The Dangerous Lure of Political Violence

How seriously should we take the threats of protesters who recently built guillotines outside of Jeff Bezos' house?


Just down the street from the Reason offices in D.C., protesters recently built a guillotine. No necks were harmed that night; it wasn't fully functional. But they did it in front of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' house, and the message was clear: While we aren't going to do violence to you personally right now, we want you to know that we think capitalist billionaires like you are so terrible that some violence may, in fact, be justified. Another iteration of the guillotine had popped up a couple of weeks earlier in front of the White House, with similar implications for the president and his allies.

The question, which has taken on increasing importance as Election Day draws near, is how seriously (or literally) to take such threats.

The best-case scenario is that what we are seeing in the streets is essentially LARPing. If you don't know what LARPing is: Congratulations. I bet the parties you got invited to in high school were fun! It stands for "live action role playing," and the most common manifestation is a small group of costumed nerds staging some form of simulated combat, often in a campus quadrangle or public park.

Like the guillotinesmiths of Kalorama, the lefty protesters of Seattle and Portland—dressed in activist goth chic and ostentatiously practicing maneuvers with shields—are looking to trigger disgust and panic in those who disagree with their aims or tactics, and boy is it working. The same is true of the Unite the Right marchers who turned up in Charlottesville three years ago and later in the Pacific Northwest to provoke fear and intimidate their opponents while wearing matching polo shirts and wielding tiki torches.

"So far, this revolutionary playacting has been more annoying than terrifying," Cathy Young writes in this month's cover story, an account of the events leading up to France's Reign of Terror with an eye toward the parallels to the present day (page 18). "It's about trolling, not killing, the enemy. But it still signals an embrace of bloodthirsty rhetoric—and of ideological homage to one of history's bloodier leftist dictatorships."

There are reasons to believe the situation in American cities could take a more deadly turn, however. For one thing, it did in Charlottesville, when counterprotester Heather Heyer was killed. And it already has in Portland, where Reason contributor Nancy Rommelmann has covered the monthslong conflict between the antifa "black bloc" and the various right-leaning factions that oppose it. The activists in Portland have been busy attempting, mostly without success, to set fire to various government buildings downtown. Failing that, they settle for dumpsters. They had their own guillotines there, of course, one of which conscripted a teddy bear to stand in for reviled Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler.

But there have been repeated clashes, not only between the protesters and law enforcement but also between rival activist factions, including the now-infamous right-wing Proud Boys. At the end of August, those tensions culminated in the killing of Aaron "Jay" Danielson by a deeply troubled man who identified as antifa.

The actions of the shooter, writes Rommelmann, are "a symptom of what happens when a movement gets such a glow that it attracts people ready to take things to the next level. For most people, fatal violence causes an instinct to recoil, to take a step back and reconsider. But not for everyone."

This is the very definition of a vicious cycle. As the less committed folks step back because they sense that things have gone too far, only the most hardcore remain in the field, ready to rumble. "That things will get worse before they get better seems inevitable," writes Rommelmann. "A movement that justifies intimidation and violence moves in only one direction, and anyone who says they did not see this coming to the streets of Portland has not been paying attention."

There are signs that ordinary people are becoming more likely to support this kind of violence, if not engage in it themselves. In October, a group of researchers published a disheartening set of survey responses in Politico. They found that 36 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of Democrats said it is at least "a little" justified for their side "to use violence in advancing political goals." Those numbers are slightly higher if you specify the loss of an election as the trigger for violence.

The more extreme someone's political views, the more likely they are to believe violence is justified to achieve them. Among those who identify as "very liberal," 26 percent said there would be "a great deal" of justification for violence if the Democratic candidate loses the presidency. Among the "very conservative," that figure is 16 percent if the Republican candidate loses.

These numbers are up significantly from June, but the trend begins much earlier. This is neither a left nor a right phenomenon, no matter how desperately each side would like that to be the case. No one "started it." No one side is picking the fight. This is a change in views about political violence across the board.

The new survey builds on a longstanding body of work by two of the authors, Nathan P. Kalmoe and Lilliana Mason, who have also found that polarization seems to be directly connected to dehumanization, with 20 percent of Republicans and 15 percent of Democrats agreeing in 2018 that members of the other party "lack the traits to be considered fully human—they behave like animals."

A 2019 report from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace put a finer point on the ways in which this electoral cycle may be particularly ripe for conflict, declaring that "experimental evidence shows inducing expectations of electoral victory give strong partisans more confidence to endorse violence against their partisan opponents."

Recall that one of this spring's most outrageous instances of cancel culture at work was indirectly about the question of tolerance for political violence as well: A Civis Analytics researcher lost his job after tweeting out an academic study by Princeton's Omar Wasow about how violent protesters may undermine the electoral goals of their allies. He was accused of "concern trolling" and "minimizing black grief and rage" and subsequently fired in what appeared to be a direct response to the tweet. Not only are people more willing to condone violence across the board, but at the extremes some are also less willing to even entertain talk about why such violence might be a bad idea.

There is one additional complicating factor here: The meaning of the word violence is in flux. Speech is increasingly described as violence. Sometimes silence is also violence, especially in conversations about race. In certain circles, conversely, it's now up for debate whether property destruction counts as violence, with activists pushing back on the idea that the damage to homes and businesses in the wake of this summer's Black Lives Matter protests should be taken into consideration at all.

It's a mistake to conflate bad tweets with revolutionary violence, but it is worth pointing out that in the waning days of the election season, Bhaskar Sunkara, a co-founder of the aptly named Jacobin magazine, tweeted: "I think killing little Romanov children was justified. But it's not surprising why these views are controversial given most people's ethical and moral frameworks."

Sunkara ultimately took down the tweet. But the thing he may have been most wrong about was the notion that most people's moral and ethical frameworks can't accommodate violence in the name of political change. Increasing numbers of Americans see those who disagree with them as subhuman and view politics as a worthy cause for violence, even if they're not ready or willing to do violence themselves. For these new Jacobins, the romance of the guillotine persists.

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  2. Politics is in itself an act of violence. We experience miniature civil wars biannually here in these United States, and every voter is a combatant. The voter is engaging in an act of political will. They are affecting a certain amount of change on government, an institution which can not accomplish anything without using force. They are exercising violence to accomplish their preferred political ends.

    The idea that violence is not acceptable when concerning questions of politics is absurd. The issues at hand deal with the nature of our government itself, how that government relates to the citizenry, what that government will be allowed to do, and whom it will be allowed to do those things to. These issues are literally life and death, and we Citizens make these type of decisions every other year.

    A major political loss, especially if it implicates an impending loss of natural rights, or appears to have been the result of fraud or corruption, is an entirely valid reason to resort to force to rectify the situation. To believe otherwise is to imagine that the secessionist belligerents in 1776 and 1860 were illegitimate. Their opponents certainly did not treat them this way, nor has history.

    Lastly, if one does not believe fundamentally in the legitimacy of civilian resistance to tyranny using the tools of warfare, why the hell would we be arguing for the reinstatement of the original understanding of the Second Amendment in the first place?

    1. Which is not to say that is what is taking place in cities where mobs of spoiled, entitled (and delusional) trust fund kids take to the streets to loot and vandalize because of the wink of sanction given to them by the dem city overlords

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    2. Government is force. When you vote, you’re literally saying that violence should be done to your opponents if they attempt to resist what you want to see done to them. Nobody votes to have government pass a bill of suggestions, and the government doesn’t pass suggestions. They pass laws, they will lock you in a cage if you resist.

      1. Yup. Good luck getting anyone to openly admit that their election choices are based upon who they want force to be inflicted upon. Except Nardz. At least he’s honest in openly advocating that violence and murder be inflicted on his political opponents.

        1. The Rev also says this

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        2. You twist everything to gratify your feelz, sarc.

          Don’t start none, won’t be none.

          1. You’re the one who wants to do violence based upon feelz. The only difference between you and the rioters is political allegiance.

            1. That, and the fact that he hasn’t actually killed anyone or destroyed private and public property. Can’t say the same for the rioters.

        3. I’m cool with admitting that. I’ve been saying for years that to enact a law is to threaten violence, so you’d better only enact laws you think it would be justified to shoot people over.

