Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

L.A. Sheriff's Deputies Assault Reporter, Then Attempt To Mislead Public About It

Tensions are high over the weekend shooting of two deputies.


Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) deputies are recovering after a Saturday double shooting in which a gunman in Compton apparently walked up to their SUV and opened fire.

The incident has poured gasoline on a summer of protests and riots. President Donald Trump called the shooter an "animal" at a Nevada rally Sunday, adding that anybody who kills a police officer should receive the death penalty.

The incident also led to a bizarrely violent encounter between LASD deputies and a reporter from LAist and the NPR affiliate KPCC. The journalist was assaulted and arrested, and the sheriff's department's explanation simply does not match what video of the encounter shows.

Josie Huang had gone to St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood to cover an LASD press conference about the state of the two deputies. A small protest was taking place outside the hospital—a handful of people angry about the LASD's fatal shooting of a cyclist in late August.

According to Huang's account, she decided to follow deputies as they followed a man up a nearby street. Then she saw a commotion as they arrested the man. She was filming the arrest when the officers turned on her, shoved her, knocked her down, and arrested her. Her phone video captured deputies asking her to back up and then immediately attacking her and knocking her down. She was wearing her press pass and yelled, while she was on the ground, that she's a reporter with KPCC. Her phone kept recording after it was knocked out of her grasp, showing two deputies crushing it under their boots. Huang was detained for five hours and has been charged with obstruction.

Before she tweeted her video of the incident, the LASD shared its own description of what happened. It is rather different from what we see in the video. The LASD claims that while its deputies were arresting a protester for refusing to comply with dispersal orders, "a female adult ran towards the deputies, ignored repeated commands to stay back as they struggled with the male and interfered with the arrest. The female adult, who was later identified as a member of the press, did not identify herself as press and later admitted she did not have proper press credentials on her person."

The only thing that's true here is that they ordered her to stay back—and then they attacked her immediately, before she could even respond.

Here is additional footage of the incident:

The Washington Post subsequently asked the LASD if anybody there wanted to clarify its description of the incident. A spokesperson demurred, saying the incident was under investigation.

After two deputies were ambushed and shot, it's natural that the deputies would feel danger when somebody approaches them while they're arresting somebody. But they both overreacted, and then they attempted to cover up their overreaction.

This story isn't the only recent black eye to the LASD's reputation. Sheriff Alex Villanueva is fighting with L.A. County's Board of Supervisors of his department's lack of transparency and resistance to independent oversight. A whistleblower has filed suit against the department, claiming, among other things, that the Compton station was run by a secret gang called the Executioners and that the LASD is rampant with secret cliques of misbehaving deputies.

And L.A. County residents don't know the extent that the LASD is covering for misbehaving deputies, because the department has been dragging its feet rather than comply with new transparency laws that require the public release of records of certain types of police conduct. The Los Angeles Times is suing it for it failure to comply with the law.

None of this justifies, excuses, or explains why anybody would just walk up to two deputies and shoot them. Normally that would go without saying, but we're now in a culture where it needs to be said. But it's context that shows a crumbling relationship between a sheriff's department and the community it's supposed to protect. Misleading the public about an incident caught on video doesn't help repair that relationship.

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  1. Soooo, defund the police?

    1. Yes! The Shomrim keep Crown Heights safe from criminal activity and have a perfect record with the people they serve!

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    2. Yes! Defunding the police is the right call.

      1. So you are always saying how you believe in the values of BLM. Question, how long have you believed in “Let the bitch die”? Is that new for you or something that BLM has taught you?

        Just asking for a friend.

        1. So, anyone that believes that black people are disproportionately mistreated by the police must automatically want all police dead?

          So, since you don’t want police dead, I have to wonder how long have you supported the mistreatment of black people?

          1. I have to wonder how long you have been this fucking stupid. Since when does anything you said have anything to do with BLM standing outside a hospital yelling “let the bitch die” after two sheriff’s deputies were ambushed and nearly killed.

            Do you think that is okay? Obviously you think it is just fine or you wouldn’t be defending BLM here. So let me ask you, was it BLM who gave you that value or did you think it up on your own?

            1. Why do you say that the people standing outside the hospital were BLM? What evidence is there in the video or elsewhere that they are associated with BLM?

          2. I see what you did there. I’ve a wquestion for you:

            have you stopped beating your Wife?

            just asking for a friend.

