Election 2020

The Case Against Biden: Joe Biden's Politics of Panic

The former vice president has a long history of reckless responses to the menaces du jour. 


This is part of Reason's November 2020 issue election cover package. Read the case against Donald Trump here.

During a Democratic presidential debate last year, Cory Booker weaponized one of Joe Biden's proudest accomplishments. The New Jersey senator noted that the former vice president, who represented Delaware in the Senate for 36 years, "has said that, since the 1970s, every major crime bill—every crime bill, major and minor—has had his name on it."

Said was an understatement. Biden has not just noted his leading role in passing those laws; he has crowed about it repeatedly over the years, throwing it in the face of Republicans who dared to think they could be tougher on crime and fellow Democrats he viewed as too soft. Now here he was, after a notable shift in public opinion about criminal justice issues, bemoaning the excessively, arbitrarily punitive policies he had zealously promoted for decades.

"The house was set on fire, and you claimed responsibility for those laws," Booker continued. "You can't just now come out with a plan to put out that fire."

Biden's response was telling. Those crime bills, he said, "were passed years ago, and they were passed overwhelmingly." More recently, he noted, he had tried to ameliorate some of their worst consequences—for example, by sponsoring a 2007 bill that would have eliminated the unjust, irrational sentencing disparity between the smoked and snorted forms of cocaine, which led to strikingly unequal treatment of black and white drug offenders. That gloss brushed over the fact that, just a few years before he entered the 2020 presidential race, Biden was still bragging about the incarceration-expanding Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act—or, as he preferred to call it, "the 1994 Biden Crime Bill."

Booker, one of three African-American senators, was not impressed by Biden's excuses. "You are trying to shift the view from what you created," he said. "There are people right now in prison for life for drug offenses because you stood up and used that 'tough on crime' phony rhetoric that got a lot of people elected but destroyed communities like mine. This isn't about the past, sir. This is about the present right now. I believe in redemption. I'm happy you evolved. But you've offered no redemption to the people in prison right now for life."

The exchange was a powerful reminder of Biden's faults. The Democratic nominee's main qualification for office, aside from the fact that he is not Donald Trump, is his long history of public service. But that history is littered with egregious misjudgments on a wide range of issues, some of which he sticks with still. Even when Biden changes his positions—as he has on issues such as gay marriage, immigration, the Iraq war, and the death penalty, as well as drug policy and mandatory minimum sentences—he tends to rewrite history, saying he only did what everybody else was doing, implying that he acted based on the best information available at the time, or suggesting that he voted strategically to prevent even worse outcomes.

Biden's reluctance to forthrightly acknowledge his errors blurs the contrast with Trump, a man who seems incapable of taking the blame for anything. Biden magnified that problem by choosing as his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.), a former prosecutor who, like Biden, has recently recast herself as a criminal justice reformer while airbrushing her hardline past. More to the point, Biden's persistently misguided policy instincts, spanning nearly half a century, make you wonder what fresh disasters his presidency would bring.

'A Big Mistake'

Biden's handiwork in the Senate included the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, which he introduced along with Sen. Strom Thurmond (R–S.C.), an archconservative and former segregationist. That law abolished parole in the federal system, increased drug penalties, established mandatory sentencing guidelines, and expanded civil asset forfeiture.

Two years later, Biden wrote the Anti–Drug Abuse Act of 1986, which prescribed new mandatory minimums for drug crimes and created the notorious weight-based sentencing distinction that treated crack cocaine as if it were 100 times worse than cocaine powder, even though these are simply two different ways of consuming the same drug. Under that law, possessing five grams of crack with intent to distribute it triggered the same five-year mandatory minimum sentence as 500 grams of cocaine powder; likewise, the 10-year mandatory minimum required five kilograms of cocaine powder but only 50 grams of crack. Two years later, Biden co-sponsored another Anti–Drug Abuse Act, which established the "drug czar" position he had been pushing for years and created additional mandatory minimums, including a five-year sentence for crack users caught with as little as five grams, even if they were not involved in distribution.

As Biden explained it on the Senate floor in 1991 while holding up a quarter, "we said crack cocaine is such a bad deal that if you find someone with this much of it—a quarter's worth, not in value, but in size—five years in jail." To be clear: Biden was not marveling at the blatant injustice of that punishment but touting his anti-drug bona fides.

Because federal crack offenders were overwhelmingly black, while cocaine powder offenders were more likely to be white or Hispanic, the rule Biden championed meant that darker-skinned defendants received substantially heavier penalties than lighter-skinned defendants for essentially the same offenses. As that trend became clear, the African-American legislators who had supported the law turned against it. By the early 1990s, pressure was building for reform of crack penalties.

"We may not have gotten it right," Biden conceded 16 years after he helped establish the 100-to-1 rule. Five years later, during an unsuccessful bid for his party's 2008 presidential nomination, he introduced a bill to equalize crack and cocaine powder sentences. That was the bill he cited in response to Booker's criticism, suggesting he had seen the injustice of excessively harsh drug penalties by then. Yet as vice president in 2012, he was still citing his work with Thurmond on the 1984 crime bill, which started the ball rolling on mandatory minimums, as an inspiring example of bipartisan collaboration.

The distinction between smoked and snorted cocaine "was a big mistake when it was made," Biden admitted in a speech he gave just before entering the presidential race in 2019, nine years after Congress approved a law that shrank but did not eliminate the sentencing gap. "We thought we were told by the experts that crack…was somehow fundamentally different. It's not different." The misconception, he added, "trapped an entire generation."

That was by no means Biden's only mistake. Even as some of his fellow Democrats in Congress were beginning to question the conventional wisdom that drug penalties can never be too severe, he was working to make them more draconian.

Biden was eager to portray himself as tougher on drugs than the Republicans. In a televised response to a 1989 speech in which then-President George H.W. Bush announced yet another escalation of the war on drugs while waving a plastic bag of crack, Biden questioned the administration's zeal. "Quite frankly," he said, "the president's plan's not tough enough, bold enough, or imaginative enough to meet the crisis at hand," which he called "the No. 1 threat to our national security."

'Hold Every Drug User Accountable'

After Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, Biden joined forces with the president to outflank the Republicans on crime issues, long a vulnerability for Democrats. Thus was born Biden's pride and joy, the biggest crime bill in U.S. history.

The 1994 law created 60 new capital offenses, increased drug penalties yet again, established a federal "three strikes" rule requiring a life sentence for anyone convicted of a violent crime after committing two other felonies (one of which can be a drug offense), and provided $10 billion in subsidies for state prison construction, contingent on passage of "truth in sentencing" laws that limited or abolished parole, along with funding to hire 100,000 police officers. Biden, who bragged that he had conferred with "the cops" instead of some namby-pamby "liberal confab" while writing the bill, was proud of all the extra punishment. Like a crass car salesman hawking a new model with more of everything, Biden touted "70 additional enhancements of penalties" and "60 new death penalties—brand new—60." He denounced as "poppycock" the notion, which would later be defensively deployed by Clinton, that "somehow the Republicans tried to make the crime bill tougher."

Decades later, Biden was still defending his toughness. "I knew more people would be locked up across the board," he told The New York Times in 2008, "but I also said it would drive down crime." Yet a long downward trend in violent crime had already begun by the time Congress approved the 1994 bill. The violent crime rate, which includes homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, peaked in 1991 and fell for three consecutive years before the law took effect.

Although Biden said he was trying to lock up the sort of dangerous thugs who would "knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe," "shoot my sister," or "beat up my wife," his ire was not restricted to predatory criminals. Equating peaceful transactions involving arbitrarily proscribed intoxicants with "a rising tide of violence," he wanted to imprison low-level drug dealers and punish their customers. "We have to hold every drug user accountable," he said in his 1989 response to Bush's speech, "because if there were no drug users, there would be no appetite for drugs, and there would be no market for them."

Biden likewise had no reservations about civil asset forfeiture, a system of legalized theft that allows police to seize cash and other property based on a bare allegation that it is connected to drug offenses. At that point, the owner has the burden of challenging the forfeiture, a process that often costs more than the property is worth. "The government can take everything you own," Biden exulted in 1991, "everything from your car to your house, your bank account."

Nor did Biden think through the implications of his Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy (RAVE) Act, part of a long campaign against "club drugs." The RAVE Act, which Biden renamed the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act in 2003 after critics complained that he was attacking a specific musical genre and the lifestyle associated with it, amended the so-called crack house statute, a provision of the Anti–Drug Abuse Act of 1986 that made it a felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison, large fines, and property forfeiture, to "manage or control any building, room, or enclosure" and knowingly make it available for illegal drug use.

Biden thought that language was inadequate to go after rave promoters—"the scum who should be put in jail"—because they often used spaces owned by other people. So he expanded the provision to cover temporary venues used for raves or other events where people consume drugs.

A month after the law was enacted, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) used it to shut down a fundraising concert in Billings, Montana, sponsored by two groups critical of the war on drugs, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. During a July 2003 confirmation hearing for DEA Administrator Karen Tandy, Biden pronounced himself "disturbed" by that use of his law. He asked Tandy to explain how she planned to "reassure people who may be skeptical of my legislation that it will not be enforced in a manner that has a chilling effect on free speech."

In addition to chilling the exercise of First Amendment rights, Biden's anti-rave law discouraged efforts to reduce drug hazards. Rave promoters who tried to protect MDMA users from dehydration and overheating by distributing water bottles and providing "chill out" rooms, or who let organizations such as DanceSafe distribute harm reduction literature, would thereby be providing evidence that they knowingly made a place available for illegal drug consumption. In recent years, the Justice Department has cited Biden's legislation while threatening to prosecute any organization that sets up supervised consumption facilities where people can use opioids in a safe environment monitored by medical personnel.

'Joe Biden Wrote Those Laws'

Biden's record as a drug warrior is so appalling that Trump has attacked him from the left on the issue. "Anyone associated with the 1994 Crime Bill will not have a chance of being elected," the president tweeted last year. "In particular, African Americans will not be able to vote for you. I, on the other hand, was responsible for Criminal Justice Reform, which had tremendous support, & helped fix the bad 1994 Bill!" Trump was alluding to the FIRST STEP Act, a package of modest reforms that he signed in 2018.

"Mass incarceration has put hundreds of thousands behind bars for minor offenses," says a Trump campaign video released in May. "Joe Biden wrote those laws." In a June 2 blog post, the campaign slammed Biden as "the chief architect of mass incarceration and the War on Drugs, which targeted Black Americans."

Today Biden portrays himself as a criminal justice reformer, calling for the abolition of the mandatory minimums and death penalties he once championed. He also says the federal government should let states legalize pot. But unlike most of the candidates he beat for the Democratic nomination, he resists repealing the national ban on marijuana, saying he is waiting for science to clarify "whether or not it is a gateway drug"—a rationale for prohibition that drug warriors have been citing for 70 years.

Given the current climate of opinion in the Democratic Party, it seems unlikely that Biden could get away with reverting to his old drug-warrior ways. But his history on drug policy and criminal justice epitomizes his readiness to react mindlessly whenever he perceives a menace to public safety or national security.

One part of the 1994 crime bill that Biden definitely does not regret is the federal ban on semi-automatic guns that Congress described as "assault weapons," which expired in 2004. Biden favors a new and supposedly improved version of that law, including a requirement that current owners of the targeted firearms either surrender them to the government or follow the same tax and registration requirements that apply to machine guns. During an argument with a Detroit autoworker in March, Biden suggested that the Second Amendment no more protects the right to own guns he does not like than the First Amendment protects the right to falsely cry "Fire!" in a crowded theater.

In a New York Times op-ed piece last year, Biden conceded that the 1994 "assault weapon" ban had no impact on the lethality of legal guns, because manufacturers could comply with the new restrictions "by making minor modifications to their products—modifications that leave them just as deadly." But that is a problem shared by all such bans, since they draw lines based on features, such as folding stocks, barrel shrouds, and flash suppressors, that make little or no difference in the hands of criminals. The distinction that Biden perceives between guns with those features and functionally identical models without them is just as spurious as the distinction he once perceived between crack and cocaine powder.

As he did when confronting "the drug problem" in the 1980s and '90s, Biden feels an overpowering urge to do something, whether or not that thing makes any sense. "There's no excuse for inaction," he tweeted after the 2017 massacre in Las Vegas. "We must act now," he insisted after the 2019 mass shooting in Virginia Beach (which, like most such crimes, was committed with ordinary handguns rather than "assault weapons"). Such comments reflect the same sort of knee-jerk urgency that, by Biden's account, "trapped an entire generation" because he did not bother to educate himself about matters on which he was legislating.

An 'Epidemic' of Sexual Assault on Campus

Biden's career was built on the politics of panics. In the 1990s, he supported a Trump-like crackdown on illegal immigration, including a border fence and expedited removals, that resembled tactics he now deplores. A decade later, he was still calling for more border barriers, saying employers who hire unauthorized residents should go to prison, opposing driver's licenses for people who can't prove their citizenship, and condemning "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement.

When he was vice president, Biden played a key role in Department of Education guidelines that undermined the due process rights of college students facing sexual assault allegations. To comply with the department's new advice regarding Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs that receive federal money, colleges dramatically expanded their definitions of punishable behavior and adopted streamlined procedures that effectively presumed the guilt of accused students.