          I’m cool with shooting people who rape, (I mean rape-rape, not “changes her mind months later” rape.) assault, steal, and so forth.

          But I think the scope of laws in general should be dramatically scaled back, because they all ARE based on threatening violence, and most of them don’t concern any matter where you’d be justified getting violent with anybody who doesn’t fall in line.

    3. If that’s how you feel, then you shouldn’t be surprised when the state throws you in a cage. You might not like it, but don’t be surprised.

      Elections are in lieu of war. That’s the whole point. Grow the fuck up. It’s not your fat asses that will be waddling down the battlefield.

      1. I presume you read Jerryskids’ post. And I assume that in general you support more legal constraints on human behavior, from speech to commerce. Do you not understand the implied violence of ever-expanding enforcement?

        1. I support far, far less human restraint than any of the Trump bootlickers here who fall over themselves looking for brown children to throw in cages. Far less than the many people constantly advocating violence against political foes, just like in the post I was responding to. There is bloodlust on this thread, and this is mild rightwingerism compared to the rest of the internet. Clean your own goddamn room of its tyrants. I just think oil companies shouldn’t be paid to pollute the earth.

          1. Lefties started the Civil War…again Tony.

            Democrats started the American Civil war in 1861 and have started Civil War 2.0 with their attempts to coup a duly elected President Trump.

            1. I’m glad you’re Russian because otherwise you’d be incredibly stupid.

              1. Look at Tony lash out even though he gets paid in Renminbi.

                Trump is gonna win big and I will be here to collect your tears.

                1. That’s not what the evidence suggests will happen. I don’t suppose it occurs to you what you actually think the country will be gaining by four more years of this catastrophe. The tears of our enemies do taste sweet, but we’re supposed to be the leader of the free world here, not its embarrassing pitiable laughingstock.

                  1. Were supposed to mind our own business, do what we think right, and not give a fuck what outsiders think.

                    It’s your broken-minded codependency that tells you otherwise.

                  2. Poor Tony thinks foreign leaders and socialist nations are not laughing stocks themselves.

        2. Tony will of course repeat his comment when Trump is reelected, Republicans gain seats in the US Senate, the House has a majority Republican after Census 2020, Trump replaces Breyer and Thomas on the SCOTUS, and Republicans hold an Article V Constitutional Convention amending the US Constitution.

          There wont be any talk of Lefty violence from his purty little mouth.

    4. People who think they are Elites, like KMW, believe that the serfs should just take tyrannical ass blasts from government on a daily basis.

      Useful Idiots of the Left thought they could use government to their Communist ends. When they come to realize that Lefty politicians and crony capitalists have just been using them to get rich off taxpayers, the Useful Idiots are understandably upset.

      Its funny they are choosing the French Revolution theme.

    5. I suppose that I must grant some measure of respect for the willingness to perform the violence personally, instead of farming it out to someone in a blue clown suit.

      Still, I’d far rather people be willing to just leave other people alone.

      1. “Still, I’d far rather people be willing to just leave other people alone.”

        Wouldn’t that be great?

        1. Why can’t we all just get along?

          1. No.

            Why can’t we just mind our own fucking business?

    6. Yep.
      “A ballot is just a substitute for a bullet. If your vote isn’t backed by a bullet, it is meaningless. Without the bullet, people could ignore the election outcome. Voting would be pointless. Democracy has violence at its very core!” ~Muir Matteson, “The Nonviolent Zone”

    7. I do often consider voting an act of self defense. A defense against the aggressors who won’t mind their own business and want to take my stuff and tell me what to do.

  3. Far-Right Groups Are Behind Most U.S. Terrorist Attacks, Report Finds
    White supremacist groups have carried out a majority of “terrorist plots and attacks” this year, according to a report by a think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies.


    The right has become more extreme and open in their bloodlust while Trump openly encourages them.


    1. The report, published Thursday by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, found that white supremacist groups were responsible for 41 of 61 “terrorist plots and attacks” in the first eight months of this year, or 67 percent.

      The finding comes about two weeks after an annual assessment by the Department of Homeland Security warned that violent white supremacy was the “most persistent and lethal threat in the homeland” and that white supremacists were the most deadly among domestic terrorists in recent years.

      same source


      1. The report that was not vetted or ready for release included gems like this:

        Russia “probably will be the primary covert foreign influence actor and purveyor of disinformation and misinformation in the Homeland,” the documents also say.

        We already know china is the most active this year.

        But I’m not shocked you fall for draft reports. What takes it to be a draft? Someone somewhere in DHS, prior to review.

        Yet here you are pretending the draft document is fact. Pretty fucking funny. Ignorant, but funny.

        1. He doesn’t fall for them. He knows that they’re horseshit, but posts them anyway because that’s what he’s paid for.

        2. Citation needed.

          Also, what’s in it for you if China is responsible for more than Russia?

          You people are the easiest fucking marks on the planet. No seriously look at this. Not only are you propagandized into opening your throats for literally whatever Donald fucking Trump wants to shove into them, no questions asked, no questions entertained. Not only that, but it actually emotionally matters to you that you believe his foreign backers aren’t the worse actors when they clearly are.

          It’s un fucking real the way your brains have been pickled by rightwing media.

          1. Tony is big on demanding citations but refuses to provide them himself.

            Tony is very upset right now. He is angry that trump will be reelected.

    2. i’d be more worried for my safety wearing a MAGA hat in downtown Seattle in two years time (regardless of the election results this year)
      that I would fear the BOOGALOPALYPSE

      1. That would be worrying despite the data that shows the rightwingers doing all the killing.

        1. Agreed Tony! It’s all right wingers, and if it looks like a leftist did it then that was clearly a false flag operation!

          1. I suppose the FBI just has a soft spot for leftists, which is why they devote so many resources to tracking down militia types and ignore Antifa. Not because Antifa is middle class white leftists playing dress up, or because the rightwingers keep killing people on national TV, but political bias. All those lefties at the FBI.

            1. Or Antifa types are more cautious about what they say online than a bunch of anarchist losers who probably had no serious intentions to act. There obviously is organized left-wing violence going on. And yes, there are also some right-wing groups “taking it to the streets”. So it’s clearly not that the left is not doing anything wrong that might warrant FBI attention.

              1. They’re just not organized into terrorist cells like the right is. The FBI is more concerned with organized terrorist violence than random emotional looters or diffuse Antifa activists who don’t commit any violence.

                1. This is patently untrue, they are quite specifically organized exactly like terrorist cells, but allow for the general laziness of social media obsessed American and millennial culture. As for your not committing violence claim, do you even believe that line of bullshit?

              2. Notice Tony admit that antifa members are terrorists. They just dont organize themselves into “cells”.

                Tony will make other excuses when antifa members, already arrested go to court because they have ALREADY been arrested by federal police.

                Antifa wont have the excuse like Republican militias do that FBI created an entire conspiracy and then arrested members when the simply talked about “doing something”.

                Remember when the “right-wing” militia in Michigan to kidnap Michigan Governor Mrs. Unpopular turned out to all be Antifa and Trump haters?

                1. Name a single case of an Antifa supporter killing anyone.

                  1. The black kids in Seattle that were shot at point-blank range by the CHAZ-tards.

                    The guy in Portland killed by Michael Reinoehl.

            2. or because the rightwingers keep killing people on national TV

              ::ignores people killed by leftwingers on national tv in the last seven months::

            3. Government agents go after anti-government types always and everywhere and will tend to leave those who support them alone.

        2. Tony’s citations always fall off when he blames the Right-Wing Monarchs of the GOP.

        3. Can you provide some examples?
          Right wingers certainly aren’t doing all the killing (which there isn’t very much of anyway). The most overtly political recent murder I can think of was by a guy who identified with Antifa.

          1. The alleged leftwinger who shot someone was summarily executed by the police. Rittenhouse and the Whitmer plotters get their days in court. That’s how it works.

            1. And acquitted by those racist juries.

            2. The actual evidence is contradictory on the Whitmer ‘plot,’ though at least you’re not trying to call them white supremacists. This group doesn’t appear to be a hardcore right-wing group, as members support Black Lives Matter, want to hang Trump, Seem to support anarchy. The media and Whitmer supplied horseshit certainly has them as dyed in the wool rightists, but, that is convenient for the agenda.

