Steve Bannon

The Nationalism-ists

The members of Steve Bannon's international circle share an outlandish spiritual-historic vision, but their threat to liberty is more mundane.


War for Eternity: Inside Bannon's Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers, by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum, Dey St., 317 pages, $28.99

In War for Eternity, Benjamin R. Teitelbaum situates Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's former campaign CEO and White House chief strategist, in a context likely unknown to 99.9 percent of the voters Bannon helped steer toward Trump: Traditionalism, with a capital T.

This Traditionalism is distinct from its common colloquial meaning of "advocating older ways of life." It draws inspiration from such obscure figures as René Guénon, a French esotericist who moved from Catholicism through theosophy to Sufi Islam while calling for an elite aristocratic order and denouncing the materialism of industrial civilization, and Julius Evola, an Italian occultist and fascist fellow traveler who thought that "bourgeois civilization and society" are anathema to a noble and heroic man.

What inspires a true Traditionalist? As Bannon tells Teitelbaum, it's "the rejection of modernity, the rejection of the Enlightenment, the rejection of materialism." Traditionalists believe in a prehistoric ur-religion, hints of whose deep cosmic truths can be glimpsed occluded in modern faiths from Catholicism to Hinduism. History to a Traditionalist runs through repeating cycles, with similar ages rising and tumbling down in unavoidable succession.

Traditionalists think human culture is now staggering through a dark cycle, the "Kali Yuga." They believe human beings should be shoved into rigid castes, and they see each age dominated by a distinct type, from priest to warrior to merchant to slave (sliding down what they see as the ladder of spiritual merit).

Few voters have pondered any of that, but Teitelbaum thinks the Traditionalists, by allying themselves with far-right authoritarian nationalism, might be developing the muscle to bring the Kali Yuga to a swift end.

Teitelbaum, an ethnomusicologist at the University of Colorado Boulder, considers Traditionalism the "most transformative political movement of the early 21st century." Acolytes associated with this way of thinking have their claws deep in the leadership of at least three powerful nations, he argues: Russia via Aleksandr Dugin; Brazil via Olavo de Carvalho; and the United States via Bannon.

Dugin is a fervent, violent Russian nationalist who in 1993 launched the National Bolshevik Party. The name, Teitelbaum writes, "was a tribute to Nazism and communism," since each "once served as counterweights to American expansion." Dugin's book Foundations of Geopolitics, which pushed the idea that the U.S. must be counteracted on the global stage, became "standard assigned reading into the twenty-first century at the General Staff Academy" for Russian military leaders. He went on to become a Putin adviser without portfolio, with Putin said to echo "sometimes in a matter of hours…expressions Dugin was using in media broadcasts."

Olavo, as he's known, spent years as an initiate in Traditionalist communal cult groups; he ended up in rural Virginia as a buddy to Bannon and one of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro's top advisers.

The three men share a deep contempt for modern institutions, such as universities and the media, that they accuse of promoting decadent modern liberalism. And it certainly is interesting to contemplate their eccentric beliefs and lives in this well-reported book.

But is Teitelbaum right about their influence? Bannon has been on the outs with Trump for years now—indeed, he currently faces fraud charges stemming from his efforts to raise funds, purportedly for a border wall, and he may soon be heading to jail. And it's not at all clear that either Putin or Bolsonaro would rule differently if they had never known their kooky Traditionalist guides.

Teitelbaum himself isn't quite sure exactly what he's got his hands on with this topic and these characters. He states early on that "Bannon wasn't just aware of Traditionalism…it shaped his fundamental understanding of the world and of himself." But even an author with a scary thesis to establish soon notices that Bannon doesn't seem to have either a scholar's or a fanatic's grasp of these ideas. When talking about Traditionalism, Teitelbaum reports, Bannon "misattributed works and concepts, gave me contradictory stories of his encounters with different authors, and would occasionally glide between" big-T Traditionalism and little-t traditionalism.

Bannon does use the peculiar phrase "man in time" to refer to the former political horse he rode, Donald Trump. That phrase arises from the writing of Savitri Devi, a literal Hitler worshipper, who meant by it a figure who rushed along inexorable cyclical time by being a force of destruction (as Bannon saw Trump's role vis-a-vis the American administrative state). But Bannon doesn't seem to be aware where the phrase comes from. He admits to having heard the name Savitri Devi but professes to not know much about her and acts like a student to Teitelbaum's teacher regarding her ideas.

Is Bannon strategically obscuring a sinister master plan? The book doesn't make it clear exactly what Bannon hoped to get out of the extensive access he granted Teitelbaum—around 20 hours of interviews over a little more than a year. (Teitelbaum himself took a circuitous route to his fascination with Traditionalism, first having encountered it while studying European dark metal musicians with fascist and occultist leanings.)

