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Trump's 1776 Commission to 'Promote Patriotic Education' Is Executive Overreach

Plus: Child mortality has dropped sharply, progressives have retro ideas about sex, farmers get $14 billion, and more...


The federal government shouldn't dictate what local schools across the country teachand in the past, conservatives have rightly denounced the idea that it should. Here, for instance, is Phyllis Schlafly in 2014 railing against Obama-era Common Core standards, which Schlafly saw as an "attempt to compel all U.S. children to be taught the same material and not taught other things parents might think important." Yet like so many other conservative principles, this one seems to have fallen by the wayside in the Trump era. Now, President Donald Trump is announcing plans for (yet another!) executive order, this one to create a "patriotic education" curriculum for U.S. public schools.

"Today I'm also pleased to announce that I will soon sign an executive order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education," Trump said Thursday in a speech at the National Archives Museum. "It will be called the 1776 Commission."

Trump opined that "American parents are not going to accept indoctrination in our schools"…while detailing his own plan for more indoctrination into our schools.

Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) has the right idea about this:

Not only is Trump's plan an attempt to impose curriculum on local school districts across the country with merely the president's pen and phone, but that curriculum sounds like the sort of propaganda we've come to expect from authoritarian regimes.

If Trump's announcement speech is any indication, the kind of "patriotism" the president has in mind comes with a hefty dose of MAGA rhetoric about the "anti-American" left trying to indoctrinate small children with "Marxist doctrine holding that America is a wicked and racist nation."

"It is so urgent that we finally restore patriotic education to our schools," Trump continued. "Under our leadership, the National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded a grant to support the development of a pro-American curriculum that celebrates the truth about our nation's great history."

The curriculum "will encourage our educators to teach our children about the miracle of American history and make plans to honor the 250th anniversary of our founding," he added.

There's of course nothing wrong with honoring America's roots and teaching children about all the beautiful and positive things in American history. (And we currently do just that!) There's also nothing wrong with teaching the children the truth about all the ugliness in American history too. A good education should—in age-appropriate ways—encompass both.

Many schools fall short of this ideal at present. One way to ensure that gets even worse is to have whoever is in power in Washingtonbe that Trump, or Joe Biden, or some future unknown leadersetting an American history curriculum for every single student in every public school district across the country. Whoever is in charge, that's a recipe for a biased and propagandistic version of history.

Can individual states, cities, or school districts do much better? Some will, some won'tbut the beauty of a decentralized system is that 1) it's easier for parents and teachers to change the bad parts of a local curriculum than it is a national one, and 2) it leaves room for parents to pull their children out of schools that don't do well at this, or at something else, and enroll them a school that does better.

Ultimately, the best antidote for politicized lessons and public-school propaganda is school choice. When parents can choose between a range of local education optionstraditional public schools, traditional private schools, charter schools, online schools, small-group-based "education pods," homeschooling, etc.—we leave fewer kids trapped in schools whose values don't align with their families and communities—and less room for whoever is in the White House to try to set everyone's lessons from on high.


A reminder that the world is still getting better in some ways:


A cautionary tale:


  • "If you've ever read a Regency romance novel or watched a Jane Austen adaptation, you probably have a passing acquaintance with the trope of the ruined woman: that tragic victim of some caddish man who loved her, left her, and wrecked her societal resale value on his way out the door," writes Kat Rosenfield at Persuasion, in a very astute critique of the modern (liberal) version of this. "Today, the notion that sexual contact is degrading to women has become wrapped up in the contemporary progressive language of trauma and consent. The damage in question is emotional, not material, but the paternalistic message is the same: innocent women must be protected."
  • Three ways to improve school finances right now.
  • Tyler Cowen talks with Matt Yglesias about Yglesias' new book:

  • Meet the new boss…

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  1. It might be over-reach, but that BLM ideology is poison.

    1. Honestly her point is stupid and wrong anyway, jist take a look at the state of civics and you can see why.

      1. Consider: The 1619 project makes the case that there have been significant historical injustices that still echo in our society. With that in mind, the people need to consider the facts and context of these arguments and, potentially, act to address these injustices. Since one of the most prominent methods is a reparation system, which could include both money and property, it is not only within his power, but it is incumbent that the President to attempt to educate the people, and a national historical education program does that.

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        2. yeah, the 1776 proposal could just be a ploy to get the left to argue against federal educational mandates, which then undermines the 1619 federal educational mandate they have planned.

        3. The 1619 project is so completely factually deficient, that its instruction devolves to nothing but propaganda.

      2. Of course unreason has a crappy position.

        There should be no Dept of Ed. If there is to be then the fed should set a basic standard of math, reading American English, history, and Civics.

        Trump is trying to use pen and phone to force the lefties that run K-12 Academia to return to non-lies about the founding of the USA.

        unreason loved when Obama used pen and phone for DACA.

    2. Must bring balance to the Force.

    3. Hello.

      “How conservatives learned to love cancel culture.”

      You know Elizabeth was itching to use that line.

      I guess she expects them to be like early Christians and just take all the punches. Mind you, so impressive was their dedication to their sect and so admired was their resistance to persecution, people began to notice and even the Romans could but tip le chapeau to them. Heck, they even made Christianity official!

      1. Yeah that was more than a little silly

        Conservatives and intelligent Libertarians- “this cancel culture thing is bad for society, you guys should really rethink it”

        Democrats and ENB – “Fuck you we finally got some real power over you and we are going to wipe you out”

        Conservatives and intelligent Libertarians – “listen we’d rather not go scorched earth, everyone loses when that happens”

        Democrats and ENB – “Fuck you eat it!”

        Conservatives and intelligent Libertarians – “I guess you forced our hand”

        Democrats and ENB – “HAHA HYPOCRITES!!!”

        Conservatives and Libertarians – “You were just calling us white supremacists, take a knee and think about how little you two faced sons of bitches calling us hypocritical is worth”

        1. The demand to not play by current rules while seeking to change rules is weird.

          1. No, just standard pre-school social behavior.

          2. like if you owned a National League baseball team and you argued against add the Designated Hitter rule. You wouldn’t make your pitcher hit just to be consistent, if the other side had a DH who could mash.

        2. Notice reason and ENB in particular never really cared about the cancel culture until it came for a movie that used 10 year old girls in soft porn and a Marxist history program that is designed to teach kids lies about history and think the entire history of the country is based on racism.

          Your character is your priorities.

          1. Liar. Reason has run as metric shit-ton of articles critical of cancel culture. Quit lying, liar.

            1. They cared so much about the pizza place that was run out of business because it said it wouldn’t serve a gay wedding. First they came for the non gay friendly pizza parlors and I didn’t care. Then they came for the people who paid 10 year old girls to rub their crotches on film and the cultural Marxists and I cared a lot.

              Hashtag, profiles in courage.

              1. I know it’s Friday and all, but that’s no excuse to Irish your coffee.

                1. The drunk accuses others of his habits. Lol.

                  1. It’s literally 100% projection.

                    1. I quit working at shoprite and now I make $65-85 per/h. How? I’m working online! My work didn’t exactly make me happy so I decided to take a chance on something new…PHn after 4 years it was so hard to quit my day job but now I couldn’t be happier.

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              2. Yeh they seem to pick and choose their stories.

                Drogba nailed it. They’re sophomoric smart-alecs.

              3. I thought it was the pizza place that was having 10 YO girls rub crotches. I can’t keep these pizzerias straight.

                1. Wait…when I order pizza now, I have to specify “crotch or no crotch”??

                  Damn you, 2020!!

          2. That’s not really fair. Robby’s been reporting on this stuff for a while now, which is why it was so goofy that ENB brought his name up in that bitchy tweet thread.

            The disconnect with Cuties is, as you pointed out, that its defenders flat-out lied as to what it was trying to promote after it got mainstream attention. If it had remained among the rest of the obscure shit-tier “indie” movies they always show at Sundance and never been put on Netflix, it would have died in the obscurity. Instead, it got brought into the mainstream and became yet another example of Hollywood’s perpetual pedophilia fetish.

            1. Robby is the only one. Sulumn never wrote shit about the cancel culture. That is until they came for the people filming 10 year old girls twerking with each other.

              1. What an oddly specific criticism of Reason. “Well, OK, they have written about cancel culture, but, but, um, Sullum hasn’t.”

                1. It is a criticism of Sulumn. Again, you are what your priorities are. And we know what his are now.

                2. Do we know Robby even works for Reason?

                  1. Don’t have any idea if he is permanent staff, a contractor or whatever. But I’m not sure why it matters. He writes for Reason with, presumably, some form of compensation.

            2. Robby’s been reporting on this stuff for a while now,

              To be sure.

              1. Robby hasn’t used the phrase “to be sure” in quite some time. I think we shamed it out of him.

                1. I think so, too. One has to appreciate the little, teeny-tiny victories, I suppose.

            3. Robby has indeed.

              Also. I stand by anyone involved with ‘Cuties’ and defends it should get a beating.

          3. “Notice reason and ENB in particular never really cared about the cancel culture until…”

            That’s odd. What are all these articles then?


        3. That’s the thing–for all the screeching about Cheeto Hitler, history shows that you don’t get Hitler unless you have Weimar.

      2. This happens all the time, progressives find a new tool to make the world worse, use it to go after conservatives, then complain when conservitives use it too.
        FDR using the irs to go after people, then macarthy did it
        Obama uses fasebook and violates the tos to reach voters, then trump uses face book and now it’s bad.

        1. And the conservative response is “They did it first!”

          See the comment below excusing executive overreach because Michelle Obama. So predictable.

          1. “And the conservative response is “They did it first!””

            Self-defense is bad!

            1. Two wrongs make a conservative.

              1. when someone punches me I just stand there

                1. “When someone robs my neighbor I rob my other neighbor. It’s ok because someone else did it first.”

                  1. I let both my neighbors rob me and do nothing

                  2. Sounds like the core of Marxism.

                  3. I’m not sure that analogy goes, especially the robbery part.

                  4. No, the correct analogy is more aptly stated: “When my neighbor robs me, I rob him right back, and take a little extra for my trouble.”

                  5. So your comparing cancel culture to an actual crime? For you that’s progress.

              2. And you never seem to criticize the first wrong. Weird.

                1. Which party is in the White House right now? Which party also controls the Senate?

                  1. Which party was in the White House when your lips were sealed? Which party also controlled the Senate?

                    Do you ever get tired of having your idiotic grade-school level sophistry utterly blown out your fucking ass every day, cytotoxic?

                    1. It is quite natural for a libertarian to spend a lot more time criticizing the party that is actually in power at the current time, rather than the one that was in power four years ago.

                    2. Really? I read through the thread several times and still don’t see the connection.

                      I criticize wrongs, regardless of the party or who is in power but you do you.

