Whistleblower Nurse Alleges Disturbing Number of Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Facility

The allegations are horrific and, as of now, otherwise unsubstantiated, but if true they would not be without precedent.


Several immigrant detainees and a former nurse at an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Georgia say detainees there are subjected to medical neglect, filthy conditions, inadequate protections against COVID-19, and a disturbingly high rate of hysterectomies performed by a doctor the nurse called the "uterus collector."

In complaint filed Monday to the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General on behalf of the detainees and the nurse, several social justice advocacy and whistleblower protection groups say interviews revealed "jarring medical neglect," shredded and fabricated medical records, and "red flags regarding the rate at which hysterectomies are performed on immigrant women" at the Irwin County Detention Center in in Ocilla, Georgia. The claims in the complaint have not yet been substantiated.

The complaint was filed by the Government Accountability Project, which provides legal services to whistleblowers, as well as Project South, Georgia Detention Watch, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, and South Georgia Immigrant Support Network.

"When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp," Dawn Wooten, a nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center until this July, says in the complaint. "It was like they're experimenting with our bodies."

Wooten said the suspicious hysterectomies, a surgical procedure to remove the uterus, were all linked to one doctor in particular.

"Everybody he sees has a hysterectomy—just about everybody. He's even taken out the wrong ovary on a young lady," Wooten said. "She was supposed to get her left ovary removed because it had a cyst on the left ovary; he took out the right one. She was upset. She had to go back to take out the left and she wound up with a total hysterectomy."

Wooten and several detainees also told Project South that language barriers may have left women confused or misled about the procedures.

"These immigrant women, I don't think they really, totally, all the way understand this is what's going to happen depending on who explains it to them," Wooten said.

The complaint also alleges that the facility did not give staff or detainees adequate protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infections and that the facility refused to test detainees who exhibited symptoms of the virus, thus undercounting the number of positive cases. ICE reported 41 infections at the facility in August.

In response to the complaint, ICE said in a press statement that it "takes all allegations seriously and defers to the OIG regarding any potential investigation and/or results. That said, in general, anonymous, unproven allegations, made without any fact-checkable specifics, should be treated with the appropriate skepticism they deserve."

If true, the allegations about the facility would not be without precedent.

Earlier this year, Reason reported on medical neglect at FCI Aliceville, a federal women's prison in Alabama. One formerly incarcerated woman said officials and doctors tried to pressure her into having her one remaining ovary removed. After she refused, she said she was retaliated against by staff.

In Tennessee last year, three inmates won a civil rights lawsuit against a judge who offered defendants reduced sentences in exchange for getting vasectomies or birth control implants.

In 2013, the Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that doctors in California performed tubal ligations on nearly 150 female inmates without proper state authorization. Several former inmates said they were pressured to consent to the surgery, including while sedated and strapped to a surgical table.

The state paid doctors $150,000 for each surgery. "Over a 10-year period, that isn't a huge amount of money," one OB-GYN who performed the procedures told the news outlet, "compared to what you save in welfare paying for these unwanted children—as they procreated more."

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  1. The allegations are horrific and, as of now, otherwise unsubstantiated, but if true

    You could wait for substantiation.

    Nah. Food trucks.

    1. No need to wait. It is either true or Fake But Accurate*.
      * not yet certified by Dan Rather

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    2. Sounds like the VA.

    3. Or you could publicize it enough to ensure that we get substantiation. Without some level of publicity, it’s too easy for authorities to brush things under the rug. Early, flamboyant accounts may drive overreactions but they also create an incentive for the investigation to actually get done.

      There is no easy answer when the problem is government accountability.

    4. You could wait for substantiation.

      That’s for losers, not national newspapers of record.

    5. Considering *the* nurse shared that her pet name for the doctor was ‘the uterus collector’, this is probably an objective assessment and totally not a personal grudge.

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    7. Hysterectomies are not cheep this is a level of healthcare these women could not get and obviously did not get in their own country.

      By default these people think something nefarious is going on?
      There are chemical ways to cause sterilizations and they do not cost very much. Those would be used long before hysterectomies.