Regardless of exactly how deeply and intelligently Bannon's politics are shaped by Traditionalism, his populist anti-cosmopolitanism didn't need Traditionalism to take root. The partisans of the Trump-era "new conservative nationalism" for the most part don't know or care about Guénon or Evola, and neither do the Breitbart-reading conservative masses. Indeed, Bannon had to twist the elitist Traditionalist viewpoint to use it in service to Trump.

When Bannon imagines us moving out of the Kali Yuga, the heroes he posits are not an elite spiritual or warrior caste but Middle American workers. It is their interests that Bannon sees being promoted by trade protectionism, closed borders, and fewer foreign wars; they are in his eyes the paladins of the ineffable Spirit of America. And Bannonism largely avoided, as Teitelbaum notes, Traditionalism's "most politically damning dogmas—notably its theorized subordination of women, nonwhites, and the poor."

Teitelbaum also sees a rift at the heart of the modern Traditionalists. That rift runs through China.

Dugin, who now works at a Chinese university, thinks Traditionalists must embrace the Middle Kingdom as a tool—the wrench in the gears of imperialistic American liberalism. He wants a variety of economic and cultural power centers to flourish in order to block U.S. cosmopolitan globalist capitalism from dominating everywhere; that, to him, is the most important issue. For Bannon, himself on retainer for an anti–Chinese Communist Party plutocrat, China's leaders are the mercantile technocrats who represent the worst of the Kali Yuga.

An irony of this Traditionalist-linked nationalism is that it isn't about promoting the greatness or prerogatives of your nation per se; especially for Dugin, it's a paradoxically universal belief in every nation's nationalism. Those who are sure they're living in a Kali Yuga won't find much to love in their or any nation. They are less nationalists than nationalism-ists, believers in the importance of a distinct worldwide group of powers pursuing distinct ways of life, with room for a variety of illiberalisms.

From that element of Traditionalist thought arises the Bannon crowd's one saving grace: their belief that it's not America's right or responsibility to invade and manage the world to universalize Western liberal ways. One can—indeed, you might even say one ought to—believe that and still embrace the value of Western liberalism. Eschewing military imperialism is a key part of liberalism at its best. But Bannon and his pals don't see it that way.

Bannon is obsessed with gaseous talk of an ill-defined "immanence and transcendence" he believes must shape politics. But politics does not and cannot deal with such essences, no matter what you mean by them. The concrete essence of politics, and certainly of Bannonist/Trumpist politics, is harming the harmless with government force.

Bannon has an unhealthy interest in some unhealthy spiritual ideas, as Teitelbaum explores entertainingly and a little frighteningly. But with or without Traditionalism—and with or without Bannon—culturally resentful anti-trade, anti-immigration policies will be a threat to the future of a healthy, wealthy, peaceful liberalism.

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  1. These three sure sound like small potatoes. The hallmark of success is, well, success, and these three don’t have much to show. Bunch of mystic mumbo jumbo, too esoteric for the common man, their only “followers” being politicians who made their own way.

    Putting them in the same category as Lenin/Stalin/Hitler/Mao is a real stretch.

    1. In fact, I’d rate Nancy Reagan’s astrologer pals as more influential than these clowns.

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  2. Teitelbaum, an ethnomusicologist at the University of Colorado Boulder…

    Yeah, right….his definition of traditionalism is the definition of traditionalism? I don’t think so. Ethnomusicologist…Pfffffffffft.

    If Unreason wants to talk to Steve Bannon and ask him how he classifies himself, and why…they need only ask. He doesn’t turn down interview requests.

    1. Why are you jealous of another intellectual member of La Resistance against Drumpf? Did you drop out of graduate school?

      1. Ahh graduate school. Where 80% of them are those who failed to land a job after graduation. 20% of them career professionals whose corporations are paying them as they laugh at how easy grad school is compared to the real world.

        1. Don’t forget the primary purpose of grad school: the way the academy perpetuates itself.

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          2. Only oil companies should unnaturally extend their shelf lives.

    2. “If Unreason wants to talk to Steve Bannon and ask him how he classifies himself, and why…they need only ask. He doesn’t turn down interview requests.”

      It’s not like any of these kinds of folks would LIE to us, now, right?
      Hitler quote, “Anyone who dares to lay hands on the highest image of the Lord commits sacrilege against the benevolent creator of this miracle and contributes to the expulsion from paradise.” Hitler basically telling us all how Holy Hitler is, and how he will “defend Germany / Europe / The World from the infidels” isn’t too far of a stretch, IMHO! (See more given quotes in the link to hopefully illustrate that a wee tad more).

      I can’t find it right now in a casual search, but I read once that Hitler regarded himself (self-labelled himself) as a “benevolent political spirit of Europe”, or some such. In their own minds, the assholes are ALWAYS doing the “right things”! Assholes can NOT be trusted to describe themselves honestly! Who knew?

