means the Wiley Coyote trick the Democrats pulled this year will not be available to them in future elections.

    Second, the Democratic party is splitting apart. Joe Biden is never going to satisfy the hard left, especially without the Senate. If Biden wins, his administration will be one giant disappointment for the hard left. They won’t even get their coveted political appointments. McConnell has already said a Republican controlled Senate is not going to approve Lizzy Warren for Treasury or any of the other wet dream Cabinet appointments the left has. So, Biden will be stuck with a bunch of stuffed shirt moderates and never Trump Republicans and the left will be out in the cold and will lose its mind accordingly.

    Third, it is going to be difficult if not impossible to bring the minority voters who went for Trump back to the Democratic Party and also placate the left. They didn’t leave because of some personal love of Trump. The left because they reject identity politics and the hard left. The Democrats can’t win them back without repudiating the hard left. And that is not going to happen because doing so will split the party.

    Biden would enter office with no popular mandate, charisma or any particular reason to be President other than the powers that be put him there. Worse still, I can tell you from my leftist friends on Facebook, leftists have mostly lost their mind and see any Biden win as “the people have spoken” and a mandate to get everything they want. When they don’t, they are going to feel angry, bitter and betrayed. There is no reasoning with them or getting them to shut up and take whatever the party gives them once in power like the Democrats used to be able to do with the left.

    Meanwhile, if Biden wins by cheating the entire GOP base will be radicalized to a degree never seen. Independents will see all of the ugliness and see how screwed up the election was and expect Biden to make peace and reach out to the Republicans and try to form some kind of government that everyone can live with. If he doesn’t do that, everyone but the left will turn on him. If he does, his base will feel betrayed and turn on him. Biden would have no realistic path forward that didn’t result in him being hated by virtually everyone.

    A President Harris would be in even worse shape. She never even got elected by fraud. And when Biden’s health slips and he dies or retires with dementia in a year or two the country is going to be pissed. Remember, there are millions of people out there who call themselves Democrats and independents who are not fanatics but get their information from the MSM. And those people never heard the truth about Biden and really have no idea how bad his health and mental state is. When it turns out he is a sick old man who should be in a nursing home and they end up with a President they never voted for and was never on the ballot, they are not going to be happy. And the Democrats wouldn’t have Trump around anymore to appeal to their delicate sensibilities.

    I agree with the people who say Biden winning the Presidency this way is a poisoned chalice. The country is realigning. And that realignment is not about Trump. Trump just took advantage of it. You can see the realignment in the down ballot races and how badly the Democrats did. This was going to be their big revenge against Trump. And they ended up getting their clocks cleaned at every level and will only take back the White House through monumental fraud.

    People are talking about how they could take the Senate in 22. If they still have Trump to kick around and unite the party and bully dumb suburban independents with, maybe. But without that, they are going to split into a thousand pieces and all those races that look so sure now with the old electorate will not be sure at all.

    It all comes down to holding the Senate. Do that and the Democrats will not be able to do any permanent damage like Obamacre. Let them have the Senate, then all bets are off. I will say, however, they are going to have the smallest majority in the House in history. Even with majorities in both, they still might not be able to get court packing and the green new deal and the real crazy shit that would destroy the country through Congress.

    1. This election is ending up so that absolutely no one wins or is happy, and it really settles nothing- how very 2020. Voters basically said that they are kind of tired of drama around Trump himself, but hate the Dems on policy. Even if Dems squeak out an even Senate (with VP tiebreaker), I don’t think they will be able to get much done. EVERYONE knows that the voters don’t really like them, and are just waiting for an excuse to rip the Dems up for election in 2022 a new one. Plus a house that has an extremely narrow majority, with many of those remaining knowing that they are there on the skin of their teeth and if they don’t drop the full on progressive remaking of the US bullshit post haste they WILL be gone. I can’t see things like court packing happening no matter how the final Senate makeup ends up.

      And on the GA Senate races- in a runoff, I can’t see the Rs not dominating. Ds blew their load on this election- they won’t get the turnout, and they won’t be able to cheat, in another one a couple months later. Rs, on the other hand, knowing a D is in the White House will be motivated AF to ensure there is no chance of the Ds getting to ram their agenda through.

      1. That is pretty much how I feel about it. Maybe I am naïve and too much of an optimist, but I think Biden winning this way will end up being for Democrats one of those cases of prayers answered causing more tears than prayers unanswered.

        1. Biden’s win seems like it could turn out to be the definition of a pyrrhic victory for team D. Hell, in a couple centuries they might be calling it a “bidenic victory” instead.

    2. While much of what you say will probably happen and it true, there are major factors you left off.

      First is Census 2020. Based on estimates quite a few Blue states are losing House seats to Red states, like Texas and Georgia. A close House this election might lead to a tiny flip or at least where Representatives can really play for their vote since 1 House vote might make or break a Bill.

      Second is Democrats know what was at stake this election and risked everything or they lost nearly everything. Trump has already set Socialism back by decades. The MSM is hated more than lawyers and politicians. Plus, the GOP is only a few states away from having 2/3 states to hold Article V Constitutional Convention. Good limiting Amendments and a 6-2 conservative (except Roberts) SCOTUS would really stop Lefties from implementing more Socialist policy.

      Third is you are assuming Democrats can be reasoned with or follow the Constitution. It’s war John whether you are ready or not. Democrats are not giving up on using federal government against YOU but they are certainly trying to use culture and crony business against YOU.