      1. This is way too much of a shock story to believe outright. High on emotion. REALLY low on facts. The quote of it being cheaper than their kids especially sounds so much like a supervillain that it makes me doubt every last word that was said.

        Even if the base fact that there are high rates of hysterectomies, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything nefarious.

        I would consider it quite plausible that the doctor was performing hysterectomies instead of doing less radical treatments. There are some good reasons for that. Given their background, there are probably a very large proportion of women with completely untreated conditions. It is also quite possible they will leave soon and never get a follow up, and so it’s wise go straight for the kill rather than minor surgery, long chemo, and see if it comes back.

        However, there are other bad reasons, most notably lining his own pocket by doing extremely expensive unnecessary surgeries.

        We need to see what the investigation turns up. We do not need to publicize this like it’s proven fact when the barest facts haven’t been confirmed.

  2. Let’s pretend it’s socialized medicine in practice and ignore any such allegations.

    1. FFS. Speaking as a person with a uterus, having been “poor” & with 3 kids to feed. I gladly gave up my procreation right when offered the service for free. Thank you American taxpayers.

      1. I gladly gave up my procreation right when offered the service for free.

        Not sure what you gave up was a right as much as a body part. How much are subsidized birth control pills at Planned Parenthood?

        1. Now if I could not read the language the prescription directions are given, this might not be an adequate BC method. So…surgical intervention!
          I think this “nurse” whistleblower is bs & probably sj warrior

    2. If you like your uterus, you can keep your uterus.

      1. If you want a uterus, but don’t have one, we can get you one.

    3. As long as the uteruses are being disposed of south of the border, I smell a win-win.

  3. I abhor the Beltway critiques of folks like Tom Woods and Dave Smith, but it’s worth bearing in mind that folks like them (people who used to be quick to believe the worst about the U.S. government) are all of a sudden skeptical about these sorts of stories. I haven’t seen either of those two say a word criticizing Trump’s abhorrent immigrant detention policies.

    And I oppose open borders and believe that most illegal immigrants should be deported, so please don’t hit me with that accusation.

  4. Well, if we’re okay with reporting unsubstantiated allegations, how ’bout we start with the rumors that anti-fa activists are running around starting wildfires?

    1. Antifa is a myth.

      1. Mythical fire is powerful.

    2. I heard on 4chan that Biden has dementia and his staff are having conversations about which brand of adult diapers crinkle the least on account of his incontinence.

      I guess that unsubstantiated rumor isn’t important since he’s only running for President.

      And, to be clear, I think 4chan is garbage and take nothing they say as any kind of truth. But if you’re going to report garbage, it’s interesting what garbage makes the cut.

      1. If it’s not on Drudge then it isn’t news, right?

        1. It’s unclear what Drudge has to do with Reason publishing this particular nugget of rumor versus other equally bullshit unsubstantiated rumors.

          And while I haven’t been to Drudge in a while, last I checked Matt didn’t write articles for his website he just reposts garbage stories. Reason actively writes this nonsense.

          1. I saw this particular nugget on the Daily Fail this morning. In case you didn’t know, that’s a British tabloid with no vested political agenda that I’m aware of. Why aren’t you trashing them for hating Trump and not reporting on what you feel to be important?

            1. Because I didn’t read it there, obviously. And are you referring to the Daily Mail? Because last I checked no one considers them to be without political agenda.

              1. Yes, and I look at them every day. I don’t see a political agenda.

                1. If you don’t see the political agenda in a newspaper, you aren’t looking or are very dumb.

                  1. It’s a tabloid. Their agenda is selling pictures and sensationalism.

                    1. “are very dumb.”

                      You didn’t need to prove it.

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              2. They run Piers Morgan for fuck’s sake. He’s out to offend EVERYONE!

            2. Lol. You’re so broken you’re crying about BYODB not criticizing random media that nobody was talking about and he didn’t read!

              I’m gonna go to WaPo now, and find something stupid there then cry that you didn’t criticize them for it.

  5. The allegations are horrific and, as of now, otherwise unsubstantiated,

    Audition for the atlantic?