      1. Well, since you mentioned Hitler I think the debate is over and SQRLSY One is the winner. Congratulations!

      2. Here, this is a pretty good match! Every asshole is a good, right, and TRUE, benevolent asshole!

        “My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see I was right.”
        ― Adolf Hitler

      3. “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?

        “Speer, Albert (1997). Inside the Third Reich. New York: Simon and Schuster, p. 96.”

        1. I wasn’t aware of that one, thanks!

          One of my faves (anti-faves) is this one:

          “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA — ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.”

          ― Heinrich Himmler

          1. Sounds like the average liberal.

          2. One of your favorite quotes is from a Nazi? Sounds about right for you.

            1. Wow, what clever wit! Did your mommy help you write that?

              1. Past disagreements aside, your obsession with Hitler and Nazism comes off pretty creepy.

                1. History is creepy. Good call.

                  1. Obsessions can be creepy. Poor reading comprehension.

              2. Do you know what I find creepy? People who thing it is somehow wrong or icky-poo to study up on Hitler and other authoritarians, because… Well, because we are the GOOD tribe, and we would NEVER turn authoritarian or evil! We can do no wrong! So do NOT study up on Hitler or the NAZIs! It can NOT happen here! Don’t study up… Here, I will “summarize” it for all you pea-brains, so you won’t have to trouble your pretty little heads about it: “Mustache Man Bad”.

                Meanwhile, The Donald continues to make a “joke” (funny, ha-ha) about peaceful transitions of power: … Prepare for the REAL Trumptatorshit, coming very shortly!

                1. Prepare for the REAL Trumptatorshit, coming very shortly!

                  As usual, it’s like your lampooning your own argument.

                2. I don’t find dictatorshit very funny at ALL! Political violence in order to obtain or maintain political power is NOT cool!

                  HERE are the lies being told NOW, to right-wing nut-jobs, in hopes of stirring up “Pizza-Gate Part II”!
                  A list of the times Trump has said he won’t accept the election results or leave office if he loses
                  Essential heart and core of the LIE by Trump: “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!”
                  September 13 rally: “The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” he said.

                  Proud Boys? “Stand back” and “Stand by”, ready to “assist” Dear Leader with some thuggery if needed, when called upon? And thuggery on the highways, directed against political enemies? Totally Cool, now, too, by The Dear Leader! These are only PART of the list, by now, of incidents of Trump blessing PRO-TRUMP political violence! Anti-Trump violence, of course, is NOT cool, per The Donald! REAL leaders play by the rules, which include “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”. Donald is no real leader… He is a THUG! REAL leaders don’t invite civil war in order to become dictators!

        2. I remember reading Speer’s book. He wrote it when he was in Spandau prison. They demolished the prison after its last prisoner died.

          The frightening chilling thing about it was how normal it all seemed from the inside. Just another day at work.

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    1. You’re an ethnomusicologist?

  4. Why not interview Steve Bannon or Mencius Moldbug directly? Teitelbaum should stick to analyzing the popularity of vaporwave and Russian witch house genres in the online trad-right.

    1. I know these people are full of shit when they use terms like “far-right”. People on the far-right of the political spectrum are people who support monarchs and theocracies.

      I think using “far-right” is a direct attempt to offset Democrats being called “left-wing”. Most Democrats being Socialists and Communists fits the Left-wing placement on the political spectrum very well.

      1. Real communism is incompatible with crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is the dogma of U.S. politicians who lean both right and left. Do you think the Silicon Valley technocrats want Communism any more than Kotch Industries?

        1. Lol

          They call you useful idiots for a reason.

      2. Too true. “Far-Right” is a nice, vague, but scary sounding epithet to use against anyone who isn’t an avowed socialist, “democratic” or otherwise.

  5. Formally discriminating against whites in the name of anti-racism, destroying the institution of marriage, and promoting trans-genderism to prepubescent children will bring the Kali Yuga swifter to the West than any alt-right torch rally.

  6. How is Bannon or any conservative worse than the neo marxist assholes now inhabiting congress, state governments, and possibly the white house next year.

    I’ll take some immigration reform and better trade deals to that nasty stalinst mess any day. I think you underestimate the far left’s ability to really fuck things up.

    1. Why are you voting against your self-interest? AOC and Michael Bloomberg know what is best for you!

      1. Until the Democrats get rid of voting all together. Its too much of a risk to have free thinking Americans mess up Socialist Utopia.

        1. A true one party system has nothing to fear from “democracy”. Holding elections is a great way to distract the masses.

        2. They don’t want to end voting. They want to make voting mandatory and lower the age to 16. Why? Because the young and stupid people who don’t currently vote will likely vote for them, giving them a perpetual majority.