      If Trump loses, it could be worse but this Civil War 2.0 is just starting. Remember the American Civil War didn’t start right away. It even started before the 1860 election.

      160 years and another election is probably the catalyst for shooting to start.

      1. Assuming Georgia and Texas stay red….

        With Biden winning, I don’t see much chance for any secession movement to get going. The West Coast may have peeled off if Trump had won. But with Biden winning the Dems are happy for now.

        If Texas had stayed red they may have wanted to leave, and possibly take a few nearby states with them, but at 50-50 red/blue secession will go nowhere. Any secession referendum would probably need at least 60% to be considered legit.

    3. I suspect that mail-in ballots are here to stay, probably with some standardization in postmark, signature verification, and days to receive.

      But the Dems shouldn’t count this election as some huge victory. Minority voters are starting to peel away from their party. Independent voters are still somewhat fiscally conservative (judging from the House/Senate votes). Biden is barely hanging on mentally and will likely not finish his first term, maybe not even the first half of it. Harris is widely despised and their bench is less than impressive.

    4. Another split could occur among Democrats over Hunter Biden’s e-mails and Joe’s corruption.

      Don’t be surprised if/when Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times Wash Post, etc. begin acknowledging and subsequently claiming that Hunter’s laptop and e-mails are proof that Joe is corrupt and must resign so that left winger Harris becomes president.

    5. John, it’s game over.
      You’re wildly optimistic take is pure fantasy.
      2020 was a preview.
      The constitution means nothing anymore.
      Welcome to the New Normal.

  46. Boy for an election where there is zero no none zip indication of any voting irregularities, it sure is weird that apparently 90% of the reason commentariat think skulduggery is afoot. Even Fist, our Primus Pilus, is calling bullshit!

    1. The same people who believed Trump was a Russian agent for four years now claim that voter fraud in Philadelphia and Detroit is just a “conspiracy theory”.

      1. Wisconsin amazingly had 89% turnout, crushing all previous records in state history and the turnout in every other state. Nothing suspicious about that.

        1. Seriously! I would love for a Reason writer to either call that number out as suspicious, or show us why it is an invalid number. AFAIK no one has debunked the 89% WI turnout claim.

          1. The claim will be that because you can vote by mail, the barrier to voting was lower so more people did it.

            Why that phenomenon only occurred to that degree in Wisconsin? Who knows. Definitely not fraud though, we can say for sure it wasn’t fraud.

            1. 3 different fact check sites said 89% was result of using wrong denominator. WI 67% turnout in 2016 was votes divided by voting age population (all elegible voters). WI 89% turnout in 2020 is votes divided by registered voters, which is different.

              I still think many many things stink in this election, but I think I’m retiring the WI 89% turnout claim myself. Unless someone has different information?

              1. That theory makes sense, “eligible voters” and “registered voters” aren’t the same thing. Although I’d argue you’re not really eligible to vote unless you’re registered to do it, but that’s semantics.

                That said, I am curious about what percentage of registered voters typically vote in a Presidential election. 90% still seems high to me because in a lot of places you get registered to vote by checking “yes” when applying for a driver’s license. It’s not that high a barrier and I doubt 90% of those people usually vote, but maybe I’m wrong.

                1. I cant cote because Im using an ipad but check out “early voting numbers” on google. College professor following early voting and provides those numbers.

                  The numbers ypure looking for are closer to 75%.

        2. WI has still not updated its numbers and Trump is 21,000 votes behind Biden.

          Nothing to see there.

      2. Yeah obviously there is no corruption in Detroit. That’s why you can buy abandoned houses there for $10,000 and the city can’t keep the electricity on reliably.

      3. You just described my neighbors.

    2. Can’t stand Trump and didn’t vote for him, but there is more than enough out there to suggest shady goings on. Is it more so than usual or material to the actual final outcome? We’ll never know.

  47. Democrats are likely to take the Senate, and the Presidency.

    The game is over.

    But, at least the posters here still have their principle and I anticipate most of them, the vehement lefties pretending to be libertarians, will never post here again.

    1. They are not taking the Senate.

      1. How so?

        1. They won’t win any runoffs in Georgia.

          1. I don’t know about that.

            Why makes you so confident?

            1. The fact that democrats are not going to turn up in january to vote in a runoff but Republicans and Independents will if it is the only way to keep the Democrats from having total control over the Senate. The fact that they will be the most watched elections in history making fraud more difficult. And since they still haven’t gotten ahead of Trump with the margin he had, they are not going to beat the margin a Republican would have in a runoff even if they could cheat like they are cheating now, which they cant’./

              1. It is happening now.

                Democrats are running the same game, and I think they will win it. Already they are running around with registration drives, etc. in Georgia, and who knows what kind of fuckery is in the works.

                I do not understand Georgia turning blue.

                Can it really be all because of blacks in Atlanta? That does not seem to make sense to me.

                1. Its mail-in ballot fraud.

                  The MSM is covering the count totals percentage to make it appear that the election is almost over now that Biden has a slight lead.

                  Notice they still havent called AK for Trump. The MSM called all the NE states for Biden right when the polls closed.

                  Its a propaganda game to get Trump to concede and Trump voters to give in.

                2. Check out one of the major industries that’s moved a ton of business into Atlanta in the last few years. That industry employs a lot of workers, has a Reserve Bank’s amount of cash, and is bluer than the heart of the ocean.

                3. It Californians and other Lefties who moved to Metro Atlanta because our economy rocks, warm weather, and very Libertarian freedoms.

                  They skewed it toward Blue but all the Congressional districts and Senate lean Republican.

