Election 2020

12 Good Things That Might Happen Today, None of Which Involve Trump or Biden

American voters have the chance to usher in a few libertarian policies this election, courtesy of these state ballot measures.


The 2020 election has so been so dominated by Biden versus Trump insanity that a lot of consequential ballot initiates have been getting short shrift. But today, voters in various U.S. locales will have the opportunity to usher in some pretty exciting—and libertarian—policies, as well as the chance to reject a few really bad ideas.

Let's start with the good, shall we?

Proposition 22 in California
California's Proposition 22 would undo some of the damage wrought by A.B. 5, the 2019 state law that reclassified all sorts of independent contractors and freelancers in California as full-fledged employees. Pushed as a way to stick it to disfavored businesses like Uber and Lyft, the law has proved detrimental to workers across a range of industries, infringing on their ability to work when and how they choose as well as leading to a lot of lost jobs. If Proposition 22 is passed, it would help mitigate these ill effects for people who drive or do deliveries by allowing them to be classified as independent contractors once again.

Proposition 207 in Arizona
Arizona residents will get the chance to legalize recreational marijuana sales by voting for Proposition 207 (also dubbed the "Smart and Safe Act"). "If passed, it would allow…adults 21 and older to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis and have up to six plants at their home," explains Steve Cottrell, president of Curaleaf Arizona. "Adult-use cannabis products would be subject to state and local sales taxes, with an additional 16 percent excise tax."

South Dakota Amendment A
Another marijuana legalization measure, this ballot initiative would create a constitutional amendment "to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and require the South Dakota State Legislature to pass laws providing for the use of medical marijuana and the sale of hemp by April 1, 2022."

Initiative 190 in Montana
Montana residents also have the chance to approve recreational marijuana. Voting yes on Montana Initiative 190 would mean "legalizing the possession and use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21, imposing a 20% tax on marijuana sales, requiring the Department of Revenue to develop rules to regulate marijuana businesses, and allowing for the resentencing or expungement of marijuana-related crimes."

Public Question 1 in New Jersey
If New Jersey's Public Question 1 passes, it will "legalize the possession and use of marijuana for persons age 21 and older and legalize the cultivation, processing, and sale of retail marijuana."

Initiative 65 in Mississippi
Mississippians get to vote on legalizing medical marijuana. A citizen-led ballot measure, Initiative 65, would OK it for a variety of conditions. Meanwhile, Initiative 65A—a government-led measure that's been accused of being floated just to confuse voters—would legalize medical marijuana for terminally ill people only.

Initiative 429 in Nebraska
This ballot measure would legalize all sorts of gambling at licensed racetracks. "Currently, Nebraska outlaws gambling, except with respect to the state lottery, licensed raffles, and bingo," notes Ballotpedia.

Measure 109 in Oregon
Oregon's Measure 109 would let people legally purchase and consume hallucinogenic mushrooms under the care of a psilocybin administrator. If passed, it would give the Oregon Health Authority two years to "determine who is eligible to be licensed as a facilitator, determine what qualifications, education, training, and exams are needed, and create a code of professional conduct for facilitators," says Ballotpedia.

Ballot Measure 2 in Alaska and Question 2 in Massachusetts
Ballot initiatives in Alaska and Massachusetts would establish ranked-choice voting, in which voters rank candidates by order of preference instead of just voting for one candidate.

Proposition 25 in California
Voting yes on Proposition 25 will help bring more fairness to the bail system. "A 'yes' vote is to uphold the contested legislation, Senate Bill 10 (SB 10), which would replace cash bail with risk assessments for detained suspects awaiting trials," Ballotpedia explains.

Measure 110 in Oregon
This measure would lessen penalties for all sorts of illegal drugs—including heroin and cocaine—moving personal possession of them from serious criminal infractions to something warranting classes or a small fine.

Alas, this year's ballot measures aren't all about legalizing drugs, making the criminal justice system fairer, and negating bad workplace regulations. A number of initiatives also seek to limit liberty and individual rights and roll back positive reforms. Here are a few of the worst:

Proposition 20 in California
This California ballot measure "would undo significant criminal justice system reforms passed by California voters in recent years at the very moment that many other states are finally starting to make needed reforms," explains policy analyst Alix Ollivier with the Reason Foundation (the nonprofit that publishes this site):

Prop. 20, supported by groups such as the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, seeks to address complaints from law enforcement groups that claim it has become too difficult to prosecute repeat offenders, that more minor offenses should be charged as felonies, and they should be able to take DNA from people that commit minor crimes in efforts to expand the DNA database used to help solve crimes.

The initiative would roll back reforms that have been made to the classification of crimes considered non-violent, create two new crimes that would be added to state law—serial theft and organized theft, and make parole more difficult to attain for those convicted of various crimes.

The measure is largely written as law enforcement's effort to unwind the statewide criminal justice ballot measures voters passed in 2014 and 2016.

Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment
The state is seeking permission to raise people's income taxes from a flat rate of 4.95 percent to 7.75 percent for households making over $250,000 and 7.99 percent for households with annual incomes over $750,000. The governor already signed a law to this effect last year, but to enact it requires a constitutional amendment since the state constitution bans a progressive income tax.

Proposition 208 in Arizona
Another ballot initiative intended to raise taxes, Arizona's Proposition 208 would almost double the marginal income tax rate—from 4.5 percent to 8 percent—for high-earning individuals and households. It would also raise taxes on small businesses, since "small businesses pay their taxes on the individual portion of the tax code," explains Arizona Chamber of Commerce President Glenn Hamer. If Proposition 208 passes, "small businesses will pay a top rate of 8 percent, much higher than the corporate rate of 4.9 percent. We would be the only state in the country to basically double the tax on small businesses, and at a time when so many are struggling."

Proposition 115 in Colorado
Colorado's Proposition 115 would criminalize abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy. "Performing a prohibited abortion would be a Class 1 misdemeanor (the most serious level of misdemeanor in Colorado), which would be punishable by a fine ranging from $500 to $5,000 and not by jail time," and "medical professionals who are found to have performed a prohibited abortion would have their medical licenses suspended by the Colorado Medical Board for at least three years," explains Ballotpedia. "Under the initiative, abortions after 22 weeks would be lawful if the physician believes it is immediately necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman."

Louisiana Amendment 1
Amendment 1 aims to ready Louisiana to curtail abortion access should Roe v. Wade be overturned by amending the state's constitution to say nothing in it "shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion." As the Wall Street Journal explains, "should a more solidly conservative U.S. Supreme Court give states more authority to regulate abortion, Louisiana state courts would have less ability to strike down antiabortion laws" if Amendment 1 passes.

Proposition 21 in California
This measure would allow for the expansion of state rent control policies.


• In a long Twitter thread, Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) lays out the many, many ways that President Donald Trump has failed libertarians:

• Folks in charge of the Grammy Awards are making a big deal about replacing the "world music" award category with the almost-identical category of "global music."

• "An Eastern Washington teen went to a mental health clinic for help. Eight days later, he died in a jail cell."

The Daily Caller blows holes in Trumpian theories about Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son, Hunter:

• What will the post-election major parties look like?

• Why the mobile-only streaming platform Quibi failed.

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    1. Actually I’m beginning to suspect all those benign commercials begging me to vote were actually pleas to vote for a certain party.

      1. It always makes me wonder. If this much get out the vote effort is required to get Dems to meet Repub turn outs, it makes me wonder how many more republican voters are staying home.

      2. At least my weather app hasn’t bugged me about voting.

        1. Mine did. And so did Fitbit

        2. What really annoys me are multiple spam texts that claim to know that I have not voted yet. Is there an actual public database that might show if individuals have sent in ballots?

          1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was, but it’s not necessary. If you get that spam text and already voted, then it’s not for you and it doesn’t matter. If you didn’t already vote, then hey the text read your mind and is using its omniscience to suggest the superior choice.