      Newly Released Records Show Text Message Exchange Between Kenosha DA and BLM Activist Spanning Almost 6 Weeks

      1. The public now has access to newly released records that show Kenosha District Attorney, Michael Graveley texting with Whitney Cabal, AKA Billy Violent, a violence-inciting Black Lives Matter activist.

        Chick’s real last name is Cabal and she goes by Billy Violent. You can’t even make this shit up.

  7. I’m going to chime in with some of the other commenters and ask why Reason can’t simply interview controversial people such as Bannon, rather than play telephone with some outside author’s accounts of his interviews.

    Bannon was willing to speak with the conspiracy-theorizing ethnomusicologist, so why would he balk at being interviewed by someone from Reason?

    (I’d be interested in knowing how old this “Traditionalist” movement actually is – I understand that it may go back as far as the 19th century, which (certainly from the standpoint of a movement with European branches) doesn’t sound like a long time for a tradition to develop. And a syncretist cobbling-together of various religions sounds distinctly New-Agey, not Traditionalist.

    1. I would say its because few media types are journalists. They have zero professional ability to ask questions from interviewees that think politically different than them.

      Asking Bannon hard and easy questions and then publishing what Bannon says should be basic journalism.

    2. You mean do real work and go to primary sources?!?

      1. Leave the safe space? Never!

    3. Because it’s a book review. Reason publishes book reviews on a regular basis.

      1. People do interviews for book reviews all the time.

        1. And even more often they don’t.

    4. too many DC cocktail party invitiations would disappear if Reason “gave a platform” to someone like Bannon. The Left would be apoplectic (maybe even more so than usual).

    5. I am guessing it is because Reason is small potatoes.

  8. The Kalki Purana says that this demon chose gambling, liquor, prostitution, slaughter and gold as his permanent abodes.”


    1. Has libertarianism always been about soulless, materialistic consumerism? No wonder that party is polling close to 5% nationally.

      1. “soulless, materialistic consumerism” Wait, isn’t that the message of the free stuff, greedy, grabbing progressives?

      2. she grew up hard
        and she grew up fast
        in the age of television

        she made a vow
        to have it all
        it became her new religion

  9. The demonization of everything Trump related has deep roots going back to the Reagan administration and Thatcher government. All three of them were supported by the populist right–and I’m talking about being supported by the voters rather than some theorists. It’s supported by the populist right and not adhering to the big government solutions favored by the left that made them so scary in the minds of the journalists and academia. If there isn’t a nefarious and frightening philosophy behind them, their critics will invent them under those circumstances anyway.

    Reagan was accused of everything from wanting to bring about the apocalypse and Armageddon to letting his wife dominate policy through astrology. Critics on the left smeared him as having a cabal of evangelical fanatics steering his policies. They denounced him as an insane ideologue for deploying Pershing missiles to western Europe to drive a hard bargain with the Soviets and then denounced him as a lunatic for walking out on Gorbachev at Reykjavik. Then they denounced him for turning around and embracing Gorbachev when the time was right–why can’t he make up his stupid crazy mind? In retrospect, when the wall came down–as a result of Reagan’s “insane” moves–they accused Reagan of being senile the whole time.

    When they both smear Trump for the evil geniuses behind him and as an ignorant idiot, as well, remember that all of this has happened before–and all of this will hopefully happen again. Trump’s crime is having the support of the populist right and adhering to pragmatic policies that fly in the face of things like neoconservatism and the Green New Deal favored by academia and the left. When you have the support of the populist right and don’t buy into the left’s solutions, academia and the press accuse you of listening to scary, evil geniuses. That’s what they always do. They did it to Thatcher. They did it to Reagan. Trump is in excellent company.

    1. Nice try, Adam Weishaupt, but don’t think you can distract us from your Illuminati shenanigans.

    2. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

      Nice analysis Ken. I say Trump has had to endure far more than Reagan ever did though. IMO, the ridiculous Impeachment attempt of Trump illustrates that the forces you mention need to be challenged at every turn and Trump is one of the few politicians around to do it.

    3. One difference, of course, is that Reagan came across as a nice guy, reasonable, personable, self-effacing, humorous, and could string together a coherent sentence. If Trump was more “Reagan-like” in demeanor, he’d be winning in a landslide — even with Chicom-19 — instead of looking at a probable one term presidency.

      1. Is this the media that declared Reagan mentally impaired? The one that constantly attacked him in office?

        1. Sure it was, but people could see for themselves that it was an unwarranted portrayal. With Trump, the casual observer would believe almost anything the media tells them.

          1. Exactly. Reagan was a likable guy. Can’t say that about Trump.

            1. Trump is a likeable guy.

              Weird, I was able to say it easily and also have it be true.

              1. Trump is a likeable guy.

                Huh, you’re right.