                    3. Please link to anything from you 4 years ago and older that criticized the party then in power.

                      You don’t have any. Prove me wrong.

        2. True. But for those of use who are not on Team Red or Team Blue, sitting on the sidelines, all we see is a race to the bottom for America.

          What about this for an idea: One of the teams could try holding itself to a higher standard.

          1. Game theory says that’s a loser.

            1. Ethics say holding to a higher standard is a long-run winner.

              1. There are no ethics in politics.

                1. Ethics are rules of behavior that are conducive to a good life.

                  If the very governance of our country has no ethics and we cannot expect any ethics, then shouldn’t we all reject having a government and become anarchists? Isn’t our aim in the end to have a good life?

                  1. No, we should reject politicians without ethics. That would be almost all of them.

                    1. Sounds great.

                      So, then there can be ethics in politics. That’s good news.

              2. History says otherwise.

              3. The game is power not ethics.

              4. cite?

              5. Like President McCain and President Romney

          2. Everything is so terrible and unfair.

            You’re a prog.

          3. You are definitely Team Blue

          4. That has been proven to not work, as the other side then continues to raise their level of misbehavior, while the team “holding itself to a higher standard” is expected to not respond, because higher standard.

            After a few repetitions, the higher standard team will be TOLD what standard they will hold themselves to. Game over.

      3. What it reminds me of is how the heel uses several illegal holds and throws, and then the hero uses one once and gets disqualified.

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    (Thread) The Nashville story is insane. The city had actually moved to Phase 3 in late June but then right before July 4 weekend, when bars and restaurants were planning to recoup lots of lost revenue, the mayor went BACK to phase 2 and shut all bars down for two more weeks.


      Incredible. Here’s a message from a Nashville resident. I’ve heard this from more than one person. It seems the mayor moved the city into Phase 3 in late June just in time for his son to graduate. And then moved it back to Phase 2 as soon as the graduation was over.

      1. Wow. But it’s up to Nashville residents to rebel.

        We’re doing it here in Quebec.

      2. Like I said yesterday, the city leaders are just fine sticking their thumb in people’s eyes and fucking with them under the guise of “public safety.”

        So now that this shit is coming out and it shows that the Nashville mayor and his supporters are deliberately trying to ruin their livelihoods and leave them economically destitute while he flouts the rules to his own advantage, what are they going to do about it? Hold these people accountable through a recall or the rope, or are they going to sit back and take it like little bitches?

        1. I vote for little bitches.

          1. Found the Cuties supporter.

            1. Actually LOLd. Nice.

    2. Can you believe that shit? That is so emblematic of how Team D politicians behave. They are lying hypocrites. Tar and feather them.

      1. I doubt there is anything special about the city government in Nashville. The question now is how many other state and local governments are lying like this?

        1. A whole fucking lot of them = The question now is how many other state and local governments are lying like this?

          1. All of them.

            1. Some just have better PR than others.

        2. Same thing happened with that tranny public health director in Pennsylvania–he pulled his mom out of a nursing home while he and Wolf were allowing COVID-infected patients to be put in them. Surprise! A whole bunch of people in nursing homes died of COVID.

          Wolf and that troon should have been strung up like Mussolini after that came out, but Pennsylvanians kept going right along with it.

    3. that was because of the COVID-19 spike caused by the mass protest super spreader event.

    4. Because of media coverage of crowds partying on cable news shamed us (him)

  3. The share of children who died before the age of 5 declined to 3.77% last year. From 9.3% in 1990.


    1. Is was due to the masks wearing!

    2. Last year: putrescent green
      1990: rusty bone


    Professor Neil Ferguson Deep Dive

    “Professor Lockdown”, as he’s nicknamed in some newspapers, is back in the public space and offering his scientific opinions on public health policy

    As such, let’s take a look at Neil and his most important work on pandemics – including C19


      ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson tells people to ‘hesitate’ against ‘headlong rush to get everybody back into offices’ in warning tougher restrictions could come if deaths start to surge again


        I was going to write a thoughtful analysis on the sheer lunacy and stupidity of even contemplating more lockdowns in the UK

        But, I think this “graf” does a much better job of summarizing said stupidity


          If one cannot describe accurately in a model what has past, and what is actually occurring now – you bear no possibility of modeling what is going to happen next – and even if you end up getting it correct, that is merely by accident.


   has been updated for the week (now with Greece!) and there remains no significant reported excess mortality or Covid fatalities in Europe since the end of May:

            Despite “cases”continuing to grow in Europe, Covid deaths and all-cause excess mortality remain low to non-existent. Europe is now reporting nearly 200K cases per week with negative excess mortality.

      2. Hasn’t that guy fucked up a number of forecasts? Didn’t he also say that there would be a huge epidemic of Mad Cow disease also?

        The man is a charlatan.

        1. Yeah, but then you have brainless cunts like JFree, Chipper Morning Wood and his 45 socks that will suck the guy’s with one extra PSI of pressure for every incorrect prediction.

        2. But the “value” of the COVID panic, besides as a tool for authoritarian government, is satisfying the apparently huge market for panic porn.

    2. Was this the guy that said everyone had to lock down so he’d have an easier time getting across town to bang some dude’s wife?


    “Sir, I pulled you over because I observed you crossing the center line in an X-Treme manner.”

    1. Mixing caffeine and alcohol in one drink? Seems like the government needs to come down with the ban hammer!

      1. It worked for 4Loco

        1. The kids today love them some vodka and Red Bull.

      2. Right around when I turned 21, Virginia banned the sale of Red Bull + vodka at bars.

        Bartenders realized the law did not prevent you from selling a can of Red Bull and a glass of vodka separately however. This actually caused an increase in Red Bull consumption, because if I was buying the whole can I’m gonna drink it, and that meant more vodka as well. When I was able to buy the drink mixed from the bartender I wasn’t consuming the entire can.

        1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    2. That Mountain Dew margarita looks awesome.


    Daniel Andrews’ plan to give police the power to arrest people who haven’t even committed an offence were put to parliament today. The new laws would even give public servants the power of arbitrary detention against citizens they think might breach lockdown


      “The Bill would allow people to be detained indefinitely and give sweeping powers to untrained people to become “authorised officers” with sweeping powers to arrest and detain fellow Victorians.”

      1. Democrats everywhere “why can’t our president be such a fascist! It would save dozens of lives!”

        1. No, this isn’t fascism it’s compassion. What the President is advocating with rolling back government lockdowns is fascism. We have a fascist President, why can’t he be as compassionate as the leaders in Australia?

      2. For some reason I thought differently of Aussies. I don’t know why. I guess I was wrong.

        They seem to embrace communist style authoritarian government.

    2. Not much they can do about it, now that the Aussies stupidly gave up their guns.

    3. Hmm, if future crime justifies detention, what about past crime–like previous generation crime? How many Aussies have at least one criminal in the family tree?



    Two campaign staffers for Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s challenger, Lacy Johnson, were reportedly shot Monday in Minneapolis.

    One victim, a 17-year-old man, died at the scene, MPR News reported. The other victim was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

    1. Better defund the police!

      1. Is it a libertarian moment now that Minneapolis has gone full Somalia?

    2. I had to double check; at first I figured they meant Hillary.
      Then I saw it was not a suicide.

    3. Well as the stupid cunt ENB likes to remind us, Resistance Isn’t Always Rational. A few dead Republicans, hundreds of dead black people, dozens of dead cops, and 3 billion dollars in property damage is the price we pay for ”””””free speech”””””

      1. no evidence it was politically motivated. They have a suspect.

        But not the first assault on a gop volunteer this year.

      2. No, its the price we have to pay to abolish capitalism and impose right-think.

  8. POTUS will likely announce this new program tonight in Wisconsin – a key swing state where farming and dairy make up a quarter of the economy.

    The moment Donald Trump became presidential.

    1. Farmers have been crying for bailouts for decades. Then selling off the back 40 for housing developments and retiring to Florida.

  9. America Wasn’t Founded on White Supremacy

    Massachusetts was one of several American colonies, including Virginia, that attempted to prevent the importation of slaves only to see those efforts rebuffed by Great Britain. King George III’s 1770 veto of American bans on slave importation made it considerably more difficult for colonists to wean themselves off of the peculiar institution. Jefferson actually included this accusation against the king in his original draft of the Declaration of Independence. The charge was only deleted by the Second Continental Congress because it did not apply to every American colony.

    Despite this evidence of colonial resistance to slavery, Hannah-Jones somehow maintains that “one of the primary reasons the colonists decided to declare their independence from Britain was because they wanted to protect the institution of slavery.” Of course, there’s not a word about that in the Declaration of Independence. Nor can she explain why six of the original thirteen American states abolished slavery in the decade and a half after the 1783 Treaty of Paris formally ended the war for American independence. Purely because slavery was not immediately abolished upon the war’s end, Hannah-Jones concludes that “slavocracy” better describes the American founding than “democracy.”

  10. Three ways to improve school finances right now.

    Property tax, local income tax and property tax.

    1. Fire the teachers, sell the busses, sell the buildings.
      (just send vouchers to all parents of school age kids)

      1. Reduce administration by half.

      2. ^This

        If society, through government, has any ethical responsibility to educate citizens then this is the least authoritarian way. There is also no need for government education standards, since the market can take care of that. (Presuming we get rid of “equal-opportunity” programs for hiring and admissions to college.)

    2. Three more ways to improve school finances right now:

      Lay off administrators, lay off teachers, sell the buildings.


    Facebook Censors Pro-Trump Ad On Biden Raising Taxes After Fact-Check Admits Claim May Be True, Rules ‘Mostly False’ Anyhow


      Twitter suspends Chinese virologist who says COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

      1. Yeah, an unapproved opinion or theory is now considered “misinformation”.

    2. This is absolutely fine. It’s completely OK for tech monopolists to use their market power to suppress speech they don’t like. Free minds and free markets baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I wonder if the defenders of private business can censor realize that their pleas would also fit into a fascist state where private corporations maintain a veneer with back door government influence….

        1. That’s a big conundrum that is hard to deal with. What is your proposed solution?

          1. For you, GFY

      2. This has always bothered me. Can private companies still be considered private companies when they’re working hand-in-glove with the government? If, for example, the government ordered Facebook to ban any mention of a certain type of legal protest, wouldn’t that be an end run around the first amendment using private companies as cover?

        And do leftists see the irony in calling everyone else fascist while encouraging the use of private corporations to do the government’s bidding?

        1. Democrat policies are not fascist because they say they are against fascism, regardless of whether their proposals for organizing the economy seeming to have a great deal in common with fascist economic principles.

          1. “We’re the Anti-Bad Guy Squad, everything we do is justified because of our name!”