          2. There is such a publicly available database in Harris County. It recorded that we both voted, though obviously not for who.

          3. I voted and still get those spam, you can verify my vote online too. So they are just spam.

      3. #VoteForYourLife!

        Because what good is a lifeless fist?

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    3. Hello.

      Sounds like Biden took advantage of his son’s weak character and addictions. Nice father.

      Amash. No mention of Trump’s record on starting no new wars? And last I checked, it was Trump getting locked out of FB and Twit.

      Can someone point to specifically what Trump did to end free speech?

      1. Would Amash make an even bigger thread about how the Democrats have failed the libertarian probably? My guess is no. Because he isn’t unbiased.

        1. Totalitarians are universally aligned against Trump, but those who side with them totes value liberty.

        2. Nobody is claiming that the Democrats are libertarian. That’s the difference.

          1. Why should I listen to the man who aligned himself with the surveillance state he claims to want to dismantle but utilizes where helpful?

            Fuck Amash and his Democrat co-conspirators.

          2. Wait, so you think it is better to complain about the party that is a bit closer to your ideals than the one further away? So you are alienating your only possible allies? You sound like Amash.

            There is a reason he got nothing done in Congress.

            1. I’m not going to convince Bernie Sanders or AOC supporters of individual liberty so why try?

              All hope is not yet gone for Republicans, but it’s getting closer every day.

              1. Yet your comment implies it is best to alienate the Republicans, like Amash has. That is what your view is advocating.

      2. “Sounds like Biden took advantage of his son’s weak character and addictions. Nice father.”

        How in the world are you getting that out of a story where Joe Biden is offering to pay his granddaughter’s dental bills?

        1. Maybe if he weren’t blowing it on crack and hookers he could have afforded it itself.

          1. True. Not really an answer to my question, but then you are not Rufus.

    4. Someone already voted for you, don’t worry.

      1. Anyone who didn’t write in FIST 2020 is an enemy of freedom.

        1. Two votes for Fist in the Land of Entrapment!


            Er, I mean, pot in every chicken!


  2. Happy 13th of Brumaire, Year Zero, to all my American friends.

    Today is the day that the Western clerisy, media, and political and corporate establishment will fraud and attempt to steal your election. I’m personally afraid that they will succeed, I pray they will not.

    I wish you all good luck and Gods blessings. If the left succeeds in America, it spells the doom of the rest of us in the West too.

    1. everything will be fine.

    2. oh, I thought it was Year Zero of the real life Handmaid’s Tale now.

    3. Maybe we can have that second American civil war you were pining for the other day.

      1. Yeah that was me alright. Metaphor is literal. Same-same.

  3. But today, voters in various U.S. locales will have the opportunity to usher in some pretty exciting—and libertarian—policies, as well as the chance to reject a few really bad ideas.

    What does any of that have to do with Trump Biden?

  4. This measure would allow for the expansion of state rent control policies.

    California has too much housing anyway.

    1. Once they confiscate any dwelling larger than 1000 square feet and subdivide them Cuban style, there will be plenty of housing to go around.

  5. Whelp went to vote this morning. Took twenty minutes to get through the lines when the door opened, but I did have to arrive fifteen minutes before the doors opened to get that time. Still, after all the horror stories, I expected something way worse.

    1. Walked to our polling place in NOVA and arrived about 20 minutes before the 6:00am opening. There were maybe 100 folks in line and another 100 behind us when the doors opened. Took only about 20 minutes for us to vote, and when we left at 6:20, there were another couple hundred people in line.

      Everyone who voted got a free mini-pen they were handing out to avoid sharing pens and COVID.

      1. Those mini-pens wew not free; taxes paid for them.
        So to be fair, the county must mail mini-pens to everyone who did not vote in person today.
        And apologize to all who have a disability that requires a full size pen.

        1. Not unless they have a disclaimer stating that mini-pen winners must be present to accept the prize.

        2. I thanked the guy for my free mini-pen and he said ‘oh trust me, you paid for it’ – so I’m guessing that wasn’t the democrat official of the two.

    2. I went to vote at 9 am and the place was surprisingly empty. The PTB moved my polling location to the next suburb, possibly making it hard for the elderly to get there to vote or confusing some when they get to the old familiar polling place. There’s no bus service and it’s at least a two mile walk along a busy road with no walkway.
      Half on the ballot were unopposed democrats(Cook County), judges and taxing body commissioners. I don’t vote for any unopposed dems and vote to not retain any judges on the ballot. You would think the good for nothing Libertarian party would take advantage of that seeing as the Republicans have given up, but they must think such low level positions beneath their dignity.
      And talk about Gerrymandering, my small village is divided into three congressional districts attached to three majority dem areas.

      1. Oh and I voted against Governor Fat Ass’s tax on the wealthy that would immediately exclude him but include me.

  6. Donald Trump wants to win the support of libertarians, but his actual record on expanding the federal government and eroding liberty is appalling.

    Relative to what.

    1. Relative to ENB’s list of talking points on her JournoList cheat sheet.

      1. Right, because JournoList is in the habit of coming up with lists of libertarian talking points.

        1. Only you would think Trotskyist ranting is libertarian.

    2. Biden will be way better on that…

    3. Relative to what Amash would have done, if he hadn’t thrown a tantrum and quit.

  7. “NEW: Joe Biden offered financial assistance to Hunter Biden on at least 4 occasions from November 2018 through March 2019, text messages show.

    The texts are a blow against the theory that Hunter was acting as a bag man for his father.”

    How does that prove Hunter wasn’t acting as a bag man for his Dad. If anything it reinforces it.

    You guys really aren’t trying, are you.

    1. It doesn’t, but it provides a fig leaf for saying the story was discredited. No one who says the story is discredited expects anyone who takes them seriously to do even a milisecond of fact checking their stance.

      1. And it sets ENB up for a position in the Harris press corps.

        1. She should be so lucky.

          1. WE should.

        2. Not after Harris reads her articles on Back Page.

    2. “Son, I feel bad you spent your cut on hookers and blow. Here, have some of my piece of the action.”

    3. Funny. ENB doesn’t report the original story but is happy to provide cover by reporting on stories that “contradict” it. Reason – basically Vox light.

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  9. Folks in charge of the Grammy Awards are making a big deal about replacing the “world music” award category with the almost-identical category of “global music.”

    But it still means African music, right?

    1. Sometimes South American pan flute soloists too.

      1. They told me that in Trump’s America, South American pan flutes would be burned. It’s why I voted for him. Promise not kept.

        Kamala will be the first skin flute soloist VP.

        1. She toots a mean Willie.

          1. Willie Brown’s brown willy holsters.

    2. I thought “world music” was a specific genre. Usually heavy on African drumming and guitar styles and kind of new-agey.

      It’s an American award. What are they supposed to do, focus on music Americans have never heard? Other countries have their own music industries and award shows.

      1. It is an American award, but they always play up the Grammy’s like their some sort of global event.

        1. It’s marketing to make it sound more important, like the World Series or the World Fair.

      2. So Toto will win?

    3. Wait, what? They still do the Grammys?

  10. Hunter Biden has been selling influence for a very long time, and not only did Joe Biden know about it–the mainstream press has known about it for more than a decade.

    “A son of Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was paid an undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBNA, the largest employer in Delaware, during the years the senator supported legislation that was promoted by the credit card industry and opposed by consumer groups.

    . . . .

    MBNA’s consulting payments to Hunter Biden, first reported by The New York Times, followed his departure in 2001 from the company, where he had been an executive . . . . At the time Hunter Biden was receiving consulting payments from MBNA, he also was a Washington lobbyist at a firm he had co-founded.

    When the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill early in 2005, Biden, Dianne Feinstein of California and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin were the only Democrats to vote with the Republican majority . . . MBNA employees have poured more than $200,000 into Biden’s Senate campaigns over the past two decades, making donors working for the credit card company the senator’s largest source of campaign money.