                  Lefties saw a chance to steal elections with willing criminals when Abrams lost the Governor election.

                4. Atlanta, and the fact that voters are fleeing traditionally blue states to move to traditionally red ones but they bring their voting habits with them.

                  Texas was up in the air a lot longer than it usually is. VA is completely blue now, that wasn’t true a decade ago. Arizona might have flipped, if not it’s certainly a lot closer than it has been historically.

                  Trump was right about walls, just not about where to put them. Surrounding blue states would be a lot more productive than walling off Mexico.

            2. Obviously all those libertarian spoiler votes will return to Perdue.

              I’m less confident in Loeffler. She’s a lightweight who bought her seat.

              1. Loeffler is actually decent. She didnt cave to Lefties about Barrett confirmation.

                She also co-ran a cryptocurrency company.

    2. The Libertarian Case for Eating Zoo Animals in a Dictatorship, by ENB.

      1. Dibs on the zebra meat!

        1. *Homer Simpson voice*
          Mmmmm… stripy.

  48. ‘Trump himself gave a speech last night that included allegations of wild—and utterly unsubstantiated—fraud. “This is a case where they’re trying to steal an election. They’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen,” said the president.

    “It was an imagined version of reality,” The New York Times writes, “one in which he was not losing but the victim of a wide-ranging conspiracy stretching across the country in multiple cities, counties and states, involving untold numbers of people all somehow collaborating to steal the election in ways he could not actually explain.”‘

    I would love to see the pieces that the NYT had ready to publish had the vote tallies and trends gone the other way.

  49. Republicans had massive unexpected gains at every level on every state, including PA, MI, WI, and GA, but the president himself somehow loses.

    Totally believable.

    1. B-b-but we’re going to have a divided government !! No one will ever get anything done now. BeSt cAsE sCeNaRiO

    2. There are a lot of Republicans who don’t like Trump.

      It shouldn’t be hard to imaging 2% of them splitting their ticket.

      Whereas, I find it hard to believe someone would vote Dem Senate but Trump Pres.

      1. You’re citation fell off.

        Furthermore LP votes went WAY down around the USA. Voters who voted for some kind of Libertarianism voted for Democrat Party Socialism?

        I voted for GayJay in 2016 and Trump in 2020.

        Its clearly mail-in ballots being easier to send in by those not the intended recipient. Before Democrats had to create ballots. Now they just get ones not filled out and they are “official” for Biden.

        1. Voted for Gary J. in 2016? I’m going to have to call bullshit.

  50. Didn’t read the comments, but I’m assuming they are filled with delicious republican tears. Yum yum.

    1. Thanks for being honest and admitting you support election fraud and are just the piece of shit leftist everyone said you were.

      We appreciate that.

    2. You guys have a long way to go before any Trump tear level every gets to Lefties and unreason staffer when Trump beating Hillary.

      Add in GOP gaining House seats and US Senate seats has already caused Democrat crying.

      Then when Trump vs. Biden goes for Trump and all those mail-in ballots are tossed. Tears from the Left.

    3. Fucking traitor. Libertarian scum.

      A sane and civilized world would have thrown you in prison by now.

    4. Amy Coney Barrett.

  51. Trump is done, it’s time to accept it and stop embarrassing yourselves.

    If Cocaine Mitch can hold on to his majority everything is fine. A red wave will come at the midterms.

    1. Hope trump takes Hillary’s advice and never conceids

    2. Its fun to save all these comments so we can compare to later events that don’t go Democrat’s way.

    3. Libertarians……. the dunce hat wearing political tribe.

      Useful idiots for the Marxists.


    “Donald Trump’s political career began with the racist birther lie. It may very well end with a Black woman in the White House.”

  53. “Facebook on Thursday banned a large group called “Stop the Steal” that supporters of President Donald Trump were using to organize protests against the presidential vote count. Some members had called for violence, while many falsely claimed that Democrats are “stealing” the election from Republicans.

    Though the group amassed more than 350,000 members before Facebook took it down, it was just one of several smaller groups that popped up as vote counting extended for days in several battleground states.”

    —-Associated Press

    If they stayed up all night trying to think of new ways to make average Americans hate them, the social media companies couldn’t have come with anything better than censoring speech about a stolen election.

    If Trump ends up winning in a recount, no one will be able to protect the social media companies from the wrath of Republican voters.

    Even if Trump ends up losing, you are seriously pissing off half the American people–and contributing to the delegitimization of the upcoming Biden administration.

    1. P.S. Can’t help but wonder if the alleged “calls for violence” were references to woodchippers.

      We know how that works. Preet Bahara certainly isn’t the only shithead in the world that calls speech he does’t like “violence”.

    2. Is there a recount in Pennsylvania? If not, then I do not see what the possible recourse is.

      How would they even challenge any unverified, undated ballots?

      1. Biden is up by about 7,000 votes in Pennsylvania, with 98% reporting.

        They can’t have a recount until they’re finished the first count.

        1. I get that.

          But how do you challenge mail-in ballots that have been mixed in and counted without dates, or unverified signatures? Is the presumption that they are valid?

          1. You don’t. PA either revotes totally (sorry about the lack of months of mail in ballots this time) or PA broke its own laws, rigged an election, and did so with total impunity.

            1. So, if PA law allows the fuckery, and SCOTUS refused already to take it up, is there another path up the ladder?

              1. Not legally. Geiger. That happens when your state institutions are irrevocably corrupted.

                Hell of a choice, isn’t it?