        4. Let’s look at every major violent act this year.

          1: The CHAZ. Performed by the left. Three dead
          2: Riots in general. Performed by the left. Twenty dead last I noticed. Hundreds of buildings burnt to the ground, thousands of businesses looted.
          3: Trump supporters being openly attacked in the street, and in one case outright shot in the head, for the sole reason that they were wearing Trump hats.

          On the other hand, violence by the right has primarily been declared justified self-defense. Or, in the case of the girl who was burned in St Paul, active fraud. Same with the “noose” found in the NASCAR garage that turned out to be a garage door handle, and the Jesse Smollett incident, where he paid his coworkers to beat him up.

          I realize that the plural of anecdote isn’t data, but the conclusions of this report fly in the face of the news we have seen, which has consistently shown violence from the left, while every major news story about racial violence from the right has been discovered to be a fraud.

          1. Luckily we don’t need anecdotes when the FBI has data.


            “The top threat we face from domestic violent extremists stems from those we identify as racially/ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVE). RMVEs were the primary source of ideologically motivated lethal incidents and violence in 2018 and 2019 and have been considered the most lethal of all domestic extremists since 2001. Of note, the last three DVE attacks, however, were perpetrated by anti-government violent extremists.”

            1. Yet, somehow, the media didn’t notice all those when they happened

            2. I’m wondering, are anti government extremists, right or left to you, Tony?

    3. Center for Strategic and International Studies

      Weird how none of their examples included arson, assault, or murder from the riots.

      Amazing what can be done when you get to define the terms.

    4. By the way, here is an analysis last time you idiots tried pushing put these draft reports.


      You areiterally fully pushing left wing propaganda at this point.

      1. It just says rightwingers commit the vast majority of the political violence. But then you guys think viruses are a hoax when they hurt Republicans image right?

        1. The only people I have encountered who think it’s a hoax are anti-vax left-wingers.

          1. You don’t see the same “interview a random fat fuck on the street” segments I do.

            1. Tony watches a bunch of FOX news.

              1. No, he thinks Jimmy Kimmel is a news show.

    5. Far-Right Groups Are Behind Most U.S. Terrorist Attacks, Report Finds
      White supremacist groups have carried out a majority of “terrorist plots and attacks” this year, according to a report by a think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

      To reach this conclusion this study classifies people escaping violent rioters in their vehicles as violent attacks by the far right. I’m not surprised to see Tony and the other idiots citing such shoddy propaganda.

    6. I dont believe it, but I sure as fuck hope youre right.

    7. I read most of that, and they classify all anti government violence as right wing. Clearly BS as we’ve seen all summer. The report is almost worthless except as propaganda.

  4. How seriously should we take the threats of protesters who recently built guillotines outside of Jeff Bezos’ house?

    Not as seriously as we take a right-wing extremist leaving a noose in Bubba Wallace’s garage, that’s for damn sure!

    1. Seriously? You believe the discredited noose BS? LOL Please, go hang yourself and save the world from your idiocy.

      1. He’s joking. Because, you know, all right wing terrorist plots are like the confusion about a knot hanging in a locker room.

        1. You can start linking to the actual mass right wing forms of violence whenever you choose, not just draft documents projecting them.

          I’ll start. 100 days of violence in Portland including arson, assaults, and murder. Your turn

          1. CHAZ/CHOP
            next …

            1. 2 dead in Portland.

          2. WHEN have far-right nut-jobs ever responded to clearly dangerous LIES, with ridiculous levels of totally unjustified violence?
            Answer: Pizzagate! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory

            Just a wee tad more of touching upon how the Trumptatorshit is openly inviting senseless right-wing violence in the USA, in reaction to ANY Trump election loss (no matter HOW legitimate and overwhelming), would have been a good idea, though, IMHO.
            The case is easy and simple… Der TrumpfenFuhrer has done half of our work already!
            Right-wing nut-jobs like to dismiss the idea of unjust, senseless violence being the result of LIES told by said right-wing nuts. This is just a Fairy Tale, they say.
            They are WRONG!

            1. Oh, totally equivalent. Do you ever say shit not completely retarded?

              1. Q: What’s the difference between a good (genuinely funny) joke, and JesseSPAZ?

                A: One is a shift of wit. The other is a wift of shit!

                1. Sounds like Dumbfuck HihnSQRLSo hasn’t had his breakfast yet.

                  1. I’m pretty sure SQRLSY isn’t Hihn, unless they finally got his meds balanced. I haven’t seen a genuine Hihnfection in months. If the guy isn’t dead, he’s been institutionalized.

                    1. Hihn link was posted by Zeb (thanks, Zeb!)…

                      Hihn is deceased!

                      RIP Hihn! In honor of Hihn… “Right minus Left = Zero”!

                    2. Well, that’s sad. Though not as sad as his losing his mind first.

                2. Back to your first love, shit.

                  1. Wow, what literary talent and rapier wit! Let’s see if I can match or exceed it, with some OTHER brilliantly smart comments that I have created just now!

                    Fuck off, spaz!
                    You eat shit, you said so yourself!
                    You’re a racist Hitler-lover!
                    Take your meds!
                    That’s so retarded!
                    You’re a Marxist!
                    Your feet stink and you don’t love Trump!
                    Your source is leftist, so it must be false!
                    Trump rules and leftists drool!
                    You are SOOO icky-poo!
                    But Goo-Goo-Gah-Gah!

                    Wow, I am now 11 times as smart and original as you are!

                    1. Dumbfuck HihnSQRLSo posts his copypasta again.

                    2. Yep. Dude claims to refute arguments, when all he does is level childish insults.

                    3. Yep. Dude claims to refute arguments, when all he does is level childish insults.

                      He posted links above. Feel free to point out where they’re wrong.

          3. HERE are the lies being told NOW, to right-wing nut-jobs, in hopes of stirring up “Pizza-Gate Part II”!
            A list of the times Trump has said he won’t accept the election results or leave office if he loses
            Essential heart and core of the LIE by Trump: “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!”
            September 13 rally: “The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” he said.

          4. Why? So you can try to deny that Dylan Roof, Tim McVeigh, and others like them are right-wingers? There have been hundreds of right wing murders in this country since McVeigh kicked things off.

            1. Jesse’s point is that whatever bad things have been done by lefties outnumbers the bad things done by righties, which means that any criticism of righties is unfounded and anyone who dares to criticize righties is forgiving everything lefties have done because lefties are terrible people and you’re a terrible person for even suggesting that righties are anything but perfect and are saying that lefties are perfect but righties are perfect and you suck. See?

              1. No, my point is what it is dumbshit. It is clearly in my prior posts.

                1. Whenever you post with your petty insults it brings back memories of grade school.

                  1. That’s where you stopped learning apparently, so makes sense.

                    So are you going to try to refute the two links I provided? Lol. Of course not. Just blindly accept what your initial beliefs tell you.

                    1. The other day when I was taking my morning deuce I coughed, and everything was force out in one big plop. Made me think of you.

                    2. *forced*

                    3. You and sqrsly have a lot in common.

                    4. By the way, are you going to even attempt honest arguments today?

                      I provided 2 reputations on the group pushing the pedos talking points.

                      Or you fine wallowing in your preferred ignorance as usual?

                    5. That the aroma of shit reminds us of your eloquence? Probably.

                    6. Dude, you don’t refute arguments. You just call people names.

            2. “Hundreds”–and his evidence is one guy from five years ago and one guy from 25 years ago.

              Meanwhile, we’ve had an entire summer of left-wing violence, but since their one shrieky-poo’s side, he’s okay with that.

              1. With writings that put them ideologically on the left.

              2. They have obviously never read the rloert cited. The roll around in ignorance like it is shit. The report is a collection of essentially crimes committed by anyone who can be considered right wing even of the crime wasn’t political. And they could only come up with a few dozen examples.

                The left requires ignorance to push its ideas. Sqrsly, spb, and the broken one are just the useful idiots.

                The two links above describe this, but none of the retarded trio would ever hurt their preconceptions.

                A few years ago this report also included a few crimes committed by minorities as a mistake. The report is basically the catch all for the ADL report.