  6. Trump ordered these Hysterectomies for a Satanic Ritual. its unsubstantiated but who knows lets go with it.

    1. I heard he’s consuming all those uteri in an effort to become immortal.

      1. I think you’re confusing him with Tom Cruise.

        1. I thought it was Christopher Reeves but Hackman stopped his ploy. I think I saw a documentary on it.

          1. Seriously, Cruise had a placenta sandwich or something when his daughter was born. Scientology is weird.

          2. Christopher Reeve gained super powers from stem cells. Uteri provide immortality.

  7. also anyone else notice Scientific American the trash magazine of “science” is endorsing Biden. they endorsed Hillary by Trashing everything Trump said in 2015

  8. Saw this story on another news source. I knew the haters would find a way to say Reason is terrible for writing about it.

    “Oh my God Reason is reporting on something that is in the news! They suck! Unsubstantiated means it’s not news! It means Reason hates Trump and every employee is voting for Biden! Aaauuughh! Reason suuuuucks!”

    So predictable.

    1. What happened in your life that made you think this was a good use of your time?

      1. Your mom.

        1. Ah yeah, she told me she broke your heart too.

          1. *snort*

            I’m a libertarian. I don’t have a heart.

            1. That explains why you don’t have custody

              1. Um, no. I don’t have custody because I don’t have a vagina. And neither does your mom, which I thought was odd. I asked her about it and she said you guys reproduce by fission. You know, like bacteria.

                1. More evidence of why you don’t have custody

                  1. Of your mom?

                    1. Among others.

          2. How is she doing, anyway? Still drunk by noon? Man, she knows how to par-tay!

            1. That also explains why you don’t have custody

              1. She is definitely a bad influence, that’s for sure.

                1. No doubt and you’ll never get custody if you keep hanging out with her

            2. Too early to be drunk.

        2. So broken. #sad

      2. In all honesty none of the Commenters have anything better to do. We’re mostly here for the lols, except Palin buttplug, he’s here to spread kiddy porn

        1. Jeff is totally serious with his sophistry and defense of pedos like SPB.

          1. I must live rent-free in your head. The Arizona sun has seriously baked away any intelligence you might have once had.

            1. you seem upset

    2. Should Reason be lauded for journalistic integrity because they essentially retweeted a rumor? Specifically, a rumor about one of their pet causes that makes their opponents out like NAZI monsters without any substantiation whatsoever?

      1. Um, yeah. That’s what I said. When did you become a certified dumbass? Is it election fever?

        1. no it wasn’t.

          I knew the haters would find a way to say Reason is terrible for writing about it.

          Why can’t you just say reason should have stayed away?

      2. I mean, it’s quite telling that ANY story negative about the administration is bashed on here regardless anyhow.

        It’s not like this is not news- it’s an official whistleblower complaint and if proven true, would be seriously disturbing.

        Wasn’t the “losers and suckers” panned when it was “anonymous” sources from the Atlantic? Then it was went and proven by various news sources including Fox News. Heaven forbid we get the original story and then follow up on it.

        1. It was never proven, they all used the same anonymous source who made the fucking thing up. It’s an election season, Trump wins on policing and with the military, and Biden needs to shore up his terrible law and order creds. Only a complete retard like you would believe something said by the press or the media mafia.

        2. There are a lot of people around here who really think that if Biden wins, it is the End Of America(tm). So it doesn’t really matter if an anti-Trump story is true or false, what matters most is pushing Trump over the finish line in order to defeat the Enemy of the Republic, Joe “Sith Lord” Biden.

          1. I think most people around here think Harris is the Sith Lord and Joe is more like, I don’t know, Jar Jar Binks?

            1. Neither one of them are Sith Lords.

              The whole thing about “OMG most consequential election evah!” is just bullshit, AS USUAL. It is just recycled claptrap every four years. How can people fall for the same bullshit every fucking time?

              When Bush was elected and then re-elected, America did not turn into a Nazi Fascist state.
              When Obama was elected and then re-elected, America did not turn into a Marxist Totalitarian hellhole.
              When Trump was elected, America did not turn into a Nazi Fascist State (again!).

              If either Trump or Biden win, it will not be a Mortal Threat to the Republic.