As critics such as the journalist Emily Yoffe have noted, the new rules commonly denied students the right to testify, the right to present exculpatory evidence, and even the right to know the details of the charges against them. The upshot was that students were suspended or expelled based on conflicting recollections of frequently drunken encounters that both parties agreed started consensually.

Biden said the regulatory guidance that gave rise to these kangaroo courts was necessary to address an "epidemic" of sexual assault on campus. He repeatedly cited a discredited estimate that "one in five" female college students is sexually assaulted by graduation, eight times the rate indicated by Justice Department data. And he falsely claimed that "we've made no progress" in reducing sexual assault of young women since the early 1990s, when in fact the rate of victimization among female college students had been cut in half.

After 9/11, Biden did not just vote for the PATRIOT Act, which expanded the federal government's surveillance authority in the name of fighting terrorism. He bragged that it was essentially the same as legislation he had been pushing since 1994. And when President George W. Bush reacted to Al Qaeda's attacks by targeting a country that had nothing to do with them, Biden did not just vote to authorize the use of military force against Iraq. He steadfastly defended the administration's strategy, warning his colleagues that "failure to overwhelmingly support" the resolution was "likely to enhance the prospects that war will occur."

Biden later claimed he never thought Bush actually would go to war, seeing the authorization as a way to pressure Saddam Hussein into cooperating with international arms inspectors. "Immediately, the moment it started, I came out against the war at that moment," he told NPR last year. But that is not true. Although he occasionally criticized Bush for acting too hastily and with insufficient international backing, Biden repeatedly voiced support for the war. He did not publicly acknowledge that his vote to authorize it was a mistake until November 2005, more than two years after the U.S. invasion.

If Biden has learned anything from the Iraq debacle, it was not apparent in his response to a New York Times questionnaire about executive power last year. Biden argued that presidents have the authority to use military force without congressional approval "when those operations serve important U.S. interests and are of a limited nature, scope, and duration." Since "U.S. interests" are in the eye of the beholder and the president unilaterally decides when military operations are "limited" enough that they do not qualify as "war," that formulation amounts to a blank check.

At 78, Biden would be the oldest president ever elected in the United States. But there is little sign that he has acquired much wisdom during a career filled with lessons about the limits of government power and the fallible judgments of the people who wield it.

Should the government tax violent entertainment and use the proceeds to help crime victims? Biden sees "no legal reason" why not. Should the president fight COVID-19 by requiring all Americans to mask up, notwithstanding the lack of a plausible legal basis for such an order? "Yes, I would," Biden says. Should Congress repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which made the internet as we know it possible by protecting online platforms from liability for content posted by users, because Biden is mad at Facebook? You bet. What could possibly go wrong?

It's a question that Biden, who presents himself as an alternative to an intolerably impulsive and shortsighted president, never seems to ask.

Justin Monticello, who produced a video for Reason about Biden's record, contributed research for this article.

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                      September.15.2020 at 11:14 am
                      All young black males have felony arrest warrants out for them… THAT is the problem here! For things like selling “loosie” cigarettes, and for blowing on cheap plastic flutes w/o permiSSion! From the SS!!!

                      To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see http: //www.churchofsqrls.com/ DONT_DO_THIS/ … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

                      end import

                      JesseSPAZ, though, cop-sucker and boot-licker beyond comparison, lusts endlessly after cops busting ALL the heads of ALL BLM protesters, because (according to JesseSPAZ) they are ALL Marxists!

          2. He didn’t get all the shrooms out of the shit before breakfast it appears.

          3. He has gone full hihn, which means someone needs to step into Sqrslys spot.

            1. White Supremacist Knight is on it.

        2. Man, Jesse really did break you.


    5. Masks don't stop the virus, dude.

      1. The virus must simply hate Republicans then.

        1. So then you and the virus have something in common.

          No it's not the hating Republicans, you're both extremely small, cause despair wherever you appeear, and are hated by anyone who has even the potential of contact with you.

          1. At least I don’t bring my entire infected entourage to public events with the top people in both political parties in attendance.

            1. Only because you're never invited.

              1. Ah yes a Republican shindig. Misunderstood Vietnam protest songs and everyone realizing how sad it is to wear a three-piece suit and celebrate patriarchy at a cocktail party.

                1. And you sour graping because you're not invited.

                  1. God damn he's already dead!

                  2. The only events Tony attends are in the park restrooms after closing time.

        2. why are most deaths in blue states then?

          1. You mean outside of the White House?

          2. You mean the most populous states. Gee, I wonder.

            Do you have a hard time understanding the concept of per-capita statistics, like Trump does?

            1. Fuck off racist.

            2. "Do you have a hard time understanding the concept of per-capita statistics, "



              Number of deaths per 100,000 people
              New Jersey 182
              New York 170
              Massachusetts 137
              Connecticut 126
              Louisiana 119
              Rhode Island 105

              California (Population: 39,747,267)
              Texas (Population: 29,087,070)
              Florida (Population: 21,646,155)
              New York (Population: 19,491,339)
              Pennsylvania (Population: 12,813,969)
              Illinois (Population: 12,700,381)
              Ohio (Population: 11,718,568)
              Georgia (Population: 10,627,767)
              North Carolina (Population: 10,497,741)
              Michigan (Population: 10,020,472


              1. "The most populous states... per capita statistics"

                That's just embarrassing for him.
                Nothing new.

                1. He's fucking pathetic.

                  1. Pathetic at per capita statistics? Like Der TrumpfenFuhrer? AND Der JesseBahnFuhrer, who keeps on touting the high USA legal-immigration numbers, but will NOT honestly discuss them on a PER CAPITA basis, where some other nations do better than the USA?

            3. Hey dumbfuck... jersey and new york have most deaths as a percentage too. Keep defending idiots though, and racists.

      2. “Masks don’t stop the virus, dude.”

        Do masks HELP SPREAD the virus, then?

        More to the point, not everything that “society” or an organization does, needs to be DIRECTLY RELATED to what needs to get done! In hazardous-duty organizations (think military, cops, firefighters) the new recruits are harassed, hazed, etc., and made to follow apparently senseless rules. Am I REALLY less capable of killing enemy soldiers if my boots aren’t spit-shined and polished? Or my hair isn’t cut perfectly?

        WHY are things done this way? In such organizations? Sudden, un-expected dangers arise, and one has to take orders, without debate, because action has to be taken QUICKLY!!! Sudden dangers arise, and people have to TRUST each other, put aside any selfish pride or vanity, and HELP one another (and the organization), sometimes even at great dangers to themselves. And these are precisely the professions where there is “hazing” or “harassing” or “abusing” the newcomer to the group. The organization is essentially driving out the egotists, the whiners, and the prima donnas whose egos and vanity are too large to handle these working situations, for the good of the group. The “abuse” (within limits) is not so senseless after all. The organization’s veterans are asking the newcomer, “Can you put your ego aside, for the good of the group?”

        Similarly (I know the “mandatory” Government-Almighty-driven measures have gone overboard), when I go shopping, in the era of Covid, I will shop ONLY where the masks are MANDATED by the shop-owner(s), so that I know that the NON-socially-conscious, arrogant, self-centered assholes will NOT come over and deliberately cough in my face, as I have read about, in some cases! You may call the masks “virtue signaling” if you’d like; I don’t care! The wearing of the mask DOES display real virtues (of public-mindedness), just as did my boots-polishing crap when I was in the military! Deal with it!

        1. You actually SAID THIS?

          "SQRLSY One
          September.15.2020 at 11:14 am
          All young black males have felony arrest warrants out for them"

          Fuck you racist.

        2. You also said this"

          SQRLSY One
          September.30.2020 at 12:53 pm

          Yes! This FURTHER proves that Hitler was NOT a racist!
          Since even Hitler wasn’t a racist, we can pretty firmly conclude that racism isn’t a “thing” at all!

          1. Evidence is mounting.

        3. Fuck off, Sqrlsy. You dirty racist.

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    6. Why are you guys all white knighting for Sullum and Reason?

      Seriously, though, Jackland Ace, I don't think the things that you list are what Sullum found funny.

      1. God damn you try so hard and do nothing but fail.

        1. In her defense, Dee’s not very bright.

      2. You’re right. Thanks for one serious comment back to me. He didn’t know those things when he said:
        “It's even funnier when you watch it. The Trump-Biden debate gave us many, many more moments like that.”

        Just trying to make the point there was nothing funny about Trump acting like a petulant child in that debate real time, and all the things I listed are just more evidence of his inner child. Unbecoming and dangerous in a President, never funny. It does seem that Sullum finds child like behavior funny.

        1. Yeah, like you I know Joe lost that debate badly.

          1. Why are you pretending Jackoff Ace isn't your sockpuppet, Buttplug?

        2. I’m finding your childlike crying sort of funny right now.

        3. I can see where you are coming from when you say there is nothing funny, but sometimes when there is nothing funny you have to have a sense of humor, anyway. Even if it is dark humor, and just a way of keeping your sanity.

          1. Fair enough. Thanks.

            1. Oh god how sad ypu're afeaid to reply to your detractors!

              1. Have a great day! I just did.

                1. looks more like you crying and running away.

        4. Hey, jackass, got an answer yet, or are you still ducking it?

      3. I’ll add one more thing. I originally criticized Sullum for finding it funny without offering an alternative.

        It’s clear Trump is a nihilist. He is out to destroy any institution or process that he is unable to take part in honestly or that stands in his way. I’m starting to believe Libertarians are the same. I can’t play? I’ll take the ball and go home.

        1. Yeah like you I'm so upset about Joe losing that debate very badly that I'm gonna chain post in abject frustration.

          1. Nothing like patting yourself on the back, huh Plug.

        2. Still waiting for an answer from you, jackass!

        3. "Nihilist" isn't the right word. Life does have meaning for him, which is: looking out for Numero Uno, Donald Trump. He'll destroy any institution or process that gets in the way of that.

          1. Your inept attempts at insight are hilarious, in much the same way a monkey humping a football is.

          2. are you defending institutions that impose their weight on citizens? That seems to be what you're doing here.

            1. Sure, institutions that "weigh" on citizens, like mail-in voting, the Post Office, leaving the legislating to Congress, ...

              1. Lol. Thats pathetic. Nobody is destroying the lost office dumb knight. That was a fabricated lie from the looney left. Lol.

        4. "It’s clear [Trump] is a nihilist. He is out to destroy any institution or process that he is unable to take part in honestly or that stands in his way. I’m starting to believe Libertarians are the same. I can’t play? I’ll take the ball and go home."

          These leftist confessions are becoming clearer and more direct.

          1. libertarians for powerful institutions seems to be Jacks preference.

        5. It’s clear Trump is a nihilist. He is out to destroy any institution or process that he is unable to take part in honestly or that stands in his way

          He received 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize and not just for winning the presidency while black.

        6. It’s clear Trump is a nihilist.

          What an idiotic claim. Trump is a cheerleader. It's lefturds who want to burn the country down for the sins of their ancestors who are the nihilists.


      4. hey, why are you lying above me because you got caught defending racism?

    7. Need a hug sweetie?

    8. What does finding the debates funny have to do with any of that stuff that you're talking about?

      Nothing. There is no connection.

    9. It IS fucking hilarious. And if will be even more fucking hilarious if Trump survives.

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  2. To the extent that Trump has been different from Biden in his reaction to sensational news stories, the biggest difference may be Trump's reaction to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I'm no more in favor of a bumpstock ban than the next libertarian, but Joe Biden's solutions are far worse. Take a look at what he's promising to do on his campaign website:


    I see the following solutions in the "Biden Plan to End the Gun Violence Epidemic".

    1) Let people sue gun manufacturers for the crimes people commit using their guns.

    2) Ban the sale of new assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

    3) Regulate the possession of existing assault weapons.

    4) End the sale of firearms and ammunition online.

    Trump doesn't want to do any of that.

    1. "Hold gun manufacturers accountable. In 2005, then-Senator Biden voted against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, but gun manufacturers successfully lobbied Congress to secure its passage. This law protects these manufacturers from being held civilly liable for their products – a protection granted to no other industry. Biden will prioritize repealing this protection."

      ----Joe Biden Campaign Website


      It should be noted that this is like Section 230, the repeal of which is supported by progressives as a means to attack our First Amendment right to express ourselves online. Likewise, Joe Biden is trying to attack our Second Amendment rights by bankrupting the gun manufacturers--by letting people file a flood of necessarily frivolous lawsuits against them.

      In reality, beer brewers shouldn't be required to answer in court for accidents involving drunk drivers because the brewers weren't the ones behind the wheel, companies that make cigarette lighters shouldn't need to answer in court because arsonists use their products, and gun manufacturers shouldn't need to answer in court for crimes perpetrated by other people either.

      1. Your drunk driving example is out of line.
        The scientific consensus is that it is the car manufacturers that are responsible. Not just for drunk driving, but for every crime where a car is used as part of the getaway. suing them will not only reduce crime, it will reduce global climate warming change.