        2. And do leftists see the irony in calling everyone else fascist while encouraging the use of private corporations to do the *any* government’s bidding?

          Even if you were an insatiably rabid free speech absolutist, Twitter’s defense of China is exceedingly suspect.

        3. Modern leftists don’t do irony.

          1. But they do projection

        4. If, for example, the government ordered Facebook to ban any mention of a certain type of legal protest, wouldn’t that be an end run around the first amendment using private companies as cover?

          No. It would be directly trampling the first amendment. No “end run” about it.

      3. Nice misstatement of the libertarian position, which is:

        a) They are a private company controlling their own property.
        b) Even though they have a legal right to publish what they want on their platform, we all can criticize their decisions. That’s free speech. In this case, I agree they are wrong.
        c) “Market power” is not even close to government power. Trying to use government power when things go wrong with market power just leads to much bigger problems.

        1. So what if companies do things primarily to gain favorable treatment from government?

          1. That’s a hard problem to solve. But it is also part of (c) above.

            Say that the Federal government starts becoming involved in making sure Facebook’s content is “fair”. Say Trump is re-elected, and conservatives are happy with how the Federal laws are keeping Facebook fair for conservative thought — then, boom, a Democrat gets elected President. Suddenly, the Democrats are using the same laws to keep Facebook “fair and unbiased” for the Democratic point of view.

          2. then we all need to work to reduce government power

        2. Just a few months ago they were literally censoring any calls for protests against coronavirus lockdowns (they probably still are) at the behest of local and state governments. Isn’t that a violation of the first amendment rights to free speech and free assembly in some way?

          1. No. Facebook is a privately-owned website.

            1. Right, so I wasn’t mischaracterizing the “libertarian” position at all: that the government should be able to trample over free speech as long as they tell a large corporation to do it for them.

              1. Really good question, does govt get a pass if they use a cutout? Still govt abuse, but they added a private business as a buffer.

              2. that the government should be able to trample over free speech as long as they tell a large corporation to do it for them.

                Depends on whether that “tell” involves a mandate. “Please don’t publish x” is different from “we will punish you if you publish x.”

                Like “please stop forcing the 1619 Project on kids” is different from “you are forbidden from mentioning this.”

                1. Is it different from a 1A perspective? Would it be legal, for example, for the government to gently suggest to the phone company to cut conversations about the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests as long as they didn’t directly tie it to legal action against the phone company? If not, why would it be different with Facebook?

                  This is different from the 1619 project thing, because that’s about government funding where the federal government is explicitly stating that they’ll cut federal funding to local school districts that teach false history (I’m assuming that’s what’s happening and that the federal government has this authority from whatever law authorizes the funding in the first place). What I’m talking about is more akin to a bureau head at the Department of Commerce telling the New York Times that it better retract it’s 1619 project articles if it they know what’s good for them.

                  1. Is it different from a 1A perspective?


                    Would it be legal, for example, for the government to gently suggest to the phone company to cut conversations about the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests as long as they didn’t directly tie it to legal action against the phone company?

                    Yes. Although I would change “legal action” to “coercion.” By the same token I think it’s 100% appropriate for Trump to call bullshit on the 1619 Project from his position in government and I don’t think that violates the first amendment. Trump saying schools shouldn’t teach it doesn’t violate the first amendment. Even if Trump said publishers shouldn’t even publish it at all, that wouldn’t violate the first amendment.

                    What does violate the first amendment is his saying he’s going to force a particular curriculum on every school in the country using federal funding as leverage, especially since the possibility of this kind of thing was the exact argument against federal funding of schools in the first place.

                    the federal government is explicitly stating that they’ll cut federal funding to local school districts that teach false history

                    And this is 100% why the federal government shouldn’t be involved in choosing what schools get funded. If I want my daughter to be taught history that you’ve judged “false,” that’s my right. It’s not your right to dictate what my child gets taught. We don’t empower government to decide what history is false and what history is true.

                    What I’m talking about is more akin to a bureau head at the Department of Commerce telling the New York Times that it better retract it’s 1619 project articles if it they know what’s good for them.

                    Yeah – that would violate the first amendment. Are the NYT, Facebook and Twitter being coerced, or are their owners openly partisan? Are you trying to protect them from views being imposed on them, or are you trying to forbid them from acting on their own views?

            2. FB is a “public”-owned corporation.

              And by “Public”, I mean shareholders own FB.

              And by Corporation, I mean a business entity created by government with privileges and obligations under law.

              1. Precisely what rule do you want the government to enforce on Facebook?

      4. Well, so long as their ability to suppress customer speech does not involve the use of icing all is well.

    3. Systemic Streisand Effect

  12. MY OLD POSITION: Some of the therapeutic “alternatives to police” that I’ve heard people suggesting could become a sort of soft policing.

    Sad boys, sad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?


    Flu and pneumonia have contributed to more deaths than Covid since June, new ONS figures show

    1. The lockdowns worked! And the masks!

    1. But if you made a building that looked like boobs, you would be run out of town.

      1. So true California decommissioned the San Onofre nuclear power plant because it looked like boobs, and because the scumbags that run this state are evil retards

        1. We used to refer to it as the “Dolly Parton Monument.”

        1. Ready for a remake of “Black Sunday”.

    2. These people have no qualms about putting their idiocy front and center.

    3. So suburbs are evil, and now cities are evil too. Where is left for the left to live?

      1. The bottom of the ocean where the rest of the lemmings run to when their colonies get too overcrowded.

        1. Where’s muh SeaLab 2020? We were supposed to be living under the sea by now.

    4. What do “feminine” buildings look like? Are we going to live in trenches?

      1. Google “vagina stadium”.

        1. And for counter point, “penis church.”

      2. Some say that if women were in charge we’d still be living in caves…

        1. So, back door?

        2. In caveman days they said if women were in charge we’d still be living in trees.

  14. Today I’m also pleased to announce that I will soon sign an executive order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education…

    Critical race theory reaches critical mass.

    1. This could be a social-physics experiment. Imagine the potential reactions when matter* and anti-matter collide in classrooms.

      *You can decide what matters. Or not.

  15. ‘Frauds’: Watch What Happened When Biden Thought the Cameras Stopped Rolling During CNN Town Hall

    Viewers skewered the two for being frauds on social media, especially since Biden has pushed the idea of imposing a federal mask mandate.

    Mask-mandate Joe whispering sweet nothings to @andersoncooper. Just didn’t know the cameras were still rolling…

    1. Last night was so bad that even liberal journalists were mentioning the softball questions.

      1. “Mr. Biden, your campaign has the momentum of a runaway freight train. Why are you so popular?”

        1. The “reporter” equivalent of spreading one’s legs.

    2. Being fair to Joe at that moment he did not know the cameras were rolling, and did not know it is 2020.

    3. They just keep racking up those hypocrisy points. You’d think they’d just follow their own damn rules to avoid losing the election, but they just can’t seem to help themselves.

    4. He just wanted to sniff Cooper’s hair.

  16. I’ll take you out for a mountain dew my honey
    I guess it doesn’t matter anyway

  17. “progressives have retro ideas about sex”

    Ummmmmm, it’s not progressives who disregard my non-binary they / them pronouns.


    1. Shut up, it.

    2. It’s a good thing “go fuck yourself” is gender neutral then.

      Go fuck yourself.

  18. Trump’s curriculum initiative would appear to be in response to some districts basing their history curriculum off the the NYT 1619 Project, which is bad history in service of ideological propaganda. If a local district teaching creationism or intelligent design is something forv the nation as a whole to get up in arms about, then this is equally a problem.

    1. It is funny how whenever anyone stands up to cultural leftism, Reason suddenly decides it is “overreach”. Anything except, let the leftists win, is unprincipled.

      1. Trump’s method of standing up to cultural leftism is to impose a curriculum on the nation’s public schools from the federal level. That’s legitimate territory for a libertarian magazine to comment on.

        1. Create a commission to study possibly developing a curriculum to make available nationally != imposing a nationwide curriculum

          1. That gets into a whole ‘nuther area of Trump touting his executive orders as taking bold action when they often only instruct some agency to explore the possibility of doing something that might not be in the Executive’s power and might lead to lawsuits if actually acted upon.

    2. Funny how the 1619 had to retract, but got to keep the Pulitzer.
      Oh, by the way, the main premise of 1619 being the year slaves were first imported into Virginia is total bullshit. Them slaves was indentured servants who sold their future labor for passage. And further oh by the way, one of them became a slave owner.

      Details at

      1. The first legal slave owner in America, Anthony Johnson, was a black Angolan.

        1. “IT’S DEY CULCHA!”

        2. you’re leaving out Florida. they had Spanish slave owners in 1520. and Florida is part of America.


    “We passed laws in the 1970s that made the management of our forests and our wild lands all but impossible, and nature is taking over,” McClintock said. “Look, these environmental laws that we pass apply only to public lands. Today, you can easily tell the boundaries between the private and public lands simply by the conditions of the forests. Now how clever of the climate to know exactly the boundary line between the public lands and private lands, and only to decimate the public lands.”

    He added: “The fact is, the climate has changed much over the centuries, but the problem has not.”

    1. Reagan spent the bulk of his free time while at his ranch clearing brush.

  20. We don’t need no 1776 Project. Just do what we did when I was a kid, and show us that Disney “Johnny Tremain” movie once a year.

    The scene where Johnny melts his hand in molten silver in Paul Revere’s shop is indelibly burned into my brain. And something about fighting Redcoats.

    1. Right, but you’re a stupid subhuman piece of shit cunt, so nobody cares what you have to say about anything. Kill yourself, cytotoxic. Seriously. You are a piece of shit. Everyone hates you. Fucking kill yourself.

      1. Mentions of silversmithing accidents clearly hit too close to home for you.

        1. This sock or that one, fucking kill yourself cytotoxic. You are worthless. You are useless. You have no value as a human being.

          1. Dude, Johnny ends up being friends with the Sons of Liberty and shit like that, it actually works out pretty well for him in the end. There’s really no need to be so upset about it, it’s a fictional book anyways.

            1. Fiction?! noooooo!!!

    2. To quote the Simpsons “he’s deformed? Now this is interesting, why didn’t they call the book Jonny deformed?”

  21. Rep. Justin Amash (L–Mich.) has the right idea about this:
    Keep the federal government out. My family doesn’t need or want this president or any president telling our kids’ schools what to teach.

    But the critical theory, gender dysphoria, and rabid oikophobia the schools are currently peddling is totes cool.
    I never heard Amash or ENB bitch about the Title IX “Dear Colleague” letter either.

    Bloody virtue signalers.