              2. SCOTUS didnt refuse to take the case. it was a 4-4 tie for taking the case. That sets ZERO precedent for rehearing the matter.

                res judicata only applies when the matter has been heard as in given Due Process.

                The courts wanted the voting to be finished before hearing cases, so we need to wait for counting to end.

          2. Toss all mail-in ballots as violating Article I, section 4 that requires state legislatures change election rules.

            Any state where the state legislature that didnt okay mail-in ballots should have all mail-in ballots tossed.

            Watch Democrats shit themselves.

            If we don’t fight this fraud now, we might as well all get in the cattle cars. Biden’s International Socialist Party needs slaves quick.

            1. but the court of public opinion won’t stand for tossing out actual votes by actual voters who voted in good faith, simply because the governor change the rules unilaterally.

              and there won’t be any way to toss out the invalid votes now, since they’re mixed.

              1. The court of public opinion doesn’t matter anymore.
                Power and force, that is all.
                Bloodshed or bust

  54. New Lawsuit Alleges Pennsylvania Democrats Broke Election Laws

    In the latest of several lawsuits against Pennsylvania election officials, Republicans say deputy elections secretary Jonathan Marks violated state code by notifying Democrat Party representatives of ballots that were rejected before the polls closed.

    In a process called “curing” ballots, officials note which ballots are set to be rejected and reach out to the voter to allow him to cast a new provisional ballot. Election officials in Pennsylvania allegedly told Democrat operatives the names and contact information of voters whose ballots were rejected before the end of Election Day, which Republicans say violates state election laws.

    Pennsylvania code mandates that “No person observing, attending or participating in a pre-canvass meeting may disclose the results of any portion of any pre-canvass meeting prior to the close of the polls.” Pre-canvassing is the process of opening and counting votes before reporting them.

    1. Eight other Pennsylvania counties refused to follow Marks’ instructions since they violated election code, the lawsuit adds. It also quotes the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s acknowledgment that “unlike in-person voters, mail-in or absentee voters are not provided any opportunity to cure perceived [ballot] defects in a timely manner.” The court made the statement in its recent decision forbidding election officials from rejecting ballots based on the voter’s signature.

      In another decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court forced election officials to accept mail-in ballots through the Friday after Election Day, even if there is no proof they were postmarked on time. The case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which split 4-4 on granting a stay in early October, before Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. But the court could still consider the issue anew in a post-Election Day decision.

      Pennsylvania election officials were also telling the Biden campaign privately on Wednesday that they expected Biden to win by a margin of 100,000 to 200,000 votes.

      1. Pennsylvania election officials were also telling the Biden campaign privately on Wednesday that they expected Biden to win by a margin of 100,000 to 200,000 votes.

        how could they have known that?

        1. The same reason that MSM outlets gave Biden a Georgia “leans” Democrat when Biden was only 1,600 votes ahead. Ballot counters are holding GOP strong areas until last to give the appearance of Biden winning so trump would concede.

          The MSM hasn’t called Biden the winner because they know it aint the case.

          Plus, the common denominator for being 10k-50k votes ahead are mail-in ballots. if those get thrown out, Trump wins a bunch more states.

          Lefties are trying to miss bad ballots with good ballots.

          1. They are also claiming counting is 100% complete but still counting tens of thousands of ballots.

  55. complicit. j’accuse.

    1. Not sure what kinda commie language that is, but my gut tells me I don’t like it.

  56. ‘American Hustle’: Party Insiders Tell The True Story Of How Philadelphia Elections Work

    “You couldn’t wire tap this,” they explained. “There’s no phone call, no deal—it’s a system he bought into years ago.”

    And that’s just judges, insiders say. The “machine,” one explained, is less a machine than it is “a living organism—it doesn’t need a handshake or a phone call to know how to breathe.” Each part does its job, often in tandem but rarely with any communication or even necessarily a friendly relationship, and when things go right, people stay employed and the money keeps flowing.

  57. So the con man that most commenters here love last night blamed “big media, big money, big tech.”

    Big media being I guess the number 1 cable news network.

    But I look forward to all the commenters here correcting this fascist that ever since Citizens United big money is nothing more than big speech. Right phony libertarians? You loved it back in the day.

    And as far as big tech, heck, without anything specific outlined by this man-child, it’s just business voicing their preferences, and as we all know, libertarians believe businesses are people. They certainly feel that way about oil.

    So have at it phonies…correct this idiot! There’s your cue, whiners!


    1. So you’re saying he was correct?


    Isn’t it crazy how Ohio and Florida, the states with rigid measures to counter Absentee Ballot fraud after their problems in 2004 and 2000… are ALSO the ones Trump won by a massive margin, and no magic 4am ballots emerged to overturn his lead?
    Loony, right?

  59. Gridlock, maybe. That is assuming the corrupt lying democrat machine doesn’t add more ballots to senate races and tip the balance. Not to mention there are at least 3 rino sentators who clearly wish to be democrats. I would expect with the sociopath Harris as the deciding vote the corrupt lying democrats will get their wish. Assuming republicans take the majority that leaves exactly McConnell as the decider which legislation makes the floor – and I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if the rinos get rid of him as majority leader.

    1. I would. McConnell is a survivor, and not prone to meaningless fanatical last stands. If indeed he does go scorched earth for the next two years—and somehow manages to not lose his razor thin majority—who here thinks the pressure won’t get overwhelming on the Courts to somehow cabin the plain language of “advise and consent?”

      Something will be done, some compromise will happen. Or the Republicans could always have another softball practice go awry, and yes, the stakes are that high.

