Jo Jorgensen

Maybe Jo Jorgensen Finishing With 1% Would Actually Be Pretty Good?

Regardless of Tuesday's final tally, Libertarians have cemented themselves as the third party in the United States.


As dawn broke on the final day of voting in election 2020, Libertarian Party (L.P.) presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen was polling nationally at around 1.8 percent, and above the margin between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in five states: Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Iowa, and (in scant polling) Alaska.

That's a far cry from 2016 Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson's last pre-election polling average of 4.8 percent, or even the former New Mexico governor's disappointing-to-many final tally of 3.28 percent.

"Beating Gary's last numbers would be success," Jorgensen told Reason's Eric Boehm one month ago, while also complaining about not being included in nearly as many polls this cycle. "I'm hoping to beat his second run. But, you know, put it this way: I will consider it not a success if I don't at least his beat his numbers from his first run."

Johnson's 2012 exertions won him 0.99 percent of the national vote, or just a hair under the L.P.'s then-record haul of 1.06 percent in 1980, in a ticket headed by Ed Clark and financed by deep-pocketed vice presidential nominee David Koch (yes, that one). So what Jorgensen is saying that anything below 1 percent would be a disappointment.

Certainly, many Libertarians would consider even a 1.1 percent showing—just one-third of 2016!—to be a bummer, while many two-party voters (including not a small number of self-described small-l libertarians) would use it as an opportunity for ridicule, or at least critique of how the party always seems to squander its opportunities. Democrats and Republicans aren't even talking about reducing government and expanding freedom anymore, in a country where those issues have resonated historically, and all you got was this lousy one percent?

But as the clock ticks toward the first poll-closings at 7 p.m. eastern, I would suggest at least entertaining another interpretation. Maybe 1.1 percent in this third-party-unfriendly environment would be an accomplishment, cementing the L.P.'s transformation over the past decade from a mostly non-podium performer that couldn't win over even half of a percent of the electorate from 1984–2008, to the third party in the United States. (Yes, yes, insert "tallest dwarf" joke here.)

Consider: As of late October (per the indispensable Richard Winger), in the 32 states that register voters by party, there were 47.1 million Democrats, 35 million Republicans, and 33.7 independents. Libertarians, while a distant third at 652,000, towered above Greens (240,000), the Constitution Party (130,000), the New York–based Working Families (50,000), and the desiccated husk of Ross Perot's Reform Party (9,000).

Jorgensen, with a fraction of the name recognition of 2008 Libertarian nominee Bob Barr (then an ex-GOP congressman who made his name in the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton), is polling ahead of all third-party and independent presidential candidates in every state except New York (where, after just two polls, she trailed independent Brock Pierce and Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins). This on the heels of Gary Johnson beating all third-party comers in all 50 states.

Barr, on the other hand, finished with just 0.4 percent of the vote, behind the 0.56 percent of four-time independent candidate Ralph Nader, who Barr beat in just six states.

When Jorgensen, the party's vice presidential nominee in 1996 (Harry Browne won just 0.5 percent of the vote that year, behind both Nader and Perot), finishes in third place tonight, that will mark the third consecutive presidential bronze medal for the L.P.—something no political party has pulled off since the Socialists between 1916–1932.

Put another way, of all voters who selected neither a Democrat nor a Republican for president, 57 percent of them chose a Libertarian in both 2012 and 2016, the party's highest-ever such share, topping Ron Paul's 48 percent in 1988. Polling suggests that Jorgensen is likely to repeat that performance, even with such luminaries as Kanye West on some ballots. The dominant alternative to the political status quo is called "Libertarian."

And contrary to a common critique, it's not just about presidential elections. The party has more than 200 elected officials, mostly in state and local positions, though since April their ranks have included for the first time a sitting (if lame-duck) member of Congress, Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.). Elected Libertarians do useful stuff, like pass occupational licensing reform, remove ancient prohibitions from the books, and reform public-sector pensions.