    1. But the First Lady can tell them what to eat.

    2. Wait, you’re not even an American. How could you possibly care and know about Title IX?

      1. Wait, you have a sub-30 IQ. How could you possibly care about a policy you couldn’t possibly spell?

        1. You do realize that it’s your fucked up personality that explains why you’re attracted to rightwing politics?

          Who or what ruined you? Were you abused as a child?

          1. You do realize it’s your neurotic mental illness that explains why you’re attracted to Marxism?

            Fortunately we don’t have to speculate about what ruined you. You were most likely fucked by an adult when you were a small child, which is why you became a pedophile and sexual predator as an adult.

          2. Tony, Tony bo Bony
            Bonana fanna fo Fony
            Fee fy mo Mony,

      2. Wait, you’re not even an American. How could you possibly care and know about Title IX?”
        Because it’s famous, and whatever stupid shit that’s done in the states is inevitably copied up here within a decade.
        You’re kinda ignorant, aren’t you.

        1. Up here, so Canada? Carry on. I thought you were British.

        2. Please we import more stupid shit from the rest of the world then we export! There is a trade deficit god damnit!

          1. I’m afraid your left coasts are the planet’s breadbasket for nutty ideas. Don’t forget that before the revolution even Trotsky lived and worked in New York.

  22. We have noticed for years now that progressive ideology surrounding sex is a bizarre twist on Victorian mores, it is just less internally consistent.

    1. Extreme moralizing but without actual morals. Just a bunch of irrational rules. It’s bizarre.

      1. They seem to have realized that a lot of what the sexual revolution did away with actually did protect women from unscrupulous men and tried the rebuild some of the rules while still rejecting the overall philosophy that made them coherent.

      2. So very middle school.

    2. The roots of progressivism go back to the Puritans.

      There can be no joy.

  23. “Here, for instance, is Phyllis Schlafly in 2014 railing against Obama-era Common Core standards, which Schlafly saw as an “attempt to compel all U.S. children to be taught the same material and not taught other things parents might think important.” Yet like so many other conservative principles, this one seems to have fallen by the wayside in the Trump era.”

    I guess I missed it. Where is the follow up quote from Schlafly praising Trump’s initiative? Where is a quote from any conservative praising the initiative?

    1. If people don’t like the President and the federal government dictating what is taught in schools, then they need to stop taking federal money. As long as the federal government is sending billions in tax dollars to school districts, it has every right to dictate how that money is spent. With money comes control.

      If you want the feds out of education, then get the feds to stop funding it. As long as they do fund it, they have both right and duty to ensure it is spent in accordance with the President and Congress’ desires.

      1. But the US Constitution clearly states that all schools must be funded by the federal government employing only union teachers.
        It is in the clause just after the one specifically allowing women to kill babies.

        1. Well, it does reduce class size.

    2. A quote from Schlafly on Trump’s initiative would be difficult to obtain as she died in 2016.

      1. Can she still vote by mail?

        1. Only in Illinois.

      2. Can’t Lou Reed at least write a protest song about it?

    3. Let’s also ignore the fact that it conflates a non-binding executive order establishing a committee of some kind to concrete policies dictating that schools must contract with radical left wing Marxist extremists to teach kindergarten children how to masturbate.

    1. Well there’s a shocking shock.
      I bet Dorsey will continue to pay him.

      1. Might as well. Facebook paid over 200 staff members to work full-time on the Obama campaign in 2012 and never got any fines for the utterly and completely illegal in-kind campaign contribution. Turns out campaign finance reform only applies to one party. Weird.

        1. “It okay when we do it” has been the DNC motto since Tammany Hall.

  24. In a moment of Wokeness, Princeton president says the institution is racist and they will work to remove systemic racism. DoEd: wait youre racist? That violates various laws against federal funding.

    1. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at that.

      1. I haven’t been to Starbucks since they admitted that they were racist. So racist they had to shut down every location in the country to re-educate their employees.
        I had thought their employees were just a bunch of bitchy white faggots.

    2. That is too funny.

    3. The funniest thing to happen all year.

    4. Get ready for Chipper Morning Wood and cytotoxic’s latest sockpuppet White Knight to come and tell you why this a huge federal overreach and why white guilt is the pinnacle of libertarianism. Wouldn’t it be great if they both died of stomach cancer after a 12 month or so period of debilitating pain and misery first?

      1. It would be better if it was 12 months ago.

    5. Does anyone else find the idea of attempting to eradicate discrimination at an institution whose entire purpose is to promote its alumni as being better than common people through the granting of degrees inherently silly? They would replace racial disparity with credential disparity, which will ultimately have identical results of an elite few controlling the masses through bureaucratic means.

      1. They’re trying to improve the value of that certification with some built-in virtue.

        Of course, more to the point is that the word “discrimination” has changed in meaning from discrimination to racial and/or sex discrimination, and hence discrimination bad but discriminating based on credentials isn’t discrimination. Going one step deeper, presumably the reason that (eg.) racial discrimination is bad but credential discrimination isn’t is because credential discrimination is meritocratic and racial discrimination isn’t. But that presumption is being actively undermined by this same institution both directly (by affirmative action) and indirectly (by trying to label meritocracy itself as racist and therefore bad).

        In short, they’re making the virtuous choice at every turn and relying on doublethink to ignore the contradictions.

        1. Let’s make it easy: equality means we are all the same in every way.

          And true believers have no trouble getting on planes or operating tables run by randomly assigned “pilots” and “doctors”.

          1. Then Princeton admissions should be done by lottery. If the school is so great they should be able to mold whatever clay they are dealt.

        2. In short, they’re making the virtuous choice at every turn and relying on doublethink to ignore the contradictions.

          Thanks! I am well aware of the morass of politicized language and the reason for it. However, I still occasionally need confirmation that I am not the one that has lost my way. Gaslighting those who behave as if words have meaning is definitely part of the agenda.

    6. That is epic. I love it, and whoever decided to open the investigation deserves free drinks for life.

    7. They’ll rename themselves Princeton of Bel Air.

    1. No more wasted votes.

    2. Notice the only third party they are uninterested in is the Libertarian Party. Weird right? It’s not they are ideologically indistinguishable Marxists or anything.

      1. Or they are only eliminating the third parties they figure do not draw significant support from the voters they think they should own?

        1. And mostly in the states where they most fear those votes will matter.

  25. Wikipedia goes full WhiteKnight. Denies the Lkrtland shooter who was 100% Antifa was actually Antifa.

    Article cites wiki editor discussion boards.

    1. His membership card wasn’t notarized.

    2. Registered Democrat Jared Lee Loughner is still a right-wing extremist though.

    3. Just for the record, I’ve only pointed out when commenters here make claims that people are affiliated with Black Lives Matter without evidence.

      I’ve never made any similar comments about antifa affiliation. Antifa affiliation is inherently fuzzy, since antifa is decentralized by design.

        1. Find one comment that contradicts what I just said.

          1. if you have a Black Lives Matter tattoo on your neck and go shoot someone, are you part of the Black Lives Matter “movement” or not?

            1. You are part of the movement, but you are not necessarily affiliated with any of the BLM organizations.

              But this conversation was about antifa, anyway. If you have an antifa tattoo, you are antifa.

          2. If you go to a restaurant and knock over tables, drive patrons out the door, take a drink from someone’s beer while screaming “BLACK LIVES MATTER” does that mean you are NOT part of Black Lives Matter? Asking for a friend.

            1. You are not engaging in a BLM organized activity nor affiliated with the organizations.

      1. Attend a BLM protest, wear a BLM t-shirt, burn stuff down, let people reach their own conclusions.

        1. Out of all the dozens of links to videos of and articles about “BLM protestor” doing this or that egregious thing, I have seen two where it was either a BLM event or a BLM speaker.

  26. “How conservatives learned to love cancel culture.”

    That’s right everyone. ENB and Jen Monroe want you to know that cancel culture is a conservative thing. (Oh, and pedophilia is now a-okay).

    1. ENB just hates cancel culture. That’s why she doxxed a guy and contacted his employer in an attempt to get him fired from his job for jocularly telling her to go make him a sandwich on Twitter.

      1. That guy is probably still waiting on his sandwich which is the real tragedy of the situation.

        1. Like ENB can make food.

          1. M-F she serves up a shit sandwich.

  27. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of voters are concerned that deadly attacks on the police will lead to a shortage of police officers and reduce public safety where they live, with 44% who are Very Concerned. Thirty percent (30%) don’t share that concern, but that includes only 14% who are Not At All Concerned.

    1. The great majority of people are good people who respect their neighbors and won’t do any harm to anyone unless harm is done to them first, but great majority by definition does not include everyone. You’d have to be stupid to think that there aren’t people out there that would take advantage of might makes right being the rule of law for ordinary interactions. We only have the whole of history pointing towards that outcome.

  28. Nashville used data showing covid superseeder events were not bars and restaurants to shut down bars and restaurants. Hid data from public.

    1. I’m sure Ron Bailey will be writing a breathless think piece on this story any time now.

      1. Pretty sure Bailey’s specialty is chin tugging.

        Boehm is breathless.

        1. That’s why he’s always imploding.

  29. And Trump’s order is not overreach. As long as federal tax money is going to state run schools, the President has a duty to ensure that it is spent consistent with the desires of the taxpayers. If the schools don’t like that, they should stop taking federal money.

    To see the truth of this, imagine if instead of the 1619 project, local government schools were teaching something the reason staff didn’t like. Suppose local schools were teaching that homosexuality was immoral and the President stepped in and said no one taking federal money can do that. Reason would be falling all over themselves to cheer that. They only are suddenly clutching their pearls over this because they like the 1619 project and don’t like the 1776 project.

    1. Reason does not clutch pearls; it is oyster abuse to harvest pearls.

    2. It’s almost like Reason consistently and exclusively supports only those particular uses of government force that advance Marxism or something. Which is weird since libertarianism and Marxism are totally different ideologies. Totally. It’s not like every major libertarian founding father was a ”””””reformed””””” Marxist-Leninist communist or anything like that.

      1. If you seriously believe that, Tulpa, why do you spend hours of your life every day hanging out at

        1. A) I’m not Tulpa, and it’s sad that you still can’t differentiate us after all these years despite our respective shticks being wildly different B) I spend about 2 hours a morning every couple weeks at this shit hole, and it’s mostly to tweak retards like you who spend literally 8-12 hours a day here, cytotoxic.

    3. Um, the same Reason that has been very critical of the 1619 project? Quit lying, liar.

      1. No they haven’t. Quite thinking the voices in your head are reality.

          1. Not a single critical article on the entire first page. If you weren’t drunk at 5 in the morning you might be able to actually read the words on the page and see that they utterly destroy your point so you don’t look like such a stupid piece of shit.