    3. Well, maybe this department.

      1. Maybe just the two offending officers. Personal responsibility, not group responsibility. Their supervisor should get a reprimand, however, and be put ‘on probation’ to be given more crap if this type of thing happened again.

        1. LAPD has been notorious for decades for corruption, bias, laziness, and brutality.

          From Rodney King to OJ Simpson (a guilty man whom they faked evidence to convict), LAPD has failed to meaningfully reform for longer than many of us have been alive.

        2. Maybe. But given the article’s report of long-term trends of abuse and the repeated failures of prior attempts to fix the department’s culture, there is a credible argument for a clean-slate approach.

    4. Defund all manner of government.

    5. I’m glad she acknowledged the monstrous premise of this otherwise good comedy. A couple breaks up, so they decide to divide up their infant twins — so each girl will never see the other parent, her sister, or any of her other relatives again? Or even know she has a sister? Just as in the original version of this movie, the real villains are clearly both parents……..Only Read More

  2. Yeah that’s the real story. Not the deputies being shot in cold blood, or the “peaceful protestors” chanting and braying for their deaths.

    Fuck you.

    1. Sitting US Senator:


      Portland police routinely attack peaceful protestors with brute force. We must disarm these officers, and every other police department in America, of weapons of war, and enact a nationwide ban on tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, and bean bag rounds.

      1. Good idea. Then I won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting a cop when I defend myself during a mostly peaceful protest. They will all be in the precinct house filing the sick leave or retirement papers.

      2. “ We must disarm these officers, and every other police department in America, of weapons of war, and enact a nationwide ban on tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, and bean bag rounds.”

        Which leaves but 1 alternative.

        Live rounds out of real guns.

        Which is, I’m sure, just exactly what these leftist idiots would push for were it the right indiscriminately burning down cities and wandering neighborhoods at night harassing residents.

        1. Four dead in O-HI-O.

      3. Then, what are they supposed to do when there are violent rioters throwing rocks, fireworks, and moltov cocktails? Sticks and harsh language? “Halt or I will say halt again”? “Go away or I shall taunt you a second time?”

    2. Why can’t they all be real stories?

      Does the attack on the officers or the protest somehow justify the attack on the reporter?

    3. Even assholes have 1st Amendment rights. In fact, only assholes need them…. well mostly.
      The story is the police have take the attitude that the beatings shall continue until the relationship with the citizens improve.

    4. It’s possible that both things are wrong.

  3. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1305484463422414848

    BREAKING: Portland Police arrested a man today suspected of starting a brush fire using a Molotov cocktail. Firefighters extinguished the grass fire before it could spread further. Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, was arrested. He was quickly released without bail

    BREAKING: Within hours after being released for allegedly starting a brush fire in Portland using a molotov cocktail, Domingo Lopez Jr. allegedly started six more fires along the west side of the I-205 freeway. He’s been arrested again.

    1. His real name is ‘Lightning’. Get with the program.

    2. Don’t put it on Facebook

      1. I missed where the story above linked Lopez with any organization. I just searched on Facebook, and quite a few people have posted about this story.

    3. Shhh…that’s “misinformation”.

    4. Do you have any links to substantiate this other than twitter?

      I’d love to put it on Facebook.

        1. “Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has notoriously taken the side of violent antifa rioters against the police they attack, and he announced that his office would not prosecute many riot-related crimes”

          That is not what Schmidt said at all. What he said was he wasn’t going to prosecute “protestors” for non-violent crimes. Failure to disperse and the typical BS, “disorderly conduct”. Apparently Schmidt will give you a pass if you get hit in the head with a rubber bullet and ‘lash out’ as a result (his office will scrutinize the reports).

          1. You and your pedophile friends better pray the police don’t totally pull back

            1. They don’t seem to realize police aren’t there to protect the public.
              They re there to protect the criminal.

              Vigilante justice is not traditionally sweet and fluffy.

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      1. Andy Ngo isn’t a chump. His tweet linked directly to the Portland Police blotter.

    5. Another valuable citizen having his rights trampled by the police. Shameful.

    6. I can’t believe these idiots getting arrested 30 feet off the road. We have empty forests in every direction where nobody will ever know you were around.

      But they only have enough motivation to stop at the side of the road in front of everybody.