That sound you hear is aggressive eye rolling from Democratic and Republican voters, who are busy battling the most important election in the history of mankind, and have no patience left for political LARPers. And fair enough—marginal blocs will always be treated marginally, at least until we're needed to help push through the types of libertarian reforms that major-party politicians talk about but rarely accomplish: ending the drug war, bringing the troops home, reducing the size of government, protecting free speech, even helping improve infrastructure.

But the more that libertarians retain their own discrete political identity, rather than latching on like barnacles to the rusty tankers of the two major parties, the more likely that their affections will be solicited, rather than taken for granted. President Donald Trump is out there stressing anti-war themes to 2016 Johnson voters, and that's not a bad outcome at all (if inferior to actually ending our Forever Wars).

The past week has featured many semi-prominent libertarian media personalities ripping each other's faces off (rhetorically) in advance of the election. It will ever be thus—have you met libertarians? There is a powerful lure to be part of something that could be, if you squint at it just right, characterized as winning. It would be pretty to think that this Republican or that Democrat is gonna really do the libertarian things just as soon as he/she wins the next election.

In the face of those temptations, and the motivating negative polarization of seeing awful politicians and ideologies in or near power, it's a wonder there's much of any third-party juice left four years after a bitterly divided election. If in this context, a relative no-name candidate produces the party's second-best-ever result, while beating all other third partiers in all 50 states, I'd call that an accomplishment.

Who knows if and when our 19th century political groupings will transmogrify into something new, or even perhaps stumble off into the sunset. When that day nears, people will be looking anew toward the next available alternative. Right now, for better and for worse, warts—so many warts!—and all, that alternative is called "Libertarian." And will be on Wednesday, too.

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    1. No matter who wins the elections tonight, I, Jason A, finally made a first post. I’d like to thank God for the dumb luck of catching a post late in the day.

      Seriously Fist, you must live in some weird dimension where Vox Light articles come directly to you 10 minutes before everybody else. I hate you and envy you at the same time.

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      2. Reason roundup posts at 9:30 on average.
        Fist knows

    2. Yes, you’re first. And ironically, you point out the only real “victory” that counts. Celebrating 1% is just embarrassing, and in no other place on the planet is this considered a political victory. The only way that libertarians can declare a Party victory here isn’t to be measuring this pitiful time against last/other pitiful times is to realize that the party itself is dead, should be buried, and perhaps try create something new. Hell, the very fact that their best candidate is someone whose best [sad as that was] accomplishment was a quarter century ago plus some guy named Spike, should have been enough for everyone to finally pack up the tents and go home. But never fear y’all – – I’m sure the same folks will be back next time, likely with someone worse and the same complaints of entitlement to be paid attention to by the Rs and Ds.

      1. Ouch, so true it hurts, but what is the other choice?

        1. Ric Flair.

      2. How can you be proud of a 1% vote total when the previous election you had 2 – 3x that.

      3. The LP: 50 years of utter failure

        1. SOMEBODY get the poor mystical conservative some of Dr Trump’s Butthurt Salve on aisle 3. Our Roe v Wade plank of 1972 is still the curse of Wallace-Nixon Comstock Dixiecrats since the Suprema Corte copied it a month after the electoral votes were counted. Poooor BAYBEEEEZ! You gene pool rejects have my pity.

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  1. Heck, Matt, you might even do better if writers here actually encouraged libertarians to vote, rather than watch the game (Mangu-Ward).

    1. Most of their own staff didn’t vote for Jo.

  2. Finishing with 1% against the worst 2 candidates of ALL time, yeah, that’s a victory. Vox Light – YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!

    The strategy here isn’t hard.

    1. You nominate a candidate that isn’t “anti-racist”
    2. You nominate a VP candidate that is at least CLAIMS to be a Libertarian
    3. Libertarian magazines/website actually promote THEIR candidate. Not pull an ENB and ignore the candidate completely until the candidate agrees to an active interview.
    4. When not invited to the debates, you buy commercial time during the debate. This one is easy. You introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Libertarian candidate X. I’m not a retarded, senile old guy. Here is what I stand for…” Then you list some bullet points and a link to your website for further information.