            1. Very first article that comes up, in the very title, “Public Schools Are Teaching The 1619 Project in Class, Despite Concerns From Historians”, Reason is addressing historical inaccuracy in the 1619 Project.

              1. Indeed Rico sternly argued that mandating it was premature.


          2. Public schools are teaching it despite concerns about it.

            You gave a list of articles that do nothing but soft peddle the criticisms of it and never once demand it not be taught in schools.

            Thanks for proving my point. I won’t call you liar because I have no doubt you lack the reading comprehension necessary to understand what those articles are saying.

            1. First Reason likes 1619, but then they’re critical but not critical enough?

              Move the goalposts much?

              1. Oh I see the problem. You’re mischaracterizing what someone said because you’re a lying drunken piece of shit. No worries, you’ve always been a Marxist piece of lying drunken shit. We’re used to you.

                1. Oh, how cute. Tulpa has a new handle.

                  1. Oh, how cute. sarcasmic who is operating 3 sockpuppets on this very page still can’t differentiate me from Tulpa.

                    “Everybody who calls me on my bullshit must be sockpuppeting just like I am”

                    You should work at cinema with the projection you alcoholic piece of dog shit.

              2. The articles are informative articles, not critical articles. Learn the difference. Reasons stance in those are neutral. The only criticism comes from quoted persons.

                You drunk?

                1. You drunk?

                  Is the pope catholic?

                  1. Currently? Notsomuch.

        1. What a maroon.

        2. Gonna admit to being a lying liar, liar?

          1. No. You just did the search for me and proved my point. Thanks.

            1. Um, no. You said Reason likes 1619. Now they’re not critical enough. You are the liar, dude. A liar who runs away with the goalposts. Admit to being a liar, liar.

              1. They don’t have a problem with it. They don’t take any sides in those articles. They just report both sides. They have never called for it not to be used in schools. And certainly never called it overreach or expressed any concern about a single curriculum being taught nationwide. Teaching a single curriculum is only a concern when it is something that doesn’t involve Marxism.

                1. Dude, you’ve moved the goalposts so far away that I can’t see them anymore.

                  1. Dude, you’ve had so much to drink that it’s time for you to go pass out so you can spend a few moments today not compulsively lying.

                    1. When I want your opinion I’ll go take a shit.

                    2. Makes sense. All of your opinions are spoonfed to you until they come out the other end.

                      Doesn’t it suck when you set yourself up like that?

          2. 4 posts in 3 minutes. You realize this isn’t a live chat, right you alcoholic piece of shit? And also that you’re a lying cunt and the link you posted utterly demolishes your own point as there is NOT ONE FUCKING SINGLE ARTICLE ON THE PAGE critical of the 1619 project, and several that support it?

            1. As of the time I write this (8:21 am PST), 30 posts by “Randy Johnson”, 18 by “sarcasmic”.

              1. 0 posts by “Randy Johnson” replying to himself 4 times in 3 minutes as if he were engaged in a live chat. 4 by “sarcasmic” replying to himself 4 times in 3 minutes as if he were engaged in a live chat.

                If sarcasmic needs a lawyer to represent him, he should get one located in the United States and who isn’t functionally retarded, cytotoxic.

                1. I don’t see any place where sarcasmic has responded to himself.

  30. does ENBs husband know she’s cheating on him? Or does he just not care? Stop linking to Yglesias whose most famous claim to fame is gaslighting people on the tax cuts. He openly admits it.

    1. He also co-founded Vox.
      ENB’s source of sources.

    2. Bigger question here would be how do YOU know ENB is cheating on her husband?

      1. TWK wants a cite, preferably in .avi format.

      2. Ask your boyfriend.

    3. Yeah, ENB seems to have a serious crush on Yglesias. I’m not sure why she quotes his work repeatedly when it’s clear he’s a far left Marxist. Nothing Libertarian about his writing or thoughts. And, ENB wonders why we think she is a progressive…

    4. Yglesias seems like some kind of buffoon, but at least he’s right that there’s room for a lot more people in the USA. (He wants One Billion People here.)

  31. Jack, trueman, Tony and other lefty ‘tards were here the other day pitching the government’s actions in fighting climate change as a way to fight the wild fires.
    I asked jack for specific actions the government could take and when that would result in a reduction in the fires and got crickets.
    Well, here’s a fine example of how government involvement is sooooo helpful:

    “Berry Creek fire-prevention project from 2018 stymied by red tape”
    “The burned-out remains of a truck are seen Wednesday along Zink Road in the Berry Creek area of Butte County.
    2of4The burned-out remains of a truck are seen Wednesday along Zink Road in the Berry Creek area of Butte County.Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle
    Burnt trees are seen along Zink Road in Berry Creek (Butte County). The area was destroyed by the North Complex Fire.
    3of4Burnt trees are seen along Zink Road in Berry Creek (Butte County). The area was destroyed by the North Complex Fire.Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle

    In October 2018, just under two years before the deadly Bear Fire leveled Berry Creek, the community was selected to receive an $836,000 state grant for pruning vegetation and clearing fuel from potential fire spots.
    Strangled by delays and red tape, the forest management project was never completed, said local officials, who are now left to stew over the what-ifs.
    “The delay, Butte County officials said, was due to stringent environmental reviews, despite this being exactly the kind of fire-prevention work at the forefront of the state’s wildfire conversation….”

    1. Apparently a large portion of the public land out west is federal land so that makes it Trump’s responsibility to manage it. What has Trump done in these 4 years to mitigate the risk? Probably nothing. He just runs his mouth for a day or two.

      Another thing is that it’s not just forests that are burning. It’s grasslands, shrubs and houses. The lack of moisture makes everytime flammable. I’ll tell you right now where I live in the deep south we are surrounded by forests. If the rain stopped and shit dried out the way it has out west there would be massive fires. And these states are run by conservative could give a shit about the environment type people. The variable isn’t the politics it’s the lack of moisture which is probably the result of climate change.

      1. It is all about Trump. It is not like environmental groups have been suing and using every possible means to prevent any kind of responsible forest management for decades or anything. Yeah, this is a totally new problem not something that has been going on and building for decades.

        Another thing is that it’s not just forests that are burning. It’s grasslands, shrubs and houses. The lack of moisture makes everytime flammable.

        Draughts happen dumb ass. And in California they happen every year. The way you deal with that is you cut down the undergrowth and do controlled burns to ensure that you don’t get fires that get out of control. We have known how to manage brush and forests for decades or centuries. We just stopped doing it in large areas of the country because retards like you decided it was bad for the environment.

        1. Don’t give that shit John. The forests in Mississippi are managed without any real restraint but it wouldn’t make much of a difference if it dried out here the way its dried out west. You’d have cut the whole forest down and pour concrete if it stopped raining

          1. . The forests in Mississippi are managed without any real restraint but it wouldn’t make much of a difference if it dried out here the way its dried out west.

            Mississippi is on the Gulf Coast where it is hot and humid you fucking moron. They don’t have forest fires in the Southeast the way they do in the west. The west is largely a high desert with dry and wet seasons. Mississippi it is wet all year around. They don’t have forest fires on the Olympic Peninsula either very often. Gee I wonder why. Maybe it being one of the wettest spots on earth has something to do with it?

            1. I don’t have time to respond to your rude stupidity other than to say fuck you too.

              1. You should take the time to understand the Mississippi has a vastly different climate than California.

              2. Average rain fall in Mississippi is 57 inches per year. Average rain fall in Idaho 18 inches. Average rain fall in California is also 18 inches. Now who is being stupid again?

          2. Here is why California can’t control it’s forest fires.


            Read it and learn something for once in your life.

          3. The forests in Mississippi are managed without any real restraint but it wouldn’t make much of a difference if it dried out here

            LMAO–every progressive that posts on this board, without fail, always turns out to be some slack-jawed hicklib.

            1. He is using a place with 57binches a year of precipitation as an example compared to a place with 28ninches. Also, most of Mississippi is private owned and the forests extensively managed. He doesn’t know shit about what he is talking about, but doubles down on it. Even if Mississippi dried out, the management of their forests would result in cooler, slower moving forests. The science is almost universal on this. Private land burns slower and cooler, making it easier to control in western states. I know a lot of wildlands firefighters and they all say the same thing, it is impossible to stop fires on federal land, but much easier on state (in states that actively manage their forests) and private land.

              1. “…it is impossible to stop fires on federal land,..”

                Thank you Bubba and assorted watermelons.

          4. You stupid Fvck, the forests of Mississippi are owned by Weyerhaeuser and are clear cut in sections every 15-20 years, and are anything but overgrown with dead trees and shrubs

      2. Whoosh! Right over your head.

      3. Lord of Strazele
        September.18.2020 at 10:17 am
        “Apparently a large portion of the public land out west is federal land so that makes it Trump’s responsibility to manage it…”

        Apparently, you’re too fucking stupid to understand that efforts to manage the land were stymied by watermelons like you.

        1. Well, you haven’t addressed the fact that these aren’t only “forest fires”, they’re “everywhere fires” because there’s no moisture because the climate has gotten drier in an unprecedented way.

          Nor did you address Trump’s inaction. That mfer doesn’t care about the law he does what he wants. He could have cut a few trees and cleared those public lands using emergency executive aauthority but he ain’t done shit except play politics with it while y’all choke on smoke.

          1. these aren’t only “forest fires”, they’re “everywhere fires”

            Do you really think that? Do you really think that the homes that are burning have not been built in the middle of forests in contravention of common sense simply because the land too expensive where it is safe because of regulations?

            You know nothing, and not in the ironic way that Jon Snow is ignorant of human nature. You are just unscientific and full of feelz.

            1. “…Do you really think that the homes that are burning have not been built in the middle of forests in contravention of common sense simply because the land too expensive where it is safe because of regulations?..”

              Not to mention our state insurance regulations requiring ‘affordable’ insurance rates; we PAY people to build there.
              But pod is still convinced that if only fucking lefty ignoramuses like HE were in charge, all would be well.

          2. “Well, you haven’t addressed the fact that these aren’t only “forest fires”, they’re “everywhere fires” because there’s no moisture because the climate has gotten drier in an unprecedented way.”
            Cites facts not in evidence.

            “Nor did you address Trump’s inaction. That mfer doesn’t care about the law he does what he wants. He could have cut a few trees and cleared those public lands using emergency executive aauthority but he ain’t done shit except play politics with it while y’all choke on smoke.”
            And shows a decided lack of reading comprehension:
            ““The delay, Butte County officials said, was due to stringent environmental reviews, despite this being exactly the kind of fire-prevention work at the forefront of the state’s wildfire conversation….”
            Fuck off, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

          3. California has been above average for being wet the last century retard. It has historically been dryer.

          4. “Unprecedented” doesn’t mean what you think it means.
            California has had droughts this bad before, just not recently.

