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Democrats Propose $2.2 Trillion More for Coronavirus Relief and Other Pet Projects

Plus: Court says Subway sandwich bread isn't bread, Tennessee "abortion reversal" law blocked, and more...


After the Democrat-backed Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act went nowhere in May, liberal leaders in Congress are now trying to revive it. The revised version would still double down on stimulus measures contained in Congress' first COVID-19 relief bill (the CARES Act) by sending another round of direct checks to Americans and providing a federal boost to unemployment benefits.

Under the revised HEROES Act, adults under a certain income threshold would each get a $1,200 check, plus an additional $500 for each dependent. The measure would also re-institute the extra $600 per week for people on unemployment, which some economists say has slowed the economic recovery by making it more profitable for people to stay at home than go back to work. The extended benefits in the bill would last through January 2021.

All in all, the new HEROES Act would cost $2.2 trillion.

Lest anyone think legislators learned from complaints about all the crony corporate goodies packed into the CARES Act, the new HEROES Act promises additional funds for the air travel industry and other specific industries.

The bill also sneaks in new national workplace regulations by "requiring OSHA to issue a strong, enforceable standard within seven days to require all workplaces to develop and implement infection control plans based on CDC expertise."

And it adds funds for Democratic desires that have nothing to do with the pandemic, including "new resources to ensure safe elections, an accurate Census, and preserve the Postal Service."

"The odds of passing the bill are long," notes CBS News. "A push to send the bill to a vote this week would have little chance of success […] But continued negotiations between Democrats and [Treasury Secretary Steve] Mnuchin could signal the bill is gaining traction."


The pundit's fallacy:


An Irish court says Subway cannot call the loaves of dough that it serves sandwiches on "bread." Subway bread loaves contain too much sugar to be defined as bread under Ireland's Value Added Tax Act of 1972, which defines "staple foods."

"The bread's sugar content—five times the qualifying limit under the act—means that it falls outside of the legal definition of a staple food," reports The Guardian. "The ruling included white and wholegrain bread. The definition serves to differentiate bread from other baked goods."


Libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen talked to Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.) and Free the People's Matt Kibbe last night. Reason's Eric Boehm has some dispatches; start here:


• Good news? We averted a government shutdown again, through December 11.

• Mississippi is lifting its state-wide mask mandate, making it the first state with a mask mandate to do so.

• A federal judge has rejected Tennessee's "abortion reversal" law.

• Here's where marijuana is on the ballot next month.

• More truth trouble at The New York Times.

• "It sure looks like" Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron "lied about Breonna Taylor's killing," points out Zak Cheney-Rice at New York.

• A Louisville police officer who was shot during protests last week is now back to work.

NEXT: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Banned Localities From Collecting Mask Fines. Local Officials Say They'll Keep Issuing Fines Anyway.

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    1. $100.00 dollar fine!

      1. That's a $10,000 fine. It's now an OSHA violation.

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    2. It's about time. I have long maintained the opinion that Subway has the most disgusting bread in the world and have refused to eat there for as long as I can remember.

      1. Still making Mom hoof it to Whole Foods to pick up your vegan rosemary-avocado artisanal loaf, huh.

        1. They don't have that kind of bread, but it sounds pretty awesome.

          1. Nothing vegan sounds awesome.

            1. Subway lettuce isn't real lettuce.

              1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I'm working online! My work didn't exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…ZDs after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn't be happier.

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        2. Still making your mom snowshoe over to Tim Horton’s?

          1. #soCanadian

            1. Dee definitely has prejudice against Canadians.

              1. KillAllCanadians?!

                I could make it my thing like KillAllRednecks has his weird vendetta against Mormons. Wonder how he feels about Canadian Mormons.

                1. Would be more reasonable than your current schtick

          2. "your mom"

            He can just do what the rest of us do and use yours.

            1. ^K seriously with impersonating my handle again ?

            2. Nail
              October.1.2020 at 10:17 am
              “your mom”

              He can just do what the rest of us do and use yours.

              I really hate when people complain for Reason to moderate or set up or to set up rules and shit, but there has to be simple way for them to not allow people to somehow use the EXACT same handle as you and pretend to be you. It's seriously bullshit.

              1. It's whoever is faking Chipper. He's bad at it.

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                What would be wrong be wrong with some moderation here? (Not that there’s any danger of that happening.)

                1. Moderation would spoil the real time aspect of things.

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                    I’m thinking moderation where you would get your comment removed for spoofing, telling people to “fuck off”, and a few other basic rules like that. And get booted if you keep doing it.

          3. You're an idiot. There is a Tim Horton's on every corner.

          4. Still such an isolationist other countries shouldn't comment on US politics?

            1. Mother’s can do what he wants, but I will continue to opine that it’s really weird for a Canadian to spend the amount of time on and have the amount of emotional investment in the Red vs. Blue Team partisan wars in America.

              I’m an American and I’d love it if all the hardcore Red and Blue Team partisans would all move to Canada or something, and leave the rest of us reasonable, adult, moderate Americans to enjoy life and have a competently governed country.

          5. Yes, because Whole Foods and other supermarkets don't operate in Canada. If it's not at Tim Horton's we have to hunt for our bread on the polar wastelands.

            Fucking idiot.

      2. We are hooked on Jimmy John's bread. Pretty much any of their sandwiches with Jimmy peppers is the bomb. Plus they have a bunch of Warren Buffet's investment/life advice posted up on the walls for you to read while waiting for your sandwich.

        1. JJ bread is awesome. I love that shit.

        2. They have really good bread. Their day old bread is good for making garlic bread in the oven. I did that during my poor college days

        3. >>Warren Buffet

          my secretary pays more for sandwiches than I do

      3. There is something really off about their “lettuce”.

        1. That isn't me.

          1. Tulpa the psycho is stalking me again. My username has the maximum number of dashes.

            1. Fuck off Tulpa.

              1. No it's not Tulpa, it feels like Buttplug actually.

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                October.1.2020 at 10:21 am
                Fuck off Tulpa.

                Hey retard loser, can you not impersonate me and say stupid shit I would never say ? thnx

            2. No, no it isn't.

      4. And yet Subway "bread" is more edible than Irish fare.

      5. Fuck off Tulpa

        1. to think everyone loved you so much just 4 years ago. A regular Reason rock star. At least thats what you claimed yesterday.