              2. Donald Trump is a reprehensible cretin. I am aware that there were efforts to demonize Republican presidents, but Trump is in a class all by himself, and has earned every bit of loathing people have for him.

                1. Trump is a likeable guy.
                  White knight is a miserable midwit.

            2. Oh look. Literal retards are literally retarded. How cute.

              1. Is this that famous sarcasm you’re always talking about ?

                1. It’s hard to be sarcastic when you’re a shill.

          2. Well, YOU might.

      2. Reagan was a gifted actor but by accounts I have read it wasn’t all an act. He was all of those things.

        With Trump he is exactly as he seems. A complete asshole.

        1. that’s what voters want in a president now — someone to crush the other side.

          1. When one side is essentially the Red Guard 2020 and are holding national struggle sessions, there are very good reasons to stop it.

          2. Not all voters. I want a president who is senile and craps his pants on live TV.

        2. Trump is a dick.
          And you’re a pussy who’s become so full of shit, you’ve turned into an asshole yourself.

          1. Dicks fuck pussies and assholes…

      3. Reagan was “The Great Communicator.” Trump is “The Bombastic Buffoon.”

        1. That’s a pretty shitty basis upon which to make a choice, though, isn’t it?

          On the one hand, I don’t want the progressives to completely take over and reorganize our economy around zero emissions and social justice concerns, but, on the other hand, I can’t stand the way Trump tweets?!

          1. Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich…

            1. More like Nyarlathotep or Ricky Roma.

            2. If you can’t differentiate between a socialist reorganization of the economy and someone’s personality, you should seek the deprogramming services of a professional.

              1. Oh my god dude. You sure know how to slay a straw man. This election has turned formerly reasonable people into reactionary assholes. Yes I understand what the left wants and I want no part of it. However my vote doesn’t mean shit since I’m in a decidedly blue state, and I’m sick of voting against the worst of two terrible candidates. I can’t do it anymore. Interpret that however you wish. I’m past giving a fuck.

                1. If you’re in a deeply blue state, move to Alabama or Louisiana. That has to be better, right? How about Lubbock, Texas. I hear that area is very conservative.

                  1. I’m not moving. Family is more important than politics.

                    1. You didn’t sacrifice them to Moloch?

                2. This election has turned formerly reasonable people into reactionary assholes.

                  Autobiographical ?

                  1. The difference is that unlike the people who think I’m serious about every word I say because they are terminally serious, I’m not serious all the time. Thought people could figure that out from my name but alas I was wrong.

          2. It might not be so bad that Trump is a bombastic buffoon, but the deal breaker is that he spends his every waking minute trying to worsen the Red vs. Blue culture war that might destroy our country.

            1. It is exactly people like you that worsen the ‘Red vs. Blue’ culture war. It’s practically all you do here, WK. You at least have a decent attitude and are fun to dunk on.

    4. “Reagan was accused of everything from wanting to bring about the apocalypse and Armageddon to letting his wife dominate policy through astrology. ”

      He was also accused of kowtowing to the Apartheid regime in South Africa, Also Iran Contra, cocaine, sending in the marines to Lebanon, a non stellar response to the AIDS virus, and so on, none of which you mention.

  10. Traditionalists think human culture is now staggering through a dark cycle, the “Kali Yuga.” They believe human beings should be shoved into rigid castes, and they see each age dominated by a distinct type, from priest to warrior to merchant to slave (sliding down what they see as the ladder of spiritual merit).

    This whole article reads like someone took a lot of anti-Modi, anti-Hinduvata stuff from written by the Indian left, and threw it at American right with very little alteration.

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  12. Speaking of nefarious plots hiding in plain sight, The Queen’s Gambit, now streaming on Netflix is unadulterated pro-Soviet, communist propaganda.

    I’m glad to ruin it for you without a spoiler alert–she finally wins when she realizes the Russians aren’t her enemy and her friends finally start emulating the Russians and stop competing against each other as individuals and start working together collectively to support each other. In the end, as her CIA handler is driving her to the airport and going over the speech they want her to make in favor of America and against communism, she gets out of the car, goes to play “chess” with the common people of Russia, looks into the camera and starts speaking to us Americans in Russian. She has finally won by completing her transformation into a communist.

    Meanwhile, this is not a true story. It’s pure propaganda.

    It was one thing when Netflix was running what are essentially Chinese propaganda films for the CCP in movies like Hero. The Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix original financed by our subscription dollars and meant to propagandize Americans to make them support communism–to the point that it actually depicts the 1960s era Soviet communist system as the good guys and American individualism as the bad guys. You’re not an orphan when you have “family”, no shit? Netflix, I want my money back!

    So, anyway, instead of trying to explain why Trump’s rejection of elitism is so popular with average Americans by smearing Trump by association an evil philosophical tradition that Trump’s advisors may or may not even understand, how ’bout somebody on the left explaining in plain terms to ordinary people why Netflix’s communist propaganda is a disgrace? This is akin to watching that conspiracy theorist Dale on King of the Hill fail to realize that his biracial son couldn’t possibly be his son.