    —-CBS News, August 25, 2008


    P.S. Joe Biden is a crook.

    1. Are you people seeing this?!

      1. ENB and Reason certainly are ignoring this. It makes her retweet above of Andrew Kerr’s idiotic assertion seem even more fatuous.

        1. Why was it okay to talk about this stuff 12 years ago but not today?

          1. I’m not sure that Reason will ever be able to recover reputationally from what they’ve done here over the last four years.
            They’ve betrayed every principle for Orangemanbad.

            1. following their buddies at National Review …

        2. That’s CBS News!

          It doesn’t get any more mainstream than that.

        3. This is the first time that ENB has ever linked Daily Caller from what I can remember. And she did it because it agreed with her narrative.

          The story doesn’t actually agree with the narrative she presupposed. In fact the Daily Caller admits that it looks like Hunter was leveraging Joe’s name. Him needing money in 2017 and 2018 isn’t the smoking gun she thinks it is, due to his issues with money that are well known. She also ignored that Hunter owed nearly 40k a month due to Joe’s new grand kid.

          1. “Hey dad, I’m having trouble making my child support payments because my take from our money-laundering setup went straight up my nose. Can you spot me a few large?”

            1. The best part is, it’s payments to a stripper for a booty call. It’s not like it was his long-time wife and Hunter just developed a habit that got out of control. Something where you could put money in a trust for the kid and sleep soundly at night knowing your children’s children’s future is squared away. Instead he’s faced with the reality of making payments to his drug-addled kid and his gold-digging ex-booty call. Lesser men would admit their mistakes and call quits on the whole deal, but not a great leader like Joe Biden.

          2. Remember when Hillary didn’t get elected in 2016, and donations to the Clinton Foundation dropped by 80%?

            And strangely, after Biden left office in 2017 (and for all intents and purposes was probably going into retirement) Hunter started needing bailouts from dad?

            Yes obviously that means Hunter was never profiting off of his dad.

            1. It’s pretty obvious by now that the main reason the DNC put up Biden was to get the overseas graft machine re-established. Wonder how much these establishment pols had their money spigot turned down once they couldn’t use “state visits” as cover anymore?

      2. We are, Ken. Thank you again, for all of the information-packed posts you’ve made here on this subject for the past few months. I’ve used them. Maybe even converted a person or two? (They did ask first.)

        You and Cyto do fantastic work.

    2. We’re seeing this Ken. Thank you for doing Reason’s job for them, better than them.

      1. Seconded.

      2. Thirded!!!

        Seriously Reason! Save some money. Fire the current staff of pretend Libertarians and hire Ken Shultz.

  11. The Daily Caller blows holes in Trumpian theories about Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son, Hunter…


    1. On today’s ignore-o-meter:

      It’s Not Real
      It’s Russian Disinfo
      It’s Real But Doesn’t Matter <– YOU ARE HERE
      It Matters But Not Very Much
      This is Old News
      Shut Up Racist

      1. The Seven Stages of Hunter Grief

        1. I think ENB already covered Shut Up Racist.

  12. More bad economic news.

    Reason.com’s benefactor Charles Koch only earned $1,300,000,000 yesterday.

    The good news is that today is the day Mr. Koch’s fortunes start to turn around. Biden’s victory will mark the beginning of the end of the high-tariff / low-immigration policies that have devastated our benefactor’s wealth.


  13. What will the post-election major parties look like?

    Like Christmas parties, because that’s when it will be over.

    1. It will be over by December 14, when the Electoral College votes. So yeah.

    1. Even people in the afterlife don’t want the Tangerine Tyrant to win!

    2. Noteworthy: this fraud would not have worked. Although the dead voters were registered in Florida, they would have further needed to present ID when voting- either at mail in time, or when they showed up at the polling place.

      I think your point is valid that there are attempts at fraud- I’m just pointing out that it isn’t as easy as people often make it out to be. The system worked here. From the article:

      “The voters would be classified as a “MARG,” or “Mail Registrant” who did not submit the required identification.
      “It would have been another layer of fraudulent activity in order for them to vote,” Broward elections spokesman Steven Vancore said. “They did not vote.””

      1. This makes me wonder why Democrats are so dead-set against voter ID requirements…

        1. Totally agree- and TBF, this is only ONCE. Just like you need to provide ID to get a drivers license or birth cert, you need to present ID in order to register to vote at some point before actually voting. Otherwise your vote will not count.

        2. Yeah, it’s a real fucking mystery.

        3. …dead-set…

          I see what you did there.

      2. I would agree with this, but believe Florida does have the provisional ballot system where if someone doesn’t show up with an ID they can still vote, but those votes are held off until lawsuits later.

        1. “needed to present ID when voting- either at mail in time”

          Um, what?

          1. Sorry wrong spot

      3. Detroit dead woman voted two years after death


        This morning while voting I asked if my father was still on the rolls. “Yes” they answered. I asked “He died in 2014, why is he still on the rolls?”. Complete silence then they ignored me.

        1. I’m still on the rolls in Dekalb County, GA and I moved 2 years ago

          1. There’s no excuse for this. However if they passed a law to clean up the voting rolls it would probably be struck down as unconstitutional.

            1. The USSC requires maintenance of voting registers.

              It is also one of the uniform laws that Congress has imposed.


        2. That’s why the the Dems in Georgia were screeching “voter suppression!” when Kemp took dead people off the voter rolls.

    3. just another isolated incident

  14. No mention of California Proposition 16 – “Allow The State Government To Discriminate Amendment”?

    1. That proposition will probably lose by more than ten percentage points–and that proposition losing is anti-affirmative action.

      Californians aren’t half as radical as their leaders.

      1. But it is noteworthy that it couldn’t make ENB’s shit list.

        1. One other good thing that might happen today, Reason cans ENB and the B-boys.

      2. But they are loyal subjects

  15. Why the mobile-only streaming platform Quibi failed.

    Market saturation?

    1. The whole platform was devoted to bringing Hollywood level production to ten minute videos–so people could watch shows on their smartphones while they were commuting back and forth to work and school, etc.

      Shutting down public transportation systems all over the country absolutely crushed a service that was made for people to watch on the go. Why watch a ten minute show on your phone when you’re at home with a television and plenty of time to kill?

    2. long attention spans?

    3. Maybe everyone thought it was for Cubii , the exercise equipment for fat, lazy old people.

  16. First Greenwald, then Taibbi. Now Oliver stone complains about the obvious incestuous behavior between media and the DNC.


      1. Trump winning would be totally worth it if it resulted in Obama telling the press afterward, “I never liked that old fart anyway, and I only made him my VP because I needed to make nice with the DNC at the time. You’re on your own now, fuckers.”

    1. “I certainly didn’t have “Oliver Stone accuses media of conspiracy with US intel and Democrats” on my election-week bingo card”


  17. Pushed as a way to stick it to disfavored businesses like Uber and Lyft…

    Disfavored not by consumers, but why should they matter?

    1. It was more of a last ditch attempt by the old guard to keep the unionized, medallionized system nobody wanted. The new system is demonstrably better in every aspect for the customers, and thousands of drivers are willingly sign up to contract to those companies, some to both Uber and Lyft. Hard to call them employees.

    1. The thoughts of Matthew Yglesias trying to be violent towards anyone, fills me with joy. What, did someone cut in line at the buffet?

      See, that scene in The Expanse when someone finally provokes Amos into beating the living shit out of them.

      1. SadBeard and his family won’t be the ones getting violent–he’s calling for the Antifa tankies to get violent.

        “Let’s you and him fight” has been a common trope for twerps like Yglesias for a long time.

        1. I have absolutely no idea why—and I agree with you that they do—people like him think he’ll be able to sit on the sidelines if he gets what he’s asking for. Does he have Greek dual citizenship too? Is he ‘taking some personal time to recharge, and give back to the less fortunate—in Tonga, or Bolivia, or anywhere not here?’