              3. A good example of the retard trios belief system is if the media says it, it is true. For 2 weeks trump got blamed for the Whitmer kidnap plot. They, spb did for sure, blamed trump. Barely mentioned is they had plans to hang trump.


                Whitmer kidnap plotter also wanted to hang Trump, other politicians, FBI says
                Robert Snell
                Craig Mauger
                George Hunter
                The Detroit News
                A Delaware man accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also threatened to hang President Donald Trump and posted a hit list on Facebook targeting other elected leaders, including former President Barack Obama, according to an unsealed search warrant affidavit obtained by The Detroit News.

                The affidavit provides new details about how the FBI thwarted the alleged plot to kidnap Whitmer, a Democrat, and kill police officers by enlisting the help of confidential informants. One of the informants was a militia member who met a group of men accused in the kidnapping plot and became so concerned that the individual agreed to become an FBI confidential informant, according to the court filing.

                The affidavit gave federal agents permission to search a Facebook account belonging to Barry Croft, 44, of Bear, Delaware, who was one of six men charged in federal court with conspiracy to kidnap. Evidence collected by FBI agents portrays his Facebook account as a virtual bulletin board filled with violent imagery, including a noose and a list of grievances in which he mulled killing Democrats and Republicans including South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Muslims and liberals.

                “I say we hang everything currently governing us, they’re all guilty!!!,” Croft wrote in May on his Facebook page, which also included an image of Trump. “Wanna hang this mf’er too…”

                Bet you this incident is in next years report.

                1. Who blamed Trump? Cite your whiny bullshit.

                  I watched Trump continue to incite anti-Whitmer hysteria after the plot was uncovered. That did happen.

                  1. So, no longer speak up against tyranny? Got it.

                    1. By all means, speak up against the tyrant openly talking about stealing the election and openly interfering with the election.

                    2. …but enough about Democrat “strongholds”…

                      I’ve decided I oppose violence…but if Kamala Harris got shot in the head, I’m not sure I’d be able to stifle a laugh

            3. Dylan roof was not right wing. Youre just defining any racial violence (but it white on black) as right wing. There was no political thought in his statements, only racial.

              McVeigh wasn’t right wing either, he was anti conservative.

              Using your broad definitions of right wong, the 9/11 terrorists are labeled as right wing.

              Unlike the 3 retards defending the study, I actually read it when it first came out around 2010. It basically linked any crime to someone suspected of being in a right wing chatroom as an example of right wong violence.

              Imagine the numbers if we did this for black culture violence. The majority of what they cite are crimes, not political attacks.

              1. The 9/11 terrorists were rightwing. Religious fundamentalism means rightwing.

                McVeigh was basically a Reason libertarian of his day. You have people on this thread advocating terrorism, so who are you trying to convince?

                1. Socialists are Leftwing Tony.

                  The 9/11 terrorists wanted the USA out of Arab lands.

                  Not all Arabs are pro-Monarch or pro-Theocracy. Some Arabs are pro-Socialist or pro-Communist.

                  1. Often the goal of extremists is to provoke war. Bush gave the terrorists what they wanted. Now Trump is prancing around the country giving aid and comfort to domestic terrorists.

                    Why do Republicans like terrorists so much?

                    1. Americans are terrorists to Democrat leadership. We are all the enmy of communists in thr Party of slavery

  5. It’s a little disingenuous to say no one started it. Left wing groups have been violently demonstrating at G7 meetings for years. What is happening in the US is just an extension of that movement.

    It has been obvious for months that Antifa is trying to provoke a Kent State moment to galvanize their movement. Thankfully, law enforcement has declined their invitation.

    Anyone who thinks this will stop when Biden is elected is a fool. People aren’t idiots. They are leaving cities in droves and moving to the suburbs and exurbs. The urban intelligentsia should be very nervous. Rewatch the Killing Fields.

  6. The problem with Reason is that its offices are in DC just down the street from Jeff Bezos’s house. The staff is marinated in DC society and the groupthink of the Imperial Capital.

    1. Virginia Postrel (PBUH) edited the mag out of the California office.

  7. The state IS political violence, full stop. And its actions are far more an ongoing, day-to-day, real-life concern than the posturing of some nobs with fake guillotines (or, for that matter, Gadsden flags).

  8. The below is a good read, relevant here:


    Protests Won’t Be Enough to Stop a Coup
    Resistance requires a lot more strategy.

    OCTOBER 31, 2020,

    From there:

    Practice Nonviolence
    The first imperative of civil resistance is nonviolence—that is, maintaining the discipline not to strike out or strike back. In Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict, the political scientists Erica Chenoweth and Maria Stephan analyzed data from 323 violent and nonviolent prodemocracy movements. They concluded that nonviolent protests were twice as likely to succeed as violent ones—53 percent of the nonviolent demonstrations achieved their goal, as opposed to 26 percent of violent ones.

    End import, begin SQRLSY comments. I read “Why Civil Resistance Works”, the book. It is boring and full of dry facts. But it is well researched and true and valid! Do NOT engage in violence unless it is CLEARLY in self-defense! Your hurt pride or your Precious Baby Feelings, defending THOSE? No, THAT kind of “self defense” doesn’t count here! History, and the wisdom of the ages, and of the sages, BEGS of you, practice some self-restraint! NON-violent resistance is the better bet!

    1. “When Democrats lose, it’s a coup.”

      1. I do love the leftitatians here constant linking to their favorite far left sources as neutral citations.

        1. ONLY sources to the right of Attila the Hun can be believed!

          1. “Only sources that support Democrats are legitimate.”

          2. I think you meant Alex Jones. He seems to be a favorite among the posters here.

            1. Feel free to quote anyone who’s taken Alex Jones’s fever dreams seriously, dumbshit.

              1. It’s called sarcasm, dumbshit.

                1. Not when it’s stated unironically, you dumb lush.

    2. As a pacifist I stress non-violence and believe that we must pursue peaceful means for a peaceful outcome. Today is a big BIG day and I’m anxious to see the outcome as I’m sure both extremes are waiting in the wings to act out, possibly violently, to protest the results. I’m 100% down with peaceful protest and this current admin coupled with Trump’s anti-dissent stance has not done the best job in dealing with the unrest, but If there is a national need to self reflect it’s now, but I believe we’ve become so fractured and sequestered into our ideological bubbles we’re pushing each other so further and farther apart that we’re beginning to feel as if we live in different countries. I feel that most of us ordinary tax paying citizens are just going to shrug our shoulders and go back to work. By the way…what’s with all of the vitriol and name calling in the comments section? If this post was a call for non-violence than many of these mean spirited rebuttals surely are not helping the discourse. I mean, cheese Louise! Take a big bong hit and relax folks.

  9. By dismissing the serious intent of these implied threats, we’re also ignoring the active disregard for people’s rights coming from the left these days. I’m not only talking about the left’s stated goals in violating our speech rights and gun rights but also about the left’s active support for “protesters” who have looted and burned our cities in recent months. After watching the mainstream press refusing to call them “rioters”–even when they’re looting a city and burning it down–you’re questioning whether we should take their threats seriously? Have you heard the dehumanizing rhetoric the left is employing against the white, blue collar, middle class? The only ones who aren’t racists are xenophobic, misogynistic homophobes.

    If Bezos were black and someone burned a cross in his front yard, would you take the threat seriously? If the answer is yes, what makes building a guillotine in front of his house so different? I might understand if you were saying that there were some philosophical standard and free speech is so important that it needs to be protected even when it rubs up against becoming a violent threat, but we’re not talking about whether the government should arrest and try these people for their political speech. You’re questioning whether we should even take their threats seriously?

    Gun sales have exploded in recent months to first time gun buyers–and to non-traditional demographics like African-Americans and suburban women, too. All those people are right to take the violent threats of the left seriously. I’ve seen department stores boarding themselves up in anticipation of riots after the upcoming election. These department stores have already been looted in the name of left-wing activists in recent months. Are the department stores wrong to take the threat of left-wing violence seriously? I’m not even sure which candidate winning will be worse–the left may be as likely to think they’re being given a license to riot if Biden wins.

    The left has demonstrated total contempt for our rights and an active eagerness to use violence in recent memory. Take their threats seriously.

