Brickbat: Impulse Decision


The Berkeley, California, City Council has unanimously voted to bar junk food from the checkout lanes of local supermarkets. The new law bars food items with over 5 grams of added sugar or 250mg of sodium as well as drinks with high levels of sugar or artificial sweeteners from checkout aisles.

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  1. It’s not your business, they are just letting you rent it as long as that sweet tax money flows.

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  2. It’s a first step but it would be better “to educate” people against junk food.

    1. If your not smart enough to figure out a healthy diet on your own, too bad. Excepting children of course.

      1. And, your children are *your* responsibility.

        See how simple that is?

    2. Education isn’t enough. Junk food needs to be moved to be over the counter with tracking like pseudoephedrine.

      1. With daily limits, and paperwork reporting you to the authorities for your bad decisions. Don’t forget denying out of state purchase. We don’t want people going across state borders to get their fix.

    3. Yup. The left have become fascists. They have become what they call others.

      1. They always have been. Just lately, they are admitting it, because they think it is too late to stop them.
        We will find out in November.

        Welcome to the revolution.

        1. Yet…be fat, get corona and blame it on everyone else. Good times.

          1. Good luck with your TDS.

    4. They did have a more ambitious bill requiring the National Enquirer to run front page stories like “You’ll never guess how fat Bat Boy got” but then the fatties and their allies started organizing against fat shaming and their was counter protests by a group called NO MA’AM. Finally the Berkeley city council had to issue an apology and hire a fat person to sit on council to make sure fat peoples voices were being heard and drop the whole thing. It was a total disaster.

    5. Oh,oh, here’s an idea! A food pyramid! The Top Men could establish how much of what foods everyone eats, then mandate that all government indoctrin…er I mean schools, teach it to all the children. Problem solved!

    1. A recursive bot?

  3. The healthy checkout ordinance is essential for community health, especially in the time of COVID-19…

    The rona’s been a boon to the tyrant industry.

    1. Nannies and Karens, too.

      Hmm, maybe a new Axis of Evil?

    2. especially in the time of COVID-19

      I hear the ‘rona loves caramel.

    3. If I ran the store I would replace the candy bars with porno magazines, cigarettes and booze.

  4. “What is good for Berkeley customers is also good for our businesses.”

    Which is why we have to force them to do this thing at gunpoint, they’re just too goddamn stupid to know what’s for their own good.

    As a public sector consultant, for the past 16 years Kate solved problems for agencies in 31 California counties, eight states and fourteen nations. Her firm improves systematic access for people and brings agencies to provide legal resources and improve outcomes in foster care, domestic violence, child support and child custody cases. People who benefit from Kate’s work include Native American foster youth in North Dakota, defendants without lawyers in Serbia and people returning to their communities from prison.

    All that and she still found time to become an expert at running supermarkets?

    1. Kate = Karen
      Karen = Mao

    2. They can hold two opposing thoughts in their head at once: that capitalists think of nothing but money, and that capitalists are too damned stupid to see the potential money right in front of their noses.

  5. This opens up a new market for trench-coat-clad poor people right outside the grocery store, dispensing “loosie” candy bars from their coat pockets! A good way to get your feet on the lowest rungs of the job ladder, bypassing the minimum wage laws!

    (Good luck with the cops, though, who might strange you to death, especially if your skin color’s not quite right, for selling those “loosie” candy bars).

    1. Well, being stranged to death is one thing, but getting strangled to death is another! To be honest about it…

    2. Halloween is peak time for loosies.

    3. Dark chocolate lives matter!

      1. There will be demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grams a week

    4. Don’t be ridiculous!

      Every petty crook (aka individual) know the answer is candy in the left pocket for sale, donuts in the right pocket for bribes.

      1. Hah! Good one! I have read of meter-readers who carry doggy treats to bribe the backyard bad-dogs, so that said meter-readers won’t get bitten… So why NOT donuts for the cops?!?

    5. Cops will be cool. Just stock some donuts in the trench coat.

  6. Can they also ban the “unhealthy” magazines and batteries.

    1. But those batteries are delicious!

  7. Come on, Berkeley. Protecting people from junk food is not enough. Since we know that capitalism and commerce are bad for people, how about banning all sales items from the checkout area to eliminate “impulse buying”, the worst form of free market predation.

    Instead of capitalist temptations, people should spend their time in line as god and Marx intended: reading the latest propaganda posters and clutching their ration books.