        1. But what if the perp uses a government-run bus or subway for the getaway?

          1. Qualified Immunity.

            1. lmao!!! Now that train of comments was funny 🙂

        2. Excuse me, but in your rush to condemn car manufacturers, I didn’t see you lay any blame at the feet of cellphone carriers. Statistics show that in 110% of car accidents, a cellphone is found at the scene. Who knows what kinds of distractions that caused?

          1. Yeah, and I'll bet a cell phone was used somehow in planning many crimes. Sue Verizon. Maybe even a crook got an idea for committing a crime from watching a movie or tv show? Sue Disney. Let's get free law school tuition rolling so America can have all the lawyers needed to sue everyone for everything!

          2. Can't we just cut the speed limit? Science shows that fatalities drop significantly below 45 mph. Why can't we have common sense car control, if it saves just one life?

            1. Common sense car control: don’t allow assault engines that allow a car to travel faster than 45mph?

              1. Nobody needs more than 3 cylinders.

        3. Dude, please. Global climate carbon warming anthropogenic change is the preferred nomenclature.

          1. Some warm carbon is pretty damned sweet.

            1. Once you go black?

              1. No one wants you back?

      2. Gun manufacturers don't pick and choose who gets to shoot and what targets get shot.
        But nice attempt to draw equivalence between those who simply provide a product and those who control the use of their product.

    2. We may have already lost this fight due to the USSC bypassing 2a challenges. A federal judge last week allowed a suit to go forward against a manufacturer under claims of defection in the gun for allowing a chambered round to be fired after clip is removed. Ignore that this is a common training technique pushed on many gun training classes to help develop aim and muscle memory control.

        1. I just call them “those thingies you put the bullets in”

          1. It puts the bullets in the basket or it gets the hose again.

          2. “those thingies you put the bullets in”

            What are leftists

            1. Yep. You put cartridges in the body thingie.

              The bang button doesn't work if there is only a bullet in the chamber.

              1. Holdy not body

  3. The case against Joe Biden? Is that even allowed at this "Libertarian" outlet? Mr Sullum may be treading on some dangerous ground here.

    1. Agreed.

      In the same way that the US needs to implement open borders to atone for slavery, now Reason.com needs to let Shikha Dalmia write "The Libertarian Case for Joe Biden" to atone for this problematic piece.

      1. I'm sure it's already been written, but it wasn't Dalmia writing it, it was a group effort.

        1. It really does take a village.

          1. Every village needs an idiot.

      2. at least he's not as bad as Trump on trade and immigration... oh wait, Biden's first ad talked about getting tough with China, and all of his ads are not mentioning immigration at all.

  4. Treason:
    1. Knowing Hillary Clinton was in the process of creating a dossier to be used as a Russian ties smear campaign against Donald Trump.
    2. Using said dossier to weaponize multiple federal agencies and courts against the Trump Campaign.
    3. Wasting 10s of millions of dollars and millions of hours of US taxpayer time prosecuting a witch hunt on a sitting US President.

    Accepting massive foreign bribes through his son while sitting Vice President of the United States and using his position to effect foreign policy through extortion. See Ukraine and Russia.

    Joe Biden may be THE most racist Presidential candidate since LBJ. He's on record just in the last year making horrifying racial statements. He clearly thinks that POC are inferior to him.

    Has anyone else seen the video where he orders Military members to clap and in the same sentence calls them "stupid bastards?"

    This election has been the most bizzarro world of them all in modern history. It seems everything that Trump has been accused of, tried for and found guilty in the media's eyes, there is LITERAL proof that Joe Biden has done it. COVID, RUSSIA, TREASON, Insulting service member while you're an acting commander, Racist, promoting political violence, capitulating to rioters.... How can the democrats be so blind?

    1. Accepting massive foreign bribes through his son while sitting Vice President of the United States and using his position to effect foreign policy through extortion. See Ukraine and Russia.

      This is excruciating idiocy.

      Those "bribes" Hunter Biden received were payments because the VC frim Hunter Biden was a partner in got name one of the Board of Directors. Board members get paid.

      Learn something about capitalism, pal.

      1. Agreed

      2. "This is excruciating idiocy."


        Russian Oligarchs are hardly capitalists and board members don't get paid through wire transfers from Russian Oligarchs.

        1. Why can't the Bidens learn from Trump - who laundered Russian mob money through his New Jersey casinos and Deutsche Bank?


          1. Because Trump wasn't on record extorting the Ukranian Government while he's sitting Vice President!

            1. Your definition of corruption is so narrowly tailored it could fit between your throat and Trump’s cock.

              1. You know Biden is guilty.

                1. I know that Russian propaganda is trying to turn this nonsense into Benghazi 2.0 and you’re falling for it.

                  1. No, you know Biden is guilty.

                  2. Russian propaganda!"

                    Tony is totally fine with it because he's now Joe McCarthy.

                    1. "Russian propaganda!”

                      wired the money then spent it.

                    2. You mean that guy who was right about everything according to current right-wing orthodoxy?

                      Do you think communists deserve first amendment rights?

                    3. Cool your jets Joe Tony. Even Commies Russkis have 1st amendment rights.

                    4. Tony is totally fine with it because he’s now Joe Charlie McCarthy.

              2. Wow, you really have no arguments left anymore, huh. Just your impotent rage and homosexual fantasies..

                Too bad you weren't assigned an easier place, like the NYT's comments.

                1. That you people are still going on about a long debunked bit of Russian horseshit indicates to me that there may be no more thoughtful libertarians left. They certainly aren't here.

                  1. Your defensiveness proves you know he's guilty.

                    1. You don't even know what you think you're talking about. And it doesn't really matter does it? Just keep harassing like you did with Hillary until election day. In the end not a single indictment for anything, and you couldn't possibly give less of a shit.

                      Remember the days when you assholes used to lecture me about having principles? Nobody ever does that anymore.

                    2. Now you're being even more defensive.

                    3. Notice how he keeps changing the subject too, Calvin. As soon as one conspiracy theory or wild accusation fails, he immediately drops it and comes out with another.

                      Classic Tony.

                    4. It’s because you don’t believe the things you’re peddling. I mean, you do, but you’re incredibly intellectually sloppy and you will forget you ever believed a thing the moment it is debunked and you find out about it. You’ll just be on to the next thing. Effectively you behave as if you don’t believe it, and that you don’t care, and that you have no principles whatever except raw will to power for Republicans.

                    5. Again Tony’s got no actual rebuttal, so he took my earlier criticisms of him, particularly the intellectual vacuity, and does a big "No, you!" instead.

                      More classic Tony.

                    6. And now you've added classic projection to your defensiveness.

                      Because you know Biden is guilty.

                    7. Because you act like you are a soulless partisan hack, I live with the anxiety that I'm debating people who don't believe anything they say.

                      For people who whine about the death of objective enlightenment values you sure don't give a fuck if you sound like a soulless partisan hack.

                    8. I didn't think you could get more defensive. But you did.

                      Because you know Biden is guilty.

                    9. "I live with the anxiety"



                    10. But wasn't Hillary guilty? How are you not incensed that she hasn't ben prosecuted for a single goddamn thing in her entire career? Do even Trump's justice department work for her?

                      Or do you just not give a fuck because she's not running for president right now?

                      I can't tell where the FOX News pundit begins and the propaganda victim begins with you people.

                      All you have to do before expressing a thought is to google it for a credibility test.

            2. Although Trump IS on record extorting the Ukrainian Government while Trump was President.

              1. You're on record as a racist.

                1. Yea but that's actually true, while what knight's assertion is idiotic

                  1. well that's a given

              2. This is why people know you're a leftist and lying about it.

                1. Dude, lots of non-partisans were able to see the plain fact that Trump tried to extort favors from the Ukrainians. You don't have to be a Democrat to see that.

                  1. Doubling down won't convince anyone prog.

                    1. I’m not posting comments to convince CACCLS not to be CACLLs.

              3. Oh good.
                Let's get into this one.

                First tell us your narrative, WK.

                1. Biden saying "shut up you stupid bastards" is a "joke"

                  Trump asking for help with a legitimate prosecution is extortion.

                  I swear you can't make this shit up.

                  1. It was not a legitimate investigation. (Not prosecution.)

                    Funny thing is that the Senate is now doing a legitimate investigation. Why didn't Trump ask for that in the first place? Because he wasn't interested in a legitimate investigation.


                    2. Pretty much. It's only "legitimate" if it suits WK's narrative.
                      The fact that Trump's actions were legal and there was ton's of precedent, is irrelevant because he/she/it determines "legitimacy".

              4. At least you finally gave up on the pretense of not being a commie.

                1. Not overlooking Trump's abuses of office == being a commie?

                  That is a frightening statement, reminiscent of McCarthyism.

                  1. No, you constantly bejng a commie is being a commie.

              5. No he wasn't. Youre reaching here.

                1. That is a childish reply. "No, he wasn't!"

                  1. It's what your childish fabrication deserved.

                  2. Because I'm right. I dont have to rebut your partisan delusions.

                    There was no bribery. The democrats in the house didn't even try for it dumbfuck. Also missing from their charges, extortion.

                    Youre a fucking idiot.

          2. Hmmm...
            Someone who works for one of Trump's operations did not report some transactions over an arbitrary amount....
            Yep, turd, that's the beginning of the end. The tipping point. The walls are closing in.
            You really got him this time, turd.
            Go suck some kiddy dick.

          3. Buttplug - Trump laundered Russian mob money

            But from the fucking article:

            Trump Taj Mahal failed to file some of the required suspicious activity reports during periods covered by two recent IRS reviews, the consent order said.

            So some mid-level manager at one of Trump's properties was negligent in filing paperwork but Nuttplug thinks he's got something.
            Meanwhile Biden leaning on Ukrainian prosecutors to ignore his son's kickbacks is just some Board remuneration.

            Aren't you embarrassed Plug?

            1. Dildo’s have no shame.

      3. Could you show me a single example of an investment company just 3 months old recieving millions and in one case (china) billions from foreign nationals? Difficulty, firm cant involve Hunter Biden.

        1. hunter biden fact check

          Google that and read.

          1. It says his dad is garbage and he stole 50 milly, before it got even more salacious

            1. No it doesn’t.

              1. Yes it does.

          2. The one that admits his firm got 1.5 billion from china?

            Now do what I asked Tony.

      4. On his financial disclosure forms Joe Biden continues to claim his net worth "Between $600K and $1.6MM," like a good clean honest politician always does.

    2. Has anyone else seen the video where he orders Military members to clap and in the same sentence calls them “stupid bastards?”

      Trump famously calls enlisted men "suckers and losers" and disparaged POWs like McCain and fallen soldiers like Khan.

      1. Agreed. Lets see the videos

          1. Right the video where you can see people laughing at his joke.

            1. Ah yes the spirited defense of Joe Biden being a douchebag isn't proof you're a prog at all.

              1. Right. Being fair and not repeating nonsense is being a leftist.

                There's an article right at the top of this page with all kinds of REAL reasons not to support or vote for Biden, but we're going to focus on a video where he made a joke.

                1. Calling sucking leftist dick like it has the antidote in it "fair" is why everyone knows you're a prog, prog.

            2. Umm... no they didn't. A few gave nervous chuckles. There was not broad laughter. Yet you think the Rittenhouse videos disprove self defense. So youre a fucking idiot.

              1. It wasn't a particularly hilarious joke, but he was joking.

                What in the world. We are talking about someone cracking a joke, and you want to relate it to Kyle Rittenhouse, like he jokingly shot three people.


                2. In one case you see someone being chased prior to a shitting. You convicted him in your head and constantly were ignorant of carry laws. In the other you squint to find one person who smirked to give biden the benefit of the doubt. Youre a partisan.

            3. "Right the video where you can see people laughing at his joke."

              Wherein, he actually did call them that, as opposed to the bullshit 'anonymous' claim of Trump doing the same.
              Of course, you'd have to be 'neutral' to point that out, as opposed to a lefty TDS victim.

              1. I haven’t said a word about in this thread the accusations that Trump disparaged people in the military. Another instance of CACLLs arguing with the White Knight living rent free in their head who says all kinds of things the real White Knight has not.

          2. I don't like Biden, but it is disingenuous to think he is slamming the troops there. People call each other bastards all the time as a term of friendship. It's like 'nigga' amongst blacks.

            1. Thank you.

              He probably watched “Patton” on the plane flight over there.

            2. It's not acceptable for the Vice President to call members of the military bastards, full stop. It's not a sign of friendship, or camaraderie, it's him being a his typical dick self to a group who were likely told they had to be present. Additionally, servicemembers are well aware that Biden had 'asthma' that precluded his going to Viet Nam, but managed to play football. He is not their peer, he is a career politician with a penchant for touching girls and women without their permission.

            3. He's trying to condescend, but is clearly frustrated. His comment doesn't land because it's arrogant and delivered disrespectfully.

        1. Gee, lefty shit, there's your vid.

        2. Buttplug - Trump called enlisted men “suckers and losers”

          Not even the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg is standing behind his "anonymous sources" on that phony quote anymore, but look at you go.
          And sure, almost everyone who was there went on record saying that Trump didn't say that, but that doesn't matter to Pluggy.