          Anderson Cooper and his ilk will get to live in the Green Zone. Doubt Yglesias has that kind of pull.

          1. Nor does the Reason staff

            1. Other than Welch putting his foot in mouth that once, and Dalmia being even sillier than usual about Berkeley violence, I’m not aware of the staff here actually advocating violence in the way that Yglesias allegedly did. Though Lord knows there wouldn’t be many tears from some of the staff if there were a few less bitter old racists around.

              1. They don’t all advocate violence (though Welch, Dalia, and ENB have) but they do their part in the dehumanization effort with stuff like the white supremacist/nationalist under your bed narrative and characterizing all disagreement with leftism and/or support for Trump as racist

                1. I dunno, but just their active aid in the attempted coup(s) and cover ups of deep state corruption and fraud is enough to make them legitimate targets

                  1. And that’s letting slide the regular lying and slander that is their MO each and every day

          2. Guys like Yglesias and Tim Wise, another anti-white shit-stirrer, foment that type of civil unrest because they’re part of a class that believes themselves to be sheltered from the violence they’re promoting, and for good reason–because they specifically don’t live in areas that would be subject to it. They live in sheltered suburbs with other upper class elites that have the protection of very aggressive police and private security forces, who would come down like a hammer on any incursions into those areas.

            You might think that they would be cutting their own throats by trying to kick off a civil war, but the truth is that they have the resources to bug out if shit did get real. There’s always some other country (like Canada) that will gladly take parasites like them because they have the money and connections within the corporatist/globalist class to offer them protection.

            1. “trying to kick off a civil war, but the truth is that they have the resources to bug out if shit did get real. There’s always some other country (like Canada) that will gladly take parasites like them”

              Canada and the US are too politically and economically integrated for the shit to stay south of the border. Plus we have the exact same elite aristocracy versus plebs, coasts versus flyover country horseshit going on. Finnally our weather sucks.

              I imagine they’ll hole up at their villas in Tuscany, or country houses in the UK, or their Bahamian estates.

        2. “I need some muscle over here”

    2. That’s why I can’t support democrats.

      Libertarians, sure. Classical liberals, yes. But democrats? Fuck right off.

    3. Don’t you worry. She’ll memory hole this and we’ll have ENB quoting Yglesias far left dribble again soon. Probably in regards to how the Harris Administration violating our 2nd amendment rights is “for our own good”.

  18. Wapo is still our greatest form of journalism.

    Zach C. Cohen
    “There is something profoundly moving about the fact that Kamala Harris has walked through the world as a woman. That she has thought, talked, purchased, exercised, sought medical care, sought justice, laughed and bitten her tongue as a woman.”

    1. Wow. I want to read what Cohen says when she takes a poo.

      1. What a poor, emasculated basketcase. Yes, women live women’s lives. Pull yourself together.

        1. “Simp! Simp! SIIIIIIMMPPPPP!”

          As shown here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OEWe25v4JUk

    2. You know what I find amazing about Kamala Harris?

      1) That she was appointed to a public position by the man she was sleeping with at the time–and the media didn’t make a big deal about it despite #MeToo

      2) That she was elected to the senate on a ballot with no Republican alternative. The choice was between her and another Democrat.

      How do you achieve political legitimacy with a record like that?

      1. “How do you achieve political legitimacy with a record like that?”

        Shut up, bigot! Where do you work again???

    3. Walking isn’t the only thing that got her through the world.

      1. Most Americans wouldn’t take it lying down.

        But Kamala did . . .

    4. So he’s suggesting that a woman that wasn’t born a woman is not fully a woman. Isn’t that a little transphobic? When is this bigot getting cancelled?

    5. The most amazing thing about Kamala Harris is that she avoided disbarment.

      1. She didn’t do a single press conference as VP nominee.

        1. Press conferences are ostensibly for informing the media about what you’re doing. Not like ABC et al, needed one to know everything about her campaign that they were going to air anyway.

        2. Was she ever truly a VP nominee?

    6. Now imagine she did it with 7 kids.

      1. Now imagine she did it if she was too ugly even for Willie Brown.

    7. She has also slept her way to the top and falsified evidence as a woman

    8. Someone needs to let this guy know that just because Harris cum-dumpstered her way to a vice presidential nomination, doesn’t mean she’ll open her legs for some random Portnoy squealing YASSS KWEEEEN.

    9. Yes, how did this child of upper class educators get ahead in the world? What drew her to politics, and who were her early mentors?

  19. Prop 208 in Arizona, from the article, is being pushed by red for ed. A national social organization for teachers that operates under the guise of funding public schools. It would be nice if reason spent more time exposing these groups instead of just commenting at ballot time and ignoring the groups pushing these tax increases. The group is supported by democrats and socialists.

    1. it is a hold over. 2yrs ago the teachers were protesting for higher pay, and part of one plan was put out was this tax. AZ was able to give the teachers a 20% raise without any tax hikes. but, because the idea was out there, somebody still wanted to use the teachers as an excuse to engage in good old class warfare to punish the rich….. there really is absolutely no reason to pass this thing.

    2. As an Arizonian, I hate this “progressive” tax bullshit. I hope voters in AZ remember how essential those teachers were while our kids were stuck at home and teachers were hiding under their desks.

    3. My god, you are the first commentator to talk about something related to the article. All these others commentators are obsessed with the Presidential election, and proclaiming gloom and doom either way. I agree that you got to watch out for these money grab Propositions. No, no, no is what I say. In California , we have those plus rent control (argument), and a crazy initiative to wipe out money bail and replace it with a computer algorithm. Anybody who thinks this is a great idea doesn’t have a clue.

  20. https://twitter.com/CptConundrum20/status/1323354109118992392

    Life in DC is going to get real bad after this election. Shutdown DC is planning to “resist Trump’s coup” by launching what could only be described as a coup attempt. They plan to forcefully prevent members of Congress from entering the city or reaching the Capitol.

    1. #ShutDownDC

      Finally! A leftist cause I can agree with!

      1. sorry, I liked the name too, but they don’t want to actually shut down DC, they just want to rule it like everyone else.

    2. This is the same Color Revolution playbook they ran in the Ukraine in 2004-2005, and during the Arab Spring in 2012.

      1. I never realized that they were dry runs at the time.

        1. That Revolver article discussing how they’ve been using this for 30 years is an eye-opener, if for nothing else than to show that the downfall of the Soviet bloc was hardly the organic populist desire for freedom that it was portrayed, along with other coups like in Serbia. They’re a deliberate subversion of the existing political structure to bring about its downfall and to implement regimes that are friendly to elite monied interests.

          That’s nothing new; we’ve been doing it for over 100 years. That’s the simple fact of the US growing from a contintental power in the 1800s into a global empire in the 1900s, and the evolution is as old as the advent of complex civilizations. What’s interesting is that the same playbook has been broken out, time after time, by the US over the last 30 years. It hardly even deviates from the same tactics. And when their efforts are repudiated, such as in Syria and Libya, they burn the whole country to the ground out of spite. The only reason it didn’t work in Egypt is because the military has run that country for decades, they are far too good of a customer of our military hardware to cut them loose, and destabilizing Egypt means destabilizing the delicate relationship it has with Israel, along with unsettling our other allies in the GCC. It’s why we looked the other way when Bahrain ruthlessly squashed its own Arab Spring uprising.

          What’s interesting is that I remember in the aftermath of all that, there were some concerns raised about, “hey, is it really a good idea for the US to be the de facto leader of this New World Order that we’re seeing begin to form?” Those concerns went by the wayside when Clinton, Gore, and the neolib/neocon Uniparty started selling out the nation’s interests to China.

  21. https://twitter.com/hale_razor/status/1121403928950665216

    Joe Biden will return the nation’s values to the happy days of 2009-2016, when he was VP of an admin that fanned the flames of Ferguson, let migrants die in US custody, allowed ISIS to grow, caged children, spied on & tried to jail reporters, and used tear gas on immigrants.