    1. Ken, what I have learned…When people make threats, believe them.

      There is no justification, none at all, for political violence. I hope that in the aftermath of the election tomorrow, the American people will collectively take a deep breath, and resolve to behave better. We don’t need Kumbaya, but we do need to respect and appreciate each other.

      Politics is not the ‘be all, end all’ of our lives.

      1. The last seven months are evidence enough that the left will use violence to achieve their political ends, all the while calling that violence “peaceful” in their current collaborative Newspeak.

        1. Red, I agree. The Left has shown their cards. That is why they must be defeated at the ballot box in the state legislative races.

          State Legislatures do redistricting. It is critical that Team R does well tomorrow at the state level.

        2. Except almost all of the violence is being committed by rightwingers and cops. That’s just street violence. Rightwingers are getting thousands and thousands of people killed with their utterly insane anti-hygiene position during a pandemic. You people are a menace. You all belong in cages. You’re lucky leftists aren’t the violent monkeys FOX News has you convinced they are.

          1. The only reasonable, intelligent response is Fuck You.

          2. Seek therapy. Find something else to do with your waking hours.

          3. Except almost all of the violence is being committed by rightwingers and cops.

            Yeah, it’s been rightwingers and cops throwing bricks through windows, looting, and destroying property.

            Since you don’t consider that violence, it’s apparently okay if a rightwinger does it.

      2. I would argue, per the Declaration of Independence, that political violence can be justified when we’re talking about oppressed people striking against their oppressors. In the case of the left today, wanting to guillotine people because they won’t surrender their rights puts them on the side of the oppressors. Their violence and their violent threats aren’t and can never be justified by the desire to violate people’s rights.

        All that is beside the point of whether their threats should be taken seriously. We’ve read Nancy Rommelmann’s dispatches from Portland about anti-fa riding around in the middle of the night with loudspeakers threatening surburbanites for failing to support the rioters. Yes, we should take their threats seriously. And what they’re planning to do to our property, our standard of living, and our rights is no mystery. It’s right in front of us.

        They fully intend to seize our property, redistribute it, and destroy us if we resist. Watch what happens with the Green New Deal. Biden’s willingness to pack the Supreme Court, come after our gun rights, and force us to sacrifice our standard of living on the alter of climate change are all interrelated. Do the thugs in the street have a role to play in this, too? Of course they do!

        1. What about the mob of people driving trucks that violently assaulted a Biden campaign motorcade?

          1. They shouldn’t do that. If they committed a crime, they should be punished.

            1. How are you conceding this to Tony?

              There’s video and photo evidence of a Biden staffer’s car trying to run a truck with Trump flags off the road.
              They tried to reverse blame, but look at the pictures and video.
              The Trump truck is in its own lane. The white car clearly crosses into the truck’s lane to hit it.

              1. What Nardz said. Watch the videos. God knows there were enough of them. The idiot in the crossover must’ve thought he was still riding with the Hells Angels, trying to keep a motorcycle pack together.

                And stop feeding the lying troll. It’s what he and his employers want.

              2. There was a goddamn caravan surrounding a Biden bus. What the fuck are you talking about. I could quibble with you about who left their lane first (sure looked like the Trump truck to me), but that’s kind of beside the point.

                Stop supporting terrorism. Do you have any idea what this country does to terrorists?

                1. The nerve of them, thinking they could use the same roads as a Biden bus, as though they were public thoroughfares or something.

                  I’m looking at the video on CNN right now.

                  It looks to me as thought the Biden chase car tries to change lanes into the area right behind the bus, even though it’s already occupied by a truck. Perhaps trying to force the truck to hit its brakes or swerve onto the shoulder. At the beginning of the video you can see the truck is already behind the bus, and it’s the Biden car intruding on the already occupied lane when the camera returns.

                  But, since the camera pans away for a moment, you can’t absolutely swear that the truck hadn’t departed it’s own lane for a moment. All you can say is that the video doesn’t show that, or any effort to run the bus off the road.

                  1. You’re splitting hairs when the Trump caravan is right there Mad Maxing an opposing campaign bus.

                    1. Mad Maxing an opposing campaign bus would have involved actually blowing off the road, dummy. You can’t even get your pop culture references correct.

                    2. “The nerve of them, thinking they could use the same roads as a Biden bus, as though they were public thoroughfares or something.”

          2. “What about the mob of people driving trucks that violently assaulted a Biden campaign motorcade?”

            Are you saying that the left’s violent threats shouldn’t be taken seriously because of this incident?

            Are you saying that the media has gone out of its way to pretend this incident didn’t happen or that the perpetrators of the violence were merely “protesters”?

            What about it, Tony? Do you have a point here? If so, what is it?

            1. What left violent threats? I’m sure there are some, but I mostly see Trump morons agitating for and committing political violence. You might as well hedge your bets now, Election Day is tomorrow. Les both hope you’re all actually the dickless titty babies you look like on TV. But I’m a little worried. Many of you actually seem to think Trump is winning this, and I’m worried what happens to your brains when he loses.

              1. So, your response didn’t actually have anything to do with what I wrote.

                1. I asked you what leftist violence. Sure, I’ll concede that there has been vandalism and some violence at the historic civil rights protests that have gone in this year. You need to accept that there is also rightwing violence and cop violence, such as the ones who just pepper sprayed peaceful protesters in North Carolina probably unlawfully.

                  In theory we could all get behind condemning the cops for their role in the violence. You’re supposed to be libertarians after all. But you forgot that and decided to be a brownshirt instead.

                  1. You’re having a conversation in your head that has little or nothing to do with what I wrote. You don’t even seem to know what the topic of this piece is, much less what I wrote. You’re just randomly emoting.

          3. We cannot really do much about your fevered imagination, son.

    2. The left has demonstrated total contempt for our rights and an active eagerness to use violence in recent memory.

      Why would you expect the Left to follow the rules in changing the direction of this country when they believe this country, our government, our institutions, our systems, our methods are not just illegitimate but evil? This is why they’re willing to burn it all down, it must be burnt down, it must be destroyed so that our new paradise can be built on the ashes.

      These people are idiots. They see the flaws in this country, they don’t see the good and they don’t appreciate the amount of good there is. As Thomas Sowell puts it, people look around and ask why we have war and poverty and disease and those sorts of things but they’re asking the wrong question. War and poverty and disease is the natural condition of humanity, the correct question is why do some few people have peace and wealth and health? It takes a shitload of work just to build a society where everybody isn’t trying to kill and steal and oppress everybody else let alone one where most people live in relative comfort. You don’t realize just how damn good you’ve got it in this country.

      The Left takes it for granted that what we’ve got is the natural order of things, it’s no big deal to improve on our society. Visit a few third-world countries where a military junta runs the government and you’ll find out real damn quick how much worse things can be here in the US. You’ll realize that what we’ve got are not existential problems, on a world scale they’re barely problems at all. This is about as good as it gets, people, stop bitching about how horrible things are and appreciate what you’ve got because there’s no guarantee it’s going to stay this good. If your biggest problem is that somebody called you by the wrong pronouns, move your ass to Somalia, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the laugh.

      1. The Left takes it for granted that what we’ve got is the natural order of things, it’s no big deal to improve on our society.

        The current iteration is childish enough to actually believe that the institutions they’re trying to degrade should operate with the same levels of efficiency and functionality regardless of how society is structured. That’s why they shriek “defund the police!” and then demand the police arrest anyone who dares push back against them.

        They’ve grown up never having had to deal with real, actual adversity and were indulged at every stage by teachers, parents, and community leaders. Of course anyone treated like that will have an entitlement complex the size of the Grand Canyon, and demand that their Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communist utopia be implemented irrespective of what others might think about it. That’s why they launch into a froth whenever anyone tells them “no.”

        1. I don’t think it goes that deep.

          They feel entitled, they want what others have, and the rest of it is mostly rationalizations after the fact.

          We think in terms of cause and effect, how the world works, etc.

          They’re lashing out at whomever isn’t giving them what they want and rationalizing it afterwards.

          1. Ken, I do think it goes deep. Younger people, especially elites, have been coddled (Lukianoff and Haidt) to expect (demand) a world that is “safe”, i.e. no challenging ideas, and also provides for their various needs and wants. They are fully committed to the “institution” to curate their lives, beginning with the family when they were young, schools, especially universities, during their extended adolescence, and now promoting a universal government with broad and deep scope.