          1. Lol, you are talking to Tulpa, dumbass.

            1. You don't sound anything like Chipper.

      6. Did you catch the part where they ruled that so they can charge a higher vat tax

      7. their bread and everything else about their sandwiches are trash.

        Usually the stars will align about once a year that i end up getting subway (either out of convenience or desperation) and its just a long enough go between trips that i can still be surprised by how bad it is each time. bleeech

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  1. We averted a government shutdown again, through December 11.


    1. Yet the cronyvirus goes on unabated.

  2. MAGA 2020

  3. Mississippi is lifting its state-wide mask mandate, making it the first state with a mask mandate to do so.

    They know who's going to win the election.

    1. Since when was having safe elections, an accurate Census and preserve the post office solely Democratic goals? I thought these were basic government functions that everyone supported.

      1. Come on! Antifa isn't THAT bad!

        1. Had the Italian Fascists know that all they had to do was add "Anti" to their name and they could take over and burn down Europe.

          Is it ironic that the Fascists of Italy failed in invasions of France, Greece, and Yugoslavia and Antifa failed in their violence mission?

      2. Since they started using those words to cover for graft and corruption

      3. "We're the Anti-Bad Guy Squad! How is going after Bad Guys just a Democratic thing? It's so simple--anything we do is justified because of our name."

      4. I find it amusing that you don’t understand what’s going on here.

      5. Since when do these have anything to do with a Rona relief bill?

      6. The answer is yes, for sane people, yes we want those basic government functions to work. Which doesn’t mean not scrutinizing the specific expenditures the Democrats want to include in the latest relief bill.

  4. More truth trouble at The New York Times.

    Now this I refuse to believe.

    1. I know, right?

    2. The New York Times has no trouble with the truth.
      They make it up all the time.

      1. All the Pravda that's fit to print.

        1. All The News That's Fit To Fake

      2. Hey, everyone exaggerates on their CV.

    3. It’s a lie!

    4. What do you expect from a newspaper named after a notorious slave trader?

      1. The Duke of York?

    5. The NYT's credibility is only going to be newsworthy again when they actually tell the truth.

      1. To culturally appropriate from the JDL
        "never again!"

  5. Good news? We averted a government shutdown again, through December 11.

    Terrible news FFS.

  6. Everything The New York Times Found Suspicious In Trump’s Tax Returns, It Put There

    The MSM gatekeepers used to be able to control fact checking their propaganda lies. Not anymore, so they are butthurt. unreason gets butthurt like that all the time.

    1. Is there any evidence that either the NYT or its anonymous source has ever actually seen any of Trump's returns?

      1. You doubt Madame Sophia's crystal ball's abilities?

      2. Yes, Trump accusing them of obtaining his tax return data illegally. A reversal (on the same day) from his initial take that it was all “fake news”.

    2. So, the article takes the Times article’s tone to task (fair enough) but doesn’t dispute the facts in the article.

  7. "It sure looks like" Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron "lied about Breonna Taylor's killing..."

    What is anyone going to do about it? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

    1. It’s getting harder to deny the likelihood that Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron lied

      "And no one can deny the possibility that everyone involved is fucking sheep!"

      1. “And no one can deny the possibility that everyone involved is fucking sheep!”

        Even their own sisters wouldn't touch them.

    2. The paper plans to re-examine the reporting in its Pulitzer Prize-nominated podcast after its central character was charged by Canadian police with concocting a terrorist hoax.

      In the Duranty tradition, I imagine the Pulitzer committee will honour the tradition of awarding the prize to fake stories.

      1. Whoops, this wasn't supposed to be a reply.

    3. If what that member of the grand jury says is true, then it is a fucking travesty of justice. The two key points:

      1) The grand jury was *not given the option* of indicting two of the cops for murder.
      2) While there were many witnesses who claimed the police never announced themselves, only the police and one other witness claimed that they did announce themselves. And that other witness initially agreed with other witnesses, only changing their story months later.

      I still believe that this was more a systemic failure than the failure of these specific police. And I certainly believe that these police were not acting out of racism. But if this is true, it just shows how BAD the Grand Jury system can be corrupted to get whatever the government wants.

      1. This is totes a bigger story than a presidential administration using federal intelligence agencies to spy on and frame one campaign at the request of another

        1. Comey is completely sorry that the people he was personally directing to go after flynn made some mistakes. He regrets it, but it isnt his fault.

          1. How can he be truly sorry for something he can't even remember?

        2. Luckily I am capable of keeping multiple thoughts in my brain at the same time, and I can be angry about both.

          1. Braggart!

      2. it is a fucking travesty of justice

        Hyperbole much? If the boyfriend fired first, the cops were not exercising excessive force by firing back, even if they didn't announce. It sucks, but that is the precedent.

        If Cameron implied that the 2 cops were up before the grand jury for charges, the climate outside the courtroom may have had something to do with that. Ultimately, his office has the discretion not to file charges if the investigation showed the police use of force was justified. How he spun it to stave of riots is not a 'travesty of justice'.

        1. "It sucks, but that is the precedent."

          So it should stay that way forever? "Precedent" is more important than reality?

          1. When did I say that? Have you noticed that Cameron didn't file charges against the boyfriend? Too bad he wasn't a better shot. Taylor might still be alive.

          2. Depends on the precedent. The police here had a valid, no-knock search warrant. They chose on scene to knock and announce. They knocked; the shooter admitted they did. He didn't admit they announced though. Naturally the cops disagree. With the warrant they had---and no-knock warrants, served by plainclothes officers, need to be severely restricted, if not banned---it's irrelevant if the cops knocked and announced or didn't.

            Which is awful if you're an innocent visitor to the dwelling where such a warrant is being served. The more info that comes out, the more it looks like the shooter wasn't involved in any of the dope transactions at all. He's not expecting the cops to show up at any time. He hears someone pounding on the door. Maybe he hears, "Police!"? Maybe not. Maybe he thinks it's a ruse?

            It's understandable why he shot at the figures breaking down the door. As Radley Balko kept pointing out in his journalism when he wrote here. And understandable why he only shot once. Holy shit! These are cops! Run! Hit the deck! Whatever.