      2. I thought DoL was the idiot conspiracy guy.

    3. Your list of accusations would be more powerful if you stuck to facts. They are bad enough, without exaggerating your narrative:

      - I'm not totally up on the Russian investigations. But isn't the current state that there are only accusations from Senatory Lindsey Graham and National Intelligence Director, John Ratcliffe that Obama was informed about a plan hatched by Hillary. (Both pro-Trump partisans.) That those accusations are not proven, and that they are accusations about Obama, not Biden. Please link to more information, because I admit I may not be as up on this as you.
      - Hunter Biden did really shady stuff, but he apparently skirted the law and kept everything legal. The idea that one person can accept bribes through another person is dubious. I'll help you out: What you want to say here is that Biden knew about Hunter's activities and did not do anything to stop him.
      - He was very presumptuous about African-Americans owing allegiance to the Democratic Party. That's racist, but you need to make a much stronger case for "THE most racist".
      - The military video is a total misrepresentation. He was joking with them and they clearly took it as a joke.

      When you exaggerate and misrepresent, when you don't even need to, you come across as advancing a narrative and being afraid to stick to only what is factual.

      1. I mean, here's a whole article above, with hard, awful facts about Biden. It makes you look like a crank with disregard for facts when you put something like the military video in your list.

        1. So it works and you really hate it, got it.

          1. No, you don't "got it" at all. You are a partisan CACLL, who has to distort everything to make the Democrats worse than they actually are and make the Republicans and Trump the good guys.

            1. So I was right and you're super butt hurt got it.

            2. "You are a partisan CACLL,"

              Creating weird groups of enemies who persecute you is a for real "see a psychiatrist" danger sign buddy, you need mental health assistance.

              1. Its what chipper and his leftist buddies do.

              2. Like when you are the President and you blame all your failures on the "Deep State"?

                1. So you're saying you have the same mental illnesses as the President?

                  Ok. I'll remind you of that going forward.

                  1. Is that a tacit admission that Trump is deluded about the “Deep State”?

                2. "Like when you are the President and you blame all your failures on the “Deep State”?"

                  Your TDS ate your cites, asshole.

            3. you call others partisan? Lol. You defend every story here that makes the left look bad. Every fucking one. You give them the benefit of the doubt. You claim blm activists aren't blm for fucks sake. Then you condemn every story against the right, like rittenhouse or the McCloskys. Or did you forget lying about gun laws in both cases even when I linked the relevant portions? You're a fucking leftist. You're a fucking partisan.

              1. You’re foaming are the mount there, JesseAz. You bluffed about actually knowing gun laws relevant to Kyle Rittenhouse’s case.

                You also misrepresented (and continue to misrepresent) my expression of sympathy for Rittenhouse as declaring him guilty.

        2. Do you know what a joke is? Because... nothing about that clip is joking. In fact putting it into context makes it worse. He's their superior in the chain of command.

          What's funny about ordering people to clap and calling them stupid bastards? Did you hear laughing?

          I can forgive shitty legislation. I can't forgive treason.

          Hunter Biden has been wired millions of dollars by foreign entities and the only thing he's ever been able to offer anyone, other than cocaine and hookers, is access to his father.

          That access became clear when Biden, of his own prideful admission, extorted the Ukrainian government into firing an investigator who was LITERALLY investigating a company his son was involved in.

          Do you need me to draw this in crayon or are you just too fucking stupid?

          1. OK, Cy, can you relate to everyone the context of the video?

            1. THE CONTEXT!


              1. The context of the Ukraine call makes it worse. Without the context that Trump was withholding funds it would sound as if Trump were literally asking for a favor than a shakedown.

            2. Youre the same dumb fuck who says videos of BLM are not videos of BLM and yet here you are lying about everyone laughing with Biden. You can't make this shit up.

              1. Only two of the videos that have been posted here actually showed someone affiliated with Black Lives Matter: some guy in England giving a speech, and some other guy giving a speech in Washington,

                All others showed a few people who were wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts, or waving Black Lives Matter placards, and a whole bunch of people who had no evidence of connection to BLM whatsoever.

                1. Still demanding notarized membership cards?

                2. You admit often you don't read or follow everything. So here is a god damn hint. The independent journalists on the ground pushing these videos know who the primary activists are you fucking moron.

                  1. Oh, so you are basically trusting not just anonymous sources, but no sources at all.

          2. "Hunter Biden has been wired millions of dollars by foreign entities and the only thing he’s ever been able to offer anyone, other than cocaine and hookers, is access to his father."

            Not strictly true. Hunter Biden also offered something simpler: the last name, "Biden".

            1. God youre fucking stupid. He covered that stupid.

              "access to his father.”

              1. No no, the Biden name is useful on its own, without Joe’s positions in government.

                1. That's a decent White Supremacist Knight impression.

                  1. It’s not hard to parody someone who’s already become a parody themself.

                2. do we even have a paternity test to prove Hunter is a Biden?

                  WK will also ignore all the other Bidens who got favorable loans and cash for their business, like Joe's brother.

                  1. Unethical, but not illegal unless someone can prove access was bought.

                    I’m not excusing anything Hunter Biden did, but I see no need to exaggerate or claim more than what is factual.

                    1. Notarized access cards!

                    2. And yet you think trump extorted Ukraine despite everyone involved saying they werent. Unbelievable.

                      Youre a leftist.

                3. The sounds of biden are powerful on their own.

                  Repeat Biden three times while looking in a mirror . . .

                  1. "Bi'Dib"

            2. Joe biden met with officials of foreign governments who donated to Hunters firm. After the money transfers. Hunter flew on board AF2 and helped set up a meeting with various Chinese business people. This is all fucking documented.

              How partisan are you?

              1. Joe Biden met with foreign officials when he was vice president? Shit, that makes Trump's not paying taxes for 20 years, paying off a porn star, getting his charity shut down over corruption, owing hundreds of millions of dollars, coordinating with the Russian government to interfere with American democracy, and encouraging mass irresponsibility during a pandemic look positively tame.

                1. You know Biden is guilty.

                  1. Of being Vice President and talking to foreigners?

                    This has all been adjudicated already, and furthermore you know it’s sad and desperate. But if you can change just one vote, because Trump is god. Nobody’s been more competent and less corrupt than Trump.

                    You people don’t believe a goddamn word you say and frankly I feel a little silly indulging the notion that you do.

                    1. More defensiveness.

                    2. 'This has all been adjudicated already,' where, when, and by whom? It has been stated by Biden and other Team Blue types that it's completely innocent, not pay for access, but that doesn't pass the smell test.

                2. "...Shit, that makes Trump’s not paying taxes for 20 years, paying off a porn star, getting his charity shut down over corruption, owing hundreds of millions of dollars, coordinating with the Russian government to interfere with American democracy, and encouraging mass irresponsibility during a pandemic look positively tame."

                  What is true in that stinking pile of lefty shit is irrelevant, the rest are lies.
                  Shitstain is true to form.

                  1. Sevo believes it, but he’s an innocent babe, helpless without Hannity’s tit in his mouth.

                    1. Even more defensiveness.

                3. Joe took his son on af2 and met with officials that later gave hunters firm 1.5 billion. How fucking dumb are you?

              2. Don’t deny any of that. I’ll mention for the umpteenth time I am not a Biden supporter nor am I voting for him this November.

                1. yet you constantly defend him. Okay jeff.

      2. We get it. You defend leftists and their narratives. Stop proving us right.

    4. None of the stuff you listed under 'treason' is actually treason.

      Treason has a pretty clear - and very limited - definition in the United States. Its not simply 'did something that someone, somewhere, might be able to interpret as useful to another country'.

      1. By definition, betrayal of one's country is still treason. Selling Vice Presidential influence to foreign powers easily falls within that definition. It is not prosecutable under the Treason portion of the US Constitution.

        Per the US Constitution, you are correct.

        The conversation is about the man's character and electability. Not about putting him to death.

        1. This country was founded on treason then. So why the animus against it?

          At the end of the day what is important is what you betrayed, not the betrayal itself.

  5. Yes, Biden is terrible on crime. But Trump is running ads on how Biden wants to defund the police and let BLM take over. Why can't wingnuts get anything right?

    1. Biden has a horrible track record but Trump said things i don't like! Both sides!!!!!!@!!!@!

      1. Both sides ARE pretty bad.

        Bothsidesism is completely warranted.

        1. Yet you continue to choose to be a leftist.

          1. But at least he lies about doing so.

          2. Except I’m not.

        2. "...Both sides ARE pretty bad."

          And yet, as a TDS-infected asshole, you defend one. Imagine my surprise.

        3. Both sides ARE pretty bad.

          Yes. But one side supports looting, arson, socialized medicine, reparations, higher taxes, banning fracking, open borders, and spending zillions on the religion of global warming.

          So the two are not equivalent.

          1. The other supports the war on drugs, foreign wars and meddling, creeping theocracy, domestic spying, government control of social media, massive spending, corporate cronyism, shoveling money to farm aid, socialize medicine, a cult of personality around a scumbag,

            Both sides, dude.

            1. You are literally describing the left

              1. Yes, pretty much. And the right.

                That’s why I’m a libertarian.

                1. No youre not. Youre a leftist in a blue state who thinks he is cool for being a contrarian and pretends to libertarian. You think of it as a trendy handbag.

                  1. How do you know I live in a blue state? Maybe I'm Canadian.

                    1. That explains the nickel back fetish.

            2. The war in drugs was pushed by democrats you retard fuck. The biggest laws started in urban centers. The 94 crime bill was democrats.

              Again. This shows your partisan bias. Harris fucking bragged about locking weed smokers up.

            3. Actually you are projecting a lot of that from the left onto the right ---
              1. Massive Spending is definitely in the [D] party; this isn't even a debate anymore and anyone thinking otherwise is delusional.
              2. Farm Aid - 100%[D] Support and 13-[R] against the bill
              3. Socialized Medicine? Ya, see #1

              Then there's Ran Paul, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz and a whole handful ALL [R] party affiliates totally against any substantial points you have. Where's the list of [D] party affiliates who actually support limited government???????

              1. "Where’s the list of [D] party affiliates who actually support limited government???????"

                This. There are plenty of big government Republicans but NO Democrats that even pretend to like small government. Democrats are worse because they revel in it.

    2. Heh, look at Plug struggle.

      "Sure Biden's a warmonger and packed jails but he blames the officer on the street for the effects of horrifying Democrat-created policing policies, and you're a wingnut if you point it out."

    3. Sarah Palin's Buttplug 2
      October.3.2020 at 8:14 am
      Yes, Biden is terrible

  6. This election is not about choices its about alternatives. Joe Biden is a consensus candidate for the alternative. He is not perfect, but he is the alternative to incompetence and corruption. We can work on choice in 2024. For now we just need to get an adult back in charge of the government.

    1. As the alternative to incompetence and corruption, the Democratic Party offers us more incompetence and corruption.

      1. Well, they claim a kinder and gentler, aka mostly peaceful, corruption.

        1. Until Harris takes over.

          1. Poor Joe is scheduled for a stroke on January 21.

            1. Well, since "she" is not running, we can rule out suicide.
              Violence is no longer necessary. In order for 'basement bunker Biden' to get elected, the dems will probably take the senate and keep the house. So a simple amendment 25 declaration will suffice.
              Then they just pass a law by simple majority to designate the DNC as the "other body" that will determine presidential capacity in the future.

        2. "mostly peaceful" -- lmao... Ya, that's what's been burning down inner-cities...

      2. So, why is anyone here supporting either the Democrats or the Republicans.

        1. Because a lot of Republicans (see list above) don't have much RINO in them (i.e. Republicans that pass Democratic Dream Policy).

    2. "consensus candidate"

      Is that the term we're supposed to use after Biden wins through massive fraud? Where else have we heard "consensus" where lying was involved? I sense a pattern

      1. Biden won the Democrat nomination through consensus too. The well informed partisan voters were backing Warren or Sanders or Buttigieg or whomever, then Biden swept Super Tuesday on name recognition, thanks to high turnout of less informed voters. Which is the same strategy the Democrats are pushing with mail in ballots for all and "challenges are voter suppression".

        1. *because two people ahead of Biden dropped out and endorsed him

    3. "he is the alternative to incompetence and corruption."

      Joe Biden? Last in his class? Captain Dementia? The Pope of Plagiarize? "If you don't vote for me, YOU AIN'T BLACK!"? The POC Jailer? Joe "Super Predator" Biden?

      "You've got the first mainstream African American, who is articulate and bright and clean"

      “We don’t need any more [N-word] bigshots”

      Joe "KKK Euolgogist" Biden?

      Joe "47 years in politics, but this year I'm gonna change things!" Biden?

      It's very telling of your character and intelligence that this is a person you see as competent and non-corrupt.

      1. You're missing the point. It's his turn.

      2. I thought Harris was the jailer.

    4. Wait, which is it? A demented, idiotic child or a criminal mastermind?

      1. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, is accusing Joe Biden of being a criminal mastermind.

        He openly bragged about extorting a Ukrainian official to get the Burisma investigator fired. His son directly received the 3.5 million dollar wire from the Moscow's Mayor's wife. I think that's what's so egregious about all of this, the evidence is RIGHT THERE and the media just keeps plugging along like it never happened.