            1. They don’t understand how the economy or the world works because they don’t care. They’re coddled and feel entitled to what they want, and they don’t care about explanations for why they can’t have what they want and have it now. They’re like Tony. Tony doesn’t have any reasonable or consistent explanations for how the world works or why. He just wants what he wants, and our support for people’s rights keep getting in the way.

              1. But I will argue that Tony and other extremists take it one more step. They hate not only the actions we take to protect our rights, but the very existence of the idea that we can resist (and probably our existence as well).

              2. You do nothing but shill for a cartoon character presiding over the collapse of the United States. Don’t talk to me about having a plan. I can point to any number of superior systems around the world and domestically we can copy bits and pieces from. You’re for shitting on the people Limbaugh told you to hate. You have no ideas, and the ones you think you have are terrible.

                1. “I can point to any number of superior systems around the world and domestically we can copy bits and pieces from.”

                  That isn’t an explanation for how the world works and why. You don’t know how the world works or why because you don’t care. You don’t care whether you’re wrong or right. You don’t care how the world works. You just want what you want, and your explanation for why you can’t get is because other people won’t give it to you. Watching you try to rationalize the way the economy and the world works is like watching a child throw a temper tantrum.

                  1. There is no “way the world works.” That’s cult speak. There are goals (e.g., increasing human health and wealth and happiness) and there are countless experiments past and present to draw inspiration from for how to achieve those goals.

                    It’s not Ayn Rand’s world any more than it’s Dr. Seuss’s. Read more stuff.

                    1. There is no “way the world works.”

                      Tony doesn’t know anything about the way markets work.

                      Tony doesn’t know anything about the way the economy works.

                      Tony doesn’t know anything about what makes economies grow.

                      And the reason Tony doesn’t know anything about these things is because he doesn’t care about how the economy works or what makes it grow.

                      He wants what he wants no matter how the world works or why. There’s no reason to assume any kind of intention behind his thinking. It’s just an absence of knowledge and thought. There isn’t even an attempt at thinking. It’s just emoting.

                      Tony wants this. Why can’t you understand that he wants it? Why don’t you give him what he wants–when you know he wants it?

                      That’s the depth of knowledge and thought here. Again, we’re dealing with people on the left, like Tony, who don’t know anything, don’t understand anything, and don’t care whether they know or understand anything. They know what they want, and that’s all that matters. Why won’t you give them what they want?

                    2. Ah Ken, of the “It’s simple so it must be true” school of economics.

      2. Progressives have no understanding of inputs and outputs. They think they can have everything they like, which comes to them through capitalism although they think it’s the bounty of the state, while doing whatever they like, including wrecking the structure and function of the economy. America is about as good as it gets as long as it stays an America of freedom and opportunity. Progressives think they want something else without realizing that everything they actually like–shiny new devices, designer clothes, popup bars, etc.–is only possible with freedom and opportunity.

        1. You’re right that they don’t have any understanding of the way the world works. The reason they don’t know anything about that is because they don’t care.

          Shrike has been posting the same stupid shit on this site every day for almost 20 years, and every day, he’s gotten his ass handed to him. He doesn’t care how the world works and why. He just wants what he wants, and we’re supposed to give it to him because he wants it.

          ChemJeff is the same way. Why do we keep telling him how the world works when he’s trying to tell us how he feels? Don’t we feel the same way, too?

          It’s all the same thing. They don’t know how the world works, and the question is why. The answer is because they don’t care. They don’t understand the things you’re talking about because they don’t care whether they’re right or wrong. We’re arguing with people who don’t care whether they’re wrong.

      3. http://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1322963321994289154?s=19

        There’s a big difference between equality and equity.

    3. “The left has demonstrated total contempt for our rights and an active eagerness to use violence in recent memory.”

      As has the right.

      1. Exactly what is the right actively protesting, besides the mobs of leftists?

      2. You’ll need to be more specific. I’ve been quite specific.

        On a national, macro level, have you seen the right do something like campaign on taking over and reorganizing our economy so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Have you seen the right promise to do something like come after our gun rights like Biden has promised to do on his campaign website? Have you seen the right’s candidate for president repeatedly refuse to promise not to pack the Supreme Court?

        If the answer is no, then the right isn’t the same level of a threat to our rights as the left from a top-down perspective.

        On the street level, have you seen the right do anything like the looting, arson, and rioting we’ve seen in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, and elsewhere?

        It’s quite frankly astounding to me that there hasn’t been a slew of mass shootings or a proportionately huge and awful response perpetrated by right wing extremists targeting left wing extremists–but there really hasn’t been anything like that happening. There have been isolated incidents. The biggest response may be a couple standing in their front yard brandishing guns when “protesters” swarmed their neighborhood. If you don’t have evidence of right wing extremists targeting innocent bystanders with looting and arson across entire city downtowns and across the entire country like the left has perpetrated in recent months, then the argument that the right has shown total contempt for our rights and an active eagerness to use violence is bullshit.

        1. “It’s quite frankly astounding to me that there hasn’t been a slew of mass shootings or a proportionately huge and awful response perpetrated by right wing extremists targeting left wing extremists–but there really hasn’t been anything like that happening.”

          People are mostly good. It surprises me too. I am stunned that someone hasn’t yet seriously taken the John Wilkes Booth method for addressing state tyranny. No, the FBI leading a kidnapping plot against Whitmer (and these yahoos wanted to go try and hang Trump next!) isn’t a serious attack.

          Kate Brown’s head exploding as she gets into the back of her state vehicle, because of some Cascades-dwelling redneck who got burned out of his house because of arson? That would be.

          People are mostly good. Until they aren’t.

        2. “On a national, macro level, have you seen the right do something like campaign on taking over and reorganizing our economy so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Have you seen the right promise to do something like come after our gun rights like Biden has promised to do on his campaign website? Have you seen the right’s candidate for president repeatedly refuse to promise not to pack the Supreme Court?”

          Well, yes. Given that the Democrats are center-rightists, I’ve seen them do all those things.

      3. Whatever the right does is without the endorsement of most of the federal government, many state and local governments, corporate power, nearly all mainstream media, most celebrities, academia, and the professional/managerial/political class that elects Democrats and believes narrative fiction such as the endless moral panics generated the past several years. The right, at most, is an insurgency. The left is empire.

    4. Whats the name of the DC group that says they will violently attack if Biden isn’t elected? I’m amazed the group hasn’t been arrested for stating they are going to be violent vs just talking about it

    5. This. If I were Jeff Bezos, I’d be hiring some serious security.

      And Bezos is a lefty! If the mob is threatening to cut off *his* head…

      1. I wonder if quite a few of our Ruling Class types are going to take that opportunity to give back to some unfortunates in Central Europe, maybe East Asia or South America, for the next six months or so? “Honey, didn’t we always say we wanted to learn Spanish, immersion-style, while you research Moche pottery, and I try to find the perfect right to left break? How’s Peru or Patagonia sound for the start of 2021?”

        1. My former housemate’s ex wife has decamped NYC for Iceland with the kids. With his absolute approval.

  10. Charlottesville & Proud Boy? Reaching back 3

    1. Charlottesville & Proud Boys? Reaching back 3 years to a few days in Charlottesville and linking forward to a pitifully overestimated event In Portland where 100s, instead of 1000s, of Proud Boys gathered, is all that can be mustered to contrast to 100s of days of riots, looting and burning by Antifa and Leftists. Sometimes a fair and balanced article can fail as there’s little balance to be found. But the author points out that the balance comes from redefine violence – speech and silence are the violence countered by property destruction, which is excused as protected speech of the oppressed.

    2. the woman who died in Charlottesville was by a person trying to escape while being attacked in his car by people with clubs. its a rarely shown portion of the video just before he runs over her

    3. In each case you cited the violence only erupted when the leftists of antifa decided to disrupt someone else’s rally. In the case of Charlottesville there was also the local government deliberately forcing these two groups together. In essence you are declaring self defense to be equivalent to initiating the assault.

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  13. Today I learned that Bhaskar Sunkara is a depraved scumbag, like all commies. Thanks for the heads-up.