      1. McConnell is retiring someday soon. Evidently withing the next 6 years.

  60. Among all the court results and other smoke and mirrors, one cold hard fact remains. Not a single arrest has been made for any crimes related to the election.
    All the shenanigans will result in the same harsh punishment given Lois Lerner (remember her?) and Hillary.
    The rule of laws, equally applied, is dead.


    Nope. You’re being deliberately dishonest.

    Someone 20 ft away—forced to use binoculars—is not an “observer” under the law. Not if they can’t see what ballot counters are actually doing.

    Since most Dems will just believe your rhetoric—despite the facts—READ the court ruling:

  62. The comments are coming down with a bad case of the new strain of TDS.

    1. You called it!

  63. > Plus: Republicans denounce Trump fraud allegations

    OMG! OMG! The Republicans are teamed up with the socialist Democrats to STEAL THE ELECTION FROM THE GOLDEN ONE! Aaargh!!!

    Or maybe some Republicans realize that they actually need a party after Trump.

    1. Vote fraud in Philadelphia is just a conspiracy theory. That is almost as bad as saying it happens in Chicago.

      1. You’re gonna need more than racist dog whistles to prove a crime John.

        1. And I suppose you’re the racist dog here?

          1. Stop the count! Keep counting!

  64. “Conspiracy theory” is the new “racist”.

    It used to be that if you opposed anything Barack Obama wanted to do–including bail out Wall Street–it was because you were a racist.

    Opposing affirmative action, not supporting the Paris Accords, wanting to cut Medicaid, and supporting a border wall was also racist, racist, racist, and racist, respectively.

    Nowadays, if you question whether Joe Biden is a crook, you’re a conspiracy theorist. If you question whether we should sacrifice our standard of living on the altar of climate change, you’re also a conspiracy theorist.

    If you’re not entirely confident that votes are being counted in an fair and objective manner, well, you might be a racist, but you’re also a conspiracy theorist!

    And when the antitrust cases against Facebook and Google go to a consent decree, you can be sure that “making” them agree to block conspiracy theories will be high on the list of things the Biden administration wants in that consent decree.

    To some of you, that probably makes me a conspiracy theorist.

    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Just wait Ken, until it becomes hate speech.

      1. That’s just a conspiracy theory!

    2. I hate saying this, but I doubt there’s a degree of fraud here that’s significantly higher then other elections.

      You guys are running around crying about election fraud and vote counting shenanigans while failing to realize these are features, not bugs.

      There’s no such thing as “fairness” in the real world. The only thing that matters is who prevails, not how. Seeing as how democracy is corrosive to civilization, I’m not really surprised by the results we’re seeing here.

      1. 65 million ballots were cast without being at the polls in person. Almost 34 million voters voted early in person.

        We already have a problem with election fraud with nearly all in-person voting.

        Add in very susceptible mail-in voting for people on some list who get a ballot.

        1. All very true, but irrelevant. Majorities don’t like Trump. Majorities have been corrupted by lefty lies and manipulations.

          So again, I have a difficult time seeing how they need to rig a process that’s designed to give them power anyway.

          1. Mail-in ballots are the scam that different.

            In-person voting is harder for Democrats to commit election fraud.

            Its why Kungflu was tied to sending everyone on some list a ballot in many states.

            Democrats couldnt beat Trump without it. Democrats cant even beat Trump with it.

            1. You are severely overestimating an electorate that’s filled to the brim with traitors, Marxists, perverts, foreign savages, criminals and drug addicts.

              Trust me, the electorate is very well saturated with the kind of people who should not have voting power if civilization is to survive. The Democrats have no need to cheat a system that’s designed, however unintentionally, to give them power.

              1. I understand there a bunch of idiots, traitors, marxists, etc who hate America or are too dumb to understand the Democrat party is the party of slavery, the KKK, and segregation.

                1. They have been kept at bay with the EC. The founders never expected Americans to allow massive election fraud.

                  1. No, the EC has not kept them at bay. That flies completely in the face of Obama’s election and reelection. The problem isn’t election fraud: that’s a feature, not a bug. The problem is classical liberalism, and trying to run a society on classical liberal lines in a world where Marxism is a Thing. You can’t do it.

                    This is why I’m on the camp of thinkers that is urging anyone who considers themselves an enemy of the left to reevaluate our relationship with classical liberalism. As libertarianism is the only truly honestly classical liberal belief system left, I’m inclined to believe it’s the main thing holding back the anti-Marxist movement.

  65. Georgia just announced that they will have a recount!

    With 99% reporting, It’s currently:

    49.40% for Biden
    49.37% for Trump

    There are only 1,500 votes separating them.

    The last batch of voters to be counted might even be the military.

    The conspiracy theorist in me would say, “Of course they want to recount–because Trump won on the last 1% of the count!”

    Realistically, they should have a recount when it’s that close.

    1. Recounting absolutely makes sense when the tally is that close.

    2. Again, how do they identify bogus mail-in ballots? How is this even done?

      1. One way is to contact everyone listed as having cast a mail in ballot, and asking them if they actually did.

        The problem is, the last time I heard of somebody trying that, the courts shut it down as “voter intimidation”, and even if they tell you they didn’t vote, what’s the remedy? I don’t think we’re going to see a new Presidential election called.

        1. Trump will win Georgia because we dont have mail-in ballots, we have absentee ballots and they were only returned at 74%. Recounting the ballots will get a bunch tossed and that will disintegrate the Democrats 1,600 lead.