    Biden’s scandal-free admin also sold weapons of war to Mexican druglords, let Flint water become toxic, shipped pallets of cash to Iran, an IRS that targeted political enemies, released 5 terrorists for a deserter, and had an EPA disaster that turned a river orange with arsenic.

    During the glowing nostalgia of Biden’s term, China hacked the OPM, North Korea hacked Sony, Pakistan had a mole on the Dem House tech team, Russia hacked the Pentagon, all while a member of the Senate Intel Committee was being driven around by a Chinese spy.

    No meddling there.

    1. Punished enemies with the IRS, General. Don’t forget they punished enemies with the IRS.

    2. Trump must somehow be at fault for all of that.

  22. https://twitter.com/TimRunsHisMouth/status/1323495967770005504

    Hillary canceled her fireworks 3 days before election day in 2016… Biden never even had any planned.

  23. He’s 21 and probably still on her insurance.

    ‘You are no longer my mother’: A divided America will struggle to heal after Trump era

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – When lifelong Democrat Mayra Gomez told her 21-year-old son five months ago that she was voting for Donald Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election, he cut her out of his life.

    1. But stayed on her health insurance?

      1. I’m assuming. He is an idiot socialist.

    2. 21? People are kids to age 25 now. Dems want to make it 27. Except for voting, that they’re pushing to 17.

  24. Really? A chance for enactment of libertarian policies? Not if people at a reason like Mangu-Ward have their way. They’ve CONSTANTLY preached how little value there is to voting. In fact she said you’d be better off watching the game.

    Here’s a suggestion, Brown…save your prodding for your fellow Reason writers. They’re the ones who constantly beg for libertarian philosophy to be relegated to the back pages.

    1. Seethe more.

      1. Don’t encourage the buttplug sock with replies

  25. https://twitter.com/ShaneGoldmacher/status/1323327751722541059

    New from Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon: “Under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night”

    1. ‘No rigging going on here’! Pa. AG Josh Shapiro already knows that ‘Trump is going to lose’ Pennsylvania (and people have questions)

      Josh Shapiro
      If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose. That’s why he’s working overtime to subtract as many votes as possible from this process.

      For the record, he’s 0-6 against us in court. We’ve protected voting rights. Now, ignore the noise—vote!

      1. Jesus Christ, is he really giving the Trump campaign ammunition to use against him in the SC that he pre-determined the outcome?

        1. I bet that Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer will refuse to sit in protest for some manufactured reason, and any judgment rendered by the rest will be portrayed as illegitimate by the media.

          1. If that actually happened, the SC is fundamentally broken anyway.

            These structures are a lot more fragile than they appear. The leftist wing of the SC boycotting the session would be the effective end of the Republic, as it would completely delegitimize the entire enterprise. If they really want a civil war, that would be a requirement to get one kicked off.

            Honestly? Best case scenario is that if Trump actually wins, the hard blue states would secede and provide a “haven” for the baizuo neurotics to settle. That would be a mess of its own because the red areas would go West Virginia and declare their allegiance to the US, but the break would probably be relatively clean.

            Worst case scenario? Well, we know what that is.

          2. We don’t have very much longer, do we?

      2. My prediction: 279-259 Trump

        Trump wins Florida (a must), Pennsylvania and Arizona (still red).

        Trump wins Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Texas (the last 3 are still red)

        Biden wins Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Nevada.

        If Trump loses Pennsylvania (20 EC votes), he would have to win Minnesota (10 EC votes) to get back even at 269-269, and could then win in the House (voting by state).

    2. I hereby declare Donald J. Trump the winner!!!

  26. I suspect Amash won’t have the freedom to criticize Biden if he gets elected. I wonder what reason will do then? Keep quoting tweet assholes and ignoring the increasing violence?

    1. Oh, he’ll be free to criticize Biden. Just not on any major social media platform.

  27. She can help man the food truck.

    Pakistan high court upholds forced marriage of abducted Catholic minor

    1. Kidnapping one’s bride is an honored tradition in many a shithole. See, the origins behind the “best man” of the groom idea.

      A shithole like Pakistan. I’m sure ridding the country of a new Christian mother wasn’t a factor in the court’s decision either.

  28. Psychiatrist Who Evaluated Trump’s Mental State on CNN and MSNBC Argues President is Worse Than Hitler

    Lee declared on Twitter, “Donald Trump is not an Adolf Hitler. At least Hitler improved the daily life of his followers, had discipline, and required more of himself to gain the respect of his followers. Even with the same pathology, there are varying degrees of competence.”

    1. I’m sure the AMA and APA will get right on this violation of the ethical rule against shrinks commenting on candidates’ potential mental illnesses or other pathologies.

    2. At least they’re tacitly admitting that he was a leftist after 80 years.

    3. Broke: Hitler was an evil madman
      Woke: Hitler wasn’t all that bad

      1. You already have the scumbags in the NFL saying hitler was right about the jews, and the NFL defending it. A friend of mine. Lifelong proggi dem completely dropped the NFL. It may have something to do with his parents surviving the holocaust

        1. It was just DeSean Jackson, and karma has put him out for the year (though he missed all last year too).
          Worse, in my opinion, is the dog pile on Brees for saying why he chooses to stand for the anthem.

    4. yeah, socialists admired a national socialist, what a surprise.

  29. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1323258870236676097.html

    If you’re Xi Jinping, you’re sitting two days away from total victory for a century to come. And what did it cost you? A slow quarter or two, a bunch of meaningless Chinese peasants roughed up and killed by disease and quarantines, a few lies about how many “cases” you had.
    The Wuhan coronavirus became China’s instrument for spreading its ideology – the whole world is authoritarian now, it’s just a question of degree. And it exposed the vulnerability of Western democracies to panic, to exploit everything for partisan political advantage.
    Decline is a choice – and with the coronavirus, China gave the West a reason to choose it. It was the most devastatingly effective ideological and economic attack in history, precisely targeted at one of the West’s great vulnerabilities: politicized science.
    China learned from studying the Climate Cult. The CCP was doing more than just laughing at Green New Deal insanity while it built more coal plants across the Third World. It learned how corrupt and politicized Western science has become. It saw a weakness to exploit.
    Scientism is how Western democracies reconcile themselves to authoritarian rule. If SCIENCE says we have to give up our freedom, sacrifice our strength – well, we’re not kneeling to a tyrant, right? We’re just being smart. Otherwise we’d be Deniers.

    1. The Fabian Society and the CCP had a common goal.

  30. Hey,
    , we’ve already gotten four reports of certified Republican poll watchers being denied legal access to polling places in your ward. Is this the kind of stuff that got you indicted? #StopTheSteal

  31. Philly GOP
    REPORT: Voting machines down in Westmoreland and Philadelphia Counties. Opposite sides of the state, both pro-Trump strongholds. #PAForTrump
    Philly GOP
    North Philadelphia: poll watcher DENIED entry. DEMOCRAT committee person seems to be running election board. Will not allow watcher in, said she is calling her ward leader — who has NO official standing. #StopTheSteal

  32. I am about to go vote. But before I do I just wanted to say that

    1. This is the only election, in the 19 years I’ve been old enough, where I’ve actually looked forward to voting.

    2. The Biden apologists among the trolls and writers (excuse my redundancy) can suck it

    1. Only the second time I’ve voted republican

      1. Me too!

  33. https://twitter.com/PhillyGOP/status/1323627525134786560

    Polls have been open for 2 hours in PA. Here’s what we’ve seen:

    – Several reports of locations closed.
    – 300+ people stuck in line.
    – Ballot harvesting.
    – Certified watchers being denied access.

    But sure, Republicans are the party trying to meddle in elections ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Democrats are big on tradition:
      The runoff vote count, handled by the Democratic State Central Committee, took a week. Johnson was announced the winner by 87 votes out of 988,295, an extremely narrow margin of victory. However, Johnson’s victory was based on 200 “patently fraudulent” 608 ballots reported six days after the election from Box 13 in Jim Wells County, in an area dominated by political boss George Parr. The added names were in alphabetical order and written with the same pen and handwriting, following at the end of the list of voters.”