      2. The Dem ticket has both sides covered.

    5. You are a particularly pathetic piece of lefty shit, claiming 'moderation' while pitching nothing other than partisanship.
      Stuff it up your ass so your head has some company.

      1. Still have those anger issues, I see.

    6. At least all the leftists here exposed themselves.

      1. They rarely even deny it anymore either.

        1. Not true. WK, sqrsly, chipper, Jeff.

      2. You have demonstrated repeatedly you are not a very good judge of that.

        1. Lol. Keep telling yourself that buddy.

    7. he is the alternative to incompetence


      1. Vote Biden! Incompetence AND incontinence!

        1. I don’t get this. The CACLLs here go on about how old and feeble Biden is, but Trump is only three years younger, has trouble talking in complete sentences, has trouble understanding simple things like per-capita ratios, and is currently in Walter Reed, possibly on supplemental oxygen and not being honest and transparent about it.

          They are both geezers. Anything that can be said about one’s age and feeblemindedness can be said about the other.

  7. Huh. A month away and we finally see a piece against Biden. See, Reason really is fair in their coverage, just had to wait a little bit.
    Guessing the fix is in so it's safe to write this sort of thing now.

    1. This is from the magazine, they have a case against trump article, too.

      1. So, none of the above?

        1. Jorgensen. Haven't seen the case against Jorgensen yet.

          1. There IS no rational, data-driven case to be made against Jo! She is against all-consuming Government Almighty, unlike the other 2 candidates!

            A human (or animal) body is well-designed... The brain only makes top-level decisions. It does NOT try to tell every single stinkin' cell in the body, how many sugar molecules to burn! That's what we're rapidly evolving towards, in Washington, DC (Dastardly Cunts!) right now!

            1. Fuvk off racist.

          2. What are they going to criticize her for bending the knee to blmantifa and promoting a marxist perspective of people as units of identity classes?
            They fully endorse those positions.

            1. ANY person other than Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI is a MARXIST, dammit!

              Just to fully inform readers here, especially NEW readers...

              Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI is a Holocaust denier just like Rob Misek! (Another evil asshole who posts here). Two peas in a pod, Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI and Rob Misek are!

              Does Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI deny what the NAZIs did? As Misek does? Perhaps not, I do not know HOW far Nadless’s evil goes! It might strut in front of a mirror wearing NAZI gear for all I know!

              What I DO know is that Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI ignores the roots of NAZI, and other, evil, mass-murdering authoritarianism! Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI, like Hitler and the NAZIs and other evil authoritarians, starts out by assuming that Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI knows whose life is worthy, and whose is not! Then Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI moves on to sterilization and killing! It all starts out by denying the value of other human lives! And if Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI (and fellow NAZIs) can’t or won’t see and acknowledge that, Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI is a deluded and EVIL Holocaust denier, same as Rob Misek!

              Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI and its fuckbuddy, Shitsy Shitler, also run around telling people to commit suicide! Even vaguely decent people don’t say things like that! Nor even THOUGHT about saying that to people! Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI is FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond Repair). But if YOU, Dear Reader, are much like Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI , then take stock of your SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP SOUL, Evil One Junior! Start by reading this: M. Scott Peck, the Hope for Healing Human Evil, https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0684848597/reasonmagazinea-20/

              1. but youre an avowed racist.

                1. Am I the one choking black men to death for selling "loosies"? Or is it YOUR favorite, fascist Government Almighty, you cop-sucker boot-licker?

                  1. You ADMIT you actually SAID THIS?

                    "SQRLSY One
                    September.15.2020 at 11:14 am
                    All young black males have felony arrest warrants out for them"

                    Fuck you racist.

                  2. I’m disappointed that squirrel is racist.

                    1. But not surprised.

          3. Who needs a "case" when we have polls?

      2. This morning I was going to write, "They must've just realized, OMG, BIDEN might get elected, what have we been doing?" But if it's true they got both sides in the magazine, then never mind.

    2. fix is in

      If by the "fix is in" you mean Trump's chances are nearly finished after he wheezes and gasps on a ventilator all week due to a plague he denied the existence of for months then I agree.

      I hope the fat bastard recovers so he can be run out of office properly by the American people instead of making up another lie about how he was cheated by his deep state pals.

      1. You're right, the 99.99% survival rate might get him!

        1. It's more like 95% for someone in his age/weight class.
          Which is pretty troubling, when you realize that's the accuracy target of the polls that say he's trailing.

          1. No, CE, it is 99+%. Trump has only one co-morbidity, obesity, although that's borderline. 96% have co-morbidities, and the average is almost 3.

      2. He really got to you, didn’t he?

      3. Proof that Joe Biden has a chance to win legitimately are the dozens of attendees he gets at campaign events.
        Pay no attention to the thousands who turn out for Trump, boat parades, and significant minority support.

        1. No I would base the odds on the polls which are consistently showing a Biden win. If Trump thought he was winning he would not be yelling about corruption and fraud. He need a rationalization after the election.

          1. There might possibly be enough brain-dead lefty shits like you to make that come true, but we can hope for the best.

          2. Most of the swing states are showing a Dem margin of +5%. Which really means Trump is leading.

        2. This is almost as scientific as the yard signs indicator.

      4. And I hope you get anal warts.

  8. He never denied the existence of a plague.

    1. He couldn't blame it on China if it were imaginary.

      Even before he got sick, Trump saw COVID-19 as more real than Biden says Antifa is.

  9. "because if there were no drug users, there would be no appetite for drugs, and there would be no market for them."


    If there was no appetite for drugs, there would be no drug users, and there would be no market for them.

    Anyone who does not recognize this reality either cannot see that humans are essentially autonomous individuals or rejects that premise.

    1. essentially autonomous individuals

      Whoa, whoa! Let's use words we can all understand, like "free" and "stuff".

    2. What Biden might've meant was that if there were no drug users (those special, evil people who use drugs), there'd be no appetite for drugs in the aggregate in the population.

    3. Anyone who does not recognize this reality either cannot see that humans are essentially autonomous individuals or rejects that premise.

      Libertarians believe that humans have autonomy, not that they "are autonomous". In a free society, most people are very far from autonomous; they voluntarily exist in a web of mutual private obligations and associations with many other humans.

      If there was no appetite for drugs,

      The appetite for drugs is neither a sign of autonomy or free will; it's an inescapable part of human biology. The only thing we can exercise free will over is whether we give in to that appetite.

      1. A lot of people have an appetite for drugs, but everyone?

        1. These drugs operate on the reward centers of your brain. If that isn't functioning, you're dead. So, yes, everyone has an appetite for them, it's just that many people manage to restrain their appetites, as civilized humans do.

  10. Well, this piece has certainly given me something to think about - here I thought Biden was an empty-headed do-nothing stuffed shirt whose only major piece of legislation in nearly half a century of being on the government dole was that single crime bill, and now I find out he's written several crime bills! Far from doing nothing, Biden's been cranking out legislation at the blinding pace of one bill every couple of decades. This from a guy who has to plagiarize speeches because he's never had an original thought of his own, a puppet incapable of doing anything at all without somebody pulling his strings and too stupid to know it.

    But I suppose it's only fair that we elect Biden, Trump's had four years to run the government in contravention of the will of the Deep State, it's only fair that we give the Deep State four years of free rein in return.

    1. without somebody pulling his strings and and too stupid to know it

      He knows, but Kamala has nice hair and smells good, and they promised him a State Funeral so that's alright.

      1. So then, now we must chose... A Pussy-Grabber In Chief, or a Hair Smeller in Chief!

        1. OK, let's talk about "pussy grabbing". True, Trump fantasizes about pussy grabbing, and has paid for it too. The Harris of the Harris/Biden candidacy lets her pussy be grabbed by powerful married politicians in order to advance her political career. You'll have to decide which one matters more to you.

          1. Do you have evidence of that?

            1. Harris put out for Willie Brown; there are tons of stories on that.

              As for Jill Biden, her former husband Bill Stevenson says so, and the timeline checks out.

        2. "let" means only one is consensual, you sad fucking racist

        3. Biden pinned down an unwilling aide and finger-banged her.

          Trump said when you're famous the ladies give you permission to grab their vulva.

          Dirty Hitler-loving racist Sqrlsy can't see a difference. Perhaps we should add rape-apologist to Sqrlsy's many titles.

          1. "Biden pinned down an unwilling aide and finger-banged her."

            Prove it! This (if true) is a CRIME! Since Biden isn't in jail, it is fairly clear that the supposed crime hasn't been proven, isn't it?

            Hey Tulpa! Ya got the evidence? Step forward and present it! THIS is your chance at fame and glory! You might even be able to escape yer Mom's basement!

            1. Fuck off racist.

              1. Hi EVERYONE IS A CACLL,

                I really, REALLY feel for ya, bro or bro-ess!

                To make up for my CLEARLY egregious offenses against you, I am willing to sing you a long-dong-song; a sing-along song:

                Cootchy-cootchy-cooo, Buckaroo!
                Don’t be sad and blue, Buckaroo!
                Sweet Little Thang, say “Goo-goo-gah-hah”;
                CAN ye, PLEASE, for Mama-Dadda-Ba-Ba?
                Put on a Happy-Baby smile, for a LITTLE while!
                Fend OFF my tears-of-the-Great-Crocodile!

                (If’n it ain’t enough, if ye will give me yer address… Did yer Mamma teach you that item yet? … Then I will PERSONALLY drive over to Your Happy House, and deliver a consolation warmed-up ba-ba to ya!)

                Now, I have NO “deep pockets” and I hate to bring this up, for fear of too-deeply “tapping” the pockets of Reason.com…

                But… IF by any chance, my generous offer is NOT enough to assuage your DEEPLY offended feelings… And maybe you are seriously contemplating some SERIOUSLY destructive vengeance, such as Holding Your Breath till such time as the Very World Itself implodes… Then I Truly Beseech Ye, don’t DO that! Not quite yet! First, send an email to Reason.com… I have written a draft for YE:

                To: SQRLSY_One_Has_Hurt_My_Deepest_Feelings@Reason.com

                Reason! SQRLSY One has HURT MEEE, Deeply! SQRLSY One has offered to sing ME some stupid, hurtful sing-along, ding-a-dong song, and to bring ME a warmed-up ba-ba, but it is NOT enough to make even the TINIEST dent in MY DEEPLY Hurt Feelings!

                Accordingly (with the writing-assistance of MY attorney), please be advised that the hurtful statements of SQRLSY One has caused ME to require, for MY “medically required” recovery:

                ’20 hours of self-esteem therapy

                ’32 hours of crystal-healing therapy

                ’34 hours of aromatherapy

                ’15 hours of therapy-therapy

                ’17 hours of Government-Almighty-Loves-MEEE-therapy

                ‘As-yet-to-be-determined XYZ hours of Repairing MY Hurt Baby Feelings Therapy!

                That comes up to around-about $137,538.27! So PAY UP, or else!

                Yours Truly,
                A Truly and Deeply Hurt, Long-Suffering VICTIM!!!

                1. Fuck off racist.

            2. Here Sqrls: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/12/us/politics/joe-biden-tara-reade-sexual-assault-complaint.html

              Sqrls is now a poo-eating, Hitler-loving, racist, rape aficionado.

              Oh, and Sqrls... Orangemanbad.

              1. "Orangemanbad"

                OH SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

              2. Prove it! This (if true) is a CRIME! Since Biden isn’t in jail, it is fairly clear that the supposed crime hasn’t been proven, isn’t it?

                Hey Mamma! Ya got the evidence? Step forward and present it! THIS is your chance at fame and glory! You might even be able to escape yer Mom’s basement!

                Oh... NY Times? Isn't that a MARXIST rag, according to ye right-wing nut-jobs? It it ain't Breitbart, it can NOT be believed!

                1. I gave you a link right there from the New York Times.

                  Are you illiterate? you poo-eating, Hitler-loving, racist, rape aficionado.

                  Oh, and Sqrls… Orangemanbad.

                  1. Mamma is a lying fascist!

                    If'n ye do not HUMBLY FESS UP, now, to that, ye are INCAPABLE OF READING! READ the above! Try REALLY hard now!

                    Or do I need to give you a LINK to what I just wrote, right now... I can DOOO that, you know... I, too, can post links... Will THAT persuade you?

                    1. You're dodging answering what I linked from the New York Times you poo-eating, Hitler-loving, racist, rape aficionado.

                      Oh, and Sqrls… Orangemanbad.

                    2. Hey Mamma! Me humble weedhopper here to learn non-racism at yer feet! Riddle me this, Oh Great Wise Non-Racist One:

                      WHEN have far-right nut-jobs ever responded to clearly dangerous LIES, with ridiculous levels of totally unjustified violence?
                      Answer: Pizzagate! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizzagate_conspiracy_theory

                      This proves the wisdom of right-wing nut jobs, right?

                    3. HERE are the lies being told NOW, to right-wing nut-jobs, in hopes of stirring up “Pizza-Gate Part II”!
                      A list of the times Trump has said he won’t accept the election results or leave office if he loses
                      Essential heart and core of the LIE by Trump: “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!”
                      September 13 rally: “The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” he said.