      1. The woods is like, icky, and stuff.

        1. Robert Frost’s first draft of “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

          1. Whose woods these are I think I know.
            And Trump must be the first to go;
            They will not catch me lighting here
            Until the woods gives a rosy glow.

        2. Well, they ARE leftists…

      2. East officers were flagged down by a witness who pointed out the suspect in a nearby tent.

        A guy in a tent near I-205 and Burnside is homeless. All the fires were lit in a completely urban area. As much as people want this to be an activist, some people are just bat-shit crazy. Not saying he wasn’t inspired, but this incident has nothing to do with the wildfires.

        The good part is: passing community members put out the other three [fires]. All were caught early. No one was injured and no structures were burnt

        Not everyone wants to watch the world burn.

    7. Andy Ngo is a lying right wing fraud.

      1. And your handle seems a tad genocidal. Can’t we all just get along?

      2. NO ONEwho knows him would ever say that. Just proof you do NOT know the man. If you do not know the man WHY are you trashing him? It comes back on you.

    8. don’t pay it no nemmine. Its a Portland Thing.

      Brushfires along the west side of I 205? I drive that fairly often. I thought they were keeping the mayhem in downtown west side. What’s this with mid east side burning, now?

      I hope they keep him in the pokey long enough for some REAL intelligent folks to spend some time researching (investigating is the copper term) the man’s distant and immediate past, where he’s been these past couple of weeks, how he gets his money and what other amusing things to which he devotes his time.

      I think the Feds ought to get involved, as this was INTERSTATE 205, a FEDERAL thing. So they can press Federal charges on the lout. He’ll wish he’d never left Wheeler’s Lair. This time oif the FEds get involved, it won’t be catch and release. Grass fires are not “arson’ at least in Oregon.. that’s reserved for “strucrues”. Of coure, they have so far charged NO ONE for all the burns started on the downtown building,s dumpsters, parks, cars, etc. Maybe the Feds can find apair of cement overshoes his size…….

      1. I dunno about the feds.
        The head of the FBI office there is a Comey creature, and is already running cover for antifaBLM

  4. Press ain’t nothing special. You’re just a person.
    A person so stupid you run up to armed men engaged in a struggle.
    Then you are shocked, shocked, that their response is immediate and appropriate to the situation.

    1. Nu-uh, reason told me the press are a priestly class, above the law and all reproach.

    2. “Then you are shocked, shocked, that their response is immediate and appropriate to the situation.”

      If it was so understandable and appropriate then why lie about it?

    3. How exactly was it a appropriate? And why lie about it if it was?

  5. They’re planning a coup

    Try imagining how millions of Democrats will process a Trump victory. A loss for Biden, after having been the clear favorite all summer, would provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change. No one should want that

    1. Behold the prophecy is coming.
      In all states where the democrat is ahead even a little bit on election night, the press will declare a victory for the Harris slate.
      In all states where it looks at all like Trump might win, the press will declare there are “irregularities”, and the race cannot be called until further investigation (by democrats).

  6. “Woe to that nation whose literature is cut short by the intrusion of force. This is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up of a nation’s heart, the excision of its memory.”
    ~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    1. Have Democrats or the teacher’s union banned the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or To Kill a Mockingbird for the use of the word “nigger”. We wouldn’t want to upset sensitive Black children by forcing them to read.

      1. It doesn’t upset black children nearly as much as it upsets their self-appointed white guardians and protectors.

      2. And your “remedy” of the Republicans and the police, and police union jumping on the bandwagon by attacking and arresting the press is multiplication of the problem not reduction nor remedy.

        Nor is the non-violent delay of children’s public access (Parents and book sellers may, and later colleges will happily provide these great books.) equivalent to violent state goons attempting to deny all citizens any information about their immediate attacks on other citizens by, also, attacking the press.

        1. The police causing trouble generally work for Democrats, which you somehow overlook.

        2. But let’s get them started in kindergarten with the gender fluidity and gay sex. You’re laughably transparent.

        3. The beatings will continue until the relationship improves!

        4. You misspelled Democrat. Easy mistake.

  7. Better headline: members of press upset that people are talking about deputy shooting instead of about them and their pet issues.