      It’s just that with new technology, they don’t have to actually bring in a “discovered” box of ballots.

      1. But see, Maria Cantwell and Al Franken.

  34. https://twitter.com/mikeroman/status/1323605665882013696

    MORE Bad things happening in Philly. Dem election officials have avoided transparency & accountability at every step. NOW they’re keeping our poll watchers so far from the counting tables there’s NO WAY to ACTUALLY observe. What are they hiding?? THIS MUST STOP!!!

  35. https://twitter.com/PhillyGOP/status/1323613262919991296

    Poll watchers are being forced outside at the Papa Recreation Center, where Biden pamphlets are being handed out at the door!

  36. https://twitter.com/PhillyGOP/status/1323605579793944577

    If they can’t win votes, they’ll suppress them! Polling place in NE Philly not yet open, FORCING voters to leave. Intentional? You decide.

  37. Philly GOP
    WEST PHILADELPHIA: Refused to seat REPUBLICAN, COURT APPOINTED, election official! What gives,
    Philly GOP
    BUCKS COUNTY: Voting machines not working, certified poll watchers being DENIED entry!

  38. https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1323620488963264512

    Translation: The Fake News will try to install Biden as president, no matter the vote count, if the election outcome is even slightly questionable. And it will be.
    Quote Tweet

    Sara Fischer
    · 3h
    If news organizations declare Joe Biden the mathematical president-elect, he plans to address the nation as its new leader, even if President Trump continues to fight in court, advisers tell @Axios’

    1. https://twitter.com/Timcast/status/1323602700081242113

      Biden is allowed, Trump isn’t

      Fuck the establishment
      Quote Tweet

      Sara Fischer
      · 3h
      If news organizations declare Joe Biden the mathematical president-elect, he plans to address the nation as its new leader, even if President Trump continues to fight in court, advisers tell @Axios’

      1. We’re watching an election being stolen in real time.

        1. It’s not stealing if the original owners don’t try to hang onto it. (Which isn’t true, or course, but in the end, it’s the same difference right?)

          “You get more of what you reward, and less of what you punish.” Where is the punishment for election fraud?

  39. Oregon’s Measure 109 would let people legally purchase and consume hallucinogenic mushrooms under the care of a psilocybin administrator.



    1. It doubles as a jobs program!

  40. https://twitter.com/CarmineSabia/status/1323606220683567104

    What a coincidence. My friend, in the Republican part of Pennsylvania just called me. They are standing in line at the polling place that was supposed to open and is still not open. People leaving because they have to go to work. This is the BS we have been warning about.

    1. Not to say anything, but voting is a duty and employers have to accommodate on this day and people have to find a way. If I was done dirty that way, I’d find a way to vote and stick it to the son of a bitches.

    2. But remember, it’s the Republicans that are suppressing votes.

  41. https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/1323627281215008772

    has always been, will always be, and on the day of his bid for re-election, still is: a whiny little Kunta Kinte

    1. Imagine the thunderclap that would result—because the media personality would be yanked out of their chair that fast—if someone like, for example, Clay Travis compared a public figure in a statement to Kunta Kinte.

      1. I mean holy shit- I had to do some googling to see if there was something about Kunta Kinte I was missing that would make the reference make sense. Apparently that was Olbermann’s way of saying “c**t.” Besides being dumb and childish to begin with, a guy with his politics, who attracts the sort of following he does, has got to know he can’t say shit like that. No wonder everyone hates him; he pisses off anyone who is not a fully woke commie by relentlessly enforcing progressive dogma, then when the only friends he has left are other woke commies, he says stuff to piss them off too.

  42. https://twitter.com/ArthurSchwartz/status/1323640578601635841

    Several reporters are chasing down a story about a call that
    had w/ Philadelphia City Commisioner
    during which he told her that dems are counting on her “to do the right thing.”

    Exactly what does that mean, Bob?

    We’re watching,

  43. https://twitter.com/johncardillo/status/1323612842902380545

    There is no one to whom you can report voter fraud in PA, especially Philly.

    – Gov: Lockdown Dem activist
    – State AG: Already called it for Biden
    – Philly Mayor: Thug coddling moron
    – Philly DA: Soros owned radical
    – Philly PD Commish: Destroyed Portland

    Where the hell is DOJ?

    1. Investigating traffic offenses in TX?

  44. I don’t think it’s fair to assume CO’s Prop 115 is anti-libertarian. There’s a legitimate libertarian argument for the non-aggression principle kicking in at the point of viability, which is about 22 weeks.

  45. https://twitter.com/PublicSafetySME/status/1323595548348293121

    This is our polling place in NE Philadelphia. Already a violation in sight.

    1. Tear it down and burn it.

  46. Fine call it “shit-hole country music”. Listen until your country breaks through enough to get its own classification like reggae, it gets dumped into the generic classification of “world music”. Also fuck genres, when Jethro Tull wins heavy metal album of the year, its already been proven that they are meaningless.

  47. NEW: Joe Biden offered financial assistance to Hunter Biden on at least 4 occasions from November 2018 through March 2019, text messages show.

    The texts are a blow against the theory that Hunter was acting as a bag man for his father.https://t.co/umPLEOCYWg

    — Andrew Kerr (@AndrewKerrNC) November 3, 2020″

    Maybe I’m missing something here, but if the assertion is that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden aren’t guilty of influence peddling because their attempted bank robbery failed, that’s completely missing the point.

    Memo to Andrew Kerr: Influence peddling is an undesirable characteristic in a candidate–regardless of whether the attempt is successful. Again, the standard isn’t beyond a reasonable doubt. The standard is, “Do you want this man to be president of the United States?”

    1. I don’t see how Biden offering financial assistance to Hunter are even the slightest blow against him acting as a bag man. Does a drug mule suddenly become something else if I pay him $1K for his troubles? Wasn’t that always the old mafia hook? They don’t just take care of you, they take care of your family?

      It’s almost a bizarro-libertarian idea where, because there’s a contract and/or exchange of money, it’s de facto not a crime.

      1. They keep focusing on the fact that the deal was never consummated.

        CEFC went bankrupt before the deal with the Biden family could be consummated.


        The payments never went through.

        That doesn’t mean the Bidens weren’t peddling influence. It just means that the people they were peddling influence to went broke before they could pay up. And the question isn’t whether the Bidens should go to jail. The question is whether we should elect Joe Biden to be the president of the Untied States when he sells influence to the Chinese.

  48. 12 Good Things That Might Happen Today, None of Which Involve Trump or Biden

    Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment
    The state is seeking permission to raise people’s income taxes from a flat rate of 4.95 percent to 7.75 percent for households making over $250,000 and 7.99 percent for households with annual incomes over $750,000. The governor already signed a law to this effect last year, but to enact it requires a constitutional amendment since the state constitution bans a progressive income tax.

    Normally, I would presume a libertarian magazine to be advocating for the defeat of a bill to amend the state constitution and raise taxes, but this is Reason and ENB so, of course, no mention of defeating the bill. Just a plain statement that voting while taxes are being raised is a good thing.

    1. That’s why the comments about amendments proposing new taxes were preceded by this…

      “Alas, this year’s ballot measures aren’t all about legalizing drugs, making the criminal justice system fairer, and negating bad workplace regulations. A number of initiatives also seek to limit liberty and individual rights and roll back positive reforms. Here are a few of the worst:”

      1. There’s a huge, empty [div] after the Initiative 429 section and the [hr] after Initiative 109 is only visible if I get the monitor at the right angle. My fault for reading it on a laptop.

        Thanks for making me look bad Mr. “I read the articles”.