    Seriously, anything less than 10% in this election was an absolute failure for the Libertarian party. Saying otherwise is blowing smoke up your own ASS!!!

    1. Yeah, it wouldn’t cost much to run a nice guerilla campaign like that.

      1. Well, I’m sure commercial time during the debate is hugely expensive. But you must spend your money where it gets the most value. During the shitshow of a first debate this year, even Jo could have look appealing. Obviously, you’d like to find earlier opportunities to get your name out to the public. But when even Vox Light is ignoring your campaign, it’s hard to accomplish that goal.

    2. TV commercial time. Easy!

      1. See the post above you. Bang for you buck. Getting the money spent where it does the most good.

        1. Which corporate channel are you thinking of, and what would you do when they found a reason not to let it happen?

          1. Find out what their price is, negotiate it down, then make whatever sacrifice you need to to get it. Same as any other business. You have something they want, they have something you want.

    3. The LP doesn’t want to accomplish anything.
      They want to scam you out of your money to find their goth kid life of sniping at the jocks from the sideline, while sucking up to the “cool kids” at the same time.

      1. *fund, not find

    4. I don’t want #3. It’s a pain in the ass to get accurate news when the left’s media and the right’s media are full-out propagandists and will cover hypocritically for their team. I miss the good ole days when most news sources were at least trying to be neutral and fact-based, even if they really weren’t.
      At least I can count on libertarian media to still be principled, even if I don’t agree with their conclusions (I think libertarian media has shifted leftward, towards progressivism).
      Sure, it doesn’t help win elections, but it does help keep the one party of principle focused on their principles. Given that 3rd parties can’t win in a first-past-the-post voting system, principles are all we’ve got.

    5. Reason does not move the needle on elections.

    6. Jeremy Beethead did not claim to be a libertarian. He stated openly that he is an anarchist, and since 1880 every child knows that an anarchist is a communist with extra violence added. John Hospers dissected as bullshit their every lame claim in “Libertarianism” back in 1971. Hospers’ only mistake was seeing useful idiots where there were actual saboteursl

  3. An award for the best party to come in third place?

    Strike First.
    Hit Hard.
    Come in Third?

    That’s not Cobra-Kai.

    1. Even calling it “tallest dwarf” levels of success is overstating things.

      State congress races are probably the highest thing worth actually aiming for as a third party, given the way the elections are set up here. Maybe a governorship. I get that anyone trying to be a major party has to run a presidential candidate as a “prestige” thing, but it’s just never going to happen.

      At least, that’s my take. I mean, sure, I still vote third party, but I recognize that it’s just a protest. Maybe I’m wrong, after all, we’ve had parties die here in the US before, and maybe I need to read up on the circumstances surrounding that more. But it just seems *exceedingly* implausible that the LP might win the presidency.

      Running actual libertarians might help, though. I gave in and voted for the Constitution Party candidate this go around. I found that I agreed with a lot more of her positions than Jo’s.

      1. Trump is the best 3rd party candidate that’s ever existed

      2. Search: “Getting their Attention With Spoiler Votes” and “The Case for Voting Libertarian” and be sure to report any errors or fallacies you find.

    2. It is cobra-Kai if for the first time in years the wife and I can both say “ok, Let’s watch that”.

      Five more minutes of Grays Anatomy and we might as well just buy separate houses.

  4. Regardless of Jorgensen’s vote total, I think the biggest libertarian victory in recent years has been getting the Democrats to adopt our fundamental, non-negotiable issue: open borders.


    1. They took down their Biden-era “Smell Grass? Shoot the nearest kids!” planks. LDC copied open borders from CP and Econazi cant thanks to an anarchist infiltrator on the platform committee. Importing saracen berserkers and infected cattle as policy cost us 66% of the vote share we had, plus another 12 million votes the 2016 platform could have netted us with population growth and the LP not having terrorism, communism or pederasty planks.