    BTW its great that the reporter was able to tweet after her horrific ordeal. What about those deputies, have they been able to get on social media yet? No? Still dying.? OK then

    1. First thing that’s interesting to me is how you think it’s acceptable for these cops to LIE, not just MISREPRESENT, that’s a fluffy term used by dishonest people to escape being found out, PERIOD. Next, this excuse about the 2 cops that got shot, is irrelevant to them dropping a small woman of the press without warning. Before you get into the “obvious, common sense” argument that she should have known better, forget it! There were numerous recurring press members attacked on camera by cops, live on tv, throughout the many protest locations across the country. It was not by mistake either! This is unacceptable, FULL STOP! Even if they were from FAUX News, I would say an attack on any reporter is an attack on our democracy & these thug cops must be held accountable.

  8. This story isn’t the only recent black eye to the LASD’s reputation.

    Now and always.

  9. Two deputies ambushed and shot left in the hospital in critical condition. BLM shows up to protest that the Deputies were not left to die and tried to block the entrances to the hospital and chanting that they hoped the deputies were dead. And Shackford thinks the headline in all that is some NPR reporter getting arrested because she wouldn’t get out of the way of the police trying to arrest people who were blocking the entrance to a hospital.

    If you are reading this Scott, you are every bit the dishonest piece of shit your worst critics on here said you were. You are fooling no one. How do you live with yourself writing shit like this?

    1. I’m not sure whether their narrative is willful baloney or whether they’re so far gone that they really can’t tell the difference between baloney and the real thing. Regardless, average people read this story, and all they see is 1) two cops were shot for no good reason and 2) the press is off somewhere in La La Land.

      I’m not sure it matters. People see the bullshit piling up. It’s the same thing with the anti-fa arson story. Watching the press fall all over itself to tell us that anti-fa isn’t starting the wildfires only serves to reinforce the realization in people’s minds–that anti-fa is perfectly capable of starting wildfires to further their political goals . . . whatever those are.

      I predict the next two stories, in no particular order, will be 1) How Bahrain normalizing relations with Israel is actually a sign that we’re on the verge of war between Israel and the Muslim world–and it’s all Trump’s fault and 2) That the peace conference opening between the Taliban and U.S. backed government in Kabul is actually a sign that Trump’s peace deal has failed, that he’s a warmonger, and he’s fully in favor of forever wars.

      It doesn’t matter what the facts are or what the truth is, nothing that can happen in the next eight weeks that can’t be twisted to show that we shouldn’t vote for Trump, and everything good that happens will be twisted to suggest that Trump shouldn’t be reelected. It’s their prime directive.

      The slant and the coverage this time is worse than it was in 2016.
      And how can playing down the murder of two cops for no good reason not play to Trump’s advantage? How can the press imagine that empathizing with a movement that block the entrance to an emergency room and chant about how they hope the cops die will play well with American voters?

    2. Scott is a garbage human being who can die with his leftist pedophile friends

    3. “How do you live with yourself writing shit like this?”

      By staring at the surprisingly paltry numbers on his latest paycheck, and the ever-increasing ‘stack’ of ‘Thank You, but No, Thank You,’ rejection emails from more prestigious media outlets. I guess there’s always writing books. Or teaching at some land grant college as an adjunct.

      No, reporters shouldn’t be assaulted by police. There also shouldn’t be riots, or rioters trying to block the entrances to a hospital, and if said reporter gets caught up in it? Shit happens. It’s why riots were usually disfavored: because during one, it becomes difficult if not impossible for the police to be discriminating in stopping crime and restoring order.

      1. “It’s why riots were usually disfavored: because during one, it becomes difficult if not impossible for the police to be discriminating in stopping crime and restoring order.”

        Riots, therefore increase the possibility that the police do the “wrong thing” or, as in this case do something to a “protected” person.

        (Because really, what the fuck do credentials have fuck all to do with any of this? The First Amendment applies equally to all, and ‘credentials’ do not matter one iota, and anyone who says they do is telling you that there are, or should be protected classes of people.)

        So maybe the people instigating and supporting the riots (or running interference in the media) are actually intending this – effectively making cops do bad things.

        Anticipated consequences being not unintended consequences, or so I’ve heard. Right, libertarians?

    4. From what I gathered a few nutballs (maybe 6) gathered outside the hospital. How is that BLM?

      1. “How are zombies zombies?”

      2. They are BLM because they said they were. And no one associated with BLM has said they were not. How were the cops there cops? Just a few nuts in uniforms.

        Just be honest and own this, you lying piece of shit.

        1. Can you link to where the protestors outside the hospital said they were BLM?

          It seems unlikely they made any kind of statement, since they were chased away and nobody knows who they are.