                      THIS is non-racism, non-extremism, non-nut-job-ism at its finest, right, Mamma? HOW can we be like YE and Der TrumpfenFuhrer, Oh Wise One?

          2. Here’s the actual quote: “And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. ... Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything.”

            Like a lot of things Trump says, it is open to interpretation. The word “grab” implies no asking of permission, in which “let you do it” implies getting away with it with no consequences. That is nowhere as benign as “ the ladies give you permission”.

            But you can also interpret is as Trump’s saying he asked for permission first before grabbing, and refrained if they said no (but perhaps he is also saying they never say no). In this interpretation, he is bragging that he asked a woman if he could touch her vagina and she said yes. This is a non-sensical interpretation since it would mean he is a grown man bragging about getting to third base, which is something a teenage boy might brag about to his friends in the locker room.

            Clearly the first is what he meant.

            1. Sigh. Dudes like pussy. News flash.

              But if you must break it down, it seems you’re skipping something.......

              “You can.......”

              ......buy a new Mercedes.
              ......take expensive vacations.
              ......on a fancy yacht.

              So, “you can” means “I did”?

  11. Well I'm convinced!

  12. Oh, and here's the case for Joe:
    Thanks for reading...

    1. You left out Not Trump.

      1. No wars, three major peace deals and a new free trade agreement vastly superior to NAFTA.

        1. Sorry, this wasn't a reply to Earth Skeptic.

        2. He could tell you anything and you’d suck it up. Trump has mongered more war than Obama and that’s just a fact. Look it up. You should have had a clue when Trump campaigned on killing the families of people he deems a terrorist.

          1. Shouldn’t you be cleaning your own house?

          2. Just when I thought you could not be any more stupid, you go and post this.

            1. There’s no end to Tony’s stupidity.

              1. LOOK IT UP!!! HE SAYS LOLOLO

              1. Golly, in 2018 there was an uptick of deaths in Bush and Obama's ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, but please ignore the fact that Trump ENDED THE FUCKING AFGHAN WAR in February of this year.
                Too bad your boy President Ghani fucked it all up.

                1. Oh, and Tony.
                  Explain to me why on July 1, 2020, the Democrat-controlled U.S. House Armed Services Committee overwhelmingly voted in favor of a National Defense Authorization Act amendment to restrict Trump's ability to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

                  Fucking eternal warmongers, that's what you are, Tony.

                2. You are really extremely uninformed about everything you’re attempting to talk about.

                  Try sliding Donald Trump’s diseased cock out of your throat and then have thoughts. See if that works.

                  1. So no refutation then.

                    1. Ending the war, bombing the ever living fuck out of the civilians of the country you made war with, totally compatible with each other.

                    2. So still no refutation then.

                    3. Look at how dishonest Tony is.

                      He's actually pretending that any bombing happened after the peace protest rather than two years before.

                      Everything that piece of trash writes here is a lie. How can Tony stand himself?

                  2. That's a fucking whine, not a rebuttal Tony, you useless shill.

                    You've got nothing, huh.

                  3. You whined about war. You were shown that Trump was actually stopped by your Democrats from ending the Afghan war and pulling out troops and your only response is to call names.

                    You're such a dishonest sack of shit.

                    1. Because you have absolutely no interest in learning anything you didn't read on Trump's twitter feed.

                    2. That's a link from the BBC and The Intercept Tony that you're trying to ignore. Hardly Trump's Twitter feed.

                      Rebut the facts or fuck off, you sociopathic liar.

                    3. Fine, I will jettison all nuance and simply accept that Trump ended the Afghanistan war and that the outcome was an unabashedly good one and he didn't just mash his fingers on the "end war" button without the first clue what he was doing. Since putting the Taliban in charge despite the best efforts by neocons for two decades probably pissed a lot of them off, we can agree that a fundamental Islamist state where we spent so much blood and treasure is probably a good thing.

                      Now you acknowledge that, where he has permitted us to measure it, Trump has bombed civilians with reckless abandon, just as he campaigned on doing, and that he cannot seriously be described as less of a warmonger than Obama.

                      I'll let you give him credit for not being remotely interested in foreign policy enough to start any brand new wars, since I'm feeling generous.

                    4. Also https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-44837612

                      Since the BBC is an acknowledged reliable source in this conversation.

          3. Trump has mongered more war than Obama and that’s just a fact. Look it up.

            I did! Here's a list of wars involving the US I count seven that started under Obama, zero that started under Trump.

          4. "...Trump has mongered more war than Obama and that’s just a fact..."


          5. "AND THAT'S JUST A FACT!!!"

            1. Same debate coach as biden for Tony.

        3. You left out his most important accomplishment: reducing corporate tax rates from 35 to 21% That will have a lasting effect bringing jobs back to the USA.

          1. There you go. That was good.

        4. Three minor peace deals.

          1. Where the signatories were countries already at peace with each other, and just happened to get access to American fighter jet technology. And the Palestinians were not included in negotiations.

  13. Don’t forget he is the foreign policy expert that wanted to separate Iraq into three countries. Does anyone think Turkey would have allowed an independent Kurdistan on its border? It invaded Syria to stop the Kurds from setting up an independent area.

    1. You're not wrong, but fuck Erdogan.

      1. That's a good point too, but also now that the Cold War's over, why curry favor with any regime in Turkey? Unless of course you want to be a neo-con and gin up enmity with Russia now, because, gotta have a big enemy, and China is infra dig.

        But it's not like the Kurds do anything to inspire wanting to help them either.

        1. Have you noted the strong anti-Russian, anti-Chinese sentiment in that other, non-conservative group of politicians? Something about mind control, election meddling. As for the Kurds, perhaps you're familiar with an outfit whose power waxed considerably after the fall of Libya? A mere JV team, according to some with very limited understanding of foreign affairs. The Kurds fought, and fight them, without a major power's support, and are doing better for not having mewling politicians and milksop civilians wringing their hands over each battle.

  14. Hey, thanks to Joe Biden, America is the world leader in prisoners. This is the kind of greatness that Joe Biden favors. Let's see if his first act as president is to pardon all those languishing in jail because of Biden-sponsored "tough on black criminals" legislation.

    1. Got to keep them "Super Predators" down or your kid might have to share a school with them!

      (This message brought to you by Joe Biden)

  15. The Green Raw Deal by itself should disqualify Biden from consideration by any sane voter. The federal government is 27 trillion dollars in debt already. Why borrow another 2 trillion to try to fight the weather?

    1. You seem painfully misinformed about everything you’re attempting to talk about.

      1. You seem so painfully stupid that I am amazed you've even mastered breathing.

      2. Tony is right. 2 trillion is way too low an estimate.

      3. Tony's got no actual rebuttal, so he'll call you "painfully misinformed" and hope his bluff works.

  16. "Case Against Biden's Criminality, Foreign Sellouts, Corruption, and Warmongering is Maybe Bad News For Trump -- Journalists from Major Outlets Confirm"

  17. Unfortunately we have a guy who put his name on a bunch of godawful crime bills from the 90s against a guy who wants to put down the constitutional rights of people who don’t like him in the name of law and order, with almost everyone on these boards genuflecting to his every fascism boner. In the words of another covid patient, clean your own goddamn room. This is law and order libertarianism now. Is the problem with Biden that he’s not quite racist enough about it?

    1. You sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.

    2. I just kind of expected an actual alternative for arguably the most important issue of the current moment.

      What did Biden say during the debate? Something like “Law enforcement is mostly good and noble people. We just have a few bad apples that need to be held responsible.”

      Gee: how progressive.

      1. What did Biden say during the debate? Something like “Law enforcement is mostly good and noble people. We just have a few bad apples that need to be held responsible.”

        And in the same breath, he said that "police is systemically racist". It can't be both.

        Just like he said that the GND will create jobs and stimulate the economy, but he totally doesn't support the GND.

        Just like he said that we should stop asking him about his position on court packing, we should just vote for him. Of course, he is accurate in that he doesn't have a position on court packing, he doesn't care, he'll do whatever his handlers tell him to do when it comes up.

        1. The police have a systemic violence problem, coupled with a legislature that has no respect for individuals. The combination produces a disproportionate effect on the poor, which tends to correlate with minorities, but that’s not racist. I know it’s the height of fashionable thought nowadays to say everything is racist by accident, but that’s kinda takes all the punch out of making racism the ultimate sin.

          I’d love for a politician to actually take that head on: politicians have much more control of law and police than they do of viruses. And I would expect it from any party that’s race enough to call itself “progressive.” Instead, we get more of the same. Sad.

          1. The police have a systemic violence problem

            Where is the evidence? Where is the data supporting that view?

            1. They carry guns around and arrest lots of people for doing drugs.

              1. You don't read very well do you?

              2. And that's evidence for a "systemic violence problem"... how?

      2. It made me throw up in my mouth a little too. But it does kind of throw a wrench into Trump’s plan to make this election all about how Biden wants to loose scary blacks on decent suburban moms.

        1. "It made me throw up in my mouth a little too..."

          Please choke on it and die; make the world a better place.

        2. It’s a bug when both parties join forces on that.

          1. To be fair, though, BLM didn't help very much.

        3. Nice reframe about policies that push federal law for local zoning increasing federal controls.

          1. Even William F. Buckley came around to the idea that the only way to solve apartheid conditions in America was federal intervention. You people are less reformed than dead William F. Buckley on these issues.

            1. We're not progs we don't worship assholes, dead or alive.

              1. You just believe literally all the same things that segregationists did and Nazis did before them.

                1. You mean he believes the same things the Democratic Party - the party of 'segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever' and the party of fascism supporters like Huey Long, and FDR?

                  1. Yes. They stopped believing it. What's your excuse?

                    1. Democrats never stopped believing in the superiority of white intellectuals, as their party program shows.

                    2. They believe it to this day. Race, sex, sexual orientation are as likely to be used to delineate groups by non-conservatives as are their frequent calling cards, accusations of racism, sexism, and homophobia. If there was any change or improvement after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, it seems to be eroding with a desire for a new period of segregation brought on not by the right, but the left.

                    3. When did that happen? Was it when Mr "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," became Vice President?

                    4. Or maybe it was when that long time Democrat, Robert Byrd died?

                      In 2010.

                      Maybe it was after Democratic Governor Northam stopped dressing up in blackface?

                      Maybe it was after Hillary Clinton's 'superpredators'?

                      Gosh, it does seem like the part of segregation - the party that supported slavery and segregation - still has a lot of problems with black people while the purported racists of the GoP, well, their worst sin seems to be they just want to leave them alone.

                    5. Anyone not seeing the Republican party's current racism is just not believable. So why are you bothering with this inane semantic game?

            2. William F Buckley was a a war mongering authoritarian, an intellectual blowhard, and rather creepy and arrogant at that. Now there you have a true member of the patriarchal plutocracy. I'm proud to be "less reformed" than Buckley and not surprised you cite him as an authority.

              He can exchange notes with McCain in whatever ring they find themselves in now.

    3. The problem with Biden is that he is nothing. He has no vision, no political program, no objectives, not even bad ones. He considers himself a chair warmer for future progressives, he said so. As president, he'd do whatever he thinks the people who scream loudest in his party want him to do. He'd probably not even make it through is first term.

      Harris, however, is a nasty, power-hungry authoritarian, who'll use whatever she can to advance herself and doesn't care about the lives she destroys in the process. And she'd be running the show in a Harris/Biden administration.

      1. And both a million times less psychopathic and incompetent than Trump.

        It’s Trump vs. not Trump. Biden could be a potted plant. And that’s exactly what people were voting for in the primary.

        1. "And both a million times less psychopathic and incompetent than Trump..."

          Posted like a true TDS victim; no facts, lefty shit assertions.

        2. It’s Trump vs. not Trump. Biden could be a potted plant. And that’s exactly what people were voting for in the primary.

          Well, I'm glad that we agree that that's what people were voting for in the primary.

          Now think this through: if you install a puppet like Biden as president, the executive powers don't vanish, they pass to whoever pulls the strings. So who are people actually voting for with Biden?

          1. It's interesting that since they announced Harris as the running mate they seem to be hiding her.

            1. Hidin' Biden, and hidin' Harris.

              The Biden commercials seem to all be about him being a nice compassionate guy. That's their angle. Harris can't fit that mold.

        3. Locking black people up for 47 years for no reason is WAY more psychopathic.

        4. Holy shit. Biden represents the neo-progressive Rape-n-Loot party, he is the favorite of warmongering Bush-era neo-cons, Obama-era interventionist country destroyers, fascist oligarchs, and Bernie groupies demanding death camps for people they don't like.

          There is no credible case for making Trump morally inferior to that bunch.

          1. The fact that he's managed to kill more Americans by incompetence than any modern war did?

            1. Only an intentionally misinformed and closed-minded class of persons could believe such a blatant falsehood and it clearly doesn't make the case for Trump being morally inferior to the murderous Obama/Bush/Clinton regimes or the emerging loot, rape, and murder factions of the twisted neo-progressive factions.

              1. So Trump is being forced to drop more bombs on more civilians in foreign countries because Obama made him?

                1. That's a weak take that sucks neo-con dick, considering Obama had at least seven hot wars going, got a Nobel Prize for drone-bombing weddings, covered up for his own and Bush's war crimes, left countless dead, and created a million war refugees, but Trump, while he hasn't covered himself in glory by continuing some of the Obama fiascos, hasn't "started" any major new ones.....