  5. How will the LP recover if they’re the difference in making Joe Biden win–and he packs the Supreme Court, institutes a national gun confiscation program, and institutes the Green New Deal?

    If the LP really does cover the difference in this election, I hope they don’t brag about it. The last thing we need people to think is that being libertarian is about setting the cause of capitalism back another generation.

    1. The LP
      They will happily usher in totalitarianism, then think they’ll have secured their place as the “both sidez” bitching pet of the left.

    2. How do you know it wouldn’t be the difference in making Trump win?

  6. Wow 1% good luck there. How about winning just ONE electoral vote.

  7. Hurray, one percent. Johnson got 3%. The LP needed a reasonably well qualified candidate this time.


      1. He was one of the best governors New Mexico has had, but he was a fairly disappointing LP presidential candidate. :-\

        1. Great candidate on paper.
          Terrible candidate in meatspace.

  8. Libertarian Moment !!!

  9. Jorgenson had nothing to offer. No one cares.

    1. It wasn’t an issues election.

      The central question–do you hate Trump?

      Libertarians don’t win in that environment.

      1. Change the question. Do you hate Trump, Biden and Harris? Yes, then I’m your candidate. Sadly, many people know NOTHING about Jo Jorgenson. But many people would like another choice. Some just stay home.

        While I agree with Juice that Jo didn’t offer much, even with her anti-racism non-sense she would make a great president compared to Trump or Biden. Our political landscape is more about “cult of personality” than actual substance. As such, the Libertarian party is lacking.

        1. As I wistfully keep suggesting, require every ballot to list “None of the above”. Then if the LP or any other dwarf scores higher than None, they can feel proud.

        2. I think you overestimate the benefits of the ultra-conceptual hypothetical Jorgensen presidency, and underestimate the benefits of the reality of the Trump presidency.

        3. Do you hate Trump, Biden and Harris?

          As a libertarian, even if that was still your question, it’s hard to see how Jorgensen is the answer.

          1. Any different than Gary Johnson? Btw, I voted Trump today in AZ. First time for a major party candidate. So I hear ya. While I think JoJo would be better president, warts and all, the reality is AZ could be in play and I’m voting where it counts. Against Communists.

            1. I’ve said it here before, with all of his flaws, I think GJ was a solid candidate and infinitely better than Jo, he had momentum (until he was Leppo’d) and I think overall was probably a net positive for exposing people to libertarianism. I voted GJ in 2016 because I thought he was a solid candidate who best represented my views. I thought Trump didn’t stand a chance, and even if I thought he did I would have still voted Gary. I live in IL so it doesn’t really matter who I vote for.

              I voted Trump today in AZ. First time for a major party candidate… Against Communists.

              Yup, exactly.

              1. Gary Johnson was a lousy candidate on the national scene, as could be told by his appearance in a Republican presidential “debate” (really just parallel interviews in one room) in 2011. I don’t care what his positions were or how trustworthy he was, he came off as a wet dishrag.

            2. You do realize that a vote for JoJo is *also* a vote “against Communists”, right?

        4. Ok say I do. Why am I voting for SJW Jo?

        5. This is why I keep suggesting Penn Jillette as an LP candidate.

          1. Can you get him to the table? Day dreaming about some perfect candidate – rock solid libertarian credentials, nationally well-known, well spoken and well informed, wealthy, and actually yearns to be president by running on a minor party ticket – good luck with that.

        6. This.

        7. “While I agree with Juice that Jo didn’t offer much, even with her anti-racism non-sense she would make a great president compared to Trump or Biden”

          This is insane
          Jorgensen is utter trash.
          Trump fights.
          The LP, and their anointed female, are super happy to roll over for the totalitarians.

  10. 1% or 3%, can it go much higher for the party that does not believe in parties?