    5. Hmmm after reading your comment I am wondering which article I did read.. certainly not the same one you are nattering on about…. the one I read told quite a different tale.

  10. Well, obviously the main story is two cops getting ambushed and shot. The reporter getting arrested is a sub-story coming out of the main story.

    Still, this doesn’t mean they were right to stomp on the reporter’s phone and give an incorrect account of the arrest – if that’s what happened.

    1. Yep. The lying is a million times worse than the actions.

      1. I actually don’t know specifically whether the actions were OK.

        Though if they’re misleading the public, that may indicate the original arrest was not kosher.

        But I can’t be sure in these chaotic situations with just the coverage I read.

        1. If someone calls themselves a reporter, or journalist like Scott Shackford, they have to be assumed to be lying at this point

          1. Yeah that’s where I’m at. Can’t watch the video right now, but even if I could, I’d still assume there was more to this that Scott’s not telling us.

            1. No, I have watched the videos and he told it pretty straight.

  11. The press don’t have special rights to interfere with police.

    1. The claim is she didn’t interfere. So your argument presupposes we all agree she did interfere.
      However, California does give special rights to press, if you remember the free-lance reporter that had his home raided because the police wanted to know his source.
      So yes, police and former police get special treatment when it comes to gun ownership, and press gets better access to police and some special rights to withhold confidential informants etc.
      All of which, IMHO, is bull shit.

      In the 9th district, a blogger has the same protection as the press when it comes to libel (or slander) laws.

    2. “The press don’t have special rights to interfere with police.”

      True but they do have constitutionally protected rights to observe your betters from a safe distance. You know, as part of the fourth estate and checks and balances.

      1. The press? Checks and balances? Adorable.

  12. “She was wearing her press pass and yelled, while she was on the ground, that she’s a reporter with KPCC.”

    I’m a Padres fan, and I was wearing a hat to prove it.

    So, what does that have to do with anything?

    1. I understand when the general public thinks the press is some special class with special rights. The general public are mostly morons.

      I’d say I expect better from Reason, but in reality the last few months have lowered my expectations.

      1. Why would you expect reason, an organization composed entirely of journalists, to be impartial when one of their own is getting thumped?

        1. They haven’t even begun to get thumped yet

      2. Yeah, at this point, despite it being false, I think it’s a given that most of Reason thinks members of the press have special rights.

      3. There’s this thing called elitism.

        Could it really be that they haven’t figured out that support for populism–in all its forms–is a reaction elitism?

        It’s the first line on the wiki!

        “Populism refers to a range of political stances that [emphasize] the idea of “the people” and often juxtapose this group against “the elite”.


        If they really wanted to hurt President Trump’s chances at the polls and undermine the support for populism generally, the could hardly do any better than to dump their elitism.

        I guess they can’t.

        What’s the point of being in the chattering class if you can’t lord over the plebeians?

    2. That it makes the cops liars when they insisted that she charged at them and never told them she was press.

      1. I think you’re missing the bigger picture, here.

        IF IF IF this should have been a story about police brutality, they’re snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Instead of telling a story about an innocent person who was abused by the police, they’re asserting special privileges for no good reason.

        1. They are asserting nothing. It is the Sheriffs who told this fantastical tail of some crazy lady charging them out of the blue, and only later did they discover that she was press. That was the Sheriff’s department who ran with that line. Reason brings it up, not to assert some special privilege, but to show that the Sheriffs are fucking lying. They knew right off the bat (as you can tell in the video) that she was press and they didn’t give a fuck.

          You can watch the videos and decide whether or not the Sheriffs had cause to manhandle her like that, but the fact that after the fact they were blatantly contradicting video evidence is pretty damning to them.

          1. They are contradicting the video but the video starts after the arrest has begun and they aren’t wrong in their claim. Her own video shows them shouting at people to back up and chasing people away from the original arrest. She walks up to within arm’s length of the arrest without saying anything and doesn’t identify herself until after they told her to back up and pulled her away from the arrest.

            She wasn’t narrating the whole time so she sure as hell wasn’t recording the video for her radio show and, unless her radio gig was roaming around covering local arrests her press pass is moot anyway. This is a cut-and-dry case of stupid “reporter”, stupid game, stupid prize.