      4. The lack of moisture makes everytime flammable. I’ll tell you right now where I live in the deep south we are surrounded by forests. If the rain stopped and shit dried out the way it has out west there would be massive fires.

        What the fuck is wrong with you? You reason like a precocious 12-year old on a message board that is frequented by many educated and informed adults. You clearly have zero understanding of forestry management, let alone the particulars of the climate in the American West. This does not even rise to the level of trolling, it is simply pathetic.

        Please. Stop. Go away. When commentators pause to inform or abuse you, it diverts their energy from interesting discourse.

      5. Sure, cuz all those trees grew in the past 3 (not 4) years.

      6. Right, ’cause if Trump said “all right boys, fire up the chainsaws and brush cutters and let’s clean this shit up,” Dems in Washington, Sacramento, Salem, Olympia, and everywhere in between would be like “hey, whatever you think you need to do dude.” Right. Given a choice, Trump would love to get things straightened out I’m sure. But he doesn’t have a choice, at least not without years of legal wrangling.

        And GTFO with “it’s not supposed to be this dry!!!” As others have noted, CA (and much of the west) has ALWAYS had dry seasons, and has ALWAYS had widespread wildfires. Now for a brief period of time- from say the late 1800s to mid-late 1900s- these fires were much less severe and frequent because, guess what: humans arrived on the scene and actually started managing the land and doing things that both directly and indirectly reduced the severity of fires. That is why people say “it never used to be like this-” it never used to be like this since the west has been widely settled; it never used to be like this when you were a little kid or in your daddy or granddaddy’s time; and that is because people were allowed to manage the forests and wildlands then. But then idiots got in power that believe everything humans do is bad and everything nature does is perfect and beautiful and must be left alone, and completely screwed up a century’s worth of progress because “human bad.”

        1. It’s almost as if watermelons like LoS *PLANNED* to screw up the environment!
          Except you never assume cupidity where abysmal stupidity will suffice, as it will here.

      7. “…so that makes it Trump’s responsibility to manage it.”

        So rather than the Feds giving money to locals in order for them to do the work POTUS should just send in his own agents to get it done?

        And when some judge imposes an injunction requested by an “environmental” group POTUS can then tell that court “Strazele said I can tell you to go pound sand.”

        Yeah, that’s a brilliant solution.

  32. In other education news, the Trump admin steps in here:

    “UC national labs suspend diversity training after Trump administration order”
    “The Department of Energy has asked all the national labs, which are funded by taxpayer dollars, to suspend their diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs,” lab Director Mike Witherell told employees Friday in a memo acquired by The Chronicle. “Berkeley Lab is cooperating with this request and is pausing DEI-related training until we can, working with DOE, assess our offerings in light of the current concerns.”…”

    Oh, my! I guess the nooses will start showing up tomorrow!

    1. Sadly, the nooses will be empty – – – – – – – –

  33. Trump’s 1776 Commission to ‘Promote Patriotic Education’ Is Executive Overreach

    It certainly is executive overreach, in the way that Michelle Obama’s program to remake the school lunch program was not – hell, she wasn’t even the executive so how could it be executive overreach?

    1. Apparently tax dollars aren’t used by public schools anymore, so it’s no longer the chief executive’s business or something.

    2. Reason was critical of that too.

      1. They weren’t. At all. No one called it overreach. No one said it was fascist. No one said it was outside the purview of the federal government. They also pushed hard for Common Core and haven’t given a fuck about any of the federal school mandates for the last half a fucking century. Stop fucking lying about absolutely everything you drunken piece of shit. Go fuck yourself and die of cirrhosis, the unremembered shame of your family. Subhuman piece of shit.

        1. Ooooooooo! Internet tough guy! So badass! Makes personal attacks! So manly! *swoon*

          1. Lol. Retarded drunken piece of subhuman shit sarcasmic not only thinks that calling him out on his utter bullshit is somehow a vulgar display of masculinity, but also suddenly thinks personal attacks are unmanly after badgering somebody for 5 posts calling him a liar despite the fact that he, himself, was the only person who had lied in the entire exchange.

            Could you possibly be a more pathetic cunt if you tried? Probably not.

          2. In the previous thread on zoning you said your only intent was mocking people.

          1. Yesterday someone said you were ENB. I thought they were wrong.

            My bad.

      2. Yes, they were very critical of Michelle Obama’s crappy school lunch program. Didn’t make a goddamn bit of difference, it still got adopted anyway. I suspect the complaining about Trump’s executive overreach is going to get a lot more traction.

      3. Like a lot. They seemed kind of obsessed about criticizing it.

    3. (Don’t tell ENB about the Department of Education, or who it’s Secretary reports to.)

  34. Don’t you get it? It’s always ok if it’s Republicans but never if it’s Democrats.

    Fascists never got tired of winning.

    1. What the hell are you babbling about?

      1. It’s fascist for Trump to withhold fedbux from schools when they engage in blatant ahistorical racism.

    2. Or if you’re consistent you say to get fed funds out of school like John did above. Until the change it is fine to play by current rules of the game. Fed dollars can be used to influence states.

    3. Sucks when your opponents start using your playbook, doesn’t it?

  35. Stupid argument. This is what I call zombie libertarianism, by the way: kvetching about Big Government (the eternal boogeyman) while left-wing totalitarians continue inculcating young people into their poisonous ideology. Somehow, Beltway libertarians think that local schools that receive taxpayer money shouldn’t be required to refrain from teaching racist garbage. I doubt they’d feel the same way if publicly funded schools in Alabama were to start teaching the George Wallace Curriculum or something.

    1. The inconsistency evaporates if you open your stupid fucking eyes and realize that Reason is a Marxist publication and has been from its inception, as the flagship publication for an ideology concocted within 1960s counterculture to soft-sell Marxism to anarchists and radical individualists.

      1. And here I thought Reason was a libertarian magazine that soft-peddled liberty so they wouldn’t lose their DC cocktail party invitations.

    2. So, is the answer for libertarians to side with the Republicans?

      1. No, the answer is to oppose authoritarian partisan ideology. The New Left is currently the most active partisan group.

        1. By what metric? The size of the Red and Blue partisan voter base, number of representatives, number of antifa goons on one side and Boogaloos on the other is roughly equal.

      2. The answer is for libertarians to support a ban on racist indoctrination in taxpayer-funded institutions.

      3. No, the answer is for libertarians to support liberty and oppose anyone who would infringe upon it.

        Not make nice with kinder-gentler statists.

  36. Rand’s “Return of the Primitive” was not supposed to be an instruction manual.

    Harvard School of Public Health promotes article that claimed 2+2=5 is racist. That sure gives you a lot of confidence in the “Top Men” of the public health profession’s handling of the pandemic doesn’t it?

    Follow the science!!

  37. ENB can you please stop using matt yeglasis garbage. He already tells people that he lies in order to make progressives look good and non progressives (this includes libritarian) look bad. He has no credibility other than you like him. I think you like him because your retarded, or like an abused puppy if someone hates you you want to be closer to them.

    1. In fairness to ENB, I don’t think anyone likes Ygliesias. You confuse “liking” for feeling sorry for and “having an obligation to treat the defective person special when they are on your side”.

      He is certainly a loyal member of the prog team. But, I can’t believe anyone really likes him.

    2. I thought Rev. Al was our resident prog. Did he get based while I was away?

      1. Check the spelling 😉

    3. Zach thinks Sad Beard is smart.

      I’m now looking at Zach with a raised eyebrow while eating an apple.

  38. “The new child mortality data is out.
    It remains one of the largest global problems, but the world continued to make rapid progress against child deaths.”

    If only they all wore masks! Then at least 110% of them would live.

  39. “How conservatives learned to love cancel culture.”

    Once upon a time, conservatives held a monopoly on cancel culture. Adherence with strict ideology was their core value, and anyone who deviated could be (extremely) canceled.

    Those of us with functional memory (or the ability to read history) can recall the last time liberals got active. They promoted the usual mixed bag of crap, but at least most of them shouted for personal liberty and non-compliance.

    Now their retarded grand kids are the leftist activists trying to cancel anyone and anything that challenges the progressive orthodoxy. How the hell did this happen?

    1. It happened because mainstream liberals never had a problem with the cancel culture when it was being applied to conservatives. The cancel culture was applied to conservatives since the 1980s or before in some cases and resulted in there being virtually no open conservatives in entire industries like the media and academia.

      Once the cancel culture ran out of conservatives to destroy in these places, it was inevitable that it would turn on other liberals and become more and more radical. That is what always happens with forms of mob rule and violence, which is all the cancel culture is. In the last five years, the cancel culture has finally come for mainstream liberals. Most of the victims of the cancel culture recently have been liberals.

      And the center left is now shocked that the monster they were happy to watch destroy conservatives has turned on them. Life is a bitch like that.

    2. Once upon a time, conservatives held a monopoly on cancel culture. Adherence with strict ideology was their core value, and anyone who deviated could be (extremely) canceled.

      Literally hasn’t been the case in the entire post-Civil War history of the United States, but OK.

      1. Certainly not since World War II. I think the last thing conservatives ever actually stopped was implementing the morality codes in Hollywood back in the late 20s. I can’t think of anything else. Can you?

        1. Even that was about as ‘conservative’ as Federal agricultural inspections.

        2. They’ve held the line about as well as can be expected on gun rights. If the Democrats had their way, all semi-automatic guns, at the very least, would be banned by now.

      2. Really? Take a time trip back to the 60s (or even the 80s) and ask people which side represented obedience and conformity.

  40. “The film (Cuties) deals with extremely uncomfortable subject matter: the sexualization of prepubescent girls.”

    Which doesn’t mean that Pervs won’t watch it for the tween girls twerking.

    1. Normalizing pedophilia has been a libertarian hobbyhorse since its inception in the counter-culture movement of the 1960s.

      1. I read last week that the thing that radicalized Mullah Omar and caused him to found the Taliban was the cultural acceptance and prevalence of the rape of small boys in Afghan society. I had never heard that but I don’t doubt it is true.

        If the left somehow manages to normalize sex with children, the resulting backlash is going to be enormous. People will be willing to support about anything no matter how oppressive if it promises to put a stop to the rape of children. I can’t figure out if that is the end leftists actually want or if they are so fucking stupid they don’t understand what they are doing or maybe both.

        1. If the left somehow manages to normalize sex with children, the resulting backlash is going to be enormous.

          Worked with premarital sex, then extramarital sex, then gay sex, then surgically removing children’s genitals to make them aesthetically reflect the neurotic desires of their parents. What the fuck makes you think this won’t be normalized in one generation like every other sexual restraint the Marxists have obliterated on their long march through the institutions? When it’s illegal to stop an adult from fucking a child and YOU are the one who goes to jail it wises people up pretty quick.