                  And Trump is the Psycho? Neo-cons and race-obsessed interventionist progressives say "yes he is."

                2. Obama killed more black Africans than all other US presidents combined. Resentment of his father and all that.

            2. "he’s managed to kill more Americans by incompetence"

              Because Tony doesn't understand how federalism works, and thinks that it was actually Trump in an Andrew Cuomo mask that stuffed the old folks homes full of Covid patients.

              1. Tony believes that Trump was working in Wuhan to develop a new supervirus to kill Americans.

                1. You people have exactly two thoughts about coronavirus: China is to blame, and Cuomo is to blame.

                  This is why I can't talk to you. You are fucking morons.


                    1. You know something about anxiety, don't you Tulpa? You know what I'm talking about.

                  2. This is why I can’t talk to you. You are fucking morons.

                    See, no facts presented, no actual rebuttal.

                    Tony's a fucking moron in way over his head. All he can do is call names.

                    1. It is actually amazing to me how you guys think that when you are regurgitating desperate Republican talking points that aren't even internally logical that you're coming up with brand new thoughts all on your own.

                    2. Again, no facts presented, no actual rebuttal.

                      All he can do is call names.

                    3. It's fucking October. Fact. You're still talking about Cuomo as if nothing has happened since March. What the fuck am I supposed to do, not treat it as a desperate partisan talking point?

                  3. Well, that indeed about sums up the responsibility for COVID-19: China and governors.

                    Trump did his job by restricting travel.

                    1. I can’t even with this shit. It’s true because Trump and his mouthpieces say it’s true, and truth is whatever they say, ipso facto!

                    2. It’s true because Trump and his mouthpieces say it’s true, and truth is whatever they say, ipso facto!

                      It's true because it's in the Constitution. Go read it sometime.

                  4. Ok ton, let’s do a scorecard. It’s roughly 200k you’re blaming on orange man? Zero to China? Zero to Cuomo? The virus itself? How many would have died under a d administration? Presumably more than zero, no?

                    “C’mon man!” Can’t we at least get orange mans numbers down to 199k, just for the sake of not sounding so ridiculous?

                2. Yes from everything I've seen Tony isn't very smart. Even weak and easily defeated arguments cause him tremendous consternation.

                  1. It's not one of my good days. I was up late on Trump death watch.

                    1. You'll be disappointed... again. No wonder you're on meds.

    4. Unfortunately we have a guy who put his name on a bunch of godawful crime bills from the 90s against a guy who wants to put down the constitutional rights of people who don’t like him in the name of law and order . . .

      So you're saying Biden is the same as Trump? Except, of course, with a 4 decade long record of actually putting down constitutional rights of people who don't like him in the name of law and order.

  18. Oh fuck, DNC choice JoeBi is unreformed warmongering cunt from the "Party" with influential factions openly cheering "black neighborhoods burning" along with rape, murder, and looting, and openly demanding forced-labor gulags and death camps for political enemies. The DNC supports him because he reflects their values.

    1. The DNC supported him because it's finally his turn, now that he's old enough to be ineffectual.

      What I really want to know, and what I've wanted to know for months, is who the DNC would nominate as his replacement if he dies before the election. I guess they'd go with Harris, since they nominated her for VP, saying she was Biden's pick. Whoever they'd then nominate as a VP replacement, I wouldn't even speculate about.

      1. Come to think of it, who would the Republicans nominate if Trump died?

        1. I've wondered the same thing myself. I can't see people being enthusiastic for Pence, he's a non-entity, a perfect VP pick, not a Presidential pick. Although I suppose the people of Indiana saw something in him, but that's the people of Indiana and who thinks of what the people of Indiana think? But who would the GOP pick? I'd like to think Ted Cruz, but probably more likely John Kasich. Nor Lindsay Graham! Shit, they picked Lindsay Graham, didn't they.

          1. The people in Indiana hate him. He'd be an ambulance chaser if he hadn't been recruited to be Trump's evangelical fig leaf.

            1. How would you know what the people in Indiana hate? You haven't left the East Village in years, and if you did it certainly wouldn't be to flyover country.

              1. I gather you are trying to hurt my feelings by invoking homophobic tropes from the 80s, or something?

                1. You've already said you're a New Yorker and a homosexual, Tony.

                  It's not homophobic to assume you're not living in Gary.

                  1. I'm not a New Yorker, though I do miss visiting.

                2. How is "living in the East Village" homophobic?

          2. Dude looks like Race Bannon. What more do you need?

        2. They didn't nominate Harris - Biden picked her. Same as Trump picked Pence.

          If Trump were to kick the bucket I image that since Pence would become President he'd continue campaigning as President and have to snag a quick VP pick.

          The Dems would probably be thrown in an uproar because while Harris seems the 'logical' pick to replace Biden, She's only on his ticket because he felt he needed a black woman. Otherwise she has the popularity (and national political ken) of a Hillary Clinton.

          So there'd probably be an uproar between the Bernie Bros, the hardcore political operatives, and the mainstream Dems.

          1. Nobody cares about anything but removing Trump.

            1. You admit that you're a nobody. That's progress.

          2. You really believe the powers that be let Biden choose his running mate?

            1. The powers that be chose Biden on the day before Super Tuesday. Everyone but Bernie was commanded to step down.

              1. My son is a Bernie fan and is convinced he was set up by the Dem powers. I am not sure he is wrong about that.

                1. Oh, he was. And he willingly joined in on the setup.

            2. That comment only makes sense if there was some indication there would have been a big difference of opinion between Biden and other Democratic leaders on whom to pick.

              Unlikely, which means you are just indulging in making the Democrats more shadowy than they are.

              1. No, I just don't think they trust Biden's judgment. You think Biden's delegates are enthusiastic about him personally? The only thing they trust him to do is get elected, if he can. Who knows who his real preference for VP would've been?

                1. I doubt they are enthusiastic. But I also think there was widespread consensus among Biden and everyone else who had a say in it that they pick an African-American woman.

      2. Harris would be pressured into caving to the supremacists and picking a real actual black woman like Stacey what's her name. Then they could smother Harris with a pillow and blame it on Covid19.

        Just idle speculation.

      3. They'd pick whomever was Joe's "dying wish."

      4. Ineffectual would be a good thing in a president actually.

        Just putter around the White House. Smile at the reporters and attend dinners with other dignitaries.

  19. The former vice president has a long history of reckless responses to the menaces du jour. ... Biden's reluctance to forthrightly acknowledge his errors blurs the contrast with Trump, a man who seems incapable of taking the blame for anything.

    Biden is incapable of making errors or reckless responses because he's an empty suit. Biden seemed moderate when his party was moderate. Now that the party is being taken over by neo-Marxists and socialists, he'll do their bidding. That came through in the debate, when he refused to take positions, or took multiple positions at once, on every major issue.

    1. Exactly. This is why I say upthread that he didn't pick his running mate. They just made it look that way for p.r.

  20. too funny that idiotic Joe and the Left media emphasized Trump's disrespect etc during the debate...true irony after idiot Joe burst out laughing every time Paul Ryan began a sentence in their 2012 debate

    1. It is inherently funny when anyone who has graduated 9th grade still worships Ayn Rand.

      1. Next Tony will tell us that the correct form of socialism or communism hasn't been tried yet.

        1. There is no correct political system. There are just some that are better than others.

          1. Vacuity incarnate right there.

      2. it is even funnier when an intellectual dilettante on the Left proclaims his or her disdain for religion but then simply replaces God with a collectivist view of mankind and reaches the same bad prescriptions for society and individuals......try again lightweight, you are in way over your head, champ

        1. All politics assumes a collective view of mankind. An atomistic view scarcely makes any sense from the start.

          1. All politics the the pursuit of power. Power is the ability to control others.

            Libertarians and classical liberals recognize this and seek to minimize the role of government and maximize individual liberty.

            Many people choose less liberty because it involves personal responsibility and accepting certain risks and negative consequences.

            Libertarianism is not inwardly directed it is outwardly directed. It imposes the obligation to respect the rights of others and to not initiate aggression. It is also a political philosophy not a complete ethical or moral system.

            1. Politics is about power, that is true. But power doesn’t go away in the absence of organized government. People didn’t refrain from abusing power before the modern state was invented. You just didn't have any recourse when they did.

              Do you honestly think a political system favored by the wealthiest interests in the world, heavily favoring polluting industry, want less power for themselves? Do you think that’s the point?

              1. Meanwhile you admit you chase power but choose to lie and pretend it's for the people.

                Fuck off slaver.

                1. It’s gotta go somewhere, and better the people than the slavers. Let me disabuse you of the notion that you are somehow on a different political team than actual slavers. Everything you believe stems from justifications of slavery and genocide. And not just states rights.

              2. They had the same recourse we've always had - shoot the bastards.

                You keep assuming that because things are the way they are that that is the only way they can be.

                Hence your 'the people's will' stuff. And how 'policy usually comes down to one of two choices'.

                1. You mean they spent all this effort acquiring all the power in society and forgot to make shooting them illegal?

                  1. See how your illusions bind you. Making something illegal doesn't make that thing stop existing.

                    Deal with the world as it is, not as you think it is.

                    1. I’m one of only a few people here advocating for putting by less authoritarian power in the hands of the already powerful.

          2. 1. As my post concerned the humor of the Left in relation to religion, your post is a non sequitur. Try and follow along.
            2. Of course, "all politics" makes no such assumption. Atomistic" individuals can easily, and freely, choose to uphold each other's negative rights in a polity "from the start" and then go on to live their own "atomistic" lives. This makes perfect sense as they are now free to live their own lives.
            3. Try again champ.

            1. Rugged individualism exists so that the collective forces of capitalist power can fuck you and you don’t have the leverage to do anything about it.

              You can’t explain hostility to unionism any other way.

              1. "You can’t explain hostility to unionism any other way."

                Unionism is how we got modern policing.


                1. See? You can’t rationally or coherently object to it except as a mouthpiece for tyrannical private interests, who just so happen to have you convinced that letting them pollute without consequence is the literal definition of freedom.

              2. A union serves no purpose after negotiations have been concluded, it is a purely political apparatus at that point, there to line the pockets of its principals. If unions were on the workers' side, they would dissolve, then be reformed as necessary; to do otherwise is stealing from the workers. They would also eschew demands not related to the working conditions, such as those the Teachers' Unions in California have presented. Go ahead and make your argument against the individual and for the collective, there's no other explanations for thinking unions are parasitic.

                1. Why don’t your arguments apply to the corporation too?

              3. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

  21. The Case Against Biden: The Democratic Party platform.

    1. yeah specifically that the democrats, in an attempt to boost the economy, seem fully committed to making it more expensive and onerous for people to have jobs

  22. Thankfully, Trump never overreacts to anything: news reports, media questions, opinion pieces, tweets, criticism, personal lawsuits, Federal Reserve decisions, judicial decisions, independent Attorneys General, dress codes in private companies, whistleblowers, immigration, peaceful protests, kneeling by NFL players...

    1. Yeah, he says bad stuff off the top of his head.

      Biden puts his moronic shit into legislation.

  23. Wouldn't want this to get lost in the news:

    "among other things, she said that she was frequently required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while the Fox host displayed herself naked, and was shown photographs of the genitalia of men with whom Guilfoyle had had sexual relations. The draft complaint also alleged that Guilfoyle spoke incessantly and luridly about her sex life, and on one occasion demanded a massage of her bare thighs; other times, she said, Guilfoyle told her to submit to a Fox employee’s demands for sexual favors, encouraged her to sleep with wealthy and powerful men, asked her to critique her naked body, demanded that she share a room with her on business trips, required her to sleep over at her apartment, and exposed herself to her, making her feel deeply uncomfortable."

    1. Keep going. You stopped just when it was getting good.

      1. For a guy who's romantic life consists of anonymous encounters in public washrooms and bathhouses, Tony's remarkably puritanical when it comes to anyone associated with Trump.

        1. What people don’t get about you guys is that the bigotry is the point. All the nonsense political beliefs stem from the first principle that people who aren’t like you are icky.

          1. You're not like me (thank god) and you are icky, Tony. But that's because you're a reactionary, hate-filled, authoritarian misanthrope and not because you like men.

            1. I'm actually a carefree social democrat misanthrope who likes men, and you are the proto-Nazi, but potato potato.

              1. You're the one race-baiting and shilling authoritarianism here, not me.

          2. But you're the one here talking about how icky someone you don't like is. And how they're doubly icky because they're associated with someone else you don't like.

            1. I reserve the right to find Nazis icky.

              1. More coherent Tony:

                “I call myself a Good Guy and call everyone who disagrees with me about anything "Nazis" and "Racists".
                How can people not understand this? I can never be wrong because I'm opposing Nazis and Racists.

                1. "I can never be wrong because I’m opposing Nazis and Racists."

                  Well it's a good place to start, isn't it?