            1. Why would you narrate while taking a video? You can add narration later.

              1. Are you dense? You can’t sell a video with no audio to a radio station.

                Moreover, the whole point of recording anything is to capture the moment in real time. Otherwise, per your own idiocy, you can re-edit, overwrite, and, especially if no one sees your lips moving, dub in anything you like.

                But, again, all of the above is taking things autistically out of context. She’s employed by and presumably got her press pass from a radio station, unless they said “Go capture video with your personal iPhone.” the press pass is irrelevant. Further, she says she announced who she was and instead in the whole 30s video, she doesn’t utter a word until the last 5-10s, still not identifying herself; which contradicts *her* testimony.

                1. Are you assuming that because she is from NPR that the only medium she publishes in is radio?

                  1. No, dumbass, I’m asserting that if you aren’t talking about what’s happening, you literally are not reporting. You’re journaling or documenting. I’m further asserting that unless your employer and or the press pass explicitly stipulates that you’re there to cover the arrest of whomever, the press pass may as well be a ticket to Cony Island.

                    An iPhone is not a magical 1A pass to some mythical full diplomatic immunity.

                  2. And even if she was, recording a video for notes and documentation, editing out the irrelevant stuff, and then including the raw audio for just interview questions and interesting sounds is normal and esay.

                    I mean, small children know how to do that in video game videos

    3. Especially since before Andy Ngo got clocked on the noggin it was shown that a good number of the writers doing stories about Antifa were sympathetic members and any poor schlub with an iphone could claim they were selectively narrating documenting the riots protests.

      1. FWIW, KPCC is like the far left of LA public radio–or at least they used to be. KCRW was like the “mainstream” public radio affiliate of NPR in Los Angeles. KPCC was always the fringe. If KCRW were described as progressive, KPCC was more like communist and proud of it.

        1. It just gets funnier and funnier. They’re now calling her a journalist of color and saying she was filming (for radio).

          1. You are the dense one. If she reports for radio then audio is all she’s got and to talk over the sound of actors on the scene would be the epitome of stupid. Video would also bolster her proof and could perhaps be sold.

            1. If she reports for radio then audio is all she’s got and to talk over the sound of actors on the scene would be the epitome of stupid.

              Because every ‘from the scenes’ report you’ve ever scene or heard had no one talking?

              Video would also bolster her proof and could perhaps be sold.

              Unless you weren’t a paid journalist. Then you’re just like any other two-bit idiot who strolls up to an arrest and discovers that while you do have freedom of the press, you can’t film an arrest from over the officer’s shoulder without their (and potentially the perp’s) permission.

              Seriously, do you think you’re fooling anyone here? Because it seems to me like you’re insistent on continually beclowning yourself.

          2. Just because the word “radio” is in National Public Radio doesn’t mean they only do radio. In the modern age, radio and TV stations publish news on their websites and social media. I’m surprised I have to explain such an obvious point.

            1. I’m not surprised that you choose to be selectively stupid on the point.

              She’s not employed by NPR. She’s employed by KPCC. Further, unless NPR or KPCC sent her to the press conference and then said “and use your iPhone to get footage of any arrests that may take place”, her claims of being a reporter or journalist, especially after being detained, are bullshit.

              You guys are idiots. Her own video clearly shows exactly what happened. She just shy of interfered with an arrest and seems to have been just shy of getting arrested herself. And for no larger reason than to self-aggrandize. Pimp yourselves out for Huang all you like, she’s not going to sleep with you.

        2. So right now, if its a far left station its OK to violate their rights?
          Does the same hold for far-right. I know a few people that would love to punch Tucker Carlson in the nose.
          Do you even hear yourselves?

          1. First, they didn’t punch her in the nose. Second, an arrest is not inherently a violation of somone’s rights. Just because you feel that someone shouldn’t have been arrested doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been. I’m dead certain of Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been arrested and/or necessarily stand trial.

            That you don’t know the difference shows you to be a child wholly ignorant of local, Federal, and Constitutional law.

          2. “So right now, if its a far left station its OK to violate their rights?”

            Can you quote where I said that, or did you just make it up?

      2. She probably is left-leaning, but she took very clear videos. They back up her story, and show that the sheriffs’ story had several lies.

    4. It’s hard to know who to sympathize with when one person who thinks they’re above the law is attacked by another person who thinks they’re above the law.

      1. Was she wearing a Fedora with the press card hanging out of it, pad and pencil in one hand and microphone or tape recorder in the other?