            It's also understandable why the cops shot back, once they were getting shot at. Though not the way Hankinson did, though that sort of thing has been excused in the past. Times have changed. Despite that, I don't see a murder in those sets of facts, and therefore not bringing a murder charge to the Grand Jury isn't lying, nor is it a travesty of justice.

            1. Pretty much where I’m at.

              When we have a case where a valid claim of self defense can be made by both parties, something is amiss with the law.

        2. "Hyperbole much? If the boyfriend fired first, the cops were not exercising excessive force by firing back, even if they didn’t announce. It sucks, but that is the precedent."

          No, it is a travesty because the AG insisted that the jury looked at the evidence and declined to charge them, and used "Witness accounts" of them announcing their presence as justification. If the reports are true, that isn't what happened at all. Evidence didn't matter because the Grand Jury was not given the option to indict.

      3. I am definitely not taking a side here. When the State Attorney said he didn't let them consider murder because those charges could not be sustained in court, it tracked. We've seen how that plays out many times before.

        1. OK, me neither, I guess.

      4. Well, how can you indict the cops who DIDNT shoot her for murder? What would be the legal basis for such a charge?

        1. Critical race theory?

      5. "the police never announced themselves"

        What difference does that make? Anyone can yell "POLICE" as they're breaking into your house. A reasonable man would not just assume it's true.

        1. The difference is that it is being used by people, including the AG and millions of cop defenders on the internet, to insist that Walker shooting at them meant Taylor's death was his fault.

          I cannot count the number of times I have read comments stating, "They announced themselves, witnesses heard it. Once police identify themselves, you are not allowed to shoot at them!"

          The AG deliberately put this questionable narrative out there to allow this level of dissembling and it is pretty sickening.

          1. As somebody here put it, just saying "POLICE" isn't proof that you're police. Showing badges or having flashing lights or SOMETHING has to be done to establish you are ACTUALLY police, not just somebody screaming it to start a robbery.

  8. Subway bread loaves contain too much sugar to be defined as bread under Ireland's Value Added Tax Act of 1972, which defines "staple foods."

    "And don't even get us started on King's Hawaiian 'Bread'!"

    1. I guess challah is out too.

        1. I think we’ll Passover that one.
          Well matzoh luck with that.

    2. They should rename them donut loaves. Sales would double.

      1. I wonder if they could call it mana or if the Irish don't have a sense of humor about that.

    3. Let them eat cake.

      1. Or taters.

    4. King's Hawaiian are the best mass-produced dinner rolls on the market. Bar none.

  9. "Under the revised HEROES Act, adults under a certain income threshold would each get a $1,200 check, plus an additional $500 for each dependent. The measure would also re-institute the extra $600 per week for people on unemployment..."

    So if Trump sending Medicare recipients $200 debit cards to be used for medicine was bribery, what's this?

    1. One is just the President doing it illegally and the other is a bipartisan effort using legal methods.

      1. iMPEACH!

      2. Since when did Democrats have a problem with gibs provided by illegal means?

  10. Sorry, Joe Biden, You’re Not The Democratic Party, Just Its Facade

    This used to work for Democrats where the Democrat politician for president acted like he controlled the Party of slavery. The Socialists ,Communists, and gangsters always controlled the Democrat Party.

    America is not falling for it anymore. Trump will pick up more states than in 2016.

    1. Audience for Trump-Biden debate falls short of 2016 record

      HAHA. Democrats didnt want to see Sleepy Joe gets his ass kicked on stage like he did.

      Trump is winning more states than in 2016. MAGA

  11. Subway bread loaves contain too much sugar to be defined as bread...

    But if it ferments they can call it a staple food.

    1. Bread with an alcohol content? I'd have to try that.

      1. It's called Guinness

    2. Another day.

      REASON knows all about bread in Ireland (and cares) but Hunter Biden does not exist.

  12. Never assume that the audience is more easily swayed by mass media messages than you are unless you've collected genuine data that proves that point.

    Anecdotal evidence count?

    1. If I had a nickel every time I saw someone use anecdotal evidence to prove a point, I would have more money than Donald Trump got from his daddy. And the joke here is that I am using anecdotal evidence to complain that people use anecdotal evidence too much to try to prove statistical facts.

    2. Lefties love them some anecdotes to "prove" Hillary will be the next President.

    3. Anecdotal evidence is the best evidence, especially when it's anonymously sourced.

    1. I remember who submitted the torturers name to get the job. Geez wiz, I'm really surprised that someone who lacks the morals to not to torture another human being is a snake as well.

  13. Lest anyone think legislators learned from complaints about all the crony corporate goodies packed into the CARES Act, the new HEROES Act promises additional funds for the air travel industry and other specific industries.

    Moneyed interests are the true heroes.

    1. The airlines literally carried the COVID virus around the world. They took profits for years and years, when the possibility of a pandemic affecting their business has been a known liability for their entire existence. They should have either created a pandemic fund or tried to convince an insurance carrier to cover the risk.

      They got rich and now want the public to assume their risk. Free market says fuck those guys.

      1. I thought the airlines transported people. Who knew they had a microbe section.

        1. I never implied that airlines were accountable for transporting the virus, but they were most definitely the primary vector. The idea that any highly communicable disease would effectively shut down the primary vector of transmission is not novel and should have been taken into account in their business plans decades ago.

          1. Same with movie theaters, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. They all got “rich” too, right?

            1. What the fuck is your point? Are the rest of us supposed to bail out every business that can't plan ahead? The airlines got bailed out after 9/11. They knew similar shit could happen again and yet here they are again lining up at the trough. Fuck them!

              At least the rest have the excuse that they couldn't have predicted the government would shut their businesses down over a virus. It was inevitable for the airlines.

              1. Open and run your own place for a while. Let us know about your crystal ball forecasts work for you.

  14. U.S. economy contracts at 31.4% annualized rate in second quarter

    Thus assuring that Trump's 4 year GDP average will be the WORST since the Great Depression.

    Question for you Peanuts: Since the Con Man cannot run on his economic record will White Supremacy be enough for him to squeek out a win in the electoral college again?