    1. If an honest intellectual on the left like Orwell saw The Queen’s Gambit, he’d shit a plaid, anti-communist Twinkie.

    2. I saw a clip of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ where Anya Taylor-Joy was running while not wearing a bra. It was very stimulating.

      1. Yeah, communists have been using women that way for a very long time.

        I’ve dated a communist or two in my time. I think it was Goethe who was supposed to have said something about how any woman is achievable if you can stand to listen to her for long enough. I deserve an Olympic medal for how long I listened to some of them talk. A woman once became furious with me because I listened to her talk for so long, she lost track of time and missed an appointment. She was right! It was downright selfish of me to listen to her for so long–no one else would have listened to her for that long unless . . . they wanted something.

        Anyway, a communist propaganda film with a beautiful woman in it is still a communist propaganda film.

    3. “she gets out of the car, goes to play “chess” with the common people of Russia, looks into the camera and starts speaking to us Americans in Russian. She has finally won by completing her transformation into a communist.”

      Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself.
      He loved Big Brother.

    4. it was actually quite well done, and more feminist than communist. she had to conquer her own demons and let go of her past to win, not embrace collectivism. Sheesh… she liked high fashion and turned down vodka, she was no commie.

      The chess was ludicrous though. She won more often than Bobby Fisher, and never heard of a draw, which is quite common in high level chess. Not to mention a female player becoming good enough to defeat the world champion before she turned 21.

      1. “it was actually quite well done, and more feminist than communist. she had to conquer her own demons and let go of her past to win, not embrace collectivism.”

        You’ve completely missed it. The whole point was communism.

        “she liked high fashion and turned down vodka, she was no commie.”

        You seem to have completely missed the point that being distracted by that stuff was why she couldn’t beat the Russian. She went and got drunk, partied with, and literally “got in bed” with the model–who was both obsessed with fashion and told her how meaningless and empty modeling and consumer culture was–and getting distracted by the consumerism of fashion cost her the chance to beat the Russian.

        The reason she felt compelled to get drunk and take drugs all the time was the same reason her adopted mother and the “Apple Pi” girl felt it necessary to get drunk all the time. Because they were alone outside the collective! Her adopted mother drank because she was being left alone by her husband all the time, and she drank because she was having to face the world alone all the time.

        Once she unified with her collective–like the Russians were doing–she was not only able to beat the Russians (who were all working together to beat her). She actually transformed into a Russian.

        The whole point was about the communism. The whole way through–from beginning to end. Her mother committed suicide because she was all alone left to fend for herself.

        The primary metaphor was being an orphan as compared to being in a family, and all the Americans constantly failed because of their individualism. It was absolute 100% pure pro-communist propaganda. That was the whole point. Because it didn’t become entirely obvious until the very end doesn’t change the fact either.

      2. The reason she couldn’t beat the Russians was because the Russians were all working together and she was all alone as an individual.

        In the world of that movie, it was plainly stated over and over that none of the Americans could possibly hope to beat the Russians. How could she beat four of them?

        Because they were communist, they were all working together. Because America isn’t communist, she was an individual working alone–who couldn’t hope to beat all the Russians working together.

        Where did she get the money to go to Russia? It was a radical activist who was willing to sacrifice for others. Why did she beat the Russians? It was because all of her friends were working together–like communists.

        Why was it a completely fictional story with no grounding in real events whatsoever? It’s because nothing like that has ever happened in a communist setting in the real world. In the real world, the Soviet Union of the 1960s was a horror show, and the reason people didn’t flee was because they were afraid they’d be killed if they tried to leave. It’s not only pure communist propaganda–it’s propaganda that’s meant to propagandize Americans who don’t know anything about history or the Soviet Union.

  13. I’m for anything that involves the possibility of looking out my window and seeing an Enlightened™ corpse swinging from every lamppost. I wish these guys all the luck in the world.

    1. Yeah, fuck The Enlightenment, amirite?!

  14. “I want an escort out of here!”
    “We’re not giving you an escort.”
    “You guys telling me I need to leave – they need to leave!”
    “I didn’t say you have to leave. It’s a public park. If you wanna enjoy the park, stay here and enjoy the park with your kids. Ok?”
    “How come you’re only talking to me!”
    “Because you’re the only one yelling…”

    Another Liberal Lucy sighting.

    What is wrong with these people?

    1. Why is it the cops never get violent when you kinda wish they would?

  15. I don’t know about this but Darth Bannon is a very creepy guy.

  16. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette just endorsed Trump, which is the first time the paper has endorsed a Republican for President since Nixon in 1972.