          1. Because even in a place as backward as Afghanistan there was a backlash. Society does have self correcting mechanism. Most societies don’t fuck children and those that do don’t last long for a reason. It doesn’t work. No trend goes on forever, even degeneracy. Society will correct itself eventually. It is just a question of how it does it and how far the other way it goes.

          2. then surgically removing children’s genitals to make them aesthetically reflect the neurotic desires of their parents

            I’d say they’re only like 1/2-2/3 of the way along the base path on this. Large portions of the world, including kids who’ve been state-indoctrinated to support it and significant numbers of people who went through the process and recognize it as a mistake, still generally recognize it as abnormal. Not to undermine your overall point but no need to give up the base until they’re standing on it.

  41. No word on the biggest news of the day, that Joe Biden suspects he may have the coronavirus and has to check into the hospital for a couple of weeks as a precautionary measure? You’d think that this might be bigger news here since Joe is…….wait, what day is it? Oh, shit, never mind, that story isn’t scheduled to come out until next week. Forget I said anything.

    1. Holy shit. That is a problem. One of the few things that I am not sure our Presidential election system can account for is a major party nominee who dies a few weeks or days before an election. If Biden were to get COVID and die in say October, it would be too late to put another person on the ballot and impossible to do so in 50 states even if it were not. So what do you do? I don’t think you can elect a dead man President. But, giving the win to either side by default would be a complete disaster as well.

      1. That’s one of the reasons the Founders established the Electoral College, John. Candidates die during elections all the time but remember that between travel times and medical capabilities, such a death was rather more likely to happen back then. While the country can tolerate the loss of a single representative until a re-election can be scheduled, we need a chief executive. The EC could pick one easily.

        1. That is a great point and explains why the EC isn’t legally bound to vote for any particular candidate. You could leave the dead nominee on the ballot and the electors from the states that that nominee won could then vote for whatever replacement, presumably the VP nominee, that the party chose.

          I hadn’t thought of that. But you are right. Another reason never to give up the electoral college.

        2. Except the Supreme Court just said they can’t. The EC has to go with the state voters’ choice.

      2. If you can elect a dead man Senator – despite the Constitutional proviso that a Senator must be a resident of the state from which he’s elected – I don’t see why you can’t elect a dead man President. Mel Carnahan got elected in Missouri in 2000, three weeks after he was killed in a plane crash. John Ashcroft declined to challenge the election, reasoning (correctly) that if Missouri voters would rather vote for a dead man than vote for him, he wasn’t very popular. Nevertheless, Ashcroft could have challenged the vote on the principle of the thing, just because Carnahan was disqualified from the race it wouldn’t necessarily mean Ashcroft won by default, Ashcroft could have called for a special election to fill the vacant seat and then declined to run.

        And whether or not he’s dead, the Democrats are trying to get a mentally incompetent man elected to the office, arguably something that should be a disqualification for office.

        1. It IS a disqualification for office. And Harris is well aware of it.

      3. Biden and Trump are both in the high risk group. Since the House has to vote from the top 3 candidates from the Electoral College vote, this may be Jorgensen’s only chance at victory, the unavailability of both major party candidates after people vote and before the EC does.

    2. I have to admit, you had me going there for a second. Wouldn’t surprise me if you pulled a Babylon Bee and accidentally reported real news just hours before the “real” news.

    3. Cite?

    4. Must be final exam (or debate) week.

  42. Sometimes, I wonder if Trump wants to lose some of these cases just to create a precedent that undermines his opponents. For example, by proposing a pro-US curriculum, is he really trolling for pushback that will be used later to start carving off existing curriculum requirements?

    1. Trump isn’t thinking that far ahead. It’s a direct response to the ahistorical 1619 project being used in various school districts, nothing more.

      The irony of all this hand-wringing is that what Trump’s proposing is basically the same as a lot of secondary school curriculums during the first 70 years of the 20th century. What’s getting people in a lather about it is that it’s a direct rebuke to the 50 years of increasingly self-critical (but only towards white people) curriculums that followed.

      1. And it needs to stop or whites are going to start acting accordingly and we are going to get a no kidding white nationalist movement in this country.

      2. Trump isn’t thinking that far ahead.

        4D chess is so 2018.

    2. Probably not. I’m not a fan of the ‘4D chess’ theory. I think Trump is a guy who throws out a lot of ideas, then waits to see what the pro and con arguments for them are, and then modifies or disregards the idea accordingly. People aren’t used to politicians doing that since most of their ‘ideas’ were actually proposed by staff/lobbiest and made their way through multiple revisions before being proclaimed as that politician’s ‘vision.’

      That people take his random brainstorming seriously and start taking intractable positions based on it is just bonus.


    White people owning dogs is racist. This seems to be a very shady website. So, this might be satire. I can’t tell. Does anyone know? Any opinions?

    1. Doesn’t seem like satire. Seems like some 501c3 employee’s new side hustle that he/they finally got off the ground while WFH.

      1. I tried to figure out how to comment on the article or write the author and tell him what a dumb ass he is. But, that seems to be very hard. The fact that you can’t tell if it is satire says everything you need to know about the woke cult. These people are sick.

        1. Do you differentiate hoax from satire? I could see the site being like the hoax-papers written by the professors a couple years ago.

          It would actually be a cool idea from an academic standpoint to put something like that up and then ask students to present a paper on the co-evolution/habitation of man and dogs and then fail anyone who cites the page.

          1. For it to be a good hoax, it has to be believable. For it to be good satire, it has to be somewhat believable but absurd enough to be funny. In that sense, I guess this is likely more of a hoax if it isn’t real. IT is not funny at all. But, I think it could totally pass and be taken seriously among these idiots.

    2. Nice touch leaving the stock photo description as the caption for the photo at the top of the article.

      Attractive young woman with labrador outdoors. Woman on a green grass with dog labrador retriever. Smiling and looking at the camera.

      Attractive young woman indeed…

    3. It’s got to be satire. Other articles on the front page- like which animals Donald Trump hates because they remind him of his own specific shortcomings and why seahorses are LGBTQ+ allies- read like rejects from Clickhole. I’m guessing this article was meant similarly, and the fact that we are having a debate over whether someone really believes this and is willing to publish it tells you just how much farther off the rails society has gone of late.


    This however is not satire. Mowing your lawn is now “RACIST”. I guess these retards missed the memo about the Japanese being the greatest gardeners in the world. Somehow horticulture and gardening is “white supremacist”.

    Given the power, these people would make the Khmer Rouge seem reasonable by comparison. Leftists used to infuriate me. Lately, they terrify me.

    1. “What is a lawn but a statement of control over nature?” asks John Douglas Belshaw, a Canadian history professor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C.

      “That’s a huge part of settler culture. You see that river there? We can dam that. We can organize that water, we can make that water work for us. It’s essentially the same mindset. I can reorganize this landscape, flatten it, plant lawn, find a non-indigenous species of plant, of grass, and completely extract anything that’s not homogenous, that doesn’t fit with this green pattern and control it … A backyard with a big lawn is like a classroom for colonialism and environmental hostility.”

      I have no problem with the argument that not everyone’s yard needs to be the same Bermuda or Kentucky Bluegrass type, especially in the West where water is relatively scarce, or in the rapidly growing subdivisions that are right on top of the Edwards Plateau in Texas and are now sucking up all the groundwater. But comments like this are why intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution, and the Red Guard themselves after it was tard-wrangled, all ended up getting sent out to the farms to get worked to death.

      People like this are simply incompatible with any kind of stable civilization. They don’t seek to create or even find a balance between nature and human settlement like the early conservationists did. They only seek to destroy.

      Any intellectual who argues unironically that watering your lawn is racist and colonialist needs to be hung from a bridge so their insanity doesn’t infect the rest of society.

      1. People like this are simply incompatible with any kind of stable civilization. They don’t seek to create or even find a balance between nature and human settlement like the early conservationists did. They only seek to destroy.

        No they are not. Their entire existence is about finding something wrong and then virtue signaling their moral superiority over non intellectuals by trying to destroy it. They never build anything or offer any new paradign or way of living to replace the things they destroy.

    2. “Where the lawns come from is from the property ownership mentality, that we can own property,”


      1. Where’s Professor Farnsworth when you need him?

    3. “the Japanese being the greatest gardeners in the world.”

      Yeah, but they aren’t really big on grass.

      Just ask Paul McCartney.

    4. I suppose that’s one way to fight back against your intrusive HOA.

  45. Child mortality has dropped during pandemic because kids are not getting vaccinated. death from SIDS is almost non existant

    1. If that is true, I would like to see a link to the statistics.

      1. It’s a lie.

    2. If thats true the biggest factor would probably be more parents at home with kids/babies


    The woke have come for Beethoven. Why? Because they are sick evil fucks who hate everything that has any beauty or value. The woke cult really is like something out of a sci fi dystopia.

    1. Can we just break off all of society that they think could possibly be objectionable and let them operate on their own with whatever is left?

      1. No, they’d never agree to that. Their goal isn’t to live in a just society as they see it, their goal is to impose a just society on everyone else.

        1. Time for the Blazing Saddles defense.

          We build an imitation town (nation?) that they can attack, and then dynamite the mob just when they figure out the ruse. And capture it on video (for future generations).

          1. It’s a shame that in 2020 you couldn’t make Blazing Saddles again, but you could make Cuties.

            1. Out: Old Number Six

              In: Young Number Ten

              1. If I could upvote or star this I would, but I would not feel good about it.

                Excellent work.

    2. Equating anyone great who happened to be white with whiteness itself is the literal height of racism.

      Beethoven is great because he is an unmatched musical genius, you ingrates, not because he is white. So fucking racist

    3. Just don’t expect Beethoven to roll over for this.
      Has anyone told Tchaikovsky the news?

  47. Mountain Dew and tequila are the least of your problems if you find yourself in a Red Lobster

    1. Don’t even think about slagging my cheddar biscuits.

  48. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    —-Declaration of Independence

    This is what it means to be an American, and the fact that it was written by a slaveholder isn’t ironic. It’s hard to imagine this conception of free people coming from someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with slavery.

    What does it mean to be a slave–if not that slaves don’t enjoy the right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness? Jefferson’s conception of what it means to be a free man is the opposite of slavery–and that is not just a coincidence.

    I’ve read it well-argued by Orlando Patterson, among others, that the western conception of liberty began, formed, and was validated in contrast to slavery–going back through and before the ancient world. There is something important in the suggestion that slavery is central to our national identity.