          Plus, there are thousands of military absentee ballots counted last and they tend to go Republican.

          1. How many remain to be counted?

            1. Beats me. The media wont give an accurate number or the vote counters in Atlanta wont give good numbers. Supposedly there were some 6,000 military absentee ballots, which gives Trump the win.

              Even with Democrats trying to delay time between counts completed and EC certifications, we have plenty of time to have ballots counted and contest election fraud.

        2. I don’t think it will come down so much to contacting everyone as to isolating and analyzing for validity:

          1. Ballots that cannot be shown to have been postmarked on or before election day.

          2. Ballots where signatures cannot be verified.

          3. Ballots signed by people not on voter rolls (including the dead)

          4. Duplicate ballots.

          Am I missing any categories? It is quite conceivable is such illegal ballots are tossed, the election may swing yet.

          1. Mail-in ballots not authorized by state legislatures can be tossed for violating Article I, Section 4.

            Many Blue state governors wanted mail-in ballots and never got state legislature authorization. If this is the case, toss those. Republican AND Democrat.

      2. The courts will just have to step in and toss millions of mail-in ballots.

        The Lefty ballot counters tried to mix bad ballots into good ballots.

        Georgia went electronic with paper ballots printout that you put into a lock box. During recount, you need to completely depend on the machines but have paper backups.

        Georgia only had 1,318,392 absentee ballots returned at 74% return rate. The rest were in person voting.
        Georgia Early Voting Statistics

        Georgia does not have mail-in ballots sent to everyone. You had to request an absentee ballot within 180 days of election day.

      3. Remember the hanging chad controversy?

        Some people return ballots and fail to sign them.

        Some of them will be filled out incorrectly for other reasons.

        Maybe that’s 1% of the ballots.

        1% of the ballots being excluded may be more than enough to overturn four states–and the mail in ballots are disproportionately pro-Biden.

        1. In 2016, Trump won:
          WI by only 23,00 votes.
          MI by 11,000 votes.
          PA by 44,000 votes.

          Trump only lost certain states:
          NV by 27,000 votes.
          NM by 66,000 votes.
          MN by 44,000 votes.
          NH by 2,800 votes.
          ME by 2,200 votes.

  66. So when do we start looting the Target? I’ve got Christmas shopping to get done.

  67. “The last batch of voters to be counted might even be the military.”

    The group that Trump called suckers? Be kind of ironic if they slammed the door shut.

    1. Your forgot that he also called them losers, and then took a shit on their graves.

  68. “It was an imagined version of reality,” The New York Times writes, “one in which he was not losing but the victim of a wide-ranging conspiracy stretching across the country in multiple cities, counties and states, involving untold numbers of people all somehow collaborating to steal the election in ways he could not actually explain.”

    I don’t know whether to laugh or vomit.

    Fucking NYT, how many breathless articles did they write about the Russian conspiracy? and “An imagined reality” should be their slogan, because it describes everything they write.

    1. It’s possible that they genuinely believe the shit they say, but that might be worse.

      I’m sure lefty journalists have no idea how shot their credibility is. They imagine themselves to be credible and authoritative.

      They’re delusional.

    2. I think there is an important difference between a Russian disinformation campaign, and Russian manipulation of actual ballots.

  69. I am concerned that at least district had a 100% for Biden (one of the late night drops). What are the odds of these medium sized districts doing that…

  70. We have had divided government for the last 2 years and it has not been as bad as the divided nation the President gave us. Let’s talk about what we will have:
    – Senator McConnel and President Biden will talk cordially. They will disagree but in an appropriate manner. I suspect both will search out some ways to agree while maintaining their separate powers.
    – State Governors of either party will be able to contact the president to discuss problems and concerns. President Biden will treat each Governor with respect their office warrants.
    – President Biden will be cordial to the press. He will disagree with them, every President does, but he will answer their question when he can and decline to when he can not. No name calling.
    – President Biden will treat leaders of other countries with respect. He will address US concern with them regardless of whether he has a hotel or other financial interests in their country.
    – There will be days that go by when we hear little from the White House. President Biden will do his work with little fan fare.
    – I suspect there is more but I can not think of it now.

    1. As much as there has been talk about violence and strife, I know several Trump supporters and here’s what they’ve been up to:
      – My relative who is a cop is down in Mexico scuba diving.
      – My next-door neighbor with the Trump signs in his yard, who is a retired cop, and I were discussing Halloween and Christmas lawn decorations yesterday. This afternoon, his daughter is probably going to come by to see if my daughter can play.
      – A deeply religious family of Trump supporters we know was right behind us on the drive home from school yesterday, and our kids were making funny faces at each other.

      1. Hopefully they’ll put a few bullets in your gut and laugh while they watch you bleed out

        1. Could happen. Higher probability of having a beer together.

          1. I wonder if all of us commenting here will ever get together, talk and laugh at each other over some cold brewskis? I wonder.

    2. I am hoping there is a Republican senate, so that Biden (or Harris’) spending plans are checked.

    3. Look at Lefties think Trump supporters will take an election fraud lying down.

      Keep thinking that.

  71. So people who enjoyed the Trump presidency, not because he actually achieved anything but letting a fucking pandemic get totally out of control and crash the economy, but because he made liberals cry, are actually surprised he’s losing reelection.

    You’re right, the tears of my enemies do taste so salty and so sweet. All the more so when they’re the tears of people who have been absolute cunts for four years about how governing the biggest economy in the world is all about hurting people you don’t like instead of accomplishing anything. Fuck you redneck dregs of humanity. How many hundreds of thousands of people do you have to kill before it dawns on you that a majority of Americans have not wanted a Republican president for 30 years?