    1. Corona virus moots that completely. Sorry.

    2. That’s what makes it supreme.

    3. If anyone was wondering if there was a bigger attention whore out there than Trump, we give you SPB and SPB-2. Never a finer proof of Poe's Law has there ever been.

      1. Question for you Peanuts: Since the Con Man cannot run on his economic record will White Supremacy be enough for him to squeek out a win in the electoral college again?

        1. "cannot run on his economic record"

          Why not? It was awesome.

          1. Trump’s Economic Growth Is Slower Than Obama’s Last 3 Years


            BEFORE the TrumpVirus hit.

            1. Not getting you, Obama was awful for those three years and Trump was worse? Numbers look pretty good for both of em, even with the arbitrary natire of your sample in mind.

        2. Youre not an economist. Drop out from too much time on dark web searches?

          1. For 2019 GDP growth was 2.3%, which is down from 2.9% in 2018 and just below 2.4% in 2017, Trump’s first year in office.


            Average 2020 at NEGATIVE GDP and Trump will have the worst economic growth record since The Great Depression.

            At 1% growth or less.


            The deficit is up 600% and growth is 1% after spending trillions on handouts.

            Worst since the 1930s.

            1. If only Trump hadn't shut down the economy in all those rip-roaring Democrat-voting areas out of spite!

            2. Now explain why it's Trump's fault.

      2. Watch BUttplugger try to deny how great the "Trump" economy was before Kungflu and is now.

        1. Sure enough. Buttplugger beat me by 2 minutes.

          1. the average growth the last 18 months under Obama was under 2% dummy.

            1. Shriek doesn't click past the link unless it's a screen capture of Epstein's video archive.

              1. You copypasta'd that already, hicklib.

              2. Nuttplug really thinks nobody knows about the Covid shutdown of the global economy and that it isn't just an American phenomenon.

                You could almost admire his tenacity, if he wasn't so retarded.

    4. New projections are forecasting U.S. GDP to grow by around 20% on an annualized basis in the third quarter

      Fucking idiot.

  15. Pundits like to talk about people in groups because the are mindless retards. It works in some cases. Like we know from team d that all blacks share the same views on everything, and are interchangeable. This is also true for mexicans and Asians. As soon as you are prescribed a group you better get on line with the group think. Any actual thought is beyond the mental ability of journalists, as we all know most of them are retarded

    1. And apparently racist .

    2. if you don't think the way the media wants you to think, you ain't black

  16. Comey: It’s Not My Job To Make Sure FISA Applications Are Accurate

    The Constitution is clear on the basics. Once we allowed our government to stray from transparent 4th Amendment requirements to search and seizure, where we are was predictable.

    The Founders predicted that if we gave up rights for security, we would have neither.

    1. Every day reveals more evidence how smart the founding father were.

      1. The Founders obviously had their problems but they they could manage those problems. Slavery was a huge elephant in the room.

        Huge bloated government, runaway national debt, endless wars, militarized police, over-regulation....all cause insurmountable problems for Americans.

      2. And Orwell

    2. “Does the FBI director have any responsibility to make sure the facts are right when they’re given to the court?” Graham asked.

      “Not in connection with the certification,” Comey said referring to a certification he signed off on for an affidavit related to the FISA application.

      That is most definitely a violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He is either stupid, grossly incompetent, or a criminal actor.

      1. "... stupid, grossly incompetent, or a criminal actor."

        YES. All those.

      2. Hawley absolutely crushed him.

    3. Technically, he's right--he doesn't have to look over each one personally.

      But it is his responsibility to make sure his staff are, you know, NOT FUCKING LYING to get FISA warrants approved. Especially when your boss is running a ginned-up gayop to justify spying on the incoming administration and attempting to leverage their shitthatdidnthappen.txt into criminal charges--all because they're butt-blasted that they got clanged by a bunch of internet trolls due to their criminal lack of INFOSEC.

      1. In this case he was informed the information was from political rivals. He chose to continue.

      2. “Not in connection with the certification,” Comey said referring to a certification he signed off on

        This is a document Comey himself certified. Do we need to go hunting for a legal definition of certification? Because to a layman, it is an acknowledgment that the information being presented is factual.

        1. Not that he wasn't necessarily complicit in this whole thing, but at the same time, some office chief pencil-whipping on something in this day and age isn't exactly uncommon. Back when these offices were smaller or non-existent, they had a lot more time to look things over and verify what they were endorsing.

          Even in the military, "write up this memo/report and I'll sign off on it" is depressingly frequent.

          1. Doesn't matter, the purpose of a signature is signing off that you can be held responsible for whatever you signed off on. If you don't have time to look at the document you sign off on, then that's your problem. If your current method of signatures is going to lead you to being held responsible for something bad, then you need to change how you decide what you sign and what you don't.

            1. Wells Fargo agrees with this.

          2. I know what you are saying. It's just that whole point of 'certification' is to create a responsible party to increase the trust in a document. It is along the same lines as professional liability. Comey is basically saying, 'all I was certifying was that my underling filled out a form'. WTF?

            1. No question that he's doing a CYA job here. "I was complicit in trying to effect a palace coup before and during the current President's time in office" isn't exactly a good look.

  17. The Swiss city of Geneva introduces a minimum wage of $25 an hour, equal to roughly $4,100 a month for a 41-hour working week.
    Nearly two-thirds of the canton of Geneva voted in favor of introducing the minimum wage, which is reported to be the highest in the world. The measure had actually been rejected by voters in 2011 and 2014. “Covid has shown that a certain section of the Swiss population cannot live in Geneva”

    1. We must close the wage gap!

    2. Geneva is upset that they are only #9 on the list of most expensive cities.

      1. A Swiss guy I met who was working abroad in the hotel industry told me that it was very nice but no opportunities. Job market was fossilized. Even if you could get something no chance to move up.

    3. Corrupt cities housing corrupt power can often fund these insane measures as the governments they host funnel tax funds to those regions.

    4. Any mention of how much this will increase tax revenue?

      1. And what about chocolate and those tiny cups of expresso in sidewalk cafes?

    5. 66% wolves and 33% sheep voting on what's for dinner.

  18. it adds funds for Democratic desires that have nothing to do with the pandemic

    , so that when Trump vetoes it the Dems can say he hates the American People.