        If not, why do I care about the accidental mishandling of an unmarked reporter?

        1. I heard she had a Dictaphone, so there!

    5. there have been plenty of people claiming to be press at riots who were not press. Reason even had a story about it.

  13. I must say that I approve of Reason’s seeming awareness about the issues in having Shackford print this. Were it ENB, I’d assume the reporter assaulted the officers and ignored the rest per the ‘DC teen shot in the back’ narrative.

  14. It’s interesting that after all the love Reason used to give to bodycam footage, they now choose to go with the Twitter footage that starts with the reporter already across the street at the back of the group of officers. Did she cross the street yelling, “I’m a reporter with KPCC!” or did she just teleport into their midst and start yelling it after they had taken her to the ground (which is what the video shows)?

    I agree that the selectively edited Twitter footage disagrees with the officer’s testimony but it doesn’t refute the possibility that the larger series of events supports it. If they told her to stay back before she crossed the street and she didn’t say she was a reporter until they had already put hands on her, it’s very much a case of he said/she said.

    Do we have the bodycam footage that r

    1. Fucking edit button.

    2. “Do we have the bodycam footage?”

      No, because the LASD has successfully resisted bodycams.

      1. Nobody else present got video of the event?

        Frankly, today I find that suspicious.

  15. http://twitter.com/RubinReport/status/1305570204001292289?s=19

    Did he just accidentally leak the Democrats plans after they’re done burning down police stations?

  16. http://twitter.com/ElijahSchaffer/status/1305447479006171142?s=19

    PENNSYLVANIA: there were multiple armed individuals in camouflage w/ American flags as identifiers offering tactical to support to Lancaster police

    I’m not sure who they were, but they were not messing around. There presence often made rioters flee

  17. Two deputies in the hospital, critically wounded and a crowd decides that the best place to have a protest about something completely unrelated is….at the hospital ?

    1. From the video I saw, it was maybe 6 people marching near the entrance to the emergency room. From the video I actually counted only 5, but I’ll give you +15%.
      The only crowd was the crowd of police officers.

  18. She messed with the bulls, got the horns. Silly bunt.

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  20. Man, you guys at this publication are kind of making yourselves look like the rest of the garden variety mainstream sites, which is kind of a bummer as I would hope it would be a more down the middle or having a libertarian slant.

    This is the first article I have seen on this terrible shooting and behavior, in which the anti-law enforcement side of this (both the shooter and the protesters blocking the ambulance) is CLEARLY very much in the wrong. They behaved criminally and inhumanely. …and you go with the cops being rough with a reporter?

    Not that the media relentlessly encouraging protest and fanning the flames of rioting/looting is going to lead to more events like this? That it is extremely counter productive to their cause, their freedoms, and the public turning on their cause? You went with them roughing up a reporter. As the first real mention in a stand alone article. Cmon guys

    It also seemed like it took a couple months to put out a “hey ya’ll looting is bad, private property is something libertarians care about” where you would assume that would happen on day 1 of someone getting their business burned down.

    Is there any benefit to your articles here over one from CNN?

      The articles themselves are npc garbage

  21. “If we cannot learn, if the only effect upon us of the presence of the dynamiter in our midst is to make us multiply punishments, invent restrictions, increase the number of our official spies, forbid public meetings, interfere with the press, put up gratings … I venture to prophesy that there lies before us a bitter and an evil time.”
    ~ Auberon Herbert

    The police would do better to ask why they face such scrutiny and opposition than to continue to lash out like cornered rats.

    1. You can totally tell how absolutely brutally she was treated during her arrest by all the scratches on her iPhone!

      If the entirety of the footage hadn’t remained virtually uninterrupted and in tact like it did, none of us would’ve seen her or the guy get busted while bravely trying to deliver a message of… wait, what message were they delivering? That people get arrested?

  22. Even if the Compton police are operating with a clique of what is called enforcers this just proves that it is the politicians are the responsible for what the police are doing. Without the cooperation of the politicians this clique could never get started. For one thing if the politicians did not look the other way the citizens review board would be checking what the police are doing. But when the politicians don’t do their job then the polices’ bad apples will spoil the whole barrel because these bad apples are not being culled out. The politician complicity in what the police is doing just shows that it is the politicians are the first that have to be change before the police can be culled to get rid of the bad cops.