    1. jeebus dude go watch some Tom & Jerry or something

    2. So after reading this anal excretion, who in their right mind still believes in the virtues of free speech?

      1. Raises hand. Total fan of free speech, although I would not point to Tony’s comment as a good example.

        1. This is why libertarians have failed to make any sort of impact in politics whatsoever. It’s weakness.

          The fact that you support the right of “people” to spread garbage like this shows that you don’t have the stomach, the will, or the brain cells to do anything of meaningful benefit to the cause of civilization.

          Wishy washy nonsense.

      2. Last night the president behaved like an African tinpot dictator. This country exists to prevent that sort of thing. Stop trying to steal my country and my rights, and stop killing hundreds of thousands of people through sheer childish stupidity and tantrum throwing, and I’ll consider giving up my speech. Oh wait, no I won’t.

        1. An African tinpot dictator would be preferable to the clique of Marxists that are poised to take the White House.

          You don’t own this country. It can’t be stolen if it doesn’t belong to you. This country was not founded by people like you, it was never intended to belong to people like you.

          Fuck off and die, treasonous coward.

          1. It was founded by slave owning elitists who were nevertheless, without question, the progressives of their era. The atheists of their era. In fact, all this Western Civilization you no doubt so euphemistically champion is, if nothing else, a progressive project.

            Maybe it’ll ease your mind to know that there are no actual communists anywhere in public office in the United States. That’s a slander you’ve chosen to get your own panties in a twist about. We’re all capitalists. Some of us are just better capitalists than others. How many times do Republicans have to wreck the global economy before that sinks in?

            1. I think it’s adorable that you said all that. I think it’s even more adorable that you actually believe it.

              1. I don’t find it interesting at all that you believe what you do, just sad.

                1. Good. The more tears from you and people like you, the better off the rest of us will be.

            2. The Great Depression – Full Democratic Government
              The Recession – Full Democratic Government

              WHO CRASHES the economy again????

              The U.S. Constitution ENDED slavery; it didn’t START it.

              You’re are so freak-en stupid!

              1. We got a regular Ken Burns over here.

                1. Ken burns is a hack.

                  Hes been caught multiple times lying in his “documentaries”. They are political opinions with pictures and newsreals.

          2. ^Exactly; For Tony if it’s not turning Marxist it isn’t “accomplishing anything”…

        2. I don’t think he’s acting like a tinpot dictator. He’s acting more like a four year old.

          1. That’s how they act. I think it’s easy to forget that tinpot tyranny often goes hand in hand with stupidity and emotional immaturity. The idea that the Nazis were geniuses is a myth. They were morons, and Hitler was a drug-addled nut job.

            1. An the Nazis are Socialists, so that explains why you guys are so dumb.

              1. Umm, lc1789, the “Nazis were socialists” argument is typically made in response to someone actually arguing or implying that the Nazis weren’t socialists. Nobody did that.

                All Tony did was say (a) Nazis were tyrannical and (b) they were not geniuses. Do you disagree with either of those two assertions?

                1. So you admit that Nazis were socialists?

                  Ot was a Tony attempt to act like Nazis are right wing. Weve seen his lies before.

        3. An African tinpot dictator?

          First of all: RAAAAACISSSSST!!!!!!!!!!

          Second: Did I miss the proclamation of martial law, the arrest of Democratic politicians, and the imposition of press and media censorship?

        4. What “behavior” would that be? Who did he imprison or summarily execute?

  72. If we’re not headed for gridlock, this was probably the last meaningful election in America for some time to come. Four years from now will make this election look clean.

  73. “We have no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, but the seriousness of the allegations, and the weight of circumstantial information, compel an effort to establish the facts.”

    *the* standard … 30 years now.

    1. Traitor.

      1. It’s not you who are crazy, it’s the left and right and the media and Democrats and libertarians and Jeff your talking cat.

        1. Yep, you got me, I’m crazy. I believe crazy things like, drugs are bad for you, perverted sex is no way to start a family, corporations will always choose profit over the national interest, that treason is bad, Marxism is bad, and America is the greatest country in the world (or would be, if people stop overvaluing freedom and liberty).

          But sure, I’m the crazy one. Go find a poophole to stick your junk in. I’m sure that gives you far more pleasure then trying to get under my skin.

          1. You should try perverted sex just for the fun of it. Might loosen you up. Imagine only fucking when you expect to pop out a child as a result. Who needs that kind of stress?

            1. Ah yes, if it’s fun and doesn’t result in a child, it can’t possibly have socially deleterious consequences at all.

              We should all just fuck who and what we want. What could possible go wrong?

              1. That’s pretty much how it’s been since the dawn of sexual reproduction dude.

                1. Right. The idea that people should confine their fucking to a spouse, so that any children that should happen to show up as a result would have two parents bound to each other and sharing response ability for the child, is something invented in the recent past. (And jettisoned in the even more recent past.)

                2. Wow, I had no idea there were never any rules about who you could marry or have sex with! I guess age of consent laws, the institution of marriage, laws against prostitution, why, those things never really happened! Thanks, Tony, for illuminating how humanity only exists for sensual gratification and for no other purpose!

                  Who needs civilization when we can just play with our dicks and make ourselves feel good, am I right?

    2. See, Brett’s comment way upthread, where the GOP establishment is taking this chance to rid themselves of this meddlesome populist. IOW, not surprising that National Review is pleased about the proceedings.