  19. "Under the revised HEROES Act, adults under a certain income threshold would each get a $1,200 check, plus an additional $500 for each dependent."

    Damn it Reason! Do your job and report what that threshold is!
    How can I decide which way to vote all my mail in ballots without knowing if I qualify for the free money?

  20. DOJ is about to sue Google:

    If this is true, their main complaint is that Google puts its competitors at a disadvantage by *not* sharing its user data with them.

    I know a lot of the people on the right hate Google (and for good reason). But this is exactly what I have warned about. This is straight up Senator Palpatine bullshit. I don't know if Microsoft is pulling the strings, or some data-sharing platform, or if this is a straight up play by intelligence companies to get Google's data shared with the government, but it is insane.

    If you want to hurt Google so bad that you are willing to endorse FORCING google to share your personal data with its competitors, then you are too far gone to save. I agree that google probably has too much data, but the answer is absolutely NOT to get that data made available to everyone. Someone is using right-wing outrage to embark on a terrifying invasion of our privacy.

    1. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    2. If Google was around in 1935 the would have built the best jew tracker app

      1. Misek hardest hit.

      2. That's a Bingo!

      3. Now they have to settle for Uyghurs trackers.

    3. Requiring your competitors to share their customer data, such as the case with Amazon, so they can have a leg up in the market place is anti free market. The market is not on a level playing field.

      1. And by this I would rather require limits on Google data collection especially given their practices of ignoring opt outs or tracking users using private mode through unique link names to act as cookies. Google is not a good actor. They act against their users privacy preferences.

      2. This really smacks of someone behind the scenes trying to orchestrate a forced data-sharing service. Google's competitors will love the idea because it allows them to access G's pervasive data gathering on pretty much everyone in the world. But google themselves will also benefit from it because they can use others' data to fill in blind spots.

        But the real question mark is Government. If they have access to this central data mart, it is all over. They will have everything they need to know about you whenever they want.

        1. Did you miss the revolving door between the Obama administration and Google?
          Government already has whatever they want from them. Or at least a certain faction within government does.

  21. The Presidential Debate Commission Tried, And Failed, To Ambush Trump

    Trump did an outstanding job of thinking on his feet and countering the ambush by ridiculous questions like the Trump tax returns. It was a last minute addition and nothing but a NYT hit story without support.

    Lefties still do not understand why most Americans dont give a shit about Trump's taxes and returns.

    Because you are lying pieces of shit Democrats and the MSM. Americans don't believe you anymore.

    1. Here Are The 11 Dumbest, Most Slanted Questions Asked By Chris Wallace

      I just wanted one question added:
      Ex-Vice president Joe Biden, when will you stop fucking your family dog?

      1. Trump just had the Ku Klux Klan designated as a terrorist organization and Wallace has the balls to ask him "Will you condemn white supremacists?".

        1. Trump's daddy was in the KKK. He was arrested in 1927 at a Klan rally.

          1. Trump's Secret Service code name is 'Grand Wizard'.

            1. Ok so yeah Fake Chipper is also Fake Screech.

          2. Lefty citations always fall off.

            1. KKK or the Klan, is an American white supremacist hate group whose primary targets are African Americans, as well as Jews, immigrants, leftists, homosexuals, and, until recently, Catholics.

              The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, on December 24, 1865, by six former officers of the Confederate army:Frank McCord, Richard Reed, John Lester, John Kennedy, J. Calvin Jones and James Crowe. (DEMOCRATS)

              1. >>All the Evidence We Could Find About Fred Trump's Alleged Involvement with the KKK

                I'll bite

                >>Newspaper clips obtained by VICE suggest the Republican frontrunner's father may have worn the robe and hood of a Klansman in 1927.

                that ain't much

                1. A Republican clansman in 1927? Not likely. How dare Vice conflate the storied history of the Democrat party!

                2. If only he had been a Democrat and worn it in the 80s, then we could have forgiven him

                3. >>that ain’t much

                  was probably Halloween.

              2. "a Klan rally in Jamaica, Queens, when "1,000 Klansmen and 100 policemen staged a free-for-all," in the streets. Donald Trump's father would have been 21 in 1927 and had spent most of his life in Queens.

                As Boing Boing pointed out, the Times account simply names Fred Trump as one of the individuals arrested at the rally, and it states that he was released without charges, leaving room for the possibility that he "may have been an innocent bystander, falsely named, or otherwise the victim of mistaken identity during or following a chaotic event."

                Huh. You have superhard evidence that his father was a Klan member there. Make sure to show it to everyone.

                Now answer why Trump, who has Jewish kids and grandkids, and just had the Ku Klux Klan designated as a terrorist organization, is a klansman.

                1. Now that you've shown him to be ignorant he will return and say he was kidding.

                  1. Naw, he'll double down.
                    Evidence is irrelevant to these psychotics.

                2. Don't they have a bunch of photos showing Joe Biden french-kissing the Negro-Lynching Grand Kleagle Robt Byrd while lauding him as the conscience of the Democratic Party?

                  1. "That's different because shut up!"

          3. Is that a sin that carries to the seventh generation?

          4. Haha. You proggies sure do like to live in the past.

            “Please tell us another story about slavery, chipper, oh wont you please?”

        2. If Trump had stopped right then in the debate and said something like

          "Let me put this to rest. I despise white supremacists. I disavow any support from white supremacists. If you are a white supremacist, don't vote for me, because I do not want your support. Just crawl away and let you backwards notions fade from the face of the earth."

          the MSM would have proclaimed that he was using a coded "dog-whistle" to rustle up even MORE white supremacist support.

          1. They would have had an aneurysm no matter what he said, especially for a loaded question like that.

            At this point, "white supremacist" has all the same meaning as "fascist," in the same style Orwell wrote about.

            1. At this point, “white supremacist” has all the same meaning as “fascist,” means "anyone who won't bend the knee for BLM" in the same style Orwell wrote about.


  22. Remote learning has given me a look at what and how the local schools teach. My daughter is in 3rd grade. I am pleasantly surprised as I overhear her current lesson on opportunity costs.

    1. Is that so? Any lessons from Bastiat?

      1. No broken windows yet. The lessons are simplified, but I've been happy so far with what I've overheard with the civics and economics lessons. The school hasn't gone woke.