  14. Never ever forget that Matt Welch openly and gleefully advocates for murdering conservatives. If I absolutely have to, I’ll be more than happy to post the link, again.

    1. Please do so. This is the first I have heard of this, and to be frank I find it hard to believe.

      1. I have it. He was watching too much Game of Thrones and thought mass slaughter for the crime of being conservative was a fine thing.
        Here’s Matt Welch in all his violent, proggy glory:


        1. Right. So he did that once, in jest.

          It was a stupid comment, but it’s similarly stupid to pretend that he meant it literally. If people here get a pass for saying we should destroy leftists in many horrible ways, then so does Welch.

          1. He could have deleted it and never did.

            He also supports Democrats like Beto who are fine with murdering Americans to grab their guns.

            I just wonder if Welch has the balls to quit unreason when Trump wins reelection like I said would happen.

            1. Trump is great because he causes Lefty Useful Idiots like Welch to out themselves as violent psychopaths.

              No amount of sympathetic excuse making will ever clean the internet.

              Its funny how Lefties hate the internet and one reason is because once they post psychopath things on Twitter, they are forever.

          2. He wasn’t joking, he doubled down later.

        2. Thank you for the link. I try my hardest to stay as far away from Twitter as possible, and so had never seen that. It was indeed a very stupid and intemperate thing to post.

          That having been said, I’m not going to condemn him in the same way that the others have. God forbid anyone look up some of the stupid and intemperate things I’ve said while I was angry…

          1. He certainly hasn’t deleted it or clarified later on that he said it in frustration. It’s kind of hard to give him the benefit of the doubt because of that.

  15. Anti-White thugs are attacking White people that oppose the genocidal policies of massive 3rd world immigration and forced assimilation in every White country and only White countries. If anti-White ideas are so good, then why do they have to be violently forced upon White people to ensure that they don’t object to this? It’s obvious that Antifa and BLM really only want White Genocide.

    1. Take your astroturfing somewhere else.

    2. Fuck off. No one is buying what you’re selling.

    3. Lol, gonna go fuck my white wife. Later, trash.

      1. It’s not real. It’s Jeff or Tony trying to portray the Reason comments as infested with racists.

  16. “How seriously should we take the threats of protesters who recently built guillotines outside of Jeff Bezos’ house?” Zero to very little>

    How seriously should we take the ongoing threats of left wingers who have rioted, looted and destroyed Democrat controlled cities since May while falsely claiming they are peacefully advocating social justice?

    Very seriously, especially if/when Trump wins tomorrow’s election.

    1. Unlike 90% of Americans, Bezos can afford massive security.

      Besides, many woke rioters and their left wing supporters/financiers rely upon Amazon and Whole Foods.

      1. Dot-connecting (and irony) are lost on most activists.

        1. It was similar to Occupy Wall Street and who was actually funding their free coffee and food for months.

          1. The occupy people camping out in the park downtown pitched a fit when the city turned off the power to the outdoor (but not public!) electrical outlets that they were using to charge their smartphones.

  17. “How seriously should we take the threats of protesters who recently built guillotines outside of Jeff Bezos’ house?”

    That was certainly in poor taste. But — like all progressive tough talk about “the rich” — it was completely meaningless. Modern American progressives are actually on the same side as billionaires because both groups want more immigration and a Democrat in the White House.


    1. #BuyGuillotinePartsOnAmazon

  18. Welcome to the New World DisOrder, fellow “civil”-war victims! The USA is beginning to take the same road that Lebanon took!


  19. Like the guillotinesmiths of Kalorama, the lefty protesters of Seattle and Portland…
    The same is true of the Unite the Right marchers who turned up in Charlottesville three years ago and later in the Pacific Northwest to provoke fear and intimidate their opponents while wearing matching polo shirts and wielding tiki torches

    Guillotines, looting, assaults, murder and arson on one hand, and matching polo shirts and tiki torches on the other.

    b0tH sIdEs eVeRy0Ne!!!1! – t. Matt Welch

  20. Twenty-one Utah-based white supremacists have been indicted on drug and firearms charges, according to the U.S. Justice Department. The move comes just days after alleged white supremacist gang members in Texas, Kentucky and Mississippi were brought up on similar charges.

    In the latest case, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Utah said in a statement that the charges were unsealed in federal court following an investigation by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force of the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, Silent Aryan Warriors, Noble Elect Thugs, and associates.

    The defendants were described as “documented gang members and associates of several home-grown white supremacist gangs” from around the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas.


    any of you trumpers part of the “Aryan Circle”?

    1. Aryans and kids are your fetishes.

    2. Why does a “classical liberal” have a problem with people collecting firearms or using drugs?

  21. It is funny that the “protestors” Built a guillotine in front of Bezos’ house, considering he’s one of their biggest defenders in his DNC newsletter called the Washington Post.

    1. To repeat myself, dot-connecting (and irony) are lost on most activists.

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  23. The president’s jack off rallies are estimated to have been directly responsible for 700 covid deaths and thousands of cases. Donald Trump has killed more rightwingers than all leftist agitators in the history of America.

    1. How many businesses have they burned down Tony? Do people board up their windows when Trump is coming to town? Not that I have ever seen.

      Maybe instead of rationalizing the left’s violence by pretending the right is doing the same thing, you should just tell the truth for once? If nothing else, you should want to the left to stop their violence because it will inevitably cause the right to become what you like to pretend it is. Forget Trump, this is how you get Pinochet.

      1. Tens of thousands of people sick and 700 dead. Maybe that number is high, maybe it’s low, but it’s more than any leftists have killed.

        You people are literally lining up to be killed by Trump because you’re that much of a fucking cult.

        1. That is incoherent even for you Tony.

          1. I’m not going to sit here and accept your framing that only “looters” are the ones committing violence because it helps Donald Trump’s image. Trump is committing violence. Having to call your insurance agent and a glass repair shop is not quite the burden that dying over a month on a ventilator is. I wonder how many people he will have personally killed by the time he is escorted out of office.

            1. Perhaps Democrats like Cuomo and Murphy shouldn’t have INTENTIONALLY murdered the elderly by forcing COVID patients into nursing homes.

              Literally nothing Trump has done approaches that level of sheer inhumanity.

              1. He is inviting old people to mass rallies dude.

                1. And Trump inviting them is what kills them, right? If they choose to go to a place that they might catch a bug and die, that’s Trump killing them? Trump is walking up to them and spraying them with Covid germs? Because that’s what *personally* killing them would be.

                2. Cuomo sent people he knew had COVID and forced nursing homes to keep them in.

                  If Trump forced the elderly to sit with known COVID carriers, it’d be comparable.

                  Does Democrat dick taste great or something? You don’t seem able to get enough.

            2. Literally nothing you wrote in this post is accurate.

          2. He’s talking about a report that suggests COVIT 700 deaths and 30,000 cases supposedly being attributed to the people not wearing masks at Trump concerts.

            1. Well, they certainly couldn’t be attributed to left wing riotsprotests, when the contact tracers were ordered not to ask about those.

              If you don’t ask about it, you can pretend it didn’t happen.

        2. Comparing murder to death by natural causes again.

          1. All causes are natural.

            1. It’s true. George Floyed died from lack of oxygen to the brain.

              1. Indeed. And all cops are naturally racist murderers. And Trump naturally invites as many people as he can get to infect themselves with a novel deadly virus.

          2. And ignoring natural causes like 650,000 Americans dead from heart disease each year.

            1. I know that I don’t need to explain this to you, but “people die” is not an excuse for any and everything Trump does, just as it won’t be when Biden does things.

              1. Poor tony and his lefty buddies are hysterical that they cannot stop Trump.

                Another 4 years of Trump, tony.

        3. As opposed to Coumo and Witmer forcing elderly Covid patients in with formerly uninfected elderly thus ensuring the largest fatality cases possible. So by your thoughts mass murder by Democrats running the state is fine but people choosing to run a small risk is unacceptable.

          1. Your talking points are like nine months old. Is covid a problem or not? Who is helping and who is hurting right now?

      2. Well, they might board up their windows. I mean, there are always counter protests.

    2. How many Americans did leftist and racist agitator Woodrow Wilson kill in WWI?

    3. “The president’s jack off rallies are estimated to have been directly responsible for 700 covid deaths and thousands of cases.”