  17. Some people believe crazy shit, and use that to imagine a fantasy past and perfect future.


    1. Some people, not anyone involved in national politics, right? Steve Bannon was one of the people farming the Hunter Biden laptop story around.

  18. Trump is winning. All early voting results are pointing to that conclusion. I just made a quick calculation and my results for Florida are the following:
    – as per Forbes polling, Republicans are planning to vote on election day (72%)
    – with a very very conservative model, I concluded that even if Republicans get just 56.21%, they win Florida

    I have yet to complete my approximations for the other swing states, but I feel confident just by looking at the early voting results. Aside from these, I used the 2016 results, the expected turnout, the average rejection rate, and the voting preference polls.
    My assumptions were the following:
    – Registered voter turnout will be 80% (it was more than 74% last time)
    – Rs and Ds to receive half of LP and Green parties votes
    – In-person rejection rate at 2%
    – Mail-in rejection rate at 2.5% for Rs, 3.0% for Is, and 3.5% for Ds
    – Independents to break 60-40 to Biden (that’s why I say it is a conservative best-case-for-Ds scenario, and Is never broke by greater than 20 points margin before, so…)

    The chances of Rs producing less than 56% of the votes on Election Day is negligible, they will easily outperform Team D by 14 points.

  19. Reason complains about a private citizen.

    1. Idiot complains about a stupid magazine.

      1. You forgot to turn your White Knight sock on.

        1. Ew, no way I’m getting near your “special” sock. You’re disgusting

    2. Yes, but “Bannon has an unhealthy interest in some unhealthy spiritual ideas”.

      Don’t you understand? I because Reason is concerned about people’s religious and spiritual welfare.

    3. Reason isn’t allowed to talk about private citizens, even ones that are heavily involved in national politics? Even one whose recent activity has been promoting the Hunter Biden laptop story?

  20. Completely OT and a bit perverted:

    The WSJ piece on remembering Sean Connery has a revealing photo of him and Ursala Andress. See it now before someone complains.

    1. I used to say “Arsala Undress” when I was a kid and think that it was the funniest thing ever.

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  23. I’m a lot more worried about the communist that control academia, pop culture, and the media and the socialist that control congress, the federal bureaucracy, and the deep state then I am about some anachronistic kook.

    1. Yup.

  24. As Bannon tells Teitelbaum, it’s “the rejection of modernity, the rejection of the Enlightenment, the rejection of materialism.”

    I understand the rejection of modernity and not accepting how the world is changing. I understand the rejection of enlightenment and a rejection of science. But how can Donald Trump and Steve Bannon sell a rejection of materialism. These are among the most materialist people around. One is constantly talking about his money and possessions, the other is hanging out on yachts. It be like Aaron Rodgers or LeBron James extolling the game of soccer.

    1. A rejection of science used to promote far left political ideologies is what you really mean. And most people who claim to be at least somewhat religious would understand that religions reject materialism to varying degrees. It’s only libertarians and marxists that espouse the god of materialism over all others.

      In the end Bannon is not very persuasive to many people, and the fictitious threats the left has generated in its collectivist mindset are nonexistent. It will be the left wing d-bags who riot and loot and burn if Trump is reeelcted. Not the other way around.

      1. Your correct that many religions and non religious philosophies reject materialism. That said there is nothing religious about either Trump or Bannon.

        As for the last sentence first paragraph, I not sure that libertarians, or Marxists are any more or less materialistic that capitalist. If anything a true Libertarian would recognize that possessions can be an impediment to liberty. That Freedom as Janis Joplin sang “is just another word nothing left to lose”.

    2. It is a capital mistake to confuse materialism and avarice.

      If anything saved the world from the late Evil Empire, it was the belated realization by some conservative politicians and philosophers that Materialism of the Hegelian sort was too imortant to leave to the Marxists.

    3. Plus the fact 66% of the economy not just in the USA but in the West is CONSUMER SPENDING.

    4. It sounds like Bannon is a Traditionalist Lite, analogous to how many politicians are sorta kinda Keynesians, not really understanding the details and just picking the parts they like.

    5. Dude. science didn’t begin with the enlightenment. It had been around for a long time prior to that.

  25. Bannon is on his way to prison. Trump may follow, although I suspect he may receive a ‘former president pass’ and get to settle for huge fines, disgorgements, and consent decrees requiring him to stay away from charities, banks, and his daughters.

    1. Getting a little nervous, Arthur? Maybe the collar feels a little tight?

      1. Nervous? I am on the winning side. 90 percent chance to win the White House this time, 75 percent chance to take the Senate, 97 percent chance to hold the House. Even if Trump pulls off another Electoral College trick shot, that would merely delay the eventual crushing of the conservatives by the American mainstream in the culture war. I am on the right side of history, the right side of the demographic wave, the right side of the culture war and American future.