      1. I know. Populism is so awesome.

        Well, except for lefty populism, of course. Totally different thing.

  74. When I voted on Tuesday (in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA), we were given paper ballots (even though AC had been using touch screen voting machines for the past decade).

    In fine print, the ballot stated that it was illegal for anyone who already completed and sent in a mail-in ballot to vote a second time.

    But I’m not aware (and I suspect that many Democrats aren’t aware) of any enforcement of that law by county or PA election officials, whereby names and addresses of those who voted by mail are compared with those who cast votes on election day to vote in person (to ensure that nobody votes twice).

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if hundreds of thousands of PA voters
    who voted by mail also cast votes in person on election day.

    1. When I asked the County employed election staffer how the county or state would be able to find out if people voted twice (i.e. by mail and then in person), they refused to answer my question.

      It appears that the only way the law (prohibiting voting twice) can and has been enforced is if someone reports a violation to the election officials (and then they can check to verify).

      But since its very unlikely that anybody who votes twice is going to tell others (which could result in a criminal conviction), the mail in ballots appear to have encouraged lots of Democrats to vote twice.

      Perhaps that’s why Gov Wolf and Democrat controlled counties in PA spent millions of taxpayer dollars encouraging mail in voting for the past six months (as they also did it in the June 2 primary).

      1. Since almost all of the documented cases of voter fraud this year were Republicans, I’m sure it comes out in the wash.

        1. Citations fell off.


      “The change from electronic machines, in place since 2006, includes an additional $6.6 million for software, updates and training. Many security experts consider paper ballots to be more secure because they create a paper trail and voters don’t have to rely on a computer to accurately reflect their votes.”


      “Is my mail-in or absentee ballot date and time stamped when it is received by Elections?

      “A person’s mail-in or absentee ballot has a declaration envelope with it that must be completed, dated, signed and returned with the ballot in it in order for the vote to be counted. That envelope has a bar code on it that is associated with the voter. When the voted ballot is received, that bar code is scanned and the system immediately updated to reflect that the ballot has been returned.

      “If there is no bar code on the envelope, elections staff will manually pull the voter’s record and enter the ballot as being received.”

  75. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state may finally legalize marijuana this year because “the state is going to be desperate for funding.”

    This is one of the more interesting claims of the legalization argument that hasn’t really held water. In Colorado, the revenues collected from pot, even in passing $1 billion last year, haven’t been enough to keep up with the demands for services from the thousands of potheads and tech goons that migrated to the state in the last ten years, to say nothing of the needs of the people who were already living there, and the Front Range is now grappling with pretty significant homeless problem that’s going to resemble Seattle’s before too long because the cost of living has absolutely skyrocketed during that time (even homes way out in the High Plains area around Bennett and Strasburg are going for $300-400K now, in communities where the median income is about $65K).

    While pot does provide another revenue source, anyone expecting it to be this huge windfall that will close the revenue gap you need to pay for government administration, is likely to be disappointed.

    1. I cannot understand for the goddamn life of me why this magazine and the commentators here like pot so much.

      1. Have you ever tried it? It’s pretty great.

        Also, whether or not you personally enjoy something shouldn’t matter when considering whether it ought to be legal or not. You don’t have to like pot to understand that criminalizing someone for smoking it in their own home is a stupid idea.

        1. Yeah, I’ve tried it. No, it isn’t.

        2. Because whole swaths of the population getting high on reefer can’t possibly have any negative effects, can it?

          Pot affects brain cells. That is a fact. There’s a very strong likelihood that it has permanent effects on IQ. All you get by legalizing and decriminalizing pot is an increasingly unintelligent and unmotivated IQ.

          The left *loves* pot. It’s a plant practically designed to turn a normal person into a lazy, low IQ left wing voter.

          1. Then do not use it. I cannot even if I wanted to because of my job.

            From the LP website.

            “Libertarians believe that the War on Drugs is ineffective, unfair, and immoral. We advocate ending it.

            The War on Drugs is ineffective at limiting access to dangerous drugs and, instead, empowers dangerous gangs that make incredible fortunes on the black market for these illegal drugs.

            The War on Drugs has imprisoned millions of non-violent people. This is unfair to these people and also uses up resources that would be better spent prosecuting and imprisoning people who are violent.

            The War on Drugs is largely responsible for the militarization of police forces in America. It has pitted police against citizens and this is unfair to both. Police need to be able to focus on protecting the American public from violent offenders and fraud.

            Lastly, Libertarians believe that it is immoral for the government to dictate which substances a person is permitted to consume, whether it is alcohol, tobacco, herbal remedies, saturated fat, marijuana, etc. These decisions belong to individual people, not the government.

            Because of all of these things, Libertarians advocate ending the War on Drugs.”

      2. hit it. or stop trying to.

    2. They have to understand that you can only tax it so much. Pretty much everyone who wants pot has a black market source for it, they have to compete with that. Professionals will pay a small premium to keep it all legit, but if taxes make it 2x as expensive they’ll just keep getting it from the dude they’ve gotten it from for years.

      Pot is not going to fill the hole in the budget that NY’s pension program created. It might let them kick the can down the road for a few more years, but those chickens are coming home to roost regardless of how high they get in the meantime.

  76. After four straight years of Russia, Russia, Russia, *now* the never-Trumpers are twisting their pearls about baseless charges? Give me a fucking break.

    1. The democrat election fraud of 2020 is falling apart.

      I suspected that the plan was to concomce trump to concede and not challenge the counts. Ooops.

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