        1. Private school?

          1. Public school in exurban Virginia.

        2. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about my kid’s private school that recently went full blown woke, even going so far as suggesting that parents also read the shitty “anti-racist“ book they’re now required to read.

          I just told my son to keep his head down, and listen just enough to pass the test.

  23. Forbes Magazine:

    White Supremacists, Domestic Terrorists Pose Biggest Threat Of ‘Lethal Violence’ This Election, DHS Assessment Finds

    As the Trump administration continues to publicly downplay the role of the far-right in inciting violence, a recent Department of Homeland Security assessment leaked to The Nation describes “lone offender white supremacist extremists” as posing “the greatest threat of lethal violence” in the 2020 election.

    DHS says far right terrorism is greatest threat?

    Quick Trumpsters! Go cancel Forbes out!

    1. Their reporting on an article from the fucking Nation, replete with "anonymous sources" again, you stupid shit.

      Did you even read it?

      "“As soon as Trump came in, counterterrorism ended,” said the anonymous DHS I&A intelligence officer in an interview with The Nation, referencing Trump’s dissolution of the DHS domestic terrorism division."

      Oh no! Homeland Security got a budget cut.

      Department of Homeland Security assessment leaked to The (fucking) Nation describes “lone offender white supremacist extremists” as posing “the greatest threat of lethal violence”

      Oh yeah! this dink thinks lone wolf gunman might be worse than months of looting, assault and arson.

      1. To be fair, White men are the biggest threat to Socialists taking over in the USA.

        To a Socialist, this is much scarier than Democrats burning down Mom & Pops businesses and trying to beat Americans.

      2. Wal St Journal suit you?

        FBI Director Flags Worries Over Russian Election Meddling, White Supremacists
        FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted concerns about white supremacists and Russia’s meddling in the presidential election to hurt Joe Biden in a wide-ranging hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee.

        Mr. Wray said Russia is attempting to influence the election via social and state media, among other methods, “to sow divisiveness and discord” and “primarily to denigrate Vice President Biden and what the Russians see as kind of an anti-Russian establishment.”

        The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently flagged Russian influence accounts to Facebook and Twitter, which removed them before they could gather a broad following, Mr. Wray said. Russia doesn’t appear to have targeted election infrastructure so far, as it did in 2016, he added. Spokespeople for Facebook and Twitter said they have been working with the FBI.

        1. The 2 sources are 1 the dhs that is pissed their budget got cut, and 2 the FBI which hasn't said a true thing in the last 40 years, an stopped covering up their lies in the last 6

          1. FAKE NEWS!


            1. I like how Democrats now consider the FBI and the CIA to be sources of truth beyond reproach.

              1. I can cite hundreds of far right murders like Dylann Roof and the Pittsburgh synagogue killer.

                And I'm not a Democrat. I hate progressives and much as I hate conservatives.

                Bernie Sanders policies are worse than Trumps.

                1. "Hundreds"

                  1. Still lagging behind black gang-bangers, though...

                2. Yet you continue to not do so. Or are you going to link to the lefty list that includes black people killing white people in robberies as white supremacy again?

                3. I’m not a Democrat. I hate progressives

                  The fuck you aren't. You're not fooling anyone.

                4. I thought Dylann Roof was you're hero, Buttplug? He shot up a church. Same for Bowers and the Pittsburgh synagogue.
                  Outside of little kids, I thought nothing gets you harder than dead Xtians and Orthodox Jews.

                  Also, why would conservatives shoot up houses of worship? Here in the West that's the progressive's game. The DNC's been attacking churches since the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. You own those sociopaths Plug.

            2. How about take the libritarian approch and assume all Gov employees and agencies will lie to increase their power prestige and budget?

            3. Wray claims FBI sees 'anarchists like Antifa' exploiting George Floyd protests
              Washington Post Washington Post•June 4, 2020


        2. It's not Forbes, you illiterate asshole, it's The Nation that's reporting it. Forbes is reporting that this is what The Nation is saying.

          Fucking moron.

          1. Same with the WSJ.

            1. The source is DHS/FBI you imbecile.

              Stay in Canada you Celine Dion freak.

              1. it is one anonymous source dumbfuck. How often have they been wrong.

              2. The source is The Nation you retard. They quote an "anonymous" guy purportedly with the Department of Reich Homeland Security for the alleged text.

    2. Based on a report from Richard Steele.

      1. I wouldn't be surprised.

    3. Well, to be fair, Antifa are white supremacists--those faggots are whiter than Caspar in a blizzard.

    4. So antifa has shot someone and had another person charged with attempted murder for driving through trump supporters.. hundreds of millions in arson. 400 cops injured, a half dozen shot.

      Not a threat. Got it.

    5. Oh, my! How alarming! Please do keep an eye on that and let us know how it turns out!

      Haha. When you’re not living in the past you’re dreaming of future scenarios to whine about.

      Everything is so terrible and unfair!

  24. More bad economic news.

    Elon Musk has accumulated more wealth this year ($76.3 billion) than Charles Koch has in his entire life ($55.0 billion).

    This is the kind of inequality that Koch / Reason libertarianism will not tolerate. We do not accept an economy in which only a lucky few billionaires prosper. Rather, we demand an economy in which all billionaires prosper.


    1. $75 billion minimum wage!

    2. #TrumpWorstGDPsinceGreatDepression

      1. Tell me again why we should shut everything down because Covid, Nuttplug.

        1. Because then we can point out how bad the economy was under Trump?

  25. The U.S. Navy SEALs and the Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) recently changed their ethos and creed statements to reflect a gender-neutral presentation of the elite Navy outfits, doing away with gendered terms like “brotherhood.”

    Stroup confirmed, “To date, no women completed the SEAL or SWCC qualification training pipelines.”

    Give it time. If the Lefties had their way, SEALs would lower their standards to allow women to be "equal", even though they cannot do the current physical standards.

    ENB and her feminist idiots hardest hit!

    1. doing away with gendered terms like “brotherhood.”

      How long before they adopt terms like 'travelling pants'?

  26. I swear I'm not making this up -- a bald eagle just flew two laps around the yard and landed in the tree above where she will be speaking. Her first words "Boy! Are my wings tired!"