      …based on a study that confused wishes with evidence.

    4. The president’s jack off rallies are estimated to have been directly responsible for 700 covid deaths

      You mean like the Sturgis rally that supposedly led to 260,000 COVID cases, only it turns out that was based on wishcasting?

  24. You take them very seriously. People don’t just wake up one day and start murdering each other. Political violence and indeed violence in general is a process. The first step is to dehumanize the other side and make killing them thinkable. These sorts of fantasies, and that is what they are right now, are the first step towards political violence and murder. Let them go on long enough and the people having them will make those fantasies real given the opportunity.

  25. If we are going to bring back guillotines, can we skip the part where the leftist mobs behead royalty and go right to the part where they accuse each other of not being revolutionary enough?

  26. A movement that justifies intimidation and violence

    is often referred to as a state.

  27. Hell, the only reason politics or democracy works at all is the threat of violence. Basically it’s a matter of convincing some persons to surrender lest they be hacked to pieces, have their livers cut out, and then flattened by a steamroller. The only reason not to engage in violence frankly is the probability that you’ll lose. Cats scream at each other too, but sometimes they then really do fight instead of backing down.

    1. Functional democracies are usually peaceful because elections are war games. There’s no point in revolting when the other side has proven they have the numbers, resources, and organization to win the war.

  28. How is it possible, Mangu-Ward, that you could possibly write an article about your supposed concern about violence and not mention once….once!…the right wing militia arrested just a few weeks ago in Michigan for threatening to kidnap the Governor, put her in a secluded place, and stand her for trial, which anyone could assume the result would be to execute her.

    And really, more importantly, how is it possible you don’t mention Trump in a discussion of violence. When a protestor shouted “black lives matter” at one of his rallies, and he was thrown to the ground and kicked, the next day Trump said

    “Maybe he should have been roughed up, because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing. I have a lot of fans, and they were not happy about it.”

    That’s just one example. I could go on. And it’s not like he’s some minor figure…he’s the President. And you give him a pass. I’ll let an organization, who like you is concerned but at least writes a serious article about looming violence, educate you. From Brookings:

    “The biggest wildcard, unfortunately, is the President of the United States himself. He has the power to ease the threat or to exacerbate polarization. Equally important, if violence breaks out, the president must strongly condemn it, even if he is on the losing end of the election. Win or lose, President Trump must work with state and local officials to ensure that the full power of the law is used to nip violence in the bud and prevent it from escalating. Unfortunately, his track record so far suggests he might make things worse, not better.”


    1. What makes them right wing?

      1. Since they were planning violence to a Democrat Governor, do you think they were left wing?

        But I guess I can safely assume you agree, regardless of their affiliation, they too should have been condemned in this article. We’re making progress!

        1. They also disliked Trump pretty heavily.

          Fucking moron.

          1. They did? Funny…they targeted Whitmer, not Trump. Idiots though, right?

            1. We all know that leftists would never target members of the party that supposedly represents their interests. I mean Red Brigade and Baader Meinhoff never kidnapped or killed anyone, right?

              1. Man, those Germans and Italians were despicable people, no? Just like those American militias, no?

              2. I like that he also thinks that morons discussing idiotic plans didn’t make plans to drive out to DC and kidnap somebody instead of driving a few miles away and doing so.

                …and given that I have doubts about the FBI’s behavior in uncovering this, I wonder how much was just pure entrapment.

                1. That’s funny…the other potential target for these right wing militia-men was Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia, which would have been the same drive to DC. And yet, it was Democrat Whitmer and Democrat Northam. Hmmmmmm, no?

                  1. I thought lefties hated guys who went in blackface.

                    1. Nah. Progressives are the only ones who don’t seem to know that blackface is bad.

            2. They did? Funny…they targeted Whitmer, not Trump. Idiots though, right?

              You can’t seriously be this dumb.

              So because the black block, BLM and socialist Kshama Sawant are attacking Jenny Durkan and not Trump, they’re right wing. That’s 5 star logic right there.

              1. Idiots though, right?

    2. “How is it possible, Mangu-Ward, that you could possibly write an article about your supposed concern about violence and not mention once….once!…the right wing militia arrested just a few weeks ago in Michigan for threatening to kidnap the Governor, put her in a secluded place, and stand her for trial, which anyone could assume the result would be to execute her.”

      I don’t understand why nutjobs making fools of themselves is equivalent or comparable 1) to the Green New Deal, Biden’s anti-gun campaign, and refusing to promise not to pack the Supreme Court or 2) to leftwing activists perpetrating looting and arson in cities all over the country.

      The right’s reaction to those nutjobs plotting to kidnap the governor is fundamentally different from the people who erected a guillotine in front of Bezos’ house, too. Those nutjobs are being prosecuted, are they not? Are you saying the people who put the guillotine up in front of Bezos’ house should be treated the same way?

      1. It’s pretty clear what I said, Ken, isn’t it? Well at least to those with a modicum of reading skills, anyway. If one, Mangu-Ward, wishes to write a serious article on political violence threats, one couldn’t ignore the most vivid example of it in the recent few weeks.

        Hint…it wasn’t a poorly made guillotine. It was in fact the FBI arresting 13 right wing militia men with a real plan to kidnap a Democrat governor with what surely was a plan to execute her.

        That’s what I said.

  29. They should be charged with brandishing a weapon.

  30. No, it’s not like LARPing. It’s nothing whatsoever like that. The correct analogy is much older – this is the modern version of hanging in effigy.

    It undercuts your “cool factor” a lot when you name-drop LARPing but get it fundamentally wrong.

    1. Guess how much it cuts your ‘cool factor’ when you actually LARP?

      1. Even the nerds don’t hang out with the LARPers at gamecons.

  31. If I wanted to commit political violence, I’d do the most horrific you could imagine, as so stealthy as to minimize the chance of being caught. I’d torture babies and puppies, etc. But I’d also have to honor accession to my demands.

    We know from experience that this type of violence is very effective, because it’s how relative peace was kept during much of the Cold War: by threatening to kill vast numbers through means that included horrible deaths and illnesses.

    1. Speaking of puppies and babies, just recently I was discussing starting the “Puppies Are Cute” movement. I plan to hold signs and wear shirts that say Puppies Are Cute or PAC on them while smashing windows and lighting buildings on fire. If anyone doesn’t like it, I’ll assume they don’t believe that puppies are cute. How can anyone be against what I’m doing since everyone knows that puppies are cute? Anyone claiming that other baby animals are cute too are only doing so to diminish our message about puppies.

  32. How seriously should we take the threats of protesters who recently built guillotines outside of Jeff Bezos’ house?

    Guillotines built with plans and parts purchased from Amazon.

  33. Right now, the fight is between Trumpers and Antifa/BLM. If the Democrats sweep all three branches in the election, look for the moderate dems to be the ones who end up on the receiving end of leftist violence and the violence to turn more sinister and deadly, if, in fact, the leftists are sincere about who they are, and not just bored trust fund babies who don’t like Trump (I have my doubts about this).

    1. How long did the Mensheviks last after the White Army lost? Exactly.

  34. Antigovernment extremists heal thyself.


    “The top threat we face from domestic violent extremists stems from those we identify as racially/ethnically motivated violent extremists (RMVE). RMVEs were the primary source of ideologically motivated lethal incidents and violence in 2018 and 2019 and have been considered the most lethal of all domestic extremists since 2001. Of note, the last three DVE attacks, however, were perpetrated by anti-government violent extremists.”

    1. Fuck the FBI.

    2. You skipped the part about not including this years political-motivated violence, yet. And are ignoring the political make-up of the DoJ, it’s not right-leaning, thus a consensus outcome that meets approval of the woke crusade would be entirely reasonable. Most importantly, lump the Michigan group that was arrest for planning to maybe, kidnap Whitmer in here, And then explain the attending the black lives matter rally.

  35. How seriously should we take the threats of protesters who recently built guillotines outside of Jeff Bezos’ house?

    Perhaps as seriously as we should take someone who burns a cross on Clarence Thomas’s front yard.

  36. Good job glossing over the continuous violence of Antifa and BLM in Portland and elsewhere, and focusing on the few instances of right-wing violence.

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