    1. It doesn’t need to. Dry snoops could kick in your door in 1927, shoot the dog and kids and frogmarch you straight to prison for a 12-pack of light beer, thanks to an Amendment gotten by 1.4% of the vote. The IRS today can do exactly the same thing, and confiscate your home, auto and bank account thanks to Communist Manifesto Plank 2 being shifted into the Constitution by 2.3% of the average vote from 1892 to 1908. If not for Libertarian Ireland, bonnie Colleens would still be dying from gunshots or coathanger birth control imposed by Reagan-era mystical conservatism. WINNING is changing the laws with spoiler votes!

  11. Is this the open thread?

    1. It is now baby.

      1. :Britsgchi has entered the chat.:

        It’s like the writers don’t even care….

        1. Volokh actually does it right with the open threads. Articles seem way more objective as well. The threads on the other hand…… hoo boy

        2. Commenters are bonkers.

  12. it may be a hopeful sign if she draws at or near 1% in this environment because of the aura of fear that surrounds the voting this time. it is fine to say that she should see a higher voting percentage when people are so dissatisfied with the 2 major parties, but both of them have made a longstanding and increasingly shrill narrative of fear that the other would destroy “our way of life” “our country” etc. it is hard to compete with that level of fear voting when your message is essentially positive “live & let live” “agree to disagree” etc. people are more worried about “those people” taking over than they are interested in a better way. pulling 1% in that environment sounds like a definite achievement.

  13. Victory is getting blamed by another party for their loss.

    1. True facts. Nader’s econazis in 2000 turned the Dems into rabid Ecological National Socialists out to save mankind from electrical power generation. The Populists with 8.5% turned them into Nationalizing Progressive Income Tax Communists even though the Republican prohibitionist lost. Both looter parties clearly understand the power of libertarian spoiler votes. If comprehension ever dawns on a large fraction of the LP, there’ll be no stopping the Party.

  14. One percent is a participation trophy without the juice box or granola bar.

    So . . . Congratulations!?

    1. So you’re saying you’re jealous.

      1. Artie does love his juice boxes.

  15. LP needs to promote better candidates and streamline their nomination process. Period. There’s no way someone like Vermin Supreme should be given a seat on the grownup table.

    Mcafee is slightly better but he has too much baggage. Your brand will suffer if you let unserious, unpresentable candidates become the face of the movement.

    Gary Johnson did tremendously well in 2016. Instead of building on that momentum, the LP apparently just did the same things they did in the past. Jorgensen was an uninspiring candidate with no energy and got no attention from national media or her ideological circle. She barely got any mention on this magazine.

    Without passion and coalition, you don’t win. Stop saying “win on principle”, you know elections aren’t won on that alone. You have some sympathetic allies in the right, and you alienate them every single time by refusing to abandon dogma on immigration and other wedge issues. Do you want to win, at least on local levels?

    1. You have some sympathetic allies in the right, and you alienate them every single time by refusing to abandon dogma on immigration and other wedge issues.

      But you could say the same thing about Team Blue. “You have some sympathetic allies on the left, and you alienate them every single time by refusing to abandon dogma on capitalism and markets”.

      Immigration IS one of the issues that libertarians should not abandon. There ought to be someone standing up for the dignity of every individual person, regardless of birthplace, and recognizing their intrinsic liberty. Neither Team Red nor Team Blue does this in any consistent principled fashion.

      Same for capitalism and markets. There ought to be someone standing up for the dignity of every individual person, regardless of economic status, and recognizing their intrinsic liberty. Neither Team Red nor Team Blue does this in any consistent principled fashion.

      Libertarians will not win by not being “Team Red Lite” or “Team Blue Lite”. It has to forge its own path.

      1. Well said.

        The last thing the Libertarian party should do is compromise its core principles. The Democrats and Republicans threw their principles out the window long ago. (Remember when Dems were supposed to be anti-war and pro civil liberties? Remember when Republicans were supposed to be for fiscal responsibility and free trade? Those things are no longer even given lip service by the major parties.)

        Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if Jorgensen gets 1% or .1%, the point is that a fractional number refused to play the tired and stupid “choose the lesser of two evils” game. How about choosing non-evil and integrity for a change?