        This may be the last election in which Republicans are favored in Texas, the final election in which Republicans are competitive in national elections. Enjoy this last gasp, clingers, and prepare to comply with the preferences of your betters.

        1. Lmoa this bitch is panicked. Typed so long he done shit himself. Get ready bitch you getting the whole 14 inches zero lube. Chomp chomp.

    2. I don’t want Trump to go to prison, just to go away.

    3. “The three men share a deep contempt for modern institutions, such as universities and the media,…….”

      So, in other words, they’re not so bad after all.

  26. “Donald is no real leader… He is a THUG! REAL leaders don’t invite civil war in order to become dictators!”

    Quite so. The really Traditional career path to dictatorship for a Roman identity politician was be elected by the Senate with the consent of the Tribunes of the people.

    1. A thug that has guided a nation into not starting a war and signed four landmark peace treaties. Some thug.

      Know who was a punk? Obama.

      1. Know who has been egging this country toward a Civil War every day of his Presidency? Trump.

        1. The left —– duh… As-if that wasn’t obvious. If they cannot legislate their socialism they’ll start another revolutionary war to get it.

          And right now; they’re all upset that Trump stopped their evil plans to, “fundamentally change America” and anyone who thinks otherwise is blinded by their own idiocy.

        2. [Trump] has been egging this country toward a Civil War every day of his Presidency

          Q: When a cabal of Party A sympathizers perpetrate a long-running conspiracy to unseat a properly elected Party B president, how do Party A sympathizers describe that president’s attempts to prevent the conspiracy from succeeding?
          A: “egging the country toward a civil war”

      2. I doubt there are many disaffected Canadian bigots who can’t stand a black president, but it is not surprising that if one exists he would find his way to this website, where fringe clingers huddle for warmth as society passes them by.

        1. I doubt there are many disaffected Canadian bigots who can’t stand a black president,

          I voted for a “black president”; race doesn’t matter to me.

          What I got, unfortunately, was an incompetent, dishonest blowhard with socialist tendencies, and that did matter to me.

  27. You’re a stupid cultist and a danger to yourself and those around you.

  28. Does the federal government have the power to set-up international trade (treaty).. YES.
    Does the federal government have the power to set-up immigration policy (naturalization).. YES

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  31. I never experienced it before 2016, but it’s funny being part of something and having people describe you from the outside looking in and see how far off the mark they are. Other than hearing Evola’s name in passing, I have never heard of either of the other people you mentioned, nor have I actually considered Bannon to be a pillar of anything.

    Whatever you want to call it, this fusion of ideas is mostly anti-intellectual. I didn’t develop my perspective exclusively from books or movies. My beliefs are formed and tested by reality. I absorb others’ ideas and see if they comport with reality. I don’t try to develop an ideology around my beliefs because it would merely constrain them with academic constructions of logic and hypocrisy.

  32. The concrete essence of politics, and certainly of Bannonist/Trumpist politics, is harming the harmless with government force.

    Are you effing kidding? Bannon has been out of the Trump administration for three years. Trump has eased regulations, lowered taxes, and not started any wars. He’s been “harming the harmless” far less than prior presidents.

  33. A quote from the article: Few voters have pondered any of that, but Teitelbaum thinks the Traditionalists, by allying themselves with far-right authoritarian nationalism, …

    I’m an entrenched moderate, no right winger at all, but I hate the kind of crap. The right authoritarian crap. Yes, some of the right does take on authoritarian tendencies, but if the worry is authoritarian things then worry about the left where it is mainstream. Yeah, it is a subtle phrase in an article about something else, but it was not placed there by accident.

    I was once one of those left leaning, follow the party, democrats and now they scare me more than anything on the right could. They are coming for your freedom. There is a lot of proof for this, but the best example is in this election. This is not an outlier. I don’t support Trump but I refuse to vote for dementia boy. So nobody. I shared this with a left leaner who actually started yelling and me to the point of shaking in anger. Because I didn’t agree and wasn’t willing to do exactly what they wanted. And yes, they are mainstream. Maybe not in behavior, but they are mainstream. I get the far-right nationalists are very bad. But don’t be blind to the real danger.

    Epilogue: When the yelling, shaking lefty, who I once worked with supporting Ds, simmered down, my comment was that when people say that I didn’t leave the democratic party, if left me, you just provided the perfect example of what that really means.

  34. “Championed and propagated by ‘liberals’ for many decades, internationalism is collectivism applied to the relationships of nations. Just as domestic collectivism holds that an individual’s freedom and interests must be sacrificed to the ‘public interest’ of society – so internationalism holds that a nation’s sovereignty and interests must be sacrificed to a global community.” – Ayn Rand

  35. Did not know this was an issue. I thought everything was about the one who is sitting in the White House. Maybe you can check the best place to buy osrs gold if you have the time to discuss these stuff.

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