    2. It was in the list of what she called “some of the worst ones”.

  49. MAGA 2020

  50. I’m going to admit. I’ve got some pretty big anxiety about how bad things are going to get if Dems do win across the board this election. If they do, it will validate every single action they’ve taken in the past four years. Fabricating evidence, using the FBI as a partisan tool, suppressing stories that are even slightly unflattering to your preferred candidate by any means necessary. This is going to become the new normal, because it worked and they have zero reason to give up the power gained.

    The censorship I definitely see getting enshrined in law, so that no one can build another platform that allows for free speech. And we will definitely see a roll back of anti-discrimination Executive Orders Trump rolled out. Pro-right kind of racism will be back to being mandatory in government jobs and money.

    The worlds going to get really shitty.

    1. I’m quite confident that Trump is going to win this time around and bring Congress with him. I’m more worried about what happens afterwards. The last four years and especially 2020 has shown just how much institutional power the totalitarian left holds over the nation. Anyone but Trump probably would have folded under that kind of pressure. If that institutional stranglehold isn’t broken then we’ll have only bought ourselves a few years’ reprieve, and knowing that it will fall to the Republicans to do it is what makes me nervous.

      1. I hope you’re right. I really do, and I agree. A lot will have to be done in the next four years even if the dems lose this round to make sure we’re not in the exact same boat during the next election.

    2. “If they do, it will validate every single action they’ve taken in the past four years. Fabricating evidence, using the FBI as a partisan tool, suppressing stories that are even slightly unflattering to your preferred candidate by any means necessary. This is going to become the new normal, because it worked and they have zero reason to give up the power gained.”

      Every single fucking bit of this. Imagine where the line will get pushed next.

      1. What line? They’re going to turn every district/precinct in DC into its own state, create 8 new government employee controlled states, pack the Senate and EC, and tell the voters to fuck themselves.

        Why not? Who is going to stop them?

        1. Didn’t think you’d be saying that four years ago, did you Ra’s?

          It’s scary. And makes darkly hilarious, the cope I read here of, “Oh, the Republicans will take back the House or Senate in the midterms if it gets too radical.” Oh really? How do you think that will happen, with a minimum of four new Senators (PR, DC) and a brand new 15-40 million newly enfranchised ex-illegals voting?

          1. And more imported and sent to TX.

    3. Ugh. I’m so sick of “new normal”.

  51. https://twitter.com/StephenMoore/status/1323629591748055040

    Troubling news in
    ,PA. Election officials blocking observation of absentee ballot processing. One official at site allegedly boasts the system is designed to block ballot observation. Source says observers fear integrity is compromise.

  52. https://twitter.com/TimRunsHisMouth/status/1323649769135316994

    Oh look! A Democratic committeewoman in north Philly wearing a Biden mask not letting certified Republican poll watchers into a polling place… She ends with “that rule ain’t worth being followed” when someone says they should be allowed inside.

  53. https://twitter.com/RichardGrenell/status/1323642577158066178

    Characterizing Republican poll workers as a form of intimidation is outrageous.

    Shapiro is weaponizing his office against his opponents.
    Quote Tweet

    Josh Shapiro
    · 1h
    Not just anyone can be a poll watcher. My office will not stand for voter intimidation.

  54. I saw a car with a different state’s license plate outside the polling place and a bunch of people inside, apparently taking turns voting. It rubbed me the wrong way

    1. Hopefully you asked to speak to the manager.

  55. Interesting that the Democratic voter influencers at our polling place were encouraging people to vote “no” on a proposition to appoint a bipartisan committee to work on re-districting. Even the Washington Post, supports this initiative.

  56. https://twitter.com/PhillyGOP/status/1323620954279477250

    , we’ve already gotten four reports of certified Republican poll watchers being denied legal access to polling places in your ward. Is this the kind of stuff that got you indicted?

  57. The only good thing is the republicans keep the senate and the white house and thwart the efforts of the totalitarian left. And maybe some truncheons used on rioting blmantifa types.

    1. Nothing works better on crowd control than a fixed bayonet.

  58. https://twitter.com/KatiePavlich/status/1323627373863018497

    A reminder from May 2020:

    “A former [Philadelphia] Judge of Elections has been convicted for his role in accepting bribes to cast fraudulent ballots and certifying false voting results”

    1. all you’ve got are isolated incidents?

  59. http://twitter.com/LeonydusJohnson/status/1323649184323567617?s=19

    I ask this question from time to time and never get a good answer.

    What do Democrats love about America?

    That isn’t rhetorical. I am asking an honest question because all we ever hear from the party is how horrible America is. What do Dems love about their country?

    1. God damn America.
      — Obama’s pastor

    2. The access to power with only a little bit of fraud?

    3. Her fat pocketbook.

    4. it’s becoming more European every year?

    1. Oh yeah, the S&P closed comfortably higher yesterday than its 3 Aug close, and is surging higher today. Good tidings for Trump and the Republicans.

  60. http://twitter.com/stclairashley/status/1323652779559264256?s=19

    Ah yes, let’s follow the lead of the corrupt & disgraced ex-Director of the FBI.

  61. http://twitter.com/stclairashley/status/1323655938503573506?s=19

    This is HUGE…

    DC protesters organized via Zoom for months, thousands expected outside White House on Election Day

    Countless federal employees helped organize this.

    WHY is this not on headlines everywhere??????

  62. http://twitter.com/csevaluation/status/1323620764705239040?s=19

    Voting machines in a New York City polling place broken & completely locked; this is after opening 30 minutes late. “Don’t worry. You can leave your ballot with us and we will scan it for you later.”

  63. https://twitter.com/InezFeltscher/status/1323653814302461955

    Getting texts from multiple PA folks I trust about shenanigans there. Poll watchers excluded from polling places, closed polls in specifically GOP-heavy areas, etc. Silence from the folks screaming that requiring ID or not allowing 10-day-late ballots are voter suppression.

  64. https://twitter.com/PhillyGOP/status/1323656854229127171

    Polls have been open for 4 hours! So far, we’ve heard reports of:
    – Voters being turned away from polls for wearing Trump gear.
    – Republicans (not Democrats) being denied provisional ballots.
    – Non-operational scanners statewide.
    – Voters separated into poling lines by party.

    1. The skeptical side of me wonders how much of this is real vs. distortion. It feels like the Republicans are trying to lay the groundwork for the narrative that Trump lost because PA was stolen.

      Not that they have to do much for that – the base is ready to believe it anyway along with a number of independents who are familiar with history. However, I don’t think these cases are more than usual election day confusion and shenanigans. The real fraud is going to be over the next 6 days.

      1. It also lays the groundwork for pressuring Dems to keep their noses clean. Publicly announcing every time you catch them doing something shady, puts them on notice that lights are going to be shined in each and every shadow. Makes it harder to cheat when you know someone is looking over your shoulder, and every attempt to stop the watchers is met with public outcry.

      2. They’ve been telling us for months they’re going to cheat.

  65. https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/1323659291577012224

    THE STEAL IS ON IN PHILLY: Man Caught Handing Out Democrat Literature to Voters IN LINE TO VOTE via

    1. Hmm. That’s legal in Va. Both major parties give out sample ballots with the party’s choices.

  66. https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1232481895826329600

    Gun manufacturers — if I’m elected I’m coming for you.

  67. https://twitter.com/benyt/status/1323642175226286081

    Something for New York political junkies to chew on while the day passes: Chatter that a President Biden could appoint Gillibrand to a cabinet post, allowing Cuomo to put AOC in the Senate, a gift to Schumer and to himself, and a way to elevate a star they’re all afraid of.

  68. https://twitter.com/willchamberlain/status/1323650873910845442

    Talked to multiple voters at this polling place in a Republican leaning ward

    Poll workers apparently said multiple machines weren’t working when the polls opened at 7am, people had to stand in line for half an hour or more

    Subtle voter suppression?

    1. I suspected Democrats might try to get all their votes in early via mail and then make it impossible for Republicans to vote on Election Day.