        1. You can’t get ballot access with the tiny percentage of the vote that the LP currently attracts as a “none of the above” choice.

          The LP doesn’t even get leverage to influence major party platforms with that tiny percentage.

          They need to compromise a bit and find opportunities to cross endorse decent people, when they lack their own candidates.

    2. The LP is Establishment.
      If you thought otherwise, you’ve fallen for their grift.

      1. So, a half-century old third party that has never seen any of its candidates elected to federal office, or had a presidential nominee receive more three and a half percent of the national popular vote, is “establishment”; but a sitting Republican president with the Senate behind him is an “outsider”?

        You’re off your nut.

        1. #2 will at least grant that the law-changing clout wielded by Libertarian spoiler votes has rattled the Kleptocracy. It desperately assigned an unusual number of communist anarchists, pederasts, Das Bootheads, Jobba The Whacks and similar voter repellent to vandalize the platform and saddle Jo’s campaign with a communist anarchist albatross for veep. This was no small effort, but it certainly gutted our accelerating share of the vote.

    3. LP needs to put up candidates for every office, every time, in every election. The empty lines on the ballot show a party that doesn’t have a farm team or a minor league following the P/VP row. No congressional candidates, no state legislator candidates, no judgeship candidates. Not even a town clerk.

      If they need to cross endorse a few tolerable Republicans or Conservative or Independence Party candidates, do that.

      But the way it looks now, it’s an unserious row on the ballot. It was Jo/Jeremy “spike” and no one else. Looks like a joke, like the Greens.

  16. Having voted for all the libertarian candidates since Carter first ran, I’m predicting love will trump hate. That’s something most libertarian minded people have going for them.

  17. If Jo gets a million votes, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Nolan thought a 3rd party would get lots of media exposure for its ideas, would be included in all debates, etc. etc . Use the political system to educate and all that. It generally didn’t work out, did it? A nationwide network of libertarian supper clubs or libertarian activists regularly working on local and state issues would probably reach more voters than does the typical LP campaign.

  18. All this is pretty silly, inasmuch as libertarians have just had the biggest presidential victory of the past 60 years or more: 4 years of Donald Trump. I haven’t checked whether he’s won another term, but even if he hasn’t, those 4 years have been of the most libertarian president who was electable in my lifetime or thereabouts. If American libertarians are asking how they can win, what better example could be given?

    To put it another way, get successful enough at some high profile endeavor to become a national celebrity, and get many pro-freedom opinions and decide to become president. Or convince such a person of such ideas. Or convince such a person of such ideas to run for president.

    Why are you casting about high and low looking for what’s happened most obviously right in front of you? Is it because you think you can get better results by creating ideologues who try to do things 100% the way you want, or even 75%, when you should settle for a succession of 51%s, and jump for joy at the 60%s?

    1. Trump isn’t a libertarian but I agree he’s been the best promoter of liberty and non-violence among major elected officials in my memory.

      1. Hitler wasn’t a laissez-faire capitalist, but to altruist hillbillies he was the best promotor of racial-eugenics selection policies designed to cull out innate non-aggressive selfishness. Facing the gallows, National Socialists told the Americans the commies would surely get “us” without their expertise and experience in conservatism. History does rhyme.

    2. Good comment. Most of the Leftists here will not grasp your words.

    3. Roberta is correct in that Trump is the LP’s most successful rerouting of the old fascist party away from the likes of George Waffen, Mitt the Murdering Messiah and Coathanger Palin. But the Last Communist Empire was evidently quick to strike back with the very germ warfare socialist writer Jack London recommended be used against non-Communist China before the 1911 Revolution. (The essay is The Unparalelled Invasion, at Gutenberg dot org) By tasking their own immune cops to kill brown people and blaming Boss Trump, Socialist States are about to hand China a major victory.

  19. Change the question. Do you hate Trump, Biden and Harris? Yes, then I’m your candidate. Sadly, many people know NOTHING about Jo Jorgenson. But many people would like another choice. Some just stay home.