              You know what is a mortal threat to the Republic? ALL of them, who play culture war bullshit games while ignoring the real problems that WILL cause horrible pain to the nation if left unchecked. Out of control spending, the never-sleeping surveillance state, etc.

              The Republic is too important to leave it up to either of those two morons. Trump the narcissistic idiotic clown or Biden the semi-senile seat warmer.

              1. Harris is terrible from every angle. She got a job by virtue of fucking the right people, then got on Biden’s ticket for being black. All her credentials are, shocker, as a prosecutor. This in an election year when police departments are literally under fire or on fire. What side are prosecutors on, again?

                Yeah, she’s a real gem.

                Oh, and last I checked I could fly on a plane without taking off my shoes or going through a body scanner prior to 9/11. I didn’t have to leave my pocket knife in the truck during sporting events. The idea we didn’t become more fascist after 9/11 is absurd for anyone that can remember anything before 9/11.

                Who was President again? Oh, right, Bush.

                It’s not a sudden curtain falling across freedom labeled ‘fascist’, it’s a decent by degrees.

                1. got on Biden’s ticket for being black

                  She’s not black. Her people hate black people.

        3. Some grade a mental retardation there. 21 public vs 4 anonymous. Fox didn’t confirm the atlantic story by the way dummy, she confirmed through anonymous sources (same ones) that trump has disparaged some troops with other comments. Because B then A even though B and A are independent.

          You really do run with a stupid crowd.

      3. Seriously dude, you’ve got a bad case. Not as bad as John’s, but he’s pretty unique. You really need a blowjob. Maybe Tulpa can set you up with his mom.

        1. You sound like you want a gay date. I mean practice makes perfect faggot.

          1. Hey due, I’m not gay and neither is your boyfriend.

            1. Damn I’m so sexy that you asked me out even though you’re not gay. High praise.

              And then I turmed you down. No wonder you lost your mind.

        2. LOL, right to the insults. My wife and I are doing fine, by the way, as are our relations.

          It’s possible the nurse is being truthful. It’s also possible 4chan got it right. It’s possible an asteroid will kill us all tomorrow. None of those are news, outside of a supermarket checkout line, and yet some of those stories make the cut. One might suspect the author of the piece felt this rumor in particular could be used in service of the cause, regardless of it’s veracity.

          I never said she was lying, I’m just suggesting that if a story paints someone as a NAZI war criminal than it’s rarely true and one might want to wait until it’s been at least somewhat verified before shitting one’s pants.

          1. I didn’t mean to insult you. It’s all in good fun.

            Seriously though, the closer we get to the election, the more shrill the Trump supporters become. Anything left of Limbaugh is an endorsement for Biden. They hysterical part is that when Reason was critical of Obama, the peanut gallery was calling it a conservative rag.

            So honestly, man to man, are you getting election fever? Symptoms include your personal political stances drifting towards the candidate of your choice, increased agitation at criticism of your candidate of choice, and hostile reactions to stories that are unflattering of your candidate of choice.

            There is a cure! It’s called NOT VOTING! Then you don’t give a shit and don’t get caught up in the stupidity.

            1. If anyone here has a fever, it would certainly appear to be you.

              It would certainly not shock me if the Doc’s used by ICE are not the best and that many mistakes are made, for various reasons, but it also wouldn’t shock me that a nurse would allege a chain of misconduct over a single incident that was probably already investigated without her knowledge.

              1. Do you know what humor is?

              2. Oh c’mon! Imagine that read by Tony Shalhoub! Fucking conservatives mumble mumble…

            2. Have you ever once considered yourself for your own fucking actions?

              All you fucking do is drop into threads calling everyone who disagrees with you a trump cultist. Have the tome with a retarded hyperbolic strawman. Ever consider it was you fuckwit?

              You, chipper, and, jeff are all pees in a retarded pod.

              1. Oh boo hoo. Says the guy who lies habitually, does not have any deeper thought beyond kneejerk reaction to the day’s news, and can only argue against stereotypes, not people.

                You don’t deserve anything but scorn. Go back to Breitbart where your schtick is considered praiseworthy. Or confine yourself to the Reason Roundup thread aka right-wing safe space zone.