      I think this plan fell through when they found too many ex-Democrats working with elections this cycle.

  69. A son, and evidently male.


    Relax, I didn’t vote for the guy you hate
    Their son was a person.
    Quote Tweet

    New York Post
    · 48m
    John Legend gets matching ‘Jack’ tattoo with Chrissy Teigen in honor of late son

  70. Vote No on 1984.

  71. Amash turned into such a bitch.

  72. THREAD


    I think I’m concerned with empathy because throwing it away marks that first step toward totalitarianism. A nation where everyone gets juiced about voting against people they hate is a nation open to total political domination of private life. I think it’s getting worse.

    Look at all the totalitarian ideas that are becoming commonplace now: Hate speech isn’t free speech, you can’t be my friend if you disagree with my politics, everything you say or do is a political statement, you should be judged by the color of your skin, silence is violence…

    All of that gets a LOT worse if Democrats win, and they’re growing comfortable with the ultimate instrument of totalitarianism, political violence. They must be defeated. The path away from totalitarianism is clear in this election, and it’s voting Republican.

  73. https://twitter.com/RyanGirdusky/status/1323658276626702336

    This is a 60% Trump district in a swing state [GA]
    Quote Tweet

    · 3h
    #BREAKING: Per Spalding County
    Elections all voting machines are down

  74. The texts are a blow against the theory that Hunter was acting as a bag man for his father.

    This shows people who want it to be false will believe anything. These emails don’t show anything of the sort.

  75. https://twitter.com/MichaelCoudrey/status/1323644406998597633

    Only sign outside Bucks County voting place. Democrats shown, republicans blurred out.

    Meyer Way Park, Bucks County. Warwick township.

    More scamming in Pennsylvania!

  76. https://twitter.com/PartymanRandy/status/1322658595687829507

    Remember that decency is on the ballot.

    Also remember to board up your stores in case the party of decency doesn’t get their way.

  77. I just voted for Trump.

    1. +10000

      My first time voter wife and I early voted in-person for Trump.

      She is scared to death about Democrat tyranny.

  78. Anyone notice desperate Dems trying to pretend that store owners boarding up their businesses in downtown New York are somehow afraid of Republicans rioting? How does someone get that deep into an alternate reality without a single whiff of factual basis behind it?

    1. Voluntarily.

    2. The commenters on Washington Post the stories about boarded up stores are all positive that all the riots and destruction so far this year have been due to right-wing elements.

      Needless to say, TDS is strong in most Post followers.

      1. Yeah, I’m seeing that narrative appear from whole cloth. I’m really starting to wonder if people are being paid to say that in some weird gaslighting attempt, or if this is really what people on the left have convinced themselves.

        1. Both.
          Mass psychosis being encouraged and cultivated

        2. Media Matters has been using paid internet commenters for over a decade now. It’s poorly paid work but it’s a matter of political devotion for many.
          They focus on sites like reddit and imgur, but news and opinion sites have people assigned to them too. I’m pretty sure Jeff here is a Media Matters fifty-center.

          1. *cough* Tony *cough*

  79. “Voting yes on (Cali) Proposition 25 will help bring more fairness to the bail system. ” — no, it will give a judge the opportunity to deny you bail altogether. I voted NO.

    And Prop 20 IS a needed correction to previous misguided liberal laws decriminalizing crime. Property crime in California doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist any more.

  80. http://twitter.com/seanhannity/status/1323673086076571648?s=19

    NOT A JOKE: Ilhan Omar Tells Residents ‘You Don’t Have to be Registered to Vote’ in Minnesota

    1. Can we send ilian Omar and her family back to somolia where they can be tortured and murdered like they were suppose to be? Her dad was a “teacher trainer” for the Somali socialist party. He trained the Somali version of the gulag gaurds

    2. You also don’t have to be crazy to vote Democrat, but it helps

    3. Register on Election Day
      You can register or update your registration when you vote, whether that is at your polling place on Election Day or at an early voting location. You will need proof of residence to register. Learn more about registering when you vote.

      Who can vote in Minnesota
      You must be:
      A U.S. citizen
      At least 18 years old on Election Day
      A resident of Minnesota for 20 days
      Finished with all parts of any felony sentence


      She is a Marxist, but according to the MN SOS, she is also correct. You just have to show proof of residency for 20 days. She did not say you could vote if you are not resident or a citizen. Not sure what Hannity is freaking out about.

      MN does have a bizarre section on ‘How to register if… I fear for my personal safety’.

    4. So it didn’t even occur to you to check if same-day registration was legal in Minnesota?

  81. Where is everybody watching election results? Obviously, I cannot watch the TV and listen to far left radicals blather on about OrangeManBad. Well, maybe later when they’re all crying if Trump wins…

    1. Results won’t be in until 2 AM, so just check the latest Reason article’s comment section around that time and you’ll know the victor.

    2. Regardless of who you support, you probably shouldn’t sweat it today. Some states will probably report by the end of the day, but some states are going to be counting through the end of the week.

      Which, contrary to what the President has tried to claim, is perfectly normal and legal.

      1. Why would it be “normal and legal” to take until the end of the week to count ballots? While it’s normal to take additional time to have “final” counts, states have always published active numbers on election day. All the early voting should make this even easier! Not longer.

        1. Yeah. Everyone is assuming that counting will go down to the wire in enough states to make a difference. That’s certainly possible, but it’s probably more likely that we will know all we need to know with 90+% certainty by the end of the night. And based on early indications, things seem to be looking very good for Trump.

          1. I understand if a handful of states are razor thin but if AZ is +3 for Trump with 90-95% reporting, that’s a Trump win. Unless the un-reporting counties are known Dem strongholds; then maybe you wait a little. But that doesn’t take a week.

        2. 22 states allow mailed-in ballots after Election Day. And everyone got to vote by mail this year.

    3. YouTube. Lots of places will be doing live streams so find a group you like to listen to (or at least makes you laugh).

  82. I get the part about legalizing Marijuana, who cares at this point. People want to use it, have at it, just don’t drive, give it to kids, all that stuff we do with alcohol. But meth and heroin? I understand the concept of people making choices, but WE are the ones who live with the consequences of USERS’ choices in the form of higher crime rates (large % of property crimes are committed by drug users), medical costs (many hard drug users are unemployable and therefore don’t have health insurance) and a whole slew of local, state and federal costs that stem from drug use.

    1. You know what else costs a lot and kills and injures a lot of people? Trying to stop people from using illegal drugs.
      Drug warriors do the same foolish thing as covid-warriors and ignore the negative consequences of their policies while focusing on the consequences of one single danger to the exclusion of others.
      It is far from clear that the costs and consequences of drug prohibition are offset by the benefits of whatever deterrent effect it provides. You would have to believe that an awful lot more people would become drug addicts if it were legal for that equation to work out.

    2. I hear your concern on hard drug usage. However, you can make similar arguments for alcoholism. Despite it being legal, alcohol usage contributes negatively to individual health issues and, as a whole, contributes significantly to our health care system. Yet, it shouldn’t be illegal.

      The costs of making alcohol illegal outweighs Constitutional liberty and we end up with escalated gang violence and harder types of alcohol. Sounds shockingly like drug prohibition huh?

      1. My answer has always been:

        Legalize the shit out of everything.
        Drive up the penalties to extreme measures for laws broken.

        Ultimate freedom, but ultimate consequences for all the terrible things you do, to OTHERS, on it.

        For those addicted, rehab.

  83. So, here in the beautiful sunny western suburbs of Taintsville, Florida, I walked to my polling place around 1400 today. Voted straight Republican except for one LP candidate for County Commission. Voted NO on all the amendments except No 4 (I like the idea of double checking before we change something like the state constitution).

    i cannot foresee the future, but one thing I know for sure: whoever is elected president in 2020 is going to have a bunch of Democrats trying to remove him from office. 🙂

  84. I am looking forward to the election results.

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