    1. Sounds kinda culty. All hail God-emperor Jo

    2. Eagle nesting site? The EPA will be along shortly to evict you from your home.

  27. I'm at the @Jorgensen4POTUS event in Alexandria VA tonight and -- I swear I'm not making this up -- a bald eagle just flew two laps around the yard and landed in the tree above where she will be speaking.

    Relax dude it's a bald eagle, it's not like you saw a Brewster's warbler in breeding plumage.

    1. And shit on here head?

      1. *her*

    2. Jean Keene - Bald Eagle Lady

      This Lady might call you an amateur.

    3. A pair of bald eagles nested by my lake cabin this year. Maybe I'm going to be president too.

      1. In the northwest, they're large rats with feathers.

        1. Haha. Yup. I see em every day. Maybe imma run for prez too!

  28. Borat Congratulates ‘Premier Trump’ on Great Debate Victory


    The Trump campaign was not the only group to prematurely congratulate the president on his debate “win” over former Vice President Joe Biden.

    About 45 minutes before the two men were set to hit the stage, a mysterious new Twitter account representing the Republic of Kazakhstan posted a video along with the message, “Congratulation to great friend of the Kazakh people @realDonaldTrump for winning debate today! Impressive and amazing result for a strong premier who always put America and Kazakhstan first!”

    “Black guys love him so much they kneel before him,” Borat continues as photos of NFL players taking a knee for racial justice appear on screen.

    As footage of Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein plays, he says, “He protector of women.” Multiple times during the video Borat insists Trump “never had stroke” while showing video of him struggling to lift a water glass with one hand.

    1. Ah, yes, citing an asshole whose career consists of make asses of shitbags like you.


        1. Stuff your TDS up your ass, turd.

          1. #TrumpWorstGDPsinceGreatDepression

            1. Stuff your TDS up your ass sideways, turd.

              1. Go take your Droxy and Drano like Trump said to do, Sevo. You woke up all cranky today.

                1. Youre what jeff hopes to be some day.

                2. Go suck some kid's dick, turd

                  1. Too late. Already did that.

  29. An incremental creep toward some form of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) with a never ceasing "state of emergency" as justification. Once giant likes WalMart and Amazon are the only game in town, nationalize them. "Redeem your UBI for goods and produce!"

    Our entire economy is going to be one giant Dave and Buster's.

    1. 830,000 new QE claims + Trump Welfare Act = Dave & Busters EPS gains.

      1. "Democrats Propose $2.2 Trillion More for Coronavirus Relief and Other Pet Projects"

        Stuff your TDS up your ass, turd.

        1. Trump doing his Bernie Sanders imitation and you approve.

          1. Stuff your TDS up your ass, turd.

    2. While UBI is an unlibertarian idea, I can see it being preferable to the dozens of poorly run safety net programs we have now. If we got rid of HUD, food stamps, social security, medicare & medicaid, and all the other ways in which government redistributes wealth and just made 1 poorly run program where they do it it might be a net benefit in terms of how much robbery they have to do to fund it.

      That's not what will happen of course, we'll get UBI on top of all the other programs, but a man can dream.

      1. If they adopted UBI and did away with all the other programs, the criminals would have to resort to stealing directly from the recipients. I suppose it is more honest at least. And it would certainly get people to vote for law and order.

        The question is, what to do when people quit working altogether. I suppose we could make a plan for that. 5 years sounds like a good amount of time to plan for.

        1. The key is to make it so UBI doesn't give you some lavish lifestyle. It might allow you to afford to live with 6 other dudes in a small apartment in flyover country and eat ramen every night. If we're being spendy maybe you can afford a used Camry to go along with it.

          That's enough incentive for people to keep working.

          1. The oft-cited angelic single mom cannot live with 6 dudes.

            What of her, I ask, and what of the children? Have you no heart?

        2. "The question is, what to do when people quit working altogether."

          You force them to work -- preferably, outdoors ... in large open air camps, with guards.

          1. You force them to work — preferably, outdoors

            We could call the civil effort to get the jobless out working on farms collecting food that can't be harvested by machine 'collectivization'. It sounds like 'collecting' and 'civilization' put together. It has a nice ring to it.

            As a bonus, once we have Americans doing 'those jobs' there won't be any illegal immigration anymore.

            This is what you call a win-win-win scenario!

  30. The black Latino international chairman for the Proud Boys keeps wondering why democrats are calling him a white supremacist.

    Meanwhile young white people calling black cops the N word is anti racist. Blue checkmark liberal reporters calling Sen Scott an Uncle Tom is racial sensitivity.

    1. Proud Boys? I thought it was Juggalos.

      1. Whatever.

        Christian Jihadists. Crusaders. Wahhabi Christians. Dominionists. Theocrats. Conservatives. All the same shit.

        1. Stuff your TDS up your ass, turd.

        2. Sons of Liberty?

        3. Jihadists, Wahhabi

          I thought they were your heroes, Plug. Ever since you nutted to that video of them beheading Egyptian Coptic Christians on the beach.

          1. I like beaches.

        4. Cleveland Browns fans, libertarians, and people who put pineapple on pizza. Loonies every one of them

    2. Mr Tarrio added: "I'm a 'person of colour', I'm a brown person, I'm chairman of the organisation [and] I got voted in..."

      Yet, just this morning NPR was going full tilt on 'Proud Boys, a white supremacist organization'.

      1. They don't care that they're lying anymore, because their audience wants them to lie.
        Their audience doesn't give a fuck about truth but simply wants fodder to feed their unwarranted arrogance and build their hatreds and resentment of anyone who stands in their way (the proles).
        Supply and demand.

        1. "They don’t care that they’re lying anymore, because their audience wants them to lie."


        2. This is what I've personally seen with progressives I know. The "truth" is whatever feeds their rage. Facts don't matter. Even family members I thought were still capable of somewhat neutral judgment lately seem to have gone all-in with the partisan tribalism. It's disturbing. With those family members, it's so clear to me that they won't listen to anything other than the Narrative that I've chosen disengagement, and of course not even that is good enough. They can tell from my silence that I don't agree with them, and they can't let it go.