  8. Just eliminate checkout lines altogether.
    The citizens of the people’s republic should just drop off their list of food requests at their assigned distribution center on the way to work (on foot of course). That way the list can be reviewed and approved, and the items that are in stock bagged for them to pick on the way home. Much more efficient, and allows the request list to be scored for the appropriate levels of sugar, salt, and whatever is on the list this week. Based on the propriety of the list, their social conformity score can be updated, and applied to their eligibility for food and shelter, as well as the possible need for reeducation.
    Keep voting for democrats and paradise awaits.

    1. should just drop off their list of food requests pick up their assigned rations
      The technocrats know what is best for you.

      1. Depending, of course, on what was delivered last night. Strikes, marches, breakdowns, and poor central planning might mean an increase in onion ration, but no bread or toilet paper (again).

        1. Relevant:

          In Soviet Russia a Muscovite man is sent off to the store by his wife to bring home some bread. Naturally the queue goes on for miles and when he finally gets to the counter, all the shelves are bare.

          He loses his temper. “I’m sick of this stupid country, I fought in the war only to be unable to buy bread! I’m sick of this government and sick of the communists!”

          Two shadowy men in trenchcoats pull him aside and say “Calm down, comrade. You remember what this sort of outburst would cause back in the bad old days…” and mimes a trigger being pulled against his temple.

          Back home, the man’s wife looks at him returning empty-handed and asks, “They’re out of bread again?”

          “It’s worse than that. They’re out of bullets.”

          1. I’d heard a version where he goes stomping off to shoot Stalin, but comes back an hour later, complaining the line was too long.

    2. why should anyone have to pay? just ban checkout lines, and let people take what they need. the store owners can apply for government stimulus funds to replace inventory when needed, and no one will get filthy rich hoarding profits.

  9. If the good citizens of Berkeley are too stupid to pick a snack, how can they possibly be smart enough to elect a city council? Clearly they need to cancel the next election and begin and education program.

    1. I would bet they would be pleased to follow your suggestion.

  10. The new law bars food items with over 5 grams of added sugar or 250mg of sodium as well as drinks with high levels of sugar or artificial sweeteners from checkout aisles.

    The Girl Scouts are far more conniving and ruthless than people suspect.

  11. Do non-Commies even live in places like Berkeley anymore?

    1. How could they without going insane?

  12. Consider this story before you vote for a Democrat.

    1. The sad part is that people will consider this story before voting for a Democrat, because they seem to want what’s coming to them good & hard. They’re the same people who said they felt safer having their own bags searched on 9/12/01. I used to think communism and authoritarianism flourished in places like Russia and China because that’s all they’ve ever known for thousands of years, just under a different name. When you grow up asking permission and living by the grace of a tyrant, you tend to accept the tyranny. On the other hand, I used to think we with western values would continue stringing up any tyrant who tried that kind of crap on us. Now I see people openly clamoring for it.

      1. It is easy to understand. Freedom is scary. People want to feel safe.

      2. What they really want is restraint on themselves. When they’re not actually in the store, they think they want to not have those choices in the checkout line. Plus, they want the children who accompany them not to have those choices.

        1. Stores already have “no candy” and “no sexy magazine covers” checkout lines to cater to parents who are crap at saying no to, nor stifling the whining of their whelps, and don’t want the little darlings seeing something they would have to explain.

  13. The reason cops are violent is that they eat too much coffee and donuts. The Berkeley Council should mandate wheatgrass juice and rice cakes for police instead of coffee and donuts.

    1. The Berkley Council knows that the cops still have guns.

  14. Whew! At least they didn’t ban the tabloids, the last source of real news…

  15. They can have my Twix bar… when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  16. Used to be a big fan of federalism, and opposed to an “it’s everything” view of the commerce clause.

    However, it might be time to limit the authority of places like Berkeley to interfere in the sale of items that are legal in interstate commerce.

    To avoid screwing up not-so-bad states and cities, it could be run like the old Voting Rights Act. Particular jurisdictions – all of California, for instance – could be deemed to have a history of interference with interstate commerce, and they’d be subject to a preclearance regime on all new commercial regulations.

    1. That train left the station when the Supreme Court said it is just fine for the government to tell us what to buy, when to buy it, how much to pay for it, and we can be taxed if we DON’T buy it.

      1. Of course, and not much can be done about federal regulation. But when it comes down to states vs feds the SC has been pretty reliably in favor of pre-emption, just not commandeering.

        Or they could do the usual trick….attach strings to federal funds. But now the condition would be you don’t get the money unless you *don’t* have laws against X.

  17. Thank god they’ve solved the homeless problem so they have time to deal with this.

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