                1. Dude. That was way to close to the truth. Shame on you!

                  1. oh shit sarc is drunk again

    3. Both can be terrible for writing it dummy.

  9. The allegations are horrific and, as of now, otherwise unsubstantiated, but if true

    Given the shenanigans we’ve seen out of various NGOs with agendas, I’m going to lean “not true”.

    1. A normal person might stop and think “Sure, you say he’s ‘The Uterus Collector’, but aren’t you being a little hyperbolic?” But a normal person would get scooped.

  10. Well, expect this story to be ignored by the usual suspects around here because it is “just a rumor”, while breathlessly believing every shred of anecdotal stories that illegal immigrants are ruining America.

    1. It is just a rumor at this point fuckwit.

      1. And not even a very good one. Maybe a dossier documenting this Dr.’s prediliction for peeing on Russian hookers turned up or if they find a painting of a uterus in a blue dress in this guy’s home and he winds up dead in Federal custody it would be worth looking into. Otherwise, what difference, at this point, does it make?

  11. The progressives agree with the doctor saying that 150k is less than welfare for an unwanted kid right? The economic and social cost of an unwanted kid has been one of the main arguments for unlimited abortion.

    1. Unwanted by whom? Potential adoptive parents?

  12. Is this mission creep?

    The government is good at doing certain things *to* people, not so much doing things *for* them.

    Is there a rationale for mixing up the removal of illegals with government health care?

  13. On one hand, Reason hits a new low.

    On the other hand, if you replace the word “hysterectomy” with abortions, the DNC would be cheering.

    1. To be sure – – – – – –

    2. You are correct. The democrat death cult rolls on.

  14. “Everybody he sees has a hysterectomy—just about everybody. He’s even taken out the wrong ovary on a young lady

    So the take away is that illegal immigrants are getting seriously expensive surgeries for free.

  15. Every woman the Ob/gyn referred to the surgeon for a hysterectomy got one.

    Oh, my! How shocking!

    1. Ob/GYNs are surgeons. At least get that part right.

      They do not refer for hysterectomies. They do them.

  16. I have it on good authority, from a friend who would know, that the doctor mentioned was put through medical school by Nancy Pelosi. She has him sterilizing any illegal border crossing person with a uterus who refuses to sign a pledge to raise all the kids to vote democrat, and only democrat.
    I expect verification any minute now, certainly by election day.

  17. “When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an experimental concentration camp,” Dawn Wooten, a nurse at the Irwin County Detention Center until this July, says in the complaint. “It was like they’re experimenting with our bodies.”

    Dawn Wooten, Ocilla, Georgia.

    My grandmother was born in Ocilla, Irwin County, Georgia and married a Wooten.

    Must be true.

    1. “Our bodies” she says.

      She includes herself among his victims.

      Obviously she’s insane and making it up.

  18. Whistleblower Nurse Alleges Disturbing Number of Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Facility

    just curious, what if it was abortions?

  19. In answer to your question. You do not perform a hysterectomy for an abortion. Nor as a form of birth control.

    1. are you trying to tell these women what to do with their bodies? If one of them wanted a hysterectomy while she was pregnant or as a form of birth control, shouldn’t that be up to her?

  20. every one says about this post but i ask…READ MORE

  21. Big if true

  22. “[A]dequate protective equipment to prevent COVID-19 infections…”

    What is “Shit that doesn’t exist.”?

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  24. Let me state the obvious first. It’s obviously not mass sterilization. If it was, they’d be doing cheap tubal ligations and vasectomies, not the ludicrously expensive full hysterectomies.

    The complaints are against one doctor. Is this one man with no oversight going mad with power or gaming the system for extra money? Is this one man who sees every woman who may have ovarian cancer and goes with a rather safe than sorry approach? Or are we just looking at the end result of tens of thousands of patients being filtered down to one doctor who does all the hysterectomies?

    The article is missing the most important facts. How MANY? FOR WHAT REASON? Who authorized this? Doctors can’t just grant themselves authority to do $150k surgery. It’s all accusation. No context. No backup. No critical thinking

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