    1. Ah, so the police bare no responsibility, its the politicians.
      Keep in mind, the Sheriff’s office in LA operates like an independant organization.
      From the mayor of compton:
      “We are tired of dodging sheriff’s cars that have no regard for traffic laws or personal property, being snatched out of our cars, having our vehicles illegally searched, being threatened and intimidated, beaten and in some cases murdered,” Compton Mayor Aja Brown said at a news conference.


      In the wake of Saturday’s shooting, Brown said she was “devastated to learn of the tragedy” and that the city would be working with the Sheriff’s Department to find and arrest those responsible.

      Sounds perfectly reasonable but utterly powerless

      1. The fact that two people were ambushed are in critical condition means nothing to you. The fucking BLM mob that showed up hoping to block the hospital entrance in hopes of keeping the deputies from getting treatment and yelling “let the bitch die” mean nothing to you. You can’t say a single word about that or think it is even the story here.

        You are an absolute garbage human being. You are worse than the BLM thugs. At least they are honest about their depravity. You don’t even have that. You are just human garbage.

      2. Go tell the Spartans

  23. NPR is not a journalist organization but a bolshevik organization dedicated to the overthrow of the republic. Interferring with an arrest is a crime..

  24. I wish police departments would not hire any more men. We need all female police forces, immediately.

    1. Have you asked the women on the force for their opinion on the matter or are you going to foist this change on them, potentially against their will and/or for their own good?

      I’m sure your policy prescription will look brilliant when every violent felon that’s capable of outrunning a woman strapped with body armor and belted with gear is capable of evading capture. Not to mention the average police line suddenly extending no higher than 5’8″ tall and not generally resisting even a modest 6’0″ 200 lbs. goon.

      It’s hilarious, I used to hate copsuckers like Dunphy that used to come around here and insist that every person who was innocent of a crime but still shot in the back while kneeling was a good shoot. But you buffoons make him look like Teddy Roosevelt.

      1. Pretty sure it was a joke.

        1. Poe’s Law strikes again.

  25. I live in hood LA and on citizen if anyone reports a gunshot people threaten them and say call the cops back and tell them you lie.

  26. Still haven’t seen what she was doing immediately before being arrested. Just film of the arrest itself. It looks like it’s “who do you trust?”

    1. Her own footage shows what happened. This wasn’t some sort of “I was filming from 20 ft. away, clearly identified as press and behind the designated perimeter when cops came over assaulted her and deleted the video.” story.

      While others are being told to get back she walks up, unannounced, to within arm’s reach of the officers making the arrest. When one turns around he practically bumps into her. The arrest is so brutal and violent that she manages to keep the video going through the whole affair and the police are so anti-1A that they gave her phone video and all back to her albeit with some scratches.

      It’s a huge nothingburger of a story that she and the media are trying to hype into something. A lot of people decry the NRA for not getting involved in lots of firearms cases but, IMO, this has been one of their strong suits in that they’ve managed not to compromise every principle, alienate every member, and make themselves look like fools by chasing after every victim of every he said/she said petty conflict.

      Female “journalist” just shy of interferring with an arrest gets just shy of arrested herself. BFD.

      1. Agreed. People claim they’re exercising their “rights,” but they’re swinging arms have already hit the other person’s nose. She was likely hoping to catch the officers doing something wrong to boost her career.

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  28. Bitch got too close. End of story.

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  30. Anyone who thinks cops aren’t on edge and looking for a fight after two of their own were almost killed is being unrealistic. The press of all people should be aware of this. Cops are going to be heavy-handed in their approach for a time. It’s not right but it’s human nature. Deal with it. Accusing the cops of provoking the attack without evidence is irresponsible. But it is exactly what I’d expect from a left-wing rag like reason. Hearing people cheer about a couple of cops almost being killed was disgusting. But that’s what we saw. Straight out of Compton.

  31. “sheriff’s department’s explanation simply does not match what video of the encounter shows.” actually, yes it does. You are lying Scott. I watched her own videos, and now the new ‘clear’ video that shows virtually nothing useful.

    So at what point in seeing these videos did you decide to lie for the reporter? Because she approached quickly, to within just a couple feet (seen on her own video) and was within arms-reach during an active arrest. She was told to back up repeatedly and from her own video it is apparent that she made little to no effort. The police are not required to wait patiently for someone to back away.
    But yet you lie and take her obviously biased side.

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