                  If you have a political worldview that is generally about restricting racial diversity in society, extolling the glories of "western civilization," complaining about "cultural marxists" (an actual Nazi trope), and/or supporting Donald J. Trump, fascist extraordinaire, pardon me if I stop caring about the nuances. It's all the same shit, and none of it is new.

                  1. Trump has a lengthy list of flaws, but he's not a fascist. He's nowhere near as authoritarian as most of the Democrat governors that seem to be so popular. And, you do support people who support restricting racial diversity - this should give you pause, but apparently you're an ideologue. As for Western civilization, are you also an anti-Enlightenment type? Because, dead white men, and holding the past to the values of the present? And cultural Marxism wasn't a Nazi term, you've been had, or are lying.

                    1. Exactly which of Umberto Eco's 14 properties of fascism does Trump not satisfy?

                      I look forward to specific rebuttals.

                  2. Trump isn't a fascist, but he is a world-class demagogue. Trump is too dumb to be a fascist. To be a fascist would require some semblance of a coherent world view. He doesn't have one, other than "whatever best appeals to his base".

                    1. On the other hand, I struggle to think of a fascist leader who is described as particularly intelligent. There always seem to be extreme psychological problems that exist in opposition to nuance.

              2. You seem to only find some Nazis icky though.

                1. You support other Nazis.

          3. Pot, kettle, black.

    2. You don't read books of substance, do you?

      1. I thought we were talking about the first daughter in law being a sexually abusive skank, but we can talk about books if you want.

        1. "I thought we were talking about the first daughter in law"

          No actually, some of us have self-respect.

          1. Trump Jr.’s lack of self respect is a perfectly valid sexual identity and we should celebrate it.

        2. So now you're slut-shaming?

          1. Cartoonishly over-the-top workplace sexual harassment might be considered normal dating practices at FOX News and the Trump org, so I can see where you might be confused.

        3. unfortunately, when an outsider looks at the totality of your intellectual inabilities, that thought comes inevitably to the forefront of one's mind...

          1. If you think the totality of my intellectual inabilities are being put to use on a lame libertarian comments board, you seriously underestimate my capacity for stupidity.

            1. the intellectual quality of your posts suggest that your initial clause above is precisely the case

              1. Not all of us can handle high-level ideas like Ben Shapiro.

                1. non sequitur relative to my post, try again wannabe

                  1. The only argument you’ve presented is that I’m stupid.

                    1. That is not an argument but rather a fact like Ohm's Law or Boyle's Law.
                      Every argument i have posted (i.e. concerning the humor of left wing intellectual dilettantes relative to religion or the nature of polities) you have responded with an utterly unrelated post....hint: this then loops back to the you are stupid factoid

                    2. That’s what I do when I don’t respect you as an interlocutor. Try giving me something rather than stating fundamental facts like how stupid I am.

                    3. Tony
                      October.3.2020 at 10:19 pm
                      "That’s what I do when I don’t respect you as an interlocutor. Try giving me something rather than stating fundamental facts like how stupid I am."

                      No reason to; the fundamental facts are that your are a fucking lefty ignoramus.
                      Please die. Soon. Make the world happy.

                    4. At some point letting the autistic kid hang around is an imposition on the rest of us.

    3. Don't forget this one just out -- AP Headline -- Trump-hating Progressive Literal God and Biden Supporter Harvey Weinstein is facing new sexual-assault charges filed in CaliLand for three counts of forcible rape forcible oral copulation.

      1. I don’t think that’s an AP headline.

    4. frequently required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while the Fox host displayed herself naked

      Is she hiring?

  24. Really great job Jacob. Haven't read the comments above yet and I'm sure there are detractors. But this is well researched reporting that I am not seeing anywhere else. Bravo.

    1. It was a great article.

      You won't miss anything by skipping the comments today, and I'm saying that as someone who wrote a bunch of them. There aren't many detractors. Nobody here really disagrees with what Sullum wrote, so the conversation has been focused on how Tony and I should fuck off and die.

  25. Chris Christie headed to the hospital too.

    Trump has done more than liberals have in generations to destroy the Republican party, and that's just since Tuesday.

    1. At least he had the courtesy of driving himself and saving the taxpayers the ambulance bill. I wish him a speedy recovery.

      1. I hope you die an early and painful death.

  26. Good article Mr. Sullum.
    Of course since you didn't declare Joe Biden to be either (a) senile or (b) a Marxist, expect your article to be considered yet more "evidence" that Reason is just "leftwing".

    1. As far as senility goes, no need to declare that which is evident.

      1. Don't do Sevo like that.

        1. Don't do asshole chipper like that.

    2. That doesn't seem particularly individualistic, the 'Marxist' comment, after parsing through and seeing no discussions about this above. Plenty about Biden's shit legislative history. I suppose some could argue his disdain for civil liberties means he's courting Marxism; hard saying.

      1. I suppose some could argue his disdain for civil liberties means he’s courting Marxism; hard saying.

        Social justice, environmental justice, economic justice, and racial justice are neo-Marxist (not Marxist) concepts. Since they are part of the Democratic platform and since Biden has declared himself a sock puppet for the Democratic party, logically he has embraced significant parts of neo-Marxist ideology.

        1. It boggles the mind that you don’t look at that list of good ideas and decide, if they are Marxist in origin, you must therefore support Marxism. Is what you’re trying to sell justice minimalism? What’s wrong with justice? Are you too guilty for it to work out in your benefit?

          Calling progressive policies, academics, journalists, entertainers, etc., Marxist is, however, a fascist trope originating in identical antisemitic slurs. You’ve been sucked into Naziism and you’re bitching about civil rights activism. Well, I suppose that’s logically consistent.

          1. Tony
            October.3.2020 at 10:23 pm
            "It boggles the mind that you don’t look at that list of good ideas and decide, if they are Marxist in origin, you must therefore support Marxism. Is what you’re trying to sell justice minimalism? What’s wrong with justice? Are you too guilty for it to work out in your benefit?..."

            Hey, chipper! Your fave buddy just posted a word-salad I'm sure you love, asshole lefty shit!

          2. It boggles the mind that you don’t look at that list of good ideas and decide, if they are Marxist in origin, you must therefore support Marxism.

            That's not "a list of good ideas", it's a list of names for concepts and objectives that make up neo-Marxism.

            And as is typical for (neo-)Marxist terminology, the actual meaning of those names has nothing to do with the literal meaning. "Social justice", "racial justice", etc. is not about "justice".

            Calling progressive policies, academics, journalists, entertainers, etc., Marxist is, however, a fascist trope originating in identical antisemitic slurs. You’ve been sucked into Naziism and you’re bitching about civil rights activism. Well, I suppose that’s logically consistent.

            In the 1920's, American progressives were the primary American supporters of European fascism. In the 2020's, American progressives are the primary supporters of European neo-Marxism.

            Sorry to have to tell you, but it's you who has been "sucked into Naziism", not me.

            1. “Social justice”, “racial justice”, etc. is not about “justice”.

              Says you. Lots of heterosexual white men are prancing around dictating what other people should care about. It must be a Tuesday.

              In the 1920’s, American progressives were the primary American supporters of European fascism. In the 2020’s, American progressives are the primary supporters of European neo-Marxism.

              I can only assume that your constant retreats to the distant past indicate how much more you must support progressivism in its current and currently understood forms. Otherwise, why not just just stick to criticizing that?

              Your ideas aren't bad because they are stuck to a some dead white man I don't like; they're bad because of what those dead white men did with them, and what living white men are doing with them now. While progressivism is a philosophy of improving society by whatever provisional measure and by using whatever provisional means, your ideas are actually using the same exact slogans the old terrible ideas did! "Cultural Bolshevism" or "cultural marxism" is not actually a thing. It is not something that is ever, ever discussed among progressives except when we're making fun of neo-Nazis who think they stumbled onto something new. They are literally nothing but anti-Semitic tropes. You don't have to be aware of this for it to be true, and I'd hope that your problem is simply ignorance.

          3. “Are you too guilty for it to work out in your benefit?”

            Haha. No. Are you assuming guilt? That seems to be central to the issue. And it’s why your ideology is garbage, and it’s why you’ll always be bitter and angry.

      2. I'm going by what the usual peanuts around here complain about. There are evidently Marxists lurking behind every corner, dontcha know.

        1. No, you sorry piece of lefty shit, you're 'going by' those stawmen who forever populate you imbecilic posts.
          Fuck off and die.

          1. I bet you are raging against all those crazy callous leftists wishing death on all these recently infected Republicans. Because only a crazy and callous asshole would wish death on others. Right?

            1. But, but, Sevo's anger is righteous.

              1. But, but WK's lefty shit postings are full of shit.

            2. I'll bet you are:

        2. This is just you wasting energy swinging at your illusions.

        3. The terms "social/environmental/racial/economic justice" are synonyms for neo-Marxist ideology. I suppose that means that in San Francisco and Seattle, people who embrace those ideologies "are around every corner".

          Of course, there is also a large number of confused people who don't actually know what these terms actually mean and just think that anything called "justice" must be good. Those people are obviously not neo-Marxists, they are just confused.

          1. Also called Facebook users

    3. Biden is nothing; a sock puppet. He's always been. He doesn't have an ideology, and senility only matters once he can't remember his lines or read a teleprompter anymore.

      1. Trump, on the other hand, is well versed on Western political philosophy. I am sure his copy of Nozick is more earmarked than Ron Paul's bill amendments.

        1. Yeah when I see Trump, I think that guy definitely has a coherent ethical framework.

          1. Yeah when anyone see shitstain they think fucking lefty ignoramus.
            Please, make your family and your boyfriend proud: Fuck off and die, lefty shit.

        2. Asshole chipper is will versed in bullsht.

        3. Trump, on the other hand, is well versed on Western political philosophy.

          I doubt Trump has opened a book in years. And why should he have to? It doesn't take an intellectual to grasp the importance of self-determination, subsidiarity, small government, low taxes, and personal responsibility.

          1. Oh, I get it. You're a parody.

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  28. Does KillAllRednecks know Kamala Harris was hanging out in Salt Lake City today?


    1. Does WK ever promote anything other than lefty shit?

    2. Maybe she tried to seduce Mitt Romney to get his support in the Senate?

  29. Hihn's dead, about which hardly anyone can gripe. His ransom-note postings here were over the top graphically, but in lefty idiocy, very close to that posted by the assholes jackass, chipper, shitstain tony, WK, their fave kiddy-diddler turd.
    All of you, please, make your families proud and the world better; fuck off and die. Slowly and painfully.
    Oh, and to the asshole chipper in particular; evidence of your senility is obvious; mine, none. I certainly hope it lands you in some sort of 'home' soon, and that you do not recover.

    1. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/michael-hihn-obituary?pid=196606666

      Damn. Thanks for the some of the funniest shit I've ever seen in my life and also the batshit craziest. You're probably in a better place now I'm guessing idrk, but what's most important is that you're in a place without access to a computer or internet connection.
      RIP Hihn.

      (chortle on you crazy diamond)

      1. Actually, quite the touching tribute your post...

        RIP Hihn,
        You are irritating the crap out of the angels up in heaven

  30. Oh, all you lefty shits? Jump right in, telling us how the election is on hold because Trump got the 'rona:

    "Trump's coronavirus diagnosis guarantees this election will be about everything he has tried to avoid"
    "President Donald Trump has spent months trying to move the country's focus away from the coronavirus. He's purposely downplayed the threat it poses to Americans, pushed unscientific treatments and ensured the country that a vaccine would be arriving any day. In pre-recorded remarks at the annual Al Smith Dinner on Thursday night,.."

    As is typical of lefty fake news, what is true is irrelevant and positive, the rest is bullshit.

  31. There are lots of leftist accusation that 'right wing terrorism' is a threat like this one:

    Does anyone have anything to debunk this?

    1. Well, for starters:
      "This article is more than 3 months old"
      And then it's from the Guardian (lefty rag) and nothing to support the claim. Do you have any reason to support it?

  32. Hey all of ye Reasonoid readers! Do NOT bother to read this article! Do NOT bother to read (or read about) ANY links, facts, or logic contained in this article and video! Do NOT bother to trouble your pretty little heads about silly factual details gathered by useless Reason-writer eggheads! read more http://www.resultsguru.in

  33. Article titled "The case against biden" and no mention whatsoever of his disastrous economic plans including the Green New Deal idiocy. Wow.

  34. This article is on point. If you don't vote RED you will vote nothing this year. Biden/Harris is a disgrace to the black community. They are exactly the type of People warned against by Malcom X and others who plainly saw that the Democrats seek to use minorities to further a socialist agenda. The Dems have NEVER been on the right side of racial equality - and they are not now.

    There is most assuredly a Marxist/Socialist agenda going on. But Wait! Trump calls this out plain and clear. Trump drew the lines, not a libertarian. Disappointing again. Libertarians, don't go soft. Go hard, that means Trump.

  35. Then there is Biden's advice on self defense
    "Biden Shotgun Video: Vice President Offers Self-Defense Advice | The New York Times". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj1GaX_-E-E

    Seriously , just fire 2 rounds from a shotgun into the air? Do those pellets come down or do they just fly off into space?

  36. Of course, President Trump is a childish buffoon but Joe Biden and the Marxist Left are evil. The choice is clear, re-elect President Trump on November 3rd.

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