          1. “We chose truth over facts”.
            J Biden

          2. I guess if you really want to drive them insane, you could always ghost them.

    3. their own website lists "Anti-Racists" as one of their tenets. WTF how did these guys end up getting smeared as white supremacists?

      1. Because I'd guess internal polling shows Trump getting significant black support, so they need to desperately throw the white supremacist narrative out there.
        On top of that, the Boogaloo boogeyman bombed because it turned out they were pretty much only seen at riots allied with blmantifa.
        On top of both, the Proud Boys stand up to blmantifa. Can't let anyone get the idea that it's ok to pushback against their brownblackshirt street army.

      2. how did these guys end up getting smeared

        Because the FBI needs to justify an ever expanding budget in the era of marijuana decriminalization? Racial profiling is verboten, so they are stuck profiling white folk as domestic terrorists.

      3. Because they're right wingers and all right wingers are Nazis.

      4. Actually a lot of lefties consider libertarians to be racist right wingers.

        1. Yes, nothing enrages a prog more than the notion of “you take care of you, and I’ll take care of me.” Smacks of white privilege and racism, I guess. Not to mention that it leaves no room for pandering and virtue signaling.

          The horrors!

  31. The worst thing about the new $2.2 trillion stimulus proposal is the same thing that was the worst thing about the the $3.5 trillion stimulus proposal--the bailout for the states.

    The $3.5 trillion stimulus proposal bailed out the states to the tune of $1 trillion. The new Democrat proposal contains about $500 billion bailout of the states. The Republicans in the Senate refuse to bail out the pensions systems, etc. of states like California, Illinois, and New York with federal tax dollars from other states, and it is unlikely that they will consent to it this time either--no matter what President Trump does.

    Thank God for the Senate Republicans, and if Biden wins, they'll be the only thing standing between us and bailing out the states, the Green New Deal, and packing the Supreme Court.

    P.S. TARP was $700 billion. If bailing out banks and deadbeat homebuyers was controversial enough to spark the Tea Party movement, being forced to bail out California's and New York's outrageous government spending levels, especially on things like pensions, should be even more controversial and produce an even bigger reaction. Every American who isn't in California, Illinois, or New York state should oppose bailing out the states--and every overburdened taxpayer in those three states should hope the bailouts are averted so that the states have nothing left to do but cut spending. Raising taxes won't even get them more revenue at this point. It will just chase more people out of those three states.

    1. I'm really, really, hoping this bailout doesn't go through. If we can just hold out until the states have to start opening back up, the cover for demanding a bailout will disappear.

    2. It is 700 billion to states. 200 billion is hidden in school grants which let states shift money from state funds to other sources.

    3. Did you see Cuomo's 'this is Trump's deficit' the other day. That fucker killed Grandma and his brother and their co-conspirators are giving him a free pass to with blame his own reaction to COVID and the public pension deficit on Trump.

      We have reached full 'Ayn Rand dystopia' in America.

    4. This is insanity. It needs to be stripped down to essentials. Even POTUS Trump saying 1.5T was completely excessive, IMO.

    5. I said it before and I’ll say it again: when the left wing scumbags deliberately destroyed our humming economy because it was their only prayer to get back in power, and then starting holding our country hostage, the only proper response was to tell them to eat shit and die. Trump and the republicans giving it to their extortion and blackmail tactics with a $3 trillion expansion of the welfare state was his worst decision by miles. You never, ever reward terrorists.

      Had he done what he should have, I think there’s a pretty decent chance they would have surrendered and reopened the economy by now.

  32. We, by no means, want to use the wu-flu as a political tool, right?

    "Facing deep racial disparities, California unveils equity road map counties must follow to reopen"
    "California public health officials Wednesday evening revealed the final metric that counties must meet before they can further reopen their economies. It’s a complicated marker meant to ensure that communities of color no longer bear the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic.
    The new “health equity” measurement had been promised by state officials for several weeks, since California’s new color-coded tier system for economic and social reopening was announced.
    It was not immediately clear how the metric would affect Bay Area counties’ ability to progress toward reopening, though it appears that many regions will struggle to bridge large health disparities that mostly impact Latino, Black and Pacific Islander communities...."

  33. There was a Ted Talk where a guy with a head mic said the U.S. could enrich the world by printing money and sending it to them. His proof: we print money now and look how prosperous we are.

    Using that logic I don't see why we couldn't make California prosperous by printing money and sending it to them.

    1. There was a Ted Talk where a guy with a head mic said the U.S. could enrich the world by printing money and sending it to them. His proof: we print money now and look how prosperous we are.

      Keep in mind these are the same people bitching about the wealth gap and how there's nowhere to live in their urban behavioral sinks that doesn't cost an entire month's paycheck for working-class people.

      There's literally no argument by the left that's made in good faith.

      1. I think their latest argument about wanting to destroy the Nuclear Family is made in good faith.

        1. No Nukes, man. we need Renewable families

          1. this is funny.

        2. Pretty sure Buttplug, Kirkland, Tony and ChemJeff's arguments for destroying Christianity are made in good faith, too.
          They just lie about the details.

          1. Christianity is pretty well dead. We have a new religion now.

  34. After the Democrat-backed Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act went nowhere in May, liberal leaders in Congress are now trying to revive it.

    - Just for one day.

  35. the $600/week was absurd the first time, and it is even more absurd now. even in the states with the lowest unemployment payouts, this results in people taking home a minimum of the equivalent of over $20/hr. i know they want to use this thing to backdoor in some form of basic income, but they need to be stopped. i could understand if they wanted to provide a small increase in those low maximum states, but $600 is absurd.

  36. yeah I like my meatball samwiches on footlong donuts what's the fucking problem?

    1. USA! USA! USA!

  37. I like the bald eagle story with Jo Jo. Then there was the thing where she was bit by the bat.

    I kinda wonder if she will show up with dragons on her shoulders at some point.

    1. >>bit by the bat.

      Jo caused the covids.

      1. Or it turned her into Joptera goddess of the flying dangerous animals which she will reveal to us just before Election Day as she flies to her throne in Washington.

        1. would be much awesomer.

        2. She already bent the knee though

  38. Boehm stealing from PJ O'Rourke.

    1. Nope I'm wrong that was Dave Barry. My bad.

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