    One of the problems with those who want to strip our heroes of their status in our culture because of their association with slavery is that their connection to slavery doesn’t only take away from their status–it also, inappropriately, decreases the importance of the slaves.

    The problem with denigrating Thomas Jefferson because he was a slaveholder is that it incorrectly robs slavery of its profound influence on our culture. For instance, if what it means to be an American–as conceived in the Declaration of Independence–wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for slavery, why do they want to rob slavery of its influence on our culture?

    And that’s just one example.

    1. Ken, I agree that we can define liberty in opposition to (chattel) slavery. But I also think the founders were motivated to free us from monarch-subject constraints. I wonder what they would have thought about extreme communist societies.

      1. They wouldn’t understand why we haven’t revolted against our own government already–never mind the communists.

        The next line in the Declaration of Independence, after the one I quoted, reads”

        “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

        —-Declaration of Independence

        Earlier this week, I said that The Star-Spangled Banner is like the Second Amendment set to music. Well, the Second Amendment is like the Declaration of Independence inserted into the Constitution.

        1. The men who wrote that would’ve started a violent revolt the moment the government seriously started talking about income tax.

          There is little need to wonder how they would’ve felt about communists.

    2. Not to mention that Jefferson wanted to end slavery, albeit eventually. And was too deep in debt to free his own slaves (as Washington did in his will.)

  49. It’s not the President’s business if local schools have bad curricula.

    Abolish the Department of Education then.

    1. Bingo. As long as the feds are funding it, the President has an interest and indeed a duty to care about how the money is being used.

      1. For some unfathomable reason (well, unfathomable unless you recognize how politicians operate), the Republicans went from “abolish the Department of Education” to “we can *change* it!”

        1. It’s not just politicians, everyone behaves that way.

          If they’re still sending out social security checks by the time I’m that old I have every intention of cashing them even if I firmly believe the entire system should be done away with.

          1. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

            Trump is going to have a say in how Lefties are destroying education in America as long as Congress keeps a Dept of Ed and sends federal money to states.

          2. I still want my income tax refunds too. Same difference.

        2. “The statists wont let us get rid of it, so might as well change it into something the leftists hate”

    1. You would think that a Libertarian site would have more in common with The Federalist than Vox…

  50. PolitiFact Disqualifies Itself In Debate Over Ad On Girl’s Sports

    Lying used to be a good business for Lefty “fact-checkers”.

  51. Small-Town Wisconsin Loves Trump, And It’s Obvious Why

    I have my tear barrels ready for unreason tears to flow.

    1. As a small-town Wisconsin resident, I can say that Trump has vocal supporters like no politician, ever. Young people who would never in a hundred million years have felt any connection with either Bush, or Romney or McCain, or probably even Reagan, have their trucks slathered with Trump decals and a Trump flag flying off the hitch. “Stores” (really tents or stands) pop up all over the place selling trump flags and stickers and MAGA hats. Progs say the level of devotion is disturbing, and perhaps it is- but a) it’s no more disturbing than the outpouring of love for Obama was, even if it’s a bit tackier, and b) it just goes to show how badly these people are looking for someone to connect with- how utterly out of touch both the ostensible party of the working class (Dems) and the ostensible party of conservative values and small government (Reps) have been with this segment of the population. Many of them have held their noses and voted for Republicans for years, mostly for gun and/or abortion reasons, but probably many more haven’t felt motivated to vote at all. Trump has energized them.

      As I have said before, Trump is unique among politicians for almost a century in that he doesn’t apologize for who he is or what he’s done or what he’s accomplished. He has made a lot of mistakes, and I am sure that he realizes that, but he doesn’t buy into the woke mantra that any misdeeds (by a white male, at least) deserve eternal self-flagellation. That drives the media nuts- they claim he doesn’t think he has ever done anything wrong, but in reality he just refuses to obsess over it like they have been able to browbeat every other politician for several generations into doing. He doesn’t apologize for being who he is, and he doesn’t think anyone else, including middle class white Americans with largely traditional values, should have to either.

      1. I visited blue state Minnesota earlier this year, and saw Trump signs and car decals everywhere, but not a single Biden sign or bumper sticker.

      2. Good points. When Biden loses the left will spend zero time reflecting on the failure of promoting an ideology that demands contrition and atonement from every white person.

        They might insist they didn’t really mean that if they acknowledge it at all.

  52. Statue Of Jesus Decapitated During Open Prayer Time In El Paso Cathedral

    unreason assured us that only “racist” statues would be torn down.

    1. Quote: This truth applied directly to the Progressives who wanted to transform the government during his lifetime. Their principal reforms were, paradoxically, for direct democracy and greater bureaucracy—so the people could have greater control over their government and to guarantee specialized “expertise” in government. Coolidge thought both reforms were reactionary and ultimately harmful to a civilized constitutional regime.

      I guess Proggies never change. Too bad we haven’t had more Presidents like Coolidge.

  53. ‘You let the pandemic come in’: Chris Rock slams Dems for focusing on Trump’s impeachment trial while coronavirus spread to the US

    Poor Democrats. When they cannot keep the Blacks on message, they know they wont be competitive in national elections.

    1. Chris Rock can be funny sometimes, but reading this article, it’s sad some of the stupid shit he believes. Like too many blacks, he sees everything through a racial lens.

      What’s sad to me about the pro-reparations crowd is that they really don’t think blacks are capable of succeeding in our country without help from white people. It’s ironic that they don’t see the inherent racism in that position.

      1. That, and they don’t understand that it will ever happen and all the subject does is divide people.

        If you were to get it passed, do they think that taking money from white people to give to black people is somehow going to go over well for black people? If this country is half as racist as they think it is it’s going to start a race war.

        1. Yeah, I’m not clear on how exactly they think reparations are going to fix racism in our country. Or anything for that matter. People that are racists will still be racists. And poor blacks will simply blow this money in no time and still be poor. (Btw, ANY poor person would blow said money. It’s why they’re poor!)

          1. They don’t wanna fix anything. Of course they know it will make things way worse.

        2. If you were to get it passed, do they think that taking money from white people to give to black people is somehow going to go over well for black people?

          I’m not sure what “it” even is. Do Democrats want to base reparations on documented ancestry? Genetic testing? Appearance? Identification?

          Of course, what Democrats really mean by reparations is simply more government programs “focused on minority areas”.

  54. So, here we are, 6 weeks from the election, and the headlines for every single ‘Reason Roundup’ this week was ‘Trump Bad’. If ENB and Reason were not intending to shill for the DNC, they are sure not doing anything to balance the debate.

    1. Come on. Trump is LITERALLY Hitler. Reason’s writers are just like the media everywhere in this country. 95% vote Dem. Just like 1980, when Reagan won in a landslide over Carter; the media was completely befuddled.

      The media has the highest loyalty to the Democrats among any group. Not blacks, teachers, unions, or anything else vote at a higher clip for Dems than our “unbiased” media.

    2. Well, to be fair, some of them said “Biden bad too”.


    I keep seeing these polls that show Biden with a significant lead in AZ. As an Arizonian, I’m not buying it. I know AZ has been leaning more blue over the years, but if Biden wins AZ, it’ll be a hair; absolutely not by 9 points.

    When I drive around my area, I’ve seen one Biden yard sign compared to 40-50 Trump signs. I’m not seeing the enthusiasm for Biden at all. Could be many voters are more against Trump than excited for Biden. But +9 seems like bullshit to me.

    1. The thing is, we already know there aren’t enough people voting against Trump to win an election. We had that election in 2016, and Hillary lost as the “at least I’m not Trump” candidate.

      Biden isn’t as repugnant as Hillary was, but he has his own share of baggage. I really believe to beat Trump you have to have a candidate that generates his amount of enthusiasm but on the left. Biden ain’t it, and based on this last primary they do not have another Obama stashed away somewhere.

      1. Biden isn’t as repugnant as Hillary was

        Biden is an empty suit at this point. The repugnant characters are hiding behind him hoping you aren’t seeing them.

  56. That “clinical therapist” looks like he’s from Arkham.

  57. The federal government really does not belong in the education business at all. This is one reason why.

  58. Why not solve all the problems with one solution? Public education, from K-12 through our best universities, is the business of neither federal nor state government. Public education has collapsed intellectually but cannot be replaced as you would replace your home. It’s just too big. The central problem is the notion of “public” education and “federal” intrusion. Children will improve when parents feel it’s their money being spent. And adults will be more careful about their private money.

    Public teaching has been fundamentally transformed into an enormous entitlement, and dispensing entitlements is the heart of the democrat strategy. It cannot be said too many times: the absence of competition is the problem. This kind of corruption is a byproduct of public education.

    Regarding K-12, state governments may immediately start allowing per pupil allocations to be awarded to any accredited institution according to the parents’ choice. Many states have such systems operating under various titles but the principle is privatization. States could use existing accreditation systems or establish their own.

    A comprehensive free enterprise education system eliminates the ability to trample one civil right by supporting an opposing civil right. Perhaps more importantly, it precludes indoctrination of students to unwelcome political agendas. Government schools should be allowed to compete with private schools.

    The primary problem with the K-12 segment is it’s a monopoly in a nation where monopoly is considered a criminal enterprise for everyone else. A major flaw is taxpayers, with no children and those whose children have graduated from public schools, have no choice regarding which institution receives their money. I’ve never heard it mentioned that such taxpayers are in a vast majority but the government makes that choice for them. Colleges compete for government money.

    The school choice solution is not the teachers’ idea of choice and certainly not the union’s idea. Most know what’s needed is a robust free market filled with all kinds of accredited schools, able to deliver general subjects as well as all kinds of specialties, including athletics and the arts. Bottom line, it’s a very bad idea for any government to educate its children.

  59. Ding dong the witch is dead….

    1. I must be a bad person, when my husband told me the news I just laughed for five minutes straight at the absurdity of it all. This? Ups the chaos to 111.

  60. Reason continues in its tradition of representing “Libertarianism Lite.” Instead of decrying a particular federal standard for a curriculum, how about arguing the more general Libertarian premise that the entire Department of Education is overreach and should be abolished in its entirety? Education, along with a whole host of other Federal functions, should be controlled, totally at the local level. Education is certainly not a new concept. If the founding fathers thought it to be important enough to address at the Federal level, you’d think they would have included it in the Constitution. They didn’t.

  61. The federal government shouldn’t dictate what local schools across the country teach

    It’s not dictating anything. It’s potentially withholding federal funds.

    Libertarians should object to those federal funds being handed out in the first place, not to them being withheld when schools teach objectively false content.

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  64. I don’t find it dumb. Trump’s order is not overreach. As long as federal tax money is going to state run schools, the President has a duty to ensure that it is spent consistent with the desires of the taxpayers.

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