    While I agree with Juice that Jo didn’t offer much, even with her anti-racism non-sense she would make a great president compared to Trump or Biden. Our political landscape is more about “cult of personality” than actual substance. As such, the Libertarian party is lacking.

    1. You call it cult of personality but charisma is a requirement of a leader. She is a good person but had none. Gary Johnson had far more accomplishments but had none either.

  20. LOL The Libertarian Party is celebrating 1% of the voting block? What a joke. Today’s Libertarians are simply Leftist potheads addicted to their smart phones.

    1. Observe there is no shortage of looter sockpuppets to congratulate Henchman, Tokyo Rose, Kr@ppster, Anarcho-Believis and Boothead for their concerted efforts to poison the platform and ticket, wreck the LP and help the kleptocracy foster more coathanger bleed-outs and qualified immunity murders of young people over plant leaves. They don’t have real names, but looter sockpuppets do have their priorities.

  21. Is there any media reporting third party results?

  22. Not a success a huge loss. Less than 1/2 of what Gary Johnson got as I predicted. Glad she was on the ballot in all 50 states, we need someone with some charisma a necessity in politics to get up to the threshold to be included in the debates.

  23. And for today’s entertainment, Matt Welch belting out the classic, “Tomorrow” from the Broadway hit, “Annie.”

    The LP is the Wile E. Coyote, “super genius” of political parties constantly finding ways of blowing itself up.

    It’s fucking American politics, essentially PPV reality television. Find a celebrity, teach him or her a couple of talking points, and actually get five percent of the vote.

  24. Imagine voting for Jorgensen and that being the difference between a populist obnoxious yet fake free marketer but for fewer regulations Trump losing and Biden winning. Free choice to vote for but that’s reality.

  25. great artical but reality is ….READ MORE

  26. How can you be proud of a 1% vote total when the previous election you had 2 – 3x that.

    1. Doublethink. To let the truth soak in would make it painfully clear infiltrators successfully sabotaged the non-looter party that was drawing power away from girl-bullying and shooting kids over leaves.

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  28. Can we set Jo aside for a minute. Can Reason tell me this, where did Libertarian win? Any state legislature or state elected positions, how about on county boards or city counsels. This might be bigger than 1% for President.

    1. Go to The big picture is that since the kleptocracy halves are–turd stains aside–the same, a small, consistent party causes the more egregious looters to lose. This artificial selection drags the entire mass away from coercive and toward freedom policies. Larry Niven created a fusion-heated Jupiter-mover. Floating like a boat on the thick atmosphere, it repeatedly fills up with gases it ejects away from the planet at high speeds, so the center of mass moves per the Second Law of motion. It’s slow, but sure–until saboteurs stove in the hull.

  29. I was disappointed that Jo did so poorly in Maine, even with ranked choice voting. She did slightly better than the national average with 1.7%, but that is a disappointing drop from Johnson’s 5.0% considering the “wasted vote” factor was removed.

  30. Like all GOP shills, Matt cannot bear to mention how 1.4% Prohibition Party votes and 2.3% People’s Party vote averages changed election outcomes, amended the Constitution and crushed the economy between Prohibition and the Income Tax. The current vote count is proof both halves are the same thing. One sports televangelist hillbillies, the other, communist malcontents, both entraining social-pressure-susceptible dupes in their wake. Infiltrators in the LP who worsened the platform with uninspected entry, adding a communist anarchist for VP cost us about 9 million votes off of the previous logistics curve fit.

  31. The establishment is made up of Dems and Repubs, all desiring to become career politicians and rape the country blind. While I would support a 3rd party, none currently appeal to me. Look at the trouble Trump had administering government as not only the socialists but the Rebups often made things difficult. The DC Swamp is one giant ultra corrupt good-old-boys club. You can’t fix it by replacing one or a few positions at a time. The other 97% will fight tooth and nail to keep the corruption in vogue. No one in Congress has the guts to go against the establishment. The fix…the country will eventually implode and the whole DC Sebang will go up in flames. And it won’t be